Where to find Adel?

  1. Where and how to find Adel and the tailor shop?so,i can get the jurak store open to buy the himmara badge.(Already found aunt polly)

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Accepted Answer

  1. Making the Tailor Shop
    In Sindain, you need the Nose Tree between the 2 Eye Trees with all 3 near a River (15 River parts placed), Gordon and Adel must live in Sindain, and 30+ Culture Points must be obtained.

    Finding Adel
    Adel is the maid of Max and his dad, Gerald (Max and his dad are rich, but Max hates the lifestyle, so he's rarely ever home). She can be found in the servant's room of the mansion of Palm Brinks (look around with the camera for a "ye olde fashioned" phone on the wall you cannot normally see for your invention ideas). She has dark, reddish-brown hair, a French maid's outfit, and a sad-looking face if you still cannot find her.

    Recruiting Adel
    Adel wants to try her hand at making clothes for Max, so get a Hunk of Copper, a Thick Hide, and a Sturdy Cloth for her. Give her the goods, get the clothes, leave, and come back to talk to her.

    For 100% of the Sindain Georama***
    You'll need four key residents (Gordon, Adel, Milane, and Aunt Polly). You already have Aunt Polly (and obviously Gordon) in houses, but for recap, here are their housing and recruitment requirements:
    -Give Gordon a Holy Water (X)
    ---Gordon loves nature and needs trees near his house to tend to (about 6 will do) (X)
    -Complete Polly's fondue fetch quest (X)
    ---Aunt Polly needs a Cart near her home to set up shop (X)
    -Bring Adel a Hunk Of Copper, a Thick Hide, and a Sturdy Cloth, leave the room, and go in to talk to her again (_)
    ---Adel doesn't need anything for her house in the Georama (use a Straw House if you haven't yet) (_)
    -Show Milane a Chopper* or Sand Breaker* (_)
    ---Milane hates cheaply-built houses, and thus cannot live in a Straw House (use a Wooden House or better) (_)

    * Milane gives Monica a Gladius and wants to see it after you Build Up twice. If you are lucky enough to find one of the two swords mentioned in a chest, just show her that. Otherwise:
    -Get the Gladius she gives you to 20 Attack, 14 Cyclone, and 14 Beast to Build Up to a Cliff Knife
    ---Cliff Knife can Build Up to Chopper with 29 Attack, 27 Cyclone, and 36 Beast (recommended path)
    ---Cliff Knife can Build Up to Sand Breaker with 31 Attack, 23 Fire, 9 Lightning, and 9 Exorcism

    ***Note: Although you can buy a Gold Paint in Jurak Mall, SAVE YOUR GILDA. Completing and inspecting the Golden Eggs in the Future will get you a free Gold Paint.

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