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Reviewed: 08/13/03

The nightmare begins.....

Release Date – August 8, 2003 (U.S.)

Do you want to see a teenage girl run around a shopping mall that is full of bizarre creatures that is trying to kill her? Well, Silent Hill 3 is the game you want to play. Heather, a female protagonist, will try to find out what the hell is really going on around her.


It is basically the same as Silent Hill 2. Rather than running outside of the infested, foggy streets of Silent Hill, you’ll mostly spend the time running indoors. Running indoors? Yes, running indoors because like outside, it is also infested with monsters that are trying to eat Heather’s beautiful body. In order to survive, Heather has to unlock doors (which means Heather has to find the right keys), solve puzzles (the difficulty depends what mode you chose), and dodge monsters. Why dodge? Killing monsters will just you make waste bullets. Save those bullets for bigger monsters. Also, Heather’s movements is also smoother than the previous protagonists. Another feature is blocking, which helps Heather receive minimal damage. Silent Hill 3 is not exactly an action-horror game. It is mostly like a survival-horror game because running from monsters is better than killing monsters. Why? Because if Heather runs out of ammunition and the monster is still standing, I predict she’ll die in a few minutes. Since avoiding enemies (which means running away from monsters) is better than fighting them, it is a survival-horror game.


Like most games, the next game of the series has better graphics than the previous game/s. The texture is no longer sloppy and looks better in real time. The surroundings are better than the previous games but the lighting effect is not that better from the previous game. As for the characters, amount of details is being placed in the character models, especially in the cut scenes. As for the creepy fog, Silent Hill 3 has more fog and the surrounding is darker, which means that the flashlight is important to be able to see clearer. And as for the monsters, expect to see disgusting, ugly, and horrific monsters that will scare you.


If you played the Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, then you know what to expect. If not, then expect to hear the gruesome sounds that will scare the living **** out of you. If your heart can’t handle horrific, gruesome, and loud, scary sounds, I suggest you stay away from this game. The game’s sound will scare the **** out of you because you don’t know what will happen next and because of the sound, you know that the next thing that will happen is not good. As for the voices, it is far way better than the previous games. Also, the background sounds (footsteps, guns, doors, and anything that scares you) is top-notch. The sounds of this game will leave you on the edge of your seat.

There is also a free soundtrack that comes with the game. The soundtrack is all the background music of the game.


Silent Hill 3 is the sequel of the first Silent Hill. 17 years later after the events of Silent Hill, Heather Mason is being pursued by the cult that was defeated by her father, Harry Mason. It started on a typical Sunday on a local mall. Then the mall became a nightmare for Heather. All the people around her vanished and are being replaced by creatures that she has never seen before. All she has to do now is to survive and find out what is really happening. The nightmare begins…

Replay Value

Other than there are 3 different endings and extra new weapons when you complete the game, there is nothing you can do after you can finished the game. You’ll see nothing new in the second playthrough except a different ending if you alter some things during the game. Other than the endings and weapons, nothing new will happen.


Basically there is two control styles: 2-D and 3-D. What should choose? I don’t know because I don’t exactly know how you play. Just go to the options menu and try each style. The style that you are comfortable with is the style you should choose.

Fun Factor

Well, I can’t say that watching Heather run from horrifying creatures that is trying to kill her is fun. I would say that Silent Hill 3’s improved combat, more logical puzzles, better graphics, and a good story, Silent Hill 3 is every child’s nightmare…uh, I mean every player’s dream.


Silent Hill 3 is truly the best game out of the three Silent Hill games. Even though Heather don’t spend that much time in Silent Hill, Heather spends most of her time dodging and battling all those cute, nightmarish, ugly disgusting creatures. It is time to start the nightmare all over again.

Buy or Rent

Certainly a must buy for all gamers. Well, not exactly all gamers. Silent Hill 3 contains excessive blood, violence, malice, sexual implications, and religious matters. Don’t forget about bizarre, indescribable creatures that came from your worse nightmares. This game is not suitable for young children. Other than the young children, you have to get this one in your PlayStation 2 collection

Gameplay – 10/10
Graphics – 9/10
Sound – 10/10
Story – 10/10
Replay Value – 8/10
Control – 10/10
Fun Factor –10/10

OVERALL = 67/70 = 9.5/10 = 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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