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A Very Satisfying Game 10/27/02 alecp66
The worst Lord of the Rings game I have ever played. 09/15/08 Aliosis
So many orcs,so little time 11/10/02 Alkaiser DELTA
A New Power is Rising Indeed. 05/11/05 Aragonosuke
Simply Amazing 11/24/02 bartman2890
I got this game based on other people's opinions. After playing it for about 2 hours I was not impressed. 07/19/04 Casanova973
Exhilarating and Fun 02/12/03 Clallzidus
Great game for a great movie 10/28/02 dummy
Better than Fellowship! 10/24/02 Elrond the Elf
This game will make you want to pick up the nearest sword and fight an Uruk-Hai! 12/03/02 gameringerrr
Novel, game and then the Movie, what's next? 12/27/02 Iluna
One Game To Rule Them All 10/23/02 Jade0256
Fight for Middle-earth! Send the enemies back to the shadows! 12/28/02 Jules Rules
The best movie based game. 07/19/05 methedemon
"Let's hunt some Orc!" OH YEAH!!! 10/22/02 MichiganMarine
One of the Best Movie-Games 08/06/09 Myrdraal8
Nice attempt, but the licence could have been done a lot better. 12/09/02 NeoGeo
One game to rule them all... 12/27/02 niai mitch
The Two Towers? Two Good Two Be True! 11/12/02 NightElves3Warcraft
Decide the fate of Middle-Earth! 12/23/02 Olac
An average hack and slash game 10/26/02 Omi2
...Are you sure this isn't the movie?!? 10/26/02 SaCrIfIcE
Best Movie-to-Game Adaption 10/26/02 sammyc521
Very Good Game 10/26/02 Scared89
A very strong rental 10/27/02 Strider Spaminal
An example of what a Lord of the Rings game should be 11/25/02 taelusramza1337
Decent movie based game 10/12/07 wolverinefan

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