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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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                __________________  ___________________  _|  |  |  |
              / ________  _______ '' ______   ____ ___ ''____|  |  |
             / /       | |       \  /      \ |   ''   \ /       |  |
             | |   ,   | |   ,    ||___^|   ||    ,   | |   ,   |  |
             | |   |   | |   '   /   ___|   ||    |   | |   |   |  |
             | |   |   | |   _   \  /   _   ||    |   | |   |   |  |
             | |   |   | |   ||   ||   ||   ||    |   | |   |   |  |
             | |       | |   ||   ||        ||    |   | |       |  |
             | \____   | |___||   |_\_______||____|___|  \______|  |
             | |       |  --- |      |  ___________________________|__
             | |______ /___    \_    |___    ______    _______  ____  -----|
             |______   +   ----- |       \  /      \  /       |+    -----  |
                    | |_   _____||    .   ||    ,  | |   _____||,   ____|  |
                    |, |   | --- |    |   ||    '  | |        | |   |----  |
                     | |   ||   ||    |   ||    ___| |   _____| |   |   |  |
                     | |   ||   ||    |   ||   |,--- |   |  _   |   |   |  |
                     | |        ||    |   ||        ||   | | |  |       |  |
                    _\  \______/ |____|___| \______/ |___| |_ \  \_____/  ,/
                   /  ______   ___  ___   ___        _______ \ \________,/
                  |  /      \ |   ||   | +   -----  /       \ |
                  | |___-   | |   ||   ||_   _____| |   ,   | |
                  |   ___|  | |   ||   |  |  |----  |   |   | |
                  |  /      | |   ||   |  |  ||   | |   |   | |
                  | |   ||  | |   ||   |  |  ||   | |   |   | |
                  | |       | |        |  |       | |       | |
                  \  \______|  \______/    \_____/   \_____/  /
                             |   /  __  __    __ __|__
                             |  /| |   |  |  |   | |  | |
                             | / | |   |--   |   | |   \|
                             |/  | |__ |__   |__ | |__  |
              _                _       ___    _  _     _           _  _  _
             |  | ||  |   |  || ||  | / | | || || || ||  | |    / |  | || |
             |_ | ||  |   |  ||_||  |<  | |-||_|| || || _|-|   /  |_ |_|| |
             |  |_||_ |_  |/\|| ||_ | \ | | || \|_||_||_|| |  /   |  | ||_\
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    Author : dark52
    E-Mail : dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net
    Version: 3.2
    Type   : Full FAQ/Walkthrough
    Game   : Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - UK PAL - PlayStation 2
    Website: http://gta.darkspyro.net/
    --------------------------------100% Stats Screen------------------------------
    Due to popular demand from people asking about 100%, I have now written you my
    screen of stats. All is there that you need to complete 100%. I have marked the
    important ones with five ***** after it so that you don't go crazy trying to
    die 15 million times or to get up to level 250674 in the police thing.
    And you don't need to get the exact times that I got in the Fastest Time on...
    section of the Stats page. Well, here we go...
    Percentage completed                            100%    *****
    Mission Attempts                                 116    ***** (can be less)
    Playing Time                                   36:37
    Days Passed in Game                              140
    Safehouse Visits                                 131
    Rampages Passed                         35 out of 35    *****
    Hidden Packages found                 100 out of 100    *****
    People You've Wasted                            7965
    People Wasted By Others                          792
    Road Vehicles Destoyed                          2040
    Boats Destroyed                                   35
    Planes & Helicopters Destoyed                    142
    Tires Popped with gunfire                        434
    Total Number of Wanted Stars attained            491
    Total Number of Wanted Stars evaded              217
    Times Busted                                       8
    Hospital Visits                                   31
    Number of Headshots                               69
    Daily Police Spending                      $44446.00
    Least Favourite Gang
    Gang Members Wasted                             1490
    Criminals Wasted                                3833
    Kgs of explosives used                           503
    Bullets Fired                                  34226
    Bullets that hit                               15758
    Accuracy                                         46%
    Dist. Travelled on food (miles)                98.98
    Dist. travelled by car (miles)                523.79
    Dist. travelled by bike (miles)               107.54
    Dist. travelled by boat (miles)                14.55
    Dist. travelled by golf cart (miles)            2.94
    Dist. travelled by helicopter (miles)         442.63
    Total distance travelled (miles)             1190.42
    Max INSANE Jump dist. (m)                      96.00
    Max INSANE Jump height (m)                     17.00
    Max INSANE Jump Flips                              3
    Unique Jumps Completed                  36 out of 36    *****
    Max. INSANE Jump Rotation                       400*
    Best INSANE stunt so far:
                                            Insane Stunt
    Longest Wheelie time (secs)                        6
    Longest Wheelie Distance (m)                  262.28
    Longest Stoppie time (secs)                        4
    Longest Stoppie distance (m)                   85.82
    Longest 2 wheels time (secs)                       2
    Longest 2 wheels distance (m)                  23.94
    Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission           5030
    Highest Vigilante Mission Level                  368    ***** (only to 12)
    Passengers Dropped Off                           100    *****
    Cash made in taxi                         $206858.00
    People saved in Ambulance                         99
    Highest Paramedic Mission Level                   12    *****
    Total Fires Extinguished                          78
    Fire Truck Mission Level                          12    *****
    Stores knocked off                      15 out of 15    *****
    Assassination Contracts Completed         5 out of 5    *****
    Photographs Taken                                 12
    Pizza's Delivered                                 91    *****
    Ice Cream Sold                                    50    *****
    Best Percentage of hits for Shooter               87
    Fastest time on 'Alloy Wheels of Steel'         1:29    *****
    Fastest time on 'The Driver'                    2:10    *****
    Fastest time on in Dirt Ring                   10:38    *****
    Fastest time on RC Plane Race                   2:41    *****
    Fastest time on RC Car Race                     2:30    *****
    Fastest time on RC Helicopter Pickup            7:32    *****
    Fastest time on 'Terminal Velocity'             0:55    *****
    Fastest time on 'Ocean Drive'                   1:05    *****
    Fastest time on 'Border Run'                    1:36    *****
    Fastest time on 'Capital Cruise'                1:53    *****
    Fastest time on 'Tour!'                         2:35    *****
    Fastest time on 'V.C. Endurance'                4:58    *****
    Fastest time on Downtown Chopper Checkpoint     3:09    *****
    Fastest time on Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint  2:04    *****
    Fastest time on Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint   1:58    *****
    Fastest time on Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint 2:19    *****
    Fastest time on 'PCJ Playground'                1:58    *****
    Fastest time on 'Trial by Dirt'
    Fastest time on 'Test Track'                    2:58    *****
    Fastest time on 'Cone Crazy'                    0:25    *****
    Fastest time on Checkpoint Charlie              2:25    *****
    Highest Score for Shooter                         78    *****
    Highest Score with Keepie-Uppy beach ball          2
    Number of drug deals made                         50
    Hotring Best Result                                1    *****
    Fastest time in Hotring                         3:40
    Fastest lap time in Hotring                    15.00
    Flight Hours                                    0:10
    Longest time in Bloodring (secs)                  60    *****
    Fishes Fed                                         8
    Seagulls Sniped                                    3
    Most Favourite Radio Station
    Least Favourite Radio Station
                                            EMOTION 98.3
    Sprayings                                         16
    Weapon Budget                              $10600.00
    Fashion Budget                              $2520.00
    Property Budget                           $441500.00
    Auto Repair and Painting Budget              $800.00
    Property Destroyed                      $11875880.00
    Property Owned                                    15    *****
                                              The Mailbu    *****
                                             Print Works    *****
                                             Film Studio    *****
                                       Ice Cream Factory    *****
                                            Car Showroom    *****
                                            Taxi Company    *****
                                                Boatyard    *****
                                      Pole Position Club    *****
                                         3321 Vice Point    *****
                                    Links View Apartment    *****
                                          El Swanko Casa    *****
                                 Ocean Heights Apartment    *****
                                           Skumole Shack    *****
                                             Hyman Condo    *****
    Highest media attention                         1997
                                        Stuff of Legends
    Not in Stats: 45 Points at Rifle Range, after the Shooter mission.    *****
     1) Intro
     2) Basics
        a) Controls
           i) On Foot
          ii) In Vehicle
        b) Cops
           i) Wanted Levels
          ii) Raise Your Wanted Level
         iii) Lower Your Wanted Level
        c) Game Over
           i) Wasted
          ii) Busted
         iii) Taxi
        d) Weapons
        e) Outfits
        f) Radio Stations
        g) Money
        h) 100%
     3) Vehicles
        a) Cars
        b) Boats
        c) Bikes
        d) Aircraft
        e) 'Special' Vehicles
     4) Items
     5) Storyline Missions (21)
        a) Ken Rosenberg
            i) The Party
            ii) Back Alley Brawl
            iii) Jury Fury
            iv) Riot
        b) Colonel Cortez
            v) Treacherous Swine
            vi) Mall Shootout
            vii) Guardian Angels
        c) Ricardo Diaz
            viii) The Chase
            ix) Phnom Penh '86
        d) Colonel Cortez (2)
            x) Sir, Yes Sir
            xi) All Hands on Deck
        e) Ricardo Diaz (2)
            xii) The Fastest Boat
            xiii) Supply and Demand
        f) Kent Paul
            xiv) Death Row
        g) Colonel Cortez (3)
            xv) All Hands on Deck
        h) Tommy Vercetti
            xvi) Rub Out
            xvii) Shakedown
            xviii) Bar Brawl
            xix) Cop Land
        i) Final Missions
            xx) Cap the Collector
            xxi) Keep Your Friends Close
     6) Assets
        a) Boatyard
            i) Checkpoint Charlie
        b) Cherry Poppers
            ii) Distribution
        c) Pole Position
            iii) Payin a Stripper
        d) Kaufman Cabs
            iv) VIP
            v) Friendly Rivalry
            vi) Cabmegeddon
        e) Sunshine Autos
            vii) List One
            viii) List Two
            ix) List Three
            x) List Four
        f) Film Studio
            xi) Recruitment Drive
            xii) Dildo Dodo
            xiii) Marth's Mug Shot
            xiv) G-Spotlight
        g) Printworks
            xv) Spilling the Beans
            xvi) Hit the Courier
        h) Malibu Club
            xvii) No Escape?
            xviii) The Shootist
            ixx) The Driver
            xx) The Job
     7) Extra Missions
        a) Avery Carrington
            i) Four Iron
            ii) Demolition Man
            iii) Two Bit Hit
        b) Umberto Robina
            iv) Stunt Boat Challenge
            v) Cannon Fodder
            vi) Naval Engagement
            vii) Trojan Voodoo
        c) Auntie Poulet
            viii) Juju Scramble
            ix) Bombs Away!
            x) Dirty Lickin's
        d) Love Fist
            xi) Love Juice
            xii) Psycho Killer
            xiii) Publicity Tour
        e) Big Mitch Baker
            xiv) Alloy Wheels of Steel
            xv) Messing with the Man
            xvi) Hog Tied
        g) Phil Cassidy
            xvii) Gun Runner
            xviii) Boomshine Saigon
     8) Phone Missions
        a) Assassination Missions
            i) Road Kill
            ii) Waste the Wife
            iii) Autocide
            iv) Chek Out at the Check In
            v) Loose Ends
     9) Hideouts
        a) Skumole Shack
        b) 3321 Vice Point
        c) 1102 Washington Street
        e) Links View Appartments
        f) Ocean Heights
        g) Elswanko Casa
        h) Hyman Condo
    10) Checkpoint Races
        a) Ocean Beach Chopper
        b) Vice Point Chopper
        c) Downtown Chopper
        d) Little Haiti Chopper
        e) PCJ Playground
        f) Cone Crazy
        g) Test Track
        h) Trial by Dirt
    11) Street Races
        a) Terminal Velocity
        b) Ocean Drive
        c) Border Run
        d) Capital Cruise
        e) Tour!
        f) VC Endurance
    12) Arena Challenges
        a) Dirt Ring
        b) Blood Ring
        c) Hot Ring
    13) RC Challenges
        a) RC Bandit Race
        b) RC Baron Race
        c) RC Raider Race
    14) Hidden Packages
    15) Unique Stunts
    16) Rampages
    17) Rifle Range
    18) 'Vigilante' Missions
    19) Stores to knock off
    20) Characters
    21) Secrets
    22) Cheats and Codes
    23) FAQs
    24) Updates
    25) Thanks
    26) Contact
    27) Copyright
    -----------------------------------[1] Intro-----------------------------------
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the newest game in the Grand Theft Auto series.
    It is set in a Miami location in the '80s known in the game as Vice City. The
    game has the occasional tie-in to GTA3 but it is in no way a sequel or prequel
    to it. The city itself is very loosely based on the original Vice City in
    the original GTA game which featured three cities. Vice City, Liberty City
    (GTA3's location) and San Andreas (maybe where the next GTA will be set?).
    It is also the second half of the new Grand Theft Auto Double Pack released
    for both the X-Box and PS2. The game has undergone a few alterations here and
    there but overall it is still the same game as before.
    The storyline at the beginning goes like this:
    The Forelli family have gathered in their cafe in Liberty City to talk about
    the upcoming release of Tommy Vercetti who was put away for 15 years and didn't
    talk on any of the Forellis.
    They decide to send him down south to Vice City where they will let him take
    care of a new drug deal.
    Tommy arrives in Escobar International Airport in the south of Vice City and
    meets the 'shmuck' of a lawyer Ken Rosenberg. He takes them to the docks where
    a chopper soon lands to secure the deal. Several men with shotguns are ready to
    ambush the deal. As Tommy and the two other blokes show the dealer the money,
    several shots are fired and all but Tommy are shot dead. Tommy races off back
    into Ken's car and shouts for him to drive.
    Shortly after this, the game begins on it's journey...
    I have created this full walkthrough (my first, by the way but I have also made
    a Hidden Package map on GameFAQs and the script for K-Chat, just because I like
    this game) to help anyone in need of help of getting that elusive 100% or just
    with one thing like the hidden packages. I am happy (unless I'm in a bad mood
    of course) to answer most Vice City related questions sent to me via e-mail
    (dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net) and will try to help you all I can.
    The main home to this guide (apart from GameFAQs) is gta.darkspyro.net, my
    website. There you will be able to find all of the maps that I may refer to in
    this guide as well as the 100% latest edition of this FAQ as I occasionally
    will update small sections and not bother to post it on GameFAQs.
    And if you want to send me any info on the game that you have found by yourself
    don't hesitate to e-mail me unless it is already in the guide. You can also ask
    me the occasional question if it's not in the guide, but if it is then I'm just
    gonna ignore it. My e-mail address is dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net so send it to
    -----------------------------------[2] Basics----------------------------------
    This section is for those of you who don't read the manual at all.
    |             |
    | a) Controls |
    i) On Foot
         Control                     Action
         =======                     ======
    D-Pad                       Move Character/Move First Person Aim
    X                           Hold to run/Zoom out in Sniper View
    O                           Fire Weapon
    Square                      Jump/Zoom-in in Sniper View
    Triangle                    Get into a car/Pull someone out of a car
    Left Analogue Stick         Move Character/Move First Person Aim
    Right Analogue Stick        First Person-look around
    R1                          Aim weapon
    R2                          Cycle Weapons/Select other Target (when holding R1)
    R3                          Look Behind
    L1                          Move camera to normal + answer phone
    L2                          Cycle Weapons/Select other Target (when holding R1)
    L3                          Crouch
    ii) In Vehicle
       Control                     Action
       =======                     ======
    D-Pad                       Alter Direction of Vehicle
    Up                          (on bike) Lifts up back wheel into air
    Down                        (on bike) Performs wheelie
    X                           Accelerate
    O                           Fire In-car Weapon/DriveBy when R2 or L2 held
    Square                      Brake/Reverse
    Triangle                    Bail
    Left Analogue Stick         Precise Directions
    Right Analogue Stick        Rotate cannon
    R1                          Handbrake
    R2                          Look Right (press O with Uzi type weapon to perform
                                a driveby) In helicopters this turns your vehicle
    R3                          Activate Special Mission
    L1                          Change Radio Station
    L2                          Look Left (press O with Uzi type weapon to perform
                                a driveby) In helicopters this turns your vehicle
    L3                          Honk your horn
    |         |
    | b) Cops |
    i) Wanted Level
    Star     Cops
    ====     ====
    1 Star   No guns but simple bats
    2 Stars  They carry guns now
    3 Stars  Helicopter arrives, cops everywhere still have guns
             undercover cops with Cheetahs also start ariving.
    4 Stars  SWAT teams arrive (also by helicopter now!)
    5 Stars  FBI with Rugers arrive to despatch of you they drive in
             FBI Washingtons and FBI Ranchers
    6 Stars  Barracks OL and Rhinos arrive along with a copter known
             as the Hunter
    ii) Raise Your Wanted Level
    There are many things that will cause your wanted level to rise. Here are
    just a few to start the cops coming after you...
    1) Shoot someone in front of a cop
    2) Pull a gun in front of a cop
    3) Hit a cop car
    4) Blow up a cop car (ie with a grenade)
    5) Punch someone with a cop watchin (not including people cops are
    6) Run several people over
    7) To get two stars right away, kill a cop
    After that, these things only in excess will raise you another level, one
    thing that will guarantee you raise a level is blowing up a police
    iii) Lower Your Wanted Level
    To lower your wanted level simply stand around if you only have one or two
    stars and wait for them to go. Any higher then you will need to take
    There are three other ways to lower your wanted level short of jumping
    in the water. They are:
    1) Go to a Pay'n'Spray and get your car painted, this will make your
    wanted flash for a while then if you commit no more crimes for a while,
    it will go away altogether, but if you do offend again it will return!
    (Or the Pay'n'Go in Sunshine Autos)
    2) Get a police bribe which will lower your wanted level by one so get a
    few of them
    3) Change your clothes at your hideout (only works with two stars or less)
    |              |
    | c) Game Over |
    i) Wasted
    There are around a million ways to get wasted. Simply though, if in any
    way you die, (i.e. drown, explode, get shot to death, get run over) then
    you die (not quite) and return to the nearest hospital with full health
    and with a slight loss of money due to the fact that healthcare ain't free
    in the states. You also lose all of your weapons and any mission that you
    were on automatically fails.
    ii) Busted
    Just as bad as being wasted. The consequences are almost the same as
    getting wasted except that you end up outside the nearest police station
    and the money you lose goes to bribing the cops. To get busted, if you
    have even a slight wanted level and a cop pulls you out of a car your
    busted. The only other way to get busted is if you are hand to hand
    fighting with a cop and he knocks you down he will bust ya.
    iii) Taxi
    If you were on a mission when you were busted or wasted when you
    materialize outside the police station or hospital a Kaufman Cab will
    appear a short distance away with an arrow on top. This will take you back
    to where you got your last mission for a small amount of money (I think
    about $9 but I'm not sure) You simply press triangle near it and you will
    get in the back. It is quite useful sometimes but others when you need to
    get weapons it is quite useless.
    |            |
    | d) Weapons |
    Vice City has introduced a brand new weapons system that is totally new to
    the GTA series. It was introduced as they brought in a lot of new weapons
    and switching between them would have been very difficult.
    The new system means that you can only carry one of each type of weapon.
    Here they all are and where you can find them (there are more locations
    for them but I have just listed some easy to find locations):
    1 Camera (only available in 'Martha's Mug Shot' mission)
    1 Fist (eg Brass Knuckles)
    1 Melee (eg Baseball Bat)
    1 Explosive (eg Grenades)
    1 Pistol (eg Colt 45)
    1 Shotgun (eg Spas-12)
    1 Sub-Machine Gun (eg Tech-9)
    1 Heavy (eg Mini-gun)
    1 Rifle (eg Sniper Rifle)
    Weapon              Type of Weapon   Location
    ======              ==============   ========
    Camera              Camera           Only available in 'Martha's Mug
                                         Shot' mission
    Fists               Fist             Where do ya think fool?
    Brass Knuckles      Fist             In alley behind starting hotel
    Screwdriver         Melee            Hardware Stores
    Golf Club           Melee            At the Golf Club on Leaf Links and in
    Night Stick         Melee            Police Station in Washington Beach, also
                                         kill a normal cop to get one off him
    Baseball Bat        Melee            In alley behind starting hotel
    Knife               Melee            After 'Back Alley Brawl' mission
                                         available at Hardware stores
    Meat Cleaver        Melee            Hardware stores
    Machete             Melee            After 'Jury Fury' mission available at
                                         Hardware stores
    Katana              Melee            In Tarbrush Cafe in North Point Mall in
                                         the storage area
    Chainsaw            Melee            Get some hidden packages and it will be
                                         at the hotel and Diaz's Mansion
    Grenades            Explosive        Ammunation in North Point Mall
    Tear Gas            Explosive        Outside Police Station in Washington
    Molotov Cocktail    Explosive        At Deli shop Downtown
    Bomb and Detonator  Explosive        At Phil's Place after his missions
    Colt 45             Pistol           At Ammunation
    Colt Python         Pistol           At Ammunation Downtown after 'Rub Out'
    Chrome Shotgun      Shotgun          At Ammunation
    Spas-12 Shotgun     Shotgun          At Ammunation Downtown after 'Rub Out'
    Stubby Shotgun      Shotgun          At Ammunation in North Point Mall
    Tech-9              Sub-Machine Gun  Near Golf Course
    Ingram MAC          Sub-Machine Gun  Ammuntation in Ocean Beach
    Uzi M9              Sub-Machine-Gun  Behind Pay'n'Spray in Washington Beach
    MP5                 Sub-Machine-Gun  At Ammunation Downtown after 'Rub Out'
    Ruger               Assault Rifle    Ammuntation in Ocean Beach
    M4                  Assault Rifle    At Ammunation Downtown after 'Rub Out'
    Rocket Launcher     Heavy            Phil's Place after his missions
    Flamethrower        Heavy            In pool shaped like Rockstar logo on
                                         Starfish Island
    Mini-gun            Heavy            At Phil's Place after his missions
    M60                 Heavy            At Phil's Place after his missions
    Sniper Rifle        Sniper Rifle     At Ammunation in North Point Mall
    PSG1/Laser Scope    Sniper Rifle     At Ammunation Downtown after 'Rub Out'
    NOTE: In the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack, some of the weapons have had their
    names altered for seemingly no reason, but they still have. The name changes
    are as follows:
    Ruger -->
    |            |
    | e) Outfits |
    Certain missions in the game will require you to chnage you clothing for
    the occasion. To do this you will have to go to a clothes pickup and get
    it. Changing your clothes, even into the same type you are wearing at the
    time will get rid of your wanted level if it is 2 stars or below.
    These outfits are only available after certain missions so you will have
    to do those missions to get them.
    Outfit         Location
    ======         ========
    Bank Job       At Malibu Club
    Casual Clothes At Gash in North Point Mall
    Cop Uniform    At Cop Station in Washington Beach
    Country Club   At Leaf Links Golf Club
    Coveralls      In Tooled Up in North Point Mall
    Frankie        Available after 100% Completion of game!
    Havana         At Little Havana Streetwear
    Mr. Vercetti   At Collars & Cuffs
    Street         At Hyman Condo, Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Estate
    Soiree         At Raphaels
    Tracksuit      At Laundromat in Litte Havana
    To make sure that the Havana outfit is actually accessible, complete all
    possible missions before doing the
    |                   |
    | f) Radio Stations |
    With the move the Vice City, there would no doubt be different radio
    stations. With the success of Chatterbox in GTA3 there are now 2 chat
    stations with different agendas. Here is a nice list of all the radio
    stations with their music. For more info on K-Chat, see my script on
    GameFAQs and IGN! It is very good! (Read it!) I found time for it
    while not adding to this guide. It's very good and should be read by
    all, (that's you!), anyway, enough plugging of that (the scripts by
    dark52 if you don't know me)
    Emotion 98.3 - DJ: Fernando Martinez
    Espantoso - DJ: Pepe
    Flash FM - DJ: Toni
    Fever 105 - DJ: Oliver 'Ladykiller' Biscuit
    K~Chat - DJ: Amy Sheckenhausen
    Vice City Public Radio (VCPR) - DJ: Maurice Chavez
    V-Rock - DJ: Lazlow
    Wave 103 - DJ: Adam First
    Wildstyle - DJ: Mister Magic
    |          |
    | g) Money |
    From the masses amount of almost useless money that you earned in GTA3,
    amounts of money that you earn in this game are dramatically lower. This is
    because you can actually use the money to buy your hideouts and weapons as
    you can't get them all from the hideout any longer which means more
    Ways to get your money include: using your businesses that you can buy to
    get your dough. You can also punch an escaping villain that is being
    chased by a cop. Each punch gets you $50. Also do the normal missions and
    extra missions such as the taxi type ones. Other ways are to just run
    around killing people and robbing them, also to get a bit of extra dosh
    you can rob a store.
    |         |
    | h) 100% |
    This time around there is a lot more to do to get your 100% completion.
    In GTA3 all you had to do were, hidden packages, rampages, jumps, missions
    and the vigilate mission thingies. In Vice City there is a lot more to it,
    here is a specially extended version of the 100% completion list with
    everything, yes, everything, that you'll need to do.
    1) All of the 21 story missions completed
         1-5  Ken Rosenberg
         6-11 Colonel Cortez
        12-15 Ricardo Diaz
        15    Kent Paul
        16-19 Tommy Vercetti
        20-21 Final Missions
    2) All of the assets and their missions bought and completed
         1    The Boatyard
         2    Cherry Poppers
         3    Pole Position
         4-6  Kaufman Cabs
         7-10 Sunshine Autos
        11-14 Film Studio
        15-16 Printworks
        17-20 The Malibu
    3) All extra missions completed
         1-3  Avery Carrington
         4-7  Umberto Robina
         8-10 Auntie Poulet
        11-13 Love Fist
        14-16 Big Mitch Baker
        17-18 Phil Cassidy
    4) All of the phone missions completed
         1-5  Assassination Missions
    5) All of the hideouts bought
         1    Skumole Shack
         2    3321 Vice Point
         3    1102 Washington Street
         4    Links View Appartments
         5    Ocean Heights
         6    Elswanko Casa
         7    Hyman Condo
    6) All of the Checkpoint races won
         1    Ocean Beach Chopper
         2    Vice Point Chopper
         3    Downtown Chopper
         4    Little Haiti Chopper
         5    PCJ Playground
         6    Cone Crazy
         7    Test Track
         8    Trial By Dirt
    7) All the street races won
         1    Terminal Velocity
         2    Ocean Drive
         3    Border Run
         4    Capital Cruise
         5    Tour
         6    VC Endurance
    8) All the arena challenges won
         1    Dirt Ring
         2    Blood Ring
         3    Hot Ring
    9) All the RC challenges won
         1    RC Bandit Race
         2    RC Baron Race
         3    RC Raider Race
    10) All the 100 Hidden Packages found
    11) All of the 36 Unique jumps completed
    12) All of the 35 Rampages completed
    13) Shooting range done to 45 points after the Shooter mission
    14) Got to Level 12 Vigilante
    15) Got to Level 12 Paramedic
    16) Got to Level 12 Firefigher
    17) Got to Level 10 Pizza Boy
    18) Dropped off 100 Taxi passengers
    19) Robbed 15 stores
         1    Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach
         2    Cafe Robina - Little Havana
         3    Corner Store - Vice Point
         4    Jewelers - Vice Point
         5    Vinyl Countdown - North Point Mall
         6    Jewelers - North Point Mall
         7    Jewelers - Downtown
         8    Laundromat - Little Havana
         9    Rython Aid - Little Haiti
        10    Screw This - Little Havana
        11    Tooled Up - North Point Mall
        12    Dispensary + - Vice Point
        13    Dispensary + - Downtown
        14    Donut Shop - Little Havana
        15    Gash - North Point Mall
    20) Saved without any cheats! (Health type cheats don't seem to affect
    With GTA3 you got nothing for your hard work except your own
    gratification, that you completed the game. However, with Vice City they
    have decided to reward you for your hard work with these little gems:
    1) 200 Health
    2) 200 Armor
    3) Double damage cars
    4) Infinite Ammo
    5) The Frankie outfit at your manison which says on it:
       'I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt' fun eh?
    6) Bodyguards at Mansion - In room downstairs to the right you go into the
       pink lights to activte the security!
    These will make playing the game after completion better and more fun then
    ever before. Now with nothing to do but drive around killing things and making
    money, you can sit back and relax whilst ruling the city.
    ----------------------------------[3] Vehicles---------------------------------
    Vice City plays host to a much wider array of vehicles then GTA3 did as it has
    now got 99 different kinds of vehicles (plus more if you count colour
    variations). The types vehicles of this game have also been expanded from the
    previous title as it now contains both motorcycles and helicopters, the
    helicopters being the major addition to the game as for the first time they are
    playable, rather then just being attacked by them as before. Motorcycles have
    staged their arrival into the 3D version of GTA and are mainly the most fun to
    drive in the game, whilst also being the most dangerous.
    Anyway, here is a list of all the 99 vehicles that feature in the game:
      i) Cars
         1) Admiral - Slow, sluggish, blocky, not a good getaway vehicle
         2) Baggage Handler - Handles baggage? No speed at all.
         3) Banshee - Super speedy one this. Turns corners ok but needs the R1
         4) Benson - Large van, slow, heavy, rubbish
         5) BF Injection - Beach buggy from GTA3. Much better this time. Speedy,
                           and great handler!
         6) Blista Compact - Smalle version of the Blista from GTA3. Handles the
                             same and is still good at turning
         7) Bloodring Banger - Can take a bit of damage and has good speed
         8) Bobcat - same as in GTA3 but a little worse looking and handles worse
         9) Boxville - A box. That's it, what can you expect?
        10) Burrito - Van, quite fast for a van but not exceptional
        11) Bus - Huge bus, slow, heavy and hard to find
        12) Caddy - A great handling faller over. Almost everytime you fall over
                    it gets right on back up again
        13) Cheetah - super speed and slightly worse looking then in GTA3
        14) Coach - another huge, heavy, slow vehicle that turns up at bus stops
        15) Comet - fast, speedy and always a convertable
        16) Cuban Hermes - Burn! Flames on this one! Not the greatest car yet but
                           better then the simple Hermes
        17) Deluxo - Just a car that's slightly fast, available in Sunshine Autos
        18) Esperanto - Rubbish, slow, chunky.
        19) Flatbed - Looks like the Barracks OL and handles like a Bus. Rubbish!
        20) Gang Burrito - Looks the same as a normal Burrito except it's always
        21) Glendale - Same really as a Greenwood and is slow as hell!
        22) Greenwood - As above, slow as hell.
        23) Hermes - Chunky, slow and a rubbish car!
        24) Hotring Racer - Speedy, durable, and just about the best car to race in
        25) Idaho - slow, chunky, rubbish, awful!
        26) Infernus - fast, great handler and always parked outside the Mansion
        27) Landstalker - quite a good car this, fast, but easyily tipped over
        28) Linerunner - big slow trundling truck which can plough through cars
        29) Love Fist - pink strech limo that's a bit faster, only available in
                        Love Fist missions
        30) Manana - Okay car, bit slow, but keeps it's own wouldn't choose it
        31) Mesa Grande - 4x4 that isn't very good on the beach, it smells a bit
                          buts ok if it's the only thing you've got
        32) Moonbeam - blocky people carrier with rubbish handling. Avoid.
        33) Mule - Van that is rubbish!
        34) Oceanic - rubbish, parked outside hotel and is rubbish!
        35) Packer - big truck with ramp. Rubbish at turning, slow but good for
                     getting into islands early!
        36) Patriot - fast, durable, speedy, great handling, great car!
        37) Perennial - rubbish family estate car. Slow, and rubbish!
        38) Phoenix - not the fastest car of the fast ones but does OK against slow
        39) Pony - another slow van
        40) Rancher - shorter version of the Landstalker. Same handling and stuff
        41) RC Bandit - RC Car
        42) RC Baron - RC Plane
        43) RC Raider - RC helicopter
        44) Regina - another family estate, rubbish!
        45) Romero's Hearse - a hearse, of Romero's. Haven't really tried this one
                              out as it's only in one mission but seems fast
        46) Rumpo - slow van
        47) Sabre - reasonably fast but not very, slow and two doors
        48) Sabre Turbo - much faster version of the Sabre
        49) Sandking - huge 4x4 that is so easy to turn over it's impossible not to
        50) Securicar - slow but very stable and durable
        51) Sentinel - okay speed but not too good, rubbish handler
        52) Sentinel XS - slightly better then then Sentinel
        53) Spand Express - Big van, only appears in two missions
        54) Stallion - slow, rubbish and even more rubbish
        55) Stinger - fast, convertable and speedy! Good car
        56) Stretch - well, a limo. Outside your Mansion most of the time, slow and
                      rubbish at turning!
        57) Top Fun - starts the RC missions and is a van that looks like the Pony
        58) Trashmaster - huge rubbish truck (literally) which is very tough. Can't
                          do a rubbish collection mission in it though
        59) Virgo - slow
        60) Voodoo - has hydraulics and is the Haitian's car
        61) Walton - van with crate on back. Slightly fast and rubbish to drive
        62) Washington - tough car but rubbish to drive
        63) Yankee - big truck rubbish!
     ii) Bikes
        64) Angel - fast and steady
        65) Faggio - Moped that is slow and can't really do wheelies
        66) Freeway - almost the same as an Angel
        67) PCJ-600 - the fastest bike with the best handling and speeds rounds
        68) Sanchez - dirt bike that's good at speed and handling.
    iii) Boats
        69) Coast Guard - dunno
        70) Cuban Jetmax - dunno
        71) Dinghy - rubbish small boat that's easyliy flippable
        72) Marquis - giant boat that's ok at turning
        73) Reefer - rubbish slow boat
        74) Rio - really rubbish sail boat that is terrible! Avoid at all costs!
        75) Speeder - fast and speedy, ok at cornering
        76) Squallo II - it's the fastest boat (heh)
        77) Tropic - slow
     iv) Aircraft
        78) Maverick - slow, flies though, helicopter
        79) Police Maverick - fast, flyable and speedy helicopter
        80) Sea Sparrow - helicopter that can land on water, has a minigun aboard
        81) Skimmer - plane which can land on water, slow and rubbish but it's the
                      only real plane
        82) Sparrow - Fast, small and is a helicopter
        83) VCN Maverick - rubbish handler, gets blown about in the wind and is
      v) 'Special' Vehicles
        84) Ambulance - fast, corners awfully
        85) Barracks OL - slow, big and is rubbish!
        86) Cabbie - fast, easyily flipable
        87) Enforcer - slow huge police truck
        88) FBI Rancher - fast, but can easily be tipped over
        89) FBI Washington - fast and durable, very good car
        90) Firetruck - slow, awful corners but very durable and hard to flip
        91) Kaufman Cab - same as a Cabbie except is says Kaufman Cabs on the side
        92) Mr. Whoopee - slow ice-cream truck
        93) Pizza Boy - slightly faster then the Faggio and delivers pizzas
        94) Police - fast and a very good car
        95) Predator - police boat, fast and has a gun
        96) Rhino - huge tank with cannon, ram into one of these and kaboom!
        97) Taxi - normal taxi that's better then the Cabbie and Kaufman
        98) Zebra Cab - same shape as the Cabbie and Kaufman but has stripes. Fast
                        and the best of the cabs
        99) Hunter - flying tank (not literally) with huge missiles to eliminate
                     the threat also has a machine gun which auto targets
    Submitted by Kczofftheheezy:
    To get some crazy insane bonus stunts on motorcycles (minus the fagio) haul ass
    at a jump (for example, south of the Malibu Club, on the grass on the right,
    just before the bridge west of the PCJ playground mission) and right before you
    hit it press back or forward and left or right. Hold those buttons down
    throughout the jump. You can do flips or some mean corkscrews. Try to correct
    yourself to land properly.
    To do wheelies for days get on a sanchez and a nice long straight road. (I like
    the one on the second island running north to south.) Get the sanchez up on a
    wheelie, keep holding back and let go of the gas. Just tap the gas to keep you
    -----------------------------------[4] Items-----------------------------------
    Items will be in no way forgotten for this game as this is a Grand Theft Auto
    Armour         - Gives you full Armour         - Looks like some armor
    Health         - Gives you full Health         - Looks like a pink circle with
                                                     a heart
    Rampage        - Begins a rampage              - Looks like a pink circle with
                                                     a skull
    Hidden Package - Gives you a hidden package    - Looks like a green bird
    Weapons        - Gives you a weapon and ammo   - Looks like a weapon
    Briefcase      - Only available in missions    - Looks like a briefcase
    Bribe          - Takes 1 Star off wanted level - Looks like a pink circle with
                                                     a star in
    Money          - Gives you any amount of money - Looks like a green roll of
    Checkpoint     - Go through it to do a mission - Looks like a floating
                                                     seethrough circle/area
    Adrenaline     - Makes the world slow down     - Looks like a tablet in a pink
    Clothes        - Go through it to switch/clean - Looks like a pink circle with
                     your clothes                    a shirt on, the name of the
                                                     clothes are above the circle
    ---------------------------------[5] Walkthrough-------------------------------
    Right then, you've waded through pages of info and here is my, at the moment,
    incomplete, walkthrough to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!
    |                  |
    | a) Ken Rosenberg |
    i) The Party
    Initial Briefing: Ken wants you to go to a party hosted by Colonel Cortez, but
    you will need some new clothes before you can get in.
    How to: Steal any old car as there is no time limit for this one. Head on over
    to Rafaels, shown as a Shirt icon on the radar, and you should be given a new
    Again, take any old vehicle, such as that nifty bike, and head over to the
    square dot on your radar which just happens to be that Colonel Cortez's boat.
    You are introduced to a few new characters and then instructed to take Mercedes
    to the Pole Position Club, take any of the cars that are outside and drive it
    to the club and that'll be all.
    Money Earned: $100
    Extras: New Clothes
    ii) Back Alley Brawl
    Initial Briefing: Ken tells you about Kent Paul and tells you to visit him.
    How to: Grab a car, (or motorbike!) and drive over to the dot which is the
    Malibu Club. Kent Paul'll tell you bout someone. Then head out to the alley
    which is shown by your radar and kill the chef. To do this simply beat him up a
    lot as you probably don't have any weapons just yet. Anyway, pick up the cell
    phone he drops. This allows you to get some missions and bosses in the game.
    Someone comes up to you and gives you a gun, follow him and kill those chefs
    following you and collect their nifty meat cleavers. Grab a ride, or rather
    drive the mans Infernus to Ammu-Nation which is shown on the radar. You get the
    know how to buy weapons from here and then head on back to the hotel and he
    will drop you off even though you were driving. He will then drive away so no
    Infernus! Anyway, that's your mission done!
    Money Earned: $200
    Extras: Cellphone and Ammu-Nation opens
    iii) Jury Fury
    Initial Briefing: Ken tells you about Georgio Forelli who Ken has been hired
    for, Ken wants you to intimidate the Jury to help his case.
    How to: Pick up the hammer from that dead guy and steal any car you can get
    your hands on. Head to the yellow circle dot on your radar as it is closer 
    and will take less time then the triangle one. Hit the Juror with the hammer
    but don't kill him. Next smash his car up until a cut scene occurs.
    Head on to the other dot and smash his car up till you've completed the
    Money Earned: $400
    Extras: None
    iv) Riot
    Initial Briefing: Ken introduces you to Avery Carrington again and he will tell
    you about this land he wants and he wants you to put the depot that is on the
    land out of business.
    How to: Head to Rafaels again, again the shirt icon, and get some new clothes.
    Get on over to the depot and start a fight with four of the workers there. Just
    one smack each with a hammer should do it. Go kill the man with a weapon and
    take it. Target the nearby barrels and shoot 'em until they blow up the trucks.
    The last truck probably won't blow up so get and blow it up somehow such as
    pushing it into the water. As soon as it is gone you've completed all of the
    missions that Ken will give you. Now head on over to that big ol' 'A' that's on
    the map for Avery Carrington's jobs.
    Money Earned: $1000
    Extras: Coveralls available
    |                   |
    | b) Colonel Cortez |
    v) Treacherous Swine
    Initial Briefing: Cortez has been betrayed by Gonzalez, his lieutenant. He
    quite obviously wants Gonzalez dead and with a chainsaw.
    How to: Drive on over to Gonzalez' place and he'll run off leaving his men to
    kill ya. Kill them with your chainsaw and chase down Gonzalez. He doesn't
    really need to be killed by a chainsaw so just run him over.
    Head on over to the Pay'n'Spray to get rid of that rather annoying wanted level
    and you'll get your money!
    Money Earned: $250
    Extras: Nothing
    vi) Mall Shootout
    Initial Briefing: Cortez wants you to meet some bloke who has some valuable
    How to: Head off to the mall with any old vehicle and meet the contact. Some
    French troops will raid the place and the courier will be off. Follow him out
    and chase him down on his bike. Just take a car, not a motorbike, and ram him
    until he falls off. Kill him and pick up the guidance chips that he drops. Head
    back to Cortez and you're done.
    Money Earned: $500
    Extras: Nothing
    vii) Guardian Angels
    Initial Briefing: Cortez tells you to oversee a transaction for Diaz. He also
    tells you about a weapon he has left in a car park.
    How to: Drive on over to the car park and grab that weapon. The man from Ken's
    second mission meets you here and you learn him to be called Lance Vance. He
    wants to help you.
    Drive to the alley and take position on the stairs. Get the Ruger, the weapon
    you just picked up, and get ready for some action. After a little bit some
    Haitians will raid the place and so shoot em! The first lot comes from the
    right in two cars and a van. Kill them fast and make sure that Diaz and Lance
    both stay alive as if either die you fail! Then some more arrive from the left
    and then some more from the right. Kill them quickly
    After a bit two men on bikes ride in and grab the money but one is killed so
    grab his bike and race after the other. Obviously kill him and get the money
    back. Continue back to Diaz and that's it.
    Money Earned: $250
    Extras: Nothing
    |                 |
    | c) Ricardo Diaz |
    viii) The Chase
    Initial Briefing: Diaz starts ranting about a thief and tells you to find him.
    But he tells you not to kill him, just find him.
    How to: Take the Infernus and head on to the dot on the radar and look into the
    window. You'll see the thief who will then start running which of course you
    have to chase. Follow him up to the roof and don't fall or kill him. He'll
    then escape in a BF Injection and follow him off of the roof. Jump onto the
    Faggio and follow him. if you lose a wheel as he fires at you then it's mission
    failed. Follow him to his hideout to complete the mission.
    Money Earned: $1000
    Extras: A free Faggio?
    ix) Phnom Penh '86
    Initial Briefing: Diaz gets Lance to fly you over another gangs hideout and you
    will be given an M60 with plenty of ammo.
    How to: Lance will fly you over the city in a helicopter and you should use the
    M60 provided to shoot the people on the rooftops with one or two hits. You will
    eventually get dropped off and then use a sub-machine gun such as an Uzi.
    Go into the building and keep pressing R1 to select someone new as you don't
    want to keep shooting someone you have already killed. Head up the stairs and
    through the wall. Grab the package on the roof for Lance to come and pick you
    up in the copter. This mission will now free up the whole of Vice City after
    the hurricane warning was lifted.
    Money Earned: $2000
    Extras: The whole of Vice City is available afterwards! And a few new missions
    for old bosses:
    |                       |
    | d) Colonel Cortez (2) |
    x) Sir, Yes Sir! (Available after Diaz's Phnom Penh '86 mission)
    Initial Briefing: Cortez tells you to grab him a tank that is being transported
    across town so that he can sell it to a client.
    How to: Get yourself any old car such as the Cheetah outside and head to the
    tank on your radar. Wait around a bit till the driver gets out for a doughnut
    and climb aboard. Drive to the garage which is on the radar and nearby to
    complete the mission. However, if you meet up with them after they get to the
    Deli, as it is shown on the map, then run over a row of soldiers then run back
    to the tank and simply climb aboard. Now go to the garage and complete the
    mission. Simple either way.
    Money Earned: $2000
    Extras: A tank, if you take it and put it into one of your garages then blow it
    up to fail the mission.
    |             |
    | e) Diaz (2) |
    xii) The Fastest Boat
    Initial Briefing: Diaz has been known as having the fastest boat on the east
    coast, but there has been a new challenger built in the Docks and Diaz wants
    How to: Get some ammo and head to the docks marked as a yellow dot on your
    radar. Kill the very dangerous men with Rugers from inside your car as that is
    the safest place to be at the moment. Then when they are dead go to the
    boathouse and go into the pink circle. The boat will now drop into the water
    but some more people will arrive with guns at the entrance to the boathouse.
    Shoot em with your gun again and get into the boat.
    As soon as you get into the boat you will receive a nice little 3 star wanted
    level but this can be ignored a lot since you are in the water just watch out
    for the helicopter and the police in boats. get back to Diaz's mansion with the
    boat to finish up.
    An alternate way of doing this one is to get the VCN copter and fly over the
    place. Next head to the first big island and land there. Drive back and the
    people should be dead. Now go to the switch and then shoot the people. The end.
    Money Earned: $4000
    Extras: Experience in killing people.
    xiii) Supply and Demand
    Initial Briefing: Diaz tells you about a drug runner selling his stock to the
    first bidder. He wants you to take the boat you just got and get there before
    anyone else.
    How to: Go to the boat shown as a dot on your radar with which is Lance. Get
    into the boat and follow the two other boats and be careful inside the canal.
    Once you get there you'll become the passenger with Lance driving. Shoot the
    two boats following until they blow up then turn forwards and Lance will yell
    about some guys on a jetty. Now shoot mad at the jetty to take them out. Next
    fire at the copter in the air and as soon as it bursts into flames leave it.
    And now aim forward and shoot out the last boat. As soon as this is done you
    have finished Diaz for good.
    Money Earned: $10000
    Extras: Nothing
    |              |
    | f) Kent Paul |
    xiv) Death Row
    Initial Briefing: Kent Paul will tell you about Lance who attempted to jump
    Diaz but was captured. You don't like this and so threaten Kent into giving
    you the location where he is being held.
    How to: Head off to the junk yard and ram the blockade and hopefully kill the
    two guards so that they pose no threat. Driveby if possible and carry on until 
    they are all dead. If the car catches fire get out and shoot them one by one.
    Go through the junkyard and stop at the end of the road and kill any gunmen
    left. There'll be another man on the crane so shoot him with a Ruger. Take out
    a sub-machine gun and go to the building behind the crane to get to Lance.
    Now take Lance to the hospital to get some treatment. Get your gun out again
    and head for the nearby Trashmaster which is very tough and although is slow
    will protect you. Some Comets will arrive chasing you but the Trashmaster will
    hold up against them. Go to the hospital and it's done.
    Money Earned: $0
    Extras: Nothing
    Submitted by Kriket and Alby:
    The gang members at the Junkyard have loads of cash. Just kill them, take the
    money, then fail the mission and start over. This can be repeated for as long
    as you like, but once you complete the mission, you can't do this anymore.
    |                       |
    | g) Colonel Cortez (3) |
    xv) All Hands on Deck
    Initial Briefing: Cortez needs to leave town and you to help him.
    How to: Head to the back of the deck and fall off the end onto the deck below.
    Get out a Ruger and fire at the boats driving by. As soon as they are gone you
    will be transported to the top of the deck again. Now get the Ruger out again
    and fire at the little boats driving around the front of the boat and also take
    out the ships blocking the way. Some helicopters should start arriving soon,
    try to take them out with the Ruger as fast as you can but if you don't get
    them before the people drop out of them shoot them too. After they have all
    been taken out the end of the mission should occur. You get dropped off in a
    boat and you get your money.
    Money Earned: $5000
    Extras: A free boat at the end
    |                   |
    | h) Tommy Vercetti |
    xvi) Rub Out
    Initial Briefing: You will need to kill Diaz and steal everything he owns as
    payback for the busted drug deal that lost Tommy's drugs and killed Lance's
    brother at the start of the game.
    How to: First make sure you have some ammo (lots of ammo) and make your way to
    the front door by shooting out the two guards blocking it. It's locked so head
    to the right-hand side of the building and into the maze. Make sure Lance
    follows you as sometimes he goes out into the road and gets killed, which is a
    bad thing as you would fail the mission. Anyway, work your way through the maze
    and get to the side of the building. The maze has a few of Diaz's gang in so
    shoot em. Get into the building through the side by the pool and shoot the
    people there. Head up the stairs and shoot the several guards on the way. Go to
    the second level and then out into the landing. Shoot the people on the landing
    and chase after Diaz. Run towards him in his office and go to the side of his
    desk. Shoot him and it's mission complete!
    Money Earned: $50000
    Extras: You get Diaz's mansion for saving in and the garages
    xvii) Shakedown
    Initial Briefing: You get told about the places which just aren't paying their
    protection as they don't know about you yet. You decide to make them know.
    How to: You have five minutes to do this so grab Lance's cheetah outside and
    race to the North Point Mall. Go in and smash the windows with any weapon you
    have. Preferably the Uzi weapon that was nearby at the mansion. You will get
    a wanted level almost straight away but wait until it gets up to about two
    before grabbing the clothes in the Gash store upstairs. To see which windows
    you need to smash simply look on the radar. The square dots are on the same
    level as you and the triangle ones are on a different level. This mission can
    be tough or easy depending on how good you are. As soon as the last window is
    bust, you win.
    Money Earned: $2000
    Extras: Assets now available to buy!
    xviii) Bar Brawl
    Initial Briefing: A bar ain't payin the protection money as another gang is
    protecting it. You gotta get it to pay you.
    How to: Drive to the bar and either driveby or run over the two guards outside.
    Talk to the bar owner and then race over to the location shown on the radar.
    Head up the stairs and snipe the people in the compound. Do this until they are
    all dead. Now as you appear down the stairs after the two drive off get into
    your car and chase after them. Knock them off their bikes and run them over
    until mission complete.
    Money Earned: $5000
    Extras: Nothing
    xix) Cop Land
    Initial Briefing: One of the little people has left a bomb in the North Point
    Mall and it hasn't worked. The police are also searching the place for it so
    you decide with Lance to go set it off.
    How to: Drive to the garage marked on the map with any old car. Punch someone
    in the face (anywhere will do really) in front of a cop and get a wanted level.
    Run around getting two cops to chase you into the garage. You will then get a
    cop uniform and then grab the cop car behind the garage and head to the mall.
    Park a little distance away from the opening of the mall with the car facing
    the street. Go in and enter the shop with the bomb in. Set it off and run! Exit
    the mall and grab your car. Race away as you now have a five star wontedness
    and so the FBI are after you! Drive to either a Pay'n'Spray and swap cars or
    straight to the mansion to complete the mission.
    Money Earned: $10000
    Extras: the Vercetti Mansion will now begin earning money.
    |                   |
    | i) Final Missions |
    These Final Missions become available at the Printworks after compeletion of a
    few things. They are (some may not be nessacery but I am not sure which, but
    this is what I had to do to get the missions to arrive by phonecall)
     1) All Assets Bought
     2) Malibu, Boatyard, Kaufman Cabs and Pole Position Club asset missions
     3) Printworks Asset completed
     4) Main storyline people all completed
    That's all I'd done when the crazy old man at the printworks phoned me. If he
    doesn't phone you then get in a car and out again until the phone rings. There
    might be more needed to do or less, anything that you have done to get these
    missions to begin will be greatly accepted.
    This is what silent_haiku thinks what you have to do to trigger the missions:
    As far as I can tell, to trigger it you must own all assets, and have completed
    all but two. I owned the boatyard, but hadn't completed Checkpoint Charlie (I
    suck at boat missions), owned but hadn't completed the Film Studio (flying the
    stupid skimmer is even worse than a boat) and owned/completed all other assets
    when Cap The Collectors triggered. It might be that you don't have to own all
    but two, but that's as far as I figure.
    xx) Cap the Collectors
    Initial Briefing: The Mafia have arrived in town and are taxing your businesses
    which you have been buying and doing the missions for (maybe you did need them
    all?) and you have to go stop them.
    How to: They are driving Sanchez' (dirtbikes) and this is the order in which
    they go to your places: Boatyard
                            Sunshine Autos
                            Cherry Poppers
                            Kaufman Cabs
                            Interglobal Film Studio
                            The Malibu Club
                            Pole Position Club
    They will only go to the places if you have completed the asset missions there.
    They definately start with the Boatyard as that is essential completion to
    start the going. They will then progress down the list taxing your businesses.
    The business they are taxing show up on the ingame made so head over to the
    boatyard and take out the first two. Then take out the next and the next. As
    there's only three, that's it. Complete!
    Money Earned: $30000
    Extras: Nothing
    xxi) Keep Your Friends Close...
    Initial Briefing: Before you get to the mission Lance tells you that Sonny is
    coming to Vice City and to get back to the mansion to prepare. Anyway, as you
    start the mission you learn that Lance has betrayed you.
    How to: As you start in your office pull out a shotgun and blast anyone that
    comes near you, (or target anyone you can) as soon as Lance shows up shoot
    him with a semi automatic machine gun such as the Uzi and hope to kill him.
    If you miss get your shotgun out again and shoot the people again. Next head
    down the stairwell and get the health, armor and weapons to heal you. Run back
    to the safe then as soon as Sonny bursts in shooting, run left back into the
    stariwell. Jump down to get the armor and health and then go back up to the
    corridor along from the downstairs and Sonny. Aim a Sniper at Sonny from the
    end and shoot him like crazy!
    Money Earned: $30000
    Extras: Hunter now appears at the helipad down the road from the Links View
    Apartments (or in Fort Baxter Airbase if you haven't got all 100 Hidden
    Packages yet).
    That's all the storyline done. Now move on to the extra missions and rampages
    and hidden packages, and vigilante missions, and unique jumps and robbing
    stores and whatever else you need to do.
    ------------------------------[7] Asset Missions-------------------------------
    This is a brand new section of the guide to cover all the missions that you
    will need to complete to get all the assets to start earning you money! They
    are in order of expense (lowest price first) at the end of each mission you
    get some money just like the normal missions.
    Assets are compulsory to complete the storyline missions but I am not too
    sure about which ones but you definately need to do the Printworks.
    Before you can get any of these assets you must first have completed the
    mission 'Shakedown', you will be told in the game when you can buy assets so
    I won't 'spoil' when or why this mission occurs or even what it is about.
    |                    |
    | a) Boat Yard       |
    | Cost: $10,000      |
    | Location: Viceport |
    | Daily Money: $2000 |
    i) Checkpoint Charlie
    How to: A nice and easy mission that only requires a bit of skill at driving a
    boat. Go through each checkpoint and make sure to corner well as the timer
    can be a bit annoying but ignore it for the most. The ramps are the hardest
    part as you can get stuck on the docks so get a bit of speed up to get over
    them. THe boat I recommend taking is the one on the left as the turing and
    control is much easier on it.
    |                         |
    | b) Cherry Poppers       |
    | Cost: $20,000           |
    | Location: Little Havana |
    | Daily Money: $3000      |
    i) Deliverance
    How to: Simple yet slightly long and annoying. Get near a Pay'n'Spray and then
    start the Jingle Jangle of the ice cream truck with the L3 button. Every four
    that you deliver (around four, sometimes it's three) will get you a wanted
    level. To get rid of this, as every time you stop a copper will try to pull
    you out of the truck, go into the pay'n'spray. Keep doing this until you get
    50 done. Then exit the truck and the asset will be done.
    |                       |
    | c) Pole Position      |
    | Cost: $30,000         |
    | Location: Ocean Beach |
    | Daily Money: $4000    |
    i) There ain't no name for this one
    How to: Go into the back room of the club and sit there for a while. Keep an
    eye on your money then exit the room after spending $600 on her. That's it.
    Asset complete!
    |                        |
    | d) Kaufman Cabs        |
    | Cost: $40,000          |
    | Location: Little Haiti |
    | Daily Money: $5000     |
    i) VIP
    How to: Grab the cab and the mission will start. Now drive over to Starfish
    Island as fast as you can as you only have 1 minute to get there! Stop in the
    pink circle and honk your horn. Another cab will drive up so as he drives off
    driveby it until the bloke gets out, make sure not to blow the cab up until
    the VIP gets into yours. Now drive over to the airport and its done.
    ii) Friendly Rivalry
    How to: Simply driveby, jack or just anyway blow up the other cars. If you jack
    them then simply drive it into water jumping out at the last minute (you have
    to be going fast for it to continue into the water).
    iii) Cabmegeddon
    How to: Drive over to the docks and then as the other cabs arrive simply drive
    in circles for a while until the timer runs out (avoiding the cabs). When the
    Zebra Cab comes in blow it up by drivebying it.
    |                         |
    | e) Sunshine Autos       |
    | Cost: $50,000           |
    | Location: Little Havana |
    | Daily Money: $9000      |
    This place has it's own FAQ on GameFAQs so for more concentrated info on this
    place read it. It is by PsychoMantis and is very good. My guide here is just
    a simpleg guide, his is a lot better, read it!
    i) List One
    How to: Grab these cars and bring them back to the garage next to the big sign.
    Car Name       General/Fixed Locations
    ========       =======================
    Landstalker    Dirt Track in north Downtown
    Idaho          Driving around Little Haiti
    Esperanto      Driving around Vice Point
    Stallion       Driving around the Littles
    Rancher        Driving around Vice Point
    Blista Compaq  Driving around Washington Beach
    A new car will appear in the showroom and the place will earn up to $1500 a day
    for you.
    ii) List Two
    How to: Again, gather these cars for your rewards and new car!
    Car Name    General/Fixed Locations
    ========    =======================
    Sabre       Driving around Downtown
    Virgo       Driving around Washington Beach
    Sentinel    In the showroom for the Asset
    Stretch     By your mansion
    Washington  Driving around Starfish Island
    Admiral     Parked on Starfish Island
    Another new car will be available after this and Sunshine Autos will start
    generating up to $4000 at a time.
    iii) List Three
    How to: Same as the last two
    Car Name General/Fixed Locations
    ======== =======================
    Cheetah  Near where you meet Colonel Cortez
    Infernus By your mansion
    Banshee  Parked on Starfish Island
    Pheonix  Starfish Island again
    Comet    Next to the golf course on Leaf Links
    Stinger  On Starfish Island
    iv) List Four
    How to: Same
    Car Name         General/Fixed Locations
    ========         =======================
    Voodoo           Near Auntie Poulets place
    Cuban Hermes     Driving around Little Havana
    Caddy            Hidden in bushes near Lighthouse
    Baggage Handler  Next to Airport terminals
    Pizza Boy        Behind Well Stacked Pizza shops
    Mr Whoopee       Outside Cherry Poppers factory (must own it)
    And that's it. Another new car will appear and the asset will start earning
    the maximum it can.
    |                        |
    | f) Film Studio         |
    | Cost: $60,000          |
    | Location: Prawn Island |
    | Daily Money: $9000     |
    i) Recruitment Drive
    How to: Drive over to Candy Suxx in Downtown and then get ready to kill her
    pimp. Shoot the blokes who get out of the car with any old gun. They'll be
    easy. If you've got a Rocket launcher from the Hidden Packages then simply blow
    up the pimp's car at a red light, if you don't then ram the car to bits and
    then go back for Candy. Then head off to find Mercedes in the helipad location
    near the Well Stacked Pizza which is near the Malibu. Then simply drive back to
    the Film Studio and you're done!
    ii) Dildo Dodo
    Simple, simple, simple! (Unless you're a rubbish plane flyer) grab the seeplane
    from behind the film studios and take off. Go to the closest dot on your
    radar and fly through it. Then fly to the end dot and then onto the next. This
    mission is quite simple and afterwards you will be able to get the Skimmer
    you used from behind the Film Studio!
    iii) Martha's Mug Shot
    How to: Simple this one. Grab the copter that's shown on your radar (to the
    left if you can't see it) and follow Candy. When you get to the place where you
    fought Gonzales a cutscene will occur with Alex Shrub (Martha) and Candy.
    Land the Sparrow on the balcony above (shown on the radar) and take some snaps
    of Candy and Martha on the rooftop. Take as many as you can (5) and then grab
    the Sparrow and fly back to the Film Studio to complete the mission.
    iv) G-Spotlight
    How to: If you can't control a motorbike then this mission ain't for you.
    Anyway, grab the PCJ-600 provided and head over to the location shown on the
    map. Go up the stairs to the office and go up the lift. Race out of the window
    shown (Unique Stunt Jump here) follow the radar to see where you're jumping
    next and give yourself a good runup for each jump. A set of stairs will go down
    halfway through to give you easy acsess if you fall off and also can be used
    later. Just go to the end and that's the Film Studio earning you money!
    Submitted by: TBDK
    If your not good at motorbiking it or have no patience(me) then you can do it
    easier. After you get the first check point(not required but makes it easier)
    go grab you maverick from police, home in downtown, VCN station, Vercetti
    estate. The use the chopper to touch each check point. It still counts and it's
    alot quicker and easier.
    |                        |
    | g) Printworks          |
    | Cost: $70,000          |
    | Location: Little Haiti |
    | Daily Money: $8000     |
    This asset is vital to the full completion of the storyline.
    i) Spilling the Beans
    How to: Head down to the docks in a heli and land on top of the ship. To get
    a heli there should be one on top of your mansion and on the Hyman Condo. Run
    downstairs to the circle and go in. GO out and back up to the chopper making
    sure not to die on the way. Get back to the printworks and its done.
    ii) Hit the Courier
    How to: Get to the docks as fast as you can and take out all the people there.
    Hide behind the wall and wait for the courier to get out of the chopper. Kill
    her and grab the case. Then grab the chopper and head back to the Printworks
    Asset complete!
    |                      |
    | h) Malibu Club       |
    | Cost: $120,000       |
    | Location: Vice Point |
    | Daily Money: $10,000 |
    i) No Escape?
    How to: Nice simple one this. Only kidding! It's a bit difficult. Grab a
    fast car and park it outside the police station with the door open for a fast
    escape. Go into the police station and go into the locker room to get yourself
    some new threads. Go up the stairs and into the office with the keycard in.
    Go down to the cells and set Cam Jones free. Run out of the police station
    (shooting cops on the way) and get in the car. Make sure that Cam gets in and
    no cops bust ya. Drive south realy fast to the Pay'n'Spray (or somehow lose
    your wanted level) and go in. Drive carefully for a little while until the
    stars go completely then zoom back to Cams house. Done.
    ii) The Shootist
    How to: Ahh. No baddies for this one. Drive on over to the shooting range in
    Downtown and meet Phil. All you've gotta do in this one is get 60 points. To
    achieve this, in the first section: Shoot out the body of the first yellow
    person, and not the head, to give you easy access to the ones behind which are
    worth more points. Then shoot the ones behind bit by bit. Fast yet with
    accuracy. The next two sections are much the same, easy to predict when the
    next ones are going to pop out so just shoot em when they do. Simple really.
    iii) The Driver
    How to: Oooh. Tough one this. Make sure you have a sub-automatic-machinegun
    before you start. As soon as the race begins press R2 to face Hilary and shoot
    him! Hope to pop his back tyre as he drives away (you drive too) and as he does
    get out of your shooting range, ram the back of his car sideways to make him
    spin out of control. Then simply drive round the course with ease as Hilary is
    no-where to be seen. If you can achieve it then good.
    iv) The Job
    How to: Grab the taxi and take the squabbling people to the bank. Grab the
    bank outfits and head inside. This mission will require a nice set of guns (or
    just a Python which has a lot of ammo) as there will be a few unexpected guests
    later. Anyway, for now head inside and after the cutscene head up the stairs to
    the left. Head up the stairs to the left again (there's a room in front with a
    man cowering but he is nessacery for later so don't kill him) and go into the
    room with the elevator. Then go to the safe (taking care of the guard on the
    way) and then head back to the room with the manager in. Take him back to the
    safe and then go back out into the main bank room. Head down the stairs and
    go to the pink light. After the cutscene run backwards out of the way of the
    teargas that the SWAT teams have dropped. Shoot em as they drop down (Phil
    needs to survive at the moment but Cam doesn't) and then after they are all
    gone, go out the door. Watch the most annoying cutscene yet and then shoot all
    the SWAT teams out here. Both Phil and Cam can now die (Phil is needed but he
    regenerates outside the bank if he dies). Grab the Taxi and take Phil (and Cam
    if he's still alive) down south to Cam's house (or north to the Pay'n'Spray
    but that only gets rid of new police as the original SWAT teams still remain
    for some reason) and it's mission complete (when you've got to the house) and
    so is the asset! $10,000! Wow! it's massive!
    That's all of them done. Congratulate yourself for a job well done! Everytime
    you come past one of the assets remember to collect the money as it is very
    useful when out shopping. It allows you to get almost inifinte ammo for your
    -------------------------------[6] Extra Missions------------------------------
    This is my section for those missions that you will probably do anyway, but
    aren't essential for the storyline of the game to continue. However, these do
    count towards getting a full 100% game completiton so read on! There really
    shouldn't be any spoilers in this section as they don't involve the storyline,
    but you never know.
    |                     |
    | a) Avery Carrington |
    i) Four Iron
    Initial Briefing: Avery tells you about some more land he wants and a man who
    won't let go of it. He tells you that he's at Leaf Links country club which is
    on a brand new island for you!
    How to: Head to Jocksport to get some new golfing clothes and then off to Leaf
    Links. Any weapons you have will be taken from you here so either obey the
    rules or use a vehicle to jump the fence. If you obey the rules then there is a
    golf club just inside which can be used as a weapon. Jump into the golf cart
    which is known as a Caddy and drive over to the dot on the radar.
    Take out the little people and chase down the man that's escaping on another
    Caddy and ram his vehicle until he gets out. Then follow him and run him down!
    Mission completed!
    Money Earned: $500
    Extras: New Clothes
    ii) Demolition Man
    Initial Briefing: Avery yet again wants more land. It's an office that's not
    yet built this time.
    How to: Head off to the dot on your radar and climb aboard the Top Fun van.
    You get to control a helicopter now, even if it is remote control. Anyway, 
    listen to the tutorial and learn how to use that little copter as you'll need
    Grab a bomb and head on over to the building. The four targets are on different
    levels of the building, to drop the bombs press O. The men around there will
    attack you as they don't want their building to blow up after all their hard
    Plant all the bombs, starting at the bottom and watch the explosions and just
    as in the film by the same name watch the explosions. You've now completed the
    mission. Now head on over to the big 'C' for your next boss.
    Money Earned: $1000
    Extras: Nothing
    iii) Two Bit Hit (Available after Diaz's Phnom Penh '86 mission)
    Initial Briefing: Avery has a passenger with him and it just so happens to be a
    young Donald Love who just don't seem like the one in GTA3. Anyway, Avery wants
    you to start a gang war, just as Donald Love did in that mission which involved
    you killing Kenji of the Yakuza in GTA3.
    How to: Get a new set of clothes, follow the shirt icon again, and head over to
    the funeral place and smash into the area in a nice tough car and run down the
    big ol boss and drive out of there as fast as you can as those Haitians don't
    really like you killing their boss. If however he escapes in the hearse, follow
    him and shoot him with a driveby until they stop and then kill em. Then for if
    you are still in Little Haiti, get out of it! 
    Money Earned: $2500
    Extras: Nothing
    |                   |
    | b) Umberto Robina |
    iv) Stunt Boat Challenge
    How to: Simple this one, if you are good at turning in a boat that is. Grab
    every checkpoint with a bit of speed as the timer will time out if you go too
    cautiously like I did on my first go (but we'll be forgetting about that now)
    just grab them all and hope not to crash at all.
    Money Earned: $1000
    v) Cannon Fodder
    How to: Grab a car, such as a taxi, that seats four (including you) and go into
    the pink circle. Drive to the location as shown by the radar on your screen and
    stop. Get a sniper rifle out and shoot out all the people behind the car (which
    is unmoveable as it is wedged in the wall) until they are all dead and a
    cutscene occurs. Now snipe out the sniper on the roof either using your sniper
    or running forwards to get some ammo for it and then shooting him. Anyway, now
    get a Uzi type weapon out and start shooting all the little people around,
    they have arrows above their heads, and then when the next cutscene occurs get
    an Uzi out again and shoot every single person you can see, and those you can't
    until only a couple of people are arriving out of the big door on the left.
    Then grab the van and drive on over to the cafe again, you might have a couple
    of stars now from all that shooting so watch out for the cops on the way there,
    if the van blows up you fail!
    Money Earned: $2000
    vi) Naval Engagement
    How to: Drive to Rico and get into his boat. Grab either a Uzi or Rocket
    Launcher and ger firing at the boats. With an Uzi aim several times at the
    people until a cutscene occurs and with the rocket launcher blow up the boats
    direct. You will then appear on the land. Get out an Uzi again and fire at
    every single person you can target. Now run towards the house making sure to
    take out anyone else that appears with your Uzi, especially the person on the
    house which you could take out with a sniper if you wanted. Any way, grab the
    two cases and head back to the water to grab the third. You will then see a
    cutscene with Rico's boat exploding. If there are still boats there don't get
    in them as the police boats will blow you up in seconds. Run out to the front
    of the house and grab the Landstalker and drive out of there. Now you can drive
    straight back, to a Pay'n'Spray or grab a copter from the roof of the Mansion
    (if you have it yet, oops, sorry, spoiler!) and get back to the cafe whatever
    Money Earned: $4000
    vii) Trojan Voodoo
    How to: Grab a car and head to Little Haiti and find yourself a Voodoo. They
    are purple and very common in Little Haiti so it shouldn't be too hard. Go to
    the place with all the other cars and then follow them to the base. Follow them
    in and park in the location. Now run into the building and go to the bottom 
    right corner of the factory. Step into the pink light and the timer will start.
    Run to the corner in the left habnd side of the room then up the stairs. There
    are some people shooting at you in here so take them out fast. You have little
    time left now so run out and towards the gate. As you approach the gate run
    left go up the stairs and onto the roof. This should then show you the entire
    factory exploding in a ball of fire! Mission complete!
    Money Earned:$10000
    Submitted by Floyd
    on Trojan Voodoo, the ideal is to start on the pink spot on the second floor
    and then head to the spots nearer to the exit of the factory.
    |                  |
    | c) Auntie Poulet |
    viii) Juju Scramble
    How to: Drive to the first and grab it. A spy will then spot you and so start
    to shoot. Run off back into your car and drive as fast as you can to the next
    location. Grab it and then head off to the next. Grab that one then either get
    rid of that wanted level or head straight back to Auntie Poulet's place.
    Money Earned: $1000
    ix) Bombs Away!
    How to: Drive over to the van by the waterside. Get in and then you will contol
    your first (maybe!) plane in the game. Forget everything you might have learnt
    about flying the Dodo in GTA3 this (and any other planes in the game!) flies
    differently and easier probably due to Rockstar getting so many complaints
    about how hard it was to fly before, anyway, drive quickly down the grassy area
    and press down to go up (a little bit confusing at first but you get used to
    it) and fly over to the targets. Drop the bombs whilst flying downwards to get
    a better aiming at them and hopefully you should take out at least one of the
    boats. If not then they will start moving (they will anyway) and this is the
    hard part. They have guns and will try to shoot you but fly close to them and
    drop bombs on the moving targets. As soon as they are gone go back for the last
    target on land. You have three planes to waste but try to use them wisely.
    Money Earned: $2000
    Submitted by Floyd:
    On Bombs Away, you should bomb the on land target before finishing all the
    boats, otherwise the car starts to run and you job gets harder.
    x) Dirty Lickin's
    How to: Drive to the bottom of the stairs near to the location you have been 
    told to go to. Grab the drugs at the bottom of the stairs to make targeting
    easier in the time given. Anyway, run up the stairs and get to the pink circle.
    Aim your sniper at the people (with arrows above their heads) and fire ech time
    you reload. Since the game is slowed down it should mean that you can target
    them faster and easier. As soon as they are all taken out some more people
    will arrive with weapons. Take em out too as the drugs should still be
    affecting you. As soon as that is done. It's mission completed.
    Money Earned: $5000
    |              |
    | d) Love Fist |
    xi) Love Juice
    How to: Grab a nice fast, durable fast turning car such as a Blista Compaq to 
    do this one. Head over to the pink dot and face Northwards and towards the road
    so you can get a quick getaway. As soon as the bloke drives off on his bike
    get after him. He will try to corner quickly so use the handbrake to make the
    turns. Ram him off the bike when you finally catch up with him smash him off
    his bike. Run him over and if he gets up and starts shooting at you then get
    out of the car, as it will soon explode!, and shoot him dead. Grab the case and
    then you'll get a call from Love Fist. Drive on over to Mercedes and go into
    the light. Now then, you have only one and a half minutes (1:30) to get back
    to Love Fist so drive fast! A Comet would be a good car for this one. Head
    north to the bridge next to the Mall and head over it, fast! Then just down
    this road is the destination.
    Money Earned: $2000
    xii) Psycho Killer
    How to: Simply follow the car anbd blow it up with a driveby. It doesn't show
    up on your radar so watch carefully as it can trick you occasionally. Anyway,
    blow him up with the driveby (using an Uzi) and that's it.
    Money Earned: $4000
    xiii) Publicity Tour
    How to: Nice easy and fun mission here, if you can drive a car that is! As soon
    as the cutscene ends drive as fast as you can to the big long road down the
    right hand side of the second island. Drive up and down this as fast as you
    can as if you slow down too much the car will explode! At the end of the road
    use the handbrake to turn quickly and then just do this until they difuse the
    bomb. Now take the car to the concert and that's all the Love Fist missions!
    Money Earned: $8000
    |                    |
    | e) Big Mitch Baker |
    xiv) Alloy Wheels of Steel
    How to: Quite easy if you can handle a bike well. First, to get a slight head
    start and less people to race against simply press triangle next to one of the
    bikers and he will be out of the race. This will start the race straight away
    so get mvoing. Make sure you don't over or under do the corners with the brakes
    and handbrake. Go straight through each checkpoint making sure you do. Anyway,
    around the corner where your Hyman Condo is (or if you haven't bought it yet,
    it's on your in case map) the two other bikers should fail this corner and so
    give you a nice gap between them and you for you to simply cruise to victory.
    Money Earned: $1000
    xv) Messing with the Man
    How to: Simple mission if you have a Ruger type weapon or Mini-Gun. As soon as
    a car comes by shoot it. As soon as it blows up, just continue to shoot it.
    Don't stop and your Chaos Meter should continue to go up. Mission complete!
    Money Earned: $2000
    xvi) Hog Tied
    How to: Nice easy one again, grab the Angel outside and head over to the ramp.
    Take a nice run up and make sure to do a slight wheelie to get onto the stairs
    safely. As soon as you land on the opposite building race down the stairs,
    (still on your bike) and drive over to the other Angel bike. Get aboard that
    one and race back to the stairs. Now turn right (don't go up the big stairs)
    and then go up those stairs and jump off of the building onto the road. Now
    drive the bike back to the mission start point and watch out for a huge van
    driving after you. There you go. You can now do the last Love Fist Mission.
    Money Earned: $4000
    |                 |
    | f) Phil Cassidy |
    xvii) Gun Runner
    How to: This mission can be seen as tough for some, easy for others. Anyway,
    grab that good ol Patriot and head on over to the north yellow dots. Ram them
    both until the guns fall off. Get the guns and replace any weapons you have
    with them even if they are rubbish compared to your other weapons as you will
    need to collect them to complete the mission. Anyway, driveby the white vans
    and then head down south to the others. Do the same for the other two and it's
    done. There will be a gang of people on Faggios and if you kill them you get
    $100 each (only available during the mission).
    Money Earned: $2000
    Submitted by Jon Newman
    First, the way you destroy the trucks is to drive-by them.  You can ram them to
    slow them down, but drive-by is the way to wreck them.  When you go after each
    pair of trucks, take down the one with the shooter first.  Do not get out of
    your Patriot; run to a Pay n' Spray if you're hurting.  Second, the scooter
    shooters will not appear until you have picked up two of the weapons.  You
    don't want to face them and the second pair of trucks at the same time, so just
    leave the first pair of weapons and deal with all four trucks first.
    xviii) Boomshine Saigon
    How to: Quite a strange mission this one. Normally it would be easier then
    jumping into the sea. Well, it is quite an easy mission though but if you get
    easily disorientated by a blurry screen with your turns being way over the top
    and crazy, then avoid this one. Anyway, start driving, go straight as far as
    possible as any turn you make will be hard to put back on track. The time limit
    is quite good as Phil really doesn't die that quickly. As soon as you get to
    the hospital continue on to the next dot where you can stop and finish the
    mission. If the police spot you whilst driving under the influence then they
    will imediately get one star wanted level which can be really annoying on this
    mission. However when done you have both completed all the extra missions and
    can now buy heavy duty weapons from Phil himself (now with only one arm!).
    Money Earned: $5000
    That's all of the extra missions in the game completed and done. Any additional
    strategies for these are welcome to give anyone reading a wider range of ideas
    for completing the missions.
    -------------------------------[9] Phone Missions------------------------------
    |                           |
    | a) Assassination Missions |
    i) Road Kill
    How to: Grab any old car, preferably quite fast, but it's not essential and
    head on over to the dot on the radar. As soon as you can ram the little red
    scooter, as there is a time limit of sorts, until he falls off. Then simply
    run him over contiuously until he is dead.
    Money Earned: $500
    ii) Waste the Wife
    How to: You'll need a good car for this one. I'd recommend a tough car like a
    Landstalker but they fall over easily. Anyway, drive to the dot and then get
    after the woman. She doesn't drive exceptionally fast for a Comet but you still
    need to catch up with her. Ram her alot until the car explodes and whatever you
    do don't do a driveby as that will fail the mission as the death needs to seem
    like an accident.
    Money Earned: $2000
    iii) Autocide
    How to: Get a Rocket Launcher or Grenades if you're good with them, (a Rocket
    Launcher can be found in a pool of the hotel near to Escobar airport or with
    hidden packages) Anyway, start the mission and go to the weapons indicated by
    the radar. Pick them up, there's a Silver PCJ 600 here which you can go put in
    a garage but don't use it on this mission, and head over to the bloke on the
    sign. Snipe him with the sniper rifle you just recieved and then head to the
    next target. Go so you can see the Securicar, but not too close as he will
    drive off, and fire a couple of rockets at him with your launcher. Next head to
    the Bobcat and do the same, this time with just one rocket. Drive to the edge
    of the land nearest the next and snipe the driver of the boat, not too easy
    but possible. Now head to the next one in a fast car (not nessacery) and ram
    the driver off of the PCJ 600.
    Money Earned: $4000
    iv) Check Out in the Check In
    How to: First off bring a heli with you to this mission as it will be very hard
    otherwise Get to the airport, your weapons will be left outside but don't
    worry, grab the sniper rifle and get up to the second floor. Wait till you get
    told that she has talked to the men and shoot them both, then pick up the case
    one of them dropped. You then recieve tow complimentary stars for that. Head
    outside and climb aboard the chopper. Fly to AmmuNation and you're done! If you
    can't find a heli then this mission will be very hard as you will have to drive
    through 'two star' police and alongside them will be men with Rugers on fast
    cars which will rip you and your car to shreds in seconds. Getting in a
    Pay'n'Spray/Go will only get rid of the cops so the copter is the best way to
    Money Earned: $8000
    v) Loose Ends
    How to: Make sure you have a lot of health and weapons first. Now, head left
    into the area behind the Cherry Poppers. Shoot the people behind the car first
    and then move on killing everyone you can get into your auto targeting system.
    Make your way to the right and up those stairs and over the roofs to get to
    the roof of the factory. Shoot all the people hiding behind those ramp vent
    things until you get to the place where there are six people. Shoot them fast
    with a shotgun as they will most likely tear you apart if you are too slow.
    Grab the case and head right to the waiting Maverick (helicopter) on the roof.
    Follow the dot and land on the helipad. Mission complete!
    Money Earned: $16000
    ---------------------------------[10] Hideouts---------------------------------
    Once again, in true GTA style, you can't just save your game in any old
    place, but rather then one simple place in each locality which GTA3 gave
    you. You can now purchase several hideouts each with a different sized
    garage, though some don't have one, which allows you to stay in different
    places each day rather then to keep traveling across the entire city just
    to save the game and then return again to where you were.
    Vice City allows for much more then just that as well, there are some
    places, later on in the game, that will earn you money each day and also
    supply you with extra missions. Here, first, I will list, describe and
    price the buildings you can buy.
    Name: Skumole Shack
    Price: $1000
    Description: A small burnt out shack on a rooftop. No garage but it'll save
    your game well.
    Location: Above Howlin Pete's Emporium in the Downtown area
    Name: 3321 Vice Point
    Price: $2500
    Description: A huge building but still no garage, cheap but almost useless
    Location: At the top of Vice Point
    Name: 1102 Washington Street
    Price: $3000
    Description: No more then a simple save point
    Location: Across the road from Rosenberg's place
    Name: Links View Apartments
    Price: $6000
    Description: A garage! Wahey! Only one car though
    Location: Near North Point Mall
    Name: Ocean Heights
    Price: $7000
    Description: One car garage that's it.
    Location: Near Pole Position Club
    Name: Elswanko Casa
    Price: $8000
    Description: A garage and a gun on the roof. To get to the gun you have to go
    up the stairs, walk along the balcony to the roof where it's on (the north one)
    and then jump onto the roof. Simple. It's only a Ruger though so it's not that
    Location: Near the Pay'n'Spray in Vice Point
    Name: Hyman Condo
    Price: $14000
    Description: Three garages and a helipad, a bit pricey but it also has a police
    bribe out the front. And the only buyable place that will give you your hidden
    packages pickups (if you get all 100 before purchase that is)
    Location: On the map you got in the box it is marked near to the Hyman
    Stadium in the north of the second island.
    -----------------------------[11] Checkpoint Races-----------------------------
    |                        |
    | a) Ocean Beach Chopper |
    This ones located on a short pink building in Ocean Beach. To get to it, either
    use a helicopter or go to the building that's just south of the hospital which
    is on stilts and has a blue lining around the top roof thing. It is also the
    location of a unique stunt. There is a PCJ 600 around the corner of the blue
    building which you can use to jump the stairs onto the building beyond.
    Tha actual race is easy as there is no time limit. Just go round the course and
    try not to blow up. Simple. If you really want to race the course, then get in,
    take off, get out (the mission will fail) then get back in again to start the
    mission with a fast takeoff instead of a long one. Then race round in the
    copter (which is a Sparrow by the way)
    |                       |
    | b) Vice Point Chopper |
    Located in a block near to the Pay'n'Spray in Vice Point. It's in the grassy
    area inside a block. The chopper is in the large middle section.
    Just as easy as all Chopper checkpoint missions.
    |                     |
    | c) Downtown Chopper |
    It's Downtown this one. Where you started the mission 'G-Spotlight' is where
    you wanna be. The chopper is on the roof directly up the stairs. If it's not
    loaded there then go away and come back after a little trip around the block.
    Agsin, same thing yet some of the course is a little bit difficult as it is
    very narrow.
    |                         |
    | d) Little Haiti Chopper |
    Located on a roof to the east of Kaufman Cabs. To get to it either use another
    heli or a bike. If using a bike go down the alleyway with two jumps on and land
    on the roof.
    Simple. Same. Easy.
    |                   |
    | e) PCJ Playground |
    Argh! This one can be annoying! The location is just down the road from the
    Malibu and on the grass on the corner where there's a big alley that streaches
    all the way to the south of the island.
    To do you have to get used to the course and make all the jumps first time. The
    last jump requires you to do it twice, once for the first one, then again for
    the last. If you fall off the roof at the end then you probably won't get back
    |               |
    | f) Cone Crazy |
    Simple. Go to the multileveled carpark near your hotel and on the top floor
    should be a stallion. It should be located in the south section of the roof,
    but isn't always there.
    To do, reverse into the first checkpoint on the corner, (without hitting any
    cones) go to the one in a cone corner then go up the ramp at the end of the
    carpark and get the two. Then simply get the last one. Simple!
    |               |
    | g) Test Track |
    On the dirt track in the north of Downtown. Get into the Landstalker for this
    The only thing to avoid is turning the Landstalker over. Really simple.
    |                  |
    | h) Trial by Dirt |
    Same place as Test Track except get on the Sanchez.
    Three evil people will arrive on the last lap and it will also rain on that lap
    so watch out. Simple really. That's them done!
    -------------------------------[12] Street Races-------------------------------
    The best car to use for these races is either a Hotring Racer from Sunshine
    Autos or a nice big Rhino Tank! This is because the Hotring Racer is fast a
    good cornerer and very strong so perfect for actual racing. THe tank on the
    other hand is also quite fast (with the cannon backwards) but after the race
    has started you can take out the opposition! If you do that then you'll
    probably want to switch cars as the tank is as slow as hell for going round a
    city in.
    The prize money is to four times what you paid (getting you three times what
    you initially paid to enter as profit)
    Submitted by Floyd:
    On the Street Races, the technique I used to win was blowing the cars with a
    rocket. I found a good position and shot the middle car.
    Submitted by Kczofftheheezy:
    Get to the starting line with a fast car (I love the Banchee) and any uzi. Find
    another car and park it in front of the cars you are racing. Line it up so it
    blocks both lanes and MAKE SURE YOU DON'T TOUCH THE OTHER CARS! Get back in you
    fast car, get on the sidewalk, get some speed and fly past the cars you are
    racing. To start the race just pull a drive-by on the cars, all you need is one
    bullet to hit any car your racing and its on!
    |                      |
    | a) Terminal Velocity |
    Cost: $100
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    This race is simple, just don't fall off the bridge near the end and watch
    out for cars coming the opposite way to the race.
    |                |
    | b) Ocean Drive |
    Cost: $500
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    A nice long(ish) race around the big long road to the east of the land. This
    one really only requires a fast car and a good bit of turning at the south
    |               |
    | c) Border Run |
    Cost: $1000
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    Easy one this, the only problem you might have are the people that live in
    the Littles they might shoot out your tires, but really all you want to do
    is stay alive and ahead of the others.
    |                   |
    | d) Capital Cruise |
    Cost: $2000
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    This one's just again requires you to beat the rest and stay ahead of the
    game and to stay alive.
    |          |
    | e) Tour! |
    Cost: $5000
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    Nice long one this. Stay alive and win!
    |                 |
    | f) VC Endurance |
    Cost: $10000
    Tactics: As you reach the starting line, just clip the front runner and the
    race will start imediately. You will have a head start and they'll all crash.
    Endurance is the word. This one's so long it is almost impossible to keep the
    same car the whole way through but if you really want to then drive carefully
    yet fast, taking corners with the handbrake.
    ------------------------------[13] Arena Challenges----------------------------
    Here it is at last, I forgot about it before and now here it is, your
    definative guide to the Arena Challenges in Vice City.
    Here's the most important bit of info for all you people out there who can't
    read the big huge sign out the front of the Arena, the Arena is open from
    20:00-23:59 (8 til 12) and to get in go to the top of the stairs and through
    the door.
    Now, here are the challenges and how to beat them:
    |              |
    | a) Dirt Ring |
    There's no time limit for this one really. And I believe the bike's
    indestructible so all this takes is a lot of trying. Just drive around along
    the the loops and over the buildings, you'll have to drive quite carefully
    and precisely to get the stuff on walls and over busses and stuff but the only
    problem would be that it can take a long long time...
    |               |
    | b) Blood Ring |
    One huge Destruction Derby type bowl thing with loads of cars. It's really
    quite easy unless you get really annoyed if a car rams you a lot. The hundreds
    of cars can get annoying but you only need to pick up a few of the checkpoints
    to complete.
    |             |
    | c) Hot Ring |
    Whew! This one's hot! You have 12 laps to complete and about half of the cars
    are hell bent on smashing you to pieces. If you see a burning wreck in front,
    avoid as they can seriously damage your health. You will probably only need
    to go into the pit about once or twice as any more then that and they'll all
    overtake you. You really don't want to fight in this one, as if your car
    explodes at all then you lose. You can't just get out and steal another!
    -------------------------------[14] RC Challenges------------------------------
    |                   |
    | a) RC Bandit Race |
    A nice RC car race. The opposition is untouchable and so you can't knock them
    off course. For this reason I believe they have a set direction and the only
    one you need to really race is obviously the red one at the front.
    The Top Fun van to start the mission is located at the southend of the
    dirtbike track on the huge beach on the first island.
    To win take the corners well with a bit of braking, drive straight through
    the other cars and then get a good headstart so that if you make any mistakes
    they don't catch up.
    |                  |
    | b) RC Baron Race |
    A nice plane race (not) these remote control planes are stupid to control (yet
    easy if you know how, like I do) and really slow. Luckily, so are your
    opposition! The actual van to get in is in the multi storey carpark next to
    the North Point Mall. It's on the roof.
    The race is easy if you don't miss the checkpoints and the opposition is slow.
    And again, to exit the race (or just blow the plane to bits, hee hee!) press
    O and the plane will explode!
    |                   |
    | c) RC Raider Race |
    Argh! No time limit, no opposition, you'd think that this mission would be easy
    right? Well, it is but it takes a long time (around six minutes was what I got)
    but it's basically an awful version of the RC helicopter that you used in the
    Avery Carrington mission. Awful control.
    Anyway, the van is located at the south entance to the big airfield which is
    near the hotel which is near the air field (heh, no way of locating one without
    the other!). Get in and start the mission.
    The helicopter is s**t and has no control over anything. It uses the same
    controls as any regualr heli but is over sensitive and you'll find yourself
    crashing to the ground a lot. Bascially just go through all the checkpoints.
    The heli is rubbish! Only do this mission once for the 100% it will help you
    get. Avoid after that, unless you are some crazy timetrail freek who wants all
    the best times for all the missions and things (no offence if you are by the
    ------------------------------[15] Hidden Packages-----------------------------
    Just like in GTA3 the game has Hidden Packages for you to find and collect. And
    again there are 100 to get. Below you will find a description of the locations
    of all of them.
    For a map of the locations visit http://gta.darkspyro.net and go to the GTA VC
    section and click on the Hidden Packages Map link.
     10 Hidden Packages - Body Armor
     20 Hidden Packages - Chainsaw
     30 Hidden Packages - Python
     40 Hidden Packages - Flamethrower
     50 Hidden Packages - Laser Scope Sniper Rifle
     60 Hidden Packages - Minigun
     70 Hidden Packages - Rocket Launcher
     80 Hidden Packages - Sea Sparrow behind Diaz's Mansion
     90 Hidden Packages - Rhino at Fort Baxter Airbase
    100 Hidden Packages - Hunter at Fort Baxter Airbase and helipad in South Ocean
                          Beach (after completing Story Missions)
    The weapon and armor power-ups appear at both your original hotel and Diaz's
    This guide is a walkthrough to getting the packages and therefore going from
    one to the next will be direct (except for helicopter ones) and here they are:
    Something to note: If you grab all 100 Hidden Packages before purchasing the
    Hyman Condo in the Downtown area, then all the hidden package prizes (excluding
    the helicopters and tank) will apear on the roof where the helipad is. Sorry
    if it's a bit late for some of you but it should help some people!
    |Ocean Beach|
    1 - Grab a helicopter or boat by the docks and head down to the three floating
        buildings. The south-west one is the one you want. It also has a rampage on
        so it should be easy to spot. The package is in the north-east corner on
        the top level. Land on the big bit or park the boat next to the jetty on
        the bottom.
    2 - Right near those three buildings is a group of rocks to the east. You can
        land on them with a helicopter but it will most likely fall into the sea so
        get a boat for this one. Park round on the flat bit of rock and the package
        is on it.
    3 - From the Ocean View hotel, head south until you can see a gun on your radar
        this is AmmuNation by the way, then, head through the trees and bushes to
        your left and go round the back of the house. Go down the sidewalk until
        you can see the front door of the house. Go up to the steps and a green
        bird is hovering around. Collect it, it's the new look Hidden Package!
    4 - Head back to the hotel again, but as you get to the huge turn onto the big
        street carry on onto the grass. Carry on towards the lighthouse and go up
        the stairs of it. The package is on the steps.
    5 - Go back to the location where you found Package 3 and carry on down the
        road until you get to a short grey building on your left. Turn left into
        this place and carry on down the road thing until on your right you see a
        big opening. Go down it and in the north end of this underground carpark
        will be your Package
    6 - Head back onto the road and go north until you get to the junction near a
        huge orangey red wall. Turn left and carry on until you get to the hospital
        where you should turn left into it and go around the back. Carry on along
        the grass behind the huge white building and there you will find it.
    7 - Head back to the hospital and head to the North-West corner of the carpark
        where there is a tree. Jump onto the wall there and down onto the pillar
        that's holding up the bridge. Walk round this until you get to the middle
        of the pillar on the other side. There it is!
    8 - You will need a bike for this one. Most of the time there is a PCJ-600 at
        a nearby place. From the front of the hospital go south until you can see
        a building on stilts with a blue border running through the middle. Go
        left and into the carpark of that building. Turn right into it and look
        right and a bike should be there. If not then drive down the alleyway on
        the otherside of the street and then comeback. It should then appear. Grab
        the bike and head north, back to the hospital. Turn right at the end of the
        road and then go into the carpark on your right. Go up the spiral road on
        the left handside to the top. From there head left and go to the other end
        of the carpark. Turn round and race as fast as you can at the ramp that
        leads away from the entrance and you should then lift off into the air,
        this is Unique Stunt number 7 so you should do that now as well. If it
        doesn't register don't worry. Anyway, there are three ramps on this bit.
        Speed up one of the two on the right and make sure to get on the next roof.
        The Package is on the dark bit of the roof on the right.
    |Washington Beach|
    9 - From the spiral staricase (on the road with GC's next to you) head right at
        the first turn then you should see a tall pink building. Go up the stairs
        there and behind the building. You should easily see the Body Armor and
        right next to it is the package.
    10 - From the front of the pink bulding, turn left until you get to the grass.
         Then turn left again and when you get to the next left take it then go
         right, into an alley with a set of stairs in. Your gonna need a bike for
         this one so, if you haven't still got it, go back to the stilted place.
         Take a good run up from down the alley and land on the roof of the bulding
         opposite. This is also Unique Jump 10 so get it if you can. In the south-
         west corner of the building is the package.
    Your first prize is now available, Body Armor!
    11 - Head over to the big L on your radar, but don't go into the light, instead
         go the building on the other side of the street, there's a green house
         icon in front, remeber this place as later you will be able to buy it. In
         fact if you have somehow got $3000 already, then you can. Anyway, head
         left around the back and pick up the package.
    12 - Head north from the front until you get to the bridge. Go to the right
         side of it and the package is in the grass.
    13 - Grab a helicopter and head to the Police Station in Washington Beach. Just
         south of it is a tall blue and white building. The package is on top of
         it. Should be easy to see.
    14 - From the bridge, go back onto the road with buildings on and head north.
         Take the first right on the radar and drive to the end, you should see an
         alley nearb, go down it and out onto the grass over the road. Go through
         the opening onto the beach and continue out onto the beach until a hut
         appears on your left. Now head north again until another hut appears. This
         one has the package on.
    15 - Head left from this hut back onto the main road. Now head north and then
         left at the curve. When you see the bridge, head left and then onto the
         big place with bushes on in front of the police station. Go into the
         police station, make sure you have no guns selected and have full health.
         There's a big sign above the corridor in front of you saying: No CIVILIANS
         BEYOND THIS POINT ignore this and run like hell down it. Go up the stairs
         and into an office teaming with cops. The package is in the northmost
         room. Then leg it out of there! You have a two star wanted level!
    16 - Head over the bridge just north of the police station and turn left onto
         the road. Head south till you get to the big Tool Shop marked as a hammer
         on your radar, then turn right here then right again after passing it. Go
         up the short stairs nearby and go to the front of the short pink house
         there. Go up the stairs and go south, there's a rampage here but in them
         you can't pick up Packages so just wait for a bit if you accidently
         trigger it (unless you want to do it right now). At the south of the house
         there is a huge chunk missing, the package is in the corner of this part.
    17 - Go to the north west of this area where there are some showers. Go into
         the most north one and there it is.
    18 - Go down the stairs to the north of you and drive past the huge gateway
         to StarFish Island. Drive onto the grass and under the bridge is the
    |Vice Point|
    19 - After the mission 'Riot' this place can be accessed, actually the best
         time to get it is during that mission. Anyway, it is located just over the
         bridge from the Police Station in Washington Beach and to the right. It's
         the first entrance that says Spand Express on it. The package is located
         round the back of the building there.
    20 - From where you are near the bridge, head back onto the road across the
         construction site. Next head north until you get to an opening with an
         orange ramp in. Go in and go up the huge construction until you get to the
         second floor (up two ramps). There is a long girder stretching out above
         the road to the left of the second ramp. Walk along it and grab the
    Bzzt! A chainsaw is your prize!
    21 - From where you are, if you look a little to the right and down, there is
         a row of white houses. Go behind these and onto a little wooden dock type
         place. Around the middle of this is a jetty and at the end is the package.
    22 - Grab a helicopter and go to the Malibu Club. Just east and south from it
         is a tall building with a swimming pool. The package is up the stairs.
         Keep the copter as you'll need it for 24.
    23 - From here, head north back onto the road and then go over the bridge to
         the north. There's some grass on you right, turn onto it and down there
         until you get to a huge block. Turn left back onto the road and then go
         north up this road until you get to an opening right behind the Malibu.
         Go in there and right in the corner near the front is the package.
    24 - Hope you've got your helicopter still, if not then get a new one. Anyway,
         back to the Malibu and just north of it is another tall building with
         another swimming pool on (used in Martha's Mug Shot if you need any help)
         the package is once again on the building.
    25 - Head south and then turn into the big grey place with some sort of crazy
         water tower behind it. Drive onto the grass in the corner and onto the
         beach. Head north on the beach and soon you should see a set of stairs
         leading up to a swimming pool. Go up em and in the north-west corner is
         the package.
    26 - Head back to the Malibu and go north. You should easily spot the Pizza
         shop on the left. Go in and in the north-east corner is the package.
    27 - Just east of the Pizza place is a short two storey white building. Out the
         front there's a set of stairs. Behind them is the package.
    28 - Head north from the Pizza place again until you get past the first left.
         Go into the shop that's in the middle of the block on the left. The
         package is behind the counter.
    29 - This time, go back to the Pizza place, head north along the righthand
         side road until you get to the bridge. Go into the driveway of the
         building there and drive off of the ramp at the end, quite slowly. Head
         left and near a door is the package.
    30 - Go out the front of this place and go east. On the next block is a
         building with two sets of stairs in front. Go up the west ones then up
         the others that are there until you get to the roof. Head left then jump
         off the first bit onto the roof below. Almost right behind you is the
         package, it's next to the slight ramp thing.
    Congratulations, a one shot kills Python has been delivered
    31 - From the front of that building head west then north until you get to the
         Pay'n'Spray, amrked with a blue spraycan. Just south of that is an archway
         to the right. Go through it and into the north-east section of the fence
         system. In the north-west corner of this bit is the package!
    32 - From the Pay'n'Spray head north then at the first left, take the left!
         Go round the huge corner and then go up the stairs on the right as you
         get to them. Go right and to the end of the huge corner where you will
         find the package neatly camoflauged
    33 - Head back along to the stairs but go right instead of left to a swimming
         pool. Climb the bg diving board and you've got it!
    34 - Go back onto the road with the huge corner and head north to the bridge.
         Go to the waters edge and right next to the bottom of the bridge is the
         package. Your 28th it should be.
    35 - Head a little north just past the bridge then along the small road till
         you get onto the real road. Head a little bit south then onto the grass
         and onto the beach. Head east near to the water. Go to the big track near
         you and behind the big blue sign for Jocksport you will find.
    36 - Back onto the road, and head north until you get to an orange/white
         building opposite the east entrance to the mall. Go to the righthand side
         and go round the back. It is in the north section of it hiding in an
    37 - Go to the north of the mall, there are two entrances here, go inbetween
         them both, right at the back here you will find the package.
    38 - Go into the mall. Go up the escalators in the middle of the mall and go
         to the east side. Right in front of the doors in the middle where some
         Sale signs are there you will find the package.
    39 - Stay on the same level and go to the south of the mall into a shop called
         Gash. On the west side of the shop behind the escalotrs is what you're
         looking for.
    40 - On the same level, head to the north-west side of the mall and go through
         the doors to the carpark. Grab a car and get down to the ground floor.
         The package is behind a wall south of the south entrance.
    Congratulations: A Flamethrower is yours!
    |Prawn Island|
    41 - Go out of the carpark, head south till you get to the place you went down
         earlier and cut across the south of the mall. Turn around at the end and
         go down the path that's slightly higher then the other and drive through
         the broken wall onto the bridge and onto Prawn Island! As soon as you
         arrive, turn left into a place where there's a ramp. Go past it and just
         past it is an alley. The package is in it.
    42 - Head up the ramp mentioned in the last package and up onto the next roof.
         Go up the other ramp on the roof and onto the next. Get a good run up
         and use the ramp on the next roof to jump the fence of the Film Studio.
         This is Unique Stunt 19 as well. You've gotta land on the second building
         and stay on it as that's where it is!
    43 - This ones still inside the studios and is in the studio known as C but is
         the most south one. It's in the north-west corner of the building.
    44 - To exit the Film Studio, simply grab the Packer (big ramp truck) and put
         it next to the big front gate. Now either walk over or drive. Anyway, head
         to the west of the island and go up to the big green house. Go round the
         back and it's on the porch.
    45 - The big yellow house on the east of the island houses the next. Go in,
         round the side, and up the stairs. Go to the lefthand side and right the
         way to the very thin edge. Look down and you will see an enclosure that
         has a bit of wall missing. Jump into this part and in the corner you will
         find the package. To get out of here walk up the ramp.
    |Leaf Links|
    46 - Underneath the bridge leading to the course from the east island. To get
         to it you have to go into the golf club and then go right and carry on
         until you get down to the grass under the bridge, and there it is.
    47 - Go to the north of the golf course and there should be a driving range
         (used in the mission Four Iron), the package is located in the northern
         most stall on the ground floor.
    48 - As you come into the golf course, there's a curvey road to the left. The
         package is located at the end of this, just over the hill in a bunker.
    49 - Go under the bridge as mentioned in 46 and go south. There's a large lake
         there with an island in. The package is located on that island.
    50 - Right at the south of the golf course is a bridge. In the middle of that
         very bridge is the 50th package.
    Laser Scope delivered to your hotel.
    |Starfish Island|
    51 - Starfish Island now, go to the big mansion on the south side of the island
         it's Diaz's by the way, and go round back. Go to the east side of the
         mansion where there are two pools, to the east of them is a set of steps
         leading down to a ldege below. Just next to the steps on the bottom is the
    52 - Go to the grass out the front of the mansion and go to the west side.
         There's a small alley type thing there, the package is down it.
    53 - The furthest west house in the middle of the island is the one you want
         now. It has a Rockstar logo shaped pool round the back. Go up the stairs
         on the house and the package should be in the middle of two tables.
    54 - Now it's the east one in the middle. Head round back and go into the
         jaccuzi. It's in there!
    55 - This ones in the second from the right house of the island. It's on the
    56 - From the bridge from Prawn Island, turn left right away and go down the
         steps there to the street below. Go straight under the bridge, going
         east, then turn left when you're on the grass. A little bit into there
         is a space in the wall on your left where the package is hidden.
    57 - Again, from the bridge, make the first right into an alley and carry on
         down it until you get to some steps leading up to a statue. Jump onto
         the platform around the statue to get it.
    58 - Go north to the street from where you are then left all the way to the
         Mars Cafe. Go into the alley on the right of this (Hyman Condo is here)
         and then as soon you get past the bribe, turn left and go into the grass
         filled alley. Go down it until you get to the concrete then the package
         is in a gap in there.
    59 - Go out west onto the street from the front of the Hyman Condo and go west
         to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. Follow the path behind it and the package
         is in the north west near a huge Parking sign on the wall.
    60 - Go to the front of the Stadium and go down the south of the two roads
         leading east. Turn right at the end then turn left at the next turn.
         You'll then be outside the hospital. Go into the place where you can see
         an Ambulance (most of the time) which is just beyond the sign and go
         down the little slope to the right of it. The package is on the right.
    Well done, you've just earned yourself a minigun, which in other words is a
    huge Gattling Gun.
    61 - From the bridge leading into Downtown, on the right there is a big
         building with VCN on it. Turn there and just next to the bridge is a
         doorway. Go into it and you'll be transported upstairs. There's a big
         ramp behind you leading up to a helipad (with helicopter!) and just to
         the left of the top of the ramp is the package. To get it jump over the
    62 - Head south from the bridge into Downtown by using the steps next to it,
         until you get to a set of two really tall buildings. On the southern most
         one is, on it's northern side, a ramp. Go up this ramp, then across the
         open place and turn left at the end. Go into the office buidling (used in
         one of the asset missions for the Film Studio) on the right is three desks
         and the package should be easily spotted lurking behind them.
    |Little Haiti|
    63 - Get onto the huge highway that goes along the east side of the west
         island and drive down it till you get to a hotel called 'Moist Palms'
         which is at the north end of the highway. Go round the back and go to the
         south end of the carpark and onto the grass. There's a ramp there and
         that's where the package is too.
    64 - Get out the front of the hotel again and head south. Take the first right
         and continue down the road until you can see a huge sign proclaiming that
         it's Phil's Place. Jusy short of this is an alley which you have to go
         down. Turn left at the end and go to the corner of the place with cobbles
         on. It's just past the post.
    65 - Go inside 'Phil's Place' and in the building on the right when you come in
         is the package.
    66 - Go out of Phil's Place and as you come out you can see a short red and
         yellow building. On the south side of this building is an alley. Go down
         it and at the end is a huge opening. To the right is a small dip, the
         package is in it.
    67 - Get a bike, or fast car, or helicopter and head just east of Phil's Place.
         There's a gap in the building which you can use as a run up to a series of
         jumps down an alley. Jump them onto a roof (maybe with a copter on) and
         then jump to the roof on the left. In the pool(?) there, is the package.
    68 - Head back to Phil's Place again and go south. You'll see a yellow
         building, which is Kaufman's Cabs by the way, and to the east of it is
         some buildings. The first one you come across to the south, has some steps
         to the north of it. The package is on em.
    69 - Go back to Kaufman Cabs and go south. You should soon see a Pizza place.
         Just south of that is a funeral home. Go round the south side of the
         place (the alley is in the middle of the big block) and in one of the
         graves is the package.
    70 - Go south from there again, and then take the next right. The first
         left into an alley is the next direction. Go up the stairs and onto the
         roof. The package should be obvious.
    That's the last weapon you're getting! The Rocket Launcher has been delivered!
    71 - Head to the south-east of the block you're on, to the Printworks (big
         yellow building). Follow the fence on the right of it north until you get
         to an opening, then go south down the opening until you get to the end.
         The package is around here.
    |Little Havana|
    72 - Head down the road which you took from the Pizza place again and this
         time, carry on until you get to the big T junction. On your right here is
         the laundry shop which has the package and a tracksuit in.
    73 - Just east of the laundry on the other side of the road is a green
         building. Go up the slope in the front and there you are. (The package is
    74 - From the laundry again, head east, then right until you get to the second
         right then you will see at the corner th Cafe Robina. Across the road from
         it is an alley. Go into it and round the wall, and it's in the south part.
    75 - Back to the place where you turned onto this road and there should be a
         wall there. Go to the west part of this open space and there should be
         some steps. Go up them then go forwards onto the north roof in front of
         you. Go up them stairs and then go to the corner of the roof with a sniper
         on. Jump onto the walkway in front of the billboard and the package is at
         the end of it.
    76 - From the bridge from StarFish island, head south a bit till you get to the
         first right. The shop on the corner there is your target. Inside is the
    77 - Head east from there (Donut Shop) until you get past the first left. Go up
         the stairs of the building on the corner until you get to the top. There's
         a rampage on here, but the package is in the south west corner.
    78 - Head south from here and go to the Sunshine Auto's place. Go up the
         stairs/slope and in the south corner is the package you want!
    |Vice Port|
    79 - Head south from Sunshine Auto's and turn right at the crossroads. Carry on
         until you can find an entrance to a carpark on your right. Go up the
         ramp in the middle of the carpark and into the area with 4 tanks.
         Go in the middle of them and the package is lurking behind the bend
         in the pipe.
    80 - Go back to the carpark you went in earlier and to the south are two
         trailers. They are yellow and blue, the package is inbetween them.
    That's a Sea Sparrow behind Diaz's masnion for you. Even if you don't own it
    81 - Head back to Sunshine Auto's and then head south. At the crossroads, head
         east and then go south. In the southern most part of the building to your
         right is the package.
    82 - Head south from here and take the left entrance into the docks. Go up the
         ramps onto the huge boat on the left. The package is in the middle of the
         ship behind a yellow crate.
    83 - Head south and follow the road until you get to the Vice Port Authority's
         sign. Just behind that sign is the package!
    84 - You'll need a chopper for this one. When you have on head to the ship
         that's western most on the south of Vice Port. Go to the western most part
         on the main deck, and it's right in front of the door. It'll be a good
         idea to keep the chopper.
    85 - Drive, or fly, north of here and then take the first left. Go down here
         then take the next left and down the dead end road. Go into the building
         at the end of the road and go inside. At the north end is a small office
         enlosure made out of wood. The package is at the end behind some boxes.
    86 - Head north from the boat in 84 again and then turn left into a gateway.
         There is a huge opening (8-Ball's bomb shop is in the south-west corner)
         and the package is in the north-west corner.
    |Escobar International|
    87 - Just east of the 85th package location, is an airport building. On top is
         the package. it's in the south of it. To get up there you can use a heli
         or a bike using a series of jumps in the airport.
    88 - There's a helipad just south of here again, the package is in the centre.
    89 - Just north of the helipad is a hanger with three yellow ramps in front.
         Get on the roof using them or a helicopter and it's right there.
    90 - Just west of here is a huge airport loading bay. Right at the end is a
         large  section. The package is in the middle.
    Rhino delivered to the Army Barracks (Fort Baxter Airbase)
    91 - To the west of here there's another laoding bay. On the southern most
         plane on the west side of it is the package. To get it land on the wing of
         the plane (or get a Packaer from nearby and run up it) and then you will
         have to jump onto the main body of the plane to get the package.
    92 - Under the same plane. By the wheel.
    93 - Just west of there, and across the last runway, is a plane halfway out of
         a hanger. Under it's north wing is the package.
    94 - This one's north of 93, next to a fire station with a radar on top. It's
         round the west side of it.
    95 - Go inside the big buulding with huge windows (the main airport terminal)
         and go round the back of it (still inside) and on the righthand side you
         will find it.
    96 - This one's on the roof of the building you're in. Either a helicopter,
         fast car or PCJ-600 is needed for this one. For the helicopter just land
         on the roof, but for the others, you'll need to drive up the surfing ramp
         in the middle of the grass. This is also a Unique Jump so you will proably
         get it whilst doing this. The package is around the middle in a dip.
    97 - Go into the main terminal again and this time go up the stairs. Go into
         Gate 1-8 and at the end is the package.
    98 - The next package requires you to take a long way round if you're going by
         car. Go into the carpark as used in package 79 and 80. Go into the area
         used by 79 and go north. Go past all the signs and over the concrete bit.
         Carry on to the corner of the rod and the package should be nearby.
    99 - Go back to the main terminal and then go north of the surfing ramp. Go
         into the airport north of that and across the bridge with a plane on.
         Carry on down the runway and then the final plane that you get to has the
    100 - The final package. Get to the road north of the place you are in now. In
          the middle of the entrance to the airbase, there is a sign to the left.
          Behind that sign is what you've been looking for! Watch out for the army
          though as they hate you! This is because the mission that opens up the
          island get's you stealing a tank from them. (But even if you kinda cheat
          to get here they still hate you)
    Hunter delivered to the Fort Baxter Airbase and you recieve a nice hefty sum
    of money! A nice round $100,000!
    -------------------------------[16] Unique Stunts------------------------------
    All 36 Unique Stunts (the new name for Unique Jumps) are now listed here with a
    brief explanation of how to achieve the jumps. I have a full map for the
    locations of all of these jumps, found at gta.darkspyro.net go to the Vice City
    section and then click on Unique Stunts.
    Anyway, here they all are with a description of how to do them and where to
    find them all...
    Unique Stunt 1
    Location: Go to Cortez's place and go to the north docks there. The ramp is
    along it and to the left. It should be a jump over water to another pier.
    Land?: This one needs a nice car and just go over the water and land on the
    other side.
    Unique Stunt 2
    Location: Right after Stunt 1 there's another ramp which you then go over.
    Land?: The other side, bail if you're scared about drowning but the normal
    brake should stop you.
    Unique Stunt 3
    Location: Just south of the hospital in Ocean Beach is a grey building on
    stilts with a blue border. The jump is the white stairs in the middle of it.
    Land?: Go down the alley opposite the stairs and race down towards the steps.
    Go over the first roof and land on the pink one (also a location for a
    Checkpoint Chopper mission)
    Unique Stunt 4
    Location: As soon as you land from Stunt 3, there's a ramp on the same building
    just ahead of you.
    Land?: Just hit the roof of the building opposite to register.
    Unique Stunt 5
    Location: Go to the multi story carpark with ivy on. Then go to the top floor.
    In one of the corners is a ramp.
    Land?: Jump off it going south and land on the next roof to complete.
    Unique Stunt 6
    Location: In the alley behind your hotel, go south and you should come
    across a wooden box.
    Land?: Race over it and land on the roof opposite.
    Unique Stunt 7
    Location: Further down the alley from the previous jump is another box, this
    time it's going south.
    Land?: Go south over it and land in the alley.
    Unique Stunt 8
    Location: North of this one again is a set of stairs. That's the jump.
    Land?: Reverse along the alley and go over the jump. You need to land on the
    roof to complete.
    Unique Stunt 9
    Location: Further north again are two sets of stairs. This one's going west.
    Land?: Reverse away from the stairs until you get to the wall with the beach.
    Hold down the handbrake and accelerate. Then let go and drive as fast as you
    can while pressing up (a little) and then land past the tree on the grass
    (or roof if you're good)
    Unique Stunt 10
    Location: This one's the other stairs heading south on the west side of the
    Land?: This one's tricky. Get a jumping taxi (after completing 100 taxi
    passengers, or a PCJ-600) and reverse away from the bottom of the stairs until
    you get to the wall. Now accelerate as fast as you can and go up the stairs.
    To land this one, you need to almost clear the roof opposite (or land far in
    the alley)
    Unique Stunt 11
    Location: Right at the north end of the big alley is a wooden ramp on the side.
    Land?: Go down the grass and zoom towards the ramp. Make it onto the roof above
    the second ramp to complete.
    Unique Stunt 12
    Location: Right on top of the Washinton Mall (opposite the hospital)
    Land?: Go to the opposite end of the carpark from the spiral road and then race
    along the road and as the road goes back up to the entrance you should lift
    off. Land on the roof opposite the get the jump.
    Unique Stunt 13
    Location: Go over the steps in front from 12 and onto the roof. The middle ramp
    is the one you want.
    Land?: Just race over it and land on the roof to complete.
    Unique Stunt 14
    Location: To the south of the Washinton Beach police station is a ramp over the
    Land?: Land over the river to complete.
    Unique Stunt 15
    Location: From where you land there should be a dirt heap behind you. This is
    the jump.
    Land?: Jump the ramp and land over the river.
    Unique Stunt 16
    Location: The north bridge next to the police station has a stone ramp over it.
    Land?: Clear the bridge and you'll be laughing! (not a promise about the
    Unique Stunt 17
    Location: Next to the Malibu is a stone ramp.
    Land?: Tough one to do this. Reverse into the enclosure to the east of the ramp
    as far as you can go. Then race out and follow the pavement along to the ramp.
    If you don't hit it quite right you will slow massively down and probably fail.
    Just land on the other side to complete.
    Unique Stunt 18
    Location: The big building site where you meet Avery is where this one is. Go
    up to the top level and there's a long thin beam to the right of the top of the
    Land?: Just go up it slightly fast (with a bike) and make sure not to fall off.
    Just speeding off the beam and it should register when you land.
    Unique Stunt 19
    Location: This one's on Prawn Island. To the immediate left of the entrance
    from Vice Point is some stairs (a small ramp) go up them slightly fast and onto
    the roof beyond. Then go up the right ramp on that roof to get to the next. The
    ramp on this roof is the one you want.
    Land?: Reverse as far back as you can and simply zoom to the ramp and over the
    wall. Land on the roof of the first building inside the Film Studio to
    Unique Stunt 20
    Location: Right in the middle of Starfish Island and to the north is an
    alleyway, (bike needed by the way), go along it and then turn right at the end
    and go through the gate there. To the south of the house here is a set of
    stairs, the jump is up them.
    Land?: Use your bike and reverse into another small garden opposite the ramp
    through a gate and then drive fast towards the stairs. To register the jump
    you have to at least hit the hedge or go over it.
    Unique Stunt 21
    Location: Go to the main terminal of the airport and there's a huge surfing
    sign on the grass in front. That's the ramp.
    Land?: Reverse into the small airfield and then race up the ramp and land on
    the roof of the airport to complete.
    Unique Stunt 22
    Location: In the big airfield next to the main building of the airport, go to
    the left straight away and there's some stairs aiming overthe fence.
    Land?: Reverse back as far as you like and go ove the ramp and land on the
    building opposite to register.
    Unique Stunt 23
    Location: On the first runway there's two ramps. The one sticking up on the
    right as you enter the airport is the one you want.
    Land?: Go over it and land over the fence to complete.
    Unique Stunt 24
    Location: On the right of the entrance to the airfield is a loading bay.
    There's some stairs next to it.
    Land?: Reverse back as far as you like and then clear the bay to complete.
    Unique Stunt 25
    Location: Across from the landing of the previous jump is another set of
    Land?: Clear the new bay to complete.
    Unique Stunt 26
    Location: Just to the south of this one is another jump over the place again.
    Land?: Clear the bay again to complete.
    Unique Stunt 27
    Location: There's a big red radar place just to the south of the loading bays.
    There's also a yellow sign ramped up near it.
    Land?: Jump the ramp and clear the bottom of the radar building to complete.
    Unique Stunt 28
    Location: To the south of the previous jump is a set of stairs.
    Land?: Just clear most of the grass to complete. You just have to get past the
    building on the left.
    Unique Stunt 29
    Location: Go north of Screw This  along the road make the first left and follow
    the road until you get to the first right. On your right you will soon see some
    garages, go past em and go down the alley. Go up the ramp there onto the
    rooftop going fast, keep going over several ramps going south.
    Land?: Carry on south fast until you see a cinematic. Just land on the next
    roof to complete.
    Unique Stunt 30
    Location: This one's behind the Pay'n'Spray and the chasm behind it. There's a
    ramp over that channel.
    Land?: Hit the side of the Pay'n'Spray or the roof to complete.
    Unique Stunt 31
    Location: Go to the big yella bus in Little Haiti and find a ramp nearby.
    Land?: Jump over the bus and it's compeleted.
    Unique Stunt 32
    Location: On the most north road in Little Haiti and in the middle of the block
    to the west is a gap in some buildings. The ramp is in the alley opposite.
    Land?: Use the gap to get a good run up. Race up the ramps and land on the
    roof by hitting the huge sign.
    Unique Stunt 33
    Location: From Ammu-Nation in Downtown, head south then turn round. There's
    some big stairs there.
    Land?: Use a bike for this one and land on the roof of Ammu-Nation.
    These jumps can be done during, or after, the asset mission G-Spotlight for
    the Film Studio.
    Unique Stunt 34
    Location: From inside the first building jump out the window.
    Land?: Land in the skyscraper opposite.
    Unique Stunt 35
    Location: Further along the course is the hospital. The jump next is the
    next one.
    Land?: Simply land on top of the electric store to register.
    Unique Stunt 36
    Location: The last jump on the course. The really long one.
    Land?: Just use the huge roof for a big run up and make it onto the next roof.
    ---------------------------------[17] Rampages---------------------------------
    Vice City is no short on crazy people then it is on rampages. Yes, the crazy
    Rampages that seem to have been around forever are back yet again. This time,
    unlike in GTA3, there is only one location for each of them so as soon as you
    fail one (you will probably fail a few times on some) just go back to where
    you were! You have 2 minutes (or 120 seconds if you prefer) to complete each
    rampage so be quick! Anyway, here are all 35 of them!
    Rampage 1.
    Location: South-West building off South Ocean Beach
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Mission: Destroy 10 Vehicles
    How to do: Harder then it sounds as the place you are on seems to hate you.
    There also aren't very many boats around when you look for them so first off
    get there by chopper and land on the top of the platform. Grab the Rampage
    and jump into the chopper again. Head to the land and land on the grass. Fire
    crazily at every car that comes past until you get all of them done. Gang
    members will probably attack you as for some reason they are spawned in this
    rampage but ignore them as shooting them will probably kill you too.
    Rampage 2
    Location: Near bush on grassland towards Lighthouse
    Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Simply find a gang of them and throw at them. Make sure to throw it at
    a gang far away so it doesn't get you too (unless you have completed the Fire
    Truck missions). Run from any attacking you until they give up then attack
    some more until you've got it completed!
    Rampage 3
    Location: Beach near Lighthouse
    Weapon: Car
    Mission: Run over 30 Gang Members
    How to: Get a car straight away and then drive as fast as you can towards the
    road again. Smash into all the groups of gang members contiuously until you
    get your target level. Easy, yet some times the people do't die fast so run em
    over again!
    Rampage 4
    Location: Will Explain Soon!
    Weapon: PSGI
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Shoot like mad at any gang you see. One shot kills with this and you
    don't need to reload after each shot like the other sniper. Simple.
    Rampage 5
    Location: Behind tree in L shaped section of housing development near hospital
    Weapon: Katana
    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members
    How to: Quite difficult as they will shoot you a lot. Run into groups and
    slaughter them (which is quite difficult with this weapon) and run. Repeat
    until complete. Simple! (Yeah, simple if you can use the Katana!)
    Rampage 6
    Location: Near TO LET place that's near Rampage 5
    Weapon: Chainsaw!
    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members
    How to: Run around holding circle. Run into packs of em and slaughter em! Bwah!
    Easy to complete if you'e got some health!
    Rampage 7
    Location: On ledge near to hospital
    Weapon: M4
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Run out onto the street, target the people in first person (or just
    fire in 3rd person!) and fire! Do this continuosly until done.
    Rampage 8
    Location: On top of the Washington Mall. It's at the opposite end to the
    entrance on the spiral road.
    Weapon: Chrome Shotgun
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Grab the rampage and jump down into the mall. Aim and shoot at every
    person you can spot. Easy really. The only thing will be that the shotgun
    don't kill on the first shot some of the time.
    Rampage 9
    Location: Just to the right of the exit from Starfish Island onto the starting
    island, is an area with showers and a crazy house. On the front steps and moat
    thing, is the rampage.
    Weapon: MP5
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, and repeat until all done. Simple.
    Rampage 10
    Location: At the top of the road which your hotel is on, is another hotel. Go
    round the back and it's in the bushes there.
    Weapon: Spas-12
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Aim, fire and while firing switch aiming with the L2 or R2 buttons.
    This shotgun has to be the best in the game with one shot kill and each load
    shooting several times with each shot killing just to make sure.
    Rampage 11
    Location: From 10, go into the swimming area just north and up the diving
    Weapon: PSGI
    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members
    How to: Just look around a bit and they should appear. Aim the rifle and
    shoot at every gang member you can see.
    Rampage 12
    Location: At the end of a teeny little roundabout just north of the exit off
    of a small island that has three exits to Washington Beach and Vice Point
    with the Pizza place and the Malibu nearby.
    Weapon: Uzi
    Mission: Driveby 35 Gang Members
    How to: Grab a bike, as you can driveby forwards with them, and just ride
    around shooting the people around. make sure not to go too slow as they will
    be able to knock you off easily. Also if the police start noticing you then
    there is a police bribe nearby behind a house if you need it.
    Rampage 13
    Location: From the bridge to Leaf Links on the left is a gap with a dock in.
    The rampage is on the wood.
    Weapon: Chainsaw
    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members
    How to: Run around into groups of gang members with the O button held down and
    slaughter em! Hah har! Bzzzt!
    Rampage 14
    Location: Go to North Point Mall and find an orange building. The rampage is
    behind it.
    Weapon: Colt Python
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Run back out onto the street and aim at everyone you see. One shot
    kills with this pistol so there really shouldn't be any trouble.
    Rampage 15
    Location: Just outside the door of the North Point Mall on the east is the
    Weapon: M4
    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members
    How to: Aim with the first person thing and then shoot! Run around a bit if you
    can't see anyone but again with guns the challenge is simple.
    Rampage 16
    Location: Inside the North Point Mall on the top level on a plant pot near
    the Vinyl Countdown
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Because you can neither move fast or even jump, bring a bike into the
    mall and leave it by the plant pot. Then as you grab the rampage get on the
    bike and drive to the middle of the bridge thing.
    Then aim around and fire at the people. Simple. It's just finding the people
    that's the problem.
    Rampage 17
    Location: Just north of the carpark next to the North Point Mall is a building
    go behind it for the ramapge.
    Weapon: Uzi
    Mission: Driveby 30 Gang Members
    How to: Use a bike again and do the same as previous dirveby missions.
    Rampage 18
    Location: Near the flame statue in the area north of the entrance to Downtown.
    Weapon: Minigun
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Fire! Turn round and shoot! Easy! Just keep out of the way of moving
    vehicles and you're done!
    Rampage 19
    Location: Downtown just after you get there from the bridge is a place on the
    right is a place with stairs leading up to nowhere. The rampage is on them.
    Weapon: Molotov Cocktails
    Mission: Kill 40 Gang Members
    How to: It's easiest with fire proofing but if you don't then as you throw the
    bombs run away from the people. Run around a bit and just throw em.
    Rampage 20
    Location: Up a ramp near Ammu-nation in Downtown
    Weapon: Colt Python
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Run back down the slope and shoot around. One shot kills with this so
    aim and fire!
    Rampage 21
    Location: Next to the Hyman Mermorial Stadium is some helipads. The rampage
    is next to the steps up to them.
    Weapon: Flamethrower
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: To move fast jump. Simply go around and flame them all! The ones that
    run aren't worth chasing so go after some others.
    Rampage 22
    Location: Behind the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Downtown.
    Weapon: Uzi
    Mission: Driveby 35 Gang Members
    How to: Get a bike and shoot em. Simple and easy to complete. The only worry
    is all the lamposts everywhere.
    Rampage 23
    Location: Inside the Moist Palms Hotel carpark to the right.
    Weapon: M60
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Crouch, aim, fire, kill. Wipe out each group you can see and if you
    can't see any, turn round until you can.
    Rampage 24
    Location: In the area next to the Printworks, at the top end of the fence.
    Weapon: Tec-9
    Mission: Kill 30 Gang Members
    How to: Run out onto the street and aim at everyone and shoot until each one is
    dead. This gun's a bad aim and shot and takes a while to kill so be patient.
    Easy really.
    Rampage 25
    Location: Near the sea near the big sign saying Welcome to Hell
    Weapon: Spas-12
    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members
    How to: Run out of the area and back onto the street and shoot everyone! This
    one has automatic reload and one shot kills so go mad!
    Rampage 26
    Location: In basketball court in the middle of a group of houses in Little
    Weapon: Chrome Shotgun
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Run out onto the street and shoot like mad at everything moving until
    you get told rampage complete.
    Rampage 27
    Location: Behind the El Corrupto Banko Grande
    Weapon: Katana
    Mission: Kill 10 Gang Members
    How to: Run to the back of any group there and swipe fast. Chop heads off and
    kill them fast. Kill as many as you can as the rest will start attacking and
    shooting. Quite difficult but if you have the 150 armor and health then you
    should be fine.
    Rampage 28
    Location: On the roof of a building next to the Cherry Poppers factory.
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members
    How to: Aim at the groups and shoot the people in the chest, not the head
    as that sets them off running as fast as they can. Just shoot a lot as this
    one uses the rubbish sniper.
    Rampage 29
    Location: On the roof of the building at the end of the road above Sunshine
    Weapon: Ruger
    Mission: Kill 20 Gang Members
    How to: Aim with the L1 button, and shoot at all the groups rapidly to win.
    Rampage 30
    Location: Next to the hotel which is next to the docks.
    Weapon: Grenades
    Mission: Kill 35 Gang Members
    How to: Run to the road and throw at a group. Run away then run back and blow
    up more! If they follow you throw a grenade in front of you and run over it,
    they should follow and then blow up! Hee hee!
    Rampage 31
    Location: On the first boat in the docks.
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Mission: Blow up 15 Vehicles
    How to: Stand at the top of the ramp and aim at every car coming past. If you
    attract the police good! Blow em up!
    Rampage 32
    Location: Inside main terminal of ariport
    Weapon: Spas-12 Shotgun
    Mission: Kill 25 Gang Members
    How to: Jump to move fast and just shoot at each group as you see them. To get
    more to appear go up and down the escalators.
    Rampage 33
    Location: On the roof of the airport, in the middle.
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    Mission: Blow up 12 Vehicles
    How to: Aim at the cars below. If you can't see any move round to the front of
    the airport and they should appear more often.
    Rampage 34
    Location: Next to the Army base in the grass on the east side.
    Weapon: Minigun
    Mission: Blow up 15 vehicles
    How to: Just press O at every car that comes past. Alternitavely, just use a
    Rhino or Hunter that are both nearby (if you have collected the hidden packages
    Rampage 35
    Location: In the left most house on Starfish Island.
    Weapon: Car
    Mission: Runover 35 Gang Members
    How to: Grab the car nearby (if not there then run out back to the road) and
    just drive around on the pavement (or sidewalk) and run em down!
    --------------------------------[18] Rifle Range-------------------------------
    Rifle Range with a pistol. Strange eh? Ah never mind. Anyway. The Rifle Range
    is of course located in Ammu-Nation in Downtown, just go through the door
    inside to get to it.
    The actual mini-game is only accessible after completing the Malibu mission,
    'The Shootist' but you can explore the area any time.
    To start the game, go into the pink light at the first range.
    This ones quite tough as you get limited ammo, with awful targets and a limited
    amount of time.
    The score you want is 45. It will allow all your weapons to reload as fast as
    pie which is very useful with the Rocket Launcher and the crummy original
    sniper which will both act as almost Uzi's (except without the drivebys).
    The best way to get the 45 points is to first shootout the first big yellow
    person, except for the head, and then the second also. Now, shoot at the last
    one, getting rid of all the parts and then as it regenerates, repeat. Carry
    this on until you have six points left to get. Then shoot out that one more
    time then get the heads of the last two to get the 45 points! Yey!
    Then all your weapons will reload as if they never needed it.
    ----------------------------[19] 'Vigilante' Missions--------------------------
    These are again, not essential missions but they give the game that extra bit
    which makes a GTA game. They will all help you in many of your missions if you
    do them before them as they give you assorted things such as 150 health,
    fireproofing and infinite run! They are essential missions though if you want
    to get 100%!
    |           |
    | a) Police |
    Activate in:
    Barracks OL, Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI Washington, Police, Rhino, Ultimate 
    Vehicle, Police Maverick and Predator.
    Mission Description:
    You have to find a criminal driving around Vice City and kill it by killing the
    After completing up to Level 12, your armour level can go up to 150 instead of
    Best done using a fast car such as the squad car, you can also use the Rhino
    and Hunter effectively as well. On land simply driveby it with a Uzi or such
    weapon until it blows up. Then kill all the people who get out, (the number of
    criminals goes up each time and every four another car is added) and thats it!
    In the air with the Hunter fire missiles with O and fire the machine guns with
    |              |
    | b) Ambulance |
    Activate in:
    Mission Description:
    You have to get a patient to the hospital in a certain time limit, each time
    you get all of the dots on the map to the hospital you go up a level with an
    extra person each level.
    When you get to level 12, you get infinite run which is very useful when
    escaping from the cops as you will no longer tire out.
    Just as hard as in GTA3 so drive slowly round corners and don't crash into cars
    as that will lower the health of the people inside!
    |         |
    | c) Fire |
    Activate in:
    Mission Description:
    Same as in GTA3, find the burning vehicle and put the fire out in the time 
    After completing level 12 you get fireproofing whilst on foot.
    Don't take corners too fast as the truck is very easy to fall over. Get quite
    close to the car that's burning and press O, I think in Vice City there are
    more cars for each level to make it harder then before.
    |         |
    | d) Taxi |
    Activate In: 
    Cabbie, Kaufman Cab, Taxi, Zebra Cab
    Mission Description:
    A simple taxi mission comprising of finding an occupant who wants a cab and
    take him/her to where they want to go.
    After taking 100 Taxi Passengers to where they want to go all of the taxi
    vehicles will have hydraulics! Completely useless as you don't need to do any
    more taxi missions but fun none the less!
    As soon as the person grabs the handle you can go as they will make it in in
    any case. Take corners fast and use both the handbrake and normal brake to stop
    in the blue circle.
    |          |
    | e) Pizza |
    Activate in:
    Pizza Boy by Well Stacked Pizza shops
    Mission Description:
    Dots around map which you have to give pizzas to.
    Get up to Level 12 and your health can go up to 150
    Drive fast but carefully and make sure when you driveby the pizzas you get
    them on target, if you don't then you can push the pizzas towards the people
    for them to pick it up. Go to a place you know well as you will need to use
    all the shortcuts you can for the last ones.
    Since you can only carry 6 pizzas at a time you will need to return for more
    so do the ones furthest away first. You get 5 minutes overall so be quick!
    Please note: After dying after getting the 150 health from this, your health
    will return to the 100 mark, this isn't permanent and travelling through a
    health icon will bring your health back up to the desired 150! This is just
    how they made the game, good or not.
    |              |
    | f) Ice Cream |
    Activate in:
    Mr. Whoopee next to the Cherry Poppers factory
    Mission Description:
    Drive up to people who want ice creams and give them to them. Only available
    after buying the Cherry Poppers Factory.
    After completing 50 in a row the Cherry Popper Factory can earn you money
    Stay near a Pay'n'Spray cos every four you deliver gets you another wanted
    level which gets annoying as they will be able to get you when you stop for
    the people.
    ----------------------------[20] Stores to Knock Off---------------------------
    To knock these stores off, all you have to do is get out a gun (one you can aim
    while walking about, not a sniper rifle) and aim it at the cashier. He/She will
    hold their hands up and give you money. It accumlates the longer you stay to
    about $1000. Also you gain a wanted level up to 3 Stars depending on how long
    you stay.
         1    Vinyl Countdown - North Point Mall
                                First floor of mall, to the east
         2    Jewelers - North Point Mall
                         Ground floor
         3    Tooled Up - North Point Mall
                          Ground floor, big hammer on Radar
         4    Gash - North Point Mall
                     Ground floor and first floor
         5    Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach
                               Big hammer on radar near Starfish Island
         6    Corner Store - Vice Point
                             Just north of hospital there
         7    Jewelers - Vice Point
                         North along road from Well Stacked Pizza
         8    Dispensary + - Vice Point
                             Near Jocksport
         9    Rython Aid - Little Haiti
                           Just north of the Pay'n'Spray
        10    Cafe Robina - Little Havana
                            Where you meet Umberto Robina
        11    Laundromat - Little Havana
                           It's where the laundromat
        12    Screw This - Little Havana
                           The big hammer sign on your radar while in L.Havana
        13    Donut Shop - Little Havana
                           Opposite the Police Station
        14    Jewelers - Downtown
                         Just up the road (north) from Rock City
        15    Dispensary + - Downtown
                             Very close to Rock City
    ---------------------------------[21] Characters-------------------------------
    Here is a list of all the characters that you will expect to meet within the
    Avery Carrington - Avery is quite a character. He's from Texas and has a strong
                       accent. He is also a real estate developer.
    BJ Smith         - BJ is a retired pro footballer, although he's about to make
                       a comeback, who owns Sunshine Autos.
    Donald Love      - Donald Love, as you might know, was in the previous game.
                       This time however, he makes only a brief appearnace and is
                       not up to much. Seems rather weak. He also appears on
                       Cortez's boat at the start of the game.
    Steve Scott      - Porn Film Director that looks like another famous director
                       who made a certain shark film.
    Candy Suxxx      - She's a Porn Film star who you meet when doing the Film
                       Studio asset missions (and also on the Colonel's boat at the
    Congressman Alex - He's a rather corrupt congressman for Vice City who is into
    Shrub              being called strange names.
    Colonel Cortez   - A spanish crimelord with a boat. He needs your help.
    Gonzales         - Works for Colonel Cortez (bzzt!)
    Mercedes Cortez  - Daughter of Colonel Cortez
    Ricardo Diaz     - Columbian crime lord who has a huge mansion on StarFish
    French Courier   - French courier (surprising) who has a chip that Colonel
                       Cortez wants.
    Sonny Forelli    - He's the bloke at the start of the game who you call.
    Tommy Vercetti   - You play this guy! He comes from Liberty City and is sent to
                       Vice City by his boss Sonny Forelli at the start of the game
    Ken Rosenberg    - A lawyer for the Forelli family in Vice City. Bit of a wimp.
    Georgio Forelli  - The brother of Sonny Forelli doesn't really feature in the
                       game, but is in GTA3
    Lance Vance      - A helicopter pilot whom you meet, greet and becomes friends
                       with you.
    Victor Vance     - Lance Vance's brother, gets killed at the start.
    Auntie Poulet    - Haitain who has mysterious voodoo powers over you
    SWAT             - Vicious police teams. You get to meet them when you have 4
                       Stars Wanted level
    Kent Paul        - An english ponce who goes around as if he owns the city, yet
                       he owns nothing (except for kentpaul.com today!)
    Big Mitch Baker  - Big ol' biker who hangs out at the Greasy Chopper.
    Mr. Black        - He is the anonymous caller who calls you for assassination
    Leo Teal         - A chef, whoose phone you steal early on in the game
    Alberto Robina   - Father of Umberto Robina
    Umberto Robina   - Hangs out around the Cafe Robina and gives you missions.
    Phil Cassidy     - He's 'armless! Although he has an arm here, he doesn't in
                       GTA3 and here again he runs a weapons distribution centre
    Cam Jones        - The best safe cracker in the whole of Vice City. Was caught
                       running down the street with a safe he couldn't open.
                       Currently in jail. (thanks to j_thatcher2000 for telling me
                       who he is!)
    Hilary King      - Expert driver and used in the Malibu's asset missions
    Pedro Garcia     - Rival of Phil Cassidy.
    Maude the Ice    - Works at the Cherry Poppers factory.
    Cream Lady
    Pastor Richards  - A crazy preacher who wants to build a crazy statue
    -----------------------------------[22] Secrets--------------------------------
    A few secrets have I found. And here they are:
    BP/EP/FP Admiral
    During the mission 'Guardian Angels' Diaz has a nice Admiral. To get it, simply
    fail the mission (simply having the car turned when you go into the light will
    kill Lance for some reason and fail the mission) then simply grab the Admiral!
    The Underground
    To get this will require at least one cheat so don't save your game afterwards.
    Get a tank (cheat is: O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T or find it at the
    Air Base in Escobar if you have 90 Packages) and then enter the flying cars
    code (R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1). Fly the tank to the west exit of Starfish
    Island and you will see a short, yet tall, building that has no roof. Fly down
    it and then as you get to the bottom, pull up a bit so you fly straight. This
    will then allow you to fly around underground! Don't go too low as it will
    throw you back onto the streets above or too high as you'll drown in the sea.
    You can fly around under here for hours and maybe even find the alleged ghost
    town that could exist.
    Invisible Insides
    Head to the North Point Mall and go in the entrance to the north on the west
    side where there's a car on display. Grab it and drive it over to a wall.
    Put in the faster gameplay code twice (T, U, R, D, L2, L1, S) and run into
    where the car touches the wall (just the same as walking through walls in GTA3)
    you will eventually get though the wall and then start falling. Press R3 to
    look behind (might not be nessacary) and then you will land on an invisible
    road. You can now wander the streets of Vice City without actually seeing
    the road or buildings. You can, however, see every item that is lying around
    so no more searching for them. The land around your original hotel is there,
    if only a bit, because it is needed so you can look out of your window. To get
    out of this world, simply die or go into a building. Nice! This may also be a
    way of finding the 'ghost town' area where the Forellis met as you can see into
    all the buildings and see all the extra stuff that isn't a part of the floor or
    Walking Through Walls
    As mentioned in the previous secret. This is exactly the same as in GTA3.
    Park your car next to a wall and enter the speed up gameplay cheat twice,
    (T, U, R, D, L2, L1, S) then run at the wall where your car meets it. You will
    sometimes go through the solid wall and most of the time fall into infinity!
    Sometimes though, you will be able to walk around inside the building and this
    may be the way to find and discover the elusive 'ghost town' that was used in
    the starting credits with the Forellis. It will be most likely inside a
    building or somewhere. E-mail me if you find it!
    ------------------------------[23] Cheats and Codes----------------------------
    OK, these cheats listed here in this guide are for the PS2 version of the game
    only, they won't work on the PC version as it don't have all the same controls.
    So don't go asking me what R1 or Triangle means! They will also not work on the
    XBox version either so stop complaining!
    There seem to be some things which go wrong if you use cheats. One thing is not
    too bad, your Criminal Rating goes down a bit (actually a lot) and the awful
    thing that can happen if you save after using some of the codes is that your
    saved game cannot get 100% any more. To avoid this, if you do want to use these
    cheats, then after using them, don't save your game, simply switch the console
    off (fully, not just a reset) and reload your game. Simple. Well, here are all
    the ones that I have seen so far:
    U  = Up
    D  = Down
    L  = Left
    R  = Right
    X  = X
    S  = Square
    O  = Circle
    T  = Triangle
    R1 = R1
    R2 = R2
    L1 = L1
    L2 = L2
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U      All Weapons (Category 1)
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L      All Weapons (Category 2)
    R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D      All Weapons (Category 3)
    R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U       Full Health
    R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U       Full Armor
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1                 Flying Cars
    R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1          Commit Suicide
    R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R             Raise Wanted Level
    R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D             Lower Wanted Level
    O, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, O, T                Some Women Follow You
    R2, O, U, L1, L, R1, L, U, S, T             Displays Media Meter
    Clothes Cheats
    R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R              Switch Clothes
    L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2               Play as Ricardo Diaz
    O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1                  Play as Lance Vance
    O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2           Play as Candy Suxxx
    R, L1, Up, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1         Play as Ken Rosenberg
    R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2             Play as Hilary King
    D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X            Play as Love Fist Guy 1
    R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1          Play as Love Fist Guy 2
    R, R1, Up, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, R, O          Play as Phil Cassidy
    O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X            Play as Sonny Forelli
    R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T            Play as Mercedes
    Vehicle Codes
    O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T      Spawn a Rhino
    D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L           Spawn Bloodring Racer
    U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2                    Spawn Bloodring Banger
    R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1           Spawn Hotring Racer 1
    R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2           Spawn Hotring Racer 2
    D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R           Spawn Romero's Hearse
    R2, Up, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R              Spawn Love Fist Limo
    O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R            Spawn Trashmaster
    R, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L           Spawn Sabre Turbo
    O, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X          Spawn Caddie
    R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1  Blow Up All Cars
    R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2            Agro Drivers
    O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X            Cars go pink! (both needed!)
    O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, O            Cars go pink! (both needed!)
    O, L2, Up, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O           Cars go Black!
    T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1                Perfect Handling Cars
    R, R2, O, R1, L2, S, R1, R2                 Cars Float on Water
    Weather Codes
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, D                Sunny Weather
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T                Cloudy Weather
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S                Very Cloudy Weather
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O                Stormy Weather
    R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X                Foggy Weather
    Miscellaneous Codes
    O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T       Speed Up Time
    T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1                       Slow Down Time + Gameplay
    T, U, R, D, L2, L1, S                       Speed Up Gameplay
    Warning the two following codes are permanent so don't save your game
    D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1               Peds Riot
    D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2               Peds Hate You
    ------------------------------------[24] FAQs----------------------------------
    A new load of real FAQs now!
    Q: When does the Stadium open?
    A: It is open from 8pm to 12am. That's 20:00 - 23:59.
    Q: I have only got 99% and can't figure out how to get the last 1%. Help!
    A: Chances are that its just the Rifle Range that you are missing, get 45
       points there but this is only accessible after completing The Shooter for
       the Malibu Club. If this doesn't solve your problem then try to compare your
       stats to the ones at the start of this walkthrough and see if you can see
       what is wrong. If that still won't solve your problem then there is nothing
       that I can do.
    ----------------------------------[25] Updates---------------------------------
    Version 3.2
    Thursday November 9th 2004
    Moved some stuff around to make it easier to get to places, changed the ASCII
    artwork and added a few new FAQs.
    Version 3.1
    Sunday February 22nd 2004
    Guide slightly updated to accomadate the slight alterations to the double pack
    as well as a few bits being rewritten.
    Version 3.0
    Saturday January 31st 2004
    Without too much updated this is merely a version to sort out a few errors and
    update a few things to do with the game but this is mostly the same as the last
    Version 2.6
    Saturday September 14th 2003
    I have added a long list of stats that will get you 100% and that's it. This is
    final. Forever, no more updates at all, well maybe.
    Version 2.5
    Saturday March 8th 2003
    Well this is probably gonna be it, I also have to tell you that I have added
    some more pics of the vehicles on my site: www.darkgta.tk so go there and
    check em out, oh and in this update? Well I finally added the Arena Challenges
    that I forgot. It explains how to get into the Arena!
    Version 2.4
    Saturday January 18th 2003
    Added some more things with the vehcile pictures and some FAQs! Not really
    worth the update but I was bored.
    Version 2.3
    Sunday January 5th 2003
    Added a bit more to the guide, ie contributions from a few people. That's about
    it really. So, um, Happy New Year to you all!
    Version 2.2
    Saturday December 28th 2002
    After my Christmas break from the guide (well, updating it at least) I have
    added a lot more such as all the rampages, jumps and just about completed the
    entire guide now! This might be the last update and my next guide on GameFAQs
    will be for 'Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly' (what you laughing at?) which I have
    just started. I will still answer questions though until either the next GTA
    game comes out or until I get bored of the game completely.
    And contrary to what someone decided to send to everyone who made a GTA FAQ,
    I did have a bit telling you how to get the Final missions but I have updated
    it a bit to make it clearer to everyone. OK? OK? Eh? Well? Is it?
    Version 2.1
    Wednesday December 18th 2002
    Added some stuff to the vehicles guide, added some unique jumps and rampages
    which I had forgotten to do and might have done some other stuff too. Oh, and
    added some info on the street races along with some info on the RC Races too!
    Ah, so near, yet so far, only a few sections left to complete for a 100% guide!
    Done up to Rampage 22 now.
    Version 2.0
    Monday December 16th 2002
    Biggest update since I started! Completely reorganised the contents (and the
    content) to fit the 100% completion bit.
    Version 1.6
    Friday December 13th (Argh!)
    I'm scared! Anyway, nuff of that. Added all the Unique Jumps and their
    locations. Also done some more Rampages and soon to add sections for the
    checkpoint missions and the rest of the stuff missing. Altered the 100%
    section to be more informative, so that you can see exactly waht you need to do
    for that elusive 100%! (Might be the Hidden Package glitch where the one on the
    helipad doens't appear) Also added more to the vehicles section with my view
    on them all.
    Version 1.5
    Wednesday December 11th
    Oh yeah, I have finally finished the Hidden Packages section! It took two days
    and it's the best on the net! (Probably not but who cares?) It will probably
    need a bit more work so tell me about anything that's wrong with it. Starting
    the jumps (or stunts as they are called now) tomorrow.
    UPDATE: Added bits which are all about how at the Hyman Condo, if you get all
    the Hidden Packages before purchsing it then the powerups will appear there.
    Version 1.4
    Tuesday December 10th
    Added a whole lot since the last update. The entire Extra missions section has
    been completed and I have updated some other parts of the FAQ as well.
    Version 1.3
    Sunday November 24th
    Added more stuff to the Basics section and to the walkthrough guide. Also
    started to do the hidden packages.
    Version 1.2
    Monday November 18th
    Almost finished off the missions walkthroughs with almost all of them done. Got
    to the Tommy Vercetti missions. Also added some extra help with the vigilante
    type missions. And finally got the FAQ accepted by both IGN and GameFAQs!
    Version 1.1
    Saturday November 16th
    Got the game a little bit later then expected but started the guide none the
    less. Added a new section for 100% completion of the game and lots of info that
    I have found out whilst playing the game. But the walkthrough isn't yet done
    very well as it has just a one line description!
    Version 1.0
    Friday November 8th
    Made the basic outline for the guide and as soon as I get the game I will begin
    adding things like hidden packages and the missions, as it is out today!
    -----------------------------------[26] Thanks---------------------------------
    I would like to thank anyone who has sent in any good info on the game.
    I would also like to thank Rockstar North for making the game.
    Thanks to j_thatcher2000 for telling me who Cam Jones was.
    Floyd for the many contributions
    Silent_haiku for the way of activating the Final Missions
    Kczofftheheezy for a couple of contributions
    Kriket and Alby, for their contribution to the Deathrow mission
    Jon Newman for his suggestion for the Gun Runner mission
    TBDK for the G-Spotlight Mission contribution
    And of course GameFAQs and IGN for hosting my guide to Vice City.
    Yep, and you of course, for reading the guide
    ----------------------------------[27] Contact---------------------------------
    I will generally reply to most questions that are asked, however please note
    that I do NOT own the PC version of this game and therefore cannont provide you
    with any sort of game saves, I neither have any kind of cheat device that would
    allow me to get my PS2 save.
    While I will still accept contributions, you have to realise that you most
    likely won't ever get a response unless I need clarification about what you are
    saying. If your contribution is a good one, then it will be added to the next
    version of the guide however long that takes to appear.
    Here's my address:
    dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    And as usual, please include a Subject title which mentions Vice City as I have
    a filter that will sort it for me.
    ---------------------------------[28] Copyright--------------------------------
    Copyright 2002-2004 dark52
    This guide to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    website or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public domain is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    OK, the newest updates of this guide will be at:
    Those are the only two I'll update to, any others will have to get the new
    ones themselves.
    While I do still intend to keep the copyright, I will allow anyone to host this
    guide as long as you do not make a profit from it. Unless of course I'm making
    a profit too. There is no need to contact me about hosting this guide as you
    have my permission.
    And there we are, at the end of the guide, all I can say now is goodbye. If you
    need more help with anything from the game, e-mail me at
    dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    and I might email you back. If I don't then I have either forgotten to check my
    email account or I deleted it or it was a stupid question like 'How do I see
    how much percentage I have completed?' Or something like that.

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