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Awe-inspiring, but not quite as gripping as its predecessors 01/24/07 Arschrammen
I'm Scared Just Writing About It... 07/18/11 BBOYChaioth
Some elements are weakening, but the third trip to Hill remains surprisingly good. 09/04/08 Bloomer
Violent, disturbing, disgusting and cruel 08/22/03 c magnum
The Epitome in Survival Horror strikes back, in Style! 07/31/03 Cloud Gallen
They've come to witness the Beginning. The rebirth of Paradise, despoiled by mankind 06/18/04 Conquerer
Silent Hill 3 is definitely the best survival horror game on the PS2 08/14/03 cvxfreak
Take a little bit of Silent Hill home with you... 09/17/04 DamonD
Silent Hill 3- One of the best survival horror games I have ever played! 09/10/03 Devin
The good, the bad, and the incredibly disturbing... 11/11/03 doktorsquidd
Grab that old teddy bear of yours and don't play alone! 08/09/03 EmpressOfTheStars
Silent Hill 3 - The most disturbing one yet... 11/25/03 Eptiger
Stands on its on two feet but is complimented by the first one. 07/31/04 gbone
The 'Citizen Kane' of video games... 05/31/03 JavaKid
Short Yet Sweet 08/09/06 LedFanatic4
Groundbreaking graphics make up for its shortcomings. 06/15/03 Lisanne
Loosing Yourself In Silent Hill 10/28/03 midwinter
I was sceptical. Never expected it to be THIS good. 08/22/03 mrcaliche
The Apogee of the Silent Hill Series 06/29/03 mrgnash
This may be the first Silent Hill that has really attracted me ! 08/10/04 Mysticcat
Not Quite Up to Par 08/08/03 ORCA782
A great series takes a major step in the wrong direction 02/19/04 Overdrive
Definitely not for the little ones 01/02/04 REFreek
Silent Hill 3, Konami's sellout, biggest disappointments 06/09/03 RYAN WASHINGTON 2004
Silent Hill 3 takes the series a step further then it's predecessor. 02/09/04 ShadowXOR
Too much frustration, too little scares. 10/29/04 tollbooth
Silent Hill 3: Things that go bump in the night 08/15/06 twoface124
A long but very honest review. 10/14/03 Void of Genocide
Want a scary game? Here's one. 08/09/03 ZombieOne

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