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Reviewed: 04/10/03 | Updated: 04/10/03

Calling all thieves, raccoons, and people who just like to have fun.

Ever dreamt of sneaking off through windows at midnight, only to roam the streets restlessly, prowling behinds alleys, jumping from rooftop to rooftop? Ever imagined how it would be like to rob a bank, while decoding combinations, avoiding security guards, dodging sensor alarms, smashing sirens that will alert others to your locations, and finally, claiming your prize, riches beyond your wildest imaginations?
Well, dream no longer. Sly Cooper: The Thievious Racoonus is here, and you can do all of that within the comfort of your living room, perched on the edge of your sofa, and yet feel like you are really there, at the scene of the crime. Make no mistake; Sly Cooper is not a game to be underestimated, no, not at all.

Gameplay: Objective? One word to describe it all, and that word is thief. Yes, you will be acting as a robber, a very cunning one, and weave your way through an endless maze of securities and guards, and all to find your greatest treasure, one that I call the Book. But you will not go unchallenged. Quite the opposite, your way will be filled with obstacles that you either must carefully avoid, or go through mercilessly.

Searchlights: Yes, these are pests. They will continue to beam in every single direction, often in a sweeping, rotating motion. That might not sound too bad, unless you consider the fact that about 3 of these are scanning an area at a time, and often a very narrow path, too. If you get caught in one of these, the alarm will sound, and you will have to get to the siren and whack it before you are caught. Searchlights may be fast, but there’s always a certain hole. Look for spots that searchlights leave unopened for a few seconds, and use those few precious moments to weave your way through.

Guards: They are minor annoyances, nothing more, but they are an obstacle. Therefore, they must be eliminated at all costs. Usually, you can dodge a guard easily. Most of them are slow, and you can launch in there and get that attack in before they bring their weapon of choice down upon you. You also get coins for defeating a guard, so why skip them while you can have fun playing with them? Make no mistake, however. The guards, however slow they are, can deal considerable damage. One blow from them and you will find yourself at a lost for life and starting over.

You can also perform Special Abilities. These only occur when there is a certain ring of stars around an object. You must use these Special Abilities. Without them, you cannot pass the level, they are essential in getting to the place you want to go. Also, there might be coins around them, so all of them are worth checking out for that little bit of a reward.

Save at every opportunity you have. Although you might save once every five minutes, that doesn’t mean you’re going to start from that certain place. There are checkpoints scattered throughout every level. Once you activate them, you can start from there once you lose a life to an enemy. If you run out of lives, you’ll have to start the whole level all over again, although if you remember to save, all your work will not be for nothing. Relying on this factor, make sure you save at every possible moment, especially after completing something hard or something that marks a turning point in the game.

Along with checkpoints, Bottles are also scattered throughout a level. These are optional, but you want to collect these things. They provide you important clues. Also, make sure to collect the coins. They’re worth the work and the perspiration.

Rating: 8/10

Sound: Not bad, it leaves little room for improvement. Since a thief will have to be stealthy and quiet, the sound is somewhat limited in Sly Cooper, but the sounds that are available are a treat to the eyes. It is realistic, able to convince you that it’s actually real. Nice, very nice.

Rating: 8/10

Graphics: Sly Cooper is displayed as a comical game instead of a serious one, and the graphics are like those that would be displayed in a comic book instead of a video game. Whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely up to you. I rather like it, it’s unique and colorful, albeit a bit bright sometimes.

Rating: 8/10

Replay: Well, you’re going to have to replay this game a lot, especially if you’re used to games that doesn’t allow you to save automatically; they provide you with certain places to save and regenerate your health. Well, wake up, because Sly Cooper isn’t one of those games. Rather, you must save manually, and if you forget to do so, well, don’t get cross if you must repeat a level. But yes, you can play Sly Cooper again without being half-asleep throughout the entire thing.

Rent: Well, for all of you casual gamers, or people who like to be careful and rent games before they buy them. Yes, definitely rent this game, it’s one choice that you will not regret.

Buy: Why not, if you like it? This is a good choice, Sly Cooper is one of those rare games that will inspire you. Good graphics, good sound, stunning gameplay. This game is a game of a thief, cunningly made and pulled off.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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