Monicas outfits?

  1. So, I need serious help finding some of the outfits! :o
    During the game, I like having all of the cute outfits that Monica has. :D
    But recently, I've discovered I don't have much of her accessories or anything, and I've been trying to find a place that sells her stuff, but I can't find them!
    The only hair accessories i have are the kitty bell and the princess orb.
    I have almost all of the outfits. The princess outfit, the starlight outfit, the striped dress, and the pumpkin shorts. But I know where to get the panther outfit and accessories. It's just taking me awhile because I'm not too great at getting medals. And I have almost all of the shoes. I'm not sure which one I'm missing. Anyways. If you can tell me how to get the other accessories, It'd be MUCH appreciated. I've been driving myself insane trying to find the other accessories. (Oh, and I know the yellow ribbon was a default hair accessory. I have no idea what happened to it!)

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    AngieSaur - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Wow. Thanks! :o That helped A LOT. :D I'm pretty far into the game, I'm on the boss after the Moon Flower Palace. And I looked into the photos you need to invent the Panther Boots. I got 2 of them, but one of them I don't think I'll be able to get. I guess you're supposed to get a picture of Gaspard when he's lava or something..during the battle. But since that battle is already done, and you obviously can't go back, is there anything else I can do? Once again, thanks a lot. :] I didn't expect anyone to answer this question. xD Or give a helpful answer at that.f

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    AngieSaur - 7 years ago

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  1. First of all, don't buy the shoes from Mayor Need's Challenge Medal Exchange; you can invent them instead. Not that you have or haven't, just a precaution.

    Default Equipment is marked by *, Inventions are marked by ^
    From Chapter 1 on - Knight Boots^ (make them for a cheaper alternative to Power Crystals for Weapon Synthesis)
    From Chapter 2 on - Pumpkin Shorts*, Yellow Ribbon*, Knight Boots*
    From Chapter 3 on - Spike Boots^
    From Chapter 4 on - Wing Boots^
    From Chapter 5 on - Metal Boots^, Panther Boots^
    From Chapter 7 on - Princess Boots^

    Mayor Need sells Princess Orb, Kitty Bell, Princess Dress, and Panther Ensemble for Medals.
    Mena sells Pumpkin Shorts, Striped Dress, Knight Boots, Metal Boots, Wing Boots, and Spike Boots.
    Corinne sells Yellow Ribbon, Striped Ribbon, Zipangu Comb, and Swallowtail.
    Woody Tailor in Jurak Mall sells Pumpkin Shorts.
    Star Items in Starlight Temple sells Star Leotard.

    Here's a trio of checklists:
    Monica's Clothing
    __Pumpkin Shorts
    __Striped Dress
    __Star Leotard
    __Princess Dress
    __Panther Ensemble

    Monica's Hair Accessories
    __Yellow Ribbon
    __Striped Ribbon
    __Zipangu Comb
    __Princess Orb
    __Kitty Bell

    Monica's Boots
    __Knight Boots
    __Metal Boots
    __Wing Boots
    __Spike Boots
    __Princess Boots
    __Panther Boots

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