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Snake Tales FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark Id

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/12/03

    __  __      _        _    _____                    _____       _ _     _
   |  \/  |    | |      | |  / ____|                  / ____|     | (_)   | |
   | \  / | ___| |_ __ _| | | |  __  ___  __ _ _ __  | (___   ___ | |_  __| |
   | |\/| |/ _ \ __/ _` | | | | |_ |/ _ \/ _` | '__|  \___ \ / _ \| | |/ _` |
   | |  | |  __/ || (_| | | | |__| |  __/ (_| | |     ____) | (_) | | | (_| |
   |_|  |_|\___|\__\__,_|_|  \_____|\___|\__,_|_|    |_____/ \___/|_|_|\__,_|
                                     |__ \
                                        ) |
                                       / /
                                      / /_
                  _____       _         _
                 / ____|     | |       | |
                | (___  _   _| |__  ___| |_ __ _ _ __   ___ ___
                 \___ \| | | | '_ \/ __| __/ _` | '_ \ / __/ _ \
                 ____) | |_| | |_) \__ \ || (_| | | | | (_|  __/
                |_____/ \__,_|_.__/|___/\__\__,_|_| |_|\___\___|

              ____ _  _ ____ _  _ ____     ___ ____ _    ____ ____
              [__  |\ | |__| |_/  |___      |  |__| |    |___ [__
              ___] | \| |  | | \_ |___      |  |  | |___ |___ ___]

||                                ||                                         ||
|| Metal Gear Solid Substance     || Games: Metal Gear Solid: Substance      ||
|| Snake Tales FAQ                || Platform: Xbox, PS2, PC                 ||
|| Written by: Ryan Kelly         || Last Update: June 11, 2003              ||
|| GameFAQs Name: Nemesis300      || Version: 1.1                            ||
|| E-Mail: true_dark_id@yahoo.com ||                                         ||
||                                ||                                         ||

What are the 'Snake Tales' you might ask. They are five additional missions
starring Solid Snake included in Metal Gear Solid Substance for Xbox and later
PS2 and PC. These missions, unlike the VR Missions, have an actual story to
them. The story is told through text screens in between action. The Snake
Tales storys are NOT part of the game's main storyline. They are a sort of
Twilight Zone version of events using the game's settings and characters. Well,
with that said. Let's begin...


Table of Contents


I.     Version History
II.    Notes and Miscellaneous Information
III.    A Wrong Doing
           a. Introduction
           b. Initial Settings
           c. Walkthrough
           d. Boss
IV.    Big Shell Evil
           a. Introduction
           b. Initial Settings
           c. Walkthrough
           d. Boss
V.     Confidential Legacy
           a. Introduction
           b. Initial Settings
           c. Walkthrough
           d. Boss
VI.    Dead Man Whispers
           a. Introduction
           b. Initial Settings
           c. Walkthrough
           d. Boss
VII.   External Gazer
           a. Introduction
           b. Initial Settings
           c. Walkthrough
           d. Boss
VIII.  Frequently Asked Questions
IX.    Credits
X.     Disclaimer
XI.    Conclusion


I. V e r s i o n   H i s t o r y


Version 1.0 (January 29, 2003)

Initial Release. All sections completely done. I'm accepting any FAQs or
strats you might have.

Version 1.1 (June 11, 2003)

Fixed a few errors and unspecified parts. Added several tips and item locations
and a few FAQs.

What to do:

Not a hell of a lot... Finalizing document in two weeks.


III. N o t e s   a n d   M i s c e l l a n e o u s


1.) I'm assuming you are well aquainted with the game's controls and Snake's
techniques, so I'm not including a control section. There is already an
extensive guide in the game's manual as well as in the 'Special' menu.

2.) Snake Tales missions do NOT have a radar enabled, so you will have to be
doubly careful when making your way around the areas. Stop at every corner at
peak beforehand. Your AP Sensor will become your new best friend during these
missions and should always be equipped when not in combat.

3.) I'm pretty sure Snake Tales are set on the Hard difficulty, but Snake has
a much longer life bar than in hard.

4.) There is no Codec. If you press the Codec button, a brief summary of what
is happening and what you need to do pops up.

5.) Once you complete a Snake Tale, you will be able to save like you would if
you had beaten 'Sons of Liberty'. If you load up that save and start a mission
you have already completed, you will begin with an M9 tranq. gun. This can be
used to get an alternate ending in missions A, C, and D. It also makes things
quite a bit easier. I'm writing this FAQ under the assumption you don't have
the gun yet.

6.) It's come to my attention that all Snake Tales with the exception of 
External Gazer have alternate endings. A few endings result in an immediate
game over however.


IV. A   W r o n g   D o i n g


A. Introduction

Terrorists, led by Fatman, have taken over the Big Shell offshore oil clean-up
facility. They have taken hostages, including the President, and are demanding
20-trivial things as well as 30 billion dollars. Solid Snake has been ordered
in to stop the terrorists and rescue the hostages.

B. Initial Settings

Character: Solid Snake

Difficulty: Medium

Location: Strut A Pump Facility Roof

Equipment: AP Sensor

C. Walkthrough

-----STRUT A ROOF-----

Guards: 1
Items: Ration

Alright, it's time to get to work. Your first order of business is to find
Richard Ames in Strut F. You begin on the Strut A rooftop. There is a single
guard patroling the area. There is also a ration directly south of the starting
position on a crate. Avoid or eliminate the guard and get the ration. Then
head down into Strut A (I went on the left side if it matters.)

It is of note that if you immediately go back into a lift, you'll get a 
somewhat puzzling ending which results in the mission failing.

-----STRUT A Pump Facility-----

Guards: 3
Items: Ration
       Box 3

Okay, be careful here. There are two guards patroling the area near the control
center here. One is on the left side and alternates between facing north and
south. He's fairly easy to avoid. Another guard walks along the bottom of the
area, goes north toward the FA Connecting Bridge door and then turns west and
walks about a quarter of the way to the other wall.

I suggest waiting until the second guard is facing east and running to behind
where the control center is. Stay in the middle so no one sees you. Now when
the guard walks east in the middle of the room, wait until he stops and
eliminate him. Stash the body behind the control console or in a locker if you

You now have the option of getting a few items in the southern pump room if
you want. There is one guard in the room and he walks around the outside of
the area in a clockwise fashion. He's easy to avoid or eliminate. Just near
the door and listen for his heartbeat. When it gets softer he is walking south.
When he does that, run over and either kill him or sneak behind him and go
up the short stairs. Crawl under the pipes here and go to the very end to the
left and pick up a Cardboard box. Now go south underneigh the pipe where
Fatman had a bomb in SOL. There is a ration there. Now get out of there by
crawling back where you came.

With that all done, head to the Strut FA Connecting Bridge.

-----STRUT FA Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cyphers: 2
Items: None

Alright, it's pretty much a straight run here across to the next area. Wait
until both the Cyphers go to the left side and fly down below the bridge. When
they do, run like hell to the other side of the bridge. There is a guard down
below but he shouldn't cause much trouble. If he sees you at the very end,
just keep running into the next area. Hopefully he won't complete his radio

-----STRUT F Warehouse-----

Guards: 4
Items: Book
       USP Ammo
       USP Supressor

I'm assuming you entered from the top floor. The room directly north has a
guard. He switches from looking east to west. Run around when he's not
looking and eliminate him. In the locker next to him is a Book. Take it and
stash his body if you want to.

Go back into the main area. The room to the east has USP ammo, but forget it
for now. There is a guard in the hallway directly east. He walks north and
south. He stops just short of seeing you, so don't worry when he approaches
south. I DON'T suggest killing this guy, since he reports in after he does his
routine. Instead, wait until he reports in and walks north. When he does, run
behind him and duck behind the crate to the left. When he walks south again,
run past him and to the right.

To the right is a room that appears empty. Look around the right wall to see
a small gap. Crawl inside and you'll discover some Claymore mines. Pocket
them and head back out into the main area.

Avoid the previous guard and run toward the area ajacent of where you were.
Don't bother with the room on that side, unless you want to get blown to hell.
Instead, run north and go to the room on the upper left side. Approach the
door and you'll discover Ames!


Items: USP
       Coolant Spray
       Sensor A
       Level 1 Card

Cutscene time. Save you're game if you want. Ames gives some info about the
situation. He also gives you a USP handgun which is a big help. You also
receive the coolant spray, Sensor A, and Level 1 Card.

Apparently Fatman is the leader of the terrorists. He's on the Strut E Roof
Heliport, just like in SOL. Campbell informs you that the hostages are in
The Shell 1 Core on level B1. It's up to you to decide the priority, but I
HIGHLY suggest going after the hostages. Taking Fatman first leads to the
absolute worst ending. But if you feel like killing a lot of innocent people,
skip ahead to the Strut E section.

-----STRUT F Continued-----

Items: Chaff Grenades
       Stun Grenades
       Box 4

Now you are back outside of the room Ames was in. Head out to the room ajacent
of the one Ames is in. There are two lockers inside. Open the northern most
one and you'll find some Stun Grenades. Now head back out and go north down
the hall. You can now leave through the door here or head downstairs and
collect some more items. Let's do the latter.

Head down the stairs and watch out for a single guard patroling. Take him out
or avoid him and head south and through the door to the left. Inside there are
several lockers. The one to the north on the left side wall has a ration
inside. The door is locked so you'll have to punch it open to get the ration.

With that done, go into 1st person and look at the southern wall. There is
a small opening. Crawl inside and through the vent. At the other end you'll
find Box 4. Now climb up on the crates and back outside. The room to the north
on the bottom level has a single guard and nothing of interest, so just avoid
it. Head back upstairs and out the northern door.

-----EF Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 0
Cyphers: 3
Items: None

If you're going after Fatman first, you'll be heading to Strut E. Skip to that
part of the walkthrough if so. If not, you're heading to the Shell 1 Core.

In either case, take out the Cyphers. Use a chaff grenade or shot them down
with your USP. If you're going to the Shell 1 Core, on the walkway there RUN!
The floor collapses into the sea, so I don't suggest loitering on the platform.

-----Shell 1 Core-----

Guards: 2
Items: Chaff Grenades
       Directional Mic
       USP Ammo

Head straight to the left from where you enter. In this long corridor, to the
north is a load of security cameras. Avoid going that way. South is a guard
right around the corner. Wait for him to turn and take him out. Stick him in
a locker when you're done.

Speaking of lockers, there is some items you need from them. The second locker
from the left holds the D. Mic. You HAVE to have this to continue on this path,
so take it. The 4th locker from the left has some useful chaff grenades. In the
upper part of the room, there is a Book conceiled behind some crates. Get all
these items and proceed to the west.

There is a soldier looking away from you here. Eliminate him and proceed north.
There are some USP Bullets in the small corridor to the west if you need them.
Keep going north and then east and jump on the elevator. Head down to floor

-----Shell 1 Core B2-----

Guards: 3
Items: Stun Grenades
       Chaff Grenades

Get off the elevator. Directly to the right is a small room. The locker on the
right has some Stun Grenades. Head back out to the hall.

There is a guard patrolling the area here. Go up against the south wall. The
guard should walk right by and stop facing the wall slightly past you. Run
over and neutralize him. Now you can go straight into the room to the left
and carry on with the mission, or get a few more items.

In the room at the end of the hall, there is Chaff grenades in the locker on
the far left. That's about it. Now head into the door you passed before.


Save if you want. Your objective here is locating an agent by the name of
"Jennifer". You must use the directional microphone to talk to her using
triangle (just like SOL.)

-----Shell 1 Core B1 Hall-----

Guards: 2

First of all, turn of your AP Sensor. The thing goes crazy in this room and
is pretty useless. Now, you're looking for a girl named Jennifer. Jennifer
is a brown haired girl with a skirt, sitting in an akward position so pervs
can look up her skirt. There are more than one character models that are
Jennifer, so you have to use the D. Mic to listen for a cell phone beep.

The party is over if you get caught, so be careful. Some of the hostages
trip you if you get near them, so watch out for impotent old men. If you
take too long another guard may enter the room, so be careful.

When you find Jennifer, it's cutscene time.


Items: Level 2 Card

Jennifer tells Snake that there is a bomb planted on Shell 1 Core. Great, huh?
You receive a Level 2 Card before getting shuffled back out into the previous

-----Shell 1 Core B1-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

Avoid the guard and head for the elevator. Go down to floor B2.

-----Shell 2 Core B2-----

Guards: 4
Items: Book

Alright, go down the stairs to the left or right. At the bottom go up against
the wall and peak around the corner. There are two guards around here. One
is patrolling the area to the north, and one is walking around the whole
bottom area in a clockwise fashion. Odds are the former guard will notice
you and walk over. Equip your USP and wait until just when he comes around the
corner. Pull the USP on him and hold 'em up. Go behind him and break his neck.
Now stash his body up the stairs a bit.

Now wait around on the lefthand side of the hallway to the far left. The
second guard will come back around shortly. Sneak behind him and take him out
as well. It just makes your life easier. Now head down the southwest hallway.

To the north of the lockers in the small gap is another Book. None of the
lockers have goodies, so forget them. There is a guard walking from east to
west along the bottom of the area. Wait until he's walking the other way and
take him out. Watch out for the guards in the computer room while you're doing

Now proceed into the main computer room. There is a sentry on the northeastern
part of the room. He just stands there and looks south and then west. Just
stay on the left side of the room and he shouldn't bother you. Now it's time
to take out that bomb. Hear a beeping? Crawl under the computers in the middle
of the room and you'll find your objective. Bust out the coolant and take care
of the bomb.

Head out of that room and back to the elevator. Now head up to the 1st floor.


Save your game. Now it's time to defuse Fatman.

-----Shell 1 Core----

Guards: 2
Items: None

The guards are back. Just avoid them and head out of here. It should be a

-----EF Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 0
Cyphers: 3
Items: None

The Cyphers are back. Toss are Chaff grenade or take 'em out as before. The
floor is still out, so you'll have to be careful here. You can roll across
the 1st gap if you want. The second gap can be passed by either pressing
up against the rail and going across like that, or by hanging. The choice
is yours.

Now head to the north to Strut E.

-----STRUT E Parcel Room-----

Guards: 3
Cameras: 3
Items: USP Ammo
       Chaff Grenade
       Box 5

I'll be honest with you, this room is a big pain in the ass to get around
you're first time through. It's really not worth the effort and is extremely
hard not to get caught here. Right as you enter the main area, a guard will
notice you. Not alert, but curious. Toss a stun grenade and wait at the very
corner before the main room. When it explodes, run to the north and through
the first turn on the right. You might have to roll and knock down one of the
stunned guards, but keep running and you should make it. I'll do a second time
through walkthrough for this area in the next update.

If you are feeling lucky. You can sneak your way to the conveyor belt and equip
a box. They take you too either:

STRUT A Pump Facility - Nothing to see here.

STRUT F Warehouse - Now you can collect the USP Suppressor that was out of
reach before.

STRUT E Parcel Room Basement - Rations and a locked door.

There is also a M9 in the middle of the room if you wanna brave it. It's gonna
take some luck.

-----STRUT E Heliport-----

Guards: 0
Items: Claymore

Run around the parameter of the area to the end. There is a claymore mine.
Now run up the stairs, have your USP or M9 and Sensor A equipped.


Save! After a bit of dialogue, it's boss time.

D. Boss

Boss: Fatman
Difficulty: Medium
Best Weapon: USP or M9

Okay, it's boss time. At the very start of the fight, two C4 bombs are already
active. You've got 30 seconds to defuse them or you're through. One bomb is
to the right on the left side of a crate. The other is on the southern side
of a large container to the south. Use the Sensor A to track them. Fatman
tends to go up and dance around in the northern part of the area when you are
defusing these two. Go over and 3-hit combo him and plug him once in the head.
You should have time during the 1st two bombs.

Once these bombs are defused, Fatman starts planting bombs randomly around.
They will either be on the side, top, or under a container or shelf. Look all
around the area he places him. When Fatman is planting bombs, run after him
and defuse them before the timer starts. You've only got 30 seconds when it
does start and 3 bombs is not easy to neutralize in the alloted time.

If Fatman gets near you, either fire several shots to knock him off balance,
or 3-hit combo him to the floor. His only weak point is his head, so plug him
when he's down. Also, utilize your Claymore mines. Place Claymores in the
middle of the cross-sections of the containers.

After the second group of bombs is iced, Fatman starts going after you with
his Glock. Run up to him and 3-hit combo him and get as many shots as you can
in this time. If your lucky, you can take him out before he starts the next
round of bombs ticking.

Bust enough caps in Fatman's dome, yo, and you done won the game. Ehem... You
receive a different ending depending on whether use the USP or M9 to beat him,
and if you went after him first or the hostages.

M9: Best Ending
USP: Bad Ending
Fatman 1st: VERY Bad Ending

Contrats! Now on to the second Snake Tale.


V. B i g   S h e l l   E v i l


A. Introduction

Solid Snake is sent in by Otacon to save his sister, Emma Emmerich, who is
currently working on the Big Shell. The Big Shell is known as a tabloid story
breeding ground with a phantom serial killer on the lose. As soon as Snake
arrives, he discovers the place occupied by terrorists. Now it's up to
Solid Snake to save Emma.

B. Initial Settings

Character: Solid Snake

Difficulty: Medium

Location: Strut E Heliport

Equipment: AP Sensor
           USP Handgun

C. Walkthrough

-----Strut E Heliport-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

You start out in front of the Harrier 2 on the Strut E roof. There are two
guards patrolling the heliport area. One walks around the middle, between the
Harrier and the 2nd set of containers. The other walks around the southern end.
Both are very easy to avoid. Just slinky around the lefthand perimeter and run
down the stairs on the southern end. Down below there is yeat another guard.
Wait until he starts walking back toward the dead end on the left. Run past
him and into Strut E

-----Strut -----

Guards: 3
Items: Box 5
       M9 Bullets

Go down the stairs. At the bottom there is a guard patrolling the area to the
north, so don't run out into the main area just yet. Wait until the guard turns
back north, then dispose of him. After you do, grab the box off the conveyer

There is another guard in the middle of the room that looks north and west
before calling in, it's best to avoid him.

At the southwestern corner of the room, there is another guard standing near
the stairway leading down. Head past the previous guard and along the lefthand
wall if you want to take him out. After you do, you can hop on the conveyor
belt and ride downstairds using the Box 5. It leads to a locked room with M9
Bullets. Since you probably don't have that, let's just head out of the
northwestern door.


Save if you want to. Apparently a girl was being pursed and was lost track of
in Strut C. Guess where you're going....

-----DE connecting bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: Stun Grenades
       USP Bullets

There are two guards walking away from your position right as you begin. I
suggest running up and holding up one of them, then doing as you wish to them.
Hide the body back where you came out at and proceed. If you're quick, you
can hold them both up and dispose of them. In any case, there are Stun Grenades
and USP Bullets on the bottom platform near Strut E.

Now proceed into Strut D from either the bottom or top walkway. I prefer the
top, so that's what I'll use.

-----Strut -----

Guards: 3
Items: M9 Handgun
       USP Bullets

This place has three guards. One patrols the middle of the area, another the
outer perimeter on the top level, the last the outer perimeter of the bottom
level. Wait by the first small set of stairs out of sight and wait for the
guard to walk by. Now run north and hide behind the rail up the stairs to the
north. Wait until the guard passes by and run down the staircase below you.

Down here, behind there stairs is the M9! Score. Now you can silently take out
some guards. I don't suggest getting rid of the guard on the bottom level, he
reports in every so often.

Go back upstairs and tranq the two guards up here. There are some USP bullets
behind the staircase on the left side, a ration in the middle of the room,
and a bandage behind the righthand exit. When you're done, exit through the
upper lefthand door.

-----CD Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

Right as you enter there is a security camera directly north. Quickly take it
out with the USP. No guards should hear the shot if you were quick. Two guards
patrol this area. One is on the side closest to you, the other on the far side
of the bridge. They both walk on the walkway down below about half way, turn
around and walk up the stairs on their respective sides, and walk toward the
center of the bridge about a quarter of the way.

Knock one out with the M9 and run past as the other one is down below. Don't
bother going below, there is nothing but a set of collapsing floors. Enter
Strut C.

-----Strut C Dining Hall-----

Guards: 2
Items: Stun Grenades
       M9 Ammo
       USP Ammo

Run down the hallway to the west. Go 1st person and look south. You should
see a guard walking toward you. Bust out the M9 and take him down. Now head
south. There are two rooms. Defy the mysticism of the woman's bathroom and
go to the room on the right.

Oh, you're naughty. Open up the first stall you come to go get some Stun
Grenades. The last one has some M9 bullets. Head into the men's bathroom on
the opposite side.

The second stall you come to has a lovely poster and some spiffy USP Ammo to

Now head out and enter the cafeteria. It's the first door on the left of the
hallway you just went through. Head to the northern most table to find a Ration
under it. Speaking of Rations, you probably want to equip them along with the

Now head over to the pantry where Stillman was in SOL. You'll discover Emma!


You probably want to save. Time for a fight immediately afterwards.

-----Strut C Shootout-----

Guards: 7
Items: Ration

Well crap. You've got no option but to gun down these buggers. Aim for the
door directly in front of you in 1st person. Try to get as many headshots as
you can. The enemy is mostly coming from here, but sometimes a guard will try
to flank you from the left.

When you get a headshot at the door in front, maintain that level and aim for
the middle of the doorway. The guards tend to appear right there, so melon
popping should be a breeze. After the shootout, it's another cutscene.


Items: Ration

Emma forks over a Lv. 1 Card and a ration. Now you have to head to Strut B
and access the node.

-----Strut C Dining Hall-----

Guards: 0
Items: None

Just head south and out to the BC Connecting Bridge

-----BC Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cypher: 1
Items: Chaff Grenades

There is a single guard patrolling here as well as a Camera Cypher. First,
tranq the guard when the Cypher goes down below. You can then probably run
across quickly (picking up the Chaff Grenades in the center of the platform)
and avoid the Cypher. If the Cypher spots the guard, it will send for a search
team. Just run ahead into Strut B.

-----Strut B Transformer Room-----

Guards: 0
Items: USP Bullets

When you enter, there are USP Bullets in the locker closest to you on the
right. A ration is in the locker next to it. Now enter the transformer room.

Head south and you should see the node on the bottom level. Grab the USP
Bullets next to it then activate the node itself. Cutscene...


Save if you wish. Emma has been captured in a cliche movie twist. She's in
Strut F. Well, away you go.

-----Strut B Transformer Room-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

Guards are now in the area. One is directly north or you and walking this way.
Quickly knock him out and head north and up the stairs and out the door. There
is another guard patrolling the hallway to the south. Wait until he is walking
in the opposite direction, then run through the door where you came in.

-----BC Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cypher: 1
Items: None

The Cypher and guard is back. Same deal as before. Tranq the guard, avoid or
destroy the Cypher. Run back to Strut C.

-----Strut C-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

The guard from before is now on the north end of the hall. Take him out like
before. The is also a guard in the dining hall now, but just forget him and
carry on to the next area.

-----CD Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

Same as before, tranq one and avoid the other. That camera is back, but you
can run by it and into the next area before the alarm sounds.

-----Strut D-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

Immediately go into 1st person and knock out the two guards in the area in
front of you. With that done, run by and head to the next area.

-----DE Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

Immediately eliminate the guard ahead of you on the platform. Now run like hell
across to the other side. Be careful, the is a guard on the area above that
looks around with binoculars. If you're paranoid, toss a chaff grenade before

-----Strut E-----

Guards: 3
Items: M9 Bullets

Run south of where you enter and take out the guard there. Now would be a good
time to get those M9 bullets. Hope on the conveyor belt and equip the spiffy
Z.O.E. box (btw, ZOE: 2nd Runner looks pretty damn good.) Grab the M9 bullets
then return back up the way you came.

There is a guard directly in front of you when you come out, so don't move.
Wait until he walks by to the north and hop off and run south out the exit in
the bottom right corner.

-----EF Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cypher: 3
Items: Chaff Grenades

There are three Cyphers in the area here. Also, there is a guard with a Scope
directly above you. Toss a Chaff Grenade out and run south when it explodes.
There are some more Chaff Grenades in the area right before the next Strut.


Save. You're on complete stealth here. Get caught and it's Game Over!

-----Strut F Warehouse-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

Forget the items for right now, it's too risky. Head to the left and south.
Tranq the guard south of you if you want. Now head to the right and south to
the first room you come to on the righthand side. Inside you'll find Emma.


Saving is a good idea. Now it's time to go and save some hostages in Shell 2
Core. Great... Now you're heading to Strut D.

-----Strut F-----

Guards: 4
Items: Grenades
       Claymores x2
       USP Bullets x2
       Ration x2
       M9 Bullets
       Stun Grenades x3
       M4 Assault Rifle
       M4 Bullets x4

Now let's get some items, shall we? Ditch Emma in the room she's in. She'll be
safe there. Head back into the halls. There is now a guard patrolling the
center of the area on the top level. Tranq him out of site of the guard to the
south. Now head north to the first room you come to.

Inside this room there are Grenades and two sets of Claymores. Snatch them up
and head back outside. Head for the room on the opposite side.

Inside here we have another Ration and two cases of USP Bullets. Guess what to
do... Now head back outside and go south to the end of the Strut. Head into the
room on the left. Grab the M9 bullets and go back outside.

Head to the room directly to the right. Inside are three boxes of Stun
Grenades. Excellent. Now head to the northern end of the Strut. Take out the
guard patrolling the area to the north. Now look over the railing down below
and take out the guard down there if you want. Beware that he reports in, so
if you take him out, stash the body in the room on the bottom right side and
wait for the search team to leave afterwards.

Now head into the room to the north. There is one guard here. Eliminate him
however you wish. Inside this room are rations, the M4 Assault Rifle, and four
boxes of bullets for it.

With that all done, go get Emma and head north to the EF Connecting Bridge.

-----EF Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cyphers: 3
Items: M4 Bullets

First order of buisness is to take down that jackass guard on the heliport.
Bust out the USP and lock on to him. You should be able to land a headshot when
he stops. Now shoot down all the Cyphers. Grab Emma and go North to Strut E.


Save if it gets you horny, baby! Ehem... Equip your rations and M4

-----Strut E Shootout-----

Guards: Infinite
Items: Claymore

This is the absolute hardest part of the mission. Guards are pouring in from
both exits and you've got to get yourself and Emma the hell out of there. There
is a few methods to do this. One is use Stun Grenades, but then you have to
drag Emma out. But that's a pain in the ass.

I suggest gunning down the first guards in front of you with the M4. Quickly
grab Emma and run to between the next gap in containers. Take out the guards
ahead and behind you. Now take Emma with you to the next space on the left.
Kill everyone with headshots or M4 fire. Now run like hell out of there with
Emma to the exit in the northwest corner. This might take a few tries, but
you should pass it.

Philip "Tooner" McCabe has a different method which is pretty handy.

First, I shot both guards nearby, then quickly used a stun grenade down the 
right corridor, and then on my left. The first grenade knocked out Emma, but 
both took out the first wave of guards.  Then, using the provided claymores, I 
planted them in the right corridor to block guards from following. Three did 
the trick. At about this time, Emma was waking up, so I quickly tossed another
stun grenade to my left, took out whatever guards had shown, and managed to get
Emma out with no more contact.

StrifeSnake writes:

Make sure you have the M4 and have 2 or 3 rations. For
all guards, aim in 1st person, then use the auto-aim
to lock on and shoot (it's more accurate than just
firing blind with auto-aim). Take out the closest one
to the south, then fire at the two across the way. Now
quickly run into Emma (in order so that she will
automatically stand up so you can quickly grab her
hand) and, sticking to the north wall, make your way
west until you reach the midway alcove where you can
stash her. By now guards will have started to reappear
to the east, and probably one or more will make a dash
for the west and knock you over in the process. Take
out all of the guards to the east (usually three) and
finally go to the southwestern hallway to take out any
other approaching guards. Do a last second check for
stragglers, and finally grab Emma one last time and
make your way to freedom (and the crappy alternate
ending--which, by the way, you won't know you have
until you beat the Harrier.)


All the guards are locked in that Strut now. Yeah! But they've got a Harrier 2
now. Well...****.

It is of note that you can simply run straight for the gun guns blazing. When
you do, the door shuts behind you locking the guards inside. Before you start
celebrating...aren't you forgetting someone? Now Emma dies horribly and you are
a total ass. Some hero you are. Game over, man. Game over.

D. Boss

Boss: Harrier 2
Difficulty: Easy
Best Weapon: Stinger Missile Launcher

First off, grab the Stinger and Ammo.

Hey, you've got your radar here! The Harrier is the large red blip on the
radar. There is also Otacon in the Kamov chopper flying around. Don't shoot
him. You've got to take out the Harrier now.

The Harrier has several tactics. One is it flies of into the distance and
flies back at high speed shooting its machinegun. When it does this, aim the
Stinger in the direction of the Harrier. When it is about to come back, it
should flash for a second. When it does this, launch a missile at it.

Another tactic it has is flying directly over the platform and burning you
with its exaust. When it does this, either jump down below and fire Stingers or
just aim up quickly and fire. Either way, it flies away after about three hits.

When Solidus screams, "I'll shred you to pieces!", he'll stay above the north
end of the platform and fire his machinegun. Run quickly behind the tank thing
to the south and go up against it. If you get the chance, fire a Stinger when
it is firing on the opposite end of the tank thing.

When the Solidus screams "DIE!" and launches a bunch of missiles, quickly leap
over the rail down to the lower level or you'll receive massive damage. Also
note that you are invincible during the rail jump animation, so at least be
doing it when the bombs fall.

If Solidus flies off and yells "I'll let you go out in style", be prepared
to jump over the railing because he's firing a missile. Again, just be jumping
over right when it's about to hit and you won't get hurt.

The last thing he does is hover next to the right side of the bridge and fire
a LOT of missiles. Just run back and forth from left to right and roll if
you're about to get hit. When he's done firing, shove a few Stingers up his

This shouldn't be too hard of a fight. After that, the ending rolls and you're
treated to a funky porn music credits.

Destroy Harrier w/ Emma undamaged: Best Ending
Destroy Harrier w/ Emma injured: Bad Ending
Ditch Emma and Run: Worse Ending

On to the next Snake Tale and my favorite.


VI. C o n f i d e n t i a l   L e g a c y


A. Introduction

Solid Snake is sent in to the country of Eldera to stop the hijack of a new
Metal Gear by terrorists lead by Sergei Gurlukavitch. A tanker holding Metal
Gear, held by the Marines, is taken over by terrorists. Solid Snake is sent
stop them at any cost. Meryl is also aboard somewhere.

B. Initial Settings

Character: MGS1 Snake

Difficulty: Hard

Location: Aft Deck

Equipment: AP Sensor
           USP Handgun

c. Walkthrough

-----Aft Deck-----

Guards: 3
Items: Wet Box
       Chaff Grenades

You begin exactly where you do in the SOL Tanker Chapter. Straight ahead is
a guard that you might want to take out to make life easier. Now run around
the right side of the deck and head up the stairs. Head north and go up another
flight of stairs. Now go south. There is a guard patrolling the southern part
of the deck. Take him out or avoid him.

Now head to the left. You should find a Wet Box near the wall in the middle
of the platform. Now keep going along the platform and turn to the north.
Straight ahead are some Chaff Grenades. Now keep going along, head down the
stairs. There is another guard on the ground level. Avoid him and open the
door leading inside.

-----Deck-A Crew's Quarters-----

Guards: 2
Items: USP Bullets

Nice and dry, except for your feet. You'll leave footprints here, so be aware.
Down the corridor to the right is a single guard. Avoid or eliminate, it's up
to you. Now turn right and enter the first door you come to: the Locker Room.

The locker in the upper lefthand corner contains a nice poster and some USP
Bullets. The set of lockers directly to the right has some Medicine in the
bottom one. Take the Medicine if Snake has a cold (random sneezing, alerts
guards.) The locker on the far right near the door contains another spiffy
poster and a Ration. Now leave on through the nearby door.

On the righthand hallway, there is yet another guard. Forget him, instead go
back to the the place where you came in and go through the door near there.

-----Deck-A Crew's Lounge-----

Guards: 3
Items: Book x3
       AKS-74u Bullets
       M4 Bullets

Three sentries are in this area. Two are sitting on the staircase in the middle
of the room and one is patroling the back area. You can do this two ways. One
is to quietly go to the left of the stairs and the two guards up, then run
through the door to the north. You could kill them both too by breaking their

Another way is to stay close to the wall and run to the area where the TV and
two couches are in the left part of the lounge. There are three Books here.
Place them around so the guards notice them and you'll be traveling safe.

Behind the bar is an AKS-74u. Ammo for it and the M4 (which you don't have)
are down the staircase near where you entered. Get what you need and climb
up the stairs and enter the door to the right.

-----Deck-B Crew's Quarters, Starboard-----

Guards: 4
Items: AKS-74u Bullets
       M4 Bullets

There are two guards directly north, so run to the south quickly. Now wait
for the guards to go their seperate ways. One guard will walk into the
small area on the right side of the hall. Swiftly run over and take him out.
There is some ammo for the taking.

Head down the hallway to the south. At the end is a guard moving east to west
on the bottom area of the deck. Stick in the shadows in the little gap in the
wall a little north of the bottom hallway. The guard should walk right next
to you. Quickly hold him up and do what you wish. Stuff the body in the nearby
locker. Speaking of which, that locker has some Medicine.

Go to the end of the bottom hallway, but don't turn the corner. There is a
guard right there. Instead, wait until he turns and hold him up. Do whatever
floats your boat.

Head north. There is a guard at the northern hallway. Wait for him to walk
away then run into the room to the left down that hall. There is some M4 ammo,
but no M4 yet. Head up the stairs.

-----Deck-C Crew's Quarters-----

Guards: 1
Items: Thermal Goggles

There is a single guard down this hallway. Wait for him to walk down your way
then walk back the opposite direction. Take him out. Be careful, there is a
security camera directly above the hall you are in. Shoot it out. There are
two more down the other end of the wall. Send them packing too.

Run to the end of the hallway and you can pick up some Thermal Goggles. Now
go back and head up the stairs.

-----Deck-D Crew's Quarters-----

Guards: 3
Items: Box 1
       AKS-74u Bullets

Go south and then to the east then north and into the store room. There is
a single guard napping here. Avoid him or take him down, whatever suits you.
Now snatch the Box 1 here and head back out. Now head back out to the hall
and go back toward where you entered. Peak into the room to the west, the
dining hall.

There are two guards here which basically patrol parallel to each other. When
they start walking away, quickly dispatch one of them. You can use a book if
you want too. In any case, take care of them for now. Head into the kitchen to
pick up some AK ammo. Now head out the door in the lower righthand corner.
Watch out for the camera when you do. Now head up the stairs right outside


Hey, it's Meryl. Save if you want to. It looks like your new destination is
the holds.

-----Deck-E, The Bridge-----

Guards: 0
Items: Ration

Grab the Ration directly left of Snake. Now head back downstairs.


Guards: 3
Items: None

Hey, guess what? All the guards are back. Swell, huh? Head right from where
you come in. Now CRAWL north down the hallway. Notice that load of C4? Cross
this field and it'll be cajun Snake for dinner. Head to the left and back


Guards: 1
Items: None

Luckily, the security cameras are still out. The soldier patrolling should
walk right by you as you enter, so just run to the left and down the stairs.


Guards: 4
Items: None

Head north and down the hallway. The guard is gone up here. Now head south a
little. There is a guard in the area to the right. If you want, you can just
run straight for the door to the south. He shouldn't have time to put the
enemy on Alert before you get in.


Guards: 3
Items: None

There is two soldiers patrolling the northern part of the room, and one to the
east down the hall. I suggest running down the stairs and to the hallway to
the west. Wait down here and one of the guards will approach. Wait until he
turns and run over and grab him. Drag him down the western area and finish him

Now you can just run up and take out the other guard to the north, or avoid him
completely. In any case, peak down the end of the hallway to the east. There
is a single guard there. Run over and take him out when he's not looking. The
boxes barring the Engine Room are now gone, so head down the stairs and into
the Engine Room

-----Engine Room-----

Guards: 5
Items: Pentazimin
       Night Vision Goggles
       M9 Bullets
       PSG-1 Bullets
       PSG-1 T

When you enter the area, run down the hallway to the north. There is Pentazimin
and NVG in the room at the end. Now go back and through the door nearby to the

There is a guard on the platform below. Wait until he walks to the north and
jump over the railing and get the jump on him. If at all possible, knock him
off the edge into the abyss. No body, no problems.

On the level below there is yet another soldier. You can jump the railing
again and get the jump on him. In the righthand corner in the shadows is a
PSG-1. Now head down the stairs to the left to the ajacent platform.

North on this platform are M9 Bullets. Head south and to the left. Don't go
up the stairs yet, there is sometimes a guard looking around across the way.
Wait until he's gone then go up the stairs. If you want, it's pretty loud in
here so you can do some sniping and take out the guards. One is on the platform
on the opposite side of the room, and another is on the platform just above
that. Choose the COA that suits you, but I suggest sniping them.

In either case, head over to the bottom platform on the far left side. It's
the one with the big container in the middle. There are some PSG-1 Bullets here
and a M9 under the big container. You'll have to crawl under the container to
get to them. Sorry I didn't make that clear. Run back and get the M9 bullets if 
you want.

After that, head up the two flights of stairs to the north and go through
the door at the end of the 3rd level platform.

Now head north to the small room at the end of the hallway. There is a PSG-1 T
behind the locker on the left side. Don't go any further north, there is a
SEMTEX trap. You're gonna have to shoot out the control switches. One is on top
of the transform thing to the right of the hall. Now move forward past the
deactivated lasers. You'll see the second one on a fuse box to the right. Head
forward some more. The last is on the box on the left, just past the C4.
Carefully take it out then proceed through the door.

-----Deck-2, Port-----

Guards: 0
Items: USP. Surpressor

Head north from here. In the second side area to the right is a USP Surpressor.
Equip it on the USP. Keep running along the long hallway and go through the
door to the east.

-----Deck-2 Starboard-----

Guards: 0
Items: AKS-74u Bullets
       M9 Bullets
       M4 Bullets x2

There is some AK ammo right ahead of you along with M9 and M4 bullets up
ahead. Head south and go left at the first chance. There is some Pentanzimin.
Continue going south. Equip your rations.


You might wanna save. Equip your USP and Rations immediately.

-----Deck-2 Starboard Shootout-----

Guards: 10
Items: None

Ah, crap. Like on SOL, you've got to fight a load of guards here. Stand in
front of the crate ahead of you and go into 1st person. Duck and pop up after
an enemy fires and try to lay a slug into his head, heart, or groin (ouch.)

Try and take the jackass behind the crate out as quickly as possible. He tends
to lob grenades. If you run low on USP ammo, run south and pick some up. After
you take out most of the guards standing around and shooting, a few seconds
later three will try to bum rush you. Stand next to the crate and head shot
them all as they walk in a nice, single file line.


Save if you wish. Looks like Meryl is screwing you over. Equip your rations
and AK immediately following the scene.

-----Deck-2 Port Shootout-----

Guards: Infinite
Items: Stun Grenade
       USP Bullets x3
       Ration x2
       AKS-74u Bullets

Well ****. There are infinite guards here so you're gonna have tear through,
guns blazing. Waste the first two guards in front of you and pick up the items.
Now take out your AK and start run and gunning down the hallway. None of these
guards have armor, so they should get cut down real easy like. There is another
ration and USP bullet box half way down the hallway.

There is an M4 at the corner of this hall. Equip it if you run out of AK ammo.
Just keep running and shooting until the end of the hall. Quickly open the door
and get out of this hell hole.

Halo 26 writes:

At the hall with an infinite amount of soldiers (Deck-2 Port 
Shoot out), there is a way to get past this that is very simple. (You're 
gonna need a box for this.) First, clear all the guards in front of you 
until you get to the bend with a USP pickup. Say there! The USP ammo respawns 

Go into first person mode and face south. Take out all the guards that 
you can see. Eventually it gets to the point where the guards start 
pouring from beyond your viewpoint and take some time to get to you. When this 
happens, get in your box and hide in a crevice or something(I don't 
think you really have to hide anywhere, just stay in the box). Eventually, 
the alert mode will turn into an evasion and then into a caution. When 
it's at caution, run to the end, there shouldn't be any guards left.


Save if you want. Looks like you're heading for the bridge...again.

-----Engine Room-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

Make use of your M9 and PSG-1 T and silently take out everyone from a distance
Return to the opposite side of the engine room and back into Deck-A.


Guards: 3
Items: M4 Bullets

With the M9 or USP, take out the guards from a safe distance. You can run
to the west and snag the M4 bullets at the bottom of the stairs if you need
'em. Head to Deck-B.


Guards: 4
Items: M4 Bullets

Silenced weapons are great, no? Take out the guards to the north and head
to Deck-C. Snag the M4 bullets behind the staircase as well.


Guards: 1
Items: None

Don't even waste bullets on this loser. Just run straight up the stairs.


Guards: 3
Items: None

Run to the right and equip your USP. With the silencer, you can now take out
the control device for the SEMTEX without fear of Alert. Head up to the


Last savepoint of the mission. You should probably use it. Seems like Solid
Snake's snake wasn't so solid. Boss time!

D. Boss

Boss: Meryl Silverburgh
Difficulty: Easy
Best Weapon: M9

You've got two options here, each effect your ending. You can go all out and
gun Meryl down with your big guns, or tranq her with the M9. I'll let you
guess which leads to the bad and which the good...

This fight is basically Olga with Meryl's character model. She even has the
same sounds as Olga.

Your first order of business should be to shoot out the light and shoot the
attachments to the tarp in the middle of the area. That way, Meryl can't use
them to handicap you.

Meryl basically runs around the area and tries to shoot you. She hides behind
the locker to the bottom left, the crates to the bottom right, and the
materials at the top. If you hide for too long, she'll toss a grenade where she
thinks you are. It's easy for her to lose track of you. When she isn't looking,
just roll to the opposite side of where she's shooting. Try to aim for the
head when shooting her.

Don't try to shoot in between the gap in the crates on Snake's side. She'll
always toss a grenade in or shoot you.

Also, you can launch stun grenades to take her down easily. I think you still
have to finish her with the M9. But grenades make the fight almost too easy.

There isn't much to this fight, really.

Best Ending: Use the M9 to defeat Meryl
Bad Ending:  Use any lethal weapons to defeat Meryl

Congrats, the Metal Gear Solid Theme guitar remix during the credits is pretty
nifty. Now on to probably the easiest Snake Tale.


VII. D e a d   M a n   W h i s p e r s


A. Introduction

A training exercise involving Navy SEALS and Dead Cell has gone to hell. Solid
Snake, who was under the guise of JG Pliskin, must stop Vamp from his murderous
rampage on the Big Shell.

B. Initial Settings

Character: Pliskin Snake

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Strut F Warehouse

Equipment: AP Sensor
           USP (Empty)
           M4 (Empty)

C. Walkthrough

-----Strut F warehouse-----

Guards: 3
Items: None

You start out in the large room in the northern part of the bottom of Strut F.
All your weapons are dry of ammo, so you're gonna have to resort to breaking
necks and holding people up. Immediately head straight out to the main area.
There is a guard here. Avoid him or break his neck. In either case, run out
the door to the southwest.

-----FA Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: Bandage

There are two guards here. One on each set of stairs between the top and bottom
platforms. They both walk up the stairs, walk to about a quarter way to the
center of the top platform, then walk back and down the stairs and look toward
the south. I suggest taking out the closest guard by holding him up and
breaking his neck. Avoid the other guard and grab a Bandage at the end of the
bottom platform if you want. Head upstairs and through the door at the end
to enter Strut A.

-----Strut A, Pump Facility-----

Guards: 2
Items: Bandage x2

There are two guards right to the left of your position. The one toward the
top of the screen can be ignored, but run over and break the one in the
middle's neck. Just leave him in the middle of the area so the other guard
doesn't see.

The lockers on each side have a Bandage in each. Get them if you feel the need.
Head to the northwest out the door.

-----AB Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

There is a guard patrolling on both sides of the bridge. Pick one and knock him
out or kill 'em. Just avoid the other and run into the next Strut.


Save if you want. Looks like we're heading to Strut D.

-----Strut B, Transformer Room-----

Guards: None
Items: M4 Bullets
       USP Bullets

Head up the stairs and to the transformer. You should see some M4 Bullets. Go
north and collect Rations and USP Bullets from the lockers. Now head through
the nearby door.

-----BC Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cypher: 1
Items: Chaff Grenades

There is a single guard here. You should really just take aim and cap him.
Quickly pick-up the Chaff Grenades from the broken platform and run north
before the Cypher spots you.

-----Strut C, Dining Hall-----

Guards: 2
Items: USP Bullets
       Stun Grenades

Run straight ahead to the room on the left: The Men's Bathroom. Take a piss and
grab some USP Bullets from the righthand stall. Now be a perv and take a trip
into the other bathroom: The Woman's! The two middle stalls contain a Bandage
and Stun Grenades.

Now for some guard disposal. There is one soldier at the end of the hallway.
Forget him for now. Instead, peak into the dining hall and scope the location
of the soldier in there. Take him out any way you want. Now look under the
table going vertical on the left side. It's an M9! Score. Can you tell I like
the M9? Well, take care or avoid the other guard and run through the door
to the northeast.

-----CD Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Items: None

Directly east of you, farther down the bridge, there is a soldier patrolling.
When he reaches the middle of the bridge, he looks down below for a few
seconds. This is your chance to either take him out or run by him.

Don't go rushing in to the area leading to Strut D. There is a security
camera in here. Shoot it out and proceed.


Save if you like. You need to go to Strut E now.

-----Strut D, Material Distribution Facility-----

Guards: 3
Items: Bandage
       M4 Bullets

Directly in front of you are two terrorists. Quickly knock them out with the
M9. Now head to behind where you entered and pick up a bandage. By the two
sleeping beauties is a Ration. Now go over to behind the stairs on the other
side of the Strut and pick up some M4 ammo. Well, head up to the nearby door.

-----DC Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Items: Ration

This is simple. There is one guard nearby, but he's probably down below as you
come in. Wait a few seconds and tranq him when he comes up the stairs. Now
go down to the lower level. Avoid the guard that is patrolling the opposite
stairs and run the end of the bridge's bottom. You'll get your hot little hands
on some Rations and Grenades.

Now avoid that pesky guard and head to Strut E.

-----Strut E, Parcel Room-----

Guards: 3
Items: M4 Bullets

When you enter, look south and go in 1st person. Tranq the guard you see at
the end of the hall. Now wait here a moment and look east. Take this guard
the same way. Now run south where the 1st guard was. Ignore the guard near
the entrance. He reports in and we don't want trouble.

Watch out for the security camera here. Toss a Chaff Grenade and run around
to the middle of the area. You'll find M4 bullets here and some grenades under
the conveyor belt to the north. Now quickly run back to where the 1st guard is
resting and go down the stairs. Head right and through the door.

There is a ration in the upper part of this room. Grab it then go south and
open the hatch there.


Save yadda, yadda. Now you are in Strut L.

-----Strut L, Sewage Treatment Facility-----

Guards: 2
Items: None

As soon as you begin, run forward a bit and hold up the guard right outside
the room. Grab him and pull him back into the small room to finish him off.
Now sneak over and take out the other terrorist as well. Head through the door
to the north.

-----KL Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 2
Cyphers: 3
Items: Chaff Grenade
       M9 Bullets
       M4 Bullets
       USP Bullets

First off, tranq the guard directly north of you. When his comrade comes to
check him, give him more of the same. Now either toss a Chaff Grenade or shoot
down the Cypher here. Run all the way across to the other side and pick up
some valuable M9 ammo.

Before you head to Shell 2 Core, go in 1st person and look at the Shell 2 core.
There is a guard on top. Gun him down before proceeding. There are M4 and USP
Bullets on the way. Enter Shell 2 Core.


You know the drill. Looks like you need a Nikita.

-----Shell 2 Core-----

Guards: 0
Items: USP Bullets
       Stun Grenades

Head out into the main hall. Don't go north unless you want some KFC Snake.
Instead go south down the stairs. There is USP ammo on the crate ahead. M9
ammo stalks in the shadows near the next staircase.

Go north then take the 1st left up here. There's your Nikita along with some
Stun Grenades. Go back into the hallway and head north. M4 bullets are in
the small room to the right. Go east to the end of the hallway. More M4 ammo
and Grenades. Nice. Now head back to where the stairs were.

Equip the Nikita and grab the bullets nearby. This is a bit tricky, but follow
my instructions: Get on the crate nearby and shoot a Nikita into the vent.

-Turn right, left, left, left, right.

The missile is now in a large, dark room. Turn right and aim for the next vent
on the wall.

-Turn right and the end then speed straight ahead into the Control Panel thing
in the left corner.

The missile speeds up when it's not turning. Let it speed up at every straight
away, you'll need it.

With that done, go to the electrified floor, now deactived, and go inside.


Save if you so desire. Looks like B1 is the final destination.

-----Shell 2 Core-----

Guards: 0
Items: USP Bullets
       Stun Grenades

To the right are USP Bullets. There is a small vent in the southern wall.
Crawl in to retrieve some Stun Grenades. Now head to the elevator you passed


This is the final savepoint. Boss time after this.

D. Boss

Boss: Vamp
Difficulty: Medium
Best Weapon: Anything

Bisexual vampire fight time. Stay on the southern side of the room for this
fight. First, shoot out all the lights on the sides of the area. This way, Vamp
can't do his shadow binding attack (you are basically frozen in place.)

You can't auto-target Vamp, so you have to go into first person. Like with
Fatman and Meryl, you can Tranq him or kill him. It's all up to you.

At the beginning of the fight, Vamp stands up on water in the middle of the
room and bows. Don't be so curtious and shoot him in the head. He then has
several tactics.

After you hit him, he usually swims around in the water for a while. You can
toss grenades in or shoot with your M4 if you want.

Vamp will sometimes walk along the railings on the top level slowly. He's
invincible when he's glowing, but he'll stop glowing and toss a knife. When he
stops glowing and comes to the end of the rail, quickly shoot him in the head
and duck under his knife. After he does that two or three times, he'll jump
on a railing and start spinning. When he does this, run to the side where he
will end up after he crosses the rail. He'll toss a bunch of knives and then
pose for a moment. Shoot him when he does.

Sometimes Vamp will walk on the platform you are on very slowly and glow. If
you try to shoot him, he'll dodge and jump to the other side of the platform.
When he dodges the second time, he'll jump right behind you and try to slash
you. He waits a good two seconds to do it, so you should either shoot or run.
He usually tries to slash you twice.

Vamp also does a single knife toss, but doesn't stop to walk. You have to be
quick when he does this, because he jumps immediately after throwing the knife.

Another tactic he has is jumping out of the water and running full speed at
you. He isn't glowing so shoot his pale ass. He'll jump and hold unto the side
of the wall you are near when he does this. Quickly plug before he slashes you.

After he gets a bit injured, Vamp will start tossing three knives. Two will be
at head level, while the third will be a second later aimed at your feet. Duck
and sidestep the knives if you are quick enough.

When he is really hurting, he'll start jumping around and throwing a cluster
of knives. Break out the M4 and gun them down along with him if your going to
kill him. Otherwise dodge by ducking and quickly try to shoot him.

Well, good luck.

Mike Hamlin has a handy trick to beating Vamp:

Start off by shooting Vamp with your M9 (this trick will drain his 
stun gauge). While Vamp is swimming, lean up against a railing and wait. As 
soon as Vamp jumps out of the water, hang over the railing. Instead of jumping 
around everywhere, Vamp will simply walk up and try to slash your hands. When 
he stoops over, climb back up (you are invincible while climbing up) and nail 
him with your punch punch kick combo. The kick sends him back in the water, so 
just rinse and repeat.

You might need to have full life, otherwise you can't hang on the railing long 
enough. Or you can level up your grip gauge but it will take a while.

Best Ending: Use the M9 to defeat Vamp.
Bad Ending: Use lethal weapons to defeat Vamp.

Well, congrats once more. Only one more Snake Tale to go. But this one is
very, very bizarre and quite funny.


VIII. E x t e r n a l   G a z e r


A. Introduction

Wacked out adventures in VR and quantum physics with a little bit of drug
use added by the writers. Solid Snake must repair a dimensional rip and stop
Solidus Snake from destroying the universe. Not to mention there is a giant
soldier on the lose. No, I'm not making this crap up.

B. Initial Settings

Character: Solid Snake

Difficulty: Hard

Location: AB Connecting Bridge

Equipment: AP Sensor

Note: Your equipment isn't really consistant in this chapter.

c. Walkthrough

-----AB Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 0
Items:  None

This Snake Tale is really weird. It jumps around a lot in parts. Right now
just go to the bridge and go along the upper part of it. What the hell!?


No real need to save. You are now in a VR Mission.



Defuse all bombs!
The sound the bombs make may give
you clues about their location

TIME LIMIT: 10 min 00 sec

You can just quit this if you want and the game continues. Ditto if you die and
don't continue. But let's just do it for now.

You are in the engine room of the tanker. Go out to the main area. There is a
guard directly below you. Hop the rail and take out his ass, Mario style. Use
the M9 on him for good measure. Now head to the nearby staircase. Go halfway
down then bust out your Coolant. You should see the bomb to the right. Freeze
it up. Now tranq the guard at the bottom of the stairs and go to the platform
on the other side.

You want to head to the small room on the north side of the top level. There
are two guards you should knock out. Now just head into the small room and
go all the way down the hall that usually has SEMTEX. You'll find the bomb
to the left of the door. Mission Complete!


Save if you want. Another VR Mission coming up.



Take out all enemies and get to the goal!
The enemy shogun is powerful.
Be very careful!

Time Limit: 5 min 00 sec
Enemies: 8

Same as before, you don't have to complete this to continue.

Wait in the small hall you are in for a guard to walk by. Run over and break
his neck. Now go south and wait at the corner. There is another guard in the
locker room. Wait for him to turn around the snap his twig too. Now rush
outside and grab the guard standing there. Pull him toward the locker room and
off him too.

There are two more guards down this hallway. Head shot both of them then head
north. There are three more guards in the northern part of this area. Cap 'em
all and grab the ammo. Now head back to the guard. It's the small hall to the
left on the western hall. Good job, Snake!


Yeah, save or whatever. Looks like you're going back to monster hunting. You
are now at the CD Connecting Bridge.

-----CD Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Items: None

There is a single guard here. He walks to the middle of the bridge then looks
down. Run over and kick his ass or something when he does. Then enter Strut C.

-----Strut C, Dining Hall-----

Guards: 2
Items: Ration
       Chaff Grenades
       M9 Bullets

Strut C, it's been a while since I've seen you. Not really, actually... Anyway,
there is a terrorist patroling the dining hall area. Knock him out or kill him.
Under the vertical table on the right side is a ration. Now head south and
take out the guard patrolling. The men's bathroom has Chaff Grenades in the
righthand stall. The woman's bathroom has M9 bullets in the 3rd stall. Head out
of here.

-----BC Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: 1
Cypher: 1
Items: None

Well, there is no way to take out the Cypher, so toss a Chaff. After you do,
knock out the terrorist standing watch ahead. Keep going forward to the next

-----Strut B, Transformer Room-----

Guards: 2
Items: M9 Bullets
       Stun Grenades

Immediately switch to 1st person and knock out the terrorist ahead. Now head
into the transformer room and quickly take out the other terrorist. Head back
to the lockers you passed and pick up some M9 ammo from the middle one. Now
head down to the node and collect some Stun Grenades.


Save. Don't save. Whatever. Time to take some pictures

-----AB Connecting Bridge-----

Guards: Umm...I guess 1
Items: Ration

What. The. Hell. Ehem...you've got to take a picture of that thing. Run to
the side it's on and equip the Camera. When it roars, quickly zoom in and take
a snapshot as it dives out of the water. There will be a sound and Snake will
say "good" when you've done it.

-----AB Connecting Bridge Shootout-----

Guards: A lot
Items: None

Crap, crap, crap. A lot of pissed off jerks and you've only got an M9. Equip
your rations right away. Now take a stun grenade and toss it toward the guards
on one side. When it explodes, run past them (they disappear when knocked out)
and take refuge in one of the small areas leading to a Strut. Now take out the
M9 and headshot every guard that comes your way. You'll probably get worked
once or twice, and still be in bad shape when you do succeed. But don't worry,
you'll have full health the next part.

Once you take out the guards, Olga strolls out.


Saving is a good idea. Now the story gets really weird.


Gurlugon? I liked Genola better. Well, guess you're gonna have to fight this

-----VS Gurlugon-----

Guards: Umm...1 I guess
Items: Tons of guns and ammo. They respawn too.

Whoa, buddy! It's time to fight a ten story tall soldier. There are too ways
of besting him. A hard one, and a ridculously easy one. Let's start with the
hard way:

Run around and grab the various weapons. Now take the Stinger and aim it at
one of the targets on Gurlugon's body. When you hit it, he's body will come
apart a bit and reveal a target like in the VR Missions. Shoot the target
with the PSG-1 or M4 and destroy it. This will damage Gurlugon. Destroy all
the targets to kill him.

Gurlugon has two attacks. One is a yellow ring sort of thing. It acts like
Vamp's shadow binding attack and makes you stay in place. His second attack,
a follow up to the first, is a laser blast from his eyes.

Now, I guess you wanna know the easy way? Huh? Okay, I guess I'll be nice.

Run to the crates where the Stinger is and go up against them. Now wait there
for a moment. Gurlugon will blast the boxes with his laser eyes. You might get
hurt, but don't worry. Inside this box is a Book. Go up to Gurlugon and place
the book down and stand near it. Let him blast you with his freeze ray. When
he goes to follow up with eye lasers, he will notice the mag. He'll then start
dancing about and finally die from a nosebleed. Umm...yeah...


Well, that was different. Save if you want to avoid more lunacy. Now things
get even stranger. Time for some more VR Missions.



Get to the goal without being discovered!
Predicting enemy behavior and making
use of INTRUSION is key to completion

TIME LIMIT: 2 min 20 sec.

Bah...you have to complete this one. From the start, immediately run right
and get behind the corner to the far right. A guard will come nearby but won't
see you. Wait until that guard and the one near him aren't looking. Run up
and kill the 1st guard then quickly crawl into the space near him. Go straight
along here and you'll come out at the goal.





Destroy all targets and head to the goal!
The orange targets explode
when destroyed. They can be used to
destroy nearby targets.

You HAVE to score 2nd place and above in this mission to proceed. My only
advice is to keep the combo going. Quickly aim for the orange targets and don't


*Insert tape of me saying to save if you want*



Take out all enemies and get to the goal!
Taking them out by jumping back up
from HANGING or jumping down on the is effective.

Wait a second from where you are and let the guard below come near the
platform. Jump down below and knock him out. Grab the M9 while you're at it.
Now head back up the stairs and eliminate the guard on the bridge to the north.

Now quickly wax the guard further down to the northeast of the upper platform
before he sees you. From your vantage point, you can easily take out the two
guards down below. Now run to where the third guard was and jump the rail to
the goal.


*Insert tape of me saying to save if you want*



Get to the goal without being spotted by
the enemy or surveillance camera.
The mission will be terminated
if you are discovered.
Right below the camera is a blind spot.

TIME LIMIT: 2 min 40 sec

Immediately from the start, run up the stairs and equip your USP. Shoot out
the two cameras directly north through the gap in the wall. Now switch to the
M9 and knock out the guard that should come into view in a moment.

Run north now to where the guard you just knocked out is. There is another
soldier a little north. He turns from east to west. Wait until he isn't
looking, then run behind and hold him up. Take him down then run north to the


Solidus is getting pissed and condemns you to a horrible fate. Assuming the
role of Raiden!

-----Raiden VR-----

Umm...yeah. Just quit this VR Mission to progress in the game. You can complete
it and you'll get some pretty funny cutscenes between missions, but you can't
continue until you quit VR. I'm not really sure how many VR missions there are
with Raiden, and frankly; I really don't care.


Yeah, it's boss time. Well, one of them at least...

D. Boss

Boss: Metal Gear RAY
Difficulty: Hard
Best Weapon: Stinger

Well, time to take on some bipedal death machines. Immediately grab the Stinger
and ration before doing anything. To hurt RAY you need to shoot a missile into
its leg (one of the two bottom targets on them.) Then follow up with another
missile into it's mouth (the top target.)

The RAY untils have several attacks while off the platform:

- Machineguns: RAY will go into a position where one of it's arms are
positioned forward. It will then shoot its guns horizontally along the ground
where you are positioned. Just run backwards to avoid it. You can probably
shoot its leg with a Stinger before it hits you.

- Long range missiles: RAY will stand still and fire three missiles into the
air. Like the battle with the Harrier, you will hear a beeping before it hits.
Run in one direction (not near a border) and you should avoid them. You can
probably hit a hit on RAY before the missiles fall from the sky if you are

If RAY jumps on the platform, it utilizes some different attacks (though it
still uses the machinegun.)

- Homing missiles: RAY will shoot two homing missiles, one from each leg, at
you. Run forward and to the right or left to avoid them. This is kinda a pain
in the ass to avoid, but trying rolling when they are about to hit to get
some distance.

- Laser: If you are close to RAY, it might try to use its laser. If you are
really close, odds are you're screwed unless you immediately run to the right
or left. If you do manage to avoid it, shoot a missile at RAY's head. The weak
point is already exposed, so no need for shooting the leg.

- Stomp: If you are underneigh RAY, it can stomp on you. If it does, you're
dead. That should teach you for running under several ton war machines.

You're gonna have to fight quite a few of RAY units. Close to a dozen or so.
Just be use the quick change well and you should be okay.


Final savepoint before the end. Save if you want, ya know?

-----VS Solidus-----

Boss: Solidus Snake
Difficulty: Hard
Best Weapon: Unarmed

I bet Snake wouldn't be saying he isn't a fan of blades right now. You're going
to have to defeat Solidus with just your bare hands. If you've done Boss
Survival with Snake, then you know what to expect here. Anyways, there are
rations on opposite ends of the Federal Hall roof. Grab them and equip.

Solidus has two stages he goes through. They both have different attacks to
them. The 1st stage is when he has his "snake arms."

- Trip: Solidus will trip you using his snake arms. Either run away from him
or quickly roll over the attack to avoid it.

- Snake arm strike: Solidus yells shoots his snake arm forward to try and hit you.
Just run to the up or down to avoid it. If you're quick you can get a combo on
him in.

- Choke: Solidus will grab you with his snake arms and hold you off the ground.
Quickly mash the buttons to escape otherwise he slams you into the ground.

- Wall jump: Solidus leaps off the tall building to the right of Federal Hall.
It's pretty easy to see this coming. Just run away from him to avoid it. It has
a bit of a recovery delay, so try to do some damage on him.

- Missiles: Solidus shoots three missiles out of his Snake arms. Run forward
and above or below Solidus to avoid the attack. You can also run to the edge
of Federal Hall then climb back up. During the falling and climbing animation,
you are invincible.

- Sword slash: Solidus will to three sword slashes. They aren't consecutive,
there is about a second long delay between attacks. If you avoid the 1st part,
you can probably get a hit on him before he follows up.

- Downward swipe: Solidus will do a powerful downward slash with his swords.
When he is about to do this, Solidus will hold both swords above his head and
energy will gather into them. It takes about a second or so to attack and has
a bit of a delay, so avoid it and attack.

- Three hit combo: Solidus basically does the entire sword slash attacks, but
consecutively. If you get hit by the first attack, you'll get hit by all three.
However, if you miss, there is a big delay after the attack. Take the shot.

- Kick to the face: If Solidus blocks several of your attacks, he's likely to
boot you in the face. Just a warning.

- Dash: Solidus will rocket across the area. If you get caught on fire by the
trail he leaves, quickly roll a few times to put yourself out.

Get Solidus' health down to about a third and he'll get rid of his snake arms.
In this stage, Solidus tend to jet around the area a lot before attacking, so
be careful of fire. Solidus maintains most of his non-snake arm attacks in
this stage, so I'm not going to repeat them.

- Dash strike: Solidus jets around three times then rockets right in front of
you and attacks with his sword or elbows you in the face. I suggest falling
over the edge of Federal Hall when he is on his third dash. He'll say "over
here" before going in to attack.

- Single dash strike: Solidus will say something then dash right in front of
you for a three hit combo or an elbow to the face. This is easier to avoid by
running above or below him.

- Multi Dash Strike: When nearly dead, Solidus will dash around all over the
area before attacking you. Just fall of Federal Hall and climb up to avoid it.

Keep it up and attack whenever possible and you should down Solidus after
some time.

There is only one ending for this Snake Tale. Congratulations! You've completed
the Snake Tales missions. Now jam out to the Commandant Speech Remix. o_O


IX. F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s


Any questions you might have will go here. Mail me some more if you want.

Q: Do the Snake Tales have anything to do with the main game storyline?
A: Nope, not a damn thing.

Q: What do you get for completing all the Snake Tales?
A: Much like the VR Missions, nothing other than the satisfaction of beating

Q: What is the M9 used for when you complete a mission?
A: It can be used to obtain a different ending for certain Tales, not to
mention making the game easier.

Q: Can you help me with...
A: Look in the FAQ. If it's not there, AND BE SURE IT'S NOT THERE, then fine.

Q: I have a better way to do *insert something*.
A: Well, submit it to me and I'll add it in.

Q: If you complete the Snake Tales over again, will you get a different color
for the select screen. Like the rankings in VR Missions?
A: Nope. The missions turning yellow just signifies that you've completed that
particular mission.


X. C r e d i t s


I'd like to take some time to thank the following people:

- Elly
- My friends and family: For obvious reasons.
- CjayC: For hosting my FAQs and operating a great website.
- Everyone at the DBSB
- Benjamin Willbery: Missing items info
- Philip "Tooner" McCabe: Tips
- Mike Hamlin: Tips
- Halo64: Tips
- StrifeSnake: Tips
- Whoever else I've forgotten.
- And you for reading this damn thing.


XI. C o p y r i g h t   N o t i c e


This document can and should be found only at:


If I find it anywhere else without permission, you're gonna die (within the
next 80 years).

I took a long time making this FAQ. If I find you steal it, I might have to
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This FAQ was solely intended for the public use on the www. It cannot be
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notice of the author.  Any violation of this code will result in harsh and
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This FAQ is only to be used by the public itself and cannot be sold.
Revisions of this FAQ are only to be done with notice of the author before
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appears in due credit. This document may NOT be used for sales and
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without facing court charges. Doing so will bring about damages in terms of
law, whether the punishment be civil or criminal law. In other words:

This document is copyright Ryan Kelly; 2003. All rights reserved.

Metal Gear, Snake, and all locations and concepts are copyright Konami
Computer Entertainment. All rights reserved.


XII. C l o s i n g   a n d   C o n t a c t   I n f o


     Contact Info



Feel free to contact me if you have a question, comment, want to use this
FAQ on your site (see copyright), or have a correction. But first, follow
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Please observe these guidelines and there is a good chance you'll get responds
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Well, this is the end of the road. If your still reading...your weird. Go
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