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Reviewed: 05/27/03 | Updated: 05/27/03

THE Scary game to play (note the "THE")

Well I will start with one of SH3's BIGGEST wow! And that is the graphics...The graphics in this game is simply...WHOA! Like it's even better than FFX graphics. The cuts scenes are done in REAL time which makes it even MORE amazing. The facial expressions and detail are just simply stunning and just soo goddamn amazing. It's better than FFX's facial expressions too. The backgrounds in this game are NOT pre rendered so you won't have those annoying Resident Evil camera angles. The graphics in the game are pretty much the best that you will ever see in a loooong time, there are no games out there that can even beat it so far!


Game Play
The game play in this game is pretty good but nothing to write home about. You can block monster's attack in this game by holding square and R2. You can also move and shoot at the same time (this is actually a rare feature in horror games..). You can also sneak by your enemies so you can avoid any unnecessary fights. But the gameplay in this game is just only good so it get's a

The story in this game is very VERY good. It's nothing less of what you would expect from Konami. Of course I WOULD tell you some of the story but that will TOTALLY ruin it...soo umm...yea! Either way here goes nothing, you are a girl (that's right...SH finally get's a girl as the main character, third times a charm heh) and when you are going through the mall...something happens...something bad (well no duh right?)
Now if I explain anymore...I will seriously spoil just take my word on it and trust me it's good...good enough to get a...


Well let's start off with the normal sounds in this game, it's very good as usual. When you slash different surfaces with your knife (or a kantana, yes you get one in the game)
You will make different sounds depending on the surface you slashed your weapon on.
Now the background sound is VERY good (a little scream here and there just to keep you on your toes), like good old scary music will play whenever there is monsters now..(the radio is kinda gone but still comes back with static sometimes)
The music in this game is also pretty average(it has it's moments) some of the vocal songs are done very well!
The voice acting...whoa, I mean this is like one of those few horror games that have voice acting THIS good. It's very good and it just surpasses all my expectations. It's like Xenosaga good (but not AS good as it since when it get's to emotional scenes it seems a little forced)


You would want to play this game again because there are three different modes to play on
Action level: easy, medium, hard
Puzzle Level: easy, medium, hard
So if you choose a harder puzzle level you will get the more harder puzzles (as in different ones)
You can also unlock a closet full of costumes and get some dandy weapons (lightsaber anyone?). There are also multiple endings so you will probably want to get them all


To buy...or to rent...
I WOULD say buy this game, but it's not really for minors (you're not a minor...ARE YOU?)
I mean the sick factor in this game is pretty high and it's just plain scary...but if you are into that stuff then buy away! But if you find games like RE3 might want to drop the brave act and pretend you don't have any cash when you see this game on sale...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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