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Reviewed: 06/12/03 | Updated: 06/12/03

Thanks to Silent Hill 3, RE and Eternal Darkness are now finished

The Silent Hill series was never meant to compete with any other game in it's genre. It was never Konami's intention to do that. Their goal was to make a truly unique adventure game, and this goal was achieved when they made two masterpieces called Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 2. All the minor problems in SH 1 and 2 are non-existent in SH 3, truly making it not only the best game in the series, but one of the best adventure games ever made. I can honestly say, though, without the slightest hint of doubt, this is the greatest game I've ever played.

Graphics: 10/10
These graphics display some of the best texture usage I've ever seen in a PS2 game. The lighting effects are impressive, and they make everything look photo-realistic. Konami's artists and designers have clearly outdone themselves. I swear, you won't even notice a difference between the graphics in the cut-scenes and in the in-game engine. Everything is so detailed and pretty looking. It easily puts Splinter Cell's shadow/lighting effects to shame. I suggest that you go into the options menu and turn off the noise filter. That way, everything will look a lot less grainy.

Control: 10/10
Go to the options menu, and you'll notice that you can choose between two control styles, 3-D and 2-D. I suggest that you pick 2-D, because it's a lot more comfortable, and you don't always have to do a 180 degree turn by pressing L+R at the same time. Basically, 3-D=Silent Hill 1 controls and 2-D=Silent Hill 2 controls. You still have to manually control the camera angles, which was never a problem in Silent Hill 1 and 2.

Game play: 10/10
It's a lot more enjoyable now. There are different strategies you can choose when fighting an enemy. You can either run, fight, or distract an enemy, such as the demon dog, with an item called Beef Jerky. I recommend that you run most of the time in these situations because ammo and health packs are in short supply, just like in Silent Hill 1. Don't worry, enemies are either slower than you, or dumber. They aren't real pushovers. Puzzles are a little easier, but they still are clever. Like SH 1 and 2, you need specific items in order to solve a puzzle. I think it's cool because there's usually a cool riddle attached to 'em. Also, your weapon arsenal in SH 3 is stronger and more powerful, unlike SH 1 and 2. This time, you get machine guns!!!

Replay Value: 10/10
Oh man, this is the best part! You can unlock some hilarious costumes and weapons after beating the game multiple times. For instance, to get the Neon Dance suit, you must kill 30 enemies with the Beam Sabre(similar to a Light sabre in Star Wars). There's just so much incentive to replay it over and over. The story itself is convoluted, but in order to understand it, you must replay the game multiple times.

Overall: 10/10
This is a must-buy for any adventure gamer who owns a PS2. No Adventure game out there can topple this game because Silent Hill 3 has the best combination of Good story-telling, game play, and Replay value. If there is a birth of the next generation of gaming, it is here with this title.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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