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Police Band Script by Happybuddha311

Version: Final | Updated: 07/12/03

|                   Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Police Band Script           |
|                        By: Happybuddha311 AKA Ben Semisch                   |
|                                  Version: Final                             |
|                            Last Update: No current Updates                  |
|                                                                             |

My goal is to try and make this guide as easy for you to read and use, and as 
helpful as possible, if you can think of anything that would help this guide 
fulfill that goal, then send it to me at Happybuddha311(at)Aol(dot)com. Make 
sure you include two things in the subject line "Your Script FAQ" and what 
site you are reading the guide from.  That way I can tell that it isn't spam, 
and if you ask a question already found in the guide that either the host   
hasn't updated or you're a lazy, stupid pile.

If you are a webmaster looking to host this guide, don't.  The only two sites 
that are allowed to have this guide are Gamefaqs.com and Ign.com. If you are 
reading this guide anywhere else, please inform me, so the parties involved 
can be dealt with in a courtroom setting.


                               T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S


1) Guide Information
2) Introduction
3) Table of Contents
4) What is Police Band?
5) The Script


                       W H A T  I S  P O L I C E  B A N D ? ! ? ! ?


 Looking at this guide you may be asking yourself, "What is Police band?".  
Well, "Police Band" as I like to call it, is the "Radio Station" that is 
basically the police talking on their CB radios.  I decided to write this guide 
because many people do not even know of police bands existence, and even if you 
do, it's hard to hear what they say, with the choas going off in the 

 "That's cool, where can I hear this?" you may ask.  Well the Police band can 
be heard in any police vehicle where you can't listen to FM Radio (Flash, K  
chat, V rock etc).  You can also hear this in the Vice city News Network 

So without further ado, let's get to the script.


                                 T H E  S C R I P T


It's hard to tell exactly where the "cycle" of the script starts, so I'm just 
going to start at the place I started recording the script.  Now, all of these 
lines are close together, however in the actual game there will be a 
considerable amount of silence between them.  The number next to the name of who 
says it, is what time in the tape the message was heard, this should show you 
the amount of silence.

004: Radio Control: This is a repeat call for a car in the downtown area to 
attend a disturbance.

030: Radio Control: This is a notice from the chief: All over time payments have 
been cancelled, have a great day, Over.

037: Radio Control: We got an incident at the mall, back up requested, back up 

058: Radio Control: We have a stolen squad car driving erratically.

069: Radio Control: We got problems at ocean beach

Male: This is Miller, I'll check it out.

084: Radio Control: We got a stolen squad car.

096: Radio Control: All paid leaves have been cancelled.

120: Radio Control: Message from the captain: Whoever stole his personal 
magazines better make themselves know immediately, those are for "Investigative" 
purposes only.

150: Radio Control: We got a stolen car, and a robbery in progress, Over.

Male: This is 5793, I'm in the area, I'll take a look.

158: Male 1: Back up requested! Back up requested! Immediately over.

Male 2: Got a problem Jones?  Why don't you try fighting crime and get                          
away from that microphone you dumb asshole!

Male 1: You're a real asshole miller.

168: Male: We got a serious problem down here, we need fire, 2 ambulances and   
a swat team, Come on!

175: Male: I got a man down, I got a man down!

195: Radio Control: Nothing seems to be happening.

200: Radio Control: Some idiot keeps stealing ambulances, keep a look out.

203: Radio Control: Is there an officer near the rusty brown's (doughnut shop) 
downtown?  There must be!

Male: Do you want us to leave?

221: Radio Control: We got suspected arson attack in little Haiti, all   
services requested.

231: Radio Control: We got real problems at the beach.

235: Radio Control: Message from the Captain: Crime is up. We need more  
arrests, Just bag anyone.

Male: I'm on it.

244: Radio Control: We got a request for back up, we got gang problems between 
Haitians and Cubans, 2 cars go and investigate, Over.

249: Male: We got a problem on starfish island, back up requested.

266: Radio Control: We got big problems on Prawn Island, a woman has gone crazy 
or something.

Male: I'm nearby, I'll check it out.

273: Radio control: We got a break dancer with a broken back somewhere in 
downtown, ambulance requested over.

276: Male: Somewhere in downtown, back up requested, Over.

278: Male: We got a fat woman stuck in an elevator, I'm checking it out.

283: Male: She was an escort, you ain't never had a real broad in your life.

Male 2: She was my Girlfriend pal, I didn't have to pay for that.

286: Radio Control: This is radio control, we got problems downtown, back up 
requested, Over.

Male: This is 4754, I got contact.

295: Radio Control: This is radio control, we got an incident in little Haiti, 
disturbance in progress, Over.

304: Male: This is 1327, nothing going on.

309: Male: We got, we got a request for back up, we got problems between 
Haitians and Cubans, Car 1 and 2 go down and investigate, repeat car 1 and 2.

320: Radio Control: We got an emergency situation on ocean beach, all services 

Male: I checked it out, not a big deal.  Jut a couple of idiots with a case of 
giggle cream, I gave them a little beating, nothing too serious.

335: Radio Control: All services attentive Immediately.

Male: All Services.


                         A B O U T  T H E  A U T H O R


(Correct as of July 11th 2003)

Hello, thank you for reading this guide.  If you cared enough
to read this far, I might as well entertain you.  I'm a 16 year old Virgo and I 
will be a senior (when the school year starts again) at Millard North High 
School.  In my free time I am either on the Gamefaqs message boards (Current 
events, The FAQ contributor Social Board, or the punk board), or playing my 
Xbox, Ps2, or my NES. With whatever time is left, I sell tacos in a little shack 
by the side of the road for little more than minimum wage (I recently got a 
Raise now I make $6 an hour! WOOO), which is slowly taking over my life with 
it's "OMG WE GIVE j00 more hours than j00 wantz0rz Benny FWARG!" attitude.  Then 
I use my time machine to travel back in time, and fit playing hockey into my 
schedule.  This will be my seventh FAQ/Walkthrough, and I feel that writing 
walkthroughs has really given me something better to do than watch some of the 
crap on television now days.


                                         Legal Stuff


This FAQ is for personal use only. You can print it or parts of it for that 
reason only. Do not copy any part of this document and claim it as your own or 
you will be guilty of plagiarism, which is punishable by law. If you post it on 
your site without giving me full credit, publish it, use it in any kind of 
promotional way, or use it in any way for personal gain (i.e. a pay only site), 
civil and/or criminal charges can and will be pressed against you. The newest 
version of this FAQ can always be found at www.GameFAQs.com and Ign.com and if 
you see this anywhere without credit to me please let me know. This document is 
(c)Ben Semisch AKA Happybuddha311; 2002 - 2003

(Thanks to Laura (L621) for letting me borrow her copyright info)
If you would like to host this guide, just give up, there is no way I'm going 
to let you host it.  If you steal it, that is theft and I will pursue you in 
the court of law.  It'd be real nice to have a new car, so if you think I'm 
joking, go ahead and try posting this guide on your site without my permission.

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