1. Ryan Hood Additional Animation
  2. Karin Nestor Additional Animation
  3. Pete Paquette Additional Animation
  4. Patrick Przybyla Additional Animation
  5. Brett Schulz Additional Animation
  6. Jason Bereswill Additional Art
  7. Eddy Vorachart Additional Art
  8. Markus Breyer Additional Programming
  9. Geoff Gates Additional Programming
  10. Chris Gripeos Additional Programming
  11. John A. Hancock Additional Programming
  12. Eric Johnston Additional Programming
  13. Mike Malakhov Additional Programming
  14. Sandor Maurice Additional Programming
  15. Graham McDermott Additional Programming
  16. Ife Olowe Additional Programming
  17. Nick Pavis Additional Programming
  18. Karen Petersen Additional Programming
  19. Charlie W. Smith Additional Programming
  20. Gia Carides Additional Voices
  21. Michael Chinyamurindi Additional Voices
  22. Grey Delisle Additional Voices
  23. Charles Dennis Additional Voices
  24. Robin Atkin Downes Additional Voices
  25. Catherine Fiori Additional Voices
  26. Julia Fletcher Additional Voices
  27. Pat Fraley Additional Voices
  28. Kim Mai Guest Additional Voices
  29. Roger Jackson Additional Voices
  30. Jimmy Judah Additional Voices
  31. Dawn Lewis Additional Voices
  32. Liz Marks Additional Voices
  33. Charles Martinet Additional Voices
  34. Sumalee Montano Additional Voices
  35. Leon Morenzie Additional Voices
  36. Michele Morgan Additional Voices
  37. Arthur Ng Additional Voices
  38. Megan Parlen Additional Voices
  39. Keith Szarabajka Additional Voices
  40. Ralph Votrian Additional Voices
  41. Keone Young Additional Voices
  42. Stephen Barnes Animation
  43. Christina Boyle Animation
  44. James Chiang Animation
  45. Loren Cox Animation
  46. Ryan Gong Animation
  47. Tonya Noerr Animation
  48. Lisa Wong Animation
  49. Chris Susen Assistant Producer
  50. Matt Shores Audio
  51. Mike Withem Character Modeler
  52. Michael Withem Character Modeler
  53. Martin Yee Character Modeler
  54. Shinichiro Hara Character Technical Director
  55. Nark Griskey Composer
  56. Molly Mendoza Concept Artist
  57. James Zhang Concept Artist
  58. Chris Weakley Cutscene Layout
  59. Pete Brubaker Effects Artist
  60. Bryan Erck Effects Artist
  61. Mark Blattel Gameplay Programmers
  62. Darren Ensley Gameplay Programmers
  63. Hamilton Feltman Gameplay Programmers
  64. Brendan Ferguson Gameplay Programmers
  65. George Ruof Gameplay Programmers
  66. George Rodgers Interface Artist
  67. Cathy Feraday Lead Animator
  68. Armando Lluch Lead Animator - Cinematics
  69. Jim Rice Lead Artist
  70. Derek Flippo Lead Level Designer
  71. Charlie Skilbeck Lead Programmer
  72. Stan Weaver Lead Sound Designer
  73. Chris Voy Lead World Modeler
  74. Lily Childs Level Design
  75. Michael Chung Level Design
  76. John Drake Level Design
  77. Dax Gazaway Level Design
  78. Jesse Moore Level Design
  79. Alex Neuse Level Design
  80. June Park Level Design
  81. David Wayne Collins Music Assistant
  82. Jesse Harlin Music Editor
  83. Bernard Eral Object Modeling
  84. Molly Mendoza Paintings
  85. Eric Antanavich Post Production / Compositing
  86. Rob Nitsch Post Production / Compositing
  87. Mike Terpstra Post Production / Compositing
  88. Clint Young Post Production / Compositing
  89. Rachel Bryant Producer
  90. Andrew Cheyney Sound Designer
  91. Nick Peck Sound Designer
  92. Francis Hsu Storyboards
  93. Scot Brew Technical Art Director
  94. Lee Gooding Technical Artist
  95. Nicholas Harter Technical Artist
  96. Peter Tieryas Lim Technical Artist
  97. Chad Morgan Technical Artist
  98. Corrine Wong Technical Artist
  99. Cedric Bermond Technology
  100. Patrick Costello Technology
  101. Dennis Crowley Technology
  102. Richard Weeks Technology
  103. Jason Ethington Texture Artist
  104. Kevin Evans Texture Artist
  105. Francis Hsu Texture Artist
  106. Marcia Thomas Texture Artist
  107. Benjamin Goldstein Tools / Technology
  108. Ron O'Hara Tools / Technology
  109. Nick Porcino Tools / Technology
  110. Jon Williams Tools / Technology
  111. Jennifer Sloan Voice and International Coordinator
  112. Kim Mai Guest Voice Cast: Eiji
  113. Grey Delisle Voice Cast: Female Narrator
  114. Jason Marsden Voice Cast: Ludo
  115. Charles Dennis Voice Cast: Male Narrator
  116. Andre Sogliuzzo Voice Cast: Urlan
  117. Linda Cardellini Voice Cast: Ursula
  118. Kristoffer Tabori Voice Cast: Usus
  119. Michael Rosenbaum Voice Cast: Valens
  120. Will Beckman Voice Director
  121. Will Beckman Voice Editor
  122. Daniel Colon World Modeler
  123. Michael Cottam World Modeler
  124. John Kuraica World Modeler
  125. Thao Le World Modeler
  126. Dong Xiang Zou World Modeler
  127. Robert Blackadder Writer / Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by FeralGrin, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, Reinbach_III, and sturmtiger.

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