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All I needed, a SECOND meaningless life! 01/20/03 bobspid
Better than the PC!!!!!!!!! 01/15/03 boxcar182
A Perfect remake of the best game for PC on a console 06/26/03 CAHowell
The Sims is Unleashed on Home Consoles- A good thing!? 05/30/04 captaincouch
Not very new, but still very good 01/16/03 CountdownVamp25
I hated the PC version, but The Sims for PS2 rocks 01/20/03 DxRpKY
Finally, a good simulation game for PS2 02/15/03 Edge107
Warning: More addicting than crack! 01/31/03 Fett II
The Sims have been brought to the PS2 01/16/03 ff7freak06
Bigger. Better. Brace Yourself...The Sims are Back! 01/24/03 hUrLeYmAtT2002
There's no denying that this game should have been closer to its PC namesake. 04/16/03 james2
Repetitive and frustrating - PC fans will love it though 02/21/03 jamesbevis2
Not greater than the PC versions, but still good. 02/16/03 Jules Rules
What more can I say about The Sims..... 02/12/03 Lil Lovely Lady
An impressive attempt to copy the great computer game! 03/25/05 ManiacOVG
Ready to play God? 01/20/03 Metalguru
The Sims have arrived on PS2 in a big way! 04/18/05 Muck0 Man
This is a great game, if you haven't played the PC one to death. 01/28/03 omega lionheart
Playing this game was more of a chore than a pleasure 02/06/03 PS2KICKSBUTT
A fun game which could have been so much better..... 01/16/03 SammaeL
SIMultaneously good and fun 01/18/03 Steven Tyler
A Happy Sim Equals a Happier Gamer 02/02/03 Thievius Jubei
Welcome to 2 years ago in 3-D! 01/16/03 TowelBoy
My Sims have more of a life than I do... 01/28/03 Zaku2

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