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FAQ/Walkthrough by Azure Edge

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/21/03

           G R A N D  T H E F T  A U T O :  V I C E  C I T Y
                         FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1

This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Azure Edge (azure_edge@hotmail.com). It
may not be copied without consent of the author, and all sections
including this copyright must remain in their full, unaltered content.
It may not be used or distributed for any commercial purpose. This FAQ
is granted for use solely by GameFAQs or any sites created by the

1.0 -=- Introduction
   1.01 – Version History
   1.02 - Introduction
    1.02a - Controls
2.0 -=- Walkthrough
   2.01 - Ken Rosenburg
    2.01a - The Party
    2.01b - Back Alley Brawl
    2.01c - Jury Fury
    2.01d - Riot
   2.02 - Avery Carrington
    2.02a - Four Iron
    2.02b - Demolition Man
    2.02c - Two Bit Hit
   2.03 - Colonel Cortez
    2.03a - Treacherous Swine
    2.03b - Mall Shootout
    2.03c - Guardian Angels
    2.03d - Sir, Yes, Sir!
    2.03e - All Hands On Deck!
   2.04 - Ricardo Diaz
    2.04a - The Chase
    2.04b - Phnom Penh '86
    2.04c - The Fastest Boat
    2.04d - Supply & Demand
   2.05 - Kent Paul
    2.05a - Death Row
   2.06 - Tommy Vercetti
    2.06a - Rub Out
    2.06b - Shakedown
    2.06c - Bar Brawl
    2.06d - Cop Land
    2.06e - Cap the Collector
    2.06f - Keep Your Friends Close
   2.07 - Umberto Robina
    2.07a - Stunt Boat Challenge
    2.07b - Cannon Fodder
    2.07c - Naval Engagement
    2.07d - Trojan Voodoo
   2.08 - Auntie Poulet
    2.08a - Juju Scramble
    2.08b - Bombs Away!
    2.08c - Dirty Lickin's
   2.09 - Love Fist
    2.09a - Love Juice
    2.09b - Psycho Killer
    2.09c - Publicity Tour
   2.10 - Mitch Baker
    2.10a - Alloy Wheels of Steel
    2.10b - Messing With The Man
    2.10c - Hog Tied
   2.11 - Phil Cassidy
    2.11a - Gun Runner
    2.11b - Boomshine Saigon
   2.12 - Phone Missions
    2.12a - Road Kill
    2.12b - Waste the Wife
    2.12c - Autocide
    2.12d - Check Out At the Check In
    2.12e - Loose Ends
3.0 -=- Assets
   3.01 - The Malibu Club
    3.01a - No Escape?
    3.01b - The Shootist
    3.01c - The Driver
    3.01d - The Job
   3.02 - Print Works
    3.02a - Spilling the Beans
    3.02b - Hit the Courier
   3.03 - Sunshine Autos
   3.04 - Cherry Popper Ice Cream
    3.04a - Distribution
   3.05 - The Boatyard
    3.05a - Checkpoint Charlie
   3.06 - Kaufman Cabs
    3.06a - V.I.P.
    3.06b - Friendly Rivalry
    3.06c - Cabmageddon
   3.07 - Film Studio
    3.07a - Recruitment Drive
    3.07b - Dildo Dodo
    3.07c - Martha's Mug Shot
    3.07d - G-Spotlight
   3.08 - The Pole Position
    3.08a - Strip Show!
4.0 -=- Other Missions
   4.01 - R3 Missions
    4.01a - Paramedic
    4.01b - Pizza Delivery
    4.01c - Vigilante
    4.01d - Fire Truck
    4.01e - Taxi
   4.02 - Chopper Checkpoint
    4.02a - Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint
    4.02b - Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint
    4.02c - Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint
    4.02d - Downtown Chopper Checkpoint
   4.03 - Cone Crazy
   4.04 - PCJ Playground
   4.05 - Trial By Dirt
   4.06 - Test Track
   4.07 - Top Fun
    4.07a - RC Bandit Race
    4.07b - RC Baron Race
    4.07c - RC Raider Pickup
   4.08 - Street Races
    4.08a - Terminal Velocity
    4.08b - Ocean Drive
    4.08c - Border Run
    4.08d - Capital Cruise
    4.08e - Tour!
    4.08f - V.C. Endurance
   4.09 - Arena
    4.09a - Hotring
    4.09b - Bloodring
    4.09c - Dirtring
5.0 -=- Appendix
6.0 -=- Credits, Etc.
   6.01 - E-Mail Policy
   6.02 - Credits

                 1 . 0  -  I N T R O D U C T I O N

                        1.01 - Version History
1.0 - First version. Original content placed.
1.1 - Added oodles to various sections in the Other Missions section, corrected
various errors in the main section, and added to the Introduction. A long
overdue update!

                          1.02 - Introduction
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the highly anticipated sequel to Rockstar
smash hit, Grand Theft Auto 3. So, naturally, I selected it to be my first
FAQ project. My goal for this FAQ is to cover, explore, and expand upon every
field of this massive game. This game takes place, predictably, in Vice City -
also known as Miami, 80s-style. Between two and two and a half times as big as
Grand Theft Auto 3's Liberty City, Vice City is truly a game of epic scale.
City capitalizes on everything GTA3 was, including more cars, far more weapons,
more people, more buildings, more services, and, of course, more missions.

You are Tommy Vercetti, a member of the Mafia back in Liberty City who has just
finished doing fifteen years in prison, "taking one for the team". You are sent
to Vice City by Sonny Forelli to establish operations. However, a drug deal
goes horribly wrong and puts Tommy on the streets of Vice City with nobody but
Ken Rosenburg, a crooked lawyer, to help him. This is where the game begins....

I have structured this FAQ so it is easy to find exactly what you want. If you
look in the Sections listing above, you'll notice that each individual mission
is shown with a series of numbers and letters beside it. To hop directly to the
mission, find it in the Sections list, then press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and
type in the numbers and letters you see (for example, if I wanted to go to the
Love Fist mission "Love Juice", I would press Ctrl+F, type in 2.09a, and press
enter). Your browser will hop first to the sections listing; press it again and
it will hop down to the mission you searched for.

This only works in Internet Explorer, so if you use Opera, Mozilla, Netscape,
or another browser, you're out of luck. Sorry!

-=1.02a - Controls=-
Controls in Vice City are the same as in GTA3, with a few differences.

X                - Dash
[]               - Jump
/\               - Get In Vehicle
()               - Fire Weapon

D-Pad/Left Stick - Move
Right Stick      - N/A
L3               - Crouch
R3               - N/A

L1               - Answer Cell Phone, Buy Property, Pick Up Replacement Weapon
R1               - N/A
L2               - Cycle Weapon Left
R2               - Cycle Weapon Right

Start            - Pause
Select           - Change View

X                - Accelerate
[]               - Brake/Reverse
/\               - Get Out Of Vehicle
()               - Fire Weapon (Forward/Side On Motorbikes, Side Only In

D-Pad/Left Stick - Turn/Navigate (Pull Back To Ascend In Skimmer)
Right Stick      - N/A
L3               - N/A
R3               - Activate Missions (Only In Mission Vehicles)

L1               - Change Radio Station
R1               - Handbrake
L2               - Left Side View (Hold With R2 For Rear View)
R2               - Right Side View (Hold With L2 For Rear View)

X                - Ascend
[]               - Descend
/\               - Get Out Of Vehicle
()               - Fire Missiles (Hunter Only)

D-Pad/Left Stick - Accelerate/Decelerate/Roll
Right Stick      - Rotate
L3               - Disable L2/R2 Function (Only When Held)
R3               - Activate Missions (Only In Mission Vehicles)

L1               - Change Radio Station
R1               - Fire Machine Gun (Hunter Only)
L2               - Rotate Left
R2               - Rotate Right

                    2 . 0  -  W A L K T H R O U G H

                         2.01 - Ken Rosenburg
Ken Rosenburg is a crooked lawyer, the Forelli family's contact in Vice City.
is also your first boss.

-=2.01a - The Party=-
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $100
After a few conversations and a drug deal gone horribly wrong, you will talk
with Ken Rosenburg and he will give you your first mission. He wants you to
attend a party hosted by Colonel Cortez. However, before you can get in, you'll
have to get some slick new threads. Follow your radar to Rafael's and you'll be
given a new suit. Once you've changed, a hapless biker will pull up across the
street. Take it if you like.

Follow your radar to Cortez's boat. You'll be introduced to several important
characters, including the Colonel himself, his daughter Mercedes, congressman
Alex Shrub, Candy Suxxx, B.J. Smith, Jezz Torrel, Avery Carrington, Steve
and Diaz.

Mercedes will then ask you to take her to the Pole Position club. There are
several nice cars out front; take one of your liking and bring her to the club
to complete this mission.

-=2.01b - Back Alley Brawl=-
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $200
Ken will tell you about Kent Paul, a rather amusing Englishman with a lot of
connections. Pay him a visit at the Malibu Club and he'll tell you about a man
who may be involved with the drug bust. Head to the alley your radar points to
to find the chef. Kill him and he'll drop a cell phone. You'll now be able to
receive missions and new crime bosses through the phone.

A mysterious man in a white suit will now appear. He'll give you a gun and tell
you to follow him. Kill the chefs following you and take a meat cleaver - it
might come in handy. Hop into the man's Infernus and follow your radar to Ammu-
Nation, where you'll receive a tutorial on buying things from stores. Head back
to the hotel and he will drop you off, then drive away.

-=2.01c - Jury Fury=-
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $400
You'll find Ken in his office literally pissing his pants. He tells you about a
member of Sonny's family, Giorgio, whose case Ken has been hired for. He wants
you to intimidate the jury so that he can win the case.

As you leave, a person will be hit by a car and drop a hammer. Pick it up.
Follow your radar to the circular yellow blip (it's closer than the triangular
one). Walk up to the juror and give him a nice smack. He'll run to his car and
try to drive away, but he'll hit a truck and stop dead in his tracks. Get out
your hammer and start beating the car with it, until the juror finally gives in
and you get a short cutscene.

You'll find the other juror's car across town. Beat the piss out of his car for
an easy completed mission.

-=2.01d - Riot=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $1000
Ken will introduce you to Avery Carrington, whom you saw at Cortez's party.
Avery will tell you about a depot on a plot of land he wants. He tells you that
he wants that depot out of business so he can move in on the land. Head to
Rafael's for another change of clothes, and I suggest you stop by Ammu-Nation
for some more ammo.

Once you arrive at the depot, you must begin fighting with four workers to
a riot. Give them a good smack with your hammer from the Jury Fury mission, and
that should drop one long enough to move onto the next. Once you have started
the riot, get out your weapon, run into the compound, and kill the man with the
pistol. There are several targetable red barrels around the area. Shoot the one
near to the guy you just killed and it will start a chain reaction that blows
the two nearest trucks. The other one is too far away from the closest barrel,
so hop in, drive out, and find some creative way to destroy it. The easiest way
is probably either to flip it over or to push it into the water. Either way,
rid of the truck to finish Ken's last mission. Avery Carrington will now give
you jobs.

                        2.02 - Avery Carrington
Avery is a stereotypical rich Texan, sporting everything from the accent to the
hat. He is a big businessman, and is very interested in expanding in Vice City.
His jobs deal mainly with this.

-=2.02a - Four Iron=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $500
Avery will pull up in his limo and invite you in. He tells you that he wants
to take out a man who won't let go of another land plot Avery wants. This man
can be found at the Leaf Links country club. Avery will give you a membership
and send you off. Go to Jocksport to get your new clothing - a plaid pair of
pants, white shirt, and maroon vest. On your way out, another man will comment
on your ass (o_O).

Head to Leaf Links. You can't take any weapons in; they will be removed from
your inventory and placed outside to be picked up when you leave. Fortunately,
golf club waits inside, along with a Caddy. While slow and unwieldy, it gets
job done. Follow your radar to the target. He will tell his lackeys to attack
you, then he'll jump in a Caddy and make his escape. Take out the lackeys, jump
in a Caddy, and pursue him. Ram his vehicle until he gets out, then track him
down and kill him.

-=2.02b - Demolition Man=-
Difficulty: Medium-High
Reward: $1000
Time Limit: 7:00
Avery wants to build on yet another land plot, and this time it's an under-
construction office building in the way. Head down the road to the office
building and the Top Fun van. Get into the van and your RC helicopter will be
deployed. You'll get a short tutorial, then you'll be sent on your way. Get
ready: This mission is tough.

The RC helicopter is tough to control. Listen to the in-game tutorial - you
might need to mess around for a bit before you get the hang of it. Once you're
good, grab a bomb and head for the office building. The four target areas are
each floor of the building - using the O button, you must drop a bomb onto each
of them. There is a staircase close to the first target that allows you to go

Be careful of the construction men. They will attack you once they see you, and
they're a big danger. You can kill them by hitting them with your rotors, but
it's tough. Men on the upper floors have guns. Be quick and weave a lot, and
should be able to get through the mission unscathed.

Once you've placed all four bombs, there will be a nice scene of the office
building going up in flames. Enjoy the fireworks, and your nice reward.

-=2.02c - Two Bit Hit=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $2500
This mission will open up after you complete Diaz's Phnom Penh '86 mission.
Avery will meet you with a passenger in tow - Donald Love. In Vice City, he is
scrawny little guy who seems nothing like the deep-voiced man we met in Liberty
City. Avery gives you a speech - sound familiar? It's the same one Donald gives
you in GTA3. In the same fashion, Avery wants you to initiate a gang war by
dressing as a Cuban and killing a Haitian gang lord.

First, you must go dress as a Cuban gang member. Follow the shirt icon on your
radar. Once you're properly disguised, head to the funeral and prepare for
destruction. There are a billion Haitians around, and it seems like every one
has an automatic. Bash into the area and run down the gang lord, then haul ass
out of Little Haiti. If your car catches fire, bail and jump into one of the
Haitian Voodoos.

                         2.03 - Colonel Cortez
Colonel Cortez is, predictably, a Latino colonel who seems to have a problem
with the French. He gives his missions from a large luxury yacht.

-=2.03a - Treacherous Swine=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $250
Colonel Cortez has been betrayed by his lieutenant, Gonzalez. He wants Gonzalez
dead, with style - in the form of a chainsaw. Drive to Gonzalez's place. He'll
start running away and leave his henchmen to take care of you. Fortunately, we
have our trusty chainsaw. Kill them and head after Gonzalez. Mow him down.

Once Gonzalez is dead, you'll get an automatic two-star warrant. The cops are
tougher nowadays, and two stars can seem like hell. Grab a fast car (or a bike,
if you're a good driver) and high-tail it to the Pay 'N Spray, marked on your
map, to get your reward.

-=2.03b - Mall Shootout=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $500
Cortez offers you some tapia snout, but Tommy politely declines. He wants you
meet a man who is holding some so-called "valuable technology". Head to the
on your radar and meet your contact. As soon as you meet him, French troops
raid the place and the courier will take off. Follow him out the exit and he
will take off on a motorcycle. Grab a vehicle and follow him.

Unless you're on a motorcycle and without a submachine gun, it's easy to take
down a biker. Ram him with your car to knock him off, or if you do have a
submachine gun, shoot him off. Pick up the guidance chips he drops and return
the Colonel.

-=2.03c - Guardian Angels=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $1000
Diaz has asked the Colonel to have one of his "business transactions" overseen.
Naturally, the Colonel asks you to fulfill this duty. He tells you about a
weapon he has left in a multistory carpark. Drive there and pick it up, only to
be confronted by the man with the Infernus from one of Ken's first missions.
Remember him? He has a name: Lance, and he's packing heat. He offers to help
with your mission.

Drive to the alley where the transaction is to take place. You'll take a
position on one of the staircases. Have your Ruger at the ready - things are
about to turn ugly. Mere minutes in, the deal is raided by Haitians! The first
wave comes from the right - two cars and a van. Kill them as quickly as
- they keep on coming. Lance should be okay, but keep an eye on Diaz's health.
If either dies, the mission is a failure.

After you've killed several carloads of Haitians, two men on Sanchez dirtbikes
ride in and grab the money. One is killed by a particularly nasty gun blast.
Jump down, grab his bike, and chase down the other. Kill him, take the money,
and return it to Diaz for a successful mission.

-=2.03d - Sir, Yes, Sir!=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
This mission will open once you complete Diaz's Phnom Penh '86 mission. Cortez
tells you that he believes Diaz was behind the drug bust. However, he has other
work for you at the moment, in the form of a tank being transported across
He has a client interested in purchasing the vehicle. However, it is under
military guard.

Grab a fast car. You'll definitely be needing it. The military men are armed
with heavy automatics. The Cheetah outside Cortez's place works quite nicely.
Head to the convoy's current location. Basically, you want to draw the troops
away from the tank. This requires good driving skills and a fairly good
knowledge of the city.

Accelerate towards the convoy and aim towards one column of runners. Take all
them out with one fell swoop, then scream away down the highway and turn on a
side road. The tank's support vehicles should be following you now. They will
take defensive positions and leave the Rhino relatively unprotected. Do drive-
bys on the tank to get rid of the few guarding it - if your car catches on
get as far away as possible and bail. Likely, the car will catch fire on the
first run. Don't worry, just run away.

Grab a new car and swing back around. The Rhino should be relatively
unprotected. Use your car for cover and pick off the Army men in and on the
tank. Once they're gone, jump in - you're almost home free!

Then that damn timer sets in. You have a limited amount of time before the tank
goes boom, so haul ass to the blip on your radar. The garage you are headed for
is not too far away, so you should be able to make it back with a reasonable
amount of time left. If you need extra speed, turn the tank's turret around and
fire repeatedly. It does the double job of getting rid of cops on your tail and
speeding you up. Get the tank safely to the garage to complete this mission.

-=2.03e - All Hands On Deck!=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $5000
Cortez will give you another call once you've completed the Death Row mission.
If you're goings straight to this mission, you should still have plenty of
submachine gun and Ruger/M60 ammo. If not, reload.

It seems that, despite promises of help, Cortez has to leave the country on his
yacht. Tommy offers his help. As the yacht pulls out of the dock, two carfuls
French gunmen will pull up and take to boat. Get out your sub and head to the
aft deck of the yacht (you'll have to slide down the back to reach it - it's
right behind your starting point). From here, you'll have an easy time
and picking off the French gunners.

You'll reappear back up on the main deck with a blockade of ships in the way.
Head to the bow of the ship (pick up the Ruger if you need it) and sink all of
them. Frenchmen will begin storming the ship, so be wary of them. If any make
on deck, Cortez's men should be able to pick them off well enough. If you have
M60 ammo left, I would reccomend conserving it and using the Ruger.

Now helicopters will begin appearing and dropping men. Concentrate on
the helicopters. If you're accurate enough, you should be able to destroy each
one before the gunmen can be dropped.

Now an Apache attack helicopter will appear and begin strafing the boat. This
where you'll need your M60. Take cover under the raised part of the deck -
back from whichever direction the Apache is strafing from, then turn and fire
it flies past. Get back deeper under cover when it turns around, then turn and
fire again when its tail is turned. With this style, the Apache will be hard
pressed to land a hit, and it will pretty much never hit the colonel. If it
manage to hit you, grab the health icon in the stairwell. After enough
punishment, the Apache will catch fire and victory will be yours. The Colonel
will give you a boat and your reward and send you on your way.

                          2.04 - Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz is a diminuitive man with a lot of cash and a bad tendency to say
'dickhead'. A lot. At every waking moment. He also isn't too intelligent, but
has power to back it up. Unfortunately for Mr. Diaz, fate has other plans for

-=2.04a - The Chase=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $1000
You'll find Diaz watching (and losing) a horse race, and subsequently
the TV. He begins ranting about a thief in his operation, and tells you to find
out where he's hiding. However, he insists that the thief not be killed.

Take Diaz's Infernus (hey, he was a dickhead to you, right? ^_~) and head to
blip on your radar. You'll be told to look in the window. Do so, and you'll see
the thief, who will promptly proclaim "Oh, shit!" and start running. Chase him
onto the roof and follow him. Don't fall, or else you won't be able to tell
where he is, and DO NOT kill him. He will shoot at you twice before he escapes
into his BF Injection. Follow him off the roof.

Unfortunately for you, the only provided vehicle is a Faggio. Jump on and putt
after the thief. Make sure you weave a lot, because he will continuously fire
you, and a busted tire equals loss. Follow him back to his hideout to complete
the mission.

If you're having problems, try shooting his car until it catches fire. He'll
bail and steal another vehicle. You can then complete the mission without
worrying about him shooting you.

-=2.04b - Phnom Penh '86=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
Diaz will be yelling at somebody on the phone when you meet him. He will make
ironic proclamation about the Mafia and call in somebody named Quentin to fly
you over another gang's hideout. Strangely, it's Lance, the man from Guardian
Angels. You will be given an M60 and plenty of ammunition, so be ready to

You will have a conversation with Lance along the way, in which he reveals his
last name - Vance. Be on your toes - the mission ahead is tough. If you're a
shooter, you're basically screwed.

The M60 is a powerful gun, and it will be able to take down most of the
on the rooftops with one or two hits. Lance will fly you over the area - take
out as many gunners as you can. Every one left behind is more of a pain for
Eventually, you'll be dropped off with the M60 and whatever other weapons you
have. I reccomend picking up a submachine gun - the combination of lock-on
targeting and quick fire is close to essential in this mission.

Once you land, proceed into the building. There are five men in the front hall.
Keep tapping R1 to acquire new targets - wipe them out as quickly as possible.
Head up the staircase and through the broken wall - there is another gunner at
the top of this staircase, so be prepared. Grab the package on the roof and
Lance will pick you up for a conclusion to this mission. After you complete
mission, the hurricane warning will be lifted and you can explore the rest of
Vice City.

-=2.04c - The Fastest Boat=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $4000
Diaz is complaining again, and it's not only about the pigeons he's blasting
with his shotgun. He is renowned for owning the fastest boat on the east coast,
but a challenger has been built in the Vice City boatyards. Diaz wants it. Grab
a bunch of sub machine gun ammo and head to the docks, marked by a yellow blip
on your radar.

Be ready, because the place is full of Ruger-toting thugs. Kill as many as you
can from in your car - I was able to take out all of them, but you might not be
so lucky. Once every man in the place is dead, head into the boathouse and
the pink circle. The crane will drop the boat into the water.Don't relax yet,
though - another group of gunmen will appear at the entrance to the boathouse
when you drop the boat. Take them out with your sub.

There's one last surprise in store - when you get in the boat, you gain an
automatic three-star wanted level. Haul ass back to Diaz's mansion for a
conclusion to this mission.

-=2.04d - Suppy & Demand=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $10000
You'll find Diaz screaming at his VCR, which has jammed with a porno tape in
Diaz shoots it and subsequently finds it was unplugged. He then sits and tells
you about a drug runner that comes in monthly and sells his stock to the first
bidder. He wants you to take the boat you just stole and beat the competition
the drug runner.

Head out to the boat and you'll see good old Lance Vance waiting for you. Head
for the blip. Follow the other two boats, as they take the best course. Be
careful inside the canal. Turns are very tight. Remember, if you're coasting
towards a collision, cutting the throttle then hitting it again will allow you
to turn sharply.

Once you've made it to the drug runner's boat, you'll switch to passenger, with
Lance driving and you manning the Ruger in the back. Blast the two boats
following you until they catch fire. Once both of them are gone, turn towards
the front. Lance will round a corner and will yell about gunmen on the jetty.
That's your cue to start shooting like crazy at that jetty. Those gunmen pose
the biggest threat to your boat's health. It is possible to win while taking a
beating from the gunmen, but it's not easy.

Once you're past the gunmen, point your weapon to the sky and start firing at
the helicopter. Forget about it the moment you see it catch fire and aim
forward. There is one last boat ahead, one that could spell your doom. Make
shot count. Once that last boat is gone, you're home free, and finished with
Diaz's missions.

                           2.05 - Kent Paul
Kent Paul is the Englishman you met in Back Alley Brawl. He phones you after
complete Diaz's Supply & Demand mission. Kent usually hangs around the Malibu
Club, though he's known to tag along with the rock group Love Fist.

-=2.05a - Death Row=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $0
Before you start this mission, get a tough, fast car, a lot of submachine ammo,
and an aimable gun (the Ruger or M60 used in previous missions will do nicely).
That done, enter the Malibu Club to speak with Kent Paul.

Kent will tell you about Lance, who tried to jump Diaz and was captured. Tommy
threatens Kent, who coughs up the location where Lance is being held. You'll
appear outside the Malibu Club, with a meter onscreen showing Lance's health.
this meter runs out, it's mission failed. Get your sub ready and get to the

Accelearate towards the car blockading the entrance and ram it - try to kill
both guards, if possible. Start doing drive-by runs, and kill as many enemies
possible. If your car catches fire, bail, take cover, and take out the gunmen
one by one.

Run through the junkyard and stop at the end of the road that opens up into the
area with the cranes. Kill any remaining gunmen, then take out your
M60/Ruger/Other and fire at the top of the crane with another gunman on it
(he'll probably be firing at you). A few fairly accurate shots in his direction
should kill him. Take out your sub and make your way to the building behind the
crane. Kill the rest of the gunmen and run up to Lance.

You and Lance will have a short conversation, then he will ask you to take him
to the hospital to get treatment. He's not entirely useless, though - as
he'll give you cover fire. Get your sub back out and head for the Trashmaster
past the crane. Kill anybody actively firing at you, then get in the
and make your way out. While slow, the truck can take A LOT of punishment. If
you're unlucky and it hasn't spawned, you'll have to find another car and try
survive. A hoard of Diaz's men in Comets will come on suicide runs after you.
you're in the Trashmaster, they'll pose a very small threat. Anything smaller
and they'll knock you all around the road. Follow your radar back to the

                         2.06 - Tommy Vercetti
You, of course, are Tommy Vercetti, main character of the story. Tommy's
missions are centered around the Vercetti Estate property, and some of them are
some of the most difficult in the game.

-=2.06a - Rub Out=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $50000, Vercetti Estate Property
Lance Vance will meet you on the bridge to Starfish Island, packing a pair of
M4s. The mission is a big one: Kill Ricardo Diaz and steal everything he owns,
as a payback for the busted drug deal that lost Tommy's drugs and killed
brother. This mission is a major plot point, and difficult as well.

First off, I would suggest forsaking the M4 and instead using a good sub unless
you're a very good shot with the PS2 controller. The ability to run and shoot
also very vital. Don't worry, you'll find other uses for it later.

Tommy says that the place is crawling with assholes, and he's right - there's a
gang member around every corner. Constantly tap R1 to acquire any new target,
and dispatch them as soon as you are locked on. There are a lot of sharp
in Diaz's mansion, and there is a gunman lurking around most of them.

First of all, kill the guards around the front. You should be able to lock onto
most of them from halfway down the road. Approach the front door, only to find
that it's locked and you'll need to find another route. Turn around, go back
down the stairs, and head right, past the garage. Kill the guards. Soon after
you go up the steps, Lance will tell you to follow him and start running -
into the range of enemy fire. Give him some covering fire until you reach the
rear entrance to Diaz's mansion.

Head into the right-hand entrance until you reach a staircase. Dispatch the
guards on the staircase. Pass the first hall and head up to the second - you'll
have a better vantage point from here. You'll come out into the main hall of
Diaz's mansion. Target and kill all of the guards, then proceed forward and
you'll see Diaz. Pump him full of lead to view another cutscene.

After the cutscene is done, you'll get Diaz's mansion and a healthy reward.

-=2.06b - Shakedown=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $2000
Time Limit: 5:00
Ken and Avery will come for a visit, and Tommy will lay out his plans for
domination. However, Lance interrupts, saying that now that Diaz is dead,
businesses are refusing to pay protection. Tommy doesn't flinch, and says he
knows how to make the businesses pay.

You'll appear outside your new mansion with five minutes to cause some havoc.
Hop in the Infernus outside and follow your radar to the North Point Mall. Get
gun ready and prepare to cause havoc.

The goal of the mission is to shoot out the glass storefront displays in the
mall to frighten the businesses into paying. This really isn't too difficult,
and the five-minute time limit is pretty generous. There are thirteen displays
on the lower floor and twelve on the upper.

The only problem with this mission is that Tommy runs out of breath pretty
quick, and there is a lot of running that needs to be done. Your wanted level
also builds pretty quickly when shooting out the window displays.

If you can navigate well enough, I'd reccomend bringing a Sanchez or a PCJ
motorcycle into the mall. It doesn't work well if you fly off every
but if you can drive pretty well, it will save you a lot of time. When your
wanted level hits two stars, you can also grab a change of clothes at the
clothes shop or the tool shop to bringing it back to zero. Shoot out all of the
window displays for a successfully completed mission. After you have finished
this mission, you will be able to buy property around the map to generate money
for you.

-=2.06c - Bar Brawl=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $4000
Tommy finds Lance drinking at the bar. Lance tells him about a bar that is
refusing to pay because they think they're protected by a local gang. Tommy
grabs two lackeys and heads out to set the business straight.

You probably won't need both lackeys, so take the Infernus and follow your
to the bar, located near the Ocean View hotel. Kill the two guards out front
talk to the manager. He tells you that his security operates out of DBP
security. A timer will begin counting down from five minutes and you'll be
warned that the gang will know you're coming. Get back in your car and haul to
DBP, marked on your radar.

Stop the car in front of the security building and jump out. You'll immediately
be assailed, so take cover and let your lackey shoot them until he gets killed.
Take care of the rest of them.

Suddenly, half the building will explode and two men on PCJs will escape. Get
back in your car and tail them. This is the easy part - PCJs are so fragile, a
little love tap will send the rider flying. Run both of them down for a
conclusion to this mission.

-=2.06d - Cop Land=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $10000
When you arrive, Lance will be screaming at another man out front of the
mansion. He tells you about a failed bombing that the unlucky recipitent of his
screaming was supposed to execute. Now it's up to you and Lance to sort things
out. Since the bombing area is crawling with cops, Tommy suggests that you
disguise yourselves as cops to get in and set off the bomb. To do this, Lance
suggests luring them into a lock-up and jumping them.

Get in a car and head to the lock-up, marked on your map. All you have to do is
get the cops' attention - shoot everyone in sight, attack cars, et cetera. Get
two policemen to follow you into the lockup, and it will automatically close.
You'll jump the cops and take their uniforms.

All you need now is a squad car, which is supplied right behind the lock-up.
Follow your radar to the North Point mall. Enter the nearby coffee shop and
Tommy will rig the bomb with a five-second timer. Run like hell back to the
and watch the fireworks.

Now comes the fun part - the escape. You get an automatic five-star wanted
level, and the cops have pretty much foregone trying to bust you in favor of
killing you. In case you haven't noticed, it's extremely difficult to drive
there are five FBI Ranchers, three police cars, and a few FBI Cheetahs ramming
you from every direction at once. The race back to Vercetti Estate is pure
- my only advice is good luck. I can offer a few tips:
-If your car flips, you're pretty much screwed. Likewise with popped tires.
-Once a passenger's hand touches the car door, he's attached to it. You can
it as soon as Lance is touching the car and he'll stay on, provided you don't
hit anything.

If you simply can't complete this mission, I've had a few people reccomend
taking a helicopter to the mall and leaving it there prior to starting the
mission. If you can manage to get off the ground, getting back to Vercetti
Estate should be as easy as taking candy from a baby. You can easily find a
Maverick atop the mansion.

Once this mission has been completed, Vercetti Estate will start earning money
for you - up to $5000 a day.

-=2.06e - Cap the Collector=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $30000
Before you can do this mission, you must have completed all other storyline
missions, the Print Works and the Malibu Club must be earning asset money, and
any other assets you own must be earning money. A note - this part of the guide
was written based on what assets I owned when I did it. I'll be adding to it to
reflect all of the assets at a later date. You may be doing more or less than
what is written here when you do this mission.

Ken will call you and tell you that there's been trouble over at the Print
Works. Go to the Print Works and you'll find the Print Works proprietor just
getting up, after being beat up. To your horror, you'll discover that the Mafia
has finally come to Vice City and is taxing your businesses. The solution? Kill
them, of course.

You've got a choice between a tough car (the collector pairs are armed with
shotguns and M4s) or a fast car. I chose a tough car - the Patriot. If you
choose speed over durability, go for a Comet.

They're headed for the Boatyard first, so high-tail it there. It's pretty much
inevitable that they'll be able to tax the Boatyard before you can get there.
Pull into the second entrance where their dirtbike is parked. They'll come
running through the alley between the fence and the small building to the left.
Look left out of your car and mow them down with your submachine gun.

Now pull out and head back to the main avenue. They're going for Sunshine Autos
next. Go onto the left side of the avenue and drive the wrong way. You're
for a head-on collision with the Mafia men. They'll come cruising on down the
street. Ram them to send both flying, and run them over before they can get up.

Another pair will appear on the avenue. Repeat the above to finish the mission.

-=2.06f - Keep Your Friends Close=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $30000
This is it. This is the big one. The final mission of the game. It will only
become available after you have filled the requirements for Cap the Collectors.
Go around to Phil's Place and the various Ammu-Nations and restock your ammo
supplies - I'd reccomend getting the Colt Python, the Uzi 9mm, the PSG1, and
M4. A melee weapon and a heavy weapon wouldn't hurt either, just in case.

You'll get a call from Lance after you complete Cap the Collectors. He wants
to come to the mansion. Head to Vercetti Estate and go inside and up the stairs
to start the mission. Ken is freaking out, and Lance explains that the Mafia
come down to Vice City to get their share.

As you head down the stairs, you are greeted by Sonny Forelli in a strangely
happy manner. After a conversation in whcih Tommy tries to give Sonny fake
in order to draw him away, you'll discover that Lance has turned against you.
He's sold you out to the Mafia.

You'll reappear in your save room. You must defend your money at all costs. You
are provided with a Colt Python, so use it. Its one-shot-kill properties will
very helpful in this mission. Go just outside your save room and start tapping
R1. Shoot Mafia men as they are targetable. From here, you're pretty safe,
most of them will be killed before they can shoot you. Gunmen will emerge from
the front entrance, the lower right hall, and the upper right hall.

After holding them off for a while, Lance appears and starts shooting at you.
Unlike the Mafia guys, he's a real danger and will slice into your health.
Retreat back into the safe room and kill the two men shooting you from the
balcony. Then run back out onto the balcony, kill Lance's accomplice, and shoot
Lance. He'll run down the hall. Run after him and shoot him again.

Pretty soon the Mafia will start stealing your money. Keep an eye on it. If you
have a lot, don't worry about it, but you'll fail if all of it is stolen.

Follow Lance onto the helipad. There are a ton of guys here, but instead of
letting them shoot you, make a break for the helipad. RUn up the ramp and go
back, and none of them will be able to hit you. Grab the health if you need it.
Now you have two options: Go back down and kill them, or stay on the helipad
where it's fairly safe and kill them. I chose to stay on the helipad. Use a
machine gun or a sniper rifle to shoot one of the explosive barrels - that
should kill a good few of them. After that, either throw explosives over the
edge of the helipad or go close to the edge (though not too close, as they can
shoot you) and kill the rest of the gunners with your sniper rifle or machine

Now head back down towards the safe room. Kill any Mafia man you see running
towards the room. Go onto the balcony and use your sniper rifle or machine gun
to clean out the safe room, then run down to it. You'll see a short cutscene,
then Sonny will start shooting you. Luckily, your armor and health will be
refilled, but it won't stay that way for long.

There's no good cover around, and the safe room probably still has Mafia men in
it, so make a dash for the armor/health room. From here, you should have a safe
vantage point to shoot Sonny. Pop out, target, shoot him with the Python, get
back to cover. Five shots and Sonny will be dead. Pat yourself on the back and
watch the credits roll!

                         2.07 - Umberto Robina
Umberto is a member of the Cuban gang, a group very obsessed with the sizes of
their cojones. Earn his trust and he'll be an asset to you forever.

-=2.07a - Stunt Boat Challenge=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $1000
Time Limit: 3:00
Umberto will greet you rather happily, but his opinion of you will quickly
degrade. You'll throw around a few insults, then Umberto will ask you to prove
that you're a man by running a stunt boat course.

Like the Cop Land mission, this is based mainly on skill. You must run through
every yellow checkpoint until you finish the course. I can't help you much,
except to give you a few tips. Remember that you don't need a whole lot of
to clear the checkpoints on the short jumps, and a sharp turn can be executed
releasing the throttle, turning, and hitting it again. Finish this mission to
earn Umberto's respect and his work.

-=2.07b - Cannon Fodder=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $2000
Umberto will run into the cafe yelling about the Haitians. He's mad, and he
wants some dead Haitians to sate his anger. He tells you to drive some of his
lackeys over to a gunfight in Little Haiti. It's a hornet's nest of Haitians,
and all of them are gunning for you.

Down the alley is a car and a bunch of Haitians. Use a Ruger, M4, M60, or
another weapon of those varieties to destroy the car, then use your submachine
gun to take out the survivors. Three Cubans will then charge, only to be picked
off by a sniper. Rico calls for reinforcements and tells you to kill the

RUn and pick up the PSG1 at the side of the alley, then go back behind your
Cuban compatriots. They should give you adequate cover fire. Shoot the sniper,
then finish off the rest of the Haitians to initiate the next part of the

The group of Cubans will run into the factory area of the Haitians' hideout,
revealing a swarm of them. Take cover and shoot until the only ones left are
ones spawning from the factory. Once the area is clear, hop in the van and make
your escape. Plow past the Haitians that have regrouped at the entrance and
evade any heat you may have picked up until you reach the cafe.

-=2.07c - Naval Engagement=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $4000
As soon as you enter, Umberto slams you against the wall and starts yelling at
you. He thinks that you're a turncoat, apparently. Tommy apologizes for this
unknown offense, and Umberto tells you about a lot of drugs the Haitians are
bringing in from offshore. He wants that shipment, and he tells you that if you
can get it for him, he will never doubt you again.

Hop in your car and travel to Rico, on the waterline. He'll take you to his
boat, and you'll start a nice leisurely drive by the Haitian drug deal.....
followed by a rather angry, all caps message that states "KILL ALL THE
HAITIANS". Do just that, with the weapon of your choice. There's really no
on the boat, so my only advice is to shoot quickly and accurately. You're lucky
if you've got an RPG - just blow up the two yachts and pop a missile into the
middle of the meeting. Rico will drop you off on the shore, and you're on your

Take out your sub and start targeting the shooters. Run to the boathouse to
cover, and pick up the briefcase there while you're at it. Keep tapping R1 to
get new targets. As soon as the area is clear, head up to the house and grab
the other two cases.

You'll see a cutscene where Rico's boat is destroyed, so you'll have to find
another way out. A few more gunners will appear, including several down on the
dock and two around each corner of the house, armed with shotguns. Before you
do anything, go back into the yard, and use the bushes as cover as you go
around either side of the house. Kill the shotgun-armed men waiting there. Now,
go get into the Landstalker in the driveway of the house. You'll have to deal
with the top-heavy vehicle as you make your way back to the cafe.
Unfortunately, your antics have earned you a high wanted level. Honestly, I'd
give praise to anybody who makes it back with the Landstalker intact. If you
have to ditch (which you probably will), try to do it near a parked car. Enter
the cafe to finish the mission and earn Umberto's respect.

-=2.07d - Trojan Voodoo=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $10000
This mission opens after you finish Auntie Poulet's missions. You'll find
Umberto trying to come onto the ladies with a crack about the Haitians. He's
blown off, but he gets over it when he sees Tommy enter. He lays out a plan
involves blowing up the Haitians' drug factory, effectively ruining their
presence in Vice City. This requires getting a Voodoo, so take Pepe, your
accomplice, over to Little Haiti and steal one. They're found pretty much
everywhere in Little Haiti, but there is one parked in front of Auntie Poulet's
house if you can't find one. Meet up with Rico after you've found a Voodoo and
follow him to the drug factory.

The Haitians will allow you into the factory - you'll recognize it from an
earlier Cuban mission. Hop out and kill any nearby Haitians, then head into the
factory. There are three points you must place bombs at, and the first one
starts a 45-second timer. The nearest placement area is just to the right of
entrance. Enter the pink circle and Tommy will place the bomb, starting the

The second point is in the back corner of the factory, under the stairs. There
is a guard standing here, so kill him and plant the bomb. The final detonation
point is up the stairs and straight ahead.

Listen to the message onscreen when it tells you to run - you don't have much
time before the whole place goes up like the Fourth of July. Once the bomb is
placed, ignore any Haitians shooting at you or even your Cuban companions and
just run. The gate is closed, so turn right and head into the nearby alley and
up the staircase. Make it within the time limit and the factory will explode,
finishing the Cuban missions and the Haitians for good.

                          2.08 - Auntie Poulet
Voiced by everybody's favorite Miss Cleo, Auntie Poulet is the resident Haitian
witch... voodoo... sorceress.... er... lady. In any case, she's a very strange
woman, and seems to have Tommy under a sort of spell. If she wasn't so strange,
she could almost be maternal....

-=2.08a - Juju Scramble=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $1000
Auntie's first job for you requires speed. After greeting Tommy, who is in a
rather odd mood, she sits down and gives him some tea over a very strange
conversation. She asks him to go and fetch what Auntie calls "powder", which
Cubans have revealed the locations of to the police. She claims it's not drugs,
though Tommy is in no state to object.

Grab a fast car if you brought one, otherwise take Auntie's Voodoo. Follow your
radar to the first location. It's on a rooftop, so head upstairs and pick it
However, as soon as you grab it, you discover it's an ambush! As always, you
choose to run for it. Avoid the sniper shots and get back to your vehicle.
However, you now have a two-star wanted level and a one-minute timer. Haul to
the next location and grab the powder. Your wanted level increases again, this
time to four stars. Race again to the third and final location to grab the last
package and icnrease your wanted level again, to five stars. The FBI's on you
now, so get back to Auntie's as quickly as possible.

-=2.08b - Bombs Away!=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $2000
This conversation sounds familiar, doesn't it? It does for Tommy, too. Auntie's
got another job for you. She tells you about boats that the Cubans use to take
drugs across the water, and she wants them destroyed. This will be done by
"flying bombs" that her nephew has built.

Go to the Top Fun van near the shore and climb in. You'll gain control of an RC
Baron, and get a short tutorial on flying it. Use O to drop the bombs. You must
fly over the Cuban boats and drop these bombs until they are destroyed.

Do just that - head towards the Cubans marked on your map. Don't fly too low,
your RC Baron is not very tough and you only have three of them. Fly over the
Cubans, and when you are fairly certain you're above them, start dropping
If you don't destroy them fairly quickly, the boats will drive away. Before you
chase them, make sure the Cuban Hermes on the shore has been destroyed. Once
that has been done, it's simply strafing runs on the boats until they have
up. Make sure not to get too low, because either the Cubans will shoot your
plane or it will be caught in the explosion.

-=2.08c - Dirty Lickin's=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $5000
Another sense of deja vu? Of course not! Auntie has one more job for you. She
promises not to bewitch you anymore if you finish this job for her. The Cubans
and the Haitians have gone to war, but neither have an exact sense of fairness.
There are no weapons allowed, so of course Auntie gives you a high-powered
sniper rifle and tells you to kill every Cuban dog you see.

Head to the sniping position marked on your radar and start picking off Cubans.
You should be able to get a decent amount of them, especially with the
help. If you need a bit of leeway, pick up the adrenaline pill under the
stairway up to the rooftop where the sniping position is to slow things down.

Sure enough, the Cubans will bring in reinforcements with cheating weapons,
noticeably one with a katana. First a van will pull up - kill the four Cubans
inside quickly. Then a line of more will come from the bottom of the
battlefield, including the man with the katana. Start picking off Cubans,
because they'll mow through the Haitians. Kill all of them for your reward, and
a conclusion to the Haitian missions.

                           2.09 - Love Fist
Love Fist is another large-haired, accented '80s rock band. To complete the
cliche, they are all shirtless, stupid, and quite addicted to various drugs.
Kent Paul introduces you to them, and acts as an intermediary.

-=2.09a - Love Juice=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $2000
You'll find Kent Paul in the studio with the band. He'll introduce you to each
other, but it's obvious there's a problem. Apparently, Love Fist is out of
drugs, but there's only one specific mixture they like - something wild called
"Love Juice" that's probably just as effective at stripping paint and removing
grease from dishes as it is getting you wasted. They want you to collect the
ingredients so they can get the creative juices flowing again.

They send you to a dealer who has the ingredients they want, but apparently he
doesn't want to sell. Instead, the dealer steals your money and escapes on a
PCJ. Fortunately for you, PCJs aren't the ideal escape vehicle. Ram him from
behind to send him flying, then run him down and collect the Love Juice

After you pick up the case, you get a call from Kent, who tells you that the
band is... ahem... "lonely". Tommy gets the point, and decides that Mercedes
would be a perfect match for Love Fist. Go and pick her up at her apartment.

Now it's time to take both presents back to the drunken bunch, but they're due
on stage soon. You've got a minute and thirty seconds to get Mercedes and the
Love Juice back to the band, which is a fairly healthy length of time. You
should get back with breathing room left.

-=2.09b - Psycho Killer=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $4000
The band is babbling, barely understandable (as usual) when you enter the
studio. There's a psycho that wants Love Fist dead out there, and Kent wants
to protect the band if this psycho does emerge at their upcoming signing.

Hop into Love Fist's supercharged limo and head straight down the street to the
event. Stop in the pink circle and, sure enough, the psycho appears - a big,
burly man in a dress and wig (o_O). He shoots several people, then makes his

While powerful, the Love Fist limo isn't exactly a fast car. You'll have
keeping up with the psycho in his Sentinel. He takes the left turn by the
station right down the road, so try to hit him there and knock him over. Trap
him and he'll get out of his car and run for it. If you miss him there, your
best bet is to try and trap him on turns. Don't let him get out of your sights
or you'll fail. This mission may seem difficult, but it's not that bad -
memorize his turn pattern if you're having trouble.

-=2.09c - Publicity Tour=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $8000
Love Fist is freaking out again. The psycho you though you killed is back and
making threats. They want you to protect them again, in case the psycho

However, as soon as you enter the car, you discover that there is a bomb
in it. In a spookily Speed-esque scenario, if you slow down too much, you're
toast. Though you need to be paying a lot of attention to your driving, try
listening to Love Fist as they try to save themselves. This is by far one of
most amusing missions of the game.

Your best bet is to head for the main avenue on the east side of this part of
Vice City. It's just about long enough to allow you to stay above the minimum
speed and still finish the mission. While you drive, the band members will
attempt to disable the bomb, alongside hilarious commentary. Drive carefully
don't hit anything, and you should be alright. A meter will fill as you
the detonation speed, so you'll know if you're going too slow.

Once the bomb's been defused, take Love Fist to the venue. You'll have another
conversation with them, then the mission will end and you'll be rewarded.

                          2.10 - Mitch Baker
Mitch Baker is a biker, the head of a gang. As expected, he's tough, grimy, and
doesn't worry about anybody but his kin. Kent Paul wants the service of his
for security at a Love Fist concert, but it will take some persuading to bring
Mitch Baker over.

-=2.10a - Alloy Wheels of Steel=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $1000
Inside the Greasy Chopper, you'll meet Mitch Baker, the head of the biker gang
Kent Paul wants to provide security for Love Fist. Tommy asks Mitch about the
job, but Mitch says that the gang doesn't provide for anybody but their own. He
asks to join, but Mitch says that you first have to prove your skills on a bike
before he'll let you into the gang.

You'll only be allowed to use a Freeway or an Angel for this race, so grab one
of the Angels usually parked in front of the bar. Don't pull into the pink
circle, however - instead, head left out of the bar's entrance down the road
turn around. Accelerate and clip the biker on the far end from the pink circle.
This will automatically start the race and give you a good head start. Your
opponents are skilled, but more often than not they'll be flying around the
sides of the road instead of on it. Use this to your advantage.

You might want to take some time to familiarize yourself with the Angel before
starting this mission. It's an odd bike with decent acceleration, high top
speed, and a wide turning radius.

The checkpoints are easy enough to spot on the road, and the next one will
always be marked on your map. Like previous racing missions, this is all skill
and little strategy. Drive your best, and good luck.

-=2.10b - Messing With the Man=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
Time Limit: 2:00
Baker wins an arm wrestling match as you enter. He tells you about the gang,
how its members have all been betrayed by someone - for some, their own
He wants you to go out there and show the world how pissed off you are.

You appear outside the Greasy Chopper with a two-minute timer and a Chaosmeter.
Your goal is to cause as much havoc as possible, and we all know the best way
do that - kill policemen. I hope you've brought plenty of sub ammo, because
you'll need it.

First, kill everybody within targeting range. You'll almost definitely get a
one-star warrant - if you're lucky, two. Kill any policemen coming after you
move out onto the avenue for more space. You don't even have to move - the
police will come to you. Shoot them as they come. I'd reccomend using a tough
vehicle like the Hummer - it becomes available after you finish Phil Cassidy's
missions. If you're feeling particularly confident, you can go it on foot, but
it will be more difficult. Or, if you happen to already have acquired it, you
can grab the Hunter from the army base and complete this mission quite easily.

Thank you to the many people who informed me that there is a much easier way to
do this - simply find a car, any car, and blow it up. Shoot the destroyed
carcass of the car, and you'll notice your Chaosmeter rise. Simply pump fire
into a blown-up car and you can finish the mission without moving.

Once you've filled the Chaosmeter, the mission will be complete and you'll earn
your reward.

-=2.10c - Hog Tied=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $4000
Baker's bike has been stolen, and he wants you to retrieve it. Do this, he
and you'll be a gang member for life, and therefore he'll supply security for
the Love Fist concert.

You'll need a fast bike to get into the place where the bike has been taken to.
I'd reccomend a PCJ 600 - there should be one behind the glass storefront right
across the street from the Greasy Chopper. If notm, grab an Angel and ride up
and down the avenue, and one should show up. That done, follow your radar to

Go backa ways down the street, then accelerate towards the staircase. The
is to jump the street to the roof of Ammu-Nation, which isn't really a
challenge. The staircase will do most of the work for you.

As soon as you land, take out the gang members on the roof. There aren't many,
and they haven't been alerted to your presence. Go to the staircase in the back
corner of the roof and start shooting the approaching gang members. There are
plenty of them down here, so try to stay under relative cover as you take them
out. Once you've cleaned out most or all of them, head back past the garages to
Mitch's Angel. Go out, pass the buildings, and turn right - you'll see another
staircase and a fence down an alley. Go to the fence, turn, accelerate, and
the wall in front of the staircase.

You'll land outside, only to find more gang members waiting in a van. There are
several vans crusing around. Kill the gang members or just take off. They
shouldn't be too much of a problem. Go back to Mitch's for your reward and a
conclusion to his missions.

                          2.11 - Phil Cassidy
Phil Cassidy is the tough-walking, trash-talking ex-military man who helped you
in the mission The Job. You must complete the Malibu Club missions to open
Phil's missions.

-=2.11a - Gun Runner=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
In traditional Phil Cassidy style, he will meet you running and
screaming "RUN!!!!". After his boomshine still explodes, Tommy inquires about
firepower that Phil promised him. Phil tells you about a gun runner that brings
in his shipment on trucks. He says that you can ram the trucks and steal the
guns from them, and you'll be doing him a favor while you're at it.

Grab the Patriot waiting for you. This baby can take some real punishment, and
you'll need it. Head out and turn right down the avenue. Accelerate towards the
trucks, marked on your map. Both are carrying a crate, and one has a gunner on
top with an automatic. Ram both of them, then kill the gunner, get out, and
up the weapons. While you're here, kill the truck drivers as well - this will
required later in the mission.

After this, you'll be notified that backup has been called for. Watch and laugh
as a line of gunners riding Faggio scooters comes screaming after you. They're
not a very big threat while you're in your Patriot, but you do get a bonus $100
for each one you kill.

Now head to the other two trucks. This is the same as above - ram both trucks,
kill the gunner, grab the guns, kill the truck drivers. Once all the weapons
have been picked up and all of the gun runners are dead, the mission will be

-=2.11b - Boomshine Saigon=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $4000
This, in my opinion, is the most fun mission in the game. Phil, totally out of
his wits on boomshine, will blow his arm off with a grenade. You must drive him
to the hospital, but unfortunately, that boomshine's gotten to you, too. You
couldn't drive a straight line if it followed a curve. Plus, you're in a
Patriot, which isn't exactly the most nimble vehicle in the game.

I've heard this mission two ways - one, that the motion of your Patriot is
exaggerated, and two, it's actually just the wild swaying of the camera that
makes it seem like the Patriot is swerving around. It seems to me that the
controls are exaggerated, but whatever the case, you don't have long before
Phil dies. Fortunately, the hospital's not far away. Head straight out from
Phil's to the main avenue, then turn right and follow it to the hospital.

However, as you arrive, Phil says that he refuses to go to the hospital.
Instead, he wants you to bring him to an Army surgeon that owes him a favor
(and a lawnmower). Phil doesn't have much left in him by now, but fortunately,
the boomshine is starting to wear off. Go as fast as you can, and you should be
able to make it to the surgeon's place with Phil still alive. Good luck, and
have fun! Once this mission is complete, you'll be able to buy some heavy
weaponry from Phil's place.

                         2.12 - Phone Missions
The phone missions are given by an unknown contact who thinks you're Leo Teal,
the unfortunate chef you stole your cell phone from. There are five missions in
all given by this contact. Completing these missions will fulfill the
"Assassination Contracts Completed" statistic in your Stats page.

-=2.12a - Road Kill=-
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $500
The man on the other end of the line gives you what he calls more "hands-on"
work. He wants you to kill Carl Pearson, a pizza delivery boy.

This mission is very easy. Carl is marked on your map, and with 50 pizzas to
deliver, you have plenty of time to track him down. Ram him to knock him off
scooter, then run him over. Case closed.

-=2.12b - Waste the Wife=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $2000
This time, your contact wants you to kill one Mrs. Dawson, who apparently has
done wrong with her husband. Mrs. Dawson drives a Comet, so you'll need a
comparably fast car to keep up with her. However, since her death needs to look
like a car accident, you cannot use any weapons.

Drive into the pink circle and she'll leave. Drive up behind her and ram her
from behind to get a decent amount of damage. She'll start panicking and
erratically. From here, it's a simple game of hit-the-other-car-with-your-car.
Finish her for an easy $2000.

-=2.12c - Autocide=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $4000
Time Limit: 9:00
There is a bank job planned by a European gang, and your contact's client
doesn't want this to happen. You must kill all of the Europeans to prevent the
job from being pulled. There is a time limit, but it is pretty generous.

You are supplied with a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, and a PCJ 600 (a note -
this white PCJ can never be found again in the game. Save it if you want it) in
a small area just down the street from the phone. Pick these items up, jump on
the PCJ, and head to the first target's location, a man named Mike Griffin.

At first, you might be confused - he's nowhere to be found on the ground. Look
up. You'll see him standing on the walkway built into the billboard. Use your
sniper rifle to kill him, then proceed to the next target.

The next target is named Dick Tanner, and can be found at DBP Security. He's
sitting in the lot in a Securicar. Stop a good distance back, take out your
sniper rifle, and shoot him through the glass.

Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter are your next two targets. Drive to their
location, and like with Dick Tanner, stop a good distance back and kill the one
driving the Bobcat. Then do a drive-by to kill the other. Be careful of him -
his shotgun will take you down with one lor two blasts.

Nick Kong is the fifth target. He's in his boat, cruising along the shoreline.
Again, especially with Nick, it's important not to be seen. Follow your radar
past the office building you destroyed in Avery Carrington's mission to a
bridge. Head up onto it, then look right, You should see a small, grassy strip.
Hop the edge of the bridge down to this grassy area. Head out until you can see
Nick Kong's boat, then take out your sniper rifle and shoot him. There is a
small, raised patch of land along the wall next to you that you can use to exit
this area.

Charlie Dilson is the next target. He's riding his PCJ not far from your first
target. Knock him off his bike and waste him.

-=2.12d - Check Out At the Check In=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $8000
You are told about a sniper rifle that has been snuck into the airport, and a
woman that will ask a man the time. Your job is to use this rifle to
that man, then you must take what he was carrying and return it to Ammu-Nation
in Downtown.

Get the rifle and head up to the second level. Move forward until you have a
good view of the woman marked by an arrow. There are two men standing at the
check-in - she'll walk towards them. You'll be notified once she's spoken to
them. Kill both of them and pick up the case.

The two-star wanted level isn't bad, but the mysterious men in black cars
chasing you are. They have some serious firepower, and will make mincemeat out
of most any car. Either take a helicopter or hope you can avoid them with a
car. I used a Comet. Get to Ammu-Nation to finish the mission.

-=2.12e - Loose Ends=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $16000
An exchange of valuable merchandise is taking place on top of the Cherry Popper
ice cream factory, and your contact wants all of it. Head left from the phone
the alley behind the ice cream factory. There is an M4 just inside the gate,
I would reccomend a submachine gun over it.

The compound is a hornet's nest of the same men that were after you in the
previous mission. Use the M4 to destroy the car in front of you, then move
forward but don't cross the corner of the alley. Kill any other gunmen you can
target and hit from here, then get out your sub (if you don't have it out),
target the gunman around the corner, and go around it.

As soon as you pop out from the alley, fire. Your bullet will hit the barrel
there and set off a chain reaction that will destroy a van, two cars, and
several gunmen. After the fireworks are over, take cover behind the closest ice
cream box. Target anybody you can, run out, shoot, and take cover again. If
somebody begins firing from the walkway above, retreat to the alley, get out
your M4, and shoot him.

Keep repeating this pattern - lock on, strafe out, kill, take cover. It will
take a while to clear the area. If there is a man in an area too dangerous to
out to, try shooting over your cover with the M4. They seem to have problems
shooting you head-on when you stand behind a box. Keep this in mind. There is
armor pickup in the back of the compound (be wary of the men standing on the
billboard) and a two health pickups on the roof.

Once you're on the roof, there's not as much cover, but there are (thankfully)
fewer guards. Kill them as quickly as possible and grab the health. There are
three more waiting in the area with the two large ice creams.

Once on top of the roof, don't make the same mistake I did and go running
towards the merchandise. There are four men waiting just inside this area.
around the side and kill one or two of them, then back off and come around on
the other side and take another down. Go get the other health pickup if you

Once all of them are dead and you have the merchandise, take their Maverick and
go to the helipad in Escobar International. You'll then receive your

                         3 . 0  -  A S S E T S

                        3.01 - The Malibu Club
The Malibu Club is the place to be for the "cool crowd", complete with lighted
fog, big hair, and the Village People. Behind the Malibu Club, however, lurks a
bank robbery plot. The Malibu costs $120000 to purchase, and will bring in
$10000 daily when its asset missions are completed.

-=3.01a - No Escape?=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $1000
You'll meet our old friend Ken Rosenburg inside the newly purchased Malibu
He babbles about a minibar, but Tommy interrupts and asks Ken about a safe
cracker for a bank job he has planned. He tells you about Cam Jones, who would
be perfect for the job but for one small detail - he's in prison. So, of
Jones must be busted out.

Get a fast car - you'll need it. Take it over to the police station marked on
your map. In the back, there will be an entrance flanked by two staircases.
your car around so that the back end is facing the building, then back it up
until the passenger door is lined up with the stairway. Your escape will need
be brisk. That done, equip your bare fists (you'll get in trouble for having a
gun out in the station) and enter.

You will be told that something useful waits in the locker room. Don't head
the hall, or the cops will start shooting at you. Go into the locker room and
enter the pink circle to change into a cop uniform.

That done, go down the hall and upstairs to pick up the key to Cam's cell. It's
in the room straight ahead of you as you enter the offices. Now go all the way
downstairs to the holding cells, and enter the circle there. You'll open the
cell and release Cam. Now it's time to get the hell out.

Kill the policeman standing at the desk just up the stairs, then one or two as
they come down the stairs up to the office. After that, ignore the rest of the
officers and dash out the door. Once outside, kill all of the policemen within
targeting range and get into your escape car.

Nail it and head for the Pay 'N Spray, marked on your map. You shouldn't have
much trouble getting there. Once your car has been resprayed, go to Cam's house
and drop him off for an admittedly miniscule reward.

-=3.01b - The Shootist=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
Ignoring the questionable grammar in the mission name, you now must find a
gunner for your bank job. Cam knows of an ex-military guy named Phil Cassidy,
who has a reputation for being the best shooter in town. He tells you that you
can probably find Cassidy at the shooting range in Ammu-Nation in downtown Vice

Head to the range, marked on your map. You'll meet Phil, blasting away at the
range with two pistols. He challenges you to a round at the range - beat his
score of 60 and you'll have his gun in your bank job.

Like racing missions before this, it's all about skill. The best strategy is to
memorize target locations and patterns. If you can shoot well enough, you've
this mission bagged.

There are three areas - one in the range, and two in a mock-up city. The first
is simple shoot-the-target, with three rows of targets that move side to side.
The targets are worth different values depending on their distance. The second
area is inside the city mock-up, firing at targets that move side to side
through a wall of windows. The final area is also in the mock-up, involving
moving targets that pop out of various places.

Beat 60 and you'll win the mission.

-=3.01c - The Driver=-
Reward: $8000
Okay, perhaps not mind-wrenchingly insane. But this is a DAMNED HARD MISSION to
complete. You only need one more person to complete your posse for the bank job
- a driver. Phil knows of a guy, named Hilary - supposedly the best driver in
town. However, he has abandonment issues, and apaprently won't work for you
unless you can beat him in a race.

Phil meant it when he said that Hilary was the best driver in town. His AI is
*impeccable* - he won't make a damned mistake in this race. Plus, he's driving
Sabre Turbo and you're in a Sentinel. Again, this is based mainly on your own
skill, but I can help you a bit here.

There are two things you can do to help yourself. The first, which is pretty
much necessary, is to ram Hilary in the rear side of his car as early as
possible. Your goal is to make him spin out. If you accomplish this and don't
make any mistakes, you'll win. Another trick is to gain a two-star wanted level
before starting the race. As the countdown goes through two, a police car will
come careening around the corner and ram into Hilary's car. This happens every
time without fail. You will receive a two-star wanted level during the race
regardless, so it won't be a problem. If he manages to stay ahead of you, ram
him in the turns and try to make him spin out. Though his car accelerates a lot
faster than yours, the Sentinel actually has a higher top speed than the Sabre

Remember, you CANNOT make ANY mistakes during this race. One turn taken too
and Hilary will beat you. Good luck.

-=3.01d - The Job=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $50000
It's time. Your gang has been assembled and the bank is prime to be taken down.
Go and teach the big boys a lesson.

Jump in the taxi waiting for you and drive to the bank. Stop in the pink circle
across the street from the bank. You'll stop to pop the trunk and Hilary will
drive away. Go to the bushes next to the bank and you'll change into your job
clothes, and you'll also be given a Colt Python with plenty of ammo. Enter the
bank and you'll hold it up.

Take Cam and go upstairs. There are two armed guards here - one as you exit the
second staircase, one inside the room with the elevator. Use your one-shot-kill
Colt Python to kill both of them, then enter the elevator to go down to the
room. Kill the guard here and enter the pink circle. Cam will tell you that the
safe lock is too complex, and he needs the manager to get in.

Go back up the elevator, then downstairs to the office area. Head towards the
back. There are two guards, one in the room to the left and one in the room
straight ahead. There are health and armor refills here if you need them. Get
the manager hiding in the room with the second guard and take him back to Cam.

Now go check on Phil. As you head down the stiars, he'll yell, then shoot.
Somebody has set off the alarm, and the cops are on their way. Take position in
the pink circle and you'll hear the SWAT team threatening you. Cam will
that the vault has been opened, then the SWAT team will storm the bank.

The ceiling panels will fall, followed by tear gas canisters and SWAT team
members. Start killing them with your Python. Don't stop until there aren't any
left - don't forget the shooters on the balcony. Once they are dead, make for
the bank entrance.

Hilary will drive up, but predictably get himself killed trying to be heroic.
Kill all of the SWAT team members, then jump in the taxi. Make sure nobody is
left behind, then drive off. The main entrance is blockaded, so take one of the
two side avenues that Hilary pulled up from. Head for the Pay 'N Spray just
the street. From here, you're home free. Drive back to Cam's house for a
reward and your Malibu Club asset completed.

                           3.02 - Print Works
The print shop is run by a kindly old man who happens to have the capability to
print money. It can be purchased for $70000, and will generate $8000 a day when
you have completed its missions.

-=3.02a - Spilling the Beans=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $2000
You'll learn a bit about Tommy's past when you meet the proprietor of the Print
Works. Tommy suggests printing a newspaper, but the proprietor blows it off and
says that they should print money. He claims it's not too hard, you just need
good plates. He's heard rumors of a syndicate that is shipping plates, and
knows just the man to verify it.

Kent Paul is ogling the ladies in the Malibu Club again. With a bit of forceful
negotiation, Tommy gets out the information that the Triads are shipping in the
plates, and the shipping officer at the Vice City docks will know when they are
coming in. Head to the large cruise liner at the docks and get out a good
- I reccomend either a submachine gun with a high fire rate or a Colt Python.

The ship is a hive of men gunning for you. Kill anything you can target. The
shipping officer is in an officer at the stern of the ship, up several flights
of stairs. There are several guards here, so take care of them. Enter the
behind the pink circle and speak with the shipping manager. He'll tell you what
you need to know.

Now head back for the printworks. More guards will come after you, so
tap R1 for new targets. Make your way back off the ship, then head for the
printworks to complete the mission.

-=3.02b - Hit the Courier=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $5000
Tommy is going to intercept the plates as they come into the Vice City docks.
Lance says that he'll provide some help, though you may or may not need it.

Head for the docks. The courier is arriving by helicopter (marked by a yellow
mark on your radar). By the time you arrive, the chopper should be close to
landing. You'll see several women armed with shotguns around the area. They
make mincemeat out of you, so either waste them from long range by sniper rifle
or bust in firing out of your car until it bursts into flames, then bail and
down the rest of them. Either method works perfectly fine.

It's fairly likely that by the time you have killed the guards, the courier has
arrived and has gotten into her Sentinel. Fortunately, she is not a very good
driver, and she's crashed into the wall and stayed there every time I've done
this mission. Kill her by shooting her through the window, and she'll drop the
plates. Take them back to the printworks. If she DOES drive out, chase her down
and force her out. Either way, go back to the print shop once you have the
plates. This will complete the Print Shop asset.

                         3.03 - Sunshine Autos
Sunshine Autos was previously owned by BJ Smith, football player. He's
disappointed that he has to sell it to you, but glad to have it off his hands.
The auto shop costs $50000 and will generate $9000 when you have completed its
asset missions. They involve collecting cars and bringing them back to a
There are also several race missions available.


                    3.04 - Cherry Popper Ice Cream
The Cherry Popper Ice Cream factory is located on the main avenue in Vice City.
Its previous owner was a rather horrid woman who sells drugs alongside ice
cream. It's your job to take over and get business going again. The ice cream
factory costs $20000 and makes $3000 a day when you complete its mission.

-=3.04a - Distribution=-
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $?
Distribution is about as much as you'd expect - stop and press L3 to start your
jingles jingling, and the coke heads will come up and buy. Unfortunately, other
gangs don't appreciate you selling on their turf, and there's the ever-present
problem of cops. To remedy the first problem, go over to the southern part of
the first island, where there are relatively few gangs. As for the cops, you
always hang around the Pay 'N Spray (or cheat, if that's your thing).

Sell 50 of whatever it is you're selling to complete the ice cream factory

                          3.05 - The Boatyard
The boatyard is relatively devoid of inhabitants besides two potheads. Amusing
as potheads always are, they don't do too much for you. It costs $10000 and
generates revenue up to $2000.

-=3.05a - Checkpoint Charlie=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: N/A
Time Limit: 2:30
This, like Stunt Boat Challenge, is a checkpoint race in a boat, initiated
you get into one of the two hot rods waiting at the boatyard (I reccomend using
the Cuban boat because its handling is tighter, though you can try the Squallo
if you're having problems finishing within the time limit). Like the name
suggests, you must complete all of the checkpoints within a set time limit of

There are a lot of tight turns in this race, so I suggest you do several
practice runs to get to know your boat and the course. You really can't make
mistakes here, because the time limit is very tight. I only made one slight
mistake the first time I did this, and the timer hit zero just as the nose of
boat was about to pass the final checkpoint.

The most crucial point of this race is probably the ramps in the docks where
Colonel Cortez's yacht used to be. Mess up here and you're basically screwed.
It's not very difficult, however - the first two jumps are perfectly aligned,
and the third is a simple deviation to the left.

You know the drill by now - this race is based on skill. Remember the trick
allows you to execute a sharp turn in a boat (release throttle and hit throttle
again) and you should be fine. Complete this race and the boatyard asset will

                          3.06 - Kaufman Cabs
Kaufman Cabs is one of those fall-through businesses that has a change in
management every month. You are here to turn it around. Kaufman Cabs costs
$40000, and generates a revenue of $5000 a day.

-=3.06a - V.I.P.=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $1000
Time Limit: 1:00
There is a high class passenger in Starfish Island that needs a pick-up. This,
of course, falls to you. Drive as quickly as you can to the pick-up spot in
Starfish Island. One minute is just about enough time to get there, though
you'll probably be cutting it close. Stop in the pink circle and sound your

Just as the V.I.P. is walking out, however, another taxi pulls up and takes
This, of course, is a declaration of war. Attack the other taxi by ramming it,
shooting it, whatever, until the V.I.P. bails out and comes to your taxi. The
other taxi will attack you, but it's not really any more than a nuisance. Bring
the V.I.P. to the airport.

-=3.06b - Friendly Rivalry=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $2000
VC Cabs is stealing all of Kaufman's business, and it's your job to make sure
they stop. You must destroy three of their taxis to level the playing field.
Those three are marked on your map.

Use standard fare vehicle destruction tactics - trap them in a corner and pump
the cars full of lead until they catch fire. Once all three cabs are blazing
hulks, you will have successfully completed the mission.

-=3.06c - Cabmageddon=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $5000
A cab has been requisitioned, and, surprise, it's Mercedes Cortez! Head to the
Vice City docks (you'll have to go around the building and find the entrance to
get to the area where you're going). However, as soon as you sound the horn, a
fleet of normal taxis enters. It's a trap!

Your goal is to survive a minute with this pack of hounds after you. These
are worse than the police, that's for sure. I found the best way to avoid them
was to drive wide circles around the area, avoiding the corridor with the
columns. The taxis barely touched me when I did this.

Once the timer runs down, the Zebra Cab will appear and you'll engage in a one-
on-one duel of taxis (;_;). Again employ those car destruction tactics - get
alongside the cab and fill it with bullets until it catches fire. The driver
will bail. Cut him down with a drive-by. If he pulls you out, get back, because
his katana will hurt. Kill him to finish the mission. After this mission is
complete, Kaufman Cabs will start earning revenue.

                          3.07 - Film Studio
With a name so inconspicuous as "film studio", it takes a bit of a stretch of
the imagination to imagine it as a porn studio. But that's what it is. The Film
Studio costs $60000 and makes $7000 when its asset missions are completed.

-=3.07a - Recruitment Drive=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $1000
Steve Scott, director, is in the middle of a take when Tommy enters, and he
starts making demands just as soon. He says that they're going to turn the
around, and says that they first need better actors. Two girls come immediately
to mind.

Candy Suxxx is the first candidate, so stop by her apartment in downtown Vice
City. However, she says that you need to talk to her "agent" (i.e. pimp) before
she can work as an actress. The pimp arrives right about here, inquires what
hell you're doing, and drops off three gunmen. Go after the pimp and ignore the
gunmen. Whenever you get too close, the pimp will stop and drop off another
three gunners. Ignore them for the most part and concentrate on the car. The
pimp will bail when the car catches fire. Run him down and go back to collect

Now you have to pick up Mercedes, who is in the pizza place in the Downtown
area. Go there and walk inside. Tommy will ask her about taking a starring
role, and she will wholeheartedly agree. Take the two back to the studio to
finish the mission.

-=3.07b - Dildo Dodo=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $2000
Fliers for the new movie must be distributed, but Steve is sure that nobody
let them distrubute the papers. However, as they must get out to the public,
Tommy comes up with an idea - he'll fly the on-location seaplane over the area
and drop the fliers.

Go left out of the studio and go into the back area with the battleship set and
a flying saucer. There's a door here that leads out to where the seaplane is
docked. Get in and hit it.

It'll take a lot of water, but eventually the Skimmer will lift off. There are
several checkpoints around the city. Each one will cause the plane to start
dropping flyers until you reach an end checkpoint. The Skimmer has a limited
amount of fuel to do this with, so you must be quick and your flying must be

Problem is, the Skimmer isn't exactly agile. It'll take a while to get fast
enough to where you can actually fly it comfortably. Once it hits that point,
though, it's actually quite a pleasure to fly, and will easily execute some of
the swooping dives and turns required in this mission.

Start the mission by taking off and making a wide turn. You should start this
turn right around the edge of the Leaf Links golf course ahead. Turn until
you're facing the bridge behind where you started. Do one or two long swoops to
build up speed, then hit the checkpoint over the dirtbike course. The end
checkpoint is over a narrow street - watch the tall building on the right side.

The next two checkpoints will come in a chain, just far enough ahead of you
you have enough time to correct your course and nab them. Don't worry if you
miss one, as the Skimmer has plenty of fuel. You shouldn't have too much
with these. After you get the red checkpoint over the airport terminal, head
east and get the checkpoint over the docks. Now turn and fly up the avenue to
get the next red checkpoint and blue checkpoint.

This part is crucial. You'll see the next red checkpoint coming up, but it's in
a tight corridor between two buildings. Trying to execute a turn from over the
avenue in here is futile, so instead pass the checkpoint and make a wide turn
out over the bay. Come back in aligned with the narrow corridor so you can grab
the checkpoint. Now simply fly back through the two buildings ahead, grab the
next blue checkpoint, and fly up the road below it to get the last checkpoint
and to complete the mission. Note that if you ever want to use it again, the
Skimmer will respawn where you picked it up at the start of the mission.

-=3.07c - Martha's Mug Shot=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $4000
Steve Scott attempts to explain his new scene to Tommy with Candy shooting in
the foreground. Tommy dismisses this, and instead asks about legal problems
heard of. Scott says that Congressman Alex Shrub is planning to join the
and vote the pornography industry into illegality. This would shut the studio
down, so you must get some dirt on Shrub to blackmail him. Tommy tries to get
information out of Candy, but she is... well.... unresponsive. Steve suggests
that you tail Candy to find out where she goes and what she does with
Congressman Shrub.

You are given a camera to get the dirt with and a Sparrow to tail Candy with.
Climb into the vehicle and wait for Candy to leave. Follow her Stretch to Alex
Shrub's home - it's not a very difficult tailing, and the Stretch will go on
like it doesn't even notice you.

Now it's time to play Peeping Tom. After Congressman Shrub initiates a quite
kinky name-game, involving Candy calling him "Martha", you are told to go into
the hotel across the street and take three incriminating snapshots of the two
together in Shrub's rooftop pool. There is an open side door that will allow
to climb up into the building. Land your Sparrow around back of the hotel (this
is VERY imporant - I reccomend landing it in the pool) and head around the left
side of the hotel. You'll see the open door there. Now climb the staircase
until you reach the landing where you can take the photos. Take three snapshots
of Candy, attractive as ever, and Shrub, decidedly UN-attractive in his attire.

NOW you're in trouble. You've got a five-star wanted level, and you can bet
the FBI will be waiting at the bottom of that staircase. A little bit before,
actually. Around halfway down the stairs, someone will yell for you to hand
the film. This is your cue to be ready. Two FBI men will be waiting on each
landing from then on with Uzi 9mms, and they will cut right into your health
armor. I reccomend you use your Colt Python to kill them - failing that, a
thrown grenade. There are three total pairs of FBI gunners.

Now run out of the hotel and around back. The FBI most likely won't be here on
foot yet, and the helicopter is only on its way. This gives your Sparrow time
spin up so you can take off. From here, make for the film studio. The
Sparrow is a quick helicopter, so the police chopper probably won't be able to
catch up to you. Don't go straight for the studio, however - make a loop around
Leaf Links and come in behind the studio. The FBI has set up a blockade which
will eat your Sparrow alive. As soon as you're close enough to the ground in
the studio, bail out of the chopper and make a break for the pink circle. Enter
it and the mission will be done.

-=3.07d - G-Spotlight=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $8000
The movie is almost ready, but there still needs to be a big introduction. As
always, Tommy has a bright idea - it's to go adjust the spotlight atop a
building downtown. As Steve put it, it will be "just like the old days".

Grab the PCJ 600 waiting for you in the studio and follow your radar to the
building in question. Follow the stairs to an lift in an office. And, yes, take
your bike. The lift will take you up to an upper office. Drive into the pink
circle to align yourself for the jump. Watch your clock, because all of these
jumps must be completed by 07:00.

If you don't mind my saying, this is one FUCK of a jump that you must make. You
must jump out of the office building you're in through a window to a rather odd
hole in the middle of the next building. You may want to back up against the
wall behind you for some extra speed, though you should be able to make the
with a sizable bit of clearance.

Now you must make another jump. Go to the end of the hole you're in facing the
building you just jumped from. Hit the gas and skirt the right sight of the
corridor, then turn left as you approach the end of the corridor. You should
shoot straight out and land on the next building. This is probably the easiest
jump to make so far.

Now go up to the hole in the lining of the building you're on and align
with the next circle. Back up to the opposite wall. This is necessary because
there's a lot of open space to miss in, and you don't have enough time to keep
coming back and redoing this. Hit the gas again and you should make a pretty
clean landing.

The next jump isn't too tough. Go back to the end of the building, facing the
ramp, and you should be able to see the tip of the next pink circle. Align
yourself with that and go.

Same deal for the next jump. Back up, aligned with one of the two ramps, and
jump. The fence on top of this building will prevent you from falling off. The
next jump is on the other side of this building, and is the same thing - back
up, accelerate, jump. Brake as soon as you land on this jump, because there are
no fences to prevent you from skidding off. Take your bike up the stairs on top
of this roof and repeat the process of back, go, jump.

The next several jumps follow the same process. When you jump onto a low white
building with several levels, there will be an armor pickup in case you're
falling a lot and a ladder will lower if you fall at a later jump.

Some of the next several ramps are narrower, but the thesis is still the same.
Some of them are even aligned so you can save time by following through on the
previous jump's speed onto the next jump.

When you have finally arrived at your destination, a ladder will drop should
fall. Walk into the pink circle and Tommy will readjust the light to display a
happy 'SUXXX' logo on the nearby building. You'll complete the mission, and the
Film Studio will begin earning revenue.

                       3.08 - The Pole Position
The Pole Position Club is a strip club with a rather... err.... unique sexual
innuedo in its title. It is also one of the cheaper assets, and by far the
easiest one to complete. It costs $30000 and will generate up to $4000 daily.

-=3.08a - Strip Show!=-
Difficulty: N/A
Reward: N/A
Okay, so it's not even a mission. The only thing you must do is go into the
rooms in the back of the club and spend $600 on a lap dancer. This will take
about five minutes, so you can go ahead and read more of my FAQ while you're
waiting ^_^

Once you have spent $600, press X to leave the room and you will receive the
"Asset Completed" screen.

                 4 . 0  -  O T H E R  M I S S I O N S

                          4.01 - R3 Missions
R3 Missions are activated by getting into certain vehicles and pressing the R3
button. Four of the five R3 missions are level-based.

-=4.01a - Paramedic=-
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: Infinite Run
The Paramedic missions require you to drive a bulky bathtub on wheels around
town, rescue people, and bring them back to the hospital for treatment. The
Paramedic missions work on a level system, from one to twelve, the number
corresponding to the number of people you must rescue. Each time you bring back
every patient on the map, you go up a level. There is also a time limit in
which you must resuce people in, though getting people from where they wait and
completing a level gives you more time. The appearance of patients is random,
but I can give you tips to help you.

First, don't use the siren. It makes vehicle movements unpredictable and will
waste more time than it saves. Also, remember that a passenger is stuck to the
car once his or her hand touches the door. So long as you don't run into
anything and rip them off, the passenger will stay in the car once they've
touched the door.

I've found it's best to do Paramedic missions in the first island. The streets
are wider, and a lot of people are deposited in the beach, where it's easy to
maneuver. Which hospital you choose is pretty much based on personal

Once you complete Ambulance Level 12, you will be given Infinite Run, which
does the obvious - allows you to run without tiring.

-=4.01b - Pizza Delivery=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: Health Upgrade (100 to 150)
Pizza Delivery requires you to do exactly what it sounds like - drive around on
a pizza delivery motorcycle and deliver pizzas. This is done in a drive-by
fashion - hold L2 or R2 and press Circle to throw your pizza. You are given a
limited amount of time and pizzas to deliver to all the people marked on your
map. Once everyone has been delivered to, return to the pizza store to get more
orders. There are three pizza stores scattered around Vice City - one in the
first island and two in the second.

These missions are fairly straightforward. You only need to throw the pizza in
the close vicinity of its recipitent for them to receive it. The Pizza Boy
motorcycle, while not exactly quick, is quite agile, and you will easily be
able to dodge in an out of traffic. If you run out of pizzas, you can return to
the store for more - your bike can hold six at a time.

It's up to you to find where the waiting recipitents are, as they are spawned
randomly. However, you shouldn't have much trouble completing these missions.

-=4.01c - Vigilante=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low to Hard, depending on vehicle used
Reward: Armor Upgrade (100 to 150)
Vigilante missions can be done by entering any police vehicle, FBI vehicle, a
Rhino, or the Hunter and pressing R3. They require you to chase down criminals
around the city and kill them.

Obviously, the choice vehicle for this mission is the Hunter. There are two
ways to get it - complete the final mission, Keep Your Friends Close, or get
100 packages for it to spawn at the military base, or do both for it to spawn
both at Fort Baxter and at a helipad in Ocean Beach. It takes some getting used
to, but once you are comfortable flying it, Vigilante missions will be a breeze
in the Hunter. As a plus, with the Hunter's special "Brown Thunder" variety of
Vigilante mission, the chopper gains health as you complete levels - people
have gained nigh-invincible helicopters by completing Vigilante missions in the
hundreds. Vigilante is also a great way to earn money.

If you opt not to use the Hunter, you can also try the Rhino. It will spawn at
the military base after you get 90 hidden packages. Vigilante missions are
fairly easy in the RHino - spin the turret around and fire it backwards for
extra speed. You will have to worry about the police busting you in the Rhino,

Any other car and Vigilante missions will become decidedly more difficult. My
only advice is to use standard car destruction tactics and hope for the best.

Complete Vigilante Level 12 for your armor to be upgraded to a maximum of 150.

-=4.01d - Fire Truck=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: Fireproof
Fire truck missions are based on the idea of taking the fire truck around town
to douse fires with its water hose (usable with the O button). You can obtain a
fire truck either by going to the fire station near the police station in
Downtown or breaking out the flamethrower and lighting things on fire until a
fire truck arrives to douse the flames.

These missions, like Vigilante, Paramedic, and Pizza Delivery before them, are
based on a level system, the level number corresponding to the number of people
you must save from the fires. Use the right stick to turn the water spout and
douse the fire victims. These missions are not very difficult, and definitely
not as time-consuming as the Paramedic missions. You can also pick up some rare
cars while doing these missions (in GTA3, Fire Truck missions were considered
the best way to get rare cars like the Trashmaster, Securicar, and Mr.
Whoopie). Once you douse a vehicle, its passengers will jump out and start
running. Douse all of the vehicles first, then go after the running people.

I suggest doing the Fire Truck missions in eastern Vice City. The roads are
wider here.

Complete Firetruck Level 12 to make yourself immune to fire damage.

-=4.01e - Taxi=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: Taxis With Shocks
In the taxi missions, you must drive around town picking up people and bringing
them to their destinations (these trips are called fares). These missions are
by no means very hard, but they are VERY time-consuming - you will be spending
longer in your cab than in the Ambulance in the Paramedic missions. This is due
to the fact that Vice City has a whole lot of square mileage (indeed, more than
twice Liberty City's).

The best car for these missions is undoubtedly the Zebra Cab, which will spawn
inside Kaufman Cabs after you have completed all three of its missions. The
Zebra is fast and durable, and although it shares the Kaufman Cab's bulky,
slightly top-heavy physique, you shouldn't find yourself rolling over much in

If you don't have access to the Zebra Cab, use a normal taxi. It's slower, but
less prone to tipping over than the Kaufman Cab.

Complete 100 taxi fares (which should probably take you at least two hours,
even in the Zebra Cab) to enable the Jumping Taxi feature - press L3 while in
any taxi and it will make a huge leap, making taxis great getaway cars.

                  4.02 - Chopper Checkpoint (Sparrow)
These four missions are done by getting inside the various Sparrow helicopters
scattered around the city. You can play them once the western half of the city
has been opened. You will have to navigate steep ascensions and descensions,
tight turns, and flights through narrow spaces. However, the Sparrow is an
easy-handling craft, and you should have relatively little trouble with these
missions. If you beat your best time on any of these missions, you will receive
an extra $100.

-=4.02a - Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $100
To find this Sparrow, go to the Pay 'N Spray in Ocean Beach, in the southern
part of the first island. The building with the Sparrow on it is just to the
right of the Pay 'N Spray - it has an easily recognizable pink roof. There are
two ways to get onto it - fly your own helicopter up to the roof, or go north
of the Pay 'N Spray and jump the stairway inside the area enclosed with white
walls. Very similar to the above mission, you should have little trouble
navigating Ocean Beach - there are a lot of nice open spaces to orient
yourself. Take your time and you will easily complete this mission.

-=4.02b - Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $100
To get to this Sparrow, start from the Links View Apartments. From the entrance
to that hideout, go directly out and turn right. Just ahead on your left is an
arched entrance that leads to a small road bordered by fences. Take an
immediate right to find the third Sparrow. Like the last two Sparrow missions,
this mission is quite easy and you should have little trouble.

-=4.02c - Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $100
From the Greasy Chopper, where you got missions from Mitch Baker, head south on
the four-lane avenue and take the first right turn onto a road. You'll see a
left turn ahead and a large warehouse-like building. Pass the left turn and
watch your left side - after the warehouse ends, there will be a small alley
between it and the next building. Drive down this alley and jump the ramp to
land on the rooftop with this Sparrow on it. Same routine goes here - navigate
the course, which should not be a problem, to complete the mission.

-=4.02d - Downtown Chopper Checkpoint=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $100
After you complete the Film Studio missions, a Sparrow will spawn on the
landing of the building with the elevator from the G-Spotlight missions. If you
can't find it, it's just a few buildings north of the Skumole Shack. Climb into
it to start this mission. It consists of a series of checkpoints winding
through downtown Vice City, requiring a good sense of control of the chopper.
It does have a timer, but it only counts the best time you complete it in -
there is no time limit.

                     4.03 - Cone Crazy (Stallion)
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $200
This mission involves picking up five checkpoints secluded behind rows of
cones. If you smash any cones, the mission is a failure. You can do the mission
on the top level the parking garage where you met Lance in the mission Guardian
Angels - look for a large, moss-covered building in the southern part of the
first island. Climb into the Stallion at the far end of the garage (it's pretty
much always there) to start the mission.

Picking up the first checkpoint starts a twelve-second timer, and each
checkpoint adds another twelve seconds. Time may seem tight, but the
checkpoints really aren't too difficult to get. You can bump into them and
knock them over, but smashing one causes you to fail the mission. I reccomend
you start with the one behind your car when you start - back in between the
cones to it, then when your car touches the checkpoint, hit the gas, turn
sharply, and get the checkpoint enclosed in a circle of cones. The Stallion's
handling isn't very tight, so you'll have to go pretty slowly through the

Now go around the fence behind the cone circle and get the checkpoint in
between two rows of cones. Drive straight into it and hit square as soon as you
touch it. The final two cones are on top of the two ramps in the far corner of
the garage - build up just enough speed to climb the ramp and grab one of them,
then drive around and repeat with the other.

                    4.04 - PCJ Playground (PCJ-600)
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Reward: $1000
The PCJ-600 that will initiate this mission is waiting for you in Washington
Beach. Go to your Ocean View Hotel hideout and follow the road north until it
curves left. Instead of turning left, go into the grass ahead and look in the
left-front area of the building ahead. The PCJ is waiting in a corner facing
the road.

Once the mission starts, turn directly to your right and go around the tree
almost straight in front of you, then turn left and face the ramp down the
street, at the intersection. Angle towards the left side of the ramp ahead and
go. Right before you hit the ramp, let go of the accelerator. This should put
your bike straight through the first checkpoint. Hit the accelerator again and
go through the next checkpoint, then turn your bike and hop off the building
into the alley below, then nail the throttle. Here you'll need to execute a
tricky sharp right edge into the staircase ahead that you must jump. Both times
I've accomplished it, I've been riding on the very edge of the staircase. The
short space between here and the staircase should give you just enough momentum
to grab the checkpoint. Hit the brakes as soon as you land and turn sharply to
head into the next alley.

You will grab several checkpoints, then another staircase will appear ahead on
the right side. Angle towards it and hit the accelerator as hard as you can.
You'll pass right through the checkpoint; as soon as you do, push the nose of
your bike down and towards the building. You should land either right on the
checkpoint or on a course directly to it. Hop down off the building and
continue down the alley, taking several more checkpoints. You'll also cross a
street here; I've found that most of the time there is a truck passing - it's
better to stop before it then try to pass it. The truck goes by fairly quickly.
Head down the alley.

Ahead you'll see a checkpoint hovering in midair. On the right, there is a
small set of wooden steps. Jump them to get the midair checkpoint. Go and
collect the next several checkpoints along the alley - be careful of traffic
and don't get broadsided.

Eventually you'll come into a long alley with a set of brass knuckles and a
melee weapon on the left. DO NOT ACCELERATE EXTREMELY FAST HERE. The next
checkpoint is right in front of a wall. Take a moderate speed towards the
checkpoint. Grab it, nail the brakes, and turn left. The next checkpoint is
visible in an alley on the right. Head down the alley. When you come to the
last checkpoint in the alley, make a hard right right after you get it and
continue onto the street to get the next checkpoint.

Go through the underground area and grab the three checkpoints there, making
sure to jump the stairs on the far side to grab the third one (very little
momentum is required for this jump; I've achieved it with a tiny fart of a tap
on the X button). Head north along the street to get the next checkpoint, then
turn left to find the next one waiting in front of a white walled-off area.
Grab it, then turn around and drive into the alley opposite this white
walled-off area. Go as far back as you can, then accelerate. Jump the set of
stairs ahead of you inside the walled-off area, making sure to jump the extreme
left of the set of stairs (or else you'll miss the checkpoint). If you try to
angle to it, you'll miss the roof ahead.

As soon as you have grabbed this checkpoint, jam down your handbrake. I've
fallen from the next rooftop a lot of times. Just past the previous building is
a pink rooftop from one of the Sparrow missions. Nail the brakes and turn as
soon as you land, and hope luck is on your side. Grab the last checkpoint to
finish this mission off.

                         4.05 - Trial By Dirt
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $100
The Sanchez bike that you will do this mission on is located at the dirtbike
track in downtown Vice City. To get there, head for the Hyman Memorial Stadium
(the very large circular peninsula in the top left of the map). On the northern
side of the circular road in front of the stadium is a dirt road. Follow it to
the dirtbike track.

This mission is quite simple - follow the checkpoint path around the track
twice. This doesn't require very acute dirtbike handling - I suspect you could
do it drunk. In any case, there are a few obstacles - namely, a row of
explosive barrels on the back stretch. Avoiding them is simple.

Around the start of your second lap, it will begin to rain, and your Sanchez's
handling will degrade some. Also, three Haitians on black dirtbikes will come
to attack you. Neither are very large threats (though you can pick up a nice
black Sanchez here). Beat your best time subsequently for an extra hundred.

                           4.06 - Test Track
Difficulty: Low
Reward: $100
This mission can be done in the same place as Trial By Dirt; however, it takes
place in the Landstalker that waits next to the Sanchez. It's the same premise
as the previous mission; take two laps around the track. However, it's slightly
more difficult due to the Landstalker's slower speed and tendency to roll over.
Despite this, it is still by no means a hard mission to complete. If you had
sufficient driving skills to open up this island, you will have no trouble
completing this mission.

                            4.07 - Top Fun
The Top Fun missions are done by entering one of three Top Fun vans scattered
around Vice City. You must drive either an RC Bandit (car), RC Baron (plane),
or RC Raider (helicopter) in two different types of missions. Like other
missions that take your best time, you can earn extra cash by completing these
missions faster than your previous best time.

-=4.07a - RC Bandit Race=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Reward: $100
The first Top Fun van is parked near the dirtbike track in the northern part of
the beach in eastern Vice City. It's quite easy to find - simply get on the
beach and drive north and you'll run right into it.

This is a checkpoint race done with the groundbound RC Bandit. The Bandit is
pretty quick and has great handling, but if you're not careful you'll spin out
- this can mean failure unless it happens early on.

The walls of the dirtbike track are your worst enemy. Run up on them at any
sort of speed and you'll end up spinning out, which will mean a tough (and
probably hopeless) game of catch-up. To avoid this, in sharp or tight turns,
release and tap the accelerator. You shouldn't need to brake at all in this

-=4.07b - RC Baron Race=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $100
This Top Fun van is on the top level of the parking garage at the North Point
Mall. It's easy to find; simply go north on the eastern island from any point
and eventually you'll see it, a huge structure with a blue roof. The garage is
on the western side of the mall.

You must fly an RC Baron in a checkpoint race against three other competitors.
The Baron has low power and its small wings provide little lift, but it turns
quite well and is fairly easy to fly once it gets up to speed. Try doing a few
long swoops to build up speed. After a practice run or two, I found it wasn't
very difficult to win.

The course follows the roads from the mall down to the southern tip of the
island, then swoops around to the east for a short time. Good luck.

-=4.07c - RC Raider Pickup=-
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: $100
The final van is located in the southern part of Escobar International, to the
east along the fence. If you can't find it, take the road that follows the
eastern side of the airfield and turn right at the opening that borders on
Viceport (the docks area containing the Boatyard). The Top Fun van is just
inside the fence.

This mission requires you to fly the RC Raider around the airport area and pick
up checkpoints. Though it's shaped like a mini-Hunter, don't be fooled by its
resemblance to the sleek Apache - it's a horror to fly and you'll probably have
to attempt this mission several times. With its low mass, a tap of the L2 or R2
will rotate it almost ninety degrees, and it's quite easy to flip over.

Be especially careful when near to the ground. If the rotors start hitting the
cement, it's over. Luckily for you, the mission has no time limit, so take it
slow and easy. All of the checkpoint areas can be easily navigated if you go
slow. The best help I can give is to tap the controls, don't hold them. A very
large wish of good luck, and I hope you don't need too much headache

                          4.08 - Street Races
These missions can be done at any time after purchasing Sunshine Autos. Enter
the pink circle in the service area behind the showroom to choose your course.
There is an entrance fee for each race, but the reward always multiplies upon
it. I reccomend you finish the car lists beforehand so you have access to the
speedy Hotring Racer, which is the car I used for these races. If you don't
have it, try using a Comet or a Deluxo (or a PCJ 600, if you're feeling lucky).
If you wish, you can also simply blow up your opponents for a simple win -
they're bulletproof, however, so you'll have to use rockets.

-=4.08a - Terminal Velocity=-
Difficulty: Medium
Fee: $100
Reward: $400
The first race takes place around the terminal of Escobar International
Airport. The track is quite short, so you won't have room to take the lead and
let your speed carry you to the end. You'll have to take a tougher car and
muscle your way to the front. This isn't a very difficult race, though you may
find yourself repeating it a few times.
To gain an early lead in any race, drive back behind the starting line, then
accelerate towards the line and clip one of the other cars. The race will begin
without a countdown and with you in the lead.

-=4.08b - Ocean Drive=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Fee: $500
Reward: $2000
This race is a straightforward, ovular path around Ocean Beach. It has two very
long straightaways, making this a very easy win if you use one of the
reccomended cars.

-=4.08c - Border Run=-
Difficulty: Medium
Fee: $1000
Reward: $4000
The third race takes you around and through LIttle Havana and Little Haiti, so
beware Haitian gangs. As before, use what straightaways you can find to gain a
lead, and you shouldn't have much trouble.

-=4.08d - Capital Cruise=-
Difficulty: Medium-Low
Fee: $2000
Reward: $8000
This is like Ocean Drive enlarged. There are many straightaways for you to gain
an excellent lead over the opposition, assuming you're using a Comet or a
Hotring Racer. This is a second easy win.

-=4.08e - Tour!=-
Difficulty: Medium
Fee: $5000
Reward: $20000
Tour! is a course with lots of turns interspersed with many short
straightaways. Take the lead early and use the straightaways to gain a lead
over the opposition. Soon, they'll disappear from your rearview mirror. This is
another fairly simple course.

-=4.08f - V.C. Endurance=-
Difficulty: Medium
Fee: $10000
Reward: $40000
This race is long, but quite easy. There are a ton of straightaways for you to
put your increased speed to use. The only obstacle you might face is blowing
up; however, drive carefully and this shouldn't be a problem.

                             4.09 - Arena
Arena missions can be done by going to the Hyman Memorial Stadium (the enormous
circular peninsula on the northwest side of your map) at any time between 20:00
and 23:59. The front doors will be open. You can participate in one of three
events: Hotring, Bloodring, or Dirtring.

-=4.09a - Hotring=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $
Hotring is a twelve-lap race in the speedy Hotring Racer around a simple
circular dirt track. To get any money, you must place first, second, or third,
but to get it to count towards your total game percentage, you have to place

However, your opponents will make this as difficult as possible. The first few
laps will be mayhem as you fight your way to the front of the pack. A Car
Damage meter at the side of the screen will tell you how damaged your car has
become - you can repair it by stopping in a pink circle on the backstretch,
where your car health will gradually rise. There is no real strategy here
except race hard - break your way to the front early and all of the other cars
should be too occupied with each other to trouble you.

Complete all twelve laps and finish in first to win the Hotring challenge.

-=4.09b - Bloodring=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $1000
Bloodring pits you in a timed demolition derby with the rough and ready
Bloodring Banger. The object of Bloodring is to increase your time to one
minute by picking up checkpoints scattered around the arena. Each checkpoint
nets you fifteen more seconds. However, the other Bloodring Bangers in the
arena will do everything they can to stop you, mainly by ramming into you -
when they're not piled up on each other. A skilled driver can finish this
course unscathed; I myself took very few hits.

Like Hotring, there's no good strategy for Bloodring. If you're not so good,
your only choice is to tough it out. Eventually you should be able to build up
enough time to win.

-=4.09c - Dirtring=-
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: $5000
Dirtring is a dirtbike event in a huge obstacle course, where you must collect
checkpoints by completing various obstacles. This will likely take you a very
long time to complete; it took me around fifteen minutes. There is no time

All of the obstacles in Dirtring are fairly straightforward, and the Sanchez
you ride seems to be indestructible; I, at least, never even had it smoking. If
you fall off the Sanchez, you have thirty seconds to get back on. Dirtring is
not difficult, merely time-consuming.

                       5 . 0  -  A P P E N D I X

                   6 . 0  -  C R E D I T S ,  E T C .

                          6.01 - E-Mail Policy
I will try to answer any question sent to me that is not addressed in the FAQ,
and I expect they will be many with the FAQ in its incomplete state. However,
I add more, the amount of valid questions will probably lessen. If you don't
receive a reply to your e-mail, it means that it is answered in the FAQ and you
just need to look harder. I won't waste my time on things that are already

However, I will most DEFINITELY use my time on submissions of things that have
been missed. With a project on this scale, it is inevitable that I will miss a
lot of things. ANY submissions of things that have been missed, omitted,
incorrectly, or that can be improved on will gladly be taken, and if I use what
you send me, you will be fully credited. However, PLEASE do not send me
information found in FAQs or guides from other sources without crediting them

                            6.02 - Credits
-CJayC, for hosting this FAQ, because.... er..... he's God, that's why. Hail

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