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Brings a new meaning to the word "sequel". 07/26/04 BrainSalad23
You'll likely enjoy this mammoth of a game 12/15/04 brutusmuktuk
One of the PS2's Finest RPGs. 04/20/03 ChildofDune
No foreboding clouds on the horizon for this game. 02/27/09 DoomTheGyarados
Dark Cloud 2: 2nd, but not 2nd best. 09/13/05 eeyoreluv
A Delectable Journey For (and Through) the Ages. 12/27/02 Elaine V.
Just incredible 11/07/03 Enygmatic
Suddenly the word RPG feels like nostalgia 07/30/04 Fein
A Shining Example of What RPGs Stand For... 02/24/03 GameSage99
Thumbs-up! 04/24/03 HYD
Nothing Dark about this sequel! 05/05/08 JCash1313
Meet the new hero...and her boyfriend Max. 03/17/03 KasketDarkfyre
A great game has emrged from the dark pit of boredom and despair. 08/23/11 KeyBlade999
Wow... A game that is BETTER than the original! 02/06/07 Komania
A Little Something for Everyone 04/06/03 lbabinz
Whoa! Suprised the Heck outta me! 03/05/03 M A C
In the best tradition of "Soul Blazer" comes a great new RPG 02/20/03 mighty toad
Ingenious. One of the finest Sony games. 12/18/08 party_boy_UK
Dark Clouds Bring Sunny Days.. 04/19/03 PS2JUNKSTA
A PS2 gem plagued by terrible dialogue and mediocre story 06/26/09 Sui89
A great sequel in what has become a great series 07/28/04 The Vic Viper
A game so good I want to own a backup copy...just in case. 01/25/04 tolerance0
Back to the PS2, to look forwards to the future! 07/30/14 Unbridled9
One of the Best Sequels Ever 01/22/04 VincentX
A deluge of pure enjoyment, you will fall in love 08/17/09 Wisbechistan
Better than Dark Cloud in all possible ways, yet not as satisfying 10/15/07 WishingTikal

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