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Blue Orbs/Secret Missions FAQ by YuriSEAL Prime

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/09/2003

-_____                  ,,         /\\,/\\,              
  ' | -,        ;     ' ||        /| || ||    _          
 /| |  |`  _-_  \\/\ \\ ||        || || ||   < \, '\\/\\ 
 || |==|| || \\ || | || ||        ||=|= ||   /-||  || ;' 
~|| |  |, ||/   || | || ||       ~|| || ||  (( ||  ||/   
 ~-____,  \\,/  \\/  \\ \\        |, \\,\\,  \/\\  |/    
(                                _-               (      
  ,- _~.                     /\  
 (' /|                      (  ) 
((  ||   ,._-_ '\\/\\         // 
((  ||    ||    || ;'        //  
 ( / |    ||    ||/         /(   
  -____-  \\,   |/          {___ 
                                           For Dante/Lucia


Greetings, and welcome to my FAQ. I don't believe in long introductions, so I'll
skip straight to the point. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the _best_
resource on DMC2's Blue Orbs and Secret Rooms locations on the internet. Enjoy!

|1.1-Table of Contents|

Table of contents:
1.1-Table of contents
1.2-Version History
2.1-Dante Secret Rooms
2.2-Dante Blue Orbs
3.1-Lucia Secret Rooms
3.2-Lucia Blue Orbs
4.1-Contact Info
4.3-Legal junk

|1.2-Version History|

Version 1.0-Yay! My first FAQ!
Just submitted. Contains locations of all Secret Rooms and Blue Orb
locations. If I receive over twenty e-mails requesting strategies, I'll do my
best to submit them. In the meantime, try checking the Bloody Palace FAQ.


|Section 2.1-Dante Secret Missions|

Mission 1:
Secret room #1-After you fight the Puias, look around. There should be a large
wooden door between two buildings(one of which is the one the first Puia 
appeared on). Walk up and hit Circle.
Secret room #2*-After the first Secret Room, continue down the path. You'll
run into an obstruction(a door in a short wall). Double-jump over the wall,
turn around, walk up to the wall, and hit Circle again.

Mission 2:
Secret Room #3-In the area with the Red Orb Striking Stone, walk up to the
coffin to the <blank> of the stone and hit Circle. Don't leave the first area
until you've found it.
Secret Room #4*-In the area with the Blue Striking Globe needed to continue
on, there's a coffin to the left of the globe. Inspect it as usual.

Mission 3:
Secret Room #5-After you fight the large Goatling, walk down the right side of
the street(from your point of view). You're looking for a short set of red
double doors. If all else fails, just check every single door.

Mission 4:
Secret Room #6*-As soon as you start the level, head down. The first door that
becomes visible next(on the right) is the Secret Room one. If all else fails,
just check all the doors on the right side of the street(from your viewpoint,
not Dante's).
Secret Room #7-In the area where you need to use the Quick Heart, before you go
through the gate, walk from the door past the iron gate(just continue going)
until you come to a Red Orb stone. The Secret Room is in the nearby garage door

Mission 5:
Secret Room #8*-In the first area, exit the ramp and continue moving forwards
and to the right. The door closest to the corner is your goal. It's on the long
ledge. Inspect it, as always.
Secret Room #9-As you pass the bridge where the Oranguterra spawns, it's the
third door(on the top level). Simply check all the ones as you pass. Note that
you can use this to skip the fight with the Oranguterra.
Secret Room #10*-There's a brown door, about Dante's height, with a street
lamp near it. It's on a balcony and is near the burning oil truck. Another 
hing to note is that it's in the area with the tanks. Note that you need to
defeat the tanks before this Secret Room can be accessed(according to
information I've received).

Mission 6:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 6.

Mission 7:
Secret Room #11-In the third area, there is a God of Time statue and a river of
lava. Jump over the river of lava and move to Dante's right(assuming you jumped
straight across). The door is on the wall you're now facing, on the lowest
level(closest to the lava). Inspect it.
Secret Room #12*-Immediately before you finish the level by going through a
door with a red light above it, there will be a door with stairs leading up to
it on your left. Inspect that door.

Mission 8:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 8.

Mission 9:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 9.

Mission 10:
Secret Room #13-It's the pillar closest to the door you must go through on your
right. It's also the farthest(on the right) from your starting position.

Mission 11:
Secret Room #14*-As soon as the stairs at the start of the level end, look to
Dante's left. There will be a door (which has a green orb that looks vaguely
like a slit-pupiled eye). Inspect it.
Secret Room #15-In the room with a bunch of pillars and platforms you need to
jump onto(unless you use the Aerial Heart to bypass them), it's the largest
ledge with a door on it.

Mission 12:
Secret Room #16*-Press up and inspect the door. Not at all hard to find.
Secret Room #17-After you fight the Protector(the "boss" with the crystals you
need to shatter and the Sargassos), you drop down into a hole. From that room,
right before you enter the next door, there are niches with statues in them.
Break the statue in the niche(on the left) closest to the door, walk into the
niche, and hit Circle. It's _VERY_ close to the door you enter to fight the
next boss, however, so watch out.

Mission 13:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 13.

Mission 14:
Secret Room #18*-If you look to your left at the beginning of the level, you'll
notice two tall wooden doors. Inspect the bottom one.

Mission 16:
Secret Room #19-In the room where you must dodge the blobs to acquire a
Sacrilege(It's the location of the first Sacrilege), inspect the door on the
ground floor, in the same location as the Sacrilege(directly underneath the
Sacrilege, in other words)
Secret Room #20*-After you kill the second boss of this level, before you enter
the portal, hop onto the chair, face the top of the screen, and hit Circle.

*'s indicate that you receive a Blue Orb fragment for completing the Secret
Room(They're the even-numbered ones, and they'll be different levels if you do
the Secret Rooms in a different order)


The number of each Secret Room depends on the order in which you enter them. If
all of the Secret Rooms are collected, in order, the numbers in this FAQ are
accurate(for each higher difficulty, add 20 to the number). However, if some
are skipped or missed, the numbers are NOT accurate. The numbers continue on
through each difficulty, making 60 SRs in total for Dante.

However, it is recommended by some that you skip at least one Secret Room in
Normal, so that you do not have to do Secret Room 60(which involves fighting 2
Despair Embodieds simultaneously) in Dante Must Die! difficulty. If you do so,
just remember that the numbers of Secret Rooms and the rooms you get Blue Orbs
from will change. I recommend that anyone doing this skips the two in Mission
12, NOT the last Secret Room, as, if you skip the last Secret Room, you need to
do the whole mission to get to it. Mission 12 is very short, and skipping two
at once keeps the rooms you get Blue Orbs from accurate.

If you don't feel like a challenge, you only need to get up to level 20 to
finish both lifebars.

|Section 2.1-Dante Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments|

Mission 1:
Fragment 1/20-After you pass a large statue(just before you run into the
train/bus hanging over a cliff), there will be a large arch. Double-jump
underneath it to get the fragment.
Fragment 2/20-When you see a golden statue holding an hourglass(the "God of
Time"), jump into the sewers beneath it and continue walking. Eventually you'll
come to the other end. The fragment is on a nearby ledge.
Fragment 3/20-Secret Room #2

Mission 2:
Fragment 4/20-In one of the pitfall traps. To make sure you get it, break all
the faces in the first area and test all the areas unlocked. The particular
pitfall trap is huge and also has red orbs(with no enemies).
Fragment 5/20-Secret Room #4
Fragment 6/20-In the room before the Aerial Heart, from the door you came in
from, go towards the locked door, then turn right at your first
opportunity(don't bother hitting any other faces first). Break the face and go

Note:Some people have reported that this location is confusing, so just try to
remember, it's in the area before the Aerial Heart, and you need to break a
face to get to it. There are also Golems in the chamber it's found in.

Mission 3:
Fragment 7/20-As you exit the street where you began the mission, don't walk
over into the street right beside it(if you do, you'll be locked in with a
large Goatling and some other enemies. Walk towards the bottom of the screen
instead. Follow the path until you come to an area with a large arch. Go
through the arch and check around the area of the broken bridge. It shouldn't
be hard to find.

Mission 4:
Fragment 8/20-Secret Room #6
Fragment 9/20-During the first fight with Msiras(on the hilltop), double-jump
onto the cliffs at the left. It should be easily visible.
Full Orb 1/5-Immediately after you break the wooden wall, keep a lookout to the
top of the screen(the left, too). When you see a bunch of ledges, begin
climbing them. The top one has the Blue Orb.

Mission 5:
Fragment 10/20-Secret Room #8
Fragment 11/20-Secret Room #10
Fragment 12/20-At the top of the bridge where one of the Infested Tanks is.
It's on the right side, in plain view.
Full Orb 2/5-As you're chased by the helicopter, near the top of the
second(last?) building, move to the right. Around the building(you can get onto
the right side), there should be a small grey basket. Step into it and you'll
be dropped down.

Mission 6:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 6.

Mission 7:
Full Orb 3/5-After you ride in the orange train/elevator, there should be some
crates near the top of the screen. Hop onto them and head towards the corner.
Double-jump up to reach the Blue Orb. If you're too far, get a bit closer to
the corner.
Fragment 13/20-Secret Room #12

Mission 8:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 8.

Mission 9:
Fragment 14/20-In the area where you strike the three things to light up the
door, run up to the door, activate Devil Trigger and start flying towards the
pipe you came in on in Mission 7. It's down and to the left of the door from
the camera angle you get near the door. Note that you'll need to be fairly high
to get the Blue Orb, and it's _ONLY_ visible from a large height.

Mission 10:
Fragment 15/20-The game even shows you this one...Get out from under the arch
you start in, turn to the right, go a bit forwards, then turn right and go into
the next arch. This Blue Orb is harder to miss than to find.

Mission 11:
Fragment 16/20-Secret Room #14
Full Orb 4/5-After you break the door in the spike trap room, walk back over
to the wall(that doesn't have pillars). Double-jump a few times, eventually,
you should make it into a small rectangular opening(if you don't make it, try
using Air Raid). Continue down the corridor. Eventually, you should come to a
space with a sword(Merciless) sticking out of a weird, glowing ground. The orb
is on top of a platform above you. Double-jump against one of the walls to get

Mission 12:
Fragment 17/20-Secret Room #16

Mission 13:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 13.

Mission 14:
Fragment 18/20-Secret Room #18
Fragment 19/20-In the area where you fight the Pyromancers(beside the door
leading to the room with the entrance to the underworld, one of the powers you
have to activate is in the air here), there's a Blue Orb. The easiest way is
to fly almost straight down from the Striking Globe, but you might also want to
try hopping up(there are two ledges jutting out of the wall).

Mission 15:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 15.

Mission 16:
Full Orb 5/5-After you get the first Sacrilege, stay on the balcony and head
around the room. It's directly opposite the spot where the Sacrilege was.
Fragment 20/20-Secret Room #20

Mission 17:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 17.

Mission 18:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 18

If you purchased all 5 Blue Orbs from the God of Time, you now have all 15
Blue Orbs and two completely overlapping lifebars! Enjoy! Also, note that
every fourth fragment is a Blue Orb, and, as usual, the Blue Orb Fragment count
is off if you didn't do all 20 SRs in Normal(though I still recommend that you

Congratulations! You've completed collecting all of Dante's Blue Orbs, and all
(or most) of his Secret Rooms! Now, go challenge Lucia's disc.


|Section 3.1-Lucia Secret Rooms)|

Mission 1:
Secret Room #1-Drop into the sewer beside the God of Time statue(the first one
you encounter). The entrance is the grate.
Secret Room #2-Right before you end the mission(the area is the same as the one
where Dante starts HIS mission 1), continue to your left. There should be a
lion head statue. Inspect it(note, it's large and pinned to the wall, and when
playing as Dante, there are 100 red orbs here).

Mission 2:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 2.

Mission 3:
Secret Room #3-In the room before you run into the Healing Heart(the Healing
Heart is in the room that has the Quick Heart for Dante), inspect the carving
on the inside of the staircase(from ground level).
Secret Room #4-After you run through the open gate, there's a door and a
staircase leading around. Get onto the staircase and climb to the top. Then,
move as far right as you can and inspect the right wall.

Mission 4:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 4.

Mission 5:
Secret Room #5-When you enter the last room of the mission(reddish room, three
doors), there is a door with stairs leading up to it on the right. It's
partially hidden by crates.

Mission 6:
Secret Room #6-After you beat the flying moth boss, activate Devil Trigger and
fly up and to the left. It's in a large cave just above the water's level.
You'll need to inspect it quite a few times before you find the spot you need
to see.

Mission 7:
Secret Room #7-After you grab the Aqua Heart, there's a ledge with a door to
your left. Double-jump up to it and go in the door. It's quite easy to spot.

Mission 8:
Secret Room #8-After you start the mission, immediately head up. There should
be a doorway(without a door, it's filled with blackness) behind Lucia(according
to the camera). There's a Gold Orb nearby, and Blades can spawn in that doorway

Mission 9:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 9.

Mission 10:
Secret Room #9-After the mission starts, head up, and look for a kind of raised
area near the wall(which will be covered in cobwebs). After you find that(it's
near one of the powers you need to release), look for a door to your left.
There's only one in this area, so it shouldn't be hard to do. If you can't
find it through this, then simply go up from your starting position and check
all the doors on the left side.

Mission 11:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 11.

Mission 12:
Secret Room #10-After you take the first elevator, turn to the left, go down,
break the vase, and inspect the section of the wall the vase covered. It looks
vaguely like a door.

Mission 13:
No Secret Rooms are present in Mission 13.

All of Lucia's Secret Rooms give Blue Orb Fragments when completed.

The number of each Secret Room depends on the order in which you enter them(the
first is #1, the second is #2, etc). If you want an easy time(and you still
want to complete all 30), then simply leave one on Normal for until you've
completed all of Lucia Must Die!'s.

|3.2-Lucia Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments|

Mission 1:
Fragment 1/20-Secret Room #1
Fragment 2/20-As you run into the God of Time statue near the sewer(beside
where you enter Secret Room #1), go a bit to your left. There should be a ledge
about head height with the Blue Orb Fragment in plain sight.
Fragment 3/20-After the mandatory fight with the Savage Golems, you'll pass
under an arch. After you go under the arch, keep an eye out to your right for a
statue(it appears immediately after the arch). Double-jump up onto one of the
shoulders, then jump over to the head.
Fragment 4/20-Secret Room #2

Mission 2:
Fragment 5/20-After you fly out of the room where you acquired the Aerial
Heart, you should be in a room with wooden ramps spiralling around. You'll run
into a platform in the middle(up against a wall) fairly soon. Double-jump
towards the corners until you find the orb. There's also a weapon located near
here. Note that there are several of these platforms, but this is the lowest
Fragment 6/20-After you defeat the boss, you will see an item to pick up.
Before(or after) you pick this story-related item up, go into the chamber it's
in and turn to the left. Or, to put it more simply, it's left of the item.

Mission 3:
Full Orb 1/5-After you fight the Msiras on the hilltop, head down(from your
vantage point). You should see two ledges jutting out from the wall. Jump onto
the first, then double-jump towards the second. If you're bad at jumping, then
just fly up. 
Fragment 7/20-After you clear the rubble from the doorway, keep to the left.
Look for a number of ledges(some of them have Red Orbs on them, I believe). Try
to get to the highest point. You don't have to land on the ledge, just get near
the orb. Of course, if you're lazy, skip using the ledges, just fly up there
with the Aerial Heart.
Fragment 8/20-Secret Room #3
Fragment 9/20-Secret Room #4

Mission 4:
Fragment 10/20-There's a U-shaped ramp near your starting location. There's a
Heart for Lucia under the Blue Orb, and one of Dante's missions started there.

Mission 5:
Fragment 11/20-After the Evil Heart attacks you(while still in the broad open 
area with the Puias), hop down a level or two, and stay to the left. You should
run into some containers. Go around them to the left. The Fragment is between
Full Orb 2/5-After you convert the Evil Heart, it's in the same location as
Dante's Secret Room #11.
Fragment 12/20-Secret Room #5

Mission 6:
Fragment 13/20-After you defeat the moth boss, check to your left. If you can't
find it, just check both sides. It's in plain view.
Fragment 14/20-Secret Room #6

Mission 7:
Fragment 15/20-Secret Room #7
Full Orb 3/5-When you start, swim forwards and check for a niche on your left.
It shouldn't take long to find.

Mission 8:
Fragment 16/20-Secret Room #8
Fragment 17/20-Before you destroy the key-shaped statue, walk around behind it.
Fragment 18/20-After you find the Red Orb Striking Stone, the next time you
swim, just go all the way down. You should run into a stonehenge-like
configuration of rocks. Go towards Lucia's back, there's a small black
doorway-ish hole. Take the tunnel to the end. You'll get the Fragment, a Green
Orb, some Red Orbs, and you'll skip an annoying fight.

Mission 9:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 9.

Mission 10:
Fragment 19/20-Secret Room #9
Full Orb 4/5-There's an arena accessible only by jumping into the opening. If
you go around the level counterclockwise(head up from beginning position), the
entrance is just past a fight with Jomothumsiras on a hilltop. One of the
powers that Dante needed to activate is located here.

Mission 11:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 11.

Mission 12:
Fragment 20/20-Secret Room #10
Full Orb 5/5-After you get the first Sacrilege, stay on the balcony and head
around the room. It's directly opposite the spot where the Sacrilege was. It's
in the same place as the last one for Dante, in other words.

Mission 13:
There are no Blue Orbs or Blue Orb Fragments available in Mission 13.

Congratulations! You've completed all of Lucia's(and Dante's, in all likelihood
) Secret Rooms and collected all of her Blue Orbs! Go challenge the Hard 

|4.1-Contact Info|

There are a few main ways I'd prefer to be contacted. In order of preference:

1)GameFAQs boards. You should already know the guideline for posting. If it's
about this FAQ, ask on the DMC2 boards, and the DMC2 boards ONLY. If it's about
anything else, ask wherever you see me.

2)Instant Messaging. My AIM handle is YuriSEALPrime, and that's the only IM
program I have. Please don't IM me just to tell me my guide sucks, that's not
why I log onto AIM. If you MUST insult my guide, please give me reasons.



Don't forget to replace the [at] with @. All e-mails about the guide should 
include "Devil May Cry 2" in the title, and I don't want ANY e-mails that
aren't about it, unless I specify otherwise. Also note that I haven't beaten
the game on the Must Die! modes(the game bores me too much), so I can only give
you basic tips about the bosses(and it's been a long time since I've played).
Failure to follow those guidelines will result in an immediate blocking of your
e-mail, and, quite likely, a blocking of your AIM handle, too.

DO NOT send me any of the following:
-Asking why I didn't answer your question on AIM or GameFAQs
-Any non-constructive critism
-Requests to have my guide posted on your site
-MeSsAgEs In AlTeRnAtInG cAsE
-E-mails with CONSTANT spelling and grammatical errors
-Pretty much any e-mail I can't read, including anything in a language other
than English
-Do not sign me onto auto-mailers
-Personal letters
-Things saying that you're stalking me
-Anthrax and bomb threats

Or anything else. I reserve the right to ignore any e-mail you send me, and I
WILL block anyone who harasses me about not answering an e-mail.


Thanks goes to:

CJayC for hosting GameFAQs
Various people on the DMC2 boards for providing me with rough outlines of the
Capcom for making the original Devil May Cry
justaNewbie for inspiring me and helping me through DMC1's DMD!

|4.3-Legal Junk|
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version: 1.00
Author: YuriSEAL Prime(yuriseal[at]yahoo[dot]ca)
This file is Copyright (c)2002-2004 Pablo Rodriguez. All rights

This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission, except http://www.gamefaqs.com/.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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