2D/3D ArtistKyushik Shin
3D City ArtistAndrea Elam
3D City ArtistRick Gonzalez
3D City ArtistDeanna Lorenz
3D City ArtistLisa Mulvaney
3D City ArtistMike Nagatani
3D City ArtistMary Ann O'Leary
3D City ArtistCaterina Schintu
3D City ArtistRon Suverkrop
3D Vehicle ArtistGarrett Flynn
3D Vehicle ArtistEduardo Franz
3D Vehicle ArtistKouros Moqhaddam
Additional ProgrammingJoe Adzima
Additional ProgrammingKahn Jekari
Additional ProgrammingPeter Palombi
Additional ProgrammingBill Purvis
Additional ProgrammingDavid Quinn
Additional ProgrammingSteve Rotenberg
Additional ProgrammingAndy Styles
Additional Sound Design and SupportSteven Von Kampen
Additional Sound Design and SupportMark Loperfido
Animator/Character ModelerMichael Limber
Animator/Character ModelerWade Schin
Animator/Character ModelerAlex Whitney
Art DirectorDavid Hong
Associate ProducerMark Garone
Associate ProducerEric T. Smith
AudioJoshua Briendel
Audio/Battle Modes/Police AI/ToolsMike Currington
Car and Motorcycle Dynamics/PedestriansJeff Roorda
Character DesignJae Kim
Chief Technology OfficerGary J. Foreman
City LightingDavid Hong
City LightingWade Schin
Director of Quality AssuranceJeff Rosa
Executive ProducerSam Houser
Front-End/HUD/UI DesignGunter Erhart
Game DesignerTroy Bowman
Game DesignerMarc Fredrickson
Lead AristScott Stoabs
Lead Game DesignerMauro Fiore
Lead ProgrammerHenry Yu
Lead Programmer/Opponent AITed Carson
Level DesignerMarc Fredrickson
NetworkingDaniel Blumenthal
OptimizationsChris Coffin
PhysicsNathan Brown
ProducerDan Houser
ProducerJay Panek
Production AssistantKris Roberts
Race Tools/Ambient Vehicles/Triggered EventsSridharan Thyagarajan
Rendering/Asset ManagementMark Robinson
Sound DesignerPaul Lackey
Technical ArtistWade Schin
Technical DirectorDavid Etherton
Technical Director/NetworkingMark Rotenberg
Tools/In-Game Race Editor/Additional UIDevan Hammack
UI/HUD ArtistMarshall Ross
UI/HUD DesignTed Bradshaw
Vehicle ConsultantMichael Macare
Visual EffectsBen Padget
Voice Actor of AngelAdam Wylie
Voice Actor of BlogRitchie Coster
Voice Actor of DiceRobert Jackson
Voice Actor of DiegoJohn Doman
Voice Actor of FaridHunter Platin
Voice Actor of GinaLeyna Juliet Weber
Voice Actor of HaleyAlissa Dean
Voice Actor of HectorArmando Riesco
Voice Actor of IanMarc Gray
Voice Actor of IchiroYasu Suzuki
Voice Actor of JewelSoledad Pertier
Voice Actor of JulieMalaya Rivera Drew
Voice Actor of KenichiYoshi Amao
Voice Actor of MakotoKen Kensei
Voice Actor of MariaMelissa Delaney DeValle
Voice Actor of MosesJordan Gelber
Voice Actor of NikkoCharlee Chiv
Voice Actor of OwenDominic Hawksley
Voice Actor of ParfaitSabrina Boudot
Voice Actor of PrimoStelio Savante
Voice Actor of RickyAndrew Pang
Voice Actor of SavoAlex Kroll
Voice Actor of ShingBurch Wang
Voice Actor of StephaneMarc Forget
Voice Actor of StevenAnselem Richardson
Voice Actor of ZenYasu Suzuki
VP of DevelopmentJamie King


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, MicFiend13, Gbness, Mookiethebold, bcks, oliist, MuddyMaestro, and LordAndrew.

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