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Secret Rooms Locations FAQ by Kouli

Version: Final | Updated: 02/16/03

-- Devil May Cry 2 Secret Rooms Locations FAQ --
-- By Kouli {aka Ken, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
-- Final Version --



Through out the game, there are hidden rooms which can be entered by the Examine 
Button. These rooms are similar to the Secret Missions in Devil May Cry. Once you 
enter a Secret Room, you have to fight groups of enemies in order to activate the
portal then you can wrap back to where you were before you enter the Secret Room.
First time you enter a Secret Room, it counts as Secret Room Level 1, the next one
you enter, it counts as Secret Room Level 2. Orders and modes don't matter. In Dante
Disc, there are 20 Secret Rooms in Normal Mode, 20 more in Hard Mode and another 20
in Dante Must Die Mode. That makes a grand total of 60. In Lucia Disc, there are 10
Secret Rooms in Normal Mode, 10 more in Hard Mode and another 10 in Lucia Must Die 
mode. That makes a total of 30. The locations DO NOT change when you play different
modes for both characters. Once you entered all 20 in Normal Mode, all 20 in Hard 
Mode and all 20 in Dante Must Die Mode, you have cleared all Dante's 60 Secret Rooms
Levels and you CAN NOT enter any of them again in any mode. The same thing goes to 
Lucia. If you ever want to enter a Secret Room again, you have to start a NEW GAME.


<Secret Rooms Locations For Dante>

-Mission 1, There is a door near where you encounter the bird creatures.It's directly
face where you trigger the birds to show up

-Mission 1, To the left of the door above, Enter from the back of that door. Continue
around the path, you will see a door like. Get to the back of it by jumping and enter

-Mission 2, There is a coffin where you see the Striking Stone {The coffin is on the 

-Mission 2, There is another coffin where you see the Striking Globe {The coffin is 

-Mission 3, Forth door{from top} on the right side of the street

-Mission 4, Second door{from buttom} from left of where you start

-Mission 4, The door near Striking Stone

-Mission 5, Top right door on the map, Use the MAP.

-Mission 5, Third door passed the bridge to the left, Second Area, Before Bosses.

-Mission 5, The door directly face the burning oil truck

-Mission 7, Door-Like at the opposite corner of the God of Time

-Mission 7, Door to left before you end the mission

-Mission 10, Top Right tall column of the center square, Examine the buttom

-Mission 11, The Eye-Like-Door after you walks down the ramp from where you start

-Mission 11, Directly below the Striking Globe

-Mission 12, The door behind where you start

-Mission 12, Left of the door, VERY CLOSE to where you enter to fight the boss

-Mission 14, Door that used to lead to the Trolley Station

-Mission 16, Directly below the first Sacrilege

-Mission 16, Check the chair in Arius' office after killing Trismagia


<Secret Rooms Locations For Lucia>

-Mission 1, Right of the God of Time, just "enter" the sewer

-Mission 1, Left of the big door where you end your mission

-Mission 3, The room before Healing Heart Room, Directly face the entrance

-Mission 3, Above where you enter to fight the boss

-Mission 5, Door to right before you end the mission

-Mission 6, Fly to NW of where you start, You see a place where you can land. Once
            you land there, move forward to the "hole" and then Examine

-Mission 7, At where you found Aqua Heart, Left of that. Need to double jump

-Mission 8, Above the Gold Orb in the beginning. Swim around and find this dark
	    doorway, kill the Blades first if you want

-Mission 10, Left of the Striking Globe which nears where you start

-Mission 12, Take the lift. Left End of Where you are. Break the vase and Examine



At Secret Rooms Level 60 for Dante, you will fight Three The Despair Embodied, they 
are extremely tough if you fight them on Dante Must Die Mode. So I suggest you leave
one room un-entered in Normal Mode, and after you cleared Secret Rooms Level 59, go 
to that left-over Secret Room and fight Three The Despair Embodied in Normal Mode.
If you want challenge, forget about what I said. Just fight them on Dante Must Die.

At Secret Rooms Level 30 For Lucia, you will fight Three Possessed Arius, and the 
same strategy that I mentioned above also apply here. Challenge or not, UP TO YOU.


<The End>



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This Document Copyright 2003 Kouli

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