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Bloody Palace FAQ by SeraphicRadiance007

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/17/03

Bloody Palace FAQ
 - Devil May Cry 2

Author: SeraphicRadiance007 (kaleikalae66@hotmail.com)
 - Version 2.0

Copyright 2003 Seraphic

This FAQ can only be used at GameFAQs. Any other site wishing to use this 
must as my permission via email.


Table of Contents
-	Preface
-	Requirements
-	Mechanics
-	Recommendations
-	Basic BP Strategies
-	Regular Level Boss List
-	Level 9999 Boss List
-	BP Boss Strategies
-	Frequently Asked Questions
-	Credits and Thanks


 - The Bloody Palace is a place where the player can fight his/her way 
through vast number of levels against random enemies to accumulate enormous 
amounts of red orbs. But once this player gets to the top level, it's an 
entire different story...


 - In order to unlock the Bloody Palace, you must beat Normal Mode with BOTH 
characters. After you beat it, save, load, choose your character, and select 
Bloody Palace when prompted at the level select screen. 


 - The majority of the battles in the Bloody Palace are fixed battles. For 
example, the first battle in the Bloody Palace is always against Msiras. You 
only encounter bosses when the level you're at ends with "0". Like 10, 20, 50, 
100, 1000... And the like. The only exception with this statement is the last 
level 9999. If you make it pass the first boss, the next level will also be 
9999. Every level from 9999 on is a boss battle.


 - The Bloody Palace is no push over. It requires fairly decent skills, 
powerful weapons, and an almost-totally complete item inventory to get 
through to the highest levels. If you lack items, pray your skills are good 
enough. The 'must haves' IMO, are listed as follows...

Yellow Orb
10 L. Green Stars
10 L. Devil Stars

Those are just to keep Dante 'alive' throughout the Palace. The 'preferred' 
list is here... combine these with the above...

Maxed swords
Maxed guns
Complete item inventory (trust me... it'll come in handy)
All hearts would help (especially the heal, frost, and offence hearts)
Unlocked Trish (<-- miracle worker against those Wolves and Goats)


Basic Level Bloody Palace Strategies
 - There are MANY strategies/tactics to use while conquering the Bloody 
Palace. But when it comes down to it, there's really only two. The 'safe-but-
sorry'(sbs) method, and the 'no-holds-barred... but-sorry'(nhb) method. The sbs 
method is the best way to get through 'safely'. It's just a jump and shoot, 
jump and shoot ordeal, then DT when you have the opportunity. The nhb method 
is more of a gung-ho method. This method is based on the rush and attack 
strategy. The 'sorry' side to this is... you'll obviously get hit more, thus 
dying very quickly. Basically, this method is the 'offensive'... and the other 
is the 'defensive'. It's just a matter of preference in the long run. Here 
are a few strategies against the most annoying enemies in BP... (Any type of 
goat, Geki and Freki, and Sargasso)

 - Dante, IMO, is probably the 'worst' character to use in the Bloody Palace, 
but that's just me. I've had better luck with the other two characters. But 
anyhow, if you're going with the sbs method, the strategy is simple, jump and 
shoot. That just takes too long IMO. So if you REALLY want to use Dante, I 
recommend that you use your sword more often. It does more damage. Against 
the goats use the shotgun. I can't stress how easy it is to kill them with it. 
While they're in the air shooting their 'beams' at you, jump up and let them 
have it. The shot should take them to the ground. Then sword combo them to 
death while they're still recovering. Now, obviously, if there's more than 
one goat, it's bound to take longer. That's where your immaculate 'evading' 
skills come in. Against Geki and Freki, this is where I change strategies to 
the sbs method. Yea... it'll take a while... but you'll 'probably' end up scar 
less at the end of the battle. Since they tend to jump around a lot, Dante's 
less prone to getting hit. I recommend saving Dante's DM for these fights to 
cut your time in half. Against those DT'ed Sargassos, use the shotgun again. 
'Roll' your way to the closest skull, point-blank blast it with the shotgun, 
and then follow up with a stinger, if it's still alive, shoot it again. Then 
make your way to the next Sargasso.

 - Her speed is the only thing that's valuable in the BP. Her ability to 'run 
away' from her enemies is what keeps her alive in most occasions. There's 
really only one good method with Lucia, and that's a mix of the two. It all 
depends on who you're fighting. If it's a bunch of wolves, Cranky Bombs are 
your best friend. The wolves tend to 'follow' you right? So put yourself in a 
corner, jump up and drop those bombs right below you. You're 'bound' to hit 
at least 3-4 of them at once (given that they come out 5 at a time). So 
that's your best bet against them. Against goats, use her special skills. 
Many people have doubted this move, because it sounds ludicrous. While Lucia 
is in DT she can perform special moves. One on the ground, and one while in 
the air. It's easy to execute, just press Square and Triangle at the same 
time. While on the ground, she throws a wave of light at the ground in front 
of her, hitting anything in its path, and while in the air, she throws two 
beams up, but about 15 other beams rain down the enemy. There's a rumor that 
she could also 'super charge' her DM by pulling this off 30 consecutive times, 
but I've yet to see it, or hear someone confirm it. Anyway, those work 
MIRACLES against your neighborhood friendly goats, especially those 
irritating airborne ones.

 - IMO, Trish was BORN to fight in the BP. Her weapons are maxed, Sparda does 
excellent damage, she has the Vortex move like from the first DMC, AND she 
has a little 'Air Raid' type of ordeal! She also has hand-to-hand combat 
combos. She stabs Sparda into the ground, and then you can control her to 
fight with punches and kicks. To do so, you hold Triangle and L2, then 
release Triangle. If you want Sparda back, press L2. To perform the Vortex, 
jump up and fly during DT, and press Square and Triangle at the same time. 
She'll spin in the direction she's facing (or homes in on the nearest enemy), 
invulnerable from any attack, and it does decent damage to enemies. To 
perform the 'Air Raid', simply fly during DT, and jam on your square button. 
She starts off with one beam, then two, then three, then four, then finally 
five. Once you get up to five beams, the enemies (including some bosses) are 
usually dead. This beam takes out goats in seconds. And the best parts, they 
pass through the enemy after hitting it going onto the next enemy, and it 
homes in on the closest baddy! What more could you wish for? The only down 
side to this is... you must be in DT to perform these. That's where your 
inventory comes in.


Boss List
 - From what I've noted so far, the boss list is 'somewhat' fixed. There were 
random changes when I went through a second and third time, but for the 
majority of the bosses, they were fixed. Random enemies are also thrown in 
some of these battles. As you progress, more types of enemies will be thrown 
into the 'pool' of randomness. For example, the Goat family doesn't appear 
till 200+. Also, there's somewhat, 'bosses' of bosses. As you progress 
through, for example, from 10 up on through 100. The bosses up through 90 are 
fairly easy ones, and then when you hit 100 the game throws in a tough boss. 
Likewise with the 100's. 100 digit bosses (100, 200, 500...etc) are easy 
compared to the 1000 bosses.

 - The player should also take into accord, the 'path' they choose while in 
the Palace. If a player goes through it by 10's, the boss order will be 
different than going through it by 100's. For example, the 110 boss if you go 
through by 10's will be Orangguerra, but if you go through it by 100's, then 
it's the Infested Chopper.

Levels (by 10's)

10 - Orangguerra
20 - Tartarussian
30 - Orangguerra
40 - Orangguerra
50 - Orangguerra
60 - Tartarussian
70 - Orangguerra
80 - Orangguerra
90 - Orangguerra
100 - Bolverk
110 - Orangguerra
120 - Orangguerra
130 - Orangguerra
140 - Orangguerra
150 - Infested Chopper
160 - Infested Tank
170 - Arius Secretary
180 - Tartarussian
190 - Plutonian
200 - Phantom
210 - Furiataurus
220 - Bolverk
230 - Arius
240 - Orangguerra
250 - Orangguerra
260 - Orangguerra
270 - Infested Chopper
280 - Infested Tank
290 - Arius Secretary
300 - Tartarussian
310 - Plutonian
320 - Phantom
330 - Furiataurus
340 - Bolverk
350 - Arius
360 - Possessed Arius
370 - Orangguerra
380 - Orangguerra
390 - Infested Chopper
400 - Infested Tank
410 - Arius Secretary
420 - Tartarussian
430 - Plutonian
440 - Phantom
450 - Furiataurus
460 - Bolverk
470 - Arius
480 - Possessed Arius
490 - Orangguerra
500 - The Despair Embodied
From this point on... it seems to just repeat the boss order. The only 
difference is that the random enemies that fight with the bosses appear in 
greater numbers, they get stronger and stronger, and different types combine 
together (like goats with monkeys). This is just an assumption though. I've 
yet to run into different boss combinations by going through tens... we'll see...
510 - Orangguerra
520 - Infested Chopper
530 - Infested Tank
540 - Arius Secretary
550 - Tartarussian
560 - Plutonian
570 - Phantom
580 - Furiataurus
590 - Bolverk
600 - Arius
610 - Possessed Arius
620 - The Despair Embodied
I went on just to confirm the repetition of the bosses. I got all the way to 
860, The Despair Embodied, before I got owned by it along with some Geri and 
Levels (by 100's)

110 - Infested Chopper
210 - Infested Tank
310 - Arius Secretary
420 - Tartarussian
520 - Plutonian
620 - Phantom
720 - Furiataurus
820 - Bolverk
920 - Arius
1010 - Possessed Arius
1110 - The Despair Embodied
1210 - Orangguerra
1310 - Infested Chopper
1410 - Infested Tank

 - I plan to go through the entire Palace by 10's and list all the bosses. 
Yes... that does mean that I'll have to play... 1000 consecutive boss levels... 

 - The list going through the Palace by 100's should be added shortly.


Level 9999 Boss Order

 - When the player gets to the top level (9999), they must fight the bosses 
of the game one after the other, and sometimes, two bosses are combined in 
the fight. Here's the list to help you out.

1.	1 Infested Chopper
2.	2 Infested Tanks
3.	1 Arius Secretary
4.	1 Tartarussian (2 headed guy with iron spiked balls, blue insides)
5.	1 Plutonian (same as Tartarussian, but red)
6.	Phantom
7.	Furiataurus
8.	6 Arius Secretaries
9.	Bolverk
10. Regular Arius
11. Possessed Arius
12. Tartarussian AND Orangguerra
13. Plutonian AND Bolverk
14. The Despair Embodied

 - After you defeat The Despair Embodied, the sequence starts all over again, 
thus, the Bloody Palace NEVER ENDS! The good side about going through all 
these bosses is, I was at 56,886 Red Orbs when I got to this level. After I 
defeated The Despair Embodied, Dante raised his orbs to 134,112. The amounts 
of orbs you accumulate also depend on what 'style' you kill the enemies. So 
obviously, if you kill lots of enemies via "Showtime", you'll get a lot of 


Boss Strategies

 - Orangguerra
   Battles with this overgrown monkey is a lot harder in BP, rather than the 
regular game, for one reason only, there's nothing to hide behind. When you 
encounter this boss you'll have around 4 seconds before he takes form from 
dropping down from the roof. With Dante, stick with E&I and the Vendetta. 
With Lucia, you'll just be playing with the Cranky Bombs. But I recommend 
using Trish throughout the BP. Rolling is key to survival against this boss. 
He doesn't have any really 'powerful' attacks either. Circle around and tear 
at his life with guns/projectiles until he gets close to you. When/If he does, 
slash at him 2-3 times then roll out of there and continue shooting. If you 
feel you're confident enough with your timing and rolling techniques, just 
circle around it and follow up with a slash combo or two. You should bring 
down this ape fairly quick.

 - Tartarussian
   Guns and projectiles 'barely' work against this foe. So you'll have to 
resort to your most powerful weapons. This boss is ridiculously slow, so you 
should combo this nuisance back to hell. Evade your way to an 'up close and 
personal' distance. Like RIGHT NEXT TO HIM kind of close. Give him a few 
slashes, move behind him, a few more slashes, move behind him. It's simple; 
he takes FOREVER to turn around, giving you all the time in the world to 
pulverize him. If you get caught in the corner, do a wall-run to get yourself 
out of there, and lure it back into the middle of the room to continue your 

 - Infested Chopper
   As odd as it may seem the fight with the chopper is unusually hard. The 
body itself takes around a third of the room, it's very hard to dodge the 
missiles, and guns hardly work on it. There's a rumor out there about the 
'eye' being a 'weak point'. I think it works to some degree. Right underneath 
the chopper is the safest place to be. Use your guns if you want to, and if 
you get the chance, downward strike its eye.

 - Infested Tank
   If you need a strategy to beat this boss... something is DEFINITELY wrong 
with you. Just stay right next to it on the side, and hack away... simple as 

 - Arius Secretary
   Now this enemy is far from easy. She moves around too much, she can dodge 
rockets and beams, and her attacks are strong and have status effects. How to 
deal with this enemy? EASY!!! Stick with your handy dandy guns, E&I, throwing 
knives, L&O... whatever's fine. She doesn't have as much life as the rest of 
the bosses. The only problem with this 'boss', is that they come in packs... 

 - Plutonian
   (See Tartarussian strategy) The only different thing is that Plutonian has 
more life, and its attacks are more powerful. So improvise a little.

 - Furiataurus
   This boss is one of the more difficult ones, simply because there's not 
enough room to move around. His fire attack creates a circle which covers 75% 
of the room! And to add on to that, he does his tornado attack while that 
fire shield is up. Not much room for attacking if you ask me. I recommend 
saving your DM for this boss is KEY. A bunch of Devil Stars will also come in 
handy during this fight. You'd want to get rid of this boss AS QUICKLY AS 
POSSIBLE. If you're Dante, DT and use the rapid fire, if you're Lucia, use 
her airborne special move, if you're Trish; use her 'air raid'. Not much 
strategy here... just attack and kill as quickly as possible.

 - Phantom
   Everyone remembers this irritating little... err... big spider/scorpion thingy 
right? Those of you who played DMC know how to deal with him... but for those 
of you who didn't... here's a generalized strategy. You can only damage Phantom 
by hitting his face, or hitting his upper back. You can do this by two ways, 
rush him from the front (not recommended), or you could jump on his back and 
unleash hell. You damage him most if you hit his face though. DT attacks work 
awesome here. If you have extra DM... then I suggest using it on this boss also. 
DT then combo him up front. After two or three hits, he'll recoil. Keep on 
attacking when this occurs, it's the only 'free' time you can hit him without 
getting damaged. If you want to play it safe, circle around the room with 
your rocket launcher until he moves his arms away from his face, then shoot. 
If you're using Lucia, jump over him while dropping some Crazy Bombs. If you 
have Trish, use stinger to knock his arms away, and then throw in a slash or 

 - Bolverk
   The lack of places to hide and move really puts you at a HUGE disadvantage 
with this battle. Not only does Bolverk own in sword/spear combos, but he 
also has attacks that could knock you out of the air. The sbs method is your 
best bet with this foe, simply because if you choose to go up close and 
personal with your sword/daggers, he'll make your trip to the afterlife 
'that' much quicker for you. Short powerful projectile bursts will be the 
most effective. If you really want to chance it, you could also 'try' to 
combo it. If you get in enough hits, you'd make him recoil. When he does this, 
he'll most likely charge up for a stinger attack. QUICKLY move out of the way. 
Then make your way to him to continue your slaughter. I don't recommend 
trying to pull off 'complete' combos. Bolverk usually slashes at you once or 
twice before you do so. Cut your combo in half, roll to the side, hit him a 
few more times, then back away with a double jump and shoot some projectiles. 
Use your DT attacks when the opportunity arises, and you'll fall this tough 

 - Arius
   The fight with Arius in the BP is FAR easier than the fight during regular 
game-play, only because he doesn't have his secretaries with him. He still 
can summon his monkeys to mess up your auto lock. What's funny, he'll stand 
on the side 'sipping' his invisible wine giving you the chance to beat him 
down. Arius has no life threatening attacks, so you shouldn't be worried 
about this boss much.

 - Possessed Arius
   This nuisance is a piss poor example of a boss in the DMC series. He 
reminds me of a pro-wrestler. Seriously, his moves are slow, he's incredibly 
predictable, and he uses the clothesline move, along with a frog-splash type 
of ordeal. But anyway, now that I got that out of my system... on to the rest 
of the strategy. I personally have fun fighting this boss... he's just so 
clumsy, especially when he rushes you and falls. When he does so, use the 
time to slash him to bits (wish it was that easy...). When he recovers, run to 
the opposite side of the room. If he uses his spaghetti arm attack thingy, 
you know, the one where he puts it in the ground and hits you from across the 
room, just run in any direction (preferably, away from Arius). When he shoots 
those little homing lightning balls, hit them, and they'll disappear. Use 
your sword, guns, what have you. He kind of has a lot of life, so be patient 
and he'll fall.

 - The Despair Embodied
   I hate this guy... girl... thing... whatever you call it. Those of you who 
fought against it with Dante know what I'm talking about. If you didn't know, 
this boss has two forms that it switches between, a male form, and a female 
form. The male form uses multiple sword attacks, while the female uses a whip 
like weapon. This boss wouldn't be so difficult if it wasn't for the confined 
space you both are in. The male form's attacks can reach half of the screen, 
and the female's whip can hit you out of the air. The evade button rarely 
works against this boss, mainly because of its attacks having a wide range. 
Aerial assaults work well against this boss in the BP. You also must take 
into accord that this boss has a red 'shield' form it takes, which renders it 
immune to any damage. You must time your attacks around this stage, or you'll 
waste valuable DM. DO NOT try and kill this boss melee style... you'll get it 
handed to you on a silver platter. Stay away, and stick with DT'ed 
projectiles/moves. If you get caught in the corner, wall run, and haul on 
towards the other side. You'll go though lots of items in this battle, so be 

And now, for those irritating combination battles. Personally, I've only had 
the honor of fighting a few of these (ugh).

 - Tartarussian and Orangguerra
   When I first saw these two, I was like, "Now... this can't be real... must be 
some sort of glitch." Ha, nope, no such luck this time. One boss isn't so bad, 
but 'two' of them? Bah, anyway, back to the strategy. If there is ANY good 
facing two bosses at once... it's that they can hurt each other. Yes, you've 
read it as it is... the bosses can deplete each other's life. But the trick is 
getting them in the position to do so. First, try to concentrate your attacks 
on 'one' boss at a time. I would choose Orangguerra first, simply because 
it's the faster of the two. Lure Orangguerra away from Tartarussian, and keep 
at it with little sword combos. If you're caught in the corner, try to stay 
there. Tartarussian will throw its iron balls towards you, and might hit 
Orangguerra. For some reason, bosses to considerable amounts of damage to 
each other. As Trish or Lucia, their Air Raid is extremely useful. It'll 
destroy Orangguerra in a matter of seconds. If you don't have enough DM to do 
so, then shoot at them for a while and evade until you have a decent amount 
of DM. Once Orangguerra is out of the way, Tartarussian should be a push 
over... if you need more help, refer to his individual strategy.

 - Plutonian and Bolverk
   This fight is immediately after your fight with the other two bosses. I 
was beat by the end of the other, and when I ran into these two, I thought my 
life would end, simply because of Bolverk. I thought I was done for, but I 
managed to survive! Simply because I let Bolverk 'kill' Plutonian for me! 
Seriously, I put Plutonian between Bolverk and me. I comboed Plutonian a few 
times, then Bolverk came across the room with that stinger of his. Boy does 
that do damage. When Bolverk got close to the both of us, I made my way to a 
corner, Bolverk followed, wall ran back around it, and went on with my 
assault on Plutonian. Bolverk soon came along with his multiple slash combos 
taking off chunks of life off of Plutonian. But I had the honors of finishing 
Plutonian off. Once Plutonian was out of the way, that huge thing taking up 
space was gone. And soon begun the fight against the 'real' boss of this 
level... If you need help, refer to the strategy against Bolverk itself.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to save in the Bloody Palace?
A: Sorry to say this, but you can't. The only way to keep your orbs is if you 

Q: If I have a Golden Orb while in the Bloody Palace, do I have to use it to 
be able to save?
A: Yes. The Golden Orb activates automatically after Dante dies. So you have 
to die 'twice'.

Q: What is the highest level?
A: Maybe you happened to skim past the introductions... so I'll tell you. There 
are 9999 levels in the Bloody Palace.

Q: Is there an end to it?
A: As far as anybody knows so far, the Bloody Palace doesn't end. The last 
level, 9999, is all bosses, no matter how many times you beat it.

Q: This question isn't directly about the Bloody Palace, but I'll ask it 
anyway, what is a good strategy to defeat those damn goats??
A: Roll your way to the nearest goat until you get under it. Then double jump 
and let 'em have it with the shotgun. If you're using Lucia, do her air combo, 
and the drop kick should bring it back to the ground. If you're using Trish 
the Vortex and the Air Raid are your best bets if you have decent DM. If not, 
then High Time, then quickly shoot at it in the air with L&O, then downward 
slash on the way down.


Soon to come...
-	The complete Boss list by 10's and 100's (sorry it's taking so long... 
fighting that many consecutive boss battles are quite... 'Difficult'... ya 
-	BP Red Orb Mechanics


Credits and Thanks
 - The DMC 2 Message board for posting useful information
 - Capcom, for making a sequel to the greatest game
 - Amon007 for pushing me to get to level 9999 in the first place
 - Shiva, Squall, Shadow, Square, and Ace for putting up with my BP gibberish
 - The DMC 2 Avengers crew! (Sparda, Dante, Sir Kiddlez, and 2D)
 - Thanks to tiger23 and Brett for correcting me about unlocking BP
 - And Eric for letting me know that the Aerial Heart is not needed for the      
 - GameFAQs for existing
 - And myself for not breaking my PS2 while making this FAQ

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