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    Scenario Overlay Guide by DeeBlackthorne

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    BREATH OF FIRE V:  DRAGON QUARTER                    Specifications
    Scenario Overlay List                                File Size:  20.0 KB
    by Dee Hill                                          Version:  2.1
      deeblackthorne@gmail.com                           Courier New [10pt]
      http://tidalripper.blogspot.com                    MS Word, Notepad/Wordpad
    For those interested in the story aspect of Dragon Quarter, here is a list of
    scenarioes I came across as I played through the title.  If you would like to
    add to the list, please tell me the number of times you had to reset in order
    to see the sequence, when it came up, and a brief synopsis of what happened.
    Permission for this FAQ to be posted at
    http://www.gamefaqs.com only.
    Free for personal use.  Express written permission required for distribution
    of FAQ in accordance with GameFAQs service requirements.
    All rights reserved, (c) 2004, 2005.
    Revised contact information and made minor edits to some passages.  Added in
    explicit content about the possibility of some SOL scenes appearing in 
    different trigger spots.  Added “Notes” section to cover additional content
    for some scenes.  Added THIRD WALKTHROUGH [FIRST COMPLETION] results, cited
    by Deona Lindholm.
    First edition of walkthrough.
    These events are in no specific order.  As far as I can tell, some scenes are
    "unlocked" depending on how far you get in the prior walkthrough.  
    Accordingly, I have arranged the sequences according to the number of play
    throughs.  For example, the FIRST PLAYTHROUGH will list all the SOL sequences
    I saw after resetting once; the SECOND PLAYTHROUGH will list sequences I saw
    after resetting twice, and so forth.  Note well -- these are only SOL scenes
    (when the red SOL flashes on the screen during a cut scene).
    Also, some scenes may take place at different points in the game.  For 
    example, the scene entitled “Wake Up, Little One” triggered at BioLift 1F on
    my first playthrough.  On my second playthrough, it appeared before the
    introductory sequence.  Please be advised that these discrepancies do exist
    in the game (for whatever reason), and that, at best, I’ll fill in another
    appropriate trigger spot.
    By the way, the titles of the sequences are descriptions I just made up.
    Is this a spoiler-proof file?  I'm afraid not.  If anything, I'm trying to 
    make sense of the story just like everyone else who's playing this game.  I'm
    trying to keep all my characters straight.  Assuming that you made SOME kind
    of progress as you played through the adventure, I don't think I'm telling
    you things that you already didn't know.
    Read at your own risk.
    And to clarify...
      Trigger = where the event takes place in the game
      Scene   = a brief description of the opening of the SOL scene
      Event   = what happens in the SOL scene
      Plot    = the relevance to the story (my opinion of it, anyway)
      Notes   = alternate versions, possible outcomes/reinterpretations of scene
      =  Bosch's Intentions
      =  LowSector Junction
      =  Wake Up, Little One
      =  He's Insane
      =  Premonition
      =  Lin's Premiere
      =  On Opposite Sides
      =  Gasp
      =  Bioengineering
      =  The Operating Table
      =  Conviction
      =  Origin's Orders
      =  Foolishness
      =  Vengeance on Mankind
      =  Stalker
      =  Contemplation
      =  Privileged Communication
      =  The Bloody Child
      =  He Must Die
      =  Affirmation
      =  The Imperative
      =  Prophecy
      =  Threads of Fate
      =  Her
      =  An Old Friend
              --  Thanks to Deona Lindholm [deonal@earthlink.net] for supplying
                  this information.
      =  Guilt
      =  Help Me
              --  Thanks to Robert Torres [snidne@yahoo.com] for supplying this
    Stopping Point:  BioCorp Labs 5F at Frozen Road
    Circumstance  :  I couldn't access the Old Waste Shaft to pick up Lin's LV1
                     skill, "There!"  I forgot about it.  Oops.
    D-Counter     :  14.28%
      Trigger:  Rangers' Meeting with Captain Zeno -- Ranger HQ 2F
      Scene:    Bosch asks if he can speak to Captain Zeno in private.  She
                agrees, and Captan Zeno excuses Ryu from the room.
      Event:    Cut scene to Bosch and Zeno.  Bosch says that his D-ratio is 
                worthy of a high ranking position, and he's tired of doing grunt
                work.  All he needs is something to boost his reputation.  Zeno
                dismisses him from the office.  Bosch gives her a parting smirk,
                "...as long as you understand my position."
      Plot:     Bosch is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success,
                even if it means betraying his former comrade.
      Trigger:  Taking the lift from Ranger HQ to LowSector Junction
      Scene:    Ryu walks ahead of Bosch and stops at the stairs descending into
                the Junction path.  He watches people walk through the corridor.
      Event:    Um... that's it, really.
      Plot:     It's just a glimpse into the way of life for man underground.
      Trigger:  Entrance into Path to BioLift 1F
      Scene:    Nina sits up on an operating table alone.  A doll is sitting to
                her left.  A professor approaches her from the next room.
      Event:    Nina asks what happened to her.  The professor doesn't answer
                her directly.  He only says that, with her help, they'll be able
                to get rid of the underground air pollution in various sectors.
                The professor is very optimistic about his "creation."  Nina is,
                predictably enough, very scared.
      Plot:     When the rangers attempt to kill Ryu in LowSector, she uses her
                powers to purify the poison, which inevitably takes a toll on 
                her body.  A professor "engineered" Nina to become a purifying
                genic; however, as a prototype, she isn't durable.
      Note:     This SOL can also precede the Introduction sequence on a second
                or subsequent walkthrough.
      Trigger:  Exit from Path to BioLift 3F
      Scene:    The commander of Trinity hears about Nina's engineering.
      Event:    He scoffs about this to another officer.  The commander thinks
                the professor is insane for creating the genic.  The officer
                contends that people are dying because of the air pollution,
                and that options to combat this were limited.
      Plot:     The commander eventually hires out Lin to retrieve Nina from
      Note:     In an alternate version, the commander requests Cupid, a purple-
                haired operative of Trinity, if the group would take action.   
                Cupid replies, “You must understand; we only do what we do.”
      Trigger:  After Lin's attack at BioLift Rail  
      Scene:    Ryu sees a shadowy gray figure ahead of him in his dream.
      Event:    The presence tells Ryu that the dragon has chosen him -- a 
                dragon whose powers destroyed the world 1,000 years ago.  He
                must embrace his fate.
      Plot:     Hmm, it seems that Ryu, again, was in the right place at the
                right time.  The dead dragon's soul made contact with him at
                the Genic Accumulator, and now this presence confirms that
                special contact with the dragon.  Much of the adventure will
                focus around Ryu's link to this being.
      Trigger:  Entrance to Old Waste Shaft 2F
      Scene:    Lin meets her commander to discuss a reconnaissance mission.
      Event:    The commander tells Lin that BioCorp has a humanoid -- Nina --
                in captivity.  Lin reacts with shock.  The commander adds,
                "This will show you just how dirty our world has become."
      Plot:     Lin meets Ryu on her mission and joins his team after
                finding him with Nina.
      Trigger:  Exiting Danger Room on Old Waste Shaft 4F
      Scene:    Ryu wants to rest in the bed chamber.  Nina walks ahead to the
                next room and Lin and Ryu sit/lean on the bed.
      Event:    Lin taunts Ryu by asking if he wants to know about Nina's real
                identity, but she confesses that she doesn't know either.  She
                chastizes Ryu for trying to save the people of the underground.
      Plot:     This is one of the preliminary sequences that we see in order
                to learn of Nina's true existence as an experimental genic.
      Trigger:  Defeating the Rogue Rangers in LowSector
      Scene:    Nina trails behind Lin and Ryu, starts coughing, and falls to
                the floor.  Ryu checks on her.
      Event:    Lin learns that Nina's purification mechanics are damaging to
                her body.  She suggests that they escort Nina back to the lab
                to be sure of what happened.
      Plot:     This is another sequence related to Nina's backstory.
      Trigger:  Entrance to CorpLabs 1F
      Scene:    Lin walks down a hall leading to the laboratory.
      Event:    She finds several genic bodies encased in sealed protoplasm
                containers.  She stops in front of one of the vials, aghast
                at the body inside.  She calls the scientists "madmen" for
                creating such a prototype.
      Plot:     Another part of Nina's backstory.  I have to admit, though --
                seeing Nina's body minus the head manufactured in one of 
                these containers was a bit... unexpected.  I thought they
                just glued the wings on her and that was that.  
      Trigger:  Entrance to the Laboratory Room on CorpLabs 3F South
      Scene:    Nina looks into the operating room, triggering a flashback.
      Event:    It seems as if the operation were successful.  Nina is asleep
                on the operating table.  The flashback immediately ends.
      Plot:     This explains why Nina freaks out in the presence of the
                professor.  Strangely enough, if Nina is the main character
                and you talk to the professor, he scolds Nina for being dirty
                and decides to make replaceable ventilators for the next model.
      Trigger:  Exiting Danger Room on Frozen Road 3F
      Scene:    Ryu contemplates Nina's fate as he rests on the floor.  Lin
                stands next to him, listening.
      Event:    Ryu recalls what the professor said concerning Nina's health in
                the underground.  He asks Lin if she thinks Nina is a "thing,"
                and then reestablishes his goal -- to help Nina survive by
                taking her to the sky.  Lin admires his goal, stating that he is
                passionate about saving her, even if such a sky no longer exists
                in this world.
      Plot:     It creates a generic goal of the characters reaching the surface.
      Trigger:  Entrance to IndustOne 1F
      Scene:    A bizarre ranger holds up a card from High Regent Origin.  He
                looks to the partially revealed person across from him and looks
                excited about the assignment.
      Event:    The ranger and his goons willingly take on High Regent Origin's
                assignment -- surely it's to destroy Ryu and his teammates.  The
                scene also reveals a partially revealed young man (?) who serves
                as Origin's messenger.
      Plot:     Zeno failed.  It's time to step things up.  (Trying to find
                other cameo appearances in this game.  The scene features Cupid,
                a Regent, who bears a strange resemblance with Teepo of BoF3.)
      Trigger:  Exiting Danger Room on IndustOne 3F
      Scene:    The Trinity commander sits at his desk, checking in with Lin via
                the radio.
      Event:    It seems this event takes place just after Lin's successful
                assault at the lift train from BioCorp, in which she frees Nina
                from the cargo hold.  Lin's mission seems to sync with Ryu's.
                She believes it's possible that she can save Nina by taking her
                to the surface.
      Plot:     It gives more context to the CONVICTION scene.  Both Ryu and Lin
                have similar goals, thus making them more formidable allies.
      Trigger:  After defeating either Geegagis or Deegon, IndustTwo 2F
      Scene:    One of the Council talks to an unidentified man with red eyes in
                the chambers.
      Event:    The councilperson inquires about the use of the Dark Rangers.
                The mysterious man hesitates, then says that perhaps he enjoys
                seeing mankind writhe in pain in the underground world.  The
                councilperson agrees, noting that the surface world (albeit
                destroyed?) is still "peaceful."  For now, the two agree that it
                is best to wait patiently and keep an eye on Ryu.
      Plot:     Advances the Ryu's dragonhood story.  The man is identified as
                Elyon, the High Regent Origin.
      Trigger:  MidSector Borrough
      Scene:    Ryu, Lin, and Nina are overlooking the flooded pathway into the
                Old TradeSector zone.
      Event:    Lin reassures Nina that there is only a bit farther to go before
                they reach Trinity Headquarters.  Before they embark into the
                tunnel, Lin feels as if she's being watched.  She startles, then
                shirks it off.
      Plot:     Huh?  Who's the guy checking out her tail?  (Corny.)
    Stopping Point:  Geovator Terminal
    Circumstance:    Agh, my D-Counter was way too high after fighting all those
    D-Counter:       91.28%
      Trigger:  Defeating Boss Ant, Old Waste Shaft 6F
      Scene:    The regents are gathered around a table to discuss the fate of
                mankind after the dragon made contact with Ryu.
      Event:    Hortensia tells the other regents of her incomplete vision.  
                She prophesizes that mankind "will grow wings" to reach the 
                surface world once more, but another regent sees that mankind is
                not yet prepared for that level of responsibility.
      Plot:     The regents foresee the eventual challenge that becomes Ryu, for
                he possesses the power that destroyed the world once before.  
                If only they weren't so cryptic with their philosophy would they
                make their apprehensions clear...
      Trigger:  Exiting Danger Room on IndustOne 3F
      Scene:    While Ryu and Nina rest in the hallway, Lin's further down the
                corridor on her underground communicator.  Who is she talking to?
      Event:    Mebeth is on the other end, presumably, asking about the status
                of her mission.  Lin's on her way to Trinity Pit with Nina and
                Ryu, and not surprisingly, her teammates are within earshot.
      Plot:     It's the other half of the conversation -- see FOOLISHNESS above.
      Trigger:  Entering IndustTwo 1F
      Scene:    It's a flashback sequence involving a kid who strangely resembles
                Bosch... let's see.
      Event:    The flashback reveals a frightened little Bosch going up against 
                a Duke Leader.  His father, Vexacion, is encouraging him from the
                sidelines.  After taming his fear, the boy slays the monster and
                screams in joy.
      Plot:     Such encouragement in childhood helped create the present Bosch
                as we know him, a calculating battler who will never cease to
                be the best.
      Trigger:  Exiting IndustTwo 3F
      Scene:    A high ranger hears word of Zeno's death as Bosch comes down the
                hallway of BioCorp.  He's trying to figure out what happened.
      Event:    Bosch is silent and the fellow ranger reprimands him for leaving
                his comrade to die.  Calling him a coward prompts Bosch to lash
                out -- he cuts off his hand!  Impulse notwithstanding, Bosch
                formulates a plan to annihilate Ryu with the help of a certain
      Plot:     Bosch was defeated twice by Ryu and will stop at nothing to repay
                the favor -- in this case, death.  He's certainly a psychotic
                one, isn't he?  In any case, this is the SOL cutscene before the 
                one in which Bosch convinces the professor at BioCorp to implant
                the dragon genic modification inside of him.
      Trigger:  After Speaking with Mebeth, Trinity Pit
      Scene:    Mebeth peers out of his office as Ryu walks away.
      Event:    Another Trinity member questions Ryu's loyalty.  Mebeth defends
                him, saying that he believes Ryu is among the Chosen.
      Plot:     Advances Ryu's dragon storyline.
      Trigger:  Exiting Danger Room on OldSector D (Nina's Medicine Quest)
      Scene:    After defeating the last Garpike, Ryu picks up a green jar.  It
                looks like a medicine of some sort.
      Event:    Lin discloses her mission to Ryu though he seemed well aware of
                it.  Though Lin abducted Nina to save her from BioCorp, she is
                painfully aware that Trinity doesn't have the equipment to save
                her -- their medicine simply postpones her wear and tear.
                She wants to stop the further production of genics like Nina in
                order to avoid senseless death of innocents.
      Plot:     Supplements Lin's origin story.
      Trigger:  Defeating Bosch at Lifeline Top West
      Scene:    Vexacion sits at the regent's table contemplating.
      Event:    Vexacion predicts that Ryu will bring light to the world.
      Plot:     Advances Ryu's dragonhood story.
      Trigger:  Defeating Daemoned on PowerOne Roof
      Scene:    Jezuit and Hortensia are talking to one another inside of the
                Centre.  Jezuit teases her.
      Event:    Hortensia does not believe Ryu is yet strong enough to command
                the light, as she directly refers to his D-ratio.  (Yeah, 
                considering the kid at LowSector LONG ago had a better one...)
                Jezuit believes otherwise and jokingly suggests a friendly
      Plot:     Advances Ryu's dragon storyline -- sets up conclusion.
    Stopping Point:  Completed the game with a ratio of 1/32.
    Circumstance  :  I finished the game.
    D-Counter     :  Inapplicable
      Trigger:  Examine the doll on the operating table in Bio Labs B2.
      Scene:    See THE OPERATING TABLE, First Walkthrough.
      Event:    The scientist and an assistant are conversing off scene as Nina
                sits and kicks her feet at the operating table.  The assistant
                asks if such secrecy is needed for this operation, and the
                scientist responds with, “Secrecy?  That’s one reason… but tools
                don’t need to talk, do they?”
      Plot:     This is a prequel for the bioengineering and Nina storyline.
      Note:     This sequence requires a high ratio for activation.  Deona had
                1/16 when she saw this scene.
      Trigger:  Entrance to IndustTwo 1F
      Scene:    A figure that resembles Ryu walks toward the Odjn skeleton in the
                Genic Processor.
      Event:    This “Ryu” fellow is really the High Regent Origin who approaches
                Odjn, only to be rebuked.  Odjn wittily jabs him by asking if he
                has come to mourn the past.  Origin responds by disappearing (or 
                “melting” away) and Odjn exclaims that he doesn’t have time for
                these games.
      Plot:     The scene refers to the ongoing struggle of the Dragon race.
      Trigger:  Geovator Terminal
      Scene:    Biocorp Labs, showing the Professor who performed the experiments
                on Nina, looking at a few engineering parts.
      Event:    The Scientist seems to be expressing remorse for what he must do,
                but decides to go with it as his 'superiors' believe it will work.
                He regrets having to do what he does by saying,  'After all, even
                low-D's are human beings too.'
      Plot:     This is the origin of Nina's story.  Nina was once a human with a
                low D-ratio. So low in fact, that the Regents didn't believe she 
                was any real use. The seal is the High Regent Origin's which shows
                they had been directly involved with Nina's experiment. The 
                'unfinished' Nina that Lin sees is merely an attempted clone at 
                the project to avoid having to use other low-D's.
      Trigger:  The Battle with Origin
      Scene:    Ryu approaches the skeleton of Odjn the Genic Processor.
      Event:    Ryu now accepts his fate to be taken by the dragon's power. He 
                asks for Odjn's help to free the world and save Nina, saying 'I no
                longer care if I lose my humanity, so long as I can see the sky 
                before my time is over...'
      Plot:     Final advance of Ryu's dragon story.

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