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Reviewed: 09/03/03

A game worth praising

Sly Cooper is one cool thievus racconus! That's right. Not the typical platform-type game,where you jump over bottomless pits and taking the same boring enemies in every level,this game offers a lot of exciting things to the genre. The key ingredient here is stealth,not found in most platformers,in which that alone makes the game worth a go. Sly first came onto the scene in the great year of fun and games,2002. Sly stood out,next to Ratchet and Clank,as one of the best things to come out of games in a long time,since the days of Crash and Sonic. Sony struck a preverbial game that year,with Sly being one of the many reasons to own a PS2. Sly just owns. And without further ado,let's get crackin'.

GAMEPLAY-The gameplay is very fluid,easy-going and surprisingly good overall. Controls take no time at all to get used to,and no lag times. Jumping over crevices and sneaking around feels like a dream and actually enjoyable and fun to watch. And the feel of the mechanics of the game make it unlike almost anything you've ever played,and only get better as Sly progresses through the game,when he acquires pages from his family's book,and also gains brand new skills along with the tattered pages. It takes in less than no time at all to learn your new skills,too.

STORY-You're the main player,Sly,out on a quest to find pages from his thieving family's book of thieving techinques,which were stolen from his family when he was a young age,during which the thieves also killed Sly's father. Accompanied by your best pals,Bentley,a genius turtle and Murray,a dim-witted Barney-type thing,who's got mad skills behind the steering wheel,you must outrun Carmelita Fox,a Spanish-accented female police officer,enemy of Sly and his gang. In order to get all the pages back,Sly embarks in his trusty (and slightly modified) van that takes him on journeys throughout the world,in which Sly's starting point is Paris,France. Sly is set out to defeat his other foe,the villanous Clockwerk,and claim what was and will always be rightfully his. Careful though,because Clockwerk has enlisted help from some of the most treacherous baddies around. Among them,in no order,Mz.Ruby,a Haitian voodoo alligator,Raleigh,a Welsh toad,The Panda King,a demented panda with a firework fetish the results in plenty of explosions and trouble,and Muggshot,a buff bulldog with a penchant for gambling,who hails from the cavernous and barren outskirts of Utah. And of course,you got Carmelita to deal with. You've got your work cut out for you.

GRAPHICS/SOUND-This cel-shaded adventure is simply extraordinary and packed FULL of detail and the kind of animation you'd find in just about anything on any show on Cartoon Network. The cinemas in the game are the most rewarding,as they show Sly's escapades,among other stuff. I enjoyed the cinemas because they help move the story along,and give you the feel that you're actually watching a cartoon more than playing a video game,and the boss battles are great,too. The stages are full of life and very vast. Camera work is extremely good,and don't suffer from poor panning,angles,e.t.c. A graphically great experience for any gamer. The sound is just as good as hit games like Crash,if not,a little better. Each stage offers the right blend and taste suited to it,i.e.,stages like the Welsh Triangle have that dark/moody/action kind-of-theme. The music also speeds up everytime Sly is spotted by a villian,which gives the overall scene a nice touch,making you wanna beat the crap out of the villian quickly so you can move onto your next challenge. Sucker Punch did an amazing job in the graphics department.

REPLAY VALUE-This game is,I'm sorry to say,extremly fast and short. Usually takes an average of a week or less ot beat it,if played regularly. This very well maybe the only flaw of the game,as far as I can tell. There are some little extras to unlock like developer's comments,which you can unlock by replaying the game through Master Sprint mode,in which there is a timer in each stage and a time limit in which you must beat it. However,once beaten and done for. It's kind of hard to get back into the groove of wanting to play it again,which in turn makes it fade into your video game collection. A very good game to own though. Sly will make a fan out of you,regardless if it's short. The overall challenge of the game is about the same as the likes of Sonic,not too hard,but offering the rate type of challenges for any platformer fan.

THE FINAL WORD-This game is definitely worth the rental,if you plan on renting it. And I'd say it's even worth the buy,a very good game to add to anyone's collection. Sucker Punch gave us a great game with flare and spunk,without distracting us or heaping us too much with all the bells and whistles we're used to. A very good and promising effort from the creators of Sly. And I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff in the future from them.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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