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Reviewed: 02/05/04

One of the Better Fishing Games for the PS2

First off. This is one of the better fishing games that I have played. It provides a very good simulation of what real fishing is like. With a wide selection of lures and a variety of fish, this is a game that should be looked at more a high standard.

Graphics- 8/10 - This is a the best graphics I have ever seen for a fishing game. All the scenery and underwater effects are great. I’ve yet to see a flaw in this game that would fit in to the graphics category. All the fish are shaped beautifully down to the last scale.

Sound- 6/10 - I’d say that sound for this game is not bad. The music is very good to put you in the fishing mood. But While playing the game there is a voice that keep talking to you and telling you what to do while your lure is underwater. I think they could have done more with the voice. He says the exact same thing every time you. It can begin to get annoying, Yet the sound for the game is fine, nothing that will ruin the fishing experience.

Gameplay- 7/10 - The game play for this game is not bad at all. You are able to enter 4 tournaments that will take some time to beat. This game offers over 4 lakes with over 3 spots at each lake to fish. This game will offer you a long time of fun.

Replay Value- 4/10 - Once you have beat the whole game, And the side missions. You wont have much of a different game no matter how many times you play it. Yet the quick fish feature on the title screen would always offer you something to do on a rainy day.

Controls- 8/10 - All the controls for this game have been thought out well. Their wont be one thing you need to chance to make the game easier to control. There is also not many buttons that your going to need to remember. The controls will be learned easy and remembered easier.

Difficulty- 9/10 - This game will be a hard one to finish off. It is a perfect amount of difficulty. The fish just wont take in your lure as soon as it hit’s the water. You will have to work for your catch.

Overall I think the game is worth the money. You will have a good time playing this game if you enjoy fishing and a lot of excitement. This game is not down to $30 new ( American ). You wont go wrong buying this game. No doubt it’s the best fishing game on the ps2 console.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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