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FAQ/Walkthrough by sephiroth95

Updated: 08/22/03

Silent Hill 3 FAQ 
Written by James Williamson 
E-mail: dugan62us@yahoo.com

I. Version History
II. Contact/Personal Information/Copyright 
III. Controls 
IV. Weapons
V. Monsters
VI. Characters
VII. Walkthrough
VIII. Speed Walkthrough
IX. Endings
X. Puzzle Guide
XI. Secrets
XII. Extra Weapons
XIII. Costumes 
XIV. Credits

I. Version History 

7/13/03 - picked up the game today.  Played for five hours and finished the first 
two sections of the FAQ.  Started on monsters and weapons. 

7/16/03 - Finished controls and weapons.  Walkthrough is 25% complete.  

7/21/03 - Finished characters and monsters.  Walkthrough is 45% complete.

7/26/03 - Walkthrough is 60% complete.  Almost done. I think. 

8/2/03 - Finished the game and the walkthrough.  Working on speed walkthrough 
and items list. 

8/5/03 - Finished speed walkthrough.  Working on Hard Mode. 

8/9/03 - Finished Hard Mode Walkthrough and Items List. 

8/11/03 - Finished puzzle solutions and costumes section.  

8/13/03 - Finished endings, secrets, and extra weapons.  

II. Contact/Personal Information/Copyright 

You can contact me at anytime using the e-mail address above.  I will respond 
as quickly as possible.  I won't answer any question that is already answered 
somewhere in the guide.  I will happily accept additional strategies.  For instance, 
if you can defeat a Boss with an easier method than the one I describe, then send 
it to me, and I will gladly update my information, with proper citation, of course. 
 This is my fourth FAQ.  I have written guides for "Kingdom Hearts", "The Legend 
of Zelda: The Wind Waker", and a Discoveries FAQ for "Skies of Arcadia Legends". 
 I am a chemical engineer who lives in Los Angeles, and I am currently working 
on my doctorate in chemistry.  I am 36 years old.  I play video games in my spare 
time, which is more than you might think, even though I occasionally work for 
48 straight hours.  This guide is protected by all existing laws of copyrighting. 
 I will allow it to be posted on any site, as long as my permission is obtained. 

III. Controls 

X Button - Use/pick up/attack (in conjunction with R2)/confirm 
Triangle Button - view map 
Circle Button - Cancel/ toggle flashlight on and off 
Square Button - Run/block attacks (in conjunction with R2)
Start Button - pause 
Select Button - access inventory 
L1 Button - strafe left
R1 Button - strafe right 
L2 Button - frees camera when available 
R2 Button - enter attack stance
R3 Button (push in on Right Analog Stick) - use an equipped item  

IV. Weapons 

Location: you start with it in your inventory 
Rating: 1/5
Description: The Knife becomes obsolete after you get the Steel Pipe.  You can 
use it to conserve ammo, but it deals very little damage.  Rely on it only as 
a last resort.  

Location: In the Normal Mall, after the Closer fight.  
Rating: 4/5
Description: The Handgun is extremely reliable.  There is plenty of ammo available 
for it.  Use it only against solitary enemies.   Effective against Double-Heads. 
 The Handgun is arguably the most accurate firearm, so it's really good when you 
want to cause damage from a distance.  

Steel Pipe 
Location: Nightmare Mall, in the bar south of the bookstore
Rating: 3/5
Description: A great melee weapon with lots of heft.  Useful against Closers and 
Numb Bodies.  Not recommended for groups of enemies.  

Location: Subway Station, inside Train on Platform #2
Rating: 4/5
Description: Lots of power.  Extremely effective against groups.  It also a good 
choice in Boss fights.  Ammo is fairly plentiful, but try to conserve as much 
as possible.  Don't waste shells on Numb Bodies or small enemies like that.  Terrific 
against Double Heads.  The Shotgun isn't a long distance weapon because of its 
poor accuracy.  

Location: Underground Passage, where you pick up the Map
Rating: 2/5:
Description: Causes an enormous amount of damage, but it is very heavy and hard 
to handle, especially for someone of Heather's physical stature.  Avoid using 
it unless you're just messing around.   This is the equivalent of the Great Knife 
in SH2.  

Location: Office building, 5th floor, in Art Gallery 
Rating: 5/5
Description: The power of the Maul and the speed of the Knife make the Katana 
the game's best melee weapon.  Wonderful against all enemies except Double Heads 
and Pendulums, both of which are awkward targets.  

Stun Gun
Location: Heather's bedroom
Rating: 1/5
Description: Virtually useless.  Yes, it is pretty powerful, but you can only 
damage enemies that are very close by.  This can be an obvious problem, unless 
you are an extremely skilled player.  

Submachine Gun
Location: Hospital basement
Rating: 5/5
Description: The game's best weapon. Very fast and very powerful.  Terrific against 
Double Heads, Pendulums, and Bosses.  Almost no ammo is available for it, however. 
 Alternate between it, the Katana, and the Shotgun for the best results.  

V. Monsters

Numb Bodies 
Location: appears early, but doesn't show up that much in later levels.
Difficulty: 1/5
Attacks: they just lumber in your direction trying to bump into you.
Weapon: Handgun, Steel Pipe 

Double Heads
Location: All levels
Difficulty: 3/5
Attacks: They will charge toward you, and then they get close, they will try to 
bite you.  They will also bite at your knees.  
Weapon: Shotgun, Handgun

Location: All levels
Difficulty: 2/5
Attacks: It hits you with its arms.  Sometimes, it can knock you down. 
Weapon: Handgun, Steel Pipe 

Insane Cancer 
Location: first appears in Subway Station
Difficulty: 4/5
Attacks: Punches with its arms. 
Weapon: Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Katana 

Location: first appears in Nightmare Mall 
Difficulty: 3/5
Attacks: It can attach itself to your face, or fly at you with spears protruding 
from its body. 
Weapon: Shotgun, Submachine Gun 

Location: first appears in Nightmare Office Building 
Difficulty: 2/5
Attacks: bumps into you if it gets close 
Weapon: Handgun, Shotgun

Location: Chapel 
Difficulty: 4/5
Attacks: Claw swipes
Weapon: Shotgun, Katana, Submachine Gun

Location: Hospital (duh!) 
Difficulty: 2/5
Attacks: Handgun, Steel Pipe 
Weapon: Handgun, Steel Pipe

VI. Characters 

       The heroine.  She lives in the city with her father, Harry.  She goes shopping 
in the mall one day, and experiences some very strange events.  Now, she must 
survive a variety of horrific creatures while figuring out her role in this madness. 
 She has a mysterious past, but is unable to remember anything about it.  

       A detective in his 50s.  Claudia hires him to find Heather.  

       The game's villainess.  When she appears, trouble is sure to follow.  She 
might be a figure from Heather's past. 

       A seemingly normal guy who secretly heads a cult.  He could be siding with 

VII. Walkthrough 

This walkthrough applies exclusively to the Normal Mode of difficulty. 

Nightmare Amusement Park

Watch the opening cutscene.  Heather walks into the park, not sure of where she 
is.  You get control of her.  In your inventory, you have a HANDGUN, STEEL PIPE, 
SUBMACHINE GUN, RADIO, and a FLASHLIGHT, in addition to some healing items.  You 
can explore this area to your heart's content.  There are several large bunny 
costumes lying on the ground, and cages with monsters in them.  Head toward the 
back and enter the doors on the left.  The next area has a big hole, and a couple 
of enemies. You can enter a store, but there's nothing to find.  If you keep going, 
you'll see another door, labeled "Mountain Coaster".  Inside, you'll fight more 
enemies.  If you defeat them, you'll encounter more in just a few minutes.  If 
you die, this segment will end, and the game will continue.  Once you reach the 
end of the Park, Heather will find the roller coaster.  She'll step onto the tracks 
and get hit by one of the cars. 

Shopping Mall 

Heather wakes up in a restaurant.  She realizes that it was just a nightmare.  
She calls her father on the payphone.  Then she encounters a detective named Douglas. 
 He says that he has something important to tell her about her birth, but she 
isn't interested.  He keeps following her, and she threatens to scream.  He backs 
off momentarily while she steps into the bathroom.  Check the inventory to find 
a KNIFE, a PENDANT, and a HOUSE KEY.  The red sign on the mirror is a SAVE POINT. 
 You'll find these regularly throughout the game.  Heather says that she recognizes 
the sign from somewhere.  Save points will be indicated on your MAP, but you don't 
have one yet.  Knock on the closed door, and you'll get a response.  Heather doesn't 
want to go back out and talk to Douglas, so climb through the window.  You'll 
be in a small alley.  The left end is blocked off.  Head up toward the right end 
and enter the first door you see.  

In this next hallway, head right and go through the double doors at the very end. 
 None of the other doors can be opened.  You'll now be surrounded by several shops, 
but only one is accessible.  Go to the half-closed shutter on the left side and 
enter.  Heather finds a HANDGUN on the ground.  She spots a monster that's chewing 
on the face of a human.  It notices her, and starts lumbering toward her.  She 
empties her gun into it, but it doesn't fall.  She begins to freak out, but the 
creature eventually goes down.  Collect the HANDGUN AMMO on the bench, and then 
enter the door behind the counter.  Avoid the doors on the left, as they lead 
back into the previous corridor, which is now home to a pair of Double-Heads.  
Across from the elevator, you'll find a bulletin board.  Inspect it to find the 
MALL MAP.  Go through the door that's marked "EXIT".  Climb the stairs and enter 
the door at the top.  

In this corridor, walk forward and turn left to find a Numb Body.  Kill it, and 
then turn to the right.  Run down this hallway trying all the doors.  Only two 
of them will open.  The first one leads to a room with a Double-Head.  Ignore 
it and grab the BEEF on the crate.  From here, continue north and enter the next 
room on the right.  Get the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and HANDGUN AMMO on the shelf and 
then use the SAVE POINT.  There is a key in the back of the room that Heather 
can't reach.  Return to the corridor and go back to where you fought the Numb 
Body.  Head down the hall on the right and go through the door to the central 
area of the Mall.  

Run forward and enter Helen's Bakery.  Pick up the TONGS and read the brochure 
on the counter.  Leave.  There are 2 Closers up here, but you can dodge them pretty 
easily.  Go back to the Save Room and use the TONGS to pull out the BOOKSTORE 
KEY.  Exit the room and you'll find a trio of Numb Bodies.  Kill them, and then 
return to the central area of the Mall.  Avoid the Closers and enter the bookstore, 
which is called "My Bestsellers".  Grab the HANDGUN AMMO behind the counter, and 
then pick up the five SHAKESPEARE ANTHOLOGIES lying on the floor.  Use any one 
of them while standing near the shelf to trigger your first puzzle.  Check the 
Puzzle Guide to get the solution.  Once you have the code, type into the keypad 
next to the door that says "Employees Only".  Enter.  Heather will meet a strange 
woman named Claudia.  Claudia mentions that the monsters are here to witness a 
new beginning, the rebirth of paradise.  Heather will play a role in that somehow, 
perhaps she'll be the one to lead them to paradise with bloodstained hands.  After 
this creepy proclamation, Heather asks Claudia if she is responsible for what's 
been going on.   Suddenly, Heather falls to her knees, apparently suffering from 
some sort of headache.  You hear a shrill noise that sounds a baby's crying.  
Claudia walks away, and Heather recovers from he mysterious migraine.  Head forward 
and then right until you reach the elevator.  Enter.  Once it stops, a RADIO will 
fall from the ceiling.  As it did in SH2, the RADIO will alert you to the presence 
of monsters by emitting static.  Exit the elevator.  

Nightmare Mall

You'll step onto another elevator.  A light flashes on, and Heather sees a monster 
on the other side of the elevator cage.  As the elevator moves down, Heather wonders 
how she got into this mess, and if what she's experiencing is just another bad 
dream.  In the next hallway, you'll find three Double-Heads.  Run forward, and 
then right, entering the door you see straight ahead.  Collect the 3 HEALTH DRINKS 
and the AMPOULE.  Use the SAVE POINT and exit.  Head north up the hall and go 
through the door.

You'll encounter 3 Closers in this corridor.  Avoid them because it takes a lot 
of ammo to put them down.  Turn right and head down the hallway you see on the 
left.  Enter the door right next to the Women's Bathroom.  Pick up the FLASHLIGHT, 
HANDGUN AMMO, and the FIRST AID KIT.  Exit and enter the Women's Bathroom.  This 
is where your journey officially began.  Pick up the BLEACH and knock on the door 
for a scare.  As you go to leave, the door you knocked on will open.  Inspect 
the stall to find nothing but blood.  Back in the hallway, head left and go through 
the damaged shutter at the very end.  You'll be back in the small shopping section 
of the mall.  Dodge the Double-Head and Closer, then enter the Clothing Boutique 
on the left wall.  Grab the HANGER, then exit.  Go back to the hallway with the 
3 Closers.  Run forward, past the Women's Bathroom, turn left, run forward again, 
and then turn right.  Go through the last door on the right wall.  Stand between 
the two tables to see a ladder dangling from the hole in the ceiling.  Use the 
HANGER to pull it down, and then climb up.  
Go up the nearby escalator.  Across from the escalator is a locked door with a 
moon symbol on it.  Avoid the Closer and the Double-Head in this hallway.  From 
the escalator, enter the first door on your right.  On the table is a barbecued 
dog.  Examine it to find the COOKED KEY.  Behind the counter is a FIRST AID KIT 
and a HEALTH DRINK.  Exit the room and go back down the escalator.  You'll hear 
some static, but it isn't coming from your RADIO.  It's coming from the television. 
 Examine the TV to see a snowy video of a little girl.  She says "Daddy".  Head 
down the hall on the right and use the SAVE POINT on the second TV.  Enter the 
double doors next to the SAVE POINT.  This is the jewelry store.  Pick up the 
WALNUT from the case on the left, and then enter the door in the back.  You'll 
be in the hallway where you met Claudia.  Beware of the Closer that's lurking 
about, and unlock the eastern most door with the COOKED KEY.  

Note: Instead of the jewelry store, you can enter a clothing store by going through 
a door near the first TV set (where you saw the image of the little girl).  You'll 
have to kill Numb Bodies in here.  The back exit to this store will also lead 
to the hallway where you met Claudia. 

Pick up the pair of HEALTH DRINKS and the STEEL PIPE.  Use it on Closers and Numb 
Bodies to conserve ammo.  Go through the double doors.  You'll be in the central 
area of the Mall.  Beat down the Numb Bodies and go to the Bakery.  Collect the 
DETERGENT near the sink and exit through the back door.  Head right down the next 
hallway, and examine the switch to turn off the fan.  Head through the door near 
the switch (the door on your left side).  Heather will see a thick cloud of bugs. 
 You have to find a way to kill them in order to proceed.  Turn around and approach 
the door you just entered from.  To the right, you'll spot an empty garbage bin. 
 Stand near it and Combine the DETERGENT with the BLEACH, and then Use the noxious 
compound.  Heather will leave the room.  Flip the fan back on and re-enter the 
room.  The bugs will be dead.  Run past them and keep going until you can open 
a door on the right side of the hall.   Get the 3 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO and the 
BEEF JERKY.  Exit. Continue past this door and go right at the intersection.  
Open the first door on the left.  Kill the Closer with the STEEL PIPE, and then 
enter the double doors.  In here, you'll meet the Pendulum, a flying enemy that 
causes substantial damage.  There are also a few Double-Heads.  From your starting 
position, head left, and then right.  Go through the double doors.  Locate the 
vise and use it to crack the WALNUT.  You'll find a MOONSTONE.  There's a SAVE 
POINT here, as well.  Leave the room, and go right, unlocking the door at the 
end of the walkway.  

Back in the central area, head back to the room where you found the STEEL PIPE. 
 Kill the Numb Bodies, and go through the door to get back to the hallway where 
you met Claudia.  Dodge the Closer, and enter the door that leads to the jewelry 
store.  Exit and use the SAVE POINT on the television.  Go up the escalator, and 
unlock the moon door with the MOONSTONE.  Circle the pit and climb down the ladder 
to fight the very first Boss. 

Boss: Splitworm 
Difficulty: Easy 

When you reach the bottom of the pit, the ladder breaks, and Heather finds herself 
trapped.  Then, a large purple snake appears and the battle begins.  There are 
six holes, divided into groups of three on either side of the room.  The Splitworm 
can emerge randomly form any of these holes.  When it comes out, it will open 
its mouth and scream.  It will either cross the room or retreat.  If it retreats, 
then it will resurface on the same side of the room.  It has two attacks.  First, 
it will send a tremor through the ground.  This causes no damage, but it stuns 
you for a few seconds.  Secondly, the head will move forward and bite you.  This 
will knock your health down into the red almost instantly.  When the Splitworm 
comes out of a hole, stand directly across from it, with your back against the 
wall.  Aim the HANDGUN with R2 and fire 3 bullets into its open mouth.  Then, 
run to one of the far corners and wait for it to go away.   Use L2 to swivel the 
camera around, so that you can keep a constant eye on the Splitworm's movements. 
 It dies after 14 bullets.  

Shopping Mall

Once the Splitworm has been defeated, everything returns to normal.  You're in 
the central area of the first floor.  Head right through the partly closed shutter. 
 Head down this hallway and enter the last door on the right.  This is the Happy 
Burger.  Collect the 3 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO, BEEF JERKY, and a FIRST AID KIT. 
 Be sure to use the SAVE POINT, as well.  Exit the Happy Burger and go through 
the door on your immediate right to leave the Mall. 

Douglas is waiting outside.  He shares Heather's confusion.  She thinks he is 
somehow responsible for the bizarre occurrences.  He says that Claudia hired him 
to find her, but swears that he doesn't know anything.  Heather feels that she 
has to remember something about herself, but she can't quite think of it.  She 
decides to take the subway home and leave Douglas to his own devices.  

Hazel Street Subway Station

Follow the corridor to an intersection and go right.  Head through the door, and 
then go left to pass through the gates.  On the other side, turn the right corner 
to find the SUBWAY MAP.  Some FAQs say that there are 2 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO 
in the trashcan between the bathrooms, but I haven't been able to find them.  
Maybe it's a glitch.  From this trashcan, go forward and you'll see two sets of 
stairs.  Go down the one on the right.  From here, head left and go down the stairs. 
 You'll find an occult magazine lying on the ground.  Read it to obtain some 
information about ghosts.  Turn to your left and you'll spot two sets of stairs. 
 Take either of them.  Collect the HEALTH DRINK and then go back up to the top 
floor, where the aforementioned trashcan is located.  This time, go down the stairs 
near the trashcan.  At the bottom, circle around behind the stairs and cross the 
room.  You will see a row of payphones.  One of them will ring.  However, when 
Heather inspects them, she finds that they are broken.  Go through the door to 
the left of the payphones.  Use the SAVE POINT on the right wall and exit back 
through the door.  Head back to the stairs that brought you here.  Go left and 
head down the stairs to Platform 1.   You will find Double-Heads here.   You can 
avoid them with little effort in this wide room.  Run around until you find the 
two sets of stairs leading down.  They both take you to dead ends.  At one of 
the dead ends, you will find a NUTCRACKER.  The other dead end has 2 HEALTH DRINKS 
and HANDGUN AMMO.  Go back to the previous room and head to the stairs that lead 
to Platform 2.  Use the NUTCRACKER to remove the chain, and then go down the stairs. 

Enter the train and pick up the SHOTGUN and the two boxes of SHOTGUN SHELLS.  
Once you leave the train, you'll encounter a new enemy lying at the base of the 
stairs.  It's called an Insane Cancer.  You don't have to kill it, but if you 
choose to do so, use your new weapon.  You can simply dodge the creature, since 
it's so slow.  Don't go up the stairs you used to get here.  Instead, go behind 
that set to find another set, leading down.  Head down this hallway until you 
find the stairs to Platform 3 (Bergen Street) on your right.  At the bottom of 
the stairs, you can turn right and unlock the gate.  This takes you onto Platform 
1.  You can go there and kill the Double-Heads if you want.  Now go to the end 
of the Platform 3 and the camera will focus on a door next to the tracks with 
a red light above it.  Hop down onto the tracks and approach the door.  You'll 
hear a train coming.  Quickly run back to the platform and pull yourself to safety. 
 A cutscene plays, and you'll notice that the train barely misses Heather.  Once 
the train has stopped, a door will open.  Pass through the gate that leads to 
Platform 1, and go straight up the stairs on your right.  At the top, you'll see 
another set of stairs that lead down.  Take them and board the subway. 


You have to cross through 10 cars as you move toward the front of the train.  
Use the STEEL PIPE to kill the Numb Bodies and the SHOTGUN to take care of the 
Insane Cancer.  Keep your eyes peeled for a FIRST AID KIT and some SHOTGUN SHELLS. 
 Once you reach the front, the train will stop, and you'll have to get off. 

Platform (Unknown Station)

Right across from the train doors is a SAVE POINT.  Once you've used it, head 
left and enter the door at the end of the platform.  Go down the stairs.  At the 
bottom, go right down the long corridor and enter the door.  Avoid the Pendulums 
and Numb Bodies if possible.  If you can't avoid them, then use the SHOTGUN.  
Turn left, and take the first door on the right.  Kill the Numb Bodies in this 
hallway and enter the door on your right.  Take out the Numb Bodies here, as well. 
 Once they're gone, turn left and enter the door at the end of the hallway.  Collect 
the MAUL and the UNDERPASS MAP.  Go through the door directly opposite of the 
one you entered from.  Go down this hallway and kill the large Numb Body.  Continue 
going straight and enter the first door on your right.  Get the WINE BOTTLE, HANDGUN 
AMMO, and BEEF JERKY.  Leave the room and exit into the previous hallway.  Continue 
going straight and turn right to find a dead end.  Get the SHOTGUN SHELLS. 

Go down the hallway you haven't explored yet.  Go though the door at the end.  
Head north though this hallway.  You'll encounter three Pendulums.  Try to avoid 
them at all costs, and pray that they don't gang up on you.  Enter the first door 
on the left.  Run up this long narrow corridor and go through the door.  When 
you exit, turn right, and then go right again at the intersection.  Enter the 
large door.  Kill the Numb Bodies and then check your map to see that there are 
two rooms here. Go into the southern one.  Collect 2 HEALTH DRINKS and a box of 
SHOTGUN SHELLS, and then use the SAVE POINT.  To the right of the save point is 
a tank filled with KEROSENE.  Put some in your WINE BOTTLE and leave.  Now go 
to the other room and fill the fuel tank up with KEROSENE.  Flip the nearby switch 
and head down the ladder.  


Head left up two flights of stairs and enter the door.  Head down this corridor 
and across the metal bridge.  Continue down the stairs and go through the door. 
 Head all the way to the right and kill the Numb Body.  Go through the door and 
up the stairs.  Head across another metal bridge to find a room with an AMPOULE 
and a DRYER.  Return to the sewers, and go through the door opposite the one you 
just went through.  Read the MEMO on the desk, and collect the HEALTH DRINK.  
Save if you feel like it, and then leave by way of the metal door across from 
the one you entered from.  In this room, find the outlet on the wall and plug 
in the DRYER.  The water monster will be electrocuted.  Cross the bridge once 
you're finished and go through the door.  DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE BEFORE YOU PLUG 
IN THE DRYER, OR ELSE THE CREATURE WILL KILLYOU.   The next section might be a 
little confusing, but there is only one path.  Head left from the door and you 
will be guided in the right direction by the locked gates.  You will run into 
a pair of Pendulums, so avoid them at all costs.  Go through the door on the other 
side.  Go north down this corridor and go through the next door.  The left hallway 
is a dead end.  Go up the stairs and climb the ladder. 

Construction Site

Walk around the building and you will see a SAVE POINT on a drum.  Use it and 
then enter the nearby double doors.  Run down the hallway and pick up the 2 HEALTH 
DRINKS on the left.  Then enter the only door that you can.  It leads to the stairs. 
 Go to the 5th floor.   If you stop at the small bathroom, you will hear some 
thumping, apparently from somewhere up above.  Run down to the last door on the 
right.  In this room, you will find HANDGUN AMMO and a HEALTH DRINK.  Push the 
mattress into the hole.  Examine the wall across from the mattress.  Use the STEEL 
PIPE or the MAUL to smash through it and collect the SILENCER.  Jump into the 
hole.  Exit the lower room by way of the hole in the wall in front of you.  On 
the balcony, run left and avoid the Pendulums, as they will probably knock you 
off.  You'll notice an open window.  Climb through it. 

Office Building

Exit the small office you start off in.  Go to the end of the hall and enter the 
door.  This room is full of mannequins.  Collect the HANDGUN AMMO and SHOTGUN 
SHELLS from the back shelf, and then examine all of the mannequins for a quick 
scare.  Leave the room. Walk forward and turn left, and then enter the first door 
on the right.  There are Double-Heads here.  Go straight and enter the door to 
the Dance Studio.  On your left is a room that has nothing but monsters.  Go through 
the door across from you.  Get the MAP and use the SAVE POINT.  Exit and head 
south, entering another door.  This room has a FIRST AID KIT and an AMPOULE sitting 
in a locker.  Leave and then exit the Dance Studio.  Back in the room with the 
Double-Heads, head up the short hall and go right.    Look for the door with "Exit" 
written above it in red lettering. This leads to a stairwell.  Enter and climb 
to the 5th floor.  Use the map to find the Art Gallery (listed as GALLERY OF FINE 
ARTS).  Inside, you'll notice that a painting is missing. It has something to 
do with fire.  Go through the back door.   Get the SCREWDRIVER on the cardboard 
box.  Near the back of this corridor is a small room that contains the KATANA. 
 Leave the Gallery, and enter the door across the hall.  Go left down the hall, 
slaying the numb Bodies with your sword.  Head right and go through the first 
door on the left.  Collect the JACK and HEALTH DRINK in this room.  Return to 
the Dance Studio on the 3rd floor and enter the room with the SAVE POINT.  Check 
the desk next to the SAVE POINT to find a rusted drawer.  Pry it open with the 
SCREWDRIVER to get the ROPE.  Leave the Dance Studio and head up the short hall. 
 Turn right and look for the elevator on the left.  It is partially open.  Use 
the JACK to open it even more.  Then, use the ROPE to climb down the shaft.  

There's a SAVE POINT on the vending machine to your left.  Turn around and run 
down the hall, turning right at the intersection.  Go straight and enter the door 
that says "ECHO Interiors".  Pick up the BEEF JERKY and proceed north through 
the next couple of rooms.  Eventually, you'll reach a room with a single bathtub. 
 Inspect it to trigger a disturbing cutscene. 

Nightmare Office Building 

When Heather regains consciousness, head south and go through the door.  Collect 
the HANDGUN AMMO in the wheelchair, and enter the only other door.   Once you 
exit, turn left and go through the door that you are facing.  Grab the PHOTO on 
the couch.  It's a picture of Heather, with the words "Find the Holy One, kill 
her" written on the back. Use the SAVE POINT on the wall if you want. Go through 
the unlocked door.  Inside, you'll meet a man who says he is on your side.  He 
ecstatically proclaims that Claudia is crazy, and that she was brainwashed by 
Heather's mother.  He is surprised that Harry, Heather's father, never told her 
any of this.  Heather walks out.  In the next room, grab the OXYDOL, HEALTH DRINK, 
and 2 FIRST AID KITS from the shelves.  Read the chemistry book on the desk if 
you want to.  Exit the Clinic the same way you came in, going back through the 
room where you found the PHOTO.  Walk forward and head right.  You'll encounter 
a Slurper, and some Double-Heads.  Kill them all (preferably with the SHOTGUN) 
and head left, entering the elevator on the right.  Go down to the first floor. 
 The front doors are blocked by some kind of monster.  You can't kill it, so don't 
waste your time.  Go left, and then turn left at the intersection.  Enter the 
door on the left.  Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS and kill the Insane Cancer that's guarding 
them.  Check the fridge for PORK LIVER.  Return to the elevator and go up to the 
5th floor.  

Go left and then right.  Enter the door.  Go left and then right at the intersection. 
 The door on the left has a Slurper trapped behind some bars, so enter the other 
door.  Get the 2 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO and the MATCHBOOK.  Exit.  Kill the Slurpers 
in the hallway.  Run north until you hit a glass screen.  Go through the door 
on the left.   Enter the Gallery and use the SAVE POINT if necessary.  The painting 
that was missing before has been restored.  "Flame purifies all", so you have 
to build a fire.  Combine the PORK LIVER with the OXYDOL and the MATCHBOOK in 
order to do so.  Climb through the hatch that's revealed.  Go down the stairs 
and read the papers on the table.  They are from a fairy tale of some sort.  Go 
through the door.  There are Slurpers in this hallway.  Use the Map to find the 
southeastern room.  Go there and collect the FIRST AID KIT and HANDGUN AMMO from 
the bed.  More Slurpers are waiting for you under the bed.  Exit.  Back outside, 
go straight ahead to the next door to find a new hallway.  Watch out for the Slurpers 
and the Double-Head, and enter the last room in this hallway.  Grab the SILVER 
COIN from the desk, and place it into the vending machine.  You'll find the INSURANCE 
KEY.  Exit the room and return to the hallway before this one. 

Go north up the hall and unlock the door on the left wall.  You'll find an elevator. 
 Go to the first floor.  Go left, and then right at the intersection.  Use the 
INSURANCE KEY to open the door.  Head left and follow the corridor to the end. 
 Enter the door on the left.  You'll find the last part of the fairy tale you 
read earlier.  Heather will chant some words aloud.  The monsters have vanished. 
 Go back to where the large monster was earlier and read the first part of the 
fairy tale.  Then you can leave, finally. 


Once you're outside, head left down the street and look for an alley on the left. 
 Head down the alley and then enter the door on the left.  Run down the hall and 
use the SAVE POINT on the right.  From there, continue the hall and use the HOUSE 
KEY to unlock the first door on the left.  Harry has been murdered.  There is 
a trail of blood leading to the roof.  Go there to confront Claudia.  She says 
that she took revenge on Harry for what he did 17 years ago.  Heather points her 
gun at Claudia.  However, Claudia points out that she didn't kill Harry.  A monster 
did.  Then, she leaves for Silent Hill.  

Boss: Missionary 
Difficulty: Medium 

The Missionary can deflect your bullets with its big razor claws.  This can make 
the battle unnecessarily difficult.  You might be tempted to use the SHOTGUN, 
but you can deplete lots of shells very quickly.  Why?  Because none of the shots 
will count unless the hit the Boss in either the back or the sides.  Accuracy 
and concentration are required to do this properly, but there is an easier way. 
 Take out the KATANA.  Keep an eye on the Missionary.  When he runs up to you, 
press Up on the D-Pad and R2.  You should perform a forward thrust.  This stuns 
and damages the Boss, and causes him to run away.  Follow him and wait until he 
gets ready to attack again.  When he falls down, don't think you've won.  He will 
get back up.  Plus, he has a running slash maneuver that's quite dangerous.  Once 
he has fallen down  for the fourth time, kick him to finish him off permanently. 

Back in the apartment, Heather meets Douglas.  He doesn't really know what to 
say, but he offers his condolences.  She accuses him of everything, and he accepts 
partial responsibility.  Douglas helps Heather carry Harry into the bedroom, where 
they cover him with a sheet.  Heather says she is going to Silent Hill, and Douglas 
says that he will drive her there.  Exit through the door and enter the one on 
the other side of the living room.  This is Heather's bedroom.  Get the STUN GUN 
and the two STUN GUN BATTERIES.  Then leave the apartment.  Exit the building 
by going through the door near the SAVE POINT.  

The next cutscene takes place in Douglas' car.  A lot of information is revealed 
as Heather remembers her past.  The events she talks about involve Silent Hill, 
Dahlia Gillespie, and her daughter Alessa.  You'll know most of it if you played 
the first `Silent Hill'.  I want you to hear it for yourself, so I won't provide 
a summary.  In any sense, you end up in a Motel.  Douglas leaves to visit some 
guy named Leonard, and he tells you to explore Brookhaven Hospital.  Use the SAVE 
POINT in the room, and then exit.  

Silent Hill

It's extremely foggy outside.  Use the Map and make your way from Jack's Inn (your 
current position) to the Heaven's Night Bar for a FIRST AID KIT, SHOTGUN SHELLS, 
BEEF JERKY, and a pamphlet about Silent Hill.  Exit the bar and head to the Hospital. 
 If you check you inventory, you'll find the notebook that Harry left behind.  
It's a very interesting read.  

Brookhaven Hospital 

Kill the two Nurses in the hallway.  Use the KATANA.  Go through the door across 
from the entrance.  Collect the HOSPITAL MAP and a HEALTH DRINK.  Use the SAVE 
POINT and then exit.  Enter the Doctor's Lounge.  Check the fridge for a HEALTH 
DRINK.  Read the medical notes on the table to learn about two patients: Leonard 
and Stanley Coleman.  Their rooms are S14 and S07, respectively.  Exit the Lounge 
and head to the Visiting Room.  You'll find a part of Coleman's diary, addressed 
to Heather.  She is disgusted by it, and refuses to pick up the doll he left for 
her.  Leave this room and go to the elevator.  Take it up to the 2nd floor.  Head 
to the Women's Locker Room, reading another letter from Coleman on the way.  In 
the Locker room, take the NAIL POLISH REMOVER and the PERFUME.  Exit, and head 
to the door that leads to the patient wing.  It's locked, and requires a combination. 
 Since this is Normal Mode, enter 8634.  Kill the Nurses.  Be careful, though, 
because one of them has a gun.  Enter Examination Room 3.  There is a man lying 
on a gurney.  Inspect his body to find a tattoo, and then read the papers in the 
back to learn that the doctors know nothing about him.  His stuff is in Room M4. 
 Head there.  As you walk past the bed, and alarm starts ringing.  Examine the 
clock and note the time that's displayed.  In my game, it was 11:51, but it's 
random.  You can then turn off the annoying alarm.  On the bed is an attache case. 
 To unlock it, you need a four-digit code.  If the time was something like 12:34, 
then you can enter 1-2-3-4.  Sometimes, you might have to enter the code in military 
time.  So, 10:52 would be 22:52 and 11:37 would 23:37.  If it was something like 
5:23, then you would have to enter 0-5-2-3.  Once the case has been opened, you'll 
get an INSTANT CAMERA.   In Room M5, you'll find some Nurses, as well as a FIRST 
AID KIT.  Leave, and return to the elevator.  Go back down to the first floor. 

Enter the patient wing here.  Dodge the Nurses if possible and duck into Room 
C4.  Use the NAIL POLISH REMOVER to get the STAIRWELL KEY.  Unlock the door to 
the Stairwell.  Go down to the Basement to find an SMG CLIP.  Head past the wheelchair 
and pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN!  Enter the Storeroom near the wheelchair.  There's 
blood on the wall and a suspicious space behind the shelf.  Use the INSTANT CAMERA, 
and you will have a picture that shows a code.  Exit the Basement and head to 
the Roof.  Avoid the Closer and collect two more SMG CLIPS on a metal drum across 
from the door.  Now, go back down the stairs to the 3rd floor.  Go to the Special 
Treatment Room.  The leftmost cell has another page from Coleman's diary.  Read 
the memo on the wall to find out what just what this room was used for.  In the 
Storeroom, you'll find a SAVE POINT, 2 HEALTH DRINKS, and a STUN GUN BATTERY.  
Head to the patient wing.  Punch in the code you got from the photograph you took 
in the Basement.  Enter S1 and collect 2 HEALTH DRINKS.  You should read the magazine 
on the bed.  Grab the BEEF JERKY in the hallway.  S7 is Coleman's room.  You'll 
find the last entry of Coleman's diary, along with another doll.  IN S12, you'll 
hear the phone ring.  Answer to speak with Leonard Wolf, Claudia's father.  At 
first, he thinks that you are Claudia, but Heather sets him straight.  She says 
that she wants to kill Claudia.  Leonard asks you to help him out, and then asks 
you to meet him at the end of the patient wing on the 2nd floor.   Go there.  

A new door has appeared at the very end of the hall.  Enter it.  You'll be in 
a labyrinth-like corridor.  It's pretty straightforward, but here are the 
directions anyway. 

1st corridor: straight, right, right, left, straight, left

2nd corridor: straight, right, left, turn around when the gate closes and go 

Go straight in the next corridor and watch as all the gates close behind you.  
Examine the red mark on the wall to see a video of a little girl and the voice 
of a nurse named Lisa.  Climb the ladder.  You'll see Valtiel turning some valves. 

Nightmare Hospital

Once you reach the top of the ladder, you'll find yourself in a weird hallway, 
full of cool blurry effects.  Enter Room S3.  Grab the 2 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO 
and use the SAVE POINT.  Exit and pass through the Day Room.  How head to the 
Storeroom for a really effective scare.  Leave and go the elevator.  Make sure 
you watch out for the Slurpers in the hallway.  Go to the second floor.  In the 
Men's Locker Room, you'll hear a phone ringing.  Once you find it, a strange man 
will sing Happy Birthday to you.  Afterwards, he says some weird things.  Go across 
the hall to the Women's Locker Room.  Get the PLASTIC BAG and HEALTH DRINK.  In 
the back, there's a locker with some sort of creature inside.  Return to the 3rd 
floor.  Go to Examining Room 4 to find a body hanging from the ceiling.  Fill 
the PLASTIC BAG up with BLOOD.  Enter the elevator and go to B3.  Here, you'll 
have to solve the Crematorium puzzle (check the Puzzle Guide).  Once you do, you'll 
receive the CREMATED KEY.   Go to the first floor.  Enter the Examination Room 
and collect an AMPOULE.  There is a SAVE POINT here, as well.  Go through the 
northern door of the Day Room and read the book on the ground.  It contains the 
scribbling and ranting of a madman.  Use the CREMATED KEY on the Day Room's eastern 
entrance.  Head down the narrow path and kill the Nurse.  Once you're out of the 
Day Room, enter room C1.  Pick up the 2 HEALTH DRINKS and look at the birthday 
card.  There are also some Nurses in here, as well.  Avoid them or use the SHITGUN 
to dispose of them quickly.   Head down to C4.  Use the SAVE POINT.  Examine the 
book if you want, and then pour the BLOOD out of the PLASTIC BAG and onto the 
altar.  A ladder will appear.  Climb down.  

A conversation ensues between you and Leonard.  He says that he is the "protector 
of the seal" and calls you a heretic.  Then he emerges from the filthy water, 
and you realize that he is not human. 

Boss: Leonard 
Difficulty: Very Easy 

A refreshingly easy Boss battle.  Leonard will swim around for a little bit before 
popping up somewhere nearby.  When he stands up, blast him with either the SHOTGUN 
or the SMG.  Keep firing at him until he dies.  

Once he's gone, Heather will pick up a TALISMAN.  Everything has returned to normal. 
 Exit the hospital.  

Silent Hill

A cutscene plays as soon as you leave the hospital.  Claudia and Vincent are having 
an argument.  Go back your Motel Room (106) and you will meet Vincent.  He tells 
you that Douglas said to go to the other side of the lake.  He suggests that you 
travel through the Amusement Park.  Save, and then exit.  Get onto Nathan Avenue 
and follow it to the northwest.  Eventually, you'll end up in the Lakeside Amusement 

Amusement Park

Once she enters, Heather will have another headache.  Once she gets back to her 
feet, she realizes that everything has changed.  She dreamt about this place at 
the very beginning of the game.  Head straight and enter the door in the back, 
on the left.  In the next area, head right, past the Closers and into the Souvenir 
Shop.  Collect the AMPOULE, 2 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO, and BEEF JERKY.  Some boxes 
will fall.  get the ROLLER COASTER KEY and use the SAVE POINT.  Now leave.  Continue 
to the right, ignoring the enemies, and enter the last door you come to.  The 
camera angle will change to bring into focus.  Go left and avoid the Pendulums. 
 Run up the stairs and use the ROLLER COASTER KEY to enter the control booth.  
Turn off the power, and then grab the two HEALTH DRINKS.  Exit and start following 
the tracks.  The ride will mysteriously re-activate.  Heather jumps off before 
the cars slam into her.  Watch the cutscene.  Douglas confronts Claudia, and pulls 
his gun on her.  Heather wakes up on the roof of the ticket booth.  When you regain 
control of her, go through the nearby door. 

Once you're inside, use the SAVE POINT that's on the ticket booth.  Then enter 
the Haunted House.  In the first room, a man will tell you about the house.  In 
the next room, there's a table that's covered in blood.  The man tells you that 
a family was murdered here, and then he admits that he's lying.  All that happened 
was a suicide.  Go through the next door.  There's an old man sitting in a chair 
behind the desk.  Go around him and a body will fall from the ceiling.  The man 
will tell you about the body.  Turn around and enter the blue door.  When the 
camera focuses on the ceiling, hold R2 and walk forward to avoid the spikes.  
Enter the door indicated by the exit sign.  

Now you have to run down a hallway.  Don't stop moving, because you are being 
chased by a red mist that can kill you almost instantly.  Don't try to enter the 
first door you see.  Instead, go further ahead and enter the door with the steps 
in front of it.  You'll have to do the same thing in the next hallway.  Survive 
this one and you will officially exit the Haunted House. 

Dodge the Closers and run towards the green fence.  Look for a passageway in the 
left.  In the next area, there's a Closer and a Double-Head.  Go through the gate 
on the left.   Cross the next area and enter the gate.  You'll now be in some 
kind of stage area.  Grab the HEALTH DRINK and SHOTGUN SHELLS from the bench on 
your left.  Then collect the CHAIN and the RED SHOE, which sits in the middle 
of the stage.   Exit this area, and then exit through the gate in the next area 
(where the Pendulums are).  Go straight to find the Swing Rocket carousel.  Go 
up to the central platform and attach the CHAIN to the pipe sticking out of the 
column.  Now, go over to the rusted green gate and attach the other end of the 
CHAIN.  It is still in your inventory.  Once the CHAIN is connected, enter the 
control booth and turn the power on.  The gate will be pulled open.  Get the HANDGUN 
AMMO and go through the gate.  

Douglas is hurt.  After some small talk, he points his gun at Heather and says 
it would be better if he'd kill her right now.  She doesn't deny it, but Douglas 
chickens out.  Go through the gate and head right into the Fortune House.  Pick 
up DOUGLAS'S NOTEBOOK on the right, and then collect the DOLL HEAD from the table. 
 Use the SAVE POINT.  Exit and enter the nearby building.  You'll find a fairytale 
setting.  Place the DOLL HEAD on Snow White and the RED SHOE on Cinderella.  Enter 
the left door.  You'll be in a room with a dragon.  Enter the left door.  Watch 
out for Double-Heads and Pendulums.  Go right to the ice cream wagon and read 
the memo from Harry.  Go left to the ticket booth, and then go left from there 
and enter the gate.  Collect the FIRST AID KIT on your left and then hop on the 
carousel.  It starts to rotate, and the horses come to life.  Equip the KATANA. 
 Walk around and slash all of the horses until they stop moving.  Avoid their 
breath.  Once all of the horses have stopped, you'll fight the next Boss. 

Boss: Memory of Alessa 
Difficulty: Medium 

Hey, it's you.  Alright..maybe not.  There are four stages to this fight.  The 
Boss starts off with a Knife.  Slash at her with the KATANA right when she begins 
her attack.  If done correctly, you'll be the only one who inflicts damage.  She 
can block your blows, so don't swipe at her repeatedly.  It's a waste of time. 
 When she runs away, chase after her, getting in hits when you can.  Once she 
goes down, she reappears with a Handgun.  She might start firing initially, but 
she'll stop shooting when you attack her with the KATANA.  She'll use the Handgun 
the same way she used the Knife.  For the third stage, she'll have a Steel Pipe 
(same as Knife), and for the last phase, she'll have a Submachine Gun (same as 
the Handgun).  When she goes down for the fourth time, it's over for good.   There 
is a slightly quicker method than the one described above.  During the Knife and 
Steel Pipe phases, you can shoot the Boss with the SHOTGUN.  It won't block the 
bullets, and it will go down in half the time it takes to stab it with the KATANA. 

Get off the carousel.  Run down the corridor and go through the door at the end. 
 Run down the hallway and read the prayer on the wall.  Enter the next door. 

Watch the cutscene.  Afterwards, get the EYE OF NIGHT TAROT CARD and then use 
the SAVE POINT.  Go through the door on the right.  Enter the confession booth. 
 You'll have to make a rather important decision: forgive Claudia or say nothing. 
 This influences the ending that you'll receive.  Take the MAP from the wall.  
Go down the hall and enter the door on your left.  Avoid the Closer and take the 
other door.  Try to avoid the Insane Cancer and go through the northernmost door. 
  Proceed down the hall until you hear crying and footsteps.  Head past the 
wheelchair and go through the door.  Use the enormous SAVE POINT on the floor. 
 Examine the paintings.  One of them says St. Alessa.  Go back to the previous 
hallway.  Look at the wheelchair, then enter the door that's hidden behind the 

Head down the hallway and go through the door at the end.  On the ledge, you'll 
encounter the Scraper, which looks like the Missionary.  Go through the very last 
door.  You'll be in the Library.  Read the tarot book, and then pick up the MOON 
CARD from the desk.  Vincent enters.  It seems you are both against Claudia.  
He gives you a book called the Otherworld Laws.  Exit the Library and head to 
the elevator.  You'll automatically head down one floor.  Enter the door on your 
right.  Head straight and go through the door.  Get the HANGED MAN CARD and collect 
the SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Go back into the hallway and head right.  Enter the door 
at the end of the hall.  This is Harry's room.  Grab the STUN GUN BATTERIES and 
read the diary on the bed.  Exit and watch out for the two Scrapers.  Go back 
to where the elevator is.  Enter the second-to-last door.  Watch out for the Pendulum 
and the Scraper.  Enter the very last door.  Go to the end of hall and turn left. 
 Go through the door there.  You'll be in a Child's Room.  Examine the sketchbook 
on the bed and the notepad on the desk.  Grab the BRASS KEY from the wall.  Use 
the SAVE POINT.  Exit.  From the Child's Room, head north and turn right.  Take 
the first door on the right.  Run past the Closers and go through the next door. 
 Halfway down this hall, you'll hear the crying child again.  Look at the floor 
to find more footsteps.  They end at the wall.  Go through the hidden door.  This 
is the room Alessa was locked in.  Examine the book to find the FOOL CARD.  Collect 
the AMPOULE and the HANDGUN AMMO.  Go back to the first hallway where you saw 
the Insane Cancers (you`ll have to take the elevator back up).  Enter the 
southernmost door.  Get the CASSETTE TAPE and the 2 boxes of HANDGUN AMMO.  Head 
back to the area with the confession booth and open the locked door with the BRASS 
KEY.  Enter the first door on your left.  You'll be in a Classroom.  Check the 
desk in the center, and then read the letter from K. Gordon.  Leave and then go 
through the next door on your right.  Pop the TAPE into the cassette deck.  Read 
the letters on the desk to learn something about Vincent.  Leave.  DO NOT go into 
the room that you are now facing.  It is filled with Scrapers, and you need to 
conserve ammo.  Head down the hall and take the last door on  the right.  Get 
the HIGH PRIESTESS CARD and read Claudia's diary.   Return to the Child's Room 
and solve the Tarot Card Puzzle.  Save your game and open the door.  Run down 
the hallway and enter the door at the end.  Watch the cutscene.  A lot happens 
here, so I want you to experience it for yourself.  Anyway, once you regain control 
of Heather, select the PENDANT from your inventory and Use it.  Heather will swallow 
something and puke up a fetus.  Once Claudia ingests the infant God, walk up to 
the hole she disappeared into.  Heather will jump down.  Now you can confront 
the final Boss.  

Boss: God
Difficulty: Hard

When I first fought this thing, I didn't really know how to defeat it.  I tried 
a lot of different things, but I always ended up dying.  I quit for one full day, 
and wasn't sure if I would ever go back.  But I did, and I discovered this strategy. 
 There are actually two of them, depending on whether or not you want the unlimited 
SMG.  The basic premise of this battle is as follows.  The God begins in an upright 
position.  Take out your HANDGUN and fire a couple of bullets at it.  It will 
bend down, giving you a clear shot of its head.  Stand as far back as possible 
and start firing.  Continue firing until the God returns to its upright position. 
 As it stands back up, it will release some fire into the room.  Run around and 
try to avoid it.  Its path is unpredictable, so you might not be able to escape 
damage every time.  But, don't worry.  Use any HEALTH DRINKS you have to restore 
HP.  After that, go to FIRST AID KITS.  You should have more than 10 if you haven't 
used any up to this point.  Save your AMPOULES.  When the God has bent over, stay 
away from the head and arms.  Keep unloading ammo into the God until it dies.  
You shouldn't have that much trouble, as long as you keep your distance.  However, 
things get a tad more difficult if you're trying to get the unlimited SMG.  Shoot 
the God a couple of times with the HANDGUN while it's standing upright.  When 
it bends over, shoot the head until the fire is released, and the God stands back 
up.  Do this twice more.  When the God bends over for the fourth time, start hitting 
it with the MAUL.  The arm will swing at you, but don't stop attacking.  You can 
take three hits from the arm before your health drops to red status.  When that 
happens, use an AMPOULE.  You should have at least 5.  Continue this routine, 
and you should be able to kill the God with the MAUL before you reach your last 
AMPOULE.  That way, you'll be able to get the unlimited SMG.  

Congratulations, you have just completed one of the scariest games ever!  Watch 
the ending and the credits, then save your result file. 

VIII.  Speed Walkthrough 

Note: I will not be specific with the information provided in this walkthrough. 
 I suggest you use it only if you want a fast completion time.  It is also recommended 
that you don't use it until after you have beaten the game at least once.  

Nightmare Park 
 - Walk around until you die 

Shopping Mall

- Climb out through the bathroom window.  Enter door in alley.
- Walk through corridor, enter shop with half-closed shutter
- After the cutscene, exit through the door behind counter
- Find the MAP, find exit door, climb the stairs 
-Go left into central area, enter Bakery
- Grab TONGS and go back to previous hallway
- Find Save Room and use TONGS to get the KEY
- Return to central area and find Bookstore
- Solve puzzle and enter the code to unlock the door 
- Head into elevator, get RADIO

Nightmare Mall

- Find save room and collect the items inside.  
- Enter room near Women's Bathroom.  Collect items, including FLASHLIGHT
- Enter Women's Restroom and get BLEACH
- Enter Clothes Shop and grab HANGER and BULLETPROOF VEST. 
- Use HANGER to pull down the ladder and climb up
- Go up the escalator and enter first door on right.  Get COOKED KEY from dog 
on table
- Go back down the escalator and enter door right past save point on second TV
- Get WALNUT and go through back door. 
- Unlock door with COOKED KEY.  Get the STEEL PIPE and HEALTH DRINKS. 
- Find Bakery.  Get DETERGENT.  Leave through back door. 
- Turn off fan.  Combine DETERGENT and BLEACH.  Turn on fan.
- Use WALNUT in the vise to get the MOONSTONE.
- Return to the door with the moon symbol and open it with the MOONSTONE
- Climb down ladder and fight Splitworm 

Shopping Mall 

- Collect items in Happy Burger. 
- Exit Mall.

Subway Station 

- Get SUBWAY MAP past entrance gates.
- Get the NUTCRACKER from dead end
- Unlock gate with NUTCRACKER and go down steps to Platform 2. 
- Get SHOTGUN and SHELLS from train. 
- Stop train on Platform 3 and board it. 


- Walk to front of train and exit.

Platform (Unknown Station) 

- Exit train, go left from save point.  
- Follow path to Pendulum hall. 
- Go left, enter first door on right
- First door on right, then go left. Get MAUL and UNDERPASS MAP.
- Exit through other door.  Go through next door on right and get WINE BOTTLE. 
- Go left to second Pendulum hall.  Take left door at end. 
- Take two rights, go to 2nd hall on the right.  Fill BOTTLE with FUEL. 
- Go down other hallway.  Place FUEL in open tank.  Climb down the ladder.


- Follow the path.  Go right in sewer to the door.  Cross the bridge, collect 
- Enter opposite door.  Turn left at intersection.  Enter save room.  
- Go through metal door.  Place DRYER in outlet.  Cross the bridge. 
- Follow the path outside, and then circle the building to find save point. 

Construction Site

- Enter doors near save point. 
- Take stairs to 5th floor. 
- Enter last room on the right.  Push mattress into the hole. 
- Jump into the hole. 
- Exit onto balcony.  
- Climb through open window.

Office Building

- Exit and take left door.  Head through red exit door. 
- Take the stairs to the 5th floor.  Enter Art Gallery.  Grab SCREWDRIVER and 
- Enter room across from Art Gallery.  Collect the JACK.  
- In Dance Studio, open drawer with SCREWDRIVER and take the ROPE. 
- Find the elevator that's partially opened.  Use JACK. 
- Descend shaft with ROPE. 
- 2nd floor, head to northeast room and examine the solitary bathtub. 

Nightmare Office Building 

- Head to Clinic.  Get Heather's photo.  Enter door for cutscene. 
- After cutscene, grab OXYDOL from shelves.  Find elevator. 
- Go to first floor.  Go left at intersection and enter door on the right. 

- Head to 5th floor. Take the western door and then enter the southeastern room. 
- Start fire in front of painting.  Take the hatch that's revealed. 
- Go down stairs and out through the door.  
- Enter room with vending machine.  Grab SILVER COIN. 
- Use SILVER COIN on vending machine to get INSURANCE KEY. 
- Go back to first floor.  Go right at intersection.  Unlock door at the end . 
- Read the story in the blood-soaked room.  
- Exit through front doors.  


- Go left down the street and take alley on left. 
- Enter building. Find save point near mailboxes.
- Enter Heather's apartment.  Watch cutscene. 
- Fight Missionary. 
- Watch cutscene and exit building.  

Silent Hill

- Leave Motel room. 
- Follow MAP to Heaven's Night Bar.  Enter and collect items. 
- Go to hospital. 

Brookhaven Hospital 

- Enter office and retrieve MAP.  Go to Doctor's Lounge for items. 
- Go to 2nd floor.  Enter Women's Locker Room and get NAIL POLISH REMOVER and 
- Solve puzzle to enter patient wing. 
- Enter Room M4 and open attache case (using time on alarm clock). Take INSTANT 
- Return to first floor.  In Room C4, use NAIL POLISH REMOVER to get STAIRWELL 
- Take stairs to Basement.  Pick up SMG CLIP and the SMG.  
- Enter Storeroom and use INSTANT CAMERA to get picture of code behind shelf.
- Go to roof to get two more SMG CLIPS. 
- Take stairs to third floor. 
- Enter patient wing by punching in code from photo. 
- Go to Room S12 and answer the phone. 
- Go to second floor patient wing and enter new door at end. 
- Find your way through the labyrinth and examine the red mark on the wall.  Climb 

Nightmare Hospital

- Go to B3 and solve Crematorium puzzle.  Get CREMATED KEY.  
- Answer phone in Men's Locker Room.
- In Women's Locker Room, get PLASTIC BAG and HEALTH DRINK. 
- Go to Examining Room 4 and fill bag with blood. 
- Go to 1st floor.  Go through Day Room. 
- Enter room C4 and place blood on the altar. Climb down the ladder. 

- Fight Leonard. 
- Collect TALISMAN and exit the hospital 

Silent Hill

- Return to Motel room. 
- Head northwest on Nathan Avenue. 

Nightmare Park

- Find Souvenir Shop
- Collect items until boxes fall over 
- Grab the ROLLER COASTER KEY and head to the Mountain Coaster.  
- Enter control booth and turn power off.  
- Walk along tracks until ride re-activates. 
-Watch cutscene.  Enter the Haunted House. 
- Take off BULLETPROOF VEST if it's equipped, and find your way through the Haunted 
- In Stage area, collect CHAIN and RED SHOE.  
- Go to Swing Rocket attraction and attach CHAIN to central column. 
- Attach other end of CHAIN to rusted gate.  Turn the power on and enter the gate.
- Watch cutscene.  Enter Fortune House.  Get DOLL HEAD.
- Enter Maerchen Travel building.  Use DOLL HEAD and RED SHOE on statues. 
- Exit.  Take left gate.  Enter carousel.
- Slash horses with KATANA.
- Fight Memory of Alessa. 
- Exit carousel.  Enter Chapel.


- Grab EYE OF NIGHT CARD.  Take right door. 
- Get MAP and enter the confession booth.  Make a decision about Claudia. 
- Enter left door down hallway. 
- Go to the southernmost room.  Grab CASSETTE TAPE and HANDGUN AMMO. 
- Exit and enter the northern door.  
- Follow footsteps to painting.  Enter hidden door. 
- Enter last door on ledge with elevator to find the Library. 
- Get MOON CARD.  Watch cutscene, and get OTHERWORLD LAWS from Vincent.
- Take elevator down.  Enter door on right.  Go left at intersection.  
- Check out Harry's Room.  
- Get HANGED MAN CARD from human dump area. 
- Find your way to the Child's Room.  Take the BRASS KEY.  
- Follow footsteps to sickbed room.  Get FOOL CARD. Go back to hallway   with 
confession booth.  Unlock door with BRASS KEY. 
- Enter Claudia's Room and get HIGH PRIESTESS CARD.  
- Return to Child's Room and solve Tarot card puzzle. Run down corridors and enter 
the door at the end. 
- Watch cutscene.  Use PENDANT.  Follow Claudia down the hole. 
- Fight God.  

IX. Endings 

There are three endings to "Silent Hill 3". 


This is the default ending for the first play through.  

Description: Once the final boss goes down, Heather kicks it a couple of times, 
and cries for her father.  Afterwards, she returns to the Amusement Park.  Douglas 
is sitting on a bench.  Heather pulls a knife on him, and then reveals that she's 
joking.  Douglas calls her by her real name: Cheryl.  Let's see: her name is Cheryl, 
and her dad's name is Harry.  That goes back to the very first "Silent Hill".  


This is a tricky ending.  I believe that there are several different methods you 
can use to obtain it, but they are all based on points.  You have to accumulate 
at least 4000 points by the time you fight the final boss.  By my count, I had 
4250 points.  You'll have to keep track of your points, so you can build them 
up if necessary before the last battle.  Some folks might not think it's worth 
the effort.   Here's a breakdown of the point allotments.  

Each enemy killed: 10-15 points (I don't know if Bosses are included)
Each HP lost: 1 point
Forgive Claudia: 1000 points

You will lose anywhere between 20-50 points for checking up on Douglas in the 
Park.  You'll have to estimate, but if you don't like to write stuff down, then 
just follow this simple strategy.  Kill every enemy that you possibly can.  Hunt 
them down if necessary.  Once you have several HEALTH DRINKS, deliberately sustain 
damage, and then heal.  I don't think that healing takes anything away, but if 
it does, then don't bother.  Then, forgive Claudia when the opportunity presents 
itself.  Other FAQs might offer some alternatives, so check them out, as well. 

Description: It starts off just like the Normal ending.  However, in the Amusement 
Park, Douglas is lying in a pool of blood.  Heather loses her mind under the influence 
of Samael, as you can clearly see from her bloodstained knife.  


To get this ending, you have to kill at least 30 enemies with either the SEXY 
BEAM or the HEATHER BEAM.  You CANNOT use any other weapons until you meet the 
above requirement.  If you kill 40 enemies with the SEXY BEAM and want to switch 
to the Shotgun, then I believe that you still get the ending.  

Description: Heather enters her apartment.  Instead of the video with Harry's 
corpse, there is another video, done up in comic book format.  Heather complains 
to her father about the adventure she just had.  Harry turns into an alien, and 
promises to go back to Silent Hill and exact some punishment.  In the background, 
you can see a fight between Harry Mason from the original "Silent Hill" and a 
blond guy, who has to be James from "Silent Hill 2".  Then, it shows Silent Hill 
being incinerated by UFOs.  After that, a ridiculous song begins, sung by a group 
of Japanese men.  The lyrics can be found in Deadmeat X's FAQ, if you want to 
see them.  When THE END appears, you hear a machine gun, and the singers start 

X. Puzzle Guide 

Note: There a few things you don't have to do in Easy Mode.  

A). In the Mall, you don't have to find the Chemicals, and you also don't have 
to worry about the bugs.  

B). In the Office Building, you don't need to use the SCREWDRIVER to open the 
drawer.  It's already unlocked. 

C). The Crematorium puzzle doesn't have to be solved.  

Bookstore Puzzle
Difficulty: Easy 
Solution: Place BOOK I in the first open slot, and BOOK II in the second slot. 

Difficulty: Normal 
Solution: Examine the books to find the writing on the back.  Using this as a 
reference point, you can place the books beside one another until you get a complete 
number.  If you're successful, you'll see a four-digit number.  I think the solution 
to this puzzle is random, but, on your first time through, the order of the books 
always tends to be  I-IV-V-III-II.  At least, this has been the case on two occasions. 

Difficulty: Hard
Solution:  This time around, you have to match up verse with the Shakespearean 
plays they are referring to.  I am a Shakespeare enthusiast, so this was pretty 
easy for me, but it will undoubtedly be a pain for some players.  I suggest searching 
the Internet for websites that offer synopses of Shakespeare's works.   

Verse 1 - Hamlet - Book IV 
Verse 2 - Romeo & Juliet - Book I 
Verse 3 - Othello - Book V
Verse 4 - King Lear - Book II
Verse 5 - Macbeth - Book III 

Arrange the books in the order indicated above.  That's IV-I-V-II-III.  You'll 
get a five-digit code.  However, the door you need to open only requires four 
numbers.  That's where the 6th verse comes in.  Let's analyze it together. 

Verse 6

"One vengeful man spilled blood for two"     (This is about Hamlet, who takes 
revenge on his uncle) 

"Two youths shed tears for three"  (This is about Romeo & Juliet, and the tragic 
end to their relationship)

"Three witches disappeared thusly"  (One of the most famous scenes from Macbeth) 

  Hamlet - multiply 4 by 2 to get 8
  Romeo & Juliet - multiply 1 by 3 to get 3
  Macbeth - the three witches disappear, so eliminate the number 3

Apply these hints to the code you have thus far: 4-1-5-2-3.  Multiply the first 
number (4) by 2 to get 8.  Multiply the second number (1) by 3 to get 3.  Erase 
the last number (3) to be left with the correct code: 8352.  

Hospital, 2nd Floor Patient Wing 

Difficulty: Easy 
Solution: 4693  

Difficulty: Normal 
Solution: 8634 

Difficulty: Hard 
Solution: 4896 


Difficulty: Easy 
Solution: Just walk up to the oven and grab the KEY. 

Difficulty: Normal 
Solution: Look at the roman numerals and see which square they correspond to.  
Each square represents a bed.  If IV is in the middle square of the left column, 
then the fourth number is 4.  If II is in the middle of the middle column, then 
the second number is 5.  Got it?   

Difficulty: Hard
Solution: 9271 

Tarot Card Puzzle

Difficulty: Easy 
Solution: Just place the cards in the places corresponding to the ones in the 

Upper left - Fool
Upper right - moon
Center - Eye of the Night 
Bottom left - Hanged Man 
Bottom Right - High Priestess 

Difficulty: Normal 
Solution: Use the verses to figure this out.  

Upper left - Eye of the Night
Left center - High Priestess 
Upper right - Moon

Right center - Fool
Bottom center - Hanged Man 

Difficulty: Hard 
Solution: The Roman numerals give away the pattern.  

Upper left - High Priestess 
Top center - Eye of the Night 
Center - Fool 
Right center - Moon
Bottom left - Hanged Man 

XI. Secrets 

Gold and Silver Pipes 

Location: Sewers.  When you go to put the DRYER in the outlet, stand at the edge 
of the water and press X..  Heather will think of throwing in the STEEL PIPE.  
Agree with her.  The STEEL PIPE must not be equipped.  A fairy will appear and 
ask you three questions.  Answer them correctly to receive the GOLD PIPE and the 
SILVER PIPE.  They are just for show, and are no more powerful than the regular 
STEEL PIPE.    The answers are No, No, Yes.     This can only be done during an 
Extra Game.  


At the Construction Site, you'll have to plug up a hole with a mattress.  Examine 
the nearby walls, and the camera will focus on a wall that's structurally different 
than the others.  Use a melee weapon (preferably the MAUL) to break down the wall. 
 Grab the SILENCER.  Equip it in the Item Menu, and it will automatically be fitted 
onto your HANDGUN or SUBMACHINE GUN.  It serves virtually no purpose other than 
noise reduction. 

Douglas's Underwear

Once you finish the game, select the "Extra New Game" option on the Main menu 
and press 
Up - Up - Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - Circle - X.  Heather will 
sigh, and Douglas will appear in only his underpants during cut scenes.  

Extra Options

While in the Options Menu, press R1, L1, R2, or L2 to find the Extra Options screen. 
 Here, you can change the color of blood, select Beginner or Expert difficulties, 
set the bullet multiplier, and switch on the Life Bar function.  

XII. Extra Weapons 

Note: These weapons will be unlocked after you beat the game once certain conditions 
have been met. 

Beam Saber 
How to obtain: Kill enemies with melee weapons 
Location: Mall corridor where you fight the first Numb Body
Rating: 2/5
Description: It's a light saber.  You have to activate it by pressing R2.  It's 
powerful, but it must be re-activated if you take damage from an enemy.  

How to obtain: Kill enemies by shooting them 
Location: Mall, on the counter in Helen's Bakery 
Rating: 3/5
Description: It has unlimited fuel.  However, it takes forever to kill even the 
weakest of enemies.  On the plus side, the Flamethrower does have enormous stopping 
power, and it can put quite a bit of distance between you and the monsters you 
encounter.  Use it when you want to run rather than fight. 

Unlimited Submachine Gun
How to obtain: Kill the final boss with a melee weapon.  Use the KATANA or the 
MAUL for the best results.  You can fire bullets at it to wear it down, but the 
last blow must be delivered by a melee weapon.  
Location: Once you exit the bathroom at the beginning of the game, go left down 
the alley to the end that's blocked off. 
Rating: 5/5 
Description: Obvious benefits.  

Heather Beam 
How to obtain: Get 333 kills.  You don't have to do this in one game.  You can 
play through the game multiple times, and calculate the combined total.  Make 
sure to keep track, though.  
Location: You start with it in your inventory 
Rating: 2/5
Description: All other weapons must be unequipped.  Press R2 and X to fire. If 
X is pressed down, you'll fire homing missiles.  If you press X and the Up Button, 
you'll shoot an energy ball.  

Sexy Beam 
How to obtain: Unlock the Heather Beam, and put on the Transform Costume (the 
password is Princess Heart).  While wearing the Transform Costume, you can use 
the Sexy Beam. 
Location: You start with it in your inventory. 
Rating: 3/5 
Description: Hold X to fire targeted missiles.  They are stronger than the homing 
missiles from the Heather Beam.  There is also a beam that comes out of Heather's 
eyes.  You must use this weapon (or the HEATHER BEAM) in order to receive the 
Revenge/UFO ending. 

XIII. Costumes 

Note: Codes are case-sensitive.  Enter them exactly as they are listed below.  
Finish the game once to unlock the Extra Costume Option. 

HappyBirthDay : Heather shirt 
TOUCH_MY_HEART : Don't Touch Shirt 
LightToFuture : The Light Shirt 
ShogyouMujou : Transience Shirt
 BlueRobbieWin : Killer Rabbit Shirt 

01_03_08_11_12 : Royal Flush Shirt 
cockadooodledoo : Golden Rooster Shirt 
GangsterGirl : God of Thunder Shirt 
I_Love_You : Onsen Shirt 
PrincessHeart : Transform Costume (un- and reequip for some serious fun.) 
Shut_your_mouth : Zipper Shirt 
PutHere2FeelJoy : Block Head Shirt 
SH3_Wrestlarn : Game Reactor Shirt 
sLmLdGhSmKfBfH : Play Shirt Suspense : 13eme Rue Shirt 

XIV. Credits and Thanks

Zack Keller- for typing assistance 

Gregory Hutchins - for proofreading

Chesh the Cat and Deadmeat X - whose FAQs helped me get through some of the more 
troubling aspects of the game 

Red soul - for his excellent Riddle Guide 

Gamewinners.com - for all the Costume codes

Konami - for this enchanting and harrowing piece of software

Michael Crego - for playing and writing stuff down while I was at work 

Paul - my brother- he makes the best Italian food - I ate a lot of it while I 
was working on this project

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