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100% Completion FAQ by InsideOutBoy

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/18/03


By Scott MacDowall 


1A: Copyright Notice 
1B: Version Information
1C: Contact the Author
1D: Introduction (Read This First!) 
1E: General Advice 

2A: Vice City East Walkthrough Begins 
2B: Vice City West Walkthrough Begins 

4A: Frequently Asked Questions 
4B: 100% Checklist 
4C: Credits  


This document copyright 2003 Scott MacDowall. It is for private, 
personal, and completely free usage only.  


This FAQ (version 1.0) was originally completed on 22/1/2003 

You are now reading version 1.6 completed 18/7/03. 

Version 1.7 is expected soon. 


You are welcome to send me a polite message with any questions or 
suggestions. Suggestions on how to complete a level are welcome, but 
please note I must test them first, which can take time. 

If you require help with the game I will try my best to reply IF the 
request is not clearly answered in the FAQ. 

I strongly recommend you read the Frequently Asked Questions section 
first though. It might save you some time. (Caution, it contains very 
minor spoilers).

There is a permanent backlog of emails about this FAQ, so if you have 
an urgent request, try asking on the GameFaq's message boards. And 
please, do not be offended if for some unavoidable reason I cannot 
reply due to time constraints. 

Should you notice any spelling mistakes, missing words, faulty 
grammar, etc, please contact me. (I am British though; hence I spell 
certain words differently to my American friends). All contributions 
will be credited. 

Email: scott_macdowall@yahoo.co.uk  


Unlike other FAQ's, this walkthrough should be followed very closely 
like a book. By using its step-by-step sequence it will show you the 
easiest way to complete GTA: Vice City 100%, and will guarantee you 
don't get stuck at 99%, provided you follow it closely. 

There's no cheat codes, no unnecessary, boring, information, and no 
plot spoilers included - just straightforward good advice. 

Start at step 1 and follow it through in sequence until the very end. 

NOTE: This FAQ should be 99% applicable if you are playing the PC 
version of Vice City.

This FAQ also refers to an excellent diagram by different author. You 
will need a copy of: 

'Hidden Packages Map' by Dark52. 

It can be found at www.gamefaqs.com on the Vice City page, probably 
where you found this FAQ. If you found this FAQ via a different 
Website, the latest version of it will always be found at GameFaq's 

So, shall we begin?  




*	If you see your car is about to roll over onto its roof, turn 
into the way you are rolling. For example, if you are rolling left 
onto your roof, turn left - not, as it seems instinctive to do, in 
the opposite direction. By doing this you will move out the wheels 
and possibly push the car back over. 

*	The right analogue stick has its uses. Whenever you need to 
examine something simply move it to gain a first-person view on your 
surroundings. And whatever direction you look in, your character will 
face, which greatly helps with lining up strolls along narrow ledges. 

*	Whenever you are about to start a very difficult mission, check 
to see if the FAQ recommends you take certain items with you. Collect 
the equipment first and then save. This way if you die/get arrested 
whilst on the mission, you can simply reload and won't have to find 
it all again before having a second attempt.

*	Save regularly. It's unusual, but GTA: Vice City can crash 
without warning. Also, make 2 save files, and take turns using them. 
*	The best way to corner is to simply let go of accelerate as you 
approach the bend, and then tap brake if necessary, before reapplying 
the gas gradually. Also, try to use the handbrake and brake together 
to stop in half the distance. 

*	As you explore Vice City you may spot a police officer chasing 
a member of the public on foot. If you feel like it, go and punch the 
person the cop is chasing. This should give you a $50 'Good Citizen' 
bonus. Just be careful not to hit the cop, or to kill the person he's 

*	Another way to earn money (albeit not a lot) is to steal a 
coach and park it at the various thin bus stop signs scattered across 
the city. People will automatically board your coach and you'll 
receive a small amount of cash for everyone who does. What you do 
next is up to your own imagination... 

*	Whilst playing there's a chance you'll bump into a Rampage 
Icon, or trigger a Unique Jump, etc. If you can at all help it, don't 
start these bonus activities until prompted by the FAQ. This way 
you'll know exactly what you've done, and you'll be doing it at the 
best/easiest time. If you don't know what any of those things are, 
don't worry, they're explained later on in the guide. 

*	If you're sitting in a car and you see a police officer running 
over to drag you out, quickly get out yourself unless you can 
accelerate to high speed quickly. When on foot, the police must try 
to knock you down before they can arrest, but when in vehicle they 
merely need to open the door to bust you.    

NOTE: If you haven't done it already, start a new game. 



1.	As the game begins the eastern half of Vice City is available 
for you to explore. Now is an ideal time to explore, as ordinarily 
you lose money and your weapons should you die/be arrested. 
Considering you have neither at the moment, there is nothing to lose.

2.	If you do want to explore, steal a vehicle and get on with it. 
Avoid starting any bonus missions or collecting any strange pink 
tokens, as these are best ignored until later in the game. If you are 
unfamiliar with the game controls, pay attention to messages that 
will flash up in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

3.	If you have finished exploring, or have no desire to do so, 
then move to the spot marked by a pink dot on your map in the bottom 
left hand corner of the screen. Alternatively press START to view a 
full-screen map, and plan a route. Although a car is provided at the 
start of the game, feel free to use any vehicle or simply walk on 
foot to the destination.

4.	When you arrive outside the building in question, a pink glow 
is clearly visible outside. Walk into the light, and then when you 
have the chance, go up into the hotel. 

NOTE: As soon as you enter the building observe the pink token with a 
cassette image upon it. This is a save token, and for the time being 
this is the only place you can find one. 

5.	Another pink glow awaits you at the foot of the stairs inside. 
Enter it and watch the proceeding cut-scene. You have now completed 
the first of many missions. 

NOTE: This hotel will now be referred to in the FAQ as your 'main 

NOTE: An 'L' symbol will now appear on your map. This is an employer 
who you can receive missions from. Ignore it for now, as...

NOTE: Now is the time to start completing the various bonus and 
secret missions in this section of Vice City. Doing so will unlock 
various rewards that make the upcoming missions significantly easier. 
The experience you gain will also prove invaluable.  


REWARD: 3 constantly regenerating weapons at your hideout. 

*	Throughout Vice City are scattered 100 small green statues, or 
'packages'. Finding and collecting these various Hidden Packages has 
2 rewards. Most importantly you will unlock several impressive 
weapons that constantly regenerate - completely free of charge - 
inside your main hideout. Secondly, you will learn the layout of Vice 
City East, which is essential for any budding criminal. 

*	Now use the Hidden Packages Map created by Dark52. Each 
proceeding bit of advice refers to the corresponding Package on that 
Hidden Packages map. Find the spot on the map, and check my notes to 
pinpoint it.  

*	Beware that in GTA: Vice City, the packages are somewhat 
camouflaged, so look carefully.  

1)	You cannot access this Package yet. This FAQ will remind you 
when to come back for it. 

2)	You cannot access this Package yet either. Again, you will be 
reminded when to come back for it.  

3)	As you approach this spot you should see a large, light grey, 
beach house. Walk around the house to the side facing the ocean and 
grab the Package, which is tucked down beside brick steps leading up 
to the entrance.  

4)	This package is on the bottom set of steps that lead into the 
lighthouse. As you approach the lighthouse be cautious of the many 
opportunities to fall in the sea. Go to the top of the short outside 
steps and grab the Package. 

5)	Notice the boat jetties sticking out into the sea on the map 
here? Directly behind them, on the mainland, is a long grey building. 
On its southwestern edge is the entrance to an underground car park. 
Go down into the car park and go as far left/north as you can. The 
package is beside two doors, both lit up with a green light. 

6)	Package 6 is directly north of the previous building. The 
building itself is a tall, white, tower. Go to it, and from the road 
you should see a sign calling it the 'Ocean View Medical Foundation'. 
Go up the front steps and look north, where a pink skull Rampage icon 
is. Park any car up beside the wall here, and use it as a stepping-
stone to get up on the grass beside the Rampage icon. Do not pick 
this icon up! Instead walk right around the building to the side 
facing the sea and grab the Hidden Package.    

7)	This Package is under the (currently closed) bridge here. As 
you face the bridge from the road spot the 2 short towers standing 
either side of the bridge. The northernmost tower has a narrow 
concrete path running around its base. Carefully walk along this 
path, which will take you underneath the bridge, to where the Package 

8)	Although it is quite possible to get this Package right now, 
doing so would be needlessly difficult. Ignore it for now and this 
FAQ will remind you when an easier opportunity arises later in the 

9)	Package 9 is actually behind one of the tallest buildings in 
this region. A little southwest of where this package is actually 
marked on your map stands a very tall - and very pink - apartment 
block. Go to the road that's on that building's southern side, and 
walk up the wide grey steps there. Close to the swimming pool behind 
it is where the Package sits. 

10)	   Just like Package #8, this Package is also pointlessly 
difficult to get at this point. Wait until later. 

11)	Go to the red and violet building here. The building is 
directly opposite the pink glow (marked by an 'L' symbol on your 
map). Walk up the few steps to the entrance and follow the raised 
path right around behind the building to the Package. 

NOTE: You can't miss the small pink and green house token here. This 
allows you to buy this particular property, but even if you have the 
money to do so - wait. Property buying will be fully explained later 
on in the FAQ. 

12)	Just north of that 'L' symbol the road goes over a short 
humpback bridge. Down beside the bridge, on its eastern side, the 
Package awaits. It's tucked right up next to the bridge, on the 
waters edge. 

13)	You cannot access this Package yet. This FAQ will remind you 
when to come back for it. 

14)	On the tiny lifeguards shack out here on the beach. 

15)	 This Package will be somewhat easier to get later on in the 
game. Wait until the FAQ tells you when to collect it later. 

16)	As you approach the location of Package 16 & 17 a blue symbol 
with a hammer in it should pop up on your map. This will direct you 
to the 'Bunch of Tools' shop. Directly west of that hardware store 
are steps leading up to a large raised area with 2 apartment blocks, 
a flat-roofed pink house, and a big swimming pool. Package 16 is on 
the southern side of the pink house, tucked up beside a big black 

NOTE: Your first Hidden Packages reward has now been delivered to 
your main hideout. If you go inside it and upstairs, the reward will 
be in the marble passage.    

17)	Go to the back (western) side of the raised area, which was 
described for the previous Package, and spot the row of multicoloured 
shower cubicles. Walk into the row and look north. The Package is 
tucked up there at the very end. 

18)	Check the path that runs actually underneath the bridge here. 

19)	You cannot access this Package yet. This FAQ will remind you 
when to come back and collect it. 

20)	  This Package is inside a construction site where a building 
is being made from red girders. You can only access the construction 
site from a gap in the fence on the western side. When you have, stop 
and look up. The Package is at the tip of the girder jutting out to 
the west. Go up the wooden ramps and walk carefully along the girder. 

21)	  Directly west of the aforementioned construction site is a 
long row of single-storey white houses. Go behind them, to the side 
facing the river, and walk along the wooden jetty on the waters edge. 
On the northern side it sticks out slightly into the water, and the 
Package is there. 

22)	You cannot access this Package yet. This FAQ will remind you 
when to come back and collect it. 

23)	At this point on the map is the Malibu Club. It is lit by 
purple neon lights at night, and you can walk inside it if you wish. 
The Package is directly behind the club, in the small walled car 
park. As you enter the car park stop and look in the south east 
corner to spot it. 

NOTE: There is a slightly different type of Property icon outside the 
Malibu Club, which you may have spotted. Like before, this will be 
explained and used later on. 

24)	You cannot access this Package yet. This FAQ will remind you 
when to come back and collect it.

25)	Although this Package looks like its out on the beach from the 
map, it's actually in the back courtyard of a building called the 
'Vice Point Langer'. If you go to the beach here, where it seems to 
be marked on the map, and look west you can see a couple of long wide 
steps leading up to a large swimming pool behind the big Vice Point 
Langer building. Check the northwest corner of the pool area for the 

26)	Go actually inside the bright red and yellow pizza restaurant 
here. The Package is by the counter. 

NOTE: This restaurant, like a few other food shops in Vice City, has 
a pink glow in it. To hear a humorous comment, gain some health, and 
lose a tiny bit of money - step into the glow.

NOTE: Do not use the special red moped behind the pizza restaurant 
just yet. We will come to that later.    

27)	The small apartment building directly east of the pizza 
restaurant has a set of steps on its southern side. Look behind these 
steps to find the Package. 

28)	#28 is inside another shop. This small white jewellery shop has 
no markings on it from the outside, but is the only shop you can 
enter on this road. Walk behind the counter to get the Package. 

29)	This Package is in the grounds of a very modern house. The 
house has a helipad on its southern side complete with flashing red 
lights. Go to the very northwestern corner of the grounds and turn 
around to face south. The Package is waiting outside a blue door. 

NOTE: You're second reward has now been unlocked. 

30)	Directly east of the aforementioned house is a white and yellow 
striped building with several sets of steps on the south side. Climb 
up these steps until you come out on the rooftop. Follow the rooftop, 
dropping down onto a lower one when possible. As soon as you do, turn 
around and grab the package, which is tucked up by the wall. 

31)	This Package is hidden in a series of gardens. Use the Hidden 
Packages map and go to roughly the right area, then press START. The 
4 gardens are marked as grey blocks on the in-game map. The Package 
is in most northeasterly garden. From the road on the north side you 
should be able to spot the alley leading through to the garden area. 
When you enter the northeastern garden, check behind the solitary 
palm tree for the Package.
32)	The Package is up on the grounds of the hotel on the hairpin 
bend here. Find the northern steps leading up into the grounds and go 
back down to the very tip of the hairpin. Look carefully, as this 
Package is very well camouflaged against the bushes.   

33)	Go behind the aforementioned hotel, on the east side, to where 
a multi-storey diving board stands. Climb the steps up to the top 
diving board and take the Package. 

34)	Look on the southern side of the bridge here. The Package is at 
the foot of that bridge, right up by the waters edge.  

35)	 On the beach here is a dirt track carved out of the sand. The 
easternmost advertising sign, for 'Jocksport Sport and Leisure Wear', 
is concealing the Package. Simply look behind it.   

36)	This Package is behind a big yellow and white striped building. 
Go up the few steps on the south side and you can squeeze past the 
wall. Hug the eastern edge of the building and you'll eventually spot 
the Package, just up by one of the black windows.  

37)	#37 is up against the northern wall of the enormous 'North 
Point Mall'. In-between the two northern entrances, clearly marked by 
their two big red signs, the wall dips in somewhat. Just follow it 
back to the Package. 

38)	Now go actually inside the North Point Mall. It's not clear 
from the Hidden Packages map, but the Package is actually half way 
down the eastern wall, on the second floor walkway. The package is 
outside a shop with large red sale signs in its window. A bushy 
flowerbed is opposite the shop. 

39)	Staying on the second floor of the mall, go to the southern 
side where a clothes shop named 'Gash' is. You can enter this shop. 
As you do, find the escalators going down, and look above them. The 
Package is back there, by the far wall on the second floor. Simply 
jump over the obstructing tables to get to it.       

NOTE: A third reward should now be available at your main hideout.

40)	Go back outside the mall to the western side where there's a 
white multi-storey car park with blue stripes. As you go inside this 
car park, hug the western wall and head south, where you'll spot the 
Hidden Package pressed up by the wall on the inside. 

41)	  This Package is on the only island you can presently visit. 
As you cross the bridge onto the island turn immediately left/south. 
Follow the narrow, grey road around towards the southeast corner of 
the island. You should see a pink Police Bribe icon. Just a little 
north of the icon is an alley in-between 2 scruffy buildings. At the 
end of that alley is the Package. 

42)	This Package is pointlessly difficult to get at this point. 
Wait until later in the FAQ for a far easier opportunity.

43)	As above, this Package is also too awkward to waste time 
getting now. Come back later when it will be very simple. 

44)	Go up the front steps of the tattered green house here and go 
around the back to the western side. The package is sitting by the 
black railings.   

45)	This Package is inside a yellowish house covered in graffiti. 
The doorway is on the south side of it. Just as you enter the lobby, 
stop, and then look up to the right. You can't miss the big hole in 
the wall. Your object is to climb up the steps and then drop down 
into that hole. When on the landing, push the analogue stick very 
gently so that you walk slowly off the edge, otherwise you'll 
probably overshoot the hole. Once inside the room, getting out again 
is obvious. 

*	Press START and check your stats. You should have 34 Hidden 
Packages. Unfortunately these are the only Packages you can access at 
this stage in the game. Needless to say, later on we will be 
returning to finish the job and claim further rewards. 


REWARD: All taxi's gain the ability to jump. 

1.	Firstly steal a taxi. The yellow vehicles are easy to find 
anywhere in Vice City East. There are 2 types to choose from, a 
classic 50's style, and a boxier modern version. The cars handle 
almost identically, so choose the one you prefer. Be wary; as nearly 
all taxi drivers try to pull you back out the stolen cab unless you 
can speed away quickly. 

2.	When you are ready push in the right analogue stick (R3 
button). This activates the Taxi Driver missions. Yellow boxes should 
pop up on your map. These indicate people who need a ride. If you 
can't see a yellow box on the map, cruise around town quite slowly 
and one should pop up as the game loads new pedestrians. 

3.	Stop close by the person in question, who will have a 
distinctive pink arrow above their head. If you run over these people 
you'll need to find another customer. When they open the door of your 
taxi, get going. Don't bother waiting for them to get in properly, as 
they always manage to do this no matter how quickly you accelerate. 

4.	A destination will pop up on the screen and be marked on your 
map. You will receive a time limit appropriate to how far away you 
must travel. When you arrive stop in the pink glow to drop the 
passenger off. You'll receive some money, and if you were very quick 
- a 'speed bonus'.    

5.	Whatever time is left on the clock when you drop that person 
off, you can keep. Use it to look for another customer and repeat 
instruction #4. Every time you drop off 5 people in a row, you get a 
cash bonus that gets bigger the longer you can keep it up. E.g. drop 
off 15 people in a row, get $1500, drop off 20, get $2000, and so on.  

6.	The object is to drop off 100 customers. Exiting the taxi quits 
the mission, as does getting arrested or killed, but thankfully you 
don't need to do it all in one go. You can fail as many times you 
want, and it doesn't reset your total score. To see your total 
dropped off passengers, view the stats in the START menu. 

7.	If you're still struggling to learn the layout of Vice City, 
use your START map to plan a route. Over time you'll notice the same 
destinations cropping up again and again, making navigation easier. 
Avoid shortcuts unless you know exactly where they come out, and try 
to keep running people over to a minimum, as the police can be very 

8.	Although it's not essential, try to keep earning the 5/10/15 
etc in-a-row bonus. This is a great way to generate lots of money. 
Your taxi will take a pounding, so whenever you have a moment to 
spare in-between fares, pop into one of the 2 Pay 'N' Spray garages 
if they're nearby (check START map for exact locations) and get it 
fixed up for $100. If you smash up your taxi too badly, no customer 
will get into it, and you'll have to do this (or just quit). 

*	When you finally drop off that 100th customer, congratulations. 
You have now completed arguably the most tedious mission in the whole 
game! As way of a reward every taxi in the game now has the ability 
to jump. To perform a jump, simply push in the left analogue stick 
(L3 button). 



*	Throughout the city you will have noticed that a selection of 
shops can be entered, and usually have a member of staff standing 
behind a counter. You must 'knock-off' 15 specific shops to proceed.

*	To hold up a shop you'll need a gun. The Python you received 
for collecting Hidden Packages is perfect. Take it, then work your 
way through the list of shops below. To knock off a shop, simply walk 
inside and aim at the employee behind the counter by holding down R1. 
Do not stand in the pink glow, if there is one. 

*	Knocking off a shop gives you a 2-star Wanted Level, but you 
should continue aiming at the shop employee to gain more cash - and a 
3-star Wanted Level. It won't go any higher, no matter how long you 
hold up the clerk. The police have great difficulty entering shops so 
you're relatively safe as you do this. Once you've lit up the 3 
wanted stars, let go and collect all the money if you haven't already 
got it. You should find a maximum of $1000. 

*	Now simply walk out the shop and let yourself be 
arrested/killed. Naturally this clears the Wanted Level, but also 
removes your gun too. You'll have to retrieve it from the main 
hideout once again, but this is a lot simpler than trying to erase a 
3-star Wanted Level at the present time. When you're back on the 
streets, and armed, proceed to the next shop. 

NOTE: It is possible to aim at all the many shop assistants 
throughout Vice City, but this does absolutely nothing. Only the 15 
particular shops discussed in this FAQ reward you with money and help 
complete the game.  


Location: This shop is easy to find due to the fact is marked on your 
map. Push START and find the most southerly Hardware Store symbol in 
Vice City East. 


Location: This is exactly the same small, white, unnamed shop where 
you retrieved Hidden Package #28. Return there and aim at the shop 

NOTE: To speed things up, try and raid the next 2 shops in one go. 
They're quite close to each other, but to make life easier get full 
health and a fast car first. If you can just get inside the second 
shop, even with a 3-star Wanted Level, the police will still struggle 
to get through the front door and actually arrest you.   


Location: From Prawn Island, where you found Hidden Packages #44 & 
#45, come over the bridge and into Vice City East, keep following the 
road for a little while, ignoring all turn offs, until you see a 
large pink and white building on the east side of the road. As you'll 
see, the bottom of that building is actually an unmarked shop. Park 
as closely to the door as you can.  


Location: As you run out of the food shop, jump into your car, and 
turn north. Take the first left turn you can see, by a blue building. 
Take the next left down there, by a yellow wall. The shop is halfway 
down the row of shops you can now see, with a green sign declaring 
its name. Be quick in here, and if somehow a police officer stumbles 
into the shop, don't wait around going for the full $1000 payout. 
Just get the first $250 and flee. Surrender once the shop has been 
successfully knocked off.    

NOTE: Save a lot of time by knocking off the next 4 shops in one go. 
They're all relatively close to one another, meaning it is quite 
possible to run from one shop to the next with a 3-star Wanted Level. 
Make sure you have full health and body armour first and do them in 
the order below. As you already have 3-stars, you'll need to listen 
carefully to see when the accompanying sound effect stops playing, 
meaning you've extracted the maximum $1000 from the employee. 


Location: Enter the huge North Point Mall, ex-home of Hidden Packages 
#38 & #39. Go to the northeast corner of it, on the ground floor. You 
should see the shop in question. Although it has no name, it is the 
only shop you can enter in this little section.  


Location: As you exit the above shop, sprint towards the southwest 
corner of the mall, ground floor. Look on your map and go towards the 
Hardware Store symbol. The shop is next door to the 'Ammu-Nation' 
shop, which is also marked on your map.   

SHOP 7 - 'GASH' 

Location: You've been here before to collect Hidden Package #39. As 
you exit the 'Tooled Up' hardware store, look south and spot 2 
escalators. The ground-floor entrance to the shop is directly behind 
those escalators. The clerk is standing just on the left as you 


Location: Walk up the twin escalators actually inside the 'Gash' shop 
onto its higher floor. Turn left as you exit the shop and sprint 
right around the raised path, passing all the closed shops and police 
officers, until the path opens out by a bushy flowerbed. There's a 
Rampage icon on that flowerbed. The shop should be just on the left 
here. Once you've knocked it off, surrender as usual. 

*	The remainder of Vice City's shops will have to wait until 
later in the game for the time being, as presently you have no way to 
access them.


REWARD: Max health increased to 150 

1.	You may want to get full health before starting this mission, 
depending on how skilful you are on a moped. Go to the pizza 
restaurant where you retrieved Hidden Package #26. If you look behind 
the restaurant you will hopefully spot a red moped. Steal this moped 
to start the mission. If you cannot spot the moped directly behind 
the shop then drive away some distance and come back again. Repeat 
this a few times and eventually the bike should appear.
2.	The instant the mission starts you have 5 minutes to deliver a 
pizza to a customer who will be marked on your map. As they could be 
anywhere, check the START map to plan your route. Drive to that spot 
as quickly and safely as you can, slow down as you approach the 
person marked with an arrow. Hold down either L2 or R2, depending on 
what side they're on, and tap CIRCLE to fire a pizza at their feet as 
you pass. You don't need to be overly accurate, but check to see if 
the person is going for his pizza before driving off.   

3.	You now must return to the pizza restaurant to pass onto the 
next stage. You must get back there before the time expires. When you 
do, your stock of pizzas will be refilled and the time limit will 
jump up to 5 minutes again. But this time you have 2 customers to 
serve. Deliver the pizzas, come back, and repeat. Every time you get 
back the amount of customers will increase by 1, but the time limit 
never goes beyond 5 minutes. You must get up to level 10, where 
you'll need to serve 10 customers in 5 minutes! 

4.	What makes this different from the taxi missions, and therefore 
much harder, is you must do this in one go. If you run out of time, 
are killed or arrested, you start right over from square one again.  

5.	Always use your START map to plan the most economical route. 
Preparation is everything here. Put people into groups and start with 
those furthest away from the restaurant before working inwards. The 
worst thing you can do is backtracking. Unsurprisingly the most 
important thing to do is learn how to drive a moped without crashing 
every 3 seconds. If you do fly off the bike, just get back on 

6.	When you come back to restock your pizzas, get going again as 
soon as you see the stock level jump back up to 6. Don't wait around. 
And as you get more confident try firing pizzas out without slowing 
down too much, but bear in mind that from level 5 onwards you can't 
really afford to miss. Take special care to avoid upsetting the 
police, as on a moped you are very vulnerable.  

*	If you can make it back to the restaurant after successfully 
delivering pizzas to 10 people in one go, your health will be 
increased. As time will tell, this is going to be a very useful perk...  



*	Top Fun missions all involve controlling little radio-
controlled vehicles, usually against some form of competition. All 
the little RC toys handle identically to their full-size counterparts 
with the exception that pushing CIRCLE detonates the vehicle. You 
only need to complete these missions once to progress in the game, 
but feel free to play them again to improve your score.    

1.	To activate the mission, visit the dirt track on the northern 
end of the beach. This was where you found Hidden Package #35. On the 
southern side of the track is a white van, clearly painted with the 
Top Fun logo. Enter the van to begin the mission. 

2.	Watch the short cut-scene to learn about your objective. You 
must win a 2-lap race against 3 other RC buggies, and go through 
every pink checkpoint along the way. Due to the slightly awkward and 
unchangeable camera angle, and the buggies twitchy handling, this 
isn't too easy. 

3.	The best strategy is to completely ignore the opposition. You 
can drive right through all the competing buggies as if they were 
ghosts, so concentrate purely on getting through the next checkpoint. 
Keep your eyes locked to the top of the screen, always aiming for the 
next checkpoint. Try turning off the on-screen HUD in the 'display' 
options if you find it distracting.  

4.	If you do miss a checkpoint then you might as well detonate the 
buggy now and start again. Just exit and then re-enter the Top Fun 
van to do that. Don't drive it away though; otherwise it won't start 
the mission anymore. In that case you'll need to go away and come 
back later when hopefully a new Top Fun van will be there. This 
applies to all the Top Fun missions.   

5.	Don't be afraid to lay off the accelerator as you go around 
corners. Keeping a tight racing line really helps here. Remember you 
can look behind you to check how far ahead you've got by holding down 
L2 and R2 together. 

6.	Finish in first place to succeed and earn a small cash bonus. 



1.	Return to the multi-storey car park where you found Hidden 
Package #40. Go up onto the highest rooftop storey and enter the 
identical Top Fun van, which is parked on the northern side. 

2.	This mission involves flying a RC plane along a course. Planes 
are very tricky to control, especially under pressure. Like before 
you must come first in a race, whilst passing through all the pink 
checkpoints. This time though you'll be doing it up in the sky. There 
are no laps. 

3.	This time you can bump into the opposition, but you really 
should avoid doing so. In the beginning accelerate hard, holding back 
on the analogue stick firmly. Go through the first checkpoint on the 
ground, and a moment later the plane will start to lift up. Let go of 
the stick and just tap it gently from now on. 

4.	Naturally the plane goes fastest when its going down, but you 
need to keep high enough to pass over all the lampposts, trees and 
buildings that obstruct your path. Therefore pull up firmly once you 
pass through a checkpoint, and then when you spot the next checkpoint 
start flying downwards towards it nice and steadily, ideally passing 
through the centre. Keep going gradually up and down, up and down.  

5.	After the early checkpoint at the hairpin bend, south of the 
car park, there's a good shortcut opportunity. Look on your map to 
see where the proceeding checkpoint is and instead of following the 
road, cut the corner and fly over the water towards it. Get this bit 
right and you will take first place. All being well you should stay 
in first place from here until the end.  

6.	Look out for it the checkpoint on the humpback bridge. You just 
want to clip the top of this one before pulling up sharply, as usual. 
If you miss any checkpoint, or crash, then just detonate the plane 
and start again. If in doubt, it's always best to go over an 

*	These are all the Top Fun missions you can presently complete. 
When the time comes to finish them off, you'll be the first to know. 



*	There are 2 miscellaneous bonus missions in Vice City. Both 
involve collecting tokens. 

1.	From your main hideout turn south and drive west down the short 
road beside the hideout. Follow it to the end and turn right, so you 
are facing north. Stop here and look on the left side of the road. 
You should see a shop called 'Collar & Cuffs' and directly north of 
it is car parking signpost. Follow that sign, and the white arrows 
painted on the road. Keep by the northern wall and you'll see that 
all the arrows lead up into a multi-storey car park. Go up onto the 
highest rooftop level of this car park. 

2.	Towards the northeast edge of the rooftop is a Stallion car. 
The Stallion has a roof painted a different colour to its body. If 
there's more than one, just get in the northeasterly one and 
hopefully a cut-scene will begin. If not, try a different one.  

3.	As the cut-scene explains, you have to collect 5 blue tokens 
without smashing any of the traffic cones. When you collect the first 
checkpoint it gives you 12 seconds, and you'll gain an extra 12 
seconds for all the tokens collected after that. All in all, this 
works out to be a very generous time limit. 

4.	First of all go over to the ramp structure in the southwest 
corner of the rooftop. There are 2 tokens on it. Get a reasonable run 
up and then drive up it and down the other side, grabbing the two 
tokens. As always, keep straight and you won't hit the cones 
surrounding it. 

5.	Come down the ramp and go for the next closest token. If you 
line properly you can just speed through the line of cones here and 
grab it. 

6.	The next closest token looks more complicated, but it isn't. 
Simply go very slowly and push your way through the ring of cones 
here. Grab the token, and push your way out the other side. You 
should have enough time to go slowly by now. Go very gradually and 
the cones don't smash when you hit them. 

7.	Now for the final token, just line yourself up and drive in-
between the cones. 

8.	If you fail, then drive slowly off the southwest ramp and 
you'll land in the street at the foot of the car park. Go out onto 
the main road and then come back up. The Stallion should've 
regenerated by then. 



1.	It helps to have full health for this mission. From the main 
hideout turn north and follow the long road all the way up to where 
it bends sharply to the left. Instead of following the road though, 
keep going forward across the grass and up a slope to where you 
should spot a motorbike standing beside the window of a large hotel 
type building. 

2.	When you get on the bike a cut-scene will explain what to do. 
There are 24 blue tokens to collect, and although you don't need to 
collect them in order, it makes sense to. When you touch the first 
token a 2-minute time limit starts. 

3.	The first token is at the top of 2 wooden ramps just in front 
of you and slightly to the right. All the tokens are marked on your 
map, should you get lost. Don't go too quickly up the first wooden 
ramp or you'll overshoot the second one. But you're not being timed 
yet, so take your time. 

4.	When you grab the first token go forward and get the second one 
of the roof. Ignore the third for a moment and drop down into the 
alley on your left. Go back up the alley to get a generous run up. 
Speed down the alley and shoot up the staircase here. This will 
propel you over the road and hopefully into the token. 

5.	Whenever you think you're going to land and smash into a wall, 
brake heavily beforehand and you might not fly off the bike when you 
do. Just get back on the bike should you come off, provided you don't 
use the same bike constantly it should survive all the abuse.    

6.	Now continue down the alley, grabbing the obvious tokens, pass 
the Police Bribe, and like before fly up the staircase here. This 
time you need to at least touch the token on the opposite rooftop. 
When you have, drop down into the alley and pick up all the tokens 
you see. 

7.	At the end of the alley is a small wooden ramp. Go over the 
tiny thing and a truck will drive down the road as you soar through 
the air. You should make it over the vehicle fine, and land in the 
next section of the alley. Pick up all tokens. As you go down here 
another truck will pop out of a side street. It's best to let it pass 
rather than try and speed in front of it. 

8.	At the end of this alley section, cross the road, and go into 
the narrower alley section opposite, grabbing tokens. After getting 
the 16th token by the pillars turn a sharp right. 

9.	Fly down into the small underground shopping precinct, making 
sure to get the token behind the pillar. Launch up the steps and grab 
the other token. Now head north up the road, ignore the tokens to the 
west that are marked with an arrow on the map (signifying they're 
above street level). 

10.	Take the next left and you'll see another token in front of 
you. Grab it and then go up the alley directly north of that token's 
location. This is so you can get a good run-up. Turn around and speed 
down the alley, across the street, and towards the white staircase. 

11.	You should grab the token in midair here. Now you have 2 
choices. Either try and stop on the rooftop of the Pay 'N' Spray - if 
you can, or keep going and hopefully land on the last pink rooftop. 
If you managed to stop, drive over the Pay 'N' Spray roof and drop 
down safely onto the pink roof from a height. This is preferable. If 
you didn't, then slam on the brakes as you hit the pink roof and pray 
you'll stay on it. 

12.	Simply grab the final token up here to complete the mission and 
earn a nice little cash reward.

*	Well done, you've already finished all the miscellaneous bonus 
missions in the game! 



*	A Unique Jump occurs when you drive off a ledge or ramp at high 
speed. The game will give you a slow motion, cinematic view of your 
vehicle, and if you land in a certain area you'll earn some money. A 
message will confirm your success. Finding and completing all Unique 
Jumps is an essential part of your 100% quest.  

*	Unquestionably the best vehicle to use for the jumps is the PCJ 
motorbike. If you can't find one driving around town, then pay a 
visit to the Marina. That's the place leading into the underground 
car park where Hidden Package #5 was. Drive up and down this Marina 
long enough and eventually a PCJ will appear on the waterfront. Fast 
cars will suffice in certain places, but every jump is easier with a 

* On certain Jumps you will be able to get a good, long, run-up at 
the particular ramp. When you can do this, hold up on the stick 
gently and Tommy will bend forward. This gives you a small speed-
boost and can occasionally make the difference between you completing 
or failing the Jump. 

*	Note that you can level the bike out in mid-air simply by 
moving the analogue stick up and down. Try to land with the back 
wheel touching solid ground a moment before the front, like a plane 
does. It isn't too important if you can't manage that, as crash 
landings are quite acceptable. 

*	If the bike catches fire whilst you're in mid-air, you can 
still bail out by tapping TRIANGLE. 

* Unfortunately the game doesn't always seem to accept your Jumps, 
even when you apparently do them perfectly. A certain Jump can seem 
easy to beat the first time, and completely impossible the second 
time around. If this happens to you, then don't give up. You will get 
there eventually. 

NOTE: We'll be approaching these jumps from the north of Vice City 
East and working steadily south. 

NOTE: To assist you in finding the respective jumps, the 
corresponding number of the Jump in the Brady Games Vice City 
guidebook has been included. 

NOTE: I recommend ticking off Unique Jumps you've completed on a 
piece of paper as you do them. Many people have discovered how easy 
it is to forget which Jumps have and haven't been completed, 
especially if you don't play the game regularly.  

UNIQUE JUMP 1: VICE POINT (Brady Jump no. 20) 

Location: You must have a motorbike to complete this jump. Go to the 
construction site where you found Hidden Package #20. Enter the site 
and go up all 3 wooden ramps to the very highest level. As you drive 
up the third ramp stop and look west. You should see a long red 
girder jutting out to the north. This is the ramp.    

1.	If you line yourself up properly for this jump you won't need 
to worry about balance at all. Spend as much time as you need, till 
you believe the bike is lined up perfectly with the girder. If it is, 
you shouldn't need to steer whilst on it. Back up to the wall at the 
foot of the girder, hold R1 and rev your engine, then simply keep 
accelerating. You should fly off and just about nudge the building on 
the ground below. 

UNIQUE JUMP 2: VICE POINT (Brady Jump no. 18)  

Location: Now Go to the Malibu Club. You found Hidden Package #23 in 
its car park. Just south of the club, on the grass, is a concrete 
ramp structure facing towards a river. The ramp has a yellow poster 
stuck on its northern side. That's what you need to jump off.  

1.	Back up and stop as close as you can get to the water tower 
that's east of the club. Face the concentre ramp and rev your engine 
hard by holding down R1 whilst braking. Wait for a gap in the 
traffic, and then charge. Hit the ramp straight and make it across 
onto the grass on the other side of river to succeed. 

UNIQUE JUMP 3: VICE POINT (Brady Jump no. 19)  

Location: This jump is directly south of the last one. If you go down 
the grassy area you'll see another concrete ramp structure facing a 

1.	This one is very simple. Get a run-up from all the way to the 
last ramp if you want and then speed towards it along the grass. 
Successfully clear the bridge to continue. 


Location: Pass the bridge you just jumped and continue south along 
the road until you come to the next small bridge leading over the 
river. Just south of that bridge, west of the police station, is 
another concrete ramp structure. The ramp looks identical to one you 
used during Unique Jump #1.   

1. Simply back up along the road east of the ramp and drive at it as 
quickly as you can. You should effortlessly cross the river and 
complete the jump.  


Location: Following the jump above you should land beside the 'Bunch 
of Tools' shop, which is marked on your map as the most southerly 
Hardware Store. The dirt ramp directly east of that shop it is what 
you need to go over. 

1. For this one go and get a run up by starting back on the nearby 
bridge leading west across the sea to Starfish Island. Speed down the 
road, pass the hardware store on your right, and then curve right and 
up onto the dirt ramp. You should hit the dirt ramp on its left side 
for best results.  

 UNIQUE JUMP 6: WASHINGTON BEACH (Brady Jump no. 23)  

Location: If you go recall the second bonus mission, PCJ Playground, 
then go back to that spot. The first ramp you went up in that mission 
- the wooden one propped up against a building, is the ramp you need 
to hit. 

1.	Get a good run up by driving up the road leading north up to 
the Malibu club. In this case, the longer the run up, the better, as 
you simply need to go up the ramp at very high speed. Hit the ramp 
nice and straight, and try to land down in the street to the right. 
Travel far enough and you'll succeed. All you need is speed. 


Location: This ramp is actually the most northerly staircase in the 
alley just slightly east of the ramp you used above. You've already 
gone over it during the PCJ Playground mission. 

1.	Get a very long run-up by going to the very end of the alley, 
and then continue north up the road towards the Malibu Club. Turn 
around and speed back towards the entrance to the alley. Ignore the 
curb, as it won't slow you down too badly. 

2. Hit the ramp going slightly left. You need to land past the pink 
and white building opposite, so try to land down in the alley down 
beside it. If you land anywhere south the building, you should make 


Location: On the east side of the same alley you just leapt up the 
stairs and out of, is another similar staircase, but steps running 
down north and east.  

1.	This time you want to come up the stairs from the east and fly 
out to the west, towards the police station. In order to achieve this 
you need the biggest run up you can generate. Going back to the low 
beach wall and starting from there probably won't be good enough, so 
go south on the grass a little bit and curve around as you accelerate 
to face the steps straight on. This is a bit tricky, but does give 
you that extra boost.   

2.	Because you can't dodge the traffic without slowing down don't 
start accelerating until the road seems clear. When in the air keep 
your front wheel high to keep altitude. 

3. If must fly far enough to physically hit the wall of the police 
station. You have to touch the wall, even if you land on the grass 
beside it and roll forward into it, just do that before the slow 
motion ends. 


Location: This was the second staircase you flew up in the PCJ 
Playground mission, further south down the long alley, and just south 
of a Police Bribe. 

1.	Another jump that simply requires high speed. Make sure 
travelling very quickly as you hit the staircase and soar high enough 
to get halfway along the grey rooftop directly south of the steps. 

UNIQUE JUMP 10: WASHINGTON BEACH (Brady Jump no. 27)  

Location: Stay in the same alley as the other jumps but go further 
down to the small wooden ramp you used, once again, in the PCJ 
Playground mission. 

1.	Don't be too generous with your run up, as hitting the ramp 
correctly is quite important here. Keep to the left side of the ramp, 
and don't knock the building that's directly south of the ramp, on 
the west side of the alley. Land down in the alley at the southern 
end of that building, about 50 metres away from the ramp.  

UNIQUE JUMP 11: WASHINGTON BEACH (Brady Jump no. 30)  

Location: Still in the same alley as before, continue going south 
beyond the sight of the last jump, into the next section. Just south 
of the spot where the second truck pulled out in the PCJ mission is 
another small brown ramp on the west side of the alley. 

1.	Obviously you'll need to approach this jump from the south and 
fly off into the north. Provided you hit it fast and straight enough, 
and land far enough away, it's quite easy. 

UNIQUE JUMP 12: OCEAN BEACH (Brady Jump no. 31)  

Location: Go back to the top of the multi-storey car park where you 
completed Bonus Mission 1: 'Cone Crazy'. On the south of the roof is 
a ramp like structure which you drove up firstly to collect tokens 
during the mission. This is it. 

1.	Simply start at the north of the roof and speed towards it. You 
can't really fail, provided you crash into the building directly 
south of the multi-storey car park. 

NOTE: The next 2 Unique Jumps are part of a sequence and should be 
done together. 

UNIQUE JUMP 13 & 14: OCEAN BEACH (Brady Jump no. 32 & 33)  

Location: You've already done this jump before, in a way. It was the 
penultimate jump during the PCJ Playground mission, where you went up 
a set of steps and landed on (or over) the roof of the south Pay 'N' 
Spray building. Go back there. 

1.	Start in the alley directly north of the stairs. Go right up to 
the back of the alley and get a very long run-up. Charge at the steps 
and hit them straight. You will fly over the Pay 'N' Spray rooftop 
easily and start to land on the pink rooftop.
2.	Whilst still in slow motion look for the small pink ramp on the 
roof. Provided you hit the stairs a moment ago right in the middle, 
you should be about land right in front of it. Guide your bike 
towards it and as soon as you land continue accelerating up and over 
it. Hit the brownish building directly south to complete 2 jumps in 

NOTE: The next 2 Unique Jumps are part of a sequence and should be 
done together.     

UNIQUE JUMP 15 & 16: OCEAN BEACH (Brady Jump no. 29 & 28)  

Location: Go to the 'L' symbol that is on your map. As you can see it 
leads you to a pink building. Come to a halt on the eastern side of 
this building, looking south down the road. You should be able to 
make out a corkscrew ramp leading up into a multi-storey car park. Go 
up that twisting ramp onto the roof. Stop here and look left at a 
small slope leading down. Go down it, along, and then up again on 
opposite side. Turn back around on the spot to face back the way 
you've just come, at the corkscrew ramp. 

1.	Reverse until your back wheel is pushing up against the low 
concrete wall. You need as much of a run-up as you can get here. You 
now want to speed back east, the way you've just come, following the 
painted arrows along the floor, and up the little slope. Although it 
doesn't look steep enough, you'll fly over the low wall and across 
the street onto the east rooftop. If you're on a bike, lean forward 
for extra speed as you accelerate towards the slope. You should be 
going so fast your back wheel doesn't even come close to clipping the 
low wall as you fly over it. Land on the rooftop across the street to 
pass the Jump. If you're having difficulty, you're not getting a 
fast/long enough run-up.  

2.	Close to where you landed is a metal set of steps leading up 
onto a raised section of this eastern rooftop. Drive up them and from 
this raised section you can drop down onto another longer, lower 
rooftop to the east. When you drop down onto it, back right up to the 
very western edge. In front of you should be 3 air-conditioning 
ramps: 2 facing east, and 1 facing north. You want to charge at the 
one on the corner, the middlemost of the 3 ramps. Fly up this 
particular ramp and if you can simply land on the high rooftop across 
the street to the east, you've done it.    

*	These all the Unique Jumps we'll be doing for now, but there 
are plenty more to complete later on in the game.


REWARD: Your character will never get tired. 

*	Those familiar with Grand Theft Auto III may know how difficult 
the paramedic missions were in that game. Unfortunately, they're just 
as tough in Vice City...

1.	Firstly find an ambulance. There are 2 hospitals in Vice City 
East, one by the southern bridge in the Ocean Beach district, and the 
other is in the Vice Point district, just south of the unnamed food 
shop you knocked off thirdly. Try looking in the Vice Point hospital 
for a parked ambulance, as this is where we will be starting the 
mission. If the front driveway is empty, go down to Ocean Beach and 
look there and bring that ambulance back up to Vice Point.

2.	If you can't find an ambulance at either hospital, drive away 
and come back a few times. Alternatively kill about 3 people and stay 
by the bodies until hopefully an ambulance arrives, which you should 
then steal. 

3.	When you get to the Vice Point hospital, (the mission is 
somewhat easier from this hospital), push R3 to start. Now you cannot 
exit the ambulance for any reason, meaning you must keep it drivable 
during the whole mission. If you destroy the ambulance, run out of 
time, are killed or arrested, the mission is considered a failure and 
you must start again from the very beginning. This also applies if 
you kill anyone you're about to pick up. 

4.	A time limit will appear on the screen, and an injured 
pedestrian will be highlighted on your map with a yellow marker. 
Press START to plan your route to that person. Once you've picked 
them up and returned to the hospital, you'll progress onto level 2, 
where 2 people need rescuing. On level 3 there's 3 people, and so on. 
You must get to, and actually complete level 12. 
5.	Be very careful as you stop to collect someone. If the back of 
the ambulance is full up, try and park with the passenger door facing 
the patient, and visa-versa. When they start running towards the 
ambulance don't budge in case you hit the patient. There's nothing 
more frustrating that accidentally squishing the person you need to 
save! If you hit them gently it's possible they're just trapped 
underneath the ambulance, reverse off slowly and they'll probably get 
up again.   

6.	As with all vehicles, the instant a patient's hand touches the 
door handle they're considered to be in the ambulance, no matter how 
fast you speed away. Use this to save precious time. And when you 
drop off people at the hospital, the instant they get out the 
ambulance they're not your responsibility, so run them over if 
they're in the way.   

7.	You can only fit 3 people in the ambulance at one time. 
Therefore when planning your route on the START map, find the 3 
nearest patients and collect them first. Always start with the people 
closest to the hospital and work outwards because time is shortest at 
the beginning. Arrange groups and decide which to concentrate on 

8.	You don't have to always fill the ambulance right up before 
returning, so use a bit of common sense. By the last patient you 
should be doing okay for time, so feel free to use it up because the 
timer always resets to about a minute at the start of every new 

9.	Beware of hills. If you see a hill or slope - slow down first. 
Flying over bumps at high speed is practically begging to be rolled 
over. In fact, going very quickly is always to be avoided. The 
primary cause of failure with Paramedic Missions is rolling the 
ambulance over - not running out of time. Drive with that in mind. 
During the later levels more patients = more time, so pay more 
attention to careful driving then.  

10.	Use your sirens by pushing in L3. This stops all oncoming 
traffic, and cars in front of you will swerve out the way. For 
example, if you're coming up on their left, they'll swerve to the 
right. Don't change direction suddenly or the car will get confused 
and swerve back. 

11.	You should be driving so carefully that the police will have no 
reason to chase you. Keep it that way. Slow and steady driving is the 
key to success here! 

*	When you drop off the final passenger, the game will give you 
your reward. It's one of the better prizes available, but you only 
really miss it when you don't have it. But rest assured, because 
you'll never have to do the Paramedic missions again! 



*	You will have already seen the pink skull Rampage icons 
scattered throughout Vice City. Picking up the token activates a 
mission, which always involves destroying a certain number of targets 
within 2 minutes. You will be given a specific gun with infinite ammo 
to achieve this goal, and you must use it. 

*	In Vice City there are many Rampages to complete, but to they 
are usually quick and easy to complete. More so than in GTA3, for 

*	For every Rampage you about to complete, unless otherwise 
noted, it is best to let the paramedics arrive and revive the people 
you have just killed. This doesn't detract from your score, and is a 
useful method to generate fresh victims.  

NOTE: The gang members involved in Rampages are randomly selected 
every time. 


Preparation: Find a fast and robust car like a police car. 

Location: Drive along the beach, right up by the waters edge. At the 
very southern tip of the beach you should spot the Rampage icon 
sitting on the sands by the sea, not far before the beach ends and 
becomes the rocky lighthouse area. 

1.	Get back quickly into your car and head back to the main road. 
You will spot gang members on the beach and crush them as you pass, 
but do not hang around on the beach as the sand makes it more 
difficult to keep your speed up.

2.	The best place to go is the wide gravel path that leads towards 
the lighthouse. Gang members congregate here in droves. Drive from 
end of the gravel area to the other, turning around by the narrow 
wooden bridge, and coming back again. Hit everyone you see. Keep your 
speed up too.  

3.	They will shoot at you but because you're moving up and down 
all the time, the damage will be minimal. Don't be surprised if you 
get a puncture though. Also, don't get caught up chasing after a 
single man. It's more efficient to concentrate on the groups. 

4.	If you keep going from one end of the gravel this gives the 
game time to load new victims. Kill 30 people to succeed. 

NOTE: When this Rampage ends, you may spot another Rampage icon by a 
bush in this gravel area. Ignore it for now, as we will be completing 
that particular Rampage later on. 


Preparation: Body armour. 

Location: This particular icon was discussed as you looked for Hidden 
Package #6. It's beside the Ocean View Medical Foundation. Drive up 
the steps and use your car as a stool to climb and grab the icon. 

1.	First of all go and stand on the very edge of the raised wall, 
looking down into the street. Push L3 to crouch and then aim at the 
gang members you can see down on the street.
2.	The gun is fully automatic, so simply hold down fire and scan 
slowly across the group. Do it slowly because occasionally it takes a 
couple of hits to kill someone.     

3.	When you've killed about 10 of the 25-gang members, drop down 
onto the pavement and finish the job. The wounded will run over to 
attack you, but just pick them off before they get in your face. This 
way you can get plenty of kills quickly. 

4.	You should have more than enough health to survive the counter 
attacks, so just relax and take pleasure in your job.


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: Go to the alley, which you used to get a long run up in the 
'PCJ Playground' bonus mission, and also for Unique Jump's 13 and 14. 
Stand at the southern end of that alley. Just to its left is a hedge. 
Go through the first gap in that hedge and walk north, in-between the 
2 green houses. Stop by the palm tree and look east. You should be 
able to spot the icon behind another palm tree. 

1.	As soon as you have the icon, run back out onto the street. You 
can stay here to complete the task. Run up to the nearest group of 
gang members and start hitting CIRCLE. Unless you're lucky enough to 
decapitate the victim, they will need multiple slashes to die. 

2.	Ignore whatever abuse you receive in return and keep waving the 
sword about repeatedly. You can cut people up on the ground, and 
you'll need to. Unlike with guns, its best to stay on one spot if 
people are smothering you. Just keep chopping until there's nobody 

3.	Run up and down the road and make sure people are truly dead 
before you move on. If the police turn up then just ignore them too. 
You only need to slay 10 people to pass. 


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: From the southern end of the alley mentioned above, turn 
left and go left again at the end of the road. Go north up this road 
a little way and you should spot a pink wall on the west side with 2 
grey gates. The gates have 'To Let' signs on them. Go through the 
open gate and look south.    

1.	When you have the icon run out onto the street. The road 
directly in front of you now is a good place to hang about. Run along 
it and look for groups of gang members to kill. If you can't see 
anyone, turn around and come back. 

2.	It only takes one slash of the chainsaw to kill somebody. Stand 
in the middle of a group and press attack. You should get more than 
one in a single slash. Don't waste time cutting people up on the 
ground, as they're already dead. This is a very easy Rampage. You 
should have no problem. 


Preparation: N/A 

Location: Go back to the roof of the multi-storey car park where you 
activated the 'Cone Crazy' bonus mission and performed Unique Jump 
#12. Walk up on the concrete ramp in the southwest corner and look 
down. You should see the icon in the corner of a rooftop down below. 

1.	Grab the icon and drop down onto the western street. Stand on 
the pavement and aim up and down the road with the PSG-1. Forget 
accuracy as you have unlimited ammunition. Simply point the red dot 
at a group of gang members and keep tapping CIRCLE until they're all 
dead. Act as if you have a machine gun. 

2.	Without moving just scan up and down the road slowly looking 
for more victims. It's unlikely that anyone will try to fight back. 
If they do, just shoot them. You should have no trouble killing 25 


Preparation: Full health, body armour.  

Location: On top of the car park with the corkscrew entry ramp, which 
you jumped from to complete Unique Jump #15. Look on the western 
side, by a slope. 

1.	When you've got the icon, quickly take a running jump over the 
glass fence and fall down into the shopping precinct. You won't lose 
much health. 

2.	Run around the on this ground floor looking for packs of gang 
members. It is best to stand quite closely to the target before 
firing, as the shotgun is weak over long distances. Just ignore 
whatever they do to you, as the body armour can absorb the damage 
whilst you finish off the separate groups. 

3.	Always lock on before shooting and remember you can press L1 to 
cycle through targets. You can kill people on the ground, if they 
survived the first shot. If the game locks onto a fallen enemy, you 
know that person is still alive.

4.	When the ground floor looks clear, try holding R1 and locking 
onto an enemy. If you can't, then it really must be clear. Go 
upstairs on the escalator. 

5.	Hopefully they'll be plenty of people to kill up here too. Just 
do what you did downstairs, and when it's cleared of victims, jump 
back down and see if anybody has reappeared down there. There is no 
need to leave the shopping precinct, but finding enough people to 
shoot will be awkward. 


Preparation: Full health, body armour.  

Location: This Rampage is on the front eastern steps of the low pink 
house where Hidden Package #16 was. 

1.	Grab the icon and run out onto the street by the hardware 
store. Plenty of gang members congregate here. Don't by shy. Keep a 
short distance and get firing. Check your kill count to see when the 
person is dead, as they often don't need as many bullets as you 

2.	Keep moving and firing at any gang member you can see. Your 
lock on will help you here. With body armour you're too tough to 
kill, so simply keep it up. There's a chance the police may turn up. 
If so, make sure you kill them first. Hopefully you'll succeed and 
the Wanted Level will be erased.       


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Go to the where the motorbike is that you sit on to 
activate the 'PCJ Playground' mission. Go around the large building 
beside it, to the southeast corner, on the side facing the sea. The 
Rampage icon is hiding by a bush here. 

1.	Get the icon and move back out onto the road, killing any 
groups of gang members you see along the way. The Spas-12 you have is 
amazing and will slay whole groups of people in seconds. 

2.	All you need to do is move along the road, heading roughly west 
towards the bridge, killing all the way. Turn around and come back by 
the bridge to kill the regenerated enemies. 30 kills will be easy 
with that gun. 


Preparation: N/A. 

Location: Behind the massive hotel, where you found the last icon, is 
a swimming pool area. You can't miss it. It's just little bit north 
of the last icon, behind a fence. There's a gap in the fence on the 
west, up by the hotel wall. Once in there go up to the very top 
diving board where this Rampage awaits. 

1.	This Rampage is stupidly easy. Stay up where you found the icon 
and use the PSG-1 to aim down at the gang members on the ground. If 
you look around in all directions slowly you should find some fresh 
victims that have just appeared. 

2.	You only need to kill 10 people, so take your time. As long as 
they're standing still you won't have a problem. If they start 
fleeing, use the rifle like a machine gun again. But if there's a 
stationary group nearby don't get distracted shooting a solitary 
running man.


Preparation: Any fast and robust car, like a police car. 

Location: Go to the row of small houses by the river where you found 
Hidden Package #21. Then drive north along the road beside them. At 
the end it bends west. Keep following it all the way into a little 
cul-de-sac. The icon is right up by the river here. 

1.	Get back into your car once you have the icon. If you haven't 
done a drive-by shooting before then it's just like delivering 
pizzas. Hold down L2 or R2 to look in the appropriate direction and 
hold down fire. 

2.	Drive around the loop here. When you see a group of gang 
members slow down until you're just rolling and fire out the side 
window at them. Don't drive too close to them, or you might scare 
them off. Keep this up till you see the whole group go down. 

3.	Should you notice a gang member running towards your car door 
to pull you out, just keep shooting and the idiot will run into the 
bullets. You're pretty well protected from their guns in the car.  

4.	When you can't see anybody else in this loop venture down the 
street a little way, then turn around and come back. You have 30 
people to kill, which isn't too hard provided you kill every 
available person. 


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: Go and park by the shop where you found Hidden Package #28. 
Drive north up to the end of the road and turn left. You should see 
that the road slopes up at the end here. Go and stop at the foot of 
that slope. On your right should be a small gap in the wall, leading 
down to a grassy area and a wooden jetty. At the very western end of 
the jetty is the icon. 

1.	As soon as you have the icon run, or drive, back up to the 
road. Drive around slowly until you can see gang members hanging 
around in groups on the pavement. Simply run into the groups whilst 
holding down CIRCLE. 

2.	This is a very easy Rampage, as the last chainsaw based Rampage 
was too. Ignore any counterattacks from the gang members, and if you 
alert the police ignore them too. Should the police presence get a 
bit too uncomfortable, then hop into a car and drive to somewhere 
quieter. Kill 20 gang members to win. 


Preparation: Full health.   

Location: Down on the beach, directly behind the yellow and white 
building where you found Hidden Package #36. Note that there is a 
body armour pickup beside the northern wall this building - you may 
as well collect it.           

1.	Get the icon and run (or preferably drive) out onto the road 
that surrounds the North Point Mall. Walk around on foot here till 
groups of gang members appear. The moment you see someone you can 
shoot him with the Python. This gun easily allows you to lock onto 
enemies some distance away.

2.	Keep locking onto individual targets. One shot will kill 
anyyone. You can just hang about on this small stretch of road, only 
moving to make new victims appear. Even if you're being mobbed, stand 
firm and keep firing.


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: Go to the only east entrance to the North Point Mall. The 
Rampage is slightly south of the doors. 

1.	Grab the token and run a little way south, keeping behind the 
wall that surrounds the mall. From here you shoot over the wall at 
gang members in the street in relative safety. The wall will confuse 
them, and the police. 

2.	Stand on one spot and aim up the road. Slay one group by simply 
moving from left to right whilst holding CIRCLE, then turn around and 
look down the road. Do the same. If an ambulance arrives, it should 
revive the first group whilst you slaughter the second. You'll 
hopefully find that victims regenerate quickly here. 

3.	You could kill half the gang members from the safety of the 
wall and then go out, killing folk at point blank range if you like. 
But it's best to do this only if you're running low on time. 


Preparation: Full health, body armour. 

Location: You may have seen this Rampage icon when you knocked off 
the 'Vinyl Countdown' shop in the North Point Mall. If you go to the 
second floor, west side, in the mall you should spot a pink icon 
sitting in a bushy flowerbed outside that 'Vinyl Countdown' shop. 

1.	When you have the icon, stay on the second floor and search for 
groups of gang members to kill. Keep relatively close to the 
escalators. When you spot one stand some distance away and fire a 
single rocket in the middle of the pack. 

2.	Continue this up until the second floor seems clear, and then 
go down and go the same. Don't waste time trying to shoot over the 
ledge, as this is almost guaranteed to blow you up too. If you find 
yourself being chased by anyone, then resist the temptation to blow 
him or her up at point blank range. Run away and fire vaguely in 
their direction until it seems safe to continue slaying again.  


Preparation: Full health, any motorbike.   

Location: Go to either of the 2 northern doorways leading into the 
North Point Mall. Look north and should spot 2 buildings across the 
street in front of you. They both look a bit similar, except one is 
blue and one is yellow. If you press START, the yellow building is 
the most northeasterly building on this island. Find a ramp sloping 
up behind the yellow building, and the icon is tucked up right 
against the back wall.  

1.	It is recommended that you use the motorbike here, although it 
is certainly not essential. Go back out onto the road, and if you 
move about gang members will appear as usual. Park a short distance 
from one group, face them, and press fire. They will hopefully all 

2.	Don't stop moving for more than a moment, especially if you can 
see someone running towards you. Back off then, turn around, and 
shoot your pursuer if he hasn't already vanished. Try moving slowly 
and shooting, then drive roughly through the middle of the groups. 
Turn around and come back for another assault. Repeat till 30 have 

*	They are all the Rampages that either can be completed at this 
stage in the game, or that are advisable to do so now. Needless to 
say, we will come back to do those left undone. 



*	Now is the time for the mystery of the pink icons with green 
houses on them to be explained. By walking into these icons and 
pressing L1, you can buy that building. It will then become a 
hideout, where you can save and store a car in the garage, if one is 

*	You should have more than enough from your previous successes 
to start buying selected properties on the island. We will buy all 
that we can now. The icons with a red house symbol on them are 
unrelated, and should still be ignored.  


Location: From where you finished the Rampage #15, go east along the 
road. The greenish building on the corner is the building in 


Location: Go the hospital in Vice Point, where you finished the 
paramedic missions. Directly south of the hospital is a smart 
mansion. The token is right up by the swimming pool.  


Location: Press START and find the northernmost Pay 'N' Spray on the 
map. The apartment directly south of that Pay 'N' Spray is where you 
need to be. 


Location: Go to the 'L' symbol on your map. The building you can 
purchase is directly west of the 'L' symbol's location. This token 
was briefly discussed as you collected Hidden Package #11. 


Location: Press START and look for the southern Ammu-Nation shop. You 
will see that it is on a 2-lane road. On the road east of it, at the 
very southern end, is the property in question. It is a large 
apartment tower with pink girders. The icon is on the northern side 
of the apartments. 

*	You have now purchased all that you can for the time being. 
Enjoy your new freedom to save the game in different places! 

*	Well done. You have now completed all the side-quests/missions 
that are either currently accessible or should be done now. It is 
time to progress onto the proper missions at long last, and then 
onwards to even bigger and better rewards. 

NOTE: Check your stats. You should have completed 20% of the game. 
Passed 15 Rampages. Found 34 Hidden Packages. Completed 16 Unique 
Jumps. Dropped off 100+ passengers. Be on paramedic mission level 12. 
Knocked off 8 stores. Delivered 55+ pizzas and own 5 properties. Only 
80% left of the game to go... 

NOTE: If for any reason you have not done what is listed above, now 
is your chance to do it. Finish what must be finished, and only 
continue when you're positive it's all been done. 

*	Save your game. Now go to the 'L' symbol and walk into the pink 



1.	After watching the cut-scene, steal any vehicle and drive to 
the small blue T-shirt symbol on your map. Walk into the pink glow 
outside the shop.
2.	Afterwards the game will strongly hint that you steal a 
particular motorbike, but it is completely up to you. Just be wary 
that the bike's driver may try to pull you off again if you do 
actually take it. 

3.	A new location will appear on your map. Drive there at your 
leisure. Park in the pink glow and another lengthy cut scene will 

4.	When it ends you will have a female colleague who will follow 
you around, and even fight on your side if need be. You must escort 
her to the location on your map. How you get there is up to you, be 
it in any kind of vehicle, or even on foot. 

5.	Avoid the normal pitfalls of death and arrest during the short 
journey, and then step into the pink glow at your final destination 
to complete the mission.  

NOTE: If you fail a mission due to death or arrest, a taxi with a 
pink arrow above it may appear when you're back on your feet. Step 
into this taxi for a quick ride back to your employer. This is fine, 
assuming you don't want to collect any guns or equipment first.  

NOTE: 2 sets of clothes have now been delivered. 1 to your main 
hideout and the other to the clothes shop visited in the last 
mission. By walking into a clothes token you can change your outer 
garments, but more importantly lose a 1 or 2-star Wanted Level. 



1.	Collect the Python gun from your main hideout before activating 
the next mission. Once you've gone back to the 'L' symbol, and 
watched the cut scene, a destination will be on your map. Drive there 
in any car and walk into the pink glow. 

2.	Another cut scene will play and when this has ended go to the 
alley, which you can see on your map. Approach from the northern end 
of the alley and go very slowly as you get close. Look ahead for a 
man dressed in white with a pink arrow above his head. 

3.	The moment you can see the man step out of your car, lock onto 
him, and fire. He will die instantly. Now walk up to the body and 
collect the phone he dropped. 

4.	Now another cut scene will play. When it ends you can hang 
about and fight the 3 men, but it's better to simply run away and go 
to the yellow dot on your map, which is where your newfound colleague 
is going. Feel free to overtake him and simply sit in the car. When 
he leaps in, accelerate away quickly. 

5.	Now drive to the 'Ammu-Nation' store, which is clearly marked 
on the map. You cannot destroy this car, so drive cautiously. Pull up 
in the pink glow and a non-interactive tutorial on how to use the 
'Ammu-Nation' shop will begin. Watch it, if you like, and when the 
tutorial ends drive back to the pink dot on the map. That's it. 

NOTE: You have now received a phone. Although you cannot personally 
use this phone, at certain times it will ring. Push L1 to answer the 
call. Most commonly incoming phone calls advance the plot, but 
occasionally they give you offers of new work. It is always best to 
answer the phone whenever it chooses to ring. 



1.	Make sure you have your Python first. Then see Ken and receive 
your orders. As you leave a short cut scene will start. When it ends 
ignore the fallen hammer and climb into a car. Drive to the southern 
yellow dot on your map. 

2.	When you arrive you will see a parked car and a man speaking to 
a woman. Ignore the couple completely but stand quite close to the 
car, so you can't miss it, and begin shooting, roughly about 5 times. 
The man will run towards his car and get in. 

3.	Assuming you have shot the car about 5 times the man will jump 
out of the vehicle immediately. Just let him go. 

4.	Now go to the northern yellow dot. When you find the parked 
car, make sure your bullets are hitting it every time, and shoot it 
repeatedly until a cut scene begins. When it ends, you have passed 
the mission. 

NOTE: You will receive 2 phone calls when this mission has ended. If 
you haven't, try walking around on foot for a minute. The second 
phone call is an offer of work and will appear on your map as a phone 
symbol. Just ignore it for now. 



1.	You will need your Python and body armour for this mission. 
After being briefed by Ken, ignore the suggestion to go and change 
your clothes, and instead go directly to the spot marked on your map 
with a purple square. 

2.	The place is only accessible through a gap in the fence on the 
eastern side. Stand by that gap and shoot any 4 workers. They will 
start rioting, and if you stand too closely, they will attack you 

3.	Sprint as quickly as you can through the mob, and beyond the 
newly opened black gate into an area with 3 vans. Only shoot back if 
someone attacks you, or really gets in your face. You should shoot 
the 2 security guards here though. 

4.	The 2 vans to the north are parked beside a red explosive 
barrel. If you face this barrel, your targeting system should lock 
onto it when you aim. If not press L1 till it does. Shoot the barrel, 
and hope that you weren't caught too badly in the explosion. 

5.	Those 2 vans will take care of themselves now you've set them 
on fire, so turn your attention to the third. It is parked too far 
away from the remaining red barrel, so get in and drive those it few 
short yards. There's a high chance somebody will pull you out, but 
just shoot them, and get back in if necessary. 

6.	When you're quite close to the red barrel, get out and shoot 
it. If you can survive this explosion, you'll have passed the 

NOTE: The set of clothes, which could be used in this mission, are 
now freely available at the 'Tooled Up' hardware shop in the North 
Point Mall. 

NOTE: You no longer work for Ken. Answer all incoming calls and you 
will shortly end up with 2 new employers, marked with 'C' and 'A' 
symbols on your map. Ignore them both for now, and proceed to the 
phone symbol on your map.  



1.	You will need a fast car and your Python for this mission. When 
you have answered the phone call, leap into your car. Your target 
will appear on the map as a yellow dot. Go and intercept him. 

2.	The 50 deliveries time limit you have been given roughly works 
out to be 2 minutes or so. This should be plenty of time to get 1 
good hit on the moped, which the target is driving. Simply drive into 
him, knock him off the bike, and then quickly park your car on top of 
his sprawled body. 

3.	Make sure the car is covering him totally. This way he cannot 
escape. Now get out and lock onto the man with R1. Try shooting him 
and you should blow up your car in the process. This does the job 

NOTE: Now go to work for the employer marked with a 'C'. 



1.	You'll need your Python. Go and get your orders, then proceed 
to the purple square on the map at your own pace. Don't worry about 
the weapon you were just given, you don't need to use it.  When you 
arrive, walk into the pink glow at the entrance to the building. 

2.	After the short cut scene, stop, select your Python, and shoot 
anyone you can lock onto. This will take care of your targets guards 
easily. You may not have the time to shoot the actual target man 
before he runs into the building and outside, but this doesn't 

3.	Chase him outside and shoot him in the back as he runs down the 
street. He may need more than 1 hit, even with the Python. The moment 
he's dead you gain a 2-star Wanted Level. Go immediately to the 
grassy area directly north of the building you were just in and 
collect the Police Bribe there. Simply flee the scene and wait for 
the remaining star to vanish. When it does, you pass the mission.  

NOTE: A new outfit has been delivered to the 'Gash' shop in North 
Point Mall. 



1.	Body armour, a good car, and the Python are recommended. When 
you've been briefed go to the southern, open-air shopping complex 
marked on the map. Park your car on the northern side, just outside 
one of the entrances to the complex. 

2.	Walk up one of the escalators and approach the marked man. 
After the cut scene you will have to avoid the SWAT team that has 
suddenly arrived. Hurry down the escalators, only shooting people who 
are blocking your path - otherwise simply ignore them. 

3.	Get into your car. By now the target will be fleeing the scene 
on a motorbike. Simply ram into him at high speed. If he lands close 
to his bike, park on top of him, and kill him like you did with the 
pizza delivery boy. If not, get out and shoot him promptly. Retrieve 
the possession he drops.  

4.	Now go back to the Marina, as marked on the map. Depending how 
far away it is you might want to change your clothes, or visit a Pay 
'N' Spray. Walk into the pink glow when you arrive to finish the 

NOTE: After this mission has ended, you will receive another call, 
which will end with a phone symbol popping up on the map. Simply 
ignore it. 



1.	You'll need your Python and at least 20 bullets. Armour is not 
essential, but could help. Get briefed and then go to the multi-
storey car park where you completed the 'Cone Crazy' bonus mission. 
On the second floor you will spot a gun marked on your map. Collect 
it and a colleague will arrive. 

2.	When you've finished speaking to him get into any car you want, 
not necessarily the white one. You can change cars as many times as 
you'd like, provided you take your friend with you. Drive to the spot 
on the map. 

3.	Get out, watch the cut scene, and then go and stand in the pink 
glow atop the stairs to continue. When you've done that a car will 
arrive and the two groups will start talking. Walk down and go and 
stand in the alley. 

4.	Soon a carload of enemy gang members will arrive from the 
south. Their cars are marked on the map with yellow dots. Simply 
point and shoot with the Python. Occasionally one of the enemy gang 
members will run up the stairs where your colleague is standing. You 
don't need to go up there, just lock on and shoot. After about 3 
carloads, and one van, you should have seen them off. 

5.	Now a quick cut scene will force you to chase after a dirt 
bike. Although the game provides another bike to use, I recommend 
taking any of the nearby cars and giving chase that way. Use the 
usual method for stopping and killing someone on a bike. Retrieve the 
possession afterwards. 

6.	Return to the scene of the shootout and enter the pink glow on 
foot. Mission accomplished. 

NOTE: If you walk around on foot shortly after completing this 
mission you shall receive a phone call, which ends with a new 
employer being marked on your map with a 'D' symbol. As you will see, 
the 'D' symbol is on the previously inaccessible Starfish Island. Go 
there now.           



1.	Take any car with you and visit Diaz. Afterwards drive to the 
spot on your map, and park in the pink glow. The game will instruct 
you to look through a window, so walk up the steps into the next pink 
glow. After the brief cutscene, you will have a new target to follow. 
Follow this man up onto the roof of the building. You may remember 
coming up here to collect Hidden Package #30. 

2.	Simply ignore any bullets fired at you for the time being, as 
they will not hit you. Hold down X and sprint along the roof. Try to 
go across the short wooden planks between rooftops, but if you sprint 
you should make the gap anyway. 

3.	The target will presently shoot 2 red barrels. Drop off the 
roof here onto the western street, and run north down to the end of 
the building. Here you will see a cut scene of your target hopping 
into another vehicle and escaping. 

4.	Jump onto the conveniently parked moped and simply follow him. 
The most important thing to do is keep your distance, as the target 
vehicle will be firing back at you constantly. If he's actually 
hitting you, then you're following him too closely. Just go nice and 
slowly, keeping him in sight always, and avoiding any potential 

5.	You may sustain a puncture or 2 from the gunfire, but as you're 
going so slowly it really doesn't matter. The target vehicle will 
head north, go around the North Point Mall, and work his way across 
the nearby bridge to Prawn Island. When he stops beside a house on 
Prawn Island, approach the parked vehicle to complete the mission. 



1.	You will need body armour, and the Python. See Diaz, and after 
a handful of short cut scenes you will end up as gunner in a 
helicopter. All you need to do now is practise aiming and shooting 
whilst in a moving vehicle. Within a minute you'll reach your 

2.	The helicopter will automatically fly around 2 houses and hover 
over certain spots, which is your cue to shoot anything that moves. 
Because you have infinite ammo hold down fire constantly. Rather than 
aim directly at a specific person, move the crosshair from left to 
right over the target slowly. Concentrate on one target at a time, 
starting with red barrels and vehicles if visible. 

3.	The helicopter will only move when you have killed absolutely 
everyone in the area. Its health does decrease quickly, but you only 
need to stay afloat through 4 separate combat zones. Afterwards the 
helicopter will land outside the yellow house, and your object will 
be to get onto the roof. 

4.	You will hear gunfire as you approach the southern doorway. 
Stand beside the doorway and select your Python. Now quickly stand in 
the doorway, lock on, and blast 1 guard. Take cover on the other side 
of the doorway, and repeat once more. That should take care of all 
the ground floor enemies. 

5.	Now go in through the doorway a little bit and lock on to all 
the guards standing on the steps. Don't stop shooting until your 
character doesn't respond when you try to lock on, meaning everyone 
visible is dead. 

6.	You may still hear someone shooting. Go up to the top of the 
stairs onto the east side of the landing and try to lock on again. 
When he is dead, the house should theoretically be safe now. 

7.	On the west side of the landing is a hole in the wall leading 
to a staircase. Stand at the foot of the stairs and quickly lock on. 
If anyone escaped, this is where he or she'll be. When it looks 
clear, go up onto the roof and collect the briefcase. 

NOTE: When you finish this mission you receive a phone call, marked 
out by the 'C' symbol. 

*	You have now unlocked the whole of Vice City. All bridges that 
were once closed are now open, and almost all the Hidden Packages, 
Rampages, etc, that were once out of reach can now be accessed. Have 
fun exploring first if you like, and then get ready to finish what 
you've started... 


*	Now it's time to get all those Hidden Packages you previously 
had to leave over in Vice City East. You may need to consult the 
Hidden Packages map again.  

*	For the vast majority of those Hidden Packages, you'll need a 
helicopter. Presently a helicopter can only be found in 2 places, 
both in Vice City West. The chopper may not appear at one of the 
locations, in which case you'll need to try the other. If it cannot 
be found at either, drive over to Vice City East and come back again. 
This will eventually force the game to load a helicopter for you. 

*	Helicopter Location 1: Come over into Vice City West from the 
bridge leading out of Starfish Island, where you worked for Diaz. 
Turn north at the end of the bridge, and follow the main road north, 
underneath another bridge, and all the way up until it splits. Follow 
the stretch of road that bends east. Now take the first turning on 
your left. On the corner here should be a massive skyscraper with big 
blue windows. Directly west of that skyscraper is an alley going 
between it and the next building. Go up there and look for a 
staircase on your left. Go up it onto that buildings rooftop, where a 
helicopter could be.  

*	Helicopter Location 2: From the last possible helicopter 
location, go back down and onto the road you going north. If you 
continue up here you will shortly spot the northernmost bridge, which 
leads out of Prawn Island, crossing overhead. On the west side of the 
road, just before that bridge, are steps leading up to it. Drive up 
them, and directly in front of you should be a pale grey skyscraper 
with a big 'Eight Ten VCN' sign on it. Just east of the sign is a 
doorway leading inside. Go through it onto the roof, and go up the 
ramp here to the helipad.    

*	Flying a helicopter takes a lot of practise. Use X to gain 
altitude, and release it or press SQUARE to sink down. Use L2 and R2 
to turn left and right. Use the stick for fine movements only. To 
make the chopper go forward, you need to point the nose down. The 
more you point it down, the faster you'll go. Because you'll be 
pointing down though, hold X to stay airborne. When you feel 
comfortable with the helicopter, proceed.    

NOTE: If you see it leaking black smoke whilst collecting the 
proceeding Packages then, it's best to fly back to Vice City West and 
get a new one before it becomes too damaged and catches alight.  

1.	The first Hidden Package is in the sea, on a wooden platform. 
If look at your map as you approach this region you'll see 3 wooden 
platforms. The one without a roof, and with a Rampage icon on it, is 
the one you need. Carefully land a helicopter on this platform. The 
Package is tucked up in the northeast corner. Ignore the Rampage icon 
for now. 

2.	The Hidden Packages map is not quite accurate here. The Package 
is actually on a large rock outcropping in the sea, just slightly 
east of the 3 wooden platforms. You can spot the Package if you 
approach from the north, on a rocky slope. It is possible to park the 
helicopter on here, without it sliding, but if you have great 
difficulty doing that, park on the Marina by the 'C' symbol and take 
a boat from the (now open) northern jetty. 

8.	This Package is directly south of the rooftop you leaped onto 
whilst completing Unique Jump #15. Hover over that rooftop and look 
for the 3 south facing air-conditioning ramps. The Package is on the 
rooftop directly south of them, on the edge facing the road.

10. 	Fly and hover outside your main hideout. Face north and fly up 
this wide road. Take the third left-hand turnoff you come to. There 
are 2 buildings on the south side of this short road. The Package is 
on the lower of the 2 rooftops, in the southwest corner.

13.	From the rooftop where you got the last package, stop and look 
north. You should see a short white tower with light blue windows a 
short distance away. Land a helicopter on its roof to find the 

15.	Go and land outside the entrance to the police station, which 
is directly north on the tower you were just on. Make sure you have 
good health and your new body armour. Enter the police station and 
walk down the corridor in front of you. The instant you do this you 
will gain 2 wanted stars and come under heavy fire. At the end of the 
corridor, go up the stairs to your right. You will come out into a 
room full of desks. The westernmost glass-fronted office (in front of 
you as you come up the stairs) contains the package. Enter it, grab 
the package, and lose the Wanted Level however you see fit. 

NOTE: You have now unlocked a new weapon at your main hideout. 

19.	This Package is at the precise location where you completed the 
'Riot' mission.  Although it was accessible as soon as you finished 
that mission, it made sense to collect it with all the others. Find 
the pale blue 'Spand Express' building, which the vans in that 
mission were parked in front of, and walk around it down a narrow 
alley. The Package is down here. 

22.	This Package is on the blue and white building directly 
southeast of the Malibu Club. Land in the swimming pool on the roof, 
and investigate the southwest corner of the rooftop. 

24.	This Package is on roof of the building directly north of the 
Malibu Club. You came up here briefly during an earlier mission. The 
package is in the southeast corner of the roof. 

NOTE: Be careful as you get the next 2 packages, for if you become 
permanently separated from your helicopter, you will be stuck, and 
the only way out will be to die or reload a saved game. I recommend 
you save your game now, just in case.  

42.	This Package is in a film studio, surrounded by a yellow wall. 
As the gates are locked, the best way to get in there is with a 
helicopter. At this spot on the Hidden Packages map, you will see a 
blue building with 2 ramps on its roof. Park on the roof and get the 

43.	Make sure you fly down if you want to get out again by 
helicopter, and walk inside the most north-easterly hanger shaped 
building. The package is in a corner, by the entrance. If you prefer 
to leave on foot, use the set of steps leading out of the film studio 
in the southeast corner.   

*	You should be up to date with all your Packages now. The last 
Package should have brought your grand total up to 45. From now on 
your grand total of Packages should match up with the actual number 
of the Package.  



*	Not all these Packages are on the huge western island in Vice 
City, some are on the smaller islands in-between, but all are 
available now. 

46.	At the site of #46 is a bridge leading across onto the golf 
course island. The package is directly underneath that small road 
bridge, and is only accessible from the golf course's side of the 
river. Because the golf course is locked up at the moment, you need a 
helicopter or boat to get inside.  

47.	On the northern side of the course is a driving range. On the 
very end 'stall' is the package. 

48.	This Package is in one of 2 sand bunkers, just east of where 
the very curvy road ends here. 

49.	It's on an island, in the middle of a small lake here. 

50.	This Package is on the wooden footbridge, leading to the 
southern island of the golf course. 

NOTE: A new weapon has been delivered to your main hideout. 

51.	Go into the grounds of Diaz's mansion. You'll see that on the 
very eastern side of the gardens are 2 swimming pools. Just east of 
them is a small set of stone steps leading down towards the 
waterfront. Look just south of these steps, for the Package is tucked 
up next to them.   

52.	Stay in the grounds of the Diaz mansion. On the very western 
side of the gardens is a maze, followed by another 2 swimming pools. 
Barely visible, just between the mansion estate and the western 
neighbours hedge, is an alley. You can drop down into it from beside 
the 2 pools. Go to the waterfront in this alley to locate the 

53.	By the house at this spot on the map is a swimming pool shaped 
like the Rockstar logo. South of the pool are some steps leading up 
to a raised area with some wooden tables and red and white umbrellas 
sitting outside. The package is beside the wall up here. 

54.	Directly east of the house with Rockstar logo swimming pool is 
another house, then a road, and then another house. This Package is 
in the circular Jacuzzi section of that house's swimming pool.   

55.	Slightly northeast of that swimming pool is a small pale grey 
house with a blue roof. There is an open garage beside the house. The 
Package is on the front doorstep of the home.

56.	There's a grassy verge running down here between a long white 
building with dark grey windows and the waters edge. If you keep 
pressed up against the building and go south, you should find the 
Package in a little dip in the wall. It's not too far north of the 
bridge to Prawn Island. 

57.	Here you should see a massive white skyscraper with light blue 
windows. It has 4 legs, and underneath it is a curvy silver statue. 
You can sprint and jump to get up onto the statues base, where the 
Package is hiding. 

58.	Where #58 is marked on the map, you should see the 'Mars Cafe' 
on the southern side of the road. Just west of the cafe is an alley 
blocked off by 2 wooden signs. Smash through the signs and into the 
alley. In the alley is a Police Bribe and a property icon. Ignore 
them both, but turn left at the Police Bribe. In front of you will be 
a bit of grass. Follow the grass through a gap in the building to 
your left and all the way back where you will spot the Package in a 
recess at the end of the alley. 

NOTE: No matter how tempting it may seem, do not use that property 
icon yet. It will have a negative effect later on, but you can still 
complete the game 100% if you buy the property now.  

59.	Travel down the dark grey road going right around the large 
stadium, where all the parking spaces are. If you stay glued to the 
Stadium wall, you should bump into the Package tucked up in a corner. 
It's slightly more southerly than it seems to be on the map. 

60.	#60 is on the grounds of the 'Schuman Health Care Centre'. It's 
on the same road as an 'Ammu-Nation shop', on the corner. Find the 
stone sign stating its name. Just to the east of that sign is a 
driveway. There may be an ambulance parked there. If you go down 
there you should see a ramp leading up, and another leading down. Go 
down and look in one of the corners to find the Package. 

NOTE: A new weapon has been delivered to your main hideout. 

61.	Scroll up and read the second helicopter location, for that is 
exactly where the Package is. Go up onto the helipad, regardless of 
whether or not a chopper is actually there, and stand on the very 
edge of the pad, just slightly south of the ramp that you walked up 
here on. Now look down at your feet with the right analogue stick. 
The Package should be staring up at you. Drop down carefully and get 

62.	Now read the first helicopter location. Go up onto the helipad 
and stand on the eastern edge, facing the huge skyscraper to the 
east. If you just stand there you should notice an office area with 
people milling about actually inside the skyscraper. The Package is 
in there, behind some desks. To get up there, use the stairs on the 
northeast corner on the skyscraper. 

63.	This Package is behind and to the west of the massive 'Moist 
Palms Hotel'. Drive through the tunnel underneath the hotel, straight 
across the car park, and onto the grass. Stop here. Now turn south 
and go along the grass until you can see a concrete ramp structure in 
front of you. The Package is just behind that ramp, in the very 

64.	Where this Package is marked on the map is precisely where it 
is. Either fly to get here, or use one of the many alleys in this 
region to get behind the buildings. Once on the cobbled stone 
waterfront, look in the very corner facing the Stadium. 

65.	This Package is a junkyard kind of area named 'Phil's Place'. 
It's fenced off, and only accessible by car from the nearest road, to 
the east. As soon as you enter through the gate, look north. The drab 
reddish barn in the northeast corner houses the Package. 

66.	Drive out of 'Phil's Place' back towards the eastern road. In 
front of you, on the corner, is a low red and yellow supermarket. 
Directly south of the building is an alley. Go down the alley and 
look right as it starts to widen out. There is a set of steps leading 
down to a closed door. The Package is down there.   

67.	Grab a helicopter and fly roughly to the spot marked on the 
map. The Package is in a dropped area on top of a low rooftop. On the 
roof directly south of it, just across the road, is large black 
billboard advertising the 'Jack Hammer Hall'. 

68.	Go back to 'Phil's Place' and drive out onto the eastern road 
again. This time, follow the road south until you see the bright 
yellow 'Kaufman Cab's' building. Directly east of that building is a 
tatty white house. If you investigate the staircase on the northern 
side of that house, you will see a Package on the top step. 

69.	Just north of where this Package is marked on your map is a 
pizza restaurant. And south of that restaurant is a very shabby 
looking building called 'Funeraria Romero'. South of the funeral 
parlour is a very narrow alley leading back to a tiny graveyard, and 
the Package. 

70.	If you stand on the road closest to where this Package is 
marked on the map, facing south, and look at the map in the bottom 
left of your screen, you should notice a twisty alley marked with 
dark grey lines on your map. Enter this alley and go as far east as 
you can in it. There you can go up steps onto the roof of a white 
building, and find the Package. 

NOTE: Yet another reward has been delivered to your main hideout. 

71.	Where this Package is marked on your map, you should be able to 
spot a large billboard of a beach at sunset, advertising 'Little 
Haiti - Life's a Bitch'. A fence on the corner surrounds it. On the 
northern side you can squeeze past the fence. Inspect the bushes, in 
front of the billboard leg supports, to find the Package. 

72.	Inside the 'Laundromat' shop on the corner here. You'll have to 
walk through a change of clothes icon to retrieve the package, which 
is towards the back of the shop. 

73.	   As you come out of the 'Laundromat' there are 2 pink and 
white houses straight in front of you. The pale green house directly 
east of them has a ramp leading up to its front door. Go up that 

74.	If you turn right as you come out of the 'Laundromat' and go 
south down the road here you should see a wide alley at the spot 
where it bends east around a corner. Go down this alley and lookout 
for a gap in the wall on your left, beside a pile of cardboard boxes. 
Go through the gap and look in the southwest corner. 

75.	Drive south out of the end of the aforementioned alley and turn 
east when you get onto the road. Drive along here slowly and lookout 
for a yellow 'Kaufman Cabs' billboard high up on the south side of 
the road. You'll see a wall by the foot of the billboard and to the 
east of that wall is a gap leading beyond it. Turn right as you go 
through that gap, smashing the cardboard boxes, and spot another gap 
in a wall, leading to some stairs. Go up the stairs onto the roof of 
a building, and then make your way up and over to the yellow 
billboard. At the site of a Sniper Rifle pickup, you can jump over 
the low wall and land on a narrow walkway in front of the billboard. 
The Package is on there. 

76.	   On the corner of the road here is a yellow and orange donut 
shop. It has a very distinct 'Exploder' billboard on its roof. Go 
inside the shop and check behind the counter. 

77.	   The white building on the corner here has a staircase 
leading up to its roof on the eastern side. Go up there, ignore the 
Rampage icon, and grab the Package. 

78.	Drive down the road here and keep a lookout for a 'Sunshine 
Auto's' building. It's the only building at this spot on the map, so 
you can't miss it. It has several flags out front. Go inside and up 
the second level. The Package is the southwest corner up there. 

79.	Find a helicopter if you haven't got one already. Directly east 
of 'Sunshine Auto's' are 4 big white chemical vats behind a fence. 
The Package is the centre of those vats. Simply land beside them and 
look in the middle. If you approach from the north you can't miss it. 

80.	West of the vats is a car park with 3 large truck trailers 
parked in it. At the south end of the car park, between a yellow and 
blue trailer, is the Package.    

NOTE: Your latest reward is the Sea Sparrow helicopter. This 
helicopter is almost always available in the ground of the Diaz 
mansion, directly behind (south) of the mansion itself. It may not be 
there now, but if you walk out on the street and come back on foot, 
it will eventually appear. 

The Sea Sparrow has 4 perks. 1) It's nearly always available. 2) It 
has a radio. 3) It can float on water. 4) It has a rapid-fire cannon. 
To use the gun, hold R1. The bullets will roughly lock onto any 
vehicle you partially aim at. You should take this helicopter with 
you now. 

81.	As you come over the most southern bridge into Vice City West, 
turn south and go down the main road here. On the west side of the 
road you should shortly see a row of small cream and green coloured 
apartments. Each apartment has a grassy courtyard, followed by a 
driveway between it and its neighbour. In the 5th most southerly 
concrete driveway there's a Package. 

82.	Board the big blue cargo ship from the northern gangway and 
find a gap leading across the deck to the eastern side rail. Follow 
the white rail south, and eventually you should spot the Package 
hiding in a corner beside red, yellow, and blue cargo crates. 

83.	At this spot on the map is a spacious car park; containing 
several blue and yellow truck trailers in front a long blue airport-
style building. If you look in the southeast corner of the car park, 
behind a palm tree on a grassy mound you should see the Package. 

84.	Take a helicopter and land upon the blue cargo ship in the 
southwest corner of the docks. If you land on the east side of the 
dirty white crew tower, you can find the Package tucked up by a door. 
You'll need your helicopter to get off this ship alive.  

85.	On the east side of the road here is a large hanger shaped 
building. You can get inside the building through a doorway on its 
north side. Turn left as you enter the boat hanger and look left. You 
should see a room constructed from wooden walls. Go beyond the walls 
and find the Package in the corner. 

86.	East of the aforementioned hanger is a large open area. If you 
go to the northwest corner of this area, up by the blue and white 
building, you can find the Package. 

87.	You should already have a helicopter by now. You'll certainly 
need it. On the building directly west of the hanger from Hidden 
Package #85 is another large building. Land on its roof, and on the 
southern side, by what looks vaguely like a control tower, is the 

88.	Directly west of that building is a helipad with a large yellow 
'H' painted on it. The Package is the centre of that helipad. 

89.	It's on the edge of blue hanger's roof, the one directly north, 
and just slightly to the east, of that helipad. It has 3 yellow and 
grey ramps standing beside it.  

90.	  Just to the west of that blue hanger, across the runway, is a 
white passenger-loading arm. At the southern end of that arm it is 
attached to a concrete structure. Land on top of that structure, 
which is exactly where the Package is. 

NOTE: You have now unlocked the Rhino tank. The tank is available 
from the air base somewhat north of the airport region you are 
currently in. The base is heavily guarded, but the tank is visible 
from the main entrance gate. Take a vehicle and bust through the 
gate, park close to the tank and leap in. The moment you get inside, 
you are protected from bullets, but can still be pulled out. Get out 
onto the road and the tank is yours. Park it in one of your garages 
if you like. 

NOTE: Use the right analogue stick to move the turret on the tank. 
Press CIRCLE to fire. You can aim the turret behind you and fire for 
a makeshift turbo boost. 

91.	Go and park your helicopter on the concrete structure at the 
southern end of the next, more westerly, passenger-boarding arm. Get 
out and walk up towards the plane that's just down on your west. Go 
carefully along as you approach the plane, and make sure you jump 
onto the plane and don't simply walk, or else you'll fall down a gap 
and be permanently separated from your helicopter. The Package is at 
the western end of the plane. Go back to the helicopter as carefully 
as you came. If you do fall off, the quickest thing to do is to go 
back and get the Sea Sparrow again. You might want to do Package #92 
first though... 
92.	    Look underneath, by the back wheels, of the plane you were 
just standing on to get this package. 

93.	 West of that plane are 4 hangers. Only 1 of the 4 has an 
identical large passenger airliner in it. Check by its back wheels.  

94.	This one is on the west, sea-facing side, of the building to 
the north of the 4 hangers mentioned above. 

NOTE: For convenience sake, I recommend going for Package #96 before 
you go for #95. The following instructions will still be in numerical 
order though. 

95.	Walk inside the big airport terminal mentioned below and go 
around, staying close to the wall, to the northwest corner of the 
ground floor. The Package is facing one of the giant glass windows. 

96.	Fly east from the site of Hidden Package #94 to the enormous 
airport terminal with its sloping concrete roof. In the west dip, or 
valley, on the roof is the Package.  

97.	Go upstairs inside the airport terminal. There are two 
corridors leading down into the passenger-boarding arms. The most 
easterly passage, signposted as '1-8', and opposite a heart pickup, 
contains the Package. Simply walk down to the blocked gate, turn 
around, and look in one of the corners. 

98.	Exit the airport terminal and fly northeast slightly. You 
should see a row of billboards for all different kinds of companies, 
going alongside the road. Follow the billboards north, and on a 
corner behind a 'Take a Vacation in Liberty City' and a yellow 'E.A. 
Escobar Airport' billboard is the Package, on the grass between them. 

99.	Directly east of those 2 billboards is another airport 
terminal. You cannot enter this one. On its north side is a runway 
and 3 parked planes, 2 big - 1 small. Check the back wheels of the 
most westerly big plane. 

100.	Fly north from that plane, towards the air base. Park on the 
street by the main entrance. You might spot your tank sitting 
patiently just inside the base, but don't get too close as the 
military shoot any intruders. The Package is behind the stone 'Vice 
City Air Reserve Fort Baxter Air Base' sign.   

*	Congratulations! You have now collected every single Hidden 
Package in Vice City. Never again need you hunt for a tiny green 

NOTE: Your final reward, the Hunter, is now freely available at the 
air base beside where you retrieved the last Hidden Package. Actually 
accessing your Hunter can be difficult, as the soldiers like to shoot 
you on sight. The safest way to get there is to take any helicopter 
and approach the air base from the north. Make sure you have no 
Wanted Stars lit up. Slow down and hover over the spot where the 
Hunter is parked. If you come under fire, back off immediately and go 
away until the soldiers have vanished. Come back again and keep 
testing the waters until it seems safe. Then land beside the Hunter 
and change vehicles.

NOTE: The Hunter is the most powerful vehicle in the game, but a 
little awkward to control. To compensate for that it can take an 
awful lot of punishment, and comes equipped with a rapid-fire cannon 
(press R1) and an infinite amount of unguided missiles (press 

NOTE: Go and save your game, so you won't have to collect those 
Packages again should your game crash... 



*	Although buildings with red house symbols on them are still 
unavailable, there are 2 buildings you should buy in Vice City West 
now, especially as you currently have no place to save the game this 
side of the river. As before, money will be no issue with your 
current prosperity. 


Location: From the first helicopter location, described in the Hidden 
Packages section above, drive south out of that alley and onto the 
road. Face east and at the end of the road, go right. Keep close to 
the building on the corner here, right up against the wall, and when 
the road starts to bend around a corner you should spot a staircase 
leading up onto the roof of the building. There is a yellow Uzi 
pickup behind the staircase. On the roof, you can't miss the property 


Location: This property location was mentioned and discussed as you 
collected Hidden Package #58. Simply return to that spot and buy it. 

*	You have now bought all 7 normal properties in the game. 

NOTE: You can get onto the roof of the Hyman Condo and access all 
your weaponry and a change of clothes. There is also a possibility 
that a helicopter will be parked on the pad up there, but don't be 
surprised if it's not. You can make it appear by driving away some 
distance and coming back repeatedly.  



1.	If you go to the grassy area at the very north of the Vice City 
West you should find a dirt track carved into the soil. Simply follow 
the concrete wall north that runs along the seafront from where you 
found Hidden Package #56 and you can't miss it. In the southeast 
corner of the dirt track a 4x4 jeep and a dirt bike are parked side 
by side. Stealing either vehicle activates a mission. Start by 
sitting on the bike. 

2.	You now have to perform 2 laps of the dirt track, collecting 
every blue token you see. What makes this mission ridiculously easy 
is that you have no time limit. You can creep around the track taking 
as long as you like, and it doesn't matter. 

3.	Use the handbrake to get around corners, and be patient. If you 
miss a token, simply come back and pick it up. If you fall off the 
bike, then provided you haven't totally destroyed it, get back on it 
within 15 seconds. 

4.	You will be chased by a small group of gang members on dirt 
bikes. But they drive slowly and do little more than nudge you 
gently. Ignore them. It will also start to rain during the lap, but 
this is harmless. 

NOTE: You may complete this race (and the proceeding one) as many 
times as you'd like to earn an increasing amount of money, but you 
only need to complete it once to beat the game 100%. 



1.	Now go and steal the big jeep parked beside the dirt bike. The 
rules are exactly the same as the last mission, except this time 
you're driving the other way around the course. And thankfully, 
there's still no time limit, so take your time. 

2.	You won't have any gang members or weather to contend with this 
time, but you must be wary of flipping onto your roof, because that 
will end the mission. So drive carefully and make sure you noticeably 
slow down when going over bumps, especially the largest 2 lumps at 
the end of the straight, bumpy section. Also look out for the hump 
just before the finish line. 



*	Now is the time to complete this side-mission, and knock off 
all the remaining shops. Remember you will need at least one gun and 
you must collect at least some of the money the shopkeeper drops to 
make the raid count. 


Location: Start at your Hyman Condo property and go west out onto the 
road. Drive south down the road here and before it bends east you 
should see a white shop that you can walk inside on the left side of 
the road.  

NOTE: For this shop, and the one that follows it, the easiest way to 
shake the cops is to drive north when you come out of both shops and 
return to the Hyman Condo. There is a handy police bribe outside and 
a change of clothes on the roof.  


Location: From the jewellery shop mentioned above, continue south 
down the road and follow it as it bends east around a corner. The 
unmarked shop is on the south side of the road, shortly after you've 
turned the bend. 


Location: Press START and look for the most northerly Pay 'N' Spray 
in Vice City West. The shop you need to raid is directly north of 
that Pay 'N' Spray. Naturally, grab a car and drive into the Pay 'N' 
Spray to lose the cops.


Location: This shop this is the exact location of Hidden Package #72. 
Collect the change of clothes icon, which is actually inside the 
shop, to shake the cops.  


Location: Drive south down the road outside the 'Laundromat' and 
where the road bends east; go straight on down the alley where you 
retrieved Hidden Package #74. Go to the south end of that alley and 
this will cafe be directly opposite you. 

NOTE: When you've knocked off this shop go back up the alley and into 
the 'Laundromat' for the change of clothes icon. Try to do this after 
robbing the next 2 shops.  


Location: This shop is marked on your map. All you need to do is 
press START and look for the only hardware store symbol in west Vice 
City. That'll be it.


This orange and yellow shop was where you found Hidden Package #76. 
Simply return there. It's on the eastern end of the street with the 
hardware store, which just raided a moment ago.

*	You should have now knocked off 15/15 shops in Vice City.  



*	Now it's time to finish the final Top Fun mission in the game. 

1.	The Top Fun van is parked down beside the north entrance of the 
building you actually landed upon to gain Hidden Package #87. If you 
drive towards that building you should see a large blue sign above 
its entrance stating 'Escobar International Airport Freight and Cargo 
Terminal'. The van is parked behind a chainlink fence west of that 

2.	When you step into the van you will gain control of a radio-
controlled helicopter, which although uses identical controls to a 
normal helicopter, is much harder to control. You must keep this 
helicopter intact for the whole length of the mission.  

3.	The next checkpoint won't appear until you have collected the 
current one and you have no time limit for the mission so you can go 
as slowly as you need to. 

4.	Be very gentle with the controls, tapping X and SQUARE to 
control your descent. Tap L2 and R2 to turn. It's nearly always 
advisable to come down from above on a blue token where possible. 
That way you can fly up again if it looks like you're about to hit an 

5.	If you can't see the token, use the map to tell if it's above 
or below you. Where the token is undercover, go very slowly tapping X 
to creep forward. Do not go up again until you're positive there's 
nothing above you. 

6.	The chopper can take only a few bashes before it explodes so be 
patient, and don't commit yourself to going for a token until you're 
perfectly happy with your positioning. 

7.	The final token is not underneath the metal awning, it's 
actually in-between a cargo crate south of the awning. 


*	The huge Stadium in the northwest corner of Vice City West 
plays host to 3 missions. The mission changes every day, and can only 
be accessed by visiting the front entrance between 20:00 and 00:00 
hrs. To see what kind of mission is playing today, either check the 
sign above the door, or the 2 large billboards on the roads directly 
west of the Stadium. 

*	Below are tips and hints for completing all 3 missions. As 
there's no telling what order you'll play them in, simply scroll down 
to read the right section.   

*	You may need to save your game, which advances time 6 hours. 
This way you can also reload if you fail, and you won't have to wait 
another 2 days to retry. Obviously the best place to save is your 
Hyman Condo, a short walk from the Stadium. 

*	When you enter the Stadium through the front doors, (which will 
be open if it's the right time of day), the mission will begin.

*	You can replay these missions as often as you'd like, but only 
do it once for the percentage.  



1.	You must drive through a series of yellow checkpoints. Each 
checkpoint will give you a time extension, and you must build up 1 
minute of time on the clock to win. 

2.	In the very beginning all the competing cars will plough down 
into the middle for a major crash. Hang back and let them do it, then 
go for the first checkpoint. 

3.	The other cars are not trying to collect checkpoints, but they 
will follow you around and try to make your life difficult. If they 
accidentally drive through a checkpoint, it will be moved.

4.	Your car can take a lot of damage; so don't worry about all the 
bits that fly off. Try to avoid damage by driving around the outside 
of the ring. It is impossible for you to destroy your car by flipping 
over. If the opposition don't turn you back over, the game eventually 

5.	There's very few tactics to learn, except stay on the outskirts 
of the ring and don't stop moving. Turn around up by the wall, so if 
you're nudged you won't spin. 

6.	If you can avoid the opposition long enough you'll win. But 
eventually they will start exploding, making your life easier if you 
can avoid being caught in the explosion. In that case, you just need 
to keep enough time to stay in the game, and wait until they're all 



1.	This mission is quite easy due to the face that you have no 
time limit in which to complete it. You can spend all day beating it, 
which is useful because it's quite tricky. 

2.	First of all get on the bike and drive forward, leaping through 
the hoop, and continuing in a straight line over the wrecked car. 

3.	Turn around and line up to go across the wall to the east of 
the fire ring. Change the view till the camera is very close to the 
back of Tommy's head, and use his head as a guide to keep you 
straight. You can creep along it for the first token but you'll need 
to go get a run up and use the wall like a ramp to get the second. 

4.	Now go further east to where the heap of car wrecks sit. To get 
on the first wrecked car, stop a short distance from it, and 
accelerate up onto the crushed roof. Go across the plank and grab the 
first token. Now just drop off. To get the second token, go right 
back to the fence and charge at the first wrecked car. You'll fly up 
into the air, and hopefully fly through the second checkpoint. 

5.	Now go east once more to the school buses. Get a reasonable run 
up and fly onto the roof of the first bus, grab the token, and 
continue speeding across the plank. Don't bother trying to stop, as 
it's actually easier to let momentum carry you across the plank. 

6.	When you come down off the second school bus, turn west and go 
along the second narrow wall here. Like before, change the view if 
you haven't already and use Tommy's head to guide you. You can just 
drop off the side when you have the token. 

7.	Further west of the wall is a loop, partially hidden in the 
darkness. Get a good run up and charge at it. Try to stay on the blue 
section and you'll grab the token inside, even if you don't land very 

8.	Continue west from the loop, going around the grassy mound with 
a pink glow on it, and face south. In front of you should be a ramp 
leading over some more wrecked cars. Back up right to the fence, rev 
your engine and charge at the ramp. This should get you high enough 
to grasp the token. 

9.	When you land another narrow wall should be in front of you. 
Ignore it for a moment, and go for the big loop east of it. You'll 
need quite a generous run up, and if you approach from the west, aim 
for the white area on the loop. 

10.	Directly north of the big loop is another fire hoop with a 
token inside of it. Simply speed over the ramp to get through there.  

11.	Now tackle the narrow wall you ignored. The same advice applies 
here, and you can still drop off as soon as you have the token. 

12.	Directly north of that wall is a single wrecked car in front of 
another school bus. Go slowly up onto the wrecked car and stop on top 
of it. Now aim yourself at the plank carefully and speed up it. You 
can fall off the end of the bus quite slowly and you still get the 

13.	North of that bus is a small narrow wall. Tackle it as you have 
done before. 

14.	When you come off that wall, look north and you'll see a big 
heap of wrecked cars. You need to get on the roof of the school bus 
here too, but instead of creeping over the cars, simply speed into 
the cars with the plank resting on them. You should fly up and onto 
the roof on the bus. 

15.	Just east of the bus is another heap of cars with a token on 
top. Approach the cars from the south, by the 2 small walls, and you 
can just crawl up onto the top.  

16.	Now go around the dirt track in the middle getting all the 
remaining tokens. They're all quite self-explanatory except one, 
which will require you to pull a wheelie. To pull a wheelie, go very 
slowly, and then accelerate as you hold down on the stick.  



1.	You MUST finish in 1st place in a 12-lap race around an oval 
track. Some of the opposition cars will try to win the race, some 
will still race but play rough, and the rest will simply try to cause 
as much destruction as possible. 

2.	The best advice is to avoid hitting anybody. Concentrate on 
driving, and keep your eyes focused ahead ready to steer out of way 
on any pileups. If you get caught up in a crash, reverse out as 
quickly as you can. You have plenty of laps in which to gain a lead.  

3.	Ease off the accelerator on corners, but don't be afraid to 
brake to avoid crashing. Look in top right of the screen to check how 
much life your car has left in it. When it's down to about a quarter, 
pay a visit to the pink glow pit stop. You must stop in the light to 
receive extra life, the longer you stay, the more you get. 

4.	On your first pit stop visit, let it fill right up to the top, 
but towards the end of the race only fill it half way. The opposition 
cars will start to spread out as the race progresses, making the race 
a bit easier.  

NOTE: You can find 3 'Blood Ring' cars parked on the southern side of 
the steps leading up to the Stadium. These cars are quick and very 


DIFFICULTY: 3/10 (On average)   

*	Last time we were in Vice City East, 2 Unique Jumps had to be 
ignored, as they were inaccessible. Now that has changed. As before, 
every jump is still easier with a PCJ motorbike.  

NOTE: These 2 jumps form part of a sequence and should be completed 

UNIQUE JUMP 17 & 18: OCEAN BEACH (Brady Jump no. 34 & 35)

Location: Go back to the Marina, currently marked out by a 'C' 
symbol. Ignore the southern pier with its pink glow and go to the 
northern one. Steal the nearby parked motorbike from the Marina if 
you don't have one already. 

1.	This pier stretches out to the south and you should see a ramp 
at that end. Go back as far as you can, rev your engine and charge at 
it. You should easily make it to the other side. This completes the 
first part, but now... 

2.	Keep accelerating and keep straight. Travel forward in a 
straight line and you will go over another ramp and complete the 
second jump effortlessly. 

NOTE: You will need to use a third ramp to get back onto the mainland 
without committing suicide.

*	You have finally finished every Unique Jump on the eastern 
isle, but several more need your attention across the sea. 


DIFFICULTY: 4/10 (On average)  

UNIQUE JUMP 19: STARFISH ISLAND (Brady Jump no. 17)   

Location: Go to Diaz's mansion and as you exit the driveway go north 
up the road directly opposite you. Drive around the bend, keeping an 
eye out for a house with a white wall and locked black gate. To the 
west of this house is an alley leading up to the waterfront. Go down 
it, closely following the white wall on your right. Where the white 
wall bends around a corner you can enter into a garden through a gap. 
The ramp is the set of steps on the south side of this house. 

1.	Directly west of the steps is a gap in the hedge, beside the 
garage. Go through there to get a decent run up. You'll need to go 
back to the far hedge. Aim at the steps so you won't need to do any 
steering, and hit accelerate. Clip the second hedge east of the house 
to pass. 


Location: As you enter the airport region lookout for the huge blue 
'Vice Surf' billboard out on the grass, directly north of the main 
passenger terminal. This billboard was involved in the radio-
controlled helicopter mission, 'RC Raider Pickup'.  

1.	You'll see that the front of the billboard is sloped, just like 
a ramp. If you go north from the base of that ramp you'll see a gate 
leading into the northern airport complex. Go through there, as far 
back as you can go. Aim at the billboard and charge. Keep right as 
you go up the ramp and with such a large run up you should have no 
difficulty getting up onto the roof of the passenger terminal. 


Location: Go to the passenger terminal, the one where you recovered 3 
Hidden Package. As you exit the building, drive right. Directly east 
of the terminal is a gate in the fence, allowing you through into the 
runway area. Keep close to the fence and follow it east, then south, 
until you bump into a luggage-loading ramp. That's it. 

1.	Here you can have as much of a run up as you want, and you can 
never have enough of a good thing. Go back until you can't even see 
the ramp anymore. Charge at it, and fly over the fence. If you land 
on the roof of the building across the road, you've succeeded. 


Location: Go back into the same runway area, where you were before, 
and go towards the large airliner that is directly in front of you as 
you pass the gate. On the south side of the plane is a luggage-
loading ramp pointing over the white boarding arm. 

1. Go right back to the fence on the east, staying perfectly in line 
with the ramp. You don't need to fly very far to beat this jump, just 
over the boarding arm. 


Location: Slightly south of the last ramp are 2 steel mesh ramps at 
the end of the runway pointing southwest. You need to go up the 
steeper of the 2 ramps.  

1.	This is really easy. Go down the runway until you can no longer 
even see the ramp, and speed towards it at full speed. Make it over 
the fence and onto the road to pass. 


Location: If you go west in almost a straight line from the base of 
the last ramp you should come to another luggage loading ramp by the 
most westerly of the 2 white passenger-boarding arms, (the arm 
leading onto the plane and Hidden Package #91). There is only 1 
luggage ramp on the eastern side this arm, so you can't miss it.  

1.	As with Unique Jump #22, you don't need to travel very far when 
you take off, but make use of all the available run up space and 
simply hit the ramp relatively straight. 


Location: If you look slightly southeast from the site of the last 
ramp you should another luggage loading ramp. This one is parked 
beside the plane that hid Hidden Packages #91 and #92. This ramp is 
pointing east, back over the arm you jumped a moment ago. 

1. The same advice as before applies here. A long run up and a 
straight angle will easily see you clear the passenger-boarding arm.   


Location: Travel southwest, straight along the runway that was 
involved in Unique Jump #23. You should see a red radar station on 
the west side of this runway as you go along it. Just slightly west 
of that radar station is another luggage loading ramp.

1.	You'll need a very generous run up for this ramp. Also, to make 
sure you hit it perfectly straight, start at the ramp and drive away 
from it in a straight line. Then when you can scarcely see it 
anymore, go for it. You need to clear the grass on the other side of 
the radar station to make it. 


Location: On the other (eastern) side of the radar station is a small 
yellow sign with a few letters and numbers printed on it. Naturally 
this sign is sloped like a ramp. 

1.	A good run up is as important as ever, but do not hit the ramp 
perfectly straight. You need to clear the lower section of the 
station with the red and white striped roof, and this means launching 
off the top right corner of the ramp.  

UNIQUE JUMP 28: LITTLE HAVANA (Brady Jump no. 8)  

Location: Go back to the 'Laundromat', which was where you retrieved 
Hidden Package #72. Drive east along the road directly outside the 
shop and take the first right, which has a low yellow and blue 
'parking' building on its corner. Just south of that 'parking' 
building is an alley, which you should drive down. Go south down the 
alley when you have the chance and up a ramp onto a rooftop. 

1.	You need to do this step, and step 2 together to complete the 
jump, so read ahead before doing anything else. At the southern end 
of this rooftop is a solitary grey ramp. Go up it at a steady speed 
and land on the neighbouring south rooftop. 

2.	Continue driving in a straight line, along the south end this 
roof where it juts out, and down onto another slanting rooftop. Keep 
the accelerator on hard as you do this, and you will fly off the 
slanted rooftop onto the next building. Land on it to complete the 

UNIQUE JUMP 29: LITTLE HAITI (Brady Jump no. 7)  

Location: Go to the most northern Pay 'N' Spray in West Vice City. Go 
behind the building and you should be able to see a pink police bribe 
hovering the mid air. Beneath the police bribe is a wooden ramp, 
pointing east at the Pay 'N' Spray. 

1.	Go around the storm drain here to the foot of the ramp. There 
is a short road leading west almost opposite the base of the ramp. 
You'll need to go down there to the end for your run up. 

2.	As you approach the ramp, obviously bear slightly left so you 
make it up it at a relatively straight angle. You simply need to 
touch the Pay 'N' Spray to succeed. 

UNIQUE JUMP 30: LITTLE HAITI (Brady Jump no. 6)  

Location: Go to the base of the wooden ramp you leapt off last. Go 
west out onto the road; drive north up it a short way, and take the 
first left you can see. As you turn into the street you can't fail to 
miss the wooden ramp on the northern side of the road. This is it.

1.	There is a long stretch of grass north of the ramp. Go right 
along it to the end and use it all to get your run up. The ramp is 
angled left somewhat, but you don't need to worry about this. 
Provided you used all the grass to get a run up, you will fly far 
enough for the jump to count. 

UNIQUE JUMP 31: LITTLE HAITI (Brady Jump no. 5)  

Location: Return to 'Phil's Place', home of Hidden Package #65. As 
you drive out of Phil's Place, go east along the road and lookout for 
a spot on the right side of the road where the buildings dip in. You 
should see a row of pink buildings here, and directly east of them is 
an alley. If you look down this alley you should see a wooden ramp. 

1.	Back out of the alley and go across the road into the little 
courtyard area of the yellow apartments opposite. Start your run up 
from here and charge down the alley. You need to at least touch the 
billboard on the rooftop to pass.       

UNIQUE JUMP 32: DOWNTOWN (Brady Jump no. 2)  

Location: Press START and find the only 'Ammu-Nation' shop on this 
island. As you come out of the shop, go start driving south down the 
road directly in front of you. Stop almost as you as have, because 
you should notice a slanted section on the building to on the left 
corner. If you turn around, you'll see that this is a long set of 
steps with a Rampage icon at the top. 

1.	Go right down the road to get a hearty run up and approach the 
ramp. Provided you stay quite straight as you go up the steps, you 
shouldn't have any difficulty getting onto the roof of 'Ammu-Nation'. 

*	The last 4 Unique Jumps are still best left till later, for 
reasons that will become clear when you eventually do them. 


REWARD: Max body armour increased to 150.

*	Although these missions could have been completed very early in 
the game, it is only now that they can be done from the cockpit of 
the heavily armed Hunter. Therefore, if you haven't done it already, 
go and acquire your prize helicopter. 

NOTE: If you have trouble getting your Hunter, see the advice at the 
very end of the Hidden Package's section. 

1.	When you're up in the air, push in R3 to engage the Vigilante 
mission. Ignore the 'Brown Thunder' message. Now a yellow dot will 
pop up on the map. This is an escaping driver, who you must kill. 
When you have killed him, you gain extra time, and another target. 
For every proceeding level, an extra criminal sits in the fugitive 
car. Because the game can only fit 4 people in one car, by level 12 
you'll be chasing 3 cars each with 4 criminals in each. 

2.	However, none of that matters, because the cars are so easy to 
destroy. Approach the vehicle from behind or in front. Go nice and 
slowly. Then, when you're in range, tap CIRCLE and unleash a volley 
of rockets. Try and stay high, but don't stop firing until any 
surviving cars have driven underneath you. 

3.	Let them pass, get some distance, then turn around and try 
again. You don't need to be very accurate with the rockets, but 
knowing how to fly a helicopter will definitely help. You only have 1 
Hunter to do this mission with. If you go back to the air base, a 
replacement will probably not be there. Therefore give a lot of 
attention to your piloting skills. 

4.	Thankfully you have a lot of time to do this. As you progress 
through the levels the time extension will grow and grow. For 
example, it is quite possible to complete the entire mission with 
over 20 minutes left on the clock! Therefore take your time, and 
don't bother shooting until you feel comfortable. 

5.	Ignore any police attention you gather, and also ignore your 
machine guns. Although the cannon is auto-aiming, it doesn't 
instantly destroy the cars, which gives all the criminals inside time 
to escape and steal individual cars. 

6.	The Hunter is tough, but it isn't bullet proof. Overall, the 
biggest thing to avoid is hitting buildings. That is even more 
important than shooting criminals, which you have all the time in the 
world to do. 

7.	 You should race through the levels, and have it finished in 
less than 5 minutes on a good day. Don't be surprised if you fail a 
few times, but it's relatively quick to have another go. Using the 
Hunter is undeniably the easiest way to beat the Vigilante missions. 

*	When you're done, all body armour will be 50% tougher. 


REWARD: Become completely flameproof. 

1.	Firstly you need to steal a fire truck. There's only one spot 
you're reliably guaranteed to find a truck most of the time, and 
that's the fire station, found in Vice City West. To get there come 
across the northern bridge leading out of Prawn Island and take the 
first left you see, opposite an 'Ammu-Nation' shop. Go down this road 
until you see a chainlink fence on the right side of the road. This 
surrounds the fire station, and hopefully a red truck will be parked 
outside the garage. If not, drive down to the end and come back. 
Eventually it will arrive.

2.	Steal the truck and drive over to Vice City East. You don't 
have to, of course, but you're more familiar with the simpler layout 
of the eastern island. I recommend Ocean Beach as a good place to 
try. When ready, push R3. A familiar looking yellow dot will pop up 
on the map. Drive to it. 

3.	You will spot a fiery car. Press CIRCLE and use the right 
analogue stick to guide the stream of water. Whenever you see steam 
rising from the wreck, you know you're hitting it. Keep the water 
spraying in that direction to eventually extinguish the flames. 

4.	As you progress through the levels, you'll end up extinguishing 
multiple cars and several passengers who will bail out in flames. You 
must chase down these people whilst in the truck and extinguish them 
on the move. On certain levels, you'll have to extinguish a moving 
car, but thankfully it doesn't go very quickly. 

5.	Make sure you park right next to the car you're about to 
extinguish, as this gives you the maximum range when it comes to 
shooting anybody who flees the car. Concentrate on the actual vehicle 
first, and the instant you see people running from it, turn all your 
attention to them.  

6.	If there's more than 1 person, do a quick spray to knock them 
all over, then concentrate on the person who's furthest away. Try to 
put him out before the others stand up again. If necessary, give 
everybody a second spray to keep them down. 

7.	It's important you learn to guide the spray up and down too, 
which allows you to soak people further away. If you aim the spray up 
to spray someone who's far away, you might not need to chase them 
down, and that'll save a lot of time. 

8.	Forget about driving carefully because the fire engine can take 
a lot of damage and it doesn't flip easily. But even so, be cautious 
of going down shortcuts when you're not sure where they lead. 

9.	Do your best to avoid upsetting the police. As you spend a lot 
of time stationary in this mission, it means the police have ample 
opportunity to pull you out. Even a 1-star Wanted Level can be 

*	When you complete level 12 your character will become perfectly 
flame retardant. You may then leave the truck and quit the mission if 
you want. And the even better news is that you've now completed all 
the so-called 'R3' missions too! 


DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (On average)  

*	As you may remember, 2 Rampages were left back in Vice City 
East. Now is the time to finish them off before you start battling on 
the western isle. 


Preparation: Pay a visit to the Diaz mansion and collect your Sea 

Location: This Rampage is on the wooden island off the southwest 
corner of the Vice City East. You found Hidden Package #1 on here. 
Fly there on your helicopter. 

1.	When you land quickly get out and grab the icon. You should be 
back in the chopper before your rotor blades have even slowed down. 
Now take off and fly to the Marina, where the 'C' symbol is. 

2.	You want to park on the roof of the long white building on the 
Marina, roughly in-between the 2 piers by the sea. Get out your 
helicopter and stand on the edge of the roof facing the sea. 

3.	Depending how many the game loads, there should be about 3-
parked boats you can destroy on either jetty. Don't waste trying to 
destroy the biggest boat with the red stripe. 

4.	Now on the ground below there will hopefully be a parked sports 
car to the left, and a parked motorbike to the north. Destroy them 

5.	When that's done, run to the other side of the roof and look 
down on the road. Wait a moment and the game should load some traffic 
for you. It's best to shoot at the ground in front the moving 
vehicle. Make extra sure you don't shoot the edge of the roof! 
Depending how generous the game is, you may easily get the remaining 
vehicles here. 

6.	Attentively there are guaranteed to be 3-parked cars in the 
underground car park inside the building you're currently standing 
on. Simply drop off on the side facing the sea and you should see the 
entrance. Only do this last, as you don't have time to take the 
chopper with you.       


Preparation: N/A

Location: You were told to ignore this particular Rampage when you 
completed your first Rampage long ago. It's by a bush on the gravel 
driveway leading down to the lighthouse. If you have difficulty 
finding it, sprint along the path that leads from the lighthouse 
steps, over a wooden bridge, towards the road. 

1.	It's time to put your newfound flame resistance to the test. 
When you have the token run around the driveway until you can see 
groups of gang members standing around. Walk right up to a group and 
tap CIRCLE to release a Molotov cocktail at your feet. 

2.	The resulting flames should wipe out the group and you will 
catch alight too, but check your health - if you finished the fire-
fighter missions it shouldn't be decreasing at all. 

3.	Now proceed to run up to every group of gang members you can 
see and drop cocktails on the ground. Do the same to the police if 
they interfere. With your immunity, this mission is quite easy. 


DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (On average).  

Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Go up the southern gangway onto the large blue cargo ship 
where you found Hidden Package #82. In front of you will be a thick 
white mast, and the icon is behind that. 

1.	It's very useful to have about 3 wanted stars for this Rampage. 
You can earn them during your first attempt at the Rampage. When you 
have the icon go and stand towards the top of the boarding ramp. 

2.	To your left will be a steady stream of regenerating cars, but 
not quite enough to complete the mission. Wait until they drive a bit 
nearer and then destroy anybody who drives from that direction. There 
is a parked truck cab some distance in front of you, get that too. 

3.	Eventually the police will turn up. They drive erratically and 
as you spend time trying to hit them, it should give time for more 
ordinary cars to load. Hopefully an ambulance, and even a police 
helicopter will arrive for you to destroy. The helicopter will shoot 
at you, but with 150 health - it doesn't matter.  

4.	Don't worry about the Wanted Level, as you're safe on the ship. 
Shoot any cop who tries to climb the ramp, and simply step back to 
get the icon again should you fail.         


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Press START and pay a visit to the southern Pay 'N' Spray. 
As you exit it, turn right, and go north up the road. You'll see a 
steep grass slope on the west side of the road. Drive up that slope, 
(you might need to go up a bit to where it's less steep), and go 
forward. The Rampage icon is just behind one of tall bushes in front 
of you now.   

1.	As soon as you have it, turn around and go back to the street 
you just left. Run down this road and soon gang members will start 
cropping up. The easiest thing to do is to run right up to them, tap 
CIRCLE, to simply drop a grenade on the ground, and then run away 

2.	You won't see the resulting explosion, but you should hear it. 
If you sprint away quickly enough, the other groups of gang members 
won't attack you either. Look around for another group and repeat. 

3.	Should you start being mobbed, do the same tactic to drop a 
grenade at your feet, but don't run away as far. This way the enemies 
will stay in the blast radius and turn to rubble.  


Preparation: Find a helicopter. 

Location: On the sloping concrete roof the main passenger terminal, 
where you found Hidden Package #96. The actual icon is on the 
northern side of the roof, directly above the entrance. Naturally, 
the easiest way to get up here is to fly.  

1.	When you have the icon, go and stand on the flatter section of 
the roof, just to your left. From here you have a better view of the 
road below, and for some reason more cars appear when standing here 

2.	Aim and destroy any vehicle you see. You have to be extra 
careful to shoot in front of the cars here, as the rocket takes a 
little time travelling. 

3.	Due to the amount of gang members down below, I don't advise 
dropping down. Though this could make more cars arrive, you're too 
vulnerable. Should you fail then do your best to raise your Wanted 
Level either during or after the Rampage. Like on the boat, you're 
comparatively safe up here. 

4.	When you've destroyed 11 vehicles, turn on your own helicopter 
and make it the twelfth.


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: Walk actually inside the passenger terminal and go behind 
the check-in terminals to the large glass window facing south. 
Roughly in the middle, behind the blue signs of the 'East Sky 
Airlines' checking-in section, is the icon. 

1.	When you have it run east around the wall and back out into the 
open area. Run towards the front entrance, as this is where gang 
members may appear first. 

2.	Go outside, shoot anyone there, and come back in. Look out for 
people on the higher floor who you can shoot from down here, but 
don't go up there. 

3.	Basically all you need to do is run from one end of the 
terminal to the other, locking on and firing. The SPAS-12 should take 
down at least 3 people with every shot, so you won't have too much 


Preparation: Go into the air base, at the north end of the airport 
region, and take your tank. As before, the best way to do this is to 
take any car, smash through the gate, and park beside the tank. Then 
you should be able to get inside it without being massacred by the 

Location: Drive your tank out of the base and turn left (east). On 
the grassy field directly east of the base is the icon, behind a palm 
tree. You can see it from the road. 

1.	Get the icon and then get back into your tank promptly. Now 
simply drive along all the roads in the airport complex, hitting 
everyone who comes near to you and shooting those who don't. Despite 
what the game tells you to do, this is perfectly acceptable. 

2.	Make sure you run over all the gang members to annoy the 
police, as having a stream of demented squad cars driving into you 
makes destroying 15 vehicles even easier. 


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: On top of the white building where you retrieved Hidden 
Package #77. This building is on the same road as the hardware store, 
if you look at your map. 

1.	As soon as you have the icon drop down onto the road and start 
running around this area until gang members start arriving. 

2.	Stand a short distance away from a group and aim from side to 
side, holding down fire as you do. There's no need for precision 
aiming, and you can shoot anyone who starts running towards you 

3.	Move along the street and back again as usual. You shouldn't 
have much trouble from the gangs, and even if you do they won't have 
time to kill you. 


Preparation: You must have a helicopter to access the icon. 

Location: Enter Vice City West from the bridge leading out of 
Starfish Island. The icon is on top of the tall white hospital 
building with blue windows.  You can see it in front of you now, just 
a fraction north of the bridge. The icon is on the southern ledge.  

1.	When you have the icon run to the eastern edge of the building 
and look down. Hopefully a group of gang members will be there for 
you to kill. If not, run back and bit and try again. 

2.	Zoom right in and choose your target. Usually, when you've 
killed one member of the pack, the others will run away, so quickly 
get all the others before they realise what's happening. You can only 
shoot one bullet at a time, so aim well before firing.  

3.	Stay on the rooftop until you've killed everyone you can see, 
and nobody else seems to be regenerating. Then get back in your 
helicopter and go and land in the middle of the road down below. 

4.	From here many more gang members should appear. Only aim at the 
groups that are some distance away so they won't bother chasing you 
when you've shot them. You should have no difficulty completing the 
Rampage now. 


Preparation: Take a tough car with good acceleration with you. 

Location: Enter Starfish Island from the bridge leading out of Vice 
City West. Take the first left. The white house with brown roof on 
the corner here, on the western side of the road, holds the icon. To 
get past the locked gate, park your car beside the wall and use it 
like a stool to climb over. The Rampage is at this end of the 
driveway; usually a car is parked beside it. 

1.	If there is a car there, grab the token and drive off the 
driveway, onto the grass, and over the wooden ramp leading into next 
doors garden. You can get back onto the street from here. If you saw 
no car, then do this bit on foot.

2.	The best place to find groups is the main straight road leading 
east to west. If didn't find a car by the icon take the car you drove 
here in. Now simply drive up and down the western end of this road, 
and you should find plenty of victims. 

3.	Make sure you leave a lot of room to build up speed and plough 
through the centre of the packs. Don't stop moving to avoid being 
shot, and go down the road before spinning around for another 
approach. Repeat until 30 have died.


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Drive down the road directly north of the hospital 
mentioned above. Look for a dusty alley on the northern side of the 
road, just after the yellowish wall. If you look up this alley, you 
should easily spot the pink icon, up by a set of loading bays. 

1.	When you have the icon, run out west onto the road here. You 
can find everyone you need kill in this area. Walk up to the closest 
group of gang members, but don't quite touch them, and tap CIRCLE 

2.	Tommy will perform a series of random slices. Stabs through the 
heart and decapitations are obviously instant kills, but other 
slashes are less effective. You can easily tell if the person is dead 
if your number of target kills decreases by 1. 

3.	Don't get caught up kicking or punching anybody, and try to 
keep at least a swords distance between you and your foe. As always, 
their counter attacks are to be ignored, and you may as well kill any 
bothersome police officers that get in the way. It's easy to kill 10 
people, and clear any unwanted Wanted Level.  


Preparation: Full health, body armour.  

Location: From the road where you completed the last Rampage, follow 
it north and around a corner. Drive down here until you see a pale 
green house with a blue 'For Sale' sign on it, on the southern side 
of the road. This house was where you found Hidden Package #73. Look 
down the grassy gap west of the building and you should see the 
Rampage icon inside a basketball court.     

1.	Drive into the basketball court to the get the icon, and when 
you do drive out onto the road south of here. Annoyingly you can't 
sprint and hold a shotgun at the same time, and time is precious 

2.	You need to stand at most a cars length away from a gang member 
to kill them with the shotgun in one shot. Stand that distance from 
the closest group and start locking on and shooting. It's best to 
lock on for every shot. The game will usefully lock onto live people 
on the ground, but not the dead.

3.	Because you need to get up close and personal, you may come 
under heavy attack. Unfortunately you don't have time to back off and 
snipe people, so let your body armour absorb the damage and 
concentrate on shooting. 


Preparation: Full health, body armour.  

Location: Look at your map and find the location of Hidden Package 
#71. Return to that exact spot. Directly behind the billboard is a 
dirty white fence bending north. Follow it, keeping it on your left, 
and you should see the Rampage icon close to where the fence turns 

1.	Get the icon and run east onto the closest road. Move down the 
road looking for gang members. Stand about 2 car lengths away from 
your foes and aim. As every gang member takes a few shots to die with 
your gun, they have the opportunity to attack you. When somebody is 
shot and goes down, they stay down with this gun.  

2.	It's handy then that you can run, (not sprint), and shoot with 
this gun. Stop and stand by a group, shoot them, and then run away, 
firing at the next group as the survivors chase after you. Eventually 
you will need to stop and mop up anyone who is following you, so get 
your back against a wall and let rip.     

3.	Inevitably you'll take a battering, but nothing that body 
armour can't handle. Just remember to keep on your toes, and don't 
stand still to shoot anyone if you can possibly help it. 


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: From the pale green house, home of Hidden Package #73, head 
north up the road with the (now familiar) 'Laundromat' on the corner. 
Drive all the way up this road until you notice a large billboard of 
a sunset, stating 'Welcome to Hell'. At the foot of that billboard is 
an alley leading west right out to the waterfront. Go down the alley, 
keeping close to the buildings on your south. The icon is hiding just 
around the corner here.

1.	Drive back out onto the road where several packs of gang 
members should be waiting for you. The Spas-12, unlike the other 
shotgun, has good range and almost always kills in with one hit. 

2.	Keeping a good distance, lock on and fire into the groups. You 
don't even need to lock on really, but you may as well. Don't worry 
about running away if you're under attack, just stand your ground and 
shoot the attackers. 

3.	Do the same to the police if they interfere. Around the corner 
here and back again to make further packs appear, should victims be a 
little bit scarce. 


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Go back to the 'Moist Palms Hotel', where you found Hidden 
Package #63. Drive through the tunnel below the hotel into the rear 
car park. As you do, bear right and keep the hotel wall on your 
right. Tucked in the corner of the hotel should be the icon. 

1.	Drive back out onto the main road when you have the icon and 
stop outside the hotel. You'll hopefully find a few gang members 
standing around on the pavement here. 

2.	Stand quite close to the gang members, so you can't miss, and 
let rip. The gun is so powerful that they will barely have time to 
move, let alone fight back. If they do, simply stay where you are and 
wipe that particular person out. 

3.	Stay on the spot and look around in all directions to see if 
there are any other packs to kill. Only move around if you can't see 
anyone. A quick jog down the street and back will probably regenerate 
extra enemies for you. 


Preparation: Either steal a motorbike if you see one on your way to 
the next Rampage, or wait and read step 1... 

Location: Drive north up the road outside the 'Moist Palms' all the 
way until you can turn left, just before you come to the fire 
station. Go down this road. The Pharmacy you knocked off earlier 
should be on the southern side of this road. Go around the bend at 
the end and you see a yellow and red pizza restaurant. South of the 
pizza restaurant is a narrow alley beside it.                      

1.	But before you get the icon, go and steal the red pizza 
delivery moped on the northern side of the pizza restaurant. If it's 
not there, drive away and come back again. Take this and go to 
collect the icon. When you have it, drive north out the alley onto 
the road. 

2.	Drive right along the pavement at a fair speed towards a pack. 
As soon as you're in range, open fire - whilst still accelerating. 
Don't stop but plough through any survivors. Leave anybody who still 
lives behind, continue going down the pavement, right to the end of 
the road if necessary. If you go too quickly less victims appear.  

3.	At the end of the road, turn around and come back. You might 
need to slow almost to a halt to shoot people on the other side of 
the road but don't stop. And the instant you see anyone run in your 
direction, get out of there quick! If you do get knocked off your 
bike, it might be a better idea to steal a new moped from the pizza 
restaurant, as your current one will be surrounded.  

4.	Keep this up, going up and down the road, firing almost 
constantly. If you do that, nobody can really catch you. The police 
are a nuisance here, but try to ignore them, as you need the whole 2 
minutes to kill a whopping 35 people.  


Preparation: Full health. 

Location: This icon is on top of the steps where you completed the 
last Unique Jump. Directly opposite the single 'Ammu-Nation' shop on 
this island, in other words.  

1.	When you've climbed the steps and have the icon, jump off the 
end down onto the road. The fall is long but not fatal. Now simply 
find a pack of gang members and open fire. Provided you lock on to 
each enemy, this Rampage is very easy because the Python can kill 
anyone, at almost any range, with a single shot.
2.	Ignore counter attacks and shoot the police if they interfere. 
All you need to do is point and shoot 25 times to complete the 
mission. Sprint down the road to find extra packs, or to chase 


Preparation: N/A 

Location: As you exit the 'Ammu-Nation' shop mentioned above, go east 
along the road. Keep an eye on the buildings to your north. If you 
hold down L2 as you drive, you can spot a set of white set of steps 
leading up into a tall building. The icon is at the very top of those 

1.	When you have it, jump over the ledge and sprint back onto the 
road. Like the other Molotov based Rampage, being immune to fire 
makes this Rampage easy. Walk up into packs of gang members and drop 
cocktails at their feet by tapping CIRCLE.

2.	As soon as you have, don't wait around to watch the fireworks, 
keep sprinting and find another pack to fry. Police can die, along 
with the other 40 people you must kill. 


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: Drive underneath the stairs where you found the last icon 
and keep going in a vaguely north direction to where you should be 
able to see a silver sculpture. This was the spot where Hidden 
Package #57 sat. Look at the black glass door directly south of the 
statue for the icon. 

1.	Step back into your car and drive out onto the road to the 
north. The mini-gun has good range and shoot people a long way off. 
Use this to your advantage. 

2.	Stay in one spot, turning in all directions to kill the packs 
you can see. If you notice a cloud of red spray that means you're 
hitting them so you have no need to move. 

3.	Look out for ambulance drivers who will revive gang members, 
most of whom will want to kill you now. If people start punching you, 
run away and shoot them. Ignore the police as best you can. 


Preparation: Full health.  

Location: If you drive north (and slightly west) from the northern 
set of steps leading up to the Stadium entrance, you should see a 
walkway leading out to a helipad by the waterfront. The Rampage is on 
the western side of that walkway. 

1.	When you have the icon, jump back into your car and drive east 
of the Stadium area back onto the proper road. Gang members 
regenerate more commonly around here. 

2.	Step out and shoot at any packs you can see within 2 car 
lengths. Give them all a good blast from side to side; as if the 
survivors run away in terror, you'll never catch them up.

3.	If you have more than one wanted star, it's probably better to 
kill to the police, but do not hang around by their cars which will 
explode in seconds once alight. 

4.	Hang around this area, moving to make more people regenerate, 
and ignoring those who flee. Obviously, don't worry about being 
caught in the flames that have no effect on you. 

*	Accept my hearty praise. You've completed every Rampage in GTA: 
Vice City and increased your game percentage considerably.

NOTE: You have now completed the majority of extra missions in Vice 
City, but still a few remain. However, now is time to continue 
playing the central story missions. When the opportunity arises to 
finish these side quests, you'll see it clearly marked in the FAQ. 

NOTE: Check your stats. You should have completed 50% of the game. 
Passed 35 Rampages. Found 100 Hidden Packages. Completed 32 Unique 
Jumps. Be on Vigilante mission level 12, 100 passengers should be 
dropped off, be on Paramedic mission level 12, be on fire truck 
mission level 12, knocked off 15 stores, delivered 55 pizzas, and own 
7 properties.

NOTE: We will now work back over in Vice City East, for the employer 
marked by the 'A' symbol. Before you go there get your helicopter and 
your Sniper Rifle.  



1.	After being briefed by Avery, fly north in your helicopter to 
the spot marked on your map with a blue T-shirt symbol. Step into the 
blue light to automatically change outfits. 

2.	A very short flight away a new destination has popped up on 
your map. You should land beside it and walk into the pink glow. 
After the short cut scene, forget about walking into the golf course, 
instead get back inside your helicopter. Do this because it's 
impossible to walk through the front doors and keep your guns. 

3.	The next destination on your map is inside the course, a little 
way north by helicopter. Land beside the wooden driving range (where 
you found Hidden Package #47). Get out and use your Sniper Rifle 
carefully to shoot the man dressed in a white T-shirt, highlighted by 
a pink arrow. Be sure to hit him first time. 

NOTE: A new outfit is now available from the front entrance to the 
golf course, which is now accessible by car. 



1.	See Avery and then run south down the road to where a yellow 
marker will soon appear on your map. Step into the 'Top Fun' van and 
the game will give you a thorough explanation of the mission.

2.	By now you should be very familiar with how a helicopter works, 
and hence this mission will seem a lot easier. The RC model is very 
sluggish to control, but nothing can be done about that. 

3.	Firstly pick up a bomb by landing on top it. You can scrape 
this bomb along the ground - it is quite safe. Now fly towards the 
building across the street, towards the ground floor.

4.	As you approach you should see a pink glow. Fly over it. Spend 
an extra few seconds making positive you're directly above the 
barrel, in the centre of the pink glow, before tapping CIRCLE. The 7-
minute time limit is generous anyway, so there's no huge rush. 

5.	When it's successfully placed, go back and swoop down to 
collect another bomb. Now go back towards the site of that pink glow, 
but lookout for a set of concrete steps on your north, just before 
the barrel. Around here are various men. Ignore the construction 
workers by flying over their heads. The blue security guards have 
guns, but the accuracy of a blind man, so ignore them all. 

6.	When you get to the top of the steps bear left to find the 
barrel in the northeast area. Like before, return and collect a new 
bomb. The quickest way to descend steps is to hover above them and 
just hold down SQUARE.  

7.	The bomb on the second floor is in the northwest corner, and 
the one of the top floor on the south side, behind the wooden wall. 
When you drop off this last bomb you won't need to worry about 
getting out in time. 



1.	See Avery and go to Vice City West, where a blue T-shirt symbol 
is directing you. Make sure you grab your Sea Sparrow helicopter as 
you pass Starfish Island and fly the rest of the way. Enter the pink 
glow when you arrive. 

2.	Now you've changed, get back into your helicopter and fly north 
to the next destination. When you arrive fly low and slow over the 
spot, use your cannon to shoot any car you see can parked down on the 
road below.     

3.	Don't hang around here because you'll come under heavy attack. 
Keep shooting at the cars and men down below until you start leaking 
smoke, then back off quickly. Now wait. If you didn't destroy your 
target then, a certain car will flee the scene and go on a speedy 
journey around Vice City. 

4.	It's important you wait until it has left the Little Haiti 
region before giving chase. When it has, fly after it and destroy it 
at your leisure.  

NOTE: A new outfit has been delivered to the shop you used in the 
last mission. You will also receive a phone call from a new employer 
over in Vice City West. This person will be marked out by a strange 
blue logo, west of the hardware store symbol. 

NOTE: We now need a new employer. First things first, go and grab 
your tank from the air base and drive it all the way to the white 
phone symbol in Vice City East. Try to avoid the police if possible. 



1.	Park your tank a little way from the pink glow beside the 
phone, as you don't want it to vanish when you receive your briefing. 

2.	When you've heard what you need to do, drive down the road to 
the nearby pink glow and park in it. A cutscene will occur. When you 
see the new target drive away, chase it down, and smash into it, 
blowing it up instantly and completing the mission. 

NOTE: Keep your tank and find a gun you can trust, e.g. your Python. 
Go to the 'C' symbol on your map. 



1.	Park your tank away from the pink glow again to ensure it stays 
where you leave it. After seeing Cortez you will need to drive your 
tank over the bridge into Vice City West. Take the closest bridge and 
proceed up the main road, on the western side. 

2.	As you get near to the yellow dot you should see a convoy of 
army vehicles driving slowly down the road. Smash into the 2 in front 
of the other tank, drive along and crush the soldiers on the 
pavement, and finally ram into the 2 vehicles behind it. This will 
take care of 90% of the guards. 

3.	Now the other tank should've stopped, and you should too. Don't 
worry if you hear gunfire, leap out of your tank and lock onto 
anybody. Your Python should take care of any survivors. Now step into 
the tank and promptly get out of there. 

4.	In a moment a new destination will pop up on your map, and you 
have roughly 2 minutes to get there. Use your START map to find a 
suitable route and don't cut corners too badly, as the tank can get 
caught underneath fallen lampposts. Ignore the police. Stop in the 
pink glow, and then roll into the garage to complete the mission. 

NOTE: As we are once again without an employer, go to the 'D' symbol 
on Starfish Island. 



1.	You must have full health and body armour for this mission to 
work. You won't need to fire a single bullet though. Go and see Diaz 
and when you have been briefed, go around back and jump into your Sea 

2.	Now fly to the spot marked on your map. The best way to get 
there is fly over the sea, as the destination is on the waterfront. 
Approach it from that way, not over the mainland. When you do get 
near you should spot the boat in question with its pink arrow. Fly 
towards it very slowly because a brief cut scene is about to take 
over in which you have no control over your helicopter! 

3.	When it ends quickly land on the concrete slope. Your 
helicopter will get torn to shreds by all the gunfire, but it only 
takes a few seconds to land. When you're on solid ground, ignore the 
boat and run up the slope into the open warehouse. 

4.	Sprint constantly and ignore everybody, no matter how close 
they are to you. You can be in and out of here very quickly if you 
don't hang about, and with your 150 body armour, you can take the odd 

5.	Inside the warehouse is a small pink glow on the southern wall. 
Step into it. Now the boat will drop into the sea. Run back out, down 
the slope, along the ledge, and press TRIANGLE to get into the boat. 
As soon as you're in it, hit accelerate and drive more or less in a 
straight line north. 

6.	Ignore the police boats and simply plough into the pink glow 
south of the Diaz mansion. Job done. 

NOTE: You will presently receive a phone call from your mysterious 
phone employer. Now is a fine time to try and complete his next 
mission. To make life somewhat easier, collect your Sea 
Sparrow/Hunter helicopter first.  



1.	Assuming you completed the Vigilante missions, this mission 
should seem easy. Park your helicopter a short distance away from the 
phone and answer it to receive your orders. You now have 9 minutes to 
kill 7 people. This is plenty of time.  

2.	The first target, marked by a yellow dot, is a short distance 
north from the phone. If you fly to the northwest of the shopping 
complex and look at the triangular billboard tower you should see the 
pink arrow highlighting the target. 

3.	Approach the billboard from the west side and a short burst of 
cannon fire should eliminate him quickly. The next target is towards 
the beach. As you arrive you should see a dark blue security van 
parked down below. Roughly face it and your cannon will lock onto it 
and reduce it to flaming rubble in seconds. If the target flees the 
van, simply give chase him down and continue using your auto-aim 

4.	At the next destination there will be 2 cars to destroy. Keep 
firing the cannon as you approach. The cars will speed away in 
separate directions, but it only takes a moment of sustained 
firepower to eliminate them both. 

5.	The next destination leads you to a white boat bopping up and 
down a little way off the coast. This one is easy to destroy with the 
cannon, as it's big and doesn't even move. Just be careful of going 
down too low and hitting the water.  

6.	You should now have about 5 minutes or more left on the clock 
to take out a single motorbike. Hunt it down and destroy it. 

NOTE: Now go back and work for the 'D' symbol once again. 



1.	With your orders in hand, go forward and step into the pink 
glow on the waterfront. A cut scene will begin and you'll end up at 
the wheel of the fastest boat again. Drive it forward and then north 
underneath the bridge. You should start to see a few other smaller 
speedboats now, so follow and then overtake them.
2.	You want to be going down the river in-between the mainland and 
the golf course. Your passenger will start shooting at the 
competition soon, so forget about them and concentrate on driving. 
Keep following the river north all the way and speed towards your 
destination, which is a larger boat. 

3.	After that you'll only have control of the aiming and shooting 
a gun. Don't stop shooting as you have a never-ending supply of 
ammunition. Concentrate on the boat closest to you, specifically the 
man standing up with a gun. If you get him the boat poses no threat. 
Now blow them both up.   

4.	You may have time for a short breather now. Turn around and 
lookout for a line of people on a wooden jetty on the west side of 
the river. The moment you can see red barrels, shoot them. 

5.	Now a helicopter will come to attack you. Concentrate on 
hitting the glass cockpit, and the man hanging out to shoot you. If 
you get him the helicopter is useless, and you can simply blow it up. 

6.	A moment later there will be a speedboat in front of you. This 
is the final thing to destroy, so don't worry about your boat's 
health too much. Simply pepper it with gunfire, focusing on the 
gunner as before. Now just wait until you arrive back where you 

NOTE: A new employer will now be marked on your map with a 'K' 
symbol. We will work for this person now. Before you go there, go and 
grab your tank again, which will be essential.  



1.	Park your tank outside the club and walk inside. When you exit 
the club again you will have disguised time limit. You basically have 
a few minutes to get over to Vice City West and rescue your 
2.	The tank is slow but not too slow that you won't get there in 
time. Try turning the gun barrel backwards and firing rockets behind 
you to gain a speed boost. Also, plan a route with START and you 
shouldn't have any problems. When you get to the long straight road 
leading down to the destination you may see it's blocked by 2 cars. 

3.	This blockade, as with all blockades when you're in a tank, 
hasn't got a hope. Charge through it and head north through the 
junkyard. Keep away from the sides and keep your speed up. The 
numerous guards in here will try to pull you out the tank, but if 
you're going quickly enough - they can't. 

4.	Shoot as you go, and that'll hopefully eliminate a few guards. 
Your colleague is in a hanger type structure beside a yellow digger. 
Fire a rocket at the guard standing by the entrance, and this should 
take care of the guard inside. Come to a stop as closely as you can, 
making sure that both doors to the tank are clear, and sprint inside. 

5.	After the cut scene get back outside and in the tank. Now if 
you can get away and get moving again, the rest of this mission is 
easy. Should you get pulled out, your Python may buy you the 
necessary time to get back in and get driving. 

6.	When back on the street, ignore any car that smashes into you 
and take a leisurely cruise to the hospital. Stop in the pink glow to 

NOTE: You will now receive a phone call. After it the familiar 'C' 
symbol will appear on the map. Get full health, body armour, your 
Python and rocket launcher, before activating the mission. 



1.	When you arrive by the pink glow on the Marina, stop and drive 
north to the other pier (pier 1). Park your car midway down this 
pier, so to block anyone from walking past it. 
2.	During the upcoming cut scene, you will see a group of men 
arrive and try to walk past your car. All going according to plan, 
they will not be able to. If you're very fortunate they'll all walk 
into the sea trying to get past your car! 

3.	After that scene ends be careful not to go too near the 
railings on the side of the ship, for they're not as solid as they 
look. You have now saved yourself a lot of hassle by blocking those 
men, so sit back and enjoy the scenery for a few minutes. Assuming 
the men didn't take a swim in the sea, you'll have a wait on your 
hands. Sit back and enjoy the scenery for a few minutes. 

4.	Eventually you'll come to a blockade by a bridge. Grab the 
assault gun that pops up in the middle of this top deck (by a heart 
icon) and leap over the front railing. Stay on this raised white 
section and use your assault gun to destroy the 2 boats in the middle 
of the blockade. 

5.	If you ever have a moment to spare, whip out your Python and 
lock onto any enemies in the area. Ignore the enemies on the boats, 
as the other crewmates can take care of them easily enough. 

6.	Soon a helicopter will arrive with the intent of dropping 
enemies onto the top deck. Quickly blow it out the sky with your 
rocket launcher. Do the same when the next helicopter arrives in a 
minute. The third helicopter is a Hunter attack helicopter. Empty 
your remaining rockets at it, and if it still lives, use your assault 
cannon to finish the job. Shoot the pilot to drop it quick. When it 
sinks, you win. 

NOTE: You can no longer work for Cortez, so time to go back to the 
'D' symbol, which you'll notice is in a slightly different location 
this time. Read step 1 of the walkthrough below before you step into 
the pink glow. 



1.	When you arrive at the Diaz mansion, walk around the back and 
grab your Sea Sparrow. Bring this back to the front of the mansion 
and park it quite a distance down the road from the pink glow which 
activates the mission. If it vanishes after you've briefed, you 
parked too closely. 

2.	After the long cut scene, lead your colleague back up the road 
to your Sea Sparrow. Be wary, he is an idiot, and can only follow you 
if you go slowly and don't change direction suddenly. 

3.	Fly up and land on the roof. On the east side of the roof is an 
entrance going into the mansion. Enter and walk downstairs. Go 
through the first doorway you can see and along the passage. 

4.	At the end of the corridor you should a guard or 2. Shoot them 
with your Python and walk out further onto the landing. Stay away 
from the stairs going down, but lock onto everybody. Make sure it's 
clear before you proceed.   

5.	Now arm your rocket launcher and walk towards the short steps. 
A cut scene will occur. As soon as it ends, go and stand at the top 
of the landing, in the middle, looking down over the banister at the 
doorway to Diaz's office. 

6.	From here you can shoot rockets over the railing at Diaz in 
safety. It will take 3 rockets to kill him fully. Simply shoot one, 
wait for him to stand up, and fire another. When he dies, you've won. 

NOTE: You now have 'acquired' this property. You now own it and it 
has become your main hideout in Vice City. Explore it at your leisure 
and find its secrets. Your weapons can now be found outside to the 
east, there's a save token in the office, and your very own gang 
members will patrol the gardens. 

NOTE: You will receive 2 phone calls, 1 of which is a new employer, 
marked on your map with a white skull symbol. But pay no attention to 
it yet. 

NOTE: When you're ready to proceed, park your Sea Sparrow outside the 
steps to your mansion, get full health, body armour, all your guns 
including the rocket launcher, and step into the pink glow on the 



1.	As soon as you've been briefed, leap into the helicopter and 
fly towards the mall at full speed. You should get there much sooner 
than any car could. When you arrive, land in the southeast corner, 
and walk into the most southeastern doorway.   

2.	A coffee shop should be on your right as you enter the shop. 
Arm your rocket launcher and shoot out the 2 glass windows with out 
shot. Disarm it, and sprint west to the nearby 'Gash' clothes shop, 
left of the entrance. 

3.	Shoot out all the outside windows on the ground floor, ignoring 
the police, and run into the shop to take out any glass on the other 
side. Then head upstairs. You may prefer to quickly use your Sniper 
Rifle up here, as it's quite confined. 

4.	Check your map to make sure there are no purple squares, 
indicating windows, by this shop. Then get the change of clothes icon 
outside the 'Gash' shop on the second floor and run west, around the 
upper walkway. 

5.	Stop outside 'Vinyl Countdown', the only other shop that needs 
seeing to on the higher floor. The rocket launcher should make short 
work of its windows. Again, check the map before you leave to make 
sure it's all gone. You may have quite a high Wanted Level by now, 
but inside the mall it doesn't matter. Your body armour can soak up 
all the gun wounds.   

6.	Now hop over the ledge, down onto the ground floor, and run to 
the northwest corner where another shop stands. One rocket will 
easily take out both its windows. 

7.	Now sprint to the northeast corner to the last shop and take it 
out using the previous methods. When you've smashed the glass, your 
complete the mission and lose your Wanted Level.   

NOTE: At long last the pink house icons have been unlocked, allowing 
you to buy a variety of new special properties around Vice City. Do 
not purchase any yet, as doing so will unlock a series of missions 
that should be done in a particular order. 

NOTE: You will receive a couple of phone calls soon, one of which is 
from your phone-based employer, offering you more work. 


Location: You can't really miss the film studio, as it dominates the 
tiny Prawn Island. You found Hidden Packages #42 and #43 inside it. 
As you enter the island, look south at the tall yellow wall with a 
blue stripe. This wall surrounds the film studio. The entrance, and 
icon allowing you to purchase it, is on the east side.  

NOTE: This property, as with almost every special property you buy, 
comes equipped with a supply of friendly gang members to protect it 
and you. 


*	Buying this film studio has now unlocked it, and consequently 
made a solitary Unique Jump available. Take a quick detour from your 
main quest to complete it.       

UNIQUE JUMP 33: PRAWN ISLAND (Brady Jump no. 36)


Location: Drive into Prawn Island aboard your PGJ motorbike and go 
south down the alley at the foot of the bridge leading out of Vice 
City East. You should see a concrete ramp leading up to a roof. You 
will need to drive quickly up that ramp to fly over the small wall at 
its end, but not so quickly you fly off the neighbouring rooftop. Now 
go up the larger of 2 ramps onto the proceeding sloped rooftop. If 
you head west from here you should notice the last ramp overlooking 
the film studio. 

1.	The roof stretches back quite some distance before the ramp, so 
use up all the available room you have by backing up right to the 
edge. Rev your engine hard and charge at the ramp. Make it inside the 
film studio to succeed. 

*	The last 3 Unique Jumps must wait for a little while now, but 
not too long... 

NOTE: You will need your Sea Sparrow helicopter before you commence 
the proceeding mission. 



1.	Hop back aboard your helicopter and fly towards the pink marker 
on your map. Land carefully down in the street directly opposite the 
pink glow. Do not park too far away or the game will remove your 
chopper. Incidentally, the game will move your chopper to a specific 
parking spot in a moment anyway. 

2.	When you walk into the pink glow a short cut scene will start 
and when it ends you will need to kill 3 gang members. They are easy 
to kill with the Python. The main target has driven away in his car 
by now, so leave your female friend, and step back into the Sea 
Sparrow. If you find the rotor blades are knocking against something 
and unable to spin fully, the get out and literally push the 
helicopter back. Be wary for any police officers, keen to pull you 

3.	When in the skies it should a very simple procedure to track 
down the escaping car and shoot him with your cannon. Now go back and 
retrieve your female colleague. Before you can continue you need to 
exchange the Sea Sparrow for any 4-seater car. Do so, collect the 
lady, and drive to the next destination. 

4.	You'll find your second female colleague actually inside the 
Pizza Restaurant. Simply step into the pink glow and after the cut 
scene, lead the pair back into your car. The only thing left to do 
now is take a peaceful drive back to the film studio. 



1.	Firstly run to the western side of the film studio and run 
through the narrow gate here. In front of you a small seaplane will 
be parked. Board it. When you do another disguised time limit will 
start. It's quite generous though.  

2.	Flying the plane is relatively easy to do. Accelerate along the 
water and keep back on the stick. The plane will lift into the sky 
automatically. When it does stop holding back and only tap it gently. 
Keep hold of X for the duration of the mission. When you have decent 
altitude, press START and find the third checkpoint down from the 

3.	Avoid flying over tall buildings unless it's very obvious that 
you will make it. Keep over the roads ideally. If you hit something 
and land on the ground, there is no way for the seaplane to take off 
and you'll have no choice but to quit the mission. Like with the 'Fun 
Toys' mission you completed long ago, gain altitude and then drop 
down into the checkpoint.  

4.	When you fly through that third most northern blue checkpoint a 
single red checkpoint will pop up. It doesn't matter where the 
leaflets land. Turn around very gradually and fly north through it to 
complete the first segment. When you do, go through the next blue 
checkpoint that should be just to the north. Work your way steadily 
south, and you should find the next few checkpoints forming a trail 
for you now. 

5.	For a few checkpoints you'll need to turn around and go back 
north. Remember to only turn very gradually in wide circles and don't 
try to swing around and go immediately through a checkpoint. It's 
much better to get some distance first and approach in a straight 

NOTE: When you complete this mission the 'Skimmer' seaplane will 
always be available to use from the jetty where you found it before.

NOTE: You will need to find any type of helicopter for the next 



1.	Climb back into your helicopter and simply watch patiently as 
your female colleague slowly strolls over and steps into the waiting 
limousine. In a moment you will to follow this car, but it doesn't 
move very quickly. Note that you have been given a camera. This 
camera operates in exactly the same way as the sniper rifle, except 
it's non-lethal. 

2.	Following the car from above should be easy provided you go 
slowly. You don't need to see the car at all times, but neither 
should get too distant. The journey lasts for approximately 2 minutes 
and will end when the limousine approaches a particular building.

3.	After the cut scene fly your helicopter to the hotel building 
directly opposite. There is a thick, curved platform jutting out just 
above the main entrance and you can easily land on it. Ignore the 
pink marker on your map. 

4.	Now aim your camera at the bluish building over the road. On 
the roof you will find your female colleague a strangely dressed 
male. Zoom in, get them both in frame, and take 3 identical photos in 
quick succession. The instant you have taken the third and final 
photo, get back into your helicopter and fly away. 

5.	Provided you don't hang around, you're quite safe in the air. 
Go back to the film studio and fly into the grounds from the 
southwest corner where fewer cops stand. Land in the large pink glow 
to pass mission and lose the police.      

NOTE: During the next mission you will complete the last 3 Unique 



1.	Run over to the main gate and steal the conveniently parked 
PCJ-600 motorcycle. Drive to the pink marker on your map, over in the 
nearby Downtown district of Vice City West. 

2.	Stop in the pink glow behind the building and then proceed up 
the stairs. If you go right around the building there is a spot where 
you can walk inside, as you did to get Hidden Package #62. Stop in 
the second glow in here. 

3.	After the next brief cut scene you'll come out on a higher 
floor. Go and stop in the next pink glow. The disguised time limit 
you've now received is nothing to fear, put it out of your mind. 
Reverse right up to the wall, rev your engine and charge the window 
in front. Keep as straight as possible.

NOTE: If you fall down at any stage then simply go back to step 2 and 
repeat what you've already done. You will have to do this if your 
motorbike takes a severe battering too. If you see it leaking black 
smoke at any stage it is advisable to drop down onto the street and 
drive along until you find a shiny new one. New bikes are much more 
likely to appear when you're actually driving one.  

4.	You'll land hopefully in or around the next pink checkpoint. 
This also completes Unique Jump #34. Now back up, almost to the end, 
and charge along this big undercover passage. You need to come out on 
the opposite side going left, so keep quite close to the left hand 
wall. Slam on the brakes the instant you land.  

5.	When you have, peer through the gap in the raised ledge to see 
where the next checkpoint is. Then get as long a run up as you can, 
point in the right direction, and speed towards it.     

6.	For the next checkpoint you don't need quite as long a run up 
as is available. Simply go straight and quickly up the ramp. 

7.	On this rooftop back right up to the wall and go over the left-
hand ramp, bearing just slightly right. When you land brake heavily. 
Now go around this rooftop until you are facing the next ramp. Keep 
right up to the ledge; rev your engine hard, and go for it. 

8.	If you make this jump that completes Unique Jump #35. Only 1 
more to go! Now drive up both flights of steps and you'll see the 
next ramp facing the pink checkpoint. As before, a reasonable run up 
and keeping straight will see you across the hidden gap safely.   

9.	When you land, back up to the west and go over the next ramp as 
you did before. This jump is quite easy. When you land go forward to 
the ramp here, facing the next checkpoint to the north. 

10.	You have a very long run up available to you on the next 
rooftop. You might as well use it all up. 

NOTE: Make it to this rooftop and you no longer need to start from 
the very beginning if you destroy your motorbike or fall down. Simply 
come back to the newly descended ramp here.

11.	Go up the steps here but don't charge at the ramp until you've 
backed right along the rooftop opposite the ramp. Go back so far your 
rear wheel is actually on the wall. Rev your engine, and you should 
barely make it. 

12.	Don't try keep going when you've landed. It's simpler to stop 
and do the usual run-up procedure. 

13.	This leap is quite short, but use all the distance you have for 
a run-up. 

14.	When you land on this rooftop, leading south, back right up to 
the wall and charge. 

15.	When you land - stop sharply. The checkpoint is now facing 
south. Back up to the wall and charge as usual. Land on the rooftop 
with the large satellite dish and keep going straight over to the 
next roof. 

16.	Go up the steps here and use up all the little run-up space 
that's available. Rev your engine thoroughly and hit the ramp in the 
middle. You should just about make it.  

17.	This is the last leap you need to make. The roof gives you 
plenty of space to do a run up and you must use it before hitting the 
ramp as straight as you can. Make the gap and you'll complete the 
final Unique Jump in the process!  

18.	If you're still on it, get off your bike and run into the pink 
glow to complete the mission. 

*	With all 36 Unique Jumps done and dusted there's only 2 more 
side-quests left to complete in the game. 

NOTE: You have now finished your employment at the film studio. All 
special property properties eventually generate money. Simply walk 
into the dollar sign token to collect whatever money has amassed. As 
soon as you collect it starts refilling with money, gradually 
building up to a maximum (in this case) of $7000. Return as often as 
you'd like and claim it. 


DIFFICULTY: 3/10 (on average)  

*	The following 4 missions all involve flying a helicopter 
through a series of midair checkpoints. There is no time limit for 
any of them, so the only concern is keeping your helicopter intact. 
If you've come this far, you shouldn't have much problem completing 
any of them. Simply take your time, tapping the buttons gently to 
gain extra control, and don't commit yourself to sink down into a 
street until you're absolutely comfortable with your positioning.

*	You should take your own helicopter with you to locate the 
first mission, as they're all in awkward positions. If you can't seem 
to spot any of the helicopters described below, fly away and come 
back again, as the game doesn't always load them when you want them. 


Location: Go to your most southerly save point in Vice City East. 
From here, follow the road that runs along the east side of that save 
point building. Travel north, and on the west side of the road you 
should see a large, low building with a pink roof. This was the roof, 
which you leapt from during Unique Jump #14. On it should be a Sea 
Sparrow helicopter. Step into it to start the mission. 


Location: Push START and look for the northern Pay 'N' Spray in Vice 
City East. You should have a save point property directly below it. 
Opposite that Pay 'N' Spay and save property is a ring of white 
buildings with grassy courtyards in the middle. You can see these 
courtyards marked as grey rectangles on your map. You found Hidden 
Package #31 in them. Fly over those grey rectangles and if you look 
carefully you should see another Sea Sparrow type helicopter parked 
down on the grass.    


DIFFICULTY: 3/10 (On average) 

*	2 down, 2 to go. They're exactly the same style on this side of 
the sea too, only harder. Remember you can fly through wires, but the 
telegraph poles they're attached too are very solid.    


Location: This one is on a rooftop, very near the rooftop where you 
found Hidden Package #67. Return to that location and you'll spot the 
helicopter parked on the building directly west of it. 


Location: This helicopter is parked on the raised path that runs 
around the tall skyscraper you entered to get Hidden Package #62 and 
drove around to complete the final film studio mission.  

*	All chopper races have now been completed. Only 1 bonus mission 


Location: The most expensive property in the game should surely be 
familiar to you by now. If not, it's the property directly south of 
where you found Hidden Package #23. 

*	To activate the proceeding missions walk inside the club and go 
over to the pink glow by the bar. Note that the staff in this club 
will run around, but will not fight back if attacked.   



1.	Make sure you have full health and armour first. Get your 
orders and leave the club. Take any car to the nearby police station. 

2.	Before you enter through the front doors, make sure you're not 
carrying a gun in your hand. Walk in and go through the little 
doorway on your left and step into the pink glow for a change of 
clothes. You can now explore the whole police station at your 
leisure, provided you don't attack anyone. 

3.	Walk to the end of the corridor and head upstairs. The key card 
you need is in an office at the back. Grab it and go downstairs, into 
the corridor, and then down again. Walk to the end and step into the 
pink glow. 

4.	You will now have a 4 star Wanted Level. Ignore your new 
colleague and sprint as quickly as you can outside, ignoring 
everybody. When you get outside, turn left and you should see an 
empty car waiting for you. Hop in and get to the southern Pay 'N' 
Spray as quickly and safely as you can. Do this and the rest of the 
mission is easy. 

5.	When the stars have been cleared, head back to the police 
station and look for your colleague who is currently marked on the 
map. When you've found him the map will change to show a new 
destination. Drive there peacefully to complete the mission. 



1.	Firstly drive all the way to the Ammu-Nation shop in Vice City 
West. Because this journey is long and dull, I advise saving before 
starting the mission so you won't need to go all the way back should 
you fail. When you arrive at the shop step into the pink glow to 

2.	This mission simply involves shooting from a first-person 
perspective. After the cut scene ends you will be put into position 
and the game will explain the rules. There are 3 rounds, and by the 
end of them all you must have scored at least 60 points. Do not press 
SQUARE, as this quits the mission!

3.	You must fully destroy all 5 parts of a yellow target to score 
some points. Concentrate on the furthest target. As you try to shoot 
it you will inevitably shoot the other 2 passing in front of it. Try 
to follow it with the crosshair, but it's easier to stay aiming at a 
certain spot and let the target come to you. 

4.	Whenever you have a moment, focus on the other 2 and finish 
them off to get some extra points. You should have about 30 points by 
the end of this round. This is the easiest round, so you really need 
to get a decent score now.  

5.	When it ends do not walk south through the narrow doorway as 
this quits the mission. Instead go north through the wide doorway, 
then through the left-hand doorway, and into the pink glow to begin 
part 2. 

6.	Here you will see moving targets in the 6 windows in front of 
you. You only need to hit a target once to score a point. It's best 
to focus on the 4 closest windows and not move the crosshair more 
than necessary. Don't be too casual with your ammo, as you need it. 
It's best to wait until a target moves into your line of sight before 
shooting and be absolutely positive the white dot is over the target 
before you shoot. 

7.	If you're doing well, you may have already scored 60 points. 
Either way, you still need to go onto stage 3. This round is by far 
hardest, and you'll be very lucky to score 10 points on it. 
Concentrate on what's in front of you and get ready to move to a 
target rather than let it come to you. 

8.	Afterwards, if you were successful, go back into the first room 
and see your colleague to complete the mission. 


REWARD: Fast weapon loading. 

*	This is the final bonus mission in the game. The Rifle Range is 
basically the first round of what you did in the previous mission. 
Only this time you must score 45 points on the first round alone.  

1.	Walk out of the shooting range, into the shop, and then go back 
inside to start the mission by stepping into the pink glow. The rules 
of the last mission all apply here. 

2.	This time you should ignore the front target completely. It is 
only an obstacle. Concentrate primarily on the last target, hitting 
the middle one in the process. When you've finished it off, quickly 
turn to the middle one and finish it off too. It's best to let the 
heads move into your sights rather than try to chase them down. 

3.	Keep focusing on the 2 back targets, making sure to finish the 
front one off when it only has a couple of pieces left. You need to 
be quick, but concentrate on aiming first and worry about how fast 
you need to be when there's less than a minute on the clock. Ammo 
shouldn't be a problem because you can't afford to miss. Rest 
assured, it will be close. 

*	Now all your guns won't even pause to reload. E.g., you now 
have a fully automatic, rapid-fire rocket launcher...  

NOTE: You've now beaten every single secret side quest the game had 
to offer. Time to check your stats: You should have now completed 69% 
of the game. Passed 35 out of 35 Rampages. Found 100 Hidden Packages. 
Completed 36 out of 36 Unique Jumps. Highest Vigilante mission level 
should be 12. 100 passengers should be dropped off. Highest Paramedic 
mission level should be 12. Fire Truck mission level should be 12. 15 
out of 15 stores should be knocked off. 55 pizzas should be 
delivered. You should own 9 properties. 

*	If so, well done, the end is almost in sight. Now is the time 
to concentrate on completing all the special properties, so to begin 
with go back to the Malibu Club.    



1.	Make sure save outside the Malibu Club before you begin this 
mission, as there's a good chance you'll be playing it more than 
once. Get your orders and when all the cut scenes have ended, you'll 
be automatically sitting in a car ready to race. 

2.	At the beginning - until the first sharp bend left - keep 
closely behind the other car. Do not overtake him or even pull 
alongside him. This way the police won't bother you, he won't ram you 
off the road (and his larger car often manages to do this in a 
collision), and he will have to barge through the oncoming traffic. 

3.	At the first sharp left corner it's your opportunity to take 
the lead for the rest of the race. All you need to know is how to 
corner like a pro. The secret is braking. Tap brake, let go of X, and 
apply it when you've swung around. Do this and you'll corner in half 
the time he does. 

4.	From now on it should be a simple case of keeping your lead by 
keeping up with the pro cornering. Hold down L2 and R2 together for a 
quick peek behind you. Look on your map so you know where to go in 
advance. The police won't really bother you until you pass the Ocean 
Beach hospital when 2 cars come out of nowhere and create a roadblock 
at the end of the road by the sea. Get ready for this and brake 
harder than usual.  

5.	If you crash badly and get overtaken then you might have to 
quit and reload. It is possible to catch him up on the corners, but 
not if you crash too seriously. If you know you can't overtake him, 
consider continuing the race simply to learn the course. 



1.	Full body armour, health, and all your guns are all required 
for this mission. When you've found out what to do, climb into the 
clearly marked taxicab. You must use this vehicle.  

2.	Drive over into Vice City West. Stop in the pink glow, and 
after the short cut scene, walk over the road into the second pink 
glow. After this cut scene walk into the nearby pink glow to go 

3.	After the next cut scene, walk up the steps in the office 
behind the lobby. There are 2 guards at the back that can be easily 
shot with the Python. Make sure you get them now. In the room with 
the security monitors you'll find some body armour. Do not collect it 

4.	Go up the next set of steps onto the balcony. There will be 2 
more guards on here who will probably see you before you can see 
them. Lock on and return fire. Go through the only doorway into the 
pink glow. 

5.	As you exit the elevator a new guard must be shot. Do so, and 
then step into the pink glow. When the cut scene ends, go back down 
in the elevator, all the way to room beside the first 2 guards you 
shot. In here is a man crouched down behind a desk - simply approach 

6.	Now is the time to get the new body armour. The man will follow 
you all the way back upstairs to where you were a moment ago. Do 
that, and after this cut scene, proceed downstairs yet again.

7.	As you arrive on the balcony, a 3 star Wanted Level strikes 
you. Ignore any gunfire and step into the pink glow in the lobby. In 
a minute a group of SWAT guys will arrive inside the lobby. Keep 
trying to lock on and blow them all away with the Python as soon as 
possible. The instant you see a pink glow by the doors, walk into it. 

8.	After the cut scene, stand at the top of steps outside and lock 
onto any cops that are standing around the taxi. You will hopefully 
be able to absorb any damage with your body armour. When the taxi is 
clear, hop aboard. You must keep Phil alive, but Cam is expendable. 
Speed away and smash through the middle of the 2 SWAT vans blocking 
the road. 

9.	Go north and pay a much-needed visit to the Pay 'N' Spray. 
Hopefully you'll make it in the taxi. When that's done, head back 
south to your final destination. Look out, as the few remaining SWAT 
team members will still try to shoot you, even without a Wanted 

NOTE: A new outfit can now be found at the bank you just robbed. And 
inside the office where you saw the briefing cut scenes happen. Just 
enter the club and go behind the bar to find that office.  

NOTE: You will receive a phone call offering more work. This will be 
marked on the map with a 'P' symbol.                

NOTE: You have now finished working for the Malibu Club. It will now 
build up a supply of money for you to collect. 


Location: Enter Vice City West over the bridge leading out of 
Starfish Island. Look over the road, to the left, from the foot of 
that bridge. The low dark grey building with large white ice cream 
mounds on its roof is your new property. 

*	Once you have bought this property and watched the cut scene, 
step into the solitary ice-cream truck parked partially inside the 
factory. This starts the one and only mission at this location. 





1.	By pressing L3 when you sit in the van, you activate the jingly 
music and also start the mission. Your object is to drive around Vice 
City, stopping by any pedestrian you see. The game randomly chooses 
somebody to be a customer. The customers will be marked out by pink 
arrow above their heads before walking over to do a deal with you. 

2.	Simply stay still as they stand by the van. A few seconds later 
they will walk away and the deal will be done. Your object is to 
complete 50 deals without exiting or destroying your van.

3.	Every time you serve 4 customers, you gain a wanted star. This 
gives you 2 options. Either keep serving customers quickly and 
building up your wanted stars, or serve 4 people - get 1 wanted star 
and wait for it to vanish, then serve another 4 people and repeat. 

4.	The second method is advisable because you simply can't fail. 
If you keep moving about whilst you wait for your single wanted star 
to vanish, no cop can pull you out. This is a slow way to success, 
but it's reliable and easy. In total it shouldn't take more than 15-
20 minutes to complete the mission this way. 

5.	Due to the fact gang members will attack you if they see you 
making deals on their turf, go over and complete this task in Vice 
City East. The beach and the road running alongside are particularly 
good spots to find pedestrians. 

6.	Stop wherever you can see more than 2 people walking along the 
street. More will pop up soon enough. If the game says there are no 
customers in this area, crawl forward slowly and see if it changes 
its mind. If not, you should move along to a different area. 

7.	The instant you get a wanted star, accelerate away. Ignore any 
customers who were hanging about. There could be a police officer 
creeping up on you, and considering they often do when you're not 
moving, it's best to get out of there promptly. 

8.	If the van takes battering or you simply can't be bothered to 
wait the 30+ seconds, feel free to pop into Pay 'N' Spray in Vice 
City to rectify that problem.  

9.	When you've served 50 people, get out of the van. The game 
won't actually state you've completed the mission until you have 
exited it. 

NOTE: You have now completed the Cherry Popper Ice Cream factory and 
it will generate a modest amount of capital for you. Feel free to 
replay the mission for pleasure at any time.   


Location: This is the building where you found Hidden Package #78. 
The token to buy it is just outside by the open glass doorway. 

NOTE: This property does not have a series of missions for you to 
complete, instead it has 2 side-quests that must be completed. If you 
walk down the concrete slope outside the glass doorway you can find 
where both are located. There is also another Pay 'N' Spray garage 
down here. Ignore the pink glow in the corner; instead inspect the 
sign on the wall by the garage, which is on your right as you walk 
down the slope. 


DIFFICULTY: 6/10 (On average) 
REWARD: 4 Secret Bonus Cars.  

*	Read that white sign to find a list of cars that must be found 
and parked inside this garage. This is the first of 4 lists. 
Completing each list unlocks a new motorized prize. Below are the 
cars you need, and how to find them. 

*	You do not need to bring the following cars in order, so as you 
collect one keep your eyes peeled for the others. 

*	Driving a certain type of car increases the odds of finding 
others cars like it. E.g. if you drive a bike, you will see more 
bikes on the roads, or if you drive a 4x4, you will find more jeeps. 
Try using a helicopter sometimes to get a good view from above.   

*	To find some of these cars you need the patience of a saint. 
They can be very rare. There is nothing you can do to speed up the 
process except drive around and hope. Try to stick with it, as this 
does need to be done to beat the game totally. It does get easier 
eventually too.   

LANDSTALKER: A large 4x4 jeep with wood panelled sides. It has 4 
doors and a spare tyre on the back. It can be found almost anywhere 
in Vice City. To find one parked, go and take the one you used to 
complete the dirt track mission at the northern end of Vice City 
West. Get it, drive off, get out to end the mission, and then hop 
aboard again to claim the vehicle as your own.  

IDAHO: A slow 2-door car with a roof painted a different colour to 
the body. The back end slopes down somewhat. It can be found in all 
poor regions but most commonly in Prawn Island, by the film studio. 
Drive around the roads on this island in and one may crop up.    

ESPERANTO: A long, wide 70's style car with only 2 doors. It has 
narrow vertical rear lights and a big chrome radiator. It's pretty 
rare but look in any poor, rough estate on either island. 

STALLION: Looks quite similar to the Idaho, only smaller and 
sportier. Has a differently coloured roof to its body. This is also 
one of the few cars that comes as a convertible too. Has a large 
chrome rear bumper and vents on the front hood. As it's very common, 
go north to Prawn Island and you'll probably spot one before you even 
get there.    

RANCHER: Looks almost identical to the Landstalker except it only has 
2 doors and does not have a spare tire on the back. Drive around in a 
Landstalker and they usually reveal themselves. 

BLISTA COMPACT: A sporty 2-door hatchback. The lower half is often 
painted a different colour to the top half. The backlights are a row 
of red plastic. Quite rare, but can be found anywhere. 

NOTE: Now you've completed the first list, this special property will 
start generating a small amount of money. You've also unlocked your 
first prize car, which can always be found in the showroom. But 
Sunshine Auto's is far from completed, despite what the game states... 

NOTE: Go back to the Import/Export garage where you've been 
delivering the cars and you'll see that a new list has been posted 
up. You now need to find the following cars... 


SABRE: A 70's style sports car. You raced against it in the Malibu 
Club mission 'The Driver'. It has 2 doors, a narrow back window, and 
a chunky chrome bumper on the rear. Most commonly located in the 
Downtown region of Vice City West, but it's still pretty rare.   

VIRGO: A flashy version of the Esperanto. It's a two-door car and the 
most distinguishing feature on it is the back section of the roof, 
which is always a different colour to the rest of the car.    

SENTINEL: This car looks somewhat like an ordinary road car version 
of the modern yellow taxicab. You can easily find one by simply 
looking inside the Sunshine Auto's showroom, where one is nearly 
always parked. If you can't see it, drive away and come repeatedly 
until it materialises. 

STRETCH: A luxury limousine. Fortunately one always is parked outside 
your main hideout mansion on Starfish Island. Check by the garages on 
the west side of the big steps leading up to the front doors. If it's 
not there, do the usual go-away-and-come-back-repeatedly trick.  

WASHINGTON: This car looks very similar to a Sentinel in basic shape. 
It has vertical rear lights, a big silver grill, and a small diamond 
shaped piece of silver stuck on the back. It's also rare.   

ADMIRAL: This car also looks practically identical to the Sentinel. 
The only differences are that the Admiral has 2 chrome stripes down 
either side, a classy silver radiator sticking out a little, but does 
not have any exhaust pipes at back nor a snowplough style fin on the 
front, like the Sentinel. Middle and north Vice City West may be the 
best place to hunt. 

NOTE: You have now received a new secret car and a new list of 
vehicles to retrieve. 


CHEETAH: A Ferrari look-alike. Drive any sports car and you're bound 
to find one in any half-wealthy area of Vice City. As you look, make 
your way over to the Marina in Vice City East, to the pier where you 
worked for Cortez. There is always a Cheetah parked along there if 
you keep coming back to it. 

INFERNUS: A Lamborghini look-alike. There's always one parked on the 
east side of the big steps leading up to the front door of your main 
hideout mansion. 

BANSHEE: A Corvette look-alike. If you drive around and around 
Starfish Island in any pure sports car (like any of the above 2 cars) 
this car will crop up eventually.  

PHOENIX: A Pontiac look-alike. Always has a turbo charger sticking 
out the front hood, and occasionally a different coloured stripe down 
the middle. Do what you did above to find one. 

COMET: A Porsche look-alike. Comes in hard and soft-top models. You 
find one parked inside a garage on Starfish Island, simply check the 
garage beside the house where you found Hidden Package #55. 

STINGER: This classic convertible sports car always comes with roof 
down. Glamorous Starfish Island is once again the place to look. 

NOTE: You will now receive the third secret vehicle. Only one more 
list to go...      


VOODOO: This is the gang car of the Haitians and is quite a common 
sight on the roads of Little Haiti. It's a 50's style 2-door car, and 
always comes in dark red. Beware the gang members who will try to 
pull you out when you steal it. 

CUBAN HERMES: Unsurprisingly, this is the car of choice for the Cuban 
gang. It looks like a 50's hot rod, complete with painted flames on 
the front end. Drive around Little Havana and you'll find one 
relatively quickly. 

CADDY: The hardest vehicle to find on this list, but not overly 
annoying. Naturally head for the golf course in Vice City East. You 
might find one parked just beyond the gate leading into the course, 
or more likely driving down the road outside the course. Keep moving 
about in this area and see how long it takes for one to arrive. 

BAGGAGE: These tiny little baggage handler vehicles can be found 
throughout Escobar International Airport. If you look by the western 
passenger-boarding arm, at the northern end, you can even find one 
ready and waiting for you.       

MR. WHOOPEE: Otherwise known as an Ice Cream truck. Take the one from 
the Cherry Popper Factory. You may need to exit the van and then re-
enter it should the Import/Export garage not let you in because 
you're on a mission. 

PIZZA BOY: The final vehicle you'll need to retrieve is the red pizza 
delivery moped. Head north into the Downtown district and the red 
pizza restaurant is on the same road as the skull icon that's 
presently on your map. The bike should be by the north wall of the 
restaurant, but you might have to go away and return more than once 
to make it appear. 

*	You have now finally finished the Import/Export garage and 
acquired the last secret car - the fastest car in the game no less.

NOTE: When you're ready, step into the pink glow beside the 
Import/Export garage. 



*	Stepping into the pink glow by the Import/Export garage brings 
up a map of Vice City. By pressing left and right you can choose to 
participate in any of 6 races. Each race is against 3 sports car, 
lasts for a single lap, and to be successfully completed you must 
come first and pass through every single yellow checkpoint.  

*	Because writing a walkthrough for 6 races is unnecessary 
("drive fast!"), the following advice should suffice.

a)	Always use the Hotring Racer - your final prize for completing 
the Import/Export garage. In it you outmatch the opposition in every 
department, and it's quite durable too. 

b)	Look at the map of the race before you buy a ticket for it. 
It's the only chance you have to see the whole layout of the course, 
and during the race you need to put all your focus into avoiding 
oncoming traffic, not into staring at the mini-map to see where the 
next checkpoint is.  

c)	Nudging the cars starts the race automatically. It's a quick 
way to get the race going. 

d)	In the beginning stay back and away from the pack. They love to 
crash and smash, and that includes ramming you. When the pack splits 
up somewhat, accelerate hard and overtake everyone. 

e)	Use the driving techniques discussed for 'The Driver' mission. 
They're just as applicable here.

f)	The most important thing to concentrate on is avoiding other 
cars and especially the police. Spend time trying to avoid hitting 
these things. You must keep your car intact for the whole race to 
keep a good chance of winning, so keep it safe. 

g)	Don't be too discouraged if you have a spin or crash. Provided 
you can still drive the car, there's time to catch up (more so on the 
later races) and the opposition cars may well crash too. 

h)	If you don't want to go all the way back to Sunshine Auto's to 
activate the race again, save your game there and reload it should 
you fail.     

*	Finish the 6th race, and although you won't see any special 
message, you have now completed Sunshine Auto's well and truly. If 
you would like to replay any of the races for cash or enjoyment, 
you'll always have the option to do so.


Location: Come into Vice City West over the most southern bridge 
leading out of Vice City East. Turn left when you come onto the main 
road and follow it all the way south into Vice Port. Pass the large 
blue cargo ship on your left, and a short way south of it you should 
see a chainlink fence surrounding a row of drab warehouses. Drive 
slowly as you pass the fence and you should spot the green and pink 
property icon by the gap in the fence. 

*	There is only one mission that needs to be completed here. 
After watching the cut scene you will be left facing 2 speedboats. 
Climb into a boat of your choice to activate the mission. 



1.	Your first problem is choosing the correct boat. Each boat has 
good and bad points, but overall the right-hand boat proves to be 
most suited to this particular mission. 

2.	When you step into it the challenge will start immediately. You 
now have to pass through a long series of small blue checkpoints. 
There are 26 to collect in all, and the time limit is very tight. 

3.	Steering the boat is tricky, but practise as you try to 
complete the mission. That way you'll also learn the course layout 
too. It's best to let go of X, turn, then reapply the accelerator 
when you need to make sharp bends. Otherwise, gentle taps on the 
stick should be sufficient.       

4.	You'll need to use your map to guide you, as at the beginning 
the checkpoints are not always placed within view. Aim your boat at 
the dot and charge towards it. 

5.	When going over ramps, which you only need to do 3 times, spend 
a little bit of extra time lining up so that you hit it in the 

6.	If you miss a checkpoint and need to swing around to get it 
again, or if you spin around badly, give up and go back to the 
boatyard for another attempt. You simply don't have any time to make 
any big mistakes.  

*	Complete the race in time and you've completed the boatyard. 
This mission is still replayable though, for pleasure. 


Location: Drive towards Phil's Place, currently marked with a 'P' 
symbol on your map. As you exit Phil's Place onto the road, turn 
right and go down the road a short way. The big yellow building with 
the property icon outside is it. 

*	There's a chain of missions for you to complete here, and 
climbing into the taxi with a pink glow underneath it, inside the 
building, activates them all. 



1.	The moment you step into the car you have 1 minute to drive to 
Starfish Island and stop in the pink glow. Provided you don't hang 
about, this is plenty of time, so try to park facing west if you have 
the opportunity. 

2.	After the cut scene you'll need to damage the escaping vehicle. 
Ram it persistently, or should you be privileged enough to own a 
machine gun, pull along side it and shoot it until the passenger 
bails out. 

3.	The enemy vehicle will now try to ram you to death. The best 
thing to do is to back away from the passenger somewhat and ram the 
enemy vehicle into destruction. But don't let it explode next to you 
obviously. When it's history, pick up the passenger and take him to 
the final destination at your own pace. 



1.	Thankfully you don't have a time limit for this mission, nor do 
you need to stay inside the taxi. 

2.	Ignore the 3 target cars on your map and instead go and collect 
your Sea Sparrow. Use it to soar through the skies and waste the 3 
clearly marked cars with the cannon. For someone who's completed the 
Vigilante missions, this should be easy. 



1.	When the mission begins drive to your destination. You might 
want to take a look at the start map, as it's in the large courtyard 
where you found Hidden Package #86, and is accessible by road from 
the east only.  

2.	Park in the pink glow but do not push L3 to sound your horn! 
Instead, leave the taxi where it is and make your way to the military 
air base. You can steal at least 1 other car to get there, but steal 
too many and your parked taxi may vanish. When you arrive, steal your 
tank and head back to the destination. 

3.	Park the tank about a cars length away from your taxi. In a 
moment you will need to make a frantic dash into it from the taxi, so 
bear that in mind. Get in the taxi, push your horn, and the instant 
the cut scene has ended change vehicles. If you can do that without 
getting mown down, the rest of the mission is ludicrously easy. 

4.	Get some speed up and the enemy cars will explode on contact 
with you. When they're all dead, a special enemy car will arrive. It 
can't kill you, so you might as well kill it. Do that to complete the 

*	You have now totally completed Kaufman Cabs.   


Location: Return to the 'Laundromat' in Little Havana where you found 
Hidden Package #72, and also which you knocked off. Go north up the 
road directly east of the 'Laundromat' and take the first right. You 
should see a large, low, yellow building in front of you. This is the 
Printworks. The icon to purchase it is on the eastern side. 

*	This is arguably the hardest special property in the game, but 
it's certainly not impossible. Step into the pink glow to activate 
the first of 2 missions. 



1.	Full health and body armour are strongly recommended. After the 
briefing cut scene has ended, the game will highlight a taxi, which 
can drive you to your destination, if you want to use it. There's no 
reason why you shouldn't take advantage of the ride, so step in. 

2.	When you arrive, enter the Malibu Club and watch the next cut 
scene. Afterwards you'll have a new destination back over in Vice 
Port. Unfortunately there is no taxi to take you there. 

3.	As you head into the docks stop some distance away from the 
large blue cargo ship. The ship is currently crawling with heavily 
armed security guards, but there's nothing stopping you from shooting 
them with a sniper rifle before they even spot you.      

4.	There are 3 visible on the white tower at the back. One is on 
the staircase at the very back, and another is on the west side, next 
to the pink glow at the top. The third guard is standing in a little 
box stuck high up on the west side of the tower. The last guard you 
can shoot now is standing at the base of the northern yellow mast, 
visible from the west side.   

5.	The game will supply brand new guards when you board the ship. 
Before you do, park (facing north) on the grass beside the northern 
end of the ship, just outside the docks. Now run aboard up the ramp. 
Lock onto anybody who's in range with the Python. Ignore anybody 
else; as you're best defence here is to run. Head behind the control 
tower and up the steps to the pink glow you saw a moment ago. 
Hopefully the stairs should be deserted. 

6.	After stepping into a pink glow a cut scene of sorts will 
begin. After it has ended you will have a 2 star Wanted Level. To 
escape only run down the first set of steps, line yourself up with 
the railing, and take a running jump over it. You should land on the 
grass right beside where you parked your car. 

7.	Now pay a visit to nearby Sunshine Auto's spray shop to ditch 
that Wanted Level. Afterwards, take a leisurely drive back to the 
Printworks to complete the mission.      



1.	Before you begin this mission grab your weaponry, including the 
rocket launcher and sniper rifle. And don't leave home without some 
body armour and a helicopter either. 

2.	After watching the cut scene you have about 2 minutes before 
your main target arrives aboard an incoming helicopter. Climb into 
your chopper and head for the destination on your map, which is 
directly next door to your very own Boatyard.  

3.	As you approach, keep west away from the warehouses next to 
your boatyard that are crawling with armed guards and swing around to 
the west before coming back around to land on the tallest southerly 
warehouse, the one directly north from a large ship in docks. 

4.	When you land you'll come under attack from a handful female 
guards standing on the nearby rooftops. Your first priority should be 
to kill these guards. There should be one of the rooftop to the east, 
and also one on the crane by the seafront. 

5.	Stay on the rooftop and if you're still waiting for the 
incoming helicopter to land, start shooting the female guards on the 
ground below - but don't blow up those cars yet. When the helicopter 
lands your main target will get out. The very instant she has, shoot 
the middle parked car down below with a rocket. Make sure you're 
aiming over the edge of the roof first! This will stop her escaping, 
and you'll have time to think.  

6.	You now want to kill the main target. Use any weapon you have 
available, but do not damage the helicopter she arrived in. When 
she's dead, mop any survivors on the ground below until you're 
relatively sure that there is nobody left alive down there. You may 
still here gunfire, but if you can't see anyone causing it, simply 
ignore it. 

7.	Right up against the eastern wall of the rooftop you're 
presently standing there may be one more female guard. Carefully inch 
your way up to the edge and shoot down at her with your sniper rifle. 
If there are police about, you have no choice but to kill them all 
now and hope you can get away in time. When you think it's safe 
enough for you to jump down, grab the briefcase, and escape inside 
the other helicopter. 

8.	Fly back to the Printworks, land and sprint towards the pink 
glow where you started the mission in the first place. 

*	You have now completed this special property too, and all the 
special properties in Vice City West. Only one more remains! 


Location: Go over to Vice City East, to your most southerly save 
point property in Ocean Beach. From the garage outside it, follow the 
road east and the Pole Position Club in on the corner at the end. 

*	Walk inside the club to get started. There is only 1 mission to 
complete here, and it can barely even be called a "mission"... 

NOTE: The staff inside the club, despite technically being your 
employees, cannot be attacked without fighting back.



1.	When you enter the club, follow the red carpet to an open door 
at the back. Walk through into a passage. Now check how much money 
you have in the game, or see what the time is in the real world. Go 
through the first open doorway on your left. 

2.	A repetitive cut scene of a dancing woman will begin. Your 
object is to spend 10 minutes in here watching it. That's all you 
have to do.  

3.	The real object is to spend $600 as you watch her, but at the 
rate it counts down, you're stuck in here for exactly 10 minutes. 
Keep an eye on how much money has been deducted, or check your watch 
to see when 10 minutes has elapsed. Play it safe and go a little 
over, just to make sure.  

4.	When you're positive you've wasted enough time watching the cut 
scene, press X to leave the room. 

*	You have now completed the Pole Position Club, and every single 
property special or otherwise in the game. Only conventional missions 
now stand between you and that fabled 100% mark! 

NOTE: Check your stats. You should have completed 86% of the game, 
and own 15 properties. 

NOTE: Head back to Vice City West via the bridge through Starfish 
Island. Collect your Sea Sparrow, and some body armour, and then fly 
to the black and white phone symbol on your map. 



1.	Firstly, park your helicopter in the dark tarmac runway area, 
directly to the east of the main passenger terminal. Make sure it is 
south of the fence, but still quite close to it. Run through the 
gate, and then towards the passenger terminal entrance.  

2.	If you have a supply of weaponry that you'd like to keep, enter 
the terminal through the eastern doorway. Your weapons will be 
removed, but they can be retrieved shortly. After you've answered the 
ringing phone and been briefed, grab the nearby sniper rifle to start 
the procedure. 

3.	The woman on the balcony will now come down the third most 
westerly escalator to meet your main target, who is standing beside 
the second most westerly escalator. He is beside an visibly armed 

4.	Keep close to the glass by the entrance and follow it along, 
keeping an eye on the 'distance meter' at the top right on your 
screen. When it is 75% full, stop and aim over at the nearest set of 
escalators, by the smartly dressed man in blue and his bodyguard.  

5.	Do not shoot him until the woman has ended her conversation 
with him. Let him start walking up the escalator, and then shoot him 
anywhere on his body. Now sprint as quickly as you can up the 
escalator, grabbing the package in the process, and down the 
escalator on the other side. Ignore anybody who shoots at you.     

6.	Run out the entrance you entered by, grabbing your weaponry if 
you desire it, and then head back to the Sea Sparrow. The police 
should have difficulty entering this fenced area; therefore you 
should have time to get airborne. 

7.	Once in the skies there is nothing stopping you from flying to 
the final destination and stepping into the pink glow. 

NOTE: Shortly after completing this mission, your phone employer will 
contact you again with his final offer of work. Keep your Sea 
Sparrow, and go to the phone symbol.   



1.	Park in the street and answer the phone. When you've been 
briefed, take to the skies, and head slightly north. To your east now 
should be the back of the hospital, that's the white building with 
blue windows that's has a raised part in the middle of the roof. 

2.	Land on the southern, lower ledge of the roof overlooking your 
Cherry Popper Factory. Try to do this quickly, because the area 
around the Factory is crawling with heavily armed guards. Even so, 
there should be little difficulty landing on the hospital roof. 

3.	Get out and use your sniper rifle to take 3 guards on the roof 
by the other helicopter and the pink arrow. It's unnecessary to stand 
right on the edge to kill them, so do it from a distance. One of them 
may be right on the closest edge of the Factory roof, if you can't 
see him.

4.	When 3 have died, board your helicopter again and fly over onto 
the Factory roof to collect the package. Now board either of the 2 
helicopters and leave. Do not fly over the Factory on the way to the 
final destination, as you will be fired upon. Fly through the pink 
glow inside the airport complex to complete the mission. 

NOTE: You've now completed your employment with this character. Head 
to the 'P' symbol on your map. 



1.	When you've stepped into the pink glow, the game will provide 
you with a vehicle and a new weapon. Collecting the weapon is purely 
optional, but you may want to play around with it. Take the provided 
jeep and drive south to collect your tank, a much superior vehicle 
for this mission. 

2.	Now track down the 2 yellow dots, representing two moving vans. 
Simply drive into them both to destroy them and kill the inhabitants. 
When they've been thoroughly eliminated, park beside one of the 
weapons that fell out. Do not pick it up; instead collect the second 
weapon on foot. You may need to exchange an existing weapon to do 
this. When you have it, grab the gun beside your tank and get back 

3.	The reason to do it like that is now driving towards you - a 
gang of armed moped drivers. Once in the tank however, they will 
simply kill themselves by ramming into you. Head north to the next 
pair of yellow dots. 

4.	If you hurry you can destroy both vans before they split up. 
This saves you considerable hassle. When the vans have been 
destroyed, spend a moment or 2 ramming any nearby mopeds, then run 
out and grab both weapons to complete the mission. 

NOTE: You can keep the guns, so you may wish to save now in case you 
have them taken from you by death or the police. Also, Phil will call 
you shortly to arrange another mission. When he has, proceed to the 
'P' symbol.  


1.	After the cut scene, you will have a disguised time limit in 
which to drive to the hospital. Additionally you screen will 
incredibly blurry and the camera will wobble all the around the 

2.	You must use the provided jeep, but to make the journey 
simpler, press START and go to the 'display' options. Turn 'Trails' 
off and suddenly all blurriness will vanish. 

3.	Now it should be easy to get out onto the main road and head 
south to the pink glow.  

4.	When you arrive, you'll need to drive to another destination. 
Continue south down the main road and turn right at the first 
opportunity. Use your START map and there should be no problem 
covering this short extra journey. 

NOTE: You have now finished working for Phil. The 'P' symbol will 
remain on your map, and you may visit it to buy a range of exclusive 
weaponry if you want to. 

NOTE: When you're ready, go the white skull symbol on your map. You 
should take a fast car with you.    



1.	After watching the cut scene, hop into your fast car and drive 
east along the street opposite the building to your destination. Stop 
in the pink glow. 

2.	After the quick cut scene, speed up and ram into the escaping 
man. The instant he falls off, park on top of him until he dies. If 
he doesn't die, get out and blow up your car. Incidentally, you can 
take back your stolen money now, but make sure to grab the briefcase.  

3.	Now go and find a helicopter. The nearest location would be on 
top of your Hyman Condo, assuming one is there at all. Shortly you 
will receive a phone call that needs no answering. It will end with a 
new destination being put on the map. Whatever chopper you find, use 
it to fly to this destination. 

4.	Park in the street, steal any car, and stop in the pink glow. 
When your passenger is aboard, change vehicles and get into the 
helicopter. You should have no difficulty getting back to the final 
destination within 90 seconds. 

NOTE: You will receive a phone call when this mission ends, 
culminating in a new employer being added to your map in the form a 
playing card symbol. Go and work for this new employer now.  



1.	After watching the briefing cut scene, you must use a Harley 
Davidson style motorbike to complete the mission. To make life 
considerably easier, steal one of the motorbikes being ridden by the 
opposition. They have improved handling, and you eliminate one of 
your competitors.  
2.	This is not the hardest race to win, provided you start slowing 
down and preparing to turn some distance before the actual bends. The 
other drivers will usually crash on the same corners you (almost) do, 
so don't worry too much. 

3.	Try braking normally instead of using your handbrake, as 
handbrake turns slow the bike down too much. You can't particularly 
cheat on this mission, so simply practise till you come first having 
passed all 19 checkpoints. 

NOTE: Go and take your Hunter helicopter from the air base. 



1.	Park the Hunter a short distance from the bar. When you've 
watched the cut scene, get back into it as quickly as you can and 
head south down the main road. 

2.	Use your rockets and fire constantly as you fly. Try to destroy 
anything that moves, be it man or car. Pay extra attention to killing 
the police. You'll hear a tone sound when you've filled your 'chaos 
meter' somewhat, keep at it and the bar should fill up in no time at 

NOTE: Keep your helicopter. 



1.	After the cut scene, step into your helicopter and fly to the 
roof of the 'Ammu-Nation' shop, directly north of the yellow dot 
marked on your map. 

2.	You may spot gang members on the rooftop. Either shoot them as 
you come into land or quickly get out and blast them with your 
preferred weapon. 

3.	Move quickly north along the roof and down the stairs into a 
courtyard area. Stop at the foot of the stairs and shoot everyone you 
can lock on to. Move to the northern end of the courtyard, stopping 
to kill anyone you can see. If you blast them before they stop 
running, they won't even have a chance to shoot you.  

4.	Get on the bike drive quickly back to the steps you just walked 
down. You need to back up to the wall and go up them at high speed, 
otherwise you won't make it. There is no other way out of the 
courtyard. Head for the southern edge of the roof, not driving too 
quickly, and pull a small wheelie as you hit the small wall to get 
over to it, landing in the road below. 

5.	Drive south down the road in front of you. Any vans you see are 
probably gang vehicles. They're easy to avoid, so keep your distance 
from any approaching ones and you can easily outrun anybody behind. 
At the end of the road, take a hard left and stop in the pink glow to 
complete the mission. 

NOTE: You have completed all the work for this particular employer. 
If you don't have a machine gun with a couple of hundred rounds, buy 
2 MP5's from the nearby 'Ammu-Nation' shop before starting the next 
mission. Then save, and return to the white skull symbol. 



1.	You must use the provided vehicle for this mission. Drive down 
the road and stop in the pink glow. After the cut scene, follow the 
escaping car. It is going to take the first left, so get ready. 

2.	As it's going north up the road, stay on the left side of the 
road to avoid a truck that will pull out of a side street when you 
least expect it. 

3.	The target is going to head for Prawn Island. No matter how 
many times he spins around before then, he will always turn back 
around and go for Prawn Island, usually where he starts circling 
around and around the road.         

4.	At the top of the road you should have caught up enough to pull 
alongside him and start emptying your MP5 into the side of his car. 
Keep doing this till it explodes, hopefully giving him a flat tyre or 
2 along the way. 

5.	The target will bail out when his car catches alight. If he's 
not killed in the explosion, get a good run up and squish him before 
he has a chance to shoot you.  



1.	When the cut scenes have ended and you're back in control of 
your vehicle, start accelerating down the road. You should only drive 
quickly enough to keep the 'detonation meter' empty. 

2.	Simply tap X to drive at a nice steady speed. You can actually 
go quite slowly without raising the blue bar. Follow the road east at 
the end. You may need to accelerate hard after this bend to reduce 
the meter again. Get out onto the main road and turn south, going as 
leisurely as you can manage. 

3.	You need to stay alive for about 2 minutes. Going slowly, you 
have about 2 minutes worth of straight road in front of you now, so 
provided you don't hit anything you'll be okay. Keep your eyes out 
for traffic, and keep your speed low for an easy win. 

4.	When detonation meter has vanished you're free to drive quickly 
again, as long as you keep the car intact. Stop in the pink glow at 
your final destination to complete the mission.  

NOTE: You have now finished working for this employer. Proceed to the 
strange blue and black symbol on your map in Little Havana. 



1.	This mission is very similar to the 'Checkpoint Charlie' 
mission you completed for your boatyard. The only difference is that 
it's easier. 

2.	The time limit is not as strict, the boat is easier to steer, 
and the map shows you where the next checkpoint is going to be as 
well as the current one. Always use this to check if any sudden turns 
are going to be needed and spend a few extra seconds making sure you 
go off those ramps straight, as you don't have time to miss the 
midair checkpoints. 

NOTE: After completing this mission you will receive a phone call 
from a new employer. This will be represented on your map with a 
black doll symbol. Ignore it for now, and return to Umberto with all 
your guns, including the rocket launcher. Full health and body armour 
are very important.   



1.	Firstly find a car with room enough for 3 passengers. When you 
have it, stop in the pink glow. Your passengers will hop in, and a 
destination will pop up on the map. Go there now. 

2.	The game will give you a warning on the way, but ignore it, as 
it doesn't really affect you. Stop in the second pink glow. Stand at 
the end of the alley and fire a single rocket at the car. This should 
kill most of the enemies, but a few sniper rifle shots won't go 
amiss. You may need to move slightly into the alley to shoot 

3.	When they're all dead a cut scene will begin. When it ends, run 
back up the alley slightly and snipe the enemy with a pink arrow 
above his head on the roof. 

4.	Quickly equip your Python and move further forward, shooting 
anyone you can see. Another quick cut scene will take over when 
you've gone forward enough.  

5.	When it ends, unload your Python on anybody you can see. Kill 
at least the closest enemy gang members before climbing into the van 
and escaping. If you don't, they'll only pull you out again. 

6.	Charge back up the alley, running over anybody who stands in 
your way. When on the road you have the police to worry about, but 
the Pay 'N' Spray is a short journey away, so use it before returning 
to your final destination. Drive safely, because you need to keep the 
van intact.  

NOTE: Look out, as the Haitian gang now want to kill you on sight. 
They're not a big threat, (like certain gangs were in GTA3) but don't 
go asking for trouble. 



1.	You need to drive to a pink glow along the waterfront first. 
When you have a quick cut scene will take over, and when you're back 
in control whip out your rocket launcher. 

2.	You want to destroy both boats first, before firing a shell at 
the group of people standing on the jetty. You need to be very quick, 
so don't fire the first shot until you're absolutely ready. Aim at 
the 2 boats where the explosion can't harm you, but will still kill 
all 3 guards. Make sure you get that last rocket fired at the people 
on the jetty.        

3.	Afterwards, you'll be automatically put on the shore. Quickly 
press up against the wall here to avoid any stray bullets. Take out 
your Python and shoot the guard standing at the back of the house 
first, but only dive out when he's fired his weapon, then quickly 
take cover again. 

4.	There's another guard on the west side of the house you can get 
with your sniper rifle if you stand behind the palm tree. The last 
visible guard is on the roof, so snipe him from behind the tree too. 

5.	Now run onto the jetty that you shot at from the boat, and grab 
the briefcase. From here you can snipe another guard on the east side 
of the house. He shouldn't be able to see from this distance. The 
last guard is hiding by the back door of the house, where you shot 
the first guard a moment ago. Quickly run to the right and snipe him. 

6.	You're now free to run up to the house and get the other 
briefcase. Upon doing so, a cut scene will occur and you'll get a 4 
star Wanted Level. Quickly run around the east side of the house and 
climb into the jeep on the driveway.

7.	Now comes the hardest part of the mission. Drive out onto the 
road; take a right, and then a left. You want to get back into your 
mansion and retrieve your Sea Sparrow. The police will make the 
journey there a misery, but keep your calm and get inside the 

8.	The area around the Sea Sparrow should be free of cops on foot; 
but it's not, kill everyone before getting aboard your chopper. When 
you're in the air, the rest of the mission is easy. Simply fly to the 
final destination and land as closely as you can to it. Run into the 
glow to lose the Wanted Level. 

NOTE: You can no longer work for this employer, despite the pink glow 
outside the cafe. Instead head for the black doll symbol to the 



1.	Full health and body armour recommended. Head for the first 
destination. It's only accessible by going up a ramp onto the 
rooftop, and that ramp can only be accessed from the road on the 
northern side. 

2.	After the short cut scene, run off the roof and down onto the 
road. Sprint to the next destination. It's only a short run away; you 
can easily make it there in the time limit. Running also confuses the 
police, which is an added bonus. 

3.	When you have the second package, sprint north up the road and 
you should spot a police bribe in an alley at the end. Grab it and 
keep going north. You can still easily make it to the next package on 
foot, provided you sprint all the time. Keep to the alleys but always 
bear northeast, eventually coming out onto the road.  

4.	When you have it, turn around and go through the alley to your 
left, over the wooden ramps, and drop down. When you get out onto the 
road, the final destination is almost right beside you. You'll need 
to dodge the FBI vehicles, as they don't mind squishing you at the 



1.	Drive to the clearly marked 'Top Fun' van on the waterfront. 
Afterwards you will gain control of an RC controlled plane, which is 
controlled just like its full size brother. 

2.	Don't worry about flying out over the water until you have a 
good altitude and are fully in control of the plane. Then swing back 
around gently and head for the yellow marker. 

3.	You want to drop a bomb over the middle, quickest, boat. Come 
in gradually and swoop down gently. Drop a bomb half a second before 
you fly over it. Hopefully you'll score a direct hit. If you're very 
fortunate, the explosion will set the other 2 boats on fire too. 

4.	If not, they'll set sail. Don't rush your approaches; get some 
distance and approach in a straight line. Fly over any bridges. Drop 
your bombs (which are infinite) before you fly over to allow it time 
to drop. Be patient, and ignore any gunfire you see.     

5.	When the boats have gone, head back to Starfish Island, which 
an escaping car will shortly be leaving. Drop a bomb or 2 on any gang 
members still alive on the docks. Survivors will be marked on your 

6.	Follow the car and do what you did to the boats. If you 
accidentally land, take off again. The car is easier to destroy, and 
when it's dead you'll pass the mission. 



1.	When the mission begins you must walk to the rooftop 
overlooking the various gang members with pink arrows above their 
heads. Go east, down the nearest alley, grabbing the Adrenalin Pill 
pickup as you do. 

2.	Prepare your sniper rifle and stand in the pink glow. You now 
need to shoot any white skinned person down below. A single shot 
anywhere on the body should do. The instant you see a spray of blood, 
move onto the next target. Anyone with a pink arrow is a potential 

3.	Take care to avoid hitting the Cuban gang members. With the 
current slow motion effect you should have no problem aiming. When 
the game mentions that reinforcements have arrived, ignore the van 
that arrives and mop up any survivors on the grass first. 

4. 	Then turn your attention to the new arrivals. When they're 
almost dead, a second batch of reinforcements will arrive in single 
file from the road by your feet. Turn your attention to them 
immediately. Scan across the line and kill the solitary gang member 
carrying a sword. Get him before he even stops running. 

5.	Now simply stay where you are and complete the task. There will 
be no more reinforcements. 

NOTE: You have finished working for Auntie now. Return to see Umberto 
and start his final job, provided you have full health and body 



1.	Take any car and drive your colleague to the north, keeping an 
eye out for a dark red 50's style car driven by Cuban gang members. 
You've already stolen one for the Import/Export garage, and doing so 
again shouldn't be very hard. 

2.	With your new car, continue north and stop in the pink glow on 
the corner by the other gang cars. After the short cut scene, go 
south and park in the nearby alley with the pink glow. 

3.	Follow the other cars past the gates and stop in the next pink 
glow. Arm your Python and run inside the factory. Lock on to 
everybody inside here and kill them all. Ignore whatever you 
colleague does; he does not need to be kept alive. 

4.	When the factory is free of the gang members who originally 
stood in it (ignore anybody else who stumbles in), run to the back. 
Pay attention to where the 2 small pink glows are on the ground 
floor, but leave them alone and go up the stairs. 

5.	Stand in this pink glow. You now have 45 seconds to stand in 
other 2 pink glows downstairs and escape. When all the bombs have 
been planted, run out the factory towards the main gate which you 
will now see is firmly closed. 

6.	Turn right (south) at the main gate and find a narrow set of 
steps going up in-between the building to the west. Run across the 
rooftop, and when you've gone far enough south, a cut scene will take 
over and the mission will end. 

NOTE: You no longer work for Umberto. In fact, you can no longer work 
for anybody but the 'V' symbol on your map. The pink glow is inside 
your mansion, in a room to the right as you enter through the front 
doors. You should have completed 97% of the game now. The proceeding 
chain of missions will take that percentage all the way to the top... 



1.	2 colleagues will follow you at the start of the mission. Lead 
them to the parked 4-door car and speed off towards the yellow dot. 
When you arrive, park across the street and use your Python to very 
quickly lock onto the 2 highlighted guards before they can react. 

2.	When they're both dead, step into the pink glow. After the cut 
scene, take your car and colleagues north. If you see an even faster 
car, you might want to exchange yours for it. Park facing south in 
the main road and aim at the destination. Unleash a salvo of rockets 
at the highlighted location. Shoot high over the wall, and make sure 
to get that parked car. Don't stop firing until you're positive 
everyone is dead. 

3.	When everybody has died, 2 motorbikes will flee the scene. Jump 
into your car and give chase. You can leave your 2 colleagues behind, 
as they're not important. When you ram a bike, quickly spin around 
and crush the driver. The police and a single rogue security van will 
try to ram you, but they're nothing to fear. 



1.	Take the provided car and drive north through Vice City East, 
to roughly the location of the pizza restaurant. Ram any police cars 
you see here, stay still, and then run over the cop when he climbs 
out. If you see an officer walking along the road, murder him and 
that'll do fine. Your object is a 2 star Wanted Level. 

2.	Now drive to the destination on your map. Don't go flat out, as 
you want at least one cop car following you all the way there. Park a 
short distance away from the open garage on this road and sprint into 
the very back of it with Lance. Should a cop annoyingly park his car 
halfway in the garage, you'll need to steal his car and move it 
yourself so the doors can close.    

3.	The instant at least 2 police officers walk inside the garage 
with you and Lance, the game will take over. After the cut scene your 
Wanted Level will be removed. Now take any fast car with you and 
drive to the next destination. 

4.	You want to enter the mall through the most southeastern 
doorway. Just south of that entrance is a ramp leading down to a 
courtyard type area with a Police Bribe token in it. Park on the 
ramp, facing the Police Bribe. Walk in through the southeast doors.

5.	When you enter you'll see the pink glow inside the coffee shop. 
The instant you step into the pink glow, run back out through door 
you entered by. Get outside quickly. Ignore Lance and hope he follows 

6.	When outside you should be able to see your car. Get in it and 
the second Lance touches the door handle, speed forward to collect 
the Bribe. Keep going this way out onto the road where you should 
face south.

7.	Go along the grass beyond the bridge, as police cars will shoot 
out from the left hand streets. Follow the road to as it bends 
sharply east. Brake heavily on all corners, as following cop cars 
will overshoot you. Take the next right, and the Pay 'N' Spray is now 
in sight. Get in there to practically complete the mission, for only 
a peaceful drive to your mansion is left to do.   

NOTE: The outfit you used in this mission is now available inside the 
southern police station in Vice City East. Walk into the police 
station and inspect the small locker room on your east to find it. 

NOTE: You can use the police uniform to enter the air base and 
collect the Hunter (or simply explore) without any fear of being 
shot. Provided you don't upset them, the soldiers will ignore you.  

NOTE: You will receive a phone call. At the end the 'S' symbol, 
representing your Printworks, will be visible on your small map. Go 
there now in your Sea Sparrow.    



1.	Immediately get into your Sea Sparrow and hunt down the first 
motorbike. A few seconds of sustained firing should see it destroyed. 
The bikes do drive extremely quickly, so there's little point coming 
at them face on, as they'll be past you before you can even aim 

2.	They can actually drive as fast as your helicopter, but they 
don't have the advantage of cutting corners like you do. If you see a 
message reporting that one of your businesses is being taxed, then 
simply ignore it. It doesn't matter, and you'll easily kill all the 
enemies before they've taxed the lot. 

3.	There are only 3 bikes to destroy, so you can afford to be a 
little patient. Just hold down R1 and fire constantly as you approach 
the target. Sooner or later they're bound to get out onto a wider 
road and you can finish them off more easily. 

NOTE: You have now finished 99% of the game! Only one mission and 1 
percentage remains. Soon you'll get a phone call, and when it ends go 
to your mansion, save the game, and step into the pink glow on the 



1.	You will need all your guns, including the rocket launcher. 
Make sure you also have full armour and health and save your game in 
the office for convenience.

2.	Arm your Python, move out the office and stand near the top of 
the big staircase. Quickly get in a position that allows you to see 
the front door, the right side door on the ground floor, and the one 
directly above it on the landing, all at the same time.  

3.	Soon enough a stream of enemies will walk in through those 3 
doors. Stand on the spot and look at the doors carefully - keeping 
watch for the next intruder. The instant you see someone walk 
through, lock on and fire. If you are speedy enough locking on it is 
quite possible to complete this section without taking any damage. 

4.	After you have killed approximately 15 enemies a message might 
tell you to check the safe. If it does, just back up a bit towards 
your office and the next cut scene will commence. The very moment 
this scene has ended, sprint to the short steps on the right to avoid 
the gunfire from the "Traitor". Sprint right up to him and he will 
dart out of the side door.

5.	Ignore any other enemies and chase after him. Overtake him if 
you want to. It is impossible to hurt him now, so simply sprint up to 
the roof as quickly as you can. You may lose your armour during this 
journey, but this isn't a problem. 

6.	As the game is loading the rooftop, prepare to run out, keeping 
to the left, and up onto the helipad. Make sure you go left when out 
on the helipad, as this will avoid the red barrels that have a habit 
of exploding in the crossfire. 

7.	If you can make it to the helipad, even with a tiny bit of 
health left, then you safe for a while. The hardest section is now 
over. The enemies, including the Traitor, will not follow you. 
Collect the health token from the back if you need it but stay on the 

8.	Arm your rocket launcher and fire a few shots at the ground by 
the railing closest the guards. The explosions should take care of 
anyone below. You can also use your sniper rifle to pop any heads. 
You'll know the Traitor is dead when he stops firing that distinctive 
sounding weapon. If you are unsure walk down and pop your head out to 
peek. If he is, come back and try again or just run out and blast him 
with the Python (health permitting). 

9.	As you may have noticed, you are slowly losing money. However 
you should be so rich by now the loss is meaningless. When everyone 
is dead on the roof, heal if necessary, and get onto the slanted, 
tiled section of the roof. Walk around to the eastern edge and drop 
down. You should land near the spot where all your weapons 
regenerate. Avoid going by the front doors of the mansion, as you 
will be attacked. 

10.	Pick up your guns and, most importantly, your body armour. Now 
walk onto the driveway and use the rocket launcher to destroy the 3 
limousines parked outside the front from a safe distance. Run over, 
pick off any guards with the Python, and walk inside. 

11.	Run back up to your office and another cut scene will start. As 
soon as it ends, sprint down the stairs and out the front door again. 
Ignore absolutely everyone. You will lose plenty of armour as you 
flee. The moment you're outside, go back over to where your guns 

12.	Once safely there it's time to heal up. If you have over 100 
points of body amour, you're probably okay. Otherwise, new armour 
probably won't have regenerated yet, so steal a passing car and take 
a little drive. Go across the bridge and upon your return new armour 
should be ready and waiting. When you feel ready, return to the front 
doors of the mansion. 

13.	From the front steps take out the guards and most importantly 
your "old friend". This particular person can take at least 5 Python 
blasts so keep shooting him until either he dies, or until your 
health drops below 100. If it does then repeat step 12 until you're 
happy and healthy once more. Don't take any risks here. Return to 
finish him off and the moment he dies - you win it all.  

*	That's it. You have are the master of Vice City! When the 
credits roll, the coveted 100% mark is yours! Well done. 

NOTE: Because you have now completed the game 100%, you have several 
new rewards, including: Improved health and body armour, a new outfit 
in your mansion's office, every vehicle you drive is now twice as 
durable, and you cannot run out of ammunition. 

NOTE: To make life even easier, the Hunter is now occasionally 
available from the helipad south of your southernmost save point in 
Vice City East. 

NOTE: You have also unlocked 3 bodyguards who will follow you around 
and give assistance during battles. To find them, walk down the main 
staircase in the lobby of your mansion and inspect the small lounge 
on the western side. They should be sitting down in here. If not, go 
away and come back until they are. Stand in the small pink glow 
beside each bodyguard to make them follow you - for a small price. 
The bodyguards will occasionally shoot at any target you lock on to 
and fire at.    



That's it. Congratulations, pal - you earned it. 


1) "Will cheating affect my 100% score?" 

Using any kind of cheat code MAY mess-up the game and accidentally 
cause a glitch that stops you from getting 100%. If you're lucky, it 
won't affect the game, but it's a definite gamble. Some players have 
used cheats and completed the game 100%; others got stuck on 98 or 
99% because of it. I strongly advise you to practise safe gaming, and 
avoid cheating. There is nothing more frustrating then getting stuck 
so close to the glory.   

NOTE: You may use cheat codes after you've completed the game even 
and during it - provided you don't save the game with a cheat code 
still activated. 

2) "Help! I only have 98% any I've done everything, etc..."  

There are literally only 2 explanations for this: 
a)	You used cheat codes and you're paying the price, or... 
b) 	You missed something. See the 100% Checklist (below). These 
honestly the only 2 explanations. 80% of emails I receive 
regarding the game are on this subject! Please double check the 
list carefully before contacting me. 

3) Do you need to do wheelies, stoppies, etc, to complete the game 

No. They're not on the 100% checklist below, so you don't need to do 
them. They are, just like the beach ball mini-game - purely for fun.  

4) How can I tell if I've completed a certain Unique Jump yet or not? 

It's almost impossible to tell definitely, as even Unique Jumps 
you've completed perfectly will trigger slow motion if you attempt 
them again. You obviously can't get the large green 'Unique Stunt 
Bonus' message or cash reward a second time, but that might just be 
because you performed the jump incorrectly. 

Unfortunately the only solution is to try to complete the jump 
several times, and if you're sure you've done it correctly, move on. 
Always ignore that small white 'Insane Stunt Bonus' message. This has 
no bearing on the actual game.        

5) Did you know you can get in the Air Base easily by wearing a Cop's 

Yes. Thanks to all the people who've emailed me to tell me about 
this, but because this FAQ is meant to be read in sequence, you won't 
get the uniform until quite late in the game if using my FAQ - and 
when you do, I tell people to use it.  

6) Is there a Horse & Chariot vehicle in the game? 

No. This is just an Internet hoax. Please don't waste your time 
looking for one. 

7) What does the 'Fishes Fed' statistic mean? 

This simply counts how many times you've died by drowning. There is 
honestly no fishing sub-game! 

8) Will using a Game Shark (or any cheat CD) stop me from getting 

I don't know unfortunately. I don't use them. Try asking on the 
www.gamefaqs.com message boards. 


Technically this checklist should be unnecessary if you've followed 
the FAQ through from the very beginning - as it's supposed to be 
read. Use this guide properly, and you're guaranteed to get 100% at 
the end. 

But for all the latecomers who only started using the FAQ half way or 
more through, here is a list of everything you should do to get the 
hallowed 100% score. You can find advice on how to complete all the 
following in the main text of the FAQ.  

NOTE: The two most commonly overlooked things in the game you must do 
are (a) winning the Hot Ring race in first place, and (b) completing 
the Rifle Range mini-game. Check these first. 

NOTE: The "Rifle Range Mini-Game" is not part of "The Shootist" 
mission. Although it takes place in the same building, it is a 
completely different event, and must be completed separately. 

*	Complete every mission: 
a)	Ken - 4/4 missions completed.
b)	Cortez - 4/4 missions completed. 
c)	Diaz - 4/4 missions completed. 
d)	Vercetti - 5/5 missions completed.
e)	Kent - 1/1 missions completed.  
f)	Phil - 2/2 missions completed. 
g)	Love Fist - 3/3 missions completed. 
h)	Mitch - 3/3 missions completed. 
i)	Auntie - 3/3 missions completed. 
j)	Umberto - 4/4 missions completed. 
k)	Avery - 3/3 missions completed. 
l)	Phone (Assassination) - 5/5 missions completed.  

*	Find 100/100 Hidden Packages. 

*	Purchase all 7 normal properties. 

*	Purchase all 8 'special' properties and complete the following:  
a)	Malibu Club - 4/4 missions completed.
b)	Sunshine Auto's - 4/4 Import-Export Garage lists completed, 6/6         
Street Races won.  
c)	Printworks - 2/2 missions completed. 
d)	Kaufman Cabs - 3/3 missions completed. 
e)	Film Studio - 3/3 missions completed. 
f)	Boatyard - 1/1 mission completed. 
g)	Cherry Popper Factory - 1/1 mission completed. 
h)	Pole Position Club - 1/1 mission completed.    

*	Complete all 3 Stadium missions: 
a)	Hot Ring - must win race in first place. 
b)	Dirt Ring. 
c)	Blood Ring. 

*	Complete the following 'Fun Toys'/RC missions: 
a)	'RC Bandit'.  
b)	'RC Baron'. 
c)	'RC Raider'. 

*	Complete the following side missions: 
a)	'Cone Crazy'.
b)	'PCJ Playground'.

*	Complete all 4 helicopter checkpoint missions.

*	Complete both Dirt Track missions:
a)	Trial by Dirt. 
b)	Test Track.  

*	Knock off 15/15 specific stores.
*	Score 45 points or more in the Rifle Range bonus mini-game.

*	Drop off 100 or more people as a taxi driver.

*	Get to and complete Vigilante mission level 12.

*	Get to and complete Fire Fighter mission level 12.

*	Get to and complete Paramedic mission level 12.

*	Get to and complete Pizza Boy mission 10. 

*	Pass 35/35 Rampages. 

*	Complete 36/36 Unique Jumps. 

There are NO glitches/bugs that stop you getting 100%. If you're 
stuck on 99% - it's because you missed something in this list, no 
matter how hard that might be to believe! 


Scott MacDowall 

ASSISTANCE (In alphabetical order):
Bobby Ticknor, 
Chris Hocking, 
Dan Schlicht, 
Darren Weir,
Derek Franz, 
John Gilbert, 
John Holden,
Johnny Junk, 
John Scheurmier,
Kurt Walzer, 
Mark Blaney,
Matthew Joseff,

Rockstar & Rockstar North,

... And you for reading this thing in the first place :-).       

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