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FAQ/Walkthrough by Bilboboy

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/24/03

******  *****      *     *   *  **     ****  *  *  **** **** *****
*       *   *     * *    * * *  * *      *   *  *  *    *      *
*   *** *  *     *****   *  **  *  *     *   ****  ***  ***    *
******  *   **  *     *  *   *  * *      *   *  *  **** *      *
                         *    *   *   ******   ******
                        * *   *   *      *     *    *
                       *****  *   *      *     *    *     
                      *     * *****      *     ******

*       *  ******   ******  *******    *******  *****  ******  *   *
 *     *     *      *       *          *          *       *     * *
  *   *      *      *       ****       *          *       *      *
   * *       *      *       *          *          *       *      *
    *      ******   ******  *******    *******  *****     *      *

                      An FAQ by Bilboboy   Version 0.1

Table of contents

1.	Basic Story
2.	Your wanted level
3.	Cast
4.	Your radio
5.	Good citizen bonus
6.	How to make easy money !!
7.	How not to die
8.	Criminal ratings
9.	Media Attention ratings
10.	Flight Ratings
11.	Item Database
12.	Weapon Database
13.	Vehicle Database.
14.	Stores to knock off
15.	Gangs 
16.	Costumes
17.	Controls on foot
18.	Controls in car
19.	Controls in Helicopter
20.	Walkthrough
21.	Ken Rosenburg
a	The Party
b	Back Alley Brawl
c	Jury Fury
d	Riot
22.    Colonel Cortez
a	Treacherous Swine
b	Mall Shootout
c	Guardian Angel
23.	Ricardo Diaz
a	The Chase
b       Phnom Pehn '86
c       The Fastest Boat
d       Supply & Demand
1.      Colonel Cortez II
a       Sir Yes Sir !
24.     Paul Kent
a       Death Row
25.     Ricardo Diaz II
a       Rub Out
26.     Colonel Cortez III
a       All Hands on deck
27.     Tommy Vercetti
a       Shakedown
b       Bar Brawl
c       Cop Land
28.     Final Missions
a       Cap the collectors
b       Keep your friends close
29      Non-Storyline Missions
a.      Phone Missions
        Road Kill
        Waste the Wife
        Check Out at the Check In
        Loose Ends
b.      Avery Carrington
        Four Iron
        Demolition Man
        Two Bit Hit
c.      Umberto Robino
        Stunt Boat Challenge
        Canon Fodder
        Naval Engagement
        Trojan Voodoo
 d.     Auntie Poulet
        Juju Scramble
        Bombs Away!
        Dirty Lickin's
  e.    Love Fist
        Love Juice
        Psycho Killer
        Publicity Tour
  f.    Big Mitch Baker
        Alloy Wheels of Steel
        Messing with the Man
        Hog Tied
  g.    Phil Cassidy
        Gun Runner
        Boomshine Saigon
 30     Other Missions      
  a.    'R3' Missions
  b     Arena
  c     Rampages
  d.    RC Races
  e.    Checkpoint Races
  f     Shooting Range
31      Asset Missions    
  a.    The Malibu Club
  b.    Print Works
  c.    Film Studio
  d.    Sunshine Auto Show Room
  e.    Kaufman Cabs
  f.    Pole Position Strip Club
  g.    Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
  h.    Boatyard
32      Requirements for 100%
33      Properties
34      Cheats and secrets
 a.     Cheats
 b.     Secrets
35.     Hidden Packages and Unique Jumps
36.     Update Info
37.     Thanks to

Basic Story

Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty city after a 
long stretch inside, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City  by his old 
boss, Sonny Forelli. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in 
the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City, Tommy is set up 
and loses everything, Sonny wants his money back, but the biker 
gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. 
Most of Vice city wants Tommy dead. His only option is to fight back 
and take over the city himself.

Your wanted level

This part of the walkthrough contains information regarding your 
wanted level, who will come after you if you have a certain number of 
stars, and how to get rid of them.

*             One star is never much of a problem. You will get at 
most two policemen after you who will hit you with their night 
sticks. Simply drive around a bit and they will go away, eventually.

**           Two stars is a bit more serious than one star. Cops will 
now come after you in their cop cars and will begin shooting at you 
with pistols, so you aren't entirely safe. Get to a pay n' spray to 
avoid getting either busted or wasted.

***        This is where things turn nasty. The cops now bring in 
their helicopters and undercover cops in cheetahs and banshees.               
These are a bit faster than normal cop cars and they will screw you 
up big style as they set up road blocks with spiked traps that bust 
your tyres. So, get to a pay n' spray to get rid of them.

****      OK. Now we have major problems. The Vice City SWAT team now 
joins the fight, and they have rifles that can take you out in 
(literally) ten seconds. Get to a pay n' spray immediately, you 
cannot win this fight.

*****    At five stars, all hell breaks loose. The FBI comes to join 
the party. They bring with them their MP5s and their fast ranchers 
which will make mince meat out of you so get to a god damn pay n' 
spray, pronto, unless you have a death wish.

******  BIG PROBLEMS!! Now, the army gets involved and there is no 
way to fight back. They bring in their tanks, Barracks OL and an 
inexhaustible amount of military back. The only way to survive is 
either steal a tank (very risky) or to get to a pay n' spray quickly.

NOTE: Six stars cannot be obtained until the mission "Sir Yes Sir!" 
has been completed.


There are many new and exciting new characters in Vice City, many of 
whom are important to the storyline. Some will be known already to 
you, but some won't, so I've listed them all. By the way, if anyone 
knows the actors who provided the voice for the characters, please 
email them to me, then I can post them in this section, you will be 
given credit in the "thanks to" section at the end of this FAQ.

Tommy Vercetti

You. He's been sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli, but, 
shortly after arriving was set up and lost everything. So now, he is 
on a mission to take over the city seek revenge on Sonny.

Lance Vance

Lance is Tommy's partner for most of the game. He is fighting a war 
against Diaz and his men, beciase his brother was killed by Diaz.

Ken Rosenburg

Tommy's lawyer. He gives Tommy some nice, easy work just to get him 
started in Vice City. He also gives him invaluable advice and 
assistance, at various points in the game.

Paul Kent

He is the most annoying Englishman you will ever have the mis-fortune 
to meet. He is mostly founded at The Malibu Club in Washington Beach, 
ogling girls. But he does provide some useful assistance every now 
and again.

Phil Cassidy

A former Vietnam Veteran (or so he likes to believe) that lost his 
arm in an unfortunate accident involving Boomshine. He provides Tommy 
with some useful weapons and firepower during the game.

Sonny Forelli

A big shot in the American Mafia. He sends Tommy to Vice City to 
oversee a deal, and gets mad when it goes wrong. He now wants his 
money back or he will get it back his way.

Ricardo Diaz

The coke baron who lives in a big mansion on Starfish Island. He 
gives Tommy work at no extra cost to himself. He is also the one who 
killed Lance's brother and took the drugs and money that Sonny 
Forelli now wants back. 

Alex Shrub

The mayor of Vice City, who has earned the trust and respect of the 
population of Vice City because of his great haircut and his ability 
to say things that make people nod their heads.

Auntie Poulet

The Haitian fortune teller who wants Tommy to kill all the Cubans. 
She gives him a strange tea that makes him go slightly loopy and his 
vision becomes all blurry.

Avery Carrington

A Texas big man who has a keen interest in real estate in Vice City. 
While he is in Vice City he is tutoring Donald Love and assisting 
Tommy in his task of taking over Vice City.


A safecracker who is in prison for grand theft auto. He is in a bank 
robbery that Tommy and his gang set up.

Candy Suxx

A local porn star who has been recruited for some films that Tommy is 
making at the Film Studios in Prawn Island.

Colonel Cortez

A rich ex army colonel who has a personal vendetta with the French 
mafia. He gives Tommy some work that earns him enough money to make 
something of himself and make an impression.


The old man who works at the vice city print works on the edge of 
Little Havana who helps Tommy counterfeit Sonny's cash.


The fat puff who Colonel Cortez wants dead.


Vice City's best driver. He has some abandonment issues that make him 
a very tough person to work with. He is used in the bank job and 
fails miserably.

Leo Teel

A hitman/ chef who Tommy kills and steals his cell phone.

Ice Cream Lady

The old loonie who owned the ice cream factory before Tommy bought 
it. She hates children with passion.

Love Fist

The band of drunk, bisexual scots who are on tour in Vice City. You 
can work for them later on in the game.

Big Mitch Baker

Leader of the biker gang in downtown. He recruits Tommy because he 
needs a favour and will only help Tommy if he helps Mitch out.

Pastor Richards

A crazy nutter who wants money so he can build a statue of himself 
that will be shot into space when Nuclear War breaks out.

Steve Scott

An adult film maker who has a very strange and twisted view of how to 
make a good film, involving giant sharks and other giant marine life.

Umberto Robina

Head of the Cuban gang who gives Tommy work because he has "big 

Your Radio

When in a vehicle you have the option of listening to the radio. 
There are nine different stations, each with their own unique songs 
and dialogue, my favorite is EMOTION.

Emotion 98.3          80s love station    Hosted by Fernando Martinez

V Rock                80s rock station    Hosted by Lazlow

Wave 103              80's Pop Station    Hosted by Adam First
Flash FM              Classic 80's        Hosted by Toni
Wildstyle             80's Rap Station    Hosted by Mr. Magic
Fever 105             80's Dance Station  Hosted by Oliver Biscuit
Esperanto             80's Jazz Station   Hosted by Pepe
K Chat                Chat Station        Hosted by Amy Sheckenhausen
Vice City Radio       Chat Station        Hosted by Maurice Chavez

Good citizen Bonus

The good citizen bonus is an easy way to get money. If you see a cop 
chasing someone, knock eight barrels of hell out of the person he is 
chasin. This will get you $50. Then, kicking him while he's on the 
ground will also earn you $50, this works for five - six kicks.

How to make easy money

In Vice City, money actually serves a purpose, unlike GTA III where 
money was an absolute joke and bought you nothing at all. In this 
game however, you need money to get anywhere. There are properties 
and assets that are available for serious money and you need to buy 
your weapons and protection. The first way to make money is, of 
course, doing missions. Doing missions will earn you a lot of money 
but will also have an effect on the game itself, i.e anger gang 
members etc.  The next way to earn cash is to do one of the four R3 
missions. The best one is the taxi because the people pay more for a 
taxi than for an ambulance or something. The best technique to get 
money however, is to rob stores- something new in GTA. Simply walk 
into a shop and point a gun at the bloke behind the counter. Money 
will then start appearing on the counter, a maximum of three bundles 
will appear, simply collect them and exit the shop, the only problem 
with this method though is that you get one star per bundle of cash 
that appears on the counter, so in the end you end up with three 
stars which isn't good. So, try and rob stores that are close to a 
pay n'spray or that have an easy escape route from them. By far the 
best method is Sunshine Autos. Sunshine Autos is a car showroom on 
the west island, so, when you can buy it (it's an asset) do so and 
complete the missions for it. Then, make even more money from the 
street races. Trust me, this is an excellent way to make cash, I made 
$4 000 000 using this method.

How Not to die

Obviously, this section tells you how to avoid killing yourself 
stupidly and pointlessly. Take heed of the advice given here as 
believe me, being told how not to die is not something to be ignored, 
it will help you.

If your car is on fire, jump out of it. M=More damage is taken by 
staying in a car when it explodes than jumping out of it, no matter 
how fast it is going.

When on a motorbike, try not to do too many wheelies and sharp turns, 
you will lose health if you hit something while going at a high 

Don't do long jumps unless you have to. The fall at the end will cost 
you, big time.

Always try and keep your health and armour up to maximum, it will 
give you more time to get away from the reason your health is going 
down (attacker).

Never go up to a pack of gang members and start attacking them 
without a weapon or armour. Gangs will always have weapons and will 
always attack on mass.

Criminal Ratings

To raise your criminal rating simply travel around Vice City, causing 
all kinds of hell and survive. If you are wasted or busted without 
hitting zero stars, you get less criminal points.

-6000+             Total Liar        Negative rating for cheating
-4000-6000         Cheater           Negative rating for cheating
-2000-4000         Hacker            Negative rating for cheating
-1000--2000        Embarrassment     Negative rating for cheating
    0--1000        Untrustworthy     Negative rating for cheating
    0 - 25         Upstanding Citizen
    25 - 50        Nobody Special
    50 - 75        Litterer
    75 - 100       Shoplifter
    100 - 125      Vandal
    125 - 150      Do Boy
    150 - 200      Pickpocket
    200 - 240      Clepto
    240 - 270      Snitch
    270 - 330      Rat
    330 - 360      Leece
    360 - 390      Scam Artist
    390 - 420      Trickster
    420 - 450      Numbers Runner
    450 - 500      Hustler
    500 - 550      Bully
    550 - 600      Riff-Raff
    600 - 630      Scalawag
    630 - 660      Ruffian
    660 - 700      Outlaw
    700 - 850      Thug
    850 - 1000     Drop Man
   1000 - 1010     SA Goon
   1010 - 1150     Goon
   1150 - 1300     Jailbird
   1300 - 1500     Ex-Con
   1500 - 1700     Felon
   1700 - 2000     Bag Man
   2000 - 2100     Wiseguy    
   2100 - 2300     Wheelman
   2300 - 2500     Hired Muscle
   2500 - 2750     Hatchetman
   2750 - 3000     Headhunter
   3000 - 3500     Enforcer
   3500 - 4000     Ronin
   4000 - 5000     Fixer
   5000 - 7500     Hitman
   7500 - 10000    Associate
   10000 - 12500   Butcher
   12500 - 15000   Cleaner
   15000 - 20000   Assassin
   20000 - 25000   Consigliere
   25000 - 50000   Made Man
   50000 - 75000   Right-Hand Man
   75000 - 100000  Executioner
   100000 - 150000 Lieutenant
   150000 - 200000 Underboss
   200000 - 250000 Capo
   250000 - 300000 Boss
   300000 - 400000 Kingpin
   400000 - 500000 Don
   500000+         Godfather

Media Attention Ratings

To raise your media attention rating simply travel around Vice City, 
causing all kinds of hell and survive. If you are wasted or busted 
without hitting zero stars, you get less media attention points.

    0 - 25           Ignored
    25 - 50          Boring
    50 - 75          Vaguely Interesting
    75 - 100         Local Paper Page 7
    100 - 150        Front Page of Local Paper
    150 - 200        Vice Courier Page 2
    200 - 250        Vice Courier Front Page
    250 - 300        Local TV 3 AM
    300 - 350        Local TV News
    350 - 400        Local TV Live Coverage
    400 - 500        UFA Today Page 12
    500 - 600        UFA Today Page 4
    600 - 700        Picture in UFA Today
    700 - 800        National TV 4 AM
    800 - 900        National TV News
    900 - 1000       National TV Live Coverage
    1000 - 1200      International News
    1200 - 1400      National Crisis
    1400 - 1600      International Crisis
    1600 - 1800      World Event
    1800+            Stuff of Legends

Flight Ratings

To raise your flight rating, simply fly around Vice City in the 
Skimmer. The helicopter does not count towards your rating.

   0:00 - 0:05     = No Rating
   0:05 - 0:10     = Flyboy
   0:10 - 0:20     = Aircraftman
   0:20 - 0:30     = Pilot Officer
   0:30 - 1:00     = Corporal
   1:00 - 1:30     = Lieutenant
   1:30 - 2:00     = Sergeant
   2:00 - 2:30     = Captain
   2:30 - 3:00     = Biggs
   3:00 - 3:30     = Wedge
   3:30 - 4:00     = Red Baron
   4:00 - 4:30     = Goose
   4:30 - 5:00     = Viper
   5:00 - 6:00     = Jester
   6:00 - 7:00     = Chappy
   7:00 - 8:00     = Iceman
   8:00 - 9:00     = Maverick
   9:00 - 10:00    = Noops
   10:00 - 20:00   = Air Chief Marshal
   20:00 - 30:00   = Ace

I don't know whether you noticed or not, but half the titles came 
from the film "Top Gun", just thought I'd point that out.

Item Database

There are many useful items in Vice City, some are really useful and 
some are kind of handy, how useful they are, is indicated below, 
along with a description of the item.

Key - VU = Very Useful
          QU = Quite useful

Armour icon - VU - When picked up, this replenishes your armour 100%, 
particularly useful if you need some extra protection.

Health icon - VU - When picked up, it replenishes your health 100% 
particularly useful if you are low on armour and are in the middle of 
a shootout or something.

Dollar icon -  QU - If you own an asset and have completed its 
missions, then this will appear outside it, it gives you a certain 
amount of money per day.

Pill Icon - QU -  Collecting this will give Tommy extra strength, 
punch people through glass, break windows, smash cars, kick that 

Police bribe - VU - Pick this up and your wanted level will go down 
by one star.

Skull icon - QU - Pick this up to begin a rampage, see appropriate 
section locations of them all.

Tiki Icon - VU - Pick this up to collect one hidden package, there 
are 100 of them scattered around Vice City.

Weapons Database
With 32 weapons, Vice City has a lot of ways of kicking ass. Here 
goes !!

Brass Knuckles - Punch someone with these on and watch the blood 

Hammer - Hit someone with this to knock them down, or hit their car 
to smash it up, a pretty basic weapon really.

Screwdriver - Use this to pop some tyres and generally tamper with 
the cars of other people.

Golf Club - It is considered polite to say "FORE!" before smacking 
someone in the chops with this thing, but no-one will mind if you 

Night Stick - The stick that cops will hit you with when you're being 

Baseball Bat - Knock someone over and kill them or just smash their 
car. It's generally used for smashing things up and breaking things.

Knife - Not a bad little thing. Pull this out and stab someone to 
give them a nice, easy death, or just stab them once and watch them 
run away with a blood trail running behind them.

Meat Clever - Generally used for chopping things up, what it chops up 
however, is up to you.

Machete - Slightly more painful than the meat clever, and creates 
more blood, what more could you ask for. I'll answer that, you could 
ask for the

Katana - The daddy of all melee weapons, walk up to a gang and chop 
them up within two seconds, using this samurai sword.

Chainsaw - Rev it up, approach someone and you've got yourself a nice 
little massacre with its own river of blood.

Grenades - Throw these into a crowd of people and watch the limbs 

Molotov Cocktail - Stand back, throw and we have ourselves a nice 
little pile of smoking carcases and a bonfire to go with them.

Bomb and Detonator - Lob these into a group of cops, leg it and 
detonate. BOOM watch them take to the skies.

Tear Gas - Throw these and people will start weeping like they've 
just watched Bambi for the first time.

Colt 45 - A simple pistol, perfectly OK for a simple shooting.

Colt Python - A slower, more powerful version of the Colt 45.

Chromed shotgun - A simple shotgun, fine for taking out two or three 
people at once.

Spas 12 shotgun - A shotgun with slightly more power than the chromed 

Stubby  shotgun - A sawn off shotgun with a lot more power than its 
two partners in crime.

Tech 9 -  An uzi which is good enough to spill some blood on the 
streets and sidewalks of Vice City.

Ingram MAC - A sub machine gun with a bit more power in it.

Uzi M9 - Run and fire or drive and fire, both are acceptable.

MP5 -The most powerful machine gun and it's the FBI weapon against 
you and other criminals.

Colt 45 - The clot has been turned into a machine with much better 
accuracy and a much quicker death.

Sniper Rifle - Run in, zoom in, pop some heads, run away. Great for 
shooting out tyres of passing cars and watching them skid out of 

PSG-1 - A sniper rifle with laser scope which improves accuracy.

Mini-Gun - Pull trigger and watch as people start falling down all 
over the place, pretty sadistic really, but who cares, right ?

M60 - Exactly the same as the one in GTA III, aim, fire and watch the 
heads start to fall.

Rocket Launcher - Aim and watch everyone fall over each other, trying 
to get away. Great for causing large amounts of chaos in a short 
amount of time.

Flamethrower - The fire service's nightmare, go in and start making 
bonfires all over town. 

NOTE: You can only carry 9 weapons:

1 melee - Katana
1 Pistol (Colt Python)
1 Sub-Machine Gun (MP5)
1 Rifle (Colt M4)
1 Sniper Rifle (PSG-1)
1 Heavy Weapon (RPG)
1 Shotgun (Spas-12)

Vehicle Database

There is a very good Car Locations FAQ at WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM, it was 
written by Jnco904 and I would advise you use it if you can't find a 

     Admiral--A 4-door coupe with a l on the roof.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4

     Baggage Handler-A cart for putting baggage onto aeroplanes.
     Speed: 4
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 5
     Banshee- An 80's classic which can outrun cop cars (just) 
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 8.5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 8

     Benson--A slow, large carrying truck.It overturns really easily
     so try to avoid tight turns.                    
     Speed: 4
     Handling: 3
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 3

     BF Injection--A dune buggy with a lot of exhaust pipes, no  
     doors, and a very small roof lights.
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 7

     Blista Compact--A Honda CRX look-alike with a domed back.
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 6.5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4

     Bloodring Banger--An Oceanic (see below), but with a destruction  
     derby paint job and windows. A racing car for some of the races   
     at the arena in the downtown area.   
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 3.5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 6.5

     Bobcat--A light pick-up truck with BOBCAT written on the trailer 
     and extremely naff handling.
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 3
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 3

     Boxville--A box with wheels. 
     Speed: 4
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 3

     Burrito-A van with a decent speed. Get a Gang version instead,  
     it has better handling
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 3.5
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Bus--A schoolbus looking vehicle, similar to the Coach, but the    
     doors are in front.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 5

     Caddy--A golf cart. Assume its on the golf course !!
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 6

     Cheetah--The fastest non-secret sports car in the game, and a 
     very fast and enjoyable ride
     Speed: 8.5
     Handling: 8
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 8

     Coach--The giant bus from GTA3 is back, and it looks exactly the 
     same. Great for starting traffic jams.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 5

     Comet--A Porsche-style sports car with enough gas to hover for a
     bit when going over bumps.
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 7
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 7.5

     Cuban Hermes--A Hermes painted black with flames around the 
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 7

     Deluxo--  It's the car from Back to the Future. No gull-wing
     doors, which is a disappointment . Fast as hell.
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 8
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 9

     Esperanto--A stretched-out Caddilac with extra naff handling.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 3.5

     Flatbed--A long military-style pickup truck that is similar to         
     the Barracks OL.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 5

     Gang Burrito--A fairly quick van with roof mounted foglights
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 6.5

     Glendale--A Chrysler "K-Car", or so says Sir Coleman.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 3

     Greenwood--It looks and feels just like a Glendale, but there is  
     a vinyl back.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 3
     Hermes-A lower alternative to a PC Cruiser.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4

     Hotring Racer--A car with excellent handling and speed, great  
     for winning races.
     Speed: 9
     Handling: 8.5
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 9

     Idaho-Looks just like an Esperanto  but it's slower and has     
     slightly better handling.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4

     Infernus--An 80's Lamborghini. Second fastest car in the game.
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 8
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 8

     Landstalker--The annoying SUV that rolls in the wind is back.   
     Avoid like leprosy 
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 3
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 2

     Linerunner-- It's a very slow, but vehicle that is OK for  
     missions that need a vehicle that can withstand a lot of damage.
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 8
     Fun Factor: 5.5

     Love Fist--A dark red limo owned by the Love Fist band.
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 6.5
     Fun Factor: 5

     Manana--A block with wheels; it flips in gusts of wind.      
     Completely useless.

     Speed: 4
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 3 

     Mesa Grande--A jeep that isn't as fast as it should be on dirt.
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5

     Moonbeam--An ugly six-windowed van. It looks just like the one 
     from GTA3.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Mule--Another carrying van with bad handling, slow acceleration, 
     but decent speed. There is really no difference between all the 
     carrying vans/trucks.

     Speed: 4
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 3.5

     Oceanic--Yet another 60's sedan look alike, and it's just as
     common as the others It's a bit faster though.
     Speed: 4
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 4
     Fun Factor: 3

     Packer--A large car carrying truck that works as a portable 
     stunt ramp.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 7

     Patriot-A fairly durable and easy to handle vehicle when used  
     off road.     
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 7
     Durability: 6.5
     Fun Factor: 6.5

     Perennial--An ungodly slow four door station wagon. 
     Speed: 3
     Handling: 3.5
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 2.5

     Phoenix--Another lightning fast sports car.
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 7
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 7.5

     Pony--A little van with two back windows. 
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4

     Rancher-An SUV, nothing to gawk at. Easily confused with a 
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 4

     RC Bandit--An RC Car...
     Speed: 6.5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 6.5

     RC Bandit--An RC Plane...
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5.5

     RC Raider--An RC Helicopter...
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 1
     Durability: 2
     Fun Factor: 2

     Regina--A GTA3 wagon...that should bring back some very bad 
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 3.5

     Romero's--A large black hearse, perfect for hiding skeletons.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5.5
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Rumpo--A Pony with an extra window on each side. Faster with 
     better acceleration as well.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Sabre--A medium speed sedan that is very well-rounded. 
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 6.5
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Sabre Turbo--A faster version of the Sabre with a racing stripe.  
     Take it if you're a fan of Sabres.
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 7

     Sandking--An awesome monster truck with fog lights.
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 7
     Durability: 7.5
     Fun Factor: 7

     Securicar--The same blue van from GTA3.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4.5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Sentinel--A worse version of the Sentinel XS. Much slower and
     definitely not as stylish.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 5.5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Sentinel XS--The sports version of a Sentinel.
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 6.5
     Fun Factor: 6.5

     Spand Express--A large work van similar to a Mule.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6.5
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Stallion--A Dodge Challenger convertible.
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Stretch--The same limo from GTA3. It looks like a regular 
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5

     Stinger--A nice convertible sports car. A Ferrari "Daytona", a 
     car from Miami Vice.
     Speed: 8
     Handling: 8
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 8

     Top Fun--. It's like a TOYZ van in GTA3 and provides missions 
     when entered.

     Speed: 6
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5.5

     Trashmaster--A large green garbage truck that is incredibly 
     Speed: 3.5
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 5

     Virgo--A Coupe style car.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5.5
     Durability: 4.5
     Fun Factor: 4

     Voodoo-A neat little Haitian car with its own hydraulics, very 
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 6
     Durability: 5
     Fun Factor: 7.5

     Walton-Put some animals in the back and watch the farmers come   
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Washington--Another Sedan type vehicle this time, it has a roof.
     Speed: 5
     Handling: 5.5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5

     Yankee-Practically the same as a Mule, there is, literally, no 

     Handling: 4
     Durability: 6.5
     Fun Factor: 4.5

     Angel--A Freeway with an American Flag on the side, with a blue     
     coat of paint.
     Speed: 5.5
     Handling: 7
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 5

     Faggio-A very slow scooter.
     Speed: 4
     Handling: 5
     Durability: 6
     Fun Factor: 5

     Freeway-A biker gang's choice of bike. It has very good handling 
     and can do some pretty big jumps.
     Speed: 6
     Handling: 7.5
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 5.5

     PCJ-600--A fast sports bike that has pretty poor handling 
     considering it has fantastic speed and a pretty high fun factor.
     Speed: 9
     Handling: 5.5
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 8

     Sanchez - A dirt bike that is the best bike for stunts and cool 
     Speed: 7
     Handling: 6.5
     Durability: 7
     Fun Factor: 8

     Cuban Jetmax   A Squalo painted Red and Yellow.
     Dinghy         Your average dinghy with improved speed and 

     Marquis        A simple fishing boat.

     Reefer         A decent sized fishing boat. 
     Rio            Faster, jazzier version of the Marquis.

     Speeder        A slick, fast speed boat with great handling.

     Squalo         A speed boat with a white overhang covering it; 
                    the words  "The Fastest Boat" on the side.

     Tropic         A large two-story yacht.


     Maverick-     Your average helicopter.

     VCPD Maverick A maverick with a green and white paint job and   
     VCPD written on the side

     Sea Sparrow   A Sparrow that can land on water and has a machine 

     Skimmer       A sea plane that will only land and take off on 

     Sparrow       A helicopter that has a windshield.
     VCN Maverick  The radio station's Maverick.

     Ambulance     You can do the paramedic missions in it, but it 
                   handles very poorly.

  Barracks OL    The army truck from GTA III

     Cabbie         Slightly slower than an ordinary taxi.

     Enforcer       The enforcer from GTA III is back again !

     FBI Cheetah    An undercover Cheetah.
     FBI Rancher    The FBI's Rancher.
     FBI Washington The FBI's Washington.
     Firetruck     You'll never believe this. It's a firetruck !

     Kaufman Cab   This looks just like a Cabbie with Kaufman Cabs 
     written on the side.
     Mr. Whoopee   An ice cream van 
     Pizza Boy     Deliver pizza to the hungry citizens on this bike.

     Police        A regular police car
     Predator      The police boat that patrols the open seas,   
                  looking for any signs of trouble.
     Rhino         The tank that the army uses.
     Taxi          A normal yellow taxi
     Zebra Cab     I'd assume a taxi with black and yellow stripes     
     that is unlocked after completing "Cabmeggedon" for Kaufman 

     The Hunter. A helicopter with two machine guns and 

     Finally those are the vehicles, all done. Major thanks to 
     Aggrosk8or for some of the names.

Stores To knock off

Some stores in Vice City can be robbed for cash, which gets you $1000 
per store. It sounds like a good way to make cash, but here is the 
catch. Robbing one store gets you three stars which makes getting out 
of one store a nightmare. The only store you can't rob is Ammunation 
because the man behind the desk has a shotgun. However, here are the 
shops you can rob.

Bunch of Tools - The hardware store in Washington Beach
Gash - A shop where you can pick up casual clothes. It's in the North 
Point Mall
Corner Shop - North of the Shady Palms hotel   in Vice Point.
Doughnut Shop - Located along the main road in Little Havana
Pharmacy - Down the road from the music studio and it's next to the 
jewellery store
Dispensary - Just down the road from the Hospital in Vice Point
Jewellery Store - In downtown, next to the pharmacy described above, 
In vice point next to well stacked pizzas, and inside the north point 
mall. NOTE: This one counts as three stores knocked off.
Laundry - In the northwest of Little Havana
Record shop - In the North Point Mall
Robina's Cafe - It's the cafe where Umberto gave you his missions.
Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Next to the pay n' spray on the west island
Screw This - Located in Little Havana, just off the main  road
Tool it up - Inside the North Point Mall


The Bikers
Location: Downtown
Clothes: Leather jackets, tattered jeans, black bandanas
Vehicle: Angel/Freeway
Description: These guys rock!! If you tell them to go kick someone's 
ass, they won't just kick their ass, they'll cause a full-               
scale inner city riot as well, and they're definitely my favourite 
The Cubans
Location: Little Havana
Clothing: White shirt, jeans, red bandana.
Vehicle: Cuban Hermes

The Golfers
Location: In and around Leaf Links
Clothing: Purple shirt, pink shorts, optional visor.
Vehicle: Caddy
Description: The old giits who hang around the golf course all day. 
Run them over and they won't doo much. You may want to watch out for 
the clubs of death though   

The Haitians
Location: Little Haiti
Clothing: Purple shirt and white pants, or pink shirt and jeans.
Vehicle: Voodoo
Description: Very nasty. Approach any of them and they will rip off 
your arse and feed it to the nearest pedestrian. Best to stay away, 
The Sharks
Location: Prawn Island
Clothes: Denim jackets, jeans.
Vehicle: Gang Burrito
The Streetwannabe's
Location: Vice Point, in and around the North Point Mall
Clothing: Leather jacket, red pants, white undershirt.
Vehicle: None
Vercetti Gang
Location: Around all assets you own
Clothing: Hawaiian shirts and jeans or purple shirts and white pants.
Vehicle: None
Description: Your own gang, and they are as thick as hell, but they 
are pretty useful nonetheless.

There are various costumes available in Vice City. Some have to be 
unlocked but some are available from the outset. Here they are:

Bank Job Outfit - Available after the mission "The Job" has been 


The Bikers

Location: Downtown
Clothes: Leather jackets, tattered jeans, black bandanas
Vehicle: Angel/Freeway
Description: These guys rock!! If you tell them to go kick someone's 
ass, they won't just kick their ass, they'll cause a full-               
scale inner city riot as well, and they're definitely my favourite 
The Cubans
Location: Little Havana
Clothing: White shirt, jeans, red bandana.
Vehicle: Cuban Hermes

The Golfers

Location: In and around Leaf Links
Clothing: Purple shirt, pink shorts, optional visor.
Vehicle: Caddy
Description: The old gits who hang around the golf course all day. 
Run them over and they won't do much. You may  want to watch out for 
the clubs of death though   

The Haitians

Location: Little Haiti
Clothing: Purple shirt and white pants, or pink shirt and jeans.
Vehicle: Voodoo
Description: Very nasty. Approach any of them and they will rip off 
your arse and feed it to the nearest pedestrian. Best to stay away, 
The Sharks

Location: Prawn Island
Clothes: Denim jackets, jeans.
Vehicle: Gang Burrito
The Streetwannabe's
Location: Vice Point, in and around the North Point Mall
Clothing: Leather jacket4, red pants, white undershirt.
Vehicle: None

Vercetti Gang

Location: Around all assets you own
Clothing: Hawaiian shirts and jeans or purple shirts and white pants.
Vehicle: None
Description: Your own gang, and they are as thick as hell, but they 
are pretty useful nonetheless.

There are various costumes available in Vice City. Some have to be 
unlocked but some are available from the outset. Here they are:

Bank Job Outfit - Available after the mission "The Job" has been 

Casual Clothes - Available at The North Point Mall in the GASH store

Cop Outfit - Available at the Washington Police Station after "Cop 
Land" has been completed

Overalls - Available at Tool It Up after the mission "riot" has been 

Cuban Outfit - Available at the clothes store in Little Havana after 
the mission "two bit hit" has been completed

Mr Vercetti - Available at collar and cuffs after the strip club 
asset has been completed

Soire Outfit - Available at Rafaels after the mission "The Party" has 
been completed

Street Clothes - Available at your hideout after the mission "the 
party" has been completed

Tracksuit - Found at the Laundromat in Little Havana

Controls - On foot

D-Pad			    Move around
Left Control Stick    Move around   

Right Control Stick   Look in first person mode (you can't move)

Start			    Pause

Select		    Toggle camera view

X			    Hold to sprint (Zoom out Sniper rifle)

Square		    Jump (Zoom in Sniper Rifle)

Circle	          Use current weapon

Triangle		    Enter vehicle

L1			    Center camera

L2			    Change weapon back
L3			    Crouch

R1			    Target lock-on

R2			    Change weapon forward

R3			    Look back

Controls - In Car

D-Pad			    Turn vehicle
Left Control Stick    Turn vehicle

Right Control Stick   Turn vehicle

Start			    Pause

Select		    Toggle camera view

X			    Accelerate

Square		    Brake

Circle	          Drive-by (Hold L2 or R2)

Triangle		    Exit vehicle/Bail

L1			    Change radio station

L2			    Look left

L3			    Horn

R1			    Handbrake

R2			    Look right

L2 + R2		    Look behind

R3			    Side missions (if possible)

Controls - In Helicopter or Plane

Control Stick Up      Move forward
Control Stick Down    Move backward

Right Control Stick   Control back rudder (turn)

X                     Accelerate/Gain height

Square                Go down

Circle                Fire missiles (Hunter only)

Triangle              Suicide bail

R1                    Fire machine gun (Hunter and Sea Sparrow only)

R2                    Turn right, hold to spin

R3                    Brown Thunder (Vigilante, Hunter only)

L2                    Turn left, hold to spin

L3                    Hover in place


Now I've finally got through all the boring, but necessary stuff, I 
can now start the mission strategies and things that will actually be 
of some use.  So, let's start with Ken Rosenburg.

Ken Rosenburg.

Mission 1 - The Party

A nice and simple mission to get started. The idea is to go to the 
Colonel's Yacht, collect Mercedes (his daughter) and take her to the 
Pole Position Club. Well, grab the nearest vehicle (there's a bike in 
the alley next to you) and head towards the clothes icon on your 
radar. When you get there, walk into the pink light, to change into 
the "Mr Vercetti" outfit, perfect for a party. Now, get the Freeway 
that was shown in the cut scene and drive to the yacht, which is 
marked on your radar. Once there, walk into the pink light and, if 
you wish, watch the cut scene. After the cut scene, get into a 
vehicle and drive Mercedes to the club.

Reward:  $100. Street clothes delivered to Ocean View Hotel

Mission 2 - Back alley brawl

This mission is also pretty simple as it gets you one of your most 
used items in the game (apart from weapons). First, drive to The 
Malibu club and talk to Kent Paul. He will tell you about a chef in 
an alley who is waiting for someone to set up a deal with. After the 
cut scene, drive to the pink dot on your radar, to meet the chef. You 
now need to kill him, and the only weapon you have at this stage is 
your bare hands. So, punch his lights out and grab his cell phone 
which he drops. When he is dead, there will be a cut scene which 
introduces your side kick for the game, Mr. Lance Vance Dance (!!) He 
is a fairly rich man and his dress sense has earned him some respect 
among the inhabitants of Vice City, unfortunately, his tendency to do 
things before thinking about the consequences has earned him an equal 
amount of enemies. Anyway, either follow him straight away, or kill 
the three chefs that come and then follow him. If you choose to kill 
the chefs, then be sure to pick up the police bribe in the nearby 
alley. Once you've followed Lance to his car, get in and drive to 
Ammunation, the local gun shop. Once you've arrived there, either go 
in and by some guns if you can afford it, or just drive back to the 
Ocean View Hotel.

Reward:  $200. Cellphone

Mission 3 - Jury Fury

Two jury members are about to sentence a very important man and 
friend of Sonny Forelli. You have to convince them, he is not guilty 
by scaring the living jesus out of them. So, when the mission begins, 
a car will come and run over a man, who, very kindly, leaves his 
hammer behind. Tommy will then say something like "Dumb Florida 
moron". Pick up the hamer, and get into a vehicle. Drive to either of 
the pink markers on your radar and get out of your car. Approach the 
car and begin to smash it up. After a while of you smashing it up, a 
jury member will get out of it and say a random phrase, it's usually 
"I can't believe this is happening!". Tommy will then say something 
random, which is usually "Innocent until I say otherwise". Now drive 
to the other dot on your radar, and begin smashing that car up, 
again, after a while, the jury member will get out and say a random 
phrase, then Tommy will say something.

Reward:  $400

Mission 4 - Riot

A gang of workers are protesting down at the construction yard, and 
you have to make it a full scale, inner-city riot. First, head to 
"Tool it up" to get your overalls and then head to the construction 
yard. When you get there, you'll see a lot of workers making a racket 
and the security guards trying to calm things down (without much 
success). Run in and punch about five people a couple of times to 
start a fight with them. A cut scene will then kick in and the 
security guards will come in and say "Alright boys, let's crack some 
commy skulls". Now, head into the compound and blow up the vans by 
shooting the barrels that are at either side of them.

Reward:  $1000. Overalls at Tool it up.

After this mission, you will receive a phone call from Colonel Cortez 
who says that you can now come and work for him. You'll also be able 
to receive missions from Avery Carrington, who is the big "A" on your 
radar. So, as Ken is done with you, let's pay the Colonel a visit, he 
is the big "C" on your radar.

Colonel Cortez

Mission 1 - Treacherous Swine

Dead easy this mission. Grab the PCG-600 and head off to Ridguez's 
apartment. When you get there, go inside and try and kill him there. 
If you failed, then un-equip the chainsaw, run in front of him, equip 
the chainsaw and fire, you will then kill him. You will now also have 
two stars on your wanted level, so, head to the pay n'spray to finish 
the mission. Told you it was easy didn't I !!

Reward:  $750

Mission 2 - Mall Shootout

This mission is slightly harder than the last one, but relatively 
simple nonetheless. The idea is to kill some French git who has 
nicked some chips that Cortez wants. So, grab a bike or car and get 
to the mall. Run up the stairs and watch the cinema. Try and kill the 
French dude in the mall, if you can, it makes things a whole lot 
easier. If you can't, well, follow him out of the mall, get into a 
vehicle and be prepared for a chase. Either do a drive by shooting 
and kill him or make him fall off his bike and then run him over. 
Now, head to the pay n' spray to get rid of the two stars you will 
have acquired.

Reward:  $500

Mission 3 - Guardian Angels

This mission reminds me a lot of "Bomb Da Base" from GTA III. You 
basically have to watch over the transaction between Ricardo Diaz (a 
local drug baron) and the Cubans (a gang who think blowing the shit 
out of everything is the answer to all problems). Get a vehicle and 
drive to the multi-storey car park and, once there, drive up to the 
level marked on your radar. Once you're up on the correct level, pick 
up the weapons that are there, and who should appear but Lance. Lance 
decides you're going to need some help, and that he's the right guy 
to give you that help. Get in Lance's car and drive to the meeting 
place. After the cinema, get to the vantage point and wait for the 
Cubans to arrive. Once things start to turn nasty (when the Cubans 
arrive!!!) start firing at the Cubans and kill them all. After a 
minute or two, two dirt bikes will come and take off with the cash. 
Get on the other dirt bike that was left and chase the thief. Either 
use a drive-by shooting to kill him, or knock him off his bike and 
run him over, either way, when he is dead, collect the cash and take 
it back to Diaz.

Reward:  $1000

After this mission you will get a call from Diaz, telling you to come 
and work for him. Head to his condo. He's the "D" on the radar. Diaz 
is a rather rich, but unpopular drug baron. His tendency to become 
very annoyed very quickly has earned him this un-popularity. He lives 
in a very big mansion on Starfish Island and his favourite word is 
"Dick head".

Mission 1 - The Chase

As long as you can run fast, for long enough, then this mission is 
pretty easy. A thief has stolen some cash from Diaz, and Diaz wants 
you to go and find out where he is hiding it. So, drive to the blip 
on your radar and, when you get there, look through his window. When, 
you see some-one running up the stairs, saying "oh s**t run, as fast 
as you can up, the stairs. Follow the thief, across the roof, and 
when he jumps into his BF Injection, hop on your scooter and follow 
him. This part of the mission takes some pretty skilful driving and 
your part, and a bit of luck. There is a gun man on the back if the 
car who is constantly shooting at you, and you have to avoid his gun 
fire, or he'll shoot your tires out and then you have to waste time 
getting another vehicle. Follow him to the mansion, where the money 
is being kept, to complete the mission. "What, after all that, I 
can't kill him!", not yet.

Rewards:  $1000. Opening of Starfish and Prawn Island, but not the 
huge one, yet. Keep waiting, you're pretty close!!

Mission 2 - Phnom Phen 86

This mission relies very much upon how good a shot you are with the 
rugger. If you're not that good a shot, then it doesn't matter much, 
but it does make this mission twice as hard as it needs to be, so get 
some practice if you feel you need to.  This skill in aiming is 
something, which you must acquire, it's not something I can help you 
with. This mission will probably be the first time you've actually 
been in a helicopter, and it its also one of the hardest things you 
have to do using a helicopter, so be aware. The idea is you now have 
to get back the money that the thief stole in the previous mission, 
and you also have to take out the gangs that are guarding it, from 
the air !! The rugger you use is on automatic aim, but it doesn't 
have a scope, so you can't zoom in on your targets. The best way to 
hit them is to aim your gun at a gang member and then shoot hi. You 
may hit him, you may not, it depends how good you aim was. Anyway, 
wait till you see a few gang members standing on a roof, shooting at 
you. You must kill them all quickly in order to obtain minimal damage 
and keep the helicopter' health from being depleted too much. If you 
can't shoot them all directly, shoot the explosive barrels, to kill a 
group of them instantly. You need to repeat this manner of killing 
until you get a cut scene. These guys must be killed instantly, 
because there are enough of them to take out you and the helicopter 
if they hit you, which is very likely because they are very good 
shots with their guns. The solution is to blast them, before they can 
hit you. This can be accomplished by either shooting them with your 
gun, or shooting the barrels, which kill them faster, but are harder 
to hit, as you are moving while you're shooting. After they are dead, 
Lance will drop you off outside the thief's mansion to retrieve the 
money. Ignore the gunfire that's coming from nowhere, because it very 
rarely hits you and it is very easy to waste a lot of ammo if you try 
and find the source of the bullets, it's best to save your ammo for 
the gang members who are inside the mansion. Kill any gang members 
that shoot at you, and proceed up the stairs, picking off any gang 
members as you go, turn left and go through the hole in the wall. 
Eliminate any gang members and head up the last set of stairs, kill 
the thief from the last mission and grab the briefcase from the 
rooftop. CONGRATULATIONS!! You've just reached a very important point 
in the game.

Rewards:  $2000. Avery Carrington comes back to your radar as an 
employer and you've just unlocked the huge west island. You can now 
access helicopters and anything else too cool for words.

NOTE: After completing this mission, you should have $14000 (if you 
don't do a couple more missions), when you do, it is a very good idea 
to check the property section of this guide to find out where it is, 
and buy the Hyman Condo, as it comes with a helicopter which is very 
useful in a lot of missions from this point on. You will also get a 
call from the Colonel saying that he needs your help, but, for now, 
stick with Diaz.

Mission 3 -	The Fastest Boat.

For this mission, I have two strategies, the first only works if you 
have purchased the Hyman Condo, or can access a helicopter via other 
means, this method will make the mission ten times easier and will 
reduce the time it takes you to complete it. The other strategy is 
the one which is most commonly used, even though it is the hardest as 
it involves a lot of shooting and dodging, not to mention very 
accurate aiming on your part. The first strategy is as follows:

When the mission starts, pick up the sniper rifle from round the back 
of Diaz's mansion and then drive to the Hyman Condo and pick up your 
helicopter. Fly to the docks (the pink icon on your radar) and land 
on the roof of the place where the boats are kept. Take out the 
sniper rifle and shoot all the guards you can see. Once you are sure 
they are all dead, drop down and kill the remaining couple who are 
lurking inside the boatyard. Now, press the switch to lower the boat 
into the water, and quickly run over to the boat and get in it. Your 
drive back to Diaz's mansion should be an easy one, ignore the police 
boats, as the wanted level goes when you get the boat back to the 

Now for the slightly harder (but not impossible), strategy.

When the mission begins, go and collect the sniper rifle from round 
the back of the mansion and then drive to the docks. When you get 
there, run over as many guards as you can until your car sets on 
fire. Now, run to the switch and lower the boat into the water, now, 
run like hell over to the boat and jump in, now drive back to Diaz's 
mansion again, the wanted level will disappear when you get back to 

Rewards:  $4000. You will also get a phone call, telling you to go to 
the payphone in Washington beach. Ignore, for now.

Mission 4 - Supply and Demand

This is another mission that depends mostly on your aim and ability 
to do maximum damage to your targets. The first part is easy enough, 
but then it gets tougher. Anyway, head down to the docks and you'll 
see Lance, he is going to be your gun, while you drive the boat (for 
the first part). The main objective is to get some cargo off this 
yacht who will give his cargo to the first person who gets to him, 
you have to be the first person. Follow the other boats, making sure 
to be at least second and when you get to an island, when the other 
boats turn right, go left, trust me, it's one hell of a lot easier. 
After a bit more sailing, you should see the yacht, FULL SPEED AHEAD 
MEN!! Seriously, head towards that yacht like it's a million pound 
cheque or something, and you should get there first. Now for the hard 
bit. If you found "Phnom Pehn" hard then you will be in hell. You are 
now the gun and you have to shoot down at least three boats, all with 
gun men shooting at you, one chopper, again it's shooting at you and 
about five gun men all with sub-machine guns and armour. Firstly, 
three boats came (I got three boats, but it may just be a glitch on 
my game) it's either two or three anyway. These shouldn't be too much 
of a problem, simply shoot the gunmen and then wreck their boats (if 
you're feeling particularly sadistic!!) Next comes a sea sparrow, 
with a machine gun attached to it. This will probably cause you a bit 
of damage, but it shouldn't cause that much, just keep firing at it 
constantly until it catches fire and blows up, now comes the bit that 
kills most people. You will now approach a jetty with about five or 
six gun men on it, each wielding sub-machine guns and armour. The 
trick with these guys is to continually fire at them and you will hit 
a lot of them, don't aim for them individually as that leaves you 
open to attack from another angle, simply shoot continually and 
you'll hit a lot of them. Now, you get a break, there is just one 
speed-boat to deal with, simply take out the gun man and blow up the 

Reward:  $10000 (!)

You will now get a call from Lance, which is, frankly the most 
pointless thing ever as it has nothing to do with the story 
whatsoever. We will now return to Colonel Cortez for a very easy 

Colonel Cortez II

Mission 1 - Sir Yes Sir !!

This mission is absurdly simple, and it pays so well. The idea is to 
steal a tank which is being driven through town and stash it  in 
Cortez's lockup. Well, get in a car and rive to the pink dot on your 
radar. As you approach, you should see a military convoy that is 
protecting the tank, don't worry, they don't do anything, much. Drive 
to where the tank is and park your car right in front of the car. 
You'll now hear a sergeant say "Get that civilian vehicle out of the 
way sir !!" Now, get out of the car and into the tank, now drive off 
quickly. You'll notice you have (a) acquired a wanted level of 5 and 
(b) the tank is on a timer. This means you have till the bar goes 
completely blue to get it to the Colonel's garage. Well, push the L3 
button to rotate the turret till it is behind you, accelerate and 
fire the tank's gun with O to get extra momentum, this will not only 
get you there faster, but will also blow up the police cars coming 
behind you. Once you're at the garage, park the tank in it, get out 
and walk outside the garage.

Reward:  $2000

You should now get a phone call from Kent Paul, who is at the Malibu 
Club, he says he has some important information for you, head towards 
the Malibu Club.

Mission 1 - Death Row

NOTE: When you go to the Malibu Club, use a helicopter to get there, 
and land it somewhere fairly close to the club where you can take off 
with the minimum of fuss and effort.

As you've probably realised, Kent Paul is an arse of a cockney who 
has far too much to say for himself. This mission is the hardest 
mission you'll have to do for him. Basically, Lance decided to go and 
try to take out Diaz by himself, failed and is now being held 
prisoner at the junk yard and if you don't rescue him, Diaz's men are 
going to kill him. For this mission you will need, a rocket 
launcher/bazooka, a sniper rifle, a colt or any other one hit kill 
weapon, body armour and a helicopter. When the mission starts, get in 
the helicopter and fly to the junkyard. Fly low enough so you can see 
the things on the ground, but high enough so you can't be shot at. 
Land on the roof of a building near the junkyard, get out of the 
helicopter, and blow up the cars that are blocking the entrance. Now, 
fly into the junkyard park on top of the big structure in the middle 
of the yard and take out any of Diaz's men (preferably a lot of 
them). Once the majority have been disposed of, kill the guys who are 
standing outside of where Lance is being kept. Now, fly down, park 
the helicopter in front of where Lance is and take out the guards 
with your colt python. After the cut scene, get into the helicopter 
with Lance and fly to the hospital.

Rewards:  Nothing. Even after all that effort and time. Yes. The only 
reward for this mission is that Diaz opens up and Colonel Cortez 
opens up, again.

As the Diaz mission is more beneficial to the story, the rewards are 
greater and it enables you to do something very special     and 
useful, we'll go to him first, and then onto Cortez.

Mission 1 - Rub Out

This is a fun mission. The objective is simple, kill Diaz before he 
kills you. The strategy however, is not so simple. For this mission, 
you will need a colt or another one hit kill weapon and some body 
armour and full health. When you begin, switch from the weapon Lance 
gives you to the one hit kill weapon, now head up the driveway with 
Lance behind you. When you approach the front door, kill all the 
guards. There are two at the front door (I think) and one on the left 
side of the porch, also take out any other guards that come at you. 
Run up to the front doors to find out they are locked, damn!! We're 
going to have to head through the hedge maze, to the other entrance. 
When you enter the maze, Lance will take the lead, follow him and 
kill any guards that shoot at him, we need Lance to stay alive for 
this mission!! Once through the maze, you will see a door, which you 
should go through to enter Diaz's mansion. Proceed round the corner 
and quickly take out the two guards that are standing just round the 
corner. If you need it, there is some health here as well, but at 
this stage, you should be fine for health and armour. Now, head up 
the stairs and blow the balls off anyone who shoots at you, just be 
careful not to hit Lance, as he does like to get in the way slightly. 
A short way up the stairs, you will see a corridor, follow this 
corridor round and you will emerge into the main area of the mansion. 
Kill the guards that are here, and then watch the cut scene. It's now 
time to kill Diaz. Firstly, shoot his henchmen to simplify the task 
and then go for Diaz. Take out the weapon given to you by Lance and 
fire at Diaz. Now, run to another position (not too far away from 
Diaz) and fire again. Keep up this routine of firing and dodging 
until the cut scene kicks in, and you see Diaz die.

Rewards: $50 000, Diaz's mansion, a re-appearing shotgun and M4, a 
two car garage, and a re-appearing Maverick on the roof. Not bad eh!!

We'll now be returning to Cortez for his last mission.

Mission 1 - All Hands On Deck !!

The Colonel calls you back for one last mission, and boy is it 
boring. He needs to get out of town, quickly, to escape from the 
French, and he needs you to take out any unwanted attention. Start by 
killing the guys on the boats behind you, and then run to the front 
of the boat. There's a huge blockage out front; destroy at least two 
or three boats, but save your ammo. Use a different weapon to kill 
the people trying to climb up the yacht. Helicopters come next, and 
the hardest but fastest way to shoot them down is by killing the 
pilot. Men will repel down a rope continuously, so make sure you 
shoot the first two helicopters down quickly. Now, head back to the 
front of the boat and kill the remaining French that are still 
heading up the boat. You'll now see a helicopter approaching, shoot 
it down as quickly as possible. To do this, get to the front of the 
boat, and fire like hell at the helicopter until it catches fire and 
explodes. Now watch the cut scene as Cortez sails off, into the open 

Rewards:  $ 5000 and a speed boat.

Now, we will return to Vercetti estate and deal with the business 
that needs to be dealt with there.

Vercetti Estate - Mission 1 - Shakedown

For this set of missions, you'll be working for yourself, the 
missions are slightly harder, but the pay is excellent. This first 
mission involves you scaring the living jesus out of the shop owners 
in the North Point Mall, to acquire protection money off them. For 
this mission you might want to pay close attention to the fact that 
you only have five minutes to do it in, I know that sounds like a 
lot, but it does go quickly, so it's a good idea not to linger and 
waste time in any one place. First of all, get a weapon that can 
smash stuff quickly (a chainsaw is a very good choice), then get a 
car (the Infernus from the front drive is a good choice) and get to 
the North Point Mall, pronto. Once there, enter. You will notice 
there are now a lot of pink dots on your radar. These are the windows 
you have to smash. My advice would be to start with the "Gap" shop, 
as that has a lot of windows to smash, then do the shops on the top 
level as they do take a while to get to, and then finish of with the 
shops on the bottom level, as there aren't very many of them to do. 
Remember the time limit, and don't linger for too long.

Rewards:  $2000 and you can now buy assets.

Mission 2 - Bar Brawl

Before starting this mission, go back to the mall and buy some 
grenades from ammunation, for this mission you WILL need them. Once 
you have got the mission started, hop in the car and drive to the 
bar. As you approach, you'll see two guards standing outside the 
entrance, run them over, then talk to the bar owner. He will tell you 
about some security guards who are waiting for you at the security 
building, he says you have five minutes before they come and blow you 
to. Drive to where they are, and the will drive off, chase them and 
kill them, either via drive-by shootings, running them over or any 
other method you can think of, just kill them and head to the nearest 
pay n' spray to get rid of the wanted level you should now have.

Rewards:  $5000

Mission 3 - Cop Land

One of your henchmen has buggered up big time, and mis-wired a bomb 
that was supposed to blow up a coffee shop that wasn't paying 
protection. Now, you and Lance have to go and finish the job. Sounds 
simple right, wrong. The place is now crawling with cops and they 
know who the guy was working for. You. So, you have to go in there, 
disguised as cops. The first thing you need to do is get a cop 
uniform. So, get in a car, and run over a cop, to get a wanted level 
of two. Now, get the cops that are chasing you to follow you to the 
lockup that is marked on the radar, try and arrive before the cops 
do. Once there, get out the car and get the cops to get out of their 
cars and follow you into the lockup. Wait for Tommy and Lance to 
borrow the cops' uniforms, and then get in a cop car (there's one 
round the side of the lockup) and drive to the North Point Mall. When 
you arrive there, go in and plant the bomb, and RUN. When it 
explodes, you'll have a wanted level of five, which is not funny in 
the slightest. Quick as you can, get in a non-police vehicle and 
drive to the nearest pay n' spray.
Rewards:  $10 000 and the cop outfit is delivered to the Police 
Station in Washington. The Vercetti Mansion now generates $5000 a 
day, so make sure to collect it regularly.

NOTE: These next two mission strategies apply to the final two 
missions of the game, and they are only unlocked after completing 
every asset, so make a note to yourself to come back here, when you 
are at that stage.

Mission 4 - Cap the Collectors

Like I said, you have to beat every, not all but one, every asset in 
the game to unlock these two final missions. These strategies also 
contain spoilers to the end of the game so it is in your best 
interests not to read this bit until you're at that stage in the 
game. You have been warned!!

This mission is fairly simple. The Mafia are taxing all your assets 
and you have to kill them before they tax all of them. Here is the 
order in which they tax them: Boatyard, Sunshine Autos, Ice Cream 
Factory, Kaufman Cabs, Film Studio, The Malibu Club, Pole Position. 
Make sure you have a Colt or Colt Python, and head for the Ice Cream 
Factory. The reason you don't go to the Boatyard or Sunshine Autos is 
that by the time you've got to the Boatyard, they'll be on their way 
to Sunshine Autos, and when you're at Sunshine Autos. They'll be on 
their way to the Ice Cream Factory, and you'll never catch them. It's 
much easier to wait at the Ice cream Factory and deal with them 
there. Once they arrive at the factory, pull out your colt python and 
blow their asses off. They will now send more mafia to the factory, 
so just keep killing them as they arrive, until the mission is 

Rewards:  $30 000

Lance will now call you and tell you that Sonny will pay you a visit 
pretty soon, so get back to the estate for the hardest mission of the 

Mission 5 - Keep your friends close

Well, this is it. The final storyline related mission of the game, 
and it is an absolute son of a bitch. It turns out that Lance is a 
back-stabbing prick and that he has tipped Sonny off about the 
counterfeit cash, so now, not only have you got to kill Sonny, but 
you've also got to teach Lance a lesson as well. Well, best deal with 
Lance first. The mission starts in your main office. Equip your most 
powerful weapon (something like a Spas-12) and, when the mafia turn 
up, blow their knee-caps off. When Lance arrives on the scene, equip 
your uzi and chase Lance up the stairs, firing at him as you go, with 
any luck, he'll be dead before you reach the top of the stairs, if 
not, then chase him out onto the roof and run onto the helipad. Once 
on the helipad, lob grenades down at Lance and the mafia men below. 
Once the mafia men are gone, go down to Lance and Tommy should say 
"The last dance for Lance Vance!" Lance will reply "OY! I said I got 
enough of that at school!!" Now, shoot him until he dies. One prick 
down, one even bigger prick to go!! This is where I start playing 
dirty. Run downstairs, and collect the armour, health and weapons. 
Now, head out the back way, and get to the front drive. Blow up all 
the limousines and mafia people with grenades and rockets. Now, hide 
behind the wreck of a limousine and fire a rocket at Sonny's arse. 
Wasn't that easier than trying to take him on whilst avoiding about 
15 rounds of bullets at the same time!!

Rewards:  $30 000, and the completion of Vice City's storyline 
missions. Well Done!!!

After this mission is over, you will get a phone call from Kent Paul, 
saying that he is in love with Mercedes (he's also drunk, but that's 
not the point). Then, the Colonel will call and ask whether the 
rumours that Mercedes is a lawyer are true, Tommy assures him they 
are not, then, Earnest from the print works alls and says he's fine, 
and that's the first part of Vice City done. Now for the other, 
equally as important stuff that will get you 100% completion.

Non-Storyline related missions

Phone Missions

Every now and again, an anonymous caller will tell you to "Get to the 
phone in ...." These calls are in fact the assassination contracts 
appear on your stats screen. They don't pay much, but are reasonably 
challenging and do require a bit of thought. The first one is in 
Washington, outside the mall.

Mission 1 - Road Kill

This mission is fairly straight forward. The objective is to kill 
this pizza bloke before he finishes his rounds. Get a car and head 
for the yellow dot, when you see him, either run him over or do a 
drive by shooting on him. 

Rewards:  $500

Mission 2 - Waste the Wife

Again, a fairly simple mission, you have to kill the callers wife so 
he gets all her money (or something like that). Make sure you have a 
machine gun, or one that you can do a drive by shooting with and head 
to the pink blip on your radar. Wait till the wife gets into her 
comet, and begin the chase. Try and get along side her and repeatedly 
shoot her car until she catches fire.

Rewards:  $2000

Mission 3 - Autocide

This is a slightly harder mission, but it shouldn't prove to be too 
much of a problem. You have to take out some of these gang members 
who are planning on robbing a bank, which the caller's friend owns. 
You have to kill 6 targets in total and you have about eight minutes 
to do it. For this mission you'll need the weapons you find near the 
phone and rocket launcher. The first guy is working on an 
advertisement board, so, drive to the dot and snipe him (he is 
located behind the board, up high). The next two guys are in a 
security van. Drive to the marker and park about 200 yards away from 
the van, take out a rocket launcher and fire two rockets at the van. 
Now, drive to the next target and fire one rocket at the bobcat he is 
driving. The next is slightly harder, as he is on a boat, fishing, 
drive along land until you can see him, and snipe him. The last 
target is driving on a PCG-600. Simply drive along side him and drive 
by him.

Rewards  $4000

Mission 4 - Check out in the Check in

Get to this mission in a helicopter, which you should park on the 
grass in front of the airport. Now, go into the airport and collect 
the mission. Approach the target until the meter is about a quarter-
half full. Zoom in and shoot her acquaintances, take the briefcase 
and run back to your helicopter and fly to the nearest pay n' spray.

Rewards:  $8000

Mission 5 - Loose Ends

Again, get to this mission in a helicopter, which should be parked 
just by the phone, but not so close that it disappears after the 
briefing. Fly the helicopter to the top of Cherry Poppers Ice cream 
Factory and kill the two goons on top , now, take the briefcase to 
the airport via helicopter.

Rewards:  $ 16 000

Avery Carrington

Avery's missions become available after completing "Riot" for Ken 
Rosenburg. His missions vary from vary easy to an absolute nightmare.

Mission 1 - Four Iron

A rich man in town is starting to annoy Avery a little bit, so he 
wants you to kill him. First, head over to the sports shop and get 
your golf clothes, now, head over to ammu-nation and get a melee 
weapon (meat clever, machete, samurai sword) and head over to the 
golf course, go in and go over to the bloke you have to kill. When 
you are close enough, he will get his body-guards to come and attack 
you. Slice them up and then grab a caddy and chase after him. What 
you have to do now is simple, ram him continually until he falls into 
the lake.

Rewards:  $500- Golf clothes are now available at the GAP store in 
the North Point Mall

Mission 2 - Demolition Man

This mission can be quite hard, especially if you're not used to 
controlling a helicopter. The idea is to destroy a building site 
across the road from Avery's, which is in the way of Avery's planned 
apartment block. The thing is though, you have to do it using a 
helicopter to plant the bomb as the site is too well guarded for you 
to plant it manually. This mission is really a test of your ability 
to plant things quickly and accurately, and your first taste of 
flying a helicopter. Go to the top fun van which is a few yards down 
the street from where you are now, and hop in to begin the mission. 
Press x to make the helicopter hover upwards and then fly over to one 
of the bombs using the directional buttons or joystick. Land one it 
to pick it up and fly it over to the opposite site. When you get 
there, you'll see a couple of builders come running at you with 
spanners, simply tilt the helicopter so they run into the blades and 
get chopped up. Now, head over to the pink circle of light, and plant 
the bomb. You now have to do this three more times. One bomb on each 
level, once this has been accomplished, sit back and watch the 

Rewards:   $1000

Mission 3 - Two Bit Hit (only available after completing "Phnom Phen 
for Ricardo Diaz)

This mission will be rather nostalgic for you if you completed GTA 
III as Donald Love is in it, not the same one mind you.
Also, Avery's speech is rather like the one Donald gave you "nothing 
brings down real estate prices like a good old fashioned Gang War, 
except maybe an outbreak of plague, but that may be going too far in 
this case". You basically have to kill the Haitian lord is attending 
a funeral downtown. So, head over to the clothes shop and grab some 
Cuban gear, now head over to the funeral. When you get there, you 
will get a "spotted" message you now need to get to the Haitian lord 
and run him over, if he gets into his car and drives away, follow 
him. Chase him through town, making sure to avoid the exploding 
coffins that come out the back of the hearse and shoot at his car 
with your gun until his car sets on fire and he gets out, now all you 
have to do is simply run him over.

Rewards:  $2500 and Umberto Robina (Cuban Lord) will call and you can 
now take missions from him. He can be found at his cafe in Little 
Havana. Let's go there shall we.

Umberto Robina's missions

Umberto is the guy who is in charge of the Cubans and he admires your 
"big cojones", whatever they are supposed to be, I don't think he is 
that way inclined but, just watch yourself !!

Mission 1 - Stunt Boat Challenge 

Umberto isn't quite convinced that your up to the challenge of 
working for him, so he has set you the challenge of getting through 
some checkpoints on a boat, under a certain time, pretty simple 
really. Anyway, get to the boat to start the mission. Make sure you 
don't miss any checkpoints, particularly the ones where you have to 
jump over a ramp to get to them. 

Rewards:  $1000 and Auntie Poulet will call and invite you to come 
and work for her and the Haitians, stick with the Cubans for now 

Mission 2 - Canon Fodder

First off, get a car that will seat at least four people, including 
you, a van or taxi is a safe bet, but any four seater will do. Now, 
go and head over to the Haitian factory, where the battle is taking 
place. When you get there, get out a rocket launcher or any other 
explosive weapon, and blow up the car which the Haitians are hiding 
behind, kill any that survive the blast. You'll now get a cut scene 
during which you see a sniper on the roof of the factory, blow his 
head off with your sniper rifle, and continue. You will now be in a 
yard where the Cubans are having a shootout with the Haitians. You 
may also have noticed a van, just inside the yard you are in now. As 
it happens, this van is quite important as you need to get it back to 
the factory before it gets destroyed by any stray bullets or by other 
means. Feel free to help the Cubans out with the gun fight, but it is 
advised you don't linger in this area for too long, the chief reason 
being the van. Anyway, after you've blown enough Haitians to bits, 
get in the van, wait for Rico (Umberto's assistant, he was with you 
in the last mission aswell) to get in also and then simply drive back 
to the cafe.

Rewards:  $2000

Mission 3 - Naval Engagement

The Haitians have stolen the drugs and cash that was in the van you 
stole during the last mission. This has really p***ed off Umberto as 
he hates the Haitians and he needed those drugs and the cash, so he 
sends you to go and retrieve it. So, head over to the docks near 
"cherry poppers ice cream" and meet up with Rico. When you get to the 
Haitians, pull out a rocket launcher or any other weapon that does 
loads of damage very quickly and blast the boats to hell, then take 
care of the ones that are standing on the dock. Now, when you arrive 
on land pull out your sniper rifle and pick off all the Haitians in 
sight. There is one on the roof and one round each of the two 
corners. When they have been disposed of, collect the two briefcases 
and escape PROBLEM !!! Rico and the boat have just been blown to 
bits, leaving you stranded on the island with no way of escape. The 
answer to this dilemma is simply to head out onto the road (it's 
behind the mansion) get a car and drive over the bridge that leads to 
the western island. Then you should drive to the nearest pay n' spray 
to get rid of that wanted level you've recently acquired. Once the 
cops are gone, drive back to the cafe.
Rewards:  $4000
As you can't do the final Cuban mission until you've done all the 
Haitian missions, check out the  "Auntie Poulet" mission strategies 
in the next section, complete all the missions for her, and then come 
back to this mission strategy.
Mission 4 - Trojan Voodoo
I like this mission. I like it a lot. It reminds of two missions from 
GTA 3, the first being "Bomb Da Base" where you had to protect 8 Ball 
while he planted a bomb on this Columbian ship, the second was "Blow 
Fish" where you blew up the Triad Fish Factory, anyway, on with the 
strategy. Start by getting a Haitian gang car, there are quite a lot 
of them around Little Haiti. Then, take Pepe to the other Cubans, who 
are across the road from Kaufman Cabs. Now, follow them to the 
factory and enter with them, it is very important you stay in your 
car until you're inside the factory, so bear this in mind. When 
you're inside the factory, equip a powerful weapon (something like a 
Colt Python) and start blowing away the Haitians. When you can, enter 
the actual factory and blow away the Haitians in there, when it is 
safe, plant the bombs. There are two downstairs and one upstairs. 
Once they are all planted, you need to get out of the factory so the 
Cubans at the cafe can detonate them. So, run back the way you came 
to the gates, you'll find they are locked, so head right and climb up 
the stairs onto the roof, run across the roof and you will eventually 
get a cinema which shows the Haitian factory being blown up and 
becoming a pile of dust.
Rewards:  $10000 conformation from Umberto that you do have big 
cojones !!
 D The Haitians and Auntie Poulet
Auntie Poulet freaked me out big style, I kept expecting her to say 
"Call me for your free tarot reading and 200 kg of cocan!! She is the 
strangest character of Vice City and the best tea server as she puts 
something in it that makes Tommy unconscious and very forgetful. Her 
missions aren't very hard, put can be a pain in the arse if you get 
them wrong.
Mission 1 - Juju Scramble
The objective for this mission is to get the drugs that Auntie Poulet 
needs for her "special brew" before the cops can get to it. It sounds 
simple, but what she didn't tell you was how many cops you get after 
you, after picking each one up.  You get about five stars after 
picking up the first one and then, they just keep coming. Anyway, not 
letting that put you off, grab a durable car and head to the first 
pink dot. Climb the stairs to the roof and you'll find the suitcase 
on the roof. Collect it and you'll see an army dude saying something 
like "don't move punk". Now, run and jump off the roof, get in your 
car and get to the second package quickly. Once the second suitcase 
has been obtained and you're on your way to the third, take the time 
to call in at the pay n' spray and get rid of the three stars you 
will have acquired, NOTE: it is really easy to lose tons of time 
whilst driving to the pay n' spray because you're constantly under 
attack from the cops who keep ramming you and sending you spinning at 
which point it is incredibly difficult to gain control of your 
vehicle again, so watch out for that. Once you've got rid of the 
wanted level, drive to the third and final suitcase, collect it, and 
head back to Auntie Poulet's house.
Rewards: $1000
Mission 2 - Bombs Away
Damn! This mission is hard. It's another RC mission where you have to 
use an aircraft that has some mega dodgy controls. Before you 
actually do this mission for real, I strongly recommend a test flight 
or two, just to get used to the controls and handling of the plane. 
Anyway, fly the plane to where the Cubans are docked (it's the same 
place as " Naval Engagement" took place in. When you get there, fly 
over the boats so you can see the back of them, and fire a bomb at 
the middle boat, hopefully, this will take out the majority of the 
Cubans and (probably) all the boats, if one gets away however, don't 
panic, simply chase it down and blow it up, it doesn't escape, it 
simply goes round in circles. Now, go back to the mansion at the 
start of the level (where you blew up the boats) and take out any 
Cubans who are on the dock, you'll now get a message saying that two 
Cubans are trying to escape in a car, you know what to do now, blow 
them up with a bomb.
Rewards:  $2000
Mission 3 - Dirty Lickins'
This is the easiest mission ever, provided you DON'T use the sniper 
rifle much, it's aim is crap and it can't take out enemies "on mass" 
as it were, and in this mission, that's very important. So, get to 
the vantage point, DON'T take the adrenaline pill and take out your 
sniper rifle. Start picking off Cubans until the first load of 
reinforcements arrive, now, take out a rocket launcher and blow them 
all up before they even reach the fight. Now, continue picking off 
Cubans until the vans arrive, again, blow them up before the Cubans 
can get out of them.   Finally, a group of Cubans will appear from an 
alley, take out your M-60 and take them all out.
Rewards: $5000, and you finally get shut of the crazy Auntie Poulet, 
E Lovefist - The crazy drunken rock band from Scotland
Ah yes!! The band that Rockstar themselves set up. They are a bunch 
of heavy punk rockers who are permanently drunk off their ass and 
drugged up to the eyeballs, and believe me, there is nothing funnier 
than a bunch of drunken Scotsmen.
Mission 1 - Love Juice
A fairly simple mission if you are a fast driver and a fairly 
accurate shot with drive-bys. To start off, get a fast car (something 
like a phoenix, or PCG 600) and head to the pink dot on your radar. 
When the drug dealer tries to get away, ram him off his bike and run 
him over, or shoot him if you're on a bike, and get the drugs and 
money back. You'll now get a call that says Love Fist need some 
lovin' and Tommy says he knows just the girl. So, make sure you have 
a fast car and head to Mercedes' Apartment. When she gets in your 
car, put your foot down and drive full speed back to Love Fist, as 
you have one and a half minutes before they have to go on stage. Once 
you get there, drop Mercedes off to finish the mission.
Rewards:  $2000 and a phone call from Paul Kent, saying that Love 
Fist need some security for the tour, Mitch Baker is the man for this 
and he is now open for business, but we'll stick with Love Fist for 
Mission 2 - Psycho Killer
Someone has got it in for Love Fist and you have to take him out 
before he takes them out. Well, get a car and get to the book 
signing, where the Psycho is. After the pointless cinema, follow his 
car and keep shooting at it until it blows up.
Rewards:  $4000
NOTE: You can't do the next mission until you've completed Mitch 
Baker's missions, so see the section below for his mission strategies 
and then come back to this one.
Mission 3 - Publicity Tour
This is the funniest mission ever. You have to drive Love Fist to 
their next gig, but there is a bomb in the limo which will go off, if 
the limo stops or slows down. The other problem is Love Fist are 
trying to diffuse it are drunk off their asses (for a change) and 
believe me, nothing is funnier that drunken scots trying to do 
something intelligent, whilst panicking like hell. Just keep driving 
up and down a straight stretch of road (the one along the west island 
is a good one) until they finally diffuse it. When they do, drive 
them to their venue and watch the cut scene.
Rewards: $8000, and that's it for Love Fist and Paul Kent.
F Big Mitch Baker and the biker gang
Big Mitch Baker and his gang can be found a their shop which is in 
the downtown area. His missions are fairly easy and      pay quite 
Mission 1 - Alloy Wheels of Steel
This is a racing mission, so I can't help much. What I can do though 
is give you a tip that will get you a good lead at the start, or at 
least give you a good start that should win you the race. When the 
race starts, run to one of the racers and steal their bike, this 
gives you only two racers to race as a pose to three. Now, when the 
race starts, accelerate to top speed and you should be near the 
front. It's now up to you to keep the lead and ensure you don't fall 
off your bike and waste time. Once you've got a good lead though, 
it's not that hard to keep it as the other racers drive recklessly 
and are always driving into walls and things, so you shouldn't have 
much of a problem in passing this mission.
Rewards: $1000
Mission 2 - Messing with the man
Different people have different strategies for this mission, but I'll 
just give you the most straightforward one.  Basically, you have two 
minutes to show Mitch how annoyed you are and how much damage you can 
do. Before you collect the mission, get a cop car and then drive to 
Mitch's shop and collect the mission. When it starts, blow up the cop 
car and then shoot it repeatedly and watch your chaos meter gradually 
fill up.
Rewards:  $2000
Mission 3 - Hog Tied
A gang has stolen Mitch Baker's bike and he wants you to get it back 
for him, if you do, Love Fist have got their gig protection. To start 
of with, get a sniper rifle, it will come in handy and make the 
mission a lot easier. Now, get a bike (a PCG 600 is the nest to use, 
but any will do, as long as it isn't a scooter) and head to the 
stairs just opposite Ammunation in downtown. You'll have to jump 
these stairs and get onto the roof of Ammunation. So, rev up your 
bike and ride up the stairs and do the jump. Once you're safely on 
the roof, take out your sniper rifle and pick off the gang members 
who are guarding the bike, you may have to change positions on the 
roof to get them all. Once they are all dead, jump off the roof, into 
the compound and get on Mitch's Bike. To get out of this area, drive 
round it until you find the short set of stairs and jump over them. 
You'll now be met with three Gang Burritos and some very pissed gang 
members. You must now get back to Mitch's shop with his bike. Getting 
rid of the gang is easy, simply weave in and out of the traffic and 
go down a lot of back alleys, once you're back at Mitch's shop, park 
his bike in the highlighted zone.
Rewards:  $4000  and Love Fist have got their security for the gig.
G Phil Cassidy - Vice City's gun specialist
After buying the Malibu Club (see assets section) and completing "The 
Job" you can find Phil at his place near the junkyard in Little 
Haiti. He is marked with a P on your radar.
Mission 1 - Gun Runner
This is a son of a bitch to complete successfully. Get in Phil's 
Patriot and head t one of the dots on your radar. When you get there, 
continually ram and drive by it until it explodes, pick up the 
weapons it drops and do the same to the other one. After you've taken 
the weapons it drops, assholes on Fagios will come and start shooting 
at you, you don't have to kill them but you do get $100 for each one 
you kill, easy way to get cash if you're a bit low. Now do the same 
thing to the remaining trucks, being careful not to get a wanted 
Rewards:  $2000
Mission 2 - Boomshine Saigon
Remember in GTA III when you had to do the mission for Ray called 
"arms shortage", well this mission will explain why Phil only had the 
one arm and how he lost it. He was messing around with some boomshine 
(moon shine mixed with a highly toxic and explosive battery acid) 
when Tommy arrived. Phil offered to show Tommy what he was doing, but 
it didn't work first time, so he went to get some more acid. However, 
it went off in his face and blew of Phil's arm. So, Phil was drunk 
off his ass and only had one arm. You now have to drive him to the 
hospital before he dies of a blood clot or something, the problem is, 
boomshine is so strong that you also are drunk off your ass and you 
still have to drive Phil to the hospital. So, drive out the gate of 
Phil's Place and into Little Haiti. Make sure you don't run anyone 
over or you start getting cops after you, and trying to evade cops 
whilst drunk is not an easy thing to do, trust me I know from 
experience. Drive Phil to the hospital, but, when you arrive, he says 
it's too public and insists you take him to a specialist he knows, 
which is just down the road, once you've arrived at the specialist 
you finish the mission and get your vision back again.
Rewards:  $5000, and you can now buy some pretty cool weapons from 
Phil's Place.
Congrats!!! You've just completed every mission in Vice City, but you 
still have a lot to do to get 100% completion.
R3 Missions
In some vehicles you can start another career by pressing the R3 
button. These missions range from a simple pizza boy with a Fagio to 
a cop with a helicopter that fires missiles!! The successful 
completion of a certain number of these missions, unlock something 
very special and all of them must be completed to gain 100% 
Pizza Boy
Vehicle of Choice: Pizza Fagio
People need their pizza!! Hop on a Pizza bike and activate the 
mission. You now need to drive around town, throwing pizzas at the 
customers, you can only carry six pizzas at a time, which makes 
levels 1-6 pretty straight forward, but levels 7 onwards require fast 
driving and excellent throwing skills. You can't afford to linger on 
your way back either, as you only get 30 seconds, which cannot be 
wasted, particularly if you have gone back because you ran out of 
pizzas and there is another customer waiting.
Level to complete:  10
Rewards for completing Level 10:  150 Health
Taxi Driver
Vehicle of Choice:  Taxi (either Kaufman or Sunset)
When the mission is activated, wait a few seconds and you should see 
a yellow dot on your radar, this is someone who needs to be taxied to 
somewhere, park right beside them and let them clamber in. Now, 
simply take them to wherever they want to go. Watch how you drive 
though because if your car is too knackered the passenger will flee 
and you'll have to find another one. For five passengers in a row you 
get $500, for ten you get $1000, for fifteen you get $1500 etc.
Level to complete:  Deliver 100 people to their destination
Rewards for delivering 100 people:  Taxis can now jump over on coming 
Vehicle of Choice: Fire Engine
Burn Baby Burn!! Clamber into the fire engine and begin. You have to 
put out vehicles around Vice City that are on fire Try to get to the 
fires as quickly as you can and press O to fire the water cannon and 
put out the fire, watch out though. As sometimes people jump out of 
the vehicles and they are also on fire, put them out and head to the 
next emergency. 
Level to complete:  12
Reward for completing Level 12:  You are able to run through fires 
unharmed, pretty cool eh !!
Ever wanted to feature in an episode of casualty or ER. Well, now you 
can, simply by clambering into an ambulance and pressing the R3 
button. You have to drive around town, picking up patients and taking 
them to the hospital, drive carefully though, as each bump decreases 
the patients chances of survival.
Level to complete:  12
Reward for completing Level 12:  Infinite Sprint. You can sprint 
without getting tired.
Vehicles of choice:  police car, enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI 
Washington, Predator, undercover Cheetah or a Rhino
When driving any of the vehicles mentioned above , pressing R3 starts 
you the vigilante missions, where you basically have to kill as many 
criminals as you can within the time limit. There is a pattern to 
notice which is that for every level you complete another criminal 
gets put into the vehicle on the next level i.e. when you complete a 
level with only one criminal in the vehicle, there will be two 
criminals in the car on the next level, and so on, and for every four 
levels completed there will be more vehicles to destroy.
Level to complete:  12
Reward for completing level 12: 150 Armour
Brown Thunder
Vehicle of choice: Hunter
After you have collected all 100 hidden packages, not after 
completing "keep your friends close", I know some guides will tell 
you it is available after completing "Keep your friends close", but 
that, frankly, is a load of crap. You have to get all 100 hidden 
packages for it to be available. Anyway, after collecting all 100 
hidden packages, the Hunter is available at Fort Baxter Air Base, 
near the airport. Steal it (use the cop uniform to avoid being shot 
at) and press R3 to begin this, slightly different vigilante mission. 
Basically you have to kill criminals, just like on the other 
vigilante mission, but you can fire missiles at them, making the 
mission a whole lot easier.
Level to complete:  12
Rewards for completing level 12: 150 Armour
Arena Missions

From 20:00 till 23:59 the arena in Downtown holds various challenges, 
some being more challenging than others, but they are all rewarding 
in some way or other.

1.	Bloodring - A demolition derby race for checkpoints

This one took me three days to complete, it's an absolute pain. The 
other drivers must be either very bad drivers, very aggressive 
drivers or just completely drunk. They will ram you at every 
checkpoint and will not stop ramming you until you can either escape 
or lose them or you blow up. You have to get to the various 
checkpoints whilst trying to avoid being blown up by the other 
racers. The good news is that you only have to survive till the clock 
reads one minute so it's not that long. Your reward for this one 
isn't fixed, all I can say is that it is more if you manage to 
destroy some of the other cars on your way round and once you finish, 
there is a bloodring racer on the left side of the track, get that to 
a garage quick, it'll help later on.

2.	Dirt ring - 32 checkpoints, a Sanchez and no time limit

This one is also quite a hard one to do as the checkpoints in this 
are even harder to reach than in the last mission. Firstly, grab the 
checkpoints that are on the ground in the small track. Now, grab the 
ones that require a jump to reach (fairly simple) ad then grab the 
looped ones and the other kind of easy ones. Now go for the ones 
which you have to cross a pipe of piece of wood (the ones that don't 
have cars beneath them) and finally get the ones that are accessible 
by crossing a piece of wood or pipe that is suspended over a few 

Rewards:    under 5 minutes:  $50,000!
Reward:     under 10 minutes: $10,000.
Reward:     over 10 minutes:  $5,000.
3.	Hotring:  A 12 lap race

  This is not easy at all. The first six cars want to race. The last 
six are hell bent and destroying everything around them. Get a quick 
jump into the top five off the start and try to get up to first or 
second within a couple of laps. There will be the occasional pile of                     
cars in the middle of the track that will ram your car and slow you 
to a halt. If your car reaches a sliver of health get to the pit 
stop! Losing a few places is better than losing the race.

Rewards:            $500 for third
                    $1000 for second
                    $2000 for first



There is a huge difference between rampages in Vice City and rampages 
in GTA3. For one thing, there are a lot less of them and they only 
have one location. I would, however, advise saving after each one in 
case you game suddenly freezes or something. I have also been 
informed (by email) of five little tips to make rampages a lot easier 
(note: the people who contributed are given credit at the end of this 

1.	Having 150 health and armour
2.	If the Haitians hate you then beware, the melee rampages will    
3.	Having full health and armour before beginning a rampage
4.	This is dishonest, but what the hell!! Using the hunter's 
machine guns and rockets, the tank's turret and the sea sparrow's 
sub-machine guns can make rampages one hell of a lot simpler.

1.	The first Rampage is located just south of the Ocean View 
(the first hotel you drove to, right at the start of the game)

Weapon of choice: Molotov Cocktails
What to do:  Kill 30 Gang Members 
How to do:  Find a clump of gang members, get a good distance away 
from them and keep chucking cocktails at them. Now, after they are 
dead, some more should come along to try and help their friends, 
flame them aswell. Now, simply keep flaming them until you hit 
thirty, pretty straight- forward really.

2. The second rampage is located in between the lighthouse and the 
main beach. If you're not quite sure where the lighthouse is, check 
out hidden package 2 in the appropriate section.

Weapon of choice: Car
What to do:  Kill thirty gang members
How to do: Simply drive up and down the sidewalk squashing gang 
members. How easy would you like it !!

3. On a hut, south of Colonel Cortez's yacht. You will first have to 
have completed the first set of mission for the Colonel    to be able 
to access a boat. When you can, head south of his yacht and you 
should find an incomplete hut, the rampage should be pretty obvious 

Weapon of choice: Rocket launcher
What to do: Destroy ten vehicles
How to do: Boats are your target as you're in the middle of the 
ocean. Just blow up every single boat that comes past, being careful 
not to destroy your own, as you need it to get back to land again.

4. This rampage is on top of the Washington Mall. In case you aren't 
quite sure where that is, it is where the first phone mission was, if 
you're still confused, check the map that came with the game. Once 
you're at the mall, use the ramps to get up to the top, and the 
rampage will be pretty obvious.

Weapon of choice: Shotgun
What to do: Kill twenty five gang members
How to do: The trickiest thing about this rampage is that you won't 
always hit and kill in one shot.   So, jump down onto    sidewalk and 
start blowing away the gang members

5. Get to the Washington Hospital, the easiest way to do this is to 
just get wasted in the general area, and you appear right outside it. 
Once you're there, look for a grey L shape on your radar, head 
towards that, and the rampage is just beside it

Weapon of choice: Katana
What to do: Kill ten gang members
How to do: Find a group of gang members, preferably ones that can't 
cause you too much damage when they fight back (which they will). 
Now, simply slash them all to pieces and try to stop laughing as they 
all fall to the ground without a head.
6. Near the Ocean View Hotel is a car park. Head up the ramp at the 
top end of the car park and this rampage is in the corner.

Weapon of choice: PSG-1
What to do: Kill thirty-five gang members
How to do: The sniper rifle actually has rapid fire. Don't worry 
about the cops or other gang members, they won't touch    you, so 
have fun blowing away limbs and killing a ton of people.
7. Directly across the road from Rafaels's clothes shop is an 
apartment complex. The rampage is in this complex.

Weapon of choice: Chainsaw
What to do: Kill 20 gang members
How to do: This is fun!! Walk up to a pack of gang members and press 
circle to chop them up, then do the same to the others that come 
along, you can keep the saw going by holding down the circle button, 
so the gang members can't touch you.

8. Get to the ocean beach hotel. Now, travel down the road and the 
rampage is in the second house with stairs. It's on a wall, so you 
may have to jump onto the wall first.

Weapon of choice: M4
What to do: Kill 25 gang members
How to do: Firstly, I would advise staying on the ledge where you 
picked the rampage up, as it gives you a good vantage point. Now, 
simply aim the weapon (manually) at a pack of gang members and blow 
them away, before they know what's happening they'll be dead.

9. Next to the bridge leading to Starfish Island (I mean RIGHT next 
to it) are some stairs. Run up them and the rampage is next to the 
long pool.

Weapon of choice: MP5
What to do: Kill 25 gang members
How to do: The first thing to bear in mind is that, for this rampage, 
drive-by's don't count. What you have to do is aim at a gang member 
and shoot him. Then you'll get more of them charging at you, simply 
pick them off, one by one.

10. Just south of the Mailbu Club is a huge hotel (I mean it, it is 
massive) head around the back of it, and the rampage is in the 
Weapon of choice: Spaz 12 shotgun
What to do:  Kill 30 gang members
How to do: This is the easiest of them all!!! Simply kill one gang 
member and pick off all the others that come at you. If you aim 
right, you can take out two or three in one.
11. Head back to the location of the last rampage and head a bit 
further north. On you left you should see some diving boards. This 
rampage is on top of the diving boards.

Weapon of choice: PSG-1
What to do: Kill 10 Gang Members
How to do: Wait you stop laughing, fire ten shots at ten gang 

12. In the little cul-de-sac near Leaf Links. Very easily found.
Weapon: Drive-By (Uzi)
What to do: Kill 35 Gang Members
How to do: Drive around the cul-de-sac firing until you have enough 
kills. This is easier on a motorcycle because you can    fire 
forward. Just keep killing them. If they come up to your car, kill 
them before you get pulled out.

13. Near Leaf Links, on a dock behind the apartments.

Weapon: Chainsaw
What to do: Kill 20 Gang Members
How to do: Rev it up and charge at a pack of gang members. By holding 
down Circle you can keep attacking with it. Just mow them down one-

14. In the North Point Mall, there is an escalator, correct? Well, 
take this up to the second level and you will be opposite the GAP 
shop. Well, go right and run round the level until you come to a 
plant with some bushes at the bottom and a shop that you can enter 
opposite (if it helps, it's a shop that sells electronic goods) the 
rampage is in the bushes at the bottom of the plant.

Weapon of choice: Rocket Launcher
What to do: Kill 30 Gang Members
How to do: An important thing to bear in mind is that when you are 
using the rocket launcher, you're your own worst enemy, one mis-aimed 
shot and you'll be in more pieces than can be counted. So, watch what 
you aim at. Apart from that, this is a fairly easy rampage, simply 
fire at a group of Gang Members and watch them blow up, be careful 
not to hit any cops mind you as that just attracts un-necessary 

15. Outside the doors to the North Point Mall, on the east side.

Weapon of choice: M4
What to do: Kill 35 Gang Members
How to do: simply aim the weapon (manually) at a pack of gang members 
and blow them away, before they know what's happening they'll be 
dead. Hint: for added blood and gore, aim and shoot at their heads.

16. There are some buildings in between the North Point Mall and the 
main beach. This package is round the back of the short white and 
orange building with stairs leading up to it

Weapon of choice: Colt Python
What to do: Kill 25 Gang Members
How to do: The colt python has a very accurate aim and can kill in 
one shot, these facts should be taken advantage of as often as 
possible on this rampage. So, all you have to do is find a group of 
gang members and unload a shot into their backs, easy or what !!

17. This rampage is at the very North of the island. Near the North 
Point Mall is a car park, opposite this car park is a building. The 
rampage is located just behind the ramp on the right of this 

Weapon of choice: Drive by (Uzi)
What to do: Kill 30 gang members
How to do: Get a PCG-100 and zoom around shooting everyone (NOT 
COPS). One thing to note is that only drive by's work so you can't 
just run everyone over, and watch out for the cops, if you get a 
wanted level, try and avoid them, but if you absolutely must then go 
to a pay n' spray.

CONGRATS!! You have now completed all rampages in the first island, 
now onto Starfish Island

18. This is the only rampage on Starfish Island. If you are heading 
west on the main road in Starfish Island, the rampage is in the yard 
of the house on the last right turn before the bridge. It is on the 
left side of the road you turn onto. You need to jump over the fence 
to get it, so park a car, jump on the car, and jump over the fence. 
The rampage is right by the driveway near the house.
Weapon of choice: Car
What to do: Kill 35 Gang Members
How to do:  Firstly, get out of the closed area via the ramp that is 
against the wall, now, head towards a pack of gang members at full 
speed, this should kill them and get you approximately 8 kills, now, 
find another pack of gang members and do the same to them. Keep doing 
this till you have 35 kills.
19. At the docks, just before the road splits, is a huge cargo ship. 
Get on the ship via the ramp and look in between the maze of boxes, 
it's almost in the middle of them.

Weapon of choice: Rocket Launcher
What to do: Destroy 15 vehicles
How to do: First, bear in mind the advice I gave you, the last time 
you had to use a rocket launcher, avoid close range shots, as they 
will backfire and blow you up. Also, whilst doing this rampage, there 
is a short amount of vehicles to blow up, so I'd advise either 
parking a vehicle in the middle of the road, so that you get a 
traffic jam, or get some cops after you and blow their cars, 
personally I'd go for option 1 as it is safer and you're less likely 
to get busted, but it's up to you.

20. From the Hyman Condo, follow the road straight towards the docks 
and pay close attention to the buildings on your right and you will 
eventually see "Cherry Popper Ice Cream", when you see it, keep going 
and take the second right. You will now be heading towards the 
Airport, on your left should be a large, orange hotel, the rampage is 
round the left of this building.

Weapon of choice: Grenades
What to do: Kill 35 gang members
How to do: Firstly, never throw a grenade at a gang member who is 
walking by. The reason is, it will not hit him, instead it will hit 
the wall behind him, bounce off and blow up, probably near you. This 
not only takes some of your health away, but it also wastes a 
grenade, which is never a good thing. So, on with the rampage. 
Fortunately for you, there are a lot of gang members hanging around 
the airport, so, throw a grenade into a pack of them from far away 
(so you have time to run if some come after you) and watch them get 
blown to pieces.

21. Get a helicopter and land on the roof of Escobar International 
Airport. This rampage is located in one of the hills of the roof. 
NOTE: Do not get the hidden package there yet, trust me, if you get 
it now it will screw you up big time when you actually start 
collecting them.
Weapon of choice: rocket Launcher
What to do: Destroy 12 vehicles
How to do: Stay on the roof, it is easier to see the vehicles and 
easier to hit them from the roof than on the ground, and the cops 
can't get you if you get a wanted level. Luckily, there are loads of 
vehicles at the airport, so, fire away!! 
22. When you look into the airport from outside, you will see this 
rampage. So, simply head in and grab it. HINT: Follow the glass 
window and you'll easily get it.

Weapon of choice: Spaz - 12 Shotgun
What to do: Kill 25 Gang Members
How to do: The spaz 12 makes this rampage incredibly easy. Simply, 
walk up to a pack of gang members and unload some lead into them. 
Don't worry about the cops, they won't do much to you, as you're 

23. In some bushes next to the walls that surround Fort Baxter Air 

Weapon of choice: Mini-Gun
What to do: Destroy 15 vehicles
How to do:  As the mini gun is extremely powerful, it can blow up a 
car in two seconds. So, simply stand on the pavement and fire at the 
traffic coming past. It shouldn't take you that long to get 15 kills.

24. From sunshine autos (the car showroom) head north, and you'll 
eventually find an alley. Head down that alley and go up the stairs 
leading to the roof of a building with a red awning and the package 
is just there.

Weapon of choice: Ruger
What to do: Kill 20 gang members
How to do: This a fairly easy rampage. The ruger is a one hit kill 
weapon which makes it very easy to get a lot of kills quickly. So, 
walk up to a gang and fire at them all, this should get you about 5 
kills. Now, simply continue doing this until you have 20 kills.

25. You need a helicopter to get this one. Once you get it, fly to 
the bridge connecting Starfish Island to the large West Island. 
Directly across the street from the bridge is the building with the 
rampage on the roof. Look at the roofs; it should be easy to spot the 
purple icon. Land the helicopter on the roof and get it.

Weapon of choice: Sniper Rifle
What to do: Kill 20 gang members
How to do: First of all, the Sniper Rifle is the worst weapon in the 
game when it comes to re-loading quickly, so stay on the roof, out of 
harm's way. Now all you need to do is pick the gang members off from 
a nice, safe distance.
26. If you know where the El Currupto Bank is, then it's behind that. 
Just go down an alley and the rampage is in the loading bay. However, 
if you don't know where it is then I hope you kept the helicopter 
from the last rampage. Well, fly your helicopter a bit north from the 
building in the last rampage and you should see a large open area, 
this is the loading bay.

Weapon of choice: Katana
What to do: Kill 10 Gang Members
How to do:  Walk up to some gang members and press o to use the 
katana, and SLASH. They're all in pieces!
 27. In the center of Little Havana is a basketball court. The 
rampage is in the middle of the court. If you can't find it then use 
a helicopter and you'll be able to see it from the air.
Weapon of choice: Shotgun
What to do: Kill 25 gang members,
How to do: The hardest thing about this rampage is that when you 
shoot someone at close range all that happens is Tommy knocks them 
down, he doesn't shoot them. So, to avoid this problem simply shoot 
the gang members from across the street and you should be able to get 
25 kills without much of a problem.

28. Near the Print Works is a wooden fence, and a billboard that 
reads "Life's a bitch". Behind that fence are some houses and a yard. 
The rampage is in the north corner of this yard.
Weapon of choice: Tec-9
What to do: Kill 35 Gang Members
How to do: First off, the tec 9 is an absolute pain in the backside 
to use or shoot anything with, never mind 35 gang members. So, the 
best thing to do is walk up behind a pack of gang members and let 
rip, and then run when they shoot after you. Or, the easier way is to 
simply shoot at every gang member you see.

29. Now, go north, towards Kaufman cab but stop when you see the  
"welcome to hell" billboard. On your left is an alley, follow it and 
turn left to find this rampage.

Weapon of choice: Spaz 12 Shotgun
What to do: Kill 35 gang members
How to do: Finally, an easy rampage. This gun takes out two or three 
gang members at once, so simply unload rounds into packs of gang 
members and watch the blood spill!!

30. Take the west bridge heading from Starfish Island. Once you get 
off, head north up that road with all the palm trees. Stay on it for 
a while, until you see a building with a large pool in front, with a 
sign that says Moist Palms Hotel. Turn in the road by the hotel and 
head towards the parking lot. Once you get in the parking lot, turn 
right real quick, and right again, to find the rampage right next to 
the hotel. 

Weapon of choice:  M60
What to do: Kill 30 gang members
How to do:  This gun kills in one shot and is extremely accurate. 
Simply crouch behind a group of gang members and fire at them. This 
gun kills in one shot and is extremely accurate.
31. In downtown is a pizza shop. To the left of this shop is an 
alley. Head down this alley and make a left at the end to find
this rampage.
Weapon of choice: Drive by (Uzi) 
What to do: Kill 35 gang members
How to do: This one could mess you up, if you don't have a fast and 
durable car. A landstalker is a safe bet, anyway, get in the car and 
drive up and down the road by the pizza shop and drive by all the 
gang members you find. 
32. Do you remember the mission "Hog Tied", where you had to jump 
onto the ammunation roof to get a bike back for Mitch Baker. This 
rampages is on the stairs you used to jump onto the roof. If you 
don't remember where the stairs are, then stand outside the entrance 
to ammunation and look toward the street opposite, you'll then see 

Weapon of choice: Colt Python
What to do: Kill 35 Gang Members
How to do: As the colt python kills in one shot, all you have to do 
is aim at a gang member and shoot him, repeat this till you have 35 
33. When you arrive in downtown from the bridge coming from Prawn 
Island, keep looking right and you will eventually see a fairly large 
flight of stairs leading up to a building. Head up these stairs to 
find the rampage.
Weapon of choice: Molotov Cocktails
What to do: Kill 40 (!!) gang members
How to do:  The first thing to bear in mind is NEVER throw a cocktail 
at close range, it will mess you up big style. So, stand at the other 
side of the street to who you're throwing the cocktail at, and throw 
it further by press O. This should take out a few gang members at 
once, so you should get 40 pretty quickly.
34. Starting from the Hyman Condo, go east out through the 
construction blockades. Look to your right as you go down                    
until you see the big "V.A.J. Finance" sign. This rampage is in the 
very back of this area.
Weapon of choice: Mini Gun 
What to do: Kill 35 gang members
How to do: Run up and down the street and gun down any gang members 
you see.

35. To the right of the Hyman Condo are a few helipads. This rampage 
is located on the walkway that leads to them.

Weapon of choice: Flamethrower
What to do: Kill 35 gang members
How to do: Always stay a good distance away from who you're flaming, 
as it is very easy to also set yourself on fire as well. Bearing that 
in mind, have fun flaming everyone and don't worry about the cops, 
they won't do much.

Congratulations!! You've just completed all the rampages. For this 
section, thanks must go to qwertyuiopasd at gamefaqs.com for some of 
the rampage locations, also to AggroSk8er at gamefaqs.com for some of 
the rampage strategies and locations.

RC Races

These can be found in the many "top fun" vans that are at various 
points in Vice City. They don't have prizes but are very rewarding in 
that some of them are so hard that just beating them is rewarding.

1. This is at the top of the multi storey car park, near the North 
Point Mall and involves a plane, like the one in "Bombs Away". You 
have to race some other planes around a checkpoint course. This 
shouldn't prove to be too challenging as long as you make sure you 
don't miss any checkpoints and don't crash too often.

2. This is located at the dirt track which is at the north end of the 
main beach. It involves racing around a course against some other RC 
cars. The is to get a good lead in the first lap and then keep it for 
about ten seconds. If you do this, you'll hardly see the other cars 
and shouldn't have too much of a big problem.

3. This one is located at the southern most entrance of Escobar 
International Airport and involves using a helicopter like the one in 
"Demolition Man". In my opinion this is absolute shit. The controls 
absolutely suck. If you press L2 or R2, you spin out of control and 
if you press forward too far, you crash to the ground and can't get 
back up again without a huge struggle which wastes half your time. 
The trick is, to stay at quite a low speed (about 20 mph) and not 
lose too much height, this allows you to hover through the 
checkpoints and you won't crash quite as much.

Checkpoint races

These are very similar to the RC races, except they are more of them 
and they aren't in top fun vans, and they are slightly more 
challenging, as most checkpoint races tend to be. The reward is $100 
for completing the race for the first time.
Trial by Dirt

Near the Stadium on the west island is a dirt track. Hop onto the 
Sanchez to begin. This shouldn't cause you much of a problem, the 
only tricky bit comes when the Haitians come with machetes on the 
second lap. You get $100 for beating a new record time, so do the 
first attempt in something like ten minutes and then keep going back 
and beating that time.

Test Track

Next to the Sanchez from the previous race is a landstalker. Hop in 
to begin the race. This is the same format as the last one except you 
have to be careful not to flip over and blow up.

PCJ Playground

Across the street from the Malibu is a building, hop onto the PCJ 600 
that's parked against the wall and start the race. Get the first jump 
and grab the first two checkpoints. Now, come off the wall and ascend 
the stairs to claim number 3. Whilst gaining speed, grab numbers 4 - 
6 in the alley and hit the wall at the end to get number seven and 
drop down off the wall (back into the alley) and grab numbers 9 - 11. 
Jump the little ramp and get number 12... Now grab numbers 13 - 17 in 
the alley and drop down into the mall to grab 18 and 19. Go up the 
stairs and get 20, now exit the mall and get 21 and 22 from along the 
roadside. Now, rev up and head down the alley at full speed and jump 
the stairs in the parking garage, grab 23 whilst you're in the air 
when you land on the roof, slam on the brakes and grab 24 you should 
make it with about twenty seconds to spare, if you didn't crash much.

Cone crazy

Near the Ocean View Hotel is a parking garage. On the roof is a 
stallion, hop into it and begin this race. There are five 
checkpoints, all of which are surrounded by cones. You begin with 
twelve seconds and twelve is added to this time for every cone you 
collect. So, get the first two in the top right-hand corner, on the 
ramp. Now,  grab the third one in the opposite corner and take the 
fourth one which is in the U turn of cones, and then it's a simple 
drive back to the final one.

The final four are done with the sparrow and you must have unlocked 
the west island to be able to do them.

Vice Point Sparrow race

In Vice Point is a pay n' spray shop, is an apartment complex. As you 
enter it, turn right and you'll easily be able to 
see it.

Ocean Beach Sparrow race.

Behind the pay n' spray shop is a large, pink building. This one is 
on top of that building and is best reached using a helicopter, 
ideally a Maverick.

Little Haiti Sparrow Race

Using a helicopter, fly low enough to see what's on the roofs and 
this one is on a roof of a building that's close to Kaufman Cabs. The 
only thing to watch out for is the Haitian gunfire that you'll get if 
you fly too low.

Downtown Sparrow race

This one is unlocked by the completion of "G-Spotlight", that's a 
mission for the film studio which is an asset, so go do this mission 
by looking up the appropriate section and come back to this one when 
you have. If you can't quite remember where the office building is, 
go to ammunation an head down the road opposite and the set of stairs 
that leads to the office is on the left.

Shooting range

I wasn't quite sure where to put this one as it didn't seem to fit in 
anywhere, so I thought I'd put it in just before the assets section 
as that's where most of the guides I've read have put it.

The shooting range is in the ammunation shop in Downtown, but you 
have to have completed "the shootist" mission for the Malibu Club so, 
again check the assets section, complete this mission and come back 
here once you have. The shooting range is the same as the first round 
of the shootist. First of all, take out the back ones as they get you 
more points, then take out the middle ones, then the front ones, 
always make sure to shoot the head first as it's the easiest to miss.

Reward for getting over 45 points: Faster reloading ability which is 
useful for a few missions and very useful if you ever need to blast 
your way out of anywhere.

Assets - The most rewarding part of Vice City

Assets are a new thing to the world of GTA. They are basically 
businesses that can be purchased for a fairly large sum of money, 
and, after you complete the missions that go with them, they will 
generate revenue for you, which can be collected whenever you wish. 
Some cost more than some, so it's best to get the more expensive ones 
first, so the money generated from them will help you save up for the 
cheaper ones.

The Malibu Club   Price: $120 000 (!!)

This is the most expensive asset you can buy in Vice City, but well 
worth it, as it generates $10 000 per day, after you do all the 
missions. It is located south of the North Point Mall or east of Leaf 
Links, in the Washington Beach area.

Mission 1 - No Escape

This one isn't quite as hard as people make out, although you will 
take a lot of hits in this mission so I would advise having full 
health and armour before you begin. The whole idea of the Malibu 
missions is to get together a squad of people (four) that will help 
you when you rob the bank for the final mission. This mission 
involves getting Cam (the Vice City safecracker who can unlock 
anything) out of jail so he can be your safecracker. So, head to the 
Washington Police Station and put away any guns you have out before 
entering. Once you're inside, head left into the locker room and put 
on your cop uniform, this will deal with any cops who shot at you 
when you first entered the locker room. Now, head out of the locker 
room and enter the corridor with the "NO CIVILIANS BEYOND THIS POINT" 
sign. Go up the stairs until you're in the main office and grab the 
card key, don't pick up the hidden package yet. Once you have the 
card key head downstairs into the cells where Cam is. Unlock the door 
with the card key and get ready to do some serious shooting and 
running, the minute Cam steps out of the cell, every cop in the 
station will be on your ass. Whip out your most powerful weapon and 
start to run, being sure to prevent Cam being shot. If the cops are 
getting too many for you to dodge, start shooting and kill some of 
them. Once you're out of the cop station and get in the nearest 
vehicle with Cam, once both of you are in the car, head to the 
nearest pay n' spray as you'll now have four stars, which is not 
funny in the slightest. Once the cops have gone, simply drive Cam 
back to his house, which is marked on the radar. There now, that 
wasn't too bad was it !!

Reward: $ 1000

Mission 2 - The Shootist

This mission isn't as hard as the last one, but it does depend a lot 
upon your ability to hit targets accurately. Head to Ammunation in 
Downtown, and walk into the light. During the cut scene you'll meet 
the person who you want to be your shooter Phil Cassidy (yes, the 
same one that was in GTA III) Vice City's arms expert. Phil agrees to 
be your shooter but you have to beat his score of 65 at the shooting 
range before he'll join your squad. So, when the first round starts, 
aim at the far wall and shoot any target that come in front of your 
aim. Each target is worth 3 points in this round so you should be 
able to get at least 25, 30 is best as the next two are a bit harder 
and the points aren't as easy to obtain. After the first round is 
over, go through to the next round. This time, each target is only 
worth one point so try and get at least 20 because there aren't many 
hittable targets in the next round. Once you've done this round, head 
through to the final round. Again, each target is only worth one 
point, but if you have at least 50 points at this stage like you 
should, you won't have much of a problem getting he remaining 16, to 
beat Phil's score. Once the third round finishes, head back to Phil, 
and if you beat his score, you now have a shooter to go with the 
safecracker. Now all you need is a driver.

Reward: $ 2000

Mission 3 - The Driver

This mission really sucks ass and has annoyed me so much. Basically, 
Hillary (the fastest driver in Vice City) has agreed to drive for 
you, if you can beat him in a street race. You have a Sentinel and 
Hillary has a Sabre Turbo, that's really fair isn't it !!
So, for this mission, and this mission only you are allowed to use 
cheats to win. While the 3 2 1 is going on, very quickly enter R1, O, 
R2, right, L1, L2, X, X, square, R1 to get a Hotring Racer to spawn 
in front of Hillary's car. When the race starts, get out of the 
sentinel and get in the Hotring Racer, now, zoom after Hillary. After 
you turn the first corner the cops will come after you so get infront 
of Hillary, fast and zoom off around the course, leaving Hillary to 
get smashed to bits by the cops. If the cops come after you and ram 
you, enter R1, R1, O, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down to get rid of 
them, and if Hillary comes near you, accelerate up to a high speed 
and he won't stand a chance. Once you get to the finish line before 
Hillary, you have got yourself a driver.

Reward:  $3000

NOTE: After this mission, kill yourself to cancel the cheats, then 
save the game.

Mission 4 - The Job

Finally, we get to the job. This mission is the bank robbery you have 
been planning for a while, and you're now able to do it because you 
finally have all the people needed, a driver, a shooter, and a 
safecracker. So, get in the taxi and drive them over the bridge to 
Starfish Island. Enter your mansion and get the armour and weapons 
from the bottom of the staircase. Now go back to the taxi and drive 
to the bank. Walk over to the bank and walk into the bushes to put on 
the outfits for this mission. Once they are on, walk into the bank 
and watch as Tommy, Phil and Cam take over the bank. After Tommy 
leaves Phil to keep an eye on things, head up the stairs with Cam. 
While you're heading to the vault, you'll encounter a few security 
guards. Kill them with minimal fuss and continue. Once you get to the 
vault, you discover you need the manager to tell you his code to 
unlock the vault. So, head to where he is and take him back to Cam. 
Now, you have to go check on Phil. So, head back out onto the balcony 
and Phil will say "I said nobody move!!" some prat has set the alarms 
off and you should now head down to Phil and get ready to kick some 
serious ass. The SWAT team are about to storm the building, so crouch 
behind a desk and shoot them all as they come through the roof. Once 
you can, head outside and Phil will say "Where's Hillary, I'll give 
him abandonment issues!!" Hilary will then come and try to take out 
the SWAT team by himself, within two seconds he is dead and you have 
to deal with the situation. Well, run out onto the road and jack a 
car (the taxi will probably be destroyed by now, if it's not well 
fine, use it) park up beside Phil and Cam, let them get in and go to 
the Pay n' spray to get rid of the wanted level. Now simply, drive 
back to Cam's place to complete the mission and get $50 000 !!!!!

Reward: $ 50 000, the Malibu asset completed, and the Bank Job outfit 
delivered to The Malibu Club.

The Malibu Club will now generate up to $10 000 a day, collect it 

The Print Works   Price: $70 000

The Print Works is a very important asset because it must be 
purchased to unlock the mission "Cap the Collectors", plus it's 
missions are very rewarding. It is located in Little Havana, just 
south of Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory.

Mission 1 - Spilling the beans

Tommy has decided to pay Sonny with counterfeit cash and he needs 
some information on where to get the plates to do it from, luckily, 
Kent Paul knows just the man.

When the mission starts, hop in the Kaufman Cab and let it take you 
to the Malibu Club. Once there, enter and there will be a cut scene, 
after this, head to the docks on the west island. You need to go to 
the big cargo ship which is on your right, just before you enter the 
docks, make sure you have full health, armour and a decent weapon (a 
colt python, preferably) and walk onto the ship. The bloke you want 
is on the top floor in his office, but there are loads of security 
guards who, for some reason that's beyond me, don't want you to see 
him. This will explain the volley of gun fire that greeted you as you 
approached the ship. Make your way up to where the captain is, 
killing the guards wherever necessary and step into the light when 
you're on his floor to start a very quick cut scene. Once it is 
finished, you need to fight your way off the ship and back to the 
print works, don't worry about the cops, the print works is just down 
the road from where you are now, so don't use the pay n' spray unless 
you really feel you must.

Reward: $2000

Mission 2 - Hit the Courier

Now that you have the information on how to print the money, you need 
the counterfeit plates so you can start printing, that's the next 
job. When the mission starts, head towards the docks. Once you arrive 
there don't even think about crashing in there and kicking ass, 
because I promise you, it will not happen. You see, there are some 
women there who are guarding the helipad where the counterfeit plates 
will be dropped off and they will kill you. Some have shotguns, some 
have pistols, some have machine guns, and one of them has a colt, 
very nasty. So, simply wait till the courier gets into her car and 
then smash her car to bits, and, when she gets out, run her over. 
Now, pick up the plates and take them back to the print works.

Reward: $ 5000, and the print works asset completed.

The Print Works will now generate up to $ 8000 a day, collect it 

The Film Studio  Price: $60 000

The film studio is my favourite asset because it's just generally a 
cool place to explore. The missions are also some of the most 
entertaining in the game and they pay well. It's located in Prawn 
Island, opposite the house that "Phnom Phen" was based in.

Mission 1 - Recruitment Drive

Now for some Tommy Vercetti style casting. There is this girl in town 
called "Candy Suxx" and Tommy thinks she'd be perfect for a role in 
one of his movies. So, drive to Candy and talk to her. She says she'd 
love to, but you'd have to talk to her agent first. Her agent then 
pulls up and says "the hell are you doin'!!" which means "get lost or 
I'll get my bodyguards to kick your head in!" Tommy then replies, 
quite coolly "you should have stayed at home today!!" So they you 
have it. You now have to kill Candy's "agent". So, get into a car and 
give chase, once you get close, the car will stop and some goons will 
come at you, ignore them and keep on chasing the car, ramming and 
shooting it as many times as you can. Eventually, it will set on fire 
and the "agent" will jump out, run him over. Now head back to Candy 
and let her get in. Now head to the nearby pizza shop and pick up 
Mercedes (it seems Mercedes would also like a turn in the spotlight). 
Now drive them both back to the Film Studio.

Reward: $ 1000

Mission 2 - Dildo Dodo

Time to distribute the flyers for the movie. The film director says 
that no one will publish the flyers because they are too graphic. So, 
Tommy has had the idea of flyinf a plane round the city and dropping 
the flyers out of it. So, head to where the Dodo is and clamber in. 
Fortunatley, the dodo in this game is nowhere near as hard to fly as 
it was in GTA III. So, there shouldn't be much of a problem. The 
trick is, to push down whilst skimming along the water and when it 
takes off, push up and it will level out. The problem is, if it lands 
on land, you're buggered as it won't take off on land or even move, 
so be sure to land only in the sea. Now, the best place to start is 
Viceport, then just follow them to Little Havana, then to the airpot 
and then a back to downtown. 

Reward: $2000, and the skimmer will spawn behind the film studio.

Mission 3 - Martha's Mug Shot

This is the funniest opening cinematic I've ever seen. The didea for 
this mission is to take some blackmail pictures of the mayor of vice 
city with Candy Suxx. So, hop in the Sparrow and follow them, don't 
worry about getting to close, they don't notice you even if you're 
right behind them. Follow them to the hotel and watch as Candy walks 
into the building where the Mayor (who would rather be called 
"Martha") is waiting. When the cut scene is over, you need to get to 
the hotel that is just opposite the building that Candy just entered. 
Fly to it and land on the balcony. Get out and take three pictures of 
them. After three pictures have been taken, Candy spots you and you 
get five stars. Simply get back in the sparrow and fly back to the 
Film Studio unharmed.

Reward: $4000

Mission 4 - G-Spotlight

This is one hell of a mission. You basically have to jump from roof 
to roof to the spotlight in central downtown and change it so that it 
advertises Candy's movie. This mission is one that I can't assist you 
with much, as it all depends how well you can handle a PCG-600, but 
I'll help as much as I can. Drive to the office building which is 
marked on your radar and drive up the stairs. Drive round and enter 
the building (you'll notice that no one actually cares that you're on 
a bike and you just came in through the window !!) anyway, head into 
the lift that takes you to the top floor, and get ready for on hell 
of a ride. Park in the marker to see the window you are about to 
smash through. When you can, rev up to full speed and go. Smash 
through the window and brake once you reach the building opposite. 
You're on your own now. You have to jump from roof to roof to get to 
the spotlight. Make sure not to: a wreck your bike  b kill yourself  
c fall off the buildings

Reward: $7000 and the film studio asset complete

The film studio will now generate up to $7000 a day, collect it 
regularly !!
Sunshine Auto Car Showroom  Price: $50 000

This is the best asset if you like cash. The amount it generates a 
maximum of $9 000 (!) once everything has been completed, which will 
take a while. It is located on the edge of Little Havana, near 
Escobar Airport.

Car Races

If you go to where the export garage is, you will see a pink circle 
infront of a map. This is where you can enter the various races that 
are available. They are worth doing as they pay very well and are 
needed to complete the showroom asset.

Race 1 - Terminal Velocity
Length: 1.1 miles
Entrance Fee: $100
Reward: $400
Best car: Hotring Racer

This race is best attempted with the Hotring racer (available after 
doing the car lists, which are further on in this document) as it is 
fast, durable, and particularly good with corners. This race isn't 
particularly challenging and shouldn't cause too many problems, just 
don't hit a cop, hitting a cop is an instant two stars which will 
screw up your chances of winning, so for god sake DO NOT, I repeat DO 
NOT hit a cop.

Race 2 - Ocean Drive
Length: 1.65 miles
Entrance Fee: $500
Reward: $2000
Best car: Infernus

This race is best attempted with the infernos, as the race doesn't 
have many sharp corners and your victory mainly relies on speed and 
durability, and the Infernus has both.

Race 3 - Border Run
Length: 1.93 miles
Entrance Fee: $1000
Reward: $4000
Best Car: Cheetah

This is best attempted with the cheetah, as it's good with corners 
and is also what the other racers drive in, and theirs are not as 
fast as yours, so it should be an easy $4000.

Race 4 - Capital Cruise
Length: 2.44 miles
Entrance Fee: $2000
Reward: $8000
Best Car: Hotring Racer

The Hotring Racer is the best car for this race, as it is good with 
sharp and multiple turns, and this race has tons of them. It's fairly 
easy though, as long as you get an early lead and manage to keep it.

Race 5 - Tour !
Length: 2.86 miles
Entrance Fee: $5000
Reward: $20 000
Best Car: Phoenix

The Phoenix is best for this one as it is very good at getting an 
early lead and losing other cars in the traffic, which comes in dead 
handy in this race, particularly at about a quarter of the way 
through when there are loads of cars.

Race 6 - VC Endurance
Length: 6.1 miles
Entrance Fee: $10 000
Reward: $ 40 000
Best Car: Hotring Racer

The Hotring Racer is definitely the best car for this one as there 
are loads of sharp turns, cars to avoid, and cops to avoid hitting, 
all three of which the Hotring Racer can do very well indeed. If you 
fall behind slightly, don't worry, you'll have loads of time to catch 
up again.

Car Lists

These lists can be easy or an absolute nightmare to complete, 
depending on how frequently the cars needed can be seen. Sometimes 
they're all over the place and others you can't find one anywhere.

List One

Landstalker    Get it from the test track in the Hyman Memorial 
Idaho          Very common in Little Haiti
Esperanto      Fairly common in Vice Point
Stallion       Usually found in either Little Havana or Haiti, if    
               it's not in one, it's in the other.
Rancher        In Vice Point 
Landstalker.   South east corner of the dirt track in Downtown 
Blista Compact Washington Beach

Rewards: $1500, and a Deluxo in the showroom

List Two

Sabre                Downtown (usually)   
Virgo                Washington Beach and Malibu Club area
Sentinel             In the car showroom (how simple!)
Stretch              Outside your mansion
Washington           Usually driving through Starfish Island
Admiral              Starfish Island. When coming from the second 
                     island turn left on the first road. It's the    
                     first house on the left

Rewards: $ 4000, and a Sabre Turbo in the showroom

List Three

Cheetah          In the docks where you took Colonel Cortez's mission          
Infernus         Outside your mansion on Starfish Island   
Banshee          Most commonly found passing through Starfish Island              
Phoenix          Enter Starfish Island from Island one and take the 
                 first right. It's on the drive of the third house.
Comet            Outside the golf course at Leaf Links   
Stinger          On Starfish Island on the drive of the house with 
                 the pool shaped like the rockstar logo.

Rewards: $6500, and a Sandking in the showroom

List 4 

Voodoo               Check Little Haiti
Cuban Hermes         Check Little Havana
Caddy                The Golf course in Leaf Links
Baggage Handler      Escobar International Airport. Check the runway
Pizza Boy            Random. It will appear behind the pizza 
Mr. Whoopee        Inside Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory.

Rewards: $9000, and a Hotring Racer in the Showroom.

Sunshine Autos will now generate a maximum of $9000 a day, collect it 

Kaufman Cabs  Price: $40 000

Kaufman cabs is the rival of Sunny Lane cabs and is located in Little 
Haiti. The missions are quite fun but aren't very good on the money 

Mission 1 - VIP

You have to go and pick up a VIP from Starfish Island and take him to 
Escobar International airport. So, head to Starfish Island park up 
next to the VIP. But wait! A cab from Sunny Lane comes and picks him 
up before he can get into your cab. Get him back. Chase after the cab 
and ram him into something (preferably a wall) and continue ramming 
him until the VIP gets into your cab, now, quickly drive him to the 

Reward:  $ 1000

Mission 2 - Friendly Rivalry 

You're losing too many fares and Sunny Lane is raking the cash in, 
you can't stand for that. You have to take out three of their cabs to 
teach them a lesson. So, get out a machine gun and set off. When you 
approach a cab, simply drive by it, until it explodes. Do this to the 
other two cabs to complete the mission. Easy or what!!

Reward: $2000

Mission 3 - Cabmaggedon

Mercedes has asked for you to collect her from the docks. So, head 
there and park in the pink light. But when you honk for her, she 
isn't there, but a whole load of cabs from Sunny Lane are !!! A timer 
will now appear and you have to stay alive for that amount of time. 
That is simple. Simply drive to the edge of the water and stop just 
before you hit the edge. Half the cabs should go over and then the 
other can be dispatched using the same method. After the time is over 
a different cab will appear, a zebra cab and the driver is intent on 
killing you!! What to do is to keep drving around and aim for a wall. 
Before you hit the wall, brake hard and he'll crash into it, now 
shoot him continually before he reverses. If he reverses before you 
can kill him, simply get him to crash and then shoot him again. Now, 
when the car sets on fire, he'll get out, now all you have to do is 
run him over.

Reward: $5000

Kaufman Cabs will now generate up to $5000 a day, collect it 
regularly !!

Pole Position Strip Club  Price: $30 000

The strip club is located south of the ocean view hotel and is the 
easiest asset.

Mission 1

Walk down the hallway and enter the first door on the left to see a 
dancer, spend $500 on her. NOTE: This is made easier if you do 
something else while it's happening. I.E go for a walk, read a book, 
watch TV or something.

Pole position will now generate up to $4000 a day, collect it 

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory  Price: $20 000

Cherry Poppers is the name of the company that manufactures and 
distributes the ice cream in Vice City. This is no ordinary ice cream 
however, there is a special drug that is mixed in with the ice cream, 
which makes the consumer go crazy and start having hallucinations. 
The ice cream factory itself is just up the road from the docks.

Mission 1 - Distribution

This is quite an easy (but lengthy) mission. The idea is to 
distribute 50+ ice creams around Vice City. For every four you sell, 
you get one star on your wanted level so be sure to be close to a pay 
n' spray, the reason for this is that the ice cream has a drug mixed 
in with it that makes the consumer go crazy and start having 
hallucinations. The best places to sell them are by the docks which 
are just down the road from the ice cream factory and the Malibu Club 
area. The Malibu is the best place, because I once got 10 in a row 
when I parked in one spot by the club itself.

Reward: $3000 and the ice cream asset is now complete.

Cherry Poppers will now generate up to $3000 a day, collect it 

Boatyard  Price: $10 000

The boatyard is simply the huge docks that are located down the road 
from Cherry Poppers ice cream factory.

Mission 1 - Checkpoint Charlie

To start off the mission hop into the Squalo (the one on the left). 
You now have to race around, collecting all the checkpoints in under 
2:30. This can be quite simple, but there are three checkpoints that 
will really screw you up if you're not careful. There are three ramps 
near the start, each with checkpoints that can be gained by jumping 
the ramps. The first ramp needs to be approached at nothing less or 
more than three quarter speed, if you're going faster you'll jump 
over the checkpoint, and if you're going slower than that you'll miss 
completely. After you've got the first one, brake so you land in the 
water and don't skid all over the place and then head towards the 
second one at about three quarter speed, the third should be 
approached in roughly the same way, just make sure you get the angle 
right, because believe me, if you're going to screw up with this 
mission, it'll be on the third ramp.

Reward: $2000, and the boatyard asset is now complete.

The Boatyard will now generate up to $2000 a day, collect it 

18. Properties

Aside from assets, there also properties that don't make any cash but 
can be used to save the game and (in some) store carrs and bikes.

Skumhole Shack
Cost: $1000
Provides: Just a save point. Each property has a different level of 
class and this one is definitely the worst. It is needed to ge
100% so it is worth buying for that reason.

3321 Vice Point
Cost: $2500
Provides: A save point. It's not really worth buying this place, 
flash though it looks because Links View and El Swanko are

1102 Washington Street
Cost: $3000
Provides: A save point. It's a handy place to buy at the start as
it's opposite Ken Rosenburg's office, but apart from that, not
really a good investment. 

Links View Apartments 
Cost: $6000
Provides: A garage and a save point. This is the best hideout in the 
North of the first island as it has a garage. Buy this place
first as it is much cheaper than El Swanko.

Ocean Heights
Cost: $7000
Provides: One garage and one save point. Again, this is around the 
corner from the ocean view hotel, but it has a garage which makes it 
a good property to buy, if you have the cash.

El Swanko Casa
Cost: $8000
Provides: One garage and one save point. It's called "swanky" because 
it is swanky by the way, rather than any other reason... or at least 
think so. 

Hyman Condo
Cost: $14 000
Provides: Three garages, one save point and a helipad with re-
spawning Maverick on the roof!! Get saving now. This is the property 
you want. There is no better way of letting the public know who runs 

34 Cheats and Secrets


Just like its predecessor, Vice City has a ton of cheats to do cool 
stuff with, but there are also some catches and unwritten laws that 
come with cheating. The first is that if you cheat too much 
helicopters become unusable and they will crash your game which does 
the disc no good at all. The second is that if you save with a cheat 
on, you will be unable to get 100%, you'll be stuck on 99% forever!! 
The solution is simple. Create another file especially for cheating 
and experiment and save with them on that file. However, you can't do 
any of the above if you don't have the cheats, so here they are:

Player Cheats 
All Weapons #1 
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up 
All Weapons #2 
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left 
All Weapons #3 
R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down 
Full Armor 
R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up 
Full Health 
R1, R2, L1, Circle, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up 
Commit Suicide 
Right, L2, Down, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, L2, L1 
Raise Wanted Level 
R1, R1, Circle, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right 
Lower Wanted Level 
R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down 
Ladies Man (certain women follow you) 
Circle, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, Circle, Triangle 

Character Skin Cheats 
Change Clothes 
Right, Right, Left, Up, L1, L2, Left, Up, Down, Right 
Play As Ricardo Diaz 
L1, L2, R1, R2, Down, L1, R2, L2 
Play As Lance Vance 
Circle, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, X, L1 
Play As Candy Suxxx 
Circle, R2, Down, R1, Left, Right, R1, L1, X, L2 
Play As Ken Rosenberg 
Right, L1, Up, L2, L1, Right, R1, L1, X, R1 
Play As Hilary King 
R1, Circle, R2, L1, Right, R1, L1, X, R2 
Play As Love Fist Guy #1 
Down, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, X, X 
Play As Love Fist Guy #2 
R1, L2, R2, L1, Right, R2, Left, X, Square, L1 
Play As Phil Cassady 
Right, R1, Up, R2, L1, Right, R1, L1 ,Right, Circle 
Play As Sonny Forelli 
Circle, L1, Circle, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, X, X 
Play As Mercedes 
R2, L1, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Circle, Triangle 
Vehicle Spawning Cheats 
Spawn A Rhino tank 
Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, 
Circle, Triangle 
Spawn A Bloodring Racer 
Down, R1, Circle, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, Left, Left 
Spawn A Bloodring Banger 
Up, Right, Right, L1, Right, Up, Square, L2 
Spawn A Hotring Racer #1 
R1, Circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1 
Spawn A Hotring Racer #2 
R2, L1, Circle, Right, L1, R1, Right, Up, Circle, R2 
Spawn A Romero's Hearse 
Down, R2, Down, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, Left, Right 
Spawn A Love Fist 
R2, Up, L2, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right 
Spawn A Trashmaster 
Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right 
Spawn A Sabre Turbo 
Right, L2, Down, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, Left 
Spawn A Caddie 
Circle, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X 
Other Vehicle Cheats 
Blow Up Cars 
R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1 
Aggressive Drivers 
R2, Circle, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, R2, L2 
Pink Cars 
Circle, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, X 
Pink Cars 
Circle, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, Circle 
Black Cars 
Circle, L2, Up, R1, Left, X, R1, L1, Left, Circle 
Dodo Cheat (Press Analog Stick back to Fly) 
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1 
Perfect Handling 
Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1
Higher Top Speed For Your vehicle 
Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1, L1, r1, R1
Cars Can Drive on Water 
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2
Change Vehicle Wheel Size (Repeat to change more) 
R1, X, Triangle, Right, R2, Square, Up, Down, Square 
Weather Cheats 

Sunny Weather 
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Down 
Cloudy Weather 
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Triangle 
Very Cloudy Weather 
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square 
Stormy Weather 
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Circle 
Foggy Weather 
R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X 
Miscellaneous Cheats 
Speed Up Time 
Circle, Circle, L1, Square, L1, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, 
Slow Down Time 
Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1 
Peds Riot (code cannot be undone) 
Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1 
Peds Hate You (code cannot be undone) 
Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2, L2
Peds have Weapons (code cannot be undone)	 
R2, R1, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down
Police return From Dead 
Circle, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, X
Show Media Level Meter (Shows pursuit time and news coverage level) 
R2, Circle, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Square, Triangle
Bikini Girls With Guns 
Right, L1, Circle, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, L1, X
L2, Down, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, L2, L1

Secrets actually have no real significance in the game, they are just 
there to provide fun, laughter and useful titbits of information that 
are worth bringing to your attention.

Bus Driver- if you steal a Coach and park at a bus stop, someone will 
get in the bus, and you get a whopping $5.

Indestructable Admiral--Fail Guardian Angels by killing Diaz, but 
take his Admiral. It can't take damage. 

Bulletproof Sabre Turbo--In "The Driver", fail the race, and then 
push Hilary's car into a garage to get a free Sabre Turbo which is 

The Hunter--The Hunter is the Ultimate Vehicle, the Apache 
helicopter. There is one way to get it, which is to get all 100 
packages. It will then appear at the military base. 

Extra Cars in Garages-- Take a car and park it halfway into a garage. 
The door won't shut completely, and you can keep stuffing cars in. 

Parking Meters--In Downtown, there are lots of parking meters. Knock 
them over for easy cash. 

Helicopters or Boats with Wheels--Take a helicopter or boat into the 
Pay-and-Spray, and it'll have wheels when you come out. 

Run Forever--If you haven't done level 12 paramedic, just tap X 
instead of holding it to run forever.

Seagull Sniping--Seagulls swarm the beach. Bust out your sniper rifle 
and blow them to bits.

Beachball Challenge--Take the eastern entrance to Starfish Island. Go 
to the first house on your right and go into the yard. There's a 
beachball in the empty pool around there. Run into it and watch it 
fly. Watch the shadow and hit it again. Numbers will appear over your 
head. It serves no purpose except as a stat on the stats page as 

Hyman Condo Prizes--When you buy Hyman Condos, whatever rewards 
you've earned with hidden packages will spawn there. 

Requirements for 100%

To get 100%, you need to have:

All 21 Storyline missions completed
All 8 Assets completed
All 19 Cuban, Haitian, Love Fist, Biker, Avery Carrington, and Phil 
Cassidy missions completed
All 5 Phone missions completed (Assassinations)
All 7 Hideouts owned
All 8 Checkpoint races completed
All 6 Street races completed (1st place)
All 3 Arena challenges completed (1st place)
All 3 RC challenges completed
All 100 Hidden packages found
All 36 Unique jumps completed
All 35 Rampages completed
Shooting Range completed (45+ Points)
Level 12 Vigilante completed
Level 12 Paramedic completed
Level 12 Firefigher completed
Level 10 Pizza Boy completed
100 Taxi passengers dropped off
ll 15 Stores robbed
NO CHEATS SAVED (I think this is merely a scare tactic but beware as        
cheats can and probably will mess up your game)
Yes, in Vice City you actually get something for getting 100% 
completion, unlike in GTA III where all you had was the glory. So, 
here is a list of things you get for 100% completion:

200 Max Health
200 Max Armor
Cars you drive can take twice as much damage
Infinite Ammo!
The "Frankie" outfit--A white shirt with black letters, "I completed 
Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt."
Three Bodyguards--Go out of Starfish Island to the east. Come back 
after you enter Vice Point. Go into the little room on the right as 
you enter the mansion. Three guards SHOULD be there. However, they 
are a waste of money ($1000 a go) and time. They only attack 
targets that you aim and shoot at, and, as all weapons kill in one 
shot after getting 100%, it's pretty pointless.

Hidden Packages

As in GTA 3, there are 100 hidden packages dotted around Vice City. Some       
are easy to find, some aren't so easy to find. For every 10 collected, 
you get a special prize delivered to the mansion on Starfish Island and 
all your other properties. Here's what you get:

10  Body Armour
20  Chainsaw
30  Python
40  Flame Thrower
50  Sniper Rifle (with Laser Scope)
60  Mini Gun
70  Rocket Launcher
80  Sea Sparrow at mansion
90  Tank at Fort Baxter
100 Hunter at Fort Baxter

So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. The first package isn't actually on land so head to the docks and grab 
boat. Now, head west and as soon as you clear the docks, change direction 
and head south. You should now be able to see three islands. Head to the 
south west one and park your boat next to it. Climb onto the island and 
package 1 is just next to the rampage icon.

2. From the island where you got package 1 from, look north east and you 
should see a collection of rocks. Package two is on top of this 
collection of rocks. After collecting this package, head back to land.

3. Head to the ammu-nation gun shop in Ocean Beach. Head south, past the 
fountain and you should see some trees and bushes. Go through them and 
follow the sidewalk till you see a house on your right. Package 3 is on 
the steps of this house.

4. Head to your hotel in Ocean Beach and look to the left, you should see 
a lighthouse. Make your way over to this lighthouse and carefully look on 
the steps to find package 4.

5. Head to the docks where you got Colonel Cortez's missions. Head into 
the underground car park and look in the north corners to find package 5.

6. Head north from the Ocean Beach Ammu-nation and you should see a large 
red wall on the second main road. Keep going north and you'll see the 
hospital on your left. Enter the hospital's car park and go around to its 
south side. To your left, there should be a white wall with the hospital 
wall on your right. Follow the white wall around to a small, grassy area. 
To the south in this area should be a white building. Go around the back 
of this building to find package 6.

7. From Ammu-nation, head north and turn left when you can and you'll see 
one of the bridges that leads off the island. To the right if this bridge 
is a building with a walkway. Head onto the walkway and (carefully) 
follow it round to find package 7 under the bridge.

8. First off, grab a PCJ-600 because you'll need it for this one. Head to 
the hospital I mentioned in package 6 and just across the road from that 
should be the Washington Mall. Head right from that Mall and then go left 
at the 
t-intersection. Look to the right and the second building is the one we 
want. So, opposite this building should be a multi-storey car park with a 
spiral path leading up to the upper storeys. Use this path to get onto 
the roof. Head to the southwest part of the roof level and face the 
building we want (this should be to the east) Now, just push the 
accelerator and rocket off. With a bit of luck, you should land on the 
roof of the building next to the one we want. Now use any of the ramps 
here to jump across to the building we want and grab package 8.

Well done! That's all the packages in Ocean Beach, now we're off to 
Washington Beach.

9. Head back to the multi storey car park from package 8 and look to the 
east. You'll see a purple and green building with GGs on it. Just north 
of that building is a pink building, which is the one we're after. So, 
head over to it and go around the back. Package 9 is next to the pool 
along with some armour.

10. Now, go get a PCJ-600 and head to the Ocean View Hotel. Head north 
along the road from the hotel until you see the colon hotel on your left. 
Head down the alley at the back of the hotel and head to the south end of 
it and you'll find a staircase. Now, head back to the police bribe you 
past when you first entered the alley and face the staircase. Rev up the 
bike and pelt towards the stairs. Use the stairs as a ramp so you can 
jump to the building across the street. Once on the roof, head to the 
south end and pick up package 10.

Congrats! Body Armour is now available at the 	Ocean View Hotel, The 
Hyman Condo and your mansion on Starfish Island.

11. Go back to Ken Rosenburg's office and look across the street and 
you'll see a property that you can buy (you may have already bought it 
but I'm assuming you haven't) Well, head around back and package 11 is 
just there, if you already bought the property then you may wish to save 

12. From Rosenburg's office, head north down the road and you should see 
a bridge. Package 12 is behind the bridge's right support. As you get 
close to it, you should see its halo.

13. Get a helicopter and head to the Starfish Island Bridge. From there, 
head right and eventually, you should see a building with a blue and 
white roof. Carefully, land on this roof and grab package 13. 

14. From this building's roof, fly south to the police station. Now fly 
(low) east to the beach and you should see a hut. Land on the beach and 
this package is on the steps of this hut. If you can't find it then 
simply check all the huts.

15. Now, fly back to the police station and land in the car park. Head 
inside and de-equip any weapons you may have out. If you have completed 
"Cop Land" the, head left and grab the cop uniform from the locker room, 
but if you didn't then you have a problem. Anyway, regardless of whether 
you have the cop uniform or not head past the point that says "No 
Civilians beyond this point" and head right up the stairs. Now run to the 
room directly in front of you as you come up the stairs. Believe me, this 
package is made tons easier if you have the cop uniform.

16. Get to the "bunch of tools" store that is east of Starfish 
Island. If you look at your pause map it's the one that's pretty much 
in the middle of the island. Anyway, look left and you should see a 
pink and white house with a peach trim and a moat that circles it. 
The package is in a corner of the moat so simply circle the house in 
the moat till you find it.

17. Head up the steps of the house mentioned in package 17 but this 
time, head towards the back wall to find a set of showers. This 
package is in the orange shower.

18. North of the showers from package 17 is the bridge leading to 
starfish Island. Head there and then go to the right side of the 
bridge to find package 18 under the bridge.

19. Head back to the tool store from package 16 and go out the right 
exit. Go north down the road and you should see (on your left) the 
Spand Ex building. Go behind this building for package 19.

20. Head north to Avery's construction yard. Head up the planks and 
go to the third floor of the building under construction. On this 
floor is a beam that sticks out to the left. Walk carefully across 
this beam and package 20 is at the end.

Congrats! The Chainsaw is now available at the Ocean View Hotel, The 
Hyman Condo and your mansion on Starfish Island.

21. Across the street from Avery's place is a row of houses with 
green roofs. Go behind these to find a dock, go to the end of this 
dock to find package 21.

22. Grab a helicopter and fly it to the Malibu Club. Look across the 
street and you should see a tall, grey building with a pool on top of 
it. Fly the helicopter over to this building and in the pool. Climb 
out of the pool and up the steps in front of you and package 22 is on 
this ledge.

23. Now, fly down into the car park of the Malibu and look near the 
wire fence to find package 23.

24. Now, from the Malibu fly north till you see another building with 
a pool on it. Watch out when you land in it because it's not a big 
area. Anyway, package 24 is in the corner next to a palm tree.

25. Again, from the Malibu head right onto the beach. Now go straight 
down the beach till you see a house with a pool. Go into this area 
and package 25 is in the top left corner.

26. From the Malibu, fly left and you'll see a pizza joint. Land 
outside it and head inside for package 26.

27.  From number 26's pizza joint head right and you should pass an 
apartment building (it's a small white one) package 27 is behind the 
stairs of this apartment building.

28. Follow the road north from the pizza joint and keep a close eye 
on the left side. When you see a shop you can enter, do so and grab 
this package from behind the counter.

29. From island 1, go to the bridge that leads off it to Leaf Links 
Golf Club (go north west from The Malibu) before the bridge on the 
right side should be Mercedes' apartment from the "Love Juice" 
mission. Go up the ramp and along to the end. Walk slowly off the 
ramp at the end and you 
should land beside two pools. Head left and then south to find 

30. From the bridge mentioned in package 29, head right and keep 
left. Pass the first, left street and you'll see an apartment 
building. This is from "The Chase" mission. Go up the stairs and out 
onto the roof. Drop down onto the roof below and you'll see this 
package next to the area you just dropped off.

More coming next update!!

Update Info

2nd February 2003

First started FAQ. Got initial sections written up. I.E. Story, Cast
and police wanted level sections.

7th February 2003

Finished the initial stuff and am ready to begin writing the 

28th February

Other commitments prevented me from updating this FAQ as often as I'd 
hoped which is why this update is so being. I finished the 
walkthrough and am presently writing the rampages section.

4th April

Submitted to gamefaqs and it got accepted!! Will update soon

10th April

Added ASCII art to top, d'ya like it!! Also straightened out the 
contents page because it got all wonky when I submitted it.

14th April

Added "Thanks to section" and added some more people to it.

23rd April

Added first 30 Hidden Packag Locations, will add rest shortly!!
Thanks To

Jesus!! I have a whole load of people to thank and give credit to for 
helping and giving information for the guide. 

First I'd like to thank Aggrosk8or at GAMEFAQS for some of the 
mission strategies and unique jumps (coming next update)
Next I'd like to thank Bradsnet for the hidden package locations 
(coming next update)
Next I'd like to thank Jnco904 for the car locations featured in the 
Sunshine Autos car lists

And finally, I'd like to thank qwertyuiopasd for some of the rampage 
locations, and finally I'd like to thank the thousands of people who 
have sent me emails your questions will be answered shortly, I 
promise !!

Well, that's it for this update, I'll be updating more soon, so keep 
checking and there will be more material like the hidden packages 
guide in there.

Copyright 2003 Michael Tattersall

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