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  • The default high score in the game is 57,300. The score contains "573" which when read out digit-by-digit in Japanese, can be pronounced "Konami". This is referred to as the "Konami number" is spread throughout other Konami games as well.

    Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.


  • This version offered the ability to import edit data from the previous game, Dance Dance Revolution Konamix, into this game's edit library. This means that if you had created a custom step chart for a song that both games share, you could import it directly. You could also export edit data from the library and share it with previous games in the series.

    Future games released on the PS2 would retain this feature.

    Contributed By: TuxedoAlex.


  • This game contained the worldwide home console debut of the Challenge Mode, the franchise's staple hard mode where you're given four lives in a course, and getting anything lower than a "Great" rating causes you to lose them. The course ends immediately once all lives are depleted.

    Dubbed "Oni Mode" for this game, the mode originally debuted in the Japanese arcade version of DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix. Oddly enough, this US-released game was the mode's first home appearance, with six courses to play. The Japanese debut wouldn't come until the following year with the home version of DDRMAX2

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  • DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution was the first version of DDR released on home consoles to contain over 70 songs.

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