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  1. I'm from the UK (EU) and remember that the game was slightly different here than the US version, like the way you saved the game was different.

    I want to play this game again, can someone remind me what the differences were?

    User Info: icecutter17

    icecutter17 - 9 years ago

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  1. The SoL restore and restart options were removed from the EU release. To "compensate" there are twice as many save tokens. In the US and Japanese versions you can at any time jump back to your previous save point while keeping all party XP you acquired since saving, or return to the start of the game with all items, skills, and party XP. In the EU version you have to complete the entire game before getting the option of returning to the start. This makes the game MUCH harder, and it is very easy to get into situations where it is impossible to win and you'll have to start a new game and lose everything.

    If the option is open to you I suggest importing an American copy of the game.

    User Info: Lainer

    Lainer - 9 years ago 1   0

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