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FAQ/Walkthrough by Millers C

Version: Final | Updated: 05/05/08

                              SILENT HILL 3 
                    Version 0.1 (First Started 23/4/2003)
                    By Millers C (millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com)
                  This document is copyright Millers C (2003-2006)

For the PS2 Version of Silent Hill 3.


Final Version: If all goes well this should be the final version of my
Silent Hill 3 guide. Its hard to think this document was begun a week shy 
of three years ago. What I've done is added a few extra sections in response
to some contributions, including the lyrics to the opening title song which 
is certainly worth a look.

Version 0.96: Copyright update and a few costume passwords.

Version 0.95: Added Possessed ending synopsis, also a little bit about the 
'Crazy Mirror' room in the Brookhaven Asylum.

Version 0.90: I'm paying a flying visit here to alter the copyrights in
this guide, that's all.

Version 0.80 : This will only be the third yet final update of my
Silent Hill 3 guide. Its unfortunate that I have left this guide alone for
such a length of time and can only apologize to the people who have 
contacted me. It has been enjoyable and a lot of fun writing this guide and
playing the game, but now it is time to draw a line under this guide. This
game is now nearly 2 years old (I can't believe that!) and interest in it
has quite rightly dipped, so the time is right. I hope that you have enjoyed
this guide.

Version 0.70: For the last month I've been having computer 
difficulties which have made updating this FAQ near impossible. I 
would have liked to have had the update done in September, but as a 
result, I had to wait until nearly November, so I apologize to anyone 
who was waiting for an update. I haven't forgotten about it! You 
should now find a synopsis of all files scattered around the game. 
They show what is said, so read them if you want to research 
something. Also, I received an e-mail from a very nice person who was 
talking about my Silent Hill 1 guide. I apologize for not responding, 
but I did lose my E-mail account a while back, so I lost your 
address. If you could get back to me, I might be able to help. And I 
am planning to round off my Silent Hill 1 guide again in the future. 
Unless anything drastic occurs such as a new secret, there may not be 
many more instalments of this guide. But keep e-mailing with boss 
strategies, questions etc and I will try and update as soon as 

Version 0.10: The very first version of my Silent Hill 3 Walkthrough. 
I hope you enjoy reading this guide and playing through Silent Hill 
3. As this is the first instalment of this guide, it remains very 
incomplete. I have focused my efforts so far on writing the 
walkthrough, which is actually complete in its current state. I aim 
to get much of the guide completed by the end of this current week. 
Also, many sub-sections are also incomplete, so bear with me on 
those. You may notice that the guide was started in april...Well I 
suffered writers block in those months and had exams to contend with, 
hence the late completion. In fact I finished the guide on the 18th 
of august, so it was a while in the making, but I got there. Please 
enjoy reading this guide. I hope it proves useful.

1) Introduction
2) Disclaimer
3) Characters
4) Controls
5) Options
5) Hints 
6) Enemies
7) Weapons
8) Walkthrough
9) Conclusion 
10) Files
11) Secrets 
12) Endings 
13) Back Story
14) Lyrics
15) Thanks

When it first appeared in spring 1999, Silent Hill was a gaming 
experience like no other. Konami blended action adventure and horror 
genres to create a rip-roaring, and altogether stunning game. It had 
all the right ingredients, an enthralling, taut and unique storyline, 
with superb gameplay and an ethereal soundtrack. Who can forget the 
body falling out of the locker? Silent Hill 2 was released 2 years 
later, and it was altogether a more satisfying experience in my 
opinion, with yet another brilliant story. Silent Hill 3, what is 
possibly the penultimate game of the series, has the potential to 
become the best ever survival horror game. I for one am completely 
hoping it lives up to its potential, and I'm hoping for another 
unforgettable experience.

Welcome to my guide, which covers the third version of the 
exceptional trilogy of games. I've written this guide in order to 
assist people in successfully completing Silent Hill 3, from puzzles 
to boss battles and also to describe the things I've noticed and to 
share the experience. Silent Hill 3 is a game, which prides itself on 
its sprawling open areas of town, and its extraordinary and often 
baffling puzzles, so I'd like people to use this as a resource to 
figure out how to solve the many conundrums that roam Silent Hill. 
Anyway, I hope you've bought the game and not rented it, and Good 
Luck unravelling the mystery of Silent Hill 3! 

Millers C's Silent Hill 3 walkthrough, all rights reserved including 
the right of reproduction for profit in part or in any form (2003- ).

This guide is for viewing purposes only. It is present on GameFAQs on 
the condition that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise, be 
published, sold, circulated or exhibited in any magazine, shop or 
web-site without my expressed written consent and approval. 
GameFAQs.com is the only website which may use this guide. If you 
would like this guide to appear on your website, contact me at 
millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com. Any help, hints, info or strategies you 
would like to submit, use that address also. Comments on my guide are 
also always welcome, but no spam please. Critics are always 
acceptable, but please keep your E-Mails non abusive and preferably 
to refrain from swearing.

'Silent Hill' is a trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan 
Limited, all rights reserved. Also, Konami does not authorise or 
approve this guide, and have no association with myself or 
gamefaqs.com. I disclaim any copyright in the Silent Hill trademark, 
or in the texts, dialogue, storyline, puzzles, song lyrics or characters 
mentioned within this guide.

There's quite a motley bunch of people roaming Silent Hill and other 
places. But what are their motives, purposes and goals? Read this 
part to find out who's who in Silent Hill. 

Heather is the protagonist of Silent Hill 3. After a simple trip to 
the mall which turned into a living hell, Heather must use all her 
courage and survival skills to escape this nightmare. In the 
beginning, she appears to be just a normal girl thrust into a 
terrifying world. In fact, she herself is the key to this whole 
bizarre mess and must confront her own past to survive.

Douglas is a bounty hunter with strong morals. He was unwittingly 
sucked into the nightmare that is Silent Hill 3 after being hired by 
Claudia to find Heather. Now, he has to battle monsters as well as 
his own personal demons. Little is known about his past, except he's 
around 50 years old, and wears a Hat (!) and a long trench coat. We 
first meet him in the shopping mall at the beginning of the game. 
Initially, Heather shuns his questions and evades him by hiding out 
in the ladies room. But as the story progresses, Douglas appears to 
be the only sane person around, and could prove to be a useful ally.

It soon becomes apparent that Claudia Wolf is the main enemy within 
Silent Hill 3. She invokes and encourages Heather's hatred of her 
with an act halfway through which sets the scene for Heather to take 
the ultimate vengeance against her. Claudia is a young woman, in her 
thirties, blonde and is a member of a secret religious society. All 
she wants is to bring her "God" Into being, and sees Heather as the 
device to do this. She needs Heather's power, but constantly baffles 
her with her ambiguous speeches on religion. We first see her in the 
shopping mall, just before it turns hellish. It is a fair guess that 
she is probably behind what's going on here.

Vincent is a bespectacled man who appears to be more academic than 
most we meet. He's first seen inside the doctor's office in a mental 
institute studying books. He admits he enjoys the parallel universes 
that occur in Silent Hill, and seems to be outwardly loyal to 
Claudia, knowing her intentions and worships the same queer religion. 
But inside he despises Claudia feeling the way she worships is 
heretical. Both he and Claudia use Heather for their own means, and a 
power struggle between the two will ensue before the end of the game. 
According to a file we read in the nowhere section at the end, 
Vincent is a pastor.

 Heather's Dad
Heather spoke to her dad at the beginning of the game. He resides 
with his daughter at the daisy villa apartment building. Just a 
normal guy. Will he be immune to the changes that occur in this 
world? We don't know it right now, but Heather's dad is someone very 
familiar and fits directly into the plot of this game and also the 
first. It also helps tie up a lot of loose ends. I'm sure people will 
be disappointed by his final fate, as I was.

Who is Leonard? When we leave the initial city, Vincent tells Douglas 
and you to seek out Leonard as he will lead you to Claudia. Leonard 
is occupied in the hospital, and when we visit here, we first meet 
him on the phone. This is where we learn that he is Claudia's father 
and he hates his daughter intensely. He has with him a seal which he 
promises to give to you if you release him from his prison under the 
hospital. In actual fact, Leonard is a huge monster who tries to 
destroy you when he realises you don't follow his own religion. 
Leonard seems to know a lot about what is going on in this town; 
however his clues are so cryptic as to remain useless in explanation.

Stanley Coleman was a patient at the Brookhaven Mental hospital. He 
is a very warped individual indeed and is known to fixate on 
particular women. In this case it seems his object of affection is 
you, or at least someone called Heather. We know this because the 
hospital is riddled with poems written by Stanley to Heather, where 
he leaves a trademark rag doll behind. How could a mental patient 
from a long defunct asylum possibly know Heather? We never meet 
Stanley, and the purpose of these poems is never truly revealed. 
Later on, it is revealed that Stanley is in fact dead; his new name 
is Number "7", i.e. he is body number 7 in the hospital morgue. But 
in a world as twisted as Silent Hill, anyone he truly be dead?

Valtiel is the monster who appears in some cut scenes turning the 
valves which herald a change from the real world into the hell world. 
He also appears during the game, and is present when you fight the 
final boss. His purpose is never revealed, neither is his fate. Maybe 
he will return in Silent Hill 4.

Lost the instructions manual? Never fear, read this part to find out 
what does what in Silent Hill.

X Button: Attack/select/Search (After pressing R1, with a weapon out, 
pressing X will fire that weapon. X's function in the inventory 
screen is to confirm and select options. When playing the game, and 
not whilst pressing R1, X will pick up an item that you have 
discovered. It will also enable some text regarding the area or 
device you have chosen to search).

Square: Run (Press the square button in conjunction with directional 
buttons to make Heather run. After a while, she will get tired and 
will run slower. When this happens, stop and let her rest, and then 
she'll run to her full capacity).

O Button: Flashlight/Torch (In each Silent Hill game, your character 
is given a flashlight which fits into people's pockets. This is no 
exception. When you find the flashlight, it will be automatically 
placed on Heather. Pressing O will turn the flashlight on. It will 
usually be on automatically when entering a new area).

Triangle Button: Map (Take a look at the area you are in. Press the 
shoulder buttons to zoom in and zoom out).

D Pad/L3 Direction (Move Heather around Silent Hill).

R1: Aim weapon (This will ready whichever weapon Heather is carrying. 
Whilst holding this down, pressing X will fire, swing or jab 
whichever weapon has been selected).

R2, L1, L2 (Functions for the map. They zoom in and out).

SELECT Button: Inventory (do this to take a look art what is 
currently in your possession. Another press of SELECT will return you 
to the game). You can also operate the options menu from this screen.

START Button (Pauses The Game).

As a Silent Hill veteran of the last two games, certain things have 
been consistent throughout. Hopefully these hints and tips will 
ensure that you'll be able to help Heather survive.

Reload: There is nothing more frustrating and dangerous than to be in 
the middle of a firefight with a zombie nurse and find you're out of 
ammunition. To reload, simply press START and reload you're weapon. 
If you reload in the game, you're more susceptible to attacks.

Running: It's best to run through most sections. If you walk, you'll 
be more susceptible to attacks from various creatures. After a while 
you'll run out of steam and get slower (This only occurs outside), 
and you should then stop and regain energy.

Flashlight: The Flashlight is an invaluable piece of equipment if you 
want to find and discover things in Silent Hill. Once you get it in 
the mall it is turned on by default and should never be switched off. 
You will not be able to pick up certain items or read pieces of text 
if you do not have the flashlight on.

Action Music: When an enemy is near, action music will occur. As long 
as there are living monsters around it will play, so if it is still 
on after you've "Killed" an enemy, have another look at the body and 
kick it or seek out another enemy.

Enemy Sounds: After a while you will come to know what type of sounds 
different enemies emanate. The Numb Bodies and pendulums as well as 
the irritating Slurpers all have distinct sounds so you should know 
what you're dealing with each time, giving you time to prepare and 
strategise for certain enemies.

 Difficulty Modes
On the title screen, after selecting New Game, you'll be faced with 
options for what difficulty you'd like the puzzles and action level 
to be.

 Action Level
Hard: Enemies are fast, tougher and there are more of them. Ammo is 
scarcer and Heather will take more time to heal properly. Also, you 
can fall down holes and also will crash into walls and doors when 
running to fast. Clod.

Medium: Enemies are hard, but not tough. There is more ammo, and it's 
harder for you to die. The bog standard level.

Easy: You never trip up or fall down holes; enemies take only a few 
shots to die, are less in number and can't kill you. Only if you 
never fight back. 

 Puzzle Level
Hard: There are MORE Puzzles to solve! Clues are more ambiguous, too.

Normal: There are more puzzles than normal, but there are better 

Easy: Certain Puzzles are omitted such as the crematorium puzzle and 
the Bat Puzzle. The Book puzzle is half done for you.

 Combat Strategies

- Although you'll want to use guns immediately, you should fully 
utilise the Melee weapons such as the knife for lone enemies. The 
Katana is by far the best melee weapon in the game, yet shouldn't be 
used on the armadillos or closers.

- Discretion is the better part of valour, so when you're outnumbered 
or running low on ammunition, it's a very good idea to simply run 
away from most enemies. The Numb Bodies, Double heads and Insane 
cancers are number of those which can be avoided easily enough. 

 Healing Items
Heather's health is shown on the inventory screen. When Heather is 
attacked, the coloured meter you see beneath her picture will 
fluctuate. Each colour denotes the condition she is in.

Indigo: The best possible condition.

Blue: You've taken minimal damage; a health drink will take you back 
up to constant Indigo.

Gray: This is where it gets a little serious. Use either a first aid 
kit or a health drink to completely heal.

Yellow: Danger. One big attack from an enemy is likely to kill 
Heather. Using a first aid kit should gain health back to Blue.

 Red: You've now lost most of your health. Even a low damage attack 
from a bog standard enemy is likely to kill you, so if this ever 
happens, use a first aid kit. In fact, you may want to consider using 
an ampoule.

Throughout Silent Hill, Heather will find various devices that will 
regain her health. Some appear more often than others and have 
various powers.

Health Drink: The most common healing item found in the game, and the 
one with the lowest effectiveness. You should find more than enough 
in the game, so don't be worried about using them.

First Aid Kit: There are fewer about than health drinks, but they 
have the power of at least two health drinks, so it may be wise to 
stock up on these when fighting bosses. Some bosses can wipe out 
about a 1/3 of your life in a single attack, so its wise to utilise 
these at key moments.

Ampoule: A vial, which completely regains your health. It's also said 
to give invulnerability for a short period of time, although I've 
never noticed. There are only about 5 in the entire game, and to be 
honest, I never use them.

The options available to you in the default options menu include:

Button Config: Change this from either type A or Type B. Type B is 
the configuration I always use, but I'm unsure which one is the 
default, probably A. I find B much easier to use.

Language: In the European version the default language is English. 
You can, however, change it to French, German, Italian or Spanish. It 
should also be in Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Danish.

Subtitles: It can be difficult to hear what a certain character says 
in the many cutscenes in this game. Using the subtitles is a sure 
fire way of making certain. Default is ON.

Brightness Level: Adjust the screen brightness using this option, 
from levels 1 to 7 to get the best adjustment.

Screen Position: Change the position of the game screen.

Vibration: Change the vibration function off or on. It will occur 
usually when attacked and in some cutscenes. Default is off, 
surprisingly. I can't care less for dualshocks.

Sound: Change this from Stereo to Monaural. 

BGM Music: Change the volume.

SE Volume: Change the volume.

Control Type: Change from a 2D to a 3D Type control. I always use 3D 
so I haven't tested 2D yet, but I don't like the sound of it.

At the bog standard options menu which can be entered at the main 
menu, press R1 to go to Extra Options. This may only be available 
upon completion of the game however. But there are a few good options 
available to tweak around with, as in the other Silent Hills.

Blood Colour: We can change this from Normal (Red) to Green, Violet 
or Black. Green certainly sounds interesting...

Blood Volume: Silent Hill is at its goriest on default as its already 
set to Much. If you're squeamish, you can change it to Normal or for 
the school masters among us, you can change it to Little.

Walk/Run Control: To run we normally press Square while pressing the 
D-Pad, right? Because the majority of the game is spent running 
around, it may be better to have walk/run control reversed, so by 
pressing the d-pad, ou'll run automactically. 

Map: Choose to already be zoomed in or out on the map screens.

Noise Effect: ??

Display Mode: Change from normal to sharp.

Bullet Adjust: Change the number of bullets or shells you find in one 
box or case by 1X, to 5 X, so you could pick up 35 shells in one 

Beginner's Mode: You wusses. Use beginners' mode of you have to.

 Saving Your Progress
The only ways to successfully complete Silent Hill is to constantly 
save your progress, so you can come back and play again later. It's 
also useful, that, when you die, you can restart the game from the 
"Load Game" option. You could also select continue. As you progress 
through the game, you'll come across glowing red squares that can be 
anywhere, be it on furniture or walls. When you find one, press X, 
and you'll be transmitted to the save game screen. Try to save your 
game when I advise you to, as it is probably because there is an 
important/boss part coming up.

Save Game Locations:
Women's Toilet, Mall 1F
"Key Taken With Tongs" Room, Mall 1F
Television Set, Alternate Mall 
Vise Room, Alternate Mall

During your visit to Silent Hill, Heather will encounter various 
creatures all at for your blood. This is a brief description of what 
monsters are found in the game, how they attack, and how to defeat 

Numb Body
The first monster we encounter is a squat creature which looks like a 
bird of some sorts, in the way it walks. Its pink and headbutts you 
from close range and in this case are ideal fodder for a smaller 
weapon such as the Handgun or a melee weapon such as the pipe. They 
also like to attack in a pack so be wary of being swamped. They also 
have a very distinctive noise. Finally, they have bigger brothers who 
attack similarly yet are double the size and strength. These are 
probably the weakest enemies of the game and appear throughout the 
mall and also in the underpass, and are then ominously absent from 
the remainder of the game.

Double Head
This is a mutated Zombie Dog. It's got flesh eaten out of its body, 
and bandages covering most of it. Its called a double head because 
its head has been sliced in two leaving a gaping hole where the 
centre of its head once was. The basic attack is to run up and maul 
at you're ankles, or sometimes they jump at you. They can become 
difficult if they attack in packs but shouldn't be too difficult and 
5 0r six Handgun shots should be enough to defeat it. Can be 
distracted with Beef Jerky, and they howl when close by so you'll 
know when one is around the corner. And excuse me when I keep 
referring to it as the zombie dog. That's what it is!

Insane Cancer
This is a fat gluttonous blob that you'll first encounter at the 
deserted subway station. When you first see them they'll be lying on 
the ground. This gives you a precious few seconds with which to 
escape, until they become aware and attack. At the time of writing 
this guide, I've never (!) been attacked by one of these things, and 
you will only come across 5 or so in the game. Best avoided, or at a 
last resort, use the Shotgun. Of course it gets its name because it 
appears to be a huge cancerous growth.

The Closer and its bigger brother are both huge humanoid monsters 
with a large mallet shaped arm it uses to attack Heather. Normally 
they just lunge at you and punch you with their elongegated limbs. 
They appear throughout the game, and are best taken out before they 
take you out. Use the Handgun whilst backing yourself up. They appear 
in the mall and disappear until the amusement park which they roam 
once more. They also have a darker cousin which takes more punishment 
before perishing, and is also faster hunting in packs. It's wise to 
use the shotgun to take out a couple in one go.

This is a mutated insect which makes an awful grating sound whenever 
they're nearby, so you'll always know when they're around. They swing 
from ceilings and attack with they're claws, but some hover on the 
ground and attack you. They are a lot like the monsters that roamed 
the sewers in the first Silent Hill. Once you begin shooting them, 
they stand still and let themselves get shot so they should be really 
easy to take out.

I'm no racist. I like all races indifferent of whether they're a 
monster or not, but I hate Slurpers with a passion! These crazy 
little bastards look a lot like Valtiel. They resemble a brown 
chameleon that lies on the floor and slithers towards you. Its main 
and only attack is to charge at your feet, knocking you to the floor. 
It does also take a few seconds to get up which is bloody irritating! 
And it is quite costly to your health if you're attacked. They only 
seem to appear in Hell versions of the Hospital and Office building 
thank goodness but they tend to hunt in packs. You'll never know when 
they're quite dead and it takes a while to kill them. You should use 
the Shotgun as the Handgun is not powerful enough to stop them 
charging towards you, especially if a few are attacking. The Shotgun 
should stop them and take out a few at a time. Please forgive my 
clear irritation throughout the guide regarding these creatures!


The knife is the default weapon in silent Hill 3. Of course she would 
be arrested for carrying an offensive weapon I'm sure but that's by 
the by. It is already in the inventory at the beginning and is 
frankly crap. It's just a small knife which is extremely weak, and 
frankly to defeat a monster the place needs to reek of cordite. This 
is a close range weapon and thankfully no enemies are encountered 
before you acquire the Gun. This thing is useless.

The Handgun will be your trusty ally throughout the entire game, and 
should be used when it can. It's useful on most enemies and ammo is 
very plentiful so don't ever worry about running out of stocks. It's 
semi-powerful and it takes quite a few shots to kill an enemy, but 
all in all this is a very good and very reliable weapon. It also must 
be used to defeat the first boss which is relatively simple to defeat 
even with the Handgun. You get this automatically from the clothes 
shop during the first 5 minutes of gameplay.

Steel Pipe
I couldn't find a single use for the steel pipe. Its range is handy 
for attacking slower enemies but it just too weak for the more 
formidable of foes and becomes defunct quite early on. You can jab 
enemies with it and it can be found in the first floor restaurant of 
the mall, hanging from a wall.
Again, much like the pipe, the maul has no real use. It's a big long 
pipe with spike filled ball at the end. Its got oomph apparently. Its 
stronger than the pipe, yet is heavier and thus slower to wield, so 
its not much better than the pipe. Its also quite useless.

The Katana is fast and considerably more powerful than the other two 
similar weapons. You can take out most enemies in seconds if you 
slash them persistently for long enough. But the shortcomings are all 
too obvious as it can only be used at close range and despite eing 
stronger than the pipe and maul, its still crap. It is however very 
useful for the carousel.

Ooh daddy. The gun of all guns, the weapon of choice for most horror 
movies, this pump action is the best weapon in the game. It's very 
powerful and can take out most enemies in a few shots. The buckshot's 
disperse when fired and as a result can hit multiple targets. Its 
lethal at close range, yet from a distance can prove troublesome as 
the shells disperse far too much to do damage. It is the weapon of 
choice for dark closers, insane cancers and the dreaded slurpers and 
is very useful on most boss battles. Ammunition is also plentiful, 
but try and only use this when you need to. There's no point in 
wasting a shell taking out one solitary nurse is there. You can find 
this in a train.
Stun Gun
The Stun Gun is completely pointless. In fact, I've completed the 
game 7 times on all difficulties and never used it once. It can only 
be used at extreme close range thus meaning you're exposed to attack 
and also what little damage it does do is very small. It can also be 
useful against insane cancers as it takes them down in a single shot. 
I also suggest using it on nurses if you're going to use it at all. 
It can be found on Heather's dresser and curiously, all ammo can be 
found by Harry's notes or his room.

Sub Machine Gun
I suppose this weapon was introduced to compensate for the lack of a 
hunting rifle. It's an UZI type gun which fires off clips of 30 
bullets at a time at a frightening rate. Since ammo is extremely 
scarce, it's best to conserve all ammunition and save it for the 
inlay boss. The pluses include being able to take out most enemies in 
a few seconds, and the downside is that there is so little ammo 
around and what little ammo there is, is used up very quickly. Its 
also quite weak and aiming is manual, so beware where your firing; 
you may well be missing your intended target. Found In the hospital 

For a secret weapon, the Flamethrower is utter crap! You can find it 
in Helen's bakery on the counter, but although it stops enemies from 
moving once you have fired upon it and is also tremendously weak and 
takes forever to kill a single enemy. It's better to just duke it out 
with normal weapons instead.

Beam Sabre
A Secret weapon, which can be found masquerading as a door knob on 
the final door in the first corridor of the second floor mall. It is 
Luke Skywalker light sabre thing (I've never watched star wars in my 
life), which is not very powerful and takes a while to kill even the 
weakest enemies. It is very useful at the carousel as its very fast 

Please note that this walkthrough is definitely not spoiler free. I 
discuss the story at various points throughout the game. I have 
intended for people to only use this guide when they are completely 
stuck, and I don't anticipate holding anyone's hand through any 
section, as that would ruin much of the game. So please try and 
search for the info you require and don't ruin the game for 

Also, please note that I will strive for the "Best" ending possible 
when it transpires how to do this. Other endings are examined later 
in the guide.


After a few weird images, you will begin the game proper. You should 
find yourself in the entrance to the amusement park. See the girl 
here? This is you. Heather. Apart from the iron gates straight ahead 
of you, everything else such as the disturbing bunny costumes are 
just eye candy. In fact there really isn't much to do in this place. 
How did you get here? Use this time to get used to the controls, also 
have a look at the options and tweak until you find you're 
preferences. When you're ready, head through the gates. In this next 
room are some monsters (To be honest, if you really want to get stuck 
in with the game, get killed by the hounds here). Otherwise, either 
dodge or kill the hounds and head through the gates here. This next 
area goes round a circular void, and patrolling are several monsters. 
Ignore them and head round the void, taking the green door. Next, 
head to you're left until you go past a concessions stand. Keep 
following the path until you find some steps. Use the gate at the top 
to find yourself on the "Mountain Coaster" track. Run down this track 
until the game takes over.

Part 1: Shopping Centre

It turns out it was all just a nightmare (I'm sure SH1 fans will 
appreciate this). Heather wakes up in a cafe, and heads to the 
payphones to call her dad (Doesn't anyone in survival horror games 
carry mobiles?), apparently she's heading to the subway to catch a 
train home. Next, we are introduced to a private eye called Douglas 
Cartland, who wants to discuss Heather's birth. Heather decides to 
evade Douglas (He's old, wears a trenchocat and hat!) and enter the 
nearby toilet.
This is where we take the game over again.

Look in you're inventory. All we have is a crappy Knife, which wont 
come in very useful. Also, checkout the red symbol on the toilet 
wall. This acts as you're save beacon, simply press "X" near to it to 
save your game. Do this if you wish, and then head out through the 
window at the back. Its sunset out and no fog in sight, what a 
relief! To you're left is blocked by boxes (If you've fulfilled the 
criteria, you'll find an Unlimited Machine Gun here), so head to 
you're right until you find the only open door. You're back inside 
the mall now. All doors are locked here but one, so run to you're 
left and find it (Its on the right hand side).

Although it will become apparent later, the first section of the game 
takes place in an unnamed town, not Silent Hill.

Clothes Shop
In this area are plenty of shops - Most of them with shutters down. 
Check the last store on the left, which appears to be a clothes 
store. Upon entering this room, Heather will be attacked by a 
monster. She kills it with a handy Handgun. You'll now have the 
Handgun. Also find 2 boxes of Handgun Bullets on the counter. Make 
you're exit using the back door. Unlock the door to you're left 
(There's really not much to do in this section anymore) and pick up 
the map off the wall. Find the door marked "EXIT". You're in a 
stairwell. You can't go downstairs, it's blocked. Instead, head up to 
the second floor. 

Where is everyone?
Once inside this area, notice the strange noises coming from monsters 
in this area. Ignore them. Instead of exploring the right side of 
this hall, head left and then straight on to come out in another 
hallway. You'll find Helen's Bakery is unlocked, so enter it. Find 
the Steel Tongs on a baking tray. Head back out the way you came, 
back to the hall with the stairs leading down to the first floor. Now 
we'll explore the right hand side (You're left). Choose the second 
door on the right. There's a hound here, kill it and pick up the Beef 
Jerky. Also pick up the Health Drinks and Handgun Bullets on the 
shelves. Enter the next door on the right. Examine the Palette in the 
far corner. There's a key under a crate, which you can reach with 
some Steel Tongs. Use the tongs you found in the bakery to get the 
key taken with tongs.

Inside Helen's bakery, once the game has been completed, there will 
be a Flamethrower on the counter. The flyer will also have the 
message "Toasted Dead", instead of bread.

Now you'll want to head back to the area which contains Helen's 
Bakery. Try and avoid the monsters in the first area and head through 
to the mall area with the bakery. Find the bookshop and use the key 
taken with tongs. There is a door at the back with a lock code. The 
code is on some Shakespeare books on a shelf on the right hand side 
of the shop. Pick up all the books. You're task is to put the books 
in order on the shelf until a code is revealed. This is random every 
time, so keep stacking the books up until 4 numbers can be seen. If 
the code is wrong keep trying. I'll try and put up some of the 
combinations in this guide in the future. Once you've got the code, 
Pick up the bullets on the counter and head out through the back 
You'll now have a cutscene with a blonde woman in a blue dress. She's 
bonkers it appears, and starts spouting off nonsense which Heather 
can't understand. Once Claudia shuts up, head down the back of this 
hallway, once again ignoring most doors, and head to the elevator.
The elevator will automatically go downstairs with you in it. Once 
this finishes, pick up the radio and head out through the open doors. 
This is the Alternate "Dark" Mall.

Alternate Mall
The once lovely Mall has been transformed into a stinking, rusty 
dungeon, with monsters even more twisted and disgusting than they 
were before. I bet we're wishing we stayed home today, no?

Ignore the cumbersome closers and immediately head right and use the 
first door you see when the corridor ends (You're facing it). Pick up 
the two health drinks in here and the ampoule. Also, you can save 
you're game here. Make you're exit and head left through a rusty set 
of double doors into a new section of the mall. In front of you is a 
door, but we don't need to think about that right now. Instead, 
ignoring the monsters, head down the corridor, past the window and 
the payphones. Turn right at the end and head into the toilet (Look 
at you're map). Inside, find the bleach and then exit.

--------SCARY STUFF!------------------------------------------------
Once in the lavatory, press action at the farthest stall from the 
entrance to knock on the door for a scare. Come back later with the 
flashlight equipped to investigate further.

 Go next-door and search the shelves and boxes to find a Flashlight, 
handgun bullets and a first aid kit. Make sure you turn the 
flashlight on by pressing circle. Now head to the end of the corridor 
and use the door there. You'll be confronted with a closer and a 
zombie dog. Deal with them or run to the clothes shop but hopefully 
you haven't used all your ammo up yet. Head to the only shutter 
enterable once the camera focuses on it. This is the clothes shop 
again, this time the door in the back is locked. Find the hangar in 
the empty dresser. Remember the unlocked door I told you not to 
enter? That's our next destination. Head out the shutter, and back to 
the hallway. This door is opposite the door used to originally enter 
this hall. Find this door and enter it.

------USELESS STUFF--------------------------------------------------
Why can't Heather stamp on the walnut to get the moonstone? Or better 
yet shoot it or smash it with the Pipe?

Second Floor (Alternate)
The first thing you'll notice is the ladder. It's just out of reach, 
but with the hangar, you may just be able to make it. Use the hangar 
and manually climb the ladder to the second floor. Some floors have 
appeared to collapse leaving a dangerous chasm so stay away. Also, 
there are gurneys with dead bodies on them. Something is off. Once 
you get you're bearings, examine the TV set to hear someone talking. 
Cheryl? Is that Cheryl? You can also save the game here if you wish. 
Head up the nearby escalator and find the restaurant (First shop on 
you're right). Notice the roasted dog, and find the cooked key 
inside. Also take the First Aid and Health Drink from behind the bar. 
From the looks of things its still daylight outside. Head back down 
the escalator, past the fuzzy TVs and into the Jewellery store on 
you're left. Pick up the Walnut from one of the broken display cases. 
I wonder what's inside. And more importantly, why doesn't Heather 
just stamp on it? Use the door in the Jewellery room. You'll be in a 
dark hallway. When the hall comes to a T-Junction, use the door here 
with the cooked key. In here, you can take the Steel Pipe of the wall 
if you like. It's useless, but you'll need it to fulfil the items 
criteria. Take the Health Drinks as well. Use the door in this back 
area to come out at the central mall section.

To the Third Floor
This time there is a circular chasm in the centre, so don't fall in. 
Use the orange/Brown doors in this area. Follow this room round and 
pick up the Detergent off the sink. Head through the next door. In 
this hall there is a huge fan. Use the switch next to it to turn it 
off. As soon as you enter this room, notice the bucket to you is 
left. Walk forwards and you'll find that you're path is blocked by 
some insects. Use both the bleach and detergent in the bucket to kill 
the insects. Turn the fan back on to sift out the poison gas, head 
through Walk past their corpses and head into the second door to 
you're right.

On Easy mode, the insects are not blocking your path, and hence the 
Detergent and Bleach do not appear.

The Guardian
 Inside are 3 boxes of Bullets and some Beef Jerky. Head back and 
continue down this hallway, turning right. Find the unlocked orange 
doors to you're left. This is just a tiny hallway. Use the door here. 
Beware of those irritating insect beasts, and head around the void. 
Run to the last door on the right. Inside is a vice, use it to crack 
open the walnut. You'll get the moonstone. Run to the right and 
unlock the door and you'll eventually find yourself in the central 
mall section again. Use the Cafe doors once more, head left going 
through the jewellery store, up the escalator to the third floor and 
use the moonstone on the door in front of you with a crescent on it. 
In this area, take a few seconds to replenish you're health. Reload 
and equip the Handgun. Its boss time!
 Use the ladder in this room and head down. Meet the Split Worm.

For a first boss, the split worm is quite easy to defeat. The room 
you are in is rectangular in shape; to the sides of this rectangle is 
six holes where the Worm will come through and attack, while your 
stuck in the middle. The trick is to simply guess where the worm 
comes through, and when he does, shoot him with the handgun when he 
opens his mouth. If he doesn't open his mouth immediately, shoot it a 
few times. Beware when standing in front of him because he'll lunge 
at you and knock you down. When the worm wants to come out of a hole, 
you will be able to see him. The worm has three attacks. Firstly 
he'll lunge for you; this will ground you for a few seconds. Second, 
he'll spit venom at you and finally, he'll his full body at you. 
After a few shots this boss will be easily defeated, and the mall 
returns to normal. 

You're now in the area where Heather rang her father earlier. There 
is nothing to do here, so head out through the shutter. Ignore the 
corridor to the right and keep following the subway signs. Check out 
the cafe to you're right before you use the double doors here, taking 
what you can. Then use the doors. You'll have another conversation 
with Douglas, and then you'll end up in the subway.

This is the cafe from the opening cut scene. You can also explore a 
large section of the normal mall, but no doors are unlocked. Its just 
nice to have a look round.

Part 2: Subway

At least you're not alone in this place! Douglas appears as confused 
as you are and experiences the same shifting realities you have. It 
all seems normal now, so perhaps it is? And if it has then where is 
everyone? Once Douglas has stopped talking, continue in this 
passageway, turning right, following the signs for Concourse and use 
the door at the end. Head left through the pillars towards the ticket 
office. Head through the turnstiles here and the game will load for a 
few seconds while you go through. Run straight on and you'll see some 
stairs straight ahead of you which you should take.

This is a completely optional side quest which bears no relation to 
your progress in this game or the plot. It's just a fun Easter egg. 
If you want to do this, first read the newspaper near the ticket 
office. Then head down the steps I instructed you to go down earlier 
and turn right at the bottom. Take the door here and follow the hall 
round to the right until you have a choice of taking some stairs up 
or down. Go Down on the left and walk along the platform. You'll now 
see a cutscene. Once its over, run back up the stairs and pick up 
from the text "Stairs straight ahead of you which you should take..." 

After descending the stairs, bear left. If you notice the blue gate 
to your right, you'll see it's locked tight. Instead head left and go 
down the north end stairs. In this section, deal with the demon 
hounds, by either shooting them or using beef jerky to distract them. 
Go across the grating and you'll find another staircase and which you 
should go down. Pick up the Nutcracker off the rubble here, head back 
up the two sets of stairs you came from and use the nutcracker on the 
lock at Powell Gardens. Go through this gate and head down more 

Bergen St. Station

You're on another platform here, with an empty train on the tracks. 
Enter using the far doors. Pick up the shells and then investigate 
the other carriage, where it seems someone has left you a birthday 
present. And what a present! It's a Shotgun! When you pick it up, a 
monster will appear near the stairs - an insane cancer. Although it 
looks formidable, a couple of Shotgun shells will put it down for 
good. In fact because it's lying down currently, you can Dodge it and 
head down the other set of stairs directly behind the ones you came 
down on earlier. Follow this corridor ignoring all staircases but the 
one entitled "Bergen Street". Once you find this platform head down. 
Run on to the train tracks here and head for the door. Once you try 
the door, a freaking train will bear down from one side, and three 
dogs will charge at you from the other! Be careful to dodge these 
hounds of death, as one bite will cost you enough time for the train 
to kill you. After dodging the hounds climb back to the platform. A 
cutscene will take over. Run along parallel to the train, and unlock 
the gate you come to. Run past the Hounds. Instead of heading to the 
other gate here, run up the stairs and then head down the next set of 
stairs ahead of you. You should now be alongside the train again. 
Head through the open door and the train will speed off with you 

You'll always know when a monster is dead or not once the "Action" 
Music ceases. Pump them full of more lead or stamp on them to defeat 
them for good.

Death Train

Where is this sinister train taking you? Don't use the doors behind 
you or its instant death. It would be aimless to describe every 
carriage to you as its so linear, so you're on your own for a few 
minutes. Relax, it's so claustrophobic, enemies can only attack from 
one side. There are a few of those pink monsters as well as an Insane 
Cancer to deal with, plus some Shells and Bullets to pick up along 
the way. Once you enter the head carriage (which incidentally has no 
driver) the game will take over once more. You're now at an unknown 
station. Leave the train, turn left and use the door here.

-----------WHEN YOU COMPLETE THE GAME--------------------------------
Once you've completed the game and enter this staircase, don't be 
alarmed as you head down when the walls appear to come "Alive". It 
can't harm you, and is just a real cool graphical glitch quirk we'll 
encounter throughout. It gets worse in the next room yet disappears 
soon after.

Part 3: Underpass

Head down the stairs here and turn right, heading through the door 
here. Kill the several monsters roaming this hallway bear to the left 
and once the walls become normal, head through the blue door on your 
right. Take the first door on your right here and then the door on 
your left in the next. Pick up the Map and the almost useless Maul 
off the battered locker. Also take the First Aid Kit. Use the door 
here. In the next corridor, use the 1st door on your right. Pick up 2 
Health Drinks, The Beef Jerky and the Wine Bottle. Also, E-Mail me if 
you actually saw a dead body back there. Head back out the way you 
came. Run to the unexplored end of the corridor and pick up the 
Shells off the oil drum. Then go back, turn left and go through the 
White doors you find here. 


In this hallway take the only door to your left. There will be 
Pendulums here, so avoid them and take the door at the end. Follow 
this corridor, and when it branches off use the white door jeer. 
You'll see that there are two tunnels with doors at the end. Ignore 
the first tunnel, instead head down the second. In this control room, 
grab the Health Drinks off the desks and use the wine bottle at the 
Boiler. Head back to the first tunnel and into the machinery room. 
Use the kerosene at the hole in the machine and activate the Hoist 
panel. This will drain the water. You can now descend into the 


Go down two sets of stairs and over the bridge). Enter the door at 
the end. Head right; enter the door at the end of this sewer and find 
the Hairdryer and Ampoule. Head back to the main sewer area we just 
left and cross over the sewer and go through the door on the right. 
Take out the monsters here and enter the only door here. In this 
office, take what's there and then save the game. Notice the caution 
notice and read the memo before passing through the door. If you try 
and cross, you'll be killed. Instead, use the outlet to you're left 
with the dryer. Monster dead. Before you cross, examine the blood 
patch near the water's edge and chuck your Pipe in. Answer TRUTHFULLY 
and you'll get a Silver and Gold pipe. Take them and head over the 
plank and through the door. Go right, through the door at the end. 
Cross over the sewer, and then take the left branch. Find the door on 
the right hand side. Go down some steps and up some steps and through 
the door. Then go up the stairs and the ladder to end up at the 
Construction Site.

Construction Site

This section is really small and shouldn't take more than 5 minutes 
to complete. Head round the side of the house until you see a door. 
Save you're game at the barrels just past the door if you wish, and 
then go inside. Follow this corridor round picking up the drinks and 
then use the open door to get to a stairwell. Most floors are still 
under construction. Just go upstairs to the 5th floor and head 
through this corridor through the blue door. In this Squat pick up 
the bullets and the drink, then push the mattress through the floor 
and jump down. Find the hole in the wall and walk the plank round, 
ignoring the Pendulums. Go through the window once the camera reveals 
it. You're now in the Hilltop Centre. 

This is one of the more fun and more useful easter eggs within Silent
Hill 3, yet is one which is probably the most easy to miss. In the squat
at the construction site, locate the discoloured grey wall. It turns out
this wall can be broken down with a melee weapon such as the Maul which
we recently acquired in the sewers. Actually hit the wall with one of
these weapons and you will see a Skeleton in the wall, but more importantly
a Silencer will drop to the floor. You can use the silencer with either the
Sub Machine Gun or Pistol. It has no real effects other than sounding super

Part 4: Hilltop Centre

You'll know be in some sort of an office. Unfortunately, its vacant 
and contains no items, so make your exit. In this corridor, run 
through and use the last door on your left. Inside you should see 
some ghoulish Mannequins stacked up on shelves. *Shivers* I HATE 
Mannequins! It's like they can see you. Notice that only one of them 
has a head. Make sure that you examine it. Then go and grab the 
Bullets and Shells in the back. As you leave, prepare yourself for a 
shock, and then exit.
Use the first door you see on the right. There's a pack of dogs here, 
so deal with them immediately. Continue forwards until you find a 
door directly in front of you, which you should pass through. Do not 
under any circumstances enter the dance studio to the left. It 
contains a couple of double heads and two insane cancers. 
Unfortunately there is no reward for going in there! No items 
whatsoever. If you're striving for the possessed ending, then by all 
means go in there and take them out. Instead, use the first door on 
the right. Take the map from the desktop, save the game and notice 
the jammed drawer. We'll need something to prise it open. Now head 
back out and use the final door in this area. All of the lockers in 
here are locked, but one, where you should Grab the health drinks, 
and then head back out the studio corridor into the main section. Use 
the exit door and then the staircase to get to the 5th floor. Use the 
map if you're struggling to find the stairwell.

The Gallery

The first thing to do is run to the left around the corridor. You 
should see some wooden doors on the left that go into an art gallery. 
Notice the large blank painting. There's something foreboding about 
it. Use the next door here and then take the screwdriver from the 
cardboard box at the end of the hall. Could this be used to jimmy 
open the drawer? That's a good idea, but there is still stuff to find 
on the fifth floor. Find the only open door in this corridor to enter 
a broom cupboard where you'll find a stash of Katana swords. Take one 
and leave through the gallery. Use the opposite door into KMN Auto 

KMN Auto Parts

You'll be able to hear some of those pink baby monsters edging around 
this corridor so be aware. Run round and turn into the T-Junction. 
Use the first door on the left, grabbing the jack and the Health 
Drink. Exit and unlock the door in front of you. Bear left and head 
down the stairs once more to the third floor. As you pass through, 
notice the elevator to the left. The doors are slightly ajar. Use the 
jack to open them fully, but then run back towards the dance studio, 
using the first door here. Use the screwdriver on the drawer to get 
the rope. Take this back to the now opened elevator, and you can now 
go down to the second floor.

Second Floor

To your left is a vending machine where the game can be saved. Head 
along the corridor to the right and enter the second ECHO door here. 
There's nothing here so pass into the adjacent room where you can 
unlock the door to the right. Head through the door in the back and 
take a look at the bathtub. Cutscene.

Part 5: Alternate Hilltop Centre

It seems those good old shifting realities have kicked in once again. 
Now we have to investigate the huge office building again, this time 
with more monsters including the Slurper?. This little bastard knocks 
you to the ground, so be very careful with these roaming the 
corridors. After the cutscene has finished, use the only door here.
Take the handgun bullets from the broken wheelchair and leave this 
room. Deal with the slurper and use the second door on the left.
On the wall is a message:


There's a picture of you underneath. Who could have done this?

Save the game if you want, then use the door here. You'll now get a 
cutscene involving Otaco, err Vincent. He seems to hate Claudia as 
much as you do, but he's a bit weird, so you leave him alone in here 
to brood.

The First Floor

You cannot re-enter the previous room to see Vincent. Look at the 
shelves and take the Health Drinks (X2), First Aid and Oxydol. Walk 
through the corridor again and exit the Mental Clinic. You'll 
encounter a zombie dog here which you should dispatch, and then head 
round to the elevator. You can access most floors with this, but for 
now just head to the first floor. Once off the elevator, head right 
and you'll notice that a huge monster is blocking the path too the 
exit. Hard luck. Examine the poem left on the ground, which reads:

"Once upon a time, there was a monster living at the gates of a 
village. It was very scary and a very bad monster. It would catch 
people and crunch them up with its big teeth. The villagers were 
afraid of the monster, and no one would dare approach the gates. 
Everyone was stuck in the village. When the king heard about this he 
summoned his knights. The knights eagerly rode out to defeat the 
monster. "Ha! Take That!" Their swords slashed and their spears 
flashed, but the monster wouldn't die. The monster tossed the knights 
into its mouth one by one, horses and all. What was the king to do? 
He fretted and fussed and paced the floor, but could think of no 
solution. Soon after, the village priestess came to the castle. She 
was a very kind person. The king asked her to defeat the monster at 
the gates"

Run past the elevator and take the left fork, using the left door 
here. You'll notice the sound of monster in here so be on your guard. 
Its another one of those insane cancers, so use the shotgun. Also 
notice the money strewn over the counter top. Head to the back and 
grab the shells form the table top, and take the frozen liver from 
the fridge, as its surely going to come in useul at some point.

The Fifth Floor

Head up to the 5th floor. You'll notice that some of the catwalks 
have caved in and left some of the doors on this level inaccessible. 
Head left and then right from the elevator and use the door here. 
There are a couple of slurpers in here, so be careful and take them 
out as soon as possible. Turn left and then right and use the last 
door. Inside you'll find a book of matches which you should take. 
Notice that someone has been here smoking earlier. Could it be 
Take the two Boxes of bullets as well and make your exit. Now head 
down the corridor, at the end of which we can see a window back into 
the normal world. Continue along the corridor and use the final door 
here. This area cannot be accessed from the main section of floor 
five. Your now back in the art gallery we went to earlier. Remember 
the blank painting? It's now materialised in the otherworld and the 
normal paintings have disappeared. Perhaps it cannot be viewed in the 
"Normal" World. Take a look at the painting. The caption reads:  
Flame Purifies All.
By these remains may a person find the road to paradise.

Combine the three items you've found thus far, The Matches, Oxydol 
and the Liver on the bucket at the base of the painting. The painting 
will peel away to reveal a duct which you can crawl through. Now head 
downstairs and read some more of the Monster poem. Use the door here. 
Again you'll be confronted by FOUR slurpers who should be eliminated 
straight away. Now pass through the second door to the left. When you 
approach the bed, a FIFTH Slurper will appear from under it. Kill it 
and grab the First Aid and Bullets from on top. Exit back out into 
the corridor and pass through the final door here. The door in front 
of you is locked, and when you round the corner, you will be attacked 
by another bloody slurper. You'll probably be running low on ammo by 
now, so use the handgun, as you'll probably have lost much of your 
shotgun ammo in the last 2 rooms. Unlock the door to the right and 
exit using the last door in the corridor. Grab the silver coin from 
the counter and use it on the vending machine. Inside the can you 
have acquired is a life insurance key. The Life Insurance office is 
on the first floor, so head through the door we unlocked a few 
minutes ago and use the elevator. But first deal with yet another 

Tu Fui Ego Eris

It's a little ironic having a life insurance office in a place like 
this isn't it. Once the elevator stops, head left and then right and 
use the life insurance key here. What a surprise yet another slurper 
to contend with! Head left round the bend and deal with another 
slurper. My goodness they've colonised this section of the office 
block. Use the only door here and read the end of the fairytale. 
Heather will repeat the lines used to defeat the monster, tu fui ego 
eris. You'll then hear a groaning sound which should be investigated.

If you fail to read part of the fairytale, and then read it AFTER 
reading the conclusion, Heather will funnily tell you off. This 
should be done with the first part of the tale, which you walk over 
to exit the office.

Head back to the main hall of floor one, and you'll see that the 
monster has vanished, and you can now use the exit here.


It seems like the otherworld has vanished for the time being, leaving 
this area decidedly normal. There's still no one around, but Heather 
doesn't live far away, at the Daisy Villa apartment building which is 
our next destination. Head left until you find an alley just past an 
abandoned Police Car. Use the door once you see it to enter the 

If you have a Silent Hill 2 save game on your memory card, check the 
mail slots in the apartment buildings. You'll know witness another 
funny reference to SH 2.

Run past the apartments until the camera focuses on one door, yours. 
Go inside.

In a touching and very sad scene, Heather will discover her dad, dead 
in his chair. But we also discover that he is Harry Mason, the 
protagonist from Silent Hill 1 (See Back Stories), and that Heather 
was the child "Born" from Alessa in the town of Silent Hill. I still 
don't get the fact that Harry is wearing the same clothes he did 
years ago. Heather grieves briefly and then notices a blood trail 
leading to the roof of the building. Could this be the person who 
killed Harry? And if so, why did Harry just sit in his chair while he 
was being gruesomely eviscerated?

Anyway, Claudia is up here and reveals that she had Harry killed to 
avenge what happened 17 years ago, but also to "Fill her (Heather's) 
heart with hatred". Heather wants revenge for Harry, and will travel 
to Silent Hill to get Claudia and also to find out more about this 
situation and herself. Whatever has caused this will emanate from 
Silent Hill, of that she is sure. Claudia then breaks the tension by 
revealing that a humanoid monster with knives for hands was used to 
Kill Harry.

Boss 2: Missionary

The problem when dealing with this boss is he can, and frequently 
does, block your attacks with his scissor hands. His real weakness is 
he's just plain crap and takes an age to attack you as he runs around 
the rooftop for a while before trying to cut you. If you shoot him 
from the front, he'll usually deflect the shots, so when he edges in 
to attack run away as he takes a while to swipe at you and shoot him 
in the back. He usually runs away for a while before attacking again. 
You should use the Handgun because the Shotgun doesn't have the 
range. After a while he'll drop the floor. Just approach him and 
finish him off where we'll be transported to another cut-scene. 

Douglas is inside the apartment. He feels responsible for the whole 
situation and decides to help her with Harry. He then offers to take 
Heather to Silent Hill. He wants to get to the bottom of this 
situation also, as he was used by Claudia. Heather vows to kill 

You should now be in control once more. Leave the bedroom and find 
your room, the only other open door. Grab the Stun Gun from your 
drawer and batteries (X2). Why don't you take a look around for a 
while. Leave the apartment building for good and you'll now witness a 
series of cutscenes involving Douglas and Heather, where he drives 
you to Silent Hill.

Douglas says he went to Silent Hill on a missing person's case once. 
Who on earth would be missing in Silent Hill? It could be James 
Sunderland. Or it could even be Angela Orosco or even Eddie 
Dombrowski. Both didn't leave the town in Silent Hill 2.

Part 6: Hospital

Vincent tells you to seek out a guy called Leonard. Heather goes to 
the hospital while Douglas heads to Leonard's house. Maybe he will be 
able to shed some light on recent events, and he may even know where 
Claudia is.

You're now in Silent Hill! Congratulations!

In the Motel, you can save your game if you want. Make your exit.
Head north from the motel onto Nathan Avenue, and then bear left. 
None of the doors open in any of the stores here, so don't waste time 
checking them out. Instead head for the intersection of Nathan Avenue 
and Carroll Street, avoiding the monsters which attack. Pete's Bowl 
O' Rama isn't open either. Shame. Go down Carroll Street keeping on 
the right hand sidewalk. Just past the bowling alley is the Heaven's 
night strip club which fans of SH2 should be familiar with. Go up the 
steps and enter. Read the tourism pamphlet from the table and take 
the item from the bar. You should notice the flyer on the stage which 
is advertising the "Return of Lady Maria". Could this be Maria from 
Silent hill 2?
Now leave the strip joint and head south once more towards the 
hospital. Use the open front doors. You'll notice that everything is 
pitched black, the power being out again. Take the door in front of 
you and grab the map off the counter and the health drink from the 
shelf. Be wary of the army of undead nurses here. Head round to the 
right and enter the second door here. You can read a bizarre poem 
here which will become part of a disturbing trend throughout your 
stay at Brookhaven. 
There's more to do on the first floor, but we need to explore the 
second first. Head to the left and find the elevator (Now you have 
the map, use it for reference if you're lost, I'll give the name of 
the room you need to find which should help.)

The Second Floor

From the elevator, find the women's locker room which should be the 
rihght of the elevator. Grab the Nail Polish Remover and Item from 
the open locker. If you run to the end of the corridor, you'll see 
that there is a door with a key-pad lock, which unsurprisingly is 
locked. For now, we should descend back to the first floor, as the 
nail-polish remover may come in useful. Isn't it strange that Heather 
can detect which items will be useful and which won't?
Head west from the elevator and enter the door on the left. Room C2 
is open but the only thing you'll find is 3 Demon Nurses. Head to 
room C4, as every other room is locked tight. In the back you'll find 
a host of items glued to the wall. A Card, A Spoon, A Beetle, A 
AT this point use the nail polish remover to pocket the stairwell 
key. Exit this room, and the patients wing the way you came in and 
enter the stairwell door which is adjacent.
Make your way up to the roof. Silent Hill 2 fans will remember that 
you were attacked by Pyramid Head up here. There is no such surprise 
this time round, except 2 Closers which must be dealt with. Once 
their dead take the Sub-Machine Gun clips from a barrel and go back 
down the stairwell.

Remember the door with the lock combination and bizarre clue? That's 
were we're headed. The second floor. This puzzle isn't as hard as it 
seems, but to cut a long story short, the code is 8 6 3 4. Enter this 
code and enter the wing. Note that the solution to this puzzle is 
different on certain difficulties. Once through enter room M4, an 
alarm clock will go off. Before you investigate however, notice the 
locked attache case on the bed. This puzzle is simple. Look at the 
time on the alarm clock and enter the exact time onto the keypad to 
unlock the case. The time is completely random, but its really simple 
and should give you no trouble at all. Once you've unlocked the case, 
you should find an Instant Camera. Exit and enter the next door 
along, Room M5. Take out the nurse here and grab the First Aid Kits. 
Its time to leave this area for now, so head back to the stairway and 
go down to the basement.

The Basement

There will be an unsettling sound as you enter the basement, 
involving a Silent Hill favourite, the Wheelchair. Pick up the 
Submachine gun bullets here and follow the blood trail round to find 
the Holy Grail, The Sub-Machine Gun. This should be saved for the 
final boss as there is so little ammo in the game. Go into the 
basement storeroom and you'll find that your Torch will start to 
malfunction. Its not losing power; it always happens in this room. 
Look at the back of the room to find a blood splatter behind a shelf. 
Use the instant camera here to reveal a code written in blood, 9 7 4 
6. With this in mind, leave the basement and head back up the 
stairwell to the third floor for the first time.

It seems that the Konami developers love Wheelchairs. They've 
appeared throughout all three games and seem to symbolise pain and 
suffering. But how many are there in Silent Hill 3? Let's count them.

So far we have them:
1, Dark Mall 1st floor
2, Dark hilltop centre 1st floor
3, Hospital Basement.

Any more?

The Third Floor

Bear left from the stairwell door and enter the special treatment 
room. You'll find three padded cells here. Enter the last one to find 
another memo from Stanley Coleman. Go back to the main corridor of 
the third floor, note that all of the padded cells are locked but one 
which contains just a nurse. Now enter the storeroom where you can 
save the game. You find Health Drinks and various items on the 
shelves here. Once you've taken them you should go to the door 
leading to the west wing. This door is also locked but we got the 
combination from the wall in the basement. Enter the four digit code, 
9746 and pass into the west wing.

The West Wing

Enter the first door you come to, S1 and read the article from a 
magazine. Now take the Health Drinks from the drawer and leave this 
room, heading down the corridor again, this time entering room S12. 
As you explore, a telephone will start ringing. Answer it and we find 
out that its Leonard on the phone. He appears to be Claudia's father 
who despises his daughter with a passion. He wants help, to be set 
free so he can destroy Claudia, and offers a seal in return. He 
beckons you to a door at the end of the second floor hall. If you 
look at the map, you'll see that there is no floor. Will this door 
become the gateway to yet another alternate dimension? Only by going 
there will you find out. Head back down the stairwell and enter the 
second floor and then the west wing. Head down the corridor and 
voila, door has materialised. The only way to progress is to pass 

Part 7: Alternate Hospital

You're now in an unknown maze, which is intersected with big gates 
which crash down and block your progress. It's actually quite easy to 
figure out where to go, but I'll give you directions in any case. 
Perhaps this represents a rite of passage to another altered reality.

Head forwards, passing through the gate which will open as you 
approach. Head right and then right once more, then take the first 
left you see and continue down this passage. Turn left when the 
passage forks and you can exit through the door here, into- another 
section of the labyrinth!  This time it's much easier and 
straightforward. Just continue down the path as the sheets drop down 
behind you; relax, they can't harm you. Head right and then right 
again to find another door. Go left and left again and metal sheets 
will begin to drop down again. You'll then be blocked in between two 
sheets, next to what appears to be a save game beacon. It isn't, so 
instead examine it to see a cutscene which Fans from Silent Hill will 
keenly remember. The "She did get a little weird line was a killer!" 
Once you've seen this scene, the wall will disappear and you can pass 
into a new hall. Continue down this passage and use the door. Inside 
is a ladder which you must ascend. Valtiel is behind the ladder, 
turning his valves. Ignore him and use the door at the top. You 
appear to be back inside the hospital, but there is something 

Hell Hospital

You'll find it difficult to find the doors which are obscured by the 
weird textures on the walls. Find room S3 and Take the bullets from 
the window and notice the hand which is trying to get in which is 
just a little too creepy. Why would anyone want to get inside a 
mental hospital though? Make your exit and use the door at the end of 
the corridor. Just pass through this room into another corridor and 
beware my old enemy the slurpers are back with a vengeance, with 3 
patrolling the corridors. Let's just say their most irritating 
monster in the silent Hill universe. Yes even more so than the monkey 
men from the original Silent Hill. If you try the elevator, you'll 
see that it's in working order, so use it to get to the hospital 
basement, floor B3.

The True Basement
The True Basement turns out to be a mortuary which contains numerous 
gurneys with dead bodies on them. At the back of the morgue you'll 
see a furnace which needs to be opened. Trouble is it's locked and 
you need another code. Look at the grille of the furnace to see a 
pattern in roman numerals, I II III IV, which corresponds to what 
order the digits for the code go in. Look around you. You'll notice 
that the beds have numbers. The pattern on the furnace corresponds 
with certain beds positions, so note down the positions of beds and 
patterns and works out which bed numbers is which digit and then try 
the code out. The code I got was 6 4 8 7, but its random each time so 
you'll probably have to work It out for yourself. Inside you'll find 
the cremated key. Head back to the elevator and go back to the second 
floor. Note that the cremated key is used for the first floor day 
room, but do not go there yet.

Note that on easy mode you do not have to complete this puzzle. The 
crematorium is already open and you can just take the key straight 
away. Also, did you notice anything strange about bed number seven? 
Have a walk round it again and turn the sound up. It will become 
apparent later, however why you would hear something...or someone.

Second Floor 

Once back up here, follow the corridor round and enter the men's 
locker room. You'll notice that a phone is ringing with a very spooky 
and unnatural ring-tone. Answer the phone which is in the last but 
one locker. You'll hear a weird conversation, which as far as I know 
is completely pointless. Exit and you'll find that there are some 
more slurpers in this area, but they're hanging around by the 
elevator. Instead, enter the door directly opposite, the women's 
locker room. As you walk forwards, the locker will open revealing a 
figure covered in a sheet kicking about and struggling inside. This 
is just eye candy though and serves no purpose and it can't hurt you 
either. Take the Plastic Bag and Health Drink from the pile of 
rubbish and exit. Head to the elevator, being wary that there are now 
two Slurpers in the area. Take them out with the Shotgun and go up to 
the third floor.

Third Floor

There are still things to do here, so pass back through the day room 
and enter examination room four. Inside there is a body hanging from 
the ceiling. He's been bled to death, most likely by Valtiel, and his 
blood is being collected in a bucket on the floor. Use the plastic 
bag you found to take some of this blood and you'll now have the 
plastic bag (with Blood). Then exit once more, passing through the 
day room again. There's now just the first floor to explore, so head 
back round to the elevator and take it down.

Locate the Storeroom on the Third Floor of the Brookhaven Asylum.
Once you ar inside, you'll see the same crazy graphical glitch which
occured in the tunnels earlir and you'll be able to see it happen on
Heather in the mirror as well! After a while, Heather will get hurt so
leave the room to reset it. Its pointless, yet cool and interesting
nonetheless. Thanks to Chelsi White for reminding me about that one.

Pain and Suffering

Relax because there is very little left to do in this cursed 
hospital. Step off the elevator if you wish to save the game, enter 
the examination room. Take the ampoule and head back towards the 
elevator and enter the northernmost entrance to the day room, where 
you'll find a memo. Then enter the day room proper, using the other 
door, where you can finally use the cremated key we obtained around 
20 minutes earlier. There are nurses in here, so make sure you kill 
them before progressing. Pass through the door here. You're now in 
the west wing and are immediately faced with a slurper. Take him out 
and be very careful, there are 2 more slurpers here and a nurse to 
contend with. Kill them all before progressing. Once they're all 
dead, enter room C1 noticing the message scrawled on the wall to the 
left of the door. Take out the three nurses inside. Your presents are 
Health Drinks and A First Aid Kit! There's also a birthday card 
underneath the bed. You can enter the final door on the left, C4 
where you can save the game. There is what appears to be an altar at 
the far end of the room. Use the plastic bag (with Blood) here to 
reveal a ladder which you must descend. Before you do, replenish your 

------Happy Birthday!-----------------------------------------------
It seems that birthdays are a recurring theme throughout this game. 
First you are given a present In the train, a Shotgun and later you 
get a congratulatory phone call. And now there is a card and more 
presents! What can this all mean?

Boss 3: Leonard

Leonard turns out to be a monster too. How he got like that is 
unclear, but for now, he thinks you're heretic and plans to destroy 
you too! Leonard is as slow as an old mule. He lumbers towards you 
slowly and takes what seems an age to swing his stumpy arms round and 
attack. He is rather prone to attack as this can be easily dodged and 
taken advantage of. You should use the Shotgun or handgun for this 
and it doesn't matter where you shoot him because he cannot block 

To defeat Leonard, you should simply repeat the steps outlined 
earlier. It shouldn't take long for this battle to be over.

At times he will go underwater and swim around you. At this point he 
cannot be targeted or shot at, so you should just bide your time and 
wait for him to submerge when you should be able to defeat him.


Once Leonard is finally defeated, normality is restored to the 
hospital. You will suddenly re-appear, having been transported to 
room C4 on the first floor. There is no ladder or altar here now. And 
it's light outside once more. Now you have the Talisman in your 
possession, its time to leave this hell hole for good and find 
Douglas, who should still be waiting at the Motel, but first we must 
leave the hospital.
You should easily find your way out, so look at your map if you're 
unsure. Once you exit, you'll see a cut scene which takes place at 
the motel involving Vincent and Claudia. It seems they are both in 
conflict with each other over how to worship their God. Once it 
finishes head north along Carroll Street. When we meet the 
intersection of Nathan Avenue, head east towards the Motel, keeping 
on the right sidewalk so you can easily find it easily. Consult your 
map to be certain. Find room 106 and enter it for another cutscene 
with Vincent. Apparently Douglas said that the church is on the other 
side of the lake, which is also where Claudia is. To get there we 
need to go to the amusement park. Fans of SH1 will know all about 
that wretched place. Head back out of the motel, and run along Nathan 
Avenue. At some point the game will take over and you'll be at the 
Amusement Park.

------WHO IS VALTIEL?------------------------------------------------
Some people have no idea who or what he is, and some have never even 
noticed him. Valtiel is a messenger of evil. He always appears when 
we are about to shift into the dark reaches of Silent Hill. He looks 
like a slurper and can be witnessed helping create God at the end, 
and can be seen at various points in the game turning valves and what 
have you. If you want to see him watch the intro FMV, he appears 
before the main title song begins.

Part 8: Amusement Park

What horrors lurk here? A Hospital was hell itself but can a child's 
amusement park be any worse?

Experiencing a bit of deja vu? Didn't this occur at the beginning of 
the game? Weren't we crushed by a rollercoaster? Run forwards 
ignoring the terrifying looking Bunny men and use the big gate at the 
end. There is no map in this place so be careful not to get lost. 
This section is separated by a circular chasm and is guarded by 
Closers, who we haven't encountered since the mall I think. Take them 
out. You'll remember this part from the prologue of course, but this 
time one of the shops is open, called the Sweet Factory (This is what 
it looks like to me, but the sign is obscured and its foggy out.) 
Enter the store and keep on the left hand side. Follow round until 
you find a door. When you try the door you'll hear a crash behind you 
(Door is locked). Investigate to find a box containing the 
rollercoaster key. Pocket it and leave. Continue round the chasm and 
use the last door here. In this small section, kill the dogs and use 
the gate. 

Mountain Coaster

This area contains the Mountain Coaster. There are monsters here, 
yes, but ignore them and bear left past the concessions stand. Go up 
the staircase here until it stops at the Mountain Coaster control 
panel. This is where we use the key we found in the sweet shop. Use 
it to turn the power off to the roller coaster. Go back out onto the 
platform and edge down onto the tracks. Follow the tracks around 
until a cutscene ensues. It can't be the same as the dream, surely? 
Well the dark forces of Silent Hill have turned the Roller Coaster 
back on, but luckily Heather was able to dodge it in time. You'll now 
see another scene which takes place in another section of the park, 
where Douglas confronts Claudia over the fact that he was used and 
Heather in general. We learn a little more about Douglas here. The 
scene ends with Douglas aiming his gun at Claudia...

Borley Haunted Mansion

You'll now be outside a concessions stand. This is my favourite part 
in the game. Pass through a gothic looking gate, leading to the 
BORLEY HAUNTED MANSION. Notice the spookier music. Continue to the 
front of the mansion and save the game at the ticket office if you 
wish. This is a fun house with a difference. Can something pretending 
to be evil in a normal world truly be evil in a normal world? Have we 
anything to fear in this place? When you enter the first door, you 
will be welcomed by a voice coming from a tannoy system. It's the 
guide for the mansion. The door will not open unless he's finished 
talking, so when you're ready go through take the door. In the next 
room we'll witness a murder scene. Just keep listening and watching 
and then pass through each door. Once you've been past the room with 
the falling roof, you'll be in a long corridor. Whatever you do, run 
like the wind through these passages. It seems this mansion is truly 
is evil after all! A Strange Red Mist which drains you of life is 
following you, so run! Don't think your safe after passing through 
the door; the mist will follow you into the next corridor as well. 
Don't let your guard down and avoid being trapped in the corners and 
you'll make it out alive.

Once you've completed the game, you do not have to listen to the 
commentary; most doors are already unlocked and you can pass through 
the mansion easily.

Outside there are some Closers. Run to the left and enter the 
alleyway between a blue wooden fence. There are more enemies here, so 
deal with them first. In this area is the swing rocket ride, which is 
very important for later.

Swing Rocket

For now though, go left and enter the gate here. There are two 
pendulums and Closers here. Use the shotgun to take out a couple in 
one go. When writing this guide I died at this part so check your 
health. Once dead, pass through the next gate. Grab the health drink 
and Shells from the bench to the left. You'll see that we're at a 
stage. On the centre of the stage is a red shoe which should be 
taken, and on one of the benches is a chain. Exit through the gate 
and pass through the next. Remember the Swing Rocket? Go back to the 
control panel. Opposite it is a gate which cannot be opened. Use the 
chain on the gate and attach it to the pillar in the centre of the 
ride. Enter the control shack and turn it on. The ride will pull the 
gate off its hinges allowing you to enter.


Here, you should see a cutscene with Douglas. This is the last we'll 
see of him, so make sure you watch it. Everybody loves Douglas! 
Douglas is injured and can't move, so Heather goes off alone to get 
Claudia herself. You can go back and see Douglas anytime you wish, 
but for now, go forwards and use the gate here. To the right is the 
Fortune teller. Enter it and take Douglas's diary from the chair, the 
ampoule and creepy doll's head from the table. Save the game if you 
want and exit the way you came in. Use the door to enter the large 
ride to the right. You'll notice Snow White and Cinderella dolls in 
the centre of this ride (SH Programmers love fairytales) and there 
are photos on the floor on the tracks at the back. Basically you need 
to place the Red Shoe we found earlier and the Doll Face on the right 
dolls. Give the face to the Snow White and Shoe to the Cinderella. 
The door should now open. This room is all eye candy so use the only 
door you can. There is a pendulum and two dogs here which should be 
dispatched. Head to the Ice Cream stand. SH1 fans will know all bout 
this. Grab the Stun Gun Batteries (OR Don't, I never used it once) 
and read the memo from Harry (You wrote it in SH1). Use the gate and 
pick up the First Aid from a bench. Keep going and you'll get to the 
Carousel. Once you get on, the music and the carousel itself will 
start up. Most people are bemused by this. What to do? You'll notice 
that the horses aren't inanimate. Not *Alive*, but living. Look at 
all the horses that are moving and breathing. One of them isn't 
moving because it's been stabbed. So what you should do is stab the 
other horses. Use a melee weapon, Pipe, Beam, Maul, and Katana, 
whatever you wish. Use the Katana; I did as it's easier and faster to 
swing. Kill all horses and a cutscene takes place. The carousel 
changes to normal. And then you are confronted by a nightmare version 
of yourself!

Boss 4: Memory of Alessa

To finally exorcise the memory of Alessa from within her, Heather 
must do battle with her zombified alter ego. Well a girl dressed like 
her, but demonic and almost zombified. She looks just like you and is 
the same size and is armed with different weapons. She has different 
forms using different weapons each time. It's hard to deal with her 
as she often blocks your shots, so sometimes it's wise to use a melee 
weapon to defeat certain forms. You could also strafe and shoot her 
using the shoulder buttons, as you're sure to hit something. 
Alternatively you can flank her and shoot her from the sides and 
back, but this takes a long time.

Once one form is dead, she will disintegrate after collapsing but 
then reappear a few seconds later. Her first form is armed with a 
knife. I prefer to use the katana at this point as you can attack her 
from long range. You could also circle around her and shoot her with 
the handgun if you please, but this is only a taste of what's to come 
later. You could use the Submachine gun, the rate of fire is too much 
to deflect, but you should keep it in mind for the last boss. 

The second form is tougher. She's armed with a Handgun this time and 
you'll need to be really careful as even with top health, you'll lose 
around half your health with just one shot. I'm not sure if it helps 
to wear the bullet proof vest. To defeat this version, its best to 
run around and shoot her with the Shotgun. At close range she'll 
pistol whip you and she can still block melee attacks. Besides, 
she'll be unable to shoot you if you're pumping holes in her with a 
twelve gauge.

The third form is taking the piss. She's got a steel pipe which is 
deadly at close range, so melee weapons are a no no. But all you need 
to do is take her out with long range blasts from the Handgun from 
behind and she'll be out in no time. You should by now have a surplus 
of Handgun ammo, but if you're running low use the Shotgun.

The fourth and final form is equipped with a Sub Machine gun and is 
easily the most dangerous of the 4 forms. Now be very careful. When 
she loads the gun you'll hear the click clack sound. When this 
happens, hide. If you go in her view she'll shoot. Instead, try and 
get behind her and blast her with the Shotgun. Shoot her in the back, 
flank her and strafe and shoot. Its tough and you'll need to use a 
few health drinks, but after a while, she'll be dead. If you want you 
could blow her away with the Sub Machine Gun. Melee weapons can help, 
but she'll still block and pistol whip.

Once Alessa has been killed the ride will stop. Read the message on 
the floor:

"It's better for "Myself" to die. After all it's nothing to be afraid 
That child...That demon...When I think of the endless pain it will 
bring when it's birthed (Born?)...I decided that, instead of the 
sickness and cruelty I endured in that sick room,...That I would like 
to bestow a more gentle and peaceful death on "Myself". Why do "I" 
resist? I never thought of "Myself" as such a fool.....

Leave the carousel and enter the small sewer. Use the door at the end 
of the tunnel. In this next tunnel read the texts on the wall. 
Continue up the stairs and use the doors at the end. It's the final 

Part 9: The Church/Nowhere

Here we'll see Claudia again. When the cutscene is over, you'll find 
yourself in a chapel. Save the game on the altar and then take the 
eye of night tarot card from behind you. There's nothing more left to 
do in here. You can return here and save the game later if you want, 
but for now, just use the door here. Go right and find the church 
map, a map with a difference. Continue on from here and enter the 
door on the left. Approach the hole and you'll get a cutscene listen 
and make up your own mind of how to respond. Then exit and continue 
back round the corridor. Notice the locked door at the end. We'll 
need to come back here much later on. Try the other door in this 
area. Inside you'll see a closer which should be killed. Just use the 
other door here. There are two insane cancers in this area. Its 
really close quarters so blast them with the Shotgun. Use the last 
door on the right. In this bedroom, you can take the cassette tape 
from the desk and read the memo. There are also some bullets on the 
bookshelf. Now use the door at the end of the corridor.


As you continue down this path, you'll hear a ghostly child-like cry 
and see some footprints appear on the floor leading to a nondescript 
painting. Can this be Alessa? Move the picture when prompted to 
reveal a door. Go through this hall and pass through another door, 
noticing the bloody gurneys. You're now on the second floor of this 
"Place" and there is an elevator with which you can navigate between 
floors. There is a new monster in this area which looks a lot like 
the missionary we defeated at the apartments. Kill it and enter the 
last door in this hall to reveal a library. Read the book on the 
right hand bookshelf. Further in there is a desk which has a moon 
tarot card on it which you must take. Doing so prompts a cutscene 
with Vincent. Once he's finished, you'll have a Book: Otherworld 
laws. There's also a book on Tarot in here. Read it if you wish and 
then exit to the main hallway. Use the elevator to go to the first 
floor. Again there is only one door which you can open, the second to 
last door, so enter it. There are Pendulums swinging around here. Its 
best to ignore them, so just pass on through and use the door here to 
exit to another hallway. The first door cannot be opened. When the 
path branches off, there is a door to the left which can be opened. 
It's the child's room from SH 1, which is just as I remembered it. 
There's a message from Harry here too. Save the game here if 
necessary, and take the brass key. Notice the door. We need to insert 
the tarot cards here, but we don't have them all yet. The book on the 
bed shows us where they go. Now, use the first door on the left in 
the hallway before it branched off. Kill the dark closers in here and 
use the door in the far left corner. In this new hallway, run 
forwards until you once more hear Alessa's ghost. She'll reveal a 
door to you. Go through it. Also, Valtiel is at the end of the 
passage turning his valves once more. Pass through the door and use 
the next door here. You'll find the "Fool" tarot card used as a 
bookmark on a book on the chair. Also grab the ampoule and bullets.

The Following

Now head back through the hallways and corridors, being wary of the 
monsters which now lurk there, and head back to the area which 
contained the lift. Get to the lift and use the door to the right and 
then enter the door which is straight ahead of you. In this morgue, 
you should take the hanged man tarot card and also the shotgun 
shells. From here take the right hand fork and use the door here to 
enter Harry's bedroom. Take the stun gun batteries and exit back into 
the hall. Leave and get to the lift. Use the lift to go back to the 
first floor. 

The Final Chapter

Remember the locked door near the confessional booth? Its there that 
the brass key can be used. Once off the lift, use the door to the 
right and pass through the painting door. Be aware that most rooms 
you need to pass through now contain monsters, so replenish health 
and ammo before going further. Use the key and enter. By now, the 
area is "Changing". Don't worry about it though.
Enter the first door you come to in this hallway. It's a classroom! 
With the same inscription on the desk as in SH1! Wonderful! There's 
also a message on Alessa from teacher K. Gordon, whose house we 
walked through also in SH1! There really isn't anything here except 
for nostalgic fans, so pass through the other door here. There will 
be some monsters here as well, so deal with them first and then use 
the door on the right. You can use the cassette on the tape recorder 
to your right here and also read the memo on the desk. Now enter the 
door alongside this one, where you can find the final tarot card. You 
can also read Claudia Wolf's diary, and a birthday card. With all 
Tarot cards you should now make your way back to the elevator, back 
through all the hallways and to the Child's room. There are monsters 
galore everywhere, so take it slowly. Once there, you'll need to 
figure out where each card goes.

Use the book as a guide. It's quite easy to figure out:

"The upside down man under the ground, the right and left there's no 
one around". This clearly means the hanged man tarot goes in the 
middle on the bottom.

"The moon high up in the sky sits above a clown". So the moon tarot 
is above the fool. These sit in the top two rows because the hanged 
man has no one alongside him.

And finally, the high priestess prays to the eye of night, which is 
"To the Left" So, you should have the fool on bottom centre, the eye 
of night on top left and beneath it the high priestess. I'll tell you 
where the others go; Top right and right centre. The door should now 
unlock. Before you pass through, you must save your game because the 
end is nigh. Now enter. Follow this path until you get to a door. 
Enter it. You'll now see a long cutscene. Bye Vincent. Once you take 
over you'll probably be unsure what to do. Use Heather's pendant 
which has Aglaphotis inside which can destroy Claudia's plans for 
good. There will now be another cutscene. It seems that Claudia has 
decided to birth her god herself! Follow Claudia down the hole and 
you'll do battle with the God.

Final Boss: The God

Well it isn't the let down which was the feeble boss of SH2. This is 
one behemoth! It isn't too hard to defeat. It has a couple of 
attacks. First it will try and bash you with its limbs. This can be 
damaging, but shouldn't harm you if you're battling from afar.

Another attack is to let out a ring of fire which is very damaging. 
If your set on fire, your health will decrease a great deal. The 
rings can be dodged initially, yet further into the battle its harder 
to dodge. Run around a lot to avoid it.

The God is usually standing up high as it gets stronger. Soon enough 
it will go down and replenish its strength. Shoot it in the face at 
this point. When it's high up it is more prone to being shot 
especially with the Shotgun as it takes a while to react. But when it 
comes down, you should fire with the Machine Gun from long range to 
hit it in the face. At close range it will swipe you off balance.

Another problem is the Handgun is too weak; The Shotgun cannot be 
used from long range, and firing at close range will leave you 
exposed to attacks. As I suggested earlier, you must use the Sub 
Machine Gun! If you did as I instructed and saved it, the boss should 
be a piece of cake if you stand back and shoot her with the machine 
gun. If you run out of ammo, blast her from close range with the 
Shotgun. You should have enough health stocks to save you. After a 
while it will be defeated and the game will end!

 The Conclusion
All the frustration and hatred Heather felt towards this god is let 
out when she continually kicks its limp body. Then she walks away and 
she finally breaks down in mourning and sorrow for Harry. She has now 
finally avenged her father and her own past has been put to rest. 
Once she regains her composure, she gets up to leave and something 
startles her. She spins round quickly, but we don't see who it was. 
It may have been Valtiel, but it certainly wasn't Claudia. Heather 
then appears in the amusement park. Its okay, normal out. But normal 
in Silent Hill terms is not the finest scale of normality. Douglas is 
here, nursing his broken leg. After playing a cruel trick on him, the 
two leave together with Heather reverting back to her original name - 
Cheryl. The name Harry gave her. We then see Cheryl tending Harry's 
grave, as the credits begin to roll. I miss the bloopers.

Congratulations! You have completed Silent Hill 3. After the credits 
have finished, take a look at the results screen.

Here are the statistics available:

Ending Type: This is the type of ending you got out of the 3 or 
possibly 4 endings available. If you followed my guide you should 
have got the "Normal" ending. This is the true ending and also the 
most easy to obtain. You shouldn't get the possessed ending without 
intending to do so as certain flag points need to be met. The other 
known endings are "Possessed" and "UFO". How to get these will be 
explained later in the guide. This statistic does not have a ranking.

Action Level: This was selected prior to the beginning of the game. 
Using easy difficulty will only give you one star out of 5 in the 

Riddle Level: This was selected prior to the beginning of the game. 
Using easy difficulty will only give you one star out of 5 in the 

Clear Time: The game can be completed quite quickly if you mean to. 
Note that time you spend looking at the map, inside your inventory, 
in cut scenes and picking up items does not count towards your 
overall time. You will be given a rank out of ten.

Split Worm Kill Time: The time it took for you to defeat the first 
boss. I do not know how many stars are available.

Missionary Kill Time: The time it took for you to defeat the second 
boss. I do not know how many stars are available. 
Leonard Kill Time: The time it took for you to defeat the third boss. 
I do not know how many stars are available.

Memory of Alessa Kill Time: The time it took for you to defeat the 
fourth boss. I do not know how many stars are available.

The God Kill Time: The time it took for you to defeat the final boss. 
I do not know how many stars are available.

Clear Number: I think this refers to the number of times you have 
played through and completed the game. The more times you complete 
the game, the higher your rank becomes. I do not know how many stars 
are available for this statistic however.

Save And Continue Number: This is out of 5 stars. It affects your 
ranking if you choose to continue and also by the amount of times you 
have saved the game.

Item Number: The number of obtainable items are stacked up and 
divided by the amount you picked up to see what rank you got. You 
should have picked most of them up anyway. This is ranked out of 20.

Defeated Enemy by Shooting: The amount of enemies you killed using 
either the Shotgun, Pistol, Machine Gun or Flamethrower. The more 
enemies you kill the better. This is marked out of 15.

Defeated Enemy by Fighting: Also ranked out of fifteen, this refers 
to the amount of enemies killed by fighting. Because it is harder 
with melee weapons, you will be able to obtain a better rank even if 
you kill less enemies fighting than by shooting.

Total Damage: This is a mean of the amount of times you were hurt 
during the course of the game and it also takes into account the 
amount of health packs you used.

Rank: Everything compiled together to give a final rank. I do not 
know how much it is out of.

 F I N A L   F A T E S

Here I will describe the fate of the main characters in Silent Hill 

Heather's heart is filled with hatred and vengeance when her dad, 
Harry Mason, is killed by a beast sent by Claudia. Unbeknownst to 
Heather, she is "The One". Okay, not quite, but she does contain part 
of Samael, the god which the religious cult in Silent Hill is trying 
to resurrect. Samael was killed years earlier by Harry Mason. Heather 
wa born out of Silent Hill. She is the baby that Alessa/Cheryl gave 
to Harry 17 years earlier. Heather travels to Silent Hill intent on 
tracking Claudia down and killing her. She meets several people, and 
eventually exorcises the ghost of Alessa forever when she is attacked 
by her spirit at the amusement park. Heather now finds herself in a 
labyrinth, where she finally confronts Claudia who is now trying to 
make Heather birth the god. Heather drinks a vial of liquid her dad 
gave her. Its Aplagphotis, the potion created by Dr. Kaufman, and she 
promptly vomits the foetus from inside her. Claudia consumes the 
foetus herself and becomes "The God". Heather shoots the god many 
times and kills it. She leaves the hell which is Silent Hill behind 
for good.

Douglas travels from place to place, not knowing what is going on or 
how to stop it. He was hired by Claudia to find Heather and feels to 
blame when Harry ends up dead. He acts compassionately towards 
Heather who doesn't initially respond to this. Douglas' son was a bum 
who was shot dead robbing a bank, so this could explain why he feels 
so paternal toward her. Douglas feels that he was used by Claudia, 
and feeling responsible, he tries to confront her but ends up getting 
hurt himself. Douglas lies down inside the amusement park, and when 
the God is defeated, leaves Silent Hill with Heather.

Claudia had Harry Mason killed and as a result, incurred the fatal 
wrath of Heather. In the end, Heather tracks down Claudia, but knows 
that simply shooting her dead wouldn't end the nightmare that has 
descended upon Silent Hill. Instead Heather drinks a vial of liquid 
her dad gave her. It's Aplagphotis, the potion created by Dr. 
Kaufman, and she promptly vomits the foetus from inside her. Claudia 
consumes the foetus herself and thereby becomes or births "The God". 
Either way, the god has now taken Claudia's form, and finally 
avenging Harry, Heather kills Claudia by shooting her many times and 
kicking her body when it's over.

Vincent hates Claudia with a passion, despite both of them following 
the same religion. Vincent is using Heather to kill Claudia and stop 
her from bringing god into the world, and sends her on wild goose 
chases and gives her cryptic clues on how to find and defeat Claudia. 
It all has meaning, however. Vincent is intentionally trying to 
undermine and bit by bit defeat her. But Claudia is much smarter and 
cunning than Vincent ever imagined. Claudia's way of worship was far 
too radical for our Otacon look-alike, and he tells her so - just 
before she stabs him to death.

I have only used a selected batch of files (Its killing me typing it 
all up).

Bookstore Memorandum (MALL)
Fair is foul and foul is fair. Put these books out of order.
Sewer Office Memo (SEWERS/TUNNEL)
There's a monster in the water. The bastard's killed 2 of my buddies. 
I should never have doubted that old urban legend about alligators in 
the sewers. That was no myth. But no one believes me. They were drunk 
and slipped? We're not that damn stupid. Even calling it a monster 
isn't quite right. This is something else. All I know 
is...something's in there. I'm going in now to beat that thing's head 
in. If you find this note, consider it my will. Revenge is futile -- 
or so you may think, reading this. But Joe and Jamie were my best 
buddies. Wish I knew how to do the deed. Guns won't work underwater. 
Even my famous knife work won't do much. If only I had a hand 

Fairy Tale Part 1 (OFFICE)
Once upon a time, there was a monster living at the gates of a 
village. It was a very scary and a very bad monster. It would catch 
people and crunch them up with its big teeth. The villages were 
afraid of the monster and no one would dare approach the gates. 
Everyone was stuck inside the village. When the king heard about 
this, he summoned his knights. The knights eagerly rode out to defeat 
the monster. "Ha! Take that!" Their swords slashed and their spears 
flashed, but the monster wouldn't die. The monster tossed the knights 
into it's mouth one by one, horses and all. What was the king to do? 
He fretted and fussed and paced the floor, but could not think of no 
solution. Soon after, the village Priestess came to the castle. She 
was a very kind and good person. The king asked her to defeat the 
monster guarding the gates. 

Fairy Tale Part 2 (OFFICE)
The Priestess accepted the king's request and went to the village 
gates. But when she saw the monster she tried to convince it with 
words instead of killing it. "Shut up, you! I'm going to eat you up!" 
The monster didn't listen to a word the Priestess said. But she kept 
trying to convince the monster to give up. "It's wrong to eat people 
you know." The monster grew very angry at this and attacked her, 
killing her with a single blow. 

Fairy tale Part 3 (OFFICE)
The king and his people shed tears at the death of the kind 
Priestess. God took pity upon them and, granting their wishes, healed 
the Priestess. The Priestess opened her eyes just as she had done 
every morning of her life. She went once more to the monster's lair. 
"Fool! You wish to die again?" "No... this time it's your turn." The 
Priestess had come to defeat the monster once and for all. As the 
Priestess was very kind, she felt sad about this task. But it had to 
be done. "Swords and spears won't work. Arrows and bullets bounce 
off. You can't kill me," the monster laughed. But the Priestess used 
neither sword nor spear. She chanted but a single spell. "TU FUI, EGO 
ERIS" Do you know what happened then? The monster let out a huge cry, 
and then died and vanished! Thus the villagers were able to use their 
gates once more. Everyone lavished the their gratitude upon the 
Priestess and they lived happily ever after. 

Harry's Notebook (APARTMENT)
Hope this will never come to any use; maybe it's better if you never 
know. More than anything else, I fear the possibility of your going 
away, far away from me. But sometimes we have to tell the truth. 
That's why I'm writing this, before I'm lost in death and oblivion. 
What happened back then? That has something to do with who you are. 
It all started 24 years ago, coming back from a vacation, my wife and 
I found a baby on the side of the highway. Since we were childless, 
we thanked God for letting us meet this child.... this girl. We took 
her home. 3 years later my wife died, and another 4 years later--17 
years ago--I came to Silent Hill. I heard the girl's pleas and took 
her with me, not knowing why she wanted us to go there. And it was 
there that the girl went away. Not that she actually went anywhere, 
nor did she die. "Returned to her former self".... thats what Dahlia 
Gillespie said. "Original self".... That was the young woman burned 
by her mother as a sacrifice to God....Alessa Gillespie. Half her 
soul escaped in those flames and went on to live in a baby...in that 
girl of mine. Of ours. 7 years passed before that half-a-girl 
returned to Silent Hill and made Alessa whole again. Newly 
strengthened she vowed to kill God. God, a fetus nestled into this 
sacrificial girl's womb, was summoned with the usual rites. This was 
Alessa's wish, no matter what the outcome--- even if her own 
existence were at stake. But that wish was not granted. My 
interruption meant she prayed instead for the girl's return. I alone 
couldn't bring her back. Dahlia did it--- I only helped at the 
birthing ceremony, to bring God out of Alessa. The newly born God 
wailed once and was dead. All from that girl's--- and probably 
Alessa's conscious resistance. That's not the end. After God had 
vanished in a glow of light, Alessa reappeared and gave me a baby. 
She looked a lot like that girl, so long ago. And then Alessa was 
gone, dead. There was nothing I could have done to help. I simply 
clutched the baby to my chest and ran off. The whole thing felt like 
a dream, but I had proof that it wasn't. The girl was nowhere to be 
found, and in my arms....the baby. Now 17 years have passed. It feels 
like only yesterday, and again it feels like a million years ago. I 
confess I had reservations at first about raising that baby. Could I 
love her? Her existence was thoroughly unexplainable. I thought 'she 
could be that young woman who snatched away my beloved daughter.' 
That led to sadness, anger... there were times when I put my hands 
around her tiny little throat. Several times I even considered 
abandoning her. That's what a terrible person I am. But I decided to 
raise her after all. I just couldn't seem to let her go. When 
she....when you look at me, you laugh, so... Even now I can't forget 
about that girl. But I love you. I have no doubts about that. That's 
all I ask you to believe. To my precious daughter... Harry Mason 

Silent Hill Tourism Pamphlet (HEAVEN'S NIGHT)
Welcome to Silent Hill! Silent Hill, a quiet little lakeside resort 
town. We're happy to have you here. Row after row of quaint old 
houses, gorgeous mountain landscape, and a lake which shows different 
sides of its beauty with the passing of the day, from sunrise to late 
afternoons to sunset. Silent Hill will move you and fill you with a 
feeling of deep peace, I hope your time here will be pleasant and 
your memories will last forever. Editor: Roger Widmark 

Leonard and Stanley (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
Room S12: Presenting mild audiovisual hallucinations, emotional 
instability, obsessive ideas. Suspect mild schizophrenia. Will 
continue observation. Basically calm and co-operative with a strong 
sense of justice. However, according to reports, becomes very violent 
when over excited. 

Background - Unknown Name/age - Unknown Not admitted patient. Found 
in poor mental state on hospital grounds and temporarily installed in 
room M4 at chief's discretion. Died late tonight from blood loss due 
to severed carotid artery. Was grasping own kitchen knife in right 
hand; assume this was cause of neck wound. Possible suicide, but 
wound angle suspicious. Sent to 2cnd floor treatment room for further 
investigation. Have received no proof or corroboration of event from 
patient residing in same room. Have not notified police. However, for 
future necessity, leave victim's bed and effects intact (room M4.) 

Teaching Despair - Hope House Hope House, an orphanage on the 
outskirts of Silent Hill. But behind it's false image is a place 
where children are kidnapped and brainwashed. Hope House is managed 
by the 'Silent Hill Smile Support Society', a charity organization 
sometimes called 4S. Its true that 4S is a well-respected charity 
that 'takes in poor children without homes and raises them with 
hope.' But at it's heart it is a heathen organization that teaches 
its own warped dogma in lieu of good religious values. Mr Smith 
(temp) who lives near Hope House had this to say: "sometimes at night 
I can hear their weird prayers and the sounds of the [children] 
crying. I went there to complain one time, but they ran me right out. 
Since then it hasn't changed a bit." In fact, this reporter was 
refused admission when he attempted to take photographs in the 
facility. What exactly do the folks at Hope House have to hide? 
During my investigations I was able to discover, however, a 
suspicious looking round concrete tower which appears to be part of 
their facilities. Unfortunately no one was willing to tell us what 
the tower was used for. But it seems unlikely that it has anything to 
do with the business of raising orphans. It may in fact be a prison 
or a secret place of worship. The cult religion that operates Hope 
House is known by the locals simply as 'The Order'. It's a religion 
that is deeply interwoven with Silent Hill's history. But it's 
worshippers' feverant belief that they are among the elite 'chosen 
people' has a dark and dangerous side. I intend to continue my 
investigation of Hope House and the cult behind it. I've always 
believed that 'telling the whole truth' and showing the children the 
true path is our most important duty. Joseph Schreiber 

Stanley's Diary (Part 1) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)  
This day has finally come. That's right --- the day when you and I 
will meet. I was always thinking of you, here in this gloomy cell. I 
never even knew your name or face until today. But now I know. I know 
you're the one I've been waiting for. And haven't you been waiting 
for me too? That's why you came to rescue me. Oh, how I love you 
Heather. I want to give you my prized doll; I made it to commemorate 
our meeting, the start of this everlasting love. Ah, I can already 
see your smiling face. Stanley Coleman 

Stanley's Diary (2) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
You may not yet of realized your own feelings. But you sense them 
unconsciously. And so you're trying to get closer to me. That's a 
virtue, that path to Paradise. If the doors locked, open it. Use the 
password for the prison gates. Doctor.... I've forgotten his name. 
Anyway, that quack has it posted. He should be here, too. I mean, 4 
numbers would've been good enough, but he kept on going. Isn't it a 
shame? I'm not there. Aren't you irritated? I long for you, but 
you're so cruel. Still, I want you Heather. Stanley Coleman 

Stanley's Diary (3) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
The organization has me shut up in here. They mean to break my will, 
to make me forget about all that. But I'll stay sane even if they 
throw me in here with lunatics. How about if I stick this to the 
wall? That would be worthless. You can peel it off, can't you, with 
that junk those nasty wenches won't stop using. If a thing has no 
meaning there's no reason for it to exist at all. Just as you exist 
for me. But why haven't you taken my doll with you? Ah, my gift 
must've embarrassed you. How cute you are, Heather! Stanley Coleman 

Stanley's Diary (4) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
Flowing feely, your ebony hair. Like the night sky, seating 
fragrance, my heart, clamouring in my chest. Like a storm you trifle 
with it, your pristine glance. Like a feast, when you smile my 
thoughts, disturbed, my breath like opium, it drives me mad....... 
Eric, a great poet who conveys my feelings so well. I shouldn't have 
let this place get to me, should never have gone crazy. But it's 
superbly enjoyable to drown in my love for you. But why won't you 
accept proof of my love? Don't stand on ceremony now. After all, you 
and I exist as one. What I give to you is the same as what I give to 
me. Stanley Coleman 

Note that Stanley writes "Flowing freely, your ebony hair..." This is 
evidence that Heather's hair is dyed.

Stanley's Diary (5) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
There was a tattooed guy on that rumpled bed. Not anymore though. 
That alarm clock and filthy bag are his. Ah, but don't misunderstand. 
I haven't done a thing. I didn't hate him, though he was a liar. 
Shall I write something of my own? On my chest, since I can't cut it 
open to show you my heart. " I love Heather" No, something a bit more 
forceful. "I love Heather" isn't enough for what I feel. Oh, what 
tender emotion this image brings. Stanley Coleman 

Stanley's Diary (6) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
Heather, my most sacred lover. I'm always watching you. No matter 
where you are or what you may be doing, I have never lost sight of 
you. I know you feel intensely lonely. Yet with a single key to this 
door, those feelings won't stand in the way any longer. We haven't 
been able to see each other for so long. Be patient --- it's just a 
little longer. I'll be patient, too, even though I long to hold you 
in these hands of mine. The key is behind the shelves in the 
underground garage. Why there? Ask that idiot doctor. Theres not a 
single person here who's right in the head. Not just in this hospital 
--- I mean in all of Silent Hill. Except me. Stanley Coleman.

Stanley's Diary (7) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM)
I also like the rooftop. It makes me want to fly. You too? Stanley 

Stanley's Diary (8) (BROOKHAVEN ASYLUM) 
Goodbye, Heather. I'm sorry, I wasn't able to respond to your love. 
It's all over. Leonard despises me --- because I made fun of it, 
saying it would come to this. If it weren't for his meddling, I would 
have been able to meet you in just a little while. Then I could of 
taken you to my world. A world for us alone, more beautiful than this 
one. And I had been waiting for this day, for today. The day I'd see 
you, the day you'd save me. Today. Heather, watch out for him. 
Leonard is no ordinary guy. Farewell, I love you. Heather, my Goddess 
Heather, my lover Heather, my....... 

Note: What was Stanley going to say?

Dr Midkiff: Please use extra caution with the patient in room 312. He 
should still have his Religious freedom here in the hospital, but he 
shouldn't push his faith on others. I'm a victim too. Rumour has it 
he got here by stabbing someone over a religious dispute. Please be 
careful. R Crosby P.S It looks like the rumour was true, according to 
the head nurse. I do think he's a good person otherwise though --- 
easy to deal with. 

Lost Memories 
One characteristic, mentioned only in rare documents and dying out in 
the modern age, is that of the ritual sacrifice. "Offering prayers, 
pierce a man's chest with a copper stake. Drench the altar in the 
blood which spouts red from the heart, to praise and to show loyalty 
unto God." In another sacrificial rite mentioned in the same book, 
the victim is burned alive. This was a more dignified ceremony in 
which prisoners and sinners were not allowed to participate; only the 
clergy could be sacrificed. Similar to the burning at the stake, no 
comparable rite can be found in the religions practiced nearby. It 
may have some connection with the main deity being a sun God. Even 
though this religion extols redemption, it brings to mind a dark and 
cultish history. 

Note: I cannot remember where this file was found in the game. Anyone 

Douglas's Notebook (FORTUNETELLER)
Client: Claudia Wolf Request: Searching for (then infant) Alessa 
Gillespie kidnapped by man named Harry Mason. No word from police. 
Kidnap location unknown. Old Silent Hill newspaper article: Alessa 
Gillespie (7) dead in fire. Links to current case? To be 
investigated. Priority low. Using alias 'Heather'. Neighbours do not 
know real name. What is she hiding? According to records, 24 years 
old. Client says looks 17- Plausible? Lived in Portland 'til 12 years 
ago. Got wrapped up in a murder case; Harry shot suspect. Justifiable 
self-defence, so no punishment. Moved away immediately after, started 
to use alias. Apparently no connection with the criminal. Just some 
occult freak, slightly off from way back. Originally from Silent 

Note: Heather is 24 years old? I though she was 17? Cheryl was 7 so, 
17 + 7 is...
Interesting stuff regarding Harry. Shot a person in self-defence? A 
possible Cult member?

Harry's Notes No.1  (AMUESEMENT PARK)
Dahlia's the one who said it --- said that girl was a demon. That she 
took my daughter for a sacrifice. But it's not totally believable. I 
mean, appearances can be deceiving. When I saw that photo in the 
hospital basement I thought "That girl looks like my Cheryl". Is that 
why I feel this way? Somethings not normal anyway. Nothing good will 
come of this. But I just can't think of her as a demon. Is it my 
imagination, or do I actually feel sorry for her? Why do I feel like 
she's looking for someone to help? Cheryl's whats important to me. 
Everything else can wait until I've gotten her back.

Note: You wrote this in Silent Hill 1 when you saved the game.
Carousel Memo (AMUSEMENT PARK)
When 13 turns count 4, you will die from the curse. If you wish to 
escape, there is but one way out. To kill before you are killed: You 
will be saved by the 12th death.
Alessa's Last Will (CAROUSEL)
It would be better for "myself" to die. After all, it's nothing to be 
afraid of... That child....that demon.... When I think of the endless 
pain it will bring when it is birthed.... I decided that, instead of 
the suffering and cruelty I endured in that sick room, that I would 
like to bestow a more gentle and peaceful death on "myself". Why do 
"I" resist? I never thought of "myself" as such a fool. 

Stained by the evils of this world, we hold our sorrows within us. 
Only you heal us these wounds. Each morning, afternoon, evening and 
night, we call out your name and pray for the day of the miraculous 
descent. I give to you unreservedly, my body and my eternal soul. 
Whatever darkness may befall me, I will endure with you beside me. As 
proof of your miraculous power, guide our obedient and willing souls 
to the Road of Paradise, Oh Lord. We will not give in to the power of 
temptation as long as we have you in our hearts. Oh Lord Save us, 
with your compassion Oh Lord Shower us with your blessings. Oh Lord 
Favor us with your abundance. 

K. Gordon's Notebook (SCHOOLROOM/NOWHERE)
There's a girl named Alessa in my class. If your memory is any good, 
you may remember her she's the one I said they called a witch. Most 
likely her mother is abusing her. I've never seen her come in without 
some sort of scrape or bruise. Her expression is pitifully dark for a 
6 year old. Something like this may not be so uncommon. Rather than 
coming up with pointless ideas its best just to watch and wait. But 
isn't there something I can do to help? I'm considering consulting a 
lawyer but I do have my reservations. That's why I thought I'd ask 
you my friend for your opinion first. K. Gordon.

Note: In Silent Hill 1, when we defeated the boiler room Lizard, we 
were presented with a K. Gordon key. K. Gordon was a teacher at 
Midwich elementary school, and his house provided access to Bloch 
street and thus we could progress further into the game (And meet 
Dahlia Gillespie).

Claudia's Diary (BEDROOM/NOWHERE)
November 10 She didn't die then, she was born. I knew that for a 
fact. But then why haven't I found her yet? They were supposed to 
need her power to build paradise for the happiness of the people. She 
was supposed to be reborn for that. I'd really like to see her. 
November 14 Read 'The Book of Praise'. I want to thank Farther for 
lending me such an invaluable book. I found what I'd been searching 
for in there--how to awaken God. But it's much too cruel. Will I be 
able to pull it of when I see her? November 16 I was free all day, so 
I read 'A Modern History of Refugees' and 'Xeung Slaves child 
Exploitation.' I don't want to be a mere bystander in this world. I 
can't do anything now though, and that's what's hard. 
Birthday Card: To little Claudia Happy 6th Birthday I love you as if 
you were my real sister. Here's to you!
"Aglaphotis" (NOWHERE)
Red liquid or crystals resembling blood. According to the Kabbalah, 
the name is taken from a herb with the power to dispel evil spirits. 
It is said to grow in Arabian deserts. It may be vaporized or applied 
as a poultice to guard against demons. It is powerful, but as it is 
rare it is extremely difficult to obtain.
She's just beyond this door. I don't know how, but I can sense it but 
she's not the only one there. I sense the presence of something 
extremely dangerous, even sickening........ Or maybe what they call 
'God'. Nevertheless I will open the door. Enough of this idle 
chitchat. 'God' I'm not, but I fully intend to save her......no them.

Note: You wrote this in Silent Hill 1.

Silent Hill would be a severely poorer game if it did not have 
anything to come back for, and sure enough, any secret weapons and 
items etc will be found here. But not alternate endings, they can be 
found elsewhere.

At the bog standard options menu which can be entered at the main 
menu, press R1 to go to Extra Options. This may only be available 
upon completion of the game however. But there are a few good options 
available to tweak around with.

Blood Colour: We can change this from Normal (Red) to Green, Violet 
or Black. Green certainly sounds interesting...

Blood Volume: Silent Hill is at its goriest on default as it's 
already set to Much. If you're squeamish, you can change it to Normal 
or for the school masters among us, you can change it to little.

Walk/Run Control: To run we normally press Square while pressing the 
D-Pad, right? Because the majority of the game is spent running 
around, it may be better to have walk/run control reversed, so by 
pressing the d-pad, you'll run automatically. 

Map: Choose to already be zoomed in or out on the map screens.

Noise Effect: ??

Display Mode: Change from normal to sharp.

Bullet Adjust: Change the number of bullets or shells you find in one 
box or case by 1X, to 5 X, so you could pick up 35 shells in one 

Beginner's Mode: You wusses. Use beginners' mode if you have to.

The Flamethrower is probably one of the worst secret weapons I have 
ever received in the history of survival horror gaming. But its there 
to be used, and it can be obtained by completing the game once. It 
will appear in Helen's Bakery in the original mall. Getting this also 
involves a changing in the text of the flyer in here.

Beam Sabre
Not great again, the beam sabre is obtained after the second play 
through. It is found at the end of the corridor of the first floor 
hall in the mall. It is a door knob, it appears, yet when Heather 
pulls it out the wall it turns out to be a light sabre device.

 Sub Machine Gun (UNLIMITED AMMO!!!)
You can blast those monsters to bits until the cows come home. Bosses 
can be defeated in seconds, this is the momma of all secret weapons 
in the game, and it can be obtained if you defeat the final boss with 
a melee weapon. A Melee weapon must deliver the final blow for this 
to count. If you wish, play it on easy difficulty to get it easy 
enough. To find it, leave the first room (Bathroom) and hea to the 
pile of palettes at the end of the alleyway.

Cheating to get the Beam, Flamer and Machine Gun in one go
It's possible to grab all three secret weapons without playing 
through the game three different times. First, complete the game once 
but make sure you till have a save game in the last game, say 
Alessa's room just before the battle with the God. Now, complete the 
game again with this save to get the Sabre. Reload and complete it 
again, this time using a melee weapon to defeat the final boss thus 
obtaining the Machine Gun. Save the game. You will now have all 3 
weapons available to you in the next game!

 Extreme Mode
To unlock the Extreme Mode, Sucessfully complete the game on The Hard Action
and Riddle Mode. In a similar fashion to Metal Gear Solid, Extreme is even 
more difficult than hard mode. Upon completing Extreme mode, you will unlock
Extreme 2 Mode. Completing it on Extreme 2 Mode unlocks Extreme 3 right up
to Extreme mode X.

Thanks A Cooper!

When you complete the game once, a new option will be visible at the 
title menu, Extra Costumes. Entering this option will show us a 
typewriter; with this we must enter codes to unlock specific clothes. 
Note that all costumes unlocked can be used in the "Extra New Game" 
Option at the title screen. All costumes will be in your inventory.

Here are some of the known codes:

ShogyouMujou (Unknown)

HappyBirthday (Unknown)

Suspense (13eme Rue Shirt)
EGMpretaporter (EGM Shirt)
ProTip (GamePro Shirt)
gameinformer (Game Informer Tank Shirt)
SH3_Wrestlarn (Gamesreactor Shirt)
iaml33t (GameSpy.com Shirt)
GMRRownzjoo (GMR Shirt)
IGN_pickleboy (IGN.com Shirt)
SH3_OPiuM  (Official Playstation Magazine Shirt)
extra_thumbs (OPS2 Shirt)
sLmLdGhSmKfBfH (Play Shirt)
badical (PSM Shirt)

I_Love_You (Onsen Shirt)

PutHere2FeelJoy  (Block Head Shirt)

TOUCH_MY_HEART  (Don't Touch Shirt)

GangsterGirl   (God Of Thunder Shirt)

LightToFuture  (The Light Shirt)

BlueRobbieWin   (Killer Rabit Shirt)

01_03_08_11_12    (Royal Flush Shirt)

cockadoodledoo   (Golden Rooster Shirt)

PrincessHeart      (Transform Costume)

Shut_Your_Mouth   (Zipper Costume)

Thanks to ACOOPER for these costume passwords.

Note that these passwords ARE Case sensitive.

Life Bar
To see a life bar, visible during gameplay and showing the current 
state of your health, ala Tomb Raider, you need to complete the game 
on HARD difficulty and HARD Riddle levels. 

Although its odd why anyone would want to do this, and obviously for 
comic relief, its possible for our gruff friend Douglas to appear in 
just his boxer shorts in certain cutscenes. To do this, complete the 
game and go to the main title screen. Highlight the "EXTRA NEW GAME" 
option and enter a code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, 
Right, Circle, X.

The Heather beam is available once you've killed over 333 enemies 
throughout Silent Hill with NORMAL Weapons, this energy weapon will 
become available. Use the princess heart costume in conjunction to 
get the Sexy Beam.

In a nod towards the best game of all time, Metal Gear Solid another 
Konami creation, you can obtain a suppressor for your Pistol or 
Machine Gun. Get this in the squat at the construction site. Find the 
wall which looks different to the rest and knock it down with the 
Maul to get the suppressor.

Although I worked on my walkthrough to gain the best possible ending, 
there are multiple endings to discover. Like in the previous 
instalments, there are good and bad endings. Also, there are a few 
secrets to discover as a reward for seeing all the endings so it's 
worth the effort. Obviously this section contains major spoilers, so 
first I'll describe what the ending is (I.e. Good+, bad etc), and how 
to gain this ending, and afterwards I'll describe what actually 

Possessed Ending:

Below you will find a synopsis of the possessed ending, and if you don't
want it spoiled for you, look away now.

The ending scenes are the same as in the normal ending until after Heather 
kills Claudia. We then see a scene at the amusement park and it shows
Heather holding her knife, which is dripping with blood. We then see
Douglas lying dead with his one of his hands sliced off. Heather then walks
away. Its a twist on what Heather says to Douglas in the normal ending.

Thanks to Kelsey Ranallo for the synopsis!

To get this ending you need to forgive Claudia in the confessional 
booth in the chapel towards the end of the game. To make sure you get 
it, you need to kill as many enemies as possible, and usually in 
excess of 200 (I only killed 88 enemies in my normal game, so seek 
out enemies If possible). Also, it's a good idea to run around a lot 
in low or critical health a lot (Health needs to be in red). You'll 
only know if you've got the ending in the last scene of the game as 
this is the only part that changes.

UFO Ending:
Those wacky Konami chaps love their UFOs and UFO endings! Silent Hill 
3 is no different. To get this ending, you should obtain the Heather 
Beam (See Secrets). Then start an extra new game. Now you must kill 
at least 30 enemies with the Heather beam. NO OTHER WEAPONS MUST BE 
USED TO KILL ENEMIES!!! Stamping on them will also count against it. 
Once you enter your apartment, provided you've got all the 
requirements, the game will end here with the UFO Ending.

 Back Stories
If you've never played Silent Hill or Silent Hill 2, go out and buy 
them both now!!! If you cannot, read this section, which is a recap 
on events in the strange town from the first game. I've chosen to put 
this in the appendix of the guide, as its bloody long! Game

Harry Mason is a 30-year-old writer who is taking a vacation with his 
daughter, Cheryl. His daughter picked the destination, a lakeside 
town called Silent Hill. On the tiring drive to the town, light turns 
to dark. Abruptly, a police motorcycle overtakes Harry. Moments later 
as he turns a corner, he sees the Motorcycle deserted by the side of 
the road. Soon after that a figure in a blue dress steps out into the 
road; Harry swerves to avoid her, but crashes off the embankment.

Harry awakens. His car is destroyed by the accident. Its light now, 
and everything appears to be fine. Harry glances into the back of his 
Jeep - Cheryl is gone. Harry steps out into the street. He appears to 
be Okay - but something isn't right about this town. An eerie mist 
has descended upon the town. It's also snowing out. Cheryl is 
probably in danger, and Harry desperately searches for his daughter.
Harry discovers a figure in the distance - Cheryl? He follows the 
elfin like figure into an alleyway were she disappears. It also seems 
to be getting darker, when without warning it becomes pitch dark. The 
alleyway Harry has entered looks more like a dungeon than an alley - 
Wheelchairs are strewn on the floor, there's blood stains are also 
present. When Harry rounds a corner, he discovers a sickening sight, 
a skinned body pinned to a fence. If Cheryl wasn't in danger before, 
she sure is now. Demonic creatures invade the room Harry is in. Harry 
attempts to leave the area, but the creatures cut him down.

It is then that Harry awakens again - In a Cafe. Someone is with him, 
the Police Officer he saw earlier. She says her name is Cybil, and 
she's from Brahms, the next town over. It transpires that electricity 
is out, as are the radio and phones. Cybil leaves Harry with a gun 
for protection, and tells him to stay here. With his daughter 
outside, he's go to find her. Cybil wanders off to call backup.
Harry meanwhile finds a pocket radio buzzing on the table of the 
cafe. Then suddenly, a flying demon smashes through the window and 
attacks Harry! He quickly dispatches it with his gun. This is 
certainly not a dream and Harry knows that he must find his daughter 

Harry wanders around town and finds three keys that enable him to 
access a house. As he uses the keys, a total eclipse occurs! Its dark 
again, and more creatures seem to be about. Harry then discovers 
pages from Cheryl's colouring book torn out -- "To School" is written 
on them. Harry finds midwitch elementary school on Midwitch Street, 
and after entering the clock tower, a foreboding air raid siren 
sounds in the distance. Then a transformation occurs. A most likely 
mephistophelian image has appeared in the courtyard of the school. 
Floors have turned to metal walkways. The school looks decrepit, and 
reminds Harry of the alley he dreamt of. Harry has no idea what to 
do; what is going on? After exploring all he can in the school, Harry 
enters the boiler room, where a lift takes him into a medieval arena 
of death. There, the giant lizard Harry read about in a fairytale in 
the school library is waiting for him. Using the method described in 
the book, Harry defeats the Lizard. When this happens, Harry is hit 
with a whirling sensation. He Collapses. Harry awakes (Again) in the 
school boiler room. The true boiler room. Everything is normal and it 
appears to be light out. But he still hasn't found Cheryl. As he 
wakes up, he sees an apparition of a girl in a blue dress. The Girl 
he probably hit on the road into Silent Hill.

As he gets his bearings, Harry hears the church bell ringing, which 
is where he goes next. When Harry enters the church, a middle-aged 
woman, probably one of the clergy, confronts him as her clothing 
suggests. The woman clearly summoned Harry here and was waiting for 
him. She spouts off a lot of gibberish and makes little sense, but 
she does mention "The Girl". Could this be Cheryl? The woman, later 
identified as Dahlia Gillespie, leaves him with a pyramid shaped 
object that is described as a "Cage of Peace" - "Make haste to the 
Hospital!" she continues. Although puzzled by this encounter, He 
hasn't much to go on, so he proceeds to the Hospital.

After opening the hospital gates, Harry hears gunshots. When the 
reception, Harry hears another gunshot. Harry locates the shots as 
coming from an examination room. When he opens the door he sees a 
dead demon on the floor. Standing above it, holding a revolver is a 
man in a grey suit. After nearly shooting Harry, they both come to 
the conclusion that each other is human. He's Dr. Michael Kaufmann, 
the hospital director. He's probably been there for a while as his 
eyes are bloodshot. He's as clueless as Harry as to what's going on, 
and hasn't seen Cheryl. He leaves rather hurriedly as well. Harry 
searches the hospital and finds some strange liquid on the floor. He 
scoops it up and enters the lift. Of the three floors on the elevator 
dial, he tries floors 2 and 3. Both doors are locked. When Harry re-
enters the lift, a fourth floor has materialised on the lift dial. 
What does this surreal fourth floor contain? Harry punches in the 
number to find out. As he exits the lift, Harry has a vision of the 
girl in blue entering the Green Lion Antique Store. The fourth floor 
is reminiscent of the school - its decrepit and crumbling. It's also 
dark and ugly and full of monsters. After a while of searching, Harry 
finds a key, which will give him access to the Examination Room. When 
he re-enters this room, a woman hiding under the desk runs at Harry 
and gives him a big old hug. Yeah, she's pleased to see him.

She's Lisa Garland, a nurse at the hospital. She hasn't seen Cheryl 
either and hasn't a clue how any of this happened. Harry mentions 
that he was in the hospital basement earlier. Lisa replies that they 
are never allowed in the basement. As the conversation continues, 
weird sirens are heard in the background. Harry clutches his head in 
agony. And he collapses. And he awakens again! He's in the 
examination room. Its light out, and everything seems to be normal 
again. The woman he saw in the church earlier, Dahlia appears. She 
says the town is being devoured by darkness, and that only he can 
stop what is going on. He's told that he must go to the other church. 
She reveals that the image he saw on the floor in the schoolyard is 
the mark of samael - it must not be completed! Harry finds a key to 
the green lion antique shop. This is where he goes. Harry moves a 
shelf to look what's hidden behind, when he's interrupted by a person 
behind him. It's Cybil. She's got good and bad news. She couldn't get 
out of town, the roads are all blocked and cars have stopped working. 
She did see a little girl on Bachman Road, heading to the lake, when 
it appeared as if she walked across thin air. This gives Harry some 
hope, but how does he get to the lake? Cybil puts down Dahlia's 
madness to drugs. She also seems to not experience this "Other 
World". Cybil covers Harry as he enters the cave he's discovered. 
Inside is an Altar - The other church? As he leaves to see Cybil, the 
candle on the altar combusts. Cybil meanwhile enters the altar room, 
where Harry has vanished.

Harry wakes up in the examination room in the hospital. Lisa is 
present. She says that he was dreaming. She explains that supposedly 
Dahlia went nuts after her kid died in a fire. Lisa also says that 
years ago, many people were involved in the occult - could Dahlia be 
a member? Just then Harry passes out. He awakens yet again in the 
Antiques shop. He takes a dangerous detour through the shopping mall. 
The television screens light up, showing Images of Cheryl having a 
seizure that cuts to the mark of Samael. This disturbing sight 
repeats itself over and over. Harry is now on the second floor, when 
the floor collapses. Harry ends up in a sand pit where he is attacked 
by a giant larva. He defeats it and escapes to the hospital where he 
meets up with Lisa again. In this brief encounter, Lisa tells him to 
take the waterworks near the school to get to the lake. He needs to 
find his daughter and leaves despite Lisa's protests. The world has 
changed again outside, with all roads destroyed. The only place to go 
is the water tower, where he discovers that our old friend Larva has 
grown into a giant moth. Harry swats it out of the sky and when this 
happens, those ghastly sirens reappear. It turns light again. Harry 
makes his way to the waterworks. He goes through some sewer sections 
and ends up at the lake. He enters a nearby bar.

Inside is Kaufmann, who is being attacked by a demon teddy. Harry 
kills the teddy. Kaufmann is grateful. He reassures Harry that the 
craziness can't go on forever, and that a rescue squad will appear 
soon. Kaufmann leaves very suddenly. Harry discovers that the 
careless prat has left his wallet on the floor. Harry proceeds to the 
motel, where he can use the key found in the wallet. He eventually 
discovers a vial of pink liquid hidden in a motorcycle engine - it's 
the same liquid that he found earlier in the hospital. Kaufmann 
enters, and he's pissed. He snatches it away and threatens Harry. 
Harry, realizing he's wasted enough time heads towards the amusement 
park, where the metamorphosis occurs again. Roads have turned into 
metal walkways, buildings look destroyed, and monsters roam 
everywhere. He fears this may be a permanent transformation. After a 
long run, Harry gets to a houseboat, where he meets Cybil again.

Cybil tells him that she went through the sewers. Harry says that the 
world is being invaded by "The other world", and that it's swallowing 
up the world. Harry knows that Cheryl is with whoever created this 
darkness. Dahlia enters again, and this time says that the mark of 
samael is almost complete and it must be stopped it will seal the 
town into the abyss. They need to go to the centre of the amusement 
park and the lighthouse. Harry is also warned that the demon (Samael) 
is taking Cheryl form. She'll become a human sacrifice if he's too 
late! Cybil agrees to go to the park while Harry investigates the 
lighthouse. Dahlia warns Harry that he must use the flauros.
Harry's too late though. The mark of samael has already appeared on 
the lighthouse. He knows he must rush to aid Cybil and follows her 
path through the sewers. Its then we see Cybil attacked by an unseen 

Harry negotiates the ghastly sewers again. At the amusement park, 
Harry finds a merry-go-round. Inside is Cybil, sitting in a 
wheelchair, eyes demonic and demented. She's clearly not herself and 
looks possessed. She pulls her gun out and shoots at Harry. Harry 
avoids her and pulls out his vial of pink fluid, because it MIGHT 
just help. Sure enough, a huge parasite crawls out of Cybil. Harry 
stamps on it. Cybil now appears to be okay. Harry confesses to Cybil 
that Cheryl isn't his biological daughter. They found her abandoned 
by the road and took her in as their own - his wife was dying, and 
they couldn't have children. There may be a connection between Cheryl 
and Silent Hill. In the middle of the park the girl in blue appears 
again. Alessa. Harry pleads with Alessa to let Cheryl go. She stands 
there mute. Suddenly, The Flauros launches itself out of Harry's 
pocket and shoots out a blue laser (!) hitting Alessa. Dahlia then 
enters, ignores Harry and talks to Alessa about "What a bad girl 
she's been". A blue light then envelops them both. Harry reappears in 
the hospital examination room.

Lisa is there again. Apparently she went to look in the basement. She 
claims she felt like she'd been there before but couldn't place her 
finger on when and why. Lisa then tells Harry how scared she is. Lisa 
runs off, "No! You don't understand" She wails. The place Harry is in 
now is composed entirely out of the places he's been to before. Many 
parts of this place seem to look like the Hospital; some rooms are 
parts of the school, and the antique shop. Harry dubs this place 
"Nowhere". After a while of searching, Lisa interrupts Harry, this 
time not in the Examination Room. She says she finally understands 
what's wrong with her and whys she's still alive. She's come to the 
conclusion that she's a monster herself! She pleads with Harry to 
help her and stand by her. Harry, in vain, leaves the room 
barricading it so Lisa can't escape. Lisa, after realising what she 
is, has no reason to live and begins bleeding to her pensive death.

Harry now knows he's close to finishing this. He encounters two more 
apparitions, one showing the cult talking about what to do with 
Alessa, and another with Dahlia deciding what to do with Alessa. We 
come to the conclusion that Dahlia burnt Alessa to death in order to 
harness the power she had within her. Harry descends a staircase to 
find Dahlia, Alessa and a burnt figure in a wheelchair. If the burnt 
figure is Alessa, then who is "Alessa"? Cybil is also present but 
she's soon incapacitated. Dahlia admits that "Alessa" was actually 
Cheryl the whole time! After more gibberish from Dahlia, the figure 
in the chair transforms into a angelic girl. Dahlia is suddenly shot 
by Dr. Kaufmann. Kaufmann pulls out a vial of the pink liquid that 
Harry found in the motel. "Aplaphotis!" Dahlia wails vainly. Kaufmann 
then throws the vial at the angel - a demon sprouts out of the angels 
back. This must be Samael. Dahlia, bleeding begins laughing 
hysterically. The demon responds by shooting a flame at her, burning 
her to a crisp.

Harry defeats Samael in a tough battle. Kaufmann, who was lying on 
his ass the whole time, attempts to escape the area, but as he does 
so, he's grabbed by what used to be Lisa. He's dragged below the 
floor presumably straight to hell. After Samael is defeated, the 
angelic girl, enveloped in a ball of light, presents Harry with a 
newborn baby. Cheryl/Alessa then makes a light appear in the 
distance. As Harry and Cybil both try to leave, Cheryl/Alessa is 
swept up in a ball of flame. Harry and Cybil both escape onto the 
road, and out of Silent Hill. 


A mini section on the lyrics to the opening title song, you're not

"You're not here"

Blue sky to forever, 
The green grass blows in the wind, dancing 
It would be much better a sight with you, with me,
If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby,
I never felt so lonely, then you came along,

So now what should I do, I'm strung out, addicted to you,
My body it aches, now that you're gone, 
My supply fell through,

You gladly gave me everything you had and more,
You craved my happiness,
When you make me feel joy it makes you smile,
But now I feel your stress,
Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
And who has time for tears,
Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love,
'till now. 

Thanks to everyone who supported me in making this guide. Special 
thanks goes out to Konami for such superb work not just on this game,
but in the series in general and especially Akira Yamaoka whose excellent 
scores throughout the series enlightened us all. Special thanks to ACooper
for numerous, and gladly recieved tips in spring 2006 and also to DP for 
just being there (2001-2003). Thanks to CjayC for posting this FAQ.

                   DOCUMENT COPYRIGHT MILLERS C (2003- )

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