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FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychotic34

Version: Final | Updated: 01/18/03

     ____   _--___   ____   
    /    | |    __| /    \ 
    | |  | `|  |  | >--  |
    | |  |  |  |  | | -- | 
    \__  |  \____/  \____| Vice City


Grand Theft Auto:Vice City FAQ/Walkthrough Final Vers


By Psychotic34
NOTE, I have been forced to do this, because of so many scripted viruses
being sent to my e-mail address, (4 a day) so just put in the "@" and the
"." yourselves.
Date:	6/11/02



1.0 Introduction
1.1 Version History
1.2 Controls
1.3 The Law
1.4 Power-ups
1.5 Character Profiles
  I Tommy Vercetti
 II Ken Rosenburg
III Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
 IV Mercedes Cortez
  V Avery Carrington
 VI Ricardo Diaz
VII Kent Paul
VIII Lance Vance
 IX Umberto Robina
  X Auntie Poulet
 XI Love Fist
XII Mitch Baker
XIII Candy Suxxx
XIV Phil Cassidy
1.6 Gang Info
  I Cubans
 II Vercetti Gang
III Diaz's Gang
 IV Haitians
  V Sharks
 VI Golfers
VII DBP Security
 IX Bikers
1.7 Radio Station Info
1.8 How to actually play VC

2.0 Weapons
2.1 Fist Weapons
2.2 Melee Weapons
2.3 Pistol Weapons
2.4 Sub-Machine Gun Weapons
2.5 Shotgun Weapons
2.6 Heavy Machine Gun Weapons
2.7 Rifle Weapons
2.8 Explosive Weapons
2.9 Heavy Weapons

3.0 Compulsory Missions
3.1 Ken Rosenburg
  I An Old Friend
 II The Party
III Back Alley Brawl
 IV Jury Fury
  V Riot
3.2 Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
  I Treacherous Swine
 II Mall Shootout
III Guardian Angels
 IV Sir, Yes Sir!
  V All Hands On Deck!
3.3 Ricardo Diaz
  I The Chase
 II Phnom Penh '86
III The Fastest Boat 
 IV Supply & Demand
3.4 Kent Paul
  I Death Row
3.5 Tommy Vercetti
  I Rub Out 
 II Shakedown
III Bar Brawl 
 IV Cop Land
  V Cap the Collector
 VI Keep your friends Close

4.0 Optional Missions
4.1 Avery Carrington
  I Four Iron
 II Demolition Man
III Two Bit Hit
4.2 Love Fist
  I Love Juice
 II Psycho Killer
III Publicity Tour
4.3 Mitch Baker
  I Alloy Wheels of Steel
 II Messing with The Man 
III Hog Tied
4.4 Umberto Robina - The Cubans
  I Stunt Boat Challenge
 II Cannon Fodder 
III Naval Engagement 
 IV Trojan Voodoo
4.5 Auntie Poulet - The Haitians
  I Juju Scramble
 II Bombs Away!
III Dirty Lickin's
4.6 Phil Cassidy
  I Gun Runner
 II Boomshine Saigon
4.7 Assassination Missions
  I Road Kill
 II Waste The Wife
III Autocide
 IV Check out at the Check in
  V Loose Ends

5.0 Assets
5.1 Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
  I Distribution
5.2 Printing Works
  I Spilling The Beans
 II Hit the Courier
5.3 Kaufman Cabs
  I V.I.P
 II Friendly Rivalry
III Cabmageddon
5.4 Malibu Club
  I No Escape?
 II The Shootist
III The Driver
 IV The Job
5.5 Pole Position Club
5.6 Boat Yard
  I Checkpoint Charlie
5.7 Sunshine Autos
5.8 Intergblobal Film Studio
  I Recruitment Drive
 II Dildo Dodo
III Martha's Mughsot
 IV G-Spotlight

6.0 Vehicle Missions
6.1 Vigilante Missions
6.2 Paramedic Missions
6.3 Firefighter Missions
6.4 Taxi Driver Missions
6.5 Pizza Boy Missions
6.6 Other

7.0 Vehicle Guide
7.1 Aircraft
7.2 Boats
7.3 Motorbikes
7.4 Cars

8.0 Secrets
8.1 Costumes
8.2 GTA3 references
8.3 Other.....
8.4 Rare Cars
8.5 Hideouts
8.6 Hidden Package Rewards
8.7 100% Rewards
8.8 Glitches

9.0 Cheats
9.1 Useful Cheats
9.2 Pedestrian Cheats
9.3 Vehicle Cheats
9.4 Vehicle Spawning Cheats
9.5 Time and Space Cheats
9.6 Character Model Cheats

10.0 When the game is 100%, what now?
10.1 My Own Challenges
10.2 My Own fun things to do
10.3 User Submitted Challenges
10.4 User Submitted fun things to do
10.5 Fun Places to fight the Police
10.6 User Submitted Fun Places to fight the Police
10.7 Custom Missions

11.0 Locations....
11.1 Unique Jumps
11.2 Rampages
11.3 Hidden Packages
11.4 Robbable Stores

12.0 Frequently asked Questions

13.0 Credits


1.0 Introduction

Right then, with that out the way let me introduce myself. I am
Psychotic34(no not literally, except on Vice City...)<--- that joke worked
better with the name I orignally wanted, which was Psychotic, but someone
already had it(I wrote this before I signed up) so I put my lucky number
on the end. Anyway, this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, yay! Anyway, 
welcome to Vice City, nice place full of criminals. It's pretty similar 
to GTA3 but there are some differences, as I'm sure you'll discover. I 
am aiming to make this a definitive guide for Vice City, and with 0.8 
I feel as though I am nearly there. I will try to have an informal writing 
style(unlike that last sentence) but I don't know why I think it's a 
good idea. Oh well, maybe I'll find out one day.In case you are wondering, 
I'm from the UK (like Kent Paul, only I don't talk like him!)Other FAQs
by me, are currently, non-existant! See you for the next GTA Game, or 
possibly FFX-2 is a game I could do one for.I am currently doing a 
The Getaway Vehicles Guide, so look out for that, won't you?

OK, that was updated with 0.8, but now I am on 1.3, and I am slowly 
obtaining perfection, which is nice, I guess! I get lots of submissions
and questions each day, so It's hard to want to end this thing. 

Also by the same author:
The Getaway Vehicles Guide:

Legal Stuff:
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
otherwise distributed publicly without advanced permission from the
author. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
All content © 2002 and 2003 Psychotic34.

Only these sites currently have permission to publish this work on 

If you want to put this guide on your site, E-mail me, I probably let
you, but you have to tell me first otherwise it's a breach of copyright
and you don't want to get sued when you could have just asked, do you? 
If you see it on any other site, then E-mail me.

NOTE, I have been forced to do this, because of so many scripted viruses
being sent to my e-mail address, (4 a day) so just put in the "@" and the
"." yourselves.

*If you want to E-mail me any questions I would be very happy to recieve 
them and will try to include as many as I can Just have the title of your 
email "Vice City" or something similar.I will try to reply to every E-mail, 
and I have so far.

Please note, I am no longer accepting any more submissions to the guide,
for this will be the last update EVER :( See you in San Andreas!(or
wherever the next game is!)

No Chain-Mails, Viruses etc please!(Not that anyone listens, I get loads
of Viruses every day. Well, the most I've had in one day is 3, but I 
think all the ones I've been sent is from a worm)
Or indeed crazy E-mails about me stealing certain items, you know who
you are.......


1.1 Version History

0.1 11/16/02 The first version, added most things
102 kb

0.5 11/19/02 Added Car Stats, more secrets. Also more user-submitted 
things, and made it more friendly to people with small monitors. Gang
and character profiles, Vehicle Missions, Sunshine Autos.

0.6 11/23/02 Added:Radio Stations, Most Unique Jumps, Robbable Stores,
Good places to fight the Police and User Submitted Keep Your Friends
Close Strategy

0.8 11/30/02 Man this was a big (and tiring) update. I finally completed
the Unique Jumps Section, I started(and finished) the rampages section,
added a lot more secrets, glitches section, challenges, fun things, good
places to fight the Police and Alternate Mission Strategies for a couple
of missions. Oh and I did 20 Hidden Package Locations, Whew! The things
I do for you people

1.0 12/06/02 Well, I guess this is the first full version, as it contains
everything I planned the guide would, now that I have finally done all
of the hidden package locations. There is also many more secrets, fun
things, challenges, places to fight the cops etc. Also, my friend had
the idea of adding custom missions(Thanks Ryan!) so I am going to add

1.1 12/08/02 Overhauled the vehicles section, got E-Mailed 50 million times
by Iwan Best(maybe not THAT much) so added a great many things to the secrets
section. Doesn't seem like much has been added in terms of file size, but
trust me, it has! I was also E-mailed by many other people, so look at The
Job, Glitches, Secrets - other, fun things to do, custom missions. This 
update was kinda neccessary as I have been E-mailed so many times this week,
and a lot of my E-mails have been about Glitches, hmmmm. There is an 
outside possibilty that this will be the last but two update, but that is 
merely a possibility, I guess I could leave it open to adjustment permanently
and never have a Final version. The next version will have more descriptive
measures on how to finish the checkpoint missions, and then the one after
that will just be a massive user-submitted compilation. I will give about 3
weeks for people to E-mail me their submissions, and I will add a great many
Challenges, Fun Things, Fun Places to fight the Police and Custom Missions. 
But I guess I will leave it open for editing, as I'm sure that 
a) I will get many E-mails anyway
b) some kind of new secret like the Ghost Town(But NOT the Ghost Town I 
hasten to add)
Anyway, that's my two cents, but no-one reads this bit anyway, do they!?
269kb (25kb more, it ain't that bad I guess)

1.2 12/29/02 Lazy, I am! I got a lot of user-submitted stuff, So I added it
all to the guide, So that I didn't disappoint all those people!

1.3 01/01/03 Happy New Year! and all that. OK, I added an in-depth bit
to the vehicle missions bit (Spent 2 hours of new years day doing it whilst
writing in a notebook in blue pen (which ran out after 3 words) a green
pencil, a purple pencil and a brown pencil(because leads kept on snapping)
all of the checkpoints on lots of missions, so yeesh I am worn out I guess.
I added a couple of cars to the vehicles (well actually it was a Bus, an 
RC Car and an RC Chopper) Also 4 more custom missions, and also the standard
secrets, Glitches, Fun Places, Challenges and Fun Things to do. Also a couple
more unconfirmed cheats. And now the guide is over 300kb! yahoo! This
was written before I completed this version, so now I can also add that I
added 3 vehicles(Or is it 4? ah well) to that section, and a few more 
questions in the FAQ. This could be my last update in a while, don't wait
up for me! I'm planning a The Getaway Vehicles Guide. So look out for it!

FINAL 01/18/03 :( It's the end of an era, but I'll come to that in a 
minute. I added the usual secrets, challenges, custom missions, fun places
etc. And now, my Getaway vehicles guide is up, please check it out at
And now, I will get what I typed at the bottom of this FAQ/Walkthrough,
and you can read it and then wait with baited breath for the next GTA
It started on the 6th of November 2002, and now it has ended, on the 18th 
of January 2003.
It's been fun, but now I am leaving Vice City(in ruins, heh!).

See you in San Andreas!(or wherever R* want to take me!)I am no longer 
needed here.

1.2 Controls

On Foot

T:Enter Vehicle
L1:Centres Camera, buy business/property, replace current weapon
L2:Weapon Select
R1:Target Lock-on
R2:Weapon Select
R3:Look Behind
D-Pad/left stick:Move around
Start:Pause Menu
Select:Change Camera Angle

In Vehicle

T:Exit Vehicle
L1:Change Radio Stations
L2:Look Left(and hold O to shoot)
L3:Car Horn
R2:Look Right(and hold O to shoot)
R3:Toggle Vehicle missions on/off
D-Pad/left stick
Start:Pause Menu
Select:Change Camera Angle


1.3 The Law

When you do something naughty, and especially if a cop is there 
when you do it, your wanted level will go up. This is measured in a
series of stars:

One Star
What Can I expect?:Cops will just come up to you and beat you up 
with nightsticks, nothing major
How do I get rid of em?:Run like hell, change outfit, use a police 
bribe or use a respray shop
How do I deal with them?:However you like! these guys can be taken 
out in any way

Two Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. 
Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick
How Do I get rid of em?:Run like hell, change outfit, 2 police 
bribes or use a respray shop
How do I deal with them?:Shoot them, Shoot them ALL!

Three Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. Any
Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick, The Cops
Cops will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst your tires
(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot at you, 
heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and shoot
you, and undercover cops pull up in Cheetahs. 
How Do I get rid of em?: Respray shop is your only way out now, 
unless you are lucky enough to get 3 police bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt 
Python or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on
the pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before 
they hit the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher
or run back a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with
the PSG-1 or Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade 

Four Stars
What Can I Expect?:Two cops in each car pull up and shoot at you. Any 
Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the nightstick, The
SWAT teams will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst your
tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot at
you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and 
shoot you, and undercover cops pull up in Cheetahs.Oh and very 
"friendly" SWAT Teams will show up in their Enforcer vans.
How Do I get rid of em?:Respray.4 police Bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt 
Python or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on 
the pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they
hit the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run
back a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the 
PSG-1 or Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.
As for the SWAT teams, Use a gun that packs a punch.

Five Stars
What Can I Expect?:Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the 
nightstick,The FBI will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to burst
your tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and shoot
at you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter and 
shoot you, any of the above which is still there will still be after you, 
and FBI teams armed with MP5s will show up in FBI Ranchers 
How Do I get rid of em?:Get to a respray shop, FAST or 5 police 
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt Python 
or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on the 
pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they hit 
the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run back
a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the PSG-1 or 
Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.As for the 
FBI, I'd use something that can take them out QUICKLY, like a Flame 
Thrower, but you'd do well to blow up their cars before they get out.

Six Stars
What Can I Expect?:Any Cop on the streets will now shoot and not use the
nightstick, The Army will now use Road Blocks and deploy stingers to 
burst your tires(if you're in a car that is), A helicopter will come and 
shoot at you, heavily armed men will slide down ropes from the helicopter 
and shoot you, any of the above which is still there will still be after 
you, and The Army show up in Rhino Tanks or Barracks OLs.
How Do I get rid of em?:Respray, 6 police bribes
How do I deal with them?:OK, Shoot all cops(preferably with a Colt Python 
or a Shotgun), Drive around roadblocks and stingers by going on the
pavement, shoot those men that come from the helicopter before they hit 
the ground, and shoot the helicopter with a Rocket Launcher, or run back 
a little bit so you cansee it's windscreen, and fire with the PSG-1 or 
Sniper Rifle into there, or try for a lucky rotor blade shot.The Army? 
Colt Python and SPAS-12 Shotgun do well, but blowing up their vehicles before 
they can get out is good, but with one problem:The tanks will survive 
anything you have to throw at it, then again, that is fairly inaccurate 
as you can use the FlameTHROWer and you can THROW Molotov Cocktails at 
them. They are the ONLY things that will hurt a Tank, yes even Rocket 
Launchers and Mini-Guns don't affect this metal monstrosity.


1.4 Powerups
Heart Icon:Restores health to max
Shield Icon:Restores Body Armour to max
Pill:Adrenalin Pill, Slows down time matrix-style, your blows also 
do more damage
Iwan Best says:It slows down time more than you so you go faster than anyone 
else.You can run faster than cars and never stop sprinting 
Star:Police Bribe, Removes your wanted level by one.
Weapon:Picture of the weapon and a coloured ring around it, you will
receive this weapon(unless you have a similar type in which case 
press L1 to change weapon to the new one or just ignore it if you 
like your old one)


1.5 Character Profiles

I. Tommy Vercetti
Tommy is the Main Character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He was sent
to prison for 15 years, covering for the Forelli's. He has recently been
let out and has been sent to Vice, to try and cash in.

II. Ken Rosenburg
Rosenburg is a Lawyer, who is the Forelli's man in Vice City. He is 
extremely nervous about everything, and could "defend an innocent man all
the way to Death Row"

III. Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
He owns a Yacht, and throws big parties on it. He is wanted by the French
version of the FBI, who have followed him to Vice.

IV. Mercedes Cortez
Mercedes is the Colonel's daughter, and to put it bluntly, she is a slut

V. Avery Carrington
Avery owns a construction company, which he makes the most dominat in Vice
by making sure all competition has been eliminated

VI. Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo is a coke baron. He owns a massive mansion on Starfish Island, and
has the Fastest Boat in Vice City(He does at the start of the game people,
listen to what he says. 'Tis not a spoiler)

VII. Kent Paul
Kent Paul is an Englishman, who spents way too much time in the Malibu. He
knows about every criminal activity, and is also friends with Love Fist

VIII. Lance Vance
Lance is a great friend to Tommy, and his brother was recently killed.

IX. Umberto Robina
Umberto Owns the Cafe Robina, in Little Havana, and is in charge of the 
Cuban Gang. No, he doesn't own the Cafe. It's his father's. Thank you
Iwan Best

X. Auntie Poulet
Auntie Poulet practices in the art of Voodoo. She is in charge of the 
Haitian Gang

XI. Love Fist
Love Fist are a Scottish Rock band, who can often be heard on VRock.

XII. Mitch Baker
Mitch Baker is the leader of a Biker Gang, and he is often found hanging
out at the Greasy Chopper

XIII. Candy Suxxx
Candy is a veteran of the adult movie scene, she is often "hired" by
congressman Alex Shrub.

XIV. Phil Cassidy
Phil is obsessed with guns and explosives, as well as drinking Boomshine
He one day hopes to join the American Army. Iwan says he doesn't really,
but I heard somewhere that he tried out, (Pre-GTA3, Post-VC) and wasn't
let in. Probably because he, erm actually, no. That is a spoiler. Those
of you who have done his missions will know, and those who haven't will
be confused.


1.6 Gang Info

I. Cubans
Nationality:Cuban, Duh!
Leader:Umberto Robina
Turf:Little Havana
Car:Cuban Hermes
Dress:Usually with white-T-shirts
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

II. Vercetti Gang
Leader:Tommy Vercetti
Turf:Any property you own
Dress:Blue Shirt, or Black Hawaiian shirt.
Weapons:Uzi 9mm, Pistols, Fists.

III Diaz's Gang
Leader:Ricardo Diaz
Turf:Diaz's Mansion
Dress:Red Hawaiian Shirts
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

IV Haitians
Leader:Auntie Poulet
Turf:Little Haiti
Dress:Blue T-Shirt, or Lilac T-Shirt
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

V Sharks
Turf:North Point Mall, Prawn Island
Car:Gang Burrito
Dress:Leather Jacket with picture of Shark on the back
Weapons:Pistols, Fists.

VI Golfers
Turf:Leaf Links
Dress:Pink Golfing outfit
Weapons:Golf Clubs, Pistols, Fists.

VII DBP Security - Ok so these guys aren't really a gang, but still.....
Turf:Starfish Island, Escobar Intl, North Point Mall
Car:Securicar, Baggage Handler
Dress:Blue Uniform

VIII The Army(they have gang AI at Fort Baxter Airbase)
Leader:Probably some General..
Turf:Fort Baxter Air Base
Car:They don't drive any but it will obviously be the Rhino & Barracks OL
Dress:Camoflage Uniforms...
Weapons:M4's (NASTY)

IX Biker Gang(They don't hang around in packs but....)
Leader:"Big" Mitch Baker
Turf:Around the Greasy Chopper
Car:This isn't a car, it's a bike:The Angel
Dress:Well, like Bikers really
Weapons:Colt .45

Ok, these aren't really a gang, they are in fact any group of people who 
aren't in any of the formentioned gangs(with an exception, I'll come to that
in a min) and hang around together.

The three most common places where you are likely to find "Streetwannabes" are

- The Army! yes, although previosuly mentioned they come under streetwannabes
if you kill them. NOTE:Fort Baxter Army only

- "The streetwannabes are the guys with the leather jackets who hang around
the mall" 
Thanks to PuNkBoY2000182 for that

- The guys in Phnom Penh '86 are streetwannabes

- Also, DPB Security ?!?!?!!?!? Well, maybe, I can't be bothered to kill
enough, and trust me, I need to kill a LOT to get level with just the
Vercetti Gang(yeah, I kill loads of my own men) Let alone the Haitians
(I have probably killed around 500 Haitians!!)


1.7 Radio Station Info

So, what radio stations do I listen to? well, if you really want to know:
(in order of preference)
1) VRock - I love all songs on it, other than the two Love Fist ones.
2) VCPR - Every conversation is funny!
3) K-Chat - Only Mr. Zoo is funny.
4) Flash FM, if Video Killed the Radio Star and Japanes Boy are on(Because
they are so cheesy, they are good!)
5) Emotion - but only for Fernando! I think I listened to 1 minute of a song
on there, and that's it. If I'm flicking through and hear Fernando, then I'll
listen until the song.
6) Wildstyle - I occasionally listen to it, not often
7) Fever - Last night a DJ Saved my life! well, thats the only one I think is 
*OK* I don't think it's that good a song
8) Esperantoso - No.Just no. But it does feature the guy that made an Anti-Mr
Burns song on the Simpsons! (You know, when he gets shot and there's all the
suspects, he's the music teacher Lisa wants) Unfortunately, he doesn't sing 
it, that would definately save Esperantoso from mediocrity, making it poor 
rather than pathetic.

But this is all opinion, one person I know likes Wildstyle, another likes 
Flash. That's just the way it goes.

Style: Old-Skool Hip-Hop

DJ:Mister Magic

Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up
Davy DMX - One For the Treble(Vocal Mix)
Cybotron - Clear
Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Looking for the Perfect beat
2 Live Crew - Get it Girl
Run DMC - Rock Box
Mantronix - Bassline
Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf
Whodini - Magic's Wand
Zapp & Roger - More Bounce to The Ounce
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)


Hall & Oates - Out of Touch
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Laura Branigan - Self Control
Go West - Call me
Inxs - Kiss The Dirt(Falling down the Mountain)
Bryan Adams - Run to you
Electric Light Orchesta - Four Little Diamonds
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
Aneka - Japanese Boy
Talk Talk - Life's what you make it
The Outfield - Your Love
Joe Jackson - Stepping Out
The Fixx - One thing leads to another
Lionel Ritchie - Running with the Night

Style:Talk Show

DJ: Amy Sheckenhausen

Jez Torrent
Michelle Carpadis
Mr. Zoo
Claude Maginot
BJ Smith

Fever 105
Style:Dancey type stuff
DJ:Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit

Whispers - And the Beat Goes on
Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know
Oliver Cheatam - Get Down Staurday Night
The Pointer Sisters - Automatic
Rene & Angela - I'll be Good
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
Rick James - Ghetto Life
Michael Jackson - Wanna be Startin' Somethin'
Evelyn "Champagne" King - Shame
Teena Marie - Behind the Groove
Mtume - Juicy Fruit
Kool & the Gang - Summer Madness
In Deep - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.

Style:Rock and Metal

Twisted Sister:I Wanna Rock
Mötley Crüe - Too Young to Fall in Love
Quiet Riot - Cum on Feel The Noise
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
Rockstar's Lovefist - Dangerous Bastard
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight
Loverboy - Working for the Weekend
Alcatrazz - God Bless Video
Tesla - Cumin' Atcha Live
Autograph - Turn up the Radio
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Anthrax - Madhouse
Slayer - Raining Blood
Judas Priest - You've got Another Thing Comin'
Rockstar's Lovefist - Fist Fury
David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose

Style:Talk Show
DJ:Maurice Chavez

Alex Shrub
Callum Crayshaw
John F. Hickory

Pastor Richards
Jan Brown
Barry Stark

Jenny Louise Crab
Konstaninos Smith
Jeremy Robard

Style:Spanish Music

Cachao - A Gozar Con Mi Combo
Alpha Banditos - The Bull is Wrong
Tres Apenas Como Eso - Yo Te Mire
Deodato - Latin Flute
Mongo Santamaria - Mama Papa Tu
Mongo Santamaria - Me & You Baby
Machito & his Afro-Cuban Orchestra - Mambo Mucho Mambo
Unaesta - La Vida Es Una Lenteja
Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansion
Irakere - Expansions
Deodato - Super Stuff
Xavier Cougat & His Orchestra - Jamay
Beny More - Maracaibo Oriental
Tito Puente & His Orchestra - Mabo Gozon

Emotion 98.3
DJ:Fernando Martinez

Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl Like you
Kate Bush - Wow
Squeeze - Tempted
Reo Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You
Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
Roxy Music - More Than This
Toto - Africa
Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
John Waite - Missing You
Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
Night Ranger - Sister Christian
Luther Vandross - Never too Much

Wave 103
Style:Pop, no sorry, "This isn't pop, It's New Wave!"
DJ:Adam FIrst

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11
Gary Numan - Cars
The Human League - Keep Feeling(Fascination)
Blondie - Atomic
Nena - 99 Luftballons
Kim Wilde - Kids in America
Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter
Corey Hart - Sunglasses at Night
ABC - Poison Arrow
A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)
The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
Animotion - Obssession
Spandau Ballet - Gold
Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive!
Romeo Void - Never Say Never


1.8 How to Actually Play Vice City
No, this isn't controls

The Main idea of the game in my opinion anyway, is to make as much money
as you possibly can. You need money for a lot of things in this game, and
after you complete the game is the best time to go on the rampage. If
you've just left Liberty City, here are some new stuff Vice has:
- Motorbikes - only go on these to look cool, do stuff like wheelies or
attempt insane jumps. You lose a lot of health from crashing bikes, and
frankly they aren't worth the risk
- Helicopters - Helicopters are a great way to get around, as you avoid
all the traffic and you can take a more direct route rather than taking
the roads. The only problem is avoid crashing into buildings AT ALL COSTS
as once those rotor blades start scraping the sides of the buildings, the 
Choppers going to be a flaming mess and there'll be only one way out.
to Jump.
- Boats now appear like random traffic, which is much better because in
Liberty you were the only one on the water
- Weapons. There are a HELL of a lot more weapons(See weapons guide) but
don't worry, all your old favourites are still availiable. The main thing
is, you can only carry one of each type, but see the Weapons section for
a lot more detail
- Car Damage. You can now shoot people through the windows of their cars,
because frankly shooting the windscreen in GTA3 and having nothing happen
was very unrealistic, especially if you did it to a convertible. Also, tires
can be popped which again is a good step towards realism. Another thing
is that cars are now damaged by ALL weapons, as again, hitting cars with 
bats in GTAIII did nothing, and was extremely annoying
- You can now enter quite a few buildings, which is fun because you can
now hold up stores
- You have to buy businesses and hideouts, as you are only given two
hideouts throughout the game
I think these are the main changes. As for money, the only major way of
getting it is by doing missions, either story missions, getting assets 
from your businesses or R3 missions, and EVERY mission is covered in this 
guide. Sure, there are other ways of getting money, such as Holding up
stores, Driving Buses, Smashing Parking meters and killing people but
you don't really get enough money for doing those things. I'd only
reccomend doing those kind of things for fun. Stick to completing all
the missions first, as the game isn't as fun if you only have half the
city, vehicles and weapons to play with, then just sit back, and cruise
Vice City in your Sports Car at night, listening to VRock. Or just go
crazy and kill everyone and thing in site! The thing that has made the
GTA games so popular, is that they are non-linear, and combine many genres
so you can do whatever you want, Vice City takes everything good out of 
each game. But anyway, that's enough of listening to me, we'd best get
on with the guide. And first up, it's all about those things that lighten
up Vice City(No, Not the Hookers.....) it's the Weapons!

2.0 Weapons
You Can only carry 8 weapons at a time:One fist weapon, one Melee 
Weapon, one Pistol Weapon, one Sub-Machine Gun Weapon, one Shotgun 
Weapon, one Heavy Machine Gun Weapon, one Explosive Weapon and one 
Heavy Weapon.
As for my personal recommendations, I'd say:
Fist:Brass Knuckles
Pistol:Colt Python
Sub-Machine Gun:MP5
Shotgun:SPAS-12 Shotgun
Heavy Machine Gun:M4
Explosive:Anything other than Nerve Gas(make your own choice, I use 
Heavy Weapon:Anything other than the M60(Make your own choice, I use 
the Rocket Launcher)

The Cool thing is, if you want to store any weapons then just enter either
Leaf Links or The Airport Terminal, then not pick them up outside! They
Stay there!

Weapons below are listed in my ranking, from worst to best IN EACH 
CATEGORY, NOT OVERALL. Because in my opinion, the Brass
Knuckles are better than the Screwdriver, yet they are in different 
categories.The categories are kinda listed in weakest to best, but 
Explosives aren't really all that good.


2.1 Fist Weapons
The Fist
Description:its your fist! and indeed, your foot, knee and head.
Where Do I find It?:Gee, I don't know......
Vs People:It ain't bad for a suprise attack
Vs Vehicles:It's kinda hard to hit them, but I know you can as I 
hit a cop car
+ Points:It's free! and it's always there when you get busted! And 
it's cool beating people up
- Points:It isn't powerful at all, against hordes of people with guns
(and especially machine guns) there is only going to be one outcome

Brass Knuckles
Description:it's brass knuckles, on your fist....
Where Do I find It?:Behind your first hideout, Bouncers in the Malibu 
Vs People:Not that bad, better than what unarmed civillians have to 
offer in defence anyway.
Vs Vehicles:Not good at all
+ Points:It's cool beating people up, it makes a nice sound when you 
hit them, it's powerfuler than the fist
- Points:It isn't powerful at all, against hordes of people with guns
(and especially machine guns) there is only going to
be one outcome


2.2 Melee Weapons


I dont know if you know this or if it is a part of the game but you can 
destroy cars with you fists the thing is you have to be running into the car 
in order to hit it if you stand next to it and hit it- it wont work.

So, why did I put this in the melee weapons section? well, it is also the
only way things like Katana can attack cars too!

Description:It's a tool used for screwing things...
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops ($10)
Vs People:Not really good at all
Vs Vehicles:Erm....
+ Points:It's Cheap!
- Points:It isn't powerful against anything and frankly you'd be 
better off sticking with your fist

Meat Cleaver
Description:A nice knife, for cleaving meat, or indeed humans, if 
so you wish
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops($50 except in Little Havanna, 
it'll cost you $60 there)
Vs People:Slash Slash Slash, But I've seen better
Vs Vehicles:Well.......... erm........ just no.
+ Points:Cheap! Slash Slash Slash! 
- Points:It isn't that powerful at all, against hordes of people 
with guns(and especially machine guns) there is only going
to be one outcome

Description:A tool for hammering nails, or indeed peoples skulls.
Where Do I find It?:All 3 tool shops($20 except in Little Havanna, 
it'll cost you $30 there)
Vs People:Not that good, but OK
Vs Vehicles:Heh Nice, Hey mister was that your car window? not 
anymore! (not an actual quote)
+ Points:Dirt Cheap, and it hurts vehicles quite a bit too.
- Points:Slow, and melee weapons are always owned by guns anyway

Description:A nice knife, but not of the meat Cleaving variety
Where Do I find It?:Tooled up, North Point mall($90), I think 
Bunch O' Tools has it too.
Vs People:Again, Slash Slash Slash, But I've seen better
Vs Vehicles:Well.......... erm........ just no.
+ Points:Fairly Cheap and erm Slash Slash Slash!  and decapitation 
is always fun.
- Points:It isn't that powerful but can decapitate people and 
against hordes of people with guns(and especially machine 
guns) there is only going to be one outcome

Description:Wooden Stick used by cops to beat naughty people.
ie YOU.
Where Do I find It?:Kill Cops, or check the Police Station Locker 
Room but you'll get Cops on you either way.
Vs People:Well if the Cops use it, it ain't that bad.
Vs Vehicles:KERSMASH.
+ Points:It hurts people and vehicles alike
- Points:Too slow, not all that powerful

Description:Big metal choppy thing, use to remove jungle plants, 
or heads.
Where Do I find It?:Screw This, Little Havanna($160)
Vs People:It takes their heads off, OK?
Vs Vehicles:You have to continously run into the vehicle for it to 
hurt, which it does, kinda.
+ Points:It's a cool thing to have! and it hurts people real bad.
- Points:Kinda hard to hit vehicles in the spot you want to hit 

Baseball Bat
Description:Large wooden thign, used for hitting home runs, or 
indeed pensioners.
Where Do I find It?:Bunch O'Tools in Washington Beach(Don't know 
how much, probably $75)
Vs People:Hit them once to floor them, when they're floored, make 
that coma permanent
+ Points:it hurts. Anything.
- Points:Slow

Description:Big Japanese Sword type thing.
Where Do I find It?:Tooled Up, North Point Mall($300)
Vs People:Nice head you have there, *SLICE* 
Vs Vehicles:Again, you need to keep running into them
+ Points:Slice Slice SLICE, and not all that Slow either
- Points:Hard to get cars where you want to, against a lot of 
people you have no chance(if they are shooting at you)

Golf Club
Description:Big Metal Pole used for playing golf. And killing.
Where Do I find It?:Get into Leaf Links Golf Club, and find 
some golfers.Kill them.Steal their weapon.LAUGH. Or just enter 
a caddy
Vs People:It's Coma Time
Vs Vehicles:They won't be vehicles for much longer
+ Points:Long Reach, made out of metal for more damage, costs 
- Points:Too Slow

Where Do I find It?:Screw This, Little Havanna($600)
And Drew Smillie E-mailed me to say that there is also one in Apartment
3C, so head down there to get one on the first island, absolutely free
Vs People:Mwahahahahahah.Nuff Sed.
Vs Vehicles:Try it, you'll thank me.
+ Points:It's cool.ANYTHING that get's in it's way is likely to 
lose an arm or a door.
- Points:Too Expensive for a melee weapon(still dirt cheap tho) 
Too Slow


2.3 Pistol Weapons
Colt .45
Description:Neat little pistol
Where Do I find It?:Ammunations in North Point Mall and Washington 
Beach($100) or kill a cop
Vs People:Bang Bang Bang Dead.
Vs Vehicles:I wouldn't even bother, it'd take you quite a while
+ Points:Cheap, quick, and the Cops use it!
- Points:Not enough firepower to cause any problems

Colt Python
Description:It's a Magnum.Yes.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation in Downtown($2000)
Vs People:One hit wonder.
Vs Vehicles:Not all that good.
+ Points:People = Dead.Including people with body armour
- Points:Cars = Alive. Gun = fairly expensive
***Also, I have noticed a glitch with this weapon. Sometimes, when I
have locked onto a target and press O, Tommy acts in the same way 
if I had have fired it(ie the gun jerks up) but doesn't fire.
I don't know why this happens***


2.4 Sub-Machine Gun Weapons

Description:An extremely poor man's Uzi
Where Do I Find It?:It isn't in the shops.......
Vs People:Well, it's better than Colt .45ing them, I guess
Vs Vehicles:Why Bother? Takes ages, just drive-by people on bikes or pop
people's tires if you want something to do
+ Points:Drive-Bys, erm it also makes a nice sound when you fire it!
- Points:There are 3 better and easier to find Sub-Machine Guns out 

Ingram Mac-10
Description:A Sub-Machine gun....
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation in Washington Beach($300)
Vs People:Doesn't take all that long to kill em
Vs Vehicles:Takes quite a while, but drive-bying their tires is 
great fun(listen for that satisfying Hiss)
+ Points:Drive-bys! Lots of shots quickly, dirt cheap.
- Points:not really powerful enough to do any major damage

Uzi 9mm
Description:It's been in every GTA Game so far so you should be 
used to it by now....
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall($400)
Vs People:kills em dead quite quickly
Vs Vehicles:fairly damaging
+ Points:Cheap(and only $100 more than the Mac-10), fast, Drive-bys
- Points:Not as powerful as the:

Description:Nice Sub-Machine Gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($3000) Or kill FBI
Vs People:heheheheheh.
Vs Vehicles:In drive-bys, say bye bye to the other cars.
+ Points:Long range, quick, kills anything in seconds
- Points:Expensive/Dangerous to aquire, hard to hit vehicles when 
on foot.


2.5 Shotgun Weapons
Description:An originally titled gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Washington Beach($500) or enter a 
Cop Car
Vs People:Bang! But at a distance, Bang! Bang!
Vs Vehicles:Kills em efficiently
+ Points:Kills things easily, at close range will kill crowds, 
- Points:Way too slow, at a distance isn't effective at all

Stubby Shotgun
Description:Sawn-Off Shotgun
Where Do I find It?:Ammuntation, North Point Mall($600)
Vs People:It Kills them
Vs Vehicles:These won't last forever
+ Points:Cheap, wide dispersal of bullets meaning at close range 
will elimate ALL.
- Points:At a distance is as effective as a feather duster, slow 
to reload

SPAS-12 Shotgun
Description:Nice looking and sounding shotgun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($4000)
Vs People:What People?
Vs Vehicles:Which Vehicles?
+ Points:Kills anyone just like that, reloads very fast, Crowd 
- Points:Expensive, not as effective long range but it still kills 
em just as well.


2.6 Heavy Machine Gun Weapons
Description:Machine gun.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Washington Beach ($1000)
Vs People:If you can aim it at their head, then bye
Vs Vehicles:Not too effective
+ Points:Fast, cheap, you can aim wherever you
- Points:No Auto-Aim means bullets are gonna go wide, watch that 
ammo count.

Description:Assault Rifle
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, Downtown($5000)
Vs People:As above, but more effective if you miss and hit their 
Vs Vehicles:quite nice
+ Points:Bullets fly off at an amazing pace, you can aim wherever 
you want.
- Points:Again, no auto-aim.


2.7 Rifle Weapons
Sniper Rifle
Description:Look at the name.It's identical to the one from GTA3.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall ($1500)
Vs People:BANG dead,
Vs Vehicles:Effective, but takes a while
+ Points:Massive range, scope allow you to shoot anyone anywhere, 
one-hit people kills, takes out choppers
- Points:Takes ages to reload, In a fight in the middle of a street 
with cops and especially FBI everywhere, you're as good as dead.

Description:A Sniper Rifle, with a different Scope.Frankly I prefer 
the other rifle's scope.
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, downtown ($6000)
Vs People:BANG dead,
Vs Vehicles:Effective
+ Points:Massive range, scope allow you to shoot anyone anywhere, 
one-hit people kills AND has 7 bullets in the chamber
takes out choppers
- Points:Not as accurate as other Sniper Rifle in my opinon. In a 
fight in the middle of a street with cops and especially FBI 
everywhere, you're as good as dead.


2.8 Explosive Weapons
Nerve Gas
Description:A Cannister of Deadly Gas
Where Do I find It?:Behind Cop Stations
Vs People:It does take 2 cannisters and time, but it's fun.
Vs Vehicles:Nothing
+ Points:It has a wide area of effect
- Points:Slow to kill people, vehicles unaffected

Description:A bomb.You throw it then run away and press the detonator 
whenever you want
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer($1000)
Vs People:Boom
Vs Vehicles:Boom!
+ Points:Kills anyone instantly, kills vehicles, You're safe if say 
the bomb is thrown 2 feet, as you can detonate it whenever which 
grenades don't give you that chance, it's fun to drop them in the 
street and wait for the exact time someone walks over them
- Points:Too slow say if you want to throw a load at the Army
Teini has also infromed me that there is a glitch where sometimes bombs
turn into grenades for no reason, so be careful of that too, and there
is also another Glitch he has discovered, if you have 100% you can't
do anything after that! see the glitch section on how to cure this

Molotov Cocktails
Description:Petrol Bombs
Where Do I find It?:Tacopalypse, Downtown.
Vs People:Burn baby!
Vs Vehicles:Kills em, and it even kills tanks if you throw enough.
+ Points:Burn burn burn, fire engines turn up, you can kill tanks
- Points:I always seem to catch on fire using these babies, unless 
I throw em FAR. But with fireighter missions complete, they are the
best explosive weapon, but I like 'nades better for some strange reason

Description:Pineapple style grenades
Where Do I find It?:Ammunation, North Point Mall($300)
Vs People:Boom
Vs Vehicles:Boom!
+ Points:Cheap, vehicles and people go bye bye
- Points:You can get caught in the crossfire


2.9 Heavy Weapons

I had an angry person(sorry, I really can't remember your name) tell me
that he thought the M60 was the best heavy weapon. It is down to personal
preference but I can't see the point if you have an M4.

Description:Big Machine Gun
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer($8000)
Vs People:I see dead people.
Vs Vehicles:heh heh
+ Points:Kills everything, aim feature
- Points:Bullets are too slow for a machine gun, not damaging enough,
 doesn't stand up to other heavy Weapons.Frankly, it'd have done 
better if it were a heavy machine gun rather than a heavy weapon

Description:If you don't know what a Mini-Gun is, believe me, the 
title is a joke.(watch Terminator 2 some time or play Metal Gear
Solid(NOT Metal Gear Solid 2))
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer ($10000)
Vs People:Mwhahahahahah
Vs Vehicles:Mwahahahahahah
+ Points:It's COOL, it kills anything in sight(other than tanks)
- Points:IF only it could shoot choppers
Wait just a minute! I have been informed by Ryan that if
you aim just under a chopper, you will then see the bullets
fly up and hit the thing! So, we need a new bad point. Hmmm, I
haven't yet tested the Mini-Gun vs Chopper thing yet, but I believe
what I have been told, but what I am wondering is that what if the
Mini-Gun has the same effect on choppers as the M4 has?(Ie 0) oh
and it is extremely weak against tanks, and there is no auto-aim

I have also been told by Matt Pinske about this, but he has tested
it and found it works with all weapons! but obviously Mini-Guns work
the best!

and Verizoton E-mailed me about this too, so everyone, I have been
told 3 times how stupid I am(not literally :) ) so don't tell me

Description:It's been in every GTA Game, so you should know what 
it is by now.
Where Do I find It?:RockStar Logo-Shaped Pool on Starfish Island, 
also one in Viceport.
Vs People:Burn them, burn them ALL
Vs Vehicles:Even kills tanks
+ Points:It kills everyone, including tanks(which is the only reason 
why I rank it better than the Mini-Gun), it goes through walls, wide 
area of effect.
- Points:No auto-aim, Using it on someone at close range is 
incredibly stupid.

Rocket Launcher
Description:It Launches rockets, and has been in every GTA Game
Where Do I find It?:Phil Cassidy's Trailer, ($8000) 
Vs People:How does that Slayer Song on VRock go again, oh yeah, RAINING
BLOOD! (I always thought it was reign in blood, perhaps my album is 
wrong. Anyway, listen out for it on VRock.)<My changed thanks to Iwan
Best, I guess he must be searching the whole thing for errors. Trust me,
I make LOADS Iwan, but for some reason I always see them) 
Vs Vehicles:BOOM! Including Choppers, but not Tanks for some strange 
+ Points:BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Oh yeah BOOM! and it takes out 
helicopters in one hit
- Points:Slow, and you are often caught in it's blast


3.0 Compulsory walkthrough
These are the missions you need to do in order to unlock the last 
mission of story mode which will show the credits afterwards. NOTE:
You will also need to have completed 5 asset missions as well as the
 Print Works missions.


3.1 Ken Rosenburg

I an Old Friend, 
After the drug deal gets screwed up, Tommy tells Ken to get some 
sleep. Meanwhile, Tommy decides to go to the Hotel. Get in the white
car next to you, or alternatively get on the moped next to you if 
you want to try out some of the new bikes. Then, head towards the pink
blip on your radar then head inside the hotel, at up the stairs. Tommy
will phone Sonny and tell him about the failed drug deal. Tommy tells 
Sonny he will get the drugs and money back.

II The Party
Ken Rosenburg then remembers the guy who helped him set up the Deal, 
Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, who just so happens to be having a party 
on his boat. But, you can't go dressed like that so you have to go to 
Rafaels to get a nice Blue suit. A biker pulls up, take his bike if 
you wish, then head to the Colonels Yacht. The Colonel will greet you
and then he asks his daughter to show you around. She shows you quite a 
few people, many of whom you will see later. Then Ricardo Diaz shows up
and Mercedes wants to get out of there, and she asks you to take her to 
the Pole Position Club. If you took the bike there it will be gone but 
don't worry, there are some nice cars parked next to you. Take Mercedes 
to the Club and Mission Complete. If you don't like your new suit you 
can go and change it at your hideout

III. Back Alley Brawl
Ken Rosenburg then tells you that if someone knows where 20 kilos went, 
Kent Paul will. Go to the Malibu Club and you will see Kent Paul trying 
to chat a girl up. Then, head for the yellow blip on the radar. It is a 
Chef on the mobile phone, he will start to fight you and if you have any 
kind of weapon whatsoever you will win this without a scratch, otherwise 
he may just get a punch or two in. Then take his phone. Then, a guy 
named Lance Vance(great name, no?) shows up and isn't too pleased you 
killed the only lead. he wants to help you. Lance gives you the Colt. 45 
as 3 angry Chefs turn up behind you. Kill them if you wish, but you'll 
probably get a star for it, but they carry some nice weapons - a Knife 
and a Meat Cleaver. Get in Lance's white car then drive to Ammunation, 
and then back to your hideout to comlete the mission.

IV. Jury Fury
One of the Forellis is going down in court and you will need to 
"persuade" the jury to see your point of view. First of all, a man with 
a hammer gets run over right in front of you, so grab his hammer. Then 
go to the dot which is towards the north of your radar, head to the car 
and start smashing it up. The juror will be upset. Then go to the other 
dot and here you can either beat up the juror, or smash up his car, it 
doesn't matter. Remember, guilty is a dirty word. If the second juror 
gets to his car, he will smash into a truck which will drop a couple 
of hammers.

V. Riot
Ken introduces you to Avery Carrington, who was at the party. Avery 
wants you to cause a riot. First of all, go to Rafaels and get dressed 
like a builder. You don't actually have to do this but it makes the 
misson more fun. Then, head for the blip on your radar and attack four 
workers which will cause a riot, then head into the compound. There are 
some DBP security guys here, who are armed so shoot them all to hell. 
Then, press R1 and aim at a barrel, and shoot it with your pistol. 
Any remaining vans should be disposed of with your hammer, the builders 
should ignore you and beat each other up, but you may get a stray 
builder come and attack you, so look out.


3.2 Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez

I. Treacherous Swine
Colonel Cortez tells you about Gonzalez, his right hand man, who he 
doesn't trust and is incompetent. Once you do this for the Colonel he 
will help you to find your money. He tells you to take a Chainsaw(NICE!) 
and dipsose of him. Go up to him and he will say "Jesus he has a blade" 
and then have a rooftop chase - kill his gang members then chase him out 
into the streets and then kill him. Go and do that, and laugh but don't 
laugh for too long, The Cops are on to you! Just grab a car and head 
for the new blip on your radar, which is the Pay N Spray, which this 
time is free.

II. Mall Shootout
The Colonel wants you to meet a man in the mall who has something 
important. Drive a reasonably fast car and park it close to the large 
exit, you'll see why in a minute. Meet him, but then the FBI turn up 
and he bolts, just ignore the FBI and run for it, you can't win a 
firefight with them currently. He will runs out of the exit where your 
car is so get in it and hunt him down, dispose of him in any way 
possible and grab the chip, take the Chip back to Cortez and it's 
mission complete.

III. Guardian Angels
The Colonel wants you to watch over Diaz and his men, and he left a 
present for you in the Multi-Storey Car Park. Go to the multi-storey 
and pick up the Ruger, when you do so Lance will turn up. Go with Lance 
to the pink blip on the radar, and meet up with Diaz and his gang. Go 
up the stairs and wait. When the shooting happens, start kiling all 
the enemies, and grab their weapons if possible. Then, two guys on 
Sanchezs will take the money and run, but one of them gets shot off 
his bike. Grab the guys bike and follow the other one. I hope you have 
a driveby weapon, because you'll need it. Just navigate down the side 
streets and hold O when you are behind him. Get the briefcase and 
deliver it back to Diaz.

IV. Sir, Yes Sir!
***You have to have done Phnom Penh 86' for Diaz in order to do the 
next two  missions***
The Colonel says a piece of "Military Hardware"(A Tank if you must 
know) is being taken through town. Simply follow the convoy of army 
vehicles, and wait for it to stop. The general or whoever orders a 
soldier to get some donuts, and now is the time to strike. SPRINT 
towards the tank and then drive, when you are in the tank, the only 
thing you have to worry about is being pulled out of it. Take the 
Tank to the Colonel's lock up.

V. All Hands on Deck! 
The Colonel is getting out of here, as the French are after him. Get 
onto his yacht and wait - French people will chase you in boats, so 
get ready with your Ruger/Sniper Rifle. When the boats come, just hit 
the gun men which are on top of the boats, and ignore the boats 
themselves. Then, the French Form a Blockade of boats under a bridge, 
so just gun the whole lot up! Snipe them and their boats if you want. 
Then, and this is the really annoying part, Helicopters will keep 
dropping the French armed forces all around you, so stay alert and 
then shoot the choppers down. These men won't really be trying to kill 
the Colonel, they'll be after the Sailors and you, but eliminate them 
anyway.  Next, a Hunter will show up. This really made me double-take, 
I wasn't expecting it at all. Just unload your Ruger into it, or snipe 
into it's cockpit.  


3.3 Ricardo Diaz

I. The Chase
Go to the D on your Radar, and up into Diaz's mansion. He will tell you 
he doesn't trust one of his organisation and you are to follow him. Go 
to the guys appartment, and Tommy will look through the window, it looks 
like he isn't in. Tommy then sees the guy on the Roof, follow him and 
use the planks to get between the buildings, be careful not to fall! 
Then he jumps into a Beach Buggy and drives off. Quickly grab a Car 
and chase him but be careful, someone on top of his BF Injection is 
shooting at you, and he may cause your car to blow up or give you a 
tire blowout. Chase him back to his hideout and report it's location to 
Diaz. Don't worry, you'll deal with him in:

II. Phnom Penh '86
Diaz now wants you to take the guy out. Lance Vance shows up in a 
Maverick, and you get to play gunner with an M60 down on all the people 
guarding the roof. Try to kill all of them, it will mean less bother for 
you later. There are some barrels and if you hit them it will make things 
easier. Now, go into the house but be warned, there are still guys hanging 
around here so try to shoot them before they shoot you. Use either the 
Sniper Rifle, Shotgun or a Sub-Machine Gun. Get the Briefcase and get 
it back to Diaz. And now, the bridges to the second island are open, Yay!

III. The Fastest Boat 
Diaz is angry as his boat used to be the envy of Vice City, but now someone 
is building a faster boat. He wants to to steal it for him. At the Dock 
where it is being built, there are a load of guards, try to Snipe as many of 
them as you can before heading in, then run to the garage and flip the switch 
which lowers the boat, but be careful as the guys in here aren't too happy, 
but aren't armed as well as their comrades thank god.Then, either sprint for 
the boat or try to shotgun a few. These guys are heavily armed so I strongly 
advise getting body armor before attempting this mission, When you get into 
the boat you should be OK.Take it back to Diaz to complete the mission.

IV. Supply and Demand
A Man is selling his cargo to the first boat who gets to him, and Diaz wants 
that cargo. He says you can take the Fastest Boat which you got from the 
last mission. When you get to the boat, Lance is waiting for you, he will be 
the gunner. Then, 4 other boats go past - two go to the right, and two to 
the left. Follow the two which go to the left, They have chosen the fastest 
route. The Squallo II should burn these two boats away, and Lance will shoot 
them anyway("It's Time for the Lance Vance Dance!"), leaving you to get the 
cargo first. Then, a whole load of people, angry that you got the cargo 
decide to  get you. Now, you are the gunner. First of all, take out the two 
boats following you, but take out the gunners on top of them. Then, there 
are a whole load of heavily armed men at the dock, gun them all down 
quickly before they blow your boat up. Next, a Sparrow (no, not the bird, 
it's a helicopter) will show up, so you have to take that down too, try to 
get your shots inside the cockpit and you should be OK. Then, one last boat 
will come, just take out the guy on top shooting at you then blow the boat 
up. There, mission complete!


3.4 Kent Paul
I. Death Row
This is a nasty mission, tool up on Sniper Rifles and Uzis. Go to the Malibu 
Club and Kent Paul will tell you that Diaz has captured Lance after he tried 
to ambush him. You have to head to the junkyard to get him out. Go to the 
junkyard and try to snipe as many people as you can out of your way. Then, 
smash past the car blocking your entrance into the compound and try to 
drive-by as many people as you can, then start Sniping. Rescue Lance, but now 
you have to get him to the hospital. Try to get into a big car like a lorry 
or the Garbage Truck(Trashmaster) which I know is usually in the Junkyard but 
I haven't confirmed whether it is on this mission or not(I used a truck but 
when I returned later to explore I discovered it). If it is there, get into 
that or a truck and drive to the hospital. The enemy will try to smash into 
you with cars, but they can't touch your massive Truck, they just get sent 
flying. Trucks can usually be found around Vice Port.


3.5 Tommy Vercetti
I. Rub Out
Go and get some Sniper Rifle, if you don't have already. Go just outside 
Diaz's mansion and Lance will show up. He has been saving up for a rainy day 
- you both now have M4s! Go to the left of Diaz's mansion and start Sniping. 
go up the stairs but Lance may run off to take care of the guy on the left 
who is inside the maze. When you reach the back of the house, Lance will run 
off again so be prepared to give him back-up. Then go down to the Swimming 
pool and then go down the Corridors, making sure to eliminate any of Diaz's 
men. I recommend you choose the corridor on the right. Then, enter into the 
main hall type place and Snipe Diaz. Tommy and Lance will then do the rest. 
After completing this mission you get to own Diaz's Mansion! And, it also 
has a Maverick helicopter on the roof!

II. Shakedown
Tommy, Ken, Avery and Lance are all in the mansion and decide that it's time 
to take control of the City. Lance points out that the shops will no longer 
pay protection money if they learn than Diaz is dead so Tommy decides he will 
fix this, and will be back in 5 minutes. You will have a 5 minute time limit.
First of all, before activating this mission I'd leave a Sanchez or a PCJ in 
your garage, and head to the mall. Enter it on your bike, and the first two 
shops should be on your right and left:Tarbrush and Gash. Driveby their 
windows, before heading up the stairs in the Gash shop to smash the upstairs 
windows. While you're upstairs, you might as  well take out the windows of 
Countdown Records too. Then, Head down the escalators and smash the windows 
of the jewellery shop. Whew! job done.

III. Bar Brawl
Some bar isn't payin protection money, so head down to the blip on your radar, 
and snipe the two guards there, then go and talk to the bar owner, who will 
tell you that DBP security are behind this. Then, go round the corner to DBP 
security and start lobbin' grenades over the wall and try to eliminate as 
many of those guards as you possibly can. if any try to get away or shoot 
you, SPAS-12 or Colt Python them till they die.

IV. Cop Land
A guy screwed up planting a bomb in the mall and Lance isn't very pleased 
with him, because now Cops are all over the mall and It'd be  impossible to 
get within a mile of it if you weren't a cop, so Tommy decides him and Lance 
should dress up as cops in order to get in. First, get a one star rating and 
go hide in the garage. Hopefully, you can lure two cops in there with no 
problem. If you have a Two Star Rating, there is a chance that a Cop Car 
could block the garages doors so they can't shut. Then, grab a helicopter, I 
used the VCPD Maverick, but you can use a normal one if you want. Go into the 
mall and then go into the shop on your right, and stand in the marker. Then, 
RUN! get out of the mall and eliminate the Cop standing guard at the 
entrance. Get into your helicopter and get out of there, otherwise the FBI 
will be all over you if you want to go by car, so if you are in a Car, head 
to a Pay 'N' Spray, FAST.

V. Cap the Collector
As mentioned before You will also need to have completed 5 asset missions 
as well as the Print Works missions in order to be able to do the next two 
Before even starting the mission, make sure you have bought every single 
asset. Then, head down to the Print works in a fast car like an Infernus. 
Mr. Kelly at the Print Works tells you that the Mafia came round and beat 
him up, and you discover the Mafia are taxing all your businesses. First 
head to the Boatyard, as that is where they are going to first, but by the 
time I go there they'd already capped it, and were heading for sunshine Autos. 
Eliminate them when they are  heading for there and another set will show up. 
Try to get them before they get there before yet another set turn up. Kill 
these(either ram them off their bikes or drive-by them.) too. The order which 
they go to in is Print works(Already done) to the Boatyard, to Sunshine Autos, 
to the Malibu, to The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, to Kaufmann Cabs, to 
the Pole Position Club, to the Interglobal Film Studio.

VI. Keep your Friends Close
OK, are you ready? this is the last mission in story mode. When you 
arrive at the mansion, Lance and Ken tell Tommy that Sonny and his 
Mafia are coming from up north. Tommy tells Ken to get fake money 
printed, and tells Lance to get the guys together. The three of them 
then go down to meet Sonny, who then reveals something, Lance has sold 
out. Lance then tells Sonny that the money is in the safe upstairs. You 
now have to guard the safe, there is ammo next to you but DO NOT MOVE 
from behind the desk. When I stayed behind the desk, the first time only 
one Mafia man came, the second, none came. But, the first time I tried 
this mission I went to get the Ammo and about 20 came. If they do come, 
kill them using the SPAS-12 or The Colt Python, then go get Lance. Shoot him 
once to make him run away. Head to where your helicopter is, shooting at 
Lanceall the way up. Lance is guarded by goons so try to kill as many of 
them as you can before Sprinting to the Helipad. Then, run down one of 
the ramps to get Lance side-on so he doesn't have any barriers to protect 
him. I just kept SPAS-12ing him and then the great comment made by Tommy 
"It's the last dance for Lance Vance" During this point you will probably 
recieve messages that the Mafia is stealing your money, ignore it as you 
will get all your money back at the end anyway. Head back inside and Sonny 
shows up with his bodyguards, just make sure you take out anyone who is in 
your office who shouldn't be. After the Cut-Scene with Sonny, IMMEDIATELY 
press L3. Him and his goons can't get you now, and all you can see is 
Sonny's head. Tempting, isn't it? Pull out your PSG-1 and keep shooting 
him in his head(it will take a few bullets) and now sit back, relax, and 
enjoy the ending and the credits. Then get ready, you have more work to 

It's a very popular mission to submit strategies for! still, if you have
a good one don't hesitate to send it in, and that goes for EVERY SINGLE
MISSION.OK? Well, except for The Party, and An Old Friend :)

First kill off everone who comes in. Then when it tells you to get Lance 
run down the main stairs, not up towards Lance. Then go downstairs to
refill with health and armor. Go back up but go to the floor that Lance 
is on, and come up from behind him. Take out a rocket launcher and fire 
at him. Make sure you aren't close to any walls so you don't blow yourself 
up. If the rocket launcher trick doesn't work then use the spaz shotgun 
and just fire away. Sometimes he dies and sometimes the game glitches and 
Lance appears behind you, but either way he's lost some life. If he's not 
dead get out the spaz and keep firing at him and hopefully you won't have 
to go to the roof at all. If the game really screws you and he makes it 
to the roof, then don't shoot anyone and run onto the helipad. If you have
grenades use those but if not get in the chopper and hover above them 
until it sets on fire, then jump out or set it down quickly and run away. 
The blast should kill everone around and hopefully not you. Then you have 
to go and kill Sonny. Before you get the the top of the stairs kill everyone 
in your office from the opposite side of the room. Once you get to the top 
of the stairs the cut-scene appears. After its over press L3 quickly and duck. 
Get out your sniper rifle and you should just see the top of Sonny's head. 

It's where you have to kill Lance Vance... if you have grenades, go to the 
helipad and throw a few dawn, that shuold kill them all and no damage to you.

From:Richard Michael Lewis
I have the easiest strategy for Keep Your Friends Close.  When you have to
kill lance, don't shoot him at all.  Run out the front door.  Blow up all
the cars and guys out front.  Find a helicopter and take it to the roof. 
Blow up everything.  When you run inside from the roof, Lance is dead, all
the guys are gone, and you have to kill Sonny


4.0 Optional Missions

4.1 Avery Carrington

I. Four Iron
Avery doesn't like someone who is a golfer, you have got to take him out. 
First of all, you need to dress like a Golfer, so head down to Jocksport 
for some clothes (a guy will make a funny comment). IF you go in the Golf 
Club throught the front you will have all your weapons taken away(you can 
come back and get them later). But I prefer to get an Ambulance, park it 
so that the rear end is parked next to the grey cylinder thing which 
contains flags, hop on the front of the Ambulance, hop onto the roof of 
the ambulance and over. As some people may have done this mission early 
on in the game, I will include a strategy for that too. First of all, head 
to where the guy is, and blow up all the Golf Carts with the PSG-1, or if 
you want to get a bit closer, the Rocket Launcher and then snipe all the 
bodyguards before they can get to you. The man will just run away, leaving 
you to hunt him down. If it's early in the game, try to shoot all the 
bodyguards or run them down in the Caddy, then chase the man in your own 
caddy, try to block him, pull him out of his cart and either Golf Club him 
to death, or use any gun you may have.Or, take a bike in, then when he runs 
off, kill the security gards and then make for the exit, but you can do this 
in a caddy before he gets there, then just wait for him and Chainsaw(which you 
should get by doing the first Cortez mission) or just move all the golf carts 
away from the area. Whew! there are so many options.

II. Demolition Man
Avery doesn't like a rival construction building, you have to sort them 
out. First of all get to the Top Fun Van which is just down the road, 
then learn how to fly the helicopter if you don't already know. Then, 
go into the building with the chopper and eliminate all the builders 
and DBP security guys with your choppers rotors. Then, begin the mission 
by picking up the bombs, you will be given 7 minutes to do it in, which 
is nore than enough. Each bomb is on a different level so you have to 
negotiate flights of stairs to get to each one and turn round tight corners. 
Just look for them on your radar, if there is a blip which is a square, 
head towards it. If there is a blip which is an arrow pointing up or down, 
then head up or down. I finished this mission with 2 and a half minutes 
to spare. If you are really finding this difficult, and would do anything 
to complete it, enter the Slow down gameplay cheat twice and you'll easily 
do this mission, but don't cheat unless you really HAVE to.Enjoy the 

III. Two-Bit Hit - You can only do this after completing Phnom Penh 86'
Avery Introduces you to Donald Love(read all about this in GTA 3 references) 
And he wants you to stir up some trouble between the Cubans and The Haitans. 
First you need to dress up as a Cuban, then head for where the Gang leader 
is, try to run him down before he gets to the hearse. If you don't, he will 
drive off and drop Coffins all over the road. DON'T Run into these Coffins, 
they have the same effect as Molotovs. Try to Drive-By him or even Rocket 
Launcher him. As for the guys in the compound, you could Drive-by them or 
use the Colt Python/SPAS-12 Shotgun.


4.2 Love Fist

I. Love Juice
Kent Paul Introduces you to the Scottish band, Love Fist, whose songs you 
can sometimes hear playing on V-Rock. The band want you to get them a drug, 
called love juice. Go see the dealer, who will double cross you and take 
your money. Chase him down, and ram him off his bike and grab the drugs. 
Then, Kent phones you telling you the Band want a girl. Tommy says he thinks 
he knows the right girl. Get on the bike and go see Mercedes, and get her 
back to the band as fast as you can as there is now a 1 and a half minute 
time limit for this part of this mission.

II. Psycho Killer
Love Fist tell you that there is a stalker after them, and they aren't sure 
what to do. They want you to drive them to a signing. Take the Limo and drive 
the band to the location, before the stalker shows up. Chase the stalker when 
he gets into his car, and drive-by his car, be careful not to lose him. But
The Strategy Below is much more in-depth than mine, so follow that instead!

From:Chris Farthing
In the Lovefist 'Psycho Killer' Mission, you are supplied with a stretch limo 
to chase and kill the Lovefist stalker. He escapes in a fast car and you have 
to catch him. Your stretch is slightly faster than his car but the handling 
isn't as good, and you have to keep up as there is no 'blip' on the map. What 
you really need is a faster car with better handling, but which also can take 
plenty of damage. Fortunately, in the alley behind the signing event venue is 
an FBI Washington, which fits the bill perfectly. So, start the mission in the 
stretch, drive to the venue but stop just short of the pink beam, get out and 
steal the Washington, bring it back to where the stalker makes his getaway 
from, get out of the Washington leaving the door open, back into the stretch, 
and drive into the pink beam. Now when he drives off, hop into the Washington 
and give chase. Avoid the trashmaster just before Ammunition and you should 
soon be able to do him over. 

III. Publicity Tour - Note you can only do this after completing the Biker 
Love Fist are annoyed because the stalker isn't dead after all! they want 
you to drive them to the concert venue which is just down the road. Love 
Fist then put on a tape when you are in the Limo which explains that there 
is a bomb on the limoand if the Limo slows down, KABOOM! Sounds just like 
Speed to me. Anyway, just drive on the pavements and keep driving, I somehow 
ended up in viceport. The Band will defuse the bomb after a while. You are 
then free to drive them to the concert venue.


4.3 Mitch Baker

I. Alloy Wheels of Steel
This reminded me of a certain mission for El Burro in GTA3, Turismo. And I 
remember how I dealt with that too.... Anyway, Kent Paul thinks that having
a Biker Gang as security for a gig would be really cool, so you have to win 
theirrespect. Go to the Greasy Chopper and speak to Mitch Baker, who will 
want to test your skill on a bike. When I did Turismo, I blocked all the 
other cars with massive trucks so they couldn't get anywhere. I advise you 
drive here in oneof those Car Transported thingees, which you can find in 
Vice Port. Then, park it just in front of the other riders but don't touch 
them as you'll trigger the race. Then grab an Angel or Freeway, and if you 
drive slowly through the pink marker you can start the race just in front of 
the other riders. Don't shoot the other riders either. The other racers will 
go straight into your roadblock but will find a way out eventually. Be 
EXTREMELY careful on corners, the other drivers aren't and they go smashing 
into walls and fall off their bikes. You should be way out in front and win 
comfortably. It took me ages to win this race, so the Angel I used was saved 
in my garage, it has now become my lucky bike, as I used it to drive me to 
"Publicity Tour" and "Stuntboat Challenge" both missions which I just could't 
do until I drove on the Angel there, when I did I completed them straight 
away, and when I got back to the place where the missions were set, 
the Angel somehow stayed there without disapearing. The Angel is still in my 
garage today.

II. Messing with the Man
Mitch wants you to show Vice City that you are the meanest guy there is. You 
have to go crazy in an attempt to fill up the chaos meter. The best ways to 
do this are to go crazy in a tank, blow up cars with the SPAS-12 or the 
Flamethrower as well as targetting cops and pedestrians, or going up the 
stairs just down the road from the Greasy Chopper to Skumhole Shack, where 
you can snipe people and cars with your PSG-1. Also, when the Chopper comes, 
you can just take a couple of steps back and use the PSG-1 on it's 
windscreen, which should fill the meter up to full by now.


Also on the Biker Gang mission where you have to fill up the Chaos Meter, 
simply buy 500 bullets for the MP5 or Uzi and then blow up any car, then 
keep shooting the exploded shell of the car, this will fill the Chaos Meter 
a LOT quicker and easier than doing the level properly.

III. Hog Tied
A local gang has stolen Mitch's bike. If you can get it back, he and his 
boys will provide security at the Love Fist concert. First of all, get a 
PCJ-600 and head to ammunation. Then drive up the stairs opposite REALLY 
FAST and fly up onto the roof of ammunation, or you can just use a 
helicopter. Use your Colt Python or SPAS Shotgun on all the Gang members, 
grab Mitch's bike and get the hell out of there. You will be attacked by 
people in cars, which will easily throw you from the bike, so try to weave 
in and out of traffic so that the people following you smash into the 
traffic, leaving you with a clear route to the Greasy Chopper. And the guy 
who gets on it at the end isn't a car jacker, he's a biker from Mitch's 
Gang, taking it back to him.


4.4 Umberto Robina

I. Stuntboat Challenge
When you first go into the cafe, a very amusing dialogue takes place 
between Tommy and Umberto. He wants you to prove that you have "big cojhones" 
or however you spell it. You meet up with Rico and get into a boat. You have 
to go from checkpoint to checkpoint, in a time limit of 3 minutes. There are
two bits you need to be careful of. The first one is the third  checkpoint 
which you can get by going over a ramp which takes you over Leaf Links. The 
problemwith this is, the boat sometimes won't make it, and if it doesn't, it 
will ALWAYS land on a group of golfers who are watching you, and the Police 
aren't too impressed by you doing that either. Frankly, if you land on Leaf 
Links, give it up, you won't complete the mission in time. The second problem 
checkpoint is the one where you have to make a U-Turn around a bridge, just 
don't take it too fast and you'll be fine.

II. Cannon Fodder
Before Meeting up with Umberto make sure you have a Sniper Rifle, and either 
an MP5, Colt Python or Spas Shotgun, or even better, all 3! Umberto is angry 
because he has been shot, and he wants you to take some of his boys down to 
the fight. Graba Van or a Maverick and head down to the fight. You will see 
a bunch of Cubans shooting at Haitians who are behind a car in an alley. 
What I did was sprint down the alley and into the alcove just to the left of 
the car, if you are quick, theHaitians won't get you, they certainly didn't 
get me. You can now see just a bit of the car, so pull out your Spas and 
unload a few rounds into it, which should cause it to detonate. There will 
still be a couple of Haitians behind there whosurvived, so use either your 
MP5, Colt Python or Spas Shotgun to eliminate them. Then, some of the Cubans 
will charge down the alley, but get their heads shot off. Sniper! Pull out 
your own Sniper Rifle and pop his head, you should be out of hisrange anyway. 
More Cubans come in a taxi from Cafe Robina.In the next area, there will be 
a whole load of Haitians. Rico or whoever grabs the van and tells you to get 
in. I'm not sure but I think there are infinite Haitians so kill a few and 
drive off before more can come. Head back to the Cafe in the van.

III. Naval Engagement
Get yourself either a Mini-Gun or Flamethrower before this mission, I 
wouldn't advise using a Rocket Launcher as the enemy is a bit too close. 
There's a deal going down between some gang and the Haitians, and Umberto 
wants that shipment. Go to Vice point and meet up with Rico. He will take 
you to where the deal is happening, and listen to Rico's advice, I can't 
remember the exact words but it was something like "Shoot Fast, my boat's 
no good full of holes Amigo" There will be a couple of Boats full of Haitians, 
so use either your Mini-Gun or Flamethrower to clear them out, and hopefully 
blow up their boats. Then you will be sent out to get the drugs, but there are 
still plenty of armed and angry Haitians around, so use your MP5, Colt Python 
or Spas Shotgun, which you should still have from the last mission. Grab both 
the briefcases andhead back to Rico. I don't know what happens here, I can't 
really tell - either Rico's boat blows up through gunfire and he escapes on 
the dinghy, or the people in the dinghy are there to kamikaze themselves into 
Rico's boat, and Rico escapedbefore it blew up. Anyway, after that, drive as 
fast as you can to the Cafe - SWAT Teams will now be onto you, which means 
that the ride home won't be a pleasant one, no Pay 'N' Sprays are really 
that close to you.

IV. Trojan Voodoo - Note you need to have completed the Haitian gang 
missions in order to continue 
Before this mission, grab a Voodoo car and either an MP5, Colt Python 
or SPAS-12 Shotgun(it always is for these Cuban missions....). You can 
find Haitian Voodoos in Litte Haiti, and I think there's a parked one 
outside Auntie Poulet's House(which you should know the location of, 
as you should have just done all her missions) but I couldn't find her 
house so I just grabbed one off the street. Anyway, park quite a way 
back from Cafe Robina, otherwise the Car will dissapear. Then, activate 
the mission. Umberto tells you that he wants the Haitian facility blown 
sky high, and you have to infiltrate it with the other Cubans in a Voodoo. 
Then, go meet Pepe and get in your car, and head for Rico and the other 
Cubans. Next, they will drive into the compound, so you have to follow 
them. Then, get into the pink marker and get out. Eliminate all Haitians 
that stand in your way, and go into the building. Kill all the Haitians in 
here and head for the top of the stairs, the bomb location is just next 
to you, ignore the other locations for now. Activate this and quickly run 
down the stairs and then activate the two bombs on the wall which has the 
exit on, and run out the exit. Then, run up to the gate, some Cubans may be 
following you, and head to the right. You will see a flight of stairs which 
you need to go up, and then just run across the rooftops away from the 
facility. Then, enjoy the fireworks!


4.5 Auntie Poulet

I. Juju Scramble
The Cubans have told the cops where all Auntie's "herbs" are. There are 
three stashes of these herbs, which are the blips on your radar. Go up to 
the ramp and grab the first stash Be careful,  there is an FBI ambush so 
be prepared to run, as if you kill them your wanted level will increase 
from the two stars you just got. Dash to your car and head to the next 
location, and when you get the stash you will end up with 4 stars! get 
back to Auntie's as quickly as you can, for obvious reasons, but a fast 
car should get you there, unless it catches fire like mine did, and I just 
bailed out, shot a couple of cops and grabbed their car.

II. Bombs Away!
The Cubans make most of their money by shipping in drugs using their boats, 
and Auntie Poulet wants you to stop this from happening. Her Nephew has 
rigged a load of toy planes with bombs, so head for the Top Fun Van and 
fly the planes. These planes aren't easy to fly, but are nothing compared 
to the Dodo in GTA3. For more in depth flying tips just read the section 
in vehicles. Anyway, head out to where the Cuban boats are stationed and 
try to drop as many bombs as you can on all the boats before they sail 
away. The Cubans have assault rifles so be careful. If any of the boats do 
get away, then chase them. Remember, as the boats are moving targets, they 
will have moved in the time it takes from you pressing O,and the bomb 
hitting the ground(or in this case, water) So either try to stay as low 
as possible, or drop your bombs a little bit in front of the boat, so 
it drives into it. Then, a Cuban will drive off in a getaway car, so use 
the same techniques you used for hitting the boats, only this time it's 
more harder, as you will have to negotiate buildings and palm trees. I was 
very satisfied with my bomb on this guy, it landed dead centre on his 
engine :). You have 3 planes, in case the other 2 crash, which they could 
well do as all the Cubans are Armed, except the guy in the car. The planes 
themselves have unlimited bombs.

III. Dirty Lickin's 
Poulet tells you about a gang fight between the Haitians and the Cubans, 
and you are to play sniper. The building you have to go up isn't too far 
away, and there is an adrenalin pill next to the stairs, which will make 
things much easier. Just snipe all the Cubans, especially if they have a 
Haitian on the ground. A little bit later, a van full of Cubans will turn 
up, eliminate all of these too, as they will gang up on lone Haitians. 
Next, a bunch of Cubans will come running in from the opposite side the 
van came in, and one even has a Katana! take him out first, the Cubans 
are prone to running into this combat in a straight line, so you can 
kill a couple before the fighting begins again. Snipe all the Cubans or 
if there are 5 Haitians and 2 Cubans or whatever, leave Cubans to die, 
Mission Complete! The mission will fail if all the Haitians die however.


4.6 Phil Cassidy
You will need to have completed all the Malibu missions to unlock Phill's 

I Gun Runner
A Mexican gang is bringing in weapons to the city and Phil wants to get 
them. Sorry, Phil wants YOU to get them. There are two teams of two Bobcat 
style trucks, ram into the back of them to spill their cargo. One of the 
two trucks will haveA gunner on the top, so eliminate him when you get the 
weapons the truck dropped. When you get out of your car, be careful not to 
get run over either. The trucks could call for backup, which will be in the 
form of a load of people on mopeds.Just kill them, kill them ALL! Then go 
to the other set of trucks and do the same thing.

II Boomshine Saigon 
Phil is messing around, drinking boomshine and setting off bombs. Tommy 
inhales(accidentally, I might add) some of the fumes, which I guess makes 
him intoxicated. Phil then loses his arm in an explosion, and needs to 
be taken to the hospital. This mission is great fun, as Tommy smelt the 
fumes, the screen starts getting all blurry and the patriot sways from 
side to side, and you get to listen to some of Phills crazy ramblings! 
when you get to the hopsital, Phil doesn't want to goin and asks you to 
take him to some Army Surgeon who lives just around the corner. The car 
also bleeds across the road. Upon Completion, you get to buy some NICE 
weapons from Phil.


4.7 Assassination Missions

I Road Kill
OK, some guy will tell you to answer a phone, which always seems to have 
instructions taped behind it, and the man always calls you "Mr Teal." 
Anyway, Today our friend(who I shall now call Mr. Teal, even though that's 
what he calls Tommy) wants a Pizza Delivery Man erased. So, find the Pizza 
guy, smash into his bike and run him down!

II Waste the Wife
Mr. Teal now wants you to kill someone's(possibly his own, I can't 
remember) wife, so grab a nice big truck, or a SWAT Van if you want, as 
that will serve your purpose well. Find the woman and keep smashing into 
her car, try to set it on fire or flip it, it doesn't matter which one 
you do. You aren't allowed to shoot her, as it needs to look like a car 

III Autocide
A European gang has come to Vice City to do a bank job, some pretending 
to be on holiday, some on vacation. Mr. Teal's  associates don't want 
this to happen, so grab a fast car(There is a time limit of 9 minutes) 
and head for the first blip. You may even stand on the blip and not see 
him, which puzzled me at first, till I remembered what Mr. Teal said: 
"Mark Griffon is working on an Advertising Board" So look up with your 
Sniper Rifle, and Snipe him! Next, theres a guy at DBP security, just 
shoot his head through the vans windows. The next targets are in a Bobcat, 
so chase them down and drive-bytheir truck. The next guy is in his boat, 
so just head to the nearby bridge and use your PSG-1 on the boat till it 
explodes! The next guy is in my opinion the hardest, as if he spots you he 
is just gonna tear off, weaving through traffic.Try to slam him off his
 bike and then run him over, I only managed to kill him because he fell 
off his bike when he was quite a way ahead of me and I managed to get to 
him just before he got back on.

IV Check out at the Check in
Take a Chopper and Land it just outside the terminal, you'll see why in a 
minute. Then, enter the terminal(you will lose all your guns however,
but you can getthem back in a minute) Mr. Teal will give you extremely 
clear instructions. First, grab the Sniper Rifle which is in the Plants, 
then watch the woman in purple, she will ask someone for the time and give 
them a briefcase. You are to shoot that person but not the woman. Follow 
Mr. Teal's instructions, the woman will ask a man who has a bodyguard 
with him the time, so take both him and the bodyguard out, and quickly 
run outside, grab your weapons, and pile into your chopper, shoot anyone 
or anything that gets in your way, but make sure you parked the chopper 
quite far back, as someone will smash into it before you can get there. 
Then, sit back and relax on your ride to Ammunation (the onein Downtown) 
Be careful however, there may be a police chopper on your tail, but you 
can usually fly faster than it can.

V. Loose Ends
There's a deal going down at the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, Mr. 
Teal wants the drugs. This mission annoyed me, as I own the Ice Cream 
Factory, just who do these guys think they are? Then I remembered Phil 
Cassidy's sign "No Trespassers, Violators will be shot, survivors will 
be shot again" An MP5 and a PSG-1 are useful companions here.  Anyway, 
go through the gate and start Sniping the guys behind the car, then snipe 
the car to death, then enter. Use your MP5 to find targets and your PSG-1 
to kill them, unless there is multiple targets, in which case just MP5 
them. Continue to make your waythrough the area, and up several flights 
of stairs. You should now be on the roof of the Factory, snipe anyone you 
see, then run up the ramp like thing, and drop a grenade off, this should 
kill everyone but one, who is pressed against your ramp. Jump down and 
Spas him. Then, take the Chopper and head for the Helipad at the airport.


5.0 Asset Missions
These aren't listed in any particular order, it's just the order I 
remembered them in.


5.1 Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Costs: $20,000 Daily Revenue: $3,000 Last Owner:Some Crazy Lady
Note, Don't EVER save your go here, OK? It sometimes screws it up. 
Perhaps it's the crazy lady....

I Distribution
A Crazy lady calls Tommy a child and keeps mentioning how she hates 
children. Tommy asks her the obvious question of "Why do you run an Ice Cream 
Factory if you hate kids so much?" To which she calls Tommy stupid and points 
out it's a front. So, go out and deliver 50 people their "Ice Cream" but what 
your delivering is white powder of a different kind. Every four 
"Ice Creams" you sell, you get a wanted level, so try to stay around Pay 'N' 
Sprays. Getting 50 may take a while, but it's easier than some of the other 


5.2 Print Works
Costs: $70,000 Daily Revenue:$8,000 Last Owner:Mr Kelly

I Spilling the Beans
Tommy arrives at the printworks, which he is proud to own as his father 
used to do something similar. Mr. Kelly asks Tommy what they should print, 
and Tommy suggests a newspaper or magazine or something. Mr. Kelly suggests
that they print money, which he has been doing on a small-scale basis, but 
he needs the right plates. Mr Kelly doesn't know where to find the prints, 
but Tommy has an idea of who knows. Head to the Malibu club and have a word 
with Kent Paul who tells you it's on a ship. Head to the ship but be careful, 
it's crawling with DBP Security guys so try to snipe as many of them as you 
can before heading onto the boat. Make your way up all the flights of stairs, 
and use your Colt Python on all the security guys that try to stop you, then 
go into the pink marker and interrogate the guy who will tell you what you 
need to know. The boat is even more filled with DBP guys, so shoot your way 
out. You will have at least 2 wanted stars, and maybe more because of all 
the DBP guys you shot. Head for the Pay 'N' Spray first, then go back to the 

II Hit the Courier
The Courier will be landing with the plates at viceport in her helicopter. 
Wait for the helicopter to land and start sniping all the women with guns. 
Some of them, including the courier may try to get away in cars, so just 
blow them up however you see fit, grab the plate and head back to Mr. Kelly 
at the Printworks.


5.3 Kaufman Cabs
Costs $40,000 Daily Revenue $5,000 Last Owner:It looks like there have 
been several gangs owning it.

There's a V.I.P Leaving his house on Starfish Island in one minutes time. 
Get there as fast as you can, and just as he is about to get in your cab, 
another taxi from another company comes along and steals your fare! 
Drive-by him until the taxi starts smoldering with black smoke, no fire 
is neccessary or wanted just yet. The taxi will then try to smash into you
 all the way there, but as he already has black smoke, you can drive-by 
him or let him smash into stuff and he will catch fire, and you can enjoy
 a leisurely drive to the airport

II Friendly Rivalry
VC Cabs are stealing your fares all over the city! time for a bit of 
"Friendly Rivalry" methinks. Find the taxis on your radar, hunt them
 down and drive-by em.An MP5 is what you really need for this mission.

III Cabmageddon
If you don't have an MP5, Which you should do since I told you to 
get one for the last mission, GET ONE NOW!!!!! Anyway, Mercedes has 
apparently phoned Kaufman Cabs and specially requested Cab No. 13, 
and guess what, you drive that cab. Then, go and meet Mercedes, but 
hold on a minute! a whole LOAD of taxis just came from nowhere, 
intent on killing you! just drive around in a circle, drive-bying 
the opposite side. When one taxi catches fire, it's curtains for the 
whole lot as that will set off a chain reaction. Next, the Taxis leader 
shows up in a Zebra Cab, determined to destroy Kaufman Cabs "Guardian 
Angel" Just drive-by him, or just climb onto your cab and snipe his head 
through the window, and that way you get to keep his cab, even though it 
appears at Kaufman Cabs sometimes from now on anyway.


5.4 The Malibu
Costs $120,000 Daily Revenue $10,000 Last Owner:Unknown, but Kent 
Paul spends waaaay too much time there 

I No Escape?
Tommy wants to do a Bank Job. Ken knows of an expert Safe-Cracker, called 
Cam Jones. Unfortunately, Cam is currently in one of the cells at VCPD HQ.
Taking a helicopter here will help you in the long run. Charge into the 
cop station with your Colt Python Blazing, or head to the locker room and 
change into the cop uniform, it depends if you like being subtle or if you 
like shootouts. Head to the end of the main corridor, and go right, up the 
stairs, The Key Card needed to bust Cam out should be in this office, 
killing any cops in here if you wanna play shooter, then go back down the 
stairs, into the room on the right and down the stairs into the cells. Let 
Cam out and bust out of the Cop Station,all guns blazing, then get into your 
chopper and fly away, and then deliver him.

II The Shootist
Tommy decides they need someone who can shoot guns, and Cam knows of 
someone called Phil Cassidy who fits that description, who usually hangs out 
at Ammunation, Downtown. He will join you but only if you can prove that 
you're a good shooter. You will need to go to the shooting range, he gives 
you a gun and ammo. You have to get 60 points. In the first section, you 
have to destroy 5 sections on each target, and if the target is far away, 
you get 3 points, medium distance, you get two points, and if it is close 
up you get one point, the round will end if you run out of time or ammo. 
This round is fairly easy. The next two rounds are identical to each other, 
but they occur in different places. This time targets are only made up of 
one section, but they often hide behind buildings. After the 3rd round(as 
mentioned, the second and third rounds are identical, but occur in different 
locations) Phil will decidewhether or not to join you, depending on whether 
or not you beat 60 points.

III The Driver
Tommy then says they need a driver. Phil knows of one called Hillary 
King but he will only help you if you beat him. Argh, this is one nasty 
mission, you have to beat a Sabre Turbo in a race when you are in a 
Sentinel. That is just plain unfair, so there are 3 options
1) Park a nice car, like a Banshee, Cheetah or Infernus quite a bit 
down the road, so it doesn't disappear, and get into it when you pass,
and own him.
2) TRY to race him, but you don't really stand a chance unless you can get 
a Cop Car to smash into him and knock him out of your way
3) Enter the following cheats before you start the Mission:Slow down 
gameplay twice, Better handling. When on the starting grid use the increase 
cars top speed. But I only reccomend cheating as a LAST RESORT.

a GOOD way to win the race is to turn on dodo cars. While he is speeding 
and flying all over You can just slowly get all the check points with a 
100% chance of winning!!!! 	

From:Dwayne Pretty
The only way I could beat this mission was by getting three stars before 
the mission, then stay as close to the Sabre Turbo as possible.  If you are 
lucky a cop will toss a spike trap taking out both car's tires.  Then you 
can switch cars and win at ease while the Turbo spins out of control! 

IV The Job
Heh, this is a fun mission
All 4 guys get into a taxi and you have to drive to the bank, upon 
doing so everyone gets out and puts on Bank Job outfits. Hilary is told 
to cruise around the block. The other 3 storm the bank, and hold everyone 
up. Phil is left to maintain crowd conrol, while Tommy and Cam go 
upstairs to the safe. There are a few machine-gun toting security guards,
 so take them out with either your Colt Python or Spas Shotgun. When you 
get to the safe, Cam says he needs the manager, so go find him. He's in 
his office, cowering behind the desk. You can also look at the security 
cameras, which is cool as you can see Phill marching up and down 
threatening everyone, and you can also see a dead security guard but that 
depends on where he was when you shot him. Anyway, take the manager to Cam. 
Next, you are told to check on Phil, which means that something is up, 
obviously. Go downstairs to learn that someone has triggered the alarm. I 
shot all the people in here, but the R1 auto-aim feature doesn't work on 
these people for some reason. Anyway, go to the Pink Marker to Trigger the 
SWAT Counter-Attack. Yes, I know in some people's opinions that isn't a good 
thing but you need to do it anyway. Get your SPAS or Preferably your Colt 
Python and get ready. The SWAT teams kick the ceiling vents in, and unless 
I was hallucinating, they also drop nerve gas in, but it doesn't seem to 
hurt your health. Anyway, SWAT Team members will enter the bank through 
these holes on ropes, so shoot them before they even hit the ground. Then, 
it's time to go. Everyone starts wondering where Hilary is, and then he 
turns up and says he'll cover you, but he gets shot. Kill the awaiting SWAT 
teams in revenge and go as fast as you can either to a Pay 'N' Spray or to 
your destination.

From:Marco Spurk
Just put a fast, 4 doored car on the left side of the bank (just in advance 
from where you get your bankjob outfit. Then, after the SWAT kill Hillary
just kill the 4 or 5 remaing SWAT team members and then run to the second 
car - its very easy because new SWAT teams arrive in front of the bank 
and not on the side where your second car is waiting!


5.5 The Pole Position Club
Costs $30,000 Daily Revenue: $4,000 Previous Owner:Unknown

Go into a back room, someone will dance for you, wait about 5-6 minutes
then exit.That's it!


5.6 The Boat Yard
Costs $10,000 Daily Revenue: $2,000  Previous Owners:Probably the two 
stoned guys.

I Checkpoint Charlie
Take either Squallo II or the Cuban Jetmax and complete a series of 
checkpoints, rather like Stunboat Challenge for the Cubans. Use 
whichever boat you want, and complete the course as fast as you can.
The only real problem is the three consecutive jumps over the docks, just 
get enough of a run up to get to the first one, then just keep going and
don't stop. If you get beached, or miss the jump and smack into a boat,
you might as well just give up now.If you clip the docks you might just
complete the level, if you are lucky.I did all 3 jumps cleanly, but only
managed to finish with one second to spare!


5.7 Sunshine Autos
Costs $50,000 Daily Revenue $9,000, Previous Owner:BJ Smith.
This place is kinda like the Import/Export garages in GTA3.
First List
Landstalker - Look around Avery's contact point.
Idaho - Try looking in the North Point Mall Multi-Storey
Esperanto - Downtown, or Little Havana are where these appear
Stallion - Usually found Downtown
Rancher - Look around Avery's contact point.
Blista Compact - Can be found EVERYWHERE

Second List
Sabre - Downtown
Virgo - Downtown
Sentinel - Everywhere
Stretch - Outside the mansion
Washington - Try looking in the North Point Mall Multi-Storey
Admiral - Ocean Beach, or around the Malibu Club.
Reward:Sabre Turbo

E-Mail from:Teini
The Virgo is probably the hardest car to find, so here are some
fixed locations:
In front of BUNCH OF TOOLS (Washington Beach/Vice Point?) And in 
front of a tall house. It's north from the Malibu. Drive a little 
and it's on your right.
In front of North Point Mall near bridge to Prawn island there 
is a place, that spawns various cars.

Third List
Cheetah - Starfish Island
Infernus - Outside the mansion
Banshee - Starfish Island
Phoenix - Washington Beach
Comet - Outside Leaf Links
Stinger - Downtown

Fourth List:
Voodoo - Little Haiti
Cuban Hermes - Little Havana
Caddy - Leaf Links
Baggage Handler - Escobar International Airport
Pizza Boy - Behind Well Stacked Pizza
Mr. Whoopie - Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company.
Reward:Hotring Racer

From:Charles Kjell Knutson

For the
Sunshine Autos asset mission, many of the cars, especially on the first 
two lists, you have to rely on random occurances in order for certain cars 
to appear. A quick way of getting them to appear quickly is to save and 
reload your game in an area where they regularly appear. If not, it can 
take as long as 15 minutes for a certain type of car to appear if not
longer. Also, if you find a car which you're relying upon it appearing 
randomly (unlike let's say a pizza boy or Mr. Woopie which respawns in 
set locations) and it's on a list you haven't gotten to, drive it out to
the sunshine autos garage and store it there. That way you'll save 
yourself from having to reload the game later. 


5.8 Interglobal Film Studios
Costs $60,000 Daily Revenue $7,000 Previous Owner:Steve Scott.

I Recruitment Drive
Tommy comes into the studio and insults everything, and then decides 
to get some new recruits for Steve Scotts Porn film. Your first target is 
Candy Suxxx, but her pimp and his gang have other ideas, you need to kill 
them all, preferably with a Spas or Colt Python, then go hunt down the guy 
in the car and kill him. Get a car and pick Candy up, then drive to the 
Pizza Place to see your next target, Mercedes. Then, when you have Mercedes 
take the two girls back to the Film Studio.

II Dildo Dodo
Tommy decides to take publicising the new film into his own hands, and takes 
a Skimmer from an old indie film to drop leaflets around Vice This mission is 
kinda hard, as flying planes isn't easy. Just take your time, ignore how much 
fuel you have left and just fly. DO NOT Panic, even if you have low fuel, 
panicking is the worst thing you could do. It doesn't even matter if you drop 
the leaflets in the see. Just line yourself up with the target on your radar 
and remember - if the blip is an upwards pointing arrow then it is above you, 
if it is a square then it is level to you, and if it is a downwards pointing 
arrow then it is below you.

III Martha's Mug Shot
Alex Shrub is supporting a new law to ban Porno Flicks, and Steve Doesn't 
like  this. he thinks that Candy is meeting up with him so you have to follow 
her Limo in a Helicopter. If you can see them doing anything they shouldn't, 
then you should take picture of it so that he can be blackmailed into 
changing his mind. Follow the Limo in the Sparrow, and land next to the big 
building opposite it, and run up the stairs, all the way to the top. Next, 
get the Camera and zoom in, you will also hear something really funny: Shrub 
wants Candy to call him Martha! anyway, take a few pics, it doesn't matter 
what the two of them are doing, I wasn't really bothered to hang around to 
wait to see what happened, I just took 3 quick pictures. The FBI will be 
waiting for you on each floor of this building, so just Colt Python or SPAS 
Shotgun your way out, and then take off in the Sparrow before any ground 
forces can get to you, and fly back to the Studio. When I was just 
approaching the studio(I was over Prawn Island) Someone started shooting 
at my Sparrow with an Assault Rifle, so be careful of that also.

Rather than climb up all the stairs and risk the security killing you, just 
get the sparrow and fly to the place where Shrub and Candy are in the pool 
then turn south of the building, on the large building there is a ledge that 
you can land on directly across from the pool, you can land here and then 
just take the 3 pics and fly off back to the film studio without anyone 
hassling you or getting a shot in on you.

IV G-Spotlight
Tommy decides the film needs more publicity, so he will set the spotlights 
to show an interesting image. But in order to get there he has to take a 
bike and jump from roof to roof. Frankly, this is too hard to be done on 
a bike, so continue jumping from roof to roof as the early jumps are easy. 
I discovered this when I didn't make a jump, well no, Tommy made the jump 
alright, my bike didn't. It was near Hyman Condo and I knew there was a 
helicopter on the roof so I headed for that to see if using it would work, 
which it did! So do jump to jump till you get fairly near to Hyman Condo 
and then just get in the Maverick and fly from building to building, landing 
in each marker. Then, land next to the spotlight and turn it on, and Hey 
Presto! Mission Complete.

This mission is simple, rather than messing around with the PCJ, if you 
go to the office where you need to jump from window to window and just 
break the first window to start the course, then drop to the floor, hunt 
around that area and there should be a set of stairs leading up to a police
maverick copter. Just steal the copter and fly through each checkpoint in the 
course, negating the need to keep trying to jump from gap to gap. 


6.0 Vehicle Missions
These can be turned on by pressing R3 in certain Cars, or by getting into 
certain cars in certain locations.


6.1 Vigilante Missions
These can be turned on in a Police Car, Enforcer, Undercover Cheetah, 
FBI Rancher, FBI Washington, Rhino and the Hunter. I am not sure about the 
Barracks OL or the VCPD Maverick - OK, I just confirmed that you can't do
Vigilante missions in either of those two vehicles. Oddly enough, 
Vigilante missions in the Hunter are called "Brown Thunder" which sounds
kinda weird if you ask me, as the Hunter is green...

What do I have to do?
Kill criminals within the time limit

What's it worth?
If you do 15 missions your max armor increases to 150.
And a hell of a lot of cash(I got $3,000,000 by the time I failed a mission, 
I was on like Level 55 or something)

How do I do it?
Drive by the Suckers! or if in a Tank, Crush or shoot em! Or Do whatever 
you want if you're in a Hunter
But, there is an easy way:
- Take a Cop Car or whatever to one of your garages
- Press R3 and then get out the car
- Get out the garage and move back till the door closes
- Enter the Blow up all Cars Code(see section on cheats)
- Get back in the car
- Repeat

Now that's what I call easy money!


6.2 Paramedic Missions
These Can be turned on in an Ambulance, suprisingly enough.

What Do I have to do?
Take Patients to Hospital within the time limit

What's it worth?
If you get to Mission Level 12, you can sprint forever!
and probably a tidy amount of cash by the end of it too

How Do I do it?
Drive quickly, but carefully, as near dead people don't have much chance of 
surving car wrecks. Put the Siren on to get 
people out of your way.


6.3 Firefighter Missions

These can be turned on in a........ Fire Truck!

What Do I have to do?
Extinguish Burining cars within the time limit

What's it worth?
Well if you get to Mission Level 12, you will never be set on fire again!
and again, probably a tidy amount of cash will be yours at the end of it.

How do I do it
The fire truck is a cumbersome beast, but will slam anyone who doesn't hear 
your siren out of the way. Don't swerve for anyone, unless it's a cop of 
course.The hose is a nasty thing to rotate into position, too.


6.4 Taxi Driver Missions
Not to be confused with Kaufman Cabs Missions

Gee, I wonder what kind of vehicles Taxi Drivers Drive... I'll give you a 
hint, Taxis, Cabbies, Kaufman Cabs and Zebra Cabs can all do Taxi Driver 

What Do I have to do?
Deliver people to their destination within the time limit

What's it worth?
Erm, if you do 100 Fares in total, Taxis have hydraulics! 
And all those lovely fares will be yours too

How Do I do it?
Just drive quickly, you are given more than enough time, just don't do 
anything crazy. Also, if you drop someone off at their location with 0 
seconds left on the clock, there's no more time limit. 


6.5 Pizza Boy Missions

Can be activated on a Pizza Boy bike, which can be found behind Well 
Stacked Pizza

What do I have to do?
Deliver People their pizza, within the time limit

Whats it worth
Get to Mission Level 10 and your maximum Health increases to 150
and all those lovely tips too

How do I do it?
Just weave in and out of traffic on the bike, you throw pizza like you 
would do a drive-by. Try to be stationary when you throw them, otherwise 
it's likely you'll miss.


6.6 Other Car Missions

These are just the ones I have discovered, there's probably much much more 
out there, and no I can't remember their names but does that really matter?
I have just had a very unpleasing two hours, I have been doing a lot of these
missions, and writing down each checkpoint in a little notebook, in blue pen
and varying coloured pencils(Green, purple, brown) I didn't do the Stadium,
because it is easy to do, the Dirt Track missions, because they are straight-
forward so you won't need my help, the RC Races (but I did the chopper one 
though) because although they are checkpoint based, they are races, and finally
PCJ Playground, because I forgot ^_^;; but I already covered the hardest parts
of that anyway.

Hyman Memorial Stadium
Go in their between 20.00 and 23.59 to activate one of these missions

- Dirtbike: Just take your time over the balancing checkpoints, and 
go as fast as you can on the ramped ones. 

- Bloodring: I don't know if this is just me, but my car seems to spend half 
it's time on it's side in here. Just try to get the Checkpoints before time 
runs out, the first time it's a minute, just avoid any and all trouble and 
you should make it to the checkpoints

- Hotring: Try to get away from the pack as quickly as possible or you'll 
probably catch fire. If damaged, use the pits! When starting, stick to the 
right and dodge right past everyone. Stick to the inside lane unless there is
a blockage

Offroad missions
- PCJ Playground - Get on PCJ north of the VCPD HQ, ie the one you can go 
inside, up a slope in the grass. It's kinda hard to see, but just go up
the north road and look for a grass slope to your right. The mission itself
isn't a barrel of laughs either, You have to navigate a PCJ-600 along the
side streets and rooftops.
For the second stair jump(ie up those massive flights of stairs) make sure 
you aim slightly to the left, for there is a checkpoint on the roof 
opposite, and you can either overshoot and go flying off the building,
or undershoot and smash right into it.If you make it over the building
point your nose down, and as you are to the left, you will just clip the 
The last checkpoint is also nasty, as again you can over or undershoot. I
can't really give you any more advice other than I did before:Aim left
and keep your nose down if you are going high.

- Trial By Dirt - get onto the Sanchez parked near the dirt track, 
there's no time limit to this one, you just get pursued by 3 Haitians 
withmachetes who are on Black Sanchez's. Ignore these losers, they can't 
touch you till you leave your vehicle and when you do, shoot them!

- Test Track - Landstalker next to the above Sanchez, this is quite nasty
although there is no time limit, and it's hard purely because the 
Landstalker is hell bent on rolling whenever you take a turn, so take
each one VERY carefully.

- Cone Crazy - Get in Stallion on Multistory in Ocean Beach. For this
one, you cannot hit any cones, and there are checkpoints in between cones
with very small gaps in. Although there is a time limit(you get 11 seconds
for each checkpoint passed) you should TAKE YOUR TIME, one false move and 
a cone will break.
OK, this is in the order I did them in, but I guess you might not really be 
able to recognise them from my descriptions, for which I apologise but you
will get the gist.

1) Straight ahead from the start, the cones are in kind of an S-Shape. Just
be careful of the middle cone, and you should be OK

2) In-between a T-Shape of cones at the north end of the Car Park. Go through
the big gap in a straight line to the cone, so you can easily reverse out 
without having to line up

3) Up the ramp that will be straight ahead of where you are now, although
there is a time limit, don't take it too quick as you could end up smashing 
the "divider cone" which will also be smashed if you try to get to the other
checkpoint up the ramp, so don't even bother trying.

4) In a tight turn of cones, on the other side of the Car Park, you may
knock one over(I did!) but that shouldn't smash it so keep on going

5) The last one is the other one up the ramp, going up the ramp isn't as 
easy this time as a cone is guarding part of it, just keep to the left side
of the ramp to avoid it, and you will complete the mission with a minimal 
amount of fuss.

Sparrow Challenges
I wrote all these up, If "No Problem" is written on them, it means that
you shouldn't have a major problem in getting them.
- Downtown Challenge:Head towards the office which was your starting point 
for G-Spotlight, and you will see it just outside the doors. No time limit, 
just fly around getting checkpoints.

1) On top of an Aerial quite high up, No Problem

2) Inside the Fire Station compound, beware of the rotor blades scraping 
the fence or the building itself and you should be OK

3) Low in a Street, beware of Lamposts and Walls

4) High in a Street, No Problem

5) Roof of Ammunation, don't go in too fast or you will smash into 

6) Roof of small building, again take it slow or you will crash into the 
wall, and we don't want that to happen now do we?

7) Roof of building, No Problem

8) High in a Street, No Problem

9) Same as before, High in a Street, No Problem

10) Low in a Street, No Problem

11) Again, Low in a Street, but this time watch out for Lamposts

12) Roof of Building, No Problem

13) Low in a Street, be careful of the corner of the building in 12)

14) Low in a Street, be careful of lamp posts

15) To the right of a street, no problem

16) Around the Corporate Art Statue, no problem, just go slowly to
avoid the roof

17) Again, Around the Corporate Art Statue, only the other side of it, 
again, no problem, just go slowly to avoid smashing into the roof.

18) In front of a building, No Problem

19) On Top of the same building, you will need to gain a lot of height
quickly, so reverse the helicopter then gain height, otherwise you
will most likely end up ramming the building which could end your 
Sparrow run with disasterous consequences.

20) In Mid-Air, No Problem

21) Just inside the "hole" of the building with "holes" in it. It's
the one in the Unique Jump from the office, (G-Spotlight)

22) At the End of the "hole" of the building with "holes" in it. Just
take your time going down the "hole's" corridor so you don't crash into
the ceiling or something

23) Low on the Starting Building, No Problemo

24) Low in a Street, Look out for Telegraph Poles and Buildings as you
can easily hit them accidentally (Or indeed deliberately, if you were
weird enough...)

25) Low in a Street, No Problem

26) Again, Low in a Street, No Problem

27) Yet again, Low in a Street, careful for one of those overhead traffic
light thingys

28) Middle of a Street, No Problem

29) For the last one, just be careful of the Palm Trees around it and you
will be fine 

Hmm, 29. That seems like an odd number, so I might have missed one, oh well

- Vice Point Challenge:It's in a back garden opposite your Links View 
appartment. No time limit, just fly around getting checkpoints

1) Low, Next to a Building, No Problem

2) Low in a Street, Just be careful of the Palm Trees around it, you 
may just end up hitting them without expecting it

3) High, in a Street, there is a threat from a Palm Tree, just keep to
the left when you fly around the corner to get to it

4) Low in a Street, No Problem

5) High in a Street, No Problem

6) Low, over a building, No Problem

7) Low, in the little area in Front of the North Point Mall, don't take the
corner too fast or you might smash into the tan coloured building

8) Low in a Street, No Problem

9) Low in a Street, Beware of the overhanging Traffic Lights in between 8)
and 9), for they could be your downfall

10) High in a Street, No Problem

11) Again, High in a Street, No Problem

12) Low in a Street, No Problem

13) Low over a grassy embankment, you might face a couple of problems from 
nearby palm trees

14) High in a Street, No Problem

15) Low in a Street, No Problem

16) Low, next to a building. This is the hardest pick up for the Vice Chopper
Checkpoint bit, because EVERYTHING, well not everything but close enough to it,
is out to get you. Plants on the Roof, Trees, two of the sides of the building,
you name it, it's there. Try to stay to the left if you are are coming from the
opposite end of the building

17) On top of the Links View Appartment, No Problem

17, again, a weird number.

- Ocean Beach Get in sparrow above pinkish orange kind of building that is
behind the building on stilts, it's where you end up after doing PCJ Playground.

1) Low in a Street, No Problem

2) Low in a Street, You might smash into lamposts or into the awning of the 
building opposite the Multi-Storey.

3) Low in an Alley, No Problem

4) Low in a Street, You might face a problem with traffic trying to get 
under your rotor blades

5) Medium height over a corner of the Building around the Multi-Storey, No 

6) Low in a Street, You may smash into some Palm Trees so watch it

7) Low in a Street, No Problem

8) On top of a Building, No Problem

9) Low in an Alley, you could end up colliding with the side of a building
or some Telegraph Poles

10) Low in that little Area in front of where the Colonel's yacht used to
be, No Problem

11) High in a Street, No Problem

12) Low in a Street, No Problem

13) High above Building, No Problem

14) Low in a Street, No Problem

15) High above Building, No Problem

16) Low over a building, No Problems should arise

17) Low, over a front garden, you might end up Tangoing with some Trees(of 
the Palm variety, I just didn't mention it then because it created 
alliteration) if you aren't careful and steady

Another 17, hmm.

- Little Haiti Get in sparrow on Rooftop, if you look on the in-game map,
it is just on the top right hand corner of the "K" icon of Kaufman Cabs,
it's not actually AT Kaufman Cabs by the way.
The Sparrow challenges are quite hard, because the checkpoints are put in 
places designed to make you crash, just take your time.

1) In an Alley, Be careful of the two buildings that make the alley, the
best way to do it is to fly over the little building on the left so that
about half the Sparrow goes through the checkpoint and half goes over the
small building, this should avoid smashing into the big building

2) On top of a House, be careful of the wall and Telegraph Poles

3) On top of a Building, No Problem

4) On top of a House, No Problem

5) Alley next to Kaufman Cabs, the main problem is getting to it because
there are a lot of buildings and telegraph poles that would like nothing 
better than to see your chopper a burning wreck, so try to fly above them 
all. Drop down to get the actual checkpoint, which itself is easy to get.

6) Next to Kaufman Cabs, No problem

7) Middle of a Street, No Problem

8) Low in a Street, No Problem

9) Low in a Street, Careful when you are getting to it, (ie not when you
are getting it) because there are some trees and signs which could catch
one of your rotor blades and send you down to the ground

10) On top of Building, No Problem

11) Low in a Street, No Problem

12) Again, Low in a Street, No Problem

13) In the Middle of a Basketball Court, just be careful of the surrounding
wire fence

14) Low in a Street, No Problem

15) Over a building, No Problemo

16) Low in a Street, Your main threats are Traffic and Telegraph Poles, so
try to stay clear of them if you can

17) Over a building, No Problem

18) Again, Over a building, No Problem

19) In an alley-ish place, be careful of the building in front when you have
actually collected the checkpoint.

20) On Top of a Building, no Problem

21) Again, Over a building, No Problem

21? I'm beginning to think all these odd numbers were deliberate!

RC Challenges

- RC Bandit Race- Northeast Ocean Beach Unfortunately, you can't smash into 
the other RC Cars. Try to take each corner Slowly, otherwise you'll end
up trying to go over the walls, and will cost you valuable places.
Just concentrate on the race, and completely ignore the other cars, as
if you try too hard to overtake them, you will end up losing it all. If
you drive OK, you should beat them easily.

- RC Baron Race- Top of North Point Mall parking garage on First Island
It isn't hard to totally blow away all the other planes, it is hard to
go through every checkpoint, so make sure you line yourself up perfectly,
I know I have failed this mission many times through missing a checkpoint
I thought I was heading towards.

- RC Raider Pickup- Escobar Airport Entrance The van is somewhere in the 
airport, If you look on your in-game map, there's a little road just 
above the words "Legend:ON" it's off there.It basically involves flying
an RC Helicopter around a course in the airport. This is probably the
HARDEST RC Challenge, this is because some of the locations are not what
I'd call nice to get to - one is under an airplane for example. And guess
what? There are twenty of them! TAKE YOUR TIME! I cannot stress this enough,
or you will end up with your rotor blades grinding the wall and your chopper
detonating, which is NOT something you want, especially if you were just
about to get the last pickup. The Helicopter is exactly what I'd call easy
to control either!.This took me about 8 minutes, quite a long
time for a mission of this sort really.(Took me 20 when re-playing it for
the info below, but that's cause I had to stop and land the chopper so I 
could write it all down!)

1) On Top of Cargo Crate, No Problem

2) Centre of Heli-Pad, No Problem

3) Runway, No Problem

4) On Top of a Radar Building, Line up the Helicopter before going in for
the kill.(Well, there is no killing involved, it's just a figure of speech)

5) Middle of a group of ramps, line yourself up vertically, before holding
Square to go in, then hold X to get out.

6) On top of a Hangar, No Problem

7) Same as 5) only it's in a different location, so rather than typing it
all out again, middle of a group of ramps, line yourself up vertically, 
before holding Square to go in, then hold X to get out.

8) Argh! UNDER A PLANE! go in diagonally under the front of it's right
wing (at the point closest to the body of the plane) then gently fly 
under the plane, get the checkpoint and take the same route you took
to get under there and get out unscratched.

9) Little Alley Between Buildings, line yourself up vertically with it,
then drop down with Square, then get out of there by holding X(Come to
think of it, I should have just copied and pasted from 5) and 7), ah

10) On top of Radio Mast, No Problem

11) Under Runway Flap, stay low so the blades don't scrape the back of
the ramp, then slowly get in then out

12) At the end of some loading stairs, No Problem

13) Under Loading Bridge, No Problem

14) End of Loading Bridge, Squeezed underneathe the Airport Terminal. Just
take it slowly and you should be OK

15) Under another Loading Bridge, No Problem

16) At the End of the VC Surf 3D Billboard. I suggest going in from the
higher end where the Checkpoint is, unfortunately, I didn't and ended up
detonating my helicopter, so:

There is no 17-19 Because I Detonated my helicopter as previosuly described,
and I really could not be bothered to do it all again, but I can remember 
number 20 from when I first did it. If you've got this far, you should have
no problems.


20) In amongst a lot of crates, near to where you started. This is also
very hard, just keep the Helicopter steady as you work your way in between 
the crates, and Phew! you have completed the hardest pick up mission in 
the game!

Illegal Street Races
These can be activated by looking at the map, after buying Sunshine Autos
- Terminal Velocity, Entrance Fee:$100 Winnings:$400
- Ocean Drive, Entrance Fee:$500 Winnings:$2,000
- Border Run, Entrance Fee:$1,000 Winnings:$4,000
- Capital Cruise, Entrance Fee:$2,000 Winnings:$8,000
- Tour! Entrance Fee:$5,000 Winnings:$20,000
- V.C. Endurance Entrance Fee:$10,000 Winnings:$40,000

How do I think you should win them? ROCKET LAUNCHER. It isn't cheating, 
as in screws up your game cheating, but I guess it is kinda naughty. Anyway,
I got an E-mail on how to do these things properly, so here it is

FROM:Hemmelig Hemmelighet 

It´s quite easy to do the street races at Sunshine Autos. Just snatch the 
FBI-Rancher and you are set. This veichle can take an incredible beating 
before it explodes, so you should be able to finish the races before the car 
blows. this car should only be used for the three longest races, for the 
three shorter ones get a cheetah from the Miami Vice Cops and outrun them all. 
Sirens do help in this mission! 


7.0 Vehicle Guide

103 Vehicles, REVIEWED!!!!
Yes the tank has been included twice, but even so, It's a different vehicle
in the air... maybe.


7.1 Aircraft

To fly a normal(not tank) plane, just hold X and pull back on the analogue 
stick till it takes off. From then on, it's easy but just try not to hit 
buildings! When you want to turn, just tap left or right.

To Fly a Helicopter, just hold X to make it go forward, and hold forward to 
make it go faster, but be prepared to pull up when you approach the ground. 
Press R2 or L2 to turn

10 Aircraft


RC Baron
Found:In a Top Fun Van, located on top of the Ocean Beach mult-storey
Notes:Just an R/C Plane Really, in the shape of a biplane.

Found:Steal one from the Army or use Tank Cheat
Notes:OK, so the Rhino isn't a plane, but enter the flying cars cheat, 
rotate the turret backwards and keep firing! this makeshift plane got 
me about 3 times higher than the Stadium, when you can't even get 
higher than the Stadium in a Chopper. It can be a real beast to 
manoeuver(yeah I know that's spelt wrong...)

OK, Update on that, thanks to an E-mail from Caleb Browning
You can fly a Hunter on top of the stadium but it just rolls around by.

Found:Behind Interglobal Films Studio, after you complete "Dildo Dodo"
Notes:Pretty much average sea plane, it's just a Dodo that can land 
on water

OK, I did have the Dodo listed here, but although it can be seen flying
around Vice City, you CANNOT fly one. Make do with the skimmer


Found:If you get 100 Hidden Packages, or complete Keep Your Friends 
Close, it will appear at Fort Baxter Air Base, or at the Helipad
near the lighthouse
Notes:This is an Apache helicopter.Fires Mini-guns(R1) and Twin
Rockets(O). This is described as "The Ultimate Hidden Vehicle"
but I think it's kind of overrated(and don't E-mail me saying how
wrong I am)

Found:On top of Vercetti Estate, Hyman Condo and a building downtown.
Notes:Just a basic Chopper, the one I use the most often though...

RC Goblin
Found:Top Fun Van, Mission for Avery
Notes:Just an RC Chopper, and is hard to control(the annoying little
SoaB will always flip). It can carry Explosives.

RC Raider
Found:Top Fun Van, Airport
Notes:Just an RC Chopper, and is hard to control(the annoying little
SoaB will always flip)

Sea Sparrow
Found:If you get 80 hidden packages, it appears in the back yard of
Vercetti Estate
Notes:Can Float on Water and also has a machine gun(R1), other than
that it's just a Sparrow.
***Thanks to Ryan Lee for Correcting me here***

Found:See Vehicle missions and look at Sparrow Challenges
Notes:A bit more durable that the Maverick, but it is much more uglier
than the Maverick

VCN Maverick
Found:On top of VCN Building, Downtown
Notes:This is a smaller version of the Maverick, and I think this is 
because it doesn't have the extra seats. It's definately easier to
fly, and I think it's faster. This is my favourite Helicopter

VCPD Maverick
Found:On top of a building(probably Police Station), downtown
Notes:Just a Maverick in VCPD colours. You can't use a gun on it, unlike 
the police, which is annoying


7.2 Bikes
Hold down to do a Wheelie, hold up and Square to do an Endo.Not all bikes 
do this, the PCJ-600 Works best

6 Bikes, ya?

Found:Outside the Greasy Chopper, Downtown. Also cruising around near 
Notes:It's a Freeway but with USA Flag colours. The Biker's bike. It's
a bit slower though

Found:Usually in Ocean Beach, you can also find one outside Rosenburg's
Notes:It's just a Moped, nothing special

Found:Cruising Around Downtown or Ocean Beach
Notes:It's a nice Harley!

Found:Grass opposite Washington Beach Cop Station, Next to the building with
stilts that's opposite Ocean beach, Docks near the Colonel's yacht, Howlin'
Pete's Biker Emporium
Notes:Superbike, insanely fast.

Pizza Boy
Found:Behind Well-Stacked Pizza(all of them)
Notes:Slightly faster Faggio, you can also do Pizza Boy missions on them

Found:Pretty much everywhere, there's one next to the dirtbike track,


7.3 Boats

10 Boats there are

Coast Guard Boat
Found:Dock, just check along coast, I think It's in Little Havana
Notes:Hard to find in the water, not really worth it to be honest

Cuban Jetmax
Found:Behind the Boatyard, if you buy it.
Notes:A bit slower but a bit more durable that the Squallo II. Still,
it's an extremely nice boat!

Found:Dock that is next to that Washington Beach Island(the one with
Bunch of Tools) it is opposite Leaf Links. also can be seen cruising 
around Hyman Stadium area
Notes:Erm, its a dinghy, with an engine.

Found:Near Cortez's Yacht. I also once saw one outside the boatyard
(moving, not parked)
Notes:Just a Yacht type thing, nothing all that special

Found:Cruising Vice's waters, especially if you've been naughty
Notes:Cop Boat, has a gun on it. You'll need to kill a cop to get
one, but that's half the fun of driving one I guess. It's the only
boat with a gun on it, for the others you'll just have to drive-by

Found:Cruising Vice's Waters
Notes:Just a boat, the same piece of crap that was in GTA3

Found:Near Cortez's Yacht, and you will see them EVERYWHERE!
Notes:A Catalan type thing, yawn.

Found:Crusing Vice's waters
Notes:I bet this cost a lot! It's a luxury yacht(not the sailing ship
type either)

Found:Cruising Vice's waters
Notes:Nice Small Speedboat, vroom vroom!

Found:Behind the Boatyard, if you buy it.
Notes:It is "the Fastest Boat"


7.4 Cars (spooky, as there are 74 cars!)<--- note, this is now wrong :(
OK, here goes
And note, most of these are locations where they Spawn, but not all of 
them are

Found:All over Ocean Beach
Notes:Just average

Found:After you kill 2-3 people in one area
Notes:L3 activates it's siren

Baggage Handler
Found:Escobar International Airport(driving and parked all 
over the airport grounds) 
Notes:Not your idea getaway car....

Found:Building with stilts near appartment 3C, Ocean Beach,
Malibu Parking lot, Starfish Island
Notes:Nice sports car, looks like a chevy to me

Barracks OL
Found:When you've been very naughty
Notes:Slam into everything with it

Found:Viceport, Airport

BF Injection
Found:Ocean Beach mainly, also they hang around outside Sunshine 
Notes:Beach Buggy

Blista Compact
Found:All over the place!
Notes:Honda CRX...

Bloodring Banger
Found:Outside Hyman Stadium after you complete the Bloodring event
Notes:Stock Car

Bloodring Racer
Found:Outside Hyman Stadium after you complete the Bloodring event
Notes:Stock Car

Found:Viceport, Airport.
Notes:Pickup Truck

Notes:Big Box Truck

Found:All over the place
Notes:A-Team Van!

Found:Ryan Lee told me he found one in Viceport, I found 2 of them driving 
around at the same time INSIDE the airport, it was at about 22.00 so look
Notes:As the name suggests, it's a Bus

Found:All around 1st Island
Notes:Old-Style Cab

Found:Leaf Links
Notes:Golf Cart

Found:Starfish Island
Notes:Nice Speedy car

Found:Everywhere, but very rare
Notes:As the name suggests, it's a Coach

Found:Usually one parked outside Leaf Links

Cuban Hermes
Found:Little Havana
Notes:Cuban Gang car, looks like Diablo Stallion

Found:Sunshine Autos after completing the first list
Notes:It's a nice car, looks like the one from Back to the Future

Found:If you've got 4 stars...
Notes:SWAT Van

Notes:Tell me if you find a purple one.... (if you do, kill the
driver then run away.)

FBI Rancher
Found:5 stars
Notes:FBI car

FBI Washington
Found:Alleyway downtown near Well-stacked Pizza(just down the road)
Notes:FBI car

Found:If you burn stuff.... Also Fire stations...
Notes:It's a Firetruck....

Notes:Guess what this is

Gang Burrito
Found:Prawn Island, Outside North Point Mall
Notes:It has a Teddy Bear on it, Sharks Gang Car.

Found:Little Havana/Haiti
Notes:It's a car!!!!! And boring

Found:Everywhere, pretty much.
Notes:It's also a Car!!! and also Boring!!!!

Found:Little Haiti, Ocean Beach, everywhere.
Notes:Non-Cuban variety, old-looking car

Hotring Racer
Found:Outside Hyman Stadium after you complete Hotring event
Notes:Vroom Vroom! heh heh. It's a touring car.

Found:Prawn Island
Notes:Looks like a convertible Esperanto if you ask me

Found:Outside your mansion on Starfish Island
Notes:Don't smash this up too much, other than that it goes really fast

Kaufman Cab
Notes:It's a Cabbie.It has Kaufman Cabs written on it.

Found:Downtown, Washington Beach
Notes:Land Rover

Notes:Big Lorry's Cab.

Love Limo
Found:Nick it on Love Fist missions
Notes:Limo with a pretty engine on top

Found:Everywhere, Open your eyes
Notes:Ugh, Avoid.

Mesa Grande
Found:Everywhere, especially at night
Notes:Jeep type thing

Notes:People Carrier

Mr. Whoopie
Found:Cherry Popper Ice Cream Co.
Funiness and Coolness:10/10!!!!!!!
Notes:Press R3! Press R3! 

Notes:Big Truck.

Found:Ocean View Hotel
Notes:Look at how colorful it is.

Notes:Car Transporter, has a big ramp.

Found:Phil Cassidy's Place

Found:Look around Avery's place, there's always one or two driving around

Found:Ocean Beach
Notes:Sports car

Police Car
Found:Where ISN'T it found?
Notes:This Car is a Police Car.Hence the name.


Found:Washington Beach
Notes:Land Rover

Found:Little Haiti/Havana
Notes:You wanna ride one? You need your head examined.

RC Bandit
Found:Top Fun Van, Ocean Beach
Notes:RC car, it makes a nice sound! 

Found:When you kill everyhing and everyone you can find
Notes:OK, 3 words:It's a Tank.

Romero's Hearse
Found:Steal it on Two-bit hit
Notes:It even has a coffin in it.

Notes:Van-Mobile(What a cool new word!)

Found:I saw one downtown once, so look there.

Sabre Turbo
Found:Complete the Second Sunshine Autos list
Notes:The word Turbo is in it's name.Nuff sed.

Sand King
Found:Complete the Third Sunshine Autos list
Notes:The best words I can think of to describe it are "Beach Truck" Flips
easily, though.

Notes:Gruppe Sechs is once again written on it's side, I'll let you
take your own meaning from that one!


Sentinel XS
Found:Usually around the Malibu Club
Notes:'Tis a Beamer.

Found:On a Couple of the Rosenburg missions
Notes:Fun, cus it has a flappy door at the back.


Notes:Also a Convertible.Only better.

Found:Outside the mansion, it is.
Notes:It's a limo.OK?

Found:Around Escobar Int.
Notes:It's a taxi, bet you would have never guessed that!

Notes:It's one of those Garbage Collector type things.

Top Fun Van
Found:Dirt Track - Ocean Beach, Escobar Intl Airport, Top of Multi-storey
in Ocean beach
Notes:It has pretty RC things living in it, yes.

Found:All over the Second Island
Notes:Yawn, another average new car.

Found:Little Haiti
Notes:It's, it's, it's A YARDIE LOBO! Keep moving your right analogue
stick around people.Haitian gang car.

Found:Little Havana, Escobar Intl Airport.
Notes:Just a farm truck type thing.

Found:Ocean Beach
Notes:A Bootleg FBI Car, methinks. Another average new car, Another *Yawn*

Notes:Truck.Of the big variety

Zebra Cab
Found:After you complete Cabmaggedon:Kaufman Cabs
Notes:It looks COOL!

8.0 Secrets

8.1 Costumes
To find the locations of these costumes look at the map that came with Vice 
City. Remember, you will need to do certain missions in order to unlock 
Street - Blue Hawaiian Shirt, and Jeans, Tommy's trademark outfit. Found at 
Ocean View Hotel, Hyman Condo and at the Vercetti Estate.
Soiree - Blue suit, with black shirt. Found at Rafael's, Ocean Beach.
Coveralls - Dressed like a builder, Tooled up, North Point Mall.
Country Club - Golf outfit, Leaf Links.
Mr. Vercetti - Very Capone! Pinstripe suit, found at Collars & Cuffs, Ocean 
Cop Uniform - just like a cop, Found in Lockeroom in Police Station in 
Washington Beach.
Tracksuit - Red Addidas style tracksuit found at Laundromat in Little 
Tracksuit - Black Addidas style tracksuit found at Jocksport, Downtown.
Casual - T-Shirt and Jeans, Gash, North Point Mall.
Bank Job - Friday the 13th style outfit, used for the bank job, Malibu Club, 
Vice Point.
Havana - Dress like a Cuban - Inside Havana Streetware, Little Havana. For
Some reason, when I try to get this outfit, an invisible barrier blocks 
the way and I don't know why
Frankie - "I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt" -
Vercetti mansion after getting 100%

Iwan Best reckons that you can't get the Havana-It's because you're only 
supposed to be able to get it on that mission where you use it, I think. 

Well, I can confirm I HAVE THE HAVANA!!! see the glitches section, its
a bit down from here if you really want to get it


8.2 GTA3 references
GTA:Vice City is a prequel to GTA3

The Radio
Lazlow, DJ of VRock is the same guy that hosted Chatterbox 109 on GTA3
Fernando Martinez, DJ of emotion 98.3 is the same guy that was a guest on
Chatterbox 109 on GTA3
Toni, DJ of Flash, is the same woman that was the DJ of Flashback FM on GTA3
There is an advert for a Car called the "Maibatsu Thunder" In GTA3 there was 
an advert for a car called the "Maibatsu monstrosity"
An English guy phones in on K-Chat and starts talking about how Freddy needs
to be hit with a broom. He is the same guy who phoned Chatterbox 109 and 
demanded that Freddy be given a Nanny, because he needs to get Spanked
In the Ammunation advert, it mentions the Australian-American War. A Caller
on Chatterbox claimed to be a verteran of this war.

Donald Love was a major boss in GTA3. Interestingly enough, when Donald was 
there with Avery, Avery said something like this:"A Lesson in business my 
friend, nothing drives real-estate prices down like a full-blown gang war
other than a biblical plague,but that might be going a bit too far in this 
case" which is exactly what Donald Love said in GTA3. I'm not sure if Avery 
said "my friend" but I know Donald did.
Phil Cassidy was the one-armed man who sold high powered weapons to you 
from his yard, which is exactly what he is this time round. In GTA3, he said 
he lost his arm in service in Nicuragua, yet we now know the truth. 
Rockstar Games, in Ocean Beach has pictures of 8-Ball, El Burro, Kenji Kasen 
and Maria from GTA3 in the window.
The Shooting Gallery in Ammunation, Downtown, has Misty from GTA3, and an 
unamed man who was part of the manual, loading screen and map from GTA3 are 
The Guy from GTA3 is on a poster in the hotel room.
And the Forellis of course! In the Joey Leone missions, they were the gang
you were tyring to kill, no references to Sonny however, I wonder why!

With thanks to Dragon447 For this one:
Buy Kaufman Cabs so you have the ability to enter it. Once inside, turn
right, you should see a conference table and some Video Arcade game machines. 
If you look at the arcade machines, one of them should be called "Pogo the 
Monkey." As you may know, Pogo the Monkey is an advertisement in GTA 3.

There's also billboards that say "Take a Vacation in Liberty City" that are
around the airport

On Prawn Island, The Cinema and Bolt Burgers from Torrington are both 
there, maybe it's just a film set of Liberty City. 
This doesn't really count but the sunken tanker(see below) and one of 
the big ships in the docks bear the words "Chatered Libertine Lines" 
Libertine could be a reference to Liberty City
Marco's Bistro in the opening Sequence is also in GTA3, and was a 
hangout for the Forellis.

Also, go to the fire house near the airport and look at the sign on it! Lazy
Rockstar has kept the same FDLC sign up, In fact, I think it's the same building
because it carries the same no parking under any conditions or something like 
that sign. It's just to the north of the main hangars and has an antenna on top

References to the Getaway (A great game, which I'm currently playing)

There is "Getaway" poster on the Phil Cassidy's trailer's fridge. In GTA 3, 
take a sniper rifle, and zoom in to your hideout (Portland). There is the 
same poster.

-Reilu meininki 


8.3 Other

Easter Egg
No, it literally *IS* an Easter Egg! Go to the VCN Helipad, and look to the
North West and you will see a building next to you. One of the windows isn't
Solid, (you can find out which one it is by firing at them with something 
like the M4 and see if sparks bounce off), basically it's the one closest to
the red flashing thing, and will be close to you also. Jump into, well 
through the Windo I guess, and you will arrive in a small room. In the small
room on a Podium is:An Easter Egg!

Blue/Brown Thunder
The hunter missions are called brown thunder because its a parody of an old 80's 
helicopter cop movie called blue thunder. it was about some stealth prototype 
chopper and a cop that steals it to prove his freedom, etc.... Pretty Ironic,
a cop stealing it really
Thanks to Weston Marlott for that one

Ever wanted to go to the place where THAT chainsaw scene took place? Well now
you can! Go a block to the south of the Pay 'N' Spray in Ocean Beach, and
you will see a nice appartment on the south side of it. Go up the stairs on
the right hand side, and enter through the door. This is Appartment 3C. Now
go through the door on your right and there it is, the bathroom, complete with
bloodstains and you can even aquire a certain weapon in there(No prizes for 
guesing what weapon it is...)
Also, look at how similar a certain office and the Office in the mansion are...
And Finally, Just wear the Mr. Vercetti Outfit....

Thanks to Emile for all of these:
- The guy in the meat locker at the start of the game is probably a reference to
what happened to Carbone
- In GTA3 there is a poster with the words "Badfellas" written on it
- 3 of the voice actors who have been in the GTA Series (Frank Vincent, 
Debi Lazar and Ray Liotta) are from Goodfellas

Carlito's Way
Emile E-mailed me about this:
I just happened to rent "Carlito's Way" on DVD (which, like "Scarface", is 
directed by Brian de Palma and stars Al Pacino), and I couldn't help but 
notice some parallels with the story of Vice City. Both stories begin with 
the main character getting released from prison with the help of his lawyer, 
and I was amazed to realize that the lawyer in the movie (played by Sean
Penn) looked and sounded exactly like Ken Rosenberg! He had exactly the
same face, curly hair and small glasses, and the same nervous behaviour.
He even has a similar name : Dave Kleinfeld. (Kleinfeld and Rosenberg
are both German names.) So Ken Rosenberg must definitely have been
inspired by "Carlito's Way". Also, one of the actors in that movie was
Luis Guzman, who does the voice of Diaz in GTAVC.

More Proof that R* watch too many movies
J. Matthew Lemieux E-mailed me this
At the payphone missions, your contact sounds alot like Kobayashi from 
The Usual Suspects. Not only his accent, but the way he speaks (ie: 
"my employers would rather this did not happen") reminds me of Pete 
Posthelthwaite as Kobayashi every time I hear it.
Also, I'm convinced that "Teal" is not Leo the Chef's last name but 
is a colour-based code-name like in Reservoir Dogs and The Taking of 
Pelham 1-2-3.

The Beach Ball
From your mansion on Starfish Island, go down the curved road and go 
into the first house on the right.Look in it's swimming pool and you 
will see a beach ball. If you shoot it it will go flying. Running into 
it with a car makes it burst. If it keeps bouncing on your head, you get a 
number above you. This is the amount of keepie uppies done. I have also 
found two more beachballs, one in another swimming pool on Starfish Island, 
another is on Ocean Beach.
Marco Spurk has found a second Beach Ball on Ocean beach, it's in the middle
of the beach in front of the Deacon Hotel.

Seeing it all clearly now
If you want to see all of the below easily, then this method submitted by
rjbradan is great!
If you want to see the submarine,ship or anything underwater with no glare you
just need a boat like the Tropic with a large windshield. To look underwater 
just hit the triangle button to get out of the drivers seat, stand inside the 
cabin and look out though the windshield and you can see the sub perfectly. Use 
the psg-1 to get clear close-ups.

The Sunken Ship (1)
Head just slightly to the east of the tool icon in Vice Point and head 
north, preferably in a helicopter or a boat. The Sea Sparrow is ideal for 
this, but you can use any helicopter if you have the drive on water cheat 
enabled. Keep going north until you can see the sunken ship and there you 
are. It appears to be a massive tanker with the same words as the big ship 
in the docks on it "Chartered Libertine Lines", I guess it's the same kind 
of boat.

The Sunken Ship (2)
Head just north of Prawn Island in a helicopter or a boat, I think boats 
work best for this, and head for the West side of the Bridge connecting 
downtown and Prawn Island, ie on the Downtown side. Look right at the bottom 
of the far right bridge support and you will see a sunken boat, it looks kinda 
like a Reefer.

The Sunken Ship(3)
It's basically in a South-West Direction from the three huts in the middle of
the sea, and is directly south of Skumhole Shack(but a very long way away from
it, so line yourself up on your map). This is another Tanker and is identical
to the other one.
Thanks to Richard Inns for that one

Under The Sea
There are many sea creatures which you can see, the best place to see them 
is standing on the Leaf Links cost, using an M4 or similar weapon to look 
for them, and a PSG-1 to look at it up close. So far, I have seen:Sharks, 
Dolphins, Turtles, Jellyfish, single fish, shoals of fish.

The Submarine
There is a massive Nuclear Submarine under Vice's water. Find the sunken 
TANKER(1)(See above) and head due west. It is kinda hard to see, the best 
vehicles to use are helicopters. The Sea Sparrow is ideal for this, but you 
can use any helicopter if you have the drive on water cheat enabled. And NO 
you cannot get into it, it is only scenery, like the planes that fly from 
the airport. And even if you could drive it, how would you get under water 
to get to it?

Concrete Man
There is a man with cement around his feet underwater at one of the three 
rock formations between Leaf Links and Downtown. He looks like he has had 
his face smashed in. I have heard Rumours that it is Diaz, but it's the same
guy you can see around the Beach, and especially around the Lighthouse. He
is under the Water, but on top of the rocks.

Extra Gangs
These aren't really "Gangs" as such but did you know that the Golfers are 
a gang in terms of the games programming? they either hang around in packs 
or walk around in packs like gangs, and if you hit one, they will all get 
you with their clubs, and some even have pistols. Their gang vehicle is
obviously, The Caddy. Also, the Army in Fort Baxter Air Base also have gang

Allow the Rockstar logo to play, instead of skipping it like you normally
do(well, I know I do) and you can see an old style loading screen. Fairly
Cool, and it has Video Killed the Radio Star in the background! that has
to be the second best Flash FM song (after Japanese Boy, That is so cheesy
it's brilliant!) but I don't listen to Flash that often. See the radio bit
for what I listen to if you are *that* desperate. It's ^ That way.

Mansion and Hotel
Extra things will be added to these two buildings when certain things 
are done:
- Boomshine appears when you complete Phils mission
- Trophy appears on TV after ammunation shootout thingee
- Posters of Candy appear after Interglobal missions completed
- Money appears on bed, probably after printworks missions completed
- Hockey mask appears after completeing "The Job"
And Thanks to Mr. Man For this one:
- A Tiki Broken in half with cocaine pouring out of it will appear if you
get all 100 Hidden Packages
*Note, that is probably where the Cocaine that was stolen in the original
deal went*
Thanks also To Marco Spurk for this next one:
- A trophy will appear on the TV saying "Shooter of the Month" on it.

- After complteing events at the stadium, different trophies appear on
the TV
- Pictures of Candy and Alex Shrub appear on the desk
- Manuals to all the weapons you own are on the desk too
- Gash carrier bags also appear, I don't know why just yet though
- After completing "Demolition Man" an RC Helicopter box will appear
More Thanks to Marco Spurk for this one
- Target Sheets will appear on your table if you complete the Downtown
Ammunation Shooting range.(NOTE:You can complete the Shootist to complete

Iwan Best has E-mailed me this:

In the part about new stuff in your mansion you say the pictures of candy 
and Shrub.There are color ones too. They're on that little coffee table 
type thing. If they're the ones your talking about there are black and 
white ones on the left (from where the door is) of your desk. 

More Mansion Madness <--- See what I did there?
On the Second Floor of the Main bit, there are paintings all over the 
walls, including two of Diaz. One of them has had Glasses and Devil horns
put on with Black Marker  Oen, and the other one has a beard but on with
the same pen and has been slashed across Diaz's eyes.

Mega More Monstrosity Marvellous Mansion Madness Montana(OK, perhaps I
went a bit too far there.....)
As time goes on, more and more litter, Beer Cans and Pizza Boxes to
be precise, piles up around the Mansion. I blame the Marios.

Swimming Pools
On Starfish Island, there are two interestingly shaped Swimming Pools, 
one is of a Woman's body, the other is of the Rockstar Logo

More R* Imagery
At Night, go to the middle of the Beach and look at the sky over the
sea. Notice the arrangement of certain stars?

They really do love themselves, don't they?
If you see some of the people sunbathing on the beach, look out for
the Rockstar Logo on one of the towels

OK, now you guys are going OTT
Thanks to Iwan Best:

"You say the R* logo is in diffrent places,well it's on the back of the 
Hotring racer as well"

Also, I'd like to add that the Rockstar North logo is on the cars too
(it's the blue background R*, btw) and also, companies like SUMO (back of
Yankees and Mules in GTA3) and AMCO (Owned a gas station and the tallest
building you could get to without flying. And any evidence to suggest
that it wasn't the tallest you could get up to without flying will be
ignored! :p)

The R* Strikes back!
Thanks to:Skarre
Read your guide and about all the R* logos. 
Next to the VCN-building is a company building and the companys name is 
ROXOR (sounds like R*)and it has kinda a R* logo.. Just thought you´d 
want to know. 

Return of the R*(Yes, I am running out of names, I guess it's a kinda 
Star Wars and Lord of the Rings rip off, but who cares?)
And this was also spotted by Skarre
If you look into funeraria Romero window you see a gravestone "R.I.P" but 
the R is the rockstar R. And to the right is a picture of a guy with a R* 
logo on his jacket. 
Romero might be a reference to the cult zombie director George A. Romero. 

Boats in the distance
If you go to Ocean beach, and look out at the sea, you can see sailing
boats and massive ocean liners, but they disappear after a while

Building Lights
Look at one of the Buildings close to the Malibu at nightime. More 
specifically, look at the arrangement of it's lights. I wonder if the
Programmers were trying to tell us something.....

Shoot the Moon
The name says it all, use the PSG-1 or Sniper Rifle to shoot at the moon
and see what happens.

Hooker Trick
This is the same as in GTA3. Get a nice car(no Bikes or anything) and go
up to one of those hookers. You know the ones, the ones dressed like sluts
but it is really hard to tell, as pretty much every woman dresses like
a whore in Vice City! Then take your car to an isolated spot, and Tommy
and the Whore will, erm you know. Anyway, your health will go up to 125
(unless it was 150 and in which case you will lose health, that hooker
must have AIDS or something.) And your money will go down. Get your money
back afterwards by killing the Hooker.

Phils erm, "interesting" poster
if you go in Phil Cassidy's trailer, and into his bedroom, there is a 
poster for a movie called "chicks and (or with) guns", and on the top 
of the poster it says "absolutely fucking great", in those actual 
Thanks to Dan Buckley for that one

Also, Emile has pointed out that Phil has another similar poster, and
also has a good theory about it:

You mentioned the poster for "Chicks 'n' Guns" that says "absolutely
fucking great", but there's another obscene poster in Phil's room : just
above his bed, there's a poster for "Chicks 'n' Guns II", which says "it
fucking ROCKS" at the top. (Note: These are not the only f-words in the
game, however. There's a song on the Wave radio station, "Never Say
Never" by Romeo Void (the one where the chorus goes "I might like you
better if we slept together"), which includes a line that says "I
couldn't give a fuck".) But it makes you wonder, how many f-words would
it take for the ESRB to threaten a game with a AO rating? After all,
it's pretty obvious that the reason those two posters are hidden in a
hard-to-find location is so that the ESRB reviewers wouldn't find them,
and the reason the characters don't say "fuck" in their dialogue (as
gangsters probably would in real life), must be that the ESRB would have
rated it AO instead of M.

Iwan has confirmed that the poster in Phil's trailer says Chicks WITH Guns 
not and.
Dan did say "and (or with)" however, so I guess he didn't get it wrong

You're going to pay for that, Pig!
If you fly a helicopter over your mansion when you have a reasonably high
wanted level(3 stars and above) then land it on your roof and go downstairs
and you will find that the cops have deployed the stingers all over your 
Thanks to David Brooks for that one

Iwan Best says it only works on 3 stars

Heads up! Gallopinggoontold me this one:
Did you know that on the mission for mitch baker "messing with the man" 
that there is a head on the floor?

Run Forever
How to run forever: all you have to do is keep tapping x instead of holding 
it down until he gets tired or whatever. just keep tapping and he won't 
Thanks to Blake for that one

I'll give you one guess as to who E-mailed me about this one.That's right,
it was Iwan Best again. He said you can't run forever, only for a hell of a
long time! 

That Suxxx!
After completing G-Spotlight, you can return to the Building where the nice
image of Candy was projected onto, and it will still be there!

Why do they have a Calendar anyway?
Kaufman Cabs have a Calendar, and so far I have found two copies of it in
the Game:One of them is at Kaufman Cabs, the Other is in Phil Cassidy's 

Their memory lives on
Remember those camp builders in GTA3 who you could often see well actually
everywhere but you could also see them around a building with the words
"Fudge Packing Corp"(Get it? Fudge Packing...) Well, if you look on the
map you got with Vice City where Little Havana Streetware is supposed to be
there is a sign with it written on
Also, Spand-Express ie Spandex Press geddit?

The Science of Mr. Zoo
Mr. Zoo says after he is drugged to make him stop being crazy, because what
he does to animals is plain wrong "I got a message for you, look for a(now 
this next bit is jumbled, this is just my interpretation) wall behind 
China.... This could be something to do with Chinatown in GTA3, but I 
don't think so. Along the road on which the Cafe Robina is a wall,(which is
next to a Chinese restaurant, a cleverly titled establishment which goes
by the name "Wok & Wok") and there is a gap in the Wall that will take 
you round the back of the Chinese restaurant, and there are stairs leading
to the roof of the building behind it, and then if you jump down you can
get onto another building next to it. Next, you can go up more stairs that
will take you onto the roof of the restaurant, where there is a PSG-1. But
that isn't Mr. Zoo's only suprise, because once you are on the roof you can
jump down onto a Kaufman Cabs Billboard, which makes an excellent Sniping 
vantage point, and also on there is a Hidden Package. Now, if I see something
similar to this in another guide, it's pretty obvious they copied me, so 
unless they ask me for permission, I'm gonna sue em. OK? OK so Mr Zoo's 
rewards aren't that great, but you can ask people if they have done the
Mr. Zoo sidequest and they won't have a clue what you're on about.

Don't tell Buzz though
Go to the Film Studio, and into one of the actual Studios(I think that it is
Studio D, but I may be wrong) and *gasp* it's the place where they filmed
the Moon Landing! (In case you didn't know, there is a massive conspiracy
theory into the moonlanding being faked)

Foreshadowy/Let me Out!/The Superman Effect
I had so many great titles for this secret so I decided to use all three!
In the film Studio, you will notice a pair of red phone boxes, like
the ones you get in (And this is the foreshadowy bit) London! so perhaps
that is just a little hint by R*, but most people are convinced it will
be in San Andreas, and with the Getaway coming out(It's a GTA Style
game that is set in London in case you were wondering)it seems unlikely.
Anyway, grab a tall car, the Packer that is in the Film Studio is ideal
for this and then park it in front of the phone boxes, then try to jump
on top of a Phone box(I know this works for one of them, so there's no
reason why it shouldn't work for the other unless it is a one-off glitch
though I doubt it very much) but you can't jump on top of it! you fall
right through. Now you are trapped! and the camera angle tends to go
a bit psycho, but sometimes you can actually see inside Tommy's body
(nothing to see here folks, Tommy is hollow!) but if you are lucky the
camera can show a cool shot from a little way back of Tommy Standing in 
the Phone Box. So now what? well, get a Six Star Wanted level(cheat!), 
and Cops will begin to show up. Sometimes a cop will manage to get his 
fists and his pistol through the phone box, and attack you.I got floored 
but I didn't get busted. If you have a Flamethrower, use it! The walls 
of the Phonebox are very weird, I managed to Snipe a cop through them, 
and another time I had the dot centred on another Cop's chest, and kept 
firing round after round at him, but the bullets went straight through 
him and into the tyres of the Packer. Another way to get rid of the cops
if they swarm around your box is to Rocket Launcher the Walls, but you
will obviously get caught in the blast, so get ready to input a cheat.

So that's where it went....
have you noticed that when you go from one mainland to another and the 
welcome to vice city loading screen comes up the words are underlined by 
Thanks to Iwan Best(AGAIN!) for that one

Rockstar really are pervs...
Some of the things in this little but may upset or offend certain readers,
but if you play Vice City I imagine that not much offends you. It also
contains naughty words, but as you have to be over 18 to play VC, that
doesn't matter

Because of the E-mail which you can read below, I remembered what my friend
told me about the BF Injection(Back in the good ol' days of GTA3) which
is that it sounds like Beef Injection.

J. Matthew Lemieux E-mailed me all of these, so:

"Brown Thunder" -- aside from being a play on Blue Thunder the t.v. show, 
its also the name of a sexual fetish involving, well... shit eating.
Sanchez -- Another reference to a scat fetish. The Sanchez is a dirt bike...
 a dirty sanchez is a rather disgusting fetish involving making a fake 
mustache out of poop.
Prawn Island -- not so much a sexual innuendo and fairly obvious, but pr0n 
is, of course, net slang for porno... the porn studio is located on prawn 

MBeam77 told me this:
I found something cool in the game which you may want in your guide, 
either in cool things or secrets or wherever[I was tempted to add it to 
wherever, but then I remembered this guide doesn't have a wherever section!
:)]. If you stand on any beach and look out towards the ocean, you can 
usually see seagulls flying around. If you're really good or just lucky, 
you can actually shoot the seagulls with the sniper rifle. Then a new stat 
will appear on the pause screen, "seagulls sniped".

Leo e-mailed me this:
To get into the airport with your guns you need a motorcycle. Build up 
speed and ram the bike next to security gate leading into the airport. 
You should fly over the invisible wall. There are two entrances, you 
should use the one on the right, it has a better approaching angle.


Car Secrets
Look out for the Teddy Bear on the Gang Burrito, it is in a number of 
different positons on the car, and sometimes moves. 
On the Phoenix, it's engine at the front glows when you accelerate.
Cuban Hermes often spit fire when you accelerate from their exhaust.
Going into a Police Car gives you a Shotgun(Iwan Best E-mailed me about this
but I already had it in the guide, and I remembered doing it in GTA3)
Going into an Enforcer gives you Body Armor
Going into an Ambulance gives you Full Health


8.4 Secret/Rare Cars

Hunter - this helicopter will be delivered to Fort Baxter air base if you 
complete the story missions or collect all 100 secret packages. IF you 
try getting in the Army will shoot you to hell, so use the Cop Uniform 
which can be found at the VCPD HQ or use the character change cheat until 
you get the old guy in the green suit and beret and moustache. The army 
won't shootyou then, leaving you free to take the Hunter. In the Hunter, 
Press R1 to fire it's machine guns or O to fire a pair of rockets.
I decided to write out the long way, after managing to do it both times
I attempted it:
Get a Truck, smash into the barrier at the gate and then head left 
immediately. Sprint up the Stairs and onto the rooftop. Keep going round,
and then onto the narrow passageway. Be Careful as you progress here as 
Amry Men could spawn behind or infront of you, so be prepared to fight. See
that watch tower? Good, as that's our next location, you can kill any army
men that are standing in front of it or you can just RUN LIKE HELL. Run
up the stairs, all the way to the top, and look down below. Look for the 
Obstacle Course, jump off the top of the tower into it, then make your way
through the course. Run round the corner, and there! it's the Hunter. Kill
all Army men that Stand in your way!!!!!

Sea Sparrow - If you get 80 hidden packages, then this will appear in the 
back yard of your mansion in Starfish Island. It's basically a Sparrow, 
which can land on water and has a machine gun.
***Thanks to Ryan Lee for Correcting me here***

Bullet/Flame/Damage/Explosion Proof Admiral - In the mission Guardian 
Angels, kill Diaz and steal his car. Save it in one of your garages

Bullet/Flame/Damage/Explosion Proof Sabre Turbo - In the mission The 
Driver, follow Hillary closely around the circuit or just wait outside the 
Malibu Club. He will then abandon his car after the race, but the doors 
are locked so you will need to push it to your garage, then save.

Bullet/Flame/Damage/Explosion Proof? FBI Rancher - I lost this baby before 
I could test it. OK, I was on the second storey of Sunshine Autos and I 
had the FBI on me. I was shooting their cars with the PSG-1 and watched as 
they blew up. One Rancher pulls up and I kept shooting it but nothing 
happens.I even fired a couple of rockets at it. I decided I wanted this car 
so I jacked it when FBI men were still in it, and entered the wanted level 
cheat. They were all screaming like little babies but when I stopped to let 
em out, they busted me and I lost the car :( Perhaps you could try it and 
see if one will appear for you.

Bullet/Flame/Damage/Explosion Proof Sanchez - OK so you can't really get 
this, but it's the bike you use in the "Dirtbike" Mission at the Hyman
Stadium, if you could somehow take it out of the building, it'd be all 

Black Sanchez - Just get on the Sanchez next to the Dirtbike Track next to 
the stadium. A mission will start, but then, Haitians on Black Sanchez's 
will show up and try to machete you. You will never see Black Sanchez's 
other than here.

Romero's Hearse - the only way to aquire this is to jack it on the Mission 
2-bit hit. yes you can use cheats to get it, but that's just plain wrong :)

Lightless Taxi:The same as on GTA3, it's just a glitch where the game can't 
decide which of the two lights to give the taxi, so it gives it none. Try 
to save in an area where Taxis appear regulary, then sprint out of your 
hideout after reloading to try and find one, good luck!

Love Limo - Take it back to your garage on any of the two Love Fist missions
that you get to drive it in(From my memory, I think they are called Psycho
Killer and Publicity Tour)

Zebra Cab - This cool looking cabbie cannot be found cruising the streets, 
you have to get it from the Cabmageddon mission by sniping he guy through
the windscreen, or you can just go to Kaufman Cabs as one sometimes spawns 
in there.

Spand-Express - You can either steal this during "Jury Fury" or "Riot" there
are only 4 of these in the game and they will not stick around, so make sure
you make some good money early on, eg by doing the Vigilante Missions so
you can buy somewhere like El Swanko Casa. The Van itself is Pretty Cool,
as the Back Panel Moves up and down depending on how you drive!

Silver PCJ-600 - At the start of the mission "Autocide" this can be found 
right next to the place where "Mr Teal" has left weapons for you.

Black Voodoo - There's one at the Funeral Parlour during "Two-Bit Hit"
However, if you respray it it will go back to its original colour of 

Thanks to gallopingoon for this one
Decent Handling Angel - On the mission "Alloy Wheels of Steel" steal one
of the biker's bikes and it will have MUCH better handling than ordinary
Angels. Unfortunately, if you put it in your garage and save it, it will
revert back to being the same old crappy handling Angel.

The (Legendary) Purple Esperanto - Ok, you want the legend behind this?
OK, coming right up

On GTA3, there was supposedly a Purple Esperanto which drove around the
city. There was just one of it, but some people claimed you could 
respray it to make it purple.(After hours of trying, I couldn't get
mine purple). Now, if you found this car and killed the driver, apparently
the whole city would try to kill you for 10 minutes. I don't know if any
of this is true, but what I do know is that there is one on the Ghost Island
on GTA3. Anyway, that's enough about GTA3. On Vice City, some people claim 
to have seen this legendary car, stole it and had the exact same effect. As
Esperantos are rare anyway, it's unlikely you'll find a purple one. I once
thought I found a purple one, so I stole it, killed the driver (nothing 
happened) and took it back to my mansion and saved it. This moved the clock
forwards, obviously, and now it was daylight, and my lovely "purple" 
Esperanto was blue! I quote Doctor Evil (roughly, I have to change the 
tense) "There was a period of about 10 minutes where I was inconsolable"

Rhino - I got two e-mails on how to get one in one day, so here they both
are(in order of when the e-mail was first sent)


This is how I got a rhino and it is really simple. It is possible to do at 
any point of the game, but it is easier after you have completed "Keep 
Your Friends Close." After you complete this mission, you always have a 
health and armor to the right of the main entry. However, you can 
accomplish this before defeating the final mission by just running down 
to the basement. 

Here is the technique. Run outside your Vercetti mansion and just start 
shooting people. Once you get the cops attention, shoot them until you get 
three stars. Run back into your mansion and just start picking off the cops 
with your Ruger. You can almost always shoot them before they shoot you, so 
you can usually take three or four out and not take any damage. Do this 
until you have SIX Stars. Then run into the room to the left of the stairs 
as you are facing outside. Fill up on health and armor and run outside. 
Amazingly, there is no one outside the front entrance. Run out to the 
street until you see a tank that has stopped. Pop the guy that comes out 
TWICE,. If you shoot him once, he will get up and kill you or bust you. 
Jump into the van and do one of the following.

1. Hightail it to the Hyman Condo. The tanks will be on your tail, but it 
should be easy to get to the first garage. Jump out of the tank and run 
for it. You will more than likely be killed, but just leave the tank in 
the garage. You will now have a rhino of your own. 

2. Head to your car dealership. Before you attempt this method, be sure you 
have another car in one of the garages. Park the tank in one garage, pull 
your car out of the other and drive it into the pay and spray. 

From:Hemmelig Hemmelighet 

An easy way to get the Rhino without cheating is to hide in the alley just 
south of your condo with the helipads and 3 garages (Hyman Condo) and then 
start shooting out in the street killing as many as humanly possible. Soon 
you will have a lot of stars. Keep shooting, use your power guns. Fun eh? when 
you get 6 stars just wait in the alley until you see a rhino. It will bang 
against the wall just out of reach, its just to big to fit in the little alley 
but the idiots keep trying. Now for the genius part. Simply use the flame-thrower 
or throw molotov coctails at the tanx. HA HA HA HA HA. The idiots are screaming 
with pain and abandoning their rhino. Run out. Take the Rhino. Drive 10 seconds 
up north to your hideout, park the car. Save and then load. U now have the Rhino.
I managed to get to Vigilante mission 28 with this vehicle.. 

Tip: the airport is very good for vigilante missions, they seem just a little bit 
easier in that area. Maybe it´s the space or something. 
You don´t need to know this I know, but there are many frustrated gamers out 
there who don´t cheat and try over and over at vigilante missions with the 
ridiculously puny cop car. no wonder they are frustrated. It just doesn't 
work that way. 

Thnaks to both of you!


8.5 Hideouts
Ok so these can't really be classed as secrets, but I wanted somewhere to 
put them.So, from Cheapest to the most expensive:

The Ocean View Hotel - Bottom right of Ocean Beach - $0. You get it when 
you start the game, it's just a save point with the street outfit in it
Vercetti Estate - Bottom of Starfish Island - $0. You get it after 
completing Rub Out. It's a nice big mansion with a 2 car garage, helipad 
on the roof, street outfit, health and armour.
Skumhole Shack - Downtown, just east from the Greasy Chopper, it's up some 
stairs - $1000. Nothing, it's just a savepoint but it is in a prime sniper 
3321 Vice Point - North of the North Point mall which is in:Vice Point 
*gasp*  - $2500, just a save point 
1102 Washington Street - Washington Beach - $3000. My first ever bought 
property,I discovered it by accident. Just a save point.
Links View Heights - Vice Point, just east of Leaf Links - $6000 - has 
a single arage and a save point 
Ocean Heights - Another award winning name, bottom of the first island
 - $7000 - has a single garage and a save point 
El Swanko Casa - Just north of Pay 'n' Spray in Vice Point - $8000 - 
has a single garage and a save point
Hyman Condo - Next to the:Hyman Stadium - $1400 - has four two car 
garages and has a chopper on the roof, but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT 
use the chopper on the roof if you have any valuable cars in the garages 
otherwise some of them will disappear and do not put 3 cars in one garage, 
bad bad bad BAD. Also on the roof, there is a street outift.


8.6 Hidden Package Rewards
The Locations of packages will be in a later edition, enjoy this for now

10  Body Armor
20  Chainsaw
30  Python
40  Flame-thrower
50  PSG-1
60  Mini-Gun
70  Rocket Launcher
80  Sea Sparrow(Vercetti Estate)
90  Rhino(Fort Baxter)
100 Hunter & $100,000


8.7 100% Rewards
when you 100% The game, you will get

- A new outfit, called "Frankie" In the mansion. This is a pretty funny
T-Shirt that says "I completed Vice and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

- 200 max health AND armor

- Infinite Ammo to all weapons

- Your cars can take twice as much damage as they could before!

- You get to hire up to 3 bodyguards

When you go into the mansion, go into the room on the right, the 3 bodyguards 
are there, step into the pink markers next to them. If they aren't there, 
go away and come back


8.8 Glitches
Because we all love(or indeed hate) them

I'm going to get it, invisible wall or no invisible wall
Go to Little Havana Streetware, which is on the road just South of the 
Printworks, (I'm not sure if I remember this correctly, but if you go to
where the bottom right hand corner of the light blue Square that surrounds
the $ sign on the map) and it's a yellow building with palm trees near it.
Anyway, get a PCJ-600, park it inside the door and blow it up, then jump
on top of the PCJ, then face the Havana outfit sign, and jump. If you're
lucky you will hit the Outfit and change before being warped outside, 
and if you're unlucky you'll just fall and get warped outside

But I wanna have a Bike in there!
Go to your mansion on a bike, and drive up to the entrance like you're 
going to go in, but bail off your bike at the last second. The bike will
be inside when you go in. Don't try this in a car, the Game will crash

And Iwan Best has told me 1.Your game does NOT crash if you bail your car 
and let it roll into your mansion. Its just very hard to get it to roll 
straight in. 

More Biking Tomfoolery
Position a Bike onto a change clothes icon, so that when you get on the
bike you will have also changed clothes(the best way to do this is to 
get off and push) and Tommy will have become one with the bike and can't 
fool off.

Drive a Caddy into the North Point Mall. Strange eh? Then try to exit the
mall on foot. A random gang will be created and inhabit the mall. The first
time I did this it was Trendy Women, the second time it was car jackers.
They have gang programming too. Anyway, leave the mall in your Golf Cart.
The whole world has become *STRANGE* The only people inhabiting it is the
new gang(in vast hordes), DPB Security Guys and the occasional cop(If you 
break the law) All buildings and things are invisible, so it's hard to get
around. When I first left the mall there was no traffic, and I discovered
a parked Ambulance. I decided Paramedic missions might be easier, so I 
decided to try it, but gave up after about 10 seconds. Traffic then started
appearing, but it was too weird so I went to Ocean Beach(The radar still 
appears) and walked into the sea. Everything became normal again, whew!

The Return of:The Blue Hell
Get a tank and do the Dodo Car Cheat, then just fly up to the tallest 
building you can find(The top half of it usually isn't solid) and then fly 
straight down inside the middle of it, and enter:BLUE HELL!!!

Walk Through Walls Cheat!
Park a Car right next to a wall(so it is touching the wall) in a kind of
T Shape(Horizontal line in the T is the wall, and the vertical one is the
car) then enter the speed up gameplay cheat twice. Run at the diagonal
between the car and the wall(ie where the car and the wall touch) and if
you are lucky you will go through the wall. You may need to reposition the
car somewhat though. And also, be careful, some of the floors of Buildings
are not Solid.

Iwan Best(yes he E-mailed me many times, so get used to him telling me 
additional information in this section) has told me this:

You only need to enter the speed up time cheat once to walk through walls.I 
did it once on GTA3 without using any cheats at all but I haven't managed 
that on vice city yet. 

But still, it's easier to do it with the cheat on twice though...

My beautiful weapons, nooooo......
The Colt Python Glitch
Sometimes even when you lock onto people and press O, the Python won't
fire, but Tommy will go into his firing animation. To combat this 
just press R1 again and he should be able to shoot at the target

Iwan Best has told me that it works with the ordinary shotgun, and
he is not sure about the SPAS-12. I personally have used the SPAS-12
a hell of a lot of times, and it hasn't happened to me. But maybe that's
on individual games..
The Bomb Glitch
Teini has informed me that when he had Bombs in his inventory, after a
while they morphed into Grenades. No-one knows why.....
Teini has also found another bomb glitch:

This is if you have completed your game 100% and therefore have infinite
ammo. Throw one bomb. Then explode it. The "Remote control" is still in 
your hand even when the bomb has already exploded! And you can't change 
weapon. If you tap O Tommy will only push the button and nothing happens 
(because the bomb has already exploded)! 
There is only one way to cancel the glitch.
You must save, then load. Go behind a Police Station, change explosive 
weapon to Nerve Gas. DO NOT TAKE ANY OTHER EXPLOSIVE!!! I've tried and 
only thing happens is that if you for example take molotovs, the "remote 
control" appears in your hand and you can't do nothing. After you have 
changed Bomb to Nerve Gas, you can change it safely to for example,

Thanks again Teini!

Iwan Best has told me that his mate has found that you don't need to save 
and reload if this has happened to you, but still, I guess you can if you

The Hideouts are rebelling
DO NOT save at the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, that Crazy lady will
corrupt or delete your save files. Not good.
Do NOT put any rare cars in your garages in Hyman Condo, unless you can
give up using the Maverick that's on top of it. 

Perhaps it was a Pizza Cutter
Sometimes patients who need to go to hospital are inside Pizza restaurants
which is highly annoying

Pizza Cake(And if you can tell me* what GTA2 Mission I got that from, well
Sometimes it appears no-one is actually working in the Well-Stacked Pizza
restaurant, but it is because you(yes YOU) have pointed a gun at them and
they are now in permanent hiding.

Pizza Patheticness
Jump over a counter of the Pizza Restaurant, and fire a shot but make
sure you do NOT hit the Pizza guy with the bullet. Look at his unusual
pose. If you punch him, he will merely get back up and stand there,
he won't fight back or run away.

Flip a Dinghy while you are in one. You don't drown! Instead you end
up on top of it.

Iwan Best has told me:
With the glitch where the dinghy flips and you can carry on driving 
thats happened to me in another boat.I'm not sure what its called but 
its a thinner version of the Rio.If you really want to know send me 
pictures of the ones that it could be and I'll tell you. 
Hmm... I think he could mean the reefer, that's the only one I can 
think of

Vigilante Style
Let me do a Prelude to this one. A long time ago, in the days of GTA3
I recall seeing a thread about how someone had broken the law and a
load of Blistas had come after them. Well, in Vice City, I Blew up the
Ice Cream Truck(Look in the fun things section, that is exactly what I
did) and I might have shot a couple of identical pedestrians in the 
process. You know the Old Black Man in the Dark Suit and Sunglasses?
him. Anyway, I recieved a Wanted Level for blowing up the van, and 
I think one of those men died in the explosion of the Ice Cream Truck
(I know I killed one with my MP5 accidentally) all of a sudden, three
Blista Compacts seemed intent on ramming my car, so I kept driving on
and going round bends thinking that the drivers were scared by the 
explosion. Eventually I decided to get out of the car and shoot the drivers
because they were annoying me. The Blista Compacts tried to run me down!
All 3 of them were driven by that Old Man(No, not the ones that had died
obviously) so I blew up their cars. Weird.

Again, Iwan has discovered more glitchery:

This won't really help but that thing with cops happened to me. I was bored
so I put the higher wanted level cheat on my backup file and I got FBI coming 
in Landstalkers.

Super Mario
I don't know if this is a permanent thing but I don't remember it happening
before. I went up to a group of Marios (3 in blue shirt, one in black shirt)
And I shot the first Blue Shirt in the head with the M4 , which for some 
reason didn't decapitate him, but he fell to the floor and stayed there so 
I assumed he was dead. Next, the guy in the black shirt ducked, like Tommy
does when he is out of breath so I shot the other two Marios in the Head,
but it didn't fall off either. I then shot the balck shirt guy in the head
a couple of times and he didn't fall to the ground. Anyway, the other 3 
Marios had been on the ground for quite some time now, but they all got 
back up! I kept shooting all the Marios in their head. Later on I discovered
that all Marios survive head shots from my M4, I don't know if this is just
a glitch or whether it's a permanent thing on everyone's game.

Iwan "I like E-mailing Psychotic34 many times to get revenge on him for spelling
my name wrong" Best says it isn't on his game, so it is obviously from game to 
game. I know for a fact that it is on my game, I always shoot the Marios in 
the head with the M4. 
Update:Ka-Ching! maybe it's because I saved at Cherry Poppers once(before I 
learnt it screwed games up). I hadn't noticed any glitches until now, so 
maybe that is what I get. Not really an overly bad thing though, is it?

Get a Helicopter in the mansion!
I thank Iwan Best for this one

Get into the Sea Sparrow (any helicopter works, but this one is easier) that
is in the back yard of the Vercetti Mansion, fly over to the Indoor Swimming
Pool, and fly up. You'll be in a ghost world of the mansion [like the one
in the North Point Mall] DON'T GET OUT! It'll mess your game up. Fly inside
the big black box that is at the top of the inside out mansion. Land the
chopper and go outside the door. You'll be inside the mansion with the 
helicopter waiting for you

Another thing Iwan has noticed is:

I've just found something out about the helicopter in mansion trick. Save
before attempting this!!!!! I'l explain why at the bottom.once you get in to 
the inside-out mansion go up to the black box and go underneath it.fly forward 
until you get to an invisible wall.while holding X press triangle a few times 
and you should bail. You'll fall for about ten seconds (this is completely safe. 
I'v done it four or five times on my backup file) and you'll end up in that 
corridor that leads to the indoor swimming pool.leave it at either exit and 
you'll be free to walk around the inside-out mansion and garden. 

From here walk around for a while until the sea sparrow re-spawns and you 
can fly around starfish island.land,grab a car and leave whichever side you 
came from and you are now free in the inside-out world.(the game might freeze 
sometimes so make sure you save before you try this.) 

***Also, I think you can get the Ghost Mansion effect if you use the walk
through walls trick to get into it, I haven't tried it since owning the
mansion(I started a new go to see if I could bust into Starfish Island
early on) but before you own it it's in a strange ghost state that is like
the North Point Mall when you drive a Caddy into it***

A third way:
Go into the Ocean View Hotel, and head into the corner near the window
where the tables are, then walk through the plant. You will end up in
some strange but small outside ghost world, and there is an invisible
corridor, trapping you between the hotel and the outside world. The Cops
can shoot you, but you can't shoot them. Ahem, unless you flame-thrower
or Rocket Launcher/Anything flamey/explosive them.

So now we have two ways of going into the inside-out world! 

Rampage weirdness
Thanks to Marco Spurk for this one
I saved after completing two or three rampages, so I lost more and more 
weapons eg mp5 after drive by rampages. But not my good old colt, and 
after each safehouse visit my ammo starts growing! I got s 800, 1500, 
3300 and so on and now I have unlimited colt ammo - even after safehouse 
visits! (there is no more number under the weapon like in rampages) 
strange.... but hey - unlimited! ;o) and I think the colt glitch is gone, 

The Job
Marco Spurk also sent in this glitch
I tried this mission 3 or 4 times, and the glitches Sucked!. When I had 
to get the Manager I wanted to go into the lift. The manager is following 
- but not in the lift! He stopped in the room in front of the lift and rested
there! and Tommy can't move anymore because of the pink dot.... very
annoying. I had to reload my. Same thing happens later with the locksmith
(Cam Jones) 

GRRRR!!!!!!! After I spent so long getting it....
Ryan Lee sent in this glitch:
Sometimes, if you fire the Hunters missiles it blows itself up for no 
apparent reason, probably because one of the missiles has hit the Hunter

*I've had this glitch too, it's the only way I have died in a Hunter so far
(and trust me, I've stolen a lot of them!) I think the way to avoid it is 
to make sure the Hunter is still when you are firing and DO NOT TURN!*

Ryan Lee has also told me that he once got a Stinger stuck in a sign (The
sign was through the middle of the bonnet with no visible means of entry
and exit

*Again, this has happened to me too, but with an Infernus and a Lampost.
I figure that certain parts of signs/lamposts aren't solid, and the car may
rise a few feet in the air, then go through the not-solid bit, slides down
and becomes trapped on the Solid bit*

Matt Pinske has e-mailed me this glitch
I was just playing vice city now, enjoying a flight in the sea sparrow when 
I encountered an evil glitch. Usually when you fly to the edge of the map, 
the game simply automatically turns you away, rather than letting you 
continue off into the not-created area of the ocean right? Well, if you 
go as far north as possible then go as far east as possible (so you end 
up at the top left of the map, well actually if you go all the way as I 
said you won't appear on the map, the big pink "you are here" arrow is 
nowhere to be seen. Anyway, if you get to this point, the game simply crashes, 
the music continues to play, but the game freezes. I haven't found any other 
places this happens and that was the only time my game has crashed. I 
loaded up and went to the same area again to see if what happened was just 
a coincidence, but my game crashed once again. Both times I was flying 
around in the sea sparrow (but I assume it works with any helicopter and 
presumably the skimmer plane also).

- I'm gonna tell you what I told Matt, which is that sounds just like 
what happened in GTA3. Hmmmmm - 

OK, I think this is from FiercecubeROBO87, I'm not sure because I copy and
paste all my E-mails into notepad, and the name of the person who submitted
it, which makes things easier because of all the different fonts people use,
my inbox isn't full and I don't have to go on the internet to type extra
things into my guide. I remember FiercecubeROBO87 e-mailing me, (I remember
he had submitted stuff before) but his name wasn't in the notepad document, 
so I assumed it was submitted by FiercecubROBO87. If it wasn't, then e-mail
me to correct me.

One time in the street in front of the mansion, I killed lots of people and 
an ambulance came. I got in the ambulance on the passenger side, and I dont 
remember if I quickly got out again, but I exited, and the passenger side 
paramedic dude exited the Ambulance. Then, I got around to the driver side 
(I think), and i hought the driver got out of the vehicle. I started driving, 
and then I made some crazy turns-but it wasn't exactly me...it was the 
DRIVER!!!! I then found out I was sitting on him...then I exited, and he got 
out too...that glitch was cool! 

Tank and, wait for it SUBMARINE!!!!
Massive thanks to BenMc20 for this one, it's in his words, all I did was
change spellings because I have to for Game faqs criteria(I think, but
better safe than sorry!)
Hi I was flying around in the tank and I sussed somthing out,
slightly to the right of the Starfish Island Bridge (secound island) there 
is a tall building with black and blue stripes.Fly the tank to the roof of 
this(helicopter won't reach) and you will see it has no roof, just drop the 
tank into the space were the roof should be and you will fall down the 
building like a tunnel, as soon as you fall through the the bottom of the 
building into the grey stuff(kinda like the blue hell) start flying the tank 
again.You will now be under Vice City. Fly, and when you come under the sea 
simply go upward, do not go above the sea or you will drown (unless you have 
the hover car cheat on) but you can fly the tank in the sea exactly like a 
submarine. (you can blast out of the sea and fly normally)
Another tank tip is if you just fly round VC in a circle with the tank pointing 
slightly upwards you will be surprised just how high you will go. eventully 
you will not even be able to see VC. (obviously you need the flying car on to 
fly the tank.)

Flippin' Taxi
This is from J. Matthew Lemieux
I was doing the cab driver missions in a Kaufman Cab. It flipped onto its right 
side and began sparking and losing flecks of paint. However, it wasn't taking 
damage and every time I tried to flip it back (by accelerating/reversing or 
flicking the joystick around) it would just roll almost back to the road, 
and then levitate itself back up to is former position... this was before 
I discovered I could actually drive it like this, albeit with much crappier 
handling, and deliver fares. I dropped off one fare, went to pick up 
another, and she went to get in, did a little spaz jump against the 
undercarriage (like what they do if they're falling/hitting a wall) and ended 
up teleporting herself inside. Then, as she got inside, for no reason, my cab 
righted itself and I was able to carry on normally. Very bizarre.

The unwanted Hitchiker
Aschere e-mailed me this one:
Just something I came across that was a cool thing for the glitch section:
I was just casually having some fun shooting some people and had a two star 
rating. Well somehow a cop car parked itself against the wall such that it's 
passenger side was against the wall. The driving cop got out of the car and 
I shot him. I then got in the car (the passenger cop still inside) and you 
can drive around with a cop inside your car. He doesn't scream though like 
other passengers do, but it was kinda funny. I then went and got rid of all 
my wanted stars with police bribes. I had somehow managed to get the passenger 
side door to fall off and I ended up stopping the car. The cop stood up and 
immediately busted me. Kinda funny.

Restricted Airspace
Adam Mailed me this obe
To kill cops forever, go onto the roof of the airport terminal.  If you stand 
on the middle peak in the roof, police helicopters will never come.  If you 
move to either side of the roof, they will come after you.  Then move back to 
the middle and they will fly away.  It must be restricted airspace or 
something.  Happy Hunting.

*Please Don't, its just for fun(Pizza Cake bit)


9.0 Cheats
Don't forget, cheats can sometimes screw up your game and some wil even 
decrease your criminal rating. Use with caution. If you have seen earlier
versions of this guide you may remember I had no idea what this cheat did.
O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X  
Well, I have worked it out, it shows your media attention on-screen

U - Up
R - R
D - Down
L - Left
T - Triangle
S - Square

All the others are the same as how they appear on your PS2 Controller so
I won't bother going into what they are....


9.1 Useful
All Weapons #1  R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U - Gives you Colt 
.45, Ruger, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Brass Knuckles, Cocktails, Flamethrower, 
Mac-10 and Baseball Bat.
All Weapons #2 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, L - Gives you Colt 
Python, M4, Stubby Shotgun, PSG-1, Brass Knuckles, Bomb, Rocket Launcher,
Uzi 9mm and Katana
All Weapons #3 R1, R2, L1, R2, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, D - Gives you Colt 
Python, M4, Spas Shotgun, PSG-1, Fist, Grenades, Mini-Gun, MP5 and 
Armor: R1, R2, L1, X, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U - Fills armor to 100/150 
(depends if Vigilante missions complete)
Health: R1, R2, L1, O, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, U - Fills health to 100/150 
(depends if Pizza Boy missions complete)
Increase Wanted Level R1, R1, O, R2, L, R, L, R, L, R - Increases wanted 
level by two stars
Decrease Wanted Level R1, R1, O, R2, U, D, U, D, U, D - Removes wanted 
level fully


9.2 Pedestrian Related
Have Women Follow You O, X, L1, L1, R2, X, X, O, T
Pedestrians Hate You D, U, U, U, X, R2, R1, L2, L2 - DON'T EVER SAVE WITH 
Pedestrians Riot D, L, U, L, X, R2, R1, L2, L1 - DON'T EVER SAVE WITH 
Pedestrians With Weapons R2, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2
Commit Suicide R, L2, D, R1, L, L, R1, L1, L2, L1 
Chicks with guns Press R, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, LI, X 
Pedestrians from Thriller S, L1, T, R2, S, L1, L1 No confirmation 
message will appear. 
Zombie Cops O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, X 


9.3 Vehicle Related
Flying Cars Cheat R, R2, O, R1, L2, D, L1, R1 NOTE:DO NOT get into a 
helicopter with this cheat on, I did and my game crashed.
Flying Boats R2, O, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, S, T
Perfect Handling T, R1, R1, L, R1, L1, R2, L1 - Also Press L3 to Jump
Change wheel size R1, X, T, R, R2, S, U, D, S
Drive on water R, R2, C, R1, L2, S, R1, R2
Blow Up All Cars R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, S, T, O, T, L2, L1 
Aggressive Drivers R2, O, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, R2, L2
Pink Cars O, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, R, O 
Black Cars O, L2, U, R1, L, X, R1, L1, L, O - All Cars are Black
Increase Cars Top Speed R, R1, U, L2, L2, R, R1, L1, R1, R1


9.4 Vehicle Spawning
Note, you have to be on a road in order for these to work
Spawn Rhino Tank O, O, L1, O, O, O, L1, L2, R1, T, O, T
Spawn Sabre Turbo L, L2, D, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, O, L
Spawn Bloodring Racer D, R1, O, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, L, L 
Spawn Bloodring Banger U, R, R, L1, R, U, S, L2 
Spawn Hotring Racer #1 R1, O, R2, R, L1, L2, X, X, S, R1 
Spawn Hotring Racer #2 R2, L1, O, R, L1, R1, R, U, O, R2 
Spawn Romero's Hearse D, R2, D, R1, L2, L, R1, L1, L, R 
Spawn Love Limo R2, U, L2, L, L, R1, L1, O, R 
Spawn Trashmaster O, R1, O, R1, L, L, R1, L1, O, R 
Spawn Caddie O, L1, U, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, O, X 


9.5 Time and Space cheats
Speed Up Time O, O, L1, S, L1, S, S, S, L1, T, O, T 
Slow Down Time T, U, R, D, S, R2, R1 
Sunny Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T 
Cloudy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, T
Very Cloudy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, S 
Stormy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, O 
Foggy Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X 


9.6 Change Character Model
Don't die or get busted with these on, sometimes the game may crash
Random Character Model R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R 
Mercedes R2, L1, U, L1, R, R1, R, U, O, T
Candy Suxxx O, R2, D, R1, L, R, R1, L1, X, L2 
Ken Rosenberg R, L1, U, L2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R1 
Lance Vance O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, L1
Sonny Forelli O, L1, O, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X
Ricardo Diaz L1, L2, R1, R2, D, L1, R2, L2
Phil Cassidy R, R1, U, R2, L1, R, R1, L1 ,R, O - before he loses his arm, 
Hillary King R1, O, R2, L1, R, R1, L1, X, R2
Love Fist Guy #1 D, L1, D, L2, L, X, R1, L1, X, X 
Love Fist Guy #2 R1, L2, R2, L1, R, R2, L, X, S, L1 - The one in the Kilt 
and Argentina Shirt


10.0 Challenges and fun things to do

OK, when the game is 100% complete, what else is there to do?
Well behold:here are some challenges and fun things to do


10.1 My Own Challenges

- Fly the Tank to the highest building possible and land there
- Get a wanted level of 3 stars and above and see how long you last in a 
- With Six Stars, try to survive as long as you can: a) in a car(no bails)
                                                     b) on foot
                                                     c) in a boat(no bails)

- Try to Kamikaze your own helicopter into a police one(you will need at 
least 3 stars)

- Get from the bottom of the airport, to the dirtbike track on Ocean Beach 
as fast as you can in : a) in a car
                     b) on foot
                     c) in a helicopter

- Use Auto Aim to aim at a cop, and see how long you can go with it aimed 
at him without being discovered.

- Fly The Tank as high as you can, bail out in midair and try to lose as 
much health as you can.And no, getting into water Doesn't count!(my best is 
89 health lost, beat that!)

- Get as Many keepie-uppies as you can with the beach ball(18 is my pathetic
best.... BEAT IT! GO ON BEAT IT!)

- Kill as many cops as you can without getting a wanted level, my best is 
17 (TIP, smash your car up a bit, and park next to some)

- Get in a fight with EVERYONE at the Malibu, damn I was having to punch
and kick like crazy, but it looked cool and that's all that matters.

- Land a Helicopter on a Boat, Car or Truck!

- Get a 4* Wanted Level, wait for the SWAT temas in their enforcers to show
up then blow an Enforcer up with the Rocket Launcher.No, that's not the
challenge. Climb onto it's roof, and try to stay on top of there for as
long as you can, you'll have cops everywhere.

- Put on the Aggressive Drivers Cheat, and then try to jump on top of 
moving cars, it's damn near impossible, but I managed to do it a couple
of times. But Tommy does get massive air when he does this though!

- Put on Aggressive Drivers, Pedestrians with weapons and pedestrians
hate you cheats on. See how long you last!

- Play Keepie-Uppie with a person, ie go up to them in a helicopter, 
slice em with the blades and see how long you can keep 'em airborne for!

- Find someone on a Sanchez or PCJ-600, and pull out your shotgun. See 
how many times you can shoot them before they hit the ground#

- Vice City has a population of 1.8 million. I want you to reduce that 
figure to 0(Yeah, kill yourself afterwards) OK, so it's insane, and there
PROBABLY are no benefits from it, and people will still spawn on the streets
because the Programmers didn't think anyone would be Crazy enough to do it.
Still, you can show off to all your friends and indeed the world if you
take pictures and upload them onto the net...

- Land on top of a Billboard, yes that's right, on top of that little grey
bit that sticks over the edge

- OK, so we all know that getting a Chopper into a Pay 'N' Spray isn't
exactly easy, but why don't you try getting the Seaplane or a Boat into one?
Go on then! You Nutta!


10.2 My Own Fun things to do
- Go into the Malibu Club and Clear the place! The best weapons to use are 
the Mini-Gun, Nerve Gas, Molotovs and Flamethrower. Oh and I recently 
discovered how fun walking in with a Chainsaw Buzzing can be!

- Get a passenger with you on a bike(The best way is to knock the driver 
off and let the other person get back on), drive as high as you can(the 
office building is a good place) Drive really quickly towards the edge and 
bail out seconds before  and laugh as your victim falls off a building.

Oh yeah, :3= <--- damion the walrus of darkness (yes, that's his name)
told me it didn't work with bikes, but I KNOW it works with cars. Two
good places to do this is 
a) outside the Malibu, you can just drive the car over the ramp that 
leads over the water, and bail out when the car is on the ramp, allowing
it to go flying over the edge and into the water and your passenger/s 
with it!
b) next to the lighthouse, just drive as fast as you can at the water then
bail out in the nick of time!

To get passengers in cars, you can do either:
a) Women follow you cheat
b) Throw a driver with a passenger out of his/her car, and drive away fast!

- Same thing really, but use the women follow you cheat and go into a 
Helicopter or Plane/Tank, fill it up with women(get into it when they are 
near), fly as high as you can and bail out, leaving them there! 

- Play Pirate! Invade other peoples boats!

- Get a bike, and start slamming into the back of things, and try to land 
on top of a low building, the back of a Flatbed, or even a boat!

- The front of the Stadium is the most fun place to do Motorbike stunts, 
just grab a PCJ-600 and experiment!

- Go onto the beach with either a Sand King, BF Injection or Sanchez and
just drive up and down it really fast, looking cool while you do it! Use
a variety of camera angles too, and also hold the drive-by view mode,
it always looks cool when you're bouncing up and down over the dunes

- Play at Terminator 2 - Try to ramp a bike up so you smash into the VCPD
Maverick when it comes.Also, clear out a bunch of Cops with the Mini-Gun,
but unlike Arnie KILL THEM!

- Find the Packer in the Docks, and park a couple of cars in front of it
(Parking Hotring Racers makes it look cooler, so just use cheats and 
spawn them, but don't forget to reset your game afterwards...) and shoot
them about 4 times with your M4, and blow out their tires if you feel like
it.Then, get a PCJ-600, go right to the back of the packer, rev up, go
flying over the packer and try and clear the cars!

- Put the Pedestrians have Weapons cheat on, put Pedestrians Riot
Cheat on, then go to somewhere like the roof of Rafael's, and watch the

- Roleplay
Put on the Cop uniform, grab a Nightstick, Colt .4(or Colt Python if you
really want) and a Squad Car, and go hunting for criminals(not in Vigilante
mode) The Criminals are either Gang members or people in leather jackets
who are running away from the Police.
** a Further Fun Thing involving Cop Roleplay**
Do raids on places like the Malibu! Just go in with a nightstick and
Nerve Gas, and throw 3 Cannisters in, then beat down any survivors.
Also, play at Police Boat Man and proceed to target any boat you want,
either gun it up with the Predator's cannons, or blow it up with one
of our own guns, or just board it. The strange thing is that whenever you
board someone else's boat they always seem to stop driving it, then jump
into the water.Bizzare..
Also, Police Helicopter Pilot.There's nothing you can really do since
our version of the VCPD Maverick doesn't have a Gun, but still, if you
can think of any ideas go right ahead(and tell me too!)
Also, go to the Malibu and punch the Cop who is dancing on stage(he isn't
a real cop of course) then lure him away from the stage, then kill him.
Get on stage in his place and Dance! You can even remove the rest of the
"Village People"(No Indian!) and then dance all by yourself!
Also, Ryan Pierce E-mailed me an idea
Get a cop outfit and a squad car, now park your car on the side of the road 
and get another empty car to put as a mini roadblock. The next car that comes 
by will stop at your roadblock. Go up the side of the car (not the front or 
you'll get run over) and punch the door. If the driver gets out and runs then 
try the next car, but hopefully he'll slam on the gas to get away. Now just 
jump into your squad car and you have yourself a high speed chase. Try to run 
them off the road or whatever you have to do, just don't let them get away :).
And Jerud Nelson thought of combining the best elements:
You could do take the chopper to any club or store or something with people 
in it and raid the place throw nerve gas and kill any one else who survives.
Serial Killer
Put on the Bank Job Outfit, Grab a Machete/Knife/Meat Cleaver or Chainsaw 
and then get a hooker and take her to an isolated spot(or do a taxi mission 
and do the same) and kill them! In fact, try to be an original Serial Killer,
do something new. Kill a certain amount of people, lure them to their death
in an original way. Use a Screwdriver or something if you realy want to be
original, but no guns! That's just not as fun for being a serial killer. 
Samurai/Martial Arts type guy
Get the Havana Outfit(see above) then Grab a Katana and start Hacking people
or beating the hell out of them
Put on the Mr. Vercetti outfit, and run around with a Chainsaw shouting
"Say hello to my Little Friend!"
Get the Coveralls outfit, and then go around either Viceport or the 
Construction site, and start smacking people in the face with a hammer
or even the Screwdriver if you like. You can even add an air of 
authenticity by spouting "There'th a Plath you can go" and "Young Man" in
the style of those camp builders in GTA3
Get the Coveralls, a Walton and a Shotgun. Find some area that will be 
your farm, then Shout "Get off my Land!" And shotgun them.

- Get a Packer then get the Cops on you. Whenever there is a Cop Car right
behind you Slam on the Brakes and watch it go over the ramp, and either
flip off the side or go flying up in the air, and if you're really lucky
you could get one to land on a building or in the sea!

- Do a Wheelie and Make sure the front wheel lands on someones head

- Create your own Firework! Well, rocket. Get a bike and smash it up or 
shoot it so it JUST BEGINS to go on fire,(or after it has taken a lot of 
punishment after beginning to grey smoke) Drive fast, then bail out quickly
and the Bike will go Zooming off like a rocket(and the flames will always
blow behind it making it look cool) and then will explode after a few 
seconds or if it hits something(Like a Police car for instance, and you
shouldn't get any stars for it, mwhahahahah)

- Park a Car onto a boat(the best place to do this is at the docks in Ocean
Beach where the Colonel's yacht was) And then Rocket Launcher the BOTTOM
of the Boat, underneath where the car is. If you have done this right,
the car will get launched several feet in the air

- If you are heading to the Airport or Viceport from your Mansion, this is
always a fun one to do. If you own the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory then
drive-by the Mr. Whoopie until it begins to flame, then drive a little bit 
to the South so that the factory is obscured by a bit of building sticking
out. Wait. Then, the Mr. Whoopie will explode, and all you will see is a
load of doors and wheels flying out. OK, so it's not THAT fun, but it looks
pretty cool

- Get one of the four cars at Sunshine Autos and then go to 8-Balls Bomb 
Shop. Put a bomb in it. Then, try to get it nicked by a car jacker. Wait
a while, then try to find it! because it has a bomb in it which you haven't
detonated, it shouldn't disappear. I have only managed to find my car again
once, and I lost it outside the North Point Mall and I found it again in
Ocean Beach. You can also use a Bloodring Car or a Romero's Hearse or a
Love Limo, just make sure that it's a one-off car that you don't see driving
around the streets! (Oh and don't save it afterwards if you like the car you
are going to get nicked)

- Get any car and put a bomb in it. Get a Car Jacker to nick it. Now, you
can either blow the car up while you can still see it, or you can just wait
a while(so the criminal thinks he has got away) then detonate it. 

- Do the Pizza Boy missions and totally coat somewhere in Pizzas! it's even
easier to just wait outside the Pizza window where you get refills and then
throw like Crazy.

- Kill someone so they land on their front, then just keep shooting them!
They kinda do a fun dance.

- Drive a car as fast as you can along the sidewalk, then bail out! see how
many people you can kill!

- Create your own Fight Club! Trap a few people by parking a packer or two
in between them and a wall, then put the pedestrians hate each other cheat
on, then hop right over! You can do this with Coaches but you will find it
harder to jump back over, and taking part in Fight Club is half the fun!

- Watch some gang wars!
Hotspots:(and a * indicates the gang I think you should support)
In between Little Havana and Little Haiti there is always action on the
borderline between The Cubans* and the Haitians
Around the North Point Mall, DPB vs Sharks*
South of Starfish Island, DPB vs The Vercetti Gang*
Cherry Poppers, Cubans vs Vercetti Gang*
Print Works, Haitians vs Vercetti Gang* vs (if you're lucky to have a 
group or two of them come up north too much) the Cubans
Kaufman Cabs, Haitians vs Vercetti Gang*

- Go to Sunshine Autos, (after completing the asset of course...)and toss 
a grenade underneath the Sand King. Enjoy the Chain Reaction. Another 
similar fun thing to do is to grab a car that is one piece of damage away
from becoming on fire, drive really fast as you approach Sunshine Autos
then bail out so it goes through the window, catches fire, then boom!

- Same as before really, just do it at Howlin' Pete's Biker Emporium

- Get a car, head down to the area around the lighthouse, drive fast
towards the edge then bail out, then blow up the car when it lands in
the water. Watch what happens next, it really is a sad waste of life when
people decide to do this, but they all do it together so I guess it's
like a Cult doing a ritual suicide or something!

- Create your own "Stuntboat Challenge"! Get the Squallo II or Cuban Jetmax
from the Boatyard, and try to pull off insane stunts(you can't actually do
insane stunts that are classed as insane stunts, but that doesn't matter)
Just to the south of Ocean Beach is a great place to do it. There are 
massive rock formations which you can smash into and try to go over the
top of, there is those ramps which you use in Checkpoint Charlie to jump
over the docks, there are individual rocks that stick out of the water(big
formation underneath) that if you clip you go flying. Also, there is that
little bay that is near the lighthouse that is closed off by the wooden
bridge going over the entrance, try getting in without going over land
(I have, and I got out again too!) and finaly cruise up next to the beach
and there will be wooden thingies sticking out to sea from it, clip one of


10.3 User Submitted Challenges

- After completing Trojan Voodoo, kill 15 Haitians with a screwdriver 
without getting killed

- Win a Fist-Fight in a two-on-one situation against bouncers at the 
Malibu Club

- Try to beat his wheelie distance, 3700 feet 

- Beat his even amazinger wheelie distance of 10,000 ft! (Balanced for
180 Seconds, which is 3 minutes)

- Beat his Wheelie Distance 8,317 Feet, (119 Seconds)

Looks like we have a Wheelie Competition on our hands! Dammit, that means I
will need to write a wheelie guide! Well, I can't really write too much
but here are some handy wheelie hints

1) Do it where you have a long, flat space where you aren't likely to
crash into things like traffic. The best place to do it is the runways
at the airport, but the beach is a good location if you can keep it going
2)You can do it on any motorbike(Scooters like the Faggio and Pizza Boy
aren't really motorbikes) PCJ-600's are the best for getting an actual
wheelie, but I'd recommend using an Angel if you want to last for as 
long as you can!
3) To wheelie, hold down or pull back on the left stick when the bike
is accelerating. For the Angel you will need to get it when it is in it's
"Sweetspot" and that can only come from expierience

So, Championship so far

1) BigEasy "I've done a 4454 m wheelie (european version) thats about 13.000 feet 
..BEAT THAT ;-) 
And it was with the Faggio, belive it or not :D" 
2) LPgroupy (10,000+ ft) (180+ secs)
3) Skateboarder0307 (8,317 ft) (119 secs)
4) Bob (3,700 ft) (He didn't tell me, but I guess at 75 secs)

But I am not a wheelie person myself, I am more of a beachball guy!

Stoppie Championship
1) Sleeker 2,200 ft, 108 seconds
2) BigEasy 1,509 ft

I would also like to thank BigEasy for bothering to convert metres into feet, 
I have the European version also, but I can't remember whether mine is
in ft or m. (UK version)

2 Wheels
Norwegian Car balancing King BigEasy:
Whats your 2 Wheel Record ? 
Mine is 360 m (1080 feet) with the Cabbie 
I have also made around 200 m with the Moonbeam,Abulance and some of the Vans 

Anyway, back onto challenges methinks

From:Marco Spurk
- Get a high Media Attention level, and beat his which is 1945, stuff of
legends.(I have got Stuff of Legends also but I can't remember the exact
score...) and remember, NO CHEATS!

From:Shane Keena

- First listen to Esperantoso for 24 minutes!(He said he was only joking, 
but I think it's an OK Challenge, especially if you don't like Esperantoso.
Personally, I'd rather listen to it than Emotion, but they are both annoying)

- Do the race "VC Endurance" (It's the sixth and final race at Sunshine Autos)
in 4 min 35s, his best is 4 min 30s.

- Put aggressive drivers cheat on and speed around the City at full speed
on a PCJ-600, and try to stay on for as long as you can

- Jump off Hyman Condo at top speed on a PCJ-600 and land your bike perfectly


- Beat his beach ball bounce of 152(!!!) (And to think that I thought 18 was
good...) Beachball championship! see below!

From:Kevin Smith
- I did a 1112 degree turn on a PCJ. Beat that! 
- I got a record of about 50 cops killed. I went on to the cargo ship and sniped 
all kinds of cops. 
- Today I jumped 199 feet on a PCJ

- In a Manana jump the staircase in front of the Ammunation in Downtown and 
land inside Ammunation  

-i think o and a good chaleneg is 2 get  from the hot ring race place to the
topof the light houes on ocen beacht with 6 stares and crazy people and
people got guns from john.j

OK, in case you didn't understand that, as some people might not:
-I think a Good Challenge is to get from Hyman Memorial Stadium to the
Top of the Lighthouse on Ocean Beach with 6 stars with Crazy people, people
with guns [and I will add aggressive drivers to that list, just to make it 
that little bit harder!]


10.4 User Submitted Fun Things

- Bail out of a helicopter at it's highest point and try to land in a 
boat. Nearly impossible but he came within a couple of inches. Should this
be included as a Challenge?

- Pop all four tires in a fast car, get a high wanted level, drive fast
and try to last as long as you can!

From:Metal x
Climb on top of a vehicle like a Landstalker, get out your gun and start
picking everyone off!

Go up to random people on motorcycles and chop 'em with a chainsaw!?!?!

I came upon this while just flying around. Near the lighthouse in Ocean Beach, 
there is a walkway between two small hills just east of it, between the light 
and the dock part. Take a helicopter(I had a Sea Sparrow, but I don't know if 
it matters), land it perpendicular on the walkway, facing south(trees in front),
 and exit. The heli should be at a downward angle. Now, if done correctly, get
back in after the rotors stop spinning, and hopefully the heli won't level out 
if you don't do anything(moving the sticks, pressing O, etc...). Wait, and 
pedestrians will walk on the walkway, and will try to get past your copter. 
Soon, the ground will be covered with their blood. Then, the other people will 
try to help the people, and so on. It can become very funny, especially if somebody 
flies between the two trees or falls in the water, because of people walking in. 
You don't get any police attention at all, and can just sit there listening to 
VCPR or whatever and laughing at flying dead people.
I did this, and i literally sat there for half an hour listening to VCPR and 
watching people explode in blood and become airborne. Damn this is a violent 

From:Iwan Best

Beachball games 

Before I start just a little off topic thing, if you use the look through walls 
cheat on the building by the beach ball that's in the pool that has water in it, 
you can see that there's water in it.(the sea)If the sea gets rougher because of
rain then this gets rougher too.It's a kinda weird scene as there's nothing inside 
other buildings, except for a couple of ghost worlds. 
1.kick it as far away from the starting point as possible.I got mine from Ocean 
Beach to three quarters of the way across the bridge before kicking it in the 
water.Even better try doing it without letting it touch touch the floor.I've done 
it about halfway across Starfish. 
2.Kick it as far as you can:a)By running into it 
                           b)By standing next to it and pressing o until you do a kick 
                           c)By shooting it with a Ruger.I've got it from that pool 
                             with water in and a beachball to on top of the 
                             garage with the Phoenix in. 
3.Keep ups(obviously). My best is 12! <Mwahahahah, too slow, for I have 48 
4.Highest kick.You can measure it by kicking it against a wall then quickly 
holding down on R3 
5.Try and get it to land inside a stinger/comet from as far away as possible. 
6.Try and kick it over a wall or bush or on top of a roof from as far away 
as possible. 
7.Try and do a mission while kicking the ball along with you. 
8.I probably won't be able to explain this very well but when the balls 
coming down for a kick up stand a bit away from the shadow but facing it 
and press O.do as many fist ups as possible.If it lands on your head you can 
carry on but that dosen't count. 
9.Do as many "shoot ups" with a ruger as possible.I've only ever got 2 once. 
<again, heh, 3 :p>
10.Keep ups to easy?Try doing them inside the dancing part of the malibu or 
a garage with a low roof. 
11.Keep ups while standing still. 

Because of this, I figured there should be another championship. The 
Beachball bounce championship. And don't lie, what's the point? if you want
your name in an FAQ so badly, then tell me what your favourite thing on 
Vice City to do is, and if it hasn't been mentioned *Copies and Pastes*
Huzzah! your name is up in lights.Well, text.
1st) gsvugolf (152)
2nd) Psychotic34 (He's the best, vote Psychotic34! even though there
is no voting, vote for him anyway. Wonder why I want him to win) (48), 
yeah I'm back in the game, yee-hah!
3rd) Iwan Best (12)

Also, Media Attention Championship
remember, NO CHEATS!
1)Psychotic34 (yeah, he rules!) 4000+ yeah, I can't remember the exact amount
but let's just say RHINO!
2) William Rutherford, and I quote "I beat the old record of 1945...can't 
remember exactly...but I remember it was around 3250...TRY AND BEAT DAT ONE 
So I assumed it was a challenge directed towards me, and spent a lot of time 
in a Rhino.
3) Sleeker, 1968
4) Marco Spurk, 1945

From:Ryan Lee
On the gang part where you support a gang in the gang war like Sharks 
vs DBP security you can do the change clothes cheat to look like the gang 
you are supporting if you want.. And, if you get a star when you are in a 
gang fightjust run circles around the group of the gang you are supporting
and the cop that's chasing you may hit one of the gang members then the 
whole gang beats the cop up and you get away with your crime.

From:Kevin Smith
- Something to add to FUN THINGS TO DO is fly to all kinds of places with 
a helicopter. I'm working on 55. 

From:Brett Edwards

-Police Fun

Barricade yourself inside Ammunation by parking trucks/vans in front of the
windows (cars on their sides will do) and an easy-to-jump-over car in front
of the door (best if you blow them up now rather than in your face later).
Leave just enough room that you can step out of the door, but can only get
by the car by jumping over its bonnet/trunk.  Start shooting people/vehicles
and watch the stars grow.  If you need ammo or a breather, just step back
inside.  Can get pretty dodgy when the tank arrives, but a little forward
planning of extra cars out front (blown up of course) can stop him from
getting a clean shot.

For the real sadists out there, try stocking up with as much ammo as
possible and setting up a "car fort" inside a multi-level c/park.  A couple
of cars on the up ramp will stop the SWAT from dropping in behind you from
the roof, and a car or two on the down ramp give good cover to shoot from.
Use sniping weapons as much as possible to conserve ammo.  Again, remember
to put the cars in place and blow them up before the Police use them to blow
you up.

For a good camera shot, try this last one at Washington Mall, but leave a
PCJ-600 on the roof for a quick get away via the UNIQUE JUMP.  The slow-mo
looks great with the VCPD firing at you.

Suicidal maniacs can keep themselves amused for the few minutes they have
left to live by setting up a quick 4 car fort in the middle of the road (my
favourite is on a bridge) and going for gold on the Police with anything
they can.

Haven't tried this yet, but I suppose if you took the unique jump into the
film studio you could cause some serious trouble.  Once in, climb the stairs
to get out but don't leave.  Shoot some people, and take cover in one of the
sound stages.  Maybe use the Packer and Hummer to block the door or
something.  If you could get the copter to come over you should be able to
reach 6 stars no problem.  Advantage would be that the cop/FBI/army vehicles
can't get in.  Hmm, must try this tomorrow...

-Driving Fun

Bridge to Bridge endurance challenge = Starting from the Vercetti Mansion,
race across every bridge and back to the mansion in the shortest time.
Short version of this is to race a lap around the Prawn and Starfish Island

Washington Mall challenge = Starting from the base of Washington Mall
multi-level, race to the roof, around the roof in the direction of the
arrows, and back down again.  This is great fun if you want to have a quick
time-trial against a friend.

Unique crashes = On the fast, open UNIQUE JUMPs like the one heading SOUTH
across the grass from the Malibu Club, set up a bike or light sports car on
the edge of the jump, then plough full speed into it with another fast car.
Makes for great stunt-driving slow-mo's.

-Boating Fun

Grab ammo for the snipers rifle and get in a boat, then take it around to
the water off the lighthouse point.  Now leave the boat floating under its
own power some distance off the rocks while you practise your long distance
sniping at the walkers along the path/boardwalk.  Adjust the boats direction
as necessary.


10.5 Fun Places to fight the Police

- Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Roof - you can get up using the stairs
at the back

- North Point Mall - This place is great! mainly because you only get foot
cops, but that's why it is fun:You get loads of them on you. I killed over 
600 of these guys(NO exaggeration) 

- Around Appartment 3C - this is great, the cops will show up from all 4
sides, as you are on a high up ledge that leads all the way around in 
a square. There are roads and the like below you, so you can cause HAVOC
(It's not actually Appartment 3C, it's on the same block and north of
it. It's a raised Stilts Building)

- Row of Shops, Ocean beach. This is the place where you will find 
the Shop, Rockstar Games. Just get on the roof using a heli

- All 3 Multi Storeys
The First one(somewhere in Ocean Beach), is quite fun to kill cops,
but in order to prevent being bothered by Helis and the like, just
park a van of some sort, like a Burrito or Moonbeam, etc, against the wall
of the floor below the roof of the carpark, and climb up on the roof of
the van and start killing.
The Second One,(just north of the North Point Mall)is even more fun, as 
even if you don't want to kill anything(I can't think why, but still) you 
get to watch the three-way war between the Sharks, DPB Security and the 
Police. Great! This Multi Storey is identical in layout to the last one,
so you can remove the threat of helicopters in the same way.
The third one is next to the mini-mall, which is nice because when you
get to the top, you can actually snipe into the mini-mall. Also, you 
could park a van on the spiral section, and start killing people in the 

- Along the road on which the Cafe Robina is a wall,(which is
next to a Chinese restaurant, a cleverly titled establishment which goes
by the name "Wok & Wok") and there is a gap in the Wall that will take 
you round the back of the Chinese restaurant, and there are stairs leading
to the roof of the building behind it, and then if you jump down you can
get onto another building next to it. Next, you can go up more stairs that
will take you onto the roof of the restaurant, where there is a PSG-1. But
that isn't Mr. Zoo's only suprise, because once you are on the roof you can
jump down onto a Kaufman Cabs Billboars, which makes an excellent Sniping 
vantage point, and also on there is a Hidden Package. Yeah so I copied
and pasted this from my secrets section. Sue me.

- The roof of Rafael's is a good spot, you can get on by going up to the
top of the vine-covered multi-storey and jumping off onto the roof where
you can snipe people. There is also a rampage icon up here.

- On the Little Haiti Side of the Leaf Links Bridge, go just South and
you will see two Palm Trees, walk up(yes, you can walk up Palm Trees for
some insane reason) the one closest to the sea, and right to the top.
You get a prime view of the Bridge, where there are always pedestrians 
and Haitians. Also, LOADS of Law enforcement vehicles come over the
bridge(about 15 a minute!) and completely ignore you! Just be careful
if you choose to Rocket Launcher Helicopters out of your way, as you
could fall off the tree if you are caught in the blast, and down below
you there are swarms of Cops(and possibly Haitians) There are other Palm
Trees you can walk up, but this one is easily the best.

- Phone Box, see the secrets section and look for Foreshadowy/The Superman
Effect/Let me out!

- Use a Helicopter or the V.C Surf 3D Billboard to get onto the roof of
the Airport Terminal, it's always a fun place!

- The Airport Terminal Itself! provided you put the weapons cheat on after
going into the building

- The V.C Surf 3D Billboard is another great place!


10.6 User Submitted Locations

From:Nicholas Weaver
- Sunshine Autos (pay & spray easy to get to, stay on the second floor), 

- Stairs to Skumole Shack (stairs up from street, small fence to keep 
vehicles from going underneath you...)

-in the grocery store in vice point

-fly around in the sea sparrow all over the place

-vercetti estate

-all around starfish island

-on boats

-place where the "cabmageddon" mission was.

-inside ammunation/tool shops

-roof with the pool in "Martha's Mug Shot" mission

-the beach

-downtown dirtbike track

Hey a good way to fight the police is to stay in your mansion! 
Occasionally run outside so that the M4 and shotgun return in your 
mansion on the bottom floor. It would also help to have at least 10 
packages so you could get a colt python in front of your mansion. In 
less than half an hour, you'll be on national television!(Media level
in stats)

From:Charles Kjell Knutson
I also would like to submit two of my favorite snipering areas. The 
first is on the SW corner of the roof on Hyman Condos. This is nice 
because you can see a variety of different streets, you can also snipe 
people waiting for the bus. Also, if your wanted level gets too high, 
you have a change of clothes and a police bribe. The second place isn't 
as safe, but it's more exciting. Jump on top of the fast food stores from 
the top floor in the north point mall. The only way the cops can get you 
is from above, but if you're quick you can get them before you get too 
shot up. You also have a change of clothes and police bribe nearby. There's 
plenty of places to refill your life. You can refill your armor and 
replenish your sniper rifle right there at the amunation in the mall. Also, 
there are many gangs of shoppers or punks in the mall. I like to snipe 
them one by one until they all scatter, then try and pick off the rest before 
they disappear.

You take a bike, Angel, Sanchez or Pcj-600 because there are the only 
bikes that work and you go to the Greasy Chopper. go off the jump behind 
it but get a good run at it, if you hit the jump right you will land on this 
ledge on the store with the bike behind the glass, across from the Greasy 
Chopper and vwuala! you got a perfect perch for killing stuff.

From:Jerud Nelson
I didnt see this one one here but a good place to fight the cops is at the 
Malibu if you kill everyone in there then go up top to your office and there 
is a little place where you can look out if you crounch down and use the 
python you will be there for a long time.


10.7 Custom Missions
(Thanks to Ryan Mahoney for giving me this idea)
These are all kind of Mini-Missions, so enjoy

- Bank Job! ish
Throughout this drive like a Normal driver, ie stopping at red lights and 
such so you don't attract attention. Most people probably won't, but at
least try!
Get a car from a car park, then respray it(repsraying = very important to this
mini-mission, it's so you cover your tracks), then head down to the North
Point Mall and scout the locations of all the robbable shops, and they are
Downstairs:Gash(but you can get into it from the upstairs), jewellers, and
Tooled up. Upstairs:Countdown Vinyl. After scouting everythng change into
either Casual or the Coveralls(they are both in the mall) then quickly leave.
Now head for the building on Stilts,and grab the Banshee there, then respray
it, then take it to the garage at El Swanko Casa(use the same car you used to
get to the mall to get you to the Multi-Storey nearby, then just dump it there
and run to the building on stilts, it's just down the road) Get a new car, (non
Banshee) get it resprayed, then head down to the Malibu, run in and put on the
Bank Job Outfit, then head to El Swanko Casa, dump the car you are in in a 
nearby pool,(not the El Swanko one, we don't want the Police to know it was
us) then pick up the Banshee. The reasoning behind getting a different car
to go to the Malibu was to make sure no-one saw the getaway car outside
the Malibu, and therefore have it linked back to us. Park your car outside,
then go into the mall, and rob all 4 stores! Shoot the guys behind the counters
afterwards too, then get out of there, you will have a few cops chasing you,
try not to kill loads, as your wanted level will rise to high, then dash to
the Pay 'N' Spray nearby. Next, head down to Collars and Cuffs and change
into the Mr. Vercetti outfit. Next, dump the Banshee into the sea, just
drive towards it fast around the lighthouse area then bail out. Blow it up 
when it is underwater. Unfortunately, you doing this has caused people to
jump into the water, and therefore witnesses will report a man in a pinstripe
suit running from the area, so grab a car, respray it, then change into the
Soiree outfit. Then, go dump this car in the Multi-Storey, Then jump down from
the roof, and onto Rafael's, then head to the building with the stilts again
and grab the PCJ-600 there(if it isn't, which it should be, go away and come 
back, the same goes for all cars) and head to Prawn Island. Go to where the
Seaplane is at the back of the Interglobal Films Studio, and dump the PCJ-600
in the water there, then fly away in the Seaplane(no-one will report that
missing, as it's yours to begin with!) then land in the water behind your
mansion in Starfish Island, then go upstairs and change into Street. Phew!
You completed the custom mission, Well done!

This will require the wanted level lower and raise cheat, because I don't
think that it is fair that becasue you kill a cop when no-one is there
the Cops still know about it. First, buy a bomb from Phil Cassidy,
next kill a cop, in an isolated spot. Remove that wanted level, 
and don't kill him too "Loudly" just beat him to a pulp. Next head to the 
Cop Station in Washington Beach, and grab the Cop Uniform. Leave the Cop
Station, drive a bit further away from it so that the uniform respawns,
before doing the next bit make sure that it is there.Now, stroll calmly
into the Office with a Nightstick Equipped, then just toss the bomb, and
Then run downstairs and pick up the Cop Uniform again. Leave, Then detonate
the bomb! Remember if you have 100% there will be a bomb glitch so run around
the Back and pick up the Nerve Gas. Get a 4 Star wanted level, using the 
cheat is the easiest way, then drive all the way to the boatyard in any
car you want(No tanks or anything though, and no helicopters/planes/boats)
and don't go to a Pay 'N' Spray either or get any Police Bribes, they are
the wimps way out. Get into one of the Boats, and drive off, when you can 
see some Marios at Starfish Island, you can take the wanted level off, 
and land the boat in the back yard of the mansion. Run upstairs and change
into "Street" again. Mission Complete(Note, ignore the Checkpoint Charlie
mission that comes up when you enter the boat)

Bike This!
The Biker gang have been annoying Tommy recently, as they haven't been
doing what he has asked them to do for him. Head down to the Greasy Chopper
Downtown, and beat up the Biker Guy at the door, next, depending on how many
Angels there are(1-2) Blow one up and take the other, or if there is only
just the one Angel, then take it. Next, drive up and down in front of the
Greasy Chopper, Drive-Bying it. Then, put on 2 stars using the wanted level
cheat or just kill a cop with your drive-bying skills, then head off round
the corner, until you see the building with the stairs going up to the
next level where the Sparrow is, and then drive around to the office, and
take the elevator up to the next level. Next, make the jump from one building
to another out the window, if you fail to make the jump, you will have to 
go back to the office and do it again. Next, and this is the precision bit,
shoot up the Angel with a Ruger or an M4 until it is smoking greyish black 
smoke, and then shoot it perhaps 3 or 4 more times. Next drive up to the 
egde and bail off, allowing the Angel to fall to the floor and hopefully
burst into flames.Mission Complete.

Bent Copper
A Detective has not been doing what he has supposed to be doing for Tommy,
and instead has been busting members of his gang. Go into the VCPD 
hedquarters, get the Cop Outfit, go up the stairs and into the office at 
the back of this main room, where the hidden package is/was. The guy isn't 
there! He must have escaped. During this time feel free to blast cops that get 
in your way. You must tail his car, (Choose any of them at random, it really 
doesn't matter which as long as there is a man inside, then again, it could 
be a female detective but for now I will use the words "he and "him" rather 
than "s/he" and "him/her")Pull him out of his car and torture him. I 
recommend getting rid of your wanted level, but as you have to chase him 
out of the station the onlyway is to use the cheat, so after doing this 
mission press reset and turnoff the power. Anyway, torture him using a Melee 
weappon, after all, it's timeto make him pay. Blow up his car, then take your 
car to get resprayed then dump it into the water somewhere. Get a change 
of clothes to complete the mission.

As it Turns out, it was the Cubans who were paying the bent cop more than
you were paying him. This calls for a little revenge. You will need Molotov
Coktails for this mission, so go down to Tacopalypse in Downtown and grab
some. Next, go to Cafe Robina in Little Havana, and rob the joint, before
shooting the hell out of everyone in there. Take a step back, and throw
5 molotovs(or if you have less than 5, throw as many as you have) into there.
If you see any Cubans on the street at this point, kill them. Grab a car and
head down the road to Sunshine Autos and get your car resprayed. That will
teach those Cubans not to mess with Tommy Vercetti!

Pizza Cake!
The nice people at Well-Stacked Pizza in Vice Point/Washington Beach(I can't
remember which one it is in, but there is only one Pizza Joint on the First
Island, so that's your target)haven't been paying their protection money.
This a good thing isn't(No, not an attempt at being Yoda). Go down there, 
and if the Pizza Boy (The bike) isn't round the back, go away and come back
until it is, then march on into the Pizza Shop. Kill anyone you see in here
other than the guy behind the counter, he has been marked down for special
treatment. Jump behind the Counter, and punch the guy in the face once. 
Then wait a couple of seconds before doing it again. When he is dead, kick
his body like a psycho, then get the hell out of there, roudn the back and
steal the bike, go dump that in the waters around Vice, stick it anywhere
you want to, then grab a car, get it resprayed and dump it somewhere else
in the water.Mission Complete.

Fire Strike
Mayor Shrub is angry, Vice City's firefighters are on strike! go down to 
the firehouse dowtown, and take their fire engine. Drive to 8-Balls bomb
shop down in Viceport, and then drive all the way back up to the firehouse.
Once there, park the engine where you found it(if another one is there, park
it right next to it) and then go on top of a nearby building(any will do, as
long as you can see the Fire Engine/s, and use a helicopter) and then set off
the bomb! But that's not the end of the story! create a nice little inferno,
and then wait for those firefighters to come along and put it out. But 
they're not going to! oh no, you're going to shoot them! then take their
Fire Engine all the way down to Ocean Beach, and dump it into the sea next
to the lighthouse! mission complete



From:Iwan Best(He said this was for the Fun Things, but I think it's more of
a custom mission)

Vintage gone in 60 seconds
Get an Infernus, Stinger, Comet, Banshee and Phoenix in your garage at Starfish 
Island.(put 2 in,then use the extra cars in garage tip to get the other two in.
3 in straight, side by side then 1 blocking them horizontally) You'll have an 
Infernus waitting outside for you (you always do) Get them two your Hyman Condo 
WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM in 1 day. And that's one day of in-game time, rather than
real life time, because it would be too easy otherwise!!!


Haitian Massacre
The Haitians have been stealing your drug deals, this is not a good thing.
We're going to have to teach them a lesson! Go to the North Point Mall, and
to the Tooled Up inside it. Change into the Coveralls and buy a Katana. Head
down to Little Haiti then kill 20 Haitians with it, and you cannot use a 
respray or turn the Cops off!!!

From:Jerud Nelson
(both missions)

Pizza boy
Mitch baker suspects one of his men are spying on him now it turns out it's 
the biker outside the Greasy Chopper, so kill him but you have to do it 
without anybody there and without getting caught. Here is what you do, 
go to the pizza place and get the pizza bike deleiver at least 5 to their 
customers and on the way back to the pizza place block up traffic by the 
greasy chopper and snipe him off and anyone else that saw you then 
continue to the pizza place then go change you clothes into a track suit 
(the suit is to the right of the pizza place) so the cops wont catch you 
there now you have an alliby that you were delivery pizzas at that time 
and in case there were any witnesses you weren't dressed in the clothes 
the witnesses descirbed the killer in. 

Custom mission 

Striped off 

The bikers are learning all our secrets but how a little investigating and 
we found out that a stripper has been telling all our secrets to the bikers! 
Head down to the Pole Position and take her out she is the one with the two 
bikers watching her. OK, kill her and the two bikers and get the hell out 
of there! Take the car that you have and go to Rafael's for a change of 
clothes but wait! the Cops are still onto you (At this point you could either 
imagine the cops are onto or your can use the raise wanted level cheat and 
make your wanted level go up to at least 3 if you do) now you need to get 
your car resprayed but the one south of Rafael's is out of commission! now 
you are going to have to get to the Pay and Spray in Little Havana. Once this 
is done dump the car at the Vice City Port Authority and mission complete.


11.0 Locations
OK, this will take me a while to complete, but I'm gonna do it.


11.1 Unique Jump Locations

Use a PCJ-600 for all of these, before each jump hold Square and X to rev
up your engine, then let go of Square and away you go!

J. Matthew Lemieux has E-mailed me this tip
You mention using the PCJ-600 to do the unique jumps and say to rev the 
engine... you might want to make mention of the fact that if you lean forward 
on the bike (without standing up) you gain in acceleration and top speed. To 
lean forward easily (as its a little tricky to know the treshold between 
leaning forward and getting into stoppie position) just put the control stick 
to where you normally would put it to walk on foot. Just a heads up.

Washington Beach
All of these will be covered by the mission "PCJ Playground", but I will
say them anyway

1) The first one is easy, it's just north of the VCPD and is a wooden 
plank, just go up it fast

2) The next one is a flight of stairs, the ones used in "Guardian Angels"
just go up them fast and try to land on the roof

3) This is the staircase next to it, and is the one Lance used in "Guardian 
Angels". You can't go at it at the same angle, but as the stairs are in an 
"L" Shape, you can go up the other set and then just launch yourself.

4) Further down the alley there is yet another flight of stairs, hit them 
and land on the adjacent roof.

5) Keep going till you get to a small ramp, just go over it and land.

6) There is another small ramp further down, hit it and land on the opposite

7) Go to the Construction site, and up the the third level and jump over the
edge. It's the place where you meet Avery. You will need to keep your balance
while negotiating your way to the top, then get onto the long red beam, line
yourself up and accelerate like your life depended on it. Because it does.
Well it doesn't really but still....

8) Go to the top of the mini-mall multi-storey, and jump off the ramp facing
to the east, and land on the roof

9) From the building you landed on in 8), keep going and jump over the ramp
to the left.

Ocean Beach

10) Go to the Multi-Storey, the one with the Stallion "Cone Crazy" mission on
it and go over the ramp hat is on the roof.

11) Go up the stairs that lead up to appartment 3C, and land on the opposite
building, this is was how you got the last but one checkpoint in "PCJ

12) Keep going from where you landed in 11), and hit the stairs.

13) Go to the docks where you do the Colonel's missions, and into the one 
with the open gate. Head to the left and jump over the ramp to the next
dock, where the Marquis is.

14) Just keep on going from where you landed in 13) there is another ramp over
the water and complete the jump, then bail out! otherwise you will end up 
being fish food.

Vice Point.

15) This one is obvious, it's just west of the Malibu Club, and is a ramp over 
the river

16) Just go south from here, and there will be an identical barrier, that will
take you over the bridge

17) There's another identical ramp, which is on the small island and will take
you over the river

18) There is also a small dirt ramp, which will take you over the river, it's
near to the bridge that will take you back to the mainland.

Prawn Island

19) To get to this one, go to the west of the island, and there is a building
with a ramp over the film Studio on it, to get to it you will need to go up
a couple of ramps first.

Starfish Island

20) At the top of the Island, there is a staircase round the back of a house, 
go over it to complete ths jump


21) Opposite Ammunation, there is a flight of stairs, it's the ones you 
jumped over to get Mitch's Bike back in "Hog Tied"

22) Go up the stairs and to to the Office where you started "G-Spotlight"
Smash out window and land on the next building

23) Keep going and doing those jumps from building to building, but if
you did G-Spotlight without a Helicopter, you'll have done the next 
two(and indeed the previous one) before. Keep going until you are on
the Hospital roof and jump to the next building.

24) This is the jump to the building with the spotilight, if you did the
Mission using a Heli, you can find it at night-time because the image
of Candy is still there.

Little Haiti.

25) This is just north of the Sparrow, (see vehicle missions for location)
you will have to go over a ramp to get to the floating Police Bribe

26) Around Auntie Poulet's house, there is a ramp which you will go on
to clear a school Bus, and maybe even a houe if you go fast enough

27) Around here, is an open sewer. There is a ramp over this, and you
have to go over it.

Little Havana

28)Go south 
from the Print works, and there will be a small alley, go down it, and then 
just to the right of where you emerge on the opposite side of the road, 
there will be the cross-shaped alley. Just go down the one which is facing 
south, and there will be lots of ramps leading upwards and over rooftops, 
to wthe final jump(yeah, I did it)

Escobar International Airport

29) There is a a pair of ramps on the runway, go over the one which looks
like it will give the biggest air, and you will go FLYING. Land in the car
park. I think this ramp only appears at the correct angle(it's the left one
by the way) at certain times of day.

30) As you go into the airport, there'll be a 3D Surf ad type thing, and
the jump is to drive up the wave on it, and land on top of the Airport 
terminal roof. Not an easy jump, so get a big run up.

31) There's a set of stairs(the kind you go on to get onto airplanes) 
which you have to go flying over

32) Another set of identical stairs will take you over the east arm of 
that set of loading bridges

33) Identical Jump to the last one, only it's over the western arm and you
will be facing East

34) Now Go west over the same arm from a set of those stairs!

35) To the west is a red radar type thing, and next to it is another set of
stairs! You know what you have to do....

36) There's a yellow and black striped ramp that is the final jump. I don't
think it's possible to go over the whole radar using it, but you only need 
to go over the bottom part anyway.


11.2 Rampage Locations
You get to kill random gangs for all of these missions. You want a reason
why you have to do this and why gangs spawn where they shouldn't???
Fine.... [Insert Rampage] was their suprise which they were going to use 
to implement Tommy's downfall and are obviously unhappy thatit was stolen 
by you. OR Tommy is Crazy. The Voices in his head tell him to do it, 
whatever reason you want to choose fine
Sharks/Diaz's Gang(even after Diaz gets killed)/Bikers/Haitians/Cubans
And it doesn't matter if you kill any gang members that were already 
there(eg if you have to kill Bikers, but you're in Little Havana and
Cubans were already there when you got the rampage icon, killing them
will not increase your kills count)

Ocean Beach

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Weapon:Molotov Cocktails
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:It's near some bushes on the path that leads to the lighthouse. 
Basically, just go South from the Ocean View Hotel until you find it
How?:Gang Members will spawn everywhere, so you don't need to go into 
any gang's turf and start killing them(A Random gang will spawn remember) 
keep your distance and just keep throwing the Cocktails into crowds of
them, remember to keep your distance unless you have done the firefighter

Do What?:Destroy 10 Vehicles
Weapon:Rocket Launcher
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On the South-Western Hut out of the three that are in the water 
to the South of the Dock's where you do the Colonel's Missions. It's the
one with the hidden package on it
How?:Well, you can either try your luck with trying to blow boats up,
but don't blame me if you try and hardly any boats show up. Just head for
shore, or head for the docks near where the Colonel's yacht used to be, 
there are quite a few boats, cars and bikes there. Then head out into the
street and start Detonating. You can even blow up the Helicopter once you
land in the street.Oh and don't get caught in any of the Blasts, after all,
how many people do you know who have been able to survive direct hits from
a Rocket Launcher?

Do What?:Run Over 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:The very bottom of the beach(South) it's just north of the Lighthouse
How?:NOTE:RUN OVER not shoot them with your gun.If you have a helicopter, this
mission is easy as you can sue it's rotor blades to decapitate some serious
Shark Head, otherwise just bring a fast car and drive as fast as you can 
into their little groups, and try to take out as many as you can.

Do What?:Kill 20 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:In a Yard opposite Rafael's it is there at the back. The Yard has a 
To Let Sign on it
How?:Easy! Just run into groups of the gang with the O Button pressed down
and you'll massacre every single last one of them!

Do What?:Kill 10 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:It's in the back Garden of one of the houses behind where you found 
the Chainsaw, The houses are all in an L Shaped Alley
How?:This is MUCH HARDER than it looks, but you should do it first time. I
ended up with about 20 Cubans Shooting at me on this one. Just go into groups
of them that AREN'T Shooting you, and slice. If you don't decapitate them 
instantly, You could keep trying or move onto the next lot, but you will end
up with a lot of them shooting at you, a I did when I had Cubans for this 

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members 
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On The Roof of Rafael's, if you want to get up their you can either
go up to the neighbouring Multi-Storey, climb up the ramp their and jump
off, or you can just land on top with a helicopter, but remember it's at
the far end of the roof to where you can pick up the Soiree Outfit
How?:EASY! Just Snipe them! if you see groups of gangs walking around, 
take out the people at the back first before taking the one at the front 
out, as the guy at the front chooses where the gang go, the gang just follow
him. This is why when you see gang members sprinting, they only sprint 
after the leader. If you shoot the leader, they'll all bolt. 

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On the roof of the Washington Mall on the West end. You can either land
on the Roof or you can go up the spiral thing to get to the top. It's in a 
parking space on the South-West End
How?:First Start shooting the Cronies when you are on top of the mall and 
they are inside, and keep doing that if you wish. I did this to start off, and
I suppose you could complete it this way, but this is how I did it. I jumped
right down into the Mall, which provoked a BULLET-FEST. If I had the SPAS-12 
then it would have been much easier but still, the Shotgun is quick enough 
for the elimination of the Gang

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From the winding path you can take to get to the Cortez Yacht, go out 
onto the main road, and follow the road round till you see a building on
your left with stairs going up it(you don't really have to go too far) and 
then get a car, or preferably something tall like an Ambulance or Rumpo, and
park it next to the right hand edge at the top of the stairs, jump on the 
bonnet before jumping onto the roof, then off into the Grass. The rampage
is right in front of you
How?:I Reccommend either staying on your vantage point, and spraying them,
or jumping down into the crowds of them, and spraying them. This rampage is
easy, I did it with over a minute to spare.

Washington Beach

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Head West from Bunch of Tools, up the stairs, and then South. The 
Rampage is just in front of a house. You can also get to it by going up
some stairs to the south of the Smashed up building site, and then just
keep heading south.
How?:3 Bullets = One Man. Don't forget that, and just keep shooting

Do What?:Drive-by 35 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Head North from Bunch of Tools, along the road until you come to
a Cul-de-sac on your left. Just drive down that and the rampage icon is
at the very end of the Cul-de-sac.
How?:Get a fast car, drive up to a group of the gang and fire. The cool
thing is, if it's a gang who hate you or if the gang has seen you 
massacaring fellow members, massive groups of them will run up to your
door and try to pull you out.Why is that cool? perhaps I didn't put 
enough emphasis on the word try. Drive-by the suckers before just before
they put their hands on the door!

Vice Point

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Look at the Map that came with the game. Now, do you see that big
building below the Malibu club on it? That's our destination. Just go
round the back of it, the Icon is near the beach and is behind a bush
How?:You really want to know how???? Come on, this is as easy as it

Do What?:Kill 10 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go to the Hotel again, and round the back to where the swimming
pool is. OK, now look for the diving board, then just go up all the steps
and activate the rampage icon
How?:As you have a Sniper Rifle, we're going to play Sniper, and as you
are on top of a Diving board, this will be your vantage point. As there
are only 10 gang members you need to kill, this shouldn't be too hard in
theory, the only problem I have encountered is that after I kill a few
gang members, the rest all congregate under the diving board so I can't
shoot any of them. Just jump off and keep shooting, the rampage should be 
passed in a few seconds then, so you can pull out your M4 and blow them 
all away!!!!!!!

Do What?:Kill 20 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Under the Bridge to Leaf Links, basically just turn right before 
going onto it, and you will see a boat docked, but just turn around and
go back under the bridge
How?:Easy! Just run into groups of the gang with the O Button pressed down
and you'll massacre every single last one of them!(Deja-vu?)

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members 
Weapon:Colt Python
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:If you go to the North Point Mall(But not inside I hasten to add) 
and head to the North East side of it then look towards the beach(East)
you will see a line of Palm Trees going down a path leading to the beach.
Go down this path, then go right when you exit it. The rampage is there.
How?:R1, O, R1, O, R1, O etc. Remember, if more gang members run to you
this will make it easier, just be careful of the Python Glitch as it 
happened to me several times during thsi rampage(See weapons section)

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members 
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go to the East Enterance of the North Point(and again don't go
inside) and then look South you will see that the rampage was hiding
behind a small wall
How?:Try to get as many head shots as you can by aiming high, especially
when you first walk up to a gang as you have the time(well, there is a 
time limit but this only takes half a second) to aim at one of their heads
then spray them all from side to side with Bullets.

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members 
Weapon:Rocket Launcher
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go Inside the North Point Mall(That's right, you can go in now!)
and then head up one of the escalators in the middle. Go to Countdown
Vinyl as it is just across from here, then look inside the Bush that is
just in front of it, the Icon is there so just jump up to get it
How?:If you stay upstairs, you can fire this onto gang members who are
downstairs, and you won't get hit by any of your own Rockets! 

Do What?:Drive-by 30 Gang Members
Weapon:Uzi 9mm
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Look on your in-box map. Now, do you see the North Point Mall?
good, look for the writing where it says "North Point Mall" Then look
for a building to the left of it(NOT the one that is partially covered
by the red box in which "North Point Mall" is written on. Go to this
building and there is a U-Shaped Drive aroudn it, and the rampage is
up here
How?:Get a fast car, drive up to a group of the gang and fire. The cool
thing is, if it's a gang who hate you or if the gang has seen you 
massacaring fellow members, massive groups of them will run up to your
door and try to pull you out.Why is that cool? perhaps I didn't put 
enough emphasis on the word try. Drive-by the suckers before just before
they put their hands on the door!
(Same as before yes, but good tactics all the same....)

Starfish Island

Do What?:Run Over 35 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From your Mansion, exit out of the exit of the Mansion and then 
go left, down the road until you come to the bridge. Don't go over
the bridge, do down the road to your right a little way, and then get
a car, like an Ambulance and park it up against the left wall(you will
know which one as you will be able to see the rampage) Jump onto your 
car then over the wall, and head to the rampage. But if I were you I'd
do this:Take the Maverick from the roof of the Mansion, it will make the
next bit a whole lot easier!
How?:NOTE:RUN OVER not shoot them with your gun.If you have a helicopter, this
mission is easy as you can sue it's rotor blades to decapitate some serious
Shark Head, otherwise just bring a fast car and drive as fast as you can 
into their little groups, and try to take out as many as you can.
(Don't blame me for unoriginality, blame Rockstar!)


Do What?:Destroy 15 Vehicles
Weapon:Rocket Launcher
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:If you know where that big boat where you did the first Print Works
mission is, then go there, if not, just follow the main road south from
the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory and look on your left. Next, go 
through the gate, and up the ramp and onto the boat. Then, head to the
South end of the Boat where you will find the Rampage icon in amongst
some cargo crates
How?:This is tough because you will lose quite a bit of your time getting
back off the boat, UNLESS you brought a bike, which would be a good idea
as you could blow that up later, otherwise you'd have to jog(you can't 
sprint with the Rocket Launcher remember) back out of there. Then, head
into Viceport, killing any vehicles encountered on the way and blow up 
any parked vehicles too. Blow up a vehicle and all the ones behind it will
stop, unless you get someone who thinks they can go round it. Be careful
not to hit any gang members with Rockets otherwise they'll start shooting
at you, and you can't really deal with people at close range with just
a rocket launcher. If you have Diaz's Gang or the Haitians as the gang for
this mission, then you might as well get them in the Crossfire.

Do What?:Kill 35 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Do you know where the Hooker hotel is(It's the Hotel where there's
a Rocket Launcher in the Pool)? if not, go to Sunshine Autos, then go 
South down the road, turn right, then turn left, it's the orangish 
building. The rampage is to the south side of the Hooker Hotel
How?:Throw your 'nades FAR otherwise you'll be caught in the blast. Or
you can just drop one into a gang crowd then run off before it explodes
in your face(but it will in their faces, heh)

Little Havana

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From the Printworks, just go down and South until you see a green
area on your radar, and there will be a Square of pink houses and in the
middle of all of these houses there are 3 basketball courts. The rampage
icon is in the middle of the centre Basketball Court
How?:Head back out onto the streets, and then start shooting! remember,
unless you are at close range it takes two shotgun shots to kill them
so shoot them in quick succession whilst holding R1 the whole time. As
they will be blown off their feet after the first Shotgun shot, you can
shoot the person when they are on the ground Also

Do What?:Kill 20 Gang Members
Time Limit:Shockingly enough, 2 minutes
Where?:From Cafe Robina, Head South, then turn left, then turn right(these
are all short roads) and then look immediately to your right. There will
be an alley with a flight of stairs in it. Run up the Stairs then the stairs
after that and the rampage icon will be on the rooftop, along with a hidden
How?:As you are already in a vantage point, kill as many gang members as you
can before they all seem to congregate just below you and out of your firing
range and then jump off the building, and gun down the remaining gang members
that thought it was clever to try and hide from Tommy Vercetti. Try to get
as many Head Shots as you can, because the Ruger doesn't really do that much
damage to people

Do What?:Kill 20 Gang Members
Weapon:Sniper Rifle
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On top of the Building that is next to the building that is next to
the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory(Both buildings are to the north of the
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory) The best way to get up here is to head 
to Starfish Island and into the Mansion and grab the Maverick, then head
back over the bridge, and land the Maverick on top
How?:You have a Sniper Rifle.You are on top of a Building.Does that make it
clear enough what you have to do? just try to get head shots, you can aim
for people's heads whilst the gun is being reloaded. Again you will have 
loads of gang members annoyingly hanging around under you, so if you are
really desperate jump off and shoot as many as you need to.

Do What?:Kill 10 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Around the back of El Corrupto Banco Grande, which is the place 
where you did "The Job". If you don't know where that is, it's the big 
tall building just north of where you did your last rampage(or should have
done if you have been following my guide) and the Rampage Icon is next to
a garage door(non-openable, naturally) which is at the South West side of 
the Building
How?: Just go into groups of gang members that AREN'T Shooting you, and 
slice. If you don't decapitate them instantly, You could keep trying 
or move onto the next lot, but you will end up with a lot of them shooting 
at you, a I did when I had Diaz's Gang for this mission.

Escobar International Airport

Do What?:Destroy 12 Vehicles
Weapon:Rocket Launcher
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On top of the Escobar International Airport terminal, the one which
you need to lose your guns to go into(No, NOT Leaf Links) and you can either
land on it using a helicopter, or you can use the method I used when I 
discovered it(But if you've been following my guide in order you should know
this one anyway) and that is to use the VC Surf Board Advert as your ramp
(See Unique Jumps Section for details on how to do this Jump Correctly) 
How?:It doesn't get much easier than this. Destroy the Helicopter or Bike
you sued to get up here, then just shoot all the vehicles that appear below
without getting damaged. You don't have to worry about Gang Members like you
did on similar rampages, as they are all below you and they can't touch you.
When you are ready to come down after completing the rampage, either jump
off the building at the opposite end to where your little friends are hanging
out, or just jump down next to them an anihilate them with your Colt Python
or your SPAS-12.

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go into the Airport Terminal(and it's a good thing you will lose your 
weapons outside too) and run right to the back of it, the rampage icon is
opposite the Loading Arm thing which is outside.
How?:This is extremely easy, just remember  to stay around the door to the
airport so you can pick up your guns after the Rampage is finished so you
can remove any more gang members that may be hanging around which are angry
at you for wasting their fellow gang members.
Do What?:Destroy 15 Vehicles
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Just to the East of Fort Baxter Air Base, in some bushes. Fort Baxter
is just to the North of Escobar International Airport in case you didn't know,
and you can either take a car down all those narrow roads to get their(not 
really such a good idea) or a Helicopter(Good idea) Remember:DO NOT GO NEAR
THE ENTRANCE TO THE BASE. The last thing you want when you're doing a rampage
is a load of Army Psychos on you. If you see any near the rampage, kill them.
How?:Luckily a lot of vehicles(Non-Military thank god) pass right in front of
the base all the time and the Mini-Gun willl make light work of all of them

Little Haiti

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From the Print Works Save Point, just head East, then turn north and 
then if you look on your left you will see a row of houses and the brilliantly
renamed billboard - Welcome to Little Haiti, where Life's a Bitch(It used to
be beach)
How?:Erm, basically just kill them, there isn't really any tips to give out 

Do What?:Kill 35 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes(AGAIN, I don't know why I bothered having a time limit 
section, I suppose it's because when I started doing rampages I thought 
they'd all be different time limits)
Where?:From the entrance to the Junkyard, take a right down the side alley,
and keep heading in that direction, go over the red metal bridge, and the
rampage icon should be somewhere in front of you if you keep going
How?:You don't know how to kill things with a SPAS-12 eh?


Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From Skumhole Shack/The Greasy Chopper, head down the South West road
(on which the Greasy Chopper and Howlin' Pete's Biker Emporium are) and then
go onto the main road, straight on your right will be the Moist Palms Hotel.
There will be a Tunnel leading throught to the parking lot, just literally
make a U shape to the right, and the rampage should be right in front of 
How?:Use the Same Method you would for the M4, but as the M60 is a bit more
powerful you don't NEED headshots but they do help quite a bit

Do What?:Drive-by 35 Gang Members
Weapon:Uzi 9mm
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go to Well-Stacked Pizza, and there is an Alley to the South of it and
that will lead you to a parking lot, where the Rampage Icon is Awaiting you.
How?:Get a fast car, drive up to a group of the gang and fire. The cool
thing is, if it's a gang who hate you or if the gang has seen you 
massacaring fellow members, massive groups of them will run up to your
door and try to pull you out.Why is that cool? perhaps I didn't put 
enough emphasis on the word try. Drive-by the suckers before just before
they put their hands on the door!
(Yeah I copied it and pasted it again, but frankly it is just the same as
a couple of the previous rampages, so the tactics aren't going to change)

Do What?:Kill 25 Gang Members
Weapon:Colt Python
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:I'm sure you remember doing Hog-Tied for Mitch Baker, and this 
rampage is on top of the stairs you used to jump with. If you don't
know where they are, the stairs are opposite Ammunation, and you can
find that by going Downtown and looking for the gun icon on your radar
How?:Staying on top of the Stairs is good, as it will deflect those angry
gang member's shots. Remember:R1, O, R1, O etc. Then, as there will 
probably be another congregation of Gang Members under the stairs, so
just jump off and with the Python you will eliminate them in seconds!

Do What?:Kill 40(!) Gang Members
Weapon:Molotov Cocktails
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:From Ammunation, head East and look on your left until you see a
white building on stilts. Go up the stairs that are leading up to it 
and the Rampage Icon is at the top of them in front of the door
How?:Unless you have done the Firefighter Missions(which you really 
should have done a long time ago) then stay back when throwing these
little beauties, but if you have, just walk into crowds of gang members
and drop them

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:On the most North-Eastern Road of the Second Island, go down it
from East to West, and look on your left, there is a modern art statue.
Head towards that and you'll find the rampage in Seconds
How?:Well I'd take a bike as it's a long walk back, especially because
you have a Mini-Gun. Then, go PSYCHO!!!!!!!

Do What?:Kill 30 Gang Members
Time Limit:2 Minutes
Where?:Go to the Helipad North of the Hyman Stadium. The Rampage icon is 
located just next to the ramp that leads up to the Helipad
How?:You want to know how? BURN THEM! BURN THEM ALL!!!

Whew, that's all of those done, now it's time for those pesky Packages,
and that's gonna take me a while :(


11.3 Hidden Package Locations

1) Go just south of the docks of where you get the Colonel's missions,
either by boat, helicopter or Seaplane and head towards the three huts.
Land on the unfinished one(South Western one) and there will be the
first package

2) Also if you go South, and then a little bit east from the same docks
(so therefore North-East from Package 1) you will see a rock formation. Your
best bet here is to use a boat, as helicopters will find it hard to land on
this island(even if it is a Sea Sparrow, you can't get in it if it has slid
down the rocks and quite a way away from you in the water)The package is in
the centre of the Rock Formation

3) South of Ammunation there is a house near to the water. On the steps 
leading up to it is Package 3

4) Go to the Lighthouse in Ocean Beach(If you don't know where that is,
go South from the Ocean View Hotel, and it is on your left, just go down
a path) The Package is on the steps leading up to the lighthouse

5) Head to the docks(you should know where they are) and then go straight
to the centre of them, and look East. You will see an underground Carpark.
The Package is in here

6) From the winding path you can take to get to the Cortez Yacht, go out 
onto the main road, and follow the road round till you see a building on
your left with stairs going up it(you don't really have to go too far) and 
then get a car, or preferably something tall like an Ambulance or Rumpo, and
park it next to the right hand edge at the top of the stairs, jump on the 
bonnet before jumping onto the roof, then off into the Grass. Go North and
the package will be around the back(it's where you got that rampage btw)

7) Go to the Southernmost Bridge that connects the two Islands, then 
look south and you will see a small alley. Follow this Alley round to 
get to Package 7

8) You can use a bike to jump from the multi-storey onto a building and
then onto a next building, but I prefer to use a Helicopter. Just head
South-East from the Washington Mall multi-storey and what you are looking
for will be on a rooftop.

Washington Beach

9) Round the back of a building just North-East of the Multi-Storey you
just went to, next to the pool

10) Go to the starting Hotel, and start cruising up and down the road in 
front of it looking for a PCJ-600, you are more likely to find one if you
are on a bike. Then, go into the Alley around the back of that line of 
Hotels and keep heading North along it until you see a set of stairs next 
to a Police Bribe. Use the stairs as a ramp and jump onto the roof next to
you. On the South-East end of the roof you landed on, there will be Package

11) Go to 1102 Washington Street(you should have bought this hideout, if
you don't know where it is, it's opposite Ken Rosenburg's office) and then
head up the stairs leading up to it, and around the back is the Package

12) From Bunch Of Tools, head South across the bridge then immediately 
make a U-Turn Left and make like you're going to go under the bridge. You
aren't, but you're going to get very close to it as the Package is nearly
under it

13) Get the Helicopter from the Vercetti Estate, then head to Bunch of
Tools. Now, do you see the car parked there?(if not, go away and come back
and keep doing this if neccessary) Fly directly east from it until you 
see a tall blue and white striped building. On top of here is where Package
13) rests.

14) If you look at the Beach on your radar, you will see a load of green
patches on it. Go North-West of these until you come across a Beach Hut.
The Package is on the stairs of the Beach Hut

15) Now we head for the Cop Station, and as you should have done "Copland"
you should be OK. Run into the locker Room on your left, there may be a
Cop or two in there, but who cares? just don't shoot any of them and grab
the Uniform. Then Stroll inconspiculously out of the Locker Room, down the
corridor, up the Stairs on the right, into the office and head forwards
till you get to a mini-office, the Package is in here

16) Go across west from "Bunch of Tools" into the place where there is
a big house. Go to the pink house next to it and run around until you
find the package

17) In the same yard as hidden package no 16), just look inside the end
shower cubicle(Though I don't have a clue why someone would want so many
outside showers in such annoying colours.....)

18) This package is just down the road from the Bunch of Tools(To the west)
and is hidden underneath the bridge that leads to Starfish Island

Vice Point

19) Go to Spand-Express which is just down the road from Bunch of Tools, 
it's basically the place where you did the "Riot" Mission for Avery. Go
around the back and the Package is there

20) Go to the place(just down the road from Spand-Express) where you usually
make contact with Avery, and go up(it's even better on a bike) to the third
floor, go along the red beam and jump off to the side, then go along the
massive beam, BE CAREFUL NOT TO FALL! Especially if you are near the end
of the beam as it's above water. The Package is sitting at the end of the

OK, I'm back on the case!

21) If you got to the Avery contact point, and then head west behind a
group of houses, you will see a dock and on the end of this very dock is
the package

22) Go to the Malibu in a Chopper, and now go to a building across the
street (it has a pool on the roof). Land on the building, and then go
up the stairs and the package is there

23) In the Parking lot which is right behind the Malibu(and there are usually
some nice sports cars there too!!)

24) Get that chopper you used for no. 22, if you lost it or crashed it then
go back to the mansion or to the one behind the Links View Heights, then
head just to the north of the Malibu and there is another Swimming Pool
on top of a roof. The package is up on this roof, just hunt around and
you will see it.

25) Go directly east from the Malibu Club, and there will be a Water Tower
type thing. Go North from here(OK, so there's a building in the way, just 
walk around it!) and directly on your left will be a swimming pool surrounded
by a low wall, jump over the wall(but I think there's an entrance further down
anyway, but I used a Chopper) and there will be a swimming pool. At the top right
of the pool(not inside) there is:No 25!

26) Inside Well-Stacked Pizza, which is in Vice Point. Look on you in-box
map if you don't know where it is, but you should really do anyway.

27) Right next to Well-Stacked Pizza(the one you just went to, obviously)
is a White U-Shaped Building. The Package is hidden behind some stairs
going up into the building(but you can't get in, obviously)

28) Inside the Jewellery shop, look for it on your in-box map. Don't fire
any weapons in here because the assistant will sound the alarm.Literally.
The package is behind the counter.

29) If you go to the appartment that is just north of the bridge to Leaf
Links(it's the appartment with the helipad) and just keep on looking around
where the pool is you'll find it, no problem

30) Go to the appartment where you started the Mission "The Chase" For Diaz.
It's the one where Tommy Looked through the window, and you can still look
through the window. Anyway, continue up onto the roof, and keep on going.
The package is hidden up here, because after you jump down from one of
the rooves to another, the package will end up behind you, and it was
shieled by the roof before. Basically, after making a jump down to a
roof to a 180 each time and you will see it after one of the jumps.

31) In that area of yards that is near to the Links View Appartment, it's
the place where you can find a Sparrow and a Police Bribe. The package is
located in the top corner in the yard that is just to the north of the one
in which the Sparrow is located.

32) Go to the North-West end of the Beach(preferably in a Chopper) and go
down past the North Point Mall and keep going until you see a hotel
with a swimming pool. 32) is in the South West Corner of the hotel...

33) and 33) is on top of the diving board, it's the place where you had to
do the PSG-1 Rampage.

34) Hidden behind another bridge support, this one is behind the Prawn
Island Bridge, just walk along next to the water and then you should
be able to see it

35) Go to the Dirt track on the beach, it's the one where you had the R/C
race. Just look behind a billboard to the east and the package should be
hidden behind it.

36) If you go south along the road for the Vice Point appartment, the next
building (on your left) will be a long, yellowy-orange and white building,
with stairs leading round the back. Go round the back and the package
will be in front of one of the black doors

37) Behind the escalators in the North Point Mall, they're in between the 
two northern entarnces

38) Second Storey of the mall, just go up the escaltors and head to the 
east side, it shouldn't be too hard to find

39) Go to the Gash Shop, and to the seconds storey if you aren't there 
already, and look around the escalator that is inside the shop to find 
the package. Don't fire any shots too close to the assistant downstairs,
because he will press the alarm(why is a middle-aged bearded man working
in a store like Gash anyway, hmmm.....)

40) Go to the North Point Mall Multi-Storey, it's just to the North-West
in case you didn't know, and look around the ground floor, the package
is around here somewhere

Prawn Island

41) There is a Police Bribe in an alley which is to the South of the 
Island, so just look around here and you should be able to find package

42) If you go to the Interglobal Film Studio in a Chopper, and land on the
roof of a blue building that is adjacent to Studio D you will find package

43) Inside Studio C in the Interglobal Film Studios compound, not too hard
to see really

44) Go round the back of the big green house that is to the north-west side
of the island, and you should see the package

45) Go to the big house where you did the Phnom Penh '86 mission for Diaz.
and WALK off the balcony and you should end up in a little room where the
package is.

Leaf Links

46) Go into the Club (either over the little grey thing or by helicopter
if you want to keep your guns) and then just look under the bridge
that goes to Leaf Links

47) Go to the place where the rich guy was playing Golf in "Four Iron" and
look around this structure, the package will be in one of these.

48) Head to hole one! basically just head to the Curved road that is right
in front of you if you jumped over the grey flag holder to get into the course
and then keep heading towards the sea, the package is in the middle of a 
sand bunker

49) On an island that is in them middle of a little lake that is towards
the south part of the course

50) If you look at any map of Vice City you will see that there is an
Island that is just to the South of the Main Leaf Links island. On the
bridge from the main Leaf Links Island to this Island is the fiftieth 
package. Phew! halfway there!

Starfish Island

51) Just look around the many pools in the back garden of the Vercetti
Estate and you'll find it

52) Go the front of the Mansion and head to the far west end, the Package
is right at the end of a little erm alley I think is the best word I can
use to describe it

53) Go to the house with the Rockstar Shaped Pool, and up the stairs that
are at the back of this house. The package is amongst these picnic tables,
which interestingly enough be split in two with a quick rocket blast or 
grenade toss

54) From your Mansion, exit out of the exit of the Mansion and then 
go left, down the road and take the turn that goes right that will
lead you right through the middle of Starfish Island and then get a 
car, like an Ambulance and park it up against the right hand wall
Jump onto your car then over the wall, and head to the pool around the
back of this house But if I were you I'd do this:Take the Maverick from 
the roof of the Mansion. The package is in the pool. *Yeah so I copied
and pasted it from the rampages bit and then altered it a bit, so what?*

55) From your Mansion, exit out of the exit of the Mansion and then 
go left, down the road until you come to the bridge. Don't go over
the bridge, do down the road to your right and keep going round until you
come to the North-Eastern point on the road of the Island. Go into the 
lot, and look on the front doorstep of the house. I'll give you one guess
as to what you will find *More Copying and pasting and altering, how very
lazy of me, even though I have done 55 packages already and all the rampages
and Unique Jumps, I am still extremely Lazy aren't I...*


56) Head for the Dirt-Bike Track and then continue to head East. Then, when
the turn comes continue to head South. The package will be in an alcove that
is to your right.

57) On the most North-Eastern Road of the Second Island, go down it
from East to West, and look on your left, there is a modern art statue.
Head towards that and you'll find the package inside it, the best way to
get to it is to grab an Ambulance which is actually annoying because
when you kill people and don't want them to come back to life, Ambulances
come but when you kill loads because you want one to show up so you can
steal it, none cime. *Damn me and my copying and pasting from the rampages

58) Go to the Hyman Condo, and then look in that really little alleyway that
is next to it, not the alleyway that the Condo itself is in, just go from
the side where there is no barrier and you will see the alleyway on your

59) Go round the back of the stadium, through the parking garage. If you
look on your in-box map (ie the copy of the map that came with Vice City)
it is directly left of that checkered flag next to the words "Hyman Memorial
Stadium" it isn't too hard to find

60) Go north up the road from the Fire House, and it will be inside a parking
lot which you have to go down a ramp in order to get into.

61) On top of the VCN Helipad, I discovered this when I was looking at the
Easter Egg, just basically WALK not jog, sprint or jump off the edge of the 
helipad to the right-hand side of the ramp and you should land on top of 
the package. Get up there on foot or by chopper, but if you go up by chopper
you may have to share the helipad with a VCN Maverick(I used a Hunter and
managed to fit it on, so it shouldn't be too hard) and if you go by foot,
well it's a free helicopter! To get up by foot just walk through the black
double doors at the front of the building, they are partially obscured
by the Prawn Island - Downtown Bridge, which is where the building is next
to in case you don't know where it is

62) Go to the office where you started G-Spotlight, (It's also where you
can find the Sparrow for the Downtown Chopper Checkpoint Mission) it's
hidden behind a desk, so look behind all the desks. Then, jump out of the
massive window!*
*Not unless you enjoy watching Tommy get hurt.

Little Haiti
I advise getting these packages before doing "Trojan Voodoo" for Umberto
Robina, otherwise you're going to have a lot of angry Haitians chasing you
and shouting "I wanna hear you screeeam!" and shooting at you. This will
only lead to one thing eventually, your death.Not that the Haitians will do
it, although they will sure as hell try, the FBI or Amry will do it.(Shooting
Haitians is for some strange reason illegal and you will have Cops on your
ass then you will shoot them then the SWAT Teams show up, etc)

63) From Skumhole Shack/The Greasy Chopper, head down the South West road
(on which the Greasy Chopper and Howlin' Pete's Biker Emporium are) and then
go onto the main road, straight on your right will be the Moist Palms Hotel.
There will be a Tunnel leading throught to the parking lot. Go onto the grass
and head to the south, the package is hidden behind a ramp
(Oh no, it's the copying and pasting demon again! I can't help it if R*
hide packages near to Rampages can I?)

64) Head to Phil's army surplus store, and head down the alley way that
is just north of the entrance into that little area that is near to that
strange red bridge(Well it isn't strange, I just don't like it) and look
around the docks, but if you see that red bridge, panic as it is evil. 
Well, not because it is evil, more because you're in the wrong place amigo!
(damn, I'm beginning to sound like a Cuban. I must be in a good mood today,
unlike my cynical Copying and pasting angered one yesterday (21-60) )

65) Inside one of Phil's shacks, it isn't his kinda cool trailer, but it's
in just a shack inside his yard

66) Head up the road north from Kaufman Cabs, and look on your right until
you see a cream building with something like "El neuvelo grando supermaket"
written on it in red. Go down the alley next to it, and you will see some
stairs leading down to a door. The package is on the stairs

67) Head to the building with the Sparrow on the roof(it's near the billboard
that says Life's a Bitch), just head to where the top right hand corner of
the "K" icon for Kaufman Cabs is on your PAUSE map, and then when you are
there jump one building to the east, the package is in the brown lower down
section of this roof
(*Gasp* I didn't copy and paste this one from the chopper missions section

68) Head to Kaufman Cabs, and head into the area just to the east of it, there
are a few white houses with stairs leading up to them, the package is on the
stairs of the house thta is closet to the Kaufman Cabs building.

69) head to Romero's Funeral Parlour, it is just south of Well-Stacked Pizza
(which appears on your in-box map) and then down the little alleyway into
it. There are 4 graves, and you will find the package over the end grave
(which is open, and features a skeleton...)

70) From the Print Works head north, and the first building you come to
should have a few little boxes on it's roof. In the middle of the boxes
is what you looking for.

Little Havana

71) This package is right on the borderline between Havana and Haiti but as
it said "Little Havana" in the bottom right corner of my screen, that's where
I'm going to say it is. Go east from the Print Works, until you see another
"Life's a bitch" Billboard. The package is hidden under the billboard, on
the eastern side

72) Inside Laundromat, the place where you can get the maroon tracksuit
from, it appears on your in-box map

73) From the Laundromat, head a little way east down the road and there
should be a turquoise building on the right. There is a ramp leading
up to it's door, and up on this ramp is #72

74) From Cafe Robina, head north into the little alleyway right in front
of you, the package is in a side area of the alley and is hidden next
to some Black Trash Bags. !! That reminds me of Snow Dog who called 
V-Rock and said he was going to wallpaper his room in Black Trash Bags!
But there probably isn't a connection, and the trash bags don't fly around
like Beach Balls, :(

75) Along the road on which the Cafe Robina is a wall,(which is
next to a Chinese restaurant, a cleverly titled establishment which goes
by the name "Wok & Wok") and there is a gap in the Wall that will take 
you round the back of the Chinese restaurant, and there are stairs leading
to the roof of the building behind it, and then if you jump down you can
get onto another building next to it. Next, you can go up more stairs that
will take you onto the roof of the restaurant, where there is a PSG-1. But
that isn't Mr. Zoo's only suprise, because once you are on the roof you can
jump down onto a Kaufman Cabs Billboars, which makes an excellent Sniping 
vantage point, and also on there is a Hidden Package. 
(Woo-hoo! check out the secrets section if you think you are having deja-vu)

76) Head to the Donut Shop, it appears on your in-box map as "Deli" but the
in-box map is wrong as the Deli is on the opposite side of the street 
compared to where the in-box map reckons it is. Anyway, the package is 
behind the counter of the Donut Shop.(It's the same shop which the solider
visited in Sir, yes Sir!)

77)From Cafe Robina, Head South, then turn left, then turn right(these
are all short roads) and then look immediately to your right. There will
be an alley with a flight of stairs in it. Run up the Stairs then the stairs
after that and the hidden package will be on the rooftop, along with a rampage
(Yeah, I know, more copying and pasting...)

78) Go to Sunshine Autos, and then go up the ramp and onto the second floor,
the package is at the south end of the second floor, and if you have completed
the asset it will be in between the Sand King and the Hotring Racer.


79) Directly West to Sunshine Autos(it's across the road) you will see several
large cylinders that contain the jet fuel, but they are fenced in. There is
a way in of foot if you follow the road to the airport terminal round and then
look on your right, but it's easier to take a chopper. However you get in, go
to the middle of the cylinders, and look under a blue pipe, the package is
hidden under there.

80) if you follow the road round from Sunshine Autos to the Airport Terminal,
you will see a car park directly to you right as you head down the first road
north. Smash the ramps with a car, then head to the South-West corner of the
parking lot. You will find the package in between a couple of Lorry end 
trailer type things, (I guess they're the kind that a completed Linerunner
would carry)

81) Just follow the big road that leads down from the Cherry Poppers, until
you begin to get into the port. In here will be a series of appartments,
that kind of jag out, sort of like a key I guess. Anyway, go into the 
southern-most but one area, and then behind the bit that sticks out where
the doors are you will find the package(The doors on the right)

82) Head into the docks and go onto the big boat(yup, it's the one that
was in the first Print Works mission and the one where that Rocket Launcher
rampage was) then head down, take your first left down the really thin
alleyway(cars won't fit, just use a PCJ-600) then head south and you should
come across the package

83) When you first enter the port you can either go left(which will take
you to the Boatyard) or right(which won't) take the right road, and then
keep looking on your right until you see a 3D sign with Vice Port Authority
and if you see this you will almost certainly see the package underneath it

84) Get a helicopter, then head for the second of the two ships at the 
southern end of the port, it's the blue one with no ramp going up to it
if that helps. Land on the main deck at the wester end, then just go up
to the door that is to the west and the package is right in front of the

85) If you look at the pause map, and look at the very end at the south
side of the second island, in the middle, you will see a road, it's best
to approach this road from the sea, ie from the south in a helicopter.
The best chopper to use is obviously the Sea Sparrow which you should have
just unlocked anyway, when you do approach from the south towards this
road, keep low and you will see a hangar, land inside the hangar then go
inside the little office at the north end to find the hidden package. You
can go in on foot, as I once accidentally stumbled across this place before
I was looking for the packages, but it's more convienient to go into it
by helicopter

86) Remember that area where you did Cabmageddon? No? well it's just
to the north-west of the ship from #84, anyway just head to the north-west
end of the area and look in front of the doors and you will see the package

Escobar International Airport

87) Just go to the Top Fun Van where you did the RC Pick up thingee, if
you don't remember where it was I shall copy and paste it for you 
The van is somewhere in the airport, If you look on your in-game map, 
there's a little road just above the words "Legend:ON" it's off there.
Anyway, head to the South of the van and above the buildings roof, 
using a helicopter and you should see a structure on top that resembles
a control tower control room. The package is just next to that, they are
both at the south end of the building

88)Just head to the helipad to the west of #87 and the package should be
in the middle of the "H" on the Helipad

89) From the building in package #87 just head north-west until you see
a blue hangar with several yellow and white striped ramps nearly leading
up to it, there are two of these buildings close to you, but it's the one
closest to the building in #87 you are after, you can either jump up to
the roof on a PCJ-600 using the ramps, or you can just use a helicopter
to land on the roof

90) Head to the loading arms, you should know the ones if you have done
the insane jumps! anyway, head to the eastern one, and at the southern end
of this is the package, no need to go down to any of the planes

91) Land on the western loading arm now, and this time make your way
down to the south-western end of the arm, and go along to the south
western most plane, the package is right in front of it's tail fin

92) Directly under #91! it's right underneath the plane so just walk under
and collect it

93) Head to the western runway, to the west of it there is a line of hangars
(at the northen end) to the west of it, there is only one big plane in the
hangars, look under the left wing of that

94) Head just to the north of these buildings to the firehouse, (Look in 
the secrets section for a little secret about this Fire Department) and
head round the back(western end) to find the package behind the Fire

95) Inside the terminal, and go to the north-west end, the package is 
right in front of the window

96) Land on top of the airport terminal, or just get it by doing the 
Unique Jump from the VC Surf Billboard. It's at the western end, you
can't miss it

97) Head back inside the Terminal building, and then head up the escalator
to the west, and enter the loading arm that is entitled "Terminal 1-8" You
will find the package to your right when you come to the gate, under a
"Welcome to Vice City" poster which shows Tommy driving a Caddy

98) Go to the long line of billboards(you know the ones) and then head to
the northern end, and land behind the fence and directly behind the billboard
that says "Take a vacation in Liberty City" and the package is right behind 
this billboard

99) Go to Fort Baxter Air Base, but don't go that close to it. Across the
road from it is a compound which I guess is where Airplanes are stored, 
land in here and look under the North-Western Most Jet

100) I decided not to tell you where this one is, so you have to find it
for yourself...... JOKING! Head to the dreaded Fort Baxter(it appears on
your in-box map) and look behind the low sign that is in front of it's
entrance, to the left. Be careful, Army Men sometimes hang around outside
the gates, and are always more than happy to unload a few M4 rounds into
you, so watch out!

FINALLY!!!!! I've finished it and you have a fun heli to play with...


11.4 Robbable Stores

I Love doing these in the Bank Job Costume, just walk in and point your 
gun at the Shop assistant, you will get money, and also wanted stars.
After getting 3 stars, shoot the assistant(SPAS-12 or Colt Python) so they
can't press the alarm, the get a respray. All these locations are on
the in box map, other than Countdown Vinyl and the Jewellers, but
that doesn't matter as they're in the North Point Mall, which is mentioned
(And has other robbable shops which are pointed out anyway)

1) Gash - North Point Mall
Get in, get out, dont break the windows, the shop assistant will press 
the alarm. Then, go upstairs and change Clothes

2) Tooled Up - North Point Mall
Again, this is easy as there is a chang of Clothes inside the shop

3) Jewellery Store - North Point Mall
The Cops will get to this one fast, but there are changes of clothes inside
the mall so you should be OK

4) Countdown Vinyl - North Point Mall(Upstairs)
Run to Gash to Change Clothes after doing the deed.

5) Pharmacy - Vice Point
You Might miss this one, but thankfully it is very close to a Pay 'N' Spray

6) Jewellers - Vice Point
This one is close to Leaf Links, again, it isn't that far from the Pay 'N'

7) Corner Store - Vice Point
Pay 'N' Spray is just down the road

8) Bunch Of Tools - Washington Beach 
The Cops get to this one fast, your best bet would be to cross the bridge
to Starfish Island and go ino the Mansion and Change Clothes

9) Deli/Donut Shop - Little Havana
The Location on the map you got with Vice City is wrong, the Deli is on 
the other side of the road. It's the one the Soldiers went to in "Sir, Yes
Sir" Sunshine Autos, and a respray isn't too far away

10) Screw This - Little Havana
Easy, as Sunshine Autos is just around the corner

11) Laundromat - Little Havana
Again, this one is easy as there is a change of Clothes inside 

12) Cafe Robina - Little Havana
This is Umberto Robina's place, and again, Sunshine Autos isn't too far

13) Ryton Aid - Little Haiti
Yet again, there is a Pay 'N' Spray just down the road. 

14) Pharmacy - Downtown
Now this shop doesn't have a Pay 'N' Spray near it, so you have one of
two options - Go quite a distance in a car to the Pay 'N' Spray in
Little Haiti, but there is a chance you might not make it. The other
option is to head for the Hyman Condo, and Grab the Maverick, head down
to Sunshine Autos in it, grab the Deluxo and respray it.

15) Jewellery - Downtown
Just round the bend from the Pharmacy, use the same Strategies as you did
before, I won't bother repeating them.

Un-Robbable Shops so don't even try
Even though they have assistants or something behind a desk, these shops
aren't robbable
All 3 Ammunations
All 3 Well-Stacked Pizza's
The Malibu
The Pole Position
Those Food Shops in the North Point Mall


12.0 Frequently asked questions

Q:Does the main character actually talk in Vice City?
A:Yes he does, and is voiced by Ray Liotta, of Goodfellas fame(Thx Emile for
pointing this out to me)

Q:Does he have a name?
A:Yup, Tommy Vercetti.He works for the Forellis, in case you were 

Q:Forelli? That sounds familiar
A:So it should do, most of Joey Leone's missions in GTA3 revolved around 
killing them in one way or another

Q:I heard that Vice City has bikes, is this true?
A:Yes, it does, and they're great fun too!

Q:Can you actually fly the helicopters? In GTA 3 they were just scenery
A:Yes you can, and it's great fun also

Q:Are they hard to fly? I couldn't fly the Dodo in GTA3
A:Well, the planes in Vice City are much more easy to fly

Q:I own every GTA Game, do you still think I should get Vice City?
A:Hey, I own every GTA Game. Hell yes you should get it

Q:I liked [insert car from GTA3 name here], is it in Vice City?
A:Most likely, I can't really think of many GTA3 cars that aren't in Vice
city, other than the Blista, and that was crap anyway. There is a Blista
Compact, but that's nothing like the original. Get a Moonbeam or Burrito
or something if you are that desperate for one.

Q:Does that include the full-winged Dodo?
A:Well, yes and no. It can be seen flying around Vice City, but you can't
get in it. In fact, you can't get in any Dodo, you will have to make do
with the Skimmer, which is a Seaplane version of the Dodo.

Q:Are there any new weapons?
A:Hell yes.

Q:Is Darkel there?
A:Darkel isn't real.He is merely a voice inside your head.

Q:Is Vice City 3 times the Size of Liberty city?
A:No, it's about twice the size. 

Q:Where do I get the Apache/Hunter from?
First of all, it is called the Hunter. You can find it at Fort Baxter air
base, if you complete "Keep your friends close" or at the lighthouse, if
you get all 100 secret packages.

Q:Why can't I buy businesses yet?
A:You need to have completed "Shakedown" before you can, and make sure that
you have enough money (Thank you to Danny for correcting me)

Q:I heard people talking about the Sea Sparrow, and I can't find it 
anywhere, where is it?
A:You need to have found 80 hidden packages, and it will be in the back 
yard of Diaz's mansion
***Thanks to Ryan Lee for Correcting me here***

Q:When do I get to go to the Second Island?
A:Complete Phnom Penh '86.

Q:There's no more missions on the map!
A:*Shrug* buy some businesses... or if you have bought them all then chances
are, you completed the game!

Q:I can't complete[mission] 
Q:I can't find [car]
A:These are both covered in earlier sections.

Q:Where can I find the bodyguards? 
A:OK, I am FED UP of this one, do not ever ask me! argh!
When you go into the mansion, go into the room on the right, the 3 bodyguards 
are there, step into the pink markers next to them. If they aren't there, 
go away and come back

Q:How do I do the last 2 missions?

Vercetti Estate Asset
Printworks Asset

Then complete any FIVE of these

Boatyard Asset
Sunshine Autos Car Showroom Asset
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Asset
Malibu Club Asset
Kaufman Cabs Asset
Pole Position Club Asset
Interglobal Film Studio Asset

Q:Where is/How do I get the Rocket Car?
A:There is no Rocket Car, don't be stupid. What's the point in this so-called
"Rocket Car" when you can use a Rhino? This is a rumour, and it is 100% false,
supposedly, when you completed 150 Brown Thunder missions it would appear
on the Helipad at the Vercetti estate. It's not true!

Q:What About the PCJ-700?
A:There isn't one, be quiet.

Q:How do I get the camera?
A:You get it in "Martha's Mugshot"

Q:I meant out of that mission
A:You can't. *Apparently* now note, this isn't true people, but there were
rumours that it was on top of the stadium. IT ISN'T THERE!

Q:And what about the Scuba Gear/Diving Suit
A:ARGH! THIS IS NOT TRUE! You want to know how you were supposed to get 
this? It would apparently appear on the centre of the beach but some 
people also reckon it's on the steps going up to the lighthouse, so 
it's obviously not true.


13.0 Credits
*Gasp* we are getting a long list now aren't we?!?! A lot of people have
e-mailed me! so even more have read my guide :) 48 people! wow! I am 
totally guessing at random here, but anywhere between 300-1000 people have
probably read this, which is kind of pleasing.

(Note the people below are in the order they first submitted things)


Me! because I made this guide - psychotic_34(at)hotmail(dot)com
NOTE, I have been forced to do this, because of so many scripted viruses
being sent to my e-mail address, (4 a day) so just put in the "@" and the
"." yourselves.

Kollex - two challenges, Custom Mission
Dragon447 - GTA3 reference
Bob - Fun thing and a Challenge
Sleeker - Fun Thing, Stoppie record, Media Attention Challenge
Metal x - Fun Thing!
Colin - alternate Keep Your Friends Close Strategy
Nicholas Weaver - Good Places to fight the Police
Teini - Virgo Locations, alternate Keep Your Friends Close Strategy, Bomb 
Danny - pointing out an error I made.
Will - Fun Thing
SpAzMaTic - alternate The Driver Strategy
Dan Buckley - For telling me about a certain poster...
David Brooks - Telling me about how Cops think they can put spikey thingees
in your mansion
Ryan Lee - Correcting me about the Sea Sparrow, Hunter and Car glitches, gang war
Blake - How to run forever!
Richard Inns - Another Tanker Location
Chris Farthing - Alternate Psycho Killer Strategy
LPgroupy - Challenge
Marco Spurk - More Mansion Madness (as I like to call it :) ) And also alternate
"The Job" strategy and a couple of glitches.
Shane Keena - Challenges
CthulhuDawn18484 - Fun places to fight the Police
FiercecubeROBO87 - another good place to duel those law enforcment filth(my
words, not his :) ) also I think he e-mailed me a glitch, but that issue
is covered in that section.
Richard Michael Lewis - Alternate Keep your friends close Strategy
Ryan  - Mini-gun tip
Mr. Man - Tiki thing, and I'm sorry I left him out of the credits for a while! I
didn't notice until now!
Emile - Goodfellas references, and also theory on the F-word issue, Carlito's Way
gsvugolf - Beach Ball Challenge
Matt Pinske - Anti-helicopter stuff, glitch
Ryan Mahoney - For giving me the idea of putting Custom Missions...
Iwan Best - Helicopter in Mansion trick, and a hell of a lot of secrets. I also
want to apologise for calling him Ivan in the last credits, sorry Iwan!
Godammit he points all my errors out! no! I like my beautiful errors!
Verizoton - Telling me about the Mini-Gun, ahh, too many people telling me
nooooo! well, he did tell me before new version was up, so I'll credit him
Weston Mallot - Brown/Blue Thunder thingy
DCx - Fun thing!
Skarre - R* logos
BenMc20 - Tank and SUBMARINE! I would underline submarine, but I am too lazy!
Ryan Pierce - Cop Roleplay
Dwayne Pretty - Alternate "The Driver" strategy
Reilu meininki - Getaway posters
BigEasy - Stoppie/Wheelie/2 Wheels records
Caleb Browning - Hunter Stadium thingy
William Rutherford - Media Attention
rjbradan - seeing underwater tip
Charles Kjell Knutson - Sunshine Autos tip, Fun Places to fight the Police
Kevin Smith - Challenges and fun things
J. Matthew Lemieux - Glitch, Secrets, Unique Jump tip and Movie references
Brett Edwards - A hell of a lot of fun things to do
Jerud Nelson - More Cop Roleplaying stuff, Fun place to fight the cops, 
two custom missions
gallopinggoon - Fun Place to fight the Police, Hidden Angel, head on floor
:3= <--- damion the walrus of darkness - Jumping off bikes = Bad....
Drew Smillie - Apartment 3C(Room 30! :) he'll get that joke)
GTO545 - Weapons tip
MBeam77 - Seagull shooting 
Aschere - Glitch involving those men of the law
Leo - Guns in Airport Glitch
john.j - Challenge
MClayden and ADSLMikey - 3 Alternate strategies, for "Messing with the Man", 
"G-Spotlight" and "Martha's Mugshot"
Adam - Helicopter removal glitch

Some people here have done a lot of work for the guide, and I am very grateful to 
you all, the guide just wouldn't be the same without you!

If you are one of the above people, then press ctrl+f and type in the name listed above
and it shoud take you to each time your name is mentioned in the guide, so you can see
your submissions clearly

Any website that Publishes it, thank you very much, especially CJayC of gamefaqs.com
Rockstar and Rockstar North for making the game
You! Thanks for reading!

*Hmm... and if you are one of the above people I guess you got credited twice,
and if you are one of the above people runs a website with it on, I guess they
were credited 3 times, and if you do all that and work for Rockstar, well you 
get the idea! Also, four people called Ryan are on there. Hmm... I guess that 
it's the most common name for VC fans*

People I wouldn't like to thank
The person who keeps trying to send me W32.Klez. OK, stop it now, I may have 
fallen for it the first time, but I haven't since. I haven't done anything to
you, so just leave me alone, I'm only trying to help people by writing this
guide. Or maybe someone who has this E-mail address(And therefore the guide)
stored on their PC is infected, or perhaps lots of you, and the worm is 
sending itself to me. Ah well....
Also, that really rude person who said that my guide didn't include how to
get the last "five" missions and said he would spit on me(It was actually sent
out to every Vice City guide writer on gamefaqs) He praised one guide, so
I am going to assume he is either the writer of that guide or is a friend, 
and frankly, is very sad. Heh, don't worry, I sent him a nice "friendly"
e-mail back, heh heh heh.

More Challenges and Fun things to do!
Good Places to Fight the Police
Custom Missions
Secrets! Glitches! erm, and More again!

No, they won't! for this is the last and final version. 

http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/getaway_vehicles.txt if you want
more of me!

It started on the 6th of November 2002, and now it has ended, on the 18th 
of January 2003. It's been fun, but now I am leaving Vice City(in ruins,

See you in San Andreas!(or wherever R* want to take me), I am no longer 
needed here.


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