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Dragon Quarter is a modest RPG that is full of smart ideas and a heartfelt story. 12/17/13 Archmonk Iga
Unique...But Excellent! 02/23/03 Ashley Winchester
A few decent ideas, but still fundamentally flawed. 01/13/04 bearsman6
A daring experiment by Capcom with less than stellar results 12/18/06 darthjulian
Dragon Quarter brings Breath of Fire to a whole new, unprecedented level of challenge and complexity. 07/31/03 DavidK519
This is to the BoF series what Crono Cross was to Crono Trigger. 02/26/03 DragonShadow
The fifth installment of the dismal series leaves you wondering why the bother. 07/16/04 Fein
One of the best RPGs I've played in a while... 02/27/03 HolyLancer9
Breath of Fire V - The Astonishing Sequel 03/08/03 HYD
He will die again and again for a chance to the skies...for her... 04/10/03 imaguy
I like that, you're hired. . . 05/11/03 InfinityZERO
Uniquely Satisfying 02/25/03 lbabinz
Breath of Fire? More like a breath of fresh air. 03/14/05 Lee1
A difficult game, with a few holes, but a solid, great game nontheless. 11/04/03 Matt620
Contrary to the rumors, BoFV is perhaps the greatest, albeit most different, game in the series. 09/07/05 Paltheos
Breath Of Fire took the wrong road 11/14/06 Tricky
Not for everyone but offers a unique experience worth checking out 12/01/05 wolverinefan
Capcom, shockingly enough, deviates from tradition to create a brilliant if misunderstood RPG. 02/24/04 Xythar
Thank you! ...for playing the game to the end! 12/09/03 Z 1
The best of the Breath of Fire series, and one of the best RPG experiences ever. 09/24/07 Zenax

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