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(Whats griffons real name?) 1
About that secret boss? 3
About the POSTGAME, what I can't and can do? 1
Action Replay Max Spheda Cheat Doesn't Work? 1
After you beat the game can you go back to the finny frenzy in story mode?????? 2
Anyone know anyway to skip the opening video? 1
Can i have some help with this coin please? 1
Can Level up Powder Work on Ride pod parts? 1
Can u Save Game after killing the Dark Genie? 2
Claire is gone!? 1
Dark Cloud 1 save bonus? 1
Glitched Fruit Of Eden Location? 2
how am I suppose to get the camera? 2
How do I get across the drawbridge in Chapter 1? 3
How do I make a fish tank? 3
How do i save saved game files on the ps2? 3
How do I transfer photos from a saved game to a new game? 1
How do I use the cheat codes? 1
How do you type in the cheat codes and where and when? 1
How long is these game ? 10
I need help with money. Anyone got any tips? 1
I was wondering were I could find a Faq for the scoops that lists it in chapter order? 1
In level 5, after u finish the bosses and theyre done tlkin to u and say they want u to go kill griffon where do u go? 2
Is it possible? 2
Is there a car that i can get in this game? 2
Is there a limit to how many fish you can have? 3
Is there a New Game+? 1
Is there a way to fully upgrade weapons with only one gem? 2
Is there an Action Replay code for Medals? 1
Only 20 AR Max codes? 1
Pasword of griffons door?? 1
Pls Help me!!? 1
Ridepod? 4
Selling weapon given by Milane....? 3
Surviving Soildier Scoop? 1
The Point of Recruiting People? 1
Time? 1
Veniccio ghost soldier photo? 1
What are culture points and how do I get them? 3
What are the max stats for the fishing rod and lure rod? 1
what does Pau do for you when you get him in your party? 1
What kind of home Gerald wants to live in? 1
What the best weapons? 5
What's FoE? 1
Where can I find carrot? 3
Where is the search light at luna labs? 1
Where is the Shigura Village? 1
Where to catch these fishes? 5
Where to Find Bruno? 2
Why do enemies of different types get along? 3

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