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  1. Hwell... Better asking late than never asking...
    Problem is that i beat game for THREE times. Sum of killed monsters are:
    - around 150
    - around 200
    - around 170
    Each time i started game from "Extra New Game', but this damn thing still not working (yes, i put off any weapon and try "make sparkling eyes")!
    So can i ask stupid question: i must kill EXACT 333 monsters, or AT LEAST 333 monsters?

    And sorry for my bad english.

    User Info: Saderifet

    Saderifet - 6 years ago
  2. It's definitely not EXACTLY 333, I unlocked it after two playthrough and killed anybody without caring about the number. What matter is: did the game told you you've unlocked it? Becouse if it did, you have it, however it does not appear in the invetory, that's why you need to put off any weapon to use it.

    Maybe you can't use it cause you didn't exit the toilet at the beginning? You know, the game won't let you use it there but you can as soon as you exit the toilet.

    User Info: Enigma8th

    Enigma8th - 6 years ago

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  1. You must kill at least 333 enemies to get Heather Beam.
    Number of "run-through" plays you utilize to obtain this don't matter.
    Heather Beam never appears in your inventory, it is equipped on you by default.
    To use this skill you must disarm your weapons first (if any).
    To utilize this skill press and hold "aim" button, then press "action" button to fire.
    This skill is heavily dependent on your stamina, so if your character is tired (for example - after running all the time), it's power and effectiveness won't be high enough, so always make sure that you've rested just enough so that you can use it at it's full power.

    Additional info: to use Sexy Beam (a much more powerful and quite more effective version of Heather Beam) you must first obtain "Transform" costume and then equip it before you try to use Heather Beam.
    Heather Beam (as well as Sexy Beam, if you got "Transform" costume) is an absolute necessity to get the UFO ending.

    I hope that this information helps you. This question is long overdue it's expiration date, so I think it's about time that it's closed once and for all. Have a nice day/night and I wish you the best of results.

    User Info: Master_Faust

    Master_Faust - 5 years ago 2   0

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