PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Save Game File06/10/05amh714246K
At Dudleys house with $99,999 as a waiter.
Save Game File06/11/05amh714247K
At Dudleys party house with max money as a bit player.
Save Game File06/15/05amh714253K
Live in Malcoms mansion with max money as a Broadway Star
Save Game File06/13/05amh714250K
Married to Pamela with max cash as a TV Star
Save Game File06/12/05amh714246K
Moved in with Becky with max money as a B-Movie Star

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

Save Game File03/28/06not-a-memory139K
Start game with lots of cash and a good house
Save Game File08/04/07Shiv29139K
Start with lots of money and a mansion

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