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Ninja VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06

----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------

Submissions Dates
 - Version 1.0 - 12:29:00 A.M. April 07, 2003

Version | Accomplishments                       | Submissions Status
1.0     | Established the guide                 | Flames, Errors
        | Every Ninja Mission Complete          | Also alternate routes

Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.

Table of Contents
0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
I. VR Missions
   A.Sneaking Mode
     2.Eliminate All
   B.Weapon Mode
   D.Variety Mode
II.Alternative Missions
   A.Bomb Disposal Mode
   B.Elimination Mode
---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------

Okay, now I'm going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.

Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.

Flipping Down Stairs (or Across Pits) - You can also flip up stairs, but only if
they are a very short set of stairs (3 or 4).  Raiden, Ninja Raiden, and
Raiden-X can hit X while running to flip.  This can easily clear stairs that
would take a lot longer to descend.  It can also be used to fly over pits, and
while it is unrealistic, it is absolutely necessary.

Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
do it against a normal opponent, you need...
 - 3 hits with the blue HF Blade
 - 3 Punches before a punch, punch, kick combo
 - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
To knock out a shielded opponent, start counting after you break the shield, or
hit from the back.  Against a padded opponent, it takes A LOT OF PUNCHING.  I
honestly don't know exactly.  I've only been able to do it once.  It still just
takes 3 swings with a blue blade.

----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Run up and behind the guard to the goal.
     -     My Record - 15746
     -     Goal - 14500

LEVEL 02 - There are three guards - I'm, going to label them now.  1 is for the
northern guard, 2 is for the middle guard, and 3 is for the southern guard.
When 3 looks away, run north to the southern edge of the box in the middle.
When 1 looks away, follow 3 to the east edge.  When 2 gets almost to the east
edge steal behind 3 and then 2 to he goal.
     -     My Record - 15154
     -     Goal - 14500

LEVEL 03 - Unequip your sword now.  Run east and north, then cling to the west
wall right next to the easternmost guard.  When he turns south, run up behind
the northern guard and throw him.  Go to the goal.
     -     My Record - 17564
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 04 - Tap on the south side of the box you are against, then run north and
up to the middle of the four boxes. When the east guard looks south, run behind
him and to the goal.
     -     My Record - 17810
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 05 - Jump of the east rail onto a guard.  Run east and cling to a wall,
as a guard should come to investigate you. When he walks by, knock him out with
the flat of your blade (press square).  Repeat for the second guard that comes
to investigate.  Now flip over the noisy bridges to the east to the goal.  If
you do't get a high score the first time, go very quickly.  Your scores can
vary a lot on this one.
     -     My Record - 18620
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 06 - Two methods, they both get the same exact scores. The first move for
both is to climb up onto the litle block to the west.
 - JUMPING FUN! - You must go fast to complete this.  Climb north, then jump
north, north, and east.  Now run to the coutheast corner, hop off of the
platform, then run south around the guard, east, and flip over the noisy floor
to the north and goal.
 - NO JUMPING (not really) - Go east off of the block and east some more, to
the paint floor.  Stay on the east of it and run north when the west guard
look away.  Then run east, south around the guard, east, and north (flip
across the noisy floor) to the goal.
     -     My Record - 19610
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 07 - Hit square. Run south, east, and north (flip across the paint, as
always).  Knock out the guard as he passes.  You can knock him out at either
corner.  Now run straight to the goal.  You can flip through the guard at the
end, but it's strictly optional.  There is no waiting, either.
     -     My Record - 18742
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 08 - Hit square.  Run east, north under the camera, knock out the guard,
and kep running to the northeastern corner, under the camera. When the upstairs
guard looks away, run west, north up the stairs, knock out the eastern guard,
and run to the goal.
     -     My Record - 18604
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 09 - You might be able to tell, from the scores, that time is a wee bit
tight on this level.  Hit square.  Run into the little alcove and tap the wall,
then knock out the guard when he comes by. Run north, and behind the guard when
he isn't looking west.  Run north when the camera looks away, then straight to
the goal.  Go fast.
     -     My Record - 36008
     -     Goal - 36000

LEVEL 10 - Run west and up the northern stairs, then climb up the short wall to
your left and run east to the little alcove. When the eastern guard walks west
past you, run east, flip over the bridge, and flip down the stairs.  Flip west
over the paint, then follow the guard to the north, north, until he looks west.
Steal behind him to the goal.
     -     My Record - 27566
     -     Goal - 27000

----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL -------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Hit square. Now run up and wait for the guard to come east, and beat
him senseless.  Run to the goal and be on it when it appears.
     -     My Record - 15400
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 02 - Due to the constraints of distance (any attempt to knock unconscious
will result in inspection), just pick a guard at the start. When you can, knock
him unconscious and run away.  When the other two guards investigate, knock one
of them senseless.  Run behind the last one, beat him up, and run to the goal.
     -     My Record - 14164
     -     Goal - 12000

LEVEL 03 - When the west guard turns north, follow him almost to the top of his
route, then beat him up.  Run south, east, north, east, south, and beat up the
second guard.  Run north, and north up the corridor to the left, then beat up
the third guard while he is facing east. Run to the goal.
     -     My Record - 16544
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 04 - Run north up the box, then when thye guard looks south, run east and
beat him up. Run to the intersection of the three boxes (to the south of four),
then turn east and beat up the guard when he looks west.  Run west and take out
the last guard when he looks south.  Run to the goal.
     -     My Record - 16518
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 05 - Okay.  To get this mission in the top record status, you must finish
it with 1:27:51 OR BETTER remaining.  If you kill, you have to complete it with
1:44:17.  I personally think the former is easier.  So switch blades. The first
thing that I did was drop down on the guard to the east, on the lower level.  I
ran back up the stairs, got inspected, then hid behind the east wall next to
the bridge and soundly beat the face of the second guard. Run across the bridge
- several times - until two guards are attracted to the noise.  Hang from the
west rail and pop up behind the first (north) guard. Use your blade.  Make sure
the next guard sees something and comes to inspect; you may have to stand there
a moment afterwards to wait for the guard to spot you.  When you're done, hang
from the west rail and climb south. Pop up behind the retreating guard and beat
him upside the head.  That accomplished, HANG-DROP down to where you nailed the
first guard.  Run to the L shaped block to the east and tap on the west edge of
the L.  Hang from the southern rail, then pop up behind him, finish him, and
finish the level.  You really need to get your speed on to finish this in time.
     -     My Record - 12976
     -     Goal - 12500

LEVEL 06 - Easy as pie.  Climb over the block to the right, then switch blades.
Run across the pit, then beat the guard up.  Run west a bit then turn north.
Turn west between the boxes and beat up the guard. Run across the east corridor
and sneak behind the guard to the far east.  Now get the guard to the north.
Run to the goal, either by the north route, or the south route and climb over
the box.  The nort route seems to be about a half second faster.
     -     My Record - 17292
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 07 - Run south and stab the first guard.  Stabbing is the only way to get
rid of enemies fast enough to win.  Run all the way north, a bit west, and stab
the guard as he comes north. Run south and east, to get behind and to the north
of the guard to the southeast.  The final guard will come to inspect, so run
counter clockwise around the box to stab him in the back, then finish the level.
     -     My Record - 15850
     -     Goal - 15500

LEVEL 08 - Switch blades. Run east, up the stairs, then run north to the second
box.  When the guard looks west, knock him out.  A guard will investigate, so
run to the little peninsula to the north.  When the guard walks by, knock him
out.  Make sure the guard to the north doesn't see you. Flip down the stairs to
the north, and move so that the west guard comes to investigate.  Go north up
the stairs and knock out the guard at the top of the stairs.  Flip down the
stairs and knock out the guard that should be near another set of stairs (too
many stairs!).  Run to the goal.  You can actually get the goal without the
blue blade or no-kill bonus, but I did not.
     -     My Record - 16366
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 09 - Run to the alcove above you, then tap the wall.  Switch blades. Beat
up the guard as he gets to you.  Make sure to tap on the east wall, not the
north.  Run up to the second possible turn and wait for the guard to walk east
to beat him up.  When it is safe form the camera, run north and sneak behind
the guard and beat him up.
     -     My Record - 34866
     -     Goal - 34000

LEVEL 10 - Run east over the block and up the stairs.  Turn north, up some more
stairs, and knock out a guard.  Make sure that the guard to the northwest turns
away before you do so (he should be investigating you).  Run down the stairs to
the west, and west and south to the second guard whom you should also knock out
(beware the cameras).  Run south behind the cameras and west a bit.  Turn north
and ascend the stairs.  Go north and east to the alcove near the third guard's
main haunt.  When he gets there and turns away, knock him out.  Silently flip
across the bridge and flip down the stairs.  Turn west, but don't go far until
the guard turns east.  When he does, flip west over the paint.  When it is safe
from the camera, go to the west side of the westmost box.  Wait until the guard
nearest you looks north.  Now run north and take out the fourth guard. When all
is clear (watch the guard and both cameras), take out the fifth guard and dash
for the goal.  It's a bit complicated, but it works.
     -     My Record - 43834
     -     Goal - 39000

First of all, switch to the blue blade =) Then run east, get on the box, jump
off, get upstairs, north, knock out a guard. Another guard shall see you and
come after you – cling to a wall just west of the ledge. Wait for the soldier
to come and kick his ass! Another guard will hear the noise (if not – knock on
any wall) – repeat what you just did to the previous guard. Then come down
stairs, run east, a little bit north, go into FPV and wait for the northern
guard to spot you. Run to the eastern wall immidiately and run north – if you
are lucky, the guard won’t notice you and will continue walking south – knock
him out. There’s only one guard remaining, and the rest of the strategy is
similar to the one you’re using in your FAQ. 
     -     His Record - 44168
     -     Goal - 39000

----- WEAPON MODE - HF. BLADE -------------------------------------------------

Side note: The Top Records are all about keeping the combo going.  As a rule,
that DOESN’T mean making them fly into each other, but rather it means slashing
them to pieces, two by two.
End Side Note

Level 01 – Very, very simple. Just use a horizontal slash for the vertical
groups, and a vertical slash for the horizontal groups.  I’m not going to go
into detail.
     -     My Record – 31448
     -     Goal - 28000

Level 02 – Slash the smaller groups, and kick the long, moving groups into each
other.  It’s really that simple.  Just kidding.  You need your sword for all of
them, because you desperately need the combo points.  I think you need all of
them.  The best way to do this is, after the horizontal “parade”, get between
the two towers and swing madly left and right.  It’s actually pretty simple if
you do that.
     -     My Record – 30722
     -     Goal - 27000

Level 03 – Remember that you can flip into poles to make them fly.  The only
thing to know about this level is that you must keep up the combo from the
third to last group all the way until the end.  In actuality, it means not
kicking them or flipping into them.  You can get mad combo points by hacking
them up with your sword.  However, you must make the third to last group spin,
probably by flipping over the pit to get to it.  Otherwise you won’t be quick
enough to keep the combo going.
     -     My Record – 51106
     -     Goal - 50000

Level 04 – You’ll need to avoid all of the red poles, and get combo points.
Nobody said being a ninja was easy (though it seems like it should be!).
Anyway, on to the route.  Left swing as the thing starts.  Go up to the left
side of the first varied group and swing right, and do the opposite for the
next group.  For the third colored group, swing horizontally in the middle.
Left swing the lone pole, then down swing the two to your right.  Down swing
the two ahead as well, then flip over the pit.  Left swing the two greens close
together, and down swing the other two.  Flip to the next area. Right swing the
one in the middle of the box, then run to the goal.  You should get it if you
got a few combo points and maybe no deductors.
     -     My Record – 18116
     -     Goal - 18000

Level 05 – Swing left, then flip into the poles.  Flip again and left swing the
following pole.  Run up and slash away at the five floaters, making care to get
combo points.  Slash at the poles above for a 41 (!) hit combo. Flip across the
pit and slash the three presented to you, then flip to the gray area that you
could have flung a pole at and slash those too, for a mega combo (make sure
that every pole scored combo points!).  Now flip back to the main area, and get
all of the possible combo points.  End combo.  Now flip to the next area and
kick a pole at the west poles.  As it flies, slash away at the poles on your
own island.  End combo.  Now flip to the next area and kick a pole at the west
pole, taking care not to get a deduction. As it flies, slash all of the nearby
poles.  End combo.  Flip to the final area and slash up the 6 poles nearby and
the 6 poles opposite the deductions.  12 hit combo, and STOP!  Last combo. Run
to the goal and pray for an uber time bonus.
I try to keep my thoughts to myself, but this one kind of bubbled over...
I hate this level so very, very much. It’s not hard like that Elimination Mode
Level, where it was possible but complicated, it’s just ..... I can’t express
my rage at this level.  Try it a few times and see if you don’t agree.  I
actually broke a controller (Built Sony tough, I guess) by beating it against
my desk over this.  And I don’t normally have an anger problem.  BUT I FINALLY
DID IT!!!!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!  Check the scores!!!!
     -     My Record – 70002
     -     Goal - 70000

Submitted by Chris Nimh...

I had a great deal of problem trying to do this one and breaking the 70000
record, and reading your method still didn't land me the desired score.

So, I came up with a method to connect every single pole for comboing so you
COULD get 80 combo if you are really good (The most I got is 52)

Anyway, you do everything as you said up to pole #38, but the trick isn't to
smash the last 3 as fast as you can, but rather, slash two (bottom one and top
right one) and flip the top left one toward the stairs.  If done right, combo
#41 should register as you land on the stairs.  Then you slash the bottom pole,
then walk right so you are against the top and right pole.  When you are in the
right position, do the kick/punch combo. This would throw one pole to the other
side, while the top pole break immediately.  The pole should break all the pole
on the otherside and maintain the combo. Break the poles that appears until you
get up to combo #52.  The rest, is done as you said.

But, it is probably possible, to continue past combo #52, if you flip into a
pole just as you break a pole.

My record --
Map Score: 64400
Time: 1:08:33 x 120 = 8200
Total : 72600

NOTE: He's on Xbox, so the scores might not be totally accurate

----- VARIETY MODE ------------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - This is a dark level. Make sure you can see. Try eliminating outside
light, turning up the brightness, sharpness, picture, or even tint on your TV
if you can't.  On with the level.
First switch blades.  Now run east and hold L1 as you run north.  You're in
ALERT MODE - there's no way to avoid it.  Luckily, this puts the enemies at
something of a disadvantage.  They should be constantly coming at you, so knock
them out as they do.  You will have to follow thier bullets back to their guns
from time to time, especially when they run to the higher areas.  Regardless,
just keep attacking. When there are only 2 left (05/07), run to the northeast
corner of your little area and go east down a hallway.  Watch out for mines.
The final two guards are very easy to find if you follow the hall, and keep
going to the goal.
     -     My Record - 36486
     -     Goal - 35000

----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------

Side note - I had a little help with finding the bombs.  Heh... nothing else!
End side note

LEVEL 01 - All the bombs are proximity mines in this misssion, so don't get too
close.  Switch to the blue sword.  Knock out the guard to the west, then run
north and west a bit.  When the beeping gets loud, duck and equip the coolant -
the bomb is in the vent.  Run east and south, then knock out both guards. Climb
onto the lower block, then look north, crouch, and shoot coolant into the vent.
     -     My Record - 26381
     -     Goal - 24000

LEVEL 02 - Forget the no-kill bonus.  Run north and grab the west rail.  Drop
down onto the guard below, making sure you kill him.  Run south past the guard,
then turn around and kill him.  Cross the short bridge to the west, turn south
past the column, then turn east and equip the coolant - the bomb is on the back
of a box. Turn west and go to the end. A guard should turn green, so wait until
he turns away and run up the first stairs.  Go north as far as you can get away
with, then grab onto a rail.  Pop up behind the guard as he walks by and run
north.  Run south down the next corridor, then turn west at the end at get to
the corner.  Turn south and fire the coolant into the bomb.
     -     My Record - 34746
     -     Goal - 34000

LEVEL 03 - Run west, and a bit south.  Under the west leg of the torture device
is a bomb, so get rid of it.  Equip the blue sword.  Run to the Jejunum.  When
the guard looks away, run to the stairs to the east.  Climb up all of them.
When the guard to the north looks away, run west across the bridge it doesn't
make noise, don't worry).  Run past the second bridge, then across the third.
Run south a bit, then equip the coolant.  The bomb is under RAY's nose.  Now
cross back over the bridge, run north to the stairs, and run down to the middle
of the bottom set.  Equip the coolant and look to the east of the foot of the
stairs.  Spray away.  Don't worry about Alert mode after the second bomb.
     -     My Record - 51317
     -     Goal - 50000

LEVEL 04 - Run north through the gap in the window and east. Run south past the
guard and up the stairs.  The bomb is on the west side of the wall above the
stairs. Go through the west door and turn south. Turn east at the corner.  Turn
south a bit, but stop at the southeast corner of the line on the floor and the
wall.  Spray the bomb - it should be on the top right of your screen.  Unequip
the coolant, then run to the stairwell in the northwest and out the door.  It
will involve throwing a guard behind you, but just keep running and there
shouldn't be a problem.  When you come out of the door, quickly run to the
platform to the south.  Up the stairs, over the block, and coolant.  The bomb
is on top of the flag pole (pretty much).  Drop off of the back and run to the
door you came out through.  Run up the stairs.  Equip your blue sword and run
straight out into the guard - beat him up.  You will be seen, but it's okay.
Run to the east wall (physically get up on it).  Coolant out, turn south, and
spray the bomb.  Go up the stairs.  Wait until the guards in the west room look
west, then run into the "kitchen" area.  By the stove.  Duck down.  (Don't get
too close).  The bomb is under the stovetop.
     -     My Record - 66791
     -     Goal - 65000

LEVEL 05 - Run west, north, east through the door, and flip down the stairs.
North, then west up the stairs, north throught he door, and west a little bit
more.  When the guard looks away, run down directly under the west camera and
spray the bomb.  you won't be able to see it (probably), but spray around until
you hear a rustling. Then run north through the door. Run north up the corridor
when the CYPHER looks away and beat up the guard.  Run back down to the broken
bridge and look for the bomb - it's on the broken part of the bridge, to the
south.  Run through the door at the north as fast as you can.  If you are on
Alert Mode (I can't imagine how you wouldn't be), reset.  You'll be on the same
time, same place, etc., but no Alert. Cool. Run north up the corridor and knock
out the guard.  The door facing north/south is a good choice.  Once through it,
equip the coolant and spray the box to the east.  Run to the CD Bridge.  Run
south, then east, then flip down both sets of stairs.  Run up the bridge until
both sets of tiles fall, then flip across one and turn towards it.  Crouch and
spray the bomb which should now be obvious.  Flip back across it and run to
Strut D.  Run north down the stairs and HANG-DROP-CATCH to the lower level.
You're in Alert, but that's okay.  Run north, almost to the stairs, then spray
the bomb on their under side.
     -     My Record - 83257
     -     Goal - 75000

----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - ELIMINATION MODE -----------------------------------

Side Note – The way to knock enemies unconscious with Ninja Raiden is to switch
to the blue blade (hit square) and hit them thrice.  It’s very noisy, though.
Also, remember one thing – the Ninja can block.  Just press L1 – it’s cool.
End Side Note

LEVEL 01 – Being the ninja is harder than it ought to be.  Anyway.  Switch to
the blue blade.  Run up to the first guy and beat the daylights out of him. Now
run out onto the bridge and drop down onto the guy who is receptive to your
attempts.  The guard next to him will start to talk on the radio, but beat him
up and he’ll stop.  You can still get a partial sneaking bonus.  Now run down
the lower level of the bridge and beat up the next guy, and the guy at the top
of the stairs. Both should be silenced before they actually turn off your radar
(if it stays on, you’ll get some sneaking bonus).  Now run to the goal.
     -     My Record – 16538
     -     Goal – 16000

LEVEL 02 – Turn on your blue blade and go in Rambo style.  You’ll need at least
a 1000 points on sneaking, so the guards can’t get very far with their message.
Aside from those two things, everything basically falls into place.  The only
thing to watch out for is getting hit.  It slows you down and the guards really
get to talking to their CO.  It’s bad.  Try to avoid it.
     -     My Record – 18286
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 03 – Forget your blue blade for the moment.  Run out very quickly and hop
off the side of the bridge, making sure you hit BOTH GUARDS.  Switch to your
blue blade.  Run across the noisy floor to attract another victim.  When the
guard comes down, ambush him and beat him senseless.  Remember – alternating
directional slashes come out much, much faster. Run up the stairs and smack the
last guard around.
     -     My Record – 18326
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 04 – You have to be seen, so don't worry.  Go into Alert from the camera
and you'll keep a 1000 points. And here’s a warning for you – one of the guards
has a shotgun.  It kills you.  One shot.  Like the Golden Gun.  Anyway, switch
to the blue blade and rush the first guard, setting off the alarm. Beat him up,
then do the same for the man to your right.  Watch out, though – there’s a man
with that deadly shotgun below him.  Take out both of them, then rush down and
left into the big boxed in area and take out that man.  Be quick about getting
to the goal.  If you get a 1000 point sneaking bonus and the no-kill bonus, you
must get a time of at least 2 minutes and 83 milliseconds.  If you get a 500
point sneaking bonus, you need 2 minutes, 5 seconds even.  I would say this is
the easiest of the Ninja missions so far, once you get it down.
     -     My Record – 18096
     -     Goal - 17500

LEVEL 05 – Go right, keep your red blade.  Blood shall be shed (and quite lot,
with the way Raiden stabs).  Go down and left, and dispatch those guards in the
most inhumane way you can think of.  It’ll involve chasing them to that alcove.
Now run downwards and stop the guard from calling anyone.  Do the same for the
fourth guard (hopefully you aren’t dead yet).  Go right and dispatch the final
guard (the only one that never got a call started).  Now run – don’t walk – to
the goal.  Time is tight.  You’ll need 1000 sneaking points.
     -     My Record – 19010
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 06 – Rambo time, again.  You would think the ninja could be sneaky, but
with so many guards and such a short time limit, that’s not an option. Stab the
top guard in the group that is near you, then chase the bottom guard down and
hand him a stabbing.  Go left and stab a third guard.  Now, go left through the
door, and up.  Quickly get the one closest to you (he has a shotgun, so sneak
up on him)  and then get the one above him.  Run into the doorway and stab that
fool – make sure you don’t go into alert mode.  Now run towards the elevator
area.  There will be a man with a shotgun – take advantage of his slowness and
do a frontal stab.  However, do it when his back is turned (the other man will
see you so start chasing him). Take out the other man, run right to the final
guard, and stab him as you run.  Now run up, left, down, left to the goal.  I
highly advise flipping down the stairs, though the time isn’t as difficult to
reach as the avoiding of death is.
     -     My Record – 30126
     -     Goal - 29000

LEVEL 07 – This is a little more stealthy. Wait for the first man to turn, then
beat him senseless with your blue blade. Now head left and you can actually
ambush the man despite the fact that he’s walking into you.  Do so.  When you
step back out into the hall, a guard will see you.  Duck back behind the corner
and ambush him.  Remember – his shield might make you have to swing a little
extra.  Go down and left, down the stairs, and tap on the wall to the left.  Go
right and down around the boxes and ambush the man.  As you go up the stairs,
there will be a guard walking by – beat him down, and give the same equal
punishment to the guard who is above you.  A guard above that will see you, so
hide. After he stops freaking out, run up and into the left alcove. Ambush him.
Go up and beat up the guard, then go up some more.  A guard will see you, so
dive into the room to the right and run around behind him for a free beating.
Go right to the goal.  I only got 500 points of sneaking and got the record, by
more than 500 points, so it should be possible to do even with Alert Mode.  I
have always been killed by a shotgun, though.
     -     My Record – 29104
     -     Goal - 28500

LEVEL 08 – Run up an stab your opponent then duck and press against the back of
those boxes.  When the investigator comes, stab him as well. Go into Rambo mode
now.  The guards come in like ants – in a nice straight line.  It’s like target
practice, but with a sword.  Then, run to the goal.
     -     My Record – 32026
     -     Goal - 30000

LEVEL 09 – It seems like it should be more stealthy. But alert mode seems to be
the way to go.  My original plan wasn’t including that, of course, but it was
far too slow and I messed it up too bad anyway.  I’m going to tell this like a
story, since it wasn’t so much a route as a rampage.  Whee.  I went right and
up, then tapped on the box to get the guard looking for me (I was kind of
stealthy right here) and then went around the box to stab him (NOTE THE STAB).
The guard from above came to investigate, and I was tired of reseting, so I hid
behind the box and came out and stabbed him, avoiding alert mode.  A guard form
upstairs came to inspect, so I hid behind the wall to the right and stabbed him
when he got past me.  A second guard from upstairs came to inspect, so I dealt
him the same fatal blow. Unfortunately (sort of, I guess) he saw me. Rambo time.
I ran up the lower level and saw three tengus in a nice little group, so I
decided to slaughter them all.  Then I went up the northwest stairs and chased
down the last guard, who was fleeing my superior might (it was weird to me too).
I stabbed him in the back.  I got no sneaking bonuses, or no-kill bonuses, but I
*did* get the top record.  When you get right down to it, that’s what matters.
     -     My Record – 25936
     -     Goal - 25000

LEVEL 10 – Remember one thing - shotguns kill INSTANTLY and are unblockable.
Stealthed guys often carry shotguns. Excited yet?  That said, go up and out the
door and drop down off the rail to your left. That isn’t nearly as difficult as
it sounds – after a fair amount of practice.  Make sure you’re carrying a blue
blade. Go down and left and beat the guy when he gets on the stairs. Any sooner
and you will be rushed with a shotgun – not pretty.  Now drop down from the bar
below you on top of or behind the stealthed guard on the lower level.  If you
were behind, beat him up.  Obviously.  There are thermal goggles to the lower
left of this area, which aren’t quite free.  There is a guard right across the
aisle from them that is the shielded kind (at least you can see him!), so rush
him and beat him up, even from the front.  He will probably talk, but before
that, he will almost definitely shoot.  Guard.  Then silence him BEFORE he
finishes his speech to the CO.  You can get the goggles now, if you must.  I
recommend against it, though, for expediency.  Now go up the aisle next to the
last felled guard (remember to block the entire time you’re running from now on
unless you’re beating up on someone). Now go left and down – try to silence the
stealthed guard in the middle of his conversation.  Run down the aisle to reach
a stealthed guard with a shotgun.  Take him out. Now go upstairs and finish off
the last two guards (chances are that you’re on alert mode now anyway, so they
should be easy to find).  Now, finally, run to the goal.  Your score should be
deafeningly better than the goal – mine was.  The reason was the no-kill bonus,
among other things.  Sneaking bonuses are worthless to the mighty ninja!
     -     My Record – 28560
     -     Goal - 22000

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