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Reviewed: 06/01/03 | Updated: 06/01/03

A new league of survival horror

Graphics: 10/10
The Graphics far surpass the graphics of silent hill 2, and the grainy appearance of the locations has almost completely vanished. The choice of having grainy or sharp game play improves the graphics further, and allows you to set the graphics for your own preference. The featured monsters are superbly designed and look brilliant in the light of heathers torch. Shadows look excellent and move realistically with the character and the light in the room. These shadows are very reminiscent of ''Splinter Cell'' but surpass it in a way.
Facial features on characters are done well, and another thing i always notice is problematic, is the mouth movement with the characters lines, and in Silent Hill 3, the mouths move with the words, and looks very good.
I would definitely give graphics 10/10

Sound: 10/10
Generally some of the most disturbing sounds found on any computer game, the mix of static white noise from nearby monsters, and the background ''music'' causes the player to be on the edge of their seat all the time, and sometimes fall off the end.
Just when everything goes quiet, and you think there will be a quiet point, where you can relax, and change your trousers, a noise scares you once more.

Gameplay: 9/10
The game play is almost perfect, and the controls are similar to that of ''Silent Hill 2'' and ''Resident Evil.''
Sometimes the camera angle is very tricky to move, and it is difficult to see what is happening. But with a simple tap of the L2 button, the camera is moved to the rear of the character. Also, there is still the mindless, running up and down streets to get to locations. Although somewhat cut down since the last outing, it still becomes tedious after a while.

Life span: 8/10
Still short to play, Silent Hill 3 offers replay value and extra goodies and endings to obtain through multiple replays, and offers different levels of puzzles to test your mind more and more as you increase the puzzle difficulty to the level of a Mensa mastermind. There are many difficulty levels as well, including the usual Konami difficulty, ''Extreme'' to make the game that little bit more difficult.

Buy this game NOW! It is the closest you will get to a real survival horror experience, and is superbly developed.

Overall: 10/10
A perfect mix of disturbing images and noises, causing even adults to be scared of this masterpiece.
It is a game you wont want to get rid of in a long time!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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