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Hard Mode Walkthrough by whitestripes

Updated: 06/25/03

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17-06-2003 - Started the FAQ. Just completed the game on Normal level today. Will start a Hard level
game today, write as I play.

18-06-2003 - Halfway through Alternate Shopping Mall. Changed contents. Added "Differences in Hard
mode", tips and "Game Information". Added the walkthrough for until the 1st Boss fight.

19-06-2003 - Changed the contents around. Now at the sewers. Started on the misc information.

20-06-2003 - Updated the walkthrough for the sewers. Expected date of completion: 24-06-2003. Now at
the Apartments. Minor changes to walkthrough.

21-06-2003 - Updated the walkthrough for the Apartments. Updated misc information. Now halfway
through the Hospital.

22-06-2003 - Updated walkthrough for the Hospital. Updated the tips. Now at the Amusement Park.
Updated the misc information.

23-06-2003 - Updated walkthrough for the Amusment Park. Updated the misc information. Updated the
Credits section. Now at the Chapel.

24-06-2003 - Completed the game and walkthrough. Minor adjustments to every section. Submitted to

25-06-2003 - Final Version updated.



This is a hard mode walkthrough. It is for those who have completed the game on easy or normal
settings and think it's a walk in the breeze. However, hard level is very different from the other
levels, and most people will get stumped on the puzzles. So enjoy, and use this walkthrough to the

-----------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------------------------

I. Differences in Hard mode

II. Game Information

III. Walkthrough

	a. Alternate Amusement Park
	b. Shopping Mall
	c. Alternate Shopping Mall
	d. Subway
	e. Underground Passage
	f. Sewers
	g. Construction Site
	h. Office Building
	i. Alternate Office Building
	j. Daisy Villa Apartments
	k. Silent Hill
	l. Brookhaven Hospital
	m. Alternate Hospital
	n. Alternate Lakeside Amusement Park
	o. Chapel

IV. Misc Information

	a. Endings
	b. Secrets
	c. Hints/Tips

V.  Special Thanks and Credits


I.   Differences in Hard mode

Well, obviously, Hard mode is...Hard. Monsters spot you more easily, they're are quicker and much
harder to kill. Their attacks do much more damage, too. And ammo and items don't come by cheap,
either. The number that you can find will be reduced drastically. The game is much darker, now and
your flashlight will be your best friend. Puzzles are upped on the difficulty scale, you really need
to think to solve.

Some tips here though;

- It's advisable to change the run/walk options to be reversed. (Press L1 at the options screen to
access the extra options) Most of the time, you'll be running instead of walking, so by changing the
options, it'll be easier.

- As above, conserve ammo. Don't waste ammo unnecessarily. Use your melee weapons instead.

- Leave the flashlight on most of the times. Sure, it'll attract a whole lot of attention, but being
able to see your enemies, is much better than running into a group of monsters and being surrounded
by them.

- Use your save points wisely, don't be afraid to use them more than once. You'll not like it if you
go through an area unsaved, die, then have to replay more than an hours worth.

- Check your map always, when you enter a new area. Unopenable doors are wriggled out, locked doors
are bolded, save points are indicated, and rooms with something of interest is marked with a circle.

- If you're low on health, the controller will vibrate. This can be to your advantage. If you somehow
know the next area is teeming with monsters, and the controller is vibrating like hell (your health
is in the red), it would be advisable to heal first before continuing.


This walkthrough also includes brief summaries of the cutscenes, so be warned, there are spoilers

I indicate directions mostly according to the directions in the map. So go left means go left from
your point of view in the map.


II. Game Information

Developed by one of the Creators of the Series, Akira Yamaoka, Silent Hill 3 looks like the biggest
and best Game of the Series.

As the teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between
the god-forsaken town Silent Hill and her inner fears. With enhanced graphical detail, a more complex
storyline, and even more grotesque monsters than the previous games, Silent Hill 3 promises to be the
best horror adventure ever.

(Taken from Official Europe Silent Hill 3 Website)


III. Walkthrough


a. Alternate Amusement Park

1. Alternate Amusement Park
	The game starts out with Heather walking in what seems to be an amusement park. She sees a
monster, and the game starts. Take control of Heather. Equip your handgun or any weapon you like (it
doesn't matter; you'll soon see why). Anyways, go through the big doors labelled "Souvenir Avenue."

2. Souvenir Avenue
	Be careful; you encounter the first monsters here. There are 2 Closers and 2 Double Heads.
You can shoot and kill them if you want, but you would just choose to run away. You can go into the
Souvenir Shop, but there's nothing inside...for now. Instead, head to the brown door which is beside
a large green double door. There are 2 Closers here, run forward and through the gate. The next area
hosts 2 more Double Heads and 2 Pendulums. Run up the stairs, (if you want, you can kill them). At
the top, go through the small gates. The control room is locked, for now. Follow the railway tracks
all the way and you'll get run over by a train. Game over? Not quite. Basically this scene is for you
to test out the controls and gameplay. Do whatever you want here, anyway, if you get killed by a
monster, this 'tutorial' will end too.

	Heather wakes up and thinks she had a nightmare. She goes out of the cafe, and to the phone
booth to call her dad. After a short conversation, a man who introduces himself as a detective named
Douglas approaches her, and tells her that someone is looking for her, and it concerns her birth.
Heather ignores him and runs into the female toilet.


b. Shopping Mall

1. Female Toilet

	Your first save point. Save if you want, then proceed outside and away from Douglas through
the window. You'll be outside, behind the mall. Turn right and go all the way, until you come to a
door. Enter to find yourself in a corridor of backdoors to the various shops. Go straight, then turn
right. Go straight through the path and enter the large double doors.

2. Shopping Mall

	You can only enter one room - the Clothing Store. Enter it to see a cutscene.

	Heather sees this huge monster with big arms attacking what seems to be a human. She is
petrified as the monster slowly turns towards her. She yells at it to go away (as if). She grabs a
handgun off the floor, and fires at point blank range at the monster. The monster dies and Heather
wonders to herself what the hell is going on.

3. Clothing Store

	You now have the handgun. Unfortunately, it's empty. Nevertheless, Go through the back door.
Back at the corridors again. Turn right this time, then left. Get a Shopping Mall Map from a notice
board. Turn and go back left to unlock the large double doors. Go back to where you got the map, and
through the exit. You'll now be in a stairway. Go up and enter the 2nd floor door.

4. 2nd floor

	Run all the way straight down the corridor, until you reach the 2nd last door there, on your
right. Inside, get 10 Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink. Save your game. Check the crates behind
you, to find a key and that you can't reach it. Damn. Anyway, exit, then enter the room 2 doors to
your left. There is a Double Head here. Kill it with your handgun, then take the Beef Jerky. Exit,
and go through the "No Smoking" door.

5. 2nd floor main area

	Go straight down, into the Bakery. Beware of the 2 Closers here. You can easily outrun them.
Get the Tongs from the shelf, exit and go all the way back to the room with the save point. Use the
Tongs to get a key. Exit and run all the way to the "No Smoking" door. The place is filled with Numb
Bodies! Turn right, and run to the "My Bestsellers" bookstore. Prepare for the first puzzle.

6. Bookstore

	Take 10 Handgun Bullets from the counter and collect all 5 books on the floor. Examine each
of them, and note down the titles and numberals of each book. Go to the back door to find out that it
is locked, and requires a passcode. Examine the notes beside the door.


	Read this:
1)In here is a tragedy - 				2)The first words at thy left hand:
art thou player or audience?				a false lunancy, a madly dancing man.
Be as it may, the end doth remain:			Hearing unbearable wrods, drawn
all go on only toward death				to a beloved'sgrave - and there,
								mayhap, true madness at last

3)As did this one, playing at death,		4)Doth lie invite truth?
find true death at the last.				Doth verify but wear the
Killing a nameless lover, she				mask of falsehood?
piereced a heart rent by sorrow			Ah, thou pitiful, thou
								Misearable ones!

5)Hill admist lies, through the end			6)Is not a silence brimming with
cometh not, wherefore yean				Love more precious than flattery?
For death?							A peaceful slumber preferred to
Wilt thou attend to thy beloved?			a throne besmirched with blood?
Truths and lies, life and death:
a game of turning white to black
and black to white

7)One vengeful man					8)Ah, but verily......
Spilled blood for two;					In here is a tragedy -
Two youth's shed tears for three;			art thou player or audience?
Three witches disapppeared thusly;			There is nothing which cannot
And only the four keys remain				become a puppet of fate or an
								onlooker, peering into the cage

I - Romeo and Juliet
II - King's Lear
III - Macbeth
IV - Hamelt
V - Othello

	Knowing Shakespeare is a must here; I was totally stumped by this puzzle. Luckily, I had a
brother who studied Literature. We identified that the following paragraphs refer to:
2) Hamlet	3) Romeo and Juliet	4) Othello	  5)King's Lear	  6)Macbeth

	Don't ask me how I arrived at this; read your Shakespeare. Apparently, the paragraphs
describe a particular part of the story. Get the numbers of the books and you'll arrive at this:
				4 1 5 2 3

Now check out the 7th paragraph.

"One vengeful man spilled blood for two" - Therefore 4 x 2 = 8

"Two youth's shed tears for three" - 1 x 3 = 3

"Three witches disapppeared thusly" - Get rid of the last '3'

"And only the four keys remain" - You're now left with: 8 3 5 2

The passcode is 8352. Use it on the door and proceed.

(Thanks to chesh the cat's puzzle walkthrough; i had no idea how to solve this.)

	Heather meets a woman. She is relieved to see a living person finally, and asks the woman
whether she know's what's going on. The woman identifies herself as Claudia, and sprouts some
nonsense about Paradise and the power within Heather. She reminds Heather to remember her true self.
Heather thinks Claudia did all of 'this' and is suddenly overwhelmed by extreme pain inside her.
Claudia leaves.

7. 2nd floor

	Go into the elevator. It'll start moving by itself. Get the Radio that drops down.

	Heather steps out of the elevator into the Alternate Shopping Mall. She sees a creature, with
a shaking head, climbing what seems to be a cage and turning a valve. She then steps into a lift,
frightened, and goes down to the 1st floor.


c. Alternate Shopping Mall

1. 1st floor

	You are now officially in the Alternate Shopping Mall. In fornt of you are three Double
Heads. Run away from them. Turn right, right again, then straight towards. Go into the 1st door you
see. In here, collect 2 Health Drinks and 1 Ampolue. Save your game here. Exit, go left from here,
run from the 1 Double Head and enter the large double doors.

	Go into the left most room. You'll notice a ladder coming down from the ceiling. You can't
reach it yet, so exit. Turn left, go down the hallway, and run past the 3 Closers. They're quite slow
and you'll be able to run past them easily. Go straight down, turn right and enter the 2nd door you

	Switch off the room lights. You'll be able to see the flashlight. Get it, and 20 Handgun
Bullets and 1 Med Kit. Enter the Female Toilet next to this room and get the Bleach. You can knock on
the cubicle door for a scare. Exit, go straight down and through the metal shutters.

	There are 2 Double Heads and 1 Closer in this area. I suggest you conserve ammo and run. Run
back into the Clothing Store from earlier and get the Clothes Hanger. You can find a Bulletproof Vest
there too. (Note: Equiping the Bulletproof Vest lowers your running speed greatly. Use at your own
risk.) Exit and run all the way back into the room with the ladder. Use the Clothes Hanger at the
ladder, and climb up to the 2nd floor.

2. 2nd floor

	Go forward, past the escalators towards the Television Set. Watch a creepy scene here. Go
forward again, and save your game (a must, you'll find out soon why)at the television set. Go back to
the creepy television set, and enter the room next to it. There are 4 Numb Bodies here. Don't bother
fighting them, run and do try to collect the 20 Handgun Bullets and 1 Health Drink. If not, then exit
through the back door.

	Turn right, and enter the 2nd door on the right. 1 Closer here. Go in for the Walnut. Exit
through the double doors. You'll be back beside the save point. Save if you want to, then go up the

3. 3rd floor

	Enter the 1st door on your right.

4. Restaurant

	Oh. Creepy. Disgusting. Whatever. Check the Barbecued Dog, to get the Cooked Key. Get 1 Med
Kit at the back, then exit. Go down through the escalators.

5. 2nd floor

	Enter the door to the right of the save point. Go through the back doors here, avoiding the
Closer. Use the Cooked Key on the Cafe doors. Enter.

6. Cafe

	Go straight and get the Steel Pipe and 2 Health Drinks. Exit.

7. 2nd floor main area

	3 Numb Bodies here and a Pendulum. Run for it. Turn right, and go through the brown doors to
the Bakery. Get the detergent and exit through the back door. Turn left, straight down, and turn off
the Fan. Enter the door to your left. There is a huge swarm of moths blocking your way here. Go
towards the empty pail beside the entrance. Combine and use the Detergent and Bleach.

	Heather mixes the chemicals and runs outside, overwhelmed by the stinging vapours.

	Turn on the fan, and re-enter the room. The moths are all dead, so go straight, turn left and
enter the 2nd door on your right. Get the Beef Jerky and 30 Handgun Bullets. Exit and run straight
down, past the Closer. Go outside straight down, past 2 Double Heads and 2 Pendulums. Don't bother
wasting ammo. Run past the stretcher and enter the 1st doors you see.

8. Sports room

	Creepy room, its more like a torture chamber of some sorts. Check the vise, then use the
Walnut on the vise to get the Moonstone. Save your game. Exit, continue towards the right and unlock
the door.

9. 2nd floor main area

	Run to the right and enter the cafe. Beware of the 2 Pendulums here.

10. Cafe

	Run past the 3 Numb Bodies and kill the last one behind the counter. Exit. Go straight down,
and enter the 1st door you see. You'll be back in the Dummy Room. Run past the 4 Numb Bodies, and
exit. Save if you want, then go up the escalators.

11. 3rd floor

	Use the Moonstone on the Crescent Door to unlock it. Its the door straight forward from the
escalators. Go around the 3rd floor main area, until you get to a walkway. Go straight, then climb
down the ladder. Be prepared for your 1st Boss fight. Reload your handgun or heal yourself if you

	Heather drops off the ladder. She is in a lower part of the mall, a large hall with tunnels
on either side of it. There is no visible exit from here. The ladder breaks. Heather has a despairing
look in her eyes as a large worm like creature breaks through the tunnels.

	The giant Splitworm, so forth named as it has two heads. Fairly easy boss. Some tips on
beating it. Remember, this is hard mode, the enemies are tougher.

1. Use your handgun. Stay at the end of the hall (near the ladder).
2. Activate Search Mode (press L2) a few times. Your view will change to a frontal view of the tunnel
the worm will come out of next.
3. Run towards the other end of the tunnel that the worm will come out. Prepare to fire once it opens
it's mouth
4. Fire at its mouth 3 times. You can fire at its body, but I'm not sure whether it will have much
impact on it.
5. The worm attacks by a straight rushing attack. If you're standing too close, you'll be knocked
over. If, initially, you stand too close to it as it's coming out, it'll attack you by swaying its
head. Lastly, if you do not shoot at it fast, it will crash on the ground, causing a minor
6. It will require around 30~40+ bullets to kill it.

	All is white and Heather suddenly finds herself back in the 'Normal' world.

12. Shopping Mall 1st floor

	Nothing much to do here. Just go straight through the metal shutters. You can go to the
western area here, and enter the last shop on the right for 20 Handgun Bullets, a Med Kit and Beef
Jerky. Lastly, enter the glass doors near the escalators.

	Douglas confronts Heather. She thinks that he is in cahoots with Claudia, that they caused
all of this. Douglas then reveals that it was Claudia that employed him to find Heather. Heather
doesn't believe him, even though Douglas maintains that he is equally clueless about the whole
situtation. Heather speculates it could have something to do with her. She then decides to go home,
ignoring Douglas.


d. Subway

1. Subway Concourse

	Go straight down the path. When you reach the junction, turn right then go through the door.
Go straight through the ticket counter. Turn right, and get the Subway Map off the wall. Go down the
stairs in front of you, then turn right. And right again to find a save point. Save your game, then
proceed straight through the door infront of the save point. Turn left from here, and go down the
stairs to Platform 1.

2. Platform 1

	There are 2 Double Heads here. Best advised to run. Run around to the back of the staircase,
where you'll find another set of stairs. Go down the stairs, only to find that your way is blocked.
Collect the Health Drink. Go back up, then go to the opposite set of stairs on the other side of the
platform. The upwards going stairs is blocked, but go down the other set of stairs. Your way is
blocked again here, but get the Nutcracker. Once you're back up, run to the 1st set of stairs you
came down from. Go all the way up back to the Concourse. Beware of more Double Heads appearing here.

3. Concourse

	Turn right, go straight. Use the Nutcracker on the 'Powell Gardens Gate'. It'll unlock and
you are free to proceed. Go down to Platform 2.

4. Platform 2

	Go up into the small train car. Get the Shotgun and 12 Shotgun Shells. You'll meet the Insane
Cancer for the 1st time. It will just lie on the floor until you walk past past or attack them.
Beware, their punches pack quite a......punch. 1 hit can send you sprawling on the floor. They're
rather slow, however, so just run past them quickly. Run straight past the set of stairs to another
set of downward stairs. Go down.

5. Platform 3

	Go straight down the hallway, until you see the sign 'Bergen Street'. That's where your home
is. Go down the stairs. Go towards the end of this platform and you can spot a door illuminated by
red light. It is advised you save your game here first, because the next steps can be very tricky.
Retrace your steps back to the save point. If not, continue.

	Get down onto the railway tracks. Go towards the 'red' door. You'll be unable to open it.
Quickly, climb back onto the platform by standing on the edge and pressing Circle. Take note to run
fast, to avoid the 3 Double Heads that'll attack you. Once you're back on the platform...

	The train will stop. If you weren't fast enough, the train will runover you. Game Over.

	Go towards the left side of the stairs you came down from, and unlock the gate. Go through
the gate, run past the 2 Double Heads. Follow the train, run straight down. You'll reach a set of
upwards stairs. Go up, then straight down the stairs infront of you. Go forward all the way and enter
the last car of the train.

6. Subway Train

	Heather enters the train. The doors suddenly close and the train moves off by itself.

	Here, just go straight forward through each car, exiting through the door at the front. I'll
give a description of each car here:
1st - A save point. Save your game.
2nd - 3 Numb Bodies. Run past them.
3rd - Nothing.
4th - 1 big and 1 small Numb Body.
5th - 6 Shotgun Shells.
6th - Nothing
7th - 1 Insane Cancer. Run.
8th - Nothing
9th -

	The train stops, and the door opens.

	Go out of the train, and save your game. Continue to your right, then enter the door.


e. Underground Passage

1. Underground Passage

	Go down the stairs, as you go down, the walls will start to turn into walls of pulsating
blood and flesh. Caution! If you linger too long here, the floors will start to eat at your health,
so run! (Note: Interestingly, if you go back up to the top of the stairs, the effect will be gone. If
you go down, it'll come back again.) Go through the tunnel fast, then enter the door. Turn left,
avoiding the 3 Pendulums. Enter the 1st door you see. You'll now be in the 'Safe' zone. Don't go back
onto the bloody areas again.

	Go straight from here, enter the 1st door on your right and kill the 1 small Numb Body. Go
straight then, turn left. Avoid the big and small Fisheads. Enter the door. Go to the board and get
the Underground Passage Map. Get the Maul off the locker and 1 Med Kit from the shelf. Exit the room.

	Go straight down the hall. Enter the next door on your right. Get the Winebottle and 2 Health
Drinks. Exit, and escape the clutches of those evil Numb Bodies. There are a lot of them now, so
don't waste time. Run. Turn left straight down, then right. Enter the large doors. 3 Pendulums here,
don't waste ammo. Run past them and enter the door on the left. Go straight down the path, turn right
and then right again. Enter the large doors. There are also many Numb Bodies here. Go on forwards,
enter the 2nd door on your right. Get 2 Health Drinks and use the Wine Bottle on the Kerosene Tank to
get the Oil Filled Bottle. Save your game.

	Exit, then enter the 1st room you passed on your way to the oil room. Use the Oil Filled
Bottle on the fuel tank, then operate the Hoist.

	The hoist operates, cleaing the hole out of dirty water.

	Enter the hole. Go up the steps, then up the stairs. Enter the door. Go straight, down the
stairs, then enter the door to the Sewers.


f. Sewers

1. Sewers

	Turn right and go forward all the way and enter the door. Do not go into the water. Beware of
the big Numb Bodies. Go up the stairs and enter the door. You'll be in a Garbage Room. Get the Dryer
from the chair and a Ampolue from the shelf. Exit. Cross the walkway and enter the opposite door. Go
straight here, then turn right, avoiding the Numb Bodies. Enter the room here. Get the Health Drink
from the desk, and save your game. Exit.

2. Sewers

	Use the Dryer on the Outlet.

	Heather plugs in the Dryer, then throws it into the water. The tentacled creature is
electrocuted. It's now safe to pass - or is it?

	Go straight and exit the area. Turn right and enter the door. Turn left from here and cross
the walkway. Continue straight south. Turn right from the fence, enter the alley and then the door.
Go down the long stairs and then up. Exit the sewers through the door.


g. Construction Site

	Go up the stairs, then up the ladder. Go straight from here, then turn right. Continue going
around the building. There is a save point on a oil drum. Save your game, then enter the doors. Go
straight and collect 2 Health Drinks from the boxes. The elevator will not work, so enter the next

	You're now in a staircase. Go up to the 5th level; the other doors will not work. Go straight
forward and enter the last door. Collect 10 Handgun Bullets and 1 Health Drink from the boxes. Drop
the matress onto the floor. Go down through the hole.

	Heather lands on the matress.

	Go out through the broken window. 2 Pendulums here. Run away from them, to your left.
Continue around the building and enter the Office Building through the open window.


h. Office Building

1. 3rd floor

	Exit through the door here, then turn right. Go forward and turn right again to enter the
Mannequin room. Collect 10 Handgun Bullets. Woah. Did that scare you? :) Anyway, go forward, turn
right. Enter the Store Front Productions. 2 Double Heads lurk here, run forward all the way, and
enter Monica's Dance Studio. It's very obvious where it is, there are posters around it. Once inside,
enter the door directly in front of you. Get the Office Building Map and save your game. Exit and
enter the 3rd door from the left. Get 2 Med Kits from the locker. (Note: Do not, I repeat, do not,
enter the northern door here. Unless you have a major death wish.) Get out from the Dance Studio, go
straight, then turn right and exit to the staircase. Go up to the 5th floor.

2. 5th floor

	Go forward, turn left. Enter the Gallery of Fine Arts. Enter the 2nd door on your right. Go
left and get the Screwdriver. Go back, turn left, then right and enter the 1st door on your right.
Get the Katana. (Note: This is one of the best weapons in the game; it is rather powerful and does
not cost ammo. I strongly advise you to equip this weapon.) Exit the Gallery and enter KMN Auto
Parts. Go forward, turn right and unlock the 1st door on the right. Enter the opposite door. Get 1
Health Drink from the desk and the Jack from the shelf. Exit KMN Auto Parts and go to the staircase.
Go back to the 3rd floor.

3. 3rd floor

	Trace your steps back to the save point. Use the Screwdriver on the desk drawer to get the
Rope. Save your game.

	Heather forces the drawer open, revealing a rope.

	Go forward from here, right then left to the elevators. Use the Jack, then the Rope.

	Heather splits the doors apart with the jack.

	Go down through the elevator to the 2nd floor.

4. 2nd floor

	There is a save point at the vending machine here. Save your game. Go south, then turn right.
Enter the 2nd Echo Interiors and Floor Fashions door. Get the Beef Jerky beside the dog figurines.
Enter the door here. 2 Numb Bodies here, you can kill them easily with the Katana. 3 downward slashes
enough. Continue past the bathtub, and enter the door. Activate the bathtub here.

	Blood starts filling the bathtub. Heather is horrified, then overwhelmed by pain inside her
again. When she comes to, she is in the Alternate World again, upset and angry.


i. Alternate Office Building

1. 2nd floor

	Exit. Go straight, exit through door. Get 10 Handgun Bullets from the wheelchair. Creepy
wheelchair. Very creepy. Exit throught the other door. Turn left and enter the north door. Read the
note on the bench and save your game here. Enter the door here.

	Heather meets Vincent. Vincent addresses Heather and claims he's on her side. Vincent
declares that Claudia is crazy and was brainwashed by a "crazy old hag", who he claims to be
Heather's mother. Vincent then said that Harry was too sneaky and didn't tell Heather about her past.
Heather is angry about the remarks made against her father. She then asks Vincent for a way to end
all this, as she feels she's going crazy. Vincent sprouts some nonsense, to the dismay of Heather,
who leaves.

	Get the Oxydol, 2 Health Drinks and 1 Med Kit here. Unlock the door and exit. Exit the Green
Ridge Mental Health Clinic. 1 Slurper and 2 Double Heads here. Run forward, then left, left and
right. Enter the elevator. Go to the 1st floor.

2. 1st floor

	Turn right. Your exit out of this building is blocked by a giant monster. Go straight, then
turn left. Enter the door on your left to the Cafe. 1 Insane Cancer here. Unless you are feeling
confident, you can take on this monstrosity here with a combination of the Katana and Shotgun.
Otherwise, make a run for it. Get 6 Shotgun Shells from the table, and the Pork Liver from the
fridge. Exit, then go up to the 5th floor.

3. 5th floor

	Go forward, turn left, then right. Enter KMN Auto Parts. Run to your left and then right,
avoiding the 2 Slurpers and 1 Double Head. Enter the west door. Collect 10 Handgun Bullets here and
the Matchbook. Exit, go forward and enter the Gallery of Fine Arts. Combine and use the Oxydol, Pork
Liver and Matchbook at the painting.

	Heather mixes the stuff and burns the painting.

	Save your game. Read the fairy tale on the table. Continue through the window behind the
painting. Go down the stairs and enter the door. 4 Slurpers here. Run forward, turn right, unlock the
door and turn left. Enter the 2nd door on the left. Go through the hole in the fence to collect 10
Handgun Bullets and 1 Med Kit. 1 Slurper will dash out from underneath, so beware. Exit the room, go
forward  and enter through the door here. Go straight, and right, then unlock the door here. Continue
north, and enter the north door here. 2 Slurpers lurk in this area. Take the Silver Coin from the
table. Use the coin on the Vending Machine.

	Heather gets a drink can from the vending machine. She opens it, and a key drops out.

	You get the Life Insurance Key. Go forward, turn left, exit through the door you unlocked
earlier. Go to the elevator and down to the 1st floor.

4. 1st floor

	Go forward, turn left and right, unlock the door to Elberton Life Insurance. Turn left, then
left agin, and enter the 2nd door on the left. Beware of the 2 Slurpers. Woah. What a lot of blood.
Read the fairy tale.

	Heather reads out loud "TU FUI, EGO ERIS." She hears a loud noise.

	Retrace your steps back to the entrance/exit of the building. The monster is now gone. Read
the fairytale on the ground, where the monster was. Exit the building.


j. Daisy Villa Apartments

1. Streets

	Go left, forward on the pavement, until you pass a police car. Turn left, into the alley.
Turn right, then go up the steps to the Aparments.

2. Apartments

	Continue forward. Right of the junction is a save point. Save your game and go home.

	Heather reaches home and talks to her dad, who's sitting in the armchair. When he does not
respond, Heather goes in front and is horrified to see her dad brutually killed. She is overcome by
grief and mourns the death of her father. Heather recoves and notices bloody foot prints leading out
onto the emergency staircase. She follows them up to the rooftop and meets Claudia. Claudia admits
she had her dad killed for revenge for what happened 17 years ago. Heather swears revenge. Claudia
reveals that this is done to fill her heart with hatred, and asks her to understand that she'll birth
a God and build a paradise. Claudia points to a monster nearby and says that she merely ordered the
attack, and it was the killer. Claudia then leaves, leaving Heather with the monster, and saying
they'll meet again, in the town where it all begins - Silent Hill.

	The Missionary. More like a giant whatever on 2 legs with knives for arms. This boss is
rather tough here.

1. Bullets will not work here. It'll just deflect the bullets.
2. Use the Katana.
3. Keep running around in circles.
4. The Missionary will run around, in a random pattern. Then it'll stop, just in front of you. This
is your cue to strike.
5. Run forward quicky, and attack first. Give it 3 horizontal slashes.
6. If you keep this up, the Missionary will fall onto the ground sooner or later. Give it a few
downward slashes.
7. Just keep out of distance of its attacks - a forward thrust slash and a running slash.
8. It will take ~5 to 6 attacks to finish it.

	Heather goes back to the aparment, to find that Douglas is here. He is speechless, as Heather
yells at him to leave her alone. She is getting agaitated, and blames Douglas for everything. Douglas
promises to leave, to make her feel better. Later, they put Harry on his bed as a makeshift burial.
Heather declares she's going to Silent Hill, as it's her only choice. Claudia is there, and Heather
swears revenge. Douglas offers to give her a ride there, then leaves Heather with her dad to bring
the car over.

	Go out of the bedroom, and forward into Heather's bedroom. Collect the Stungun and 4
Batteries from the dresser. Once over, exit the apartment.

	Douglas tells Heather that he met Vincent, who gave him a map and instructions to look for
Leonard in Silent Hill. Douglas then passes the map and Harry's notebook to Heather. In the car,
Heather tells Douglas that she was born and raised in Silent Hill. Apparently, she had read her
father's notebook. She tries to remember about her childhood and tells Douglas about what happened
there 17 years ago. She thinks Claudia is trying to repeat history again, only this time, she's the


k. Silent Hill

	They arrive at the Jack's Inn. They split up, Douglas going to search for Leonard, while
Heather checks out the hospital.

1. Jack's Inn

	Save your game here, then exit the Inn. Check your map. There are not much places to go to
here, so if you were planning a bit of sightseeing, then too bad. Mostly the roads are blocked. So
just continue through the avaliable roads, and avoid the monsters. Check your map, and make your way
to Heaven's Nights Bar.

2. Heaven's Nights Bar

	Collect 6 Shotgun Shells, Beef Jerky and 1 Med Kit here. Continue to the hospital.


l. Brookhaven Hospital

1. 1st floor

	Ah, the Nurses are back. (Note: Official sources claim that they're called Bobble Heads, but
I'll stick to calling them Nurses anyday). 2 of them here. Anyway, they're rather slow witted (even
on Hard mode, those with guns can still miss you). You can kill them easily enough with the Katana
(Ready, Block, Slash). Enter the 1st door in front of you. Get the Hospital Map, 1 Health Drink and
save your game. Check your map. The good thing about the Hospital is that all the rooms are named. So
I'll just name the room and whatever you should do in it. Ignore the rest of the rooms. The main hall
has 3 Nurses too. Kill them all.
*	Visting Room - Read the poem
*	Doctor's Lounge - Get 1 Health Drink in fridge, read the notes on the table
*	Room C4 - Read poem, check the key stuck on the wall
*	Room C2 - 3 Nurses, get 1 Ampolue
	Now, go to the elevator and go to level 2.

2. 2nd floor

*	Woman's Locker Room - Get the Nail Polish Remover and Perfume
*	Bench outside Day Room - Read poem
*	Door to main hall - Locked


	Read this at the notice board.

1)Pure eyes, blue like a glassy head ---			2)Ah, you're too meek ---
you are always looking at me					beautiful, unspoiled:
and I am always looking at you				thus I'm so sad, I suffer ---
									and so happy, it hurts
									- I want to hurt you

3)and destroy myself						4)- would you simply smile,
What would you think						not saying a word?
if you knew how I felt						even curses from your mouth
									would be beautiful as pearls

5)I place my left hand on your				6)And what would it feel like?
face as though we were to kiss.				Like jelly?
Then I suddenly shove my thumb				Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
deep into your eyesocket.					mix it around and around: I must
Abruptly, decisively,						taste the warmth of your blood.
like drilling a hole.

7)How would you scream?						8)You can't know the maddening
Would you shriek "It hurts!					hunger I've felt in the midst of
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears				our kisses, so many of them
stream from your crushed eye?					I've lost count.

9)As though drinking in your cries,				10)Oh, what euphoric heights I would
I bring my hopes to fruition:					reach, having my desires fulfilled
biting your tongue, shredding it,				like a greedy, gluttonous cur.
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick.

11)I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted			12)And how is your tender ear?
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my				It brushes against my cheek;
tongue.								I want it to creep up to my lips so
I would surely be healed,					I can sink my teeth into its flesh.
and would cry like a child.

13)Your left ear, always hearing words			14)Ah, but what must you think of me?
whispered sweet as pie---					Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
I want it to hear my true feelings.				As though inviting you to the agony
I never lied, no...						at the play's end; if you wish, you
but I did have my secrets.					could destroy me--- I wouldn't care.

15)As you wish, you may destroy me
--- I wouldn't care.

	First things first, this is one sick and disgusting poem. 2nd thing, almost all the
paragraphs refer to one common theme - parts of the face. Read it again, and you'll realise. Next,
check the numeric keypad. It's numbered 1 to 9.

The keypad		1 2 3			Notice that this represents something famaliar with
			4 5 6			another thing that we identified earlier? It's parts of
			7 8 9			the face. You see, numbers 1 and 3 represent the eyes. 4
						and 6 the ears. 5 would be the nose. 8 the mouth, and 7
						and 9 the cheeks. So read through the sick poem again.

Paragraph 5: I place my left hand on your face as though we were to kiss. Then I suddenly shove my
thumb deep into your eyesocket - Practise on a human face. The eye in question here would be the
subject's right eye. (position 1)

Paragraph 6: I must taste the warmth of your blood. Paragraph 7: as cinnabar-red tears stream from
your crushed eye? - To taste it, he would have to lick it. But where? The blood flows down from the
right eye to the right ear? (postiion 4)

Paragraph 9: biting your tongue, shredding it, biting at your lips as if tasting your lipstick - He's
biting at the mouth. (position 8)

Paragraph 11: I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my tongue - He
wants the cheeks. (position 7 or 9)

Paragraph 13: Your left ear, always hearing words whispered sweet as pie - He wants the left ear now,
that sick bastard. (position 6)

So we get 6 numbers: 1  4  8  7/9  6

And as usual, I'm totally stumped here. (credit to cheesh the cat's FAQ again.) The 1st '1' is
redundant, cos he licks the blood from position 4 only.
So, we get: 4  8  7  6  OR  4  8  9  6

Try both of them. Only 4 8 9 6 works. Enter the door and kill 2 Nurses.

*	Examination Room 3 - Read the medical report and man's tatoo.
*	Room M5 - 3 Nurses, but 2 Med Kits
*	Room M4 - Read poem, turn off alarm clock. Note the time.

	Check the time on the clock. The man's tatoo said that "The starting time is my key". The
time should be 11:40. (Note: I do not know whether this is random or not; i.e. every game has a
different time. This is from my current game). Input the code 1140 on the briefcase. Doesn't work?
Try 2340 this time. :) Get the Instant Camera, exit to the elevator and go to level 1.

3. 1st floor

*	Room C4 - Use Nail Polish Remover on wall to get the Stairwell Key
	Go to the stairwell, and down to level B1.

4. B1 floor

	Oooohhh...creepy. The image of that wheelchair is just disturbing. Just get the Submachine
Gun near the elevator and Submachine Gun Bullets near the wheelchair. Go into the 2nd Store Room and
use the Instant Camera on the 'space' behind the shelves.

	Heather takes a photo of the space behind. The photo clearly shows the numbers 6237.
	Exit, and go up to level RF.

5. RF floor

	Read poem outside the door. On the roof, are 3 Closers, but 2 Submachine Gun Bullets on a oil
drum. Decide for yourself. Go back to the 3rd floor.

6. 3rd floor

*	Store Room - Get 2 Health Drinks and 1 Battery. Read the poem.
*	Special Treatment room - 1 Nurse in 3rd room from left, read poem in 1st room.
*	Main Hall locked door - Use 6237. Enter and kill the 3 Nurses.
*	Bench in main hall - Get Beef Jerky.
*	Room S7 - Read poem
*	Room S1 - Read the magazine, get 1 Health Drink.
*	Room S12 - Answer the phone.

	Heather picks up the phone. The calller assumes she's Claudia and scolds her for her
wrongdoings. Heather insists she's not Claudia and she's not with her. The caller introduces himself
as Leonard Wolf, Claudia's father. He says he has something, a seal that can help her, but Heather
would have to come and help release him first, at the end of the 2nd floor.

	Go to the 2nd floor.

7. 2nd floor

	Enter the main hall, all the way to the end and enter the last door. From here, just keep
going forward through the unblocked paths, and enter the door. You'll be trapped here. Game Over? Not
quite. :) "Use" the save point.

	Heather sees a scene, a recollection of her memories?

	Enter the new path and through the door, to the......


m. Alternate Brookhaven Hospital

1. 3rd floor

	Climb up the ladder. You can see a creature from earlier turning a valve again. Hmm. What
does it has to do with Heather? Enter the room on top. 2 Slurpers here. They are very fast and
powerful. I'd suggest running and save your ammo, but they'll knock you down anyway. So just try to
avoid them.

*	Room S3 - Save your game and collect the 10 Handgun Bullets.
*	Day Room - Exit to go outside of the main hall. 3 Slurpers and a Nurse. Oh yeah.
*	Storeroom - Enter it for a very disturbing scene.

	Lastly, go to the elevator and go down to the 2nd floor.

2. 2nd floor

*	Men's Locker Room - Answer the phone.

	Heather picks up the phone, and the caller sings Happy Birthday to her. Heather asks if it's
Leonard. The caller denies it, and proclaims its her 24th birthday. He'll give her a present - to
give pain or to receive it. The phone cuts off suddenly.

*	Women's Locker Room - Get the Plastic Bag from the trash can.
	Go down to the 1st floor, beware there are 2 Slurpers and a Nurse lurking.

3. 1st floor

*	Day Room - Read poem and kill the Nurse.
*	Examination Room - Save your game, get 1 Ampolue off the desk, and read the memo.
	Go down (or up?) to the 33rd floor.

4. 33rd floor

	Read this from the furnace. Then read the individual memos on the beds.

1)Burn the one who knows no death			2)And now the pining hunter
Pure, adored by those above				The flames longing for his rebirth
No prayers within, just simple love			A distant flame within the earth.

3)Burn up that heavy body of his			4)The sweet blood on his laughing lips
Make it wind, dancing in the sky			Now calls him to the gates of hell
That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh	There burns evermore that soulless shell.

5)Four bodies return to ashes
Thus the door is opened
Thus the door is opened


1)Who killed Cock Robin?				2)The Owl who forgot the sky
"The Sparrow," they said				Resigned to his poor earthbound state
"He wants them all dead					Hungry of full didn't matter at all,
To him honey-sweet is their sobbin'."		He ate and he ate and he ate.

3)The grass the Thrush so loved to eat		4)Cock Robin, who hid the key away
Gave him sweet happiness				Is ash in the oven all right.
He sank ever deeper and finally fell		The place he held is empty now
To destruction and fatal distress.			And the doors remain shut tight.

5)The Lark's child lost all his words		6)The Dove's hope died, he chose his path
And walled himself up all away.			His flapping wings fell still
Heart and mouth both locked up tight		Drenched in scarlet there he lay
In a cage where no one want to stay.		His cheeks pale white an chill.

7)He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition.
Frightening her out of her wits
Whispering love songs in her ear
What cruel Linnet wants, he gets.

8)The black Rook is the praying sort		9)The Wren with pure heart as yet unrefined
Who hears the gods in the skies			Makes us laugh unto his feeble lip-smacking
His whispered petitions go on without end		But still we all know he shall never grow old
And glassy and dim are his eyes.			And he knows not how much he is lacking.

0)The Kite hot, crazy and panting mad
Sweet shackles that tease and excite
Death itself would drive him wild
Red blood that turns milky white.

The following birds can easily be idenfified from these memos:
0-Kite  1-Sparrow  2- Owl  3-Thrush  4-Robin  5-Lark  6-Dove  7-Linnet  8-Rook  9-Wren

Now check out the furnace clue:
1)Pure, adored by those above - The Wren (The Wren with pure heart)

2)the pining hunter - The Owl (The Owl is the only bird that hunts here)

3)Burn up that heavy body of his - The Owl? (He ate and he ate and he ate.) But the Owl has been
represented by paragraph 2. However, the Linnet is known to be a bird that eats many times its own
weight a day (check any encyclopedia). So it's the Linnet.

4)The sweet blood on his laughing lips - Sparrow (Who killed Cock Robin? "The Sparrow," they said)
The Sparrow just killed the Robin. He has blood on his lips.

5)Four bodies return to ashes Thus the door is opened - 4 numbers: 9 2 7 1

(credit to cheesh the cat again)

	Unlock the furnace, and get the Cremented Key. Go back up to the 3rd floor and go to
Examination Room 4. Use the Plastic Bag on the bucket of blood to get the Bag of Blood. Now go back
to the 1st floor.

5. 1st floor

	Unlock the door beside the Kitchen with the Cremented Key. Go into the main hall, where 2
Nurses and Slurpers await.

*	Room C1 - 2 Nurses. Get 2 Health Drinks and 1 Med Kit though.
*	Room C4 - Read the note. Use the Bag of Blood on the Altar. Save your game.

	Heather splashes the blood on the Altar. A ladder appears behind her. Go down the ladder.

	Heather drops off the ladder into the flooded basement of the Hospital. Leonard begins to
talk to her. He sprouts more nonsense about Claudia, God and Paradise. Heather states that she
doesn't want to be in their plans. Leonard gets angry and thinks Heather is trying to steal his seal.
He promises to kill her.

	Leonard. Geez, what a guy. Having come down all the way to answer his call for help, now he
wants to kill you. It's either kill or be killed, so here:

1. You can use the Katana if you want to save ammo.
2. Follow as close as possible behind Leonard when he's underwater.
3. As he's about to surface, quickly run behind him, and ready yourself.
4. Once he's out, give him 3 quick horizontal slashes.
5. If you're fast enough, give him a few more downward slashes when he gets underwater.
6. Easy enough, just repeat the steps.
7. If you want a quick battle, use the Shotgun or Submachine Gun.
8. When he surfaces, just blast him. Very easy.
9. He attacks by using his arms to strike you.
10. Keep out of range of his attacks and he's a goner.
	Leonard dies. Heather wakes up in Room C4 of the "Normal" Hospital. She picks up a Tailsman
from the floor, and decides to go back to the motel.

	Exit the hospital. Go back to Jack's Inn, Room 106.

6. Jack's Inn

	A conversation between Vincent and Claudia. Heather returns, to find Vincent alone. She
wonders whether he was with anyone earlier. Vincent tells Heather that Douglas left her a message,
telling her to go to the Church across the lake, by passing through the Amusement Park. Claudia is

	Check your map, go to the Amusement Park. Avoid the monsters in the streets.


n. Alternate Lakeside Amusement Park

1. Alternate Amusement Park

	Heather enters the Amusement Park. She is overwhelmed by pain inside her again, and when she
comes to, she's in the Alternate World again. "Oh, hell." :)

	Deja Vu. Welcome back. You should be quite famaliar with this place now, so enter the
Souvenir Avenue.

2. Souvenir Avenue

	Avoid the Closers, just go to the Souvenir Shop. Collect 2 Med Kits here from the shelf, and
Beef Jerky from the counter. Leave. As you approach the exit, something drops onto the floor. Well?
Just go back, and you'll notice a pile of boxes on the floor. Get the Rollercoaster Key, and save
your game. Exit, and go to the Rollercoaster.

3. Rollercoaster

	There are 2 Double Heads and 2 Pendulums here. Enter the gates. Run up the stairs, avoid the
2 Pendulums, and enter the Rollercoaster Control Room. Here, get 1 Health Drink and turn off the
power. Go onto the tracks and follow the path through.

	The power to the train turns on itself. Train comes crashing, only this time, Heather jumps
off the tracks.

	Douglas confronts Claudia. He accuses her of using him and lying to him. Claudia insists that
Harry kidnapped Heather and that she will birth God and bring about Eternal Paradise. Douglas thinks
she is talking nonsense. He aims his gun to shoot her......
	Heather lands on the roof of a ticket booth. She climbs down.

	Enter the doors to Borley Haunted Mansion.

4. Haunted Mansion
	Just listen to the announcer and go through the 1st room. Go beside the old man in the 2nd
room to unlock the door. At the 3rd room, when you are under the spiked ceiling, press R2. You should
be able to walk past safely. After that, run all the way to the exits. Avoid the red mist at all
costs. If you linger too long in the mist, you'll die. Exit the mansion.

	There are 3 Closers here. Continue to the path between the shack. 1 Closer and 2 Double Heads
here. Go straight through, turn left and through the gates. 1 Closer and 2 Pendulums await you.
Forward here, through the gates, and get 6 Shotgun Shells off the bench. Go up onto the platform and
get the Red Shoe. Check the other benches for a Chain. Go back and avoid the 2 Pendulums and Double
Heads. Back through the gates, and use the Chain on the other locked gate. Go up to the platform and
use the Chain on the column. Enter the control room beside the platform, get 10 Handgun Bullets and
turn on the power.

	The chain pulls the gates open.

	Enter through the now unlocked gates.

5. Carousel

	Heather finds Douglas with a broken leg. She chides him for getting himself hurt for her.
They wonder about the truth in Claudia's words. After a short conversation, Heather turns to leave.
Douglas aims to shoot her, saying that if she is dead, everything will be over.......

	Go forward through the gates. Enter the small house on the right. Get Douglas's Notebook,
Doll Head and save your game. Enter the large house, examine the photos on the ground. Use the Doll
Head on Snow White, and Red Shoe on Cinderella. Go through the doors and run from the 2 Double Heads
and Pendulums. At the Ice Cream Store here, get 2 Batteries and read the memo. Enter the small gates,
get the Med Kit from the bench and enter the Carousel.

	Read the memo on the horse with a stake in it. Now, do whatever you want with a melee weapon,
whack all the other horses. (NOTE: The longer you linger, the sooner you'll die. So kill all the
horses quickly).

	Heather finishes off the horses. Did this prevent her death? The Carousel turns bloody and
stops moving. Heather turns around and is horrified to see a bloodified image of her walking towards

	Memories of Alessa. Basically you're fighting an image of yourself, 4 times. 1st time, it is
carrying a Knife. 2nd, a Handgun, 3rd, a Pipe and lastly, a Submachine Gun. There are two methods to

1. Equip the Katana.
2. Use the usual method of Ready, Block, 3 Horizontal Slashes.
3. When it runs away, just follow closely behind.
4. Alternatively, you can use a ranged weapon, if dealing with a ranged weapon.
5. Hide behind a horse if it's about to fire.
6. Quickly run up to it, and fire first.
7. You can only fire at it, when you're behind it or it's about to fire.
8. Otherwise, it'll just block your shot.
9. Just keep following it close behind, and repeat the steps.

	Read the words on the floor and exit. Forward through the corridor, reading the paragraphs.
Go up the stairs and through the door.


o. Chapel

1. Chapel

	Heather catches up with Claudia. Claudia thinks that it was Vincent who led her here. She
sprouts more nonsense about God and Paradise (again!). Heather tries to kill her, then tries to
convince her otherwise by pretending to be Alessa. Claudia is admanant that she's right. Heather is
overwhelmed by pain again, and Claudia leaves.

	You can check the paintings. Get the Eye of Night Tarot Card and save your game. Exit. Get
the Chapel Map on your right, then enter the confession booth. Choose whether to forgive Claudia. Go
forward, turn left, enter the door. Run past the 2 Closers here, and exit through the other door.
From here, there are 3 doors you can go to. Run quickly to the right door, avoiding the Insane
Cancers. Get the Cassette Tape and 10 Handgun Bullets. Exit, and run to the left door. Wait at the
painting for the tears to stop. Examine the painting. You can now go forward to the Belfry to save
your game. If not, enter the hidden door. There is a new monster here, I'll call them the Slashers.
They can be killed with a gun easily enough.

	Forward, then turn right. Enter the Library.

2. Library

	Read the books, then get the Moon Tarot Card at the back.

	Vincent enters, holding a book. Vincent insists that he is not insane and he's not with
Claudia. He disagrees with Claudia and doesn't want God to be born. Heather thinks Vincent is using
her to get Claudia. He then asks whether Heather got the Seal of Metradon. He thinks that it will
keep them safe. He hands over a book to Heather, and leaves.

	Go back, and enter the structure that looks like a lift.

3. Harry's Room

	Turn right, enter the door. 1 Slasher here. Forward, then turn left and enter the door.
You're now in Harry's Bedroom. Get 2 Batteries here, read the diary and leave. Go to the other room.
You're now in what looks like a morgue, get 6 Shotgun Shells and the Hanged Man Tarot Card. Exit to
the main area, go forward and enter the 3rd room from here. Enter the last door. 2 Pendulums and 1
Slasher here. Enter the last door on the left, avoid the 2 Closers, and exit through the back door.
Follow the footsteps and tears, then examine the wall where they stopped. (Note: You can see the
humaniod creature from before at the end of the path).

	Heather opens the hidden door.

4. Alessa's Hospital Room

	Enter the door, get the Fool Tarot Card from the book. Read the book, and get 2 Ampolues from
the table. Exit, run past the 2 Insane Cancers and exit again, past 2 Closers. Turn left, and left
and enter Alessa's Room. Get the Brass Key, save your game, and exit. You'll need to come back here
again. Go back to the main area, take the lift up. Go back to the area where the confession booth
was. There was a locked door here. Use the Brass Key here.

5. Alessa's Classroom

	Enter the 1st door on the left to Alessa's Classroom. Read the notes on the Alessa's desk and
the teacher's table. Exit. (Note: Do not enter the 1st door left. There are 5 Slashers in there).
Enter the 1st door right. Get the Med Kit, read the letters, then use the Cassette Tape on the Tape

	A conversation between Vincent and a woman about the what happened 17 years ago.

	Enter the 2nd door on the right, get the High Priestess Tarot Card, read Claudia's diary and
the birthday card.

6. Alessa's Room

	Retrace your steps all the way back to Alessa's Room.


Read the memo, and Alessa's sketchbook and examine the Tarot Cards.

High Priestess - II
Hanged Man - XII
XVIII - Moon
XXII - Eye of Night
0 - Fool

I had a dream.
In my dream, I opened a door.
But was that really me?
I had a different name.

5 are true and 4 are lies ---
and there are some fibs mixed
in with the truth.

That's cause it's scary to write
only the truth.
But dreams...dreams are like lies,
after all.




Very easy here. Check out the above symbols. Take out all letters that do not represent any roman
numerals. You'll get this:


Put the cards to their respective numerals. You'll get this:

High Priestess	Eye of Night	X
X			Fool			Moon
Hanged Man		X			X

Save your game. Unlock the door and continue through the path, and enter the final doors.

7. Birth of God

	Vincent is arguing with Claudia. He opposes Claudia and her plans. Claudia threatens to kill
Vincent. Heather/Alessa arrives. Vincent tells her to kill Claudia, but Claudia gets forward and
stabs Vincent first. Claudia believes it's time for God to be born. Heather/Alessa insists that
Claudia's ideals are wrong. She is stubborn that she is right. Vincent asks Claudia to go to hell,
and asks Heather/Alessa to take out the Seal. Claudia does not feel threatened by the Seal, and
finishes Vincent off. Heather/Alessa is overwhelmed by pain. She turns bloody. Claudia thinks that
the birth of God is immiment. Heather/Alessa suddenly recovers.

	If you move behind Claudia, you'll die. What to do now? Use the only item you have in your
inventory still unused. No, not the Seal. Not the Flashlight. The Pendant that Dad gave you.

	Heather/Alessa takes out the Aglaophotis and eats it. She feels pain again, then vomits out
the foetus of God, a bloody lump of flesh. Claudia is shocked. Heather/Alessa is about to finish the
thing off, when Claudia pushes her away, and swallows the lump of flesh whole. She starts to turn
bloody, and jumps into the hole behind her.

	Follow Claudia down. You'll have to end this once and for all.

	Heather/Alessa jumps down the hole. Claudia is nowhere to be seen. Only her clothes are left.
In her place is a giant monster. The humaniod creature places a shroud on Claudia's head.
Heather/Alessa can't believe Claudia is gone, then is shocked to realise that Claudia has turned into

	God. One big, ugly, freak of a monster.

1. It attacks with it's huge arms and sending walls of flames at you.
2. These can be evaded easily enough.
3. If you get too close, it will attack you with it's head.
4. Stand a few steps behind Claudia's clothes.
5. Use your Handgun and shoot it 3 times.
6. God will drop onto the floor.
7. Quickly, reload your Handgun and equip a higher powered weapon.
8. Wait for it to attack the air once with it's arms.
9. Blast the freak out.
10. Run 1 round across the arena to evade the flames.
11. Repeat the steps, take care, it's gonna be a long battle.
12. If you run out of ammo, you're sucked.
13. Use the Katana or Maul.
14. Wait for it to drop down, then slash it.
15. Unequip the Bulletproof Vest to run faster.

Alternative method:
	You can stand near its right arm, roughly around its right shoulder. In this position, its
arms cannot strike you. (Refer to cheesh the cat's FAQ for a detailed diagram. Credit to cheesh the
cat and CRACKERJACK here.) Equip the Maul and bludgeon the freak to death. Just take note to evade
the flames when it's head goes up.
	Heather/Alessa finishes off the God. She kicks at the corpse in fustration. She starts to
leave, then is overwhelmed by grief for her father. She collapses onto the floor, crying......
	I'll leave this to you. See below for the conditions for getting different endings.
	That's it, you've beaten one of the most scariest games around, and on Hard mode too! See
what ending you got, and bonus you've unlocked, and play through again.


IV. Misc Information


a. Endings
	There are 3 possible endings, although one is not so much an ending. I'll describe them and
the ways to get them. (I'll not spoil the ending here, just the methods to get them.)

1. Normal Ending
	Get less than 4000 points at the game completion points system.

2. Possessed Ending
	Get more than 4000 points at the game completion points system.

3. UFO Ending
	Use only the Heather Beam in a new game. This ending will be shown once you arrive at the
Apratments. Info on the Heather Beam can be found in section b below.


b. Secrets/Hints/Tips

1. Secret Weapons locations
*	Beam Saber - At the end of the hallway where you get the bookstore key. It's the doorknob. Unlocked
by killing more enemies with melee weapons.

*	Flamethrower - Helen's Bakery, where you got the Tongs. Unlocked by killing more enemies with
ranged weapons.

*	Infinite Sub Machine Gun - Go left from the toilet at the start of the game. It's at the dead end.
Unlocked by killing the final boss with a melee weapon.

*	Heather Beam - You have it in your inventory at the start of the game. Unlocked by killing 333
enemies(?) or after your 3rd game(?).

*	Silencer - Before you drop the matress in the Construction Site 5th floor, look to the right, and
examine the wall there. The wall looks brittle enough. Use the Maul to hit it once, and the
Silencer drops out.

*	Gold and Silver Pipe - Before you plug the Dryer into the Outlet at the Sewers, stand at the
water's edge and press circle. Drop the pipe into the water, a fairy will appear. Answer her
questions truthfully (no, no, yes) to get the Gold and Silver Pipes.

*	Sexy Beam - Equip Princess Heart. You must have the Heather Beam.

2. Bonus Costumes
	I'll put up the name of the costume, code in brackets and method to unlock it.

*	Block Head Shirt (PutHere2FeelJoy)- Unlocked by completing the game, killing less than 10 enemies.

*	Don't Touch Shirt(TOUCH_MY_HEART)- The code is found in the Women's locker room on 2nd floor of the
Alternate Hospital.

*	God of Thunder Shirt (GangsterGirl)- Unlocked by completing the game on Extreme Action level.

*	Golden Rooster Shirt (cockadooodledoo)- Unlocked by completing the game and get a perfect (10 star)

*	Heather Shirt (HappyBirthDay)- Unlocked by completing the game once on any difficulty level.

*	Royal Flush Shirt (01_03_08_11_12) - Unlocked by completing Extra New Game mode and start a new
game on Hard Mode. The code is found in the Chapel Archives.

*	Transform Costume (PrincessHeart)- Unlocked by completing the game on Extra New Game mode. It's
actually a key. Use it, and you'll be treated to a amusing little cutscene. ^_^

*	Transience Shirt(ShogyouMujou)- Unlocked by completing all Riddle Difficulties.

(Credit to DTingley's FAQ for unlocking methods)

3. Extra Scenes

*	After successfully completing the game once, highlight the "Extra New Game" option at the main menu
and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X. Heather will sigh after you choose a
difficulty and riddle level to confirm correct code entry. In some scenes when you see Douglas, he
will be wearing his underwear.

*	To get extra scenes while playing the game, use a memory card with at least one finished saved game
file from Silent Hill 2. New interactions with some objects and new scenes will now be available.
These scenes are similar or with some type of reference to the previous game.

4. Extra Options
	These can be accessed by pressing L1 or R1 at the options screen.
*	Blood Color - Set different colors for Blood (yours and monsters included). Pick from Green,
Violet, Black, or Red.

*	Blood Volume - Change the amount of blood which appears. Choose from Little, Normal, and Much.

*	Walk/Run Control - Set the movement controls for your character. If at 'Walk', by default, you'll
always walk and have to press down X to run. Vice versa for 'Run'.

*	Map - Sets the starting point for the maps. Zoom out means the map will be zoomed out when you open
the map. Vice versa for Zoom in.

*	Noise Effect - This turns the grain filter on and off.

*	Display Mode - The filter which adjusts the sharpness of the picture. The overall effect will be a
clearer world.

*	Ammo Multiplier - Changes the ammount of ammo you can find. Unlocked by completing the game once on
any difficulty level.

*	Beginner Mode - Very easy mode. Continue the game when your game is over at least twice to unlock.


V. Special Thanks and Credits

Special Thanks to the following:

Alex and Bernard for introducing me to the Silent Hill series.

Konami for their exceptional work.

Gamefaqs, for hosting this.

Silent Hill 3 message board members for their various hints and tips.

The other FAQ authors for giving me an example of a good guide.

Very special thanks to cheesh the cat, for his hard mode puzzle solutions, namely the books, hopsital
2nd floor and hospital basement puzzles.

Also to DTingley for info on the extra costumes.

Lastly, to all those incredible people who help put this game together. Thank you.

(Note: This is the 1st ever FAQ I've written, so there. If you think it sucked, feel free to mail me
at: linkin_sg@yahoo.com.sg )



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