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Reviewed: 12/27/02 | Updated: 12/27/02

Novel, game and then the Movie, what's next?

If you don't care to spoil yourself before watching the Movie, play the game. Although it's not detailed enough as the movie goes (They need to earn, ok?) and the game also consist of a part of the First Episode: The Fellowship of the Ring. Play it, you need it, and you'll maybe addicted to the series, just like me.

Story is quite public now, and I repeat here once again (I'm using my words here, so don't sue me if I didn't copy the dialogue right)

The world has changed........
Once in the long ago, there is a carves man who carved rings for each races, to symbolize certain elements for them.

3 for the Elves, symbolize eternity of life, intelligent, and wise.
7 for the dwarfs, symbolize the arts of the crafts.
9 for the humans, symbolizes status and wealth to the 9 Kings around the continent.

But there is no absolute peace, then Sauron, the demon lord, who crafted another ring. He poured his malice, his cruelty, and power to dominate all life, thus, He successfully uses the ring to seek destruction to mankind, and ruled the world. Bingo! One Ring to rule them all.

Then, people were afraid, war began, some of them feared, but some of them resist, thus, those who resisted seeks the peace to the world, and comes the war. thus ''The Battle of the Middle Earth'' began............

To be frank, those storyline, plus a deep plot (I won't spoil it, the movie and novel will explain more) and concept already makes you feel overwhelmed when you want to seek the last episode of this series : The Return of the King. Well? Why not play the game?

Graphic and Artwork is the MAIN CONCERN why you should try out this game. I've actually, the first time, saw that there is a game which can swiftly change the movie scene into the game scene WITHOUT PROBLEMS at all. No loading, no lacking, whatever. It means the developers were actually putting a lot of effort in it (Final Fantasy X, you lost, Game Over....) Well, enough said, try the game out, and impressed on it.

Voice acting is taken straight from the movie actors, so why should you complain? Even side characters like Frodo, Arwen, is also included in it, why should you ask for more?

Gameplay doesn't score too high, but just right, you play the story, with only three characters available. Aragorn, who is a all-rounder character. Legolas, a high speed and high accuracy character, but lack in armor and defense. And Gimli, a power horse. Each battle has certain bad guys (oh here momma here I come!). Goblins, Orcs, Uruk Hai. Whatever.....but those enemies will put you into test with certain difficulty, and it's just rightly set. and mission goes with the storyline until the Battle of Helms Deep (the Two Towers). Difficulty is very rightly set. Even in the last mission you play as any character, it won't be EASY, thus making the game more challenging.

You develop your skills after getting experience points, after killing certain monsters, Killing monsters with combo's, and your combo meter increases, if you managed to continue your combo without get hit, you get more experience points and get your rank higher. Fair being the lowest, Perfect being the highest rank. And to reach a higher rank is depends on how you fight on the battle. Very right, I just love those.

But a bit on the minor side of the gameplay is, the controls for using long range attacks is a bit unresponsive, so prepare for the worst when you really need it. But overall, it can be overlooked, and overcome.

Music is taken from the movie, and it's too good, I'm just gonna buy the soundtrack just for the movie! Well orchestrated, well arranged, Melody flows with the movie, and the game, and certain scene plays different moods of songs. Wow.....

Replay is quite depends to you. If you just go for the story, Go for unlock those hidden scene and secret missions. And they have ''Behind the scene'', too! you can see your favorite Legolas (Orlandu Bloom) who acts very cool at the movie! and interview of as more to 5 characters! plus producers and director of the movie, you get extremely loads of rewards for this game, and it's just a layout, you can unlock more and more........

Try this game! no rental, just buy it! If you regret of buying or playing this game, I suggest you go for therapy.
Of course, this game is not absolutely perfect, but it's just right to be a ''game'', for a better viewing pleasure, go for the movie, even shocking, even kick your ass!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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