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Reviewed: 05/29/03 | Updated: 05/29/03

Silent Hill 3: The Fighter who won

After waiting for the most awaited real horrific game, i am stunned in every aspect of the newest installment for Silent Hill. I was expecting something repetitive in this game but i was wrong. When i turned on the Console and experienced the intro, i was enthralled by what they made for an alternative. You can already feel the adjustments and face-lifts they've done, and know what, they made it beautifully rather than smearing the two SH series' concept.

It made a big leap, and very impressive levels. They come up with a new refreshing look for the game and though another new ol' game, it has another punch, it's another kick-ass game!

It's a Silent Hill game... but who says it must be started in Silent Hill all the time? The story is told in another level although unlike Silent Hill 2, it is connected to the first part of the SH series and is very intriguing in almost all of it's areas. The character of Heather has the major playing part for the story line. Heather is a girl being haunted by gruesome monsters and places indescribable. You'll find out with this game the type of story-telling that won't fail players to keep on playing.

''I don't think we would need loads of CGIs with this game.''. Yes, from character models up to the visually stunning environments, SH3 gave their best. When playing the game you'll be driven to the very depths of the greatness of the developers of this game; they made it visually stunning. The biggest smile i can give to this game is the fact that they make story sequences in real-time... and i was surprised knowing this fact for i thought all along that they rendered it in CGs.

It is a game flooded with room-to-room atmosphere. And to give the right kind of atmosphere in each level they should make the sound parallel with what kind of scene that's currently seen from the game. The way they did it is awesome! You can here various sound effects that makes this game scarier than ever before.

The gameplay is highly addictive. All of the primary elements of this game give a masterpiece and can be easily appreciated by almost everyone!

Replay Value
I usually don't find games to be highly addictive as to repeat them over again. But the game sees to it that you do. WHY? Because the first time you finish the game, few unlockable costumes can be obtained, and of course, weapons. But the weapons cannot be acquired immediately the second time you star a new game, you'd need to search for them. Quite a trick? I'd say that this game has alot of replay value not just because of the unlockables but also endings.

Now a game that definitely sets it's value to the market. A perfect score for me no doubt. I cannot give a negative side for this game because i simply cannot. Try the game for yourself and justify!

Silent Hill 3 is the Fighter who won amidst competitors of the SURVIVAL HORROR genre.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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