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R3 Missions FAQ by greatone10

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/02/03

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
R3 Missions and Shooting Range FAQ
by: Kirk "Bert" M.  (enron_stock@hotmail.com)
Current Version: 1.4


1.  Introduction
2.  Update Archives
3.  Vigilante (Police)
    a. What is it?
    b. What vehicles can be used?
    c. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    d. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
4.  Firefighter
    a. What is it?
    b. What vehicles can be used?
    c. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    d. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
5.  Paramedic
    a. What is it?
    b. What vehicles can be used?
    c. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    d. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
6.  Taxi
    a. What is it?
    b. What vehicles can be used?
    c. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    d. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
7.  Pizza Boy
    a. What is it?
    b. What vehicles can be used?
    c. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    d. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
8.  Shooting Range
    a. What is it?
    b. What do I have to do and what do I get for it?
    c. Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.
9.  Conclusion
10.  Special Thanks
11.  Copyrights

1. Update Archives

Version 1.4:  Added a correction about the Hunter.


Version 1.3:  Added the best Ambulance tip.  Makes Level 12 twelve times easier!
Also added some disclaimers on cheat codes.


Version 1.2: More reader strategies posted.  Also fixed a small flaw on the Taxi
section.  Keep those contributions coming.


Version 1.1:  Yay, my FAQ got posted!  Added a few reader strategies.  Thanks to
all that sent emails.


Version 1.0:  Just started the FAQ.  Many errors and grammar mistakes are
to be in here.  If there is anything major, e-mail me.

2. Introduction

As you all know, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is going to be (or was) one the 
best selling games this Christmas season.  It also happens to be one of the 
biggest boards in GameFAQs history.  Some of the hardest tasks in Vice City
are the missions activated by entering a certain vehicle and pressing R3.
Another hard task (for some people) happens to be the shooting range.  Seeing
as there is no In Depth FAQ for any of these missions as of Dec 2, 2002, I
decided to make one.

This is my first time contributing an FAQ and only my second time contributing
to GameFAQs, so excuse me if it sucks.  Now enough about me, let's get to the


3. Vigilante (Police)

=====A.  What is it?=====

Vigilante missions are missions in which you kill escaping criminals.  The
criminals are getting away in cars and you have to stop them.  In every
Vigilante mission, you start at Level 1 and you advance levels as you complete
them.  The number of criminals you have to catch on each level are determined
by the level number.  For example, on level 3, you have to catch 3 criminals,
on level 4, there are 4 criminals, etc.  On level 5, 9, 13, etc, a new car to
chase will be added because you cannot fit 5 people in any car (except slow
Buses and Coaches).

=====B.  What vehicles can be used?=====

There are a total of EIGHT vehicles that can be used in Vigilante Missions.
This means you should have no problem choosing which vehicle is right for you.
They are listed below with how you can get them.

1. Police (police stations, on the streets)
2. Undercover Cheetah  (get 3 wanted stars and they will come out)
3. Enforcer [SWAT] (get 4 wanted stars and they will come out)
4. FBI Rancher (get 5 wanted stars and they will come out)
5. FBI Washington (behind Rock City in Downtown or get 5 stars)
6. Barracks OL (get 6 stars and they will come out)
7. Rhino [tank] (90 hidden packages and it will appear at Fort Baxter or get
   6 stars)
8. Hunter [Apache] (100 Hidden Packages or beat "Keep Your Friends Close" and it
   will appear at Fort Baxter.  Doing both tasks will make the Hunter appear at
   an Ocean Beach Helipad.)

Out of the 6 "regular vehicles" (minus the Rhino and Hunter for their
handicaps), I prefer the FBI Washington.  The Police has a nice balance of
speed and durability, but rolls over easily.  The Undercover Cheetah can be
resprayed and is the fastest of the Vigilante vehicles, but doesn't possess the
resilience or durability needed.  Getting repaired takes valuable time too.
The Enforcer and Barracks OL possess durability and can ram cars easily, but
they are too slow.  As for the FBI Rancher, that thing will roll over faster
than the family dog!

That's if you just want to be nice and play fair.  If you are lucky enough to
jack a Rhino during a 6 star wanted level or have obtained 90 hidden packages,
you can do Vigilante missions from the tank!  Anytime you run over a car or
motorbike, it explodes!  It's bulletproof, nearly damage proof, and its cannon
can wipe anyone of the face of the earth.  For extra speed, fire the cannon
from behind and zoom past everybody.  If you want to have more fun, do the
Vigilante missions in the tank while having 6 stars!

Then there is the Hunter.  If you use this, it won't be any Cops and Robbers
here.  Just annihilation!  Fire Rockets at groups of criminals trying to get
away!  Gun down the survivors with your (not so)mini-gun!  There are a few flaws
though.  Despite being the most durable chopper in the game  (thanks to final
mutation for the tip), colliding into buildings is inevitable, and that drains
its health fast.  It can also be a ***** to maneuver (much less fire).  With
practice though, you can reach high levels easily and make big money.

NOTE: Despite what the Brady Games strategy guide says, the Predator boat
CANNOT do Vigilante missions.  The Police Maverick is also NOT capable of
Vigilante Missions)

Also NOTE: To get into Fort Baxter, obtain the Cop Uniform by completing

=====C.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

The main goal of the Vigilante Missions is to beat Level 12.  After you do
this, your maximum armor amount will increase to 150.  This means that your
armor will last %50 longer.  This makes MANY missions easier.  Also, you need
it to get full %100 completion.

=====D.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

If you are using the six regular vehicles, be sure to have a SMG with lots of
ammo.  Drive by shootings not only weaken the cars, but you can also flatten

When you kill a criminal while he/she is out of the car, pick up his/her
weapon.  These weapons will help you out in later levels.

Beware shotguns.  They can reduce your car to scrap and they knock you off your
feet instantly.  Pick them off from a distance instead of risking it.

The Rocket Launcher is almost cheating in this scenario...

When you enter a Police car, you get a Chromed Shotgun and 5 shotgun shells.
When you enter an Enforcer, you get full body armor.

FBI Cars and Undercover Cheetahs can only be repaired.

When you exit a Vigilante vehicle during the mission, you will have 60 seconds
(unless your time limit is below one minute) to return to your car.  Use it

If your car is close to exploding, switch it with a new Police car.  The game
won't know.

Use the Blow Up All Cars Code if you are too lazy to do it yourself.  Since I
don't condone cheating, look it up yourself.  At least do SOME work.  Cheat at
your own risk however.  People have messed up their games with cheats and others
can only get %99.

Time from previous levels roll onto the next level.  If you beat the first few
levels with spare time left, it will give you more time for the harder levels.

4. Firefighter

=====A.  What is it?=====

Next are the Firefighter missions.  These are missions where you spray burning
vehicles with your Firetruck's built-in fire hose to extinguish the fires.
These missions work the same way as the Vigilante missions.  You start at level
1 with one burning vehicle and that's it.  At Level 2, after you extinguish the
fire, an unlucky citizen will emerge from the vehicle on fire!  Spray him/her
with the hose to put out their fire.  At Level 4, you have to chase a moving
car on fire!  And at level 5, a new car is added to the mix.  It will get
harder and more complex as you progress through the levels.

=====B.  What vehicles can be used?=====

Unlike the Vigilante missions, where you had practically hundreds of cars
available, the Firefighter missions only have one available:  The Firetruck.
Making this even harder, there is only one Fire Station, and it is one the
second island in the Downtown area.  People who haven't unlocked the second
island will either have to do a Molotov rampage, steal the Firetruck in the
Avery mission "Demolition Man", or wait.

The Firetruck is one of the slowest of the R3 Mission vehicles.  It is also the
longest in size, thus making cornering a *****.  What it loses in speed, it's
more than matched with its durability and strength.  You could roll an ordinary
Police Car around the city with it!  Also, it rarely tips over, unlike other
cars...**cough*Ambu**cough**lance**cough**  Must be catching a cold here.\

Press O to active the firehouse.  Use the right control stick to aim it up and
down and left and right.  The fire hose must be shooting water to aim it though.

Hopefully you like the Firetruck.  If you don't, too bad.  You won't have any
other vehicle to choose for this mission.

=====C.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

Just like the Vigilante missions, you have to beat Level 12.  Doing so will
make Tommy Vercetti fireproof.  That's right, Tommy will be immune to fire (not
to be confused with explosions, he still will hate those).  Now you can throw
a Molotov cocktail at your feet and not lose any health.  This makes any
Rampage involving a Flamethrower or a Molotov a walk in the park!  And it is a
requirement to %100.

=====D.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

The way you can tell if your water is landing on a fire or not is the steam.
If you see or hear steam at all, keep the water on it!

If you are chasing a moving vehicle, ram it into a wall and spray it.  The 
ordinary vehicle is no match for the power of the firetruck.

Watch your radar for burning civilians.  Make sure they do not run into any 
alleys or anywhere else your would have trouble maneuvering the Firetruck into.

Accidentally bumped a Police car?  If you see a cop running to your vehicle to
bust you for bumping a squad car, shoot him with the water.  It will not kill
him, but it will knock him off his feet.  The same thing works for civilians on

If you ran over a cop and now have a two star level, find a police bribe.  Pay
N Spray rejects Firetrucks, so don't bother.

Unlike the Police missions, you CANNOT exit the Firetruck.  If you do, you have
to start over at level 1.


I have a tip for the firefighter mission.  With JUST the right amount of speed,
(too much is bad) you can "smother" the person(s) on fire.  I did it by accident
on level 7 once, and IT WORKED!( I backed up very quickly).  Very useful if done

WARNING: If you stay on the person too long, he'll die and we don't want that
now do we?

**Sent in from elbarto40**

5. Paramedic

=====A.  What is it?=====


That's better.  Easily the hardest R3 mission for most people is the Paramedic
mission.  I have to agree too (as you can tell).  Just like the Firefighter and
Vigilante missions, you get the level system.  The amount of patients you have 
to save is determined by the level.  The level number is the same as the amount
of patients you have to save.  (In Level 1, you have to save 1 person; In Level
2, you have to save 2 people; etc.)  It gets harder at level 4 because the
Ambulance can only hold 3 passengers, so there will be multiple trips.

=====B.  What vehicles can be used?=====

Just one vehicle.  Just one kind of ambulance.  AND THE AMBULANCE SUCKS!  It is
one of the easiest vehicles to tip over.  More so, it is way too fast for its
own good.  Normally, speed is good.  But with the oddly shaped Ambulance, going
too fast on turns will tip over the ambulance.  You can't switch Ambulances
without failing.  The vehicle alone makes this go from intermediate to expert
drivers only.

=====C.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

Well, in the Vigilante missions, you had to reach Level 12.  In the Firefighter
missions, you had to reach Level 12.  Now in the Paramedic missions, SURPRISE
SURPRISE, you have to get Level 12.  Your reward for doing so is the ability to
run forever without stopping for air.  Now you can run around the city without
running out of breath.  Of course as always, you need to this to get %100

=====D.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

Get really good at driving before attempting this.  I can't teach you how to
drive, it is something you have to play the game to learn.

If your Ambulance has rolled on its side, you can get it on 4 wheels.  Just hit
the brake and tilt the left control stick on the side its roof is facing.   That
should help out.

In the later levels where you will have to do multiple drop offs, use the radar
to group your pick ups together.  If you see 3 dots really close together, get
them first.  You will get time for every passenger you pick up, and your first
drop off (Level 4 and above) will give you extra time.

However, time from previous levels WILL NOT rollover into the later levels.
I wish it would too, but it doesn't.

You have four hospitals to deliever patients to.  There is one in Ocean Beach,
Vice Point, Little Havana, and Downtown.  The Ocean Beach hospital gives you the
most time.  However, watch out for the patients near the lighthouse.

This probably won't help you, but when you enter an Ambulance, you get 20 health


Just a tip for ambulance missions, which I on the other hand LOVE!

Use the Vice point hospital, and get used to the area (especcially how to get 
under the prawn island bridge from the hospital quickly). Most of the picks 
ups will be on the beach, making them easy to find. I have got to level 
twelve at least 10 times using this. The furtherest away the patients will be 
is Prawn Island/Construction site (very rarely)

**Sent in from Bulmanz** 

In a paramedic mission, if you have the last patient for that level, drive to
the hospital but don't drop them off. Wait til the timer is down to about 20
seconds then drop them off, this should give you a lot of extra time

**Sent in from various people**

Pick up 3 patients (full ambulance.)  Now instead of driving all the way back
to the hospital, start driving to the next patient.  Hopefully you will get
lucky and see a cop on the way, if not drive around somewhere safe ( I like the
beach) until you find a cop or a cop in a car.  Commit a minor offence where he
can see (shoot a single bullet out the window, but of course, dont shoot at him)
but before you do make sure the cop is on the passenger side of the ambulance.
Let him open the passenger side door, and book it as he pulls the passenger
patient out.  Now the two patients left in the back will start screaming like
passengers in carjacked cars.  Drive down the street, out of the cop's range and
stop, the patients in the back will jump out of the ambulance.  Now go get 3
more patients, rinse and repeat.

(editor's note: Useful trick right there.  Makes it twelve times easier)

**Sent in from Robert Gallivan.**

6. (Crazy) Taxi

=====A.  What is it?=====

Taxi missions are different from the other R3 missions.  There is no Level
system, unlike the Paramedic, Firefighter, and Vigilante missions.  Instead,
you press R3 after entering a cab, pick up a passenger, and get him to his 
destination on time, collect fare, and repeat.  However, you get bonuses for
every 5 consecutive passengers.  And the bonus gets bigger if you do 10, 15, 20,

=====B.  What vehicles can be used?=====

There are 4 different types of cabs that can be used.  All of them (except the
Zebra Cab) can be found on the streets.  They aren't as common as they were in
GTA 3, but you shouldn't have a problem searching big parking lots for them.
They are...

Kaufman Cab
Zebra Cab*

  *Need to complete Kaufman Cab's asset to unlock.  Then it will be found inside
   the Kaufman cab garage.

Out of all four, I (and most other people) prefer the Taxi.  The Cabbie and
Kaufman Cab (which are basically the same in looks and driving) roll over much
easier than the Zebra or Taxi.  The Zebra is found too late in the game to
warrant any use (unless you procrastinate and wait until the end).

=====C.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

Since there is no Level system, you won't need to get to Level 12.  Instead,
earn 100 fares.  They do not have to be consecutive.  Your reward is simple.
After 100 fares, any time you press L3 in a Cab, it will make a big jump in the
air.  For fun, see if you can land on a group of pedestrians or gangs.  Yes,
you do need this for %100.

=====D.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

Taxi missions are one of the first things you should do in Vice City.  They are
perfect for learning driving skills and becoming familiar with the city.
Instead of giving you street names, you are told a certain location (Sunshine
Autos, the Malibu, a store, etc.) and you have to drive the passenger there
before the time limit.  Since you do not have to do these fares consecutively,
you won't be hurt if you mess up.

Time from previous fares will roll over into the next fare.  If you are quick
with your first fares, and you get a streak going, you could have a half hour to
spare by your 100th consecutive fare!

If you drop off a passenger at the exact same time as the clock hits 0:00, you
get unlimited time for the rest of the consecutive Taxi missions.

Don't exit the cab, unless you want to lose your 5/10/15 in a row bonuses.

7. Pizza Boy

=====A.  What is it?=====

Ever wanted to be the Pizza delievery guy?  What's that?  You didn't?  Oh well,
you will have to now!  Pizza boy missions are missions where you ride around on
a Moped delievering pizzas.  The Level system is in place, but it has been
altered for these missions.  The first thing you will notice is that you will
ALWAYS have 5 minutes to deliever your pizzas whether its Level 1 or 9.  The
second thing is that the level number is that same as the amount of costumers
you have to serve.   The last important detail is that you can only carry 6

=====B.  What vehicles can be used?=====

There is only one vehicle that can be used.  It is a slightly faster version of
the Faggio moped.  It is still one of the slower R3 vehicles.  In order to throw
a pizza, use the same technique as you would with a Uzi Drive By.  The only 
problem you should have with this vehicle is bumping & flying out of the moped.

=====C.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

Unlike the other Level based missions, you do not need to make it to Level 12.
Instead, you only have to go up to Level 10.  Whew!  Your rewards for making it
to Level 10 are $5000 and 150 Maximum Health points!  It compliments your
Vigilante reward doesn't it.  Now some missions are made much easier because of
this.  And you'll need this for %100.

=====D.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

There are 3 pizza shops.  There is one in Vice Point, Little Haiti, and Downtown.
The Vice Point is the easiest by far.  You can use the bridges to determine which
customers you want to deliever to first and when you can came back to the pizza
shop for more pizzas.

If you want to stock up on pizzas in the middle of the mission and you are
driving by the shop, stand where the blue circle would normally be and your pizza
count will go back to 6.  This is useful in case you miss a throw or two.

Time does not roll over.  You will have the same 5 minute time limit for all
pizza missions.

You can exit the Moped at any time without failing.  Not that you would want to
though (unless you fall of the Pizza Boy).

Be careful with driving the moped.  You can fall off from the slightest bump.
Falling takes precious time, especially in the later levels.

This won't help you much, but if you go behind the Vice Point Pizza shop, you can
find a free meat cleaver.


I found the pizza place in downtown to be the easiest, because most of the
deliveries I had to do were on the main highway so it was pretty easy.

**Sent in from Maffew32**

8. Shooting Range

=====A.  What is it?=====

Well, this isn't an R3 Mission, but since alot of people need help, I am covering
it anyway.  The shooting range is found in the back of the Dowtown Ammunation
(the one with the really expensive guns).  Unfortunately, when you first enter
the Ammunation, it is just a cool decoration.  In order to unlock the Shooting
Range, you need to complete the Malibu asset mission "The Shootist".  Then,
anytime you return to the Downtown Ammunation, you can practice your oh so 1337
shooting skills!

It works like this.  There are three targets with 5 parts to shoot (the four
body parts and the head).  Shooting out all five parts will give you some points.
The close one is one point, the middle one is two points, and the far one is 3
points.  That should explain how it works.

=====B.  What do I have to do and what do I get for it?=====

Everytime you score over 30 on the shooting range, you get $500.  Of course, by
the time you buy the Malibu club, $500 isn't a whole lot.  What you want to aim
(no pun intented) for is 45 points.  That unlocks Fast Loading.  This speeds up
the loading animation for guns.  Guns like the Rocket Launcher are vastly 
improved with this ability.  Yes, you do need it for %100.

=====C.  Tips, tricks, hints, glitches, etc.=====

This challenge requires good shooting skills.  This is something a FAQ cannot
teach you.  It is something you need to play the game to learn.

Shoot out the body portion of the first target and concentrate on the 2 and 3
point targets.  Going after the 1st target wastes ammo that could be used on
the other, more important, targets.

Some people also shoot out the second target except for the head, this is fine
and it works for them.  In my opinion though, you waste too much time only
destroying one target.

If you used the above strategy, when you have one bullet left, and there is no
2 or 3 target with one part remaining, then shoot the head.  Better to get one
last point, than waste a bullet.

These tactics can also be used for the first part of "The Shootist" mission.

One thing strange about this, when the game loads the shooting range, they call
it a "Rifle Range" on the lower part of the screen.  However, you shoot using a
Colt 45, which is a pistol.  Strange, isn't it?


I’ve seen an easy (and cheating) way to do the rifle range is to enter the
weapons cheat code (set 1).  Now, you cannot enter the code until your view
comes up as the aim part, entering the cheat code prior to the aim mode will not
add to your ammo during the rifle range.  Note that the rules for the range are
before time runs out or until you run out of ammo.  Just go nuts and blast
everything.  (editor's note)Cheat at your own risk however.  People have messed
up their games with cheats and others can only get %99.

**Sent in from Jason Snelten**

9. Conclusion

Well.  That's it.  I hope I have helped some people out with this R3 Missions and
Shooting Range.  FAQ.  I put more than 5 minutes into writing this, so it should
not be THAT horrible.  Now, I know there are bound to be better strategies,
typos, wrong information, etc.  If you find these things, send me an email at

enron_stock@hotmail.com  (you will get credit in the Special Thanks section)

These are things I will accept:  (be sure to put "R3 FAQ or "VC FAQ" or something
that will tell me it isn't spam)

  - Telling me I made a big typo
  - There's a easy strategy that can be used in an R3 mission or the Rifle Range
  - Telling me that I put wrong info in my guide
  - Praise, Saying "Bert is God", saying my guide is good.
  - Constructive Criticism (your FAQ sucks, but adding this will help you/here is
    what you are doing wrong)

Things I don't want:

  - SPAM (no I don't want porn, nor a new credit card, and my "Rocket Launcher"
    is big enough without your crappy steroids!)
  - Chain Letters (no, I do not believe a piano will fall on my head if I don't
    send your crappy letter to 10 people in 15 minutes)
  - Hate mail (great way to get your email blocked)
  - Saying my FAQ sucks with no reasons (see hate mail)

All of those will get you blocked.

10. Special Thanks

CJayC for posting this FAQ on GameFAQs

Me, for writing this FAQ.

Ebgames.com  for providing me with the ability to purchase GTA VC and Strategy
guide online.

Rockstar and Rockstar North for making this game

Bullmanz for the Ambulance strategy.

Maffew32 for his tip on Pizza missions.

Jason Snelten for his Shooting Range tip.

Final Mutation for correcting me on the Hunter.

Elbarto40 for a tip on the Firefighter mission.

Robert Gallivan for the very useful Ambulance tip.

**your name here** for reading my guide

**your name mentioned here*** if you contribute to this guide.

11. Copyrights

This guide is property of me, Kirk "Bert" M.  You many use this guide for private
use.  You can put it on your site provided you give me credit.  You do not even
need to e-mail me.  You just have to give me credit.  If not, you could face
legal matters.  Please, do not make me.  Copyright 2002.

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