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I think the devil cried when he seen this game. 03/29/05 Alucard517
A sequel in the shadow of it's predecessor... 05/30/04 Auron255
With a semi-Resident Evil 2 format and use of the directional pad, DMC2 is one of the funnest titles yet. 02/06/03 DJellybean
Devil May Cry 2, the black sheep of the DMC series 05/05/05 dwarfkicker
Dante's fall from grace... 01/12/07 Galactus21
Pretty good if it's your first time....but your second? Maybe not. 02/02/03 Jagz
Well. A good rent. 02/06/06 jediman49
DMC = Master of Puppets, DMC 2 = Re-Load 03/16/03 JHarring
It's a step down from it's predecessor. 05/06/03 LeggoTHISeggo
Devil May Cry 2 is a wonderful rental, yet it truly isn't worth its official price. 02/09/03 m00c0w
Devil May Cry 2: Most anticipated game of January 2003? For me it was. But Capcom didn’t seem to care. 02/14/03 McGray
A good game even though there's lot of terrible things 07/31/04 mystic4life
Many people are disappointed ? Okay, but I'm not !!! 03/10/03 Mysticcat
Not the kind of game you would expect... 10/31/03 Naru2005
Gamers Don't Cry, It's Still A Solid Game 03/10/03 PS2JUNKSTA
Dantes back and still kickin 02/17/03 smallfry645
Superior To The Original Devil May Cry In My Opinion 04/04/03 THAguyINgta3
Capcom, you have officially hit the Tyson Zone. 04/20/09 UltimaterializerX
Petiton: This game is now "Bob's Day Out" 10/14/03 Vesperas
Don't waste your time or money. This isn't worth playing. 02/25/03 Yamama
A Detailed Review of DMC2 02/05/03 Yedokai

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