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Mission Select Code Guide by prudoff

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/26/08

* GAME: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
* SYSTEM: Playstation 2

* TITLE: Mission Select Code Guide
* VERSION: 2.0 (7/26/2008)

* AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
* E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
* WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk

################################## ATTENTION ##################################
You will need a CodeBreaker or Game Shark cheat device in order to use these
codes.  I recommend the CodeBreaker.


1. Introduction
2. Codes
3. Mission Digits & Notes
4. A Few Easy Mission Strategies
5. Other CodeBreaker Codes
6. Codes Wanted
7. Revision History
8. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


The GFCC (www.thegfcc.com) have hacked Vice City to pieces and have come
up with many fantastic codes for the game.  One of those codes allows you
to play any mission any time you want: the Mission Select Mod.

It works like this: Grab any kind of Vigilante vehicle and press R3 to
trigger the mission (as you normally would to start the Vigilante
mission).  The game will appear frozen, but after 10-15 seconds the
cutscene for your selected mission will play (though you won't see the
mission title before the cutscene).  When it's done, you're on the
mission.  It's as simple as that.  If you use the code in conjunction
with the "All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions" code, you can trigger
your selected mission in any vehicle in the game (except for the Taxi,
Ambulance, and Fire Truck).

There's also a Mission Select Mod code that only works in Taxis.  If you use
the code in conjunction with the "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions" code,
you can trigger your selected mission in ALMOST any vehicle in the game (the
selection is a bit more limited than with the Vigilante code, so I highly
suggest using that one instead).

You can use both the Vigilante and Taxi codes together to play two
different missions in the same game (and replay those two missions as
often as you like) but ONLY if you DON'T use the All Vehicles Can Do
Vigilante Missions code.  Using this code causes the game to freeze when
triggering the mission in the Taxi (the Vigilante trigger is fine).
That's because the game is trying to load both missions at once (you'll
see "Vigilante" appear on screen if you try it).  So, if you want to use
the All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions code to trigger the mission in
almost all of the vehicles in the game, you'd only be able to play (and
replay) one mission at a time.

I highly suggest that you don't use these codes on a saved game that you
wish to play "for real" with the intent of eventually getting 100%.  If
you use this code to "skip" a mission, by playing the one after it, you
probably won't reach 100% completion because you never played and
completed the other mission.  For example, you can play the last Film
Studio mission, pass it, and thus complete the Film Studio property and
earn money from it.  But since you never played the first three Film
Studio missions, you won't get credit for them and thus won't be able to
reach 100% completion.



These codes will (most likely) only work with the original NTSC version of the
game, not with the Double Pack, Haitian-Friendly, or PAL versions.  Also, there
are currently no versions of the Mission Select Mod code for the Action Replay
Max or Game Shark Codes With Media Player.

If you are unsure of which version of Vice City you have, here's some helpful
information from Robert Allen Rusk's "Vice City Version Differences FAQ"
(http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/561545/28209) which gives the
details on the version that this guide is written for.

| Original Version (Stand-Alone) |
| ****************************** |
|   Version Number: 1.40         |
|   Bar Code Number: 27145       |
|   Disc Banner Color: Black     |
|   Disc Ring: PDSS-004995A1     |
|   Grenades: Tear Gas           |

* Version Number: The version number can be found by placing the Vice City disc
into a PC or Mac that has a DVD-ROM drive. Then use a program that can open up
text files (like Notepad on the PC or SimpleText on the Mac) and open up the
file "system.cnf".

* Bar Code Number: On the lower corner of the back cover, at the very bottom of
the bar code are two sets of numbers. The first set starts with "10425". This
does not change from version to version so I will not use this set of numbers
again. It is the SECOND set of numbers that change from version to version.

* Disc Banner Color: If you look at just the disc itself, at the bottom is the
PlayStation 2 logo. The area surrounding the logo is the Disc Banner. It will
come in one of two colors depending on whether it is a Stand-Alone (Black) or
Double Pack (Red) disc.

* Disc Ring: Take your Vice City disc and flip it over so you are looking at
the data (silver) side. Near the center hole you should see the PlayStation 2
logos. Beyond that you should see some bar codes. This is the Disc Ring.
Opposite the barcodes you should see some lettering: PDSS-004995A1. If you see
this, then you have the Original (Haitian-Unfriendly) Version. But if you see
this: PDSS-004998A1, then you have the Haitian-Friendly Version. This will make
it easy to determine what version you have in conjunction with the disc banner.

* Grenades: One of the other changes made to the Haitian-Friendly version is
that Rockstar replaced the Tear Gas Grenades behind the Washington Beach Police
Station with regular Grenades. This information, along with the Disc Banner,
will help you determine what version you have if all you have is just the disc.
Let the game load and skip the intro cinema. When you gain control of Tommy,
take the nearby Admiral and hang a left out of the alleyway you begin in. Go up
to the back of the Washington Beach Police Station and go to where the cop cars
are parked. Up against the building is where the Weapon Icon is located. Pick it
up.  If it's Tear Gas Grenades, you have the Original Version.  if it's Regular
Grenades, you have the Haitian-Friendly version.

The digits for the ?? spaces in the Mission Select Mod codes are in the
next section.  The All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante or Taxi Missions codes
are for all vehicles except those that have other R3 missions, such as
the ambulance.

The Game Shark v1&2/Action Replay codes and digits are the originals done
by The GFCC.  The CodeBreaker and Game Shark v3&4 codes and digits were
converted from the originals by Blue Zircon (www.zircon-conversions.tk).
[alternate url for Blue Zircon's site: www.gtacodes.tk]
With the All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions code, which was created by Psy
and The TPCC, if you do the mission on a bike and fall off, you'll end the
mission. It works on all vehicles except: Ambulance, Police Car, Enforcer,
VCPD Cheetah, Rhino, Barracks OL, FBI Ranhcer, FBI Washington, Hunter, and

The CodeBreaker codes were tested by me.  I have not and can not test the
other codes, but they should work.

FA7A006E 32C6AA91     Enable Code (Must Be On)
2A6334D0 10000013     All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions
2AF7173F 1000000A     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
0A5156DB 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Vigilante)
0A3756DA 000000??
0AA456A1 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
0A1656A1 000000??

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E +   Enable Code (Must Be On)
DE86AB56 CCA99B96     All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions
DEA91C3A CCA99B8D     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
FE4954A8 BCA99B?? +   Mission Select Mod (Vigilante)
FE494B8A BCA99B??
FE495207 BCA99B?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
FE4952F5 BCA99B??

F450B634 F274451E +   Enable Code (Must Be On)
24D5BEB2 17768400 +
24D0B628 1674C528 +
24CFFEB0 5F6D8C11 +
24DAF6AE 9647C539 +
24DBF6AE 1647C589 +
24DBF6AC 9257C5A9 +
24C0A6AE 9666C599 +
24D0AEB8 166585B9 +
24C1A42E 1E55C50A +
2451B4AC 1A74C529 +
24D3A4AA 1274C51A +
2441A42E 1E55C538 +
24D1B4AC 1A74C58B +
2453A4A8 9274C5AA +
24D1B4A8 1A74C599 +
2441B42E 1A55C5B9 +
24D0B728 1674C508 +
24D0B728 1674C528 +
24C1B7A8 9664C519 +
24D0B728 1674C538 +
24D0B728 1674C588 +
24D4BFB4 937685A8 +
2451B7A8 1664C599 +
24D0B79C 1746C5B8 +
24D0B528 1674C508 +
24D0B528 1674C528 +
24D0B528 1674C518 +
24DAF5AE 9647C538 +
24DBF5AE 1647C588 +
24DBF5AC 9257C5A8 +
24D5B534 177ECD90 +
24DFF5A8 5E65C5B9
2410876C 3674559A     All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions
24D0036A 16B4412E     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
0055AA32 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Vigilante)
0055AB14 000000??
0055A487 000000?? +   Mission Select Mod (Taxi)
0055A4F5 000000??



1st column: digits for CodeBreaker and Game Shark v3&4.
            (use the same value for both sets of ??'s)

2nd column: digits for Game Shark v1&2/Action Replay.
            (use the same value for both sets of ??'s)

3rd column: mission status, based on this legend:
            * Mission can be completely played and completed.
            X Code works, but mission can't be played and/or completed.
            ? This is a mission that I normally have trouble passing, so I
              can't yet verify whether it can be completed with the code
              (but the code does work).

4th column: mission title (as if you couldn't figure that out already)

Some of these will put your vehicle in an awkward spot - like stuck in
something.  Get out of the vehicle and find something else to drive.  In
other words, don't trigger a mission in a vehicle you want to drive during
the mission.  Try to trigger the missions in a small car.  Don't use a
bike (you'll usually meld with it) and don't use a helicopter (it will
usually get stuck in a wall or building).

Ken Rosenburg
01  84  *  Game Intro
             Pointless.  Plays the beginning cutscene and places you in an
             Admiral outside of Rosenberg's office.  You must exit and
             re-enter the car in order to move.
02  85  *  An Old Friend
             Pointless.  After the cutscene plays, you and your vehicle
             are inside the Ocean View Hotel lobby!
03  86  *  The Party
04  87  *  Back Alley Brawl
05  88  *  Jury Fury
06  89  *  Riot

Juan Garcia Cortez
07  8A  *  Treacherous Swine
08  8B  *  Mall Shootout
09  8C  *  Guardian Angels
             You must pass this mission to unlock access to Starfish
             Island from the first island.
0A  8D  *  Sir, Yes Sir!
             If you have not passed Phnom Penh '86, you will be unable to
             get to the second island to steal the tank.  To get around
             this, use the "Cars Drive On Water" and "Disable Water For
             Cars & People" codes.  Drive onto the water as close as
             possible to the second island and exit your vehicle.  You
             should be teleported onto the second island.  Now run down
             the street to the tank.
0B  8E  X  All Hands On Deck!
             After the cutscene, you are taken to the docks where the boat
             was ("Mission Failed - The Colonel Is Dead").

Ricardo Diaz
0C  8F  *  The Chase
0D  90  X  Phnom Penh '86
             You must pass this to unlock access to the second island.
             However, it can't be played with this code because you're
             never put inside the helicopter.  Your only option is to use
             the code to play The Chase, pass it, then go into the pink
             marker outside the mansion to trigger this mission normally.
0E  91  *  The Fastest Boat
0F  92  *  Supply & Demand

Tommy Vercetti
11  94  *  Death Row
10  93  *  Rub Out
             Must pass to unlock mansion save point.  The cutscene is
             funky because your vehicle is in it!
1F  A2  *  Shakedown
20  A3  *  Bar Brawl
21  A4  *  Cop Land
33  B6  X  Cap The Collector
             After the cutscene, you are taken to the outside of the Print
             Works ("Mission Failed - The Collector Has Taxed All Of Your
34  B7  *  Keep Your Friends Close
             After the cutscene, your vehicle is in the mansion office.
             Get out and defend your safe.

Avery Carrington
12  95  Four Iron
          Must pass to open the golf course gates.
13  96  Demolition Man
14  97  Two Bit Hit

Love Fist
3F  C2  *  Love Juice
40  C3  *  Psycho Killer
             After the cutscene, get out of your vehicle and enter the
41  C4  *  Publicity Tour

Big Mitch Baker
35  B8  *  Alloy Wheels of Steel
36  B9  *  Messing With The Man
37  BA  *  Hog Tied

[your car will get stuck in the pay phones, sometimes it's easy to get it
out, sometimes it isn't]
43  C6  *  Road Kill
44  C7  *  Waste The Wife
45  C8  *  Autocide
46  C9  *  Check Out At The Check In
47  CA  *  Loose Ends
             There was no chopper on top of the ice cream factory when I
             played.  You'll have to use other transportation to get to
             the helipad at the airport.

Umberto Robina/Cubans
38  BB  *  Stunt Boat Challenge
             The cutscene on the dock is funky because your vehicle
             replaces you!
39  BC  *  Cannon Fodder
3A  BD  *  Naval Engagement
3B  BE  *  Trojan Voodoo

Auntie Poulet/Haitians
3C  BF  *  Juju Scramble
3D  C0  ?  Bombs Away!
3E  C1  ?  Dirty Lickin's

Phil Cassidy
19  9C  *  Gun Runner
1A  9D  *  Boomshine Siagon
             After the cutscene, Tommy will be in the Patriot, but you
             will have control over both the Patriot and your vehicle.
             Exit and re-enter the Patriot to correct this.

Boat Yard
60  E3  *  Checkpoint Charlie
             When the mission starts, you're still in the car on the
             ground.  So, in order to complete it, you must have either
             bought the boat yard first (can use the code) or trigger the
             mission near the boat yard (so as to not waste time) and use
             the Cars Drive On Water cheat/code.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
53  D6  X  Distribution
             Since the Mr. Whoopee truck is the only vehicle with the
             jingle-jingle "horn," this mission can't be played unless
             triggered in a Mr. Whoopee - in which case, what's the point
             of using the code?

Kaufman Cabs
48  CB  *  VIP
             After the mission is started, find a Kaufman cab because you
             must be in one in order to play the mission.  The mission
             starts from where you press R3 with the 1:01 time limit.
49  CC  *  Friendly Rivalry
4A  CD  *  Cabmaggedon
             After the mission is started, find a Kaufman cab because you
             must be in one in order to play the mission.

Film Studio
1B  9E  *  Recruitment Drive
1C  9F  ?  Dildo Dodo
1D  A0  *  Martha's Mug Shot
             Must purchase the studio first or else Candy can't leave the
             studio lot.
1E  A1  *  G-Spotlight

Print Works
22  A5  *  Spilling the Beans
23  A6  *  Hit The Courier

The Malibu
15  98  *  No Escape?
16  99  *  The Shootist
17  9A  ?  The Driver
18  9B  *  The Job
             After the cutscene, you will still be in your vehicle.
             Carefully move it out of the way, making sure not to run over
             any of your partners, and exit the vehicle.  Now enter the
             Taxi with the pink arrow above it, and allow your three
             partners to do the same.

Hyman Memorial Stadium
4F  D2  *  Hotring
             It doesn't matter what vehicle you use to trigger the mission
             because you'll end up in a race car.
50  D3  *  Bloodring
             It doesn't matter what vehicle you use to trigger the mission
             because you'll end up in a race car.  Also, your vehicle
             (bike, in my case) will be in the ring with you - driving by
51  D4  ?  Dirtring
             You must exit your vehicle and get on the Sanchez in order to
             start and do the mission.

RC Missions
5D  E0  X  RC Raider (helicopter)
             When triggered away from the Top Fun van, you'll start with
             the RC helicopter under the ground, and there's no way to get
             it back up.  When triggered near the Top Fun van, the mission
             is very playable.  However, after you get the last checkpoint,
             it will say "Mission Failed."
5E  E1  X  RC Bandit (car)
5F  E2  X  RC Baron (plane)
             Glitches graphically.

Chopper Checkpoint Races
[these can only be done if triggered in a helicopter or in a car with the
Flying Cars cheat/code on]
54  D7  *  Downtown
55  D8  *  Ocean Beach
56  D9  *  Vice Point
57  DA  *  Little Haiti

Dirt Track Races
58  DB  *  Trial By Dirt
             Must be triggered on a Sanchez, otherwise you'll have 15
             seconds from when you press R3 to get on one.
59  DC  X  Test Track
             As soon as you press R3 it says "Mission Failed."

Vehicle Missions
4B  CE  *  Taxi Driver
             It's unnecessary to use this with the Taxi code.  With the
             Vigilante code, this mission can be perfectly played.  You
             can even press R3 to cancel the mission, unlike Pizza
             Delivery (see notes below).  However, don't use any
             one-person vehicles because then your fares will have no
             place to sit.  You can do the mission in a helicopter, but
             you need to be near the ground in order for fares to show up
             and you must be on the ground in order to pick them up and
             drop them off.  As you can imagine, it's not always very easy
             to maneuver the helicopter near them - and you have to be
             careful that you don't kill them with the helicopter blades.
             The following vehicles will NOT work: Fire Truck, Ambulance,
             Pizza Boy, Baggage Handler, Skimmer airplane, and all boats
             (because all fares are on land).
4C  CF  X  Paramedic
             When you trigger the mission, it says "Mission
4D  D0  X  Firefighter
             When you trigger the mission, it says "Mission
4E  D1  X  Vigilante
             It's unnecessary to use this with the Vigilante code.  With
             the Taxi code, this mission can't be played.  As soon as you
             press R3 it says "Your time as a law enforcement officer is
             over."  If you get back in the taxi (or any other taxi) and
             press R3 again, nothing happens at all!
5C  DF  *  Pizza Delivery
             Can be played as long as you understand and follow a few rules.
             1. You can't cancel the mission by pressing R3 (that'll just
                restart it back at level 1).  The only way to end it is to
                complete it or fail it (time runs out, your vehicle gets
                destroyed, or you get wasted/busted).
             2. Do not use the Infinite Time code or you won't be able to
                end it without completing it or failing it.  If you must
                use a code for time, use the Turn Mission Timer On & Off
                code.  That way you can let time run out if you don't want
                to play it any more and you want to keep your vehicle.
             3. Trigger the mission near a pizza parlor (you don't need to
                be at the normal pick-up window, just in the general
                vicinity of the building - even a couple blocks away is
                fine).  Otherwise the yellow dots that represent your
                customers will not appear, you won't be able to throw any
                pizzas, and the mission will be on indefinitely even if
                your vehicle gets blown up and/or you run out of time (the
                "pizzas left" display will always be visible).  The pizza
                parlor closest to where you triggered the mission will be
                the one you'll report back to for more pizzas.
             4. You can't change vehicles, so make sure your ride doesn't
                get so beat up that it explodes.
             5. Make sure you don't pick a vehicle which will be hard to
                maneuver near the pick-up windows of either of the three
                pizza parlors.
             6. For all vehicles EXCEPT bikes you MUST come to a complete
                stop in order to successfully throw the pizzas to your
                customers.  If you try to throw them while moving, even
                slightly, they will get smashed up inside the car.  Most
                vehicles can be used (though the larger/taller ones will
                make it hard to see where you're throwing the pizzas),
                however the following vehicles will NOT work: Fire Truck,
                Ambulance, Cabbie (though the other three types of taxicabs
                will work), Barracks OL, Rhino, Skimmer airplane (you can
                throw pizzas fine, but it's too hard to maneuver through
                the streets), all helicopters (you can throw pizzas fine
                if you're on the ground and not moving, but it's extremely
                hard to get the helicopter near the pick-up windows of the
                pizza parlors), and all boats (because all customers are
                on land).

5A  DD  X  PCJ Playground
             Shortly after you press R3 it says "Mission Failed, You
             Bailed.  Too Tough For You?!"
5B  DE  X  Cone Crazy
             Shortly after you press R3 it says "Mission Failed, You
             Bailed.  Too Tough For You?!"
52  D5  *  VC Street Racing
             All six races are playable and passable, however you need to
             unlock the second island in order to play some of them.
42  C5  X  Firing Range
             It starts the firing range while you're still in the vehicle.

Property Buying
[Puts you and your vehicle outside the property, even if the property is
in a locked section of the game.  Buying properties this way is free.
Even though the red "can't buy" house icon still appears outside, you can
still save at these properties, store cars at these properties (where
applicable), and do property missions (where applicable).  Also, for the
Save House properties, the pink save tape icon and the green house icon
will be merged together.]
24  A7  *  Printworks
25  A8  *  Sunshine Autos
26  A9  *  Film Studio
27  AA  *  Cherry Popper Ice Cream
28  AB  *  Kaufman Cabs
29  AC  *  The Malibu
2A  AD  *  Boat Yard
2B  AE  *  Pole Position
2C  AF  *  El Swanko Casa
2D  B0  *  Links View Apartment
2E  B1  *  Hyman Condo
2F  B2  *  Ocean Heights Apartment
30  B3  *  1102 Washington Street
31  B4  *  3321 Vice Point
32  B5  *  Skumole Shack



Not too long after I bought the game I was originally going to write a
walkthrough focused solely on the easiest way to pass each of the
missions.  I never got very far into writing it, and have since decided to
just forget about it, but I don't want the little bit that I did write up
to go to waste.  So, here are some easy strategies for a few missions.


-- Ken Rosenberg: Back Alley Brawl --

Get in a vehicle and head slowly down the alley going south.  As the chef
and the pink arrow above his head come into view, floor it and run him
over.  You will automatically bail out of the vehicle afterwards.  Pick up
his cell phone and watch the cutscene.  After it's finished, run down the
alley heading south, following the strange man (Lance) to the waiting car.
There's no need to mess with the cleaver-wielding chefs that are running
after you, unless you want to chance losing some health or getting some
stars on your wanted meter.  Once you get in the car, get out of there
before the chefs catch up and pull you out.

-- Ken Rosenberg: Riot --

Go to the El Swanko Casa safehouse.  Go up the stairs on the right side of
the house, and when you're at the very top, jump up on the ledge to the
right and onto the small right rooftop.  Go to the back of the house and
jump across to the low back rooftop and pick up the ruger.

Now start the mission, of if you've already started it, go to the Spand
Express building.  Instead of starting a riot, simply use your ruger to
blow up the vans through the closed gates.  You have just enough bullets
to blow up the vans (use the exploding barrel to take out both of the vans
on the right).  Once all three vans have been blown up, the mission will
be passed and the gate will open (giving you access to a hidden package,
which you can get later).

-- Juan Garcia Cortez: Treacherous Swine --

Park two cars in front of the building before you head upstairs, so that
when Gonzalez escapes, he won't be able to run very far.  Make sure the
northern-most car is facing north.  Once Gonzalez is dead, you'll have two
stars on your wanted meter.  So, hop in the northern-most car (the one
facing north) and take a left through the bushes and nab the police bribe.
Now you can either go across the bridge to your left and get another
police bribe (it's somewhere behind the building on the left immediately
after you've crossed the bridge) or you can go straight, take a left and a
right at the end, and get to the Pay N Spray to clean the remaining star
off your wanted meter.  There is also a police bribe in the complex behind
the apartments directly across from the Links View Apartments safehouse,
which is diagonally across from the Pay N Spray.  It might be a good idead
if you find all these police bribes first before starting the mission so
that you'll know where they are once the heat is on.  Why pay money for a
Pay N Spray when police bribes are free and nearby?!?

-- Juan Garcia Cortez: Mall Shootout --

Before you go up to meet the courier, park two cars diagonally in the
entrances of the mall (have them facing outwards) so that nobody can pass
by them.  After you speak to the courier, he'll run downstairs and get
trapped by one of the cars.  Kill him, take the briefcase, hop in the
nearby car, and make a fast getaway back to the Colonel at the docks.

-- Juan Garcia Cortez: Guardian Angels --

Not an easy strategy, but getting the everything-proof car here will help
with leter missions.  When you are instructed to go up the stairs to your
"vantage point," whip out your ruger (or any other weapon) and kill Diaz
and his two henchmen. You will automatically fail the mission, but you'll
now be able to get inside his bullet/fire/explosion/damage-proof Admiral
and drive it to one of your safehouse garages.  Repeat this as necessary
to fill up all the safehouses you bought.  When you're done, save the game
(so that your Admirals will be permanently saved to your memory card) and
start the mission for real.

-- Ricardo Diaz: The Chase --

After getting the mission briefing, start heading towards the thief's
apartment, but don't enter the pink marker.  Conviently, his apartment is
essentially located across the street from your Links View Apartments
safehouse.  Go and take the bullet/fire/explosion/damage-proof Admiral out
of your garage and place it one block north on the right, directly next to
a Faggio sitting near a dumpster (this is relatively across the street
from the Pay N Spray).  Now run back to the end of the block, make a left
and enter the pink marker.

Chase the thief across the rooftops, and jump down into the dumpster,
following him to ground level.  98% of the time the Admiral will still be
there, but occassionally it will disappear.  If it's not there, cancel the
mission, re-load your game, and try again.  You don't need to let the game
force you to lose your special car and make this mission harder than it
needs to be.

Assuming the Admiral is still there, get inside it and follow the thief.
Since the car is bullet-proof, the shots from his ruger won't have any
effect on you.  All you have to do is carefully follow him back to this
hideout on Prawn Island.  Mission completed.

Now drive your special Admiral back to your Links View Apartments
safehouse, park it in the garage, and save your game.

-- Ricardo Diaz: Phnom Penh '86 --

Nothing to make this easier, except that when you're flying over the
northern-most part of Prawn Island, aim for the cars so that the
explosions can take out the nearby thugs.

Side Note: The thing I hate most about this mission is that the gun has a
sight the size of a pin head, so aiming at the tiny people on the ground
is more work than it needs to be ... plus the gun shakes when you shoot
it, so your aim always moves around.  Argh!

-- Tommy Vercetti: Death Row --

Use the everything-proof Admiral from the Guardian Angels mission.
Just a thought.  Never tried it.

-- Avery Carrington: Four Iron --

After you've gotten all 100 hidden packages and the cop uniform, go to
Fort Baxter Air Base and get the Hunter helicopter.  You might be able to
use its missiles to blow up the guy at the golf course.  You'd probably
need to change into the golf outfit first, then change into the cop
outfit, and then get the Hunter.  Just a thought.  Never tried it.



These are all of the codes that I personally use.  I'm listing them all here
because I probably made reference to a few of them in the mission select mod
sections above.  If I reference something that's not listed below, then I'm
probably referring to a button cheat.  You can find all of them here:


I'm only including CodeBreaker codes in this section because that's the cheat
device I own.  Since these codes are not necessary for the mission select mod,
I'm not going to convert them into other cheat device formats.

None of these codes were created by me (though I pieced together the "Spawn All
Wanted Vehicles In Three Rightmost Sunshine Autos Garages" code).  All of the
codes above the ~~~~ line are from the official CodeBreaker website
(http://www.cmgsccc.com).  All of the codes below that line are from The GFCC
and/or users of their message boards (converted from the originals by Blue


FA7A006E 32C6AA91     Enable Code (Must Be On)

2AACC91F 3C0142C8 +   Infinite Health
2AA8C91F AC410368 +
2A94C91F 03E00008 +
2A90C91F 44020000 +
2A872FFD 0C030088

2A9CC91F 3C0142C8 +   Infinite Armor
2A98C91F AC41036C +
2A84C91F 03E00008 +
2A80C91F 46000836 +
2ABF2FFF 0C03008C
NOTE: Infinite Armor is better than Infinite Health because it doesn't cause
the game to "freeze" when you drown.

2ACB379E 00000000 +   Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (Inside Car)
2A57379E 00000000

2A473795 00000000 +   Infinite Ammo-All Weapons
2AFF3795 00000000

2A6F788C 05F5E0FF +   Max Money
2A6B788C 05F5E0FF

0A2F6F9E 00000001     Infinite Run

2A6B3B92 03E00008 +   Can Not Be Arrested
2A573B92 00000000 +
2A9B3B6C 03E00008 +
2A873B6C 00000000

2ABB3B69 03E00008 +   Cops Get Out And Walk Away
2AA73B69 00000000

2A6B3B64 03E00008 +   Idiot AI-Cops
2A573B64 00000000

2AC33607 00000000 +   No Damage From Collisions (Your Car Only)
2ABF3600 00000000

0AF35D03 00000001     Cars Float On Water

2A0F09EE 00000000 +   Sunny Weather
2A0B09EE 00000000

2AEB3750 03E00008 +   Cars & Helicopters Never Blow Up
2AD73750 00000000

2A8B35D4 03E00008 +   Boats & Planes Never Blow Up
2A7735D4 00000000

2A03355B 00000000     Tires Never Pop

2A1734BA 00000000 +   Vehicles Are Immune To Weapons (Your Car Only)
2A0334BA 00000000

2AFB39F7 03E00008 +   Never Lose Your Weapons When Wasted Or Busted
2AE739F7 00000000

2A9B144A 03E00008 +   Bikes Never Blow Up
2A87144A 00000000

2A9B2B3F 03E00008 +   No Helicopters After You
2A872B3F 24020000

2ADB2B3A 03E00008 +   Never Wanted
2AC72B3A 00000000

2ADB09E8 00000024     Have All Unique Jumps Completed

2A8B09E9 00000023     Have All Rampages Passed

2A5709E9 41700000     Have All Stores Knocked Off

2A5F09E9 40A00000     Have All Assassination Contracts Completed


2A1F09E8 431A0000     Max Percentage Completed

2A1B3625 03E00008 +   Disable Water For Cars & Humans
2A073625 00000000 +     (WARNING: As a human, you will lose health when you
2AFB3907 03E00008 +      respawn on land. Also, you may land in a bad spot and
2AE73907 00000000        end up falling in the water again.)

2A6B1BD0 03E00008 +   Disable Water For Bikes
2A571BD0 00000000

2A6334D0 10000013     All Vehicles Can Do Vigilante Missions
                         (except vehicles with other R3 missions)

2AF7173F 1000000A     All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions
                         (except vehicles with other R3 missions)
Note: If you do the mission on a bike and fall off, you'll end the mission.
It works on all vehicles except: Ambulance, Police Car, Enforcer, VCPD Cheetah,
Rhino, Barracks OL, FBI Ranhcer, FBI Washington, Hunter, and Firetruck.

2AEF279B 0C094244     Sniper Rocket Launcher (zoom in and out with the rocket

2A4B3428 03E00008 +   Invisible Water
2A373428 00000000

2A9334B6 00000000 +   Cars Explode Like Rockets (With Far Flying Parts)
2A7734B9 00000000
2A97389D 00000000

2AFF2882 00000000     More Blood Drips

2A5709EA 00000001     Free Bombs

2A5309EA 00000001     Free Resprays

2AEF2ED1 00000000 +   Hide Between-Island Load Screen
2AD72ED1 00000000

DAA60C37 B28E57FB +   Press Select+Left To Blow Up All Cars (uses in-game cheat,
2AAF2581 00000000 +      but doesn't affect your criminal rating)
DAA60C37 B28E507A +
2AAF2581 14400028

DA260C30 B20E5BFD +   Turn Mission Timer On & Off (L1+Left=Off, L1+Right=On)
2A432606 00000000 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
2A432606 0C0AE74C

DA260C30 B20E547B +   Lock/Unlock Doors (L3+L1=Lock, L3+R1=Unlock)
2AFB34A9 14000004 +
DA260C30 B20E587B +
2AFB34A9 14620004

2A031410 00000000     Never Wreck On Bikes

1A197B88 0000FFFF +   Sunshine Autos Import/Export Garage Completed
1A1D7B88 0000FFFF +
1A217B88 0000FFFF +
1A257B88 0000FFFF

DA260C30 B20E540D +   Spawn All Wanted Vehicles In Three Rightmost Sunshine
0AD37D79 000000E2 +      Autos Garages
DA260C30 B20E540D +         L1+Up - List 1 (Landstalker, etc.)
0A0B7D79 00000095 +         L1+Down - List 2 (Sabre, etc.)
DA260C30 B20E540D +         L1+Left - List 3 (Cheetah, etc.)
0A737D78 00000083 +         L1+Right - List 4 (Voodoo, etc.)
DA260C30 B20E540D +
0AAB7D78 00000082 +
DA260C30 B20E540D +
0A137D78 000000DB +
DA260C30 B20E540D +
0A4B7D7F 000000A9 +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0AD37D79 000000AF +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0A0B7D79 000000CD +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0A737D78 00000087 +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0AAB7D78 0000008B +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0A137D78 000000DD +
DA260C30 B20E543D +
0A4B7D7F 00000097 +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0AD37D79 0000009F +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0A0B7D79 00000091 +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0A737D78 000000D2 +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0AAB7D78 0000008D +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0A137D78 000000CF +
DA260C30 B20E5BFD +
0A4B7D7F 00000084 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0AD37D79 000000D7 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0A0B7D79 000000BB +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0A737D78 000000A4 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0AAB7D78 00000099 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0A137D78 000000B2 +
DA260C30 B20E541D +
0A4B7D7F 0000008E



These are codes that I'd like to have (for my own personal use) and to add to
this document.  A few of these are floating around, but they don't work - at
least not on the ORIGINAL VERSION of the game.  If you can provide me with
working codes, they will be added to this document and you will be credited.
Codes that I can't get to work will not be posted.

-- Pay N Spray Your Car Anywhere
Jokered it so L1+L2 turns on the spray, R1+R2 turns off the spray.

-- Lots of (or Infinite) Rampage Time
There's a GTA3 code like this that gives you 279:25 (4 hrs 39 min 25 sec).

-- Infinite Health For Everyone
This would help on firetruck missions so burning poeple don't die.

-- A better "Hide Between-Island Load Screen" code (if it's possible)
(when it freezes the screen it'll pop up the transparent grey box that says
"loading" like what usually comes up when using the Mission Select Mod code,
which would look better than just a frozen screen)


Below are codes that I found online back in 2004.  I did the CB conversions
(as that's the cheat device I have) from the AR/GS originals.

Pay N' Spray Accepts Any Vehicle
CodeBreaker: 2A1312CB 00000000
Orig AR/GS: DEACC026 BCA99B83

Rampages Instantly Passed (aka "Auto-Pass Rampage")
CodeBreaker: 0A1B5D2C 00000000

However, they do not work for me.  I think this is because I have the NTSC
version of the games and these codes might be for the PAL version (there was
no indication at the original source which version they were).  I'm also making
the huge assumption that these codes are for the original versions of the games
(which I have), and not for any of the subsequent re-releases.

Assuming these are PAL (and for the original versions of the games), could
someone please give me NTSC conversions?  I'd really appreciate it.

Working codes will become a permanent addition to this guide



Ver. 1.0 (4/29/2004)
The very first version of this guide.

Ver. 1.1 (5/2/2004)
Fixed a bunch of typos and gramatical errors.  Added a paragraph to the
introduction to mention that you CAN use both codes at the same time, but
in a limited way. Also in the introduction I added a mention of the fact
that the mission titles don't appear when you use this code.  In the
Mission Digits & Notes section I did a major update on the Vehicle
Missions.  I have completely play-tested the Taxi and Pizza Delivery
missions, and have made copious notes about them.  I also found out that
you can't use the Taxi code to play the Vigilante mission.

Ver. 1.2 (7/14/2004)
Added the Special Codes section.

Ver. 1.3 (8/2/2004)
Added the "All Vehicles Can Do Taxi Missions" code to the Codes section, and
also updated the Introduction to refer to this new code.

Ver. 1.4 (8/6/2004)
Updated the first paragraph in the Codes section to mention that these codes
will (most likely) only work with the original NTSC version of the game, and
that there are currently no versions of the code for the Game Shark Codes With
Media Player device.

Ver. 1.5 (4/25/2005)
Added the "Other CodeBreaker Codes" section.

Ver. 1.6 (12/23/2005)
Changed the format of the header information, added some detailed information
on the version of Vice City that this guide is written for to the top of the
Codes section.

Ver. 1.7 (4/26/2006)
Added a "Codes Wanted" section, which should have been added a long time ago.

Ver. 1.8 (6/17/2006)
Added some non-working codes to the "Codes Wanted" section.  Maybe someone
can get these to work for me.

Ver. 1.9 (5/7/2008)
Updated the information on determining what version of Vice City you have, since
Robert Allen Rusk provided some new information in his Version Differences FAQ.

Ver. 2.0 (7/26/2008)
Officially changed the name of the guide to "Mission Select Code Guide" as I
hope that will stop people from thinking this guide is about game modding. Also
added the note at the very top to make it perfectly clear that you need a cheat
device (CodeBreaker or Game Shark) in order to use these codes.



This document is copyright 2004 by Paul Rudoff.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice
City is copyright 2002 by Rockstar Games Inc., a subsidiary of Take-Two
Interactive Software.  This document is not associated with or endorsed by
Rockstar Games Inc., Take-Two Interactive Software, or anyone else
involved in the making of the game.

This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
shape, or form), published in a magazine, or put anywhere on the Internet
EXCEPT at GameFaqs.com.

This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
time without notice to you.

Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.


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