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Original Soundtrack FAQ by Blendo75

Version: 1.60 | Updated: 01/06/04

GRAND THEFT AUTO VICE CITY O.S.T FAQ - V1.60 by Blendo75 (blendo75@yahoo.com)


0.75 - First Release.  Everything's just about here.
0.80 - Cleaned up the crappy looking track listings.  Added info about
       "missing" tunes.  Other misc. junk.
0.95 - Updated w/ ConnecteD content.. and some other stuff.
0.99 - Updated w/ some actual f.a.q's. All main info is here.
1.20 - Adding more reader submissions.  Beginning to add station playlists.
1.25 - Playlist additions.  Reader submissions.
1.30 - Paylist additions.  More FAQ's answered.  Reader submissions.
1.35 - Playlist additons.  Many mistakes corrected.  Added some DJ info.
1.39 - Added European soundtrack info - thanks Daifuku!  Other misc. stuff.
1.50 - Added information on Greatest Hits CD.  Lots of reader contributions.
       Additions to radio station running order section.
1.51 - Minor corrections.
1.55 - Aesthetic changes.  Added more faq's and reader contributions.
1.57 - Small changes.  A little more faq's and reader contributions.
1.60 - Additions, changes, cleanups.


The official soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto Vice City is by far the largest
soundtrack of licensed material there has ever been for a videogame, movie...
just about anything..** In total there are 79 songs in the entire sountrack
(two are original tunes), and there are also other tracks containing DJ musings
and commercials (which are not listed on the CD packages, but are in the liner
notes).  This will let you know which commercials you are getting.
Take Note - There are more songs in the game than are included on the soundtrack!

** Warning: Not a heavily researched assumption :)

The soundtrack consists of seven volumes, each a seperate CD containing
selections from a radio station in the game itself.  The volumes are not
reproductions of the radio stations in the game.  They are meant to be
listened to and thought of as individual albums and are "hosted" by the DJ
from the radio station in this spirit - in other words, the DJ chatter on the
CD's is not taken from the game.  The way they are presented seems to be that
the radio station has put out a compilation CD of their most popular tracks.

Each album follows a similar pattern.  It starts of with an introduction from
the DJ, then goes through about half of the songs, more DJ commentary with
station identification, then the other half of the songs, then closing comments
and two commercials.  Wildstyle Pirate Radio's album is a notable exception,
with more DJ chatter than all of the others.

The music is, of course, 80's oriented.  But it actually varies more than you
would think. There's some '70's stuff thrown in, even a pinch of disco.  Most
of the stuff on Espantoso is from the 40's and 50's.  Nothing is newer than
1986 though (as it should be).  And yes, all the songs are here in their entirety,
with many breaking the 6 minute barrier and the longest track being almost nine
minutes (Super Strut by Deodato).  The tracks are pretty well seperated by genre,
with Wave 103 and Flash FM overlapping the most.  They even talk about that in the
liner notes for Wave 103, how it's hard to tell pop from new wave.  If you ask
me, Talk Talk was way more "new wave" than Corey Hart!!  All the other albums are
broken up better and have more distinct sounds.  It's also interesting how they
didnt take the biggest hits from the bands, often picking tracks that you would
not expect.  There's bound to be stuff on here you haven't heard before.  I
recommend getting the box set, broaden your musical horizons why dontcha.

People are wondering - Where's the Buggles???  Sorry, they aren't on the
soundtrack.  Neither is Gary Numan.  They're in the game though.  I've put
the "missing" tracks under their respective stations.

Each CD makes mention of the fact that you can unlock a cheat code by inserting
the CD in your drive and going to www.vicecityradio.com.  When you are at the
website select an album name from the bottom scroll bar, then select ConnecteD
nera the top.  Click to verify your CD.  The content available consists of a
cheat code, a wallpaper image, three screen shots (all of which you've seen
before), a screen saver, and finally a quicktime movie clip (which are not
available right now).  The screen savers and wallpapers are nice, but you're
not going to be buying these CD's for the bonus content (hopefully), it's not
all that great.  See the individual album info for it's cheat code.

Speaking of the codes, Rockstar warns you that you CANNOT turn these off during
SAVED GAME.  So for God's sake dont save with the pink cars cheat on.

VOLUME 1: V-ROCK hosted by Lazlow.

1. Introduction

2. Judas Priest	------- You've Got Another Thing Comin'
3. Motley Crue -------- Too Young to Fall in Love
4. Megadeth ----------- Peace Sells
5. Rockstar's Lovefist  Dangerous Bastard
6. Autograph ---------- Turn Up the Radio

7. Lazlow speaks

8. Twisted Sister ----- I Wanna Rock
9. Ozzy Osbourne ------ Bark at the Moon
10. Anthrax ----------- Madhouse
11. Iron Maiden ------- 2 Minutes to Midnight
12. Slayer ------------ Raining Blood
13. Tesla ------------- Comin' Atcha Live
14. David Lee Roth ---- Yankee Rose

15. Lazlow speaks

16. Exploder
17. Thor

Track info:

2. From the album "Screaming for Vengeance" 1982.

3. From the album "Shout at the Devil" 1983.

4. From the album "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?" 1986.

5. Not a licensed track.  Developed for the game.

6. From the album "Sign in Please" 1984. "One Hit Wonder".

8. From the album "Stay Hungry" 1984 - This record is much more famous for
   the song "We're not Gonna Take It".

9. From the album "Bark at the Moon" 1983.

10. From the album "Spreading the Disease" 1985.

11. From the album "Powerslave" 1984. Other hit from this record was "Aces

12. From the album "Reign in Blood" 1986. This song was recently
    covered by Tori Amos on her album "Strange Little Girls".

13. From the album "Mechanical Resonance" 1986.

14. From the album "Eat 'em & Smile" 1986.  Features Steve Vai.

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

Alcatrazz ----------- God Bless Video.  From the album "Disturbing the
                      Peace" 1985.  More Steve Vai.

Loverboy ------------ Working for the Weekend.  From the album "Get Lucky"

Rockstar's Lovefist - Fist Fury.

The Cult ------------ She Sells Sanctuary.  From the album "Love" 1985.
                      See also "Rain" from this album.

Quiet Riot ---------- Cum on Feel the Noize.  From the album "Metal Health"

DJ info:

You all know who Lazlow is, the GTA veteran that he is.  Check out his web site:

ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Love Fist Cheat - R2  UP  L2  LEFT  LEFT  R1  L1  CIRCLE  RIGHT

Creates the Love Fist Limo.


VOLUME 2: WAVE 103 hosted by Adam First.

1. Introduction

2. Frankie Goes to Hollywood -- Two Tribes
3. Tears for Fears ------------ Pale Shelter
4. Kim Wilde ------------------ Kids in America
5. Blondie -------------------- Atomic
6. A Flock of Seagulls -------- I Ran (So far Away)
7. The Human League ----------- (Keep Feeling) Fascination

8. Adam First speaks

9. Nena ----------------------- 99 Luftballons
10. The Psychedelic Furs ------ Love My Way
11. Spandau Ballet ------------ Gold
12. Thomas Dolby -------------- Hyperactive!
13. Romeo Void ---------------- Never Say Never
14. Corey Hart ---------------- Sunglasses at Night

15. Adam First speaks

16. Sissy Spritz
17. Synth and Jon (that's what it says, but it should be "Synth and Son")

Track info:

2. From the album "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" 1984. "Relax" was their big
   hit in the USA, but you might remember this one (because of the video with
   Reagan and Gorbachev boxing).

3. From the album "The Hurting" 1983. Their first hit, wasnt too big in the US.

4. From the album "Kim Wilde" 1981.  Also did "You Keep Me Hangin' On" in 86.

5. From the album "Eat to the Beat" 1979.  Their real 80's hits were "Tide is
   High" and "Rapture".  You might have heard this song on the Trainspotting

6. From the album "A Flock of Seagulls" 1982.  "Space Age Love Song" is another
   good one from this record.

7. From the EP "Fascination!" 1983.

9. From the album "Nena" 1983.  There is also an english version of this song.

10. From the album "Forever Now" 1982.  May be their biggest hit.  See also the
    song "Pretty in Pink".

11. From the album "True" 1983. You also remember this album's title track.
    Sorry to bring that up.

12. From the album "Flat Earth" 1984. Was not a big hit when it was released,
    but was recently (1999) re-released as a double-disc single.

13. From the EP "Never Say Never" 1982.  Also on the album "Benefactor" sans the
    f-word.  This is the 'I might like you better if we slept together' song.

14. From the album "First Offense" 1984. Not really "new wave", but definitely
    sums up the whole '80s thing pretty well.

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

ABC ----------------- Poison Arrow.  From the album "The Lexicon of Love" 1982.
                      These guys are also responsible for "When Smokey Sings".

Animotion ----------- Obsession.  From the album "Animotion" 1985.  Fun for

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missle F1-11.  From the album "Flaunt It" 1986.
                      This is the 'Shoot it up, shoot it up' song.

Gary Numan ---------- Cars.  From the album "The Pleasure Principle" 1979. This
                      song is also played in the arena.

DJ info:

Adam First is Jamie Canfield.  Here's a little bio:


ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Mad Cars - R2  CIRCLE  R1  L2  LEFT  R1  L1  R2  L2

All cars drive aggressively.


VOLUME 3: Emotion 98.3 hosted by Fernando Martinez.

1. Introduction

2. Toto --------------- Africa
3. Jan Hammer --------- Crockett's Theme
4. John Waite --------- Missing You
5. Cutting Crew ------- (I Just) Died in Your Arms
6. Foreigner ---------- Waiting for a Girl Like You
7. Mr. Mister --------- Broken Wings

8. Fernando speaks

9. Roxy Music --------- More Than This
10. Squeeze ----------- Tempted
11. REO Speedwagon ---- Keep on Loving You
12. Night Ranger ------ Sister Christian
13. Luther Vandross --- Never Too Much
14. Kate Bush --------- Wow

15. Fernando speaks

16. Knife After Dark
17. Petstuffers

Track info:

2. From the album "Toto IV" 1982.  Huge, huge selling album.

3. From the album "Miami Vice" 1985.  Instrumental.  You might remember hearing
   this on your C-64 in crack intros.

4. From the album "No Breaks" 1984.  He's also responsible for "When I See You
   Smile" from 89.

5. From the album "Broadcast" 1986.

6. From the album "4" 1981.

7. From the album "Welcome to the Real World" 1985. This song is also played
   during various cutscenes.

9. From the album "Avalon" 1982.  Very much worth checking this out on CD.

10. From the album "East Side Story" 1981.  Most recently heard on Burger King

11. From the album "Hi Infidelity" 1980.

12. From the album "Midnight Madness" 1983.  No that album was not the
    soundtrack to the movie.  See Boogie Nights for an interesting scene
    featuring this song.

13. From the album "Never Too Much" 1981.

14. From the album "Lionheart" 1978.  I think someone at Rockstar is a Kate
    Bush fan.  How else did this get on here?

***** All tracks in the game are on the album. *****

DJ info:

You all remember Fernando, GTA veteran that he is.  This must be before he
became a pimp (sorry Fernando).  His real name is Frank Chavez.  He's been in
a couple of movies, apparently in additon to being in GTA3.


ConnecteD cheat code:

Chicks with Guns - RIGHT  L1  CIRCLE  L2  X  R1  L1  L1  X

Your own personal all-girl gang.


VOLUME 4: Flash FM hosted by Toni.

1. Introduction

2. Hall & Oates --------------- Out of Touch
3. Electric Light Orchestra --- Four Little Diamonds
4. Michael Jackson ------------ Bille Jean
5. The Outfield --------------- Your Love
6. Talk Talk ------------------ Life's What You Make It
7. Bryan Adams ---------------- Run to You
8. Wang Chung ----------------- Dance Hall Days

9. Toni Speaks

10. Go West ------------------- Call Me
11. Lionel Richie ------------- Running With the Night
12. Laura Branigan ------------ Self Control
13. INXS ---------------------- Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) ***
14. Yes ----------------------- Owner of a Lonely Heart

15. Toni speaks

16. Blox
17. Just the Five of Us

*** They skip track #13 in the liner notes, they say #14 is INXS.  It's not.

Track info:

2. From the album "Big Bam Boom" 1984.

3. From the album "Secret Messages" 1983. Similar song to "Dont Bring Me Down".

4. From Thriller, duh.

5. From the album "Play Deep" 1985.  This is the "JOSIE'S ON A VA-CA-TION FAR
   A-WAY..." song.

6. From the album "Colour of Spring" 1986. Another one of their hits is
   "It's My Life", recently covered by No Doubt.

7. From the album "Cuts Like a Knife" 1983.

8. From the album "Points on the Curve" 1984.

10. From the album "Go West" 1985.

11. From the album "Cant Slow Down" 1983.

12. From the album "Self Control" 1984.  It's the night time that matters.

13. From the album "Listen Like Thieves" 1985. "What You Need" was the big hit
    from this record.

14. From the album "90125".  This was actually some members of Yes and the guy
    from the Buggles (Trevor Horn).  Trevor Horn probably produced every "new
    wave" record in the 80's - including many of the tracks on this soundtrack.

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star.  From the album "The Age of Plastic"

Joe Jackson - Stepping Out.  From the album "Night and Day" 1982.  See also
              "Real Men" from this album.

The Fixx ---- One Thing Leads to Another.  From the album "Reach the Beach"
              1983.  See also "Red Skies at Night", "Saved by Zero", etc.

Aneka ------- Japanese Boy.  From the album "Aneka" 1981.

DJ info:

You all remember Toni, the GTA veteran that she is.  Here she is living the
life she (barely) remembers on Flashback in GTA3.  Her real name is Maria
Chambers and she's currently on satellite radio (so is Lazlow).


ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Pink Cars - CIRCLE  L1  DOWN  L2  LEFT  X  R1  L1  RIGHT  CIRCLE

All cars are pink.


Volume 5: Wildstyle Pirate Radio hosted by Mr. Magic.

1. Indroduction

2. Herbie Hancock ----------------------------- Rockit
3. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ------- The Message
4. Zapp & Roger ------------------------------- More Bounce to the Ounce

5. Mr. Magic speaks

6. Davy DMX ----------------------------------- One for the Treble
7. Mantronix ---------------------------------- Bassline

8. Mr. Magic speaks

9. Man Parrish -------------------------------- Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
10. Hashim ------------------------------------ Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
11. Cybotron ---------------------------------- Clear

12. Mr. Magic speaks

13. Afrika Bambaata & The Soulsonic Force ----- Looking for the Perfect Beat

14. Mr. Magic speaks

15. Run DMC ----------------------------------- Rock Box
16. Kurtis Blow ------------------------------- The Breaks

17. Mr. Magic speaks

18. Whodini ----------------------------------- Magic's Wand

19. Mr. Magic speaks

20. Degeneration
21. Maibatsu Thunder

Track info:

2. From the album "Future Shock" 1983.  Herbie is much, much more well known
   for his jazz records.

3. From the album of the same name 1982.  This has been sampled about a billion
   times.  Huh-uh-huh-huh.

4. From the album "Zapp" 1980.  Zapp & Roger are actually the same person.

6. Released as a .45 in 1984.

7. From the album "Mantronix: The Album" 1985.

9. From the album "Man Parrish" 1982.

10. From the album of the same name, 1983.

11. From the album "Enter" 1983.

13. Released as a single in 1982.

15. From the album "Run-D.M.C." 1984.

16. From the album "Kurtis Blow" 1982.

18. Released as a single in 1982.

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

Trouble Funk --- Pump Me Up.  From the album "Drop the Bomb" 1982.

2 Live Crew ---- Get it Girl.  From the album "Is What We Are" 1986.

Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf.  From the album "Sticky Situation" 1983.

DJ info:

If you want to know more about Mr. Magic (he really was the first dj to play
rap on the radio, listen to the song "Magic's Wand") check out:


ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Weapon Cheat - R1  R2  L1  R2  LEFT  DOWN  RIGHT  UP  LEFT  DOWN  RIGHT  UP

You know what this is.


Volume 6: Fever 105 hosted by Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit.

1. Oliver speaks

2. Micheal Jackson ------------ Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
3. The Pointer Sisters -------- Automatic
4. Fat Larry's Band ----------- Act Like You Know
5. Mtume ---------------------- Juicy Fruit
6. Teena Marie ---------------- Behind the Groove

7. Oliver speaks

8. Oliver Cheatham ------------ Get Down Saturday Night
9. Rick James ----------------- Getto Life
10. Evelyn 'Champagne' King --- Shame
11. Mary Jane Girls ----------- All Night Long
12. Kool & The Gang ----------- Summer Madness
13. Rene & Angela ------------- I'll Be Good
14. Whispers ------------------ And the Beat Goes On

15. Oliver speaks

16. Salivex
17. Yuppie and the Alien

Track info:

2. From Thriller, duh.

3. From the album "Break Out" 1983.

4. From the album "Breakin' Out" 1982.

5. From the album "Juicy Fruit" 1985.

6. From the album "Irons in the Fire" 1980.

8. From the album "Saturday Night" 1983.

9. From the album "Street Songs" 1981. "Super Freak" is on this record too.

10. From the album "Smooth Talk" 1977.

11. From the album "Mary Jane Girls" 1983. Rick James wrote this one too.

12. From the album "Light of Worlds" 1974. Recently heard in a Will Smith song.

13. From the album "Street Called Desire" 1985.

14. From the album "The Whispers" 1980. Another tune that's been sampled to
    death. Welcome to Miami!

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

In Deep - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.  From the album of the same name 1983.

DJ info:

Oliver is Julius Dyson.  Couldnt find him on any "real" radio stations.

ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Fanny Magnet - CIRCLE  X  L1  L1  R2  X  X  CIRCLE  TRIANGLE

All "good looking" women follow Tommy around.


Volume 7: Radio Espantoso hosted by Pepe.

1. Pepe speaks

2. Deodato ------------------------------------ Super Strut
3. Cachao ------------------------------------- A Gozar Con Mi Combo
4. Mongo Santamaria --------------------------- Me and You Baby (Picao y Tostao)
5. Machito and his Afro-Cuban Orchestra ------- Mambu Mucho Mambo
6. Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra ------------- Jamay

7. Pepe speaks

8. Mongo Santamaria --------------------------- Mama Papa Tu
9. Unaesta ------------------------------------ La Vida es Una Lenteja
10. Lonnie Liston Smith ----------------------- Expansions
11. Irakere ----------------------------------- Aguanile
12. Beny More --------------------------------- Maracaibo Oriental
13. Deodato ----------------------------------- Latin Flute
14. Tito Puente ------------------------------- Mambo Gozon

15. Pepe speaks

16. Fernando's Medillion Ad (Should be "Medallion")
17. Think Your Way to Success

Track info:

2. From the album "Deodato 2" 1973. Good to drive around to.

3. From the album "Cachao y su Descarga '77, Vol. 1" 1978.

4. From the album "Afro-American Latin" 1969.

5. From the album "Souvenir Album" 1949.

6. From the album "Mambo at the Waldorf" 1954.

8. From the album "Afro-American Latin" 1969.

9. Rockstar track.

10. From the album "Expansions" 1974.

11. From the album "Irakere" 1979.  (Thanks animefan_ayd)

12. From the album ??????? 1958.  (Thanks animefan_ayd)

13. From the album "Deodato 2" 1973.

14. From the album "Dance Mania" 1958.  Yes, this was popular in the 80's.

Tracks that are in the game but not on the album:

Alpha Banditos ------- The Bull is Wrong.  This is a Rockstar track.

Tres Apenas Como Eso - Yo Te Mire.  This is also a Rockstar track.

DJ info:

Pepe is Tony Chilrodes.  Couldnt find him on any "real" radio stations.

ConnecteD Cheat Code:

Que Buen Dia! - R2  X  L1  L1  L2  L2  L2  TRIANGLE
Sunny weather.



Recently a compilation of all seven volumes has been released called "Greatest
Hits".  It is a single CD with 15 songs and a few commercials.  There does not
appear to be any differences between local and import releases.

Here is the tracklisting:

1.  Theme from Vice City (intro track)
2.  You've Got Another Thing Comin'
3.  Out of touch
4.  Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
5.  More Than This
6.  I Ran
7.  I'll be Good
8.  Aguanile
9.  Too Young to Fall in Love
10.  Rock Box
11.  Owner of a Lonely Heart
12.  Broken wings
13.  Atomic
14.  Wanna be Startin Somethin
15.  Mambo Gozon
16.  Ad - Maibatsu Thunder
17.  Ad - Exploder
18.  Ad - Complete the Look (Not sure which one, there's one for each station)



I've recieved a lot of e-mail about this faq.  Thanks to everyone who wrote
in.  I've recieved a couple of questions numerous times and will address them
here for others... because they're Frequently Asked Questions, right?

Here's the most frequently asked question:


What is the song on station "x", the one they play right before/after song

Easily answered.  All of the songs are listed in the order they are played
on the radio station in the manual (sans commercials).  If this doesnt help
then see the bottom of the faq where I have added the running order of the
radio stations with commercials.


Another frequently asked question involves "Never Say Never":

:Hey, first of all that's an excellent piece of work.  I just wanted to
:you know about one oversight. (And please, please don't take this as
:criticism.)  WAVE FM, or maybe VROCK has a song called "I might like
:better (If we slept together)".  The only reason I know this is that
:one of my favorite all-time tracks, and it toatally blew my mind that
:Rockstar included it.
:However, I have no idea who performs it.  If you find out, could you
:let me
:know? Thanks,

This song is actually called "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void.  Unfortunately I
cannot find anyone who carries the original EP or their older LP's, but they
have a newish album from 1992 called "Warm, In Your Coat" that says it
contains "Never Say Never".


Another frequently asked question is actually more of a complaint, here's a
typical e-mail:

:I can't believe you say that Vice City has the largest soundtrack at 79 songs.
:Final Fantasy VII OST has 85 songs.
:Final Fantasy IX OST has 108 songs.
:The Final Fantasy X OST has 91 songs.
:Getting off the FF trail, we see...
:Shenmue 2 has 83 songs.
:Rockman (Megaman) 1~6 Family Computer Soundtrack has 152 songs.
:The Biohazard -CODE Veronica- OST has 93 songs.
:And because you threw in "just about anything"...
:Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set OST has 96 songs.
:Neon Genesis Evangelion has 82 songs.
:So please, get off your high horse and Vice City loving and do some research
:before you make stupid assumptions and spread misinformation. Good day.

Vice City's soundtrack is all (-2) LICENSED tracks, and it is in that way
that I claimed it was the largest soundtrack.  It's almost like a Time/Life
compilation, and almost as big!  The soundtracks you mentioned have little or
no licensed tracks.  There's a difference between original tunes done for a
soundtrack (like Tangerine Dream's soundtrack for the movie "Sorceror") and a
soundtrack that contains entirely or mostly lilcensed tracks (like GTA VC's).
I admit to being amazed by the amount of licensed tracks being included in a
videogame, but how does this make me biased agianst various Japanese
games/shows?  Some of you out there assumed that because I enjoyed Vice City
that I had something against Japanese games, movies, books, etc.  Talk about
making stupid assumptions!  I'm actually an "older" first-generation player
so I'm not into the us vs. them culture of current game players.  I actually
have played FF games more than the GTA series.  Hell, the games I've played
the most in my entire life have probably been the Civilization series, not to
mention Sim City... I feel sorry for people that paint themselves into a
specific game-genre corner.

As far as licensed material goes, the VC soundtrack is "probably" the biggest,
or at least was the biggest at the time.  No one has been able to provide proof
of a larger amount of licensed songs for anything but a Time/Life compilation -
which is NOT a soundtrack.  However, I'm hearing now that the new THPS games
are going to have more than a hundred licensed tracks.


What are the songs played in the Vice City trailers?

Trailer #3 (October) - "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)" by Hashim.

Trailer #2 (September) - "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls.

Trailer #1 (August) - "Summer Madness" by Kool and the Gang.

What are the songs played in the Vice City commercials?

Should be one of the above.   The only commercial I've seen had "I Ran" in it.


Which song is played during the intro to the game?

I'm not sure if this has a name.  It's definitely not on the o.s.t. - however it
IS on the recently released "Greatest Hits" CD.  As far as I know it is
something written specifically for the intro, like the song in the intro for
GTA 3.


What song is played during the credits?

I had the flu really bad when I beat the game and I honestly dont remember.
It seems I can foggily recall that it was an instrumental type thing like the
intro track.  But... I'll have to go back and beat it again.  Until then...

"i read the bottom of the faq, and you seemed baffled by the fact that
"i wanna be a cowboy" is on the soundtrack, but not in the game.  it's in the
game- this song plays during the ending credits :)" - iworshipsatan


I really like that instrumental song with the phat keyboards!!!  I think it's on
Emotion... What is it?

That would be "Crockett's Theme" from, you guessed it, Miami Vice.  If you like
this you would definitely like other 80's stuff by Jan Hammer.  His keyboard was
(I believe) a Fairlight.  If you cant find the original Miami VIce soundtrack, I
believe you can find this song on "Escape from Television", which has a lot of
Hammer's 80's work on it.


What are the songs played in the Malibu club?

"Dance Hall Days" - Wang Chung

"Automatic" - Pointer Sisters

"Call Me" - Go West

What songs are played after you OWN the Malibu club?

Seems to be the same stuff for me.  Others have heard other stuff:

"I've also heard Michael Jackson's Bille Jean playing in the Malibu club."
- shadowgb


What songs are played in the Pole Position club?

"Behind the Groove" - Teena Marie

"All Night Long" - The Mary Jane Girls

"Obsession" - Animotion

"You have lists of songs played during cut scenes and inside buildings
but you dont have any songs played in the pole position club. The Track I
am specifically looking for is when you go into the very back room of the
club there is a song playing when you go in. The stripper then dances
for around 10-20 seconds and the song playing sounds good from what I can
hear." - Format

After I recieved this e-mail Format quickly answered his own question - it's
"More Bounce to the Ounce" by Zapp and Roger.


What song is played in the Ocean View hotel?

That's "La Vida es Una Lenteja" by Unasta.


Why arent all of the songs in the game featured on the soundtrack CD's?

According to Rockstar COO Terry Donovan, in an interview with IGN:

"Even with seven CDs amazingly we couldn't fit it all on!"


Does Tori Amos REALLY cover Slayer or do you hate Slayer and you are just a
putz and/or acid junkie?

Yes she really does cover "Raining Blood". See her all-covers LP "Strange Little


What's the matter with you?  How did you find the time to do this?  Are you on
<insert names of various illegal stimulants here>???  Isnt it a lot of WORK?

I did it because I always look up what song is from what album and what year it
was released.  I try to find out all I can about just about every song/band that
I like.  I read every discography, biography, article and interview I can find.
That's just one of my little quirks, it's almost compulsive.  I do similar
stuff with video games and movies.

I picked up the whole Vice City boxed set about a week before it came out and
just started looking stuff up, looking through discographies and stuff, reliving
my 80's childhood.  I was most interested in finding out what year each song was
released.  After a while I figured if I was going to take all the time to look
this stuff up then I could at least make it so other people would benefit from
the information so I started typing it up.  I posted it on Gamefaqs the day after
the game came out, I think.

As far as the FAQ goes there is a lot more I would like to add to it.  If I had
time I would add tons more trivia/info about each song.  But I decided to only
do that if there was some question about that particular song.  For instance, if
you see additional information about a song other than the album it's from and
the year, that is me trying to help you determine the name of the song you are
hearing in the game.  The largest amount of questions I got (and still get!)
involve people trying to figure out what song they were hearing in the game.

Oh, and believe me this document would not have gotten as many revisions as it did
if I didnt get as much e-mail as I did about it - good and bad!  Thanks to
everyone who wrote in and CONTINUES to write in - it boggles my mind!




"Hi, I read your FAQ on gamefaqs and found it really useful, nice work!
Anyway... I saw a request in there for the intro theme of the game, which as
you know can't be found on any ost.  So I've taken the track off the game
myself, its 1.4mb, runs for 1:20 and you can download it here:


I can host it there practically forever.
I hope this is a worthy addition to your guide" - Rara A.


SkrEmnJava wrote in to let me know about a track not listed in the manual and not
on the soundtrack cd's or on any radio station.  It's "Burning for You" by Blue
Oyster Cult.  You'll hear it very late in the game in a cutscene.  Sorry to not
include more info but it's spoilerific.  I havent got to it yet anyway.
Thanks SkrEmnJava!


Another "hidden" track only heard in a cutscene reported by DuckettBC -
"The Freaks Come Out at Night" by Whodini.  Thanks DuckettBC!  He believes it's
on the mission for "The Job".  I think I already did this one and I wasnt paying
any attention.


Thanks to James Nelson for a correction concerning "Self Control" by Laura
Branigan.  It's not on the album "Branigan 2", it's on the album "Self Control".
I must be retarded.  And hey, "The Lucky One" is on there too!  Woo hoo!


Another hidden track?  Here's Dirk Jansen:

:"In the cut scene for "The Driver" mission, the song "In A Big Country" by the
:band "Big Country" plays in the background, but is not in the game. Also. I
:remember hearing Hungry Like the Wolf somewhere in the game. But maybe I'm
:insane. Is it a hidden track?"

In a big country dreams stay with you like a lover's voice on a mountain side.
It sure sounds like Big Country to me too, and I had to hear that part a LOT.
Anyway, I havent heard Hungry Like the Wolf yet.  Maybe you ARE insane.  Maybe
you hear Duran Duran while you're playing Mario Sunshine.  Let's see if anybody
else writes in who's heard it....

Kayla says:
"I really appreciate all of your hard work in writing your FAQ about the Grand
Theft Auto: Vice City soundtracks and the music not included.  Anyways I read
that a man heard Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" and you haven't heard it
yet.  Well I figured I would write in to let you know that I heard it too.
The very sad thing is that I don't remember where in the game I heard it either.
But I know for sure I heard it.  Thanks a lot"

Tim T. says:
"I just completed vice city and I was looking at your Guide to the
soundtrack. I also heard the Duran Duran song "Hungry like a wolf" in
the game. I am not sure which mission it was, but I am convinced it was one
of the boat missions."


Doc Savage Jr. writes in defending Kate Bush!

:"I can understand the guy at Rockstar including Kate Bush (although it's not her
:best song, I prefer "wuthering heights" or "the man with the child in his eyes)
:She was a total knockout in her prime. She's also one of the smarter singers out
;there. She's worth about 25 million pounds sterling from her investments. Ah
;well, I guess we all had our crushes!"

I can see now that that song fits in the game pretty well.  It's 'emotional', the
lyrics are pretty twisted.. it's definitely something Fernando would get into!
And the Doc is correct about Kate being a knockout.  Check and see for yourself.
A lot of the songs I at first questioned being on the soundtrack are starting to
make more sense the more I hear them on the radio.


Pete has something to share, obscure 80's trivia is his forte:

:"p.s. Interesting note: the song "Love Missile F1-11" by Sigue Sigue Sputnik was
:in the beginning of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, after Ferris' parents leave and
:he's getting showered and dressed."

Thanks Pete. Now would someone write in and tell me which song from the VC
soundtrack was featured in "The Great Outdoors"?

"I was reading your page on gamefaqs and saw
some trivia. If it hasn't been mentioned yet I could
say that Kool & the gang "Summer Madness" plays
in Rocky 1 close to the beginning in his apartment." - no credit needed


Request for info:

I'm getting a lot of questions like "Which song is playing during cutscene 'x'".
If anybody wants to submit this kind of information, feel free.  I'm not sure I
want to go back and do some of those missions over again.

I'll get it started:

"The Party" - Broken Wings, or is it Out of Touch?
              It is Out of Touch - Weirdal27
                                 - Gixah

"Alloy Wheels of Steel" - Owner of a Lonely Heart

"Supply and Demand" - Dance Hall Days
 - Anomaly24

"The Job" - The Freaks Come Out At Night (by Whodini)
 - duckettbc


I got a letter from Jeff suggesting that people can find "Never Say Never" on the
"Rock of the 80's" compilation volumes.  Others have wrote in suggesting other
80's compilation.  But hey, why not just get it from the WAVE 103 CD?


Sigue Sigue Sputnik experts have wrote in...

:Hi, just perusing your great GTA: Vice Soundtrack FAQ, and I had a bit more
:trivia for you regarding Sigue Sigue Sputnik... Didn't know how familiar you
:are with SSS, but back in tha' day Billy Idol was in a punk band called
:'Generation X'. After Gen X broke up, Idol went solo,and the rest of the band
:more or less became Sigue Sigue Sputnik. They were quite a media sensation
:back in the 80's because of their shamelessly overproduced music and cheeky
:Like I said, you may already know this, but I thought I'd let you know just
:in case. I was a big SSS fan back then :)
:Take care,

And, from Lennart, in response to the above...

:This is quite wrong. Sigue Sigue Sputnik was created by Generation X
:member Tony James, however, none of the other SSS members were a part
:of Generation X. Indeed, they were all selected to become members because
:they had no musical experience at all. :)
:Sigue Sigue Sputnik was a completely commercial project with (almost)
:no musical talent, and proud of it! Produced by production-genius Giorgio
:Moroder, they at least sounded darn good.


Thanks to Daifuku for giving me very neat and concise info on the European VC
soundtrack additions!  I didnt know you received a code after using all seven
cd's either, although I have done so.  Well it's pretty redundant now anyway,
the codes are all over the place.  Note - I have not heard "Hold the Line", "I
Wanna be a Cowboy" or "Smuggler's Blues" anywhere in the game (yet).

:Hey, good work with the faq. Just like to add a but of info - the Euro
:release was blessed with a couple of extra tracks on V-Rock, Wave,
:Flash and Fever. Also you left out the tank code you get for using all
:seven cd's on the ConnecteD website.
:Below is the track list with (*) indicating the bonus track:

1.  DJ Lazlow
2.  Judas Priest -------- You've Got Another Thing Comin'
3.  Motley Crue --------- Too Young to Fall in Love
4.  Megadeth ------------ Peace Sells
5.  Rockstar's Lovefist - Dangerous Bastard
6.  Autograph ----------- Turn Up the Radio
7.  DJ Lazlow
8.  Twisted Sister ------ I Wanna Rock
9.  Ozzy Osbourne ------- Bark at the Moon
10. Anthrax ------------- Madhouse
11. Iron Maiden --------- 2 Minutes to Midnight
12. Slayer -------------- Raining Blood
13. Tesla --------------- Comin' Atcha Live
14. David Lee Roth ------ Yankee Rose
15. Loverboy ------------ Working For The Weekend.  *
16. Quiet Riot ---------- Cum On Feel The Noize   *
17. DJ Lazlow
18. Exploder
19. Thor

Wave 103
1.  DJ Adam First
2.  Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
3.  Tears for Fears ----------- Pale Shelter
4.  Kim Wilde ----------------- Kids in America
5.  Blondie ------------------- Atomic
6.  A Flock of Seagulls ------- I Ran (So far Away)
7.  The Human League ---------- (Keep Feeling) Fascination
8.  DJ Adam First
9.  Nena ---------------------- 99 Luftballons
10. The Psychedelic Furs ------ Love My Way
11. Spandau Ballet ------------ Gold
12. Aneka --------------------- Japanese Boy  *
13. Thomas Dolby -------------- Hyperactive!
14. Animotion ----------------- Obsession  *
15. Romeo Void ---------------- Never Say Never
14. Corey Hart ---------------- Sunglasses at Night
15. DJ Adam First
16. Sissy Spritz
17. Synth and Jon

Flash FM
1.  Hi I'm Toni
2.  Hall & Oates ------------- Out of Touch
3.  Electric Light Orchestra - Four Little Diamonds
4.  Michael Jackson ---------- Bille Jean
5.  The Outfield ------------- Your Love
6.  Talk Talk ---------------- Life's What You Make It
7.  Bryan Adams -------------- Run to You
8.  Wang Chung --------------- Dance Hall Days
9.  DJ Toni
10. Go West ------------------ Call Me
11. Glenn Frey --------------- Smugglers Blues  *
12. Lionel Richie ------------ Running With the Night
13. Toto --------------------- Hold The Line  *
14. Laura Branigan ----------- Self Control
15. Boys Don't Cry ----------- I Wanna Be A Cowboy  *
16. INXS --------------------- Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the
17. Yes ---------------------- Owner of a Lonely Heart
18. DJ Toni
19. Blox
20. Just the Five of Us

Fever 105
1.  DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit
2.  Micheal Jackson --------- Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
3.  The Pointer Sisters ----- Automatic
4.  Fat Larry's Band -------- Act Like You Know
5.  Mtume ------------------- Juicy Fruit
6.  Teena Marie ------------- Behind the Groove
7.  DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit
8.  Oliver Cheatham --------- Get Down Saturday Night
9.  Rick James -------------- Getto Life
10. Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Shame
11. Mary Jane Girls --------- All Night Long
12. Kool & The Gang --------- Summer Madness
13. Rene & Angela ----------- I'll Be Good
14. In Deep ----------------- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life  *
15. Whispers ---------------- And the Beat Goes On
16. DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit
17. Salivex
18. Yuppie and the Alien


                           RADIO STATION RUNNING ORDER

Emotion 98.3

1. Ad - Shady Acres

2. "Crockett's Theme"

3. Ad - Musty Pines

4. "Sister Christian"

5. Ad - Demestobot

6. Ad - Fernando's Medallion

7. "Never Too Much"

8. Ad - Thor's Self-help

9. Ad - BJ Smith's Getting Fit for Football

10. "Waiting for a Girl Like You"

11. Ad - Petstuffers

12. Ad - Complete the Look

13. "Wow"

14. Ad - Farewell Ranch

15. "Tempted"

16. "Keep on Loving You"

17. "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"

18. "More than This"

19. Ad - Richard Salvation's Statue Fund

20. Ad - Pit Bomb

21. "Africa"

22. "Broken Wings"

23. "Missing You"


1. "Stepping Out"

2. "One Thing Leads to Another"

3. Ad - Giggle Cream

4. "Running with the Night"

5. "Out of Touch"

6. Ad - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts

7. Ad - Knife after Dark

8. "Dance Hall Days"

9. "Billie Jean"

10. "Self Control"

11. Ad - Complete the Look

12. Ad - Synth and Son

13. "Call Me"

14. "Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)"

15. Ad - Just the Five of Us

16. "Run to You"

17. "Four Little Diamonds"

18. "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

19. Ad - Sissyspritz

20. "Video Killed the Radio Star"

21. "Japanese Boy"

22. Ad - Degenatron

23. "Life's What You Make It"

24. "Your Love"

25. Ad - Blox

26. Ad - Anti-communism PSA

WAVE 103

1. "I Ran"

2. Ad - Salivex

3. Ad - Giggle Cream

4. "Love My Way"

5. "Obsession"

6. Ad - Think Your Way to Success

7. "Gold"

8. "Hyperactive!"

9. "Never Say Never"

10. "Two Tribes"

11. Ad - Complete the Look

12. Ad - The Yuppie and the Alien

13. "Love Missile F1-11"

14. "Cars"

15. "(Keep Feeling) Fascination"

16. Ad - Sissyspritz

17. "Atomic"

18. "99 Luftaballons"

19. "Kids in America"

20. "Pale Shelter"

21. Ad - In the Future there Will be Robots

22. "Sunglasses at Night"

23. "Poison Arrow"


1. "Pump Me Up"

2. "One for the Treble"

3. "Clear"

4.  "Al-Naafyish (The Soul)"

5. "Rockit"

6. "Looking for the Perfect Beat"

7. "Get it Girl"

8. "Bock Box"

9. "Bassline"

10. "The Smurf"

11. "Magic's Wand"

12. Ad - Complete the Look *

13. "More Bounce to the Ounce"

14. "The Message"

15. "The Breaks"

16. "Hip Hop Be Bop (Dont Stop)"

* I know, Mr. Magic says no ads.  But it's there.


1. "And The Beat Goes On"

2. "Act Like You Know"

3. Ad - Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts

4. "Get Down Saturday Night"

5. Ad - DeLeo and Furax

6. "Automatic"

7. "I'll Be Good"

8. "All Night Long"

9. Ad - BJ's Used Autos

10. "Ghetto Life"

11. "Wanna Be Startin Somethin"

12. "Shame"

13. Ad - Giggle Cream

14. "Behind the Groove"

15. "Juicy Fruit"

16. "Summer Madness"

17. Ad - Farewell Ranch

18. "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"

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