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    Secrets FAQ by THAguyINgta3

    Version: Final | Updated: 02/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    Platform: PlayStation2
    Author of this FAQ: THAguyINgta3
    Email Address: check Contact Information section to get my contact 
    Version: Final
    This FAQ is for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You may not post this guide 
    anywhere unless I give you permission and you may not distribute this 
    information as your own no matter what. You may print it out though but you 
    cannot sell it. I am no longer accepting contributions for 
    anything. If you are going to email me, read the contact info section first 
    before you do so I won't delete your email.
    I have just started doing this guide again. I am now using a different word
    processor to do it. The word processor I am currently using is very confusing
    so I am having to manually press enter each time I make a new line. Because of
    this, everything that is new in the guide as of 01-28-03 will look weird
    compared to everything else in terms of length of characters per line. I hope
    this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience for you when viewing the 
    guide. Anyways, enjoy.
                          ::,,,,,,i                                             ,
                        .i:,,,,,..i,                                         .:i:
                        i,,,,,,..,;                                        ,i:,,,
                      ,i,,,,,,..,r                                       :i:,,,,,
                     ::,,,,,...i;                                     .ii,,,,,,,,
                   .i:,,,,,..,;:                                    ,i:,,,,,,,,,,
                  ::,,,,,,..:r                                    :i:,,,,,,,,,,..
                 i:,,,,,...ii                  ,,.             .ii,,,,,,,,,,,...:
               ,:,,,,,,,.,i                 :ii:::ii          i:,,,,,,,,,,,...ir.
              ::,,,,,,,,.,.,iiii.        ,i::,,,,,,,i               ,,,,,...ir,  
             i:,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,i,    .ii:,,,,,,,,,.i.   .i         ,,,...:r:   .
           .i,,,,,,,,,,                                     MMMMMMM ,,..,;i   :i:
           :,,,,,,,,,,  .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMSMMMM   MM ...ii   ::,,,
          i,,,,,,,,,,, 2MW      M;     .MM      MM   8. MMS      MM .:;  .i:,,,,,
          i..,,,,...., WM       M       7X       M       M   ,   MM i. .:,,,,,,,,
          ;,......,,., BM   M   Mi  MX  BMMMMB   M   M   M   M   MM  .,,,,,,,,,,,
           r7;i;;i,.., BM   M   Mi      MM       M   M   M   M   MM .,,,,,,,.....
                 ...,, BM   M   Mi  MZ  MM  WM   M   M   M   M   MM ,,,,,....,,,.
               :,,,,,, BM       M   W,  MM       M   M   M       MM ,,,....::,...
             ::,,,,,,, BMMMMM.  MMMMM   XM0MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM      .:,...,,
           .i,,,,,,,,, BM       MMMMM,     MMMMZMMMMMMMZMMMMMMMMMMMMMZX7Z  ..,,,,
          ,i,,,,,,,,,, MMMMMMMMM   MMMMM      ;M:     XM       M   aMMMMM  ,,,,,,
          i,,,,,,,,,,,       MM        M       M   ,   M   X7; S       ,M  ,,,,,,
         .i.,,,,,,,,,,.      MMM   MMMBM   M   M   M   M       M   MMMZMM  ,,,,,,
          :.,,,,,,....,,,,,,  MM   M   M   M   M       M   r,, M   M   ZM  ,,,,,,
       ,i:,.,,,........,,,,,. MM   M   M   M   M   MMW2M   MMBMM   M,  WM  ,,,,,,
     ii:,,,.....,ir;i:.,,,,.  MM       M   M   M       M   M8  M       8M  ,,,,,,
    ,....,i7r:     i:,,,,,. MM.  .,,@M   M   MS  iMMMMM. .   aM  X2222r   .,...,,
    ,r;;rr.       ,:....... MB       M   M   M        M       MW        .,,,.,,,.
      .           .r,...,.. MMWMMM   M   M   MB  .MWBMM   M   MM .,,,,,,,,,,.....
                   .;;;:... MM       M   M   MM   M   M   M B iM  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
                      ...,. MM  :M   M   M   MM   M   M   M 8 aMa      ..,,,,,,,,
                   ,i:,,,,. MM       M       Ma       M    B     Sr2ar.  ,,,,,,,,
                 ,i:,,,,,,. @MMMB.;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM;;.   7r ,M   MX ,,,,,,,,
               .i:,,,,,,,,.    0  WMS:,;7XSr   .rSW    8;Si  ;MM S r  M8 ,,,,,,,,
              ,:,,,,,,,,,,,.  2  @M7    :   7;   i  MMr XX B S 7   M  M2 ,,,,,,,,
             .i,,,,,,,..  .  B  WMa 7 ZW .: MM  Z ;M.     i2   0 aMW  M.        .
             ,:.,,,,,, .7.  8  @  r   Z  . 0  aZr    ZM  .MM7MMM0MM2 8Mr7SSS2a2; 
             .;....,,, W rMZ  0Z B. MM0  aX  aMM.8WMMMW MMM  0S                 Z
              :ri,.,,, a. M  2M  B         XMM2   MMX           :0M. MMMMMMMMMM  
                ...,,,  W . .M0  Mr.;MMMMMMM@  ;;       ;MMMMMMMMMM  MM        0M
               :,,,,,,. M  ,MM ZMM72MM2          i@MMMMMMMS       B  MM .,,,,.  i
               ;,....,.  aMMM              aMMMMMMMS          .,. M  Mr ,,,,,,.  
               ,7ri,....       X:    SMMMMMM0.        .,,,,,,,,, ,B ,M  ,,,,,,,,,
                   i,...ir: .,  8MMMMM0         .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Si 2M  ,,,,,,,,,
                   .r77r:   ,:.          .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..W  MM .,,,,,,,,,
                            .,...  ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. W :MW ,,,,,,,,,,
                          :i:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.  WMM  ,,,,,,,,,,
                        :i:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.     .,,,,,,,,,,
                :i:,,,,,,,,,,...iri i,......,,......,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
              ,i,,,,,,,,,,....i7:    ;XX;;,....,ir7;i..,,,,,,,,......,,,,,,,,,,,,
            .i:,,,,,,,,,...,;r,           r7rrr;:   :,.,,,,,,...i;i,.,,,,,,,,,,,,
           ,i,,,,,,,,,...,;r.                       .:.,,,....:r  .:.,,,,,,,.....
           i,,,,,,,,...,r;                         ,:,.,....:;   :,..,,,,,....:i,
           i,........i7;                        .:i:,,...,;r. .::,,,,,,....irr:,;
           ,r:...,irr,                        ,i:,,,...:r;   :,,,,,,....irr:     
             i777r,                         :i:,,....iri    i:.......,rr:        
                                          ii:,,...,;r.      .7;:...i7i           
                                         ::,....:r;           .irXr,             
    Table Of Contents
    1. Secrets
    2. Rare Cars
    3. Easter Eggs
    4. Things Not To Do
    5. Programmers Cheats
    6. Fun Things To Do
    7. Challenges
    8. Glitches
    9. Good Killing Spree Spots
    10. Single Made Up Missions
    11. Series Of Made Up Missions
    12. Frequently Asked Questions
    13. GameShark Codes
    14. Code Breaker Codes
    15. Contact Information
    16. Version History
    17. Legal Information
    18. Shameless Self Promotion
    The Secrets section may contain spoilers. I urge you to read titles before 
    sections (sounds stupid right? Well some people do it). 
    --Get into Hyman Memorial Stadium
    This is not a secret but merely a tip. The stadium opens at 20:00 game time 
    or 8 p.m.
    --Easy Black Cars
    To easily get a black car, just put in the Black Cars cheat. This will turn 
    every car on the streets black. Now, get your car of choice and put it in a 
    garage and save your game. The car that you saved will now be black and it 
    will stay that color. All of the cars on the streets will be back to normal. 
    --Easy Pink Cars
    To easily get a pink car, just put in the Pink Cars cheat. This will turn 
    every car on the streets pink. Now, get your car of choice and put it in a 
    garage and save your game. The car that you saved will now be pink and it 
    will stay that color. All of the cars on the streets will be back to normal.
    --Rewards for 100% Completion
    The rewards for 100% are infinite ammo, 3 henchmen you can hire and they 
    follow you around, a costume called "Frankie", double health for cars, and a 
    max of 200 armor and health. For the requirements, check the How To Get 100% 
    --Heal Vehicle
    The trick from GTA3 is also in GTA Vice City. For those of you who have no 
    clue what I am talking about, to heal your vehicle, just put in the health 
    cheat while inside a vehicle.
    --Get Past Airport Metal Detectors
    To do this, first get a car and bring it to the Escobar International 
    Airport. Now, park the car where the hood is facing the entrance to the 
    airport. Now, run around to the back end of the car and jump on and then walk 
    up to onto the hood. Now, jump from there over the metal detector and you are 
    in with all of your weapons. Now, you can cause havoc with any weapon you 
    please inside the airport. 
    --Hooker Trick
    This trick lets you have "relations" with those working girls. Just go up to 
    one in an expensive car such as the Cheetah, Infernus, or Banshee and they 
    should get in after they talk to you. Now, take them somewhere where there 
    are no people around like the beach and stop the car and wait for a second. 
    Now, just sit back and watch the car shake and the health rise. 
    --Helicopter With Wheels
    If you put a helicopter in the Pay N Spray, it will come out with wheels. 
    --Quick Cash
    To get some quick cash, go get a gun with auto targeting. I suggest getting a 
    Tec9, Uzi, Ingram Mac 10, or MP5 for this part since you can run with those 
    weapons. Now that you have it, go to North Point Mall. When you get there, go 
    to the Tool Shop. Once there, rob it. Then when you have your wanted level, 
    run to The Gash and change costumes. Then, rob The Gash and run to the tool 
    shop and change clothes. Now, just repeat the process and the money will rack 
    --Any Car You Want In Either Black Or Pink
    Put in the Black Traffic code. Not only does traffic go black, every car does 
    (except the Taxi). Even Police Cars are black. Once you do that and find the 
    car/bike you want black. Go put it in your garage. Then let the door close. 
    Put the code in again to disable it. And you have yourself a black or pink 
    car/bike/police car.
    --Store Weapons
    To store your weapons, simply walk through the metal detectors at either the 
    Escobar International Airport or Leaf Links Golf Course. Your weapons will 
    stay there until reset, turn off, or load another game. I am not sure if they 
    will stay there if you save or not. 
    --Underground Building
    Anyway, I was flying under the first island, in the northern part. I was 
    directly underneath a hotel. The one I mean is the curved one, with the pool 
    in the back with the sign that says, "Please don't pee in our pool". Anyway, 
    directly under this hotel is a huge blue block, the same size as the hotel 
    above it. I flew around to the other side, and on the front was the design of 
    the hotel above, windows, balcony's etc, except under the city! Its like the 
    hotel is mirror-imaged under the water. Anyway, it's not really important, 
    but cool when you're flying along and suddenly a huge blue block appears in 
    front of you. Also, can anyone confirm what its there for? It seems to have 
    no purpose. And why is this building reflected but no other? To find it, use 
    the Fly Under The Water glitch that is posted in the Glitches section. Thanks 
    to Justified. 
    --Go Faster On Motorcycle
    Once you have gone top speed on a motorcycle, if you stand up you will keep 
    accelerating to a higher top speed. To stand up, press up on the Analog Stick 
    or D-Pad. 
    --Faster Reload
    To get faster reload abilities, complete the shooting course at the Downtown 
    Ammunation with a score of 45 or higher. 
    --Garage Trick
    This trick lets you put more garages than the designated amount. All you have 
    to do is drive a car halfway in to where the door won't close. Now all you 
    have to do is drive as many vehicles as you want in until it is packed. This 
    will cause the garage to eat your cars sometimes so use at own risk. 
    --Infinite Run Without Paramedic Missions
    To run and not have to stop, just keep tapping X while holding the analog 
    stick. You might have to stop eventually but it will be a while.
    --Free Pay N Spray
    To do this, just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray 
    and it will spray it for free. Thanks to Journeyman. 
    --Now That's A Stripper
    After you buy Pole Position, go and do the mission for it. After you do,
    go all the way down the hall and go in the room on the right. When you 
    enter, there will be a cut scene and it will show a different stripper
    dancing for Tommy. It looks just like the topless girl the works the 
    bar at the Malibu Club. The girl dancing has a cowboy hat, silver thong,
    and silver stars to cover her nipples. Could these 2 girls be the elusive
    twins that are depicted on the cover of the game, so many advertisements, 
    and the map? Maybe. By the way, this girl actually dances on a pole. 
    She is much better than the other girl.
    --Burning Rubber
    To make a major peel out, stop your car completely. Now, just hold down 
    Square and X at the same time to start peeling out. To do a doughnut, just 
    hold the buttons down and hold either Left or Right. 
    --Taking The Taxi
    When you die or get busted during a mission, there will be a taxi outside the 
    hospital or police station with an arrow over it. If you choose to get in it, 
    you will lose $9 and you will go back to the mission you failed. 
    --Coppers Can't Get Me Now
    If you are in a Coach, the cops cannot arrest you. They will simply make you 
    lose control of the Coach but you will not get arrested. To gain control 
    again, just get out of the Coach and get back in. Thanks to Rabid.
    --Different Model Cheetah's
    There is more than 1 model of Cheetahs. Some don't have mirrors by the back 
    and some don't have side mirrors. Thanks to Rabid. 
    --Make Decent Money Fast
    This is a really good way to make a quick $1,000. As it turns out, parking is 
    ridiculously expensive in Vice City. On a North and South running street in 
    Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo), there is a street 
    covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street, I am not sure). If you 
    run into them (or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat), you 
    knock about $2-400 out of them. The only problem is if you hit them too fast, 
    you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. 
    Explosions are usually imminent. I don't think that this willful destruction 
    of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just 
    able to get decent cash with minimal effort. Thanks to C Antiself on the find 
    and thanks to Myke for letting me post this off of his FAQ. 
    --No More Wanted Level
    To automatically have no more wanted level, just save your game. Now, load it 
    again and no more wanted level. Thanks to bloodhoundgang10. 
    --Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Any Car
    To do this, just put in the Cars Float On Water cheat and drive there. It's 
    as easy as that. Thanks to Semper Fi. 
    --Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Boats
    To do this, go to the bridge that leads to Prawn Island from Washington. Once 
    you see a boat pass underneath it, try to aim well and jump on it. The driver 
    should get spooked and jump in the water and you can pilot the boat to Little 
    Havana. Thanks to stuntwill. Another way is to get 3-stars and then go to 
    Starfish Island. Now, go to the side of the island opposite of Diaz's 
    mansion. A police boat should come so just jump aboard, kill him, and go to 
    Little Havana. Thanks to gundamnhalo. 
    --Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Motorcycle
    All you have to do is get a PCJ-600 and ram it into the barrier going really 
    fast and voila, you are over the barrier and are free to roam around in 
    Little Havana. 
    --Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Taxi
    All you need is to drop off 100 passengers in the taxi and gain the ability 
    to jump your cab. Next, go to the docks where Cortez gave missions and as you 
    approach the gates to the actual docks, angle it to about 45 degrees and jump 
    behind the gates. If you do it right, the car will end up in the water about 
    90% of the time. To solve this, just bail out of the car while it's in the 
    air. Viola! You now have access to a boat and the rest of the map! Thanks to 
    --Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Ambulance
    To do this, steal an Ambulance and drive it to the dock where Cortez gives 
    missions. Now, park the back of the Ambulance right on the gate. Then, jump 
    on the front of it and jump on top and then jump over the gate. Now, steal a 
    boat and drive to Little Havana. Thanks to Zack Hall.
    --Get Helicopter To Save On Helipad
    When this was tested, Spear was using either a Hunter or Sparrow, but that's 
    not saying that you can't do it with others helicopters, but these are the 
    ones tested, and the helipad that it was stored onto was the one on top the 
    Hyman Condo. It's a pretty simple trick really. First get the helicopter you 
    want to store. Approach the helipad. In this case the one on Hyman Condo. 
    Note that this hasn't been tested with any other helipad. Approach the 
    helipad from the right so that you are coming from top-right of helipad, ram 
    the Maverick off the helipad, so that it completely falls off the roof, so 
    yes you need to ram it hard. Before it blows up quickly land you helicopter 
    preferable pretty much spot on the H and get out, the game now, for some 
    reason "thinks" that the helicopter is the Maverick you knocked off and 
    stores it. Your helicopter should stay there and never disappear if done 
    right. Many different approaches have been tested and slightly changing the 
    procedure, but this is the only way that seems to work. Thanks to Spear. 
    --Get Into Leaf Links Without Passing Through Metal Detector
    To do this, just get a boat somewhere and drive to the golf course. Thanks to 
    Manta Ray.  
    --Park A Helicopter In A Garage
    To do this, you must have a big garage like one from Sunshine Autos, the 
    Vercetti Estate, or Hyman Condo. First, land your helicopter in front of an 
    empty garage and park it there. Then, step in front of your garage so it will 
    open. Now, just run into the helicopter until it goes in. You can now save 
    your game and the helicopter of your choice will be there when it loads up 
    again. Thanks to rmullen87.
    --Helicopters On Water
    If you do the cars hover on water cheat, you can have your heli land in the 
    water. Thanks to Muskaman. 
    --More Armor
    If you enter a Enforcer, you will get Body Armor.
    --More Health
    To get more health, just enter an Ambulance and you will get more. 
    --More Shotgun Ammo
    To get a Chrome Shotgun and ammo, just enter a police car. 
    --More Money
    If you enter a taxi, you will automatically get money. Thanks to 
    --Secret With Taxi
    When doing a taxi mission (not for Kaufman Cabs), if you drop someone off 
    right when the timer is at 0:00, the timer turns off and you can take as long 
    as you want to drop people off at their destinations. You can do as many 
    missions as you want. It's an easy way to make a lot of money if you have the 
    time and patience to do it. Thanks to Levi for the find and Myke for letting 
    me use this off of his FAQ.
    --Moon Trick
    If you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle, it will get bigger and smaller 
    just like it did in GTA3.
    --Easy Guns And Money
    To do this, just go by the North Point Mall. Sooner or later, the PIGs and 
    the gang members will start capping each other. Just pick up any guns off of 
    dead bodies and money. Thanks to Killazilla3.
    --Will This Wheelie Ever Stop
    To do this, just hold back the Left Analog Stick while driving a bike and you 
    will do a wheelie. The best bike to do a wheelie on is the Sanchez. If you do 
    it with the Sanchez you might never have to stop. All you have to do is hold 
    down X and bring the wheelie up. After it is up all the way, let go of X but 
    keep the Left Analog held back. The best places to do wheelies are the bridge 
    from Little Havana to Ocean Beach, Escobar International Airport runways, 
    bridge from Little Havana to Leaf Links, main road on Starfish Island, and 
    the main road in Little Havana. 
    --Will This Stoppie Ever Stop
    To do a stoppie, just go fast on a bike and hold the Left Analog Stick 
    forward and press Square. This will cause you to do a stoppie. The best bike 
    to do it on is actually the Faggio and Pizza Boy. After you get the stoppie 
    in the air, just press the gas again while holding up and you will keep going 
    because the Faggio and Pizza Boy are the only front wheel drive bikes. Just 
    be careful when turning. 
    --Higher Accuracy
    To higher your accuracy, get a machine gun with lots and lots of ammo. This 
    works best when you have infinite ammo from either a cheating device or 
    getting 100 percent. You can either get a tank and keep shooting it and it 
    will higher your accuracy over time or you can shoot a blown up car carcass. 
    If you want to do this without actually having to play, just tape down the 
    shoot button and go to sleep. When you wake up, you have a lot better 
    accuracy. Try to do this with the M4 and in 3rd person view and not first. 
    Thanks to Epochfx. 
    --Save Your Game After Passing Any Mission
    This is merely a tip, but I suggest for you to always save your game after 
    every mission and if you die reload your save again because you will get to 
    keep all your guns and stuff. 
    --Bikes Go Faster
    To do this, just tap the D-Pad up while riding a motorcycle. It should go 
    faster. Thanks to Killazilla3. 
    --Look At All The Sea Animals
    I forgot who first made this strategy, but if you go waist high in the water 
    along the coasts of the islands, you can crouch down in it and not drown. To 
    use this, use your sniper rifle and zoom in and you can see all kinds of 
    animals like sharks, turtles, jellyfish, and regular fish. 
    Rare Cars
    This section is for rare cars. If you know of any that I don't have listed, 
    email me the strategy to get it and the car and I will give you credit. 
    The Hunter is a helicopter and is otherwise known as the Ultimate Secret 
    Vehicle. You can get this easily without doing hidden packages by going to 
    Fort Baxter Air Base near Escobar International Airport in Little Havana 
    wearing a police uniform. Go in and they army won't shoot at you. It will be 
    parked somewhere in there only if you have all story missions done. If you 
    don't it will not spawn there. The controls are just like other helicopters 
    except you can do R3 missions called "Brown Thunder" and you can shoot a 
    minigun and missiles with it. To shoot missiles, press Circle. To shoot the 
    guns, press R1. If you have all 100 hidden packages, the Hunter will spawn at 
    a helipad next to a mansion in Ocean Beach. The mansion is on the very south 
    tip of the east island. It is kind of by where the Colonel gave you missions. 
    --Bulletproof Admiral
    The Admiral in the "Guardian Angels" mission is bulletproof and more but I'm 
    not sure what else. Just steal the car and drive away but it will result in 
    you failing the mission or you could just finish the mission and get it after 
    mission complete. 
    --Silver PCJ600
    There is a real silver PCJ600 in the "Autocide" mission. To get it, start the 
    mission and go to the black dot on the radar. You should see it just waiting 
    for you to take it. I advise you to be driving it until the time runs out on 
    the mission so it will not disappear. Then after you fail it, just take it 
    back to your garage. 
    --Bullet Proof And Fire Proof Sabre Turbo
    Credits to Techno and thanks to Myke for letting me use this off of his FAQ. 
    In "The Driver" if you wait at the Malibu club until the race ends you will 
    see the Sabre crash into the wall with no driver in it. Push it into one of 
    your garages and you have a Bullet Proof AND Fire Proof Sabre Turbo. This is 
    a great car to use on most missions like Death Row and the likes of that. 
    This and the Bullet Proof Admiral are the key rare cars you need because they 
    help the most. 
    Note: when you have pushed it to your garage get out of the car and push it 
    the rest of the way or else the door will close and the car 
    will disappear. 
    An alternate way to get this is to turn around and go to the north Pay N 
    Spray to get rid of the cops. Then, wait by the bridge near the pizza place. 
    Take out a sniper rifle and when Hilary drives over the bridge, snipe him in 
    the head and this will cause him to fall out of the car while leaving the 
    door open. Then just take it to a garage and save. Thanks to moosiej for the 
    strategy to steal it and thanks to BMHero for informing me that it is also 
    fire proof. 
    Another alternate strategy was sent in by YakuzaStinger. When the race 
    begins, immediately go the opposite way the Sabre Turbo is going. 
    Now, before you do any of this, you must have a sniper rifle with 
    you, preferably laser scope. Now, drive your Sentinel to the first 
    left (next to the pizza place) after you pass the back of the Malibu 
    Club.Now stop right next to the pizza place on the left turn after 
    the Malibu, and make sure you block the turn with your car. Now wait 
    until the Sabre Turbo comes, which is usually before the 2 minutes 
    mark by a few seconds. Now if you still dont know where the first 
    left turn after you pass the back of the malibu is, it is next to 
    the last checkpoint of the race. Now, whip out your sniper rifle 
    and go into aim mode and zoom in 3/4 of the maximum zoom. Now pace 
    your self before the 2 minute mark, and Hilary will appear driving 
    the sabre turbo towards you. Now quickly aim at his head and fire 
    as many shots as you can. The car will come to a stop, and Hilary 
    will fall out of the car, headless, with thcar door still open, not 
    locked. Now enter the car and take it to a garage. Congrats, you 
    are now the owner of the very rare bullet proof sabre turbo! NOTE: 
    It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not save this car in any of 
    the Hyman Condo garages, but it is recommended that you save it 
    at Sunshine Autos or at the Save house next to the strip club. 
    This alternate strategy is much easier than it seems, and saves 
    you a lot of time pushing the car all the way to the garage. Thanks
     to YakuzaStinger.
    --Special Cuban Hermes
    In the "Guardian Angels" mission, there is a Cuban Hermes in it that has 
    tires that cannot be hurt from spike strips and the likes of that. After the 
    mission has ended, just take the Cuban Hermes that appeared during the 
    mission.  Do not save it because once you save it in a garage, it won't have 
    the special tires anymore. You could also take it during the mission if you 
    don't mind failing the mission. This car is not bullet proof. Thanks to Darth 
    --Special Voodoo
    In the "Guardian Angels" mission, there is a Voodoo in it that has tires that 
    cannot be hurt from spike strips and the likes of that. After the mission has 
    ended, just take the Voodoo that appeared during the mission.  Do not save it 
    because once you save it in a garage, it won't have the special tires 
    anymore. You can also take it during the mission if you don't mind failing 
    the mission. Thanks to Darth Todd.
    --Black Pony
    There is a black Pony on the mission "Loose Ends". To get it, start the 
    mission and go around and you should see it right when you enter Cherry 
    Poppers. To get it, kill all of the guys in the area then head down to the 
    Boatyard. Steal a Packer and bring it to Cherry Popper's and line it up to 
    where you can jump over the gate. Now, go get another Packer from the 
    Boatyard and ramp it off of the first Packer to get inside the gates. Now, 
    just ramp the Pony off the Packer and over the fence and the Pony is yours. 
    Thanks to TheBlackAndGreenGuy and Seth for the strategy.
    --Black Voodoo
    When you do the mission "Two Bit Hit", look outside the funeral parlor and 
    there should be a black Voodoo. Just steal it before a Haitian gets in or 
    steal it back from him if her gets in. Do not take this to the Pay N Spray or 
    it will go back to the original color. Thanks to Shaggy Glucose for the 
    --Black Sanchez
    Go to the Sanchez by the dirt bike trail in Downtown and the "Trial By Dirt" 
    mission will start. Keep doing the mission until some guys on a black Sanchez 
    approach. Knock one off and there you go. You now have a black Sanchez. If 
    you are having trouble finding the dirt bike track, go along the road to the 
    biker bar and make the turn on the curve. Now go all the way to the right and 
    drive in the grass. You should be going down alleys and stuff behind 
    buildings so keep following the side and all the turns and you will 
    eventually find the track. It is basically dirt and grass with lots of hills. 
    I suggest trying to shoot all the guys on the black Sanchez's because they 
    will try to kill you with machetes. After you kill them, take the Sanchez and 
    there you go.
    --Black Sentinel
    There is a black Senitnel in the "Hit The Courier" mission. You need to shoot 
    the lady driving it in the head when she gets in the car. Then, she will fall 
    out and the door will be open leaving you the opportunity to steal it. Thanks 
    to AugyDoggy
    --White Admiral
    There is a white Admiral in the "An Old Friend" mission. It will be difficult 
    to keep this white Admiral since you don't have a safe house yet with a 
    garage.  Try getting hold of a gun and holding up a few stores to get the 
    money to buy a safe house.  Don't sweat it if you lose it though, because 
    you'll get another chance at a white Admiral later.  Not only that, but the 
    Admiral you get later is bulletproof, flameproof, and damage proof! Anyways, 
    if you want to keep this car, I guess you are going to have to do the first 
    mission over and over or you could do things like Rampages, Unique Jumps, and 
    etc. Thanks to Minesweeper.
    --Love Fist Limo
    To get it, steal it in the "Psycho Killer" mission. Thanks to GrandTechAuto.
    --Romero's Hearse
    To get it, steal it during the "Two Bit Hit" mission. Thanks to 
    --Lightless Taxi
    Yes the lightless Taxi from GTA3 is back again in Vice City. How this works 
    is, when several Taxis are on screen, sometimes the game doesn't load the 
    light on the top of it thus making it look like a Sentinel. These can be seen 
    sometimes when patrolling around the Kaufman Cabs area more than others. This 
    will be the hardest car to find since it is just a glitch. 
    --Black Admiral
    Some guys shooting at you in the "Check-Out At The Check-In" mission are 
    driving this car. It will be very hard to obtain. You will need Molotov 
    Cocktails or a Flamethrower for this. First, kill the guy that is shooting 
    out of the sunroof. Now the car will come to a halt. The doors are locked so 
    you can't pull them out so this is where the flamethrower and or Molotov 
    Cocktails come in. Throw the Molotovs or shoot the car with the Flamethrower 
    and they will get out. Now, just get in and don't get out until you get to 
    your garage because the doors will lock on you if you get out. If the doors 
    do happen to lock on you, there is no way you can get in and you must do it 
    --FBI Washington
    The FBI Washington is parked in an alley by the pizza place in Downtown. Just 
    steal it to obtain it.
    --Sea Skimmer
    Just beat all of the Movie Studio's missions and it will spawn behind the 
    Movie Studio on that little dock where you picked up the Sea Skimmer in 
    earlier missions.
    --Spand Express Van
    This can be found in 2 different missions. The first is the "Jury Fury" 
    mission. It is the van that the one car drives into and the hammer falls out 
    of. Just steal it. The second is the "Riot" mission and it is parked inside 
    the gates. Just drive off with it if you wish but you will have to fail the 
    mission. Thanks to Taraka for the "Riot" mission strategy. 
    Just complete the first list of cars after you purchase Sunshine Autos and it 
    will be in the showroom. 
    --Sabre Turbo
    Just complete the second list of cars after you purchase Sunshine Autos and 
    it will be in the showroom.
    --Super Angel
    The Super Angel is called the Angel when you get on but is better than the 
    regular Angel. On the "Alloy Wheels Of Steel" mission for the Big Mitch 
    Baker, hit one of the bikers bike right at the beginning and finish the race. 
    The super Angel is faster and has much better turning. You can just steal it 
    during the race if one of the other bikers crash. Thanks to FloDjay. 
    You can also find it when you do the mission for Big Mitch Baker where you 
    get his bike for him. Just take the bike and store it in any garage. It just 
    goes faster than the normal Angel and handles better. Thanks to JonoWilko.
    --Gold Stretch
    There is a gold Stretch on the "Martha's Mug Shot" mission. Snipe the driver 
    and the driver will open the door and fall out (this car has locked doors). 
    Get in the limo, but don't drive off! Wait for Candy to get in. After she 
    gets in, the Stretch will drive off with you inside. You can't steer. It is 
    on Autopilot or something. Wait for the car to get to its destination. After 
    the cut-scene, get out quickly so the door stays open. Then get back in, and 
    drive to Sunshine Autos garage, or a similar large garage, and put it into 
    one of the garages. Complete the mission. After you save, load the game. The 
    car will have unlocked doors. Do not paint it or it will revert back to a 
    default color. Thanks to Dagon327.
    If you don't want to complete the mission and want the car right away, just 
    kill the driver and Candy Suxxx. Then, it will be yours for the taking. 
    Thanks to BMHero. 
    --Fire Proof Banshee
    In the mission race missions for Sunshine Autos, there is a Banshee that you 
    will have to race. To get this, wait at the last checkpoint with the cars 
    insight, and you will fail the mission. Now, just follow them and do a drive 
    by until the driver gets out, or drives in front of them and pull them out. 
    Now, you have a flamethrower and Molotov cocktail proof Banshee. Thanks to 
    Sk8erGT18 and Jnco904. 
    --Fire Proof Cheetah
    In the mission race missions for Sunshine Autos, there is a Cheetah that you 
    will have to race. To get this, wait at the last checkpoint with the cars 
    insight, and you will fail the mission. Now, just follow them and do a drive 
    by until the driver gets out, or drives in front of them and pull them out. 
    Now, you have a flamethrower and Molotov cocktail proof Banshee. Thanks to 
    Sk8erGT18 and Jnco904.
    --Fire Proof Infernus
    In the mission race missions for Sunshine Autos, there is an Infernus that 
    you will have to race. To get this, wait at the last checkpoint with the cars 
    insight, and you will fail the mission. Now, just follow them and do a drive 
    by until the driver gets out, or drives in front of them and pull them out. 
    Now, you have a flamethrower and Molotov cocktail proof Banshee. Thanks to 
    Sk8erGT18 and Jnco904.
    Just complete the third list of cars after you purchase Sunshine Autos and it 
    will be in the showroom.
    --Hotring Racer
    Just complete all 4 lists of cars after you purchase Sunshine Autos and it 
    will be in the showroom. 
    --White Walton
    In the mission "Gun Runner", the Walton's you are trying to get the weapons 
    from are white. You just need to try to steal it. 
    Go to the roof of the building where you first started G Spotlight and there 
    will be a Sparrow parked there. I first saw it after I completed G Spotlight 
    so I'm not totally sure if it spawns before you do that mission. There is 
    also one on the roof of a house near the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. To get 
    to it, go to the Collars And Cuffs in Ocean Beach. Then, go down that alley 
    where Collars And Cuffs is and there will be a parking garage on your right. 
    Go to the top floor and there will be some ramps. Before jumping, look around 
    and find the Sparrow and then jump to it. I'm not sure if you can reach it in 
    one jump or not so you might half to jump more than 1 roof. The parking 
    garage is also located near the Pay N Spray. It is white and has around 5 
    stories. For the easiest way, just get to the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. 
    Now, go to that place right by it with the parked PCJ-600 and Banshee (or 
    sometimes Cheetah's or Infernus's). Now, get the PCJ-600 and back up all the 
    way from the white stairs. Back up until you have crossed the street and have 
    went in the alley with the gray pavement. Keep going back until you reach the 
    shrubs. Now, punch the gas and go fast and hit the stairs. You need to clear 
    the first building and land on the second one. It is pink. The Sparrow will 
    be up there.  There is also one across from the Links View Apartment. Across 
    the street from it is a building with an arched entrance that you can go in. 
    Go inside the arch, there will be some backyards. There should be a Sparrow 
    in the first one on your right. Thanks to MatrixLUiGi23 for the strategy on 
    the last Sparrow. 
    --Bloodring Banger
    To get it, just survive a minute inside the Bloodring Arena and it'll spawn 
    right outside in the parking lot. Thanks to Oddrat.
    --Mr. Whoopee
    To get it, just buy the Cherry Popper's Ice Cream Factory and it will spawn 
    in there. 
    To get it, drive to Phil's Place in Little Havana. Now look around for a huge 
    garage looking thing towards the left. Walk in there and there you go. Steal 
    it and it is yours. You can also get it in the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission by 
    stealing it from the Army. An alternate place to get it is in the back of the 
    film studio lot, behind the street setup to the south. Thanks to LANCELOTT1 
    for the alternate location. 
    --Zebra Taxi
    Complete the Kaufman Cab mission string and it will spawn inside Kaufman 
    --Squallo And Speeder
    To get these 2 boats easily, just complete "Check Point Charlie" after you 
    buy the Boat Yard and they will spawn in the same place where you got in the 
    boats to start the mission.
    The Securicar is very rare. To easily get one, snipe the driver of the 
    Securicar in the "Autocide" mission. He should fall out leaving the door 
    open. Just steal it to get it. Thanks to Rabid. 
    --Black Washington
    In the "All Hands On Deck" mission, 2 black Washington's will drive to the 
    dock. To get one, just go to the lower deck of the boat and shoot a guy 
    driving a boat. Then, jump on his boat and drive it to the dock. It might 
    disappear. Thanks to Rabid. 
    Another way to get it is the following. First, kill everyone on the boat 
    except Cortez (this buys you more time). Then jump on the speeder that sails 
    by, killing the guy, and drive back to the dock. Then push the black 
    Washington all the way to the Ocean Heights hideout. If you blow it up, it 
    will disappear when you get close to the garage. So don't blow it up and push 
    it all the way into the garage. Shortly afterwards, the screen will change 
    and then you will appear back on the boat for the second part of the mission. 
    Now you can finish the mission and get the black Washington without failing 
    the mission. Thanks to Rustophilus.
    --Black Bobcat
    There is a black Bobcat in the "Autocide" mission. To get it, you will have 
    to kill the driver of it and his buddy carrying the shotgun. Thanks to Rabid.
    --Sea Sparrow
    To get the Sea Sparrow, just get 80 hidden packages and it will spawn in the 
    backyard of Diaz/Tommy's mansion.
    To get the Maverick this way, you have to have to Vercetti Estate. Just go to 
    the roof and it will spawn there. The Maverick will also appear on the 
    helipad of the Hyman Condo after you buy it.
    --Police Maverick
    The Police Maverick spawns at the top of the police department at it's 
    helipad. All you have to do is steal it. Thanks to TheBlackAndGreenGuy.
    --VCN Maverick
    To get it, just go on the roof of VCN's headquarters in Downtown in Little 
    Havana and steal it. Thanks to TheBlackAndGreenGuy.
    Just get 90 hidden packages and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base. Make 
    sure you wear the cop uniform when entering. An alternate way to do this is 
    get 6 stars and steal it from the Army. An easy strategy is to first go to 
    the Vercetti Estate. Then, put in the Higher Wanted Level cheat until you 
    have 5 stars. Then, keep fighting cops until the 6th star appears. Then, just 
    steal the tank and enter the Lower Wanted Level cheat. Now, go put it in your 
    garage at the Vercetti Estate. Now, you can use the Rhino and easily beat the 
    Vigilante missions. Thanks to Journeyman for the strategy. 
    Easter Eggs
    --Now This Is What I Call A Easter Egg
    Rockstar has put a real Easter Egg in the game. It is a chocolate egg and 
    says Happy Easter on it. To get to it, go the helipad at the VCN (Vice City 
    News) building. The building on the right has a hallow wall so you can go 
    through it. You have to jump in the closest window on the corner to get 
    inside the hallow point. Thanks to DaruniaX.
    --Kaufman Cabs
    The inside of Kaufman Cabs is setup almost identically to the setup of the 
    taxi place in the show "Taxi" that used to come on many years ago. Andy 
    Kaufman was on "Taxi" and the name of the taxi company in Vice City just 
    happens to be Kaufman Cabs. Also, when you pull out of Kaufman Cabs with a 
    Cabbie, a voice will say, "What are you doing?" much like Latka, Andy 
    Kaufman's character, in Taxi. Coincidence? I think not.
    --Pogo The Monkey And Degenatron Arcades
    In the pizza joints and inside Kaufman Cabs, you can find these arcades but 
    they are not playable.
    --Pole Position
    The Pole Position Club has two possible meanings. Back in the day, Atari had 
    a game called Pole Position, which was Indy cars racing and stuff. The strip 
    club has a racecar theme to the front of it. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. 
    The other obvious correlation is that between strip bars and poles. Thanks to 
    RIT Tyger.
    --Guy In Freezer
    In the opening sequence where Sonny Forelli is talking to all of his men, 
    eventually a freezer will be shown in one of the scenes. If you look inside 
    it, there is a man being hung by big slabs of meat in the freezer. I guess he 
    got on their bad side. 
    --I'm Just Glad I Didn't Find This For Myself
    Well Rockstar forgot to put one thing in this game. That thing being panties 
    on this old black lady. This lady is in a gray dress and sweater and has a 
    yellow bandana thing on her head. If you shoot her with a Sniper Rifle and 
    crouch down and look up her skirt, you can clearly see there are no panties. 
    Thanks to sUshiBOi. 
    --Internet Sites 
    These are basically internet sites that Rockstar put up that have to do with 
    something in the game. I'm sure you all remember the Pogo The Monkey and 
    other websites from GTA3. Well here are some from Vice City.
    http://www.Degenatron.com     You can play 3 different Degenatron games here. 
    --Tony "Scarface" Montana's Mansion
    Diaz's/Tommy's mansion is almost identical to the mansion in Scarface. The 
    resemblances are the setups of the staircase, the office at the top of the 
    stairs, and the room where they have the tiger skin rug. 
    --Scarface's Chainsaw Scene Re-enactment
    First, go to the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. It is a 2-story stucco building 
    with stairs on 4 sides. Check the rooms on the second floor. You can't see 
    the room from the street, just check all the doors, and you will see a 2-
    roomed apartment. When you enter, it should say Apartment 3C. Go inside and 
    look in the bathroom for the scene.
    --Pool Shaped Like The Rockstar Games Logo 
    There is a pool shaped like the Rockstar logo. It is an R with a star/* at 
    the end. It is located in Starfish Island. To best view this, get a 
    helicopter and just circle Starfish Island and you will eventually see it.
    --Australian American War
    On the Vrock radio station, you will hear an Ammunation commercial that talks 
    about the Australian-American War. If you remember correctly from Grand Theft 
    Auto 3, there was a caller on Chatterbox that talks about fighting in the 
    Australian-American War. 
    --Poster Of "The Guy" In GTA3
    If you go up to your room in the Ocean Beach hotel, which was your first save 
    point, there will be a poster of him on the wall. Cool easter egg.
    --Bal Harbor Mall
    In real life, the Bal Harbor Mall is a mall in Miami, Florida. Wondering why 
    I mentioned this? Well, the Washington Mall is an exact replica of it. The 
    Bal Harbor Mall is just like it in real life and it has lots of up scale 
    stores like Gucci and etc. Thanks to RMRose. 
    To see the submarine, go get your GTA Vice City map that came with your game. 
    You need to drive to grid 5A and you should see it.  Thanks to ROA and 
    --3 Sunken Ships
    Somewhere between grid A5 & A6 near the very top of the map, there is a 
    sunken ship. It looks like the ship that you blew up in the "Bomb The Base" 
    mission in GTA3. It says Libertine Lines or something along the lines of that 
    on the side of it. There is another sunken ship by that bridge by the Vice 
    City News building. Look under the bridge and there is a brown sunken boat. 
    There is yet another one on the south side of the map. Just go east from the 
    Boatyard and it is somewhere between the 2 islands. Thanks to Killazilla3, 
    ROA, and Skull6987. 
    --Barrels Of Boom Shine
    After finishing all of Phil Cassidy's missions, there will be a barrel of 
    boom shine in your room at the Ocean View Hotel.
    --Miami Vice
    If you get 3-stars on your wanted level, undercover cops will chase you in 
    Cheetah's. One is black and one is white and it looks like the main 
    characters from Miami Vice. 
    --Bag Of Money
    After finishing "The Job", a duffle bag full of money will be on your bed at 
    the Ocean View Hotel. If you look at it closely, it will be a lot of American 
    bills like 20's, 10', 50's, 100's, 1's, and even 2-dollar bills. Thanks to 
    --GTA3 Character Cameos
    Donald Love appears in one of the Avery Carrington missions in the limo with 
    Avery. Sonny Forelli is the guy you are trying to get the money back to in 
    the story. If you remember correctly in GTA3, he was one of the Forelli 
    Brothers that Joey Leone wanted dealt with. Lazlow, from Chatterbox in GTA3, 
    is now the host of Vrock in GTA Vice City. Fernando, who was a panelist on 
    Chatterbox, is now hosting Emotion 98.3. Phil Cassidy is also in the game and 
    you get missions from him and you learn how he loses his arm. Toni from 
    Flashback FM in GTA3 is now hosting Flash in GTA Vice City. Morgan from the 
    classics station in GTA3 also calls into K-Chat. 
    After doing the "Demolition Man" mission, a box of RC helicopters, planes, 
    and cars will appear in a box in one of the lower rooms of the Vercetti 
    --Brown Thunder
    The vigilante mission for the Hunter is called "Brown Thunder". Now for 
    anyone that was alive in the 80's, I'm sure you remember a show called Blue 
    --Did I Just Turn On My Commodore 64
    The first loading screen after the Rockstar logo pops up looks like a 
    starting screen from an old Commodore 64 game. 
    --So That's How Lazlow Ended Up On Chatterbox
    If you have the Vrock cd that came with the Soundtrack Box Set, listen to the 
    whole thing and the final track shows how Lazlow got kicked off Vrock. 
    --Freddy Needs A Nanny
    If you remember correctly from GTA3, a man named Freddy was calling looking 
    for a nanny on Chatterbox. Well in Vice City, he calls Kchat and wants a 
    witch to spank him with a broom or something. Creepy. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --Wow This Looks Like The Red Light District From GTA3
    If you go inside the movie studio, go straight and towards the left and you 
    will see some structures. Go inside and it is a replica from the Red Light 
    District in Liberty City.
    --Hey, I Remember Those Friendly Faces From GTA3
    In Ocean Beach, there is a row of shops and one of them that is named 
    Rockstar Games has cardboard cutouts of Asuka, 8-Ball, El Burro, Kenji, and 
    more people from GTA3.  
    --Constellation Rockstar
    At night, there is a constellation of stars that makes up the Rockstar games 
    symbol. It is the R with the star/* at the end. 
    --Someone Give Him A Hand
    First, go to the butcher shop in Little Havana. If you look in the window, 
    you can see a severed arm. Ouch. 
    If you complete any of the races at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, you will get 
    a trophy according to what race you completed. They appear on top of your 
    television at the Vercetti Estate. There is also a trophy for doing the 
    shooting range missions at the Downtown Ammunation. 
    --Wow, What A Reward
    After you complete all of the movie studio missions, a huge poster will 
    appear at the Vercetti Estate of a nude Candy Suxxx and various pictures of 
    her and the guy from "Martha's Mug Shot" will appear on your desk. 
    After you have the Vercetti Estate, go into your office and look on the walls 
    outside of the save room. There should be a big picture of Diaz with drawings 
    all over it and a knife slash through it. Thanks to Jono Wilko. 
    --Lance Vance Is That You
    In the opening scene to the game, if you look in the helicopter that is being
    flown during the deal, you can see what looks like Lance Vance. Some things 
    that make it look like him is the suit that the guy is wearing. Could this be 
    Lance? Maybe even his brother?
    --Rockstar Is Marking Its Territory
    If you look in the big dip thing behind the Pay N Spray in Little Havana, 
    can see the Rockstar logo on the walls.
    --Decapitation Is Yucky
    If you look on the floor when they are showing the cut scenes to Big Mitch 
    Baker's missions and you're in the bar, there is a head laying on the ground.
    Thanks to Duckman737.
    --I Guess The Mafia Didn't Like Him Too Much
    In the opening sequence of the game, there is a cut scene of Sonny Forelli on 
    a phone. If you look in the background, you can see a guy hanging in a meat 
    --That Thing Is Huge
    At the hotel across the street from the Malibu, there are some interesting 
    light formations at night. If you look at them, they form the shape of male 
    --No Those Are Huge
    After you do the "G Spotlight" mission, the spotlight of Candy Suxxx will 
    always appear on the same building at night. 
    --Now This Is What I Call A Hidden Package
    I'm not sure when this appears, but in your Ocean View Hotel, there is a 
    opened package of what appears to be cocaine by the bar counter and it is 
    spilled everywhere. Thanks to ScrubKing.
    --Candy Suxxx Stuff
    After you have completed the "Dildo Dodo" mission for the film studio, there 
    will now be flyers of her movie on the ground. There will be a big poster of 
    her on your wall in your office in the Vercetti Estate that picture Candy 
    Suxxx after you finish all of the film studio missions and there will also be 
    the pictures from "Martha's Mug Shot" on the table in your office. After the 
    "G Spotlight" mission, the spotlight will always come on at night and shows 
    something interesting. Thanks to Jono Wilko. 
    --Beach Ball Game
    If you go to one of the mansions in Starfish Island, one of them will have a 
    beach ball by it. If you kick it by walking into it, it will go into the air 
    and you can play a mini-game where you see how many times you can bounce it 
    on your head without it falling. 
    --Rockstar Logos
    On the beach, you will notice some towels laid on the ground. If you look 
    closely, there are Rockstar logos on them. There are also Rockstar logos on 
    the guy's shirts in Ammunations. Thanks to Delta9ine. 
    --Some Of The Phone Numbers In The Game Work
    Please note that I do not know if any of these cost money so call at your own 
    risk. There are many phone numbers on the radio and some of them work. The 
    phone numbers that are proven to work are the following.
    1-866-9-Save-Me: Pastor Richards 
    1-866-9-Bury-Me: Funeral Home 
    1-866-Pillage: Thor 
    1-866-434-SELF: Not Sure
    --Wow, These Guys Are Real Pigs
    After you have acquired the Vercetti Mansion, watch the trash by the door. 
    Over time, it will just keep stacking up with beer bottles and pizza boxes. 
    --Jimmy Hoffa 
    For those of you who don't know who Jimmy Hoffa is, here is a little insight. 
    Hoffa was the powerful and controversial leader of the Teamsters Union from 
    1957 to 1971. Often alleged to have ties to organized crime, Hoffa was 
    finally convicted of fraud and jury tampering in 1964 and served four years 
    in prison before President Nixon commuted his sentence. In 1975, while trying 
    to regain power in the union, Hoffa disappeared from a restaurant parking lot 
    in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was widely assumed to have been killed by 
    the Mafia. His body was never found, and in 1983 he was declared legally 
    dead. In September of 2001, news reports claimed that DNA tests by the FBI 
    had tied Hoffa to a car driven by his associate Charles O'Brien the day Hoffa 
    disappeared suggesting that charges might still be brought in the case. 
    Now, on to the easter egg. Many believed Hoffa to be thrown in a cement mixer 
    and mixed in with an architectural structure. Well, to see Jimmy Hoffa mixed 
    inside a bridge, go get the Sea Skimmer from its fixed location if you have 
    the film studio missions done otherwise you can't do this. Once you get it, 
    go north to the bridge. Now, try to fly under it. Since the Sea Skimmer is 
    too big, you will go through the bridge a bit. Now, there will be a body 
    inside the bridge. That's a cool easter egg along with the guy in the cement 
    --This Will Surely Piss People Off
    In one of the missions in GTA Vice City, you have to kill a guy
    named Mark Hammond. Now considering that the main character in
    The Getaway's name is Mark Hammond, I do not think this is a 
    coincidence. You also have to kill a guy named Marco Tanner,
    which is the name of the guy from the Driver series. I wonder
    if the developers of either of those games caught that.
    --Guy With Cement Shoes In The Middle Of The Ocean
    Get a boat and from the Leaf Links Golf Course, head towards the second 
    island. Now you should see a couple of big rocks under the water. You should 
    see a guy with cement shoes just in the bottom of the ocean. If you still 
    can't find him, get a boat and then head to Diaz's mansion. Now facing the 
    mansion (you should be facing North according to the radar), turn right and 
    keep going straight and you should see him. Thanks to mgs master for first 
    strategy and Kintaro Oe age 25 for the second. 
    --Luigi And Misty From GTA3
    To see Luigi and Misty, do the mission for the Malibu Club called "The 
    Shootist" and they will be on the second part of the shooting range where you 
    have to shoot the cardboard cutouts. It's pretty cool to get to shoot Luigi 
    and Misty, although it's just a cardboard cutout. 
    --The Village People
    If you go inside the Malibu Club, look on the stage and you will see the 
    Village People! I think the only one that is missing is the Indian.
    --I Guess These Guys Have A Soft Side To Them
    If you look on the grill of a Gang Burrito, sometimes there is a teddy bear. 
    Thanks to Victor. 
    --Pool Shaped Like A Woman
    In Starfish Island, there is a pool that looks like a woman's body. You can 
    easily see it if you fly around in the helicopter. 
    Things Not To Do
    There are several things in GTA Vice City that you shouldn't do. I shall list 
    a few.
    --Saving At Cherry Popper's Ice Cream Factory
    Do not save at Cherry Popper's after you buy it! There have been numerous 
    reports of game saves lost and things like that. You should always make a 
    backup save of your game no matter where you save in case one file gets 
    corrupted, garage eats a car, and more. 
    --Saving After Using Cheats
    Do not save with cheats on. Some cheats you can use like Body Armor, Health, 
    and Weapons, but you can't use the ones like Spawn So-And-So Car or Change 
    Costume or anything like that. The things that will happen if you do are 
    things like not being able to get all 100 hidden packages and not being able 
    to get 100%. Enter cheats at own risk. 
    --Saving Rare Cars At Hyman Condo
    I advise you not to save rare cars there because the Hyman Condo tends to be 
    the only garage that eats cars. The only garage that seems to do it is the 
    big 4 car one so the other 2 will be safe to save cars in. 
    --Working Girls
    Do not get a prostitute if you have more than 125 health because your health 
    will drop back down to 125 when you and the lady are done doing that "thing" 
    you do. Thanks to Milehighgi. 
    --Ambulances Don't Always Give You Health
    If you enter a Ambulance and have more than 100 Health, your health will 
    reduce to 100. Thanks to Nash.
    --Saving While On Bike
    You should never save your game when sitting on a bike because it will lockup 
    the saves. The only way to fix it is to delete all of your game saves. Thanks 
    to Seth. 
    Programmers Cheats
    The guys at TheGFCC.com have found a ton of codes for Vice City. Here are all 
    of them I think.  
    U = Up  
    D = Down  
    L = Left  
    R = Right  
    T = Triangle  
    S = Square  
    X = X  
    O = Circle  
    L1 = L1  
    L2 = L2  
    R1 = R1  
    R2 = R2  
    All Weapons #1  
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U  
    All Weapons #2  
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L  
    All Weapons #3  
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D  
    Full Armor  
    R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U  
    Full Health  
    R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U  
    Commit Suicide  
    R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1 
    Media Level Meter 
    R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T
    O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X 
    Raise Wanted Level  
    R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R  
    Lower Wanted Level  
    R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D  
    Change Clothes  
    R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R  
    Play As Ricardo Diaz  
    L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2  
    Play As Lance Vance  
    O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1  
    Play As Candy Suxxx  
    O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2  
    Play As Ken Rosenberg  
    R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1  
    Play As Hilary King  
    R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2  
    Play As Love Fist Guy #1  
    D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X  
    Play As Love Fist Guy #2  
    R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1  
    Play As Phil Cassidy  
    R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, R, O 
    Play As Sonny Forelli  
    O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X  
    Play As Mercedes  
    R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T  
    Spawn A Rhino  
    O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T  
    Spawn A Bloodring Racer  
    D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L  
    Spawn A Bloodring Banger  
    U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2  
    Spawn A Hotring Racer #1  
    R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1  
    Spawn A Hotring Racer #2  
    R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2  
    Spawn A Romero's Hearse  
    D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R  
    Spawn A Love Fist  
    R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R  
    Spawn A Trashmaster  
    O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R  
    Spawn A Sabre Turbo  
    R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L  
    Spawn A Caddy  
    O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X  
    Blow Up Cars  
    R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1  
    Aggressive Drivers  
    R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2 
    Flying Cars
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1
    Hovering Cars 
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, S, R1, R2 
    Weird Wheels 
    R1, X, T, R, R2, S, U, D, S 
    Cars Go Faster
    R1, R2, L1, L1, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U 
    Drive Cars On Water
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, S, R1, R2
    Bigger Or Smaller Wheels
    R1, X, T, R, R2, S, U, D, S 
    Pink Cars  
    O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X  
    Pink Cars  
    O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, O  
    Black Cars  
    O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O  
    Dodo Cheat  
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1  
    Perfect Handling  
    T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1  
    Sunny Weather  
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D  
    Cloudy Weather  
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T  
    Very Cloudy Weather  
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S  
    Stormy Weather  
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O  
    Foggy Weather  
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X  
    Speed Up Time  
    O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T  
    Slow Down Time  
    T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1  
    Pedestrians Riot 
    D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1  
    Pedestrians Hate You 
    D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2 
    Pedestrians Have Weapons 
    R2, R1, X, T, X, T, U, D 
    Women Drop Weapons 
    R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, L1, X 
    Ladies Man (Certain Women Follow You)  
    O, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, O, T 
    Women Are Carrying Weapons
    R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, L1, X
    Fun Things To Do
    --They Should Be Glad You Didn't Shoot Them
    Ok, I'm sure everyone has had an experience where you stole a car and the 
    passenger(s) didn't get out. Well the next time this happens to you, Drive 
    full speed towards some water and bail out of the car at the last second and 
    send them to their watery death. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --Blow Up Everyone
    Go to 8-Ball's in Little Havana and equip your car with a bomb. Now, go to 
    where you see some groups of people like the North Point Mall for example 
    since there are usually lots of people outside it. Now, drive really fast and 
    bail out of the car and detonate the bomb and let it blow up all those 
    --Ouch. I Bet That Hurt.
    Try to find a roof that is really high and jump off of it with your 
    motorcycle and see how many people you can land on. This is really funny. 
    --Jason Is That You
    First, you have to have done the "The Job" mission. After you do it, go 
    upstairs in the Malibu and get the Bank Job outfit. Now, go get a chainsaw. 
    Use your imagination with the rest. 
    --Dirtbike Track And Motorcycles
    To do this, get a PCJ-600, Sanchez, Angel, Freeway, or Faggio and head
    down to the dirtbike trail in Downtown or Ocean Beach. Now, just keep 
    hitting jumps and stuff. It's pretty fun. If you want to add more to 
    this, get a wanted level of 3 stars or more. Then, police will come
    on the track and try to hit you off. It's pretty funny seeing them
    mess up their cars and flip them every 5 seconds. Only thing you have
    to do is watch out for the cars that explode. 
    --Helicopter Dog Fights
    To do this, just get a helicopter that shoots (Sea Sparrow and Hunter) 
    and get a wanted level of 3 or 4 stars or more. Now, just fly around.
    When a police helicopter comes, just try to shoot it down before it can
    shoot you down. This is fun for hours. 
    --Pedestrian Bowling
    To do this, just get a regular car and drive to full speed. Now just dive out 
    of the car and see how many pedestrians you can kill. Thanks to NYR Fan.
    Go get the Rampage on the stairs in front of the Ammunation in Downtown. 
    It is kill 25 gang members and when you look down, you'll see a whole 
    bunch of groups. Now get any good sports car. Drive real fast toward a 
    group of gang members and power slide so that the REAR/side of the car 
    runs them over. You have to try to kill as many as possible. Try to 
    break your record for more fun. The only way to complete the power 
    slide challenge is to have 0 stars. So if you have an stars, get to 
    a pay and spray or lose the cops. Thanks to The Booker Man.
    To do this, get a Packer from the Boatyard or find one driving
    around by the Escobar Internation Airport. When you get it, 
    drive it into the airport and park it next to a plane. Now,
    go and find a PCJ-600 and then go back to the Packer. Go 
    fast and ramp the Packer and try to make it over the airplane.
    Thanks to TwistedGamer.
    --Shop Robbing Spree
    First, get a car, a gun with auto aim, and even some armor if
    you would like. Then, go and get 3 stars. Now, you must rob all
    15 stores without getting busted or wasted once and you must do it
    all in one sweep. Thanks to ThirdWoodenNickel.
    --Rhinos Can Do Stunts Too
    Try to do unique stunt bonuses with the Rhino. You can gather 
    incredible speed by turning the turret backwards and keep 
    firing. Thanks to TheReaper.
    --The Vice City Golfer
    Steal a caddy, or spawn one. Make sure u get the golf clothes 
    icon at the golf course. With a golf club, kill as many people 
    as it takes to get 5 stars. Then, hop in a Caddy and try to survive 
    for 12 hours game time. The thing is, you can ONLY use a Caddy or 
    go on foot. Don't use cheats either. Thanks to The Booker Man.
    --The Return Of The Vice City Golfer
    Get the golf clothes icon and spawn a Caddy. Drive it down to 
    the Washsington police station and walk in with your glof club 
    out and beat at least 5 cops to death with it. Then, run outside 
    and hop into the Caddy. Now drive back to the golf course and go 
    by the metal detectors (but dont go in) and protect your golf course 
    until you die. See how long your time was between dieing and 
    protecting the golf course. Thanks to The Booker Man.
     --Gunsling Terror
    You get one weapon and set an ammount of ammo for the desired weapon. 
    (No real limit here. Less ammo for more challenge. Can not add more 
    ammo later.) Different weapons are meant for different challenges. 
    So to each their own on claiming to be a master of said weapon of 
    choice. You can jack cars, kill, do whatever you want and see how 
    long you can survive while getting as many stars as you can. Set 
    yourself up with max armor and health first. Then begin! To add to 
    the challenge, don't go for more health and armor, and try this 
    with a weapon such as the chainsaw or katana. Thanks to Mecca.
    To do this, put in the Girls Have Weapons and Girls Follow You cheats. 
    Now, you have a gang. Go on shooting sprees and do whatever you want. 
    Thanks to Mecca.
    --Gang Bowling
    To do this, get a motorcycle. The Sanchez tends to be the best to use. 
    Now, find a gang walking around and speed towards them. When you get 
    close to them, bail and watch the bike fly and squish their bones. 
    Try to do as many as you can. Thanks to qwertyalicious.
    --Kaufman Cab Calamity
    To do this, you must have the hydraulics on your Kaufman Cabs (get 100 fares 
    to obtain this). Now, just go around and do the hydraulics to make the front 
    end pop up and make the car land on a pedestrian or even a pedestrian riding 
    a motorcycle. This is great fun. Thanks to NYR Fan. 
    --Minigun Madness
    First, go get a Minigun and go into the North Point Mall. Now, use your 
    imagination. Don't worry about cops because they won't be able to touch you. 
    --Turrent Terror
    Walk around a little bit until you find yourself a Walton or Bobcat 
    driving around. Don't jack it, just hop in the back of it (they're 
    pickup trucks for folks who don't know what they are). Now, while 
    your in the back, CAUSE RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!! Pull out a gun and start 
    shooting people as the truck drives by them. It shouldn't be long 
    before you've got the authorities on you. Just make sure you have a 
    heavy class weapon for cars and choppers (preferably an M60). Now, 
    if you've got a police stick or something similar (no sharp things 
    other than a chainsaw), smack the bed of the truck with it. If you 
    driver stops and gets out, fine yourself another truck. If the driver 
    just speeds up recklessly, then good. See, if you got SWAT teams 
    breathing down your neck, you don't want your ride to stop for half 
    an hour at a red light, now do you?	Thanks to MasterSword.
    --Caddy Golf
    To do this, drive on the golf course with a fast car. Whenever 
    you see a caddy, ram them into the water. See if you can make 
    them fly into the water without them bouncing on the ground! 
    Thanks to tinyboy21.
    --The FBI Is Vicious
    First of all, get the FBI on you. No army, for that takes out a 
    majority of the fun. Once you've got 5 stars, whether you cheated, 
    killed a lot of folks, or just caused mayhem, it doesn't matter, 
    grab yourself a PCJ-600. Now, RIDE! The purpose of this is to stay 
    alive and use nothing else other than a PCJ. It's kinda hard if 
    you're in a crowded area. Just watch out for those blasted spike 
    traps; if you use the health cheat frequently to repair your car 
    and flat tires, then you're out of luck. The health cheat doesn't 
    do squat for flat motorcycle tires. If you're unlucky enough to 
    get your tire(s) flat, then limp your way to the nearest one. The 
    handling of the PCJ while having flat tires if kinda random. If 
    you're going and VERY high speeds and you hit a spike trap, both 
    your tires will pop, but you can't still go in a straight line 
    perfectly fine. What I'm trying to say is, if you were going 
    really fast when your tires popped, then you should have just 
    a little difficulty and risk riding the bike to the nearest 
    fresh one. However, if your tires are popped, and you're accelerating 
    from near zero, then your screwed. Simple as that. Oh, and before 
    you try this, you might wanna have full health and armor and a couple 
    weapons seeing as you'll probably get knocked off your bike a few 
    times. If you do mess up your bike to an extent to where you need a 
    new vehicle, get off of that and run until you find a PCJ only! 
    Thanks to MasterSword.
    --This Will Teach You To Move Your Ass Next Time
    First, ride around Vice City until you find a car with a passenger in it.
    Then, steal it and if the driver stays in, do not give them time to
    get out. Then, smash up your car a lot until it catches fire. Once it does,
    drive fast and bail out before it blows up. If you time it right, the car
    should blow up while it is still rolling and kill the passenger. Thanks 
    to Niai Mitch.
    --How Long Can You Last
    First, enter your Weapons Code of choice. It doesn't matter which
    one you use. Now, enter the health and armor codes. Now, 
    go on a killing spree and see how long you can last until you die
    or run out of weapons. You can not use any codes after the first 
    ones. Keep improving your time for added length to this fun thing
    to do. Thanks to Angels No10 Fan.
    --Was That A Caddy
    For some reason the combination of Large Tires and Faster Driving code make 
    the Caddy incredibly fast!!! Although it is near impossible to drive on land 
    because of its speed, it makes for the fastest boat ride you've ever had! 
    First, enter the larger tires code until the tires are so big you cant get 
    into the car (you can do this by entering the code, loading, and entering it 
    again). Next, enter the code to spawn a Caddy or go find a Caddy. Next, enter 
    the faster cars code. Finally, enter the drive on water code and have fun! 
    Thanks to LiquidSolidSnake. 
    --Ramping Cars
    If you have a PCJ-600 or Sanchez, you can easily ramp cars. All you have to 
    do is hold back the Left Analog to do the wheelie and right when you are 
    about to hit the car, push up on the Left Analog. This will cause the front 
    of the bike to level with the car. This works well with cars like the 
    Banshee, Cheetah, and Infernus. See how many cars you can ramp at a stoplight 
    for more fun. 
    --It's Raining Motorcycles
    Get a motorcycle and go to a high building and jump off and see how many 
    people you can kill. Thanks to Pujols. 
    Get a taxi or a cab and put on the taxi missions. Pick a person up than 
    quickly push R3 twice, wait a second than push R3 again. Now you have a 
    hostage to play with. You can fill the cab or taxi up with a maximum of 3 
    hostages. Thanks to Nyschashi.
    --Unique Jumps
    I find Unique Jumps always fun to do. Just look around Vice City and I'm sure 
    you can find stuff to ramp off of with a motorcycle. 
    --Easy Stars
    First, go to El Banco Corrupto Grande after you unlock it by beating the "The 
    Job" mission for the Malibu Club. Run in the back and alarm sounds and 4 
    stars. Shoot cops! Only street cops come in so you don't have to deal with 
    Uzis. If you are low on health just run to the hospital and you will usually 
    lose no health. Easy 6 stars! Thanks to downloadmaster.
    --Is That Supposed To Be Fun
    To do this, just get a motorcycle and ram into cars and or buildings. It is 
    very funny. Thanks to Killazilla3.
    --Motorcycle Stunts
    This requires a PCJ-600. When driving out of Sunshine Autos, head north.  
    You'll notice a grassy incline on the left side of the road.  This is your 
    jump.  Just before you get to the "T" in the road, there is an alleyway on 
    your right with a jump at the end of it.  Drive all the way down the alley, 
    but don't hit the jump.  Turn around, and head back down the alley at full 
    speed (back towards the road).  You'll have to dodge a few trees, and also 
    hope for no cars.  As soon as you enter the street, veer a slight left 
    (towards the grassy hill) while pulling back on the PCJ, and hit the grassy 
    incline.  This will send you about 70-80 feet STRAIGHT up in the air.  Once 
    you learn to do this, you can start to add variation to your pull back, and 
    you can hit some serious high mid-air rotations, like off a quarter-pipe.  
    Landing isn't always smooth, but you can land some sweet looking stunts.  (a 
    variation to this, instead of jumping on the grass, keep going across the 
    street down the other alley.  There are more trees to dodge, but there is a 
    jump in the other alley.  It's hard to land because of a wall though.  Not as 
    fun as the grassy hill). Thanks to Chris G.
    --Motorcycle Stunts 2
    This requires a PCJ-600. Also when driving out of Sunshine Autos and heading 
    North, you'll notice the gradually increasing incline made out of concrete 
    (eventually turning into grass, in the above stunt.).  Head north all the way 
    to the end of the "T".  Head back down towards Sunshine Autos (South) from 
    the "T" to build up speed.  Hit the concrete incline while pulling up, and 
    watch the serious flips and air rotations.  Try different levels of the 
    incline to experiment.  This is where I pulled off several Triple Insane 
    Stunts. Thanks to Chris G. 
    --Motorcycle Stunts 3
    At the building where the PCJ is parked for the PCJ Checkpoint mission, you 
    can push this bike out of its corner, and it will no longer be part of the 
    mission.  On the opposite side of things, if there is NOT a PCJ spawned 
    there, you can steal one, drive it into the corner, get off and get back on, 
    and it will start the PCJ Checkpoint mission.  Conclusion, the mission 
    is dictated by the location near the building, and not the fact that there is 
    a bike there. Thanks to Chris G. 
    --Dieing With Their Own Cars
    When the police set up a roadblock with police cars, try to hit the police 
    cars if you are in a car. This will cause the police car to spin to one side 
    and most likely take out a cop or two. It is pretty funny. Try to do it in a 
    big vehicle like the Fire Truck or Packer. 
    --Hacking People Up With The Helicopters
    To do this, get really low to the ground with the helicopter and tilt the 
    front down. This will cause the blades to go low enough to where they will 
    cut up people. It's pretty cool. Thanks to Zio. 
    --Use The Cheats 
    If you use the Ladies Man cheat and women will get in whatever car or 
    motorcycle or helicopter or etc that you are driving. All you have to do now 
    is have a motorcycle. Get them to get on and then go atop a high building. 
    Now, drive fast and bail off at the last second and watch them soar off of 
    the edge of the building and fall to their deaths. 
    --Malibu Club Fun
    To have fun in the Malibu Club, you can go in and throw Molotov Cocktails or 
    Teargas. It is really funny. Thanks to Zio. 
    --Beach Ball Game
    To do this, get the beach ball in Starfish Island. Now, try to kick it all 
    the way to the beach in Ocean Beach. This will be very tough. Thanks to 
    --Cluster Bomb
    Get a Walton or a Barracks OL. I am not sure if a bobcat will work. Cram as 
    many bikes (Sanchez's fit best) as you can into the back by any means 
    necessary, and you should also bang them up good before putting them in. when 
    you have as many bikes inside as you can, park the truck somewhere and hit it 
    with a rocket launcher. The bikes will be like bomblets and they will fly 
    everywhere and explode! You could also use a bomb from 8-Ball's for this. 
    Credits go to DudeguyChessy.
    To do this, get a Sandking and hit a rail at an angle. You should slide on 
    top of it and ride it like you are grinding on a skateboard. Thanks to 
    --And I Thought I Was A Crappy Driver
    To do this, just get a gun and shoot all 4 tires out of a car. Sometimes, the 
    driver might exit but if he doesn't, this is a good laugh watching them try 
    to drive away. If you get tired of it, just run up along side them and shoot 
    them. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --They Shouldn't Be Sun Bathing In The First Place
    To do this, just go to the beach at Ocean Beach. Ride around until you see 
    people and just hit them. I found it funny. 
    --That Couldn't Have Hurt That Bad
    If you go down to the docks by the lighthouse in Ocean Beach, punch someone 
    and they will run away. The thing is, they won't stop and usually run off of 
    the side into the water thus killing themselves. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    A good way to play with a friend is to take turns seeing how long you can 
    last with 6-stars and no cheats. Longest time wins. 
    --Chainsaw Massacre
    To do this, just have a Chainsaw. Now, get on top of cars and just saw them 
    to pieces and kill the drivers. This will also be fun in the mall. Thanks to 
    Jono Wilko. 
    --Sidewalk Smash
    To do this, you must have a car. Now, just go around sidewalks that have 
    buildings right next to the sidewalk and when you see a pedestrian walking on 
    the sidewalk, go as fast as you can into them and smash them against the 
    --Butt Operation Anyone
    To do this, just start shooting people in the butt. It is actually pretty 
    funny. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --This Will Teach You To Ride A Motorcycle
    All you have to do for this is have a car. Now, go looking for guys on 
    motorcycles and ram them going really fast. It is kind of funny and is good 
    for hours of laughter. You should also try this with a Rhino. Also, if you do 
    this (with a car, not the Rhino), press Square before hitting them and 
    sometimes this will cause them to fly farther or at least it seems as if it 
    --Super Jump
    First, go to the Pay N Spray next to the big parking garage in Ocean Beach. 
    The parking garage has a PCJ-600 in it along with various cars, but try to 
    use a Banshee for this trick if possible. There is a long stairway in the 
    garage. Park the car on the staircase with its back wheels at the top of the 
    stairs (before the stairs do a u-turn). Get out so the car is facing towards 
    you if you are facing the stairs. Now grab the PCJ-600 and get some distance 
    but not too far but far enough to get your speed up. Go fast and do a wheelie 
    just before you hit the car and you will go flying. Do not do this if you are 
    low on health because you will most likely get wasted. Thanks to SlashaX.
    --Super Jump #2
    First find a PCJ-600 and save it in a garage at Hyman Condo. You are in a 
    better position if you already have 100%, because the bike can take more 
    damage. Now morph with the PCJ at the street clothing icon on the Hyman 
    Condo roof. (You have to buy Hyman Condo in order to have a clothing icon 
    on the roof.) Drive to Phil's Place. In Little Haiti drive carefully, but 
    with decent speed, so the game has no chance to spawn haiti gang groups. 
    They can be annoying in larger numbers. When you enter phils place, drive 
    left behind the left(south) entrance gate. There is a small crack between 
    the wooden wall, which surrounds phils place, and the left entrance gate. 
    Drive forward in this crack to the end until you drive up the end of the 
    crack with the front wheel and turn around. Now you should facing south 
    und getting stuck at an angle in the crack. Tommys head should be stuck 
    in the wooden wall and the wheels should be at the gate. Sometimes Tommy 
    turns around the other way round, so Tommy gets stuck in the gate and the 
    wheels are at the wooden wall. Try to free the bike out of the crack, 
    because you have no chance for a super jump in that position. Drive back 
    slowly, until the front wheel gets stuck in the ground. Not too much or 
    the bike will spin later on(see 8c and 8d). ~advice~: Often you can't see 
    the front wheel clearly, so only keep an eye on the bike's position. If 
    the front part of the bike is lower than the back part its probably already 
    in the right position. Now acceclerate CAREFULLY. If you're not sure the 
    front wheel is in the ground you will know it, when the bike drives really slow. 
    Keep hitting the gas until Tommy falls completly to the side. Now stop 
    acceclerating. Tommy and the bike should already begining to stretch out. 
    This means Tommy and the PCJ are growing continuously. In this phase you 
    can either accelerate again or simply wait and see what the game decides 
    to do: You will be shot out of the crack and spinning like crazy. You are 
    performing a superjump, congrats! Nothing happens...Tommy and the PCJ are 
    getting bigger and bigger and then...they will resize to a normal shape. 
    You have to try again. You will spin 45° so you are facing west to the 
    entrance gate. You still have a small chance for a superjump but apparently 
    you are facing the ocean. You have to hit something on phils place if you 
    dont want to take a cold bath in deadly water. Better you stop the super
    jump phase by pushing the square button und tring to free the bike out 
    of the crack. Driving back almost works all the time but sometimes the 
    bike gets stuck in the wall so hard, you save time, when you reload the 
    game. You will spin 45° so you are facing west to the entrance gate. 
    Shortly after that you fall through the ground in a big nothing, called 
    blue hell. You will respawn at Kaufman Cabs and have to try again. If 
    you perform a superjump and recognize the bike is burning, put in the 
    health cheat. It will repair your bike completely. (health cheat : R1, 
    R2, L1, circle, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up). If you 
    perform a super jump and land on water you will get no statistics for 
    this stunt. If you perform a super jump and the game suddendly stops, 
    you were flying out of the game area. You have to restart the game. 
    Thanks to RimJaw for writing the information and FunkMastaFred09 for 
    giving it to me.
    To do this, get a car and beat it until it is almost on fire. Then, hit a 
    ramp or a unique jump and watch your car fly through the sky. Use Cinematic 
    View when doing this for best effects. Thanks to Manta Ray.
    --Stuntman 2
    To do this, get a helicopter and shoot it until it is on fire. Then, make it 
    take a nosedive into the city's streets below but bail out before it gets too 
    low to the ground. It will look just like an action movie scene thing. Do 
    this in the Cinematic View for the best effects. Thanks to Manta Ray.  
    --Stuntman 3
    To do this, get a PCJ-600 or Sanchez. Now, find a Coach and a Packer. Now you 
    must find a very long road like the straight away in Little Havana or the 
    Airport. Line the Packer up vertically and the Coach horizontally. The Packer 
    should be a couple of feet away from the Coach. The Coach should be in front 
    of the Packer's truck part where the ramp can be driven upon. Now, just shoot 
    the Coach a little and get it on fire. Hop onto your bike and put it into 
    Cinematic View. Now, hit the ramp and it will have a cool action effect. 
    Thanks to Manta Ray. 
    --High Media Attention
    This is a way to get a high media attention level. Have a shootout with the 
    cops in the Vercetti Estate. Even when you have six stars only regular cops 
    on foot can get to you while inside, or even on the roof. You can live 
    forever with all the respawning health, armor, and ammunition. Occasionally 
    stroll out into the backyard to lure in a chopper and blow it up to get 
    attention up fast. You can also snipe tank drivers while standing behind your 
    front wall. Then when you want to get away grab a chopper on the roof or the 
    sea sparrow in the back (if you have it) and fly around collected a couple 
    bribes then go to the pay n' spray. Basically you can go psycho without any 
    repercussions. The Goodfella MP3.
    To do this, put in the Ladies Man and Women Have Weapons cheats. Now, just 
    steal a coach and let them on. Now, when you get off, you will have an army 
    of women following you around. Quite funny. Thanks to Delta9ine. 
    --Dirt Bike Track
    This is pretty fun. Get a 2 or more star wanted level and go to the dirt bike 
    track in Downtown. Now, start the "Trial By Fire" mission by jumping on the 
    Sanchez. Now, you must evade cops and Haitians on the dirt bike track and is 
    really fun. Thanks to Delta9ine.
    --You Shall Never Sing YMCA Again
    To do this, go inside the Malibu Club. Look on the stage and there will be 
    the Village People. Just start beating them up and have fun with it. Taking 
    the Kukri Knife to them is quite fun. If you hated the Village People, you 
    should do this. Release your anger on them. Teach them to make a song that 
    everyone likes (except for normal people). By the way, I'm just kidding about 
    the statement before this one. Take it easy man. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --Helicopter Onto Boat
    To do this, just get a helicopter. Now, hover over a boat you want to steal 
    and just land on it. Then, get out of your helicopter and steal the boat. 
    Thanks to AntHrt. 
    --That'll Teach Them To Drive A Boat Under A Bridge
    To do this, just get on a low or high bridge, it really doesn't matter which. 
    Now, just wait for a boat to pass under the bridge and get your timing right 
    and jump. If you happen to land on the boat, the driver will jump into the 
    ocean and you got a new boat. 
    --Boat Jacking
    To do this, have a boat and drive until you see another boat. All you have to 
    do is line your boat up with another and press Triangle to stop piloting the 
    boat. Now, jump to the other boat and kill its captain. Then you got a new 
    boat. Repeat the process. 
    Another way to steal a boat is to use the Cars Float On Water cheat and get a 
    Caddy. Now, you can ride up the side of some boats with the Caddy so just hop 
    out when you are up on them enough to where you won't go in the water and 
    jump in. Thanks to Big Buck. 
    --Boat Assault
    Okay, first make sure you've got an M60 and a LOT of ammo. 
    Now, grab yourself a boat *(preferably a Squalo) and go out 
    to sea. Cruise around until you spot other boats. BLOW THEM 
    UP!!!!!!!!! What you do is, when you see another boat, press 
    triangle and you'll be in the boat, but not driving it. You're 
    also free to access your weapons. When you blow stuff up to 
    your hearts content, or you see the coast guard coming, just 
    press triangle again and you'll be in the control of the boat 
    again. If your boat takes too much damage and you don't mind 
    cheating (most folks don't when they're just playing around) 
    just put in the health code while you're in control af the boat 
    and VOILA! If you own the Boat Yards, just grab yourself a Squalo, 
    but then you'll start "Checkpoint Charlie". Just don't do it, 
    or do do it, it doesn't matter. Thanks to 
    --Golf Cart Mania
    Go to the Leaf Links Golf Course and steal a golf cart. Now just drive around 
    the golf course ramming people and jumping hills. It is kind of like 
    something you would see on the show Jackass on MTV. Thanks to PatriotsXxXVI.
    --Dare Devil Tommy
    First, I suggest going to a place like Little Havana. Now, go to its 
    main stretch by all of the bridges. Now on to the fun thing. Line 
    up as many cars as you can, lengthways and sideways. Make sure they 
    are going in a straight line ahead of you. Now grab a Packer and 
    put it in line with the cars you are jumping over. Get a good vehicle 
    and try to jump over as many as possible! Try as many cars as 
    possible for bonus fun! I suggest using one of the following cars 
    for this stunt: Infernus, PCJ-600, Sanchez, and Cheetah. Thanks to 
    --Wow They All Hate Me
    To do this, just go to the Pole Position and go inside. Proceed to kill 
    someone and all of the guys watching the show will get pissed. They will 
    attack you. If you kill all of the people in there except for the strippers, 
    they will attack you. Thanks to Killazilla3. 
    --Tree Jumping And Climbing
    Head south of the Print Works, and follow the road until you see a red and 
    yellow supermarket. Just north of the market and across the street is an area 
    full of palm trees. You can climb the angled one at the northeast (it's right 
    beside a vertical one), if you jump at the right spot. There's also an angled 
    one at the southeastern most spot of the area that you can just walk up 
    without jumping. It's a pretty big one. You can also ramp off it with bikes a 
    bit, but you might fall about one-third of the way up. If you can ramp off 
    the tree, it'll be a crazy jump. Thanks to NYR Fan.
    --Mall Mayhem
    To do this, go to the North Point Mall. Go inside and look for the Infernus 
    that is parked on a little platform like a show car. Now, steal it and run 
    over people in the mall with it. Thanks to Icewolf509.
    --Fighting The Man
    To do this, just punch a pedestrian and when he is chasing you to punch you 
    back, position yourself to where he will hit the cop instead of you. Thanks 
    to Oilers Fan. 
    This is a very awesome thing to do. It involves cheats so don't try
    this if you are trying to get that 100%! Ok first of all, drive down to
    Ocean Beach. When you get there, go to the strip of road that has the
    beach by it. Once you're there, steal a lot of cars and line them up
    horizontally to the road so you can fit more on the street than you
    could if you lined them up vertically. Once you get them lined up
    and they fill the street, go and wait for a traffic jam to occur with
    as many cars as you desire. Now the fun begins. If you want to do this
    without doing the cheat, you could always shoot one of the cars in the 
    middle and hope it causes a chain reaction of exploding cars. If you 
    want to use the cheat, put in the Blow Up All Cars cheat. This will
    blow up every car in the game and it truely looks awesome. Very fun
    to do. Thanks to FHS_Cheer for this contribution. 
    --Bobcat Drive-Bys
    To do this, just hop in the back of a Bobcat. Then, you should stay in while 
    it drives around. You can just shoot people until you want to stop. This 
    might be able to be done with a Walton but you might fall out of the back so 
    just be careful if you are going to try it with the Walton. Please note that 
    there is a glitch occurring with this. The glitch causes you to fall down in 
    the back of the truck if a car explodes by you and makes you fall. That isn't 
    the glitch. The glitch is that you can't get up and you will lose health and 
    eventually die. Thanks to Killazilla3 for the strategy and RayEarth5000 for 
    the glitch. 
    --Bailing Has Never Been So Fun
    To do this, get a car or truck but not a motorcycle. Now, when you see a 
    motorcycle, line up with him and bail before you hit him. Thanks to Chi Town 
    --Stress Relief
    If you are pissed at something and need to relieve stress, use the Change 
    Appearance cheat until you find a skin that looks like the person that pissed 
    you off. Now you can do many things like go on top of a roof and jump down, 
    and then repeat, or make them have a bad motorbike crash, or jump out of a 
    plane/helicopter, or drown them, or get cops after you and let the cops take 
    care of them, or blow yourself up with a rocket launcher or bomb. Here's 
    something else you can do. Walk around the streets off vice city and find 
    someone who looks like whoever pissed you off. Kill them, torture them, or do 
    anything you want to them. Then repeat until the stress of them has gone 
    away. For an extra stress remover kill them by running them over on your 
    bike, then wheel-spinning on their head. Thanks to Jono.
    --I Don't Think This Is Supposed To Be Fun
    For some reason, I like getting in a helicopter and flying it to a really 
    tall building. Then, I run up against the helicopter to where it will 
    eventually fall off the side. Then, I just jump off of the building. It's 
    fun. The point of knocking the helicopter off was so you can get back in it 
    and do it again once you hit the ground.
    --Roof To Roof
    Something fun to do is to jump from rooftop to rooftop with the motorcycle 
    like you did in the "G Spotlight" mission. There is a big parking garage by 
    Collars And Cuffs in that little alleyway and you just go straight down and 
    it will be on the right. Go up all the way to the top story and you should 
    notice 2 ramps going in different directions on the top. It is really fun to 
    just jump roofs. I do it all the time. 
    --Bus Of Doom
    To do this, steal a Coach. Now, go to one of the many bus stops across Vice 
    City and pick up some passengers. Now all you have to do is drive it into the 
    water or blow it up but make sure you bail out first if you are going to 
    drive it into the ocean. 
    --Vice City Survival
    This will be the hardest thing you will do while playing this fabulous game. 
    First, head over to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. Now, enter the Pedestrians 
    Have Weapons cheat, Pedestrians Riot cheat, and Pedestrians Hate You cheat. 
    Now, you must run from the Hyman Memorial to the Ocean View Hotel (hotel you 
    first saved your game in at the beginning of the game). Once there, you have 
    passed Vice City Survival. You fail if you get Wasted, Busted, use codes 
    besides the ones that are necessary (listed above), or use a vehicle. Try 
    your best to survive. 
    --Fort Baxter
    To do this, head down to Fort Baxter and go in. Now, try to survive for more 
    than 10 minutes without using codes.
    Try to do a wheelie for at least say, 80 seconds. This can be achieved easier 
    with a Sanchez at the Escobar International Airport. I have seen reports of 
    300 second wheelies so don't say it's impossible. 
    --Wheelies Part II
    First get a Sanchez or a PCJ-600 although a Sanchez will work best 
    for this challenge. Now, head to the Malibu Club. Try to pull a 
    wheelie from the Malibu all the way to Escobar International
    Airport. It has been done so don't think it's impossible. Thanks
    to AquaBlast.
    --Air Born
    First, get a Sea Skimmer or helicopter. Now, fly over to 
    Fort Baxter Air Base. Stay in the air as long as you can 
    without getting blown up by the PMSing soldiers on the 
    ground. This will be hard to do. Thanks to TheReaper.
    --Flight Record
    See the Flight Record in your stats page? Well try to get it
    to over 50 hours. This is a true feat in its own right. Thanks 
    to IX 4001. 
    Try to do a stoppie for at least 20 seconds. To get high times with stoppies, 
    use the Faggio or Pizza Boy and when you get the back wheel in the air, press 
    X and you will keep going down the street. You can only do this with the 
    Faggio and Pizza Boy because it is the only front wheel drive bike.
    --Army Attack
    Try to survive at least an hour without getting Busted or Wasted and having 6 
    stars. Try your best to avoid the Rhino's and you will be good to go on this 
    challenge. Think you are really badass? Well, put on 6 stars and go inside 
    Fort Baxter. Try to survive for at least 10 minutes without using codes. This 
    will be pretty tough. 
    --Try To Resist
    To do this, go and get a big and extremely slow vehicle. Some examples are
    the Trashmaster, Baggage Handler, Fire Truck, and Paramedic (ambulance). Now,
    try to get from the Malibu Club all the way to Escobar Internation Airport
    without hitting one single things. Keep doing it to try to get a good time.
    Thanks to Niai Mitch. 
    To do this, get a motorcycle. It doesn't matter which kind. Now, just
    ride and hit cars. Try to land on the top of any car. If you land on 
    top of the car that you hit, that's even better! Thanks to 
    Try to pass Paramedic level 20. It is barely possible to pass level 12 so try 
    to do 20. Are you up to it?  
    --Tommy Is Now A Motorcycle 
    First, get a bike. Now, drive to a place that has a clothes pick-up. Now, 
    position the bike beside the clothes so that when you get off, you don't pick 
    up the clothes. Now, push the bike on top of the clothes, and get back on the 
    bike. If you have done this right you should pick the clothes up the same 
    time you get on the bike. When the screen fades back up (after putting the 
    clothes on), he should now have "morphed" with the bike. You will not be able 
    to fall off the back, which means you can do some great tricks on the bike. 
    If you push up on the d-pad Tommy will also run with the bike Flintstones 
    style. Thanks to ViceMaster.
    --Flying Cars
    On one occassion, I have seen a car flying in the game. This was not caused
    by the code because I was on the ground and looking up at the car above me.
    It was a flying Cheetah. Pretty cool. I think it's just random so just look
    out for it.
    --And You Thought Disco Was Dead
    To make Tommy disco dance, get a bike such as the PCJ-600. When on, hold R1. 
    While holding R1, hold Square. Now, hold R2 or L2. Tommy will "dance" on the 
    bike. It really works, but it is just a glitch. Thanks to SlashaX.
    --But They Aren't Dead
    On any mission where you have someone following you (for example,
     Lance or Mercedes), get on a bike, and they'll get on the back. 
    Then drive up to your mansion then through the door. When you're inside, 
    Lance or Mercedes will disappear and you'll fail the mission because 
    it tells you that they are dead. Thanks to MiracleWhip. 
    --Just What Are You Doing
    Nebular7000 had 3 bodyguards following him. He MP5ed a guy 
    on a bike with a passenger. Only the driver died but the 
    passenger just stayed there on the bike. Then, all of a sudden, 
    2 of his bodyguards morphed half-way into the bike. He shot one 
    and then they poped out again. He took the bike and just as He 
    did that, the passenger got off. Thanks to Nebular7000.
    --Well That Just Plain Old Sucks
    When CrazyDude was playing through the game, he got to the mission 
    "Rub Out" and failed it at the last minute. When he tried it again, 
    the white door to get into Diaz's mansion would not open, and he had 
    to restart his PlayStation2, causing him to lose hours of playtime. 
    Thanks to CrazyDude.
    --What The Hell
    First, go and get a police car. Now, go to the Hyman Memorial 
    Stadium. Make sure that the event that is going on is the 
    Bloodring. Drive the car over by the doors and get it really close. 
    Get out and enter. When the screen starts to fade, turn around and 
    quickly run to the police car and get in. You should now be driving
    2 cars in the derby! Thanks to DDP886. 
    --Hallow Wall
    First get a car and drive it to the Roxor building. Go to the 
    right side and down the ramp. Stop before you reach the bottom 
    and there should be a ledge. Park the car next to the ledge and 
    jump on the car. Once on top of the car jump on to the ledge. 
    Walk on the ledge to the back, then walk along the wall. You'll 
    eventually come to a non-solid part and you'll walk right through 
    it. If you walk to the front after your inside, you'll fall down 
    and respawn outside.  Thanks to Panther34.
    --Little Havana Streetwear
    The Little Havana Streetwear store seems to have a random glitch where it 
    won't let you get the Havana outfit. It makes an invisible wall right in 
    front of the costume pick up and there isn't any way around it. This doesn't 
    happen to all people but does to some. 
    I have just received a contribution with a cure for this glitch. To do this, 
    go to Little Havana Streetwear with a motorcycle. Ride the motorcycle inside 
    and blow it up. Now, jump onto the blown up bike. Now, face the clothes icon 
    and jump towards it. You should fall through the floor and end up outside 
    wearing the clothes. Thanks to Danvibe. 
    --Now That's Being Loyal
    This glitch may contain spoilers so read at your own risk. When
    doing the mission "Cap The Collector", Asasin rammed the Sanchez's
    to knock the riders off. When he did, only the driver flew off and
    the passenger stayed on. Suddenly, the bike took off. Turns out, the
    passenger was still sitting back and wasn't controlling the bike yet 
    the bike was still going. I guess the dead guy's spirit took control
    of the bike. Now that's loyalty! Thanks to Asasin.
    --Ghost Woman
    First, type the Women Follow You cheat in and get on a bike. Wait until 
    someone gets on and then drive to the ocean. Go in slowly in reverse until u 
    start losing health then drive out when you are down 2 points then the women 
    will disappear. If you look left or right, you can see a ghost of her and you 
    will leave blood marks everywhere you go (will be from the tires) and hear 
    crunching noises like you are running someone over. Drive around and when you 
    get bored, drive the bike into the sea and you will fall off. The women will 
    reappear next to you and you will see her drown for the second time but you 
    will die as well. Thanks to JacGel.
    --Stuck In Wall Or Floor
    Sometimes if you crash too hard on a PCJ-600 or any other bike, you can get 
    yourself stuck in the wall. To get unstuck from the floor, just jump around a 
    bit and you will eventually get out of it. To get unstuck from the wall, a 
    few people have managed to jump out of it or run out of it. Thanks to Darth 
    --Make Car Not Blow Up
    If you have a vehicle that is on fire, all you have to do is go on the save 
    game thing and press cancel when it pops up and your car won't be on fire 
    anymore. Thanks to Darth Todd. 
    --Infinite Ammo
    If you do a Rampage, sometimes a glitch will happen that causes you to get 
    infinite ammo for a gun that you were using in the Rampage. No one knows what 
    causes this. I guess it is just a random mess up.  
    --Fly Under The City
    First, get a helicopter (preferably the hunter) and head toward the Malibu. 
    Now, go to the hotel with the awning by the beach and fly under it and go up 
    you will be in the underworld, but if your go to high you will end up on land 
    or water. Thanks to Icewolf509. 
    --Motorcycle Passenger
    Go look for a motorcycle (I only tried with PCJ-600) with 2 people on it. 
    Pull up next to the bike to see whom the driver is. Ram the bike from behind 
    but not too hard you don't want them dead. Shoot the driver when he's on the 
    ground. Hop on the bike and the passenger will get on the back with you. If 
    you want to experience yet another part of the glitch, drive to a part of the 
    beach where there is shallow water, drive your bike in so you lose health but 
    not to far because you need to drive back up on land. Now drive up and the 
    passenger will be dead and every couple of seconds you'll hear a crunching 
    sound like you ran him over, and you'll be leaving a blood trail wherever you 
    go. Also if you look to the sides of your bike you'll see the ghost of the 
    passenger still on the bike with you. The crunching sound is quite funny. 
    Thanks to Icewolf509.
    --Mario's Magic Jump
    This requires 100 percent completion of the game so you cannot do it if you 
    don't have 100% done. First, go get your bodyguards that you can hire. Now, 
    go to the roof of the Vercetti Estate and get in the Maverick. Now, go to a 
    tall building and land. Now, get out and get back in. Now, fly away and the 
    bodyguards should levitate themselves on top of the helicopter. Thanks to 
    Blood Thirsty Kain. 
    --Ghost World
    To get the Ghost World, all you have to do is bring the Caddy into an indoor 
    area like the Malibu Club or the Vercetti Estate. Everything will now look 
    inside out. Strange.
    You can also access it from the Vercetti Estate by flying the Sea Sparrow or 
    any other helicopter under the pool house entrance. Thanks to Icewolf509. 
    Get a helicopter, (Hunter seems hard to fit) and go to the Malibu. Head north 
    till you get to I think what is the building you take pictures from in the 
    "Martha's Mugshot", just look for the building that has 2 really tall tarnish 
    parts, with a aquamarine-light greenish middle sandwiched in. The bottom of 
    the protrusion on the middle one is not solid, and just move left and then 
    fly right on into the building, and down through the hole. To leave either 
    come back the way you came or just go down to pop back up where you came 
    from. Thanks to Xell101.
    --Dinghy Danger
    If you get in a Dinghy and happen to flip it over while still in the water, 
    you can keep driving and won't even lose health. I bet the cops can't hit you 
    if they are shooting at you either but I have not tried doing that. Thanks to 
    --Stop Car In The Middle Of The Air
    If you hit a ramp and the car barrel rolls, make sure the drivers side is top 
    then hit the bail out button and you stop mid air, standing on the car. 
    Thanks to Icewolf509.
    --Standing On Air
    To do this, just bring a motorcycle into Apartment 3C. The game won't load 
    and you will be standing on air. Thanks to KeepOnRollin. 
    If you steal the Voodoo from the "Guardian Angel" mission, the game will 
    freeze up if you drive it around for too long. Thanks to Nash. 
    There is a group of 4 cars at the Escobar International Airport following 
    each other in a single file pattern. If you turn away, 2 of them will vanish 
    leaving 2 cars. If one of them drives into the airplane, it will drive up and 
    over and then continue to fly in midair. If you shoot it with the Bazooka, it 
    will just drop, then drive off and vanish. Thanks to Journeyman.
    By the El Swanko Casa condo, Tommy's feet will be buried in the ground if 
    it's raining, and his bike will drive like that as well. Just keep jumping to 
    get out, as he will not be able to walk up the stairs. Thanks to Journeyman. 
    --Take A Motorcycle Into Malibu Club And Vercetti Estate
    To do this, just speed towards the entrances and bail off at the last second. 
    When you walk inside, they should be laying on the floor somewhere. 
    --Morphing With People
    Strynki was on foot in Downtown and had a Colt Python in his hand. He shot at 
    a guy on a yellow PCJ-600. He didn't jump in the air and just stopped slowly. 
    But before he had completely stopped, Strynki ran to the PJC and stole it. He 
    didn't punch the guy, and just jumped onto the motorcycle, and morphed with 
    the guy. Really weird glitch. Thanks to Strynki.
    --Be A Passenger
    Find someone that is riding in a golf cart and jack it. Then when they try to 
    get back in, position the cart so that when they try to get back in they are 
    entering in the passenger seat. If they enter the passenger seat, they morph 
    in your body and they control the cart. Now, you can just sit back and watch 
    where the computer takes you. Thanks to Aros.
    --Be A Passenger 2
    After 100% completing. Take the bodyguards and jack a car (taxi is fine) and 
    let the bodyguards get in. Position the car so that when the driver tries to 
    get back in, they are entering in the passenger seat. If he/she enters the 
    passenger seat, you can just sit back and watch where the computer takes you. 
    Think it works with all the cars. If the driver tries to take the car back 
    and you have a bodyguard in the passenger seat, the bodyguard should take 
    care of them. Thanks to Cays.
    --That Golfer Just Kicked That Cubans Butt
    When I was doing the missions for Sunshine Autos, I eventually had to steal 
    the Caddy, the golf cart. When I was going to steal it, I got it and the 
    passenger who happened to be a man, didn't get out. So I was going to just 
    drive back to Sunshine Autos but then I saw a Cuban Hermes and I also needed 
    it so I thought I'd get the Cuban Hermes and push the Caddy with it thus 
    getting 2 cars at one time. So I get out and hurry and run to pull out the 
    guy in the Cuban Hermes and I get in. So now the golfer gets out with a golf 
    club and swings it at the Cuban. So I drive off because I thought he was 
    after me but accidentally swung at him. As I drive away, I looked back and I 
    see the golf guy still beating the Cuban with the golf club and more Cubans 
    coming to help the Cuban that is dieing. The golfer takes them all out. I 
    tried this a few other times and it has seemed to work. It is pretty funny. 
    If you take a Caddy or any motorcycle into the Malibu Club, everything inside 
    will be green looking. Strange. 
    The supercop is a cop that can bust you in just about any place! You could 
    be going as fast as you can on say a PCJ-600, with no cop in sight (with a 
    wanted level of course)m and you will suddenly get knocked off and busted. 
    Or you can get a wanted level of some sort, 3 or more, and get in a Helicopter 
    and rise as high as you can, and begin slowly moving forward to stay up 
    there, but suddenly the door flies open and you come dropping out with a 
    cop standing right next to you, gun down right at you and your Helicopter 
    lying on top of you, busted. There is no way to kill him at all. The supercop 
    also has super human speed. He runs faster than the PCJ-600 at top speed. 
    The supercop is a menace to criminals worldwide! We must find a way to stop 
    --Game Freezing
    Anal Wolf was just playing vice city now, enjoying a flight in the Sea 
    Sparrow, when he encountered an evil glitch. Usually when you fly to the edge 
    of the map, the game simply automatically turns you away, rather than letting 
    you continue off into the not-created area of the ocean. Well, if you go as 
    far north as possible then go as far eastward as possible (so you end up at 
    the top left of the map, well actually if you go all the way as I said you 
    wont appear on the map, the big pink "you are here" arrow is nowhere to be 
    seen.) Anyway, if you get to this point, the game simply crashes, the music 
    continues to play, but the game freezes. There are no other places that have 
    been noted to have this happen. He then loaded up his game again and went to 
    the same area again to see if what happened was just a coincidence, but his 
    game crashed once again. Both times he was flying around in the Sea Sparrow 
    (but I assume it works with any helicopter and presumably the skimmer plane 
    also). Thanks to Anal Wolf.
    Sometimes the game will freeze if you have saved your game with cheats. 
    Thanks to DabXCarRacer182. 
    --Well That Sucks
    Jason_Mc was searching the platforms in the water around the Boatyard when he 
    found a Rampage. He picked it up and nothing happened, but the mission timer 
    kept going and when he failed, he was unable to pick up any Costumes or 
    Rampages. That's very weird. Thanks to Jason_Mc.
    If you go to one of the sides of Kaufman Cabs and hit the wall from the 
    outside with a melee weapon or your fists, it will not do any visible damage. 
    But, if you hit one side, go around to the opposite side and there will be 
    damage to the wall. Thanks to Anal Wolf. 
    --Flying Under The Water
    Get the sea sparrow (or other small helicopter, but you wont be able to get 
    back up without it...) and fly to the back of your (Diaz') mansion. Carefully 
    fly (precision needed here) into the back room/indoor pool area. Once you get 
    near the back wall, fly up into the ceiling. You will go through it, but 
    don't go too high. Fly forwards, into the mansion/void/space thing, and once 
    a few feet ahead of the poolroom, descend, and you will go underwater. You 
    can fly anywhere you want. To get back up, simply fly up, through the water. 
    The Sea Sparrow's feet catch the water and you appear floating on the top 
    again. I haven't tried it with another copter, so you may drown when you 
    attempt to fly back up. Anyway, when trying to get down here, there are a few 
    areas above the pool room you can fly in, and once you learn these areas you 
    can do this trick easily, it takes a few tries to learn the route. Thanks to 
    Good Killing Spree Spots
    This section just gives spots around Vice City where you could easily kill 
    people and make a quick escape and evade cops.
    --Staircase By Ammunation
    This is a good spot because there is a gun store and a dispensary near it. 
    The dispensary has health icons in it. If you own the Hyman Condo, you could 
    hurry to it and evade via helicopter if the heat is coming down on you. 
    Thanks to Killazilla3. 
    --Escobar International
    First, go and get a helicopter. Now, land on top of Escobar 
    International. That's a great place to kill people. You're only worry
    is the police helicopters. Thanks to AdaonGP.
    --Hyman Memorial Stadium
    To do this, you will need a helicopter. First, land on the ring in 
    front of the Stadium. Now, just snipe people to your desire. Thanks to
    --Ocean Beach Pay N Spray
    This Pay N Spray in particular is very good. It can not only 
    get rid of the cops, but it has a great location. Just around
    the corner of it is a place where there is a parked sports car
    and a parked PCJ-600. There is also a stairway and cops hate
    stairways so you will be safe up there. Thanks to AdaonGP.
    --Pay N Spray 
    The Pay N Sprays are good killing spree spots. You can park a car inside the 
    Pay N Spray and get out and if the heat gets too bad, you can just go in the 
    Pay N Spray and hop in the car and it will automatically close the door 
    causing you to lose your wanted level. Thanks to Addbo. 
    The lighthouse is a good spot because there are people walking all around the 
    dock and the beach and you can get them from there. You can go to the top of 
    the lighthouse by going inside the lighthouse when its doors open and go up 
    the stairs. Thanks to x6xboxer6x. 
    --Doughnut Shop And Police Station
    The doughnut shop is a good spot because it will be kind of hard for the 
    police to reach you and the police station across from it is a good place 
    also even though it is a police station. Thanks to x6xboxer6x. 
    --The Malibu Club
    A good spot is at the second story of the Malibu Club. To get there, just go 
    up the stairs by the bar. Now, when you enter the room, turn left and look 
    down. You should see the dance floor and the people. Now you take it from 
    --Helicopter Accessible Buildings
    Places that are only accessible by helicopter are good places. These are good 
    places because the Army can't get to you. Thanks to Tommy Vercetii. 
    --Skumhole Shack
    This is one of the best places because you can just start shooting people and 
    when you are about to die because say the Army is coming or something, you 
    can just go save your game and when it loads back, voila, no more wanted 
    level. Thanks to Tommy Vercetii. 
    Another way to use this to your advantage is to park a car at the base of the 
    stairs so no cops can run up the stairs to reach you. Now all you have to 
    worry about is those pesky helicopters. Thanks to Skyruler54. 
    These are good places because you don't have loads of police cars to deal 
    with. You only have to worry about the Army and the police in boats and they 
    can all easily be dealt with. Thanks to Tommy Vercetii. 
    These are good places because you can save and the stars will go away. Thanks 
    to Tommy Vercetii. 
    These are good places because you can save and the stars will go away. Also, 
    a few of them have weapons pick ups around them if you have done enough 
    packages. You also have access to cars if you have one in your garage. Thanks 
    to Tommy Vercetii. 
    --Second Floor Of Sunshine Autos
    This is a good spot because police won't go to the top floor and helicopters 
    can't shoot you because of the roof. You also have access to cars and a Pay N 
    Spray at Sunshine Autos. Thanks to Noskils32. 
    --Cherry Popper's Ice Cream Factory Roof
    To get to the roof, go up the staircase on the left side of it. Park a car by 
    the staircase for a quick escape if needed. Thanks to Killazilla3.
    --Print Works Roof
    To get to the roof, just go up the stairs. There is Body Armor nearby so you 
    can get it if you get low on health. Also, use the car strategy like in the 
    Cherry Popper's Roof strategy. Thanks to Killazilla3. 
    --Inside Washington Mall
    Inside the Washington Mall would be a good place since it is pretty wide open 
    and you have easy access to cars in the parking lot. If you can, try to park 
    a bike beside you so that you can get away from the cops easier. 
    --Apartment 3C
    This is a good place because there is a car outside the apartments and you 
    can take cover behind rails. To get to Apartment 3C, check the Easter Eggs 
    section for the Chainsaw Scene From Scarface or something like that. 
    --Inside North Point Mall
    Inside the North Point Mall is a good place because there are numerous places 
    to change clothes and there is an Ammunation and Hardware Store. You can 
    change clothes at both the Hardware Store and The Gash, which is on the 
    second floor. If you don't have the change clothes icons yet there, just go 
    outside and there will be a car parked outside if you go out in the right 
    doors. If there isn't, just steal one off of the highway. 
    --El Swanko Casa
    This is a good place. First, go to the balcony. Now, you can shoot away at 
    the pedestrians and helicopters won't be able to reach you because the roof 
    is giving you cover. Thanks to adielaird. 
    Single Made Up Missions
    These are some made up missions that will be fun if you are out of things to 
    do. For more than these, go to GTAdomain.CJB.net. 
    --Hunt Down The Traitor
    Objective- kill Pepa (Cuban gangster)
    According to Umberto Robina, Pepa stole money from the gang and usually goes 
    to party in Malibu. Go there at exact 7:00(night) and kill him, but do not 
    harm any other people.
    Pepa- blue jeans, white Cuban gang top	
    Thanks to LCPD
    Objective- Kill 5 small groups of gangsters
    These gangsters are losers!! They must stop hanging out near the InterGlobal 
    Films studios! Kill 5 groups of them and make them scare! You must not bring 
    any weapons; you must show respect and fight like a man! Fist vs. guns! 
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Hunter Jacking
    Use a cheat code and change Tommy into a different skin. (I use Sonny 
    Forrelli.) You are now a good old-fashioned Mafia soldier, and you take your 
    orders from big Tommy Vercetti. Your current mission is to take three 
    bodyguards and infiltrate the Air Force Base, resulting in stealing the 
    Hunter. Then, take it to the Vercetti Estate. Thanks to Sepiroth154.
    --Sonny's Back
    Rosenberg has just got word that Sonny is coming to town. Not 
    Sonny Forelli you jackass! You killed him, remember? Anyway, 
    Sonny Gringo is coming to Vice City to deal drugs via "his women". 
    You need to stop this, seeing as YOU have to deal the drugs in 
    this town!
    Find a pimp (leather pants, red jacket, cowboy hat) between the 
    hours of 23:00 and 4:00. Kill him, and 20 Hookers. 
    2 catches: You must finish exactly three hours from when you started, 
    because if word gets out about this guy, we'll lose business. Second, 
    all the hookers must be found within a two block radius of the Pimp, 
    otherwise, you'll be killing innocent hookers (did that make sense?). 
    Thanks to ThirdWoodenNickel.
    --Psycho Killer
    Put the Jason costume on, and head outside. Get into a Walton, and pick up a 
    prostitute. (It doesn't matter which one) Take your woman out to Ocean Beach, 
    and park in the middle of the sand. Get out of the car and start slicing her. 
    When she runs, chase after her under the moonlit sky. It's really beautiful 
    watching a hockey-masked killer chase a woman at night on the beach. Thanks 
    to Sepiroth154.
    --Vice City Sniper
    Objectives: It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals 
    being employed at The Malibu Club have been smuggling goods from the company. 
    It is not known whom these individuals are but we are certain that one of the 
    doormen, a few dancers and some security guards inside are involved. Kill all 
    of them!!! All doormen! All Dancers! All Guards! You need to be stealthy, so 
    take out the doormen with a sniper rifle from a nearby rooftop...then head 
    inside and use Molotov cocktails to torch the place in a hurry. After you 
    have done this make yourself scarce and DO NOT GET BUSTED!!! Thanks to 
    Objective: As all VCPR listeners are aware, Pastor Richards is a big time 
    golf enthusiast but the local "Leafy Links Golf Club" has denied him a 
    membership. Force them to rethink their decision!!! Kill as many golfers as 
    possible and raise absolute hell!!! Thanks to KtuluVrock. 
    --Strike Zone
    This is more of a mini-game than a mission. Get a PCJ 600 and take it 
    downtown. Speed down the road leading north to Ammunation and bail before you 
    hit the stair ramp. Try to get the PCJ 600 to sail over the ramp and right 
    through the Ammunation entrance. Bonus if it blows up inside and kills the 
    Ammunation guy. Thanks to MikeyGarcia. 
    --Rug Burn 
    Get in a fire truck and drive around hitting people off of motorcycles. Try 
    to get 10 in 5 minutes. There's a catch, though. The people on the 
    motorcycles MUST die. If they get up, it doesn't count. You can try to hit 
    them off again, but they have to die by flying off their bike. Thanks to 
    Point: Survive
    What And How: Go to parking garage and grab a car you like. You should then 
    kill a cop and gain three stars. The objective is to see how long you can 
    last in that single car once it's on fire the game is over, see how long you 
    survived if it's over 40 minutes you can call yourself Helicki prodogy. 
    Thanks to Kronic. 
    Point: 2 day's steal 37 cars all must be delivered to the lot near 8-balls 
    bomb shop.
    What And How: You must steal the following car's and deliver it to our 
    contact leave the door open when you get it and bring the next one if you see 
    some previously cars you retrieved missing we have already stored it in the 
    garage. Here is your list of car's we need. Thanks to Kronic. 
    Sentinel XS
    FBI Washington
    Blista Compact
    BF Injection
    These must be done within two days (in the game of course)
    --Car Crash King
    This is more of a mini game than a made up mission. Just see how many cars 
    you can destroy with your car. Thanks to Kronic.
    --Get It While It's Hot
    Objectives: A recent spree of thefts has occurred and we've lost some 
    valuable merchandise. A man named "El Burro" is to blame for these 
    unfortunate circumstances. Pose as a Pizza Boy. (You'll need a submachine gun 
    for this mission) El Burro usually hangs around Hyman Memorial Stadium and 
    often wears jeans and a red leather jacket. Find him and deliver his 
    order...a shotgun round, right in the chest!!! Thanks to KtuluVrock. 
    --Kill The Killer 
    Objective: There have been a number of killings by El Burro. Kill him before 
    he goes on another killing spree. He will be around any sports with a lot of 
    people (Mall, Beach, ETC). He will be dressed in a brown leather jacket. 
    Thanks to Pujols.
    --Undercover Brother
    OBJECTEVE: Go Kill 10 gang members in each gang
    You lose if: 
    Get Busted
    Get Wasted
    Use Cheats
    Thanks to Pujols. 
    Objective- collect money from shopkeeper
    James works in the Ryton Aid near the Little Haiti only at 5:00pm or 6:00am, 
    he works only for 2 hours. Don't kill the wrong guy. James' a tough man, so 
    bring a shotgun or he won't get scared. Make him pay you $1000 and leave the 
    shop. Bring a fast car; James' Uncle's a FBI, so James got cops as 
    bodyguards. The bodyguards stay in a small house near the shop, it will only 
    take 2 seconds to get to the shop if anything happens.
    James-brown pants, brown top and wear glasses	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Get That O
    Objective- pick up Jenna and kill her
    Drive around in the streets of the Ocean View, and pick up Jenna. Do whatever 
    you want to do with her and then kill her. 
    Jenna-Black bra, black shorts, short hair	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Raining Blood
    We have had a recent situation with the French...It seems that our good 
    friend, Colonel Juan Cortez, was maliciously attacked by these ingrates. We 
    need to retaliate! The French own several pieces of property throughout the 
    city. The mainly are located in Downtown, Vice Point and the Docks. Take the 
    Hunter and kill everything that you see in these areas especially the 
    pedestrians. Create a bloodbath to drive down the property value in these 
    areas. With any luck, the French will lose their holds in the city and move 
    out. Thanks to KtuluVrock.
    --Tea Money Must Be Hidden
    Objective- take money, put in car and blow it up
    5 prisoners escaped last week and robbed 2 stores, they hid the money in Cafe 
    Robina. My men saw Ken take it. He's the one that makes tea. Go pay a visit 
    as soon as possible, get the money then put the money in car. Visit 8-ball 
    and Boom! Make sure you do not kill Ken. 
    Ken-brown pants, brown top and wear glasses.
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Get Those Boys
    Objective- kill the 5 prisoners
    Here are the locations of the men
    1.Sam- He's going to be working in Ammunation in North Point Mall. This guy's 
    armed (be careful)
    2.Joey-He's the guy with cars; he loves to drive around in Downtown. His car 
    is a blue sport car. We don't know what car he may drive, but we are very 
    sure it will be blue. Find him.
    3.Ron-biker, he's the watcher that stands all day outside of the biker shop 
    next to Greasy Chopper.
    4.George-hacker, he loves pizza. Maybe you can find him there? George- gray 
    hair, blue suit or green suit and his shoulders are some how not even. 
    5. this guy's unknown	
    Thanks to LCPD.
    --The Unknown
    Objective- kill everyone that seem to be him
    We don't really know who this guy is. He's a pimp and that's all we know. Now 
    the two places for pimps are the Pole Position and Malibu. Just in case, go 
    to both and kill all the males.	
    Thanks to LCPD.
    --Clean Up After Yourself
    Objective- clean up
    Hey, you have to watch out man! The cops got a file of the things you did! 
    Ok, go to Vice City Police Department in the right side island. Get in there; 
    hold a gun and act like a fool. Get six stars! By then, the whole place will 
    be messed up! I'm sure they won't notice they lost your file. 
    Thanks to LCPD.
    --Donut cars
    Objective-get the cars for me please
    Get a normal police car and FBI cars (any kind, but I need 5 of them). Bring 
    all these to the garage of Kaufman Cabs.	
    Thanks to LCPD.
    Objective- steal the goody
    I know I may sound nuts, but I need this to be done.
    Governments of Vice City bought a nice Hunter from Russia.
    It will be in the Air Base, steal it and fly! One more thing, I don't know if 
    you are used to the controls of if but go ahead and press the R3 button. Then 
    the radar will show the guys you need to kill before you can hand the hunter 
    to us (go up to level 3). Drop the hunter on top of one of the big ships in 
    the left side island (Vice Port). Please drop it during nighttime; it's 
    easier for us to transfer it to China.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    Objective- kill the agents
    The Chinese thank for your great work, but the Yakuza are not. They wanted 
    hunter, but paid very little, so that's why we gave it to the Chinese. The 
    Japanese sent about 20 agents to Vice City, they going to blow the whole city 
    up! My men went around to find them and here's where they are planting the 
    bombs! Save Vice City! 
    Hyman Memorial Stadium (10 of them)
    Escobar International Airport (5)
    The ocean View Hotel (5)	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Hell Fire
    Objective- collect weapon, steal a coach and burn it in front of shop
    Here's a little mission for you, but you will need something to do this. Go 
    to Tacopalypse in the left side island in Downtown. When you arrive there, 
    you will see the item you need in the corner. Now all you need is a coach. 
    Drive around and find it. When you see one, get on and pick up some 
    passengers. Now head to "Screw This" tool shop in Little Havana. Park it in 
    front and burn it!	
    Thanks to LCPD.
    --Rich Man Got Holes In The Head
    Objective- kill Jack in the Box
    Without the mask, it's pretty hard to tell who he is. But! We know that he 
    still wears the suit after work. Jack loves to go to other food courts, 
    malls, strip clubs and walk around in town! Luckily, we got where and when he 
    goes. Kill all the ones that look like him, so we don't see him on TV no 
    1. 2 pizza places- we are not sure which one he will go, but we know that he 
    goes there everyday at 2:00pm
    2. strip club- Pole Position, I'm sure you will see him there at 11:00pm.
    3. North Point Mall- If you don't see him there, don't waste your time.
    4. in the streets of Downtown or the beach.
    Jack in the box-suit-Grey top and brown bottom?
    Thanks to LCPD.
    --Short On Cash
    Tommy is short on cash and needs some money. You must go and rob every store 
    in 2 game days. You fail if you use the Pay N Spray, get Wasted, or get 
    Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo. 
    --Haitian Troubles
    Go and get the Little Haiti costume and a Haitian gang car. Now, go and 
    drive-by 50 Haitians. Now, go to the Print Works and kill all Haitians in 
    that area. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to 
    --Haitian Troubles #2
    First, go and get the Little Haiti costume and then go get a Haitian gang 
    car. Go and drive-by all of the Haitians in the Kaufman Cabs and Print Works 
    area. Then, go blow up 5 Haitian gang cars. You fail if you get Wasted or 
    Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo. 
    --Last Zenith I
    Mitch has taken more bullets from the Sharks then he'd care to sustain. A few 
    buddies from 'Nam are going to try and scare them out of town. The only 
    problem is, some FBI agents have intercepted a call and are now chasing Mitch 
    everywhere. Mitch needs you to get to them. Currently they're at the air 
    force base, but are being watched too closely to move, but "Big" Mitch told 
    them to look for a soldier filled up with 9mm Uzi ammo.
    Objectives: Pick up the 9mm Uzi ammo near the Greasy Chopper. Then, go to the 
    Ammu-nation in North Point and buy at least 500 rounds of ammunition. Go 
    around, killing Sharks until you have 3 stars. Then, get in an Angel or 
    Freeway and use the wanted level cheat twice until you have 6 stars. Look for 
    a Tank. Kill him with the Uzi, and get in the Tank, making sure you use the 
    9mm Uzi. Do the lower wanted level cheat, get out, and wait for another 
    military vehicle to arrive, making sure to stay in one lane. If it's a 
    Barracks OL, this is Ortega, who will assist you later. If it's a Tank, this 
    is Lao, who will also assist you. When the vehicle passes, get in the Tank 
    and drive it to Hyman. You'll get a phone call.
    "Alright we're ready. Just tell us where." Thanks to Skystar Rose. 
    --Cubans Gone Mad
    Objective: go and kill 3 groups of Haitians with hand-to-hand combat. Then, 
    go and steal a Haitian gang car and bring it to Cafe Robina. Do this and 
    mission complete. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. 
    --Gang Warfare
    All the gangs are declaring absolute "war" on each other. You are hired by 
    Kent Paul to lead the Cubans to victory over the Haitians, hated over most. 
    The meeting place happens to be Starfish Island, for a large arena. Just as 
    you enter Starfish Island, you receive a phone call from Ken, saying that it 
    was a set up, in order to kill Tommy and take over his business. They have 
    sealed off the gates, and have secured the helicopter. Escape S.I., and head 
    over to Ken's place, avoiding swarms of Haitian and Cuban psycho cars out to 
    have your head.
    Objectives: 1. Lead the Cuban car convoy to Starfish Island
    2. (Upon reaching starfish island) help kill some Haitians.
    3. (After a certain period of time) escape Starfish Island by "the fastest 
    boat" by the mansion's docks.
    4. Get to Ken's place, where you receive your money and plan for an assault.
    Thanks to TerraX13. 
    --Sports Car Mania
    Objective: Bring 1 of each of the following cars and bring them to one of 
    your garages.
    You fail if you get Busted or Wasted. Thanks to Vcfreak. 
    --Police Brutality
    Objectives: Got to the Police Station near Club Malibu and kill every police 
    man in there. After that, get a Coach or other very large vehicle and rig it 
    with a bomb at 8-Balls. Take the car the Fort Baxter Air Base, try up to the 
    gates and bail out. Once the Vehicle is inside blow it up. Then try and get 
    to a Pay N' Spray and you win. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks 
    to the_jugglin_juggalo. 
    --Drop The Dead Body
    Its 4:00AM and you get a phone call in your ocean view hotel. Jimmy "The Tulip" 
    Tudeski, a good friend of yours has been arrested by the police, and has used his 
    phone call to call you. You see the Cops have him down for Murder, However Jimmy 
    knows they haven't found the body yet, as he conveniently stashed the body in a 
    golf cart located at leaf links golf course. However he knows it wont remains 
    unfound for much longer. He wants you to get to Leaf links, find the golf cart, 
    and dump it in the ocean at Washington Beach.  
    Its 4:00AM 
    You have 1 hour (Game time to find the body) 
    once you get the body (golf cart) up your wanted level to 3 stars. You now have to 
    make it to Washington Beach using only the golf cart. Only thing is you cannot let 
    the cops see you dumping the body, so you have to loose them using cop bribes 
    only. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to The_Preacher. 
    --Renegade Taxi Driver
    Objectives: Get the job outfit, a chainsaw, and a taxi. Turn on Taxi Missions 
    and go around picking up people, after you pick them up take them to a remote 
    place and kill them. Do this until you get 3 stars and then kill cops until 
    the FBI comes, when they come go get sprayed. You must have your original 
    Taxi at the Pay N Spray. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.
    --The Big Bambino
    Someone in your gang is a rat!
    Objectives: Someone's been talking to the cops about your "operation", he's 
    hanging out in the Malibu. But he is incognito, so be safe and kill everyone 
    in the place with a baseball bat, even the bouncers and the bartender. Thanks 
    to the_jugglin_juggalo.
    --All Gone Wrong
    Seems that all your assets are not answering your calls. You go to see what's 
    wrong and ken's bloody head is in your office of the Vercetti Estate. You see 
    a note attached that says, "We are taken back this town -People". You ask 
    around on the street and it seems there was a gang called the people group 
    and they used to b the most feared people ever...GET REVENGE
    Objective: You have no idea who they are so first drive from Vercetti estate 
    to the biker bar. You learn there old headquarters used to b where the 
    airport is today. Go to the airport and kill the first 10 people you see. *DO 
    NOT GET THE COPS OFF OF YOU*. After you kill the 10th person he has a note 
    that tells you that Mr. Black wants to see you. Get to the phone in the 
    airport. Mr. Black tells you he wants a 1 on one fight. Go to the Kaufman cab 
    company. You see it was a set up and it was really the Haitians. Kill 50 of 
    them. **Still with the cops on you**. When you are done drive to the nearest 
    pay and spray. YOU WIN!!! Thanks to Grand Theft Hobo.
    --Last Zenith II
    Your message has been sent. Unfortunately, the Sharks have caught Mitch. The 
    Sharks know that eventually the bikers would come for them, so they set up a 
    bomb near the Greasy Chopper. Everyone knows that the Sharks could not just 
    walk in and plant it, so they sent a group of KGB's to do it for them - 
    military vs. military. Unbeknownst to them, Mitch's boys are out of the 
    service now. When they began to set the bomb up, they simultaneously died 
    from a bullet between the eyes. It is then that you see a man dressed quite 
    fashionably, holding a smoking M4. "Hey you! What's with the gun?" Tommy 
    says, shoving the man against the wall. The man narrows his eyes, as if 
    ashamed that you did not notice something. "Those were Reds on the Shark 
    payroll. If I didn't get them, you'd be dead by now. You think you can talk 
    to me like that! Think again!" "I don't need to listen to your ego, and I own 
    this town! I listen to nobody!" "You look like a sissy." The man said, 
    grabbing Tommy by his collar and raising him a good 3 feet. Tommy's henchmen 
    broke through the door, Sub-machine guns blazing. The man merely dodged to 
    the left, and shot each one in the head within a fraction of a second. He 
    threw Tommy to the ground. "You own this town, Eh? Don't go about picking 
    your business with those you can't handle!" "Oh!", said Vercetti, taking out 
    a shotgun. "Eat this you little *****!" At point blank he fired at the man's 
    head. He seemed to vanish, then reappear. The man shot once at the shotgun, 
    knocking it to the ground. Tommy shivered. "What the hell are you!"
    "I'm Ortega, the best marks man there ever was. With an attitude like that, 
    you must be that Vercetti guy. Well then, let's see if you can back up your 
    claims. Take my gun, and get 10 headshots. You can't be hit once. If you can 
    do that, then you are worthy of taking down the Sharks with me. But for now, 
    there's no way you can fathom my skill. We got to tell them Sharks we mean 
    business! I want to see every Shark shudder in fear whenever they leave that 
    Shack that they call a hideout. Scare them so bad, that they'll think twice 
    before messing with us!"
    Objectives: Start at the Greasy Chopper, and get 10 headshots with the M4 
    without getting hit. Then, get in a Gang Burrito, go to the Junkyard and kill 
    20 Haitians, again, without getting hit. After that you are allowed to loose 
    health. Get a Voodoo and get it rigged. Make sure to get hijacked by a shark, 
    and blow it up as he runs away. The Haitians will declare a gang war on the 
    Sharks. Once finished, get another Gang Burrito, dress up in the Bank Job 
    outfit, and start murdering Cubans. The Cubans will stall their war with the 
    Haitians for now and start one with the Sharks. Get a bike and go back to the 
    Greasy Chopper without losing any more health. Mission Complete. Thanks to 
    Skystar Rose.
    --Helping Out Ronnie
    Your drug dealer "Ronnie Sunshine" has been doing great work since you set 
    him up at the Malibu. Unfortunately he's been attracting unwanted attention, 
    and you just found out that an undercover cop has been scoping the club. In 
    order to keep the clubbers happy and ****ed up, you have to make sure that 
    the cops don't take Ronnie or you down. First you have to get rid of the cop.  
    Objectives: Go to the Malibu and take out the undercover cop (dancing on 
    stage with the Village People) using whatever means necessary, without 
    killing any clubbers. 
    As more cops show up, kill them fast and make sure that they aren't injuring 
    any other clubbers. See how long you can keep the club running with Ronnie 
    doing deals, the clubbers staying happy, and you not getting busted or 
    wasted. Got to take care of the business! Thanks to Thundercat420.
    --Ace Carrington
    Avery Carrington feels like a night on the town, escort him to the local 
    Casino and partake in a bit of gambling. The stretch is waiting outside the 
    construction yard (Cut scene includes mandatory abuse of Donald Love).
    Objective: Once at the Casino, Avery, being a degenerate gambler gets a 
    little rowdy after a few too many scotch and starts waving a Colt Python 
    around. Civilians are frightened and mass hysteria ensues. A bus boy asks Mr. 
    Carrington if he would put the weapon away and calmly leave. Tommy is not 
    impressed, but knows if anything happens to Avery he will cop even more flak 
    from the locals. Avery, with Scotch in hand takes aim and shoots the innocent 
    busboy and alarms sound as the Casino manager calls for police backup. Tommy, 
    while protecting Avery from '3 star' police fire and riot control (peds are 
    still scared) must leave the Casino before Avery gets killed. However a cop 
    hits Tommy with a Colt 45 and the situation is reversed with Avery attempting 
    to protect Tommy while he is under the influence (think of the "Boom Shine 
    Saigon" Mission. Now, Avery wants you to get the Stretch and make it back to 
    the Vercetti Estate while evading police fire. Thanks to CapoDeluxe. 
    --Chase That Rat
    Some guy has been doing some dirty drive-bys around here. He hit me one day 
    and got me injured. Do you know how pissed I am? Go follow him for at least 
    30 minutes (in game play) and shoot him down when he bails.
    -Grab a car and follow the guy on the map for at least 30 minutes in game 
    -When he bails out, gun him down.
    After killing the guy, you receive an urgent message:
    "Hey kid, turns out that ****er was an imposter...He's driving around the 
    parking lot near the strip club hanging with some chicks...go and rap him 
    around they face with a katana or something.
    -Go find the real guy in the lot near the strip joint
    -Kill him
    -Take his car and dump it.
    ***Failure if:***
    -You get out of the at any time during the chase of the imposter
    -You fail to kill both guys
    Thanks to StealthSnipa2236.
    --Not A Lucky Number
    Objectives- go wild until time's over
    All right, grab your armor and weapons. Now GO to WAR!!
    I got men robbing goodies on the left side island everywhere! You are one of 
    my men, right? SO you must help! You go to Vice City Police Department, and 
    try to talk to the front desk dummy. If they are busy eating donuts, kill 
    them. Just to make them pay attention. Your real job is to go wild and become 
    the front page of all the magazines!! Crazy Killer in town!
    your time-12:00am to 4:00pm
    If you need rest in between, go ahead, BUT make sure the cops still smell 
    your tail!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Still 13
    Objective- Jack is not Jack, snipe her out of her car.
    I am very sorry to the ones that lost their souls. We just found out that 
    Jack is really a girl. She's leaving town!! And you must stop her! How she 
    leaves Vice City? How you get to Vice City? You know where to look for her 
    now, right?
    Jack's car-red, four wheels, two doors, small and slow.
    Jack-we still don't know her face. 
    Oh my. There's going to be a lot of bloody cars with headless drivers.
    Thanks to LCPD.
    Objective- collect weapons
    Phil Cassidy just called me to tell you that he needs your help! It's pretty 
    hard for him to drive around and buy weapons. You know what I mean. Go pay 
    him a visit, he's lonely. In his garage, he has a car ready for you. Go get 
    guns for him here: 
    1.Ammu-nation in Ocean Beach at 3:00pm
    2.Ammu-nation in North Point mall at 5:00
    3.Ammu-nation in Downtown at 7:00
    He expected you to be back every soon.	
    Thanks to LCPD	
    --Dirty Dirt Bike
    objective- steal the black dirt bike from the Haitians
    Looks like it's going to rain today. The Haitians have a habit of going out 
    to play in rainy days. They are going to go to Dirt Bike Track for a practice 
    run. You go there, get on my bike (the dirt bike that sits there already) and 
    follow the checkpoints and they will be there soon. Bring one of their dirt 
    bikes to the gas station near the Washington Mall.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Fishy Gas Tank
    objective- collect drugs and give to me!
    My men and your men are trying their best fight other gangs, we are good 
    friends and you are always there to help me. I got a problem here. I was 
    supposed to have a drug deal behind the police station, but Bob died. So you 
    have to find those drugs for me. Once you find them, throw them into the sea. 
    Throw into the sea near Colonel Cortez's party; it's easier for my men to 
    look for them.
    drug- They are contained into cans of gas bomb. 
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Black and White
    Objective- kill Mark 
    Mark was the boss of Malibu, but since you took over. He hates you a lot! 
    He's planning something big to get you in trouble. Get him before he gets 
    you. He's either getting suntan in the beach around 2:00 pm or at the Pole 
    Position at 1:00 am.	
    Mark- Fat man, blue shorts. 
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Hit Man
    Objective-kill, kill, and kill some more
    Here are the targets: 
    1.Tony- Red jacket, blue jeans (follow him for 15 minutes before you do 
    2.Johnny-Black jacket, red top (follow him for 5 minutes before you kill him)
    3.Mark's brother Fon- White top, blue jeans (You can find him in a coach bus)	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Miami Vice
    First, jack an undercover cop's Cheetah. It has to be silver, though. Now, 
    use a code and change Tommy's appearance to look like a well-dressed African 
    American man. Now hire a bodyguard, and get into the Cheetah with you. Start 
    driving fast, and start up the Vigilante missions. You're now pimping it up 
    just like Miami Vice! You're Tubbs, and the bodyguard is Crockett! And the 
    Cheetah looks similar to the car driven in the actual show!! The only problem 
    is the bodyguard turns back into a normal civilian as soon as you start the 
    mission. But you can still drive fast and prevent it from escaping!  Thanks 
    to Sepiroth154.
    --Ladies' Man
    Objective- pick up hookers
    Fernando wants chicks for his show. It's his first time on TV, and he wants 
    to look good. Go get a nice car, pick up girls and get to the building VCN 
    near the Ammunation shop in Downtown. Get 6 girls, oh yeah baby	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Love Fist
    Objective- get drug for them 
    Fernando's very happy with the girls you picked. Love Fist's in town and they 
    want the stuff! Almost EVERY shop in Vice City sells drugs, you just have to 
    ask them. Love Juices' are very expensive, so don't buy from them. Get a 
    shotgun point at a shopkeeper and when he puts the money on the counter, 
    shoot him! The stuff is hidden inside the stack of money. After you got every 
    store's underground drug, then go to Recording Studio. When you get there, go 
    upstairs and drop the stuff on the way.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Tough Guy
    Objective- destroy Bunch of Tools
    That little kitty won't pay me protection. He will learn. Do me a favor, 
    please Tommy. Remember the gas cans? Get them from the same location again. 
    This time, they are real. Now get to Bunch of Tools, make sure you are going 
    to the right one. Get a nice gun, blow the windows, throw the gas in there 
    and leave that little kitty cry.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Killing Fatties
    Objective- get down to the lighthouse in Ocean Beach and shoot 10 fat guys in 
    bathing suits in 2 minutes or less. Thanks to DarthTodd. 
    --Black Eye
    Objective- snipe target at night
    Someone has been watching your works, watching every step you are taking. 
    He's no donut eater or big boy. HE'S A REPORTER!! He took a lot of pictures 
    of you. Kill him and collect the photos. 
    Reporter- Holiday tomorrow; he will go to dance in Malibu.
    When you get there, don't just walk right to the dance floor. Walk around the 
    back and go upstairs. Snipe him!
    Reporter-Purple suit (the one more closer to stage)
    After all that, go to his apartment. His camera is hidden inside a chainsaw.
    Apartment-In first island. Ocean Beach. An apartment near Pay N Spray. It may 
    be hard to find, try your best. 
    Thanks to LCPD	
    --Nice Action
    Steve Scott's having a problem making a movie. He needs actors that know how 
    to fight! He tried Jackie Chan, but they couldn't understand each other. 
    This is the only way! Go mess with the boys (VC sharks or the dragon gangs) 
    hit and run, so they follow you. Now run to the studio where Candy Suxxx did 
    the porno movie with the angry gang chasing you. Get in there and turn 
    around. Bam! Beat them up as the film is rolling! Actors and action for free! 
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Birthday Wish
    Objective- kill the birthday man
    It's Jones' birthday. But I cannot tell you any more detail between me and 
    him. Some deal problem, you know. He told me that he wants a heli for 
    birthday, so we will send him one! Jones' party-It held on top of a building 
    "Pool Party". It is near Malibu Club, I'm sure you won't miss it with your 
    heli. I haven't seen him for a whole 4 years, I'm not sure if he changed or 
    not. Just kill everybody!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Hunter Hunting
    Objective- go down to the Fort Baxter Air Base in Little Havana and steal the 
    Hunter without dieing and not using the cop uniform. Now, fly it back to the 
    Vercetti Estate. Thanks to Theo90. 	
    --This Will Teach Those Pigs
    The police have had certain drug runners in Vice City under surveillance for 
    around 2 weeks now. We want the police to stop. To do this we will need your 
    help. First, go steal a police car. Then, take it to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in 
    Little Havana. Rig it with a bomb and drive to the multistory police station 
    by the Malibu Club in Washington. Park it near one of the 2 squad cars and 
    blow it up while watching from across the street to make sure one of the cars 
    blew up. If it didn't, you fail the mission. Now, go steal yet another police 
    car and mow down 25 cops outside of the North Point Mall. After that, go and 
    steal another car that isn't a police vehicle. Get it sprayed and mission 
    passed. If you get wasted or busted, mission failed. Good Luck. You will need 
    --Take Over
    Objective- take over!
    Yesterday I told 10 men to dress as Cubans and go rob the bank near the West 
    Haven Community Healthcare Center. BUT! I just found out they were traitors! 
    They are going to take the money home! And I don't like that! Tommy, go there 
    and take over. Kill my men dressed as Cubans and go rob the bank yourself! My 
    men should already unlock the lock; you just go up stairs and grab the money 
    in the manager's room. Then, escape of course!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --My Own Way
    Objective- destroy your file
    I saw someone copied my idea of deleting your file. Well, I don't like to 
    repeat things all the time. SO! We are going to do this differently!
    Get in a good car, and go wild. Once the city's wild, they won't pay 
    attention to little things. At 5:00pm, your file will be transfered to 
    Liberty City by a SWAT Team truck. There are at least 5 of them, just to be 
    sure, destroy all 5!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Pizza Hot!
    Objective- Get pizza car and kill Bobby
    Bobby got my stuff, got Cubans' stuff and some of your stuff, if you know 
    what I mean. Bobby orders Pizza everyday. Follow this: Go to North Point mall 
    and get a costume from "Tooled Up" then go to Pizza shop in first island. 
    Kill pizza guy then go around the back, grab the scooter and go. Have your 
    favorite gun with you. 
    Bobby- Guard at Mailbu (left door watch at 7:00pm) 
    Make sure you tell him that you are sent by me before he dies, ok? Thanks	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Friday The 13th
    Objective- go to the Malibu Club and get the Bank Job outfit and then go get 
    a Machete. Now, kill 30 people. Then, go to the Vercetti Estate without 
    getting Busted or Wasted and mission passed. Thanks to Darth Todd. 
    --Broken Knuckles
    Objective- go and kill 25 cops with your fists but no brass knuckles. You 
    fail if you get Wasted or Busted. You must do it in 10 minutes. Thanks to 
    --Mobile Advertising
    Objective: cruise around Vice City for 24 hours in a Coach, with the radio on 
    full blast, and the tuner set to Wave 103.  If you complete this mission, you 
    are the true master of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  Remember, you must 
    remain at the wheel, and no mute buttons. Thanks to Succotashi.
    Objective- rob jewel
    My girls are having a very important event. They want to look good. Get some 
    shinny chains of balls for me.
    1. "Jewel's" in first island
    2. "Jewel's" in second island
    Oh by the way, since you are there already, take the money too.
    Thanks to LCPD
    Objective- help 8-ball
    8-ball's dad just died, he can't take over his dad's business since no one 
    thinks 8-ball can do a good job. Help him!! Go to his shop and armed with 
    bomb, then blow cars up in these places to show everybody that 8-ball can do 
    a good job!
    1. Vice Point
    2. Ocean View
    park your bombed cars in the middle of the road and BOOM!
    Thanks to LCPD	
    --Caddy Crisis
    Objective- go and steal a Caddy from the golf course. Now, drive by 25 people 
    and then get the Caddy resprayed after. Now get the Caddy back to the 
    Vercetti Estate. You fail if you get Busted, Wasted, or get out of the Caddy. 
    Thanks to Theo90. 
    --Wet Sofa
    Objective-kill the golf folks
    These losers beat me to it, I was playing golf on Sunday like always, you 
    know? I missed my shot! I was pissed, so I swung my golf stick and hit one of 
    the old men. THEY followed me all the way back to my house!! These guys 
    escaped once they saw my men with shotguns!! You HELP ME! Kill them! ONLY THE 
    Number of Golf guys- 20!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Malibu Mayhem
    The cops have been busting our distributors all over the city. We need to 
    show them who they are messing with. 
    Objectives: First shoot the cowgirl. That should give you one. Go up the 
    stairs and start sniping the dancers and people dancing. That will give you 2 
    to 3 stars. Go downstairs grab you minigun and shoot the remaining people 
    with it. That should be 4-5 stars. Go back up the stairs and grab your sniper 
    rifle. Shoot the police that you see. When there are almost none left, go 
    back down and grab your Colt Python and shoot every policeman you see. That 
    should be 6 stars. If you don't get 6 stars, keep shooting upcoming cops. 
    Then dash out of the Malibu and grab a vehicle. Dodge the police vehicles and 
    tanks and get to the Pay N Spray without dieing. Thanks to Super Shadow.
    --Weapons Delivery
    Objective- get the arms cargo!
    Phil Cassidy always gets me all the good guns I need, but he over slept 
    yesterday and didn't pick up the trucks. Some thieves stole them and drove 
    around the block! 
    Trucks- they have boxes of guns in the back of the truck
    The thieves drive them around in Vice Port. There are 5 of them! Park them on 
    the side of 8-ball's shop. My men will pick them up one by one. Do this at 
    night only! You hear? Kill the losers too!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Keep It In The Closet
    Objective- kill all reporters
    I'm very depressed, Tommy. My racer lost his race. WHAT A SHAME!! Reporters 
    are outside ready to take pictures of losers and me!! I don't want a picture 
    of me when I lost!! Tommy! Come! Quick, go to Hyman Memorial Stadium.
    Kill all the reporters, please Tommy. 
    Reporters- The ones with cameras (20) of them 	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Big Fat Cow
    Objective- kill the racer
    I know. I'm sorry that I always have you do the dirty works for me. But hey! 
    We are friends!!  Ok! This racer that I talked about yesterday. He belonged 
    to a biker gang close to the one Mitch Baker owns. He got companies, you see? 
    He blamed on me that he lost his stupid race. He'll learn not to mess with 
    me! Kill him and his friends that are going to ambush me.
    Racer- A guy on Angel bike, bold, skinny
    His friends- two in Pole Position at 3:45 at night, one outside of the biker 
    shop next to Greasy Chopper at 6:00pm. 	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Hot Ring
    Objective- get a good place for my new racer
    Sorry if I sounded weird before. I don't know if you got what I was saying, 
    but did you try gassy? You get the drug hidden in the gas can and then you go 
    buy the powder hidden in the armor from the weapon shop. Lock yourself in the 
    room and fill the room with it. It's Great! Anyway, I need your help again. 
    My new racer's a good driver, but I want him to start the race with a good 
    placement. So can you do the placement run for him? Go to Hyman Memorial 
    Stadium when the event is up and drive for him, get 1st, 2nd or 3rd! Don't 
    really matters!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Money Back
    Objective- get money
    Colonel Cortez came back to Vice City to visit his daughter and also came for 
    a deal. Well. The deal didn't go so well. I know Umberto and you are pretty 
    good friends too. But his boys were the one that took the money! They shared 
    the money to every gang member, so you got to kill at least 50 Cubans near 
    Cafe Robina to get back enough money from them.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --2 Wheels Party
    Objective- do tricks with a pcj-600 in front of camera
    Steve needs your help with part of the movie. He parked his stretch outside 
    your mansion. He has his camera facing outside in his car. Now go find a PCJ-
    600, then get the stretch. Park the stretch on the side of the road and do 
    tricks with your bike near it as the camera's recording everything you is 
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Searching For What?
    Objective- bring box and key to me
    Auntie Poulet has a gift for me, tea that can control minds!! She puts the 
    tea in a box inside a voodoo car near her house, and drive it to Malibu. 
    There are 5-6 dancers on stage. The key keeper's costume's a fire fighter. 
    Kill him and get the key. Put your key on top of the box and park the voodoo 
    car in the 2nd floor Car park of North Point Mall.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --My Hero
    Objective- make Haitian go away
    One of my places is bothered by Haitians. These suckers are drinking my 
    coffee without paying. Get them for me! (3 groups of them). My coffee shop's 
    name is Cafe Under The Tree in Little Haiti.
    Thanks to LCPD	
    --Kill The Undead
    Objective- blow Timmy up
    Timmy's my middleman between my money and me.
    He knows my plan, my numbers, and everything is in his computer! So I sent 
    men to kill him in his sleep. Some how he lived and is staying in Shay Palms 
    Hospital in the first Island. He's getting a better treatment and is going to 
    be transfered to another hospital at 5:00pm. Get a police car, and arm it 
    with bomb. Get to the hospital and park it in front of the main entrance of 
    the hospital. Now leave that area on foot and blow it up at 5:15pm.	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Laser In Your Head
    Objective- snipe these people 
    The undercover cops are everywhere, near your mansion; near my places. There 
    are some outside my shop in Washington Mall. Get to the Car park on top of 
    the Mall, and zoom to find them! 
    Undercover cops-Red jacket, blue jeans or black jacket (6 of them).	
    Thanks to LCPD
    Objective- Show your power
    I had enough with these donut eaters!! They have a file of you and me again! 
    YES!! AGAIN!! Last month, you were the Crazy wild killer in town....
    You will be even crazier!! Go to Vice City Police Department in the first 
    island, and get 6 stars like before!! Then to show all of us that you are the 
    chosen one, Destroy 3 tanks!! GO Tommy GO!!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    --A Friendly Reminder
    Tommy, It's me again. LCPD seems to value your handiwork, but of course, he 
    can't offer you what I can now can he. First I need you to go to the Police 
    station in Ocean Beach, I left a Police Uniform and nightstick for you to 
    take, put it on and take one of the squad cars in the parking lot. Now that 
    you look like a cop, go to the Jewelry Store near Well Stacked Pizzas in Vice 
    Point. LCPD has a large investment in that jewelry store, so I need you to 
    make his man behind the counter think he's busted. I suggest getting the 
    point across on the end of a nightstick. Once you have disposed of him I need 
    you to bust the rest of the employees, turn on your police radar and bust 
    three waves of his men. When you have properly ousted his grip on the Vice 
    Point Diamond district take the cruiser to my garage in Sunshine autos. I 
    appreciate your help Tommy. I'll be contacting you again soon if you complete 
    this mission.
    Thanks to PenguinKnight
    --Et Tu Tommy?
    Tommy, I know LCPD has given you a good job as hit man but I can offer you 
    more, how would you like to be informed on the perfect Garage ready for 
    anything. Tommy, I'm talking to you. 
    Objective: LCPD has stolen my prized sports car! I want you to strike back 
    and take his prized pcj! He usually keeps it on a building near the Unique 
    Jumps Stunt Track the Sharks set up for their Friday night speed romps in 
    Ocean beach...you know, near the Malibu. Once you find the bike, you must 
    push it onto the street with a car, otherwise his alarm will go off and the 
    sharks will think you want to try out their stunt track. Now get on that 
    bike. Be careful, his men will know the Bike's gone in less than 10 seconds; 
    they will be riding PCJ's as well. Shoot them off before they shoot you! 
    Remember not to get off the bike or the autopilot will take it back to LCPD! 
    Take it to the pay and spray in Little Haiti where my men will change the 
    color and equip it with a tracking device so he'll never get it back! Now 
    drive it to the hyman condos. Do this for me and I will be very grateful. 
    I'll be calling back soon.
    Thanks to PenguinKnight
    Objective- Kill groups of gang members from every single gang
    Tommy! Are you working against me for someone else? I hope you're not. I want 
    you to prove me that you are still my friend! Go attack 1-3 groups of gang 
    members from every gang. Show me that you are not messing with me! Show me 
    that you have no connecting with them!!	
    Thanks to LCPD
    It seems LCPD is getting a bit suspicious of you Tommy, it seems his little 
    trip gave him some perspective. Thanks to him and you Tommy, my connections 
    to the cartel has been severely wounded. I need you to repair these delicate 
    relations. I must make peace with the Cubans especially, for they seem to 
    personally know Gregorio Dominguez, who will be quite useful to me. First I 
    need you to lure some Haitians into Little Havana, and kill 3 of them in 
    front of a group of Cubans. This should prove you have a common enemy. To 
    bring the point home I need you to steal a voodoo and drive it to Cafe 
    Robina's get out and use a hammer to total the car. Make sure to knock out 
    the hood, both doors, and pop all the tires with a gun, to demonstrate your 
    hate for the Haitians but do NOT destroy it, drive it to my garage in 
    sunshine autos. Now I need you to take a Cuban Hermes and take a page out of 
    LCPD's book and go on a killing spree in Little Haiti, taking out Haitians 
    until you have 3 stars, then take out cops until you have 5. Now outrun the 
    cops to the pay and spray in Sunshine autos and park it in the same garage as 
    the voodoo. I appreciate your help in regaining the title of err... Senor 
    Super Cajones. Hah. Keep your phone on Tommy. 
    Thanks to PenguinKnight
    --Show your faces
    Objective- Kill the traitors in our gang
    I knew it, Tommy! You are working for someone else. But as long as he doesn't 
    ruin my plans, then it's ok if you work for him a bit. Anyway, time for 
    business. Ever since Sonny died, you and me are the top bosses in Vice City. 
    My men work for you, your men work for me. We are equal!! Yesterday, Mario 
    called me. He told me that one of your men's planning something bad for our 
    next deal. Teach your kids! Kill at least 30 of your men. 
    LCPD's men- Red hair, sunglasses
    Tommy's men-Brown hair, sunglasses, blue top
    (You can find my men and your men talking outside your Mansion)
    Thanks to LCPD
    --Pedestrian Panic
    This mission needs to be done in the locations given for each objective. If 
    you do not do them in the area given, you fail. If you get Wasted or Busted, 
    you fail. Here are the objectives: 
    Kill 15 men and 15 women inside North Point Mall.
    Blow up 10 regular cars in the Washington Mall parking lot.
    --Dead Dodo
    This mission involves blowing up a Dodo that has a banner flying behind it. 
    You need to go steal either a Sea Sparrow or Hunter and go and blow it up 
    with either machine guns or missiles. Then, you must go directly to the Pay N 
    Spray and spray a car to get the police off of your tail. Now, go to the Film 
    Studio and blow up the Sea Skimmer that is by the little dock behind the Film 
    Studio. It will only appear if you have beaten the missions for the Film 
    Studio. Now, go get your car sprayed again. If you get busted or wasted, you 
    Series Of Made Up Missions
    This section is for made up missions that have a series to them. 
                              The Russian Mafia Missions
    --Russian Mafia Mission #1: Cry Baby
    (Telephone rings) Ah, Comrade Vercetti, what a pleasant surprise.  My name is 
    Pishkin.  Many a day has passed since I last saw you.  Liberty City wasn't 
    it? Anyways, let us skip the pleasantries and get down to business.  The 
    Russian Mafia has been interested in developing business in the Vice City 
    Area.  However, we had been unable to establish ourselves, due to local 
    sentiments against communists.  Now, our goal is to give the people something 
    else to worry about.  As you well know, the Washington Police Station has 
    some tear gas around the back.  Pick up a police uniform, and the tear gas.  
    I would like you to release the gas in the Malibu Club, the Pole Position 
    Club, the Vice Point Mall, and the Washington Mall.  Our hope is that police 
    brutality will become the cities main concern.
    Collect the Tear Gas Canisters and the Police Uniform from the Washington 
    Police Station.
    Borrow a squad car, and release the gas in the following locations:
    Malibu Club
    Pole Position Club
    Vice Point Mall
    Washington Mall
    If you are wasted, busted, or run out of canisters before reaching the last 
    location, you fail the mission.
    --Russian Mafia Mission #2: Cross Town Rivals
    (Telephone rings) Comrade Vercetti, good news.  Our drug operation has been 
    set up, and we are currently producing at full capacity.  However, we have 
    been unable to distribute our goods on the mainland.  The Haitians and Cubans 
    are to blame.  Their dealers have control of the market in their respective 
    areas.  Take out the enemy dealers, so my dealers can distribute our good.  
    If you complete this mission, we will let you in to our base of operations
    Travel to Little Haiti and kill 20 Haitians
    Travel to Little Havana and kill 30 Cubans
    If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quotas, you fail the mission
    --Russian Mafia Mission #3: Betrayal
    (Telephone Rings) I am Fedotenko, Pishkin's second-in-command.  Comrade 
    Vercetti, Pishkin has told me much about you.  He will be attending a funeral 
    back in Mother Russia.  For years, I have been Pishkin's second-in-command.  
    I have watched as he pitifully struggled to establish himself.  I have wanted 
    to eliminate him myself, but that would put me in bad standing with the 
    homeland.  With you here, I can now complete my plan.  You have nothing to 
    fear, as you have not yet reached the mafia hierarchy.  Pishkin's flight will 
    be leaving in 3 hours.  I do not have enough time to give you a description 
    of Pishkin.  Get to Escobar International and kill everyone there.  With 
    Pishkin out of the way, I will be in control, and I will see to it that you 
    are handsomely rewarded.
    Objectives: Get to Escobar International Airport. Once there, enter the 
    terminal and kill 15 civilians before Pishkin's flight leaves. If you are 
    wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission.
    --Russian Mafia Mission #4: Grand Theft Aero
    (Telephone Rings)  Tommy, good to hear from you.  The plan went off without a 
    hitch.  Pishkin is gone, and I am in command.  Once we complete our next 
    major objective, you will receive your reward.  In preparation, we will need 
    some flying vehicles.  The vehicles should be delivered to Hyman Memorial 
    Stadium, where my men will take care of them.  The vehicles we need are a 
    Maverick, a Police Maverick, a VCN Maverick, a Sparrow, a Sea Skimmer, and a 
    Hunter.  If possible, we would also like a Sea Sparrow.
    Deliver the following vehicles to Hyman Memorial Stadium:
    Police Maverick
    VCN Maverick
    Sea Skimmer
    Deliver a Sea Sparrow to Hyman Memorial Stadium
    If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission.
    --Russian Mafia Mission #5: Havoc
    (Telephone Rings)  Tommy, it is time for us to strike.  The VCPD are at their 
    most vulnerable now.  We need you to take a Hunter, and cause as much 
    devastation to the VCPD as possible.
    Destroy a minimum of 10 Police Squad Cars
    Destroy a minimum of 25 SWAT Enforcers and FBI Ranchers
    Destroy a minimum of 20 Barracks Ols
    If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission
    --Prologue to Russian Mafia Missions:
    Comrade Tommy, it has been good working with you.  Our operation is 
    generating millions daily.  The VCPD dare not interfere.  However, I believe 
    it is time to extinguish our contract.  Goodbye Tommy. (Fedotenko pulls gun 
    on Tommy, but Tommy is too quick.  Tommy knocks the gun out of Fedotenko's 
    hand, pulls out his python and blows Fedotenko's brains out.)
    Thanks to Succotashi for the Russian Mafia Missions.
                            The Brotherhood Missions
    The Brotherhood is an underground organization that prefers to remain in the 
    dark.  Information about their location, leader, and operations is scarce. 
    However, it is known that those with information about the Brotherhood have 
    disappeared without a trace.  It also seems that those who wish to contact 
    the Brotherhood have disappeared.  In short, it would be wise to not even 
    acknowledge their presence.
    --Brotherhood Mission #1: Contact 
    (While out at the Pole Position Club, the private pole dancer hands Tommy a 
    business card with a location and a time.  Junkyard, 10:30.  Tommy shows up 
    at the Junkyard at 10:30 with the business card in his pocket, and a python 
    in his hand.  A masked stranger approaches)
    You are Mr. Vercetti, I presume?  I am #8.  If you wish to learn more, take 
    this envelope.
    (Tommy accepts the envelope.  Inside there is a letter)
    Mr. Vercetti, it has come to our attention that you may be interested in our 
    organization.  In order for us to assure that you can be contacted further, 
    you must complete 2 tasks.  First, gain a full wanted level, steal 2 tanks, 
    and deposit them both at the junkyard without visiting a Pay-And-Spray, or 
    collecting police bribes.  The second task is that you must acquire a Hunter 
    from Fort Baxter without collecting a police uniform.  This is to assure that 
    you are both cunning and stealthy.  If you accomplish these two tasks, we 
    will contact you once again.
    First, attain a full six star wanted level.
    Steal 2 tanks and take them to the Junkyard.
    Next, steal a Hunter and take it to the Junkyard.
    If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you visit a Pay-and-Spray or 
    collect a police bribe, you fail the mission.
    --Brotherhood Mission #2: Test of Survival
    (A note is left on Tommy's desk at the Vercetti Estate)
    Mr. Vercetti, I believe we can now establish open lines of contact.  I am 
    #4.  I belong to the Brotherhood.  I believe it is time you got acquainted 
    with our organization.  We have a hierarchy of power.  As you can tell, I am 
    fourth from the top of the chain.  The founder of our organization, #1, has 
    granted me permission to scout another possible member.  Currently, our 
    organization consists of twenty men, each with a numeric designation. The 
    first test for all candidates is a test of survival.  Acquire a Baggage 
    Handler.  Blow out all four tires.  Gain a six-star wanted level.  Your goal 
    is to survive for 1 hour.  You must remain in the vehicle at all times, and 
    you must remain on a main road within Escobar International Airport.  Once 
    you have outlasted the Army for 1 hour, remain in the vehicle, and proceed to 
    the mall in Vice Point.  Enter, and pickup the casual outfit from Gash.  Once 
    you have completed these tasks, you are free to collect a police bribe or 
    visit a pay-and-spray.
    Find a Baggage Handler at Escobar International Airport.
    Gain a six star wanted level.
    Survive for one hour against the army.
    After having survived for 1 hour, proceed to the mall in Vice Point.
    Enter the mall, and collect the Casual outfit in front of Gash
    If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, leave the Baggage Handler at any time, 
    or leave Escobar International Airport before reaching 1 hour, you fail the 
    --Brotherhood Mission #3: Trial by Fire
    (Tommy receives a telephone call)
    Mr. Vercetti, you completed the first test with high marks.  The second test 
    is a trial by fire.  You must kill 100 law enforcement officers with either a 
    Flamethrower, or Molotov Cocktails.  Civilian kills do not add to your total, 
    and neither do gang member kills.  Once you have reached the requirements, go 
    to the Junkyard, where we will meet to discuss the final test.
    Using only a Flamethrower or Molotov Cocktails, kill 100 law enforcement 
    Kills by any other means do not add to your total.
    If necessary, you may collect a police bribe, or visit a Pay-and-Spray.
    After having reached the quota, head to the Junkyard to receive the final 
    If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you head to the Junkyard before 
    having reached the quota, you fail the mission.
    --Brotherhood Mission #4: The Final Test
    (Tommy arrives at the Junkyard, where he meets a midget surrounded by two 
    bodyguards, all of them covered with black clothing.)
    Mr. Vercetti, I am #1.  My size may be diminutive, but my power is 
    unimaginable.  Your final test for entrance into our reclusive organization 
    is a test of destruction.  If your highest media attention is below 4000, 
    then you must reach that level.  If your highest media attention is above 
    that level, then you must break your current mark.  You may arrive at the 
    level by any means you desire.  If you can complete this mission, you will 
    gain access to our organization.
    If your highest media attention is below 4000, then reach that plateau.
    If your highest media attention is above 4000, then break your current 
    You may accomplish this goal by any means you wish.
    If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, you fail the mission.
    --Brotherhood Mission #5: The Plan
    (Tommy meets with #5)
    #21, it is time you learned of our plan.  We have acquired a weapon of 
    unimaginable power.  Its destructive forces are capable of exterminating all 
    life in the Southeastern United States area.  We plan to evacuate the area, 
    unleash the weapon, then return to begin our conquest of the world.  #3 has 
    set up a front for creating a vessel to leave the area.  Most denizens of the 
    area know him as Pastor Richards.  With money collected from donations, we 
    shall construct a spaceship with which to escape the area.  From there, we 
    shall launch the weapon.  First, in order for us to construct this massive 
    spacecraft, we require parts.  We need you to collect certain vehicles that 
    will aid in the construction.
    Steal 5 Squallo's, 5 Cuban Jetmaxes, and 1 Predator, and deliver them to the 
    docks near the Junkyard. 
     Next, steal 30 Cheetahs, and deliver them to the Junkyard.
    If you are busted, wasted, or cheat, you fail the mission.
    --Brotherhood Mission #6: Final Preparations
    (#21 meets with #3)
    #21, in final preparation for our operation, we require weapons.  We also 
    need large amounts of ammunition for them.
    Acquire a Mini-Gun, and a total of 7500 bullets for it.
    Acquire an M4 Assault Rifle, and a total of 1500 bullets for it.
    Acquire an MP5 Submachine Gun, and a total of 2500 bullets for it.
    Acquire a PSG-1 Sniper rifle and a total of 500 bullets for it.
    Acquire a SPAS 12 Shotgun and a total of 1500 bullets for it.
    Acquire a Colt Python and a total of 1000 bullets for it.
    Acquire 200 Grenades.
    Deliver the weapons to the Junkyard.
    If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you return to the Junkyard without 
    having reached the munitions quota, you fail the mission.
    --Brotherhood Final Mission #7
    (#21 meets with #1)
    Well #21, I am very sorry to inform you that the spacecraft only has room for 
    10 passengers.  As a result, we are forced to leave you behind, and let you 
    be incinerated along with the rest of Florida.  (The other nine 'passengers' 
    point their M4's at #21, and remove his weapons).  Now, #21, it is time for 
    us to leave.  Our spaceship shall be lifting off in 2 hours time.  Tell the 
    devil Marty Chonks sent you.  (The 10 'passengers' leave Tommy behind, and 
    head for their spacecraft).
    Head for the Junkyard as fast as you can.
    Find the 'spacecraft' (Trashmaster). Since you have no weapons you must 
    destroy it by hand. While running against the spacecraft, swing at it with 
    your fists, to slowly destroy it. Make sure you destroy it within 2 hours. If 
    you are wasted, busted, or cheat, fail to destroy the spacecraft within 2 
    hours, or use any weapon including Brass Knuckles, you fail the mission.
    Thanks to Succotashi for the Brotherhood Missions.
    GameShark Codes
    You need a GameShark to use these codes. 
    Random Codes
    (M)Must Be On		
    Infinite Health		
    Infinite Armor		
    Infinite Ammo		
    Max Money		
    Clipping Mode	
    Select+L1=Bad Clipping/Slip Into Locked Areas 
    Freeze mission timer		
    Never lose weapons (even when killed or arrested)		
    Cops have no AI		
    Never exhausted		
    Disable car damage		
    Stat Codes
    Game 100% complete 
    People You've Wasted
    P. Wasted By Others
    R. Vehicles Destroyed
    Boats Destroyed
    Tires Popped
    Bullets Fired
    Planes&Helis Destroyed
    Explosives Used
    Bullets That Hit
    Number Of Headshots
    Wanted Stars Attained
    Wanted Stars Evaded
    Times Busted
    Hospital Visits
    Days Passed
    Safehouse Visits
    Insane Jump Distance
    Insane Jump Height
    Insane Jump Flips
    Insane Jump Rotation
    Best Insane Stunt
    All Unique Jumps
    Mission Attempts
    Pass. Dropped Off
    Taxi Cash
    Miles On Foot
    Miles By Car
    Miles By Bike
    Miles By Boat
    Miles By Golf Cart
    Miles By Heli
    All Rampages Passed
    People Saved
    Vigilante Kills
    Fires Extinguished
    Highest Vigilante Level
    Highest Paramedic Level
    Fire Truck Mission Level
    Max Flight Hours
    Fishes Fed
    Visits/Loan Sharks
    All Stores Knocked Off
    All Assasinations
    Max Pizzas Delivered
    Joker Codes
    Press L2+R2+Up for Hypermode		
    Press L2+R2+Down for Slow motion		
    Press L2+R2+Select for Normal game speed		
    Press L3+Up for All Weapons 1		
    Press L3+Down for All weapons 2 (Katana)		
    Press L3+Left for All weapons 3 (Chainsaw)		
    Press R3+Left for Increase wanted level		
    Press R3+Right for No level wanted		
    Press Select+Up for Tank	
    Must be in a vehicle to activate	
    Press Select+Down for Quick hours		
    Press Select+Left for Exploding cars		
    Press Select+Right for See through cars		
    Car Codes
    Press L1+L2+Up to activate car code (Use one car code at a time)	
    Have Herse
    Have Love Fist
    Have Trashmaster
    Have Sabre Turbo
    Have Caddy
    Have Bloodring Banger
    Have Hotring Racer
    Have Hotring Racer #2
    Character Codes
    Press L1+L2+Down to activate character code (Use one character code at a time)	
    White Suit
    Pink Suit Guy
    Fat Guy
    X Guy
    Hawaiian Shirt
    Ocean Height Garage Modifier
    Fire Truck
    Mr Whoopee
    BF Injection
    Cuban Hermes
    Sea Sparrow
    Zebra Cab
    Top Fun
    Love Fist
    Sabre Turbo
    Spand Express
    Baggage Handler
    VCN Maverick
    FBI Rancher
    Hotring Racer
    Blista Compact
    Police Maverick
    Mesa Grande
    Hotring Racer
    Bloodring Banger
    Pizza Boy
    Thanks to GameShark.com and TheGFCC.com for all of the codes listed
    here. Both great sites.
    Code Breaker Codes
    Enable Code (Must Be On)	
    FA7A006E 32C6AA91	
    Infinite Health	
    2AACC91F 3C0142C8
    2AA8C91F AC410368
    2A94C91F 03E00008
    2A90C91F 44020000
    2A872FFD 0C030088	
    Infinite Armor	
    2A9CC91F 3C0142C8
    2A98C91F AC41036C
    2A84C91F 03E00008
    2A80C91F 46000836
    2ABF2FFF 0C03008C	
    Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (Inside Car)	
    2ACB379E 00000000
    2A57379E 00000000	
    Infinite Ammo-All Weapons	
    2A473795 00000000
    2AFF3795 00000000	
    Quick Money Gain	
    1A950A6F 0000FFFF
    1A990A6F 0000FFFF	
    Max Money	
    2A6F788C 05F5E0FF
    2A6B788C 05F5E0FF	
    Have All Weapons
    2A57788C 00000064	
    Infinite Run	
    0A2F6F9E 00000001
    Walk & Drive Through Most Walls	
    2A5F3139 00000000
    2A333139 00000000	
    Pedestrians Dont Have Weapons	
    2AFB3791 03E00008
    2AE73791 00000000	
    No Damage From Collisions (All Cars)	
    2A3B360B 03E00008
    2A27360B 00000000	
    All Cars Are Immune To Weapons	
    2ADB34B9 03E00008
    2AC734B9 00000000	
    Idiot AI-Civilians	
    2ABB3BBE 03E00008
    2AA73BBE 00000000	
    Can Not Be Arrested	
    2A6B3B92 03E00008
    2A573B92 00000000
    2A9B3B6C 03E00008
    2A873B6C 00000000	
    Cops Get Out And Walk Away	
    2ABB3B69 03E00008
    2AA73B69 00000000	
    Idiot AI-Cops	
    2A6B3B64 03E00008
    2A573B64 00000000	
    Idiot AI-Firemen	
    2ACB3B42 03E00008
    2AB73B42 00000000	
    Idiot AI-Medics	
    2ABB3B5C 03E00008
    2AA73B5C 00000000	
    Idiot AI-Medics & Firemen	
    2ABB3B53 03E00008
    2AA73B53 00000000	
    Pedestrians Never Feel Threatened	
    2A3B38C6 03E00008
    2A2738C6 00000000	
    Cars Dont Stop For Other Cars	
    2AEB3E5D 03E00008
    2AD73E5D 00000000	
    Cars Dont Stop For Pedestrians	
    2A6B3E5F 03E00008
    2A573E5F 00000000	
    Infinite Health & Armor (Everyone)	
    2A2B1077 03E00008
    2A171077 00000000	
    No Damage From Collisions	
    2AC33607 00000000
    2ABF3600 00000000	
    Everyone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)	
    2A6B3AC2 03E00008
    2A573AC2 24020001	
    Noone Is A Gang Member (Not Visually)	
    2A6B3AC2 03E00008
    2A573AC2 24020000	
    Riot Mode	
    1AC2CA5C 00000008	
    Cars Dont Make Way For Cars With Sirens	
    2AAB3F33 03E00008
    2A973F33 00000000
    Emergency Vehicles Never Come	
    2AAB3EFB 03E00008
    2A973EFB 00000000	
    Pedestrians Dont Stop For Traffic Lights	
    2ACB3DF6 03E00008
    2AB73DF6 24020000	
    Cars Dont Stop For Traffic Lights	
    2AAB23FD 03E00008
    2A9723FD 24020000	
    Disable Sirens & Alarms Sounds	
    1A3733F1 00001000	
    Disable Horn Sound	
    1A8333F5 00001000	
    Disable Hud	
    2ADB2811 03E00008
    2AC72811 00000000	
    Invisible Sky	
    2A9B1276 03E00008
    2A871276 00000000	
    Glass Does Not Break If Shot	
    2ACB154B 03E00008
    2ACB154B 00000000	
    Cannot Drive Through Glass	
    2A0B1544 03E00008
    2AF71544 00000000	
    Cars Float On Water	
    0AF35D03 00000001	
    Chick Magnet	
    0A0F5D02 00000001	
    Aggressive Traffic
    0A2F5D01 00000001	
    Pink Traffic	
    0A7B5D3F 00000000
    0A7F5D3F 00000001	
    Black Traffic	
    0A7B5D3F 00000001
    0A7F5D3F 00000000	
    Sunny Weather	
    2A0F09EE 00000000
    2A0B09EE 00000000
    2AF709EE 00000000	
    Overcast Skies Weather	
    2A0F09EE 00000001
    2A0B09EE 00000001
    2AF709EE 00000001	
    Rainy Weather	
    2A0F09EE 00000002
    2A0B09EE 00000002
    2AF709EE 00000002	
    Foggy Weather	
    2A0F09EE 00000003
    2A0B09EE 00000003
    2AF709EE 00000003	
    Normal Weather	
    2A0F09EE 00000004
    2A0B09EE 00000004
    2AF709EE 00000004	
    100x Game Speed	
    2AE30A12 42C80000	
    4x Game Speed	
    2AE30A12 40800000	
    2x Game Speed	
    2AE30A12 40000000	
    1/2 Game Speed	
    2AE30A12 3F000000	
    Thanks to cmgsccc.com for all of these codes. Great site. Check it 
    out if you need more codes because I didn't list them all.
    Contact Information
    If you have any questions or anything you want to say 
    concerning my guide or GTA Vice City, feel free to email me at 
    LMSrebel2002[at]aol[dot]com. To email me, remove the [at] and put @ and the 
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    Also, if you are going to email something negative to me, you might as well 
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    Please check the Frequently Asked Questions section of the FAQ before 
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    If you want to give feedback on the FAQ and you are viewing the FAQ
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    Thanks for reading the FAQ. Enjoy.
    Version History
    Version 1.1: 11-10-02: I began the FAQ.  
    Version 1.2: 12-28-02: I cannot update this FAQ any longer because my
    computer is messed up. So, I am having to delete it off of my computer.
    Version 1.3: 01-29-03: w00t! I finally got my computer fixed. I can finally
    update the FAQ again!
    Version 1.4: 01-31-03: Minor updates.
    Version 1.5: 02-02-03: I added a bunch of crap today actually. Check out
    the table of contents.
    Version Final: 02-03-03: I have to end the FAQ because my computer is
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    Legal Information
    No one has my permission to use my guide in any way, shape, or form without 
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