1. Burkomir A. Drane AI Programmer
  2. Ralf Knoesel AI Programmer
  3. Bart Presnell AI Programmer
  4. Paul Skibitzke AI Programmer
  5. Viggo Mortensen Aragorn (Voice)
  6. Liv Tyler Arwen (Voice)
  7. Margaret Foley Associate Art Director
  8. Billy Delli-Gatti Associate Producer
  9. Andrew Boyd Audio Director
  10. Kevin Anderson Character Modeler/Animator
  11. Jay Davis Character Modeler/Animator
  12. Stephen Ekstrom Character Modeler/Animator
  13. Scott Foust Character Modeler/Animator
  14. Jae cheol Hong Character Modeler/Animator
  15. Leonard Robel Character Modeler/Animator
  16. Dean Ruggles Character Modeler/Animator
  17. Doug Watson Character Modeler/Animator
  18. Alyssa Finley Development Direcctor
  19. J. Arcadia Kim Development Director
  20. Hugo Weaving Elrond (Voice)
  21. Fred Aquino Environment Artist
  22. Jay Fitt Environment Artist
  23. J. R. Jones Environment Artist
  24. James Larsen Environment Artist
  25. Jed Melnick Environment Artist
  26. Martin Servante Environment Artist
  27. Matt Small Environment Artist
  28. Michael Spaw Environment Artist
  29. William M. Sullivan Environment Artist
  30. Josh Watson Environment Artist
  31. Eileen McMahon Executive Assistant
  32. Neil Young Executive Producer
  33. Elijah Wood Frodo (Voice)
  34. Jerry Darcey Game Designer
  35. Chris Ferriera Game Designer
  36. Mike Hurst Game Designer
  37. Paul Pettross Game Designer
  38. Matthew Shores Game Designer
  39. Matt Tieger Game Designer
  40. Lee Adams Gameplay Programmer
  41. David Chen Gameplay Programmer
  42. Steve Mariotti Gameplay Programmer
  43. Ian McKellen Gandalf (Voice)
  44. John Rhys-Davies Gimli (Voice)
  45. Hai-Ping Kenneth Chao Graphics Programmer
  46. David Farrell Graphics Programmer
  47. Rodney Huff Graphics Programmer
  48. Paul Melamed Graphics Programmer
  49. Ewen Vowels Graphics Programmer
  50. David Yee Graphics Programmer
  51. Will Elder-Groebe Lead Animator
  52. Randy Briley Lead Artist
  53. J. Epps Lead Designer
  54. Christopher Tremmel Lead Designer
  55. Devin St. Clair Lead Environment Artist
  56. Robert Clarke Lead Environment Artist
  57. Steve Kojder Lead Programmer
  58. Orlando Bloom Legolas (Voice)
  59. Dominic Monaghan Merry (Voice)
  60. Billy Boyd Pippin (Voice)
  61. J.C. Connors Producer
  62. Hudson Piehl Project Director
  63. Sean Astin Sam (Voice)
  64. Christopher Lee Saruman (Voice)
  65. Christopher Stone Senior Animator
  66. Michael Miller Senior FX Animator
  67. Scott Evans Senior Producer
  68. Christopher Hegstrom Sound Design
  69. Robb Mills Sound Design and Music
  70. Ben Wanat Special Effects Artist
  71. John Burk Technical Art Director
  72. Mark Danks Technical Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, Blueberry Buttface, bobby190, CyanRouge, lilobaggins, LordAndrew, Menji, Mookiethebold, msmall, odino, oliist, and SilverBow.

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