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Reviewed: 06/16/03 | Updated: 06/16/03

Spectacularly hollow

The third instalment of Silent Hill is more grotesque and creepy than ever, but the carefully crafted tension and horror is ruined by the complete lack of anything interesting or fun.
This time you control an unattractive woman as she unravels a confusing and lacklustre plot.

Game play - 1/10 - What can I say really? This shouldn't be called the horror genre, it should be called the resident evil genre. Everyone who's played these games knows the shortcoming of this control system. Yet time after time they continue to use it. The 2D/3D option is barely progress.

The camera angles are as annoying as ever. Running into the camera is not only annoying its incredibly unrealistic, in that you cant see what's right in front of you, and this happens too often for my liking.
Being able to change the angle can help somewhat. Usually neither angle is ideal.

Story - 3/10 - The good thing about the story is that you can skip it if you want, and you don't really need to know what it is. Seems fashionable these days to have an overcomplicated plot, and this game is no exception.

Audio/Video - 9/10 - This is what makes the game marketable. If you love graphics above all else, you'll like this game. The visuals are awesome. The background 'ambience' is what makes the game scary.

Play it on mute and its nothing. It reminds me of the satanic audio/visuals from Doom, only grimier. I wish it wasn't so dark ALL the time though.

Replayability - 3/10 - There's plenty of new things to unlock, the game is actually a lot better once you've got some extra weapons and ammo, but the fact remains its the same game. There's only one correct place to go at any one time, only one way of doing things etc.

The puzzles tend to be extremely simple or totally random and senseless. At times the most challenging thing in this game is working out what is scenery and what is a key item. Most of the game will be spent running back and forth, finding an item, backtracking, getting a key, backtracking. Fights can be easily avoided and of course because this is the horror genre, you'll need to save your ammo for bosses anyway, so more running. The combat itself is just as poor as any Silent Hill/Resident Evil game. Made even worse by lack of variety in the enemies, and weapons. I only found 2 clips for a certain weapon in the entire game. Heck I know this is survival horror, but I fired that gun twice in the entire game, it seems completely pointless to me.
There just aren't enough weapons or monsters to keep this game interesting. I can't stress enough how disappointed I was with the lack of guns. This game should be about extreme ultraviolence. It says when you load it up 'This may contain things which seem violent or cruel'. Not likely when you run from 90% of enemies and have more melee weapons than guns.

In conclusion, average story, lousy controls, poor puzzles, total lack of variety but fantastic visuals.

Rent this game if you're curious. You can complete it in about 10 - 20 hours, under 10 if you're good, easily. I strongly advise against buying it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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