PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

Save Game File04/09/03jimmyjames1700348K
April 09 roster save. 38 plus created and renamed players, all time under salary cap. Most accurate roster around.
Save Game File01/30/03Smoke71234K
First season of franchise simulated, all games reflect real results of the past season. Draft picks traded to proper teams( ex. Mia 1st to NO for Ricky Williams) All coaches are selectable and all OB's started the games they started this past season.
Save Game File12/13/02A Guy Named Zinger348K
Rosters current as of 11/27/02.
Save Game File09/03/02jerichoholics16348K
The save contains the as close to current rosters/depth charts of the NFL. Most IRs are in it as well as created players who weren't in the game but are on the rosters(most of them I know).

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