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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Counteray

    Version: 1.75 | Updated: 02/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.75
    Table of Contents:
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III.Weapons & Items
    VII. Walkthrough/Guide
    VIII. Side Quests (optional jobs)
    IX. Secrets, Easter Eggs
    X. FAQ's
    XI. Glitch Reports/Errors
    XII. Contact Information
    XIII. Special Thanx
    XIV. Copyright
    I. Version History
    .25 Guide is well underway.  Just completed the game, and most missions have
    been added, there are still a lot missing, and I'll get to them eventually.
    .50 My email has been overflowing with contributions, if I forget to add your
    name, I apologize, and notify me right away.  Updated the car section, added
    in a few new strategies for a few of the missions.  Added in one new mission,
    as well as all 100 hidden packages from the brady games strategy guide.
    Worked on crediting everyone.  Added in the FAQ's to the table of contents.
    .75 I've been kicking it into high gear lately, and trying to finish up this
    faq within the next few days.  I have addd a whole lot of missions in it
    today, especially the phone ones that I haven't posted yet.  I have included
    more side quests and optional stuff.  I have also throw on in a glitch part
    to this guide.  I have gotten many emails from people saying how they can't
    get pass this mission, to find out which one, read below.
    .85 More missions have been added in.  Also I've gotten 2 copies of that klez
    virus in my email, luckily, I have 2 email scanners, one's built in my webmail
    and I have norton as well.  So for everyone, protect yourselves.  This is my
    warning to everyone, or I will simply filter out everything and relate to
    something else to answer your questions.  One last note, I corrected a lot
    of mistakes and I have did my best to credit everyone, if I didn't email me.
    1.0 Faq is now complete, I will not take anymore emails, some people are just
    idiots, more and more viruses are being sent to me, so I'm simply filtering
    out everything.  Just wait until the faq is complete, everything you'll ever
    want to know will be posted here.  Just check back soon, these are the things
    that still need to be posted.
    -Unique Jumps
    -A few missions
    -Car section will be greatly updated.
    1.5 Whew, its been awhile.  Here are the updates on
    the Faq, the Car Section was greatly updated with every car & vehicle in the
    game.  I'm basically taking the time to re-organize this faq because there's
    so much stuff that needs to be simplified and added into it.  For now, this
    is all, adios.  By the way, I will open up my email again very soon, so you
    can start sending in emails to me.  As you know, my older one had a virus so
    i'm simply closing that account and opening up a new one.  I will post the
    Rampages and Unique jumps within the week.  Stuff I added was a bigger car
    database and a few missions I left out.
    VERSION 1.75 
    I'm deeply sorry to everyone.  I am ashamed of myself for letting this
    even happen, I let myself down but most of all the people who relied on me.
    I haven't found the will to carry on with this until recently, now I have to
    get my self back in sync.  I really need to re-organize this faq, I noticed
    that not too many people liked it a whole lot reflecting the ratings.  What I
    need to do now is re write the whole thing, making it more organized and
    clearer to everyone, I started working on some charts as you can tell below.
    My email has once again changed, just send me email Counteray@aol.com.  What I
    hoped to accomplish with this faq was to make it increase traffic to my sites,
    and I haven't even worked on them lately, I had a golden opportunity to turn
    this into something and I blew it.  I dont know what else to say other than..
    "I screwed Up".
    II. Introduction
    Welcome to Vice City!  This game takes place before Grand Theft Auto III.
    You are Tommy Vercetti.  The game starts off where a deal is suppose to go
    down, and it basically screws up, from there on out, you end up doing jobs
    for people.  This is truly a great game, and I reccomend that you at least
    play this game for a hour straight just getting yourself familiar with the
    city and so on.  If you have a hard time finding something, simply hit
    ctrl + F on your keyboard, and type in any keywords to go directly to a
    location in this faqs =D.
    III. Weapons
    Welcome to my weapon section of my Faq, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you
    now have the chance to choose from a whole slew of weapons.  Instead of just
    getting one machine gun, you have a variety of them, however you can only
    carry one with you at a time.  Below I have the locations listed, what rank
    they are, and what type they are.  Finding weapons in GTA: VC isn't too hard
    but its here in case you need it!
                                   -=SPECIAL WEAPONS=-
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Brass Knuckles                  Malibu                          N/A
    Camera                          Martha's                        N/A
                                    Mugshot Mission
                                    (Porn Empire)
                                   -=MELEE WEAPONS=-
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Screwdriver                     Bunch of Tools                10th best
    Hammer                          Automatic(mission)             9th best
                                    Bunch of Tools
    Cleaver                         Bunch of Tools                 8th best
                                    Alley near Ocean View
    Knife                           Bunch of Tools                 7th best
    Machete                         Walkway at end of bridge       6th best
                                    of starfish island
    Night Stick                     Kill a Policeman               5th best
                                    Locker room of Police
                                    Deparment in Washington
    Baseball Bat                    Automatic(Jury Fury)           4th best
                                    Behind Ocean View 
    Golf Club                       Found at Putting range         3rd best
                                    near leaf links
    Chainsaw                        Automatic(Colonel's            2nd best
                                    mission) or at a tool
    Katana                          This is a one hit wonder       1st
                                    and is automatic during
                                    the colonel's last mission
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Colt 45                         Ammunation, Cop                2nd
    Colt Python                     Ammunation in Downtown         1st
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Tear Gas                        Outside Police station          4th best
    Detonator                       Phil's Place                    3rd best
    Molotov                         Out-side seating at
                                    Tacopylapse Downtown            2nd best
    Grenades                        Ammunation, Behind              1st
                                    Hospital in Little
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Chromed Shotgun                 Beach, Behind Bench            3rd best
    Stubby Shotgun                  Large Hanger near              2nd best
                                    junkyard, Ammunation
                                    at North Point Mall
    Spaz Shotgun                    Terminal at Airport            1st
                                    Phil's mission            
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    TEC-9                           Small road leading into        4th best
    Ingram                          Ammunation                     3rd best
    Uzi 9mm                         Behind Pay N Spray             2nd best
                                    Across Bike Shop Downtown 
                                    underneath stairwell
    MP5                             FBI Agent                      1st
                                    Ammunation Downtown 
                                  -=ASSAULT RIFLES=-
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Ruger                           Cuban Job                       2nd best
                                    Colonel Mission
                                    Roof of El Swanko
                                    Casa, go around the
                                    side, jump onto roof
    Colt M4                         Basement of Mansion             1st
                                 -=HEAVY WEAPONS=-
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Flame Thrower                   Near Boatyards                  4th
                                    Pool shaped like
                                    the Rockstar Symbol
                                    in Starfish Island
    Rocket Launcher                 Phil's Place                    3rd
                                    Swimming pool of hooker
    Minigun                         Phil's Place                    2nd
    M60                             Phil's Place                    1st
                                    Fort Baxter Air Base
                                    (left tower)
                                 -=SNIPER RIFLES=-
    NAME                            LOCATION                       RANK
    Sniper Rifle                    Ammunation                     2nd Best
    PSG-1                           Kaufman Kab Billboard          1st
                                    near Umberto's Cafe
    Health Icon-Restores your health to 100%.
    Armor Icon-Gives you body armor.
    Adrenaline Pill-Very helpful and it can strongly ease mission difficulties.
    Police Bribe Icons-Pointless, better off just going to Pay N Spray.
    Rampage Icons-Starts Rampages for you.
    I have greatly updated this database here.  The locations and a more detailed
    description have now been added.  Speed is how fast, controlling is how well
    you can handle the car, Damage is how much it intakes.  Some cars blow up
    after a certain damage rate, the more stars in the Damage category, the better
    the vehicle is.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
                                     CIVILIAN CARS
    PERENNIAL             **                    **                  ***
    Information: Found almost everywhere.  Looks like a station Wagon.  This is one
    of my most hated cars in this game.  Only take it if you desperately need a
    REGINA                **                    *                   ***
    Information: This is suppose to be an upgrade over the Perennail, but In my
    opinion, there's no promotion at all, more like a demotion.
    SABRE                 **                    ***                 ***
    Information: Found Randomly like many other cars.  Not as bad as the Perennial,
    a much better choice In my opinion
    SABRE TURBO           ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: A beefed up version of the Sabre.  Has better speed and controls
    then the Sabre.
    VOODOO                ***                   **                  ***
    Information: You gotta love the Hydrolics on this baby!  I used it during many
    unique stunt jumps.  You can find one of these Parked outside of Auntie
    Poulet's house, or simply find it out on the streets.
    HERMES                ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: This is also a slick ride.  Not the greatest car in the game, but
    I found myself hijacking it when I was left to walk.
    CUBAN HERMES          ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: The exact same statistics as the Hermes, except this one has a
    slick paint job of some flames on the hood.
    MANANA                **                    **                  *
    Information: This was the crappiest car in Grand Theft Auto III, and it looks
    like its no different.  I'd rather walk.
    STALLION              **                    **                  ***
    Information: Not the greatest in the world, it doesn't compare to the other
    civilian cars that have been listed.  But its better then nothing.
    IDAHO                 **                    **                  ***
    Information: This car only has 2 doors, so your passengers are limited, not
    only that but the controls and speed aren't exactly top notch.
    ESPERANTO             **                    **                  **
    Information: This car also has 2 doors, and its worse then the Idaho.  Avoid
    it at all cost.
    OCEANIC               **                    **                  **
    Information: For some reason I use to always confuse this car with the
    Esperanto, I have no idea why, perhaps its because there stats are the same.
    GREENWOOD             ***                   **                  ***
    Information: Just another vehicle, there's nothing glamerous about it.  Like
    always though, take it if you need it.
    GLENDALE              **                    **                  ***
    Information: Just another car, I'm getting sick of all these cars already,
    there's hardly any of a difference, an older looking car.
    SENTINEL              ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: Don't like this car?  Your going to have to deal with it in
    The Driver mission when your facing Hillary.
    SENTINEL XS           ****                  ****                ***
    Information: This is a suped up version of the Sentinel as you might have
    guessed.  It has great speed and handling.
    ADMIRAL               ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: Yet another average car, there's nothing special to it, next
    WASHINGTON            **                    **                  **
    Information: This car blows chunks just like the rest of them, I thought
    civilians would have a little more cash to pour into their cars.
    VIRGO                 ***                   ***                 **
    Information: A well rounded car, plus I like the name to it as well.  Much
    better than some other Civilian Cars.  Although still not the greatest.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
                                     SPORT CARS
    BANSHEE               ****                  ****                *
    Information: While most of the sport cars rule the Speed and Controlling board
    they are one of the most easiest damaged vehicles.  The Banshee is one of
    CHEETAH               ****                  ****                *
    Information: Much like the Banshee, this car features dynamic speed and a tad
    bit of better controlling, the damage factor is very high, and you find
    yourself ditching your ride very quickly.
    INFERNUS              ****                  ****                **
    Information: For some reason, I don't like this car as much as the other ones,
    its my least favorite out of all the sport cars.
    STINGER               ***                   ****                **
    Information: Not quite as fast as the other sport cars, but a dam good one for
    the choosing.
    COMET                 *****                 ****                *
    Information: This is one of the more faster cars in the game, but its also
    very easily damaged.
    PHOENIX               ****                  ****                ***
    Information: A more better choice for those who aren't very good at avoiding
    obstacles.  Doesn't damage as easily as the others.
    DELUXO                ****                  ****                ***
    Information: Some may not classify this as a sports car, but I certainly do,
    its oneof my favorites.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
    FREEWAY               ***                   ***                 *****
    Information: Motorcyles usually don't get damaged, instead, your the one who
    gets damaged, if you crash, you'll loose some health, but overall, there were
    very few instances where my motorcycle actually blew up, so I'll leave it at
    five stars.
    ANGEL                 ***                   **                  *****
    Information: Similar to the Freeway, but slightly slower.  These appear more
    throughout the game.
    FAGGIO                *                     *****               *****
    Information: These occur a lot in the beginning of the game.  Regardless of
    the name and the speed, its one of the easiest motorcycle's/moped to control
    in the game.
    PIZZA BOY             *                     *****               *****
    Information: The exact same thing as the Faggio, except with the pizza boy you
    can deliver pizza's.
    PCJ 600               ***                   ****                *****
    Information: This is the sportiest looking motorcycle in my opinion.  But I
    don't think its the best, I saved that for last.
    SANCEHZ               ***                   ****                *****
    Information: This is the best motorcycle in the game in my opinion.  The
    controlling is superb, and the speed isn't so bad.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
                          HEAVY DUTY CARS, SUVS, TRUCKS, & VANS
    (minor note: with the exception of one or two, most are found near the boat
    docks in case you were wondering.)
    BF INJECTION          ***                   ****                *
    Information: Just like in the previous Grand Theft Auto, these cars get
    destroyed very easily, be careful.
    MOONBEAM              *                     **                  ****
    Information: While this is a much slower vehicle, it can store a lot more
    passengers and can intake damage fairly well.
    RUMPO                 **                    **                  ****
    Information: Much like the Moonbeam, but I find this car fairly better in
    terms of speed.
    YANKEE                **                    **                  ****
    Information: While the stats pretty much match that of the Rumpo and Moonbeam,
    you can only hold one other passenger.
    BOBCAT                ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: "The best trucks are built ford tough", perhaps they had a small
    role in building this.
    MESA GRANDE           ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: This is the only Jeep listed in Vice City, I found it to be a 
    pretty slick ride.
    PATRIOT               ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: The only Hummer in the game, too bad it isn't bullet proof like
    the one in Grand Theft Auto III.
    LANDSTALKER           ***                   **                  **
    Information: I often confuse this car with the Rancher, but this is much
    smaller than the Rancher is
    RANCHER               ***                   ***                 ****
    Information: This is a big SUV that can take in some serious amounts of
    FBI RANCHER           ****                  ****                ****
    Information: The same thing as the Rancher, but with an upgrade.  This is very
    hard to steal, you have to get your wanted level up to 5 stars.
    BUS                   *                     *                   ***
    Information: Looks just like a schoolbus, but blue.  It can hold lots of
    people, but what's the point of it.
    FLATBED               **                    **                  ****
    Information: A heavy duty car made to intake a lot of damage, but like the
    others, this one lacks in speed and in controlling.
    BENSON                **                    **                  ****
    Information: A heavy duty truck as well, also made to intake damage, but once
    again fails in everything else.
    MULE                  **                    **                  ****
    Information: Pretty much a duplicate of all the other cars listed here in this
    LINERUNNER            **                    ***                 ****
    Information: Good for ramming the crap out of all the other cars on the road
    as well as a few of the civilians.
    COACH                 **                    **                  ****
    Information: Much like the bus, but somewhat better in speed and in
    PACKER                **                    **                  ****
    Information: This is also good for ramming cars, its also good to take one
    car and drive it up on top of it.
    WALTON                **                    ***                 ***
    Information: Not as good as the bobcat, but its pretty funny to look at and
    to drive in.  Its a hillbilly pick up truck.
    BOXVILLE              **                    **                  ****
    Information: Not that big of a difference between all the other trucks listed
    PONY                  **                    **                  ****
    Information: Why in the world Rockstar decided to make duplicates of these
    vehicles I have no idea, this is simply filler space in the game.
    TRASHMASTER           **                    **                  ****
    Information: Garbagemen rule, that's all I have to say.
    SECURICAR             **                    **                  *****
    Information: Probably one of the best cars to take damage in, it can withstand
    great amounts of pain.
    TOP FUN               **                    **                  ***
    Information: Most of these come with toy cars and airplanes, great for having
    fun in the game.
    SPAND EXPRESS         **                    **                  ****
    Information: Much like Mule, yet another duplicate of the same freakin
    BURRITO               **                    **                  ****
    Information: Just another van, except a gang made it better.
    GANG BURRITO          **                    **                  ****
    Information: Perhaps better looking in style, but certainly not in performance
    at all.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
    MAVERICK              ****                  ***                 **
    Information: Most Helicopters aren't good for taking damage, but this one
    isn't so bad, for it being your first one, its found at your Hyman Condo when
    you first purchase it, it appears randomly, same at your hideout at Diaz's
    POLICE MAVERICK       ****                  ****                ***
    Information: Believe it or not, you cannot get Vigilante mode in this
    VCN MAVERICK          ****                  ***                 **
    Information: This is similar to the other mavericks, except this one is
    all commercial.
    SPARROW               ****                  **                  **
    Information: I found this one to be somewhat difficult with controlling, and
    like most others, this one is damaged very easily, you get these during a
    checkpoint helicopter mission, there are four of them around time.(see
    optional section of faq.)
    SEA SPARROW           *****                 ****                ***
    Information: I love this helicopter, its found at your mansion when you have
    80 packages.
    SKIMMER               *****                 ***                 **
    Information: Great in speed but somewhat mediocre in handling, a slick water
    HUNTER                *****                 *****               ***
    Information: I don't care what anyone else says, this helicopter is no
    different from the others, sure its the ultimate vechile, but I found it to
    be blowing up just as much as the others, to get it disguise your self as an
    officer and enter the base once you have beaten the game.
    CAR NAMES      |      SPEED        |    CONTROLLING       |    DAMAGE        |
                                      JOB VEHICLES
    TAXI                  ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: An all around car, used for the delivering passengers from
    location to location
    CABBIE                ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: It has the same mission as the Taxi, but takes in slightly
    more damage.
    ZEBRA CAB             ****                  ***                 ****
    Information: This is given to you after completing the Kaufmann Kab's asset,
    this one has a better damage rate than the cabbie.
    POLICE                ****                  ***                 ****
    Information: As you might have guessed, pressing R3 triggers the Vigilante
    missions, no time for donuts. (5 shotgun rounds added)
    ENFORCER              **                    ***                 ****
    Information: This also triggers vigilante missions.  You also get full body
    armor when you exit on out.
    FBI WASHINGTON        ****                  ***                 ***
    Information: Difficult to steal, but is great for doing vigilante missions in.
    BARRACKS OL           **                    ***                 ****
    Information: The best choice for toughness, great for ramming and great for
    intaking the damage.
    RHINO                 *                     ***                 *****
    Information: Forget everything else, this is the best to go vigilante in, this
    tank is pretty much invincible.
    PREDATOR              ***                   ***                 ***
    Information: Sadly, when you think Vigilante missions, that the vehicles would
    be better than this, well the Predator isn't quite your choice, try avoiding
    this at all cost.
    AMBULANCE            **                     **                  ****
    Information: Pressing R3 will trigger the Paramedic missions, pressing L3 will
    trigger the siren.
    FIRE TRUCK           **                     **                  ****
    Information: Pressing the R3 button will trigger the fire truck missions where
    you'll have to put out fires.
    MR. WHOOPEE          **                     **                  ***
    Information: Pressing R3 will play the ice cream truck music in which people
    will come for treats, beware when the cops are on you, complete 50 and step
    out to complete this asset.
    All over town there is property and houses for you to buy, however, you can
    only buy a select few.  These houses you buy will serve to you as a save point
    so you can have more than one save point in this game, some come with a garage
    as well.
    Skumole Shack:
    Location: Downtown
    Vice Point:
    Location: Beyond North Point Mall
    Washington Street:
    Location: Across from Ken Rosenberg's Hideout
    Links View Apartment:
    Location: Leaf Links
    Ocean Heights:
    Location: Ocean Beach
    Elswanko Casa:
    Location: Vice Point
    *One garage*
    Hyman Condo:
    *Have to complete the Shakedown Mission to purchase the following below*
    PROPERTY:Car Showroom
    LOCATION:Little Havana
    INFO: Includes a Pay N Spray, a Save House, 4 garages, and unlocks Vice City 
    Race Missions.
    PROPERTY:Kaufman Cabs
    LOCATION:Little Haiti
    INFO: 3 missions, complete these to unlock the Zebra Cab.
    PROPERTY:Boat Yard
    INFO: *none yet*
    PROPERTY:Ice Cream Factory
    LOCATION:Little Haiti
    INFO: *none yet*
    PROPERTY:Print Works
    LOCATION:Little Haiti
    INFO: Needed to complete game
    PROPERTY:The Malibu
    LOCATION:Vice Point
    INFO: Needed to complete game
    PROPERTY:Film Studio
    LOCATION:Prawn Island
    INFO: *none yet*
    PROPERTY:Pole Position
    LOCATION:Washington Beach
    INFO: *none yet*
    *Chances are these all lead to missions, I have yet to discover them*
    There are quite a few of characters in the game, these so far are the ones
    I have met.
    Tommy Vercetti: Main Character
    Ken Rosenberg: Lawyer
    Sonny: Friend of Tommy's
    Lance Vance: Friend of Tommy's
    Cortez: Colonel
    Ricardo Diaz: Coke Baron
    Avery Carrington: some cowboy guy
    VII. Walkthrough/Guide
    Just a few reminders before you start this game.  There are a couple ways to
    lose the cops in this game.  They aren't a lot harder this time around in my
    opinion.  But there also easier to ditch, one being getting a clean pair of
    clothes from your hideout, the other is Paint N Spray.  Also when you save
    your game at your hideout, you get full Health.  Also take advantage of items
    lying around in the city.  Also there are lots of ways to tackle some
    difficult missions in this game, people have been discovering new and just as
    equally effective ways to conquering them, so if you see anything with the
    "-=ADDITIONAL STRATEGY=-" that was submitted by a person who came up with an
    alternate route, I figured there is more then just one way to complete a
    mission, so here are there secrets to completing them.  With this kept in
    mind, lets get started!
    (WARNING:Minor spoilers are below)
    .:Ken Rosenberg:.
    Mission 1
    INFO: This is a pretty basic mission, and isn't hard at all, start out by
    picking up your clothes, then drive on over to the Colonel's Boat.  There
    you'll meet Mercedes and will introduce you to everyone.  After this short
    cutscene is over with, simply drop Mercedes off at the given location.
    INFO: Yet another easy mission to get pass, you first have to find Kent at
    the Malibu.  Once you have driven to the given location, a cutscene will
    commence.  After this, you have to drive to the alley that is given on the
    map.  Here you'll meet the cook Leo.  Knock him out, after that a man will
    appear and will claim that he wants to be your ally.  Since when did you ever
    need anyone's help?  Anyways, follow him to his car.  Go to Ammunation, then
    he'll take off.  You'll also recieve Leo's cellphone now.  This is similar to
    your pager in Grand Theft Auto III.
    INFO: In this mission you have to convince people, and that's something you
    seem to be very good at.  For the first mark on your radar, drive to it and
    destroy the car either with your fists, or the hammer, just trash it up a lot,
    I didn't destroy it.  After the first guy runs off in terror, head on over to
    the next mark.  Hit him and this guy will run for his car, right when he backs
    out he gets hit by a truck (good ridance).  Simply smash the car door off, and
    beat him to a pulp.  This mission will now end.
    INFO: This is a cool mission.  You have to start a riot!  You also get to
    dress up like a hill billy.  Once you've gotten your new set of clothes on,
    head on over to the given location.  Start out by killing a few people, then
    the gates will open up, and you'll have to destroy the vans.  You may not even
    have a gun at this point, but just kill one of the guards and they'll drop it,
    to destroy the vans simply shoot the barrels next to them, there are three of
    them to shoot.  After this its mission over, and just for fun, I decided to
    wipe out the entire crowd.
    .:Avery Carrington:.
    INFO: This guy pulls up to you in his limo and starts chatting.  Your first
    mission to complete for this guy is very simple.  First you have to go and get
    yourself some of the most goofiest looking clothes in the world.  Your a
    golfer now.  Drive yourself to the location on your radar, once you enter, all
    of your guns will be discarded, and you'll have nothing but a golf club.  But
    don't worry, that's all you need to take this guy out.  He has a few body
    guards, if they start wasting you, retreat to the bridge for some health.
    Once the guy is knocked down, he's pretty much out.  When you exit, you'll
    get all of your guns back
    INFO: This could prove to be one of the more harder missions.  Simply because
    your controlling a remote control helicopter and it could be hard to master.
    X is to go up, use the left analog stick to go forward and use the right to
    change direction, square is to lower yourself.  The first one is on the
    outside of the stairs.  The other 3 are located in the building, you have over
    6 minutes to complete this mission (6 and 1/2).  So take your time, and don't
    worry about the construction workers, most have hammers and can't reach you,
    the officers however have a pistol, but then again, they have terrible
    accuracy.  Once all 4 destinations have been bombed, sit back and enjoy the
    INFO: This mission shouldn't be too difficult, your objective is to start a
    war between two gangs.  You first have to go and get some clothes.  Once you
    have your new style on, drive on by the funeral place.  They'll spot you and
    the leader will dash for the hearse if you don't kill him before that, even
    if he does get in the hearse this mission is still easy.  Just avoid the
    coffins it drops out, once you have it beaten down to a certain degree, there
    leader will get out and run, you can get out of your car if you want and kill
    him, or simply run him over, but keep in mind that there are other cars
    ramming you.  So be cautious of that, after this mission is over, your done
    with Mr.Carrington!
    .:The Colonel:.
    INFO: This is basically a hit up job.  The colonel gives you a name, you give
    him your response.  To help you he has provided you with a chainsaw.  This is
    my favorite melee weapon and kept it throughout the entire game.  Drive on
    over to the given location and simply kill the guy.  Than after that, head
    over to paint N spray to complete this mission.
    INFO: This mission is also pretty much in the bag.  Head on over the mall,
    I got in the mall through the spiraling tower and fell through the roof, it
    hurt a little, but I couldn't seem to find the front door...>=(.  Anyways walk
    on over to the guy, and he'll jet off.  Chase him by Motorcycle, (hell yeah!)
    Since your on a motorcycle (or you can choose a car).  You can do a drive by
    shooting forward, so you can shoot in front, left and right.  Making this kill
    a lot easier.  Once you have killed him, walk over his carcus and grap the
    chip.  If the cops are on you, get a set of new clothes or you can go to the
    Paint N Spray to lower your wanted level.  Either way, this mission is over.
    INFO: Well, I guess you could say this mission is somewhat harder.  You'll
    meet up with lance in this mission, drive the car to the given location, here
    you'll meet up with this crazy guy named Diaz.  Your job is to make sure this
    deal goes down the proper way and not like what happened in the beginning of
    this game.  Go up the stairs and wait up on top.  They mention you could
    crouch using the L3 button (push analog stick in).  This helps a little, once
    they start firing, go all out, I left my post and just started wasting them
    all with my shotgun, then picked up there Uzi which is better than the current
    one at this time.  After mowing down a bunch of these guys, two bikers will
    come by on their motorcycles and take the briefcase, luckily, lance killed the
    one guy, so you already have your ride, hunt him down with your drive by
    shooting.  Once the guy becomes road kill, return the briefcase to Diaz.  The
    mission will come to a close and you'll have a new partner to work with now.
    INFO: When he says military hardware, you think weapons, but you don't quite
    think tanks in the process.  Not only that, but there's a marching army
    guarding this tank as well.  Believe it or not, I actually took them all out
    with a simple strategy, and all I had was my motorcycle.  I first started out
    by charging full speed, then jumping off the motorcyle which grabbed there
    attention, and even took out a guy.  Then I hid behind the one of the palm
    trees, when one of the trucks or hummers come at you, they'll most likely
    come face to face with the tree, then I hijacked the truck or hummer, ran
    down a couple soldiers, then the truck comes and rams me, I set that until
    my car caught on fire, got of it, and watched it explode as it took out the
    truck as well.  Which left it down to 1 more truck and a few soldiers, when
    the second truck approached me, I use the same strategy, hid behind a palm
    tree and waited til it came, pulled the guy out and ran over the remaining
    few left.  All that was left for me now was the tank, there is a turret on
    the top of it, so take out a gun, and kill the guy that is controlling it,
    you'll now be able to open up the tank, at this point, I walked out with
    barely a scratch!  The hard part is now over, and all that is left for you
    to do is to drive it over to the garage, your felony will most likely be two
    stars right now, but once the mission has ended it won't be.
    Park a car infront of the tank blocking its way. The soldier inside the tank
    will come out and move the car! Ignore the  guy in the turret, just hijack the
    tank right there and start moving as soon as possbible to the garage. 
    (submitted by damNation)
    Grab a PCJ 600  and visit the Colonel and receive the mission.  Go behind the
    convoy and run over all of the three soldiers in a line.  Pull into the 
    police station lot, if a vehicle drives towards you use a rifle (not sniper) 
    and fire at its front grill.  It should catch fire and blow up.  Shoot at any
    other soldiers you see in the same fashion as above.  Next snipe the gunner
    in the tank with any rifle you might have.  Run up to the tank's door and
    kill any remaining soldiers.  Then, use a melee weapon on the tank's door
    until the driver gets out, or it falls out.  Then jump in the tank and head
    for the garage.  Get there before the bar lowers all of the way and park it
    in the garage.  The mission ends and the wanted level is removed.
    (submitted by Mike)
    What you do is follow the tank, but don't get to close or they will stop and
    tell you to get away from the tank.  keep following the tank until the
    group stops and you hear something like "Soldier, get us some donuts" and
    that's when the guy in the tank gets out and goes into the store. The door of
    the tank will be unlocked then.
    (submitted by Brent man)
    INFO: The mission starts out with a bang, and the french are after you.  Your
    mission is to protect the colonel, and to get his boat to escape safely.  The
    shotgun works well, when picking off the french.  You could also use the ruger
    or whatever weapon you have in your inventory.  About a quarter way through,
    there'll be road blocks ahead of you, blow the hell out of them.  Then
    choppers will be heading your way as well, blow the hell out of those too.  If
    you don't, they'll keep coming back.  Once the two choppers are destroyed, the
    grand finale shows up.  This chopper can take you out in an instant.  When it
    flies by, hide between the stairways.  Then quickly show yourself, if you
    still have the gun from the phnom penh 86 mission, that'll greatly help.  Once
    the chopper has been destroyed, finish off the rest of the french, and say
    your last goodbye's to the colonel.
    .:Ricardo Diaz:.
    INFO: At first I failed this mission due to a very stupid mistake.  When I was
    chasing the guy, I accidently fell off the roof, make sure your careful when
    chasing him, also make sure you don't kill him.  He'll be trying to snipe you
    when your following him but stay sharp and you shouldn't have any problems, 
    once he has stopped, and you've followed him up to this point.  The mission
    will come to a close, but the next one however won't be so easy.
    INFO: Probably the hardest mission up to this point in my opinion.  Here your
    friend Lance will join you again.  He'll be the one piloting this chopper, and
    you will be controlling the turret.  This mission is one of my favorites but
    also one of the hardest to complete.  You have to be quick and precise on this
    one.  Good news is you have unlimited ammo.  There are about 6 areas to
    complete.  Some tips for taking out these bad guys are by destroying the
    barrels, and cars.  This will cause an explosion taking out those within
    range.  You'll come to the final rooftop when a cut scene takes place.  The
    guy is armed with a shotgun, wipe them all out, and after that, you'll be
    lowered to the surface.  This part of the mission is much easier due to a very
    few gangsters being around.  Keep on heading up, and go trigger happy on
    everyone you see.  Once your on the rooftop, kill the one guy and he'll drop
    a briefcase, Lance will then be there to pick you up and this mission is now
    over and done with, whew!
    INFO: Not as hard as the previous missions, but somewhat of a difficult one.
    In order to get to this destination, you'll need a boat.  There are boats
    located by where The Colonel is.  Take one of them and start heading on over.
    When you land, you'll be greeted with a bunch of bullets flying at you, simply
    take out all of these punks.  You'll also have to lower the boat.  Inside
    there is a switch that lowers it.  Once it has been lowered, get on it, and
    there'll be cops and helicopters all over you.  You have to escape them, and
    get this boat back to Diaz.  Once you have done so, the three wanted level
    star will be gone and the cash is yours.
    Go to Ammunation and buy a chromed shotgun, body armor, and a rifle of some
    sort (if you already have one it'll do, preferably not a sniper).  Then go
    to Diaz and receive the mission.  Next jump in his Infernus (to the right of
    the front steps.  Drive in front of the boat yard, but don't go in.  Stand
    behind the car and fire using the rifle at the infantry by the gate.  A troop
    of men will approach, but stand slightly within the gate and switch to your
    shotgun.  Lock onto one of the charging men and fire once he comes within
    range.  Then switch to the next target until you've slaughtered them all.
    Run around the corner and fire upon the men using the above strategy.  Step
    into the building on your left and lock on and kill the group of men inside.
    Walk over to the pink marker and enter it.  You will see a cutscene in which
    the boat is lowered into the water.  Run up to the dock and kill anyone on it
    using the same strategy and jump into the boat.  You will receive a level 
    three wanted level!  Go as fast as you can, but avoid small boarding ships
    heading to your vessel, civilian boats, and fire from the police helicopter.
    Stop in the pink marker and you appear on shore with no wanted level!
    (submitted by Mike)
    Prepartions: Get the sniper rifle from Diaz's Mansion
    Go to the boat docks, and get out of the car and take your time sniping the 
    gunmen. You should be able to take out all of the gunmen and get to the 
    switch without taking any damage. As soon as you hit the switch, five more 
    gunmen will appear. Take out as many as you can, while watching your armor 
    and health.  There are four places in little Havana with Armors, get one of
    them and then  go to the bridge where you entered the main island and get a
    heart. Now you are back to full armor and health.  Go back to the docks, and
    take out the remaining gunmen.  Jump on the boat and sprint towards Diaz 
    (submitted by Jatooley)
    INFO: This mission is probably easier then the helicopter one.  Its very
    similar to that.  At first, you simply have to beat them to it.  Which is the
    easy part.  After that, its somewhat harder, but not impossible.  There are
    the two boats behind you, a helicopter which is extremely hard to miss, and
    another dinky boat ahead of you.  Shoot them all down, and this mission will
    be over.
    Alright, here's the turning point in the game, from here on out, this game
    owns.  Now your doing missions for yourself, and the time has come to 
    overthrow diaz and start to take over the city.  But at first, not everything
    goes so well.  Head on over to the K on your radar to get some troubling news.
    INFO: Your friend lance is in trouble, not only that, but your plan of taking
    out diaz from the start is now all screwed up.  To top things off, the odds
    are stacked well against you.  You are greatly out numbered in this mission.
    Get on over to the Junkyard in little haiti.  Use your car to your full
    advantage because it'll be destroyed within seconds.  From this point, this
    is where it gets tough.  I used the shotgun, my personal favorite.  Carefully
    mow down everyone you see, and don't forget about lance's health, you got to 
    be quick!  Keep on heading toward the yellow mark on your radar, there will be
    two guys standing on the roof waiting to go trigger happy.  Take them out and
    proceed into the garage, and quickly kill the guards, then enter the car next
    to you.  You have to drive lance to the hospital, the easy part is now over.
    There will be a few guys trying to get up on you, but they pose very little
    threat to you.  Once the mission is over, you'll be rewarded with no money,
    but in the next mission, that's when everything becomes worthwhile.
    If you do "death Row" with a helicopter (have one with you when you accept the
    mission) and come loaded with a nice gun such as the gatling gun-type gun, or
    the python (acquired by finding a bunch of hidden packages), it makes the
    level much easier as you have nothing to worry about on the trip to the
    hospital, once there, you can land on a roof and pick them (the dickheads) 
    off as they come until there is no longer a threat.
    (submitted by John)
    INFO: It's time to overthrow diaz, and take over his mansion.  Lance has came
    prepared this time around with a Colt M4 for both of you.  Once you clear the
    front, you'll find out the door is locked (who would've ever thought that).
    You have to go around back, and enter through that way.  Keep heading up the
    steps, when you meet with a hallway, go through it, you'll now be in the front
    of the mansion with Diaz at hand.  If you run low on health, run off to the
    right in the living room, where Diaz had trouble working his VCR.  Health
    will always be there, making this mission much more easy.  Once you've taken
    out Diaz(you'll have to unload on him quite a bit).  A slick cut scene will
    take place, and you'll now have his mansion taken over!
    .:Taking over the City:.
    Tommy takes crap from no one.  Now he's ready to own all of Vice City.  This
    is where the game really kicks in, and your doing stuff for yourself.  However
    the game gets A LOT harder at this point, so this is your fare warning.
    INFO: Well, for now it isn't really hard, with the exception of your time
    limit, this mission is in the bag.  Losing your wanted level should be easy
    because there are a set of clothes at the Gash Store.  You have 5 minutes
    to destroy every window in the shopping mall.  Make sure you check both floors
    in the gash.  This also may not be a bad time to rob a few stores, to do so,
    just hold them up, don't shoot them until your satisfy with the money they
    gave you.
    (note: Can now buy properties that generate money)
    INFO: O.K, you think i'm over exaggerating right?  Your probably saying this
    mission itself is easy.  Well this mission is easy, but wait until the next
    one.  Lance is too lazy drinking, so you have to take two knuckle heads with
    you.  Drive to the location on your radar, and waste the few guards, and have
    a chat with the owner, he'll give you the location to where there at.  I drove
    my car into this place, let them fire away at it, and they blew themselves up,
    since this is a closed off alley way.  2 guys on motorcycles will flee the
    scene at this time, simply hijack another car or use the one you got, and
    make them bleed.
    INFO: I decided to give this mission a 5-star rating to match your wanted
    level.  Your dealing with more than a bunch of pigs, your dealing with the
    FBI here.  This mission is a lot harder than your previous ones.  The easy
    part is raising your wanted level.  Go over to the pink marker on your radar
    and start killing a bunch of innocent, then drive into the garage, once two
    cops follow, the garage will close, and you'll be dressed in a cop's uniform.
    That right there is the easy part, now head on over to the mall, leave your
    car parked right outside the front door facing the direction you want it to.
    Also make sure your cop car IS NOT damaged at all.  Head into the mall, and
    proceed into the cafe.  You'll set the bomb for a whoppin 5 seconds.  Once you
    do so, dash for the exit, the way you came from.  Head into your cop car, the
    FBI will now be all over you.  For some people getting back to your hide out
    could be no problem, for others, you may have to stop by Pay N Spray to lower
    your wanted level greatly.  I was able to get out of there with no problem,
    sure my car was totally wrecked, with all four doors completey torn to shreds,
    but I managed it.
    First go, and get a helicopter on top of your estate. Then, take it to the
    mall and set it out front. All you need to do from there is get the cops
    uniforms and go to the mall. After you blow up the shop, go and get the
    helicopter that you set out front and fly away safely.
    (submitted by david)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    INFO: This is one of the more easier missions of getting the checkpoints in
    this game.  Take your time, you have plenty.  Once the mission is over you'll
    gain respect from the Cubans which will lead onto more missions.
    INFO: One of the more harder missions, fight like men with big caujoles!
    (however you spell it).  When you start out, blow up the car in front of you
    to take out most of the guys, there'll still be two left, so you have to go in
    and kill them yourself.  After this, more reinforcements will come in, a
    sniper is on the roof, who poses very little threat, make sure you have
    yourself a sniper rifle handy.  Then take out even more Haitians, when you
    reach the final area, there'll be a van, don't get in it quite yet, take your
    time to kill everyone first, then drive on back to the cafe for your reward!
    INFO: Wow!  This mission is even harder!  Rico will try you over to the boats,
    from there you'll have to blow both of them up, if you have a rocket launcher
    that will greatly help right now.  When your on land, things don't get any
    better.  Your surrounded, just run and get the hell out of there, find
    yourself some health which is located at the bridge.  There is a sniper on the
    roof of this house.  Be aware of that, also there are men in the houses
    shooting from the windows as well.  Only get the briefcase's when your sure
    that everyone is dead, your wanted level will grow once you have both of them,
    to shake the heat go to a pay n spray which is located near you. 
    INFO: You get this mission when you have completed all of the Haitain missions
    for Auntie Poulet.  Finding a Voodoo car isn't very hard, there's one parked
    outside of Poulet's house.  Grab it, and drive to the marker.  You'll enter
    the factory, first kill everyone you see, once everyone is killed, plant the
    bombs all at once, once you have them all planted get the hell out of the
    factory and head back to the gates, there locked!  How do you get out?
    There's a set of stairs to the left of the gates, head up them, they lead
    to a roof, sit back and relax, enjoy the fireworks.  You'll also get a call
    from Poulet right now saying how she's disgusted with you.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    .:Auntie Poulet:.
    INFO: You have to go around town picking up the stashes.  When you grab the
    first one, the cops will be on you.  Quickly drive to the next given location,
    your wanted level will climb even more, there's one more stash for you to grab
    once you have this one, go on over to Pay N Spray, or if your talented enough
    you can make it back to Aunti Poulet's hideout and your wanted level will be
    gone and the cash is yours.
    INFO: Remeber the helicopter mission for Avery?  Its kind of like this one.
    Except you are controlling a plane in this one.  Start out by dropping a bomb
    to get there attention, you can try to get there boat but It never worked for
    me and I ended up chasing them.  They'll try to fire at you, but they'll most
    likely miss, once the first boat has been destroyed, a car will take off, this
    one is easy to take out, after you have the car blown up there's one guy left
    standing at the docks.  Drop a bomb on him and the mission will end.  The only
    part I found hard in this mission is that when I went down to drop a bomb, I
    couldn't pull up in time, and I ended up drowning.  You have 3 planes, the
    first part is the hardest.  Once that is over, the mission is pretty much
    INFO: This is the hardest mission for Auntie Poulet.  Even still, this is
    very easy.  There is an adrenaline pill located beneath the stairs you head
    up.  Use this to your full advantage, this will slow down the action.  There
    are three waves of attack.  First and second ones are nothing, in the third
    one, there's a guy with a sword, kill him first.  This will elminate a one hit
    kill to everyone.  But a dumb thing they do is travel in a group, they don't
    spread out, making it easy for those who have bad aim even.  I'm no sniper
    and I got pass this mission easily
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    .:Love Fist:.
    INFO: These guys are extremely annoying, and I think there music sucks, but
    that's just my opinion.  As long as there willing to pay money for simple jobs
    like this, so be it.  The first mission handed to you is easy.  First, you
    have to pick up some drugs for the band.  Drive to the given location, a guy
    will come out on a motorcycle and screw you over, bad idea.  Run him down, and
    pick up his spaz shotgun he drops.  Love Fist will now call, answer them, they
    want a girl, Tommy knows just the person, Mercedes.  Go and pick her up, once
    you have done so drop her off you have about a minute to do so.
    INFO: Your chasing down a psycho killer in this mission, and your vehicle
    isn't top notch, which happens to be a limo.  One more reason why this mission
    is hard is because the guy doesn't appear on your radar!  Once he's out of
    your site, that's it, the mission is over.  However there is a way around
    this, park a really fast car outside of this area, like a banshee, when the
    killer goes into his car, you can jump into the banshee and chase him down
    instead of the limo.  This will make the mission easier, then just use
    basic tatics in taking this guy out(drive by shooting).
    INFO: Is it just me, or does this mission remind you of Speed?  You know the
    movie?  If you go under a speed limit, the limo will blow.  So you have
    to keep a steady pace throughout the entire mission without ramming any walls
    or vehicles.  Doing so will slow you down and the bomb will detonate.  You
    have to drive for 2 minutes and 20 seconds until the bomb is defused.  There
    is really no strategy for this, you just have to be a good driver and surpass
    the speed limit.  Good luck, and that will draw a conclusion to the band Love
    Fist, thank god....
    And a dam good one.  First you turn all the way around and head for the first
    island.  Once there u make a left and follow that and always look at ur map
    once u see an opening to the beach, head there and once you are on the beach
    You are home free because the beach is freakin massive.
    (submitted by WrUbEz986)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    .:Mitch Baker:.
    INFO: I hate racing, I seriously do.  This mission can be a pain of your one
    of those types, and racing in grand theft auto was never easy.  Not only that
    but you can't do your drive by, and destroy your competition, so they'll
    always be there.  The freeway is more faster then the angel motorcycles.  So
    drive around town looking for a Freeway.  Your racing skills will be tested
    here, and there really is no way out of this one.  Once you've completed this
    mission, the other 2 remaining for Mitch will be somewhat easier.
    "Its a lot easier to steal one of the racers bikes. They get a short head 
    start, but with only two opponents, its much easier."
    (submitted by captain meltdown)
    INFO: This mission is easy to do, you have to raise some hell, which is
    something most people are good at in this game.  But can you raise hell in
    about 2 minutes lets say?  There is a chaosmeter that will appear on your
    screen now, you have to max that thing out.  By doing so, you have to kill
    and ram literally everything in your sight.  Find a street, with groups of
    people gathered together, and run them all down, kill every cop you see, shoot
    anything that moves, and ram literally everything to the ground.  I was able
    to get to 4 stars, which seemed to work out pretty well in this mission, once
    the meter fills up within  the time limit, this mission is over.
    parked a large  truck in the middle of the road in front of the biker club
    before taking it. Then I carjacked any cars that came by, and rammed them 
    right into the truck so they are touching. Once I got a good amount I started
    the mission, and used the automatic rifle on all vehicles to drive up the
    meter without destroying them, then shot the truck till it got on fire. It
    will explode, destroy the nearby vehicles as well, and drive the chaosmeter
    up much.
    (submitted by Zack Nelson)
    INFO: Mitch's Angel Bike had been stolen, he has infinetely many of these
    contiously appearing on the outside of his bar, but I guess you have to do
    this for Kent Paul.  Grab yourself an angel, and head on over, take the bike
    up the stairway, and for a smooth impact, press Down (don't hold it forever!)
    if you hold it too long, you'll fall off, you'll most likely land on the roof
    but with some health depeleted.  Press up when your about to land.  The alarm
    will go off, and a bunch of guys will start appearing, mow them all down.  Go
    down the stairs, and keep mowing the guys down.  Get on the Angel.  Now what I
    did may sound extremely stupid, at first I headed up back to the roof instead
    of the whitestair case on the ground level.  When I headed up, I crashed and
    fell to the ground.  What I thought was a stupid mistake turned out to be a
    success. The vans that chase you during this mission had already appeared and
    and I wasn't even on my motorcycle!  So this gave me full advantage to destroy
    the vans at this point, which I did, got another bike and launched myself back
    up to the roof, descended down the stairs, and head for the white stairs.  I
    was able to drive back with no problems at all.
    All you do is go get your helicopter or any helicopter and fly it to Mitch's
    talk to him then fly it ove to where his Angel is at and land it next to the
    garage get out run over to the Angel steal it back and high tail out use the
    white stairs to get out and then follow the pink blip back. That is a whole
    lot easier and also make sure to have the shotgun on hand one shot kill a lot
    easier if you run into problem.
    (submitted by Slipnslide3000)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    .:Print Works:.
    INFO: I was of course, extremely lazy to drive myself so I took the cab which
    only costed a whopping $9.  Hey, you own this city don't you?  Why should you
    be driving yourself places!  Anyways walk on into the malibu and talk to Kent
    he'll give you a location, now you have to drive yourself to the docks by
    where the colonel use to operate.  Get yourself a boat and head on over to the
    other island across from you.  There is health underneath the stairs leading
    up to the boat.  Head towards the pink marker, they'll of course spot you, I
    haven't found a way so that they couldn't spot you.  Just keep heading up the
    stairs mowing down all the guards in your path.  Once atop, walk in the pink
    marker and you'll get the plates.  Now you have to head back to print works,
    and at this point, I had about a 2 star wanted level.  If you need to head on
    over to Pay N Spray, other than that, this mission is over.
    You have to have a sniper rifle and a tall vehicle (I use a Yankee).
    First, drive to the northern end of the ship and get on top of the
    vehicle.  Whip out the ol' sniper rifle and you should be able to
    take out at least two guards (possibly three, my memory fails me as
    to exact number here).  Get back into the vehicle and drive to the
    very first ramp, so that you can see up the ramp by pressing L2.  Hop
    back on top of the vehicle and you can snipe at least three guards,
    one on top of the area where the pink marker is, one walking past the
    ramp, and one standing on some cargo to the right of the ramp.
    When you've taken these guys out, get back into the vehicle.  If you
    drive forward while holding L2, you should see a break in the cargo
    allowing you to see the far side of the ship.  Drive past this to the
    next such break.  Get back on top of the vehicle and patiently wait
    until a guard walks past the gap.  It could take a few minutes.  If
    he doesn't appear after five, you're in the wrong spot.  Anyway, once
    that guard's dead, drive forward to the next ramp and get back on
    Take out two more guards (I think, pretty positive), one that walks
    past the ramp, and another that walks toward the ramp, turns around,
    walks to the far side of the ship, and then to the right to the end
    of the ship and back.
    Storm the ship, carefully making your way to the break where you shot
    a guard on the far side.  Run to the far side of the ship and head
    south.  If you look north, you should see a blue cargo container
    against the side rail.  A guard patrols alongside that container, and
    you should be able to snip him from just in front of the cargo
    containers you no doubt ran into if you headed straight south.  If
    you look up from where this guard is, you'll see another guard on top
    of the ship.
    Somehow, even after careful observation and sniping again and again,
    I never fail to miss one guard between the two staircases leading up
    at the very front of the boat.  :-/
    Anyway, one guard is hardly much trouble, so take him out (you'll
    probably be spotted here, but I did my best :) and head on up to the
    pink marker.  You'll get an instant 2-star wanted level and guards
    come out of the woodwork, but at least you don't get shot up getting
    to the marker!  :)
    (submitted by Insanity Complex)
    INFO: Well some people may have more difficulty with this mission than I had.
    I got really lucky on this mission.  When the courier started driving off, I
    was able to ram her into a trailer, which she got stuck and couldn't get out,
    so there I was, her car getting jammed, and didn't even bother to get out and
    run.  Hardest part for me were the choices, how should I finish her off?
    Well enough of that, if you didn't get lucky like I did, I also had an
    alternate strategy backed up.  When your waiting outside for the courier to
    land there are a ton of snipers to shoot down, as well as the other lady 
    assassins.  When the courier lands, she'll get in her car and drive off, the
    threat of you getting shotdown by all the other assassins is now gone, and
    you have to concentrate on killing the courier.  Which shouldn't be too hard
    to do.  Use basic techniques to take her down.
    REWARD:$5000 and revenue is now generated
    .:THE MALIBU:.
    INFO: You gotta bust a guy out that is under the police's custody.  His name
    is Cam Jones.  Head to the given location on your map, and walk in with no
    weapons selected.  You now have to get yourself the police uniform which is
    located in the locker room.  Head upstairs to get a keycard, then head
    downstairs and use the keycard on the cell to free Jooooooooones(sorry I had
    to do that....inside joke).  You'll gain a four stars for your wanted level
    as well.  Like always, pay and spray is there for you.  After that, simply
    drop jones off at the given location.
    INFO: This is where you meet Phil Cassidy, this guy will supply you with great
    weapons later on in the game.  But for now he has challenged you to a shooting
    contest.  First contest, your shooting a bunch of dummies.  The score you have
    to beat is 60.  Really no strategy here, trial and error process.  There's
    another round ahead, and the targets are with a whoppin point.  In the next
    room, Misty makes her appearance who is from GTA:III as well as a few other
    familiar faces.  When you complete this, Cassidy will work for you, but only
    after you complete the final mission of the malibu.
    INFO: This is probably the hardest race in the game.  This race is totally
    unfair as well.  Your going up against Hillary with a Sentinel.  There are
    also cops on you as well.  Racing in Grand theft auto was never easy, remember
    that.  There are a few basic tips, believe it or not, the cops could actually
    help you.  They can give you a launch forward, or if you break at the right
    times and turn at the right times, they can nail Hillary throwing him off
    course.  Good luck, your every skill will be tested here.
    This here is a cheating method, which I strongly disagree with.  But everyone
    has been requesting this, so if your willing to take this risk of cheating
    and possibly risking the 100% status, go right ahead.  This does work, but
    I think with enough trial and error you can overcome it.  Well here it is
    for you.  Enter in the Dodo cheat, once you have this entered in, hillary
    will drive off and you'll never see him again, so just take this course nice
    easy, find a bike, this is the only vehicle not effected by this cheat.
    (submitted by inquiringmind)
    INFO: The mission starts out very easy.  Then you'll have to navigate upstairs
    with Cam.  Make sure you shoot down any officer in your way, there is body
    armor in the Camera Room and Health in the Manager's Office.  Cam can't crack
    the safe, so you'll need the Manager to do it, don't kill him!  Have him
    follow you upstairs to the safe, then once he's up there, head on back down
    to check on Phil, he screws up and the alarms goes off, this is where the
    mission gets somewhat harder.  Head towards the pink marker, a small cutscene
    will take place and now you have to take out the swat team, these guys could
    kill you within seconds, if Cam dies you'll have to take the briefcase for him
    and head out.  When you reach outside, your driver Hilary will show up.  Your
    last mission you just did for the Malibu has gone to waste....now you have to
    shake the cops off.  Get a car and head towards Pay N Spray which is located
    near you.  Then head on over to pick up Phil & Cam (or just Phil).  Head on
    over to Cam's place and the mission will be over.
    ASSET COMPLETE: Will now generate $10,000
    INFO: You drive a patriot in this mission, use your drive by shooting, once
    you have dealt out the damage, they'll drop a crate with a weapon in it, go
    and pick it up.  There are four of them you need to get.  Once you have them
    all you have to dispose of the dealer.  Not too hard at all.
    INFO: You start out wasted, but eventually it'll wear off.  Take Phil to the
    hospital, then he'll say something like "no too many vietcong".  Then you'll
    have to take him to this guy who owes him a favor.  When your driving, you'll
    most likely be ramming the crap out of cars and won't be able to drive in a
    straight line.  The cops could be on you in this mission, for drunk driving.
    Once the mission is complete, so is phil's asset.
    ASSET COMPLETE: Can now buy heavy weapons
    .:Cherry Popper:.
    (Mr. Whoopee)
    INFO: Turn the music off, and press the L3 button to start your mission.  
    You have to deliver 50 ice creams all at once, then simply step out of your 
    truck to finish the mission.  Then the ice cream factory generate 3 grand a 
    (submitted by irish_spy)
    NOTE: Beware that your wanted level will increase during distribution.  Also
    in certain areas, you'll get paid more money than others.  Some gangs will
    also be on your tail as well.
    ASSET COMPLETE: Will now Generate $3000
    INFO: This mission runs on a time limit, get to the fare in a minute.  This
    mission is silly, really.  Before you pick the guy up another cab shows up and
    steals it from you.  Show them whose better by ramming the hell and shotting
    the taxi, after the damage has been dealt, the guy will jump out.  Simply pick
    him up and drive him to the airport.
    INFO: These missions are the easiest to complete.  All you have to do is ram
    them off the rode, use your drive-by-shooting as well.  Do I need to say more?
    INFO: At first it starts out like nothing, all you have to do is drive in a
    circle to avoid the other taxis.  After the time limit runs out, you'll then
    meet the Zebra Taxi.  His armor is somewhat better than most other taxis, so
    killing him will take somewhat longer, but not that much more difficult.
    ASSET COMPLETE: Kaufman Kab's will now generate $5000
    INFO: Ahh, How could I forget this one?  I can be such an idiot at times, here
    is some strategy for the mission, this guy is a dork in my opinion but the
    chicks are hot.  When you meet up with Candy, some pimp guys will attack you,
    take them out and pick up candy, your wanted level may be up so head on over
    to Pay N Spray, then go and pick up Mercedes and bring them back to the Studio
    to complete the mission.
    INFO: There really is nothing too complicated with this mission, here you'll
    control the skimmer which is very similar to a dodo plane.  The main problem
    in this mission is not completing the checkpoints but completing them without
    running out of fuel, there are a total of 12 checkpoints.
    INFO: In this mission, you'll be using a helicopter, the main point objective
    is to capture pictures of Candy and that other guy with eachother, you'll have
    to take three pictures of them.  I used the top of the hotel as my shooting
    point, once you have the pictures, your criminal rating will sky rocket, you
    better hope that your helicopter is in good shape, if not then you'll have to
    deal with this the hard way by getting to a Pay N Spray.  My helicopter was in
    good shape so I had no problems with this mission.
    INFO: I found this last mission very hard and troublesome at times.  You'll
    need a motorcycle for this challenge, preferably a PCJ.  Drive towards the
    location, once there drive straight through the building, and do a wheelie
    once your at the end.  Now basically for the rest of the mission your going
    from building to building, there are 19 of them, between a certain jump, when
    your about halfway through, their are some stairs on the lower side of a 
    building so that you don't have to start over if you fail to connect with a 
    jump.  When you reach the final building, step off your PCJ and walk into the
    marker to complete the mission.
    REWARD:$8000 will now generate $10,000 per day.
    INFO: Just like any other racing mission, this one is hard.  I choose the
    Cuban Jetmax to complete this mission, the Squallo is faster however.  The
    more times you complete this mission, the better the reward.  It gets a lot
    harder the fourth time around, making everything foggy.
    ASSET COMPLETE: Boatyard will now generate $1000
    .:Unlocking the 2 final missions:.
    Here's the exact same list I did
    -Buy all properties first
    -Complete Cherry Popper
    -Complete Kaufmann Kab's
    -Complete Print Works
    -Complete Malibu
    -Complete the first garage list at Sunshine Autos
    -Complete Pole Position Asset(give $600 to stripper)
    -Completed all other people icons on map
     Auntie Poulet
     Love Fist
     Mitch Baker
     Phil Cassidy
     Avery Carrington
    THAT'S IT!  That's exactly what I did.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    INFO: This mission is difficult as the tax collectors go around and take your
    cash from your properties.  If they get to all of your properties, the mission
    is a failure, these guys are also armed and ready to kill, just chase them all
    down, all of them are on a sanchez, so making them bleed will be an easy job.
    There are 6 tax collectors, also, unless there is one property left that they
    haven't gotten to, then just wait there and hold your ground, if not go out
    and kill them before they get the rest.  This mission could take some time,
    but with enough trial and error process, you'll be able to accomplish this.
    INFO: Here it is for you folks, the ending of this game is upon you.  Here is
    some background information on this mission.  Let's just say that you get
    betrayed by your buddy Lance, those calls he was giving you obviously meant
    something, and here it is, you have to kill your friend now.  You stuck your
    neck out for this guy, and he slaps you in the face for it, so now its time
    for some payback.  You first have kill quite a few guards before he shows up,
    once he does, you have to chase him to the roof, here is where things get
    difficult.  Lance isn't easy, so use the adrenaline pill near you.  There is
    also health on the helipad, so don't forget to use it.  Once you've killed
    this traitor (rest in peace), proceed downstairs to take out Sonny, I
    personally thought this guy was never your friend to begin with, but I guess
    he was.  Anyways, you have to kill him as well.  For cover, get behind the
    desk, and kill any guards you can.  Don't go into the room, until your
    confident enough you can handle it.  You can head back up to the roof and drop
    down but this probably won't help a whole lot, you are closer to Sonny
    however.  The problem here is that your greatly outnumbered, and the guys 
    don't stop coming.  Once you have killed Sonny, sit back and enjoy the ending,
    congratulations, you beat Vice City!
    Vice city is overflowing with more than just the storyline to be completed!
    There are the good guy missions and rewards as well.  Like in the previous
    one, the taxi cab, hospital, firetruck, police car missions are back.  These
    too also have rewards.  There are also other crime bosses out there that need
    work done for them.
    .:Phone Missions:.
    INFO: Very easy mission, as this also grants you access to the pizza boy as
    well.  Simply kill the guy before he's done delivering.  When you do so,
    save this bike in your garage so you can do the pizza boy missions later on
    as well.
    INFO: This is also a very easy mission.  The only problem is that you can't
    use any of your guns at all, you have to make this look like a car accident,
    so keeping ramming her vehicle, accidently....
    INFO: This is where it gets a little bit tougher but not much, the guy
    supplies you with all the weapons you'll need, one in particular is the sniper
    rifle.  You'll most likely use this in the whole mission to take everyone out
    from a distance if you get too close they'll start running like hell, which
    could waste more time and cost you a lot of trouble.  The first guy is no
    problem to kill, he's working on the sign and is totally defenseless, so shoot
    him down without any worries.  The next person you'll most likely have to ram
    off the road, that's what I did since he was driving a van.  The third set of
    people you have to kill can be somewhat tough if you screw up, simply cap the
    guy in the head with your sniper rifle that is sitting in the truck.  This is
    the part that could cost you if you mess up.  Then there's a guy with a
    spaz shotgun that could kill you in a hit, so carefully snipe him quickly, or
    just plain kill him.  The next guy is sitting on his boat, if you mess up here
    this mission is pretty much over because you don't have quick access to a
    boat, simply be careful and snipe him between the fences.  Last but not least,
    the last guy is cruising around on his motorcycle, easy?  Think again, he 
    knows how to drive one, and chasing him down could be somewhat troublesome.
    But at this rate you should more than enough time to kill him, you have 9 
    minutes to complete this.
    (killing 2nd guy)Just go around and enter the road from behind (on foot).
    Then run up the stairway and at the top aim at the guy in the van through the 
    glass with the sniper rifle. Get a head shot and he's dead.
    (submitted by Zack Nelson)
    INFO: You'll get a sniper rifle in the beginning of this mission.  Follow the
    woman that is on the balcony, she'll lead you to the main guy that you need to
    cap(take note of the spook meter), when you do so, he'll drop the briefcase.
    Your wanted level will go up 2 stars, as well as a few guys that want to hit
    you up for that briefcase.  The cops should be no problem by now, losing them
    should be elementary to you, but the guys will never let up, carefully drive
    to pay and spray, that'll fix your car up and lower your wanted level, then
    head on over to Ammunation carefully avoiding the guys that never let up.
    INFO: (still to come)
    INFO: There are 24 checkpoints and you have 2 minutes to complete them.  After
    beating this race you'll earn a grand, but you can do this as much as you want
    a good way of getting cash.
    INFO: These missions are brutal, these missions are located at the Hyman
    Memorial Stadium, which happens to open up at 20:00.  Their are three of them
    this is the first one, Bloodring, your basically going through all the
    checkpoints here in one minute, the main focus though is not getting your car
    trashed in the process.  You get an additional $100 for each car getting
    destroyed and $1000 for completing this one.
    REWARD:$1000 (plus 100 for each car destroyed)
    INFO: I found this one to be much harder than the last one, you are given a
    sanchez, which happens to be the best motorcycle in my opinion, there are 32
    checkpoints to complete, the beauty about this is that the reward is given,
    even with the highest time possible.  You have to do wheelies through these
    rings, which seems difficult at first up simply press down, and then up when
    in the air, this will increase your chance of landing.  The rewards are
    various, here they are.
    5 minutes and under=$50,000
    10 minutes and under=$10,000
    over 10 minutes=$5,000
    INFO: Do you enjoy Nascar?  This race is similar to that, the rules are basic
    as usual, and the reward varies like in the last one.  You can use your drive-
    by-shooting techniques in this one.  I found these races easier than the other
    ones in this game for some reason.  Here are the rewards,
    1st Place=$5000
    2nd Place=$1500
    3rd Place=$500
    INFO: If you are wondering where to get the sparrow, this is the place.  The
    missios can be somewhat hard if your not good with controlling a helicopter.
    I had a little trouble at first, but eventually.  This place is found where
    you completed PCJ PLAYGROUND.
    INFO: This one is not much harder then the previous one, it is located on a 
    roof in Little Haita, its next too a unique jump in this area.  There are 22
    checkpoints to be completed here
    INFO: Starts out hard but ends up easier, this one is located in backyard of
    a neigborhood located in Vice Point.
    INFO: They always save the hardest one the last.  This one is located on the
    first building in the G-Spotlight Mission you have done.  There are 28
    checkpoints in this one.
    .:Sunshine Auto Missions:.
    You can purchase this for $50,000 in Little Havanna.  Doing so will unlock
    some goodies.
    (Submitted By Yaga)
    In the area below the dealership (where you get the Vice City Race missions,
    and where your garages are, etc) there's a list of cars on the wall.  Once you
    get all the cars on the list and deliver them to the garage beside the list, 
    three things will happen:  The Sunshine Autos Asset will bring in more 
    money, you'll be rewarded with a special car in the showroom apart from the 
    Sentinel, and you'll get another list.  Repeating this four times you 
    eventually have an asset of $9,000 and 4 cars in the showroom, (plus the 
    sentinel) which makes this, the best safe house once you factor in 
    the Pay n Spray downstairs with the four 2-car garages.
    There's your reward, now this is what you have to steal, I'll supply more
    information on each location later on. =D
    -Blista Compact
    REWARD: Deluxo
    REWARD: Sabre Turbo
    REWARD: Sandking
    -Cuban Hermes
    -Baggage Handler
    -Mr. Whoopee!
    -Pizza Boy
    REWARD: Hotring Racer
    -=Taxi Cab Missions=-
    Deliver 100 people
    You can jump with any taxi cab (hydrolics are equipped)
    -=Police Car Missions=-
    -Availble Cars: Available Vehicles: Barracks OL, Enforcer, FBI Rancher, FBI
    Washington, Police, Rhino, Ultimate Vehicle, and the Predator
    Complete level 12
    150 armor unlocked
    -=Fire Truck Missions=-
    Complete level 12
    Fire proof
    -=Paramedic Missions=-
    Complete level 12
    Infinite Run
    -=Pizza Boy Missions-=
    Complete level 10
    150 health unlocked
    (submitted by soadbro36)
    Here are all of the locations including the one that few people knew about
    which everyone thought was the deli, I have no idea what the Rockstar map
    was on, or what Brady Games were on for that matter.
    -North Point Mall-
    Gash Store
    Music Store
    Jewerly Store
    Hardware Store (bunch of tools)
    -Vice Point-
    Jewerly Store (east of bridge to Leaf Links country Club)
    Pharmacy Store (west of corner store)
    Corner Store (north of Hospital)
    -Little Haiti-
    Ryton Aide Pharmacy
    Pharmacy (near love fist)
    Jewerly Store (near love fist)
    -Washington Beach-
    Hardware Store (bunch of tools)
    -Little Havana-
    Umberto's Cafe
    Doughnut & Coffee shop
    Hardware Store (Screw this)
    (these were taken from the brady games strategy guide, and have been
    altered, if you have a more detailed description on these, please send
    and email in, and I will credit you like always, webmastser@counteray.com)
    10 packages=Body Armor (Ocean View Hotel, Starfish Island) 
    20 packages=Chainsaw
    30 packages=Python
    40 packages=Flamethrower
    50 packages=Laser Scope Sniper Rifle
    60 packages=Minigun
    70 packages=Rocket Launcher
    80 packages=Sea Sparrow
    90 packages=Rhino
    100 packages=Ultimate Secret Vehicle (oh yeah)
    (note: look above and beyond, I did my best to try and describe each location)
    1. On the destroyed house platform (in the water)
    2. On the rocks near the wooden houses (also in water)
    3. Look for the southernmost house, next to steps.
    4. Behind the west Ocean Medical Foundation Research Development Building
    (ledge near the water)
    5. Lighthouse (steps)
    6. Tucked away in a corner, underground garage (where you start the colonel’s
    7. Walkway under South Bridge, leading to Mainland
    8. Top of building across the small mall.
    9. Top of building connected to the security building
    10. Back porch of save house, across Rosenberg’s office.
    11. Pool of the large pink apartment (next to body armor)
    12. ground near water’s edge, against a small road bridge.
    13. lifeguard building on beach (steps)
    14. tall building with blue stripes (need a chopper to get it, on roof)
    15. Vice City Police Building (upstairs office)
    16. tucked away in corner (purple and white building)
    17. colored showers, near pool on hotel grounds.
    18. underneath the bridge leading to Starfish Island
    19. alley behind SpandEX delivery
    20. beam on the construction building
    21. the dock facing facing Golf Island
    22. tucked away in a corner, behind the Malibu
    23. Behind the Chariot Hotel
    24. Inside the Pizza Restaurant
    25. Roof of the building (congressman were partying here, during Martha’s
    Mugshot mission)
    26. corner apartment building, near the pizza restaurant
    27. Jewelry Shop, behind counter
    28. back exit of Mercedes house
    29. on top of the highest diving board (pool behind hotel)
    30. rooftop (think The Chase Mission)
    31. inside the unclosed circle (looks like a horse shoe)
    32. south side of bridge leading into Prawn Island
    33. between the northern entrances (North Point Mall)
    34. behind jocksport sign
    35. north park mall (upstairs, store with signs)
    36. east of the northern Paint N Spray
    37. large multi-story car park (near North Point Mall)
    38. Gash Store (North Point Mall)
    39. near pool, on top of building, the corner from the malibu
    40. behind apartment (east of North Point Mall)
    41. Bathroom Stall, (studio)
    42. top of a blue building
    43. dead end alley (east of island)
    44. Deserted building, the one with a broken wall, drop through it (think The
    Chase Mission once again)
    45. Large Green, a deserted house as well.
    STARFISH ISLAND (this one’s short)
    46. On the poolside balcony (house with the Rock Star pool)
    47. Diaz’s Mansion (near east pool, placed in corner of stairs)
    48. Front door of a house, with a purple roof
    49. poolside Jacuzzi of brown house.
    50. alley between your mansion pool, and the property next to yours.
    LEAF LINKS (Short one as well)
    51. On the tee (driving range)
    52. small bridge that is connected to two golf islands
    53. a small island that is in the middle of a small body of water.
    54. Under Bridge leading to the Vice Point
    55. End of the road that is shaped like an “S”
    56. Parking lot next to the stadium
    57. Statue in a building
    58. Next to Mars Cafe
    59. The rooftop (of the building with the package in it by the statue)
    60. Ambulance Parking Garage
    61. Desk inside office (G-Spotlight Mission)
    62. Behind the building you jumped from (G-Spotlight Mission)
    (little havana)
    63. Look for a Kaufman Kabs Billboard.
    64. Upstairs in the Car Showroom
    65. Look for a building with a Red awning
    66. Doughnut shop (in the corner)
    67. across street of Umberto’s restaurant
    68. Laundromat (inside)
    69. porch of a house, with a for sale sign.
    (little haiti)
    70. Inside the Shed at Phil’s place
    71. Phil’s Place corner of bulkhead
    72. Grave behind Funeraria Romero
    73. Behind a hotel, corner next to Hi Press Gas Hot Stream
    74. Below “Life’s a Bitch Billboard”
    75. Inside building, with a roof that is rusty (North Haiti)
    76. Behind the building, north of Kaufman Kabs
    77. Closet House on east side of Kaufman Kabs
    78. On a building connecting the north side of Print Works
    79. Under a sign that says "Vice City Port Authority"
    80. Head north of 8-ball’s garage at docks (tucked away in corner)
    81. between two parked trailers (airport parking lot)
    82. On a Cargo Ship
    83. Middle of four large tanks
    84. The Parking lot of the apartments that are green and white
    85. On Cargo Ship (use of helicopter)
    86. Inside a office (Seaplanes Hangar)
    (escobar international airport)
    87. Rooftop of Airport Terminal
    88. Under an Airplane (behind Northeast port)
    89. Behind a sign at the entrance of a base
    90. Behind some large billboards
    91. Top floor of gate 8-1
    92. Behind the Fire Station
    93. Top of Southern most helipad
    94. Top of McAdam Airways Hangar
    95. Under the wing of plane, that is partially out of the hangar
    96. Top of loading bridge
    97. Top of southeast building at airport Vice City International Airport 
    98. Inside Airport by a pay phone
    99. Top of airplane (south west)
    100. Under airplane (south west)
    IX. Secrets & Easter Eggs
    Look at the Bartendar when you buy the Malibu.
    There's a Beachball on the beach and in some pools.
    Use your sniper rifle and search the ocean waters, you'll find a shark.
    Secret: Bulletproof Cars
    -There is a Bulletproof and Damageproof in the Guardian Angels mission let 
    Diaz or Lance die and then take the car that Diaz came in it's
    an Admiral and I found it can't be damged or shot up
    -In The Driver Let Hillary win the race and wait by the Malibu when Hillary 
    finishes the race he disappears from the car push it back to one of your 
    garages(it's locked) and then you'll have a bulletproof Sabre Turbo!
    (submitted by BIG DOG)
    This is cheap, but it is possible for you to fit a helicopter in your garage
    although this takes extreme patience, it at least guranteeds that your
    helicopter won't magically disappear.  Also, this works for Mr. Whoopee as
    well, but the cone may make this troublesome, this is cheap as hell, but
    hey it works!
    (submitted by EazyEreazy)
    Have a hard time getting money?  Here are a few tips in getting money.
    -Buy a few properties (like Print Works & Pole Position)
    -Activate the revenue for them.
    -Complete a mission, once the mission is over, these properties including
    your mansion will have money generated, go around and collect them.
    -Complete A Car Race mission, you have to pay an entry fee, but you get more
    when you win.  When a Race is done (you can do this unlimited), you can also
    go around to your properties and collect money, I had the malibu in under a 
    hour doing this, hell this isn't the greatest idea, but it works!
    X. Frequently Asked Questions
    .:In the Game:.
    Q: Where can I find a Pizza Boy?
    A: theres a pizza boy moped (the faggie) in the back alley of the pizza shop 
    in the first city... i think its near washington.  well get on it and youll 
    have to deliver pizzas! you go through levels just like paramedic with more 
    and more people. once you finish level 10 you get 150 max health... to throw 
    the pizza its just like doing a drive by, hold R2 or L2 and then O (circle).
    (submitted by soadbro36)
    Q: Are the Phone missions required?
    A: No they are not, I completed the game without even touching them, there are
    similar to the ones in GTA:III
    Q: How do I get the Hunter?
    A: You don't necessarily need 100 packages.  You need to beat the game, then
    disguise yourself as a cop and enter the Base, you'll see it sitting there,
    you can shoot rockets and fire your machine gun on this.  A truly great ride.
    Q: How about that Caddy?
    A: There is one parked by the lighthouse, dont ask why its there..
    Q: You forgot to credit me
    A: I apologize, I have gotten swarms of emails, and I have lost tracked of
    some of them.  If I have forgotten so, please remind me.  I'll try my best
    to not forget anyone.
    Q: Can I use your FAQs?
    A: Maybe...we'll have to discuss
    Q: How long have you played this game for?  What percent have you completed?
    A: I have played the game for 26 hours, and I have 85% of it completed, I got
    the game 10/28.
    Q: I have a question on_________
    A: Don't worry, I'll get all the missions posted very soon, I have already
    completed a majority of them, I just have to find some hidden packages,
    complete some rampages and find the 36 unique jumps.  If your question
    hasn't been answered in this faq, you can send me an email and I'll get back
    to you a.s.a.p.  If I don't, check the faq, it may be in here somewhere.
    Q: I completed the malibu and the print works and purchased every property,
    where do I go from here?
    A: According to Brady Games Strategy guide, you have to complete 60% of the
    assets.  Meaning completing 60% of your property's missions, and completing
    all the other misc people.  I always thought it was more than this, but this
    is what the guide wrote, not me.  I've also heard rumors on how this guide
    has quite a few errors posted within it (the malibu price for example).
    Q: What did you use to write this faq?
    A: EditPad Pro, because of the line & character numbering.
    Q: You didn't post information I sent you, why not?
    A: I'm working on verifying it, remember, some people send in false info, I
    have to take some time to verify it, or wait for others to do so.  I'm not
    calling you a liar, its just that i'm uncertain.
    Did you think Vice City was absolutely perfect?  Think again, things like
    these are what ruin great games!  There has been quite a few reports on
    people saying they couldn't continue their game due to this.  There was one
    I can clearly remember in GTA:III.  It was answering all of the phones for
    that Ray guy, and well, its happening again in this game, so be on your feet
    or aware of these bugs, they may not effect you at all, but there's a slight
    chance it could!
    GLITCH/ERROR: Where the switch is located in the garage, the garage door is
    shut and can't get in, preventing you from completing this mission.  This
    switch is dead ahead of you, so its impossible to miss.
    This will lower your criminal rating dramatically.  This probably isn't even
    a glitch, but I decided to put it here anyways.
    (submitted by fritzeroni fritzeroni@shaw.ca)
    This too has been reported, when your doing a Taxi mission, as well as any
    other good guy mission, be cautious of this as well!
    (submitted by willibaba)
    If You drive a motorcycle onto the save point. You get off. Then when 
    you get back on the save screen comes up and you save your game. Then when 
    you try to load it next time it will not work.
    (submitted by Luke P)
    Commiting Suicide
    This cheat has a purpose, here's what one person discovered while playing.
    I crashed a helicopter on top of the Hyman Memorial Stadium (towards the 
    front, by two satalite dishes).  Without the helicopter and no explosives to 
    kill myself there was absolutely no way down.  The suicide cheat was my last 
    (submitted by theMightyjD)
    If you have any kind of information(because there are numerous ways that are
    just as effective as mine, to completing difficult missions), that you think
    should be in my faqs here you can email me webmaster@counteray.com, or you can
    instant message me with AIM, my screen name is counteray.  I also have ICQ my
    number is 173841302.  Please help contribute, I will credit you with your name
    and any other additional information.  Also, if there are mistakes, big or
    small, which I'm sure there are, please email me as well!
    Here is a list of the people that have helped contribute to this faq, a
    special thank you to all of you from counteray.
    Ash-for giving me a much more info on the cars (basketball8534@msn.com)
    Captain Meltdown-for giving more additional strategy on the "Alloys wheels of
    steel" mission.
    damNation-for giving additional strategy on "Sir yes Sir!" Mission
    Yaga-for giving information on Sunshine Autos, as well as weapon info, more
    car info, locations, etc.
    Kiefer Wetzel-for additional information on cars, and the ultimate vehicle
    MmmBeefy-for giving another location for the Katana Weapon
    mikle-for the reminder on the pizza boy motorcycle
    david-for excellent strategy on the copland mission
    John-for additional strategy on the Death Row mission (i've gotten lots of
    e-mails on this, hopefully these strategies will work =D)
    James-for information on a car
    Mike-for additional strategy on a few missions
    david moeller-for additional car information
    Slipnslide3000-for additional strategy
    irish_spy-for the distribution mission
    Brent man-for additional strategy
    Jimmie Sottile-for information on the flamethrower weapon
    black_flame328-for information on the flamethrower weapon as well.
    Jesse Condon-for giving info on the Kaufmann Kab's property missions
    Luke P-for giving more info on the vigilante missions, and a glitch report
    willibaba-for glitch information
    Zack Nelson-for additional strategy information and corrections.
    EazyEreazy-for the cheap trick, lol
    dhunter-for easter egg
    BIG DOG-for bulletproof cars
    Brandon-for corrections on buying properties (there were a lot sorry if I
    missed some of you people)
    cor121(cor121@aol.com),fuzzmonkey-for corrections on the ice cream missions.
    theMightyjD-for glich report
    ***To gamefaqs.com for allowing this opportunity.  For Rockstar creating yet
    another smash hit.  To all of those who have encouraged me to do so.  Thank
    you all once again.***
    This guide is copyrighted by Counteray 2002, and may be used for gamefaqs.com,
    psxcodez.com, and no one else without my permission.  If you would like to use
    this faq on your site you must email me so asking, I will most likely allow
    it.  The only thing I ask for you to do is not to alter it in any way shape or

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