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Typical Jump FAQ by Moochthemonkey / eggrolll45

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 03/27/04

;i:         aMM 0M W    MM             MM;;r2SXrrZXBMMMMMMaMM
MM:,;rrX7r;i;X8M@7i;r @MM MM0M.iMarM  ii XZ.::: .MMXWMM W@@MZZ88S@WZiMM
MMiiX2:r77rZZ7WZiWM0a WMM  X  .W   M MMM  i .7X,:MMSM  iBZ0MW200ZZMMBMM
MMi8MMWS;;8M, M2;rrrarMMMi20 .207; M      2M     MMXB,M72. rZ rXZZ0XZMM
MM;;X;M2X7MBMM  @XXXX MM Z  MM8,  2M MBM r X    ZMMW82MM2,M@87W@Si i2MM
MM,:0:MM8MMBXW  , ... MM     .MM: SM        .  MMX:MMr00ZXi;ZMB0MMWM:MM
MM  WrriMBB8 .iM      M      aX      M      M      MM8ZM0ZWMMMMMa M@7MM
MM  M;;rr;:MMMaM  iM  M:  M  8M0MMi  M  Mi  M  XM  MM80M0aZ8a8@MMMB08MM
MMSiMMMaXX:0.XiM  iM  M:     MM      M  M.  M  7M  MM28Z00W@MMM@@MMMMMM
MM     B0SaMMM8M  iM  Mi  M  @M  Mr  M  M.  M  7M  MMMMMMMMMM08MMMMMMMM
MM  BX8 XZr;, 7M      M   M  MM      M  7   M      MM MMr SM0MMMM  @rZ8
MM ,S X;MWMMMMMMMMMMM       M      M      M      ;       M  :;  : .@ MM
MMMMMMMMMMM7 M     .MZ  ,MBiM   M  M  SM  M   MM2Mr  BWZ7MM@MM2  :7  MM
MM   XMMM   @@.222r MM  W0  M   M  M      M      @M  M   M  ,2 ir,:: MM
MM   MMM, rMM       BM  WW  M   M  M  7MMXM   MMMM0  Mi  MMMWM;  ;B  MM
MM i MM,   XrS2aSZ8 BM      M   M  M      M   M7 Mr      M   ;       MM
MM r MMi .Z ;  aBaSM      M   M  S@   i. M      XMMMBMMMZ;B,   :     MM
MM 7,,W  0277MX 8iSM XMM  Mi  M  ZM   7. M   M  iMMMMB   ;  Xrir MMMMMM
MM ii.0  M , 7iri 7M      M7  M  2M  ,M  M   M  2MW   i02iii::; MMM8 MM
MM r;;Z  .X,  M02iaM  rM  M7  M  7M  ;M  M   M  i MM  i. ..:,: MMM@X MM
MMMMMMMMr   .  rBaBM      M       M      M     2 .MMMM ,;..r77MMMMMMMMM
WM           MM
MM  M,       Mi77rrrX  ;MMMMMMMZSMM0@Mi   M  M ; rr   ; MM           MM
MM SM   .i:  M7XXX2Bi WMMMS.M2   SMMMr 0M2    .r  0  M  MMMMMMMMMMWa MM
MM  M        :2 .Mr 0M 7  MMS     7MMMMMMMMMMZ                 M     MM
MM .:      .X8MMMMMMWMMMMMMa     @ BM aMM. M MMWMM0Z7 aMr8@Mi8B@,MaB.MM
Ma  .WMMMMMMMMM0a222XMMZMM  MM   i @M   SM  ,MZMMMB,  MM 2X8X@88 W,;,MM
Ma  MM    8SZS 0MM@0SMMM2 7SM:SWZ8MM8   ;M      XM8 ,,i MM7;Z8S0MMr7 MM
MM    ;
MM,M@MM@a;W,S  i  SM0M.M,8 0.BBZ2MM:Z0Za2XMBMMM2 M  7   rMMM@WMXB    MM
MMZ.    2  i        MMXMXW :X8Wa@M8;88Z8a2MaZ8BM MiB @M.  :;r,  ;SM0 MM
MM8 MM;MMM   27a W,  M@@MM.MMWB@MM:SaZZZ2MaaZ0Mr M rM2 :MM8   MZM, . MM
MM0 MM@MiM7i     ::  MMiMW MW8,@0MMMS77XBZaZ8M8  M   ZM  ;8  MM2M ,  MM
MM8  M B   0MM@,     MM M0 MM :MS 8MMMMMMaaZMM ,rM.  @SW0S8  @: M B SMM
MM28:;i;X8Z,MMMMMMMX,MM M2 M  @M:    ,MMMMMMM   .M   0 rMMX     a:7  M;
Z7;r2MW8aMS M28M  0X          :,   MWM      8S2   i      WM

    ________  ______  _____________    __
   /_  __/\ \/ / __ \/  _/ ____/   |  / /
    / /    \  / /_/ // // /   / /| | / /
   / /     / / ____// // /___/ ___ |/ /___
  /_/     /_/_/   /___/\____/_/  |_/_____/

        ____  ____  _______  _____    _________   ____
       / / / / /  |/  / __ \/ ___/   / ____/   | / __ \
  __  / / / / / /|_/ / /_/ /\__ \   / /_  / /| |/ / / /
 / /_/ / /_/ / /  / / ____/___/ /  / __/ / ___ / /_/ /
 \____/\____/_/  /_/_/    /____/  /_/   /_/  |_\___\_\

(Stand back and it will look better) It's supposed to be the boxart.
mastered by Eggrolll45.

'Typical' Jumps Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
By Eggrolll45 and Moochthemonkey
Table of Contents

1. Introduction/Version History
2. Legal Crap
3. Bike Glitch
4. Jump List
   4a. First Island
   4b. Starfish Island
   4c. Leaf Links
   4d. Prawn Island
   4e. Second Island
   4f. User Submissions
5. General FAQ
6. Car Locations

7. Typical Jumps *drum roll* MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!
8. Conclusion/Thanks


1. Introduction/Version History
This is the "typical" jumps guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Typical,
meaning that
you can go off certain ramps and still get bonuses for them. However,
there is no unique jump recorded. If you would like to submit a jump,
perhaps something that we missed, feel free to email us at
Mooch23@msn.com or briannadon@cox.net (if emailing briannadon@cox.net,
use a relevant topic, he is spammed a lot.). I recommend using a PCJ
600 or Infernus for all jumps. After the
directions to the jump are told, we will list our records for this jump
(money only, and only for some jumps). We know these values aren't that
high, but some of them are. This is why we challenge you to beat our
score (not that hard to do). Also, if the jump gives you little margin
to accelerate, or any jumps at all, come to a complete stop. Hold
and X at the same time. After about 5 seconds, let go of square only.
(The square button does tend to make you spin around a bit, so if it
gives you trouble, and just use R1.) You will rocket off to a faster
start than usual. This is called charging, and is what we will refer to
it as from now on.

Another tip is to "duck" while going at the jump. Slightly pressing
the analog stick forward while on a bike will make Tommy Vercetti
lean a bit, thus making the bike go faster. Obviously this will make
you get better bonuses and all, so this should be a no brainer to do
for all the jumps.

When going off these jumps it would be a novelty to have the cops on
your tail. Of Course the cop vehicles are not as fast and as sleek as
your PCJ. Many times cops will crash or fall in the water as you
speed away from them.
Also these jumps where done without morphing. The bonuses and stunts	
pulled off could be even better when morphed.


Version 0.8- First version. Basic layout, blah, blah. Skimmed over all
Vice City and recorded any jumps that were half worthy of being put in
here. Also contains the bike morphing glitch section, and a Brief FAQ.
Version 1.0- Added Car Locations Guide, one submissions from people,
and fixed a few

Version 1.2- Added 5 more jumps, and one submission.

Version 1.3- Added 4 more jumps and 4 submissions from people, and
added another
location, and re-formatted stuff.

Version 1.5- Added 4 jumps, which were submissions from people. We also
included a Leaf
Links "Multiplayer" Section.

Version 1.6- Added 2 more jumps and fixed up some things, this guide
now has a total of 58 typical jumps, and 10 of those are submissions
from people.

Version 2.0- Added 34 more jumps, fixed up a few more things. I took one user
submission because I realized that it had been submitted twice. Sorry. We also
converted the Leaf Links multiplayer section into just a general section, since
we included more places than Leaf Links.( Only one place now, I will update the
multiplayer section as soon as possible) This guide
now has 92 JUMPS and I believe that this guide has deserved a 2.0
version. We have skimmed the heck out of the game for every step and inclined
surface, so I guess we are pretty much done content wise. We MIGHT be back for
pictures of the jumps. If someone would like to take pictures of the typical
jumps, that would be a HUGE help, and much would be appreciated.

Version 2.1- Finished up the multiplayer section, and we’ll try to be
back with pics!

*Note- You may be thinking that this guide is way to big, well, it
probably is. For a guide of this type, atleast. You may be thinking "Damn, I
have to read all this!" It
is just that there is SO MANY Great jumps in Vice City. Okay, maybe
not all the jumps in here are the best, but we tried to figure out
a purpose for each one whether it was for the extreme stunt styles,
loosing the cops, coolness, shortcuts, or just for the quick cash.

*Read at your own risk, minor spoilers ahead.

2. Legal Crap
Meh, feel free to use this guide as long as you are not selling it or
using it on your website without our consent. If you would like to use
it, email us first. Seriously, not that this is something worthy of
being stolen, but do not take credit for this guide in any way or form.
This guide may be printed only for reference purposes, or if you or
your goat has a particular hunger.


3. Bike Morphing Glitch

It is possible to morph on a bike. You will still be running while the
bike is going. To do this, go to a clothes pickup. Place your bike in
the middle of it, with a clothes pickup sticking out unevenly. Jump off
the bike. Now jump on the other side of the bike, with the lesser clothes
pickup. If you do it just right, you will morph with the bike. Now you
won't fall off the bike if you are hit. Just do not shoot or make heavy
turns or you will un-morph.

*Good Places to Morph*

North Point Mall>>

There are two clothes pickups at this place. So if you messup on one,
you can just go back and forth collecting them.

<<Spandex Overalls

-Located inside the Tooled Up on the bottom floor

<<Casual Clothes

-Located outside the upper entrance to the Gash store.


<<Hyman Condos

-Located on the top of the roof. (You must have bought this property.)

*Actually there is a way to fire your weapon on a bike. Just make sure you hold
X or you will unmorph! Not that this has anything to do with the jumps, but
this is cool if you equip weapons like rifles and baseball bats. Thanks


*   |||||<<4.a East Island >>||||  *


|--Ocean Beach Helipad--|

This jump is located south from the Ammunation Store in Ocean Beach. It
is the small helipad with small stairs on it. Get as much speed as
possible, and jump of it. It is a pretty simple jump actually, even
though the ramp is thin. If you hit one of the handles, you can pull
off a few spins and accomplish a double insane stunt bonus.
$210 record
|--Steps behind Fountain--|

Get to the Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head south on the left lane.
Right as you reach the intersection, there should be a fountain to your
right. Right behind the fountain is a set of steps. This is your jump.
Start from the Ocean strip area, you don't need to go that far since
you don't need a whole lot of speed for the stairs. Head towards the
jump, and try to hit the manila building square on. Watch out for
other objects like the fountain and the mini light posts. You may not
get a bonus off this first, and your bonuses might not get that great.
Try to aim for combos on this jump, pull to the right or left once
Tommy bounces off the wall, and try to position the bike sideways.
Somehow, we managed to get a TRIPLE INSANE off this! Like I said, we
got a big combination of stats, including 2 flips, distance and
rotation where also a big factor. This jump is pretty easy to do, and
getting a triple insane may be a challenge.

$324 Record

*Note: If you hit the fountain, you may get launched forward at a high
twirling pace. I got 1500 Rotation of it.

*Challenge: There is a Pet Stuffers builder board sign across from the
building. We have never managed to land in it before, but just skimmed
the bottom a few times.

|--Vice City Marina Sign--|

Get to the first island from the Viceport- Ocean Beach Connection
Bridge. Take
your first right and get into the right lane. Take another right, you
pass some tan walls, and then stop when you reach the corner of the
road. There
should be a little grass path that goes in different directions at
the corner.
It is right in front of the marina. The jumps are the two signs that
say "Vice
City Marina" on it and then they have an anchor below. There is two
signs, go
off the second one you see, the other one is two hard to jump off.
Start at the
alleyway across and to the left from the sign. Be warned THAT YOU MAY
THE WATER. Your bike probably won't land in the water, it's just that
there is a big possibility of you crashing and then stumbling into the
water. Therefore, it might be a wise idea to bail right before you
land. Anyways, hit this jump at a slanted direction and pull up a bit.
Your bike will pull off some mad stunts as you rack up those double

$205 Record

|--Cortez's wood--|

This is the last jump behind Cortez's pier. It is the one after unique
jump 2, which leads back to the street. Back up as far as possible and
hit the jump. It is an easy jump, and the best stuff we can get off it
is a single insane stunt bonus.

*Challenge* Try stalling the rail that separates that water and the
pathway, it is pretty hard but if you time it just right and slam on to
with the
right amount of power, you can stall.

$26 record


|--Ocean View Underpass--|

Head around Ocean View Hotel, and there will be an outlet mall sort of
thing. There are actually four jumps here that are big sets of steps.
It is out in the open, there is no way to miss this. You can
get a single insane stunt bonus off these stairs. Nothing more though.

$41 record


|--Washington Mall--|

Head around Ocean View Hotel, and there will be an outlet mall sort of
thing. Go around the road and you will see the Washington Mall. Around
the area is 4 ramps, and one is unique. Try hitting the other three,
and see what types of tricks you can do. We have only managed to
achieve single insanes off of these, but you could probably get better
if you hit the wall and possibly pull off a few spins.

$49 record

|--Hotel Matrix--|

Get to the Ammunation store in Ocean Beach. Drive to the road outlining
the island, and get to the start of the hotel strip. Look to your left
at the hotels while driving north. Stop when you see a bland, old
looking place. This should be the seventh building you reach. The
building is tall, gray-yellowish without a name. There are a couple
other buildings like this on the strip.  The building to the left of
this has a striking resemblance, so did get mixed up with the two.
Examine the building; you should see two beams by the entrance. Aim for
one of these beams when you are heading towards the building, so you
ride high up the wall. If you hit anything else, you will most likely
crash or your result won't be as good. Head back through the pass to
the beach and get as much distance as possible. Accelerate to the hotel
and get precisely aligned with the beam. If you hit the stairs and
reached the beam at the right position, you should be shot far up the
wall. As you reach a stop pull backwards and left or right, and
hopefully you can get a flip or two. It is actually quite tough to get
a bonus at all on this jump, but we managed to get a double insane.

$199 Record
|--Colon Hotel Logs--|

This is located on the Ocean Beach Strip of hotels. It is another one
those ramps behind the buildings. This is located to the left of the
Hotel, and not to be confused with the other Colon Hotel. There are two
of them on the strip. This one is the most northern one. To find it
south from the Malibu. Look to your right while driving down the hotel
strip. Stop when you see a bluish white hotel. All you can see is the
word hotel, colon is above it. It is actually the tenth hotel coming
down, and enough with the explaining where it is already. Once you see
it on the side of the hotel, back up to the sidewalk on the beach.
Charge up, and accelerate to the jump. Somehow, I managed to get a flip
on this and a 360 rotation, so I received a double insane stunt bonus.
To do tricks, even though it is rather hard, just as you are coming off
the jump turn to the side and hit the wall. If you are trying to hop it
to the next building, get as much speed as possible, and pull up on the

$198 record

|--Bridge Curb--|

Even though we have only achieved single insanes, this is a great jump
for rotation or distance, if you can manage to pull it off. First, come
to the first island from the Viceport-Ocean Beach connection bridge.
Follow the road and pass Ken's office. Once you reach a bridge stop. At
the start of the guard wall, there are two curbs, which can be used as
your jumps. I would use the one on the right. Take a glance at your
jump. On the right is a very thin incline, if you hit this you quite
possibly will be able to reach distances of up to 300 feet or more.
When going for the distance forget the chances of pulling a straight
jump or landing back on the road, instead thrust the analog stick right
and hopefully you just land on the grass. From here you may have to
bail, depending on the type of contact you make with the surface. If
you slam the curb and pull to the left you will get some mad rotation,
our best is 1200 degrees. Also, if you hit the light post a head with
the wheel of your bike that may help you spin a bit. Experiment
with this jump a bit, and please be notified that there is a GOOD
CHANCE OF YOU FALLING IN THE WATER. The success rate of this jump is
very low, we would say you would pull off a good stunt every one out of
ten chances.

$133 Record

|--Cop Station--|

It is the cop station in Washington Beach, Ocean Beach borderline. IF
you don't know where it is, just head south from the Malibu until you
see a cop station. There is an entrance leading to the cop station.
Back up either way as far as you can. Charge up, and slam on the gas.
Pull up when you hit the jump. Try hitting one of the corners to make
a few spins. This jump can be pretty tricky if you are trying to get
a double insane stunt bonus.

$56 record


|--Green Hut Jump--|

From the title of this jump, you may already know what I am talking
about. If you do not know where these huts are, get to the lower part
of the beach. Across the middle of the beach there will be several
olive colored green huts, that have their own set of stairs, which you
can launch off. To distance yourself, obviously get far back as
possible. We have managed to pull off double insane stunt bonuses by
going about at a 10-degree angle at this jump, and just nipping the
handle, and then pulling off some spins.  Oh, and you are going to want
to come at this jump from the right side, so you don't end up crashing
into the hut. This is actually a pretty tricky jump and it may get your
bike stuck.

$183 Record

|--Starfish Connection--|

This is the inclined bridge that looks like a hump. It is located in
between the cop station, and the tool shop. Head from Starfish Island,
and you will go off then hump. Nothing special, but it is just a quick
way to get some cash while coming back from Starfish Island.

$26 record

*If you have 100 fares on the taxi, press L3 on this jump. If you get
enough speed, and do it just right, you might land on top of the police

*Actually, if you come at this jump full speed with tank pointing backwards and
firing, you can land on top of the police station. Thanks Aleks!


|--Platform 9 and 3 quarters--|

*Note: This jump can only be done if you have beaten the mission,
"Demolition Man"
First off, don't ask about the name, it comes from Harry Potter. I was
just going off this jump one day, and I didn't even know it was
possible. It appears that there is glass, so you would obviously crash
into it, but it actually isn't solid and you can fly right through it.
So do not
call me a bloody nutter that is off my rocker! I have not lost my
marbles! Alright that's enough, and stop laughing so hard. Anyways, go
to the construction site, the indoors one that has been blown up. If
you still do not know what I am talking about, it is the tall blue
construction building located across from the Tooled up in Washington
Beach. First get inside the building and drive to the top level.
Reverse backwards aligned with the shaft in the middle, heading
towards Starfish Island
but facing towards the first island. Charge up and don't press left or
right at all in the slightest. You will go right through the wall and
possibly land in a pool. This jump is pretty simple, and the best
stunt we have pulled off is an insane stunt bonus.

*Challenge: Not only can you go off that jump but you can master some
tricks in there. Try wheeling and stoppieing the shaft. If you haven't
blown up the place yet, you can pull of some even more sicker jumps.
Trying wheeling up walls and pulling back flips or spins off them. I
have even wheelied up the wall and stalled in between two corners!
*Rubs sunglasses in shirt*

*The above tricks are best done with a Sanchez.

$50 record


|--Hotel Entrance--|

First, get to the Tooled up in Washington Beach. The jump is located
across from where you are, it's the steps that are leading to the hotel,
pools and showers. Start from the sand looking unique jump. Charge, and
hit the jump. Pull back on the bike to give yourself a bigger bonus.
Turning left and right may make you pull a flip or a couple of spins. A
single insane bonus is our best, but I am sure you could do better...

$83 record

|--Red Beam--|

Head to the other construction site, the outdoor one with lots of red
poles and beams. Just head north from the tooled up looking right if you
are having trouble. Enter the site and get to the second level. This
jump is actually the red beam that is sticking out towards Starfish
Island. Now it looks like your are going to head in the water, but you
won't and there is a rail to block you anyways. Reverse directly
backwards from the beam, and stop at the end of the wooden platform.
Charge up, and hit the jump. Best thing we have accomplished is a
insane stunt.

$23 record


|--Red Beam 2--|

This jump is located at the same place. Get to the top level first.
is the beam that is facing the opposite direction.  Before going off
this jump, be aware that YOU MIGHT FALL IN THE WATER. Back up as far as
possible and rev up. You must pull up; it actually is quite hard to
on the surface instead of the water. You are going to want to use the
duck trick, slightly move the analog stick up so that Tommy ducks, thus
making the bike go faster. The best stuff we have pulled off
is a single insane bonus.

$25 record

|--Jump by the Spa--|

This jump is also located close to the jumps by the water tank thing.
So get behind that area. If you go a little bit south, and along the
right side of the beach, you will see a BF Injection. If you enter the
area, there will be a mini spa area with a pool and a picnic area.
Don't enter this place though. Get back behind the water tank. Look
south, facing the building ahead/behind you. There will be a big white
building along with some palm trees. By the area is the grassy slope;
this is the jump that you are going to hit. At the top of the slope is
a short wall, you are going to want to tap this with your bike while
going off the jump. Start by the building on the right side of the
water tank. If you are good at driving in the sand you could probably
start farther away. Anyways, charge at this jump and try to hit it on
the right side. If you hit the wall, you should probably get some
spins. You should land in the empty pool, or crashing into the glass
barrier. You could probably get a triple of this, but we have only
achieved a double.

$110 Record

|--Unique Jump Preparation--|

This jump may be useful if you are having trouble with the unique jump
by the Malibu. The typical jump is located by the Malibu. Look across
from the club facing the beach, and you will see a water tank looking
thing. If you look at it through a sniper scope, it reads: "Vice City
Beach". Enter the area, and your jump is the small ramp on the right.
To hit this jump, get back to the beach. Go as far as you want, the
farther away the better. This jump is very hard to get since you are
coming down from the beach, so it may be helpful to reverse backwards.
Try to stay aligned with the typical jump and once you hit you will be
flung forward at a high speed. You won't get nothing more than a
single, but once you hit the unique jump, your bonus may be even
greater. You may not even want to bother with this since this since it
is so tricky, and if you can master this jump, you can definitely
master the unique jump.

$35 Record

|--Jump across from the Malibu--|

Get to the same area, just enter and go to the left side. There will be
another ramp for you to go off, and this one is bigger. Once again, get
back as far as you need. When coming in try to stay aligned next to the
tall building next to the jump. When hitting the jump, it is very easy
to lose control, and therefore you will pull off some tricks by hitting
the wall or whatever. This is also a very tricky jump, and or best is a
single. With enough experimenting, you could probably pull off a double
or triple though...

$77 Record


This can be a very helpful jump. From the tool shop, head north. You
should pass the outdoor
site jumps. After that, take your left path. You will enter a cul-de-
with one story, seafoam green and pink houses in it. On the end on the
right side is the jump. Ahead of you will be the golf course, and this
jump should take you there. To the left of you is a rampage, if you
haven't done it yet. Northeast of you is some teal and tan spotted
buildings. Start with the closest one from the jump. Charge and hit the
jump. My best is a single insane stunt, nothing much can be
accomplished from this jump. It is just another way to get to Leaf
Links. Also if you
enter this way, your weapons will not be taken. In addition,
this jump can be done with cars making things even better,
especially if you are up for playing bumper carts with the caddys
if you know what I mean. Lastly, you can get on
the golf course if you are un yet to unlock this area.

$91 record

|--Pool Steps--|

Get to the Malibu and then head north along the road. Look to your
right, and then take your first entrance to the beach. You should pass
through a pink and gray building. Once on the beach, head a little bit
south. Your first place of interest should be a small pool. There will
be some steps leading to the pool. The steps are the jump, but you will
want to hit the side of the steps, so you don't go crashing into the
building. You can hit the steps from either the right or left, I
personally think the left path is less bumpier though. Of course, the
farther away you start the harder this jump is going to be. Try to stay
on the inside while hitting this jump, and when you go off the steps
you should be thrown high into the air. Try to make it to the other
side of the building. This jump is hard if you are looking for big
bonuses, and we haven't got anything better than a single insane.

$72 Record

|--Steps at the Beach--|

This jump is located in Vice Point on the beach, but start on the beach
in the Washington Beach vicinity. Of course, you are going to drive
north, and make sure you are looking to your left. You will pass a
water tank looking thing that is located across from the Malibu. Keep
driving north, and slow down. Next you will pass a long set of steps.
If you enter the area there is a red tiled floor, and a pool in the
middle. There should be people here also. This is not the set of steps
I am talking about though. Cruise a little bit north looking to your
left still. At the end of your building, you should see a small set of
steps. This is your jump. To go off it, get far as back as possible on
the beach. Try coming from the left, and turn or even wheelie a bit to
pull off some rotation. This jump will launch you up very high, and you
might crash into the pink building ahead of you. Try going at this jump
from different directions. Our best is a single insane.

$75 Record
|--Apartment Matrix--|

This jump is located at the stairs by the apartment room when you where
trying to look for the gangster on "The Chase" mission. If you don't know
where that is, I will lead you to the jump. First, get to Leaf Links and
head south to the first island. Look to your right, and you will pass a
house with a ramp leading up to the house. This is also Mercedes house.
Keep on driving, and you will eventually reach an apartment complex. You
will see two sets of stairs across from each other. The typical jump is
the second one. Now big bonuses are hard to earn from this, and our best
is a single, but this is still a fairly cool jump. Don't get to much
speed; start at Mercedes house. Now go at the jump and wheelie a bit and
you should go straight up the wall. If you hit it cleanly and with the
right amount of velocity, you should go straight up the wall and you may
even reach near the top. Try stalling in between the corners of the wall.
You can even get some rotation off the stairs, one time we managed to get
400 degree rotation and come down grinding the rail! This jump may also
be handy if the cops are coming at you...

$36 Record

|--Grass Hump--|

Get to the Pay And Spray in Vice Point. Get along the sidewalk by the
dock area. Travel north, and stop when you reach the road. At the end
there is a grass hump. This is your jump, try to hit it on the right
side by the stoplight post, since it is more inclined. Starting back
from the Pay and Spray should be a fair distance. Head to the jump and
go up the grass hump, and your bike should leap a pretty big distance
while you soar over the roofs of the cars below you. Try clearing the
stoplight bar ahead of you. We have only gotten a single insane.

*Challenge- Hit this jump and pull to the right. Next launch off the
tiny set of
steps by the Dispensary Plus, and try to hit that building. You should
pull off
a spin or two, and try to land that and keep on driving.

$50 Record

|--Land to Sand--|

Get to the east side of North Point Mall. Head south and look to your
left. It should be the third building after North Point Mall, on the
opposite side that is. It is a grayish building. There is also a car

parked in the corner. Still having trouble? It's the building located
across from the dirt bike track. Back up as far as possible and put the
petal to the metal. If you get enough speed and pull up just right, you
will jump the wall and onto the dirt bike track. This jump has a medium
difficulty level. We have only been able to get a single, but I am sure
you can do better. While coming off the jump, slam you tire into the
wall for a couple of spins. We have never been able to do it, but I am

sure it is possible to do. It definitely would be if you were morphed,
and you could then possibly pull off a double insane bonus, or maybe
even a triple.

$33 record
|--Building Steps By the North Point Mall--|

Drive north on the outside of the first island. Get to North Point Mall
if you look across from you should be facing the ocean, except for the
fact that there is buildings blocking the water. Get to the first mall
entrance and look across the street. You should see a white and manila
building. Get to the very tiny steps in front of the building. Go south
on the steps and get to the corner. (On another note, if you would head
south on the steps it would lead you to body armor.) Leading to the open
area to the right, there should be some very narrow and small steps. That
is your jump. Back up to the green building which is a property, and
start there. Charge up the engine and head to the jump, make sure to get
on the stairs and try to stay close to the building. Once going off the
jump, watch out for the palm trees ahead of you. Pulling to the right
should help you avoid the trees. Also, if you slightly tap the edge, you
can pull off some mad rotation. It is often hard to land here since there
is so many palm trees that you can crash into; so only do this jump if
you don't mind loosing the occasional health. Nothing better than a
double insane here.

$133 Record
|--Curb by the Dispensary Plus--|

Get to the Dispensary Plus for this jump. If you head south when coming
off the Prawn Island bridge, then take a right and then a left, it will
be located and blended in with the other stores. For this jump, use an
Infernus. Get to the end of the sidewalk on the strip, and you will see
a tiny curb. This is your jump; and you can get mad props off this
thing. When hitting the jump, make sure you ram the curb near the wall.
Go back as far as possible and head to the jump dodging the cars along
the way. If you hit the jump on the right side, you should pull off a
flip or two along with some decent rotation, and maybe even a double
insane stunt bonus. However, WE ACCOMPLISHED A TRIPLE INSANE!

$340 Record

|--Double Jump--|

First Get to the Prawn Island-first island connection bridge. Come down
from Prawn Island. When getting off the bridge, you should be facing
the North Point Mall area. The jump is located in the first building on
your right, it should be a blue building. Once inside, there is two
ramps in a row, one higher than the other. There is also some body
armor at the top. This is a difficult jump but it can be pulled off.
Head south from
the jump, and start at the grassy area by the beach. Hug the left wall
while coming down and go off the jump. Try to stay in the middle of
ramp, and you will hit the second ramp and just barely clear the
building. Loosing control or hitting something can give you some okay
rotation and possibly a flip. You could probably get a double insane
stunt bonus, but we have never been able to get more than a single.

$80 Record

|--Safe Crossing--|

There is nothing special about this jump, but it is just a quick way to
get some cash while trying to get to Prawn Island. Also, you do not
have to worry about crashing on the messed up exit while trying to
cross over. Get to the east side of North Point Mall. Drive down
looking to your right until you see an open area.
Go to the second little strip. At
the end, you will see some steps, which is your jump. There should be a
car parked beside it. Get back as far as possible and hit this. This
jump is pretty simple to do. The best we have gotten is a single. Try
making it on top of the building across the jump...

$86 record

Thanks to Flappity for this strategy on how to hit this jump.

"Get a PCJ, back up to the wall there...When you go on the ramp, turn
onto that small square post slightly raised.
It is at the top right of the stairs It's almost random what happens.
Rarely you'll fly straight up, sometimes you get a lot of
spins...Sometimes you'll get a nice jump with 1-2 flips and a lot of
rotating, and that's how I got the double insane."

|--Dizzy Shopping--|

Thanks to Psy for INFORMING me of this jump.

Get to the first island from the Prawn Island Bridge. Look to your left
as you come down. Just as you reach the turn, you should see a gap in
the wall. It looks like a car drove right through here. This is also
very close to the "Safe Crossing" jump. Face the mall from the gap. The
jump is the very thin ledge in the gap facing north. Back up all the
way to El Swanko Casa. Rev your engine and hit the jump. Try

experimenting with this jump. Hit it at different speeds and different
angles. The majority of the time you will do a faceplant into the wall,
either that or you will get some extreme rotation on this jump. This is
probably one of the best jumps for spinning in the game. Usually you
only get single insanes, but I managed to a mad 2000 DEGREE ROTATION of

*Challenge- This is very hard; some of the best vets may not even be
able to do this. The challenge is simple to define, just land on top of
the North Point Mall. Very, very, difficult.

$210 Record

|--Mall parking garage--|

*This was done with an Infernus*

This jump is awesome. It is our personal favorite, and we have gotten a
TRIPLE insane stunt bonus off of it. Anyway, go to the North Point Mall

and drive around the road behind it until you get to a car park. Go up
the ramps to the top level. Stop at the back right corner of it facing
towards the Front Left corner (facing away from the mall). Rev 'er up
and let 'er rip! Hit the side a bit and turn and you will flip, spin,
and rack up money like a slot machine on 777! Try doing extreme stunts
like "mistys", flips, barrel rolls, and even grinds, twisty mcmellons,
and er... I don't know what I am talking about.
*Grinds can be accomplished by landing on top of the wall that
the grass and the road; it is actually best done if you forward grind
than on its side. There also really is now way to control your balance,
it just is the better position you start in, the longer you grind. Cool
trick. I recommend using an Infernus, Cheetah, or Sandking for

*If you hit the side of the ramp, and pull left or right, you can do a
barrel roll.

Record: $298


* ||||<< 4b. Starfish Island >>|||| *

|--Bush Gardens--|

First Get to Starfish Island, coming in from the first island. When
coming in take your first right. Head straight up the road and when you
reach the corner, stop. Your are going to want to hit that bush, the
bush is located by a bunch of plants. There are other bushes in the
area to, but they are behind curbs or walls. You will want to hit the
bush that is in front of the house. Across from the bush are two tall
palm trees. Start back from the road, and try to hit different parts of
the bush. Your bike will fling to some random place, depends where you
hit it and how you hit it. The green bush should launch you somewhat
high and you will start to pull off some spins. Our best is a double
insane stunt bonus.

$122 Record


|--Starfish Ramp--|

Enter Starfish from the first Island, and take your first right. You
will pass three houses, and make sure you are looking to your right.
After you pass the enclosed third house, you will see an alley. There
is a small street sign in front of it. Enter it, and take the right
path. You should see some garbage cans and bags here. Enter the
other yard on the right. Head around the peach building. Just north
are some bushes. Your ramp is at the end. Head to the picnic tables
south of you, that is where you would want to start. You can
actually move the tables, heh. Accelerate on the
bike and hit the ramp. Pull up to make sure you hop over the wall
leading to the next jump. You are going to want to stay
accelerated for the next jump.

$88 Record

|--Starfish Ramp 2--|

You should be in the area if you landed the last jump in the designated
area. It is a grassy area with a tan house. A little bit to your left
the jump, and it is farther away. If you have still have the X button
down, and if you hit this jump you should get a bonus. Nothing special
can be done of this jump, and the best we have got is a single, but it
leads you to a house that has a unique jump in it...

$46 record


* ||||<<< 4c. Leaf Links >>>|||| *

|--Leaf Links House Jump--|

First Get to Leaf Links, and enter the place. Once you go pass the
censors, some stairs will lead you down to the course. The stairs are
your jump, but you must hit a certain section.  Facing the street, you
will want to hit the right side of the steps, launching off from the
middle will just make you crash into the building. As a matter of fact,
you will probably be hitting the grass hill instead of the steps.
Starting from the bride should be a good distance, so charge up your
motorcycle and head to the jump. Once launched off, try to hit the side
of the roof and you will spin like crazy. Other stats are hard to pull
off, so you will usually end up with a double insane.

$239 Record

Suicidal Under the Tree--|

Drive to Leaf Links, and enter. As soon as you come in you will see a
patch of grass and a palm tree in the middle. I have never been able to
get a bonus of this, but if done right you can pull off some tricks.
backwards from the jump, and past the health icon, and go back a little
bit further until you reach the start of a heavy turn. Speed up. Just
you are about to hit the jump, wheelie a bit and try to hit the tree.
Now far some reason, it won't give me a bonus even though I have pulled
off a bunch of spins and flips. Maybe the truly hardcore and the ones
that are masters of bikes can pull a bonus off. If you miss the tree
jump off the grass, you will probably end up crashing and doing a big
skid, thus possibly depleting your health greatly, and that's were it
gets its name from, Suicidal Under the Tree. Good luck finding your

No record, but I am sure it is possible to get one....

|--Leaf Links Half Pipe--|

Get to the Link Links area, but don't actually enter the course. Just
before you enter the first island, or the bridge leading to the second
island, you will see to steep grassy hills, with a red bridge in the
middle. These two inclined hills are your jump or jumps. You can start
at two different places; the back of the first island by the light blue
building, or the second island by the orange building. I prefer the
second island starting place though. Start from either places and hit
either hill. This jump can be pretty difficult, but you can get some
good bonuses. My best is a double bonus. Hit the bush wall to create a
spin or two, if you hit the red bridge you can get even more. Try
ramping off both walls back and forth. Try this with a variety of cars
too, like the Sanchez and BF injection. It is even possible to make it
into Leaf Links by this jump.

$163 record


|--Isolated Island Jump--|

First Get to Leaf Links and then go past the censors. Upon getting to
the roads,
take your left path. Go up the S shaped road, (well it is an S on your
map.) and
take a left on the golf course, and go straight.  Try to get to the
connection bridge area. You will come across an opening; you will
see the red bridge that takes you to the other side of the golf course.
Cross the bridge and go to the right. A little bit ahead is a pond.
Below that pond, is another pond, and jump
in it. Don't worry, you won't drown. However, it is a little hard to
control your bike in here, so watch out. You see that little
island with a palm tree at the end? That is your jump. I think
there was a hidden package here at one time.
Anyways, head south of the jump and to the end of the pond. Get to the
right so it will be easier to hit the island.
Charge the bike, and hit the island. If you
hit it from the corner, and yank your right analog stick to the left,
you can get some stats even though our best is a single.

$67 Record


* ||||<< 4d. Prawn Island >>|||| *


|--Coins From The Fountain--|

You can make some money off this jump, which is actually a fountain, so
that is where it gets it name from. Forget us saying that the mall
parking garage jump was our favorite, this one is and it's sweet, and
is probably another great jump for getting triple bonuses of it.
Not only can you pull off myriad spins and flips on this fountain,
but the distance and height are quite wicked too. As you enter
Prawn Island, take a right and you will see three mansions.
In the middle of the road is a fountain. Start from either
the first island or the second, or the back of the Prawn Island.
The back of Prawn Island is recommended though.
Anyways, get as much speed as possible and hit the jump. You will
have lots of hang time. Hitting the statue will give you some
major rotation, height, and flips. Not only can you do tricks with the
PCJ, stunts can be pulled off on about almost every car and
bike with this jump (Except for the crappy baggage handler).

Try hopping the walls, getting on top of the mansions, and
going at this jump from different directions. You can be very creative
and innovative with this jump.

$419 record...which goes with our 419 rotation

|--UFO Ramp--|

First, get inside the Film Studio. If you don't feel like buying it, or
can't by it yet there is a way to get in there. As you enter from the
first island, look to your left just as you get in there. You will see
a black ramp. Go off it, aiming for the right. Hit the right ramp on
the next roof to get on the curved platform. Go up it, and north of
you is a

unique jump, that can be used to get inside the film studio. Anyways,
the UFO Jump is located in the northeastern corner of the studio. It is
also between the A stage and a nameless stage. In the corner, you will
see some props, like telephone booths, an ocean, a fan, a small ship,
and even a Packer, which is car that you can ramp off of. Next to the
telephone booths is the UFO. Start by the restaurant looking area.
Before you hit the gas, you will most likely crash on the top of the
UFO. So be aware. If you hit it from the left (at a 50-degree angle) and
wheelie a bit, and hit the top, you will pull off a few spins. Very,
very difficult jump. I hate to say this, but I can only get a
single insane stunt bonus off it, with only one spin.

$44 record, but much more could be earned.

|--Film Studio Exit--|

First, enter the Film Studio at Prawn Island. When you have entered the
place, take a left and pass all the bluish green buildings. Right
behind an area that looks like the Red Light District from GTA3 is the
jump that I am talking about. The jump is some stairs that is the exit
for the studio. Get back in the corner and charge up your bike. Pull to
the left to make sure you don't fall in to the water. This jump also
runs a risk of crashing into a palm tree! This jump is nothing more
than a mere exit to the Film Studio, and nothing more than a single can
be obtained here.

$62 Record

* ||||<< 4e. West Island >>|||| *

|--Small Steps at the Dock--|

First, head to the docks, and then go to the pay and spray there. When
you get there, make sure you are facing the first island. Drive north
and pass one block, and then when you get to the end of the other one,
you will see a vert small set of steps. That is your jump. Straight
ahead of it should be a Linerunner, and some freight for the Linerunner
to carry. You start in an open area, so drive back and past the pay and
spray. Go past the wall, and you should be in an open area that is
partially enclosed with blue and white walls. Slam on the gas, and once
you go past the wall, drive to your left and stay very close to the
wall. This just has a medium difficulty, but it should become a cinch
with practice. You will jump all the freight and cargo if you hit the
steps with enough speed and hit it straight forward. If you hit the
jump awkwardly, you may get some rotation. Our best is a single.

*Note: These steps are not to be confused with the other steps in the
middle, which you could also get another bonus off, but it would not be
as good and would be harder to do.

75$ record

|--Boatyard Fence Grinding--|

For the second time, I have never been able to rack up bonuses on a
typical jump. On this particular jump, it may even be impossible to do
so. However, it doesn't matter. You can pull off some insane grinds on
this jump. First, head off to the boatyard, the property that you can
buy in Viceport. If you don't know where that is, that is too bad
sonny. Anyways, get behind the boathouse. If you look ahead, you will
see two lanes. There will be two different boats there if you have
bought the place. Go down either lane and reach the tip. Be careful not
to fall in the water. Turn around, and you should see some tight,
compacted stairs. That is your jump. Hit the stairs, and pull up
your bike. You won't get very far, but each time you should get some
type of grind whether it is big or small. Try different types of
grinds, veterans at doing stunts could probably even pull off rail
transfers. You may want
to experiment with the Sanchez too. Sorry if you didn't like this jump.

No record

|--Cargo Area Steps--|

Start driving from Little Havana and make sure you are on the right
road. When you enter the Viceport area, stop when you see a bunch of
blue and yellow freight carriers. There should also be a Linerunner in
this area. Drive around the Linerunner, and the three freight carriers
after that. The carriers should be in order from colors blue, blue, and
yellow. Just as you go around the area, there should be a tiny ramp
that is not very steep. Go up the ramp and onto the platform, and get
to the end. There will be another ramp that leads you down, and then
some tiny steps which is the jump you ordered. Start back by the big
cargo ship. Head to this jump, maneuvering by all the cargo. You should
get some tiny air off the ramp, but this won't be a problem. There is a
gap in between the stairs and then a ramp leading down. To avoid any
minor trouble just thrust the analog stick down, and then pull it back
up again when you fly off the stairs. You will get pretty high, but
nothing else. Nothing more than a single insane here.



|--Building ramp--|

Starting from the Southern East-West Island connection, the bridge that
leads to the docks, go straight and you will see the ramp. For best
results, start from the other end of the bridge or even farther. It is
to the left of a pink building called "Cam's can Openers" You will land
near Sunshine Autos if done right. Not much to say here, and a single
was our best. You can probably could get a spin or two by hitting the
side, but not much else.

$29 record

|--Hooker Hotel Grass Hump --|

Start from the road to the airport, the one road that you enter from
docks. This jump is pretty long, and cannot be missed, for it is the
roof of the condominiums. It is located south from the orange building,
"Hooker Hotel". (What is up with this game and it's "Austin Powers"

humor?) Face the ocean and drive straight south. At the T intersection
you can see the roofs of the condominiums, you can launch of them, but
you will not get good stats. Look across from the roofs.
You see that grass hump? That's your jump. Hit the grass hump from the
most inclined part of it. Start back from the big cargo boat and cut
through the road, and the
Condominiums, and hit the hill. We have accomplished double insanes
off this grass hump, pull diagonally back when you launch off the
jump and your bike will do sick spins and maybe flips. Veterans could
probably land on top of the hotel.

$238 record


|--Water Tank Jump--|

Get to VicePort. Take your first right into the airport area, then
right. Pass the cargo area looking to your left. Next you should see a
manila building reading "Vice City Transport Police" at the top. Next
will be
a fence.
You want to get behind that fence, you can do that by getting to the
start of it
and then there should be a small opening. Go around the building and
you should
see some big water tank looking things. To the right of that is your
jump. Get
far as back as you can. Pull a little bit to the left and you can grind
fence. Nothing better than a single here.

$60 Record


|--Airport Cargo Jump--|

Enter the airport using the same road as above. After you pass the
Hooker Inn, take your first left. Follow the right path. At the end,
there is a grayish-purple building, and it says "Escobar International
Airport Freight And Cargo Terminal" Enter the runway area to your
Just as you come in, there should be a Top Fun van next to you that is
if you beat the second Avery mission "Demolition Man". You will see a
bunch of blue, red and yellow cargo in this area. However, your jump is
the wood ramp, which is placed on a silver box. Back up as far as you
can. Hit the jump, and then you will most likely crash from hitting the
tip of the building with the tip of your back wheel. If you make it,
good for you, but that is not the purpose of this jump. Wheelie of the
jump, and if it hits the very tip of your tire, you will probably get
lots of spins. We have gotten a double bonus from this. This jump is
pretty difficult to do.

$201 Record
|--Helipad Jump--|

If you look west from where you were on the last jump, you will see a
manila looking platform. That is the helipad. There are two ramps
actually. I recommend using the one on the left, it is more wide an
easier to launch off. Start from the wall and hit this. This jump is
not really special. Try landing over the small jet. The best we got is
a single.

$61 Record


|--Another Ramp in the Airport...--|

This one is located south of the helipad. It is a little baggage
carrier. You might as well get started from the other end to get better
results. Next, you go off it, and it is just another jump at the
airport. The best we got it a single, but you may be able to obtain
better if you hit it awkwardly and pull a spin or two...

$66 Record

|--Runway Extreme--|

Get to the other side of the airport. I mean completely the other side.
You will see some hangars here. Get to the last hangar and across of
will be a runway, well pass this and head on to the next runway. The
jump should
be directly across from a very tall, cylindrical watchtower.
The ramp you want to go off is the one that is not so slanted. Head to
the other end of the airport, and slam on the gas to hit this jump. Not
much can be completed from this either, and or best is a single, and nor
can you leave this area using this....sigh

$42 record

|--Mountain Bungee--|

Leave this airport area for know. Outside of it will be a big building,
I guess the gates to where you leave/enter and stuff. Anyways,
across it will be a unique jump. It is a Vice Surf sign, and it
displays a man surfing. You want to go off this to get to your next
jump. Get back as far as possible, by entering the other airport area
behind you, and get back by
the wall. Hit the gas and go off the ramp. You should land on this
mountainous like area. This whole place is your jump, just keep
accelerated and dive off. You can't pull anything off, these hills
just rewards for your height. However, since you are dropping from
a high place, you could probably pull off a few spins, and if you are
good, maybe something better than our single insane bonus...
Be prepared to take damage to your bike since you are plummeting to
The ground.
$24 record

|--And Away From The Airport...--|

Get to the Escobar International main building again and enter the
airport. Drive around the building, exactly to the other side. You will
see a little baggage carrier right against the fence wall. This is your
jump, it can provide a pretty cool way to leave the place. Get as much
speed as possible, so back up all the way to the end of the runway.
Punch the gap and hit the ramp with all your might. You will soar over
the road as well as any cars below you, and possibly you may clear the
grass field. This is a good jump for distance. Watch out for the palm
trees. Our best is a single insane stunt bonus.

$110 Record

|--High Flying--|

Get to the main building in Escobar International. Cruise down and pass
the surf sign, which is a unique jump. Go passed the open gates and you
should be in a runway type of area. There should be an airplane at rest
here. Get through the little gap passed the fence and go down a level.
Look behind you; that inclined wall that you just traveled down is your
jump. Head back to Fort Baxter to start. Head to the jump and aim for
the pass with no fence. If you hit the fence you probably land on your
head, or it may give you the extra spin. You should be shot high into
the air, you will also have a lot of hang time so you should be able to
pull off a flip or two. We have only gotten single insanes, but
this is an okay jump.

$115 Record

|--Terminal Velocity--|

Get to the main Escobar International building. If you don't know where
that is, too bad. Take the left road and then a right, then follow the
road by taking a second left. You should be facing the water. You
should be on the top level of the roads, therefore, drop down to the
second level. Go straight and get to the end of
the road. At the end, there should be a very steep wall. It looks like
you would crash into to it if you went at it directly. Well this is
your jump. It is very close to the water, but this is a rotation jump
not a distance, so you shouldn't land in the water. For best results,
get to the other side of the road. However, hitting it with too much
speed will make you slam into the wall like George of
the jungle slamming into a tree. Wheelie a bit to make sure you don't
crash. The right side of the wall is less steep, so that decreases the
probability of you crashing. If done right you will pull at least a 360
and possibly even better props. Our best is a single insane stunt
but the true masters of this game could even pull off triple insanes.
This jump is actually pretty tricky.

$72 Record

|--Terminal Velocity 2--|

This jump is very similar to the other typical jump that is "terminal
of course. It is also very near, so get to that jump. Head north from
Velocity". As a matter of fact you might just go down the road full
speed since
the jump is at the end. Make sure you are on the right sidewalk so you
can avoid
cars. There will be another very slanted wall, and you can launch off
of it.
There should also be a lot of big billboards behind this too. This jump
can give
you better props than the other one, and I also find it easier. Okay,
maybe this
jump doesn't give you the best props, since we could only accomplish a
insane. Vets definitely could pull off better. This jump is still cool
you can grind the fence at the top, and possibly even a billboard!

*Note: You may already know this. If you got stuck behind the fence.

south, and a little further up there will be an opening in the fence.
Get out of
there already yo.

$98 Record
|--Military Training Course--|

*Note: You had better get some police clothes if you don't want the
shooting at you. The cop clothes can be obtained from the police office
if you have beaten all the Vercetti Missions.

Get to Ford Baxter Army Base. Break the pole to get inside, and just
to your left, is some steps. Go up them and follow the pathway. Go down
next steps and then there is a military training course. Go off any
inclined stuff here. Off these jumps, you can actually pull flips,
not the misty kinds either, just make sure you are not driving too
Nothing better than a single here.

$50 record


|--Sunshine Autos Vert--|

Get to Sunshine Autos. Across from the place, there is a concrete and
grass hill, it is kind of like the Leaf Links half pipe, but this place
only has one side.  Start from anywhere, and hit this jump. Try getting
over the fence is my challenge two you. You can pull some pretty sick
rotation and flips of this, just hit the fence or even go straight up
and you will, and it is likely to get some props. A Sanchez may be
better for this jump though, I have been able to pull off a double with

$210 record

|--Loose Some Heat at Little Havana--|

Have an urge to go off a jump? Possibility. Need to lose one star?
Probably. Have an urge to put a pipe down my throat and clog it? 100%
chance, guaranteed. Well you can get these features all in one typical
jump! (Except I can't stop talking, after all I do have to explain.)
First get to the second island from the southernmost connection bridge.
Head North on the road, looking to your left. Stop when you see a
little gap between two buildings, one which is pink and grey and the
other, gray and blue. The ramp is right behind the gap, but a palm tree
is blocking you from seeing. So go around the palm tree, and you should
see a wood ramp leading to a star icon. Line yourself up with the jump,
and head to the rail separating the water. Charge the PCJ, and hit the
jump. It would be tight if you collected the star icon, and soared over
the grass, and landed in the Sunshine Autos. Then you could repair your
bike also if it was damaged... Don't give me that look.

$50 Record

|--Sand Hump by Sunshine Autos--|

Get to the jump "Lose some heat in Little Havana." Go over the ramp,
don't shoot off the ramp though. Right below the ramp is a tiny hump
that looks like it is made of sand. Start at Sunshine Autos. Stay
aligned with the hump if you don't want to crash into any buildings.
You may be able to grind the fence, or spin if you hit the fence.
Nothing more than a single insane here. This is just an easy way to get
back to the main road.

$71 Record

|--Grass Hill By Sunshine Autos--|

Get to Sunshine Autos. Get to the back of the building. Drive to the
left, get to behind the buildings in Little Havana. Look to your right,
there should be a grass hump somewhere. You may have to do a little bit
of searching since the jump is blended in with the grass. Don't hit the
hill straight forward, hit it from the side instead. Pull diagonally
down when you hit this jump and you should get some rotation. Nothing
better than a single insane stunt bonus here.

$50 Record

|--Roof Soaring--|

Get to Sunshine Autos. Head to Little Havana along the road, and stop
right BEFORE you get to the T-Intersection. There should be two little
alleyways in between the two buildings. On your left there will be a
building that has a couple sets of stairs, this will be your starting
point. On your right you will see another alley, follow the tan floor
to reach your jump. Get to the starting line, and head to the jump.
Once you launch off the ramp your bike should leap up into the air, and
then Mr. Vercetti will soar over a few buildings. Nothing more than a
single insane here, it just looks cool to see your PCJ fly over the

$91 Record


|--The Backyard of Little Havana--|

First off, the backyard of Little Havana is the airport. Or is Little
Havana the backyard of the airport O_o ? Anyways, this jump is very
close to the starting point of the "Roof Soaring" Jump, so drive there.
Go a little bit behind the building, and there should be a dirt hump.
This is your jump. I recommend using the "roof soaring" typical jump as
your starting line. Rev up your engine, and hit this jump at an awkward
angle. Your bike should start spinning and you will probably pull off a
double insane stunt bonus. If you hit this jump with enough momentum,
you will probably clear the wall, billbooards, and the fence and then
land in the backyard of Little Havana.

$153 Record

|--Little Havana Channel--|

This jump is located behind the area of houses at Little Havana. To
reach the houses get to Little Havana from Sunshine Autos, then pass
the cafe and go through the alleyway to get to the houses. As soon as
you get in, go to the alley between the houses to your left. You should
be in a gravel area that is near the airport. There are also some
billboards blocking your view. Turn around and go south, when a gray
brick floor and the gravel path meet, stop. You just descended from the
typical jump, if you look behind you there should be an incline in the
gravel. Head back to Little Haiti. Charge your PCJ all the way to the
jump, and go to the left while hitting the jump. You may have pulled
off a 360 while flying over the green and pink houses of Little Havana.
Nothing better than a single here.

$63 Record

|--Palm tree--|

This isn't a ramp; it is, rather, a tree. It is the sloped tree right
next to the connection bridge nearest the Cherry Popper Ice Cream
Factory. It is the very first tree on the right once you are coming
from Starfish Island. You can get some insane stats by backing up a
distance and then punching X. You might land in the water if you don't
hit it right, so beware. You can easily flip off of this and get mucho
dinero (Lots of cash). Once again a single bonus. Pretty funny stuff.

$73 record
|--Little Haiti Halfpipe--|

Get to the Pay and Spray in Little Haiti. Get behind it. You see that
black ditch area, that whole thing is your jump. Get some speed,
and go up the sides. It is very hard to get bonuses off these, but
if you hit a rail, you can pull
off some pretty sick and long grinds. If you are looking for a bonus
though, head south of the half pipe. Get as far as back as
possible and hit the jump. Not very big bonuses can be earned, and
our best is a single. You could try to
hit that peach building in front of you, it could earn you some
rotation, I dunno.

$30 Record

|--Cafe Blast--|

Start from the main road in Downtown; make sure you are looking to your
right. Look for a green building as you are heading down. You will
want to find the next building that is south of that. It should be a
cafe area; there should be picnic
table like objects with green umbrellas. The Cafe is gray with orange
lines. There are also steps, you want to launch off those.
Go against the wall by the
water to start, also be facing the steps from the diagonal left. You
don't want to get too much speed for this jump are you can crash.
As you go off the steps,
hit the little green glass part and you will do a couple tricks.
This jump is pretty difficult to pull off, but we managed to get
a double insane bonus.

$218 Record

|--Downtown Grass Curb--|

Get to Little Havana and head north. Make sure you are on the right
lane. Stop when you reach the Downtown area. Stop at the Moist Palms
hotel, it should be right on the borderline of Little Haiti and
Downtown. Drive north looking to your left. You should pass the drive-
in entrance, and then pass a white fence. Stop when you reach some
grass right after the fence. There should be one palm tree right as you
get on top of the area. Drive north and eventually you will reach a
mini parking lot. The grass curb is right next to the parking lot.
Backup by the fire station area and charge your motorcycle. Pull back

and left/right and you should get some rotation as you launch toward
the Moist Palm Hotel. We have gotten double insane stunt bonuses off

$184 Record

|--Downtown Stairs--|

You may know these stairs, it only is here once you have completed all
the film studio missions.  The tall stairs lead to the spotlight...and
you know what happens from there if you have completed the missions.
Drive on the East road starting from Little Haiti, outlining the island
until you are in downtown.
Drive on the sidewalk, and once you pass the Greasy Chopper and Howlin'
Petes, the stairs are located next to the far building on your right.
Start from the fence-wall separating the ocean and the grass, and
accelerate to the jump. Get there and launch off these stairs when you
hit them. You
will want to launch on the left to avoid the palm tree and the fence on
the road above. This jump is very difficult, both to get on and to
complete. Try stalling the fence at the top once you are finished.
Nothing better than a single here.

$34 record

|--Moist Palms Jump--|

This is cool. You will hit a palm tree when you do it and most likely
flip. This will give you a double insane jump very often. Any ways, to
go to it, go into the Moist Palms parking lot and drive to the right
and back of it. Turn around and charge up. Let 'er rip! This is
a very good jump for money if you are willing to lose the occasional
health if on a bike. Single insane, man! If you do not know where
Moist Palms Hotel is,
start out in Little Haiti, driving on the left side. Look to your left.
When you pass a green building, stop. Shortly ahead of this place is
the hotel. There should be a small pool in front of the big building.
It should also be inscripted in gold: "Moist Palms Hotel."

$188 record


|--Moist Palms Fence--|

Start Driving north from Little Haiti. Look to your left, once again
you are going to have to spot out the Moist palms hotel. Pass the
parking lot entrance until you get to a fence area. There should be a
white wall, then next to it is a green decorative fence. Together, this
combines a good jump. Pass the Greasy Chopper and start in the grass
for this jump. Make sure to start a wheelie a second before you punch
the fence. Try to hit the fence from a slight angle, while turning
left. Try to drive up the fence and on to the concrete wall. Eventually
you will fly off the platform and your bike will twist at a high speed.
This a great jump for rotation. We have gotten 1000 degrees as well as
double insanes of this.

$228 Record

|--Ramp behind Greasy Chopper--|

This is a big jump. It is so big, it should be a unique jump, or not.
Anyhow, to get to it, start at the Middle connecting bridge and drive
north on the westernmost road, and on the grass area. Dodge the palm
trees until you see a building. There is a ramp behind it; this is your
jump. Punch the gas like mad and you will launch over the Greasy
and on to a blacktopped building, a.k.a. Howlin' Pete's Biker Emporium.
You can easily pull a misty flip and get some nice cash from this. Try
to beat our single insane bonus.

$98 record

|--Downtown Fire Station Jump--|

Go to the fire station and enter the fence. Drive around the Station
until you see a ramp on the side. It right against the wall and says
something like “Caution Hot Pressure” This is it. Charge up and go.
Not really much, you might want to try to flip on it. Try to get a
single insane, aight? -_-

$43 record

|--Fire from the Station--|

Once again, enter the fire station. Go around the building and pass the
last ramp you went off. Right around the building in the corner is
another ramp. This serves as a quick exit, since the area is fenced.
Back up as far as possible and head to the jump. Pull up and you should
launch pretty high, and if you got enough speed, you will land on top
of the building adjacent from the ramp. Nothing better than a single
insane here.

*Challenge: Grab a Packer. Drive it to the Moist Palms Hotel, you
should nowhere that is at this point. Place it in front of the shallow
pool, perfectly straight. Now pick up a PCJ, and make sure not to steal
any cars at this point or your Packer will disappear. Hit the
designated ramp, and land on the building. Try to get the right amount
of height, so you don't lose speed or bounce as you land. Keep on
driving on the building, and launch off the roof. Pull back and clear
the fence below you. It is quite difficult to do actually. Keep the
speed up and launch off the Packer. You will have completed the
challenge if you jump over the whole pool!

$91 Record

|--Black Ramp in Downtown--|

Get to Downtown from Little Haiti. Take the path that passes by The
Greasy Chopper and Howlin' Pete's. Stop when you get to the first open
area. There should be some steps and then tiny gardens that have palm
trees into them. Drive into the area, and ahead of you should be the
black ramp. You can't miss it, everything around the area is white.
Back up as far as possible, and hit the jump. Don't pull back to much
or you will fall off your bike. You should clear two buildings, and
land behind the fire station area. Nothing better than a
single here, but you can get some sweet distance of this ramp.

$59 Record

|--Bridge Thrills--|

Get to the main bridge area at Little Haiti and head towards downtown.
Take the left path when coming upon the Downtown area.
You should pass the Greasy
Chopper, just keep on following the road. Get on the sidewalk, and
come against some steps. This is your jump, and once you ramp off of it
you should land by the Prawn Island Connection Bridge.
(It is hard to get over it, you will probably slam in to it.)
What you want to do though, is go to the right
a little bit. If you hit the bridge or a post You may be able too pull
off a few spins. Start from wherever you want, get the speed you need.
Our best is a single, but we weren't able to pull off a few spins

$60 Record

|--Downtown Transportation--|

Head to Downtown from the Prawn Island connection bridge and pass the
VCN building. Look to your left, and pass the stairs that had/have a
rampage in it. Just pass that there is a black pathway that leads to a
parking lot. In the corner, there should be a set of stairs. You should
be able to see it from where you are, if it is nighttime then there
will be a slight bluish green glow shimmering off it. Back up a bit
against the wall. You are going to want to get max speed on this.
Charge and use the ducking trick. It also may be helpful if you started
from the alley near you. Once you hit it, you should clear atleast a
200 foot gap and be in the other side of Downtown near a ball
sculpture. Slam on the brakes so you don't crash into anything. This is
a good way to loose the cops.

$71 Record

|--Ball Sculpture--|

This is in the area where you should have landed in the "Downtown
Transportation" jump. If you still don't know what I am talking about,
get to your hideout in Downtown. Drive on the left road and pass the
Tacoplyse restaurant. Look to your right while driving down the street.
Once you near the corner, there should be an open area. In the middle
of the grass there is an strange sculpture in the middle. If you look
near the entrance this premise is called "VAJ Finance". Enter the area
and go the right. There should be a platform in the middle fostering
some plants. The platform is inclined, so you will be able to jump off
this. Get behind it and onto the grass patch, and then start by the
wall. Charge and speed to the jump. Make sure to pull back. You can
clear the gap and land on the other side of the concrete, but the bonus
isn't that promising. There is a ball in the platform. Try the jump
again and aim for the upper portion of the ball. Slam your back wheel
against the ball and you will spin like crazy. This is not a jump for
getting other stats, and our best is a single insane. This is a bit
tricky to pull off but you can get some sweet rotation.

$111 Record

|--Hyman Condos Helipad--|

First, you must buy the Hyman Condos in Downtown. Once you have bought
it, enter the upper level with a PCJ. There should be a morphing icon
there. Use the morphing trick. You can get a bonus off it without
morphing, but it won't be the
same at all. Well once you are morphed, ramp off the helipad, and hit
the building below, but make sure you hit the building upside down,
you kind of have to slam your
head into the building. You will get two bonuses, but the one that you
hit the
building will be much more. If done right, it will create devastating
spins with
at least a double insane stunt bonus. That is our best, but we managed
to get

$283 Record


|--Hard Turn at The Dirtbike Trail--|

Get to the Hyman Stadium. Go to the left where you see a bunch of
grass, and follow the trail. You might as well go all the way to the
dirtbike course. Follow the trail back, this time north. Make sure you
are going full speed. When you are about to take your first heavy turn,
loose control of the PCJ and hit that grass hill. It should be right by
two palm trees that are across from each other. You will go flying
forward at a rapid speed, and you should be spinning. You might end up
with a double insane stunt bonus, it depends how fast you hit this
jump. It would be cool if you could pull off a trick and land back on
the trail, and then keep going without crashing or bailing. Try landing
on top of buildings too.

$203 Record

|--Dirtbike Grass Hump--|

There are plenty of hills at the dirtbike track to pull tricks off of.
We are not talking about that though. Of course, first get to the
Downtown Dirtbike Track. Go south, while still in the dirtbike
track area. At the end of the
grass, there should be a little but long grass hump. It is between the
ocean wall and a building. You want to launch off this thing. Hit it
and pull up the
stick diagonally, and you can pull off a few mistys. A pretty simple
jump, though if you are looking for stunts it can be hard. Our best
is a double bonus. Start from the highest point of the dirtbike
course, hit the jump, and
try to avoid any other stray bumps in the way.

$213 Record

|--Hyman Gap--|

Get to the Hyman Stadium. Get to the O shaped road. Look to your left.
You should see the little pond. Get to the other side and you
should be on some
grassy area. There is a little hump, and you can get
Anyways go back, and go to the little area. There should be a white
wall on some
grass pavement, and there is a little open area if you go through the
Also, there may be a couple people here. Anyways, slam on the gas and
hit this
jump. Turning left or right will give you lots of spins and maybe a few
thus a Triple Insane Bonus. Be careful not to crash in the water,

$387 Record



<<<<4f. User Submissions>>>>


Thanks to for SniperWolf for this jump.

|--Starfish Fence--|

"OK, From Diaz's Mansion, Grab the Infernus, go right left all the way
to towards the gate to the next island, but don't, turn around and gain
speed. Once
you've done that you should be flying towards the next island, you
should see
ahead the platform that leads to a(n) (Insane Jump), do not do it. But
to see the little Bridge that goes over the water, YOU SEE THAT LITTLE
RIGHT SIDE!!!! Go ahead and smack into it head on. If done correctly
should have done like 450$ bonus of flips. It depends on how you hit
it. You
can do Backflips, Front Flips, Spinning to the Side 360*'s, 540*'s, and
not, its really cool."


Thanks to Arthur Beyer for this jump.

|--Hyman Curbs--|

"This is about a jump that gives you a double insane-stunt almost every
time and
it is not uncommon to get a triple. By the way this is a very easy
jump. Start
by the dirt track in downtown (by the dirt track not on it) on the
cement walkway that leads to a road facing towards the arena. To your
left you
see some different colored boxes that appear to be newspaper stands.
Now back up
a little and then step on the gas hard. Keep full speed until you get
to the 0
shaped road. There is a curb and if you hit it straight, 99% of the
time you
will get 2 back-flips which give you a double insane-stunt and lots of
About 15% of the time I get a triple back-flip which gives me a triple
stunt. When I say lots of money I mean a $200 avg. The best I have done
yet is
with the race car that you get from Sunshine Autos. It was a triple
insane stunt
and I got $415. You cannot do this jump with a bike, you will just flip
and fall
off or not get any air. This jump works best with the following cars:
H. Racer,
Cheetah, Infernus, Stinger, Banshee, and Phoenix. I think it is
possible to land
on the arena steps too."



Thanks To SirFragalot87 for this jump.

|-- Over the street at Leaf Links --|

"This jump requires a lot of speed and good placement. Get on the south
side of
Leaf Links, a bit west of the bridge that crosses over the street. Find
green that is closest to the hedge wall and back up to nearly the end
of the
island. Take off towards the green, leaning forward, and pull back
right before
you hit the green; if all goes well, you should clear the first wall,
fly over
the street and then barely clear the second hedge, at this point you
will either
want to mash the brake and handbrake or bail, depending on how close
you are to

the edge."


Thanks again to SirFragalot87 for this jump.

|-- Over the inlet in Ocean Beach --|

"This jump is a little more forgiving, but good speed and placement are
still a
must. You'll want to plant yourself near the Marina, heading south
east. Speed
off down the street, follow it until you can see a mound to your right,
one of
the molotov cocktail rampages is nearby, head straight for it. You
should pull
up right before hitting it to avoid bailing, but you'll most likely
make it
anyway. If all goes well, you'll sail over the inlet of water and land
on the
rock or grass on the other side, I'm pretty sure that it's at least 200


Thanks AGAIN to SirFragolot87 for this jump. (Keep em' coming man.)

|-- Huge channel by Fort Baxter --|

"This is about as insane as you get, I took one look at it and knew it
would be
really hard to clear. Distance is your friend here, what you want to do
position yourself on the western side of the area, about where the road
underground. Go as fast as you possibly can, and tap (or at least hold
for a
second or two) brake, handbrake, and accelerate to take the corner, now
forward while accelerating down the sidewalk on the northern side of
the road
(you should be right in front of Fort Baxter, and move onto the grass
ASAP. Your
going to want to avoid the guard rail, so you should be a couple feet
over, but
make sure you can hit the top of the tiny hump (NOTE: it would probably
be best
to scope this spot out to make sure you know exactly where it is). Pull
up a
fraction of a second before you hit it, and you'll soar over this
beautiful 300
foot gap, and hopefully land perfectly while braking, turn a 90o angle
and watch
the police crash into the sea."



Thanks to Dustin Williams for this jump.

|--Airport Stalling--|

"If you take a PCJ600, or any motorcycle in that case,
into the actual Airport Terminal you can go to the rear wall that is
to do some cool stalls. First, charge (which is not really needed w/ a
PCJ) and
head towards the gap in the non-slanted wall. At this point, or some
time just
before going through the gap, pull back into a wheelie. You should try
to get
your angle about the same as the wall. You should then be able to
most of the way up, when you think you've lost enough speed and can't
go up any
further pull back and to the side (you should stay suspended in a
"stall" state
for a few seconds), you will then roll down the wall. If you time it
and pull
back to the right angle on the way down, your suspension might bounce
you up in
the air bounce when you hit the floor."



|--Grassy Bank, White Wall--|

Thanks to Gary for this jump.

" From the front of Hyman condo head to the end which doesn't come out
Tacocalypse, and turn left. When you get to the T-Junction (which is
the end of
the road which links to the north bridge) turn right as though it was a
crossroads and go down the right hand side of the VRock station. There
is an
empty area behind the station, continue straight to the corner opposite
you and
turn the bike around. Drive the bike so it passes the southern side of
the VRock
station and cross the road. As you cross the road there is the choice
of either
a white wall or a grassy bank, either of which is a good bike jump. By
the grassy bank, it is easily possible to land on or even clear the
downtown hospital."



|--Phil's Place Gates--|

Thanks to Merglas for this jump.

"I did this jump in an Infernus but it could probably be done in other
cars. I
tried  it in a PCJ but fell off.
Head down the road towards Phil's Place as fast as you can, go through
his  gates and hit the white building in front of you. When you hit
it, your car  goes flying in the air and you can do loads of spins
and flips. I got a  triple insane stunt bonus for this. But be wanted.
Sometimes you land upside
down or take heavy damage. Try to land on the building. I have once but
landed on my roof."



Thanks to Perfect Light for this jump.

|--Vice Port Walkway--|

"In Viceport, there is a short set of stairs south of Pay 'n' Spray and
the corner. Just to the left of it if you face them from the street is a
walkway, suspended in the air, connecting this building with another.
Go into the alley several meters away from the stairs and then hit
them while doing a wheelie. You'll fly up, and be able to momentarily
drive up the wall of the building adjacent. Turn the bike right so
it'll pop on top of that walkway. Now, drive onto the rooftops and
see what kind of tricks you can do!"

Thanks to anyone who submitted again!

5. General FAQ

Still need help, did not like the content of this guide, or want to
submit something of your own? Read this.



A: Actually, no. Not unless we find a better way to do it. If you want
us to be more explanative, email us and we will use our powers to the

Alternatively, if perhaps you have found out some import detail we may
have missed, email it to us please.


A: Hey Betsy, we were asking for questions, not comments. Anyways,
luck. If you haven't done so yet, try the morphing trick. This will
things a lot more interesting if you test out this glitch.

A good idea is also to playing multiplayer, take turns on the jumps
and try to see who gets the most money, height, distance and rotation.
Check out the Leaf Links Multiplayer section for more details.


A: Once again, we are asking for questions, not comments. If your
bonus is so great, and by far surpasses ours, just email us your
bonus and your stunt ranking, and we might add it to the "Veteran
Bonus Challenge".


A: There is a possibility that we missed a jump. If we did, and you
think it is half worthy of being submitted here, email us. We may add
it, and if we do you will definitely be credited for it. Be sure to
include a brief description of were the jump is, and how to get tricks
off of it if possible, and your stunt ranking, and your bonus.

If you don't want to include a description that is fine, we will write
one for you, but still make sure to include the other stuff.


A: Yes you can, but we did not add them because they are cars. Not the
best reason, but is unlike you will ever see them in here. In addition,
it should be obvious that you can go off Packers.

Also, you can get even better bonuses of cars with inclined hoods. If
you wheelie and hit one, a double insane stunt bonus is rather likely
from good rotation.

In addition, for the newbies who don't know what the Packer is just
yet, it is a
semi-auto used to pick up cars. You could also call it a
portable ramp. For the easily amused, don't think you can carry around
cars with this either.


A: That's okay. What I mean by stunt ranking is if you got a single,
double, or triple insane stunt bonus. A Bonus is the amount of money
you received. Sorry if the words we used are confusing.


A: The jump really does belong in here. Some jumps are very hard to get
bonuses or tricks off of. With enough practice and wasting of your
you should be able to master the jump and be able to pull off more than
we could. For easier jumps that you could not do, just slam your head
into a pillow really hard and have fun. Some people are just not meant

for this.



A: There is two ways to flips on a bike. The first is, if you are
morphed, you can actually do a flip. However, we are not morphed on our
typical jumps, with the exception to one. The other way is if you are
not going too fast, and you don't have distance on the jump, it is
possible to do a flip. However, those are not the kind of flips we are
referring to. We are referring to misty flips. I am not sure if those
are what they are actually called in skateboarding, rollerblading,
biking, etc., but that is what we call them. For those who do not know,
it is like a flip, except for you are sideways while it is done.

If you pull back and forth, the game engine may think it is a flip and

it will register it as one.


A: We will fix it, but only if it is way out of order. All the jumps
for the most part are fairly well organized.


A: No thanks, if you are talking about the yellow striped ones by the
blue hangars, or the yellow and red ones that tell you how much feet
you have reached. They are pretty nice jumps, but we decided not to
include them since there is way too many of them.


6. Vehicle Locations

Have trouble finding a car? It may be real simple for you to find a
car, but
some people may need help finding their vehicle that they want. We have
car locations for the PCJ 600, Infernus, Cheetah, Sanchez, and the
even though the best vehicle for jumping and doing stunts is the PCJ.
the other cars could be useful for grinding and maneuvering around
easier. And don't email us telling us that we added a bunch of crap
just to make
our guide bigger. That is not true. This stuff can be very necessary
for newbies.

<<<PCJ>>>- The fastest vehicle in the game, it is good for doing stunts
and getting good rotation off things.

*Cortez' Pier*- Get to the Ammunation store in Ocean Beach. Once
getting on the
T-Intersection take a right. Ahead of you is a big white building, and
behind it
is Cortez' Dock. The PCJ should be in between the two entrances to the
pier, the
bike is located next to a palm tree.

*Ocean Beach Parking Area*- Get to the Pay and Spray in Ocean Beach. To
the left
of it should be a building, but it should be blocked of by some walls.
around the corner to enter the place. You should have entered an open
area, the
bike is on your left against a wall.

*Howlin Pete's Bike Emporium*- Get to Little Haiti, and start on the
left side
of the right road, heading north. Once you reach the Downtown area,
take a left
and look to your left. There should be a place called Howlin' Pete's
Emporium. Across from it is the Greasy Chopper. The PCJ is in the
second glass
display, you will have to break the glass to get access to the bike.

*PCJ Playground*- Get to the Ocean Beach Hotel strip. Head north and
stop as you
get to the end. Do not take any turns, but go directly straight ahead.
You end
up next to a big white building. A PCJ should be in between one of the
This will also start a mission, but you can just enter
a different type of vehicle to stop it.

<<<Infernus>>>- This car is blazing fast too, and is also good for

*North Point Mall Parking Garage*- This isn't a definite fixed
location, but the
Infernus is always here. If you don't see it as you come in just check
all the floors. An Infernus should appear eventually.

*Starfish Mansion*- Start from the first island and get to Starfish.
You want to
enter the first mansion to your right. As you come in the entrance, the
should be right next to the garage, it is on the left of the main

<<<Cheetah>>>- Another good car for grinding, with great speed, with
even better
acceleration and handling than the Infernus.

*Cortez's Pier* Remember where the PCJ was located at the pier? Well
get to the
same place. The Cheetah should be located next to the first entrance to
the pier.

*Starfish House*- Enter Starfish from the first island. Just as you
come in,
take your first right. The Cheetah should be at the first house to your
right as
you come in from the road. Just enter the place, and the Cheetah should
be waiting there in front of it.

<<<Sanchez>>> Very good for maneuvering, and probably the best for
doing actual
tricks. (Not stunts.) Also good for all terrain purposes.

*Downtown Dirtbike Track*- Get to the track in Downtown, and hop on the
bike there. This is pretty much the only place where the Sanchez is

<<<Sandking>>> Good for terrain purposes, and also great for grinding.

*Sunshine Autos*- You probably already know this, but there is no fixed
locations. The Sandking is located on the second floor of Sunshine
Autos after you have beaten the third car list.


7. Typical Jumps MULTIPLAYER (More Soon)
/ Materials’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’ ’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’\
\ -Playstation* Appliances (PS2, Controller, Grand Theft Auto: Vice....\
\City)’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’ ’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’ \
/ -Friend’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’ ’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’/
\-An easily amused state of mind or humor’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`/
/-Stopwatch’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’ ’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’/
\-Chips and Pop (Optional) ’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`/
\-Metric Conversion Calculator**`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’`’/
/ *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*./

*Other Consoles that have GTAVC will be appropriate.

**Only needed if you live in the UK of another place where people
don’t use the stupid US metric system.

* Leaf Links Multiplayer *

First, get to the typical jump "Leaf Links Half Pipe".

First off, you basically need to do stunts off those two hills. There
will be four heats, and they each will determine who gets the most
money, best height, best distance, and best rotation. Those are the
basics, so remember the records for each person and the person with
the most gets the points.

Heats should last around either 2 or 3 minutes, and use the stopwatch
to time.

Most Money-10 points
Best Rotation- 8 points
Best Height- 5 points
Best Distance- 3 Points

You can also get points if:

-Barrel Roll- 1 point
-Misty Flip (Barrel Roll with Rotation) - 2 Points
-180 Rotation-1 Point, 360 Rotation 2 Points and so forth; add 1 more
  point for every 180- 1 flip 1 point, 2 Flips 2 Points, and so forth
-Grind-2 points
- Jump over the red bridge- 1 point

The only way you can lose points is if someone bails then he/she will
lose 1
point. Of course, if you die, the heat is over, but still record the
points they
got. With the mentioning of that, equip yourself with full health, and
for beginners possibly body armor. Refill health every time you switch.
Once done
add the points from all the heats and whoever gets the most points wins
and gets a golden cookie.

* Sunshine Autos Multiplayer   *

Sunshine Autos Multiplayer

Get to the typical jump “Sunshine Autos Vert” This game is going to be
similar to the one above.

You are rewarded points for:

Most Money-10 points
Best Rotation- 8 points
Best Height- 5 points
Best Distance- 3 Points

-2 points short grind

-5 points long grind

-1 point if you stall the fence

-1 point if you ride up the surface and turn around off the sunshine autos

Flip- 2points

2 flips- 5 points

Best Rotation- 5 Points

Best Distance - 3 points

Best Height- 5 Points

Best Cash Bonus- 10 Points

You have three minutes to do this. You lose points if:

-Bail(Lose 2 Points)

You automatically lose if :

You die, get busted, or your bike blows up


* Airport Multiplayer 2 *

First, get to the jump "Airport Stalling" which is a user submission. The
runway ramp is very slanted, so if you wheelie high enough you can pull off
some sweet wall rides and stalls.

There is no time limit for this, just three heats for each person at a time.

You get points for:

-One point for riding up and off the ramp

-Two points for riding up and over the ramp

-Three points for riding up and down the ramp

-Three points for pulling off a stall

-Five points for riding up the ramp, then stopping, and stalling upright on the
ramp! It actually looks as if your bike is glued to the ramp. To do this, ride
up the ramp and when you come to a stop press R1. Very cool. If the player gets
four seconds, reward them with two extra points, and add another two points for
every three seconds he she reaches.

-Two points for a full spin

-Five points if the player is able to pull off a transfer to the next runaway
ramp, which is on the left of the one that you are on.

-Three points if the player is able to grind the supporter on the way over the

-Two points for a switch, meaning that the player is able to ride up the ramp
and go off it, and land right back on it.

If there is a combo, give the player two extra points.

You lose points if:

-You bail(Two points)

-You crash as you hit the ramp (One point)

-You die or get busted(Stop the turns for the player, but skill record points
that he/she has achieved so far)

* Airport Multiplayer *

Get behind the airport again. This game isn't for just one ramp in particular,
just for using any ramps at the airport. There also is no time limit. Choose
any ten jumps to go of, and try to gather up points along the way. Also, you
can only stop twice! Good luck!

You get points for:

-Launching off Baggage Carriers(Three Points)

-Launching off yellow or red ramps(Three Points)

-Launching off the yellow striped ramps near the hangars(Two Points)

-Launching off Packers(Two Points)

-Unique Jumps(Two Points)

-Any other ramp or jump that I didn't mention(Two Points)

-Launching over cars(One Point)

-Hitting a car and getting a bonus off it(Two Points)

-Launching over a transport platform(Those are things that take passengers from
the main airport building to the plane)(Two Points)

-Launching over a plane(Three Points)

-Riding or grinding a plane(Four Points)

-Launching over a hangar

-Rotation(2 Points for a 360, 4 Points for a 540, and so forth)

-Good Distances(3 Points for 200 Feet, 5 Points for 250 Feet, 10 Points for 300

-Use a ramp to leave the airport on your last jump(2 Points)

You lose points if:

You die or get busted(Stop the Players turns at this point, record the score so

You bail or crash(One Point)

You stop more than twice(10 Points)

You leave the airport in anyway, discluding your final jump(5 Points)

Your bike blows up!(20 Points)

Let the first player pull of props on the ten jumps they choose, record the
points, and then you go off your ten jumps. Whoever has the most points wins of


* Prawn Island Multiplayer *

Get to the typical jump, "Coins from the fountain". This is probably the best
jump in the game, which is widely discussed on the Gamefaqs message boards. For
all your Prawn Island jumping needs, contact Agency Operative ^_^ Seriously.

There is no time limit for this multiplayer game, but the player gets five
heats. You must aim for the fountain at three directions; from the south point
of Prawn Island, coming from Downtown, and coming from Vice Point. You can
leave the last heats to any direction you like. If a car happens to get in your
way and falters your performance, don't worry about it and just restart his/her
turn. Also, don't worry about crashing, you won't lose any points for that.

Remember to record your best bonus.

-Most Money(10 Points)
-Best Rotation(8 Points)
-Best Height(5 Points)
-Best Distance(3 Points)

You can also score points of hang time. Remember to use a stopwatch ones the
player launches in the air. The person with the most hang time will be rewarded
with 5 Points.

Extra points can be gained for:

-Flips(Two Points for one flip, five for two, ten for three, if you can do it.)

-Landing on top of one of the mansions(Six Points)

-Landing in a yard(2 Points)

-Actually LANDING the jump(Four Points)

-Landing on the steps, porch, or balcony of a mansion(Three Points)

-Landing on a person(Two Points) Heh Heh

-Landing on a group of gangsters(Four Points) HEH HEH HEH

-Launching off the fountain almost perfectly upright and landing in the moat of
the fountain(Seven Points)

You lose points for:

-Bailing(Two Points)

-Scratch, you miss the fountain and most likely end up slamming into the
wall(Two Points, and the player does not get to redo his turn)

-You die or get busted(Stop the Players turns at this point, record the score
so far)

That's it. Remember to replenish the bikes health once you are finished.



* Distance Multiplayer *

This game involves using multiple jumps that are good for distance. There also
is no time limit.

The person with the most distance gets the points by how much more further they
got than the other person. For example, say Jack got 256 feet. Then say Jill
got 270 Feet. Jill would be the winner of course, but she would be rewarded
with 13 points because she got 13 points more than Jack. Hah Hah, Jack got beat
by a girl! That doesn't sound right XD

There will be a total of five jumps that I have selected, and whoever wins the
most distance feats will be rewarded with ten points.

A massive reward of 50 Points will be granted if someone can pull off an
amazing 300-foot distance.

Each player gets two chances at each jump.

*Remember if the player dies, they get two points subtracted from their score,
but they get to redo their turn. If they get busted, no matter, if they crash
no matter either, the only way you can lose points is by bailing, and you will
lose one point for that, unless I state otherwise.

*If the player doesn't get a bonus, redo the turn.

First, head to the jump "Over the Inlet at Ocean Beach", which is a user

Extra Points are rewarded for:

-Landing on the grass(Eight Points)

-Landing on the sand(Twenty Points)

Record the distances, add the extra points and move on to the jump "Grass Curb"
in Vice Point.

Extra Points are rewarded for:

-Hopping over Cars(Eight Points)

-Hitting the small steps by the dispensary plus, then hitting the wall and
pulling off a full spin, landing back on the road and keep on driving...(15

-Clearing the street(Thirty Points)

-Landing on a building on the strip(Ten Points)

-Landing in the picnic area(Eight Points)

Record the distances, add the extra points, and head to the jump "Black Ramp in

Extra Points:

-You clear the firestation(Ten Points)

-You pull off a flip(Four Points)

-Once, you have landed go around the corner to find another ramp. If you can
manage to clear the wall ahead of you, you will get Ten extra points.

Record the distances, add the extra points and move on too the jump "Small
Steps at the Dock"

Extra Points:

-Clear a freight truck(Eight Points)

-Clear three freight trucks(Twenty Points)

-Clear a Linerunner(Five Points)

-Land on the next road(25 Points)

-Pull off a flip(Four Points)

-Pull off a full spin(Five Points)

Record the distances, add the extra points and move on to your final jump,
"Roof Soaring". Yes, I do realise that this is out of order.

Extra Points:

-Leap over one Roof(5 Points)

-Leap over two roofs(15 Points)

-Leap over three roofs(25 Points)

-Leap over four roofs(40 Points)

-Leap over five roofs(60 Points)

-Land on a roof, then drive over to the next one, and you are pulling off a gap
without even jumping!(Ten Points)

-Land on a roof, and then jump over a car if there is one below you(Eight

-Land on a group of gangsters (50 Points, you hit the jackpot)

Wait! You're not done yet. There is another great jump for distance. Head over
to the jump "Huge Channel by Fort Baxter" which is a user submission. I decided
not to include this because managing to clear the sea is very hard, and if you
can do it, a big bonus shall be rewarded. Clear it, and you will earn 70 Points!

Add up the scores, and whoever has the most wins!



* North Point Mall Multiplayer *

Get to the southside of the North Point Mall. Across from it are the typical
jumps "Safe Crossing" and "Dizzy Shopping" Then look around by the entrance.
There should be a fence, and then two inclines ramps that lead up to your
walkway. All these surroundings are going to be used in this multiplayer game.

You get points for:

-Hitting the "Dizzy Shopping" and getting 700 Rotation(Five Points)
                                         -1000 Rotation(Six Points)
                                         -1500 Rotation(Ten Points)
                                         -2000 Rotation(15 Points)

-Actually LAND the "Dizzy Shopping" Jump(Three Points)

-Land on top of the mall(50 Points)

-Clear the gap and land by the entrance(Three Points)

-Touch the orange North Point Mall Sign(10 Points)

-Land the "Safe Crossing" Jump(Three Points)

-Landing on top of the building across from the "Safe Crossing Jump"(Twenty

-Pulling off 600 Rotation or higher from the "Safe Crossing Jump" (This can be
done by slightly pulling to the left and hitting the light post)

-Small Grind on Fence(Two Points)

-Long Grind on Fence(Five Points)

-Grind the whole entire fence(Thirty Points)

-Jump off one of the inclines and start grinding the fence(Four Points)

There is no way to lose points on this, other than dieing or getting busted by
a cop. There is no time limit for this, you just keep on going until your bike
catches on fire, or until you knock on death's door. And NO you CANNOT pick up
health icons, use the vehicle health cheat, put your bike in pay and spray, or
steal a new one. Just stick with the same bike the whole entire time without
restoring it, or restoring your health in any way either... Unless you earn a

You can earn a token by completing a certain stunt, there is three stunts above
that are very hard to pull off. The stunts are landing on the blue building
across from the safe crossing jump, and landing on the mall by using the dizzy
shopping jump, and grinding the whole entire rail.

You can get on top of both buildings by using monster speed. If you want to
grind the rail, you have to position yourself in a stall state. Experiment a
bit. Go at the rail slightly, and if you get your front wheel and engine area
stuck, you will stall. Since your stuck on the fence, why not try it by
grinding? Get some speed and aim for the jump at a 20 degree angle. Try to
enter the stall state, and possibly you can grind the whole fence. We have only
managed to do this a few times.

Once you have earned a token, you have the choice of restoring your bike or
health. And for you Vice City veterans, max three tokens please.



* Jump Winner Game *

This is a very simple multiplayer game. First, flip a coin between you and your
friend. Whoever gets heads gets to choose a typical jump to pull stunts on of
their choice. Both players get one turn each at the jump, and whoever gets the
most money receives one point, and gets to choose the next jump. Rinse and
Repeat this; whoever reaches seven points first is the winner of the game.

*If no bonus is obtained of a jump, just have the player try over.


* Flips Multiplayer *

This game requires an Infernus actually, not a PCJ. There are three places that
you can get some nice flips off of. The three typical jumps are: "Curb by the
Dispensary Plus", "Phil's Place Gates", and "Hyman Curbs". The last two are
user submissions.

There is a time limit for this game, which is five minutes. You must race from
each jump during this period. As you go, you count up the number of flips
he/she receives. There is no way to lose points, even if the player dies or
gets busted they keep on going. They will just lose a lot of time, that's all.
If you car blows up, quickly grab a new one. You don't have to use an Infernus,
we just find that the best car to use in the game for flipping. The last rule
is you can go only get bonuses off a jump three times! Unless if you complete
all three. So you most likely will be using more than one typical jump in this

There is a way to get extra points. You get them for jumping at all three
places, and your bonus will be a surplus of fifty points.

Each flip is worth one point; whoever gets the most flips and/or points wins
the game!


* Sports Car Multiplayer *

This multiplayer game is located at the typical jump "Mall Parking Garage" 
Also grab an Infernus or another sports car, after all, this is Sports CAR
Multiplayer. You cannot do much on this jump with a PCJ either.

You have a three minute time period. There is also a good chance that your car
will land on its roof and blow, but not to worry; there is almost always an
Infernus in the parking garage.

You get points for:

-Most Money: 10 Points
-Best Rotation: 8 Points
-Best Height: 5 Points
-Best Distance: 3 Points

-Barrel Roll(5 Points)

-Backflip or Frontflip(4 Points)

-Misty(4 Points)

-Perfect Landing(2 Points)

-Short Grind(2 Points) (You can grind the wall north of you)

-Long Grind(5 Points)

-Grind 50-50(if you are doing a 50-50, your wheels would be on the side and the
middle of the car would be on the wall)(3 Points)

-Grind 50-50 backwards(4 Points)

-Creative bail (5 points)*I will leave this up to you by deciding if it is
creative or not. If you jump to the left bail and land in the mall, or jump out
of your car and it lands on a group of gangsters, that would be something
creative. And you must do this while in the air.

You lose if you die or get busted, but still record the points to that point.
Record the turn, and then challenge your partner. Whoever gets the greatest
score wins.


Sorry if this was no fun, I thought this would just be half cool to put
in here.

Make sure to email me if you have a cool idea, so we can still have
fun with this game until San Andreas comes out... –March 21, 2004.

San Andreas comes out October 19, 2004, in North America.


8. Conclusion/Thanks

Well, that is our guide. I hope you enjoyed reading this and even more,
enjoyed going off the jumps in Vice City. If you feel another jump
belongs in here, feel free to email us. This has took a lot of effort
to write,
so appreciate it. Again, if you wish to email us, email to
briannadon@cox.net or mooch23@msn.com (use a relevant topic, and do not
spam us or send us a virus, we will know and block you. (Send us a
virus, and we will sue you. Viruses do not only make us sick in the
tummy but are very impolite.)

Final note: Many people say that this game gets boring fast. They just
don't know how to play the game right. PCJ 600's aren't just for coolness.
They are awesome, undoubtedly one of the best cars in the game. Also, you
must realize that even walls can serve as jumps. Anything can!!! I hope
that after reading this guide, you will have a new perspective on this
game. That is my little speech, and to all my fellow stunt drivers:



Thank goes to you first of all for reading this guide.

Thanks to whoever found out the awesome glitch of bike morphing.

Thanks to Rockstar for making this masterpiece.

Thanks to Gamefaqs for posting our first guide ever.

Thanks to anyone who has submitted a jump, so far thanks to
Sniperwolf4565, Arthur Beyer, Sir Fragalot (3 jumps), Dustin Williams,
Gary, and Merglas, and Perfect Light.

Thanks to Flappity, Aleks, and Sakmaster for submitting some cool tricks and

Psy also deserves some credit, his stunt video was an inspiration for

Lastly, we must apologize for our hilarious jokes at times. ;)


Copyright 2003/2004 Moochthemonkey and Eggrolll45.

Need Contact on the board? Eggroll's name is Golden Goose
Moochthemonkey's is Sacapuntasalterego. Why are they different you ask?
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