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File Transcripts by halo077

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 07/11/03


Version 4.0
Contact - halo_077@hotmail.com



1. Contents
2. Introduction
3. Update information
4. File transcripts
5. Legal Information



This guide is a list of all of the files that appear in Silent
Hill 3.
This guide will therefore contain spoilers. 

This should be all of the memos, if any have been missed please 
E-mail me and I'll make sure to add anything that's not listed 
and give you credit for informing me.



Version 1.0

* Added Contents, Introduction and Update sections
* Started to add file listings

Version 2.0

* Added more files

Version 3.0

* Finished file listings
* Added Legal information and Credits section

Version 4.0

* Added missing file



This is a list of all of the File Transcripts for SH3


Fair is foul and foul is fair.
Put these books out of order.


There's a monster in the water.
The bastard's killed 2 of my buddies.
I should never have doubted that old urban
legend about alligators in the sewers. 
That was no myth.
But no one believes me. 
They were drunk and slipped? We're not that damn stupid. 
Even calling it a monster isn't quite right. 
This is something else. All I know is...something's in 
I'm going in now to beat that thing's head in.
If you find this note, consider it my will.
Revenge is futile -- or so you may think, reading this.
But Joe and Jaime were my best buddies.
Wish I knew how to do the deed. Guns won't work underwater.
Even my famous knifework won't do much. If only I had
a hand grenade...

* [Thanks to red soul for reminding me about this one and
providing the transcript for it]


Find the Holy One.
Kill her?


Flame Purifies All.
By these remains may a person find the road to paradise.


What was bag of silver coins is now the number in a book. 
Yet fate hath no price...
Ah, but do people know this?


Once upon a time, there was a monster living at the gates of 
a village. It was a very scary and a very bad monster.
It would catch people and crunch them up with its big teeth.
The villages were afraid of the monster and no one would dare
approach the gates.
Everyone was stuck inside the village.
When the king heard about this, he summoned his knights.
The knights eagerly rode out to defeat the monster. 
"Ha! Take that!"
Their swords slashed and their spears flashed,
but the monster wouldn't die.
The monster tossed the knights into it's mouth one by one,
horses and all.
What was the king to do?
He fretted and fussed and paced the floor, but could not
think of no solution. 
Soon after, the village Priestess came to the castle.
She was a very kind and good person. The king asked her 
to defeat the monster guarding the gates.


The Priestess accepted the king's request and went to
the village gates.
But when she saw the monster she tried to convince it
with words instead of killing it.
"Shut up, you! I'm going to eat you up!"
The monster didn't listen to a word the Priestess said.
But she kept trying to convince the monster to give up.
"It's wrong to eat people you know."
The monster grew very angry at this and attacked her,
killing her with a single blow.


The king and his people shed tears at the death of the kind
Priestess. God took pity upon them and, granting their wishes,
healed the Priestess. 
The Priestess opened her eyes just as she had done every
morning of her life.
She went once more to the monster's lair.
"Fool! You wish to die again?"
"No... this time it's your turn."
The Priestess had come to defeat the monster once and for all. 
As the Priestess was very kind, she felt sad about this task.
But it had to be done.
"Swords and spears won't work. Arrows and bullets bounce off. 
You can't kill me," the monster laughed.
But the Priestess used neither sword nor spear.
She chanted but a single spell.
Do you know what happened then?
The monster let out a huge cry, and then died and vanished!
Thus the villagers were able to use their gates once more.
Everyone lavished the their gratitude upon the Priestess and
they lived happily ever after.


I hope this will never come to any use; maybe it's better
if you never know.
More than anything else, I fear the possibility of your
going away, far away from me.
But sometimes we have to tell the truth. That's why I'm
writing this, before I'm lost in death and oblivion. 
What happened back then?
That has something to do with who you are.
It all started 24 years ago, coming back from a vacation,
my wife and I found a baby on the side of the highway.
Since we were childless, we thanked God for letting us
meet this  child.... this girl.
We took her home.
3 years later my wife died, and another 4 years later--17 years
ago--I came to Silent Hill.
I heard the girl's pleas and took her with me, not knowing why
she wanted us to go there.
And it was there that the girl went away. Not that she actually
 went anywhere, nor did she die.
"Returned to her former self".... thats what Dahlia Gillespie
said. "Original self".... That was the young woman burned by 
her mother as a sacrifice to God....Alessa Gillespie.
Half her soul escaped in those flames and went on to live in 
a baby...in that girl of mine. Of ours.
7 years passed before that half-a-girl returned to Silent Hill
and made Alessa whole again. 
Newly strengthened she vowed to kill God.
God, a fetus nestled into this sacrificial girl's womb, was 
summoned with the usual rites. 
This was Alessa's wish, no matter what the outcome--- even if 
her own existence were at stake.
But that wish was not granted. My interruption meant she prayed
instead for the girl's return.
I alone couldn't bring her back.
Dahlia did it--- I only helped at the birthing ceremony, to
bring God out of Alessa.
The newly born God wailed once and was dead. All from that 
girl's--- and probably Alessa's conscious resistance.
That's not the end.
After God had vanished in a glow of light, Alessa reappeared and 
gave me a baby. 
She looked a lot like that girl, so long ago.
And then Alessa was gone, dead.
There was nothing I could have done to help. I simply clutched the
baby to my chest and ran off.
The whole thing felt like a dream, but I had proof that it wasn't. 
The girl was nowhere to be found, and in my arms....the baby.
Now 17 years have passed. It feels like only yesterday, and again 
it feels like a million years ago. 
I confess I had reservations at first about raising that baby.
Could I love her?
Her existence was thoroughly unexplainable. 
I thought 'she could be that young woman who snatched away my 
beloved daughter.'
That led to sadness, anger... there were times when I put my hands around
her tiny little throat. Several times I even considered abandoning her. 
That's what a terrible person I am. But I decided to raise her
after all. I just couldn't seem to let her go.
When she....when you look at me, you laugh, so...
Even now I can't forget about that girl. But I love you. 
I have no doubts about that. That's all I ask you to believe.
To my precious daughter...
Harry Mason


Welcome to Silent Hill!
Silent Hill, a quiet little lakeside resort town. We're
happy to have you here.
Row after row of quaint old houses, gorgeous mountain 
landscape, and a lake which shows different sides of its
beauty with the passing of the day, from sunrise to late 
afternoons to sunset.
Silent Hill will move you and fill you with a feeling of
deep peace, I hope your time here will be pleasant and your 
memories will last forever.
Editor: Roger Widmark



Room S12
Presenting mild audiovisual hallucinations, emotional
instability, obsessive ideas.
Suspect mild schizophrenia.
Will continue observation.
Basically clam and co-operative with a strong sense of
However, according to reports, becomes very violent when
over excited.


Room S07
Usually passive and cowardly; also egotistical. 
Sometimes shows and acts on obsessive attachment
to a particular woman.
This has caused violent incidents; use caution.


Background - Unknown
Name/age - Unknown

Not admitted patient. Found in poor mental state on
hospital grounds and temporarily installed in room 
M4 at chief's discretion.
Died late tonight from blood loss due to severed 
carotid artery.
Was grasping own kitchen knife in right hand; assume
this was cause of neck wound.
Possible suicide, but wound angle suspicious. Sent to
2cnd floor treatment room for further investigation.
Have received no proof or corroboration of event from
patient residing in same room. Have not notified police.
However, for future necessity, leave victim's bed and effects
intact (room M4.)


Teaching Despair - Hope House

Hope House, an orphanage on the outskirts of Silent Hill.
But behind it's false image is a place where children are 
kidnapped and brainwashed.
Hope House is managed by the 'Silent Hill Smile Support
Society', a charity organization sometimes called 4S.
Its true that 4S is a well-respected charity that
'takes in poor children without homes and raises them with
hope.' But at it's heart it is a heathen organization that 
teaches its own warped dogma in lieu of good religious values. 
Mr Smith (temp) who lives near Hope House had this to say: 
"sometimes at night I can hear their weird prayers and the sounds
of the [children] crying. I went there to complain one time, 
but they ran me right out. Since then it hasn't changed a bit."
In fact, this reporter was refused admission when he attempted 
to take photographs in the facility.
What exactly do the folks at Hope House have to hide?
During my investigations I was able to discover, however, a 
suspicious looking round concrete tower which appears to be
part of their facilities.
Unfortunately no one was willing to tell us what the tower was used
for. But it seems unlikely that it has anything to do with the 
business of raising orphans. It may in fact be a prison or a 
secret place of worship. 
The cult religion that operates Hope House is known by the locals
simply as 'The Order'.
It's a religion that is deeply interwoven with Silent Hill's
But it's worshippers' feverant belief that they are among
the elite 'chosen people' has a dark and dangerous side.
I intend to continue my investigation of Hope House and the cult
behind it. 
I've always believed that 'telling the whole truth' and showing the
children the true path is our most important duty.

Joseph Schreiber


This day has finally come.
That's right --- the day when you and I will meet.

I was always thinking of you, here in this gloomy cell.
I never even knew your name or face until today.

But now I know. I know you're the one I've
been waiting for.
And haven't you been waiting for me too?
Thats why you came to rescue me.

Oh, how I love you Heather.

I want to give you my prized doll, I made it to
commemorate our meeting,
the start of this everlasting love.
Ah, I can already see your smiling face.

Stanley Coleman


You may not yet of realized your own feelings.
But you sense them unconsciously. 
And so you're trying to get closer to me.
That's a virtue, that path to Paradise. 

If the door's locked, open it. Use the password for
the prison gates. Doctor....  I've forgotten 
his name. Anyway, that quack has it posted. He should
be here, too. I mean, 4 numbers would've been good enough,
but he kept on going. 

Isn't it a shame? I'm not there. Aren't you irritated?
I long for you, but you're so cruel. 
Still, I want you Heather.

Stanley Coleman


The organization has me shut up in here. They mean to
break my will, to make me forget about all that.
But I'll stay sane even if they throw me in here with 
lunatics. How about if I stick this to the wall?
That would be worthless. 
You can peel it off, can't you, with that junk those
nasty wenches wont stop using.
If a thing has no meaning there's no reason for it
to exist at all. Just as you exist for me.
But why haven't you taken my doll with you? 
Ah, my gift must've embarrassed you.
How cute you are, Heather!

Stanley Coleman


Flowing feely, your ebony hair. Like the night sky,
seatting fragrance, 
my heart, clamoring in my chest.
Like a storm you trifle with it, your pristine glance.
Like a feast, when you smile my thoughts, disturbed,
my breath like opium, it drives me mad.......
Eric, a great poet who conveys my feelings so well.
I shouldn't have let this place get to me, should never
have gone crazy.
But it's superbly enjoyable to drown in my love for you.
But why won't you accept proof of my love?
Don't stand on ceremony now.
After all, you and I exist as one.
What I give to you is the same as what I give to me.

Stanley Coleman


There was a tattooed guy on that rumpled bed.
Not anymore though.
That alarm clock and filthy bag are his.
Ah, but don't misunderstand. I haven't done a thing.
I didn't hate him, though he was a liar.
Shall I write something of my own?
On my chest, since I can't cut it open to show you my heart.
" I love Heather"
No, something a bit more forceful. 
"I love Heather" isn't enough for what I feel.
Oh, what tender emotion this image brings.

Stanley Coleman


Heather, my most sacred lover. I'm always watching you. 
No matter where you are or what you may be doing, 
I have never lost sight of you.
I know you feel intensely lonely.
Yet with a single key to this door, those feelings won't stand in 
the way any longer.
We haven't been able to see each other for so long.
Be patient --- it's just a little longer.
I'll be patient, too, even though I long to hold you in 
these hands of mine.
The key is behind the shelves in the underground garage. 
Why there?
Ask that idiot doctor.
Theres not a single person here who's right in the head.
Not just in this hospital --- I mean in all of Silent Hill.

Except me.

Stanley Coleman


I also like the rooftop.
It makes me want to fly.
You too?

Stanley Coleman


Goodbye, Heather.
I'm sorry, I wasn't able to respond to your love. 
It's all over.
Leonard despises me --- because I made fun of it, 
saying it would come to this.
If it weren't for his meddling, I would have been able
to meet you in just a little while.
Then I could of taken you to my world.
A world for us alone, more beautiful than this one.
And I had been waiting for this day, for today. 
The day I'd see you, the day you'd save me.
Heather, watch out for him. Leonard is no ordinary guy.
Farewell, I love you.
Heather, my Goddess
Heather, my lover
Heather, my.......


Dr Midkiff:
Please use extra caution with the patient in room 312. 
He should still have his Religious freedom here in the hospital,
but he shouldn't push his faith on others.
I'm a victim too.
Rumour has it he got here by stabbing someone over 
a religious dispute.
Please be careful.

R Crosby

P.S It looks like the rumour was true, according to
the head nurse.
I do think he's a good person otherwise 
though --- easy to deal with.


The world is teeming with unnecessary people.
It's God's decision that I fight.
As a knight of honor, as a protector of the seal, 
I sacrifice myself to the blood of criminals.


One characteristic, mentioned only in rare documents and
dying out in the modern age, is that of the ritual sacrifice.
"Offering prayers, pierce a man's chest with a copper stake.
Drench the altar in the blood which 
spouts red from the heart, to praise and to show loyalty unto God."
In another sacrificial rite mentioned in the same book, the victim
is burned alive.
This was a more dignified ceremony in which prisoners and sinners
were not allowed to participate,only the clergy could be sacrificed.
Similar to the burning at the stake, no comparable rite can be found
in the religions practiced nearby. 
It may have some connection with the main deity being a sun God.
Even though this religion extols redemption, it brings to mind a 
dark and cultish history.


Client: Claudia Wolf
Request: Searching for (then infant) Alessa Gillespie
kidnapped by man named Harry Mason.

No word from police. Kidnap location unknown.

Old Silent Hill newspaper article: Alessa Gillespie (7)
dead in fire.
Links to current case?

To be investigated. Priority low. 
Using alias 'Heather'.
Neighbors do not know real name. What is she hiding?
According to records, 24 years old. 
Client says looks 17- Plausible?

Lived in Portland 'til 12 years ago. Got wrapped up in
a murder case; Harry shot suspect.
Justifiable self-defense, so no punishment. Moved away 
immediately after, started to use alias.
Apparently no connection with the criminal. Just some
occult freak, slightly off from way back.
Originally from Silent Hill?


Dahlia's the one who said it --- said that girl was a demon. 
That she took my daughter for a sacrifice.
But it's not totally believable.
I mean, appearances can be deceiving. 
When I saw that photo in the hospital basement I thought 
"That girl looks like my Cheryl".
Is that why I feel this way? Somethings not normal anyway.
Nothing good will come of this.
But I just can't think of her as a demon. Is it my imagination,
or do I actually feel sorry for her?
Why do I feel like she's looking for someone to help?
Cheryl's whats important to me. Everything else can wait
until I've gotten her back.


When 13 turns count 4, you will die from the curse.
If you wish to escape, there is but one way out.
To kill before you are killed: You will be saved by
the 12th death.


It would be better for "myself" to die.
After all, it's nothing to be afraid of...
That child....that demon.... When I think of the endless pain
it will bring when it is birthed....
I decided that, instead of the suffering and cruelty I endured
in that sick room, that I would like to bestow a more gentle
and peaceful death on "myself".
Why do "I" resist?
I never thought of "myself" as such a fool.


Stained by the evils of this world, we hold our sorrows
within us. Only you heal us these wounds.
Each morning, afternoon, evening and night, we call out
your name and pray for the day of the miraculous descent.
I give to you unreservedly, my body and my eternal soul.
Whatever darkness may befall me, I will endure with you beside me.
As proof of your miraculous power, guide our obedient and willing 
souls to the Road of Paradise,
Oh Lord.
We will not give in to the power of temptation as long as we have
you in our hearts.
Oh Lord
Save us, with your compassion
Oh Lord
Shower us with your blessings.
Oh Lord
Favor us with your abundance.


This door is the gate, which leads you the Road to Paradise.
Embrace the bosom of the Holy Mother,
Admit your sins and be forgiven.
Eternal tranquility can be yours.


In the beginning, people had nothing.
Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred. 
They fought endlessly, but death never came.
They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire.


A man offered a serpent to the sun and prayed for salvation.
A woman offered a reed to the sun and asked for joy.
Feeling pity for the sadness that had over run the earth,
God was born from these two people.


God made time and divided it into day and night.
God outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy.
And God took endless time away from the people.


God created beings to lead people in obedience to Her.
The red God, Xuchilbara, the yellow God, Lobsel Vith,
many Gods and angels.
Finally God set out to create Paradise, were people 
would be happy just by being there.


But the God's strength ran out, and she collapsed.
All the world's people grieved this unfortunate event,
yet God breathed Her last.
She returned to the dust, promising to come again.


So God hasn't been lost.
We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith.
We wait in hope for the day when the Path to Paradise
will be opened.


Mother of God, Daughter of God


Miraculous hands, a doctor of God.


Unwavering faith under death's blade.


This magic square, with strong protective and dispelling 
properties, is called the 'Virun VII crest' or the 'Seal
of Metatron'.
It will bring results regardless of whether the target is
good or evil; its strength, therefore,
places a very high burden on the caster.
As it is also difficult to control, it is not usually used.
This is why it bears the name 'Metatron' after the angel Metatron
(or Metratron) also known as the Agent of God.


There is no religion that has remained unchanged from the
moment it was founded.
This one is no exception. When the religion fell into the
hands of immigrants, it was deeply influenced by their own
original Christian beliefs. For example, the traditional
representations of these primal Gods may be given the names
and descriptions of christians angels. Thus shared characteristics
begin to appear.
(There is also one rare example of the chief deity, 'Creator of 
Paradise' or 'Lord of Serpents and Reeds', being dubbed with a 
demons name of course, this was not done by believers but by 
their opponents.)


Tarot was based on the 22 Hebrew consonants and is
said to represent the entire world. Each card, numbered
0 through 21, has a particular meaning. By reading these 
cards, fortunetellers predict the future.
For example, the first card, 'The Magician' signifies creation,
wisdom beginnings, or destruction and fraud.
The second card 'The High priestess' denotes intuition, 
harmony, faith, or dogmatism and arrogance.
According to some texts the Gardner deck had more than 22 cards.
(The Gardner deck does not exist today, it is mentioned only in
the literature.) It is said that these extra cards were based on
lost Hebrew Vowels and denoted an otherworldly, transendental 
existences: i.e., God.


I sometimes have the sense even now that, that girl
is a reincarnation of Alessa.
I don't worry about it much now that's all forgiven.
You were unloved Cheryl.......
or was it Alessa? Now Cheryl is Alessa again.
No matter whose reincarnation she may have been, 
that girl was my most beloved treasure.
But that name was a mistake. At the time I thought
her only as a replacement for my lost Cheryl.
When she knows the truth, will she feel bad?
That's what worries me.


Represents the deity known as 'The Halo of the Sun.'
I heraldry symbolizes a religion group.
The two outer circles are charity and resurrection,
the three inner circles are present past and future.
Usually drawn in red. Occasionally drawn in black or
other colors, but blue reverses the meaning into a curse
on God and is there fore forbidden.


People are starting to voice their dissatisfactions about
Father Vincent using the organization's money for his own 
personal benefits. I've also heard rumours that Father
Vincent has been extorting donations from some followers. 
Is he really the right person for such a position?
I'm in no place to deny all he's done to make the organization
grown...Even through we believe in God, if there were some 
sort of gathering shouldn't we be valued not for our limited 
talents or our talkativeness but for the depth of our faith?


Go home. Drop dead. Theif.


Theres a girl named Alessa in my class. If your memory is
any good, you may remember her she's the one I said they 
called a witch. Most likely her mother is abusing her.
I've never seen her come in without some sort of scrape or
bruise. Her expression is pitifully dark for a 6 year old.
Something like this may not be so uncommon.
Rather than coming up with pointless ideas its best just
to watch and wait. But isn't there something I can do to help?
I'm considering consulting a lawyer but I do have my reservations.
That's why I thought I'd ask you my friend for your opinion first.

K. Gordon


November 10

She didn't die then, she was born. I knew that for a fact. 
But then why haven't I found her yet?
They were supposed to need her power to build paradise 
for the happiness of the people.
She was supposed to be reborn for that.
I'd really like to see her.

November 14

Read 'The Book of Praise'. I want to thank Farther for lending
me such an invaluable book.
I found what I'd been searching for in there--how to awaken God.
But it's much too cruel. Will I be able to pull it of when I see her?

November 16

I was free all day, so I read 'A Modern History of Refugees' and
'Xeung Slaves child Exploitation.'
I don't want to be a mere bystander in this world. I can't do
anything now though, and thats what's hard.


To little Claudia
Happy 6th Birthday
I love you as if you were my real sister.
Here's to you!


Red liquid or crystals resembling blood. According to the Kabbalah,
the name is taken from a herb with the power to dispel evil spirits.
It is said to grow in Arabian deserts. It may be vaporized or applied 
as a poultice to guard against demons.
It is powerful, but as it is rare it is extremely difficult to obtain.


Shes just beyond this door. I don't know how, but I can sense it but
shes not the only one there.
I sense the presence of something extremely dangerous, even 
sickening........ or maybe what they call 'God'.Nevertheless I will
open the door. Enough of this idle chitchat.
'God' I'm not, but I fully intend to save her......no them.



Silent Hill 3 is copyright of Konami

This document is not to be copied in anyway without permission.


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