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FAQ/Walkthrough by cranky fetus

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/04/03

             _______            _       __                _
            / ____(_)_______   | |     / /___ ___________(_)___  _____
           / /_  / / ___/ _ \  | | /| / / __ `/ ___/ ___/ / __ \/ ___/
          / __/ / / /  /  __/  | |/ |/ / /_/ / /  / /  / / /_/ / /
         /_/   /_/_/   \___/   |__/|__/\__,_/_/  /_/  /_/\____/_/

GAME:       Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior
PLATFORM:   PlayStation 2 / PC
VERSION:    1.1
DATE:       11/04/03 (mm/dd/yy)
AUTHOR:     jkatz0419@hotmail.com

                       T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s
I.     Intro

II.    Story
III.   Controls
IV.    Weapons / Items
V.     Enemies
VI.    Level Walkthroughs (spoilers)
VII.   Unlocking Everything Quick Guide

VIII.  Weapons
IX.    Skins
X.     Game Types
XI.    Split Screen Maps
XII.   Online Maps

--PC-- (how it differs from PS2)
XIII.   System Requirements
XIV.    PC Controls
XV.     Single Player Missions
XVI.    A note about the patch
XVII.   Gamespy Arcade

This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough so bear with me.  This game is fairly straight
forward and with this guide you should have no trouble beating the game with
all "A"s, unlocking the cheats, images, and dominating multiplayer.  Questions
or suggestions can be sent to jkatz0419@hotmail.com.

This FAQ may not be posted in whole or in part anywhere other then gamefaqs.com
or faqs.ign.com.  If you found this FAQ at any other site let me know.

                           S i n g l e   P l a y e r

The premise of Fire Warrior is this: You are Kais, a Tau warrior of the fire
caste.  The Tau are a race divided into 5 castes, each serving a different
function in their society, you are a solider.  The story starts out with your
leader Ko'Vash being kidnapped by the Imperium and you are sent to get him
back... The game takes place roughly over 2 days and you will fight the
Imperium and the force of Chaos.  Somewhere along the way you save the universe
and eat cake.  Ok so I'm guessing at the cake, but I'D have cake after saving
the universe.


Controller Setup 1

Triangle Button:     Throw Grenade / Zoom In (scope weapons)
Circle Button:       Reload weapon
X Button:            Actions / Zoom Out (scope weapons)
Square Button:       Change Weapon / Pick up new weapon (held down)
D Pad:               Menu navigation / Taunts (online)
D Pad Left:          Pull out sword (single player only)
Left Thumb stick:    Movement
Right Thumb stick:   Aiming
L1:                  Jump
L2:                  Crouch
L3:                  Center view
R1:                  Primary fire
R2:                  Secondary fire
R3:                  Not used
Select:              Night vision / scores (online)
Start:               Pause game

Controller setup 2 is the exact same except for the thumb sticks and shoulder
buttons are reversed.  Who uses this?  Lefties?  I doubt it.



Primary fire - Sword slash
Secondary fire - Blocking motion
Notes - Pretty weak, only use this when you're out of ammo as a last resort.
The blocking motion will lessen the damage being done to you from melee attacks
(chain swords and creatures with claws), but it takes so long to pull out the
sword, block, then put it back to keep fighting that it's useless.

Primary fire - Energy bolt, automatic fire
Secondary fire - Energy bolt, single shot (more accurate)
Notes - This is the standard weapon of the Tau, it's accurate but fires slowly,
use this for long range shots or when more powerful weapons are not around.  32
shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Energy bolt, rapid automatic fire
Secondary fire - Energy bolt, single shot (more accurate)
Triangle Button - Launch grenade
Notes - The grenade launcher makes this a great weapon, it lets you throw
grenades farther, and more accurately. The rate of fire is much faster then the
pulse rifle, but it is a little less accurate.  32 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Energy bolts, very rapid automatic fire
Secondary fire - Keeps the gun "hot" for instant firing.
Notes - This is the fastest firing Tau weapon, but it has a big scatter pattern
and is useless on long range targets.  It also must warm up for about a second
before it starts firing.  128 shots in a clip

Primary fire - Energy Rail, single shot
Secondary fire - Scope mode
Notes - This is my favorite weapon.  Deadly accurate, super long range with the
scope, and powerful.  It will stop almost anything in 1 shot to the head.  10
shots in a clip

Primary fire - Laser, automatic fire
Secondary fire - None
Notes - The las gun fires more rapidly then the pulse carbine and pulse rifle,
but is slightly less accurate.  40 shots in a clip

Primary fire - Laser, single shot
Secondary fire - None
Notes - The las pistol is more powerful then the las gun, but only holds 6
shots in its clip making for frequent reloads.

Primary fire - Bullets, automatic fire (scattered)
Secondary fire - Bullet, single shot (very accurate)
Notes - This is the workhorse weapon for many levels, it has a high rate of
fire and fairly good stopping power.  Use the primary fire at close range to
bring enemies down fast or the secondary fire at long range to do some "no
scope" sniping.  60 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Sniper Bullet, single shot (most accurate weapon)
Secondary fire - Scope
Notes - This is your typical sniper rifle, head shots will bring most enemies
down in 1 hit, body shots may require 2 hits.  Some tougher enemies require 3+
shots.  10 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Single shotgun blast
Secondary fire - Double shotgun blast
Notes - Good for hitting multiple targets bunched together, a poor choice for
long range combat as the scatter pattern is very big.  8 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Single bolter slug
Secondary fire - Double bolter slugs (less accurate)
Notes - This baby packs a mean punch but is fairly inaccurate at long range,
double shots are even more inaccurate.  16 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Plasma bolt (big)
Secondary fire - Charged plasma bolt
Notes - The primary fire is good for the bigger enemies and it's a big shot so
it's hard to miss with.  The secondary fire has the same power but it will hit
multiple targets if they are all lined up.  12 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Plasma bolt (small)
Secondary fire - None
Notes - This is the smaller version of the plasma gun, it has a LONG pause (2.5
seconds) in between shots, this makes it not very useful against multiple
targets attacking you, but 1 on 1 it's ok in a pinch.  8 shots in a clip.

Primary fire - Single missile
Secondary fire - None
Notes - This boom-boom-maker will stop almost anything dead in its tracks (and
catch it on fire), but it has a really long reload after each shot.  1 shot in
a clip.

Primary fire - Flamethrower
Secondary fire - None
Notes - This is a unique weapon, it is a short range flamethrower with tons of
stopping power.  Each weapon has 300 ammunition and that is the most Kais can
carry, so if you have a meltagun at 155 shots remaining and pick up another
one, you'll have 300 total, not 455.  This thing also chews through the ammo
faster them a termite in an old house.

Primary fire - Single bolter slug
Secondary fire - Double bolter slug
Notes - This weapon is identical to the regular bolter, but it holds 20 shots
in a clip.

Notes - a grenade will explode if it hits an enemy, or it will bounce off walls
and explode in a few seconds.  A direct hit is deadly, but the splash damage to
nearby enemies isn't very big.  Use the Pulse Carbine to throw these things a
long distance and faster then Kais can hand toss them.

Pintle (stationary) Guns:
Notes - There are 2 types and both have unlimited ammunition.  There is the
laser kind and the bullet kind.  Both are stationary, and are very powerful.
To use one, walk up behind it and press the X Button.  Press X again to
disengage.  The ammo is infinite but be careful, a lot of missed shots will
bring your hit percentage way down, and you can kiss the "A" grade goodbye.

Health (Red & Green):
All of the levels have health pickups strewn about, sometimes in strange places
where you don't need it, and sometimes none to be found when you're really
hurt.  They come in 2 flavors, cherry and lime. er. Red and Green.  They are
the round tubs with little crosses on them.  Red health will heal you about 80%
and Green health will do about 20%.  For obvious reasons don't waste health and
only pick it up when you can use all or most of it, extra health you don't need
is lost.



This is your basic grunt.  They are week and fall down easily, 2-4 shots with
the weak weapons 1 with the big ones.  Most carry the Las Gun but a few carry
the Las Pistol or the Sniper Rifle.  They are found in The Drop, The Push,
Watch Towers, The Cells, and Deep Level.

This guy has a hat, a Las Pistol and a Chain Sword.  Don't get too close the
Chain Sword will cut you into pieces very quickly.  The best approach is to
toss a grenade at one and then fire a few rounds of your weapon to finish him
off.  Most keys Kais must find are held by a sergeant.  They are found in The
Drop, The Push, Watch Towers, The Cells, and Deep Level.

This isn't a person, but an attack ship that appears at the end of The Push.
It packs 2 Autoguns and rockets.  To bring it down just shoot each of the 2
engines until they start to smoke, then it's KA-BOOM! And it rains Valkyrie

This is the upgraded grunt.  A little tougher, and packing more heat.  Usually
the Las Gun, Las Pistol, Autogun, or Shotgun.  They can be found in Unwelcome
Guests, The Invaders, System Shutdown, Diversion, Clear the Decks, Silence the
Guns, Power House, Distant Eyes, and Last Chance.

These guys are like the Storm Trooper except they have a Chain Sword and Las
Pistol.  Again, most of the keys Kais must find are held by a Sergeant.  They
can be found in Unwelcome Guests, The Invaders, System Shutdown, Diversion,
Clear the Decks, Silence the Guns, Power House, and Distant Eyes.

This is the guy who you call when your computer crashes.  He packs a Plasma
Pistol and a shield.  The shield is actually a good thing for you for 2
reasons.  1) it blocks the fire from any enemy behind him trying to shoot you,
and 2) You can kill the tech priests by hitting the edge of their shields.  You
don't actually have to hit the priest at all!  Try hiding behind cover and
shooting next to the priest and get his shield, or circle around the priest
while you shoot a rapid firing weapon like the autogun.  The faster you circle
him the harder it is for him to hit you.  Tech Priests can be found in The
Invaders, System Shutdown, and Power House.

This is a floating skull robot with a Las Pistol attached to it.  They are only
in System Shutdown, and attack in 2 groups of 3.  I recommend the Shotgun to
take them down fast.

Old baldy.  These guys carry shotguns, are slow, weak, have lousy aim, make
funny noises when killed oh and they are bald.  They can be found on System
Shutdown, Clear the Decks, Power House, Distant Eyes, Silence the Guns, and
Last Chance.

This is the first type of space marine you'll run into, they are green and
carry Bolters or Plasma Guns.  (the blue marines are Ultra Marines and
friendly. sort of) Fairly tough but 4-6 bolter shots or 2 grenades will make
them cry and join everyone else that has gotten in your way.  They can be found
in Diversion, Clear the Decks, Power House and Distant Eyes.

These guys are so cool they don't need to wear their helmets. it's their
funeral.  They carry Plasma Pistols and Chain Swords.  As usual don't get too
close to them.  There are only 2, and they are in Distant Eyes.

This is the Chaos grunt.  Don't let that fool you, they are tough and
plentiful.  They pack a variety of weapons, the Chaos Bolter, Plasma Gun, and
the worst kind have Missile Launchers.  These guys take 3 grenades, 4-6 Bolter
shots, 2 Plasma Gun shots, 1 Missile, or 1 well placed rail shot in the head.
They flame up real nice and explode if you turn the Meltagun on one.  Some of
them will appear to die, but get back up 2-3 seconds later and continue to
fight, very nasty.  The worst part is they have FULL HEALTH again when they get
up, BUT a well placed rail to the head will kill them on the ground.  Be
careful, the shot must be on the head, it's VERY easy to auto target the
shoulders.  Chaos Marines are found in No Rest for the Wicked, Silence the
Guns, Last Chance, City in Tatters, Titanic, Descent, and Convergence.

This looks like a square upright tank.  It has 3 main weapons, an autogun arm
(right side), a rocket launcher arm (left side), and it also throws grenades
from its head.  The best way to dispatch this guy is to run right up to it, yes
get in it's face.  It can't hit you with its guns.  Then blast each arm until
it explodes, and finally put a few shots in the torso to send it back home.
Usually 2 rail shots in each section does the trick, but occasionally 3 shots
in an arm will make the whole thing blow, kinda quirky.

Oh how I hate the "Chaos Monkey".  It sounds like a monkey, and moves like one.
They pack a Plasma Pistol and some nasty claws, so keep your distance.  One
Rail shot will turn it into hamburger, and they usually attack in packs of 2 or
3.  They can be found lurking about in City in Tatters, Titanic, Descent,
Convergence, and Face of Chaos.

These guys have a shield like the Tech Priest and the same shield advantages
apply.  Their attack is a multiple lightning bolt that hurts and will shoot
through walls and doors.  They can teleport too, so watch behind you if it
disappears. 2 rail rifle shots take them down.  They are in Titanic, Descent,
Convergence, and Face of Chaos.

Big red.  These guys are big and uh red.  They have an autogun in one hand and
either a rocket or a plasma gun in the other.  They are tough but slow.  10
Rail shots or Plasma Gun shots and they fall down.  The lame part is you only
get their autogun when they die.  Who's gonna use an auto gun in the later
levels?  They are found in City in Tatters, Titanic, Descent, Convergence, and
Face of Chaos.

This guy looks like a big gorilla.  With horns.  And a fireball attack.  And
the ability to teleport.  And claw you.  Ok so it's not like a gorilla at all.
About 10 Rail shots will take it out and it lurks in Titanic, and Descent.

This is one ugly guy and looks like something from H.P. Lovecraft.  A character
from the main story transforms into this guy (You should be able to guess by
the name).  Use the meltagun and rail rifle on him, he is impervious to
grenades so don't bother.  As you damage him he will summon several other
enemies to attack you.  He's at the end of Convergence.

The main dude, head hauncho, big cheese, the man with a plan.  You fight this
guy twice, both times in Face of Chaos.  The first time he is in human form, he
packs a Plasma Gun and isn't too hard, 8 Rail shots.  The 2nd time he's
transformed into a winged chaos god-beast.  This guy attacks with a double
fireball and a lightning attack.  He's vulnerable only in the chest area.  Most
weapons appear to pass through him unless they are direct hits, so use the
Burst Cannon, It take about 2 and a half clips but it gets the job done.  If
you hit his staff right before he raises it he'll stop the lightning attack.
The best thing to do is circle him while you fire to dodge his attacks, stand
still and your toast with chaos jelly.  mmm. chaos jelly.


VI.  LEVEL WALKTHROUGHS (contains spoilers)

The walkthrough here assumes you want to get an "A" grade on all the levels so
you can open up all the images and cheats.  There are shortcuts around areas of
enemies, but I won't really discuss them in too much detail because you are
going to need to kill most of the enemies to get the "A"s.  The grades are
determined on 4 things, 1)Number of kills  2)Hit percentage  3)Time  4)Secret
objectives.  The secret objectives are secret (duh!), but I've listed them all
for you here.  I've also listed the requirements for(T)ime (K)ills and
(P)ercentage after each levels name.

A note about the level difficulties, easy, normal and hard.  The only
difference between the difficulties is how tough the enemies are.  My
descriptions earlier in this FAQ describe the toughness on normal.  On easy
they are usually 25-50% weaker and on hard they are 25-50% tougher.  The only
exception to this appears to be the Valkyrie and the Final Boss, they are
actually tougher on easy then normal and hard.  Hard is locked until you have
completed normal, grades don't matter to get the hard levels.

1) BASIC TRAINING  T-10:00   K-13   P-28%
This one isn't required when starting a new game, but it IS required if you
want to unlock everything.  If you skip it, you can always go back to it
through level select.  This level gives you it's own walkthrough with
instructions so I won't repeat it all here.  The only thing you need to know is
the SECRET OBJECTIVE is to press all the buttons in the information room.  You
don't have to listen to the whole speech for each button, in fact if you did
you'd take too long and wouldn't get the A anyway.  So turn each one on with a
button press and then turn it off again with another press, work your way
around the room on both rings.

2) THE DROP  T-11:00   K-50   P-40%
Here's where you get your feet wet and shaken around a lot.  You are treated to
a nice and long intro movie of Ko'Vash being kidnapped by a group of Space
Marines who are working for a man named Severus.  The Tau have sent in several
teams of fire warriors to get Ko'Vash back.  Your mission is to locate him.

Start off the level by listening to Lusha your commanding officer.  Eventually
the drop ship's door will open and your Tau squad will all rush out. to their
deaths.  Fortunately you are held in place until they die, when you are finally
free run out of the ship and head to the right.  By the time you reach the
first bunker Lusha will radio in and say the drop ship has crashed, you are now
instructed to make your way to an extraction point.

Enter the bunker and kill the 4 guards here, exit the bunker on the opposite
side and pick up all the weapons and grenades just outside.  Kill the 2 guards
here and head straight.  You'll fight down a trench against a few imperial
guards, 2 on the ground and 1 up on a beam.  Use the pulse rifle and lasgun
accordingly.  Be careful not to kill any enemies by exploding a barrel next to
them.  You don't get credit for killing an enemy this way.

Eventually the trench will open up at the 2nd bunker.  Lusha will tell you the
imperials are sending a messenger for reinforcements.  If you don't kill the
messenger you will face 2 extra guards later on.  Killing the messenger is the
SECRET OBJECTIVE so kill him. Clean up the remaining imperials here, there are
2 in the bunker and one on a beam to the left.  Watch out for the ceiling
mounted gun. When you exit from the 2nd bunker 2 more imperials will have come
up from the trench you already cleared, kill them and turn around.  Continue on
down the trench to the 3rd bunker.  An imperial will jump out from behind a
small wall when you get close.

This trench dead ends at the 3rd bunker, open the door and step inside.  Here
you'll face an imperial and an imperial sergeant.  Toss a grenade at the
sergeant and back up.  Don't let him get close enough to use his chain sword.
Finish him and his buddy off and exit the bunker via the back.

Another trench (notice a pattern?), this trench has a few imperials and leads
to a 4th bunker.  When you get here enter the bunker and collect the 4 grenades
inside after killing everyone.  When you exit the bunker be careful, there are
2 imperials on a beam up above the door shooting down on you, sometimes they
drop grenades.  Take them out and head down the trench to the ladder.

Climb the ladder to the open area.  There are 4 imperials here and the Tau up
there already will usually kill one of them for you.  After all are dead the
gate at the far end will slide open revealing 4 more imperials.  Kill them and
enter the little gun bunker.

Press the button on the left side of the back wall to open the next sliding
gate.  3 imperials will exit the gate.  You are trapped inside the gun bunker
until you kill them, after that your Tau buddies will open the bunker and let
you out.  You can use your own weapons or use the mounted pintle gun in the

After you are let out, head to the other bunker on the right to gather some
health (if needed) and some weapons.  Head back through the newly opened gate
and you will face 6 imperials.  3 are on the ground and 3 are up in perches
shooting down on you.  A Tau will help you dispose of them, but if you're quick
you can get them all yourself.  I recommend taking out the ground guys first
from behind cover then getting the 3 guys higher up with the pulse rifle
secondary shot.

There is a drawbridge you must lower so head to the right and towards another
small bunker.  There will be several explosions on the ground and a pintle gun
shooting at you so dodge and weave.  When you get to the bunker open the door
but don't go too far inside yet.  There is an imperial with a las pistol
waiting to great you, kill him and then shoot the wooden boxes under the pintle
gun.  BOOM the gun is dead.  Press the button on the wall, this will lower the
drawbridge for you.

Make your way back to the drawbridge and you'll find 3 new imperials in front
of it, kill them and jump down over the bridge into the lower trench.  Kill the
3 imperial waiting and head forward, take the first right at the T
intersection.  You come to another T intersection, go left.  You'll find some
barriers and 3 imperial here.  Kill them and head to the next bunker.  When you
get close the door will open and several imperials and a sergeant will attack.
Lob some of those grenades you've been collecting at them and they will all die
quickly.  Press the button inside the bunker to open the last gate.

Walk through the gate and head to the right into another bunker, walk to the
back of it and you're done.

3) THE PUSH  T-9:00   K-58   P-50%
Like The Drop?  Good, you get more of it in The Push.  Lusha radios in telling
you to help Mal'caor team reach the extraction point.  The level starts out in
the bunker you entered at the end of The Drop.  Walk forward through the doors
and you'll find 2 imperials fighting a Tau, kill them if you can quickly, they
are about to get a nasty surprise.  Move on down the bunker and collect any
weapons you might want and the grenades.  Exit the bunker and turn to the
right, quickly kill the imperial there before he dies in the explosion (watch
your self here too!)  Turn around and head down the trench as it curves and
kill the 3 imperials.  To get the imperial on the foot bridge to stop (so you
can kill him) shoot him as he runs, he'll stop to fight, if you miss him he's
gone for good.

Continue on down the trench and you'll find another lone imperial, kill him and
keep going.  Next you'll run into 3 imperials around a pintle gun, kill then
and head to the left (ignore the gun for the moment).  Kill the next 2
imperials in front of a metal barrier that is blocking your path.

When everyone is dead a demolitions specialist will come and blow it up.  While
you are waiting for him to do his thing head back to the pintle gun in the
boxes.  Activate it and kill the 3 imperials that show up.  There will be 2 on
your right and one on your left.  A 4th imperial is attacking the demolition
specialist but don't worry, he can't die.  After you kill all 4 imperials
activated by the pintle gun you have done the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

Fight down the trench to the door with some blue bars over it.  This door is
locked and you must find the blue key.  Continue down the trench to the right
to a small opening that has 2 imperials and a sergeant.  The sergeant has the
key, kill him and he'll drop it on the ground.  There are some goodies in this
area too like health and grenades.

Go back to the blue door and the bars will disappear as you approach.  2 new
imperials have arrived here too.  Kill them and enter the bunker.  In here
you'll face 2 imperials and another sergeant.  One of the imperials has an
autogun, take it after you kill him.  Exit the bunker and into a fire fight.
There are 10 imperials spread out here and you must kill them all.  Don't
forget to pick up the autogun behind a barrel for some more ammo.  When
everyone is dead the large door to the building can be opened.

Enter the building and fight the 4 imperials and sergeant there.  Be careful
the imperials will toss grenades at you and the sergeant has his chain sword.
Press the button on the far wall to lower the elevator.  Ride the elevator to
the top floor and kill the 2 imperials waiting for you, then walk into the
tunnel and onto the bridge.

Kill the imperial here to the left and head to the other end.  There are 2
pulse rifles, health, and grenades behind the tunnel on the bridge if you need
them.  At the end of the bridge the gate will close and you are momentarily
trapped.  Your drop ship will come under attack (to your left) and dust off
until you have cleared the area of all hostiles.  The gate will open.  Kill the
imperial and head to the electric fence.  Deactivate the fence with the button
and kill the sergeant inside.  He has the orange key you need for the other
door.  Enter the orange door and make your way downstairs (there are 3 floors)
killing everyone along the way, 8 imperials and a sergeant in total.

On the bottom floor the sergeant has the magenta key.  Kill him and open the
magenta door.  This leads you out to the open junkyard under the bridge you
crossed.  In this junkyard there are 3 imperials and a sergeant, mostly on the
right side.  After you have killed all of them the Valkyrie will come to attack
you.  Take it out with the autogun.  Shoot each engine until it smokes, then
it'll blow up automatically.  When it's dead  walk around the junkyard and
collect full autogun (60/360) and pulse rifle (32/320) ammunition, you'll need
it in later levels.

If you haven't figured it out yet you get full health at the start of each
level, but your weapons are carried over from the previous level.  This makes
it possible for us to carry the autogun and bolters into later levels that
don't have them.  All levels can be done with the ammo provided in them, but
carrying over weapons makes the job a little easier in some places.

Once you have full ammo head to the nav point on the door and enter the
building.  Head straight and then take the first right, take the next right and
up to the drop ship on the roof.  Join Mal'core team inside the drop ship and
the level is over.

4) WATCH TOWERS  T-25:00   K-80   P-35%
This is one of the longer missions in the game, and it has the most kills for
you.  You start out in the drop ship from the end of The Push with the 2 Tau
from Mal'core team.  Lusha is there too and he tells you Ko'Vash has been
located in an imperial prison, your mission is to gain access to the prison
complex.  The drop ship touches down and you're off.

Exit the drop ship and head down the small hill, turn to the right and blast
the imperial there, head back to the left and kill the other imperial on your
level.  Now there are 3 imperials hiding in the ruined building on top of the
big hill, your Tau friends will kill them, but you should shoot some too.  Do
not use the autogun in this mission unless you are having a hard time in the
lower prison level (I'll get to that).  The autogun will be much more useful in
The Cells and Deep Level.  For now just tote it around with you and use the
pulse rifle until I tell you where to drop the autogun for safe keeping.

After these first few imperials are down a tau will blow up the blockage in the
trench, go through the newly made hole and fight the 3 imperials on the ground.
There is an imperial with a sniper rifle behind you now, ignore him for a while
(we'll get him later), there is also an imperial on top of the ridge shooting
at you, waste him.

Your tau buddies will run forward and wait for you, when you approach them
several more imperials will trigger, kill most of them before your tau helpers
do it for you (you need the kills, it's ok if they get some, but don't let them
get more then a few).  Don't forget the imperial walking on the high ledge
behind your position, he throws grenades at your back and is nasty.

Head towards the nav point and waste the imperials surrounding it.  There is a
red health pickup on the far side of the open area if you need it.  Lusha will
radio in that you can't enter the prison at this nav point, and he'll send you
another back near where you landed.

Head to the new nav point killing the 5 imperials that show up.  Walk to the
pink circle and hold down the X button to plant the demolition charge.  Back
away and turn to the right (towards the drop ship area).  There should be an
imperial running towards you, kill him.  Now go back to the sniper and get him
with the secondary fire of the autogun or pulse rifle.  By now the demolition
charge should have blown open a nice hole into the rocks.  Go jump in.

Climb down the rocks to the next nav point.  It is another pipe with a pink
charge circle on it.  Blow it up just like you did the first one.  Jump down
into the pipe.  You are now in the subway system.  Turn to the right and kill
the imperial with the sniper rifle, take his rifle and shoot the imperial way
off to the right.  You'll need to use the scope (secondary fire, Triangle to
zoom in, X to zoom out).  Shoot him or shoot the barrel next to him to watch
him explode.  A good note is that enemies killed by an exploding barrel DO NOT
count towards your kills, bummer.  Drop the sniper rifle and pick the autogun
back up.

Turn around and head down the tunnel.  You will approach 2 ceiling mounted
movement detection devices.  They turn and have a red laser beam, if you're
under the beam the alarm goes off.  Don't set off the alarm or you'll be in a
world or hurt.  The best way to sneak best these guys is to stand directly
under the box projecting the beam, this is a safe zone and they won't see you.
Then look slightly up and time your movement forward when the beam is off to
the side.  Slip by the second one the same way.

You should now be in front of a large door and stairs, to the left of all this
is a small door, go inside.  This little passage way will take you up and then
down to a room with 2 imperials.  In this room there are 2 pintle guns you can
use, some grenades, health and a button on the wall.  Push the button.  This
will open the shutters in front of the pintle guns and also open the big door
at the top of the stairs.  A handful of enemies will come out, mostly imperials
with a sergeant for good measure.  Man the pintle gun and mow them down.  Some
might stay at the top of the stairs and just out of range.  You'll have to kill
them your self by walking up to them.  Enter the large door and there are 3
more imperials waiting for you.  After you kill them the large door behind them
will open.

Behind this door are several imperials packing las pistols and they all have
itchy trigger fingers.  Try to lure them out 1 or 2 at a time to the doorway
and take them apart individually.  This is one area charging in head first will
probably get you killed.  There is also a sergeant in the room, give him a
grenade to hold onto after everyone else is dead.  An easy way to kill everyone
quickly without reloading is to use the alternate fire of the autogun.  The
single shots are very accurate at long range and each enemy only takes 2-3 hits
to kill.  You can actually get them from outside of their range and not take

This is where you will drop the autogun until the end of the level.  Find a
Lasgun and pick it up, you'll be using the lasgun for the rest of the level,
and on the way out you'll pick the autogun back up.  See the 3 blue doors?  The
center one is the entrance to the courtyard which is the entrance to the
prison, and your mission goal.  Now where are we going to get a key?

Head up the stairwell on the left side of the room.  Lusha will radio in that
there are 4 big guns shooting at the tau and you must destroy them.  They are
all on this middle level.  Walk down the hallway to the first gun, it's guarded
by 3 imperials, 2 have lasguns and one has a las pistol.  Kill them and plant
the demo charge.  Walk down the hallway to guns 2, 3, and 4.  Each one is
guarded by the same type of 3 imperials.  Place all the charges.  Lusha will
now tell you to open the ramps in the courtyard.  If you haven't explored the
level yet you are in a 3 level circular building surrounding a courtyard that
leads to an underground prison.  The button to the ramps in on the top floor.
There are 2 ways to get to the top, follow the nav markers provided.

On the top floor there are 6 snipers.  You must kill them all for the SECRET
OBJECTIVE.  Just walk around the circle blasting them with the lasgun.  Be
careful not to get hit too many times, their guns sting, but some health is
around.  There will be a door guarded by 2 imperials and a sergeant inside of
it, this room has the button you need to press.  Kill everyone and press the
button, an alarm will go off and 2 more imperials will appear outside the door.
Kill them and any remaining snipers you haven't gotten to yet.  Take the
stairwell leading down that is outside of the door.  Take this down to the
middle floor and then to the bottom floor.

Once down here it's basically a slug fest through several rooms and a lot of
imperials to get to the sergeant with the key.  If you want an "A" kill them
all.  After getting the key keep going around the circle until you come to a
blue door, open it and viola! you are back to where you started!  Remember the
autogun you dropped here?  Pick it up and head through the center blue door and
into the courtyard.  Be careful in the room with the sergeant who has the key,
if you stand around in this room more enemies will keep appearing, so grab the
key and go.

OOOPS! The imperials took control of the ramps again and closed them!  Not to
worry Lusha and the other tau are fighting their way to the ramp controls, you
just have to chill out in the courtyard for a minute while they do that.  Oh
wait, there are more snipers?  Yep, there are a few snipers at the top again,
don't worry, you don't have to take them out but you can if you want to.  Turn
on the night vision to see them better and pop them with the alternate fire
from the autogun.  Eventually the ramps will open again and you can go down
into the prison.  Mission over.

5) THE CELLS  T-9:00   K-50   P-50%
Feel tired?  Well this mission will feel nice and short compared to Watch
Towers.  The mission goal is to gain access to the deeper cells where Ko'Vash
is held.  Kais starts out on the ramp from the end of Watch Towers.  At the far
end is a door and you can see 2 imperials.  When you open the door the imperial
to the left will go for an alarm.  You CAN kill him before he makes it, but
don't.  You need to kill all the guards it calls to get an "A".  Once it has
been turned on, walk up to it and press X to turn it off (unless you like the
sound, then leave it on).  This alarm will summon several more guards to you
location, kill them.  Use the doors a choke point and pick them off from the
side as they enter, or just lob a grenade into their ranks.

Look around, you're in a prison.  What are in prisons?  Prisoners.  Tau
prisoners to be exact.  Each cell has a red square next to it, blast it with
the pulse rifle and the cell will open.  There are a few cells with red lights
but no prisoners.  Free the Tau prisoner in this first cell block.  He will
tell you to free the others too.  There are 8 more prisoners in the level, get
them all and you've got the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

Leave cell block A and head towards cell block B.  There are 3 imperials here
and one will set off another alarm.  Again turn it off to shut it up, the
button is on the far wall.  Kill all the summoned guards like you did the first
group.  In this room there are 3 more tau prisoners, free them.  Head towards
cell block C, kill the imperial on the right as you walk through the tunnel,
there are some grenades behind him.

Enter cell block C and kill any opposition you run into, no alarm this time.
Free the 2 tau prisoners here.  Now enter the door to the purgatorium.  Kill
all the guards here and turn to the left.  You need to get the magenta key from
the sergeant inside the purgatorium.  Throw the switch on the tunnel wall to
open the door and kill the sergeant and his 2 companions.  Get the key and heal
up.  Go back to the magenta door and open it.

Grab the 2 pulse rifles and shoot the vent in this little tunnel.  Climb into
the vent.  This leads to a ladder and several guards shooting at you, kill them
from the cover of the vent and then climb down the ladder.  Free the last 3 tau
prisoners here and the SECRET OBJECTIVE is complete.

Exit the room via the tunnel next to the tau prisoners' cells.  You'll hear
some imperials say the door is stuck and they have to blow it open.  If you
love Kais or only like him as a friend, DO NOT stand near the door.  After it
explodes a lot of imperials will come through.  Use the boxes as cover and pick
them off in small groups.  (The alternate fire of the autogun works well here
too as it did in Watch Towers, but if you are running low on ammo try to save
it for Deep Level)  Not all of them will come through the door, so eventually
you'll have to enter the door and kill the rest.  You are now in a room with a
blue key door to the left.

Walk to the door on the back wall, there is an imperial hiding behind the
podium, kill him and pick up the 2 shotguns there.  Enter the top door and
start blasting.  Use the night vision to see the enemies better, mow them all
down.  In this room there is health another shotgun and 2 pulse rifles which
you will probably be in desperate need of.  Exit this room and go back into the
larger room you cam from.

This has triggered 2 imperials and a sergeant to appear.  The sergeant has the
key you need.  Persuade him to give it to you. with the shotgun.  One of the
imperials has a sniper rifle so take him out quick.  With blue key in hand
enter the blue door.  DO NOT step on the circular elevator at the back of the
room yet.

Kill the 4 imperials here with the shotgun, by now it's probably spent, go back
to where you dropped the autogun and pick it back up.  Now you can step onto
the elevator in the blue room.  You'll be held in place and the level will end.

6) DEEP LEVEL  T-15:00   K-50   P-50%
Hang tight Ko'Vash we're coming for you (for the greater good!).  Deep Level
starts out on the round elevator pad The Cells ended on.  Ride the pad down to
the lower cells, reload your Pulse rifle while this happens, it starts with 20
shots loaded no matter how much extra you have.

Once it has stopped don't be too hasty to jump off.  Look ahead of you, you'll
see 4 imperial guards and a sergeant.  2 of the guards are on a patrol and 2
are standing close to barrels.  In front of you is a box with 2 pulse rifles, a
sniper rifle, green health, and a few grenades.  Walk slowly to the sniper
rifle, the guards should ignore you.  Pick it up and take aim at a guard.  Once
you shoot everyone will become active and rush you so make your first shot
count (in the head).  As they all charge shoot a barrel when the sergeant nears
it, and he'll be down.  Yes you won't get credit for the kill, but you can
afford to miss a few in this level.  Now you can pick off the remaining guards
at your leisure.  Heal up, grab the autogun again and head down the hallway.

When you enter the next room some story voice over will kick in about how the
guards are going to kill you.  Hehe... yeah right.  There are several barrels
here in the center and on edges, be careful as there are holes in the floor
too.  Shoot all the barrels in the center of the room and pick up the sniper
rifle there.  On the far side of the room a platform will be rising, when it
reaches the top a bunch of guards (5) will come out of a door and start
shooting, pick them off quickly with the sniper rifle.

When they are almost all dead several more guards and a sergeant will enter
onto your platform from your right.  Drop the sniper rifle for the autogun and
mow them down with it.  Be careful not to fall off the platform.  Use grenades
carefully because there isn't much room to back up.  Once everyone is dead head
through the door they all came in from.

Walk down the hallway to the far door.  When you get close it will open and 4
imperial guards will attack you.  Use the door as a choke point and get them 1
at a time as they exit.  Try using the alternate fire of the autogun, 2 shots
in the head and they drop, or just use the pulse rifle.  Enter the door and
stop.  To your left is a door that leads to some health, pulse rifles and
grenades.  Straight ahead is a staircase divided into 2 sides.  Walk down the
stairs and enter the right hand side room.

Work your way down the stairs fighting a lot of imperial guards and a sergeant
at the bottom.  The autogun will take them out quick.  Be careful of the
barrels scattered around, and try not to kill any guards with the barrels.  At
the very bottom there will be a vent next to some pulse rifles and health.
Shoot it.  Inside the vent are some barrels blocking another vent, shoot the
barrels.  Heal up as much as you can here because there isn't any health for a
while.  Climb inside and go forward.  At the end of the vent is a guard walking
back and forth, surprise him with a pulse rifle death.  Climb out of the vent
and head to the right.

Enter the next room to find a sergeant and 2 guards.  Kill them by luring them
to the door and then hand them a grenade or two.  Enter the room and find the
cell to the left, walk inside to find a dying tau.  He tells you Ko'Vash was
taken to a torture chamber (you can skip the conversation if you want to, it's
just for story).  Exit the cell and walk slightly to the left to exit this

As you exit turn to the right and find the guard waiting to shoot you in the
back, BAD GUARD!  Teach him the true art of war.  Turn around and head down the
hallway.  Enter the next door.  This room is circular with 3 doors on the
opposite side, your exit (for now) is the middle one.  Kill the two guards as
you come in and head to the right.  Kill these 2 guards and turn around, wait
for 2 more guards that are coming up behind you and kill them too.  The hallway
is getting bloody, but it's going to get bloodier.  Turn around again and head
to the center door.  It's guarded by 4 imperials and a sergeant.  Toss a few
grenades if you have them and clean up with the autogun.

Enter the center door and walk over the little bridge.  Keep going and you will
eventually turn right.  This little room has a big chair in it with some health
pickups, grenades and a bolter on the chair.  If your auto gun is low (under
100 shots left) ditch it for the bolter.  Make sure you get the 2 grenades.
Climb into the little shaft.

At the end of the shaft you'll find Ko'Vash suspended in air and 2 guards
walking around him.  Kill the guards from the cover of the shaft then drop down
to Ko'Vash.  Severus will instruct a space marine to "deal" with you.  Find the
large circular door and stand to the right of it.  This is the door the space
marine comes out of.  Let him come all the way out and stop.  If you are
against the right side of the door he won't see you.  Lob 2 grenades into his
back and he'll be dead.  If you want to fight him like a man (or tau) use the
bolter, 4-6 shots will do the trick.  Pick up his bolter and reload.  Find the
little door near the vent and go inside, here is a button that will release
Ko'Vash.  Push it (duh).

Rejoin Ko'Vash and head out the door the marine cam in from.  Lusha will radio
in and tell you to protect Ko'Vash.  Don't worry Ko'Vash can't die so you can
basically ignore him from here on out.  You'll be back in the large hallway you
were in a moment ago.  When you cross the bridge this time stop and turn to the
right inside the door.  Kill the 3 guards.  Turn around and head for the left
most door of the 3.  You'll find yourself walking into some caves.  In these
caves are 4 pairs of guards, just follow your nav marker and they will all pop

Don't board the drop ship yet.  The SECRET OBJECTIVE for this level is in these
caves.  In the caves to the far right (if you were facing the drop ship) is a
brown lump on the ground, this is bread.  Walk over it and you'll have the
secret objective.  I guess Ko'Vash is hungry.  Once you have it walk into the
drop ship.  You will be held in place until Ko'Vash and the 2 other tau board
too.  When they do, the level will end.

Whew.  With Ko'Vash rescued sit back and enjoy a nice movie cut scene.

7) UNWELCOME GUESTS  T-15:00   K-50   P-35%
You didn't really think the game was over after rescuing Ko'Vash did you?  Of
course not, there are still 15 more levels!  The next four missions all take
place on the Tau starship.

Unwelcome Guests starts out in the landing pad area.  Your spaceship has come
under attack and is now infested with an imperial invasion you must push back.
Lusha has taken your weapons from you, follow him and Ko'Vash into the little
control room.  Lusha will promote you to Shas'ui and give you a pulse carbine.
This is a nice weapon, shoots fast and can launch grenades a long way, MUCH
better then the pulse rifle.  After you get the weapon, head back into the
hanger.  Your mission is to stop the imperials from boarding any more storm

Open the large door several Tau are standing in front of and you'll engage 5
imperial storm troopers all with las guns, kill them all and pick up the 2
grenades here too.  Head right (notice the little round containers?  The red
ones are explosive like the barrels in previous levels).  Open the next door
and you'll be in a cross hallway.  Directly ahead is a door, open it and kill
the 2 imperials, one has an autogun, pick it up.  Turn around and then turn
right, 2 more imperials will attack, a sergeant and a regular storm trooper.
Enter the medical bay and exit the rear door.  Turn left in this circular hall
and enter the next room.

Another imperial waits for you, kill him and then shoot the containers near the
vent grate.  Once the grate is open duck down into it.  You should find a
ladder, climb it and then head to the left.  When you get near the end of it 2
imperials will appear.  Kill them and duck down into the next vent.  This leads
to a turbo elevator.  The elevator will take you to another level of the ship.

Exit the elevator and you'll find a large room with 2 storm troopers a sergeant
and a ceiling mounted gun.  The sergeant has the orange key you need, take it
by trading him a grenade for it.  Make sure to take out the ceiling gun, it's
not too powerful but it can cut you down fast if your shields are out.  Go back
to the orange door.

Enter the orange door and you're in a map room, stop and admire the holographic
map of the planet and the 2 space ships orbiting it, pretty isn't it?  Wait.
something's shooting you.  It's another imperial, back to the task at hand of
killing them.  Move past this map room and you'll be on the other side of the
blockade under the ceiling gun.  There should be another imperial here.

Enter the room to the left, it has a walkway and a large broken pipe.  Kill
everyone here, 4 imperials and a sergeant.  When you near the far door Lusha
will tell you it's locked and he'll send a tech to open it once the area is
secure.  securing the area includes making sure all the enemies in the previous
rooms are dead too, but you've already taken care of that. right?

Several imperials will drop on ropes down the pipe.  To kill them fast stand at
the base of the pipe and shoot up at their heads.  After about 7 imperials the
tech will have the door open.  If you don't get the imperials quickly they will
kill the tech, but Lusha has more to send so don't worry.  Once the door is
open go through it.  It locks behind you.

To your left are 2 rooms with some health and weapons, and a storm trooper.  At
the end of the hallway is another turbo elevator.  Ride it to another large
dinner room with lots of action going on.  There are a few tau and imperials
fighting it out here, help the tau by clearing out as many imperials as you
can, there is a sergeant lurking around too.  To the left of this area is a
hallway and a 2 room kitchen.  There are 4 imperials in this general area and
you must kill them for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  The real objective is to protect
the tau hiding in the kitchen, the imperials will kill him if you leave before
they are all dead.  You won't get the secret objective completed text until the
end of the level so don't worry.  Once these 4 are dead head up the small
stairs and into the next hallway.

There are a few imperials here fighting a tau, kill them and move on to the
next room that has several weapons and health pick ups.  Exit the room and
you'll find another imperial.  Kill him and head right into a damaged hallway.
This leads to a large open area where the boarding parties are coming onto the
ship.  Kill the 2 imperials in the tunnel and head down the stairs.  Kill the
sergeant on the stairs and the 2 imperials on the bottom floor.  One might be
hiding down the left side.

Find the ladder on the right and climb up to the top.  Kill the 2 imperials at
the computers and then find the shorter ladder going down to the middle level.
At the bottom of the ladder go left and kill the 2 imperials on this side.
Turn around and then head to the right side, kill these 2 imperials as well.
Follow the nav marker and place the charge on the wench.  You now have 45
seconds to escape the room.

Climb back up the small ladder, there will be an imperial waiting for you.
Kill him and head back down the large ladder to the bottom floor.  Be careful
not to fall off the ladder, it's a fatal drop.  If you're good you can jump
from the ladder to the staircase (saving a few seconds), if not simply go all
the way down and then up the stairs and out the door.  A steel barrier will
slam down preventing you from going back in.

If you take too long in the previous area a boarding party will reach the ship
and you will have several more imperials to deal with, so speed is good, but
you have almost 3 minutes to do all of this so don't worry too much about it.

You're almost done.  Lusha will radio in after the bomb explodes, do not stand
near the tau guarding the hallway, he's about to die.  When he does, grab his
weapon.  He won't need it any more.  Head into the door Lusha unlocks and kill
the imperial.  Walk into the turbo elevator and the mission is done.

8) THE INVADERS  T-6:00   K-36   P-40%
Invaders is a short mission.  The objective here is to get to another turbo
elevator that will take you to the generator level.  You start out in the turbo
elevator from the end of Unwelcome Guests.  Exit the elevator and you'll find
several doors, one is locked and needs a blue key.  You'll also find 4 storm
troopers and a tau.  Kill the storm trooper on your left first (this is usually
the one the tau gets if you don't).  Then dispose of the other 3.  Sadly the
tau doesn't make it through the fight.  A few seconds after they are all dead a
sergeant will come out of the door across from the elevator.  He has the blue
key.  The large room to the left of the elevator has weapons and health in it
if you need them.  The room the sergeant came out of also has some grenades and

Once you have the blue key open the blue door.  Here you'll find 5 more doors
and 3 storm troopers.  One of the storm troopers is on the top level, get him
with a grenade and then take care of his friends.  Be careful the storm
troopers are now starting to use shotguns and they will wreck you at close
range.  Of the 5 doors one is locked and needs the magenta key and only 1 is
open to you right now.  Turn to the left and go up the ramp hallway.

Inside this hallway you'll face 6 storm troopers, 2 at the bottom and 4 at the
top.  There is a red health at the bottom where you entered, save it for after
this little battle, then use it if you need it.  At the top of the hallway turn
left.  There will be a door, enter it.  You are now on top of the platform
overlooking the room you were just in, this is where you tossed a grenade.
Kill the 2 imperials here quickly.  Turn to the right, but don't walk down the
hallway yet.  Get the attention of the sergeant.  Wait for him to come to you
and kill him.

Walk down the hallway the sergeant came down, and you'll trigger some
explosions.  YOU wanted to kill the sergeant and get the credit (not the
explosions) that's why you had to wait for him.  At the next branch turn left,
you'll see a tau being chased by 3 storm troopers.  Kill them all.  Lusha will
radio in that you are near the turbo elevator, approach it at the end of the
hallway.  When you get close it will fall and take the screaming tau inside
with it.  Turn around and head to the right.  Lusha will tell you to reactivate
the power to that turbo elevator.

A few steps down the hall you'll find 2 doors on the left.  Enter the farthest
one first.  Inside is a single storm trooper about to kill 2 tau.  The SECRET
OBJECTIVE is to save the tau, simply kill the storm trooper.  Exit the room and
enter the other room now on the right.  Inside here is a tech priest.  Kill him
with the autogun and remember you don't have to hit him, but just the area
around him to bring up his shield (hitting the shield damages him too).  A
little bonus and sneak peek at a good weapon is in this room.  Behind the glass
is a meltagun.  It only has 100 shots in it and they will go really fast but
grab it anyway, it's a fun weapon.

Take the meltagun and head down the hallway to the next crossing.  Turn left
and you'll find 2 storm troopers and a sergeant battling a tau.  Use the
meltagun to light them up.  Sniff, sniff. bar-b-que.  The meltagun will
probably be out of juice now so drop it for an autogun.  Head down the hallway
again and it'll start to drop downwards.  This will trigger several explosions
on the right side wall.  Quickly launch a grenade at the 2 storm troopers at
the bottom.  You want to kill the right most storm trooper before the
explosions do.  The other one you can polish off normally.

Open the door in front of you.  Directly in front of you is a sergeant.  He has
the magenta key, and you are also back in the room with the magenta door.
There is also another storm trooper here along the back wall.  The door right
next to the magenta door is also open now and it has lots of weapons in it.
Open the magenta door and go inside.  You'll find a storm trooper and a ceiling
gun there to greet you.  Further up the hallway are 2 more storm troopers, kill
everything.  You could leave the ceiling gun they don't count as kills, but
it's better to take it out then to have it continue to shoot you.

At the end of this hallway is a door.  Inside that room is the button you must
press to reactivate the power.  There is also another tech priest and a storm
trooper with a shotgun.  Kill them both, and press the button.

Head back towards the turbo elevator.  In the big room you'll find 2 new
imperials and another sergeant, kill them and move on, back up the hallway
(stop and look at the air caste "petting" the dead tau, it's funny).  When you
near the elevator an imperial will come around the corner, kill him.  Now just
step onto the elevator and the mission is over.

9) SYSTEM SHUTDOWN  T-15:00   K-70   P-40%
System Shutdown starts in the turbo elevator you reactivated in The Invaders.
The objective in this mission is to stop the tech priests from taking over the
engine room.  Simple, but first you have to get into the engine room.

Exit the elevator and enter either of the 2 doors in front of you, they both
lead to the same room.  Inside you'll find 2 storm troopers, kill them and head
into the hole on the wall.  Once you step inside 3 imperials will drop out of
the ceiling, one will come at you from behind and another from the far side of
the room, kill all 5 without walking around the center column.  There is a
ceiling mounted gun on the other side that you don't really want to deal with.
Grab any health and weapons from these 2 rooms; you won't be coming back here.

Head to the other side of the column, past the ceiling gun, and through the
door.  On the opposite side of the door are 2 more storm troopers.  Kill them
and head to the left.  Through the next door you will find the tri-color
barrier.  Lusha and the tau computer will tell you this barrier must be opened
with 3 keys, all 3 are located near by and can be obtained in any order you
want.  Each one is about the same in difficulty except for the blue key, it's a
little easier.  Near each key is a tech priest, you must kill all 3 of these
tech priests for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

Face the tri-color barrier and turn to the left, open this door and head down
the slanted hallway.  You'll face 2 imperials right away.  Kill them and keep
moving.  Enter the next door and turn left (there are weapons and health if you
go straight behind the big box) You'll find 3 imperials at the end of the
hallway.  Kill them and enter the next door.  This room has a multi level
walkway.  Kill the 4 imperials on this walkway.  Notice the blue force field?
The sergeant with the key is on the other side.  Open the only door you can
along the walkway.  Inside you'll find 2 imperials and a button, kill the
imperials and press the button.  This deactivates the force field.  Run back to
it and jump over the small gap.  Kill the sergeant and his 2 guards.  Pick up
the key and walk up the ramp to the room behind the sergeant.  Inside you'll
find one of the tech priests for the secret objective.  Kill him.  Pick up any
remaining items and walk back to the tri-color barrier to deactivate the blue

Face the tri-color barrier and turn around.  Enter the X shaped door, this puts
you outside the turbo elevator you started the level in.  Kill the 3 storm
troopers here and then the next 2 that join them.  Enter the room next to the
turbo elevator that is now unlocked.  Inside you'll find 2 rooms with weapons
and health.  You'll also find 3 servo skulls.  Kill them quickly, they hurt
you.  Exit the room and turn right, head down the hallway and through the next
door.  You'll find 2 doors to your right that both lead to the same room, enter
the room and kill the 3 imperials here.  Walk to the back of the room and out
onto the little ledge.  Here you'll find another tech priest for the secret
objective and a storm trooper for a guard.  Kill them and turn around, another
storm trooper should be attacking you now, kill him too.  Now look over the
balcony railing to the lower landing (where the blue key sergeant was or will
be).  There will be another storm trooper down there, pick him off with the
autogun alternate fire or a well thrown grenade.  Exit this room back to the
main hallway and turn right again.  Enter the final room.  Here you'll find 2
servitors and a sergeant.  The easy way to kill them is to press the button to
turn on the reactor and then again to turn it off, but you don't get credit for
the kills and you might miss the A grade, so just walk into the reactor and
kill them with grenades (there are some conveniently placed in the room for you
if you don't have any)  The sergeant has the magenta key.  Take it and head
back towards the tri-color barrier.  On the way you'll be attacked by 5
imperials, 4 of then are ahead of you and one is off to the side near the tech
priest area.  Kill everyone and grab any pick ups you need.  Stand in front of
the tri-color barrier to deactivate the magenta barrier.

Face the tri-color barrier and turn to the right.  Go back through this door
and head to the next one.  A lightning effect will be on the door for a few
seconds before you can open it.  When you do you'll find a pile of dead bodies.
you didn't do this, who did?  A little foreshadowing.  Pick up any weapons you
want and head into the door on the left.  There are 2 imperials on the bottom
floor and 2 more at the top of the room.  Kill the bottom ones from the safety
of the near wall (shielded from the fire of top two), then make your assault on
the top guys, grenades work well.  Climb either ladder and then crawl into the
vent.  Down this curving hallway you'll find 3 servo skulls.  Kill them quickly
and try to face them one at a time.  Keep walking down the hallway, there will
be 3 vents on your left, ignore them for now.  At the end of the hallway is the
last tech priest for the secret objective.  Kill him then head into the closest
vent.  All 3 vents lead to the same room, but this one give you a good grenade
launching point.  Stop at the end of the vent and launch a grenade at the
sergeant.  Drop down into the room and dispose of his two guards.  Pick up the
orange key and head down the slanted walkway.  You'll face 2 more imperials on
your way back to the tri-color barrier.

Now with all 3 keys found the tri-color barrier should be down.  Walk through
this door and into the engine room.  The engines are protected by a force
field.  You must plant 3 charges to destroy it.  In the first section you'll
find 2 storm troopers.  Kill them and plant the first charge.  Head to the
right to the next nav marker.  In this section you will find 3 imperials and a
sergeant.  There is a green health at the top of the ramp.  Kill everyone (use
a grenade on the sergeant) and plant the 2nd charge.  After this move to the
right and towards the next nav marker.  In the third section you'll face a tech
priest almost as soon as you open the door, so be careful.  Kill him and all of
his friends in this last section.  Again there is green health on the ramp.
Place the 3rd charge and step back, 10 seconds later the force field is down.

Lusha will radio in saying you must kill all the tech priests, there are 4 of
them around the inner engine area.  Take them on one at a time making your way
around the engines.  Sometimes one or two will activate and wander around the
outer sections.  You must kill them all, after you do Lusha will guide you to
the exit area.  It's up the ramp in the 3rd section.  Enter the door at the top
of the ramp and the mission is over.

10) DIVERSION  T-11:00   K-60   P-50%
Silly Kais the attack on the engines was just a diversion!  Hmmm. shouldn't the
previous mission have been called diversion then?  And this one called
something like "Final Push" or "Reclaim Command"?  Any way Lusha tells you your
efforts, although not unappreciated, were made in the wrong place.  The bridge
is where you are urgently needed now.  The time requirement on this level is
tight and so are the kills.  It's easy in the beginning to have explosions rob
you of kills so pay careful attention to things that explode.

Diversion starts out in the room Kais enters at the end of System Shutdown. In
here you'll find several grenades and pulse carbines.  Grab them and crawl into
the vent.  On the other side of the vent you'll find 2 storm troopers waiting,
they have autoguns for you.  Kill them through the white gassy stuff.

The white gassy stuff is actually coolant gas, it'll hurt you.  Soooo coooold.
Walk through all the coolant jets by timing them, you will usually take at
least a little damage the middle one is particularly long and I get bored
waiting for it to stop.  At the far end are 2 more storm troopers, try to
resist shooting them until you have a clear shot.  There are explosive
containers behind them and you really want these kills.  You can still finish
with an A if the containers blow them up, but it'll be more difficult (later on
there are lots of tau taking your kills from you).  After these two are being
reacquainted with everlasting peace climb into the vent on the right.

Work your way down this vent to the computer core.  Don't jump out of the vent.
There are two imperials on guard duty down below.  Use the secondary fire of
the auto gun to snipe them.  Drop down (use the boxes directly below to avoid
fall damage) and head for the unlocked door.  Take note of the blue locked door
to the right, you'll be coming back here.  Enter the unlocked door and you'll
find a fire fight.

There are 3 storm troopers here, one to the left, one to the right and one
directly ahead.  Kill each one, then head to the left of the door you came in
from.  When you approach this next door a force field will appear (there's
radiation in the next room and you must start a fan).  The tau computer will
unlock a door for you and give you a nav marker if you can't find it.  Inside
this room is a sergeant (has the blue key) and 2 storm troopers.  You don't
have to worry about saving the tau in this room.  Grab the key and exit the
room.  To your right is the second blue door inside this room are weapons and
health if you need them.  Now go back to the first blue door in the computer

Inside this room is a storm trooper and the fan controls.  Kill the guard and
press the button.  This will turn off the force field.  When you exit the blue
room a storm trooper will be coming for you from the area you already fought
in.  He has a plasma pistol, be careful, toss him a grenade as he enters the
computer core.  Back by the force field door are a few new imperials waiting to
kill you, show them how it's done in the big boy's league.  Now is a good time
to visit the weapons room to replenish your supplies.  Head through the door
that was protected by the force field when you are ready.

Walk down the slightly curved hallway and kill the two storm troopers chasing
the air caste (they run funny).  Enter the next room and you'll find a tau
fighting two storm troopers.  Kill them quickly.  Below you on the lower level
are 4 more storm troopers.  You can kill them all from the cover of the upper
balcony, or just drop down and start blastin' caps like you were a madman.
It's your choice.  Once they are all dead however you chose to do it, the two
doors on the lower level will be opened.  Go inside either (they both go into
the same room).

Welcome to the tau cinema.  Be sure to visit the concession stand and remember
NO TALKING.  You'll find a rather cumbersum set of stairs and a tau battling 3
storm troopers.  This tau is good and will kill many imperials for you (all of
them if you let him)  Don't let him, they are you kills, so be that selfish
brat everyone hates on the playground.  When the first wave is beaten you'll be
instructed to place a demolition charge on the rubble, as soon as it's placed
the second wave of 4 imperials attacks from the top.  Kill them quickly too,
use grenades.  To make getting all these kills easier use the "night vision"
it'll help the enemies stand out in the soft glow of the holo-projector.  Once
everyone is dead you can admire the funny images in the cinema and then crawl
into the newly unblocked vent.

Climb the ladder and shoot the vent covering.  Take care of the two imperials
guarding the doorway to the large dining room.  Inside the dining room are
several imperials and a sergeant with a plasma pistol.  Take the sergeant down
first, the plasma pistol is no joke compared to the las guns of the others.
There is some extra health at the far end of the hallway with the vent if you
need it.  Once everyone is dead the locked door will blow open (so don't stand
next to it) and another storm trooper will enter bravely to his death which you
will give him.  Take a second to reload all your weapons.  This next section
can get rough.  A tau will try to take your kills and the action doesn't let up
for a bit so every shot counts.

Enter the hallway and turn right, kill the two imperials.  Usually one will
toss a grenade at you as you rush him, be a man (tau) and take it or try to
dodge it.  Keep running past them and into the next room.  Here are 3 imperials
behind cover.  Shoot to kill, that means head shots, and I'm not talking the
type actors and models give to agents.  Once these 3 are done the next door
opens to reveal 2 more imperials.  Kill them fast too.  Now take a second to
reload.  When you enter the next room 3 imperials will enter the previous room
behind you, and your tau buddy will be standing in your line of fire, so rush
back and kill the new enemies before he does.

And as if THAT wasn't enough now Lusha gets on your case about not standing
still.  Enter the now unlocked turbo elevator.  This will take you to the
bridge level.  When you get off there will be 2 tau fighting 4 imperials behind
some blockades.  Kill each set of imperials and the tau will plant demo
charges.  Once the blockade is clear enter the door to the right.

Walk down this hallway and kill the 2 imperials on patrol.  Crouch and you can
sneak up on them.  There are 2 rooms on the right, one has lots of weapons, the
other has a hiding air caste, 1 of 3 you must find for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.
All you have to do is walk up and bump into him.  He's in the shower or closet
thing.  Exit this room and continue on to the right.  Here is the large door to
the bridge itself.  Kill the sergeant and his two friends.  The sergeant has a
plasma pistol.  Ignore the bridge door for now, we need to find the other 2
hiding air caste.

Continue on down the hallway and through the next door.  Kill the 2 imperials
on patrol here too.  In each of the 2 rooms on the right a hidden air caste can
be found.  One by a bed and one in a store room.  Make sure to grab the
grenades in the store room, you're going to face 5 space marines in a bit and
you'll need them.

Once all the air caste are found head to the bridge door and enter it.
Everything looks ok.  Everything will be ok until you walk to the back of
either side room on the top level.  Enter the side room on the left and collect
any grenades you need.  Walk all the way to the back of the room.  A speech of
Severus will kick in and the captain will be killed.  You must clear the bridge
and avenge the captain.  Exit the room and start launching grenades.  There are
3 space marines on the top level and 2 on the bottom.  Deal with the top ones
first.  They pack bolters, a plasma pistol and a plasma gun.  Grab what you
want, I like to ignore them all and use the grenades.  2 per marine does the
trick.  More grenades can be found in the left side room on the top level.

Once the 3 on top are done, walk down the ramp and take out the 2 down here,
they are along the wall by the maps.  Use the night vision if you have trouble
finding them.  Sometimes if activated, one will run into the back rooms.  Once
everyone is dead grab the 3 bolters.  You should have 16 shots in the bolter
and 72 spare, unless you used it during combat with the marines.  It'll make
the next level a piece of cake.  Also collect any remaining grenades from the 2
side rooms.

After getting all the bolters head to the amber elevator and ride it to the
boarding craft.  Enter the devilfish troop ship and the level is over.  Sit
back and watch a nice movie of your "crash" landing on the imperial ship.

11) CLEAR THE DECKS  T-15:00   K-50   P-50%
The imperials landed troops on your ship and tried to take it over, you beat
them back, so now it's your turn to land on THEIR ship and try to do the same
thing.  Can't the tau just call it a draw?  They got Ko'Vash back.  They should
count themselves lucky and go home.  But then the game would be over, and we're
just half way done.

Clear the Decks starts Kais outside of his crashed transport.  That was you
skidding to a stop in the cut scene.  Kais takes a few seconds to regain
consciousness and he is instructed to help stop the defense guns.

You start out on the ships deck, head towards the far wall, there will be a
stair case.  Under the stairs is an imperial.  There are several pulse carbines
around this deck, grab them if you need them, don't forget the grenades under
the stairs and near the large open container box.  After killing the imperial
under the stairs head up them.  You'll face 3 guys coming down.  Smash through
them and up onto the upper deck.  Here is the first gun you must destroy.  On
the upper deck it is guarded by 3 imperials, 2 are in view from the stairs, the
other is hiding between the two containers.  Kill them all and head down the
ladder to the gun.

Around the gun at the base of the ladder are 3 more imperials, use the bolter
here to dispose of them quickly, grab the red health if you need it and place
the charge.  Run back to the stairs and climb up them.  At the top are 2 more
imperials waiting for you.  One at the top and one off to the right.  Kill them
and then walk back down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs 2 imperials will come out of a door that was blown
open by the first charge.  Kill them and head into the door.  This is a hallway
that will lead down to the 2 guns in Deck A you must destroy.  Make your way
down the hallways and kill the few imperials you come across.  If you stand
around they will keep coming after you with more troops so just run to the
bottom killing all in your way.

Once inside the gun rooms you'll face 2 imperials in the first room.  Kill them
(watch out for the explosives on the ground).  Head to the far door and to the
2nd room.  Kill the 2 imperials and 2 servitors here.  Place the demolition
charge on the gun.  There is red health hidden behind the crates in the corner.
Walk back to the first room.  Another imperial has come in to stop you, kill
him.  Grab the grenades on the table and plant the next charge.  While you are
planting it another imperial will enter.  Either stop planting the charge and
kill him, or take a few hits and kill him when your done.  Just remember to
stand clear of the charge when it blows.

After these two guns are down head back up to the main deck.  Lusha will tell
you that you have access to another part of the ship.  On the way up the
hallway you'll face 2 imperials.  Once back on the main deck there is an
imperial waiting for you, kill him and turn to the left, take out his friend
too.  2 imperials will come out of the back door and 1 will appear under the
stairs, take them all out.  Once this is done, grab any health and weapons
you've left.  There is red health inside the big container.  Head into the
newly opened door.

This is another hallway with several large statues of space marines in it.
There are also some tau loitering around.  Walk to the other side of the hall
and press the button on the wall.  This opens the next door for you.  Inside
this door is another button, press it to get into Deck B.

Run out the door and stay to the right of the large containers.  Just on the
other side kill the 2 imperials to the left.  Now see the broken stairs along
the wall?  On top of that bunker are some barrels.  Shoot them.  Destroying
these barrels is the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  Once this is done head into the bunker.
Again this is a hallway that leads down to some guns you must destroy.  And
again there are several imperials trying to stop you.  Just run them down.

At the bottom there is the next gun room.  Enter the room and you'll find a
servitor on each side of you.  Luckily they are lousy shots.  Kill them and
then kill the 3rd servitor hiding in the corner.  Again watch out for the
explosive boxes on the floor.  In this area there are 3 charges to place, and
they  can be done in any order.  Head to the door leading to the back gun room.
Clear this room of its 2  imperials and 2 servitors.  The bolter works fast
here.  Plant this charge.  Head back to the first gun room.  Now 2 imperials
have appeared, take them out with the bolter and head up the ramp behind the

This ramp leads you to another charge to plant and 2 more imperials.  If you're
crafty, crouch and sneak up on the first guard.  Slice him up with the sword.
Plant the charge and head back down the ramp.  2 more imperials have appeared
down here, they are to the left and right of the ramp exit.

Once they are gone, plant the last charge right in front of you.  Now head back
up to the surface of Deck B.  Pull out the pulse carbine, up to this point
you've been saving your grenades. right?  Well it's ok if you didn't as long as
you've got some bolter ammo left.  The grenades will be easier.  You've got 4
space marines to deal with.  Exit onto Deck B and you'll see a space marine
dying, grab his bolter.  To your right are 3 of the 4 space marines.  One by
himself is the closest, lob 2 grenades at him.  The other 2 will probably
retreat around the container, chase them and lob more grenades.  Grab all the
bolters you can as they die.  Now head to the door leading to the statue room,
the last marine stands guard, waste him with the bolter or grenades if you
still have some left.  Enter the statue room again.  Make sure to get all the
bolter ammo you can carry (16/120)

Lusha radios in telling you the shield is still up and you must flush out the
control room, head up the stairs.  At the top are 3 imperials, they may have
already come down if you didn't rush in fast enough, don't worry, just kill.
When they are dead head up the next flight of stairs to the elevator.  Press
the button to ride it to the top.

Exit the elevator and you are in the control room.  Kill the 3 imperial guards
here and press the button to deactivate the ships shields.  Some tau will come
up and you will be frozen in place as they talk to you.  So it's important to
press the button only after the 3 guards are dead.

Congratulations, you have made it easier for more tau to board the imperial's

12) POWER HOUSE  T-25:00   K-70   P-40%
The good times just keep on coming.  This next mission, or at least the
beginning of it, will try your patience.  Not because it's hard to get through,
but because it's hard to get the kills.  You need 70 for the A and there are
only 72 total enemies.  You do the math.  70 would be easy except for you have
2 tau buddies with you, and they are very good.  They are so good in fact that
they can kill almost every enemy you encounter up to the point they split off
from you.  That said, you have to kill like you've never killed before, you
must be one with your weapons, you must become death.

Once you get past the first section it's relatively easy going.  So lets start
bustin' some imperial skull.  Kais starts out a little further into the ship
and is instructed to disable the engines.  Pick up the grenades and pulse
carbine where you start.  This is a hallway with a large closed gate and a
door.  Guess where the switch for the gate is.  Open the door and the quickly
dodge the plasma pistol shot of the sergeant inside.  Kill him and his 3 storm
troopers.  The switch for the gate is near the door you came in.  You're in the
kitchen so stop for a snack.  Exit the kitchen and then head down the stairs
behind the gate.

Your 2 tau friends should follow like little lap dogs.  At the bottom of the
stairs is a large room with 3 locked doors.  The one to the left has weapons in
it, the one to the right has the magenta locked door, and the one directly
ahead has the library with the magenta key.  Your tau friends will tell you to
"expect the unexpected" and then 2 imperials from all sides will rush out,
including behind you, a total of 8 imperials.  This is the crazy part.

Luckily each group comes out a few seconds apart from each other, the ones on
your left are first and then it's clockwise around the room.  The best bet is
to use grenades and the bolter.  Don't get crazy with the bolter, reloading
take a long time.  Use a grenade on the first imperial of each pair them a
double shot of the bolter on the second one.  Grenades have a habit of hitting
the already dead enemy so don't bother wasting 2 on a group.  Kill each group
quickly and move to your right to face the next.  It's OK if your tau friends
get 2 kills, but more then 2 and you need to restart the level.  Once all 8 are
dead head into the weapons room to grab some health if needed and more
grenades.  If you still have bolter ammo keep it, don't bother with the
shotguns and autoguns.  Next head into the door with the library.

There is a short curved hallway before the library door, open the door and walk
inside.  There are 2 imperials, 2 servitors, and a sergeant on the lower level.
2 more imperials are on the upper level.  Kill the imperial on your left then
head right to the group of an imperial, servitor and the sergeant.  Be careful
the sergeant does not kill any one with his plasma pistol.  Sometimes if they
get in the way he will.  When you kill him he will drop the key, pick it up and
head to the stairs, the other servitor is lurking in this area, kill him and
head up the stairs.

At the top kill the imperial and then go back down, the other imperial is on a
ledge only accessible by a ladder next to the door you cam in from.  Climb up
the ladder and let him have it, there is also red health up here.  Make your
way back down and into the main room again.  Once there turn to the left and
into the door there.  The tau will follow you inside, open the magenta door.

Just inside the magenta door is an imperial with his back to you.  Kill him and
then turn your guns on the 2 imperials at the bottom of the stairs, your tau
friends will come to help you dispose of them, once they are dead the door at
the bottom of the stairs will open and another imperial will attack, kill him.
From here on out you go solo, as the tau stay behind to guard the area.

Turn to your left and walk down the short hallway.  Enter the door on the left
at the end, this is the furnace room.  Inside is an imperial and 2 servitors
waiting with shotguns, take out the storm trooper first since the servitors
have lousy aim.  Once they're all down crouch down into the open furnace on the
right.  Once inside head for the end of the vent, just before you get to the
end it'll collapse into a storage room.  When you fall there will be 2
servitors waiting for you, one on each side.  Kill them and head up the stairs
leading out of the storage room.

At the top of the stairs a storm trooper will enter, kill him, exit the room,
and go left.  You'll find 2 storm troopers guarding the next door, eliminate
them and enter it.  The next room is small with some boxes in the center and 2
more storm troopers guarding another door.  Kill them, but don't get too close.
You don't want to open the next door yet.  Once the guards are dead pull out
the pulse carbine and make sure you have at least 2 grenades ready.  Enter the
next door, there is a storm trooper to your left and right, both of them have
shotguns, and both are really good shots.  Try to open the door and activate
them without stepping in too far for them to hit you, then as they retreat up
the stairs lob a grenade at each one.  Go back for the red health and grenades.
Climb the last flight of stairs, and out the door.

Kais is now in a long hallway with some ceiling mounted guns.  The guns are not
active until you fire at them, DON'T FIRE AT THEM.  Setting them off will cause
you to fail the SECRET OBJECTIVE which is to not set off any sentry alarms in
the level.  There is another hallway similar to this one later on, you can't
set off either alarm.  At the far end of the hallway is a space marine guarding
the door you need to enter, don't attack him either, this will also set off the
alarm.  Instead, see that little hole on the wall on the left?  And see those
barrels by the door?  Climb into the hole and shoot the barrels.  This will
attract the space marine without setting off the alarm.  Walk down the secret
hallway you are in and turn right, viola!  You are at the next door and the
space marine is at the other end of the hallway.

Enter this door and you'll be in a strange room.  To your left is a hole.  This
hole leads to a crawl space, BUT part of the crawl space is missing.  You must
throw a switch to complete your path.  The switch is in the next part of the
room and is guarded by 2 space marines.  Pull out the old bolter.  Walk forward
a little bit and the space marines will spring into action.  To beat them
simply run up to and stand next to the door they are guarding.  For some reason
their pulse gun shots are attracted to the door and will not hit you!  Give
each of them a face full of bolter while they try helplessly to fire on you.
When they are dead grab both of the plasma guns.  Now throw the switch (it's in
between the two parts of the room on the wall), and climb into the hole.

Once inside climb up the ladder and over the crawl space to the large opening.
This is an elevator shaft so don't fall.  Stand near the edge, this will
trigger the elevator to come to your level.  Just before it gets to you jump on
top of it.  See those 2 storm troopers inside?  Shoot them with the plasma gun
through the metal grating.  You must use the plasma gun, all other weapons will
not shoot through the grate.  These 2 kills are optional if you forgot the
plasma gun, but you must get every other kill in the level then.  The elevator
will automatically go back down, when it does walk onto the little landing and
the elevator will rise again.  After it passes jump from the landing to the

Once on the floor open the elevator shaft door and kill the storm trooper on
the other side.  This is the second hallway with a sentry system.  Don't go
down the hall yet.  Go into the little control room and kill the storm trooper
there.  Grab the grenades and health if you need it.  Don't bother with the
shotguns or autoguns, you want to keep the plasma gun.  Look at the little map
in this room.  The hallway is guarded by 4 of the same type of laser boxes
Watch Towers had.  This map shows you their field of vision and their dead
zones.  Press the button by the map, this opens the door at the end of the
hallway, but only for a few minutes, don't worry this is plenty of time to make
it down the hall.  If you set off the alarms the door will close and you'll
have to return here (while being shot at) to turn off the guns and open the
door again.  But you aren't going to do that, because you would fail the SECRET

There are 2 ways down the hall.  The first is to time your movements from dead
zone to dead zone along the edges so the sweeping red lasers don't see you.
The easier way is to use the dead zones directly under the laser boxes.  Again
time your movements so the lasers don't hit you.  All the lasers travel at the
same speed so the timing is pretty easy, and you don't need to stand under the
last laser.  You can make it from the 3rd all the way around the corner.  Once
you are past the lasers walk up to the door, stand just on the other side and
pull out the plasma gun.  In this next little hallway there are 3 tech priests.

Walk carefully so you don't activate 2 priests at the same time.  When you can
see the first one to your right shoot him 3 times with the plasma gun, he may
get a shot off at you, just duck back towards the door.  Once he's dead walk a
little further into the room and activate the next priest.  He's also to the
right and sort of behind you now, kill him too.  The third one is now on your
left, kill him too, and duck into the area he was in.  As soon as he is dead a
space marine enters the room from the far end and starts blasting.  Kill him
with the plasma gun or grenades.  If you still have 6 shots in the plasma gun
keep it, if you don't, grab the bolter.  Exit the room through the same door
the marine came in from.

Now go right into the observation lounge.  This will set off an alarm, don't
worry you have to set this one off and it won't fail the secret objective.
This will send several storm troopers up to you.  They will open the locked
door opposite the observation lounge.  Kill them and turn right inside the next
hallway.  Make you way down the sloped hall killing all the imperials coming at
you, 4 in all.  At the end of the hall is the orange door.  Turn right and go
down the next hallway, at the bottom is a door.  Open it and take a few steps
in, but stop when you see the 2 tech priests and servitor.

Sometimes the tech priest or servitor on the left will run into the wall and
disappear from the level.  This is bad, you need the kills.  Shoot the tech
priest on the left with the plasma gun, the servitor and other tech priest will
ignore you.  Dispose of them next from the doorway.  When they are dead walk
across the room to the next door.  Open it and you are now in the operating
room you had been looking down into from the observation lounge.  Grab the
orange key and any grenades and pulse carbines you need.  Leave the red health,
you'll probably need it in a second.  With orange key in hand head back the way
you came.

As soon as you enter the room behind you, 3 storm troopers with shotguns will
open fire on you doing major damage, use grenades on them very quickly or
you'll be dead in short order.  Feeling beat up?  Go back for the red health,
and then back to the orange door.  On the way 2 storm troopers will stop and
guard the door, kill them and open it.

Once inside the door make sure all your weapons are loaded, arm the plasma gun
or bolter.  Enter the next room.  This is a large round room with a very large
pit in the center.  There are 2 imperials and a space marine around the edges.
Press the button in front of you, this calls up an elevator, it's slow so you
want it to start right away.  Walk around the edge and kill everyone.  If you
still have the plasma gun drop it for the bolter.  Wait for the elevator and
then get in.  Press the button to start it going back down.

When it reaches the bottom exit the room.  Walk up the stairs to the left
killing the storm trooper, but don't hang out on the stairs.  There is a
sergeant with a plasma pistol shooting at you.  Walk down the other side and
teach him it's not nice to point guns at people.  This is the engine room
(finally).  Enter the door behind the sergeant and turn right.  There is a
servitor in front of you, and behind him is a space marine and another
servitor.  Kill them all with the bolter.  Now grab as many grenades as you
can, at least 6.  There are some by the first servitor and some by the engines.

Plant the first charge then back up.  A space marine has entered the room, kill
him with the bolter.  Plant the second charge and arm the pulse carbine.  3
marines have entered the room, 2 have plasma guns and one has a bolter, lob the
grenades you have at them.  This is much faster then the bolter.  When everyone
is dead, grab all the bolter ammo on the ground and head to the far door they
all came out of.  This is another elevator and the end of the level.

13) DISTANT EYES  T-10:00   K-67   P-45%
All right kids take a 15 minute break to ice down that trigger finger.  Now we
get to Distant Eyes.  The bad thing about this level is you must get every
kill.  You need 67 and there are 67 enemies.  Lusha radios in saying you are
near the enemy bridge and if you can capture the Admiral you can force a truce.
Hmm. doesn't this sound familiar?  Lets see. The Imperials boarded YOUR ship,
attacked YOUR engines, then attack YOUR captain.  Now you boarded THEIR ship,
attacked THEIR engines and are going to attack THEIR admiral.  Well "when in
Rome" I guess.

The level starts Kais off in the elevator from the end of Power House.  Ahead
of you is a door, go through it.  To your right are 2 storm troopers with
autoguns and one with a sniper rifle.  Kill them however you want and pick up
the sniper rifle.  I hope you like the sniper rifle because it's going to be
your primary weapon for the first 2/3 of the level.  After you get it head to
the U turn at the end of the hallway.  Walk up to the window and find the
imperial with an autogun shooting at you.  Snipe him.  Turn around and walk
down the part of hallway you weren't already in.

Your mission objective is to clear the outer snipers.  There are 3 of them, and
they are all on your right.  See the windows on your right?  Stop near the 2nd
one.  Crouch and look up to a large spire.  There are 2 imperials sniping you.
Use the night vision to find them better.  Snipe each one.  You can hide behind
the window to get them one at a time.  Next turn almost 90 degrees to your
right so you are almost looking back the way you came from.  The third sniper
is a far distance off, about half way up a big spire.  Again use the night
vision or try to trace the trail of his bullets.  Once all 3 are dead continue
down the hall and turn right to the little bridge.  DO NOT CROSS the bridge if
all the snipers are not yet dead.  You will be killed instantly if any of them
are still alive.

When it is safe, cross the bridge.  On the other side turn to your left and
kill the 2 storm troopers waiting for you.  Now turn around and you'll see a
glass covered hallway.  Walk to the middle of the hallway down the left side,
stop.  Use the scope to look near the left edge of the flag hanging in front of
you.  Another sniper.  Shoot him in the head.  Now turn slightly to your right.
There is another sniper on the high walkway, kill him too.  Walk to the end of
the bridge and stand in the corner.  2 imperials will exit the orange locked
door.  Do not cross the next bridge to engage them, snipe them from here or
wait for them to come to you.  Kill them and then start to cross the bridge.

When you are about 1/3 the way over the bridge, stop.  Use the scope to zoom
into the doorway of the other side.  Walk slowly until you can see the heads of
2 imperials.  Do not get close enough to activate the sergeant behind them.
The sergeant has a plasma gun and if activated will often kill the imperial in
front of him.  Snipe the 2 imperials when you see their heads.  Pull out the
pulse carbine and cross the bridge.  When the sergeant attacks, give him a
grenade.  Enter the room and waste the last imperial here.  Grab the sniper
rifle in the corner and reload.

See the switch on the wall by the door?  This turns off the orange door.  When
you throw it, 2 imperials will appear.  1 is on the high walkway over the
bridge, the other is over the orange door.  Snipe them both quickly.  Now go
back to the switch area.  4 imperials are going to run across the high walkway.
You must pick them all off for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  They run fast.  If you
miss some don't worry, they stop just on the other side and you can get them in
a little bit.  This is probably the most difficult secret task (that is trying
to get all 4 as they cross).

Now enter the orange door, but don't go to far inside.  Turn to your right, and
you'll see a nice hole in the wall.  Zoom into the hole with the sniper rifle
and slowly side step until you see an imperial.  There are 2 imperials standing
near a barrel.  If that barrel is hit, it'll kill the imperials and take your
kills from you.  Snipe the first imperial in the head, then continue to side
step and get the second one too.

When they are dead grab the grenades in the hall.  Take a minute to explore
this twisted hallway.  There is an unlocked door near the way you came in, and
a blue locked door at the other end.  The button for the blue door in through
the unlocked door behind you.  Enter this door and kill the 2 imperials
waiting.  Don't press the button yet.  Look out the window by the switch and
you'll find 2 sniper shooting at you, snipe them first.  Now pres the button.
Uh-oh  What just came out of that far door?  2 space marines.  They are headed
for the blue door you just opened.  Make sure your have 4 grenades and switch
to the pulse carbine.  Go meet them at the door and lob some death pellets at
them.  Take a few steps out of the blue door onto the next bridge.  Then run
back inside.

Your new objective is to clear the inner snipers.  There are 4 of them.  Walk
back to the 3 windows facing out to the open area.  We're going to shoot the
snipers left to right.  From the right most window (closest to the blue door)
zoom into the far left.  The first sniper is on top of a large box, he doesn't
appear until you zoom into him.  The net sniper is on almost the same level and
a little to the right.  The third sniper is further to the right and up a bit
more.  The 4th one can only be shot from the middle window.  Stand in front of
the middle window and look to the far right.  He's up on the large spire ledge.
Use the night vision to help you find them all.  Once they are dead go back out
through the blue door.  As you exit tour to the left.  See the large square
with lights on it?  There is an imperial with an autogun on it.  Take him out.

Now is your chance to finish off the 4 guys you may have missed earlier.  They
are hanging out on top of the walkway over the far door (the one the space
marines exited).  Snipe them.  Now pick up the bolters the dead marines left
behind.  You're done with the sniper rifle.  Head across the 2 bridges.  Once
inside head right and arm the bolter.  An imperial will drop down from the
ceiling behind you.  Turn and take him out, 2 more will drop from the ceiling
in the direction you were facing so now they are behind you.  Turn around and
kill them too.  Turn right at the corner and head down the hall.  When you near
the center 2 imperials drop down in front of you.  Kill them both and another
one drops down, but he has a plasma pistol, be careful.  One more imperial has
dropped behind you again.  Take him down too.  Whew.

Ok now head to the break in the hallway.  There is a large locked door, but the
switch is next to the opening in the hall, throw the switch.  The doors open to
reveal a long staircase hallway with lots of imperials charging down at you.
Walk up and grab the grenades before the large door.  You can get through here
2 ways, with grenades or with the bolter.  The grenades are easier, but they
will come in handy at the very end of the level.  I use a little of each, maybe
4 grenades then finish the rest off with the bolter.  At the top of the stairs
is another door, but there is a bolter along the right side and red health
along the left near the door.

Enter the door and kill the 2 storm troopers.  The one on the right often
throws grenades so kill him first.  There is red health behind the stairs.
Start going up the spiral stairs.  When you get to the second level turn
around, there are 2 imperials hiding on top of the ledge over the stairs.
Nasty.  Kill them and keep walking around the second level to the next stairs.
Along the way you'll find 3 more storm troopers.  Kill them and head up the
stairs to the third level (the bridge).  Now once up here kill the 3 servitors
in front of you, then turn around.  Walk counter clockwise around the center
circle.  You'll come up behind 2 more servitors.  Kill them and reload all
weapons.  Arm the bolter and head for the small stairs that lead to the center
circle.  There are 2 marines guarding it.  Don't use grenades, if you do they
back up onto the platform and will become harder to kill.

After they fall, reload your bolter and heal up if needed.  Climb onto the
center platform.  2 space marine sergeants will attack you.  They are tougher
then normal marines.  The Admiral will also attack, DO NOT HIT THE ADMIRAL YET.
Take out the 2 space marines first.  This is where a few saved grenades comes
in handy.  Once they are dead attack the Admiral, after a few hits a voice will
tell everyone to stop firing and Kais will pass out.  This is the end of the
level.  Attacking the Admiral triggers this ending, so make sure all other
enemies are dead first before going for the Admiral.  It's movie time again,
the plot thickens, and just who is this Capitan Ardias?

14) NO REST FOR THE WICKED  T-20:00   K-20   P-40%
So the Tau and the Imperium are going to sign a peace treaty.  Ardias is
worried about a threat from within the imperium, and Kais is being "returned"
to the tau.  You wake up in a barracks while Ko'Vash and the Admiral discus
your heroic actions.  Once you are fully revived walk to the left and down the
ladder.  You have no weapons yet so don't worry.  At the base of the ladder
head straight and then left.  There are 2 ultra marines standing guard, don't
worry they're not enemies any more.  Walk to the door at the end and press the
button to open it.  This is where captain Ardias is waiting for you.

When you enter the room walk up the steps and stand next to Ardias.  Severus
will come out from the left and they will discuss the peace talks.  Severus
doesn't seam too happy, eh?  Now you can watch through the glass into the
conference room.  Severus will enter the meeting and proclaim that there will
be no peace, only the embrace of chaos.  With this proclamation several chaos
marines teleport in and start shooting up the place.  Adrias goes crazy and
tells you to rescue your leader (again).

Enter the small room to the right when the door slides open.  Inside you'll
find 2 burst cannons, this is now your default weapon for a few levels.  It is
really bad at long range so don't even bother.  Head back out the door you came
in from towards the starting room.  Once you're out a chaos marine will kill
the ultra marine standing guard.  Waste the chaos marine with the burst cannon
at close range.  Pick up the chaos bolter, not the regular bolter from the dead
ultra marine.  The chaos bolter has horns on it.  Walk down the stairs and 2
more chaos marines will teleport in.  The secret to facing multiple chaos units
(anywhere in the game) is to position yourself so one is directly behind the
other, this way the middle one acts as a shield for you from the fire of the
one in back.

So run down the stairs and get along side of one of the chaos marines using him
as a shield against the other one.  Once both are dead grab their bolters and
arm them.  This will be your weapon for the rest of the level.  Enter the next
room and you'll see a broken statue with some red ooze coming out of it.  This
lava looking stuff is chaos slime, if you touch it you take a lot of damage, so
don't touch it.

Head up the stairs on the right that are not covered in slime and a chaos
marine will teleport in right at the top of the stairs.  You're at a good angle
below him to pop a few rounds into his head while he can't shoot you too
easily.  At the top of the stairs take a quick left.  A chaos marine teleports
in at the end of the hallway, kill him and then go back to the stairs.  There
are a few red health around, pick them up if needed.  From the stairs go
straight towards the 2 doors, go through either one, they both lead to the same
room.  Once inside walk to the right towards some slime blocking your way to a
door.  Jump the slime and a chaos marine teleports in.  Kill him and then jump
back over the slime.  There's red health in the room he was guarding.

Now go to the back corner opposite of how you came in.  Once you get about half
way a chaos marine will teleport in front of you.  Kill him and turn around, go
back to the doors you came in from.  Another marine will teleport in here.
Kill him and grab any health in this room you need.  Head to the far back
corner again.  There is a door, open it and BAM another chaos marine is in your
face.  Kill him and walk into the door.  This is sort of an elevator.  Press
the button to bring it up.  There is red health to your left.  If you haven't
figured it out already there is what looks like hardened slime on the door
edges, this is safe to touch.  Once the elevator comes up, get in and press the
button to go down.

At the bottom, run off the elevator, it'll blow up behind you.  Walk down the
hallway until you come to a large open pit with no apparent way to cross it.
Wait a minute and a walkway will be lowered for you.  Get on the walkway and
run for the other end.  Before you make it the walkway will rise again, run
back to the starting end and turn around.  A chaos marine will teleport in on
this end, but you are behind him now so blast away and he won't be able to turn
and fire at you in time.  Now the walkway goes back down. And you can get off.

Make a left and then a right into the little hole in the wall.  Crawl through
here and up a ladder.  Continue to crawl until you get to a grate.  On the
other side are 2 chaos marines bullying an imperial.  Wait for the conversation
to end and then blast the remaining chaos marine.  Enter the room and head down
the ladder.  At the bottom exit the door and turn left.  Walk down the little
walkway towards the door on the left.  When you get close a reddish cloud will
appear over the door, do not touch it.  You will be killed instantly.  These
things are called chaos portals, or warp gates.  From now on they will appear
in levels and block your path, usually until all the enemies have been killed
in an area.  A chaos marine will teleport in, kill him and the portal will go
away.  It take several seconds for the portals to disappear so be patient.

Enter this door to an S shaped hall.  Walk about 1/3 the way down and a chaos
marine teleports in directly in front of you, kill him and keep walking,
another one will teleport in just before the exit door.  Once they are dead go
back for any health you left behind.

Exit the S shaped hallway but don't fall down out of the door, hang out here
for a second.  There are 2 chaos marines down below.  Wait for one of them to
see you and shoot him, then the other one will attack you.  Now you can drop
down.  Head to the right.  Near the next small ladder you'll see some barrels
stacked on a pipe over the sewer.  Shoot these barrels, it's the SECRET
OBJECTIVE.  Climb up the little ladder.  Ardia will radio in that you must kill
everyone to move on.  Keep walking around the curve and you'll eventually see
the door with a chaos portal over it.  This is your exit, but there are 4 chaos
marines left to kill.

When you near the door one will teleport in on your side of the sewer.  Kill
him and cross to the other.  Another marine will teleport in, kill him too and
walk back the way you came.  When you near the next set of planks, a marine
will teleport in, kill him, and the fourth one will teleport in on the other
side.  Cross the beams and kill him too.  Now you can enter the door at the

Enter the door and go up the ladder, this is the end of the level.

15) SILENCE THE GUNS  T-20:00   K-29   P-45%
Party time is over, from here on out you face chaos units.  This level starts
out with Ardias telling you that you are near the conference room where Ko'Vash
was attacked.  Does he really think Ko'Vash is still in there?  Well it's a
good place to start looking I guess.

Exit the vent you are in and turn left.  Make your way to the hole in the
floor.  Kill the 4 servitors standing around here.  Find the pipe leading down
into the hole.  Slowly walk/slide down the pipe to the ground.  Once there walk
forward to the door on the right. Before you get there a chaos marine will
teleport in, kill him and another one will teleport in just inside the next
door.  Kill him too and move into the hallway.

Run to the middle cutout on the right side.  When you enter this hallway some
deadly gas jets will turn on blocking your way.  Throw the two big switches in
this cutout to turn the gas off.  When it's all gone pick up the plasma gun in
between the switches and turn right down the hallway.  There will be a chaos
marine waiting for you at the end.  Kill him and drop the plasma gun on the
floor for a bolter. (The door to the switches will lock behind you, so you just
moved the plasma gun temporarily so you can get it later)

Run up the stairs to the conference room (watch the chaos slime).  A chaos
portal will block your way and 2 chaos marines will teleport in, one on the
left and one on the right.  Stand to the side of one and kill him as he shields
you from the other, then take care of his friend.  There's lots of health
around so use it.  When the portal disappears, enter the conference room.

Ugh, someone made a big mess in here, the cleaning staff isn't going to be
happy.  Be careful of the chaos slime on the ground and walls.  Head down the
left side of the conference room and 2 chaos marines teleport in, 1 in front of
you and 1 in the way back.  Kill the 1 near you and then head to the back of
the room for the other one.  After they are dead Ardias will contact you again.

Adias will tell you that Severus has sent several chaos forces to reactivate
the main gun.  If they do the tau and imperium will start their war back up and
chaos will win.  Your job is to stop that gun from being fired.  Exit the
conference room and walk back down the stairs to the left.  Find the broken
pipe with red health and a plasma gun inside of it.  The pipe is at the floor
of the stairs.  Grab this plasma gun and the one you dropped in this room
earlier, pull out the burst cannon for now, we want to save the plasma gun.

Enter the door to the left and follow the hallway.  When you near the exit a
storm trooper with a sniper rifle will attack, kill him with the burst cannon.
Pick up his sniper rifle but leave the red health alone you'll probably need it
later on.  Don't walk too far out onto the little elevator yet.  Turn on the
night vision and look to the right along the high walkway.  At the far end you
should see a servitor hunched over.  Kill him, this is the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

Next swing your sights to the left and there'll be another servitor walking a
patrol on the left side walkway.  Snip him too.  Now edge forward a little
until you can see the 2 servitors on the ground floor, or they see you and
start shooting.  Don't worry, at this long range their shotguns will barely
scratch you.  Snipe them too.  If you hit the first one, the second one will
become scared and stop attacking, it doesn't matter, everyone dies.  If you
still have 1 shot left look to the right on the ground floor in the way back.
There is 1 more servitor lurking around, snipe him too.  Pick the plasma gun
back up and arm the burst cannon.

Step onto the little elevator and press the button to go down.  Once it's down
turn to the right and waste the servitor there.  Follow the twisting path as it
goes by some boxes, 2 imperials wait here.  One is on the floor and one jumps
down from the boxes behind you.  Waste them and keep moving.  Now you can go
left to a locked door, or right to an unlocked door.  Leave the green health
alone for now.  Go to the right and through the 2 double doors.

This is the gun room.  Arm the plasma gun.  This room has a walkway around the
gun, on this walkway is some red health and a plasma gun, grab both.  Below the
walkway is another red health and at the far left side of the room is more
health, grenades and a burst canon, leave them be for now.  Climb down the
ladder to the gun.

When you get near the gun 3 chaos marines will teleport in.  Don't worry.  Run
behind the gun, yes, jump down into the little trench and press your self up
against the front of the gun.  There is another plasma gun here for you too.
When you stand here the marines can't hit you.  Side step to the left and see
the marine on this side of the gun, shoot him with the plasma gun and duck back
behind the gun as he fires at you.  Do this little dance 2 more times (3 hits
should kill him).  Then poke your head out to the right side of the gun, do the
same dance with the marine there.  The third one will sometimes attack on the
left or right.  Regardless, reload the plasma gun now, you want to still have
ammo in it as soon as he's dead.  Find his side and dance with him , or just
jump back up to the main floor since he's all alone now.  As soon as he's dead
a chaos sorcerer will teleport in.  Ugh.  You can hit it 3 times with the
plasma gun or a bunch of times with the burst cannon.  If you choose the burst
cannon make sure you circle to the side around the sorcerer as you shoot,
you'll be harder for him to hit.

This guy will teleport around the room, so be careful.  He usually goes behind
you so if he teleports, keep moving and spin around.  Once he is dead collect
all the weapons and health you have left behind.  Now climb the gun and plant
the demolition charge.  Turn around and exit the room the way you came in.

Once back in the dark engine type room again you'll see the path splits around
some pipes.  Go to the left first, a chaos marine will teleport in front of
you.  Shoot him once with the plasma gun and then duck back behind the pipes.
Peek out and let him have 2 more shots.  Your plasma gun will shoot through the
railings, so you don't have to worry about getting a clear shot like you would
with other weapons.  Next do the exact same thing on the right side (side with
green health)  After both of these guys are dead go back for the red health on
top of the elevator if you are not 100% healed.

Once you are a healed as much as you can be, walk into the door that is now
unlocked.  This is a slightly curved hallway, when you get to the center 2
chaos marines teleport in and start hammering you mercilessly with their
bolters.  Use the shoot-n-shield trick to fight them.  Once they are dead head
into the far door.

This is a large room with some more elevators.  There is red health to your
left as you walk in, try not to use it yet, but you can if you need it.  There
are 2 more chaos marines here.  One to your right on an elevator and one in the
far back left of the room.  I recommend running for the one on the back, this
will put some objects between you and the guy on the right side.  Kill the back
guy, then return for the other one.  If you need more health there is some
hidden behind some boxes in the back of the room.  You must jump over them to
get it.  Now stand on the middle elevator and press the button to start it

As you start a chaos marine teleports on each of the other 2 elevators.  If you
hurry you can get a shot or 2 of the plasma gun on the marine to your right
before he is shielded by a wall.  As you travel down the elevator the wall on
the right will disappear and you'll find your marine friend shooting at you,
finish him off, then turn to the left.  This wall will disappear too revealing
the other marine.  The best way to deal with them is to circle your own
elevator, if you stand still you're dead.  Now just ride your elevator to the

Once there pull out the burst cannon (save any remaining pulse gun ammo) and
shoot the storm trooper waiting for you.  He has 3 friends with him on this
landing too.  Kill them quickly and walk into the next elevator, press the
button and the level is over.

16) LAST CHANCE  T-11:00   K-24   P-40%
RUN!!  PANIC!!  The ship is going to be destroyed!!  There really is no need to
worry.  You have plenty of time in this mission, at each checkpoint more time
is added to your counter.

Kais starts out in the elevator Silence the Guns ended in.  Hopefully you still
have the plasma gun with 9+ shots.  Arm the burst cannon and step out of the
elevator, when you do the timer starts.  Run forward and collect the burst
cannon on the ground if you need it.  2 storm troopers should run across your
path and to the right, follow them and shoot them from behind.  Follow the path
and head left.  The door at the end will open automatically, and out comes a
storm trooper being chased by a chaos marine.  Kill them both quickly with the
burst cannon.

Enter the door to find a broken bridge and 2 storm troopers on the far landing
shooting at you.  Grab the grenades in front of you.  You can try to toss them
at the imperials or just ignore them for now.  Walk along the broken pipes to
the other side.  You can take either pipe, they're both safe.  Don't get too
close to the edge though, once you start to slip off you can't get back on, and
you'll fall to your death.

Once you reach the end of the pipe you will have to jump over the last bump and
onto the platform.  If the storm troopers are still here kill them with the
burst cannon.  If they ran off, don't worry you'll get them just around the
next corner.  Enter the door on the platform and follow the path to the right.
Along the way you will encounter several storm troopers mow them all down with
the burst cannon, it only takes about 3 shots to kill each one so move from
target to target quickly.  Once they are all dead the elevator should open
itself to you.

Get in the elevator and press the button to make it go down.  When it reaches
the bottom exit and head right.  This is the first drop pod area and you'll see
all the pods leaving.  There are 2 servitors in this room, kill them quickly
before the 3 storm troopers coming into the room from the other side kill them
for you.  Kill the imperials after the servitors and keep moving forward.  In
the next hallway you'll find a servitor and 3 more storm troopers.  There is a
burst cannon on the floor and health in the small side room.  Be careful of the
chaos slime on the ground by the burst cannon.  Once you are healed up and
armed head down the stairs.

You are starting on Deck 5 and must jump down to Deck 2.  Walk down the stairs
and around the first bend until they stop.  Jump over the middle and down a
little bit to a landing on the other side. Turn around to face Deck 4 (slightly
above you).  Wait for the imperial to come out and lob a grenade at him.  He is
the first of 3 imperials you must kill for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  The second
one should be below you now on Deck 3.  Lob another grenade at him.  Jump from
your platform to the next highest one along the far wall.  Once there walk down
the metal rail to Deck 3.

Enter Deck 3 and turn left, kill the 3rd imperial for the secret objective.
There is more health to the right if you need it.  Go back to the stairs and
jump to the small broken ledge to the right of Deck 3.  From here you can jump
to the next ledge with some boulders on it down by Deck 2.  Now it's a small
jump from the ledge to Deck 2.  Enter Deck 2 and turn left.  This is a
checkpoint and more time is added.

Once on Deck 2 you will find yourself following 3 storm troopers, shoot them in
the back as they flee.  Keep moving forward and enter the next Drop pod area.
2 storm troopers will enter from the far doorway, kill them and enter the
doorway.  Walk down this curved hall to the next drop pod area.

In this area there are 3 chaos marines.  Be very careful, 2 have bolters and
one has a rocket launcher.  Ugh.  Arm the plasma gun.  When you enter the room
the far chaos marine will start shooting, but not move towards you, the other 2
are on the right side and will move towards you.  The best advice is to use the
curve hallway to duck back into for cover as you do a hide-n-seek dance with
them.  Shoot them with the pulse gun, then duck back as they shoot at you.
There is a red and green health in the drop pod area behind you.  Once the 2
chaos marines are dead go back and finish the one who doesn't move.  Use the
beams in the room to block his shots.  Drop the pulse gun if it has less then 5
shots and grab the 2 bolters instead.

Enter the door the last marine was guarding, this is another drop pod area with
a large hole in the floor.  This hole leads down to Deck 1 where your drop pod
is waiting.  Climb down the edges and onto the rubble pile.  This is a
checkpoint and you get more time.  Down here is the first dreadnaught you'll
face.  There are 2 metal beams leading down to the ground.  Find the one with a
rock at the top end and walk down this one.  It will put you to the
dreadnaught's side, the other one puts you out directly in front of it

At the base of the beam walk forward and then turn right.  You'll see the
dreadnaught behind a box.  Keep that box between you two as you advance on him.
Once you are near him get right up in front of him.  Yep the closer the better.
He has a very hard time hitting you if you stand close, and he'll only use the
autogun arm.  He won't use the rocket launcher or grenades at this close range.
That being said take out his right arm first (the autogun)  Use the burst
cannon and just hammer away at it.  You'll see fire coming from it when you are
hitting it, and an explosion once it's destroyed.  With that arm dead focus
your burst cannon on the left arm (rocket launcher)  It'll blow much the same
way, now back up a few steps and put a few rounds into the torso.  It doesn't
take a lot once both arms are gone, and the dreadnaught will explode.

There is another way to defeat the dreadnaught if you feel brave.  Once you are
down on Deck 1 run to the back and find the drop pod bay with no drop pod.
There are 3 bays in the level, one has the rubble you climbed down, one has
your escape pod, and one has a large door that can be opened in the floor.  Get
the dreadnaughts attention and lure him over the trap door.  When he is in
place hit the button and he'll fall down and die.  This is difficult to do
because he'll pummel you with his rockets and grenades as he makes his (slow)
way to the trap door, and often getting him into the room is difficult, he just
doesn't want to go.

Once the dreadnaught is dead regardless of how you killed him head to the drop
pod in the 3rd bay and climb inside.  The mission is over and you get another
movie.  This one shows the destruction of the ship and your escape to the
surface of the planet below.

17) CITY IN TATTERS  T-13:00   K-25   P-40%
CRASH!  Planetside again.  Now you are taking the fight to Severus.  Kais
starts out this mission in the wrecked drop pod.  Ardias radios in telling you
to meet up with him at the rendezvous point.

Walk forward and head left.  Pick up the 3 rocket launchers there.  You'll come
back for the plasma gun later.  Keep heading left to the little door.  Before
you get there it'll open and a chaos marine will pop his head in.  Say hi with
a rocket.  Reload and wait for his friend.  Blast him the same way.  Load the
last one and step into the door.

There are 2 more chaos marines, one by the other drop pod and one closer to
you.  Blast the closer one and head for the drop pod.  There is a rocket on the
right side.  Grab it and load it.  Blast the last chaos marine and arm the
burst cannon.  Take out the chaos head flyer hanging around the drop pod.  Now
go back for the plasma gun you dropped, and the one dropped by a marine.  Also
heal your self up.  Go back to the 2nd drop pod and press the button behind it
on the wall.  This open up the door next to it.

Enter the double set of doors and you'll find 2 Ultra marines.  Don't shoot
them and they won't shoot you.  2 raptors drop into the room with you and
attack the marines.  Kill the raptors quickly, while trying not to hit the
marines.  Once they are dead head for the far door.  Just inside the door is
another raptor so have the burst cannon handy.

Once you are past this guy you'll be at the top of some stairs.  To your left
is a small room with health and bolters.  Leave the bolters, unless you prefer
them or are running low on plasma gun ammo.  Walk down the stairs and turn to
the left.  Up on the ceiling is a little door, it'll open and out comes a
raptor.  You can get him with the burst cannon before he drops.

At the far end is a slanted elevator, or there will be.  It's on its way down
carrying 2 chaos marines.  Unload on them with the plasma gun.  Heal up with
the red health under the stairs and then jump on the elevator and press the
button to ride it to the surface.

Once there Quickly jump off and head right, behind the large truck thing.
You'll find 2 raptors here, blast them with the burst cannon.  Walk back to the
other side of the large object and find the chaos marine on the ground floor
with you, kill him.  Then head up the steps to the 2 chaos marines on the
walkway.  Run them down too.  Once they are dead head into the door on the
right on this walkway.  There is red health at the bottom.  Follow the hallway
and enter the next room which has some tanks in it.

Walk down the stairs to the bottom level, killing the chaos marine on the
second level as you go.  Once on the ground, there are 2 more chaos marines.
In the far back corner is the rail rifle.  Dump the burst cannon and pick up
the best weapon in the game bar none.

Head back up the steps and go left at the first platform, then left again.
This is the exit. to the outside.  Once outside arm the rail rifle.  There is a
large flight of steps.  At the very top of the steps on either side are 4
raptors, 2 on each side.  They are on the roof and will jump down one at a
time.  Use the scope and pick them off before they come down.  Next head
towards the steps.  When you get about half way a chaos marine will teleport
in.  Kill him quickly before you tau friends do.  After he is dead walk to the
steps again.  This time another chaos marine teleports in behind you.  Kill him

This will open the large door at the top of the stairs.  In this room are 2
chaos obliterators.  Killing both of them is the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  There are
also 2 chaos head flyers up there too.  Take aim at the first obliterator and
keep your distance.  You want lots of room to dodge his rockets.  Strafe back
and forth so he can't hit you and eventually he'll fall down (with enough shots
put into him).

An alternate way that doesn't always work, is to run up the stairs and to the
left or right of the first obliterator.  Sometimes he will be totally focused
on your tau friends he doesn't take notice of you.  You can then stand to the
side of him and blast away!

When he's down walk up the steps to get the attention of the second
obliterator.  Kill him in much the same way.  By now the rail rifle ammo is
gone so switch to the plasma gun.  When he's dead mop any of the remaining head
flyers and press the button in the obliterators room.  This opens the door to
the left.  Enter the door and the mission is over.

18) TITANIC  T-23:00   K-35   P-60%
Get nice and comfy because this is a long one.  It could be a lot shorter if a
locked door on the top floor would open giving you easy access back to the
middle floor. but it stays locked forcing you to do a lot of timely back-
tracking.  This is also one of the most difficult levels, well the beginning
is.  Once you are past the first section of guards it gets easier.  Enough with
the gripes, lets start taking down that titan!

Kais starts out in the hallway he ended up at in City in Tatters.  Walk forward
and exit to the outside.  This is a large courtyard with a broken tank.  Don't
worry, no enemies attack you in this area.  Collect the 3 rail rifles found
here.  One by the ramp down where you start, one near the tank, and one on the
left side of the courtyard.  Once you have these head for the door in the far
right corner.  Open the door and start down the sloped hallway.

In a pile of gore is another rail rifle, you should have full ammo now.  This
will be your primary weapon in this level.  You can use a chaos bolter or
plasma gun as your backup, whichever you like better.  If you have fairly good
aim and don't miss a ton of shots all you really need is the rail rifle.

Open the door at the bottom of the ramp.  On the other side are 2 chaos marines
waiting for you.  One has a plasma gun, and one has a bolter. So when they are
dead you'll have your choice of secondary weapons.  1 stop shopping.  The
easiest way to deal with them is to NOT run into the middle of the room.
Instead open the door then back up, lure them to walk past and shoot them 1 at
a time using the door as cover.  When they are dead head into this room.  There
are 3 doors, 2 on the far wall and one to your left.  The one to the left is
locked for now, of the 2 on the wall the right side one has green health, the
other has a chaos marine.

Enter the left one.  The chaos marine is talking to Severus over the radio and
doesn't notice you right away, use this to your advantage.  Use the scope and
snipe him in the head which is conveniently just sticking over a box.  When he
is dead his friend will open the locked door and attack you.  Kill him too.
Watch out for all the explosive containers in the level.  Head through the
previously locked door and up the twisting hallway.  The door will seal behind

Open the next door and run into the room.  There are 4 doors.  One in each
corner.  The near right has green health, near left has a chaos raptor, far
left has red health, and far right has 2 chaos marines.  The marines and raptor
are moving to attack you, so get them first.  Run to the far right door and
shoot the chaos marines, head shots here are key since you will now have a
raptor attacking you from behind.  Use the health in the 2 other rooms if
needed, and then head up the path the 2 chaos marines were guarding.

This path leads to another room.  This room has a blue locked door.  Ignore it
for now.  Head to the door on the far left.  Open the door and quickly back up,
a chaos marine with a plasma gun will attack you.  Duck into the room for cover
and snipe him, or blast away with your secondary weapon.  Move past him into
the hallway and head for the next door.  Open this door and move quickly to the
side.  Another chaos marine with a bolter will be shooting at you.  Kill him
the same way by using the doorway for cover.  Enter this room.  This is the
titan.  You are at his feet on the bottom floor.  There is a middle floor and a
top floor above you.  The blue door leads you to these floors.

Stand in the location the last chaos marine was standing in (behind the boxes)
Look just past the titan's left foot (on your right).  There is a chaos
sorcerer.  Shoot him.  You can use the same shield trick you used on the tech
priests.  Just shoot near him and it counts as a hit.  Once he is dead head for
where he was standing.  Ahead of you is a "maze" of boxes, it's really nothing
complicated.  In fact ignore it and head to the door on the right.  Enter this
door and you'll be in a hallway heading down.  Walk down the slope and shoot
the chaos marine at the bottom.  Enter the next room, this is where the blue
key is.

See the boxes on your right?  Crouch to the right side of them.  You should
have a clear shot at the head of a chaos marine guarding the blue key on the
floor behind him.  Once you've dropped him, grab the key and head to the other
side of the room.  Enter the door here.  This is another sloped hallway leading
you back to the titan room.  Walk slowly near the next door.  If you are
careful you can see and snipe a chaos marine guarding the door from behind him.
When he is dead enter the titan room again.  Now head left around the boxes and
you'll run into a chaos raptor.  Kill it and weave your way through the boxes
back to the feet of the titan.  Once back here grab all the rail ammo on the
ground and head back to the blue door via the door near the feet.

Once back in the room with the blue door a chaos raptor will enter and attack
you from the far right door.  Kill it, grab all the ammo and health you need
and open the blue door.  Step inside and you are on a little elevator, press
the button to go up.  It only goes up a little bit, the rest of the way you
have to walk.  When the elevator stops there is red health directly behind you,
leave it, but remember it's here in case you need it.

Walk off the elevator and head up the spiral walkway.  Watch out for the chaos
slime in all the corners.  After you have gone up a few flights you will see a
door on the right (this leads to the titan room again), and more ramp going up.
The ramp continues up to a locked door.  Turn to the door on the right and open
it.  Don't walk through it yet.  When you open it you'll face several chaos
marines.  One is to the left of the door and you can't see him yet, one is in
the middle of the room on a walkway, one is on the far side of the room on a
walkway, and one is on the upper walkway to the left.

Snipe the marine on the middle walkway first.  This should activate the marine
to the left to walk in front of you, kill him too.  Now the marine on the top
floor should be shooting down at you.  Zoom in and kill him, you have a narrow
shot, and he's shooting at you so you'll take damage, but this is the SECRET
OBJECTIVE.  Now the far marine should still be walking his regular patrol back
and forth.  Snipe him.  Sometimes a chaos sorcerer will appear here while you
are fighting the marines, and sometimes he won't.  It doesn't matter, if he
does, lure him into the hallway away from any marines shooting at you and
dispose of him.  Now is the time to go back for the red health if you need it.

Enter the titan room.  You are now on the 2nd floor.  There are several walkways
to the areas you must place charges, left knee, right knee, and pelvic joint.
The left and right knees are easy, the pelvic joint is blocked right now and
you must lower the walkway to it.  We'll get tot that.  When you enter the door
the pelvic joint is to your left, go right and into the next door.  Go through
this short room to the next one.  This room has 2 doors at the other end.  The
one on the right leads outside (and up to the 3rd level) and the one to the left
leads to the both knee joints.  Go left.  As soon as you open the door and go
through it aim up at the ceiling.  There is a chaos raptor about to drop on
you.  Blast him with the rail rifle before he gets the chance.

Now go left through the next door and there will be a chaos marine waiting for
you.  Tell him where his friends went and then give him directions with your
rail rifle.  Now enter the door on the right.  This leads to the knee joint
walkway.  Walk down the walkway and head left at the split.  Follow it around
the titan to the knee and place the charge.  Start to walk back.  When you get
near the split a chaos marine will teleport in and start shooting at you.  Kill
him, be careful not to fall off the walkway.  Next follow the walkway to the
right knee joint and place that charge as well.  Now head back to the door
leading outside.

Once outside, head to the right and around the wall.  You'll come face to face
with a chaos marine.  Shoot him quickly and arm the plasma gun if you have it
(the bolter or rail rifle will also work, but I like the plasma gun) Here is an
obliterator walking a guard path.  Engage him and kill him.  It'll take about
7-8 shots with the plasma gun or the rail rifle, I'm not really sure how many
bolter shots, probably about 20.  I like the plasma gun here because it's easy
to hit him while strafing back and forth from a distance to dodge his autogun
and plasma gun.  Start shooting him when he is at the far end of the walkway
and slowly back up giving him some ground as he comes after you and you shoot

When he is dead head up the slanted walkway he was guarding.  When you reach
the top there will be 2 chaos marines waiting for you.  One directly in front
of you and one to the right.  If your good you can stop about _ the way up the
ramp and snipe the one on the right through the railing, it's a long shot and
your window is small, but you can do it.  Then sneak up slowly to the top and
try to snipe the guard up there while he doesn't see you, this too is a little
difficult but can be done.  When you are at the top head to the right.  Ignore
the health unless you are REALLY beat up.  There is more in just a little bit
if you can hold out.  Keep heading to the right and you'll find a door leading
back into the titan room.  You are now on the top level.  This is where the
button to lower the pelvic ramp is.

Head to the right and pick up the rail rifle on the ground and then turn around
and go left towards the control room (it has the glass windows and the door).
Enter the control room and blast the chaos marine on the other side.  Press the
button, this lowers the pelvic ramp for you.  See the locked door on your
right?  This is the door at the top of the spiral hallway you were in a while
ago, wouldn't it be nice if this opened and you could quickly get back down to
the 2nd level?  Well forget about it, it stays shut.  Collect the red health and
head out of the control room the way you came in.  Walk all the way back down
to the 2nd level the exact same way you came up, outside, down the ramp, back
inside.  Once inside again head to the original door you came in from, the one
you sniped from for the secret objective.

When you get back to the door keep walking forward towards the pelvic joint.
When you reach the end of the walkway turn around a chaos marine will teleport
in behind you.  Kill him and then turn around again and walk to the pelvic
joint.  Place the charge.  Now Ardias radios in and tells you that you have one
more charge to place and it goes in the head.  Tired of walking yet?  Well head
back outside and back up the ramp to the 3rd level again.  This time when you
are about « way up the outside ramp a chaos marine will teleport in directly in
front of you.  If you're quick you can shoot hi in the head from this angle
while his first shot misses you.  Once e is gone walk up the ramp and slowly
sidestep looking left.  There is another chaos marine guarding an elevator
here.  If you are careful you can snipe him without letting him see you.  Don't
head to the elevator yet.

See the group of boxes at the top of the ramp?  Shoot them.  This will clear
the path to a meltagun hiding behind the wall.  Pick it up.  This can make the
end of this level easier and the secret objective in Descent very easy.  Now
head back to the elevator.  Collect the red health and activate the elevator.
It goes up to a platform with 2 buttons.  Press the button on the right, this
calls a little platform to come over to you.  Step onto the platform and press
the button, you'll be whisked away to a large open area.  Drop down onto the
boxes directly below you.  If you miss the boxes and land on the ground you'll
take a lot of damage.

Head to the door on the right, a chaos portal will activate and out pops a
chaos raptor.  Kill him and quickly head to the other door on the right.  Stand
directly in the doorway (the door is locked).  A Demon Prince has teleported in
on top of the roof.  He doesn't see you yet.  Slowly side step down the ramp
until you can see him.  Arm the rail rifle and start to snipe his arm.  If you
are lucky he'll never see you and stay on the roof.  Keep sniping him until he
falls over.  If he teleports down to the ground Put you back up against the
locked door, for some reason he has real trouble attacking you if you do.  If
he still comes after you arm the meltagun and circle him while you roast him.
Whenever you manage to kill him the portal will disappear.  Collect any health
you might need by the boxes and head into the door.  Don't drop the meltagun
even if it's empty, carry it into Descent. trust me.

Stop just inside.  There are 2 chaos marines and a chaos sorcerer.  You can see
one marine on the left side from here, scope in and snipe him.  This will
activate the sorcerer who comes around the right corner.  Kill him too but try
not to move too far from the door way.  If you do, you'll activate the other
marine.  Once the sorcerer is dead sidestep to the left and you'll see the
other marine working at a console.  Shoot him in the back of the head.  Now
walk forward and jump down the hole in the ground.  Once down walk forward
again and down another hole.

This one lands you onto a little cross beam before the ground.  Crouch while on
the beam and take aim at the chaos marine working at another console.  Once he
is dead jump down off of the beam and turn to the right, enter the little door
and place the charge in the head.  Turn around and head for the exit.  There is
a button by the door.  This exit you out to the 3rd level of the titan.

Adrias says he has activated an elevator for you.  Head to the left and follow
the nav point to the elevator.  Don't go outside, it's on the 3rd level.  When
you near the elevator a chaos portal will appear behind you, turn around and
shoot the chaos raptor coming out of it.  Turn back around and get into the
elevator.  Ride it down and exit it.  Walk forward into the next room and
you'll find Ardias by his speeder, walk up to it and the level is over.

19) DESCENT  T-16:00   K-35   P-60%
Kais is in the home stretch now, just 3 more levels to go.  You start out
Descent outside of the chaos temple.  Aridas says he will enter from the other
side since Severus has laid a trap for him.  What a nice guy Ardias is letting
you be the decoy.

A special note, the SECRET OBJECTIVE is to find the meltagun near the end of
this level, BUT if you carry over the meltagun from Titanic then the secret
objective is done as soon as you start this level!  Once the level starts you
can ditch the meltagun for your favorite alternate weapon.

Hang out in the starting location, but back up a few steps.  There will be 3
chaos marines coming down the trench from the chaos temple.  The first one will
see you and fight, but he'll eventually stand still so you can pick him off
easily.  The other 2 will come down the trench and stop if they don't see you.
This makes them very easy targets for the rail rifle.  When all 3 are
dispatched, climb down the blocks and into the trench.

At the trench entrance head left and follow it around the next 3 curves.
Around the last one a chaos raptor will attack, just blow him away.  Head to
the right and up out of the trench.  You'll come to the chaos temple, it has 2
entrances and they are both the same, pick either one.  Once inside start down
the stairs.  About « way down the doors at the top will become chaos portals.
Turn around and walk back up the stairs.  Out of each portal a chaos marine
will exit, and after it is destroyed a chaos raptor will follow.  The right
side portal (looking up the stairs) will have the first marine quickly followed
by the left side portal.  Kill both marines and both raptors.  Head back down
the stairs.  At the bottom are 2 exits, one to the left and one to the right.

The exit to the left leads to a small room with a rocket launcher, the one to
the right will become a chaos portal as you get near it.  Hang out and wait for
the chaos marine to exit the portal, then give him a rocket launcher a-la-mode.
Once the portal is clear head down the stairs.  To the left is a room with some
health and rail rifle ammo.  Go right down the next flight of stairs and stop
just before the doorway.  Look to the left and a chaos raptor will charge you.
Shoot him from the doorway and then enter the room.  A chaos portal will block
your exit until you clear the other raptor.

Head to the left and through the next 2 rooms.  In the 3rd the raptor is
waiting.  You can get him from the 2nd room.  Once the raptor is dead keep
walking in this direction, there is a bonus target for you.  Walk into the 4th
room (dead end) and a chaos marine will teleport into the 3rd room behind you.
Turn around and blast him, then head back to the exit that was blocked by the

This is a hole in the wall, climb down the hole to the next room.  There is one
exit and a portal will block it as you approach.  A rocket launcher marine will
exit this portal to attack you.  He will mess you up if you don't get him on
the first shot.  Crouch in front of the portal since he will fire as soon as he
enters, the shot will sail over your head, then from the low angle shoot up at
his head as he aims down at you.  Once he is dead and the portal is clear grab
the health, rail ammo and head down the stairs.

This next series of 3 short rooms has a chaos sorcerer in the 2nd room and a
chaos marine in the 3rd.  Walk just into the 2nd room and wait a second, the
sorcerer will appear, dispose of him and walk into the 3rd room.  Hang out for
another second and the chaos marine will appear.  Once he is dead walk out the
exit and down the ramp.  A chaos portal will seal the door behind you, and
another marine will pop out of the portal behind you.  When you are near the
bottom of the ramp turn around and give the new marine something to think
about. how about a rail to the face or a few plasma shots.

Enter the room at the bottom of the ramp and you'll find a little chaos head
flyer blocking the exit.  Laugh at it's weak attempt to stop you as you blow it
away, and head down the next ramp.

At the end of this ramp turn around.  A chaos portal will appear and a chaos
raptor will emerge behind you.  Blow him away and sidestep to the left and
you'll see another portal in the next room.  Another raptor is coming out of
this one too.  Kill him and head towards the portal.  A chaos sorcerer will try
to stop you.  Kill him too and head out the door the portal was blocking.

You'll go down a ramp and then down a spiral stair case.  On this stair case
you'll run into 2 chaos raptors, kill them and keep running down.  When you
reach the bottom you'll cross another ramp and then drop down a little jump.
This is a checkpoint by the way.  You should see the large fire column in front
of you now.  Walk towards it, but crouched.  When you near it a chaos marine
with a rocket launcher will teleport in.  If you are crouched his first shot
will miss you.  Kill him the same way you did the other rocket launcher guy, a
quick shot to the head.  Now enter the spiral ramp room.

The meltagun you need to find for the SECRET OBJECTIVE is to your left.  Follow
the walkway until it stops, and you'll see it behind the fire.  You have to
jump over to it and then jump back.  If you carried a meltagun over from
Titanic then this is optional, but you will face another demon prince so it
might be helpful to you.

Once you have the meltagun head up the spiral ramp.  When you near the top a
chaos sorcerer will appear and attack you.  Sometimes the sorcerer will fall
off the ramp after you shoot him one time, try not to let this happen.  Once he
is dead walk through the little tunnel and a chaos marine will teleport in
front of you.  Kill him and start back down the spiral ramp.  When you near the
bottom another chaos sorcerer will attack.  He usually teleports behind you
after you hit him the first time, so watch out.

At the very bottom of the ramp a chaos portal will appear blocking your exit.
Stand well to the side of the portal, not directly in front of it.  A chaos
marine will exit the portal.  If you are to the side he will not see you and
he's easy pickens.  If you stand in front of the portal he will see you and
usually back up into the portal making you fight him without seeing him,

Pick up the ammo and health on the little landing and head into the door the
portal was blocking.  Down another ramp and into a large room with a large red
portal at one end.  Enter the room and stay on the left hand side.  Walk about
a third of the way down the left side and turn around.  A chaos portal has
appeared behind you and a chaos raptor is coming out, blast him quickly then
turn around.  There is another portal off to the left side and another raptor
is coming out, blast him and turn around again to face your original entrance.
One more chaos raptor is entering, kill him too.  Now turn around again (dizzy
yet?).  Walk to the last doorway on your left, but DO NOT GO PAST IT.  If you
go past it the demon prince will come out, you don't want to face him quite

Walking near the last door will trigger a chaos portal near the ceiling on the
right side of the room.  2 raptors will come out, snipe them before they even
hit the floor.  Now take a look around.  There are 4 doorways on each side of
the room.  The 2 doorways on each side closest to your entrance can be ignored,
there's nothing of interest in them except for green health.  The others hide 4
chaos head flyers, 2 on each side.  On each side there is 1 on the ground
floor, and 1 up the ramp to the second floor.  Clear out both of the side
rooms.  With all the head flyers dead step near the large red portal.

Some lightning will cover it and a demon prince will exit.  Run to any of the
doorways and hide there.  From here you can snipe the demon prince.  He'll
probably try to come after you, but from the safety of the hallway inside the
doors he can't really get you.  If you find yourself in open combat with him,
use the meltagun.  Once he is dead collect all the remaining rail gun ammo and
walk into the portal.  It won't disappear, just jump into it and keep walking
forward into the darkness.

You'll be taken to the final room for this level.  There is a chaos sorcerer on
the far side and an obliterator guarding another portal in the floor.  Kill the
sorcerer first.  You usually have to shoot him one time to activate him, then 2
more times to actually kill him.  Turn the meltagun on the obliterator.  When
both guys are dead jump into the purple portal on the floor and the level is

20) CONVERGENCE  T-15:00   K-36   P-60%
Welcome to Convergence, and by the way what IS that smell?  Remember at the end
of Descent when Kais jumped into the pit?  Did you notice the dead bodies
falling in too?  Well those bodies were falling into a pile which Kais is now
standing on top of.  Ahh gross.

Climb down off the body pile and pick up the 2 rail rifles to the right of it.
Then turn around and walk backwards down the long hallway.  2 Chaos raptors
spawn in behind you and attack.  This way you're ready for them.  Don't go too
far down the hall yet.  When they are done turn back around and walk down the
hall.  When the chaos portal appears blocking your path move to the far right
or left of the hallway.  In a couple of seconds a chaos raptor will run out
firing, if you're on the sides he'll miss you.  Blast him before he has the
chance to see you and change directions.

When the portal disappears don't go running to far.  See the crack in the wall
just to the left and behind the portal?  Jump up and into it.  This is the only
way into this area.  It is a landing with a dead tau and some rocket launchers.
Grab the launchers.  Notice the dead tau?  This is the first of 3 dead tau you
must find for the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

After you have the rockets jump down to where the upper ledge (had the portal)
would have dropped you.  From here you can go to the right side dead end area
if you want to.  There are 2 rail rifles up there, only go if you NEED the
ammo.  When you walk back down from the dead end a rocket launcher chaos marine
will teleport in DIRECTLY in front of you and he will not miss.  You will take
LOTS of damage, but there is a red health back up on the landing for you.  You
don't need this kill either to get an A, so I usually skip this guy.

If you skip him or after you've killed him walk straight towards the next big
room.  Before you get there a portal will appear on a ledge.  Turn around.  A
marine with a rocket launcher will teleport in behind you.  Crouch so his first
rocket misses them blast him with yours.  When he's dead grab his rocket and
reload.  Turn around and walk towards the new portal.  Enter the room and
sidestep to the right, another marine on a ledge will jump down to fight you.
Blast him with a rocket and reload.  This will make the portal disappear, and
there is green health up there.

See the little area sunken into the ground by a set of steps on each side?
When you step through this area 2 chaos marines teleport in.  One is behind you
(near the 2 previous portals) and one to your left.  I usually back into this
area facing either marine.  Blast him then run around while you load your last
rocket.  When it's loaded, blast his friend.  Now you can drop the rocket
launcher for the bolters on the ground.  Don't leave this area yet.

Stand on the landing where the 2nd portal was.  Face the center of the room and
look to your left.  Notice the dead tau and health on that upper ledge?  This
is the second dead tau and you have to jump up there from this ledge.  It's not
too easy either.  Just take a small running start and jump at the edge of the
stairs.  Aim for the landing right next to the column.  If you hit the column,
you'll slide off the ledge.  It'll probably take a few tries, just keep at it.

After you've collected any health and bolters from up here drop back down and
head through the center area and to the left.  You'll walk down a narrow
hallway.  Near the end a chaos sorcerer will appear directly in front of you.
Shoot him with the rail and watch him teleport.  He'll either go behind you, up
onto a ledge to the left or right in front of you.  Take him down.

Now took to your left and slightly up.  See that ledge by the stairs?  The 3rd
and final dead tau along with some health and a rail rifle are up there.  This
jump is about as difficult as the last one.  Run down the right side of the
hall and use the slightly angled wall to help guide your jump.  The angle of
the wall is a good angle to jump to the ledge at.  Again, it'll take a few
jumps to get it right.  Once you are up there collect the health and rail, and
you've done the SECRET OBJECTIVE.

Jump down from the ledge and keep going to the left.  See the stairs going down
to another door?  When you start down the stairs a chaos sorcerer will appear
at the base and slightly behind the right side wall.  A well placed rail shot
can get him, and then when he teleports behind you he only needs one more shot
to bring him down.  Walk to the door and wait for the portal to disappear.

When it does walk through it and into the "blue face room"  You'll quickly see
why it's called that, at one end is a large door that looks like a face, and
it's. um. blue.  This room has lots of weapons and health scattered around the
edges.  Stick to the bolter for now.  There are rail rifles as you come in and
in the far right corner.  All these weapons and health. can't be a good sign.
There'll be a big fight here, but it's not too bad since the enemies attack in
waves and not all at once.

Walk up to the blue face and a portal will appear blocking your exit, another
one appears on the door you came in from.  Run into either corner of the room
by the blue door.  A chaos sorcerer comes out of each portal.  Shoot the one
from the blue face as he exits.  This will draw both of them to you.  Just
circle them and fire a few rail shots.  3 more shots and they'll both be dead.
When they die make sure you are still on the side of the room with the blue

3 chaos raptors will drop down from the ceiling near the other door.  If you
are far enough away they'll never see you.  Switch on the night vision and
they'll pop out.  Snipe them at your leisure with the rail rifle.  When they
are dead reload the rifle and head for the red mist cloud in the center of the
room.  A chaos dreadnaught will appear here.  Kill him like the other one you
faced in Last Chance.  Only this time he's easier since you have the rail
rifle.  Just put 2 shots in each arm (do the rocket launcher arm first, his
left) and one shot in his chest.  Ka-boom he goes, remember to back up before
the chest shot or you'll take splash damage from him.

One more enemy to go.  Now a chaos obliterator comes out of the mist.  Use the
bolter or rail rifle on him at close range, but not too close.  If you stand
directly in front of him the bolter slugs pass through him!  Keep close enough
so he only uses the autogun.  When he's dead grab any rail rifles left and heal
up.  Now grab the meltagun on the left side wall and walk through the blue face
when the portal disappears.  You'll save the meltagun for the fight with the
chaos spawn.

You are now in a little room.  With no apparent exit.  There will be one soon.
Walk to the back wall near the red health.  This will trigger a chaos portal,
in a few seconds the portal will disappear sealing you inside.  2 chaos raptors
will also teleport in, one on each side of the room.  When they are dead (go
ahead and kill them now) a chaos portal will appear on the back wall and the
wall will open into a doorway.

Step up to the door way just a little, and look over the ledge to the left.
Don't go too far, there is a chaos marine with a rocket launcher below you.
Watch the lower ledge until you see a chaos marine run up it.  Back up into the
small room near the red health and wait.  The marine will run up the ramp,
around the corner and stop at the bottom of the ramp coming out of your room.
He won't see you either so snipe him.

When he is dead step slowly out of the door, remember the marine below you?
Look to the far left side and lower then either ledge.  The marine is standing
on this lower ledge.  Snipe him too.  When he's dead run down the ramp and
around the first corner, then stop just outside the next doorway.  Look to your
left again and in a few seconds you'll see another chaos marine with a rocket
launcher running up the lower ramp.  Backup again to the corner and wait for
him.  He'll run around the next corner and be waiting at the base of the ramp
you are standing on.  Snipe him too.

There is one more rocket marine to snipe.  Walk down the ramp and around the
next 2 corners then stop.  The last marine is guarding an elevator and is next
to some red health.  Snipe him and walk to the elevator.  Get on the elevator
and it will automatically start down.

When the elevator reaches the ground floor 2 chaos raptors will rush in and
attack you.  Kill them quickly but don't exit the elevator.  After they are
dead back out of the elevator, 2 more raptors will jump down from the ceiling
and attack.  Kill them quickly.  When they are dead walk around the circle to
the far doorway.  When you pass it a chaos portal will cover it blocking your
path.  Run back to the first elevator.  2 chaos marines come out of the portal
but don't attack you if you are far enough away, you'll get them in a second.
Now there is a red mist cloud in front of the elevator.  Guess who's in there,
another dreadnaught.  Same deal as before, 2 shots in each arm and one in the

Now you can snipe the 2 marines from the safety of the other side of the room.
They won't budge.  When they are dead grab any health and the 2 rail rifles
left and head into the door the portal was blocking.  This is another elevator.
This thing takes you down to the Admiral.  Notice the 1st red health at the
bottom?  It's actually 2 health pickups on top of each other, just a little
bonus tip.

Walk down the curved hall way and out comes the Admiral.  He'll ask you to come
closer so he can talk to you, go ahead and stand next to him.  When he starts
his speech about Severus back up a bit.  Still have the meltagun?  Good.  Arm
it now.  As the Admiral talks he will transform into the chaos spawn.  If the
lightning of his transformation touches you, you will die, so don't touch it.

When he is done transforming the meltagun should auto-target him.  Start
firing.  Keep firing until it gets too hot for Kais and he pulls his hand off.
Every time the chaos spawn lifts his head in pain he will summon 2 "friends" to
help him.  The first time it's 2 chaos raptors, the 2nd time it's 2 chaos
sorcerers, and the 3rd time it's 2 more raptors.  Each time one comes form each
end of the hallway.

The best way to deal with the spawn and his friends is to keep firing at the
spawn until he calls up reinforcements.  Then break off the attack and deal
with them.  You'll be cut to pieces if you concentrate on the spawn only.
Eventually the meltagun will run dry.  Switch to the rail rifle and keep
firing.  Keep your distance, the spawn's claw attack is really nasty.  Just
slowly back up giving him ground as you shoot him, making sure to walk over the
red healths as you do.

Eventually (just after he calls up the 2nd pair of raptors) he will collapse in
a heap of lightning.  It's ok to walk through this, you won't be hurt.  Finish
off any remaining raptors and head for the far door (the one the admiral came
out of) This is another elevator.

If you die while facing the chaos spawn you might as well restart the level.
It takes too much time to respawn and listen to the Admiral all over again and
you'll get a B, you can always go ahead and finish with a B (or a C, or. no
grade) and come back to this level (or any other level without an A) through
the level select menu later.

This elevator will take you down to another level, get off and head to the
right.  Keep going until you find the stairs leading down.  Walk down the
stairs to finish the level.

21) FACE OF CHAOS  T-10:00   K-8   P-65%
So. close. can taste victory.  This is it, the end of the line, the last level
just you and Severus.  But first you have to get through 4 rooms of various
chaos evils.  Honestly this level is easier then Convergence so pat your self
on the back for that one and let's kick this pig!

Kais starts out in the stairway from the end of Convergence.  Walk down to the
end and you'll see a big round room.  There are 2 levels, you are on the upper
ring.  Below you is the lower pit.  The upper ring is divided into t2 halves
separated by gaps, each half of the ring has 1 stairway leading up to it.
Around the upper ring are 4 rooms, 2 on each side, and each room has it's own
color, blue, yellow, green, and pink.  In each room Kais must plant a
demolition charge and shoot the chaos candelabra, getting all 4 candelabra will
earn you the SECRET OBJECTIVE.  Each room also has 1 to 3 enemies for you.

Grab the plasma gun, there are a ton of them scattered around.  Then walk to
the right and down the stairs to the lower pit.  Head over to the other ring,
and up to the blue door, this is the first room.

Blue room:  Open the door and step inside, turn around and face the door.  Back
up to the area you must place the charge on and wait a second.  A chaos raptor
will teleport in and attack, kill him.  Now look just over the doorway.  See
the skylight?  See the candelabra in front of it?  Zoom in and shoot it.  This
is 1 of 4.  Now turn around and place the first charge.  Not so bad eh?  Now
head back out and over to the other ring again, go to the yellow door.

Yellow room:  Walk inside and head to the left side of the room.  A chaos
sorcerer teleports in on this side, and a chaos raptor teleports in behind you
by the door.  Shoot the sorcerer once and turn around, peg the raptor as he
charges you then nail the sorcerer again by the door.  Aim over the door and
shoot the 2nd candelabra.  Turn around and place the 2nd charge.  Grab the
health and head out of the door to the right.  Walk up to the green door.

Green room:  Walk in and turn to the left.  2 chaos raptors spawn in, one is on
the left along the wall about « way into the room, the other is in the near
right side corner.  Nail the one on the left then turn around to nail the one
in the corner.  Shoot the 3rd candelabra (same location as the other 2)  Now
step up to the charge and reload your weapon.  When you are done placing the 3rd
charge another raptor will spawn directly behind you.  The best thing to do is
to place the charge standing at a slight angle.  This way when it's done you
can quickly dodge the attack coming from behind you.  Turn around and kill the
raptor.  Heal up.  Walk out of the door and head over to the pink door.  Try to
leave at least 2 red healths on the upper ring, you'll probably need them when
fighting the end boss.  Leave all the health if you can, the more you save for
the end the easier it will be.

Pink room:  Walk straight into the room.  When you near the charge area a chaos
obliterator will spawn in front of you and a raptor behind you.  Quickly turn
and dispose of the raptor.  Now pull out the plasma gun and start giving it to
the obliterator.  Remember to stand close and he will only use his autogun,
there is no cover to hide form his rockets, they are death.  When he falls down
shoot the last candelabra over the door.  Then turn around and plant the 4th
charge.  Exit the pink room.

Now Severus and Ko'Vash (remember him?) are in the lower pit talking.  Well
Severus is talking Ko'Vash is trying not to soil himself.  Drop the plasma gun
and pick up all the burst cannons on this half of the ring.  Yes the burst
cannon.  When you have them walk back to the other half of the ring (the side
with all the red health).  Arm the rail rifle and wait.  Eventually Severus
will turn Ko'Vash into cosmic dust, honestly he got captured twice, he deserved
it.  Now Severus will turn on you.  When he does, start hitting him with the
rail rifle.  About 8 shots should do the trick.  Keep side stepping around the
ring to dodge his plasma gun.  When you finally kill him he'll burst into
flames and thank you.  Thank you?  Uh..oh.. when evil madmen thank you, you
usually just played right into their hands.  And you did.  By killing Severus
you allowed him to transform into a powerful chaos demon lord.

When the winged chaos lord (final boss) appears in the center of the room start
shooting his chest with the burst cannon.  Most other weapons appear to pass
right through him.  He'll stay in the center using a plasma attack and his
lightning attack.  Neither are very powerful.  Stand near a red health and when
you start to go red just back up into the health.  It'll take about 2.5 full
clips of ammo to kill the demon thing, just be patient.  Eventually the demon
will burst into flames and he's dead (for good).  Now just sit back and enjoy
the final scene as you are reunited with Lusha and Ardias.

Congratulations and thank you for playing Fire Warrior, now go online and frag
someone, but not before you skim through the multiplayer section of this guide.



This is a quick list of all the secret objectives in each level, and what is
required to unlock each cheat.  For more details on where the objectives are
located see that missions walkthrough in the previous section.  No grades are
given in the EASY difficulty and nothing can be unlocked.

Hard Difficulty - Finish all levels on NORMAL.
Infinite Ammo Cheat - Finish all levels on NORMAL with an A grade.
Infinite Shield Cheat - Finish all levels on HARD.
Infinite Health Cheat - Finish all levels on HARD with a C or above.
Infinite Grenades Cheat - Finish all levels on HARD with a B or above.
Choice of Left Hand Weapon - Finish all levels on HARD with an A.

The movies in the THEATER unlock after you have seen them, except for the first
2 movies which are unlocked after Deep Level.  No movies are unlocked on EASY.

Each "A" grade in NORMAL and HARD unlocks an image in the image banks.

Basic Training - Press every button in the end briefing room
The Drop - Kill the courier
The Push - Man the pintle gun and kill the 4 guards activated
Watch Towers - Kill all the snipers on the upper ring of the prison
The Cells - Free all the tau prisoners
Deep Level - Pick up the bread in the caves
Unwelcome Guests - Save the air caste in the kitchen from being killed
The Invaders - Save the air caste in the medical bay
System shutdown - Kill the 3 tech priests by the keys
Diversion - Find the 3 hiding air cast on the bridge deck
Clear the Decks - Shoot a barrel on a ledge on Deck B
Power House - Do not set off the sentry alarms
Distant Eyes - Kill the 4 snipers running on a ledge by the orange door
No Rest/Wicked - Shoot the barrels in the sewer
Silence the Guns - Kill the scared servitor in the engine room
Last Chance - Kill the 3 imperials you find as you jump down the stairs
City in Tatters - Kill both obliterators
Titanic - Shoot an enemy on the upper balcony from the middle balcony
Descent - Find the meltagun
Convergence - Find the 3 dead tau
Face of Chaos - Shoot the 4 chaos candelabra

                             M u l t i p l a y e r

VIII.  Weapons

Not all of the weapons from single player are used in multiplayer (bummer) and
some of them function a little bit differently.  An interesting tactic to try
is to run over weapons and health you already are full on.  You will still pick
them up.  You won't get the extra health or ammo, but you will deny your
opponents from getting it.

Another nasty thing to do is to pick up weapons you don't want or need and then
put them back down.  They will blow up in about 5 seconds.  This can kill
someone, but more importantly someone won't be picking up that weapon until it

Primary fire - Energy bolt, rapid automatic fire
Secondary fire - Energy bolt, single shot (more accurate)
Triangle Button - Launch grenade
Notes - This weapon is a favorite of a lot of users because of the grenade
launching ability.  The regular fire isn't very strong and takes good aim to
kill someone with it.  Try not to run directly at someone using this gun,
chances are they are about to toss you a grenade.

Primary fire - Energy Rail, single shot
Secondary fire - Scope mode
Notes - This is a guaranteed one hit kill weapon, so it's VERY popular.  The
only down-side is the trail it leaves when it fires.  If you camp and snipe
with it be prepared to move locations often as everyone will know exactly where
you are sniping from.

Primary fire - Laser, automatic fire
Secondary fire - None
Notes - The las gun is almost useless.  It's the weakest weapon and the scatter
pattern makes it only effective at close range.  Avoid these.

Primary fire - Bullets, automatic fire (scattered)
Secondary fire - Bullet, single shot (more accurate)
Notes - Everyone starts with this weapon.  It's ok until you get something
better and it's good to switch to when your other weapon runs dry and you can't
take the time to reload it.  The secondary fire is more accurate then the
primary, but not as accurate as it is in the single player, it has a slightly
bigger spread.

Primary fire - Sniper Bullet, single shot (most accurate weapon)
Secondary fire - Scope
Notes - This weapon is good and bad for the sniper.  Unlike the rail rifle it
is not always a one hit kill.  Sometimes 2 hits are required.  It doesn't
matter the location, head shots do the same damage as body shots.  What it
lacks in strength it makes up for in stealth.  It leaves almost no trail to
trace back to the source.

Primary fire - Single shotgun blast
Secondary fire - Double shotgun blast
Notes - An excellent weapon for the player who likes to mix it up real close
and personal.  A double shot will kill anyone, and if your aim isn't 100% on
it'll do damage anyway.

Primary fire - Single bolter slug
Secondary fire - Double bolter slugs (less accurate)
Notes - A wild weapon to say the least, it's very powerful and fast, 1 or 2
shots kills anyone, but its spread limits it to a short-medium range weapon.

Primary fire - Single missile
Secondary fire - None
Notes - It hurts, and makes a lot of splash damage that hurts more.  Be very
careful when using this weapon.  Your target has to be a good distance away or
you'll take some splash damage.  Try shooting this baby under walkways, the
splash is enough to kill anyone over it.  In fact try to aim for the ground and
walls anyway, your target is moving but the ground isn't so it's an easy shot.

Notes - just like the single player.

There is only lime (green) health.


IX.    Skins

There are 3 types of skins, Tau, Imperial, and Marines.  They are all the same
as far as speed and collision.  You can actually hit the Tau over their head
and miss the marines above their eyes.  The only difference is the colors.

The different clans of marines are: Iron Fist (yellow), Chaos (Red), Raptors
(Green), and Ultra (Blue).

Each skin type also has its own taunts.  The Chaos Marine also has its own
taunts separate from the other marines.  Personally, the Chaos Marines have the
best taunts.  Who doesn't like to use "Run, it pleases me!" as you chase
someone down?

Like I said the only real difference is the color of the skins.  Keep this in
mind when choosing.  Some skins like the white ones can't blend into the
background as easily as others, and the Marines tend to stick out too since
they are larger.

If you are the server use this to your advantage.  In team games, each base has
bright lights of their teams color.  This can make it difficult to see a skin
of the same color standing in front of it.  If you are on red make your team a
red skin, and make the blue team something that stands out, like the white
imperial.  Sometimes this slight edge is all you need.


X.     Game Types

There are 3 game types:

DEATHMATCH - A traditional deathmatch... Everyone is against everyone else, so
kill or be killed!  Your number of kills (frags) is in the upper left corner
and your place amongst everyone playing is just below it.  Deathmatchs can be a
race, who can get to a set number of kills first, or a marathon, who can get
the most kills in 10 minutes.

TEAM DEATHMATCH - This is very similar to deathmatch except there are 2 teams,
red and blue.  As a member of one team you must kill as many members of the
other team as you can.  Your team receives 1 point for each enemy you kill, and
-1 point for each friendly you kill (on accident or not).  Your team also gets
a -1 point for a suicide (falling out of the map, blowing your self up.)

CAPTURE THE FLAG - This game is a specialized team game.  The same team
deathmatch rules apply, but now there are flags.  Stealing, Capturing, and
Defending the flags all earn your team more points.

Your team gets 5 points for stealing the other team's flag, that is touching it
and picking it up.

You get 10 more points for a capture.  To capture the enemy's flag you must
first steal it and then run it back to your base and touch your own flag.  If
the other team has stolen your flag too it must be returned to your base before
you can capture their flag (they're trying to get their own flag back to
capture yours so watch out).

If you kill an enemy while they have the flag or are near it you get another 2
points for returning/defending the flag.  Once an enemy drops your flag it
stays on the ground for a few seconds before returning to your base.  It can be
stolen again in this time so touch it yourself to instantly send it back to
your base.

Good flag defense wins matches.  If you have 4 players always have one player
guarding the flag with the best weapons, rail rifles and grenades work real
good for flag defense.  Have another user walking a patrol around the base sort
of an early detection system, they can stop some attacks before they even get
near the flag.  The other 2 users should go for the flag.  They can cover each
other, one steals the flag while the other one fights off any enemies trying to
get the flag back.  When the flag gets near their base the user on a roaming
patrol can take over cover duties to safely escort the flag carrier in to the

In order to coordinate all this with no real in game communication battlefield
awareness is key.  Always know where the flags are.  Messages are displayed at
the bottom every time a flag is stolen, dropped, or captured.  If you are on
base patrol and your flag is stolen, break your guard duty and head to the
location the enemy will probably go with your flag, wait for them and take your
flag back.  If you are on the raiding party and your flag is stolen, be
prepared to hide with and defend the stolen flag a little longer while your
teammates try to get your flag back.  Try to find new hiding places each time
the enemy discovers your old one.


XI.    Split Screen Maps

Revolt: (DM)
This deathmatch map is a small center area with 2 trench out coves, one on each
side.  The rocket launcher is on the bridge in the center, and the sniper rifle
is on the top floor of the center round room.  The fights usually all end up in
the center of the map.  Walk around the outside to collect some bolters before
heading into the scrum.  There is no rail rifle on the map.

Destroyer: (DM)
This map has 2 main areas connected by 2 hallways.  There is the library and
the valley.  The library has the rocket launcher and the rail rifle.  It's a
nice double ring of bookshelves that make for good cover.  Battles happen
everywhere in this map.  There isn't a lot of cover to hide behind outside of
the library either.  Keep circling the map and you'll run into people,
hopefully behind them.  There is no sniper rifle on the map.

Revelation: (TDM or CTF)
This map can be played either team deathmatch or capture the flag.  It is
shaped like a mini version of the online map, prisoners.  The map is divided
into 2 sides.  The flags are located on the second level, take the ramp (the
only way) up to them.  Blue is the tam to be in this map.  They have a rail
rifle under their ramp that the red team does not have.  The red team has a
shotgun. I'd rather have the rail rifle in that fight.  The 2 pits in the
center of the map have the rocket launchers.  Beware of the courtyard, there is
NO cover and the lighting of the amp makes enemies difficult to see.

Pain: (TDM or CTF)
This map can also be played either team deathmatch or capture the flag.  It is
shaped like a mini version of the online map, oppression.  This map is on the
tau ship.  There are 2 sides and a common middle area.  One hallway circles all
the way around the outside going through both bases, the other one cuts through
the center.  It may look like a maze of halls, but take a moment to walk around
them, and you'll see how they connect.  This can be used to your advantage,
often people get confused an head the long way around.  The flags are kept in
each teams little glass dugout.  During team deathmatch the dugouts have rocket
launchers instead, this makes for a fun map, lots of rocket in small hallways.
Again the blue base has a rail rifle the red base does not, but the rail is at
the point where the blue base and red base meet so it's not that big of an
advantage.  All the weapons are scattered around.  A nasty tactic is to camp in
the other teams base and take their rockets, just remember a player is
invulnerable for about 2 seconds after spawning in.  So don't fire a rocket
right away, let them try to run, then fire.  In flag capture mix it up weather
you run through the center or to the sides, if you always go the same way there
will be stiff resistance waiting for you eventually.


XII.   Online Maps

Layout - This map has a large square center area surrounded by a multi-level
outer hallway and 4 trench cut outs.  There is one U shaped trench on each side
of the square.  Inside each trench are 4 grenades 2 pulse carbines a shotgun,
and some has a las gun too.  Most of the spawn points are in these cut outs.
Just outside each cut out is green health.

In the other hallway you'll find autoguns in 2 of the lower corners.  On the
upper ring there is a sniper rifle on each side and health in each corner.
There is also quick access to the 4 corner rooms from up here.

Each corner room has 2 floors and a hole in the floor for easy access to the
lower floor.  2 of the upper rooms have bolters and all of the lower rooms have
health.  The upper rooms are connected by a suspended walkway that cross in the
center of the large room.

On the walkway are the power weapons.  2 rocket launchers and the rail rifle
with health in the center.

The large center room has health, grenades, autoguns, and las guns scattered
about.  It is also a dangerous place.  The good thing is there are some tanks
and boxes to provide quick cover.

*All skin colors are equally visible, so be your favorite.

*The grates in the corner rooms do not have collision with weapons, you can
shoot through them from above or below to surprise people.

*The tanks and boxes can be used as a quick way to get to the upper walkway
without going the long way around the map to a ramp.

*Most battle happen in the center, but another good strategy is to circle the
outer hallway with the pulse carbine and grenades.  There are lots of grenades
on each side of the square so ammo is never in short supply.  Most of the spawn
points are in the side trenches so get people as they head into the center.

*Grab the rockets and hide in the lower rooms.  When others run across the
walkway fire your rocket under them.  The splash damage is powerful enough to
kill through the floor.

*Another good way to make people pay is to stand over the sniper rifles.  From
each one you have a clear shot at the center walkway where most people run to
get the rail and rockets.  Pick them off and watch them get mad.

Layout - This map is on the imperial ship, and looks a lot like Clear the
Decks.  The center courtyard is surrounded by many ledges, side rooms and
walkways.  There very few safe places on this map, death is around every

The center has a rail rifle near the edge, an autogun on the other edge, a
rocket launcher in the center and a bolter and shotgun near the boxes.  To the
right (facing away from space) there is a door leading to a stair way.  At the
base of the stairs is a rocket launcher.  Up the stairs is health, a pulse
carbine and grenades.  At the top of the stairs is a sniper rifle and you can
go left or right.

To the left and down a drop to a ledge you'll find a rocket launcher, health
and grenades.  From this ledge toy can jump to the two large boxes.  They have
health and grenades.  If you go right from the top of the stair way you'll be
on a walkway.  This walkway goes all the way to the other side of the map.  If
you drop down to the left near the corner you'll end up on another small ledge
that has a rail rifle, grenades and health.

From the center courtyard head forward and into the ship.  Inside here you'll
find a pulse carbine, health, and grenades on the lower level.  Up the curved
stairs and you'll find (another) rocket launcher, grenades and health.  There
are also 2 doors that lead to the outer walkway.  Turn left.

At the far end of the walkway is the blue room.  Inside here is a sniper rifle,
bolter, health and grenades.  Just outside the room is another set of stairs
leading down to the main gun ledge.  On this ledge is a sniper rifle, health,
and shotgun.  There is also a set of stairs leading back to the main courtyard,
under the stairs is health.

*The blue imperial is the best skin to use, the map is dark so he blends well

*Watch out for rockets, there are a TON of them on the map.

*Be careful when picking up the power weapons in plain sight.  Someone usually
has their sights set on them and is waiting to blast you.

*See the above note, Set your sights on exposed weapons like the rocket and
rail in the center courtyard, then blast people as they go for them.

*Keep moving.  Every spot has a blind side and with 8 people running around,
you are going to be killed standing still.

*Grenades are harder to use on this map.  There are too many blind corners so
be careful and watch your twitchy trigger finger (same thing applies to

*Be careful of the ships edge.  Unlike in Clear the Decks, you CAN fall off the
edge.  If you do, you will lose a point.

Intervention: (DM)
Layout - This map is a large library like the one in Power House.  The library
is the center of the map and under the stairs is the rail rifle.  On the stairs
is a bolter.  The library has 3 exits, one to a hallway on the ground, one to
an open room down some stairs, and one at the top of the walkway leading to a
large drop.

At the top of the walkway to the right is the large drop (to the left is a
sniper rifle).  There are 4 pads floating in mid air you can jump down to get
to the lower level.  The pads contain grenades, a shotgun, health, and one of
the 2 rocket launchers.  The drop puts you out on the side of the large open
room connected to the library.

Inside the large open room you can find a shotgun, and pulse carbine.  At the
end opposite the library and up some stairs is a bolter and health.  Continue
to the left and there is a walkway heading back towards the library.  The
walkway has grenades and an autogun.

This walkway turns into a closed hallway with grenades, the other rocket
launcher, pulse carbine, and las gun.  At the end of the hallway is a little
room connecting it back to the library.  This little room has a pulse carbine
and grenades.

*The rail rifle is a very popular gathering spot, so be careful here, or use it
to your advantage.

*Pick the red tau skin and jump from the upper walkway in the library to the
painting.  Stand in front of the painting and snipe.  The red skin makes you
look like part of the painting at a quick glance.

*You don't take any fall damage jumping over the walkway to the floor below,
use this as a quick escape, or to surprise someone below.

Redemption: (DM)
Layout - This map is basically the large junkyard area from The Push.  There is
a TON of debris sticking out of the ground and the weapons are scattered

In the area the valkyrie appears in (in The Push) is a rail rifle, the other
rail rifle is on the walkway to the left of this area.  There is also a sniper
rifle on this walkway.  The other sniper rifle is in the very center of the

The rocket launchers are located near the center under the bridge and in
between the pipes on the back wall.

All the other weapons and health are scattered around fairly evenly.

*The yellow skins blend a little better then most, especially the yellow tau.

*Use the cover wisely.  Duck behind it, but make sure you have a clear shot
when firing things like rockets.  You can easily sidestep right in front of a
beam while firing and blow yourself up.

*The rail in the valkyrie area can become popular.  Grab it and hide behind the
pipes here.  Then shoot people as the come up over the ramp looking for the
rail rifle.

*It is possible (but very hard) to make it up to the bridge and walk around the
outside of the map.  Here's how to do it.  1)Walk up the ramp by the back
rocket launcher.  2)Jump across the 3 pipes sticking out of the wall.  3)Jump
from the last pipe to the large X of the broken wall (right next to the bridge)
4)Walk up the X to the very top of it, you must get around the center of the X
this is the hard part.  There is a sliver of collision for you to walk on.
5)Jump from the top of the X to the curved support of the bridge.  6)Jump from
the support up to the edge of the bridge.  7)Walk through the wall and onto the
bridge.  Once up here you will have to jump along the bridge to move, and don't
forget to bring some weapons with you.

*Shoot the bottom of the walkway with rockets if people are camping up there.

Prisoners I/II: (TDM or CTF)
Layout - I used to hate prisoners for it's design, but the more I've play it
the more I like it, and now I think it's the best flag capture map of the 4

The map is divided into 2 halves, red base and blue base.  Each base is laid
out the exact same and are equipped the same too.  The center courtyard has the
sniper rifles and assorted other weapons.  It also has 4 ramps lowering into
the ground.  2 of the ramps lead into the bases, the other 2 lead to dead ends
with weapons.  The rail rifle is at the very center of the ramps.

Each base has 3 floors and 2 ways to get from each floor to the next one.  Each
base also has the underground entrance that comes form the courtyard.  The main
entrance from the courtyard leads to a round room with 2 pulse carbines.  There
is a spiral staircase on the right leading up.  Under the stairs is health and
grenades (conveniently located next to the pulse carbines).  If you go left
you'll walk down a hallway to the other side of your base.  At the far side is
the underground entrance and a ramp leading up to the next floor.

The spiral staircase puts you at one side on level 2 and the ramp takes you to
the other side.  At the top of the ramp is a rocket launcher.  On the second
level are 2 windows overlooking the courtyard.

From level 2 there are 2 ramps leading up to level 3, one on each side.  On
level 3 there is another rocket launcher, a glass room overlooking the
courtyard, this is where the flags are, and a small hole in the wall for

*The glass rooms on level 3 can be hit with rockets like walkways and kill
whomever is in them.

*With full health you can survive a drop out of the windows into the courtyard,
hit the ground not the lower ramps.  This is a good quick escape with the flag.

*In flag capture use the spiral staircase.  This side of the base is often left
unguarded, as most defenders stand near the window with the rocket.

*Use the hole to defend you flag.  Hide in here with a rocket launcher.  On the
flip side be prepared for a rocket when going for the flag.  Toss a grenade in
this hole before going for the flag.

*Stand in either of the 2 weapon holes in the center and snipe up at the
opposing team's windows.

*Sneak up the ramps in the enemy base and take out "window watchers" from

*Stand in your windows or the courtyard and keep the attention of guards in the
other team's windows focused on you as your teammate runs for the flag.

*If your flag is captured, watch the underground passageway, this is a favorite
of most people for sneaking back to their base.

Oppression I/II: (TDM or CTF)
Layout - This map is inside the tau ship and looks like The Invaders.  Both
sides are the same and are connected by a center room on the top level and a
long hallway on the lower level.

The center room up top has the only rocket launcher, while the long hallway on
the bottom has a sniper rifle at each end.

Each base has a central room.  The bottom of the central room connects to the
long hallway.  It also has a bolter and health.  When facing the other base, to
the left is a multi level room with weapons and to the right is a ramp leading
up to the top level.

On this ramp are grenades.  The ramp leads up to the flag location for both
bases.  From here a right turn will take you to the central room with the
rocket launcher, or going forwards to the top floor of the weapons room.
Inside the weapons room is a ramp on each side allowing for easy up and down

The center room also has 2 ramps that lead down to the long hallway.

Each base has the same weapons, but in slightly different locations.

*The long hallway can be a death trap.  A good sniper can crouch at the back of
their base and get a clear shot to the feet of people in the other base as they
enter the hallway.

*If you need to hide with the flag, the small ramps in your weapons room are a
good location, they are remote and have quick escape routes.

*There are really only 2 ways into an enemy's base, the high road or the low
road, use the ramps in the center to confuse your enemy if they think you are
coming from a particular direction.

*Once you grab the flag jump over the railing, it's you best escape route if
there are enemies behind you blocking the high path.  Then turn around and run
backwards down the long hallway to your base.  As you run, lay down a
suppressing fire to stop any followers.

Deception I/II: (TDM or CTF)
Layout - This level comes out of Titanic.  In the center is the Titan.  Each
base has it's main room with its weapons and a small side room that has the
flag.  The weapons found in each base are an autogun, pulse carbine and

Just outside each base are grenades to the left.  The outer walkway has
grenades on both sides, a bolter down one side, and a rail rifle on the other.
From the red base the rail rifle is down the right side, and from the blue base
it is down the left.

The center walkway splits around the titan then joins again in the center.  The
rocket launcher and sniper rifles are in the center landing.  Health and
grenades are on the slopes near the bases.

*Pin your enemies in their base if you can.  All it takes is 2 of you in their
base with some big weapons.  All of the spawn points are in the base so you
always know where they are going to be.  This can be VERY frustrating if you
are on the receiving end, and some call it a "poor moral decision" on the
offending team.

*Jump onto the arms of the Titan from the outside walkway.  Sit up here with a
rail or sniper rifle.  You've got a clear shot into each base depending on
which side of the titan you sit on.  Be careful, don't fall off and give your
team a -1.

*Similar to the previous one, watch where you run on the ramps.  It's easy to
fall off while running and dodging.

*Flag capture has 2 extra health in the center, run through them as you flee
with the flag.  If you are escorting your guy back to your base be considerate
and let him get the health.

*If  the enemy are defending their base very tightly, come at them from all 3
sides at once, or try to draw them to one side with a decoy.

Ballistic I/II: (TDM or CTF)
Layout - This map is a variation of the junkyard from the Redemption map.
Another base (blue) has been added to the back corner, and the walkways have
been removed.  This map is tight and death comes quick.

The weapons are still scattered around like Redemption, but there is only one
rail rifle, in the very center with the sniper rifle too.  Near each base is
also a rocket launcher.  Blue has the slight edge here, their rocket launcher
is right at the bottom of their exit ramp while red has to run a bit for

The grenades are scattered mostly on the edges near the blue base, but each
base has it's own shotgun and grenades inside of it.

*Like Deception pin the enemy in their base.  This map is even easier.  Just
stand a few feet back from their exit ramps, you know this is exactly where
they are coming from.  Them paste them with rails, rockets, bolters and
grenades.  Once a team is pinned by a well coordinated effort it is very
difficult to break out of the base.

*If you can, be on the blue team, the close proximity of the rocket launcher
and grenades give them a slight edge.

*Jump up onto the outer edge of your base and hide behind the pipes.  This is
good for flag defense or for hiding with the opposing flag.

*Because the map is so small flags are dropped all the time.  Know what's going
on at all times to swoop in and grab a dropped flag.

*Grab the sniper rifle and stand along the wall next to the side of your base.
It's a relatively well hidden location.


The PC version is 95% the same as the PS2, but there are enough differences to
make a special section for it.  As I use gamespy arcade more, I'll eventually
put some notes in here about that too.

XIII.  System Requirements
The readme.txt file contains a lot of answers and known issues dealing with
video cards and other stuff.  Go there first for tech questions.

Like all computer games, the minimum requirements aren't designed to be the
minimum for best performance, they are the minimum to run the game at a
reasonable quality.

To get the best performance you need the best available hardware.  But even
with the fastest RAM, CPU and video card the game will still slow down
sometimes when there are lots of explosions on the screen.

MY recommended minimum machine for reasonable quality looks like this:  P4 or
AMD 1.2+ Ghz, 256 MB RAM, NVidia Ti4200 or better graphics card.


XIV.  PC Controls
Default Controls

G:                  Throw grenade
R:                  Reload weapon
E:                  Actions
TAB:                Change weapon / Pick up new weapon (held down)
ARROW KEYS:         Menu navigation
F:                  Pull out sword (single player only)
W:                  Move forward
S:                  Move backward
D:                  Sidestep right
A:                  Sidestep left
Z:                  Zoom In (scope weapons)
X:                  Zoom Out (scope weapons)
SPACE:              Jump
LEFT CTRL:          Crouch
V:                  Night vision (single player only
ESC:                Pause game
MOUSE:              Aiming
MOUSE 1:            Primary fire
MOUSE 2:            Secondary fire
F1-F10, NUM LOCK:   Taunts (online)
F12:                Show scores (online)

The controls can be remapped to your own personal liking in the launcher, I
like the default, but put grenades on Mouse 3, this makes throwing grenades
online really easy, you don't have to stop moving to reach for the G key.


XV.   Single Player Missions
The enemy A.I. in the PC version is a little bit smarter.  They appear to "see"
you better and attack sooner.  Some of the hiding spots and tactics I used in
the PS2 version don't work so well on the PC.  I'll do my best to give you

Watch Towers - This level is the same up to the end.  The hiding spot along the
outer wall of the
courtyard will not protect you from 2 of the snipers.  They will still shoot at
you.  If you have the
autogun pull it out and switch on the night vision.  This will make the 2
snipers pop out.  Use the
alternate fire of the autogun to kill them.  Then wait in that corner until the
ramps open again.
There are 2 other snipers but they can't hit you if you stand in the corner.

Descent - The beginning of this level is a little different.  There are 3
marines and 1 chaos raptor in
the trenches.  Stay on the block you start on.  The first marine will come down
the trench in front
of you, blast him with the rail rifle.  Then watch the far end of the trench. 
This is where the other 2
marines and the raptor are prowling.  They will see you but not enter the
trench.  Pick them off
with the scope from this far distance.  This will allow you to dodge their
shots with ease.  The
marine with the bolter will sometimes go into the trench and you'll have to
fish him out the regular

Convergence - There are several differences with Convergence.  The first one is
with the 4 chaos
marines with rocket launchers just after the blue face room.  Here's how to get
by them.  After
the portal door opens step onto the downward ramp.  Stay on the right side,
walk real slowly a
few steps out until you see the first marine come running up the ramp to your
left.  Back up into
the small room and wait behind the column.  The marine will stop at the bottom
of the ramp and
fire at you.  He should miss.  Quickly blast him with the rail rifle.  He will
kill himself if you
miss.  Now step just outside of the doorway and look down below the ramps. 
You'll see the next
marine, snipe him too.  If you move too far out, he will see you and start
shooting.  Now run
down the ramp and turn the corner.  Keep walking down the next ramp.  When you
round the
next corner you should see the 3rd marine.  The marine will probably see you
and fire.  Shoot
him quickly.  Continue down the ramp to the fourth marine as normal and snipe
The next difference with convergence is the fight at the bottom of the first
elevator with 2
marines and a dreadnaught.  The marines will not sit around and ignore you like
the PS2 version
so we must take them out first.  Walk to the opposite side of the room to
activate the 2 chaos
marines.  Stand behind either of the 2 columns next to the door and let them
come out.  They will
ignore you until you fire at them.  Shoot one in the head and he'll drop.  The
other one will see
you, shoot him too.  Now run back toward the dreadnaught.  He will have spawned
in by now
and is firing at you.  Use the columns for cover as you run.  Shoot out his
autogun arm first, then
he's defenseless.

The third difference is the fight with the chaos spawn.  The hiding spot in the
PS2 along the wall
does not work here on the PC.  you must fight him.  I recommend a hit and run
tactic.  Slowly back
up giving him ground as you pump meltagun ammo into him.  Break off the attack
to deal with his
friends as he summons them.  Just keep retreating and walking over the red
healths as you need


XVI.    A note about the patch
The patch available for easy and free download via the launcher fixes a number
of minor issues in multiplayer and a few in the single player campaign too.  I
strongly recommend downloading the patch.


XVII.   Gamespy Arcade
I recommend not using the gamespy arcade options in the launcher menu.  I have
had a very
difficult time actually connecting to games through the gamespy arcade.  I'd
say about a 40%
success rate.
Use the multiplayer menu in fire warrior instead, this works 99% of the time. 
Gamespy arcade
launches into the fire warrior multiplayer menu anyway so it's really just an
extra step that isn't
needed and makes connections more difficult.
Maybe they'll fix it with a patch.  Until they do, don't bother with the arcade
for multiplayer, just
launch fire warrior and go from there.

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